Instructions In This Case Study, You Serve As The Executive Director For A Local Nonprofit Organization In Your City That Serves The Needs Of Homeless Veterans In The Community. Your Organization Has A Level English Language Essay Help

Your organization has decided to engage in strategic planning in order to improve some of the processes associated with maintaining relationships built between volunteer workers and the organization. Over the last year, 75% of volunteers were “one-offs,” and everyone would like to see more consistent service from interested parties and people. Before developing a strategy to update the communications and outreach processes, it is important to consider the areas below.
There are a large number of ex-homeless veterans who make up the vast majority of your organization’s consistent volunteer base. Although they are happy to assist their fellow veterans, there is an obvious degree of burnout occurring as more events and low, inconsistent staffing has resulted in almost all of the burden being placed on these volunteers. As such, there are slight but obvious pressures for quick, tangible changes to be made in involved areas.
Your organization’s advisory board shares some of the same priorities as your volunteer group; however, two of the board members are close with state representatives, and there is pending legislation that will require special training (two 3-hour seminars on separate weekends) for those looking to volunteer with certain specified populations (veterans being one of the probable populations). Because of this, the advisory board is already pushing for all volunteers, existing and prospective, to register for the seminars.
In a minimum of two pages, discuss the areas below:
the pros and cons of attempting to make a “big splash” to appease your organization’s stakeholders in the establishment of new policy,
how the preferences of the advisory board would likely impact your strategy development process, and
how the stakeholder interests and advisory board priorities differ and how these differences could be resolved or compromised.
You only need to use your textbook as a resource, but please be sure to properly cite any work/content that you use that is derived from other works.


Topic 1 Below are some additional websites for you to explore. Please do so and comment briefly what you a level english language essay help

Topic 1
Below are some additional websites for you to explore. Please do so and comment briefly what you find in each. Select any company you are interested in and see what you can find out about that company through these sites. For example, try using Ford (stock symbol is “F”) or Starbucks (symbol SBUX) and summarize what you discover. You can look up the stock symbols for other companies at the MarketWatch website (

Business Headlines (Investor’s Business Daily):
Current stock market information and data (CNN Business)
Microsoft Money Central at offers access to a wealth of stock data.

Topic 2
Check out these websites:
Check out business solutions at ACCPAC (now Sage 300) at or the new site,
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides access to consumer information, press releases, and banking statistics at
Credit law information can be found at
Please review these websites and comment on your journey. Tell us about one or two things you discovered.


Read 2 files and answer the following questions: 1. Discuss two weaknesses of the Owsley report (main and supplemental). essay help: essay help

Read 2 files and answer the following questions:
1. Discuss two weaknesses of the Owsley report (main and supplemental).
2. Discuss two weaknesses of the Dubin report (main and supplemental).
3. Could exchange rate fluctuations affect the regression models offered by Dr. Dubin in the Bali case? Hint: if exchange rate fluctuations were not included in the regression models by Dubin (or by Owsley), should they have been included and how should they have been included?


ASSIGNMENT 2 (4 full pages) Case: Health care professional to family as client (teaching and learning) Sarah and Matt have a 5 year old boy named Sam. Sam is “big” for his age with a BMI over the norm college application essay help

Sam is “big” for his age with a BMI over the normal for a boy his age. Write learning objectives to guide your teaching of Sam’s family related to the importance of physical activity for maintain optimal weight in children.
This assignment, writing of learning objectives, will allow you to gain knowledge that is foundational to the teaching learning process and provide you with the opportunity to partially achieve the course learning outcome: apply the teaching and learning process to a health-related situation in a systematic manner that reflects the principles of teaching and learning.
Based on the case study a clear, measurable objective must be written for each of the 3 domains cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.
Evaluation Criteria for Assignment 2 – Writing Learning Objectives
Articulate three objectives, one for each domain. Each objective is: learner-centered and discrete; written in clear, measurable terms; reflective of your assigned case study; reasonable for a three minute teaching session
Research Paper and essay writing SMART objectives:
Provide rationale including integration of theoretical knowledge that is, evidence-based practice to support each objective (4 marks)
To demonstrate integration of theoretical knowledge for each of the objectives (each linked to a learning domain). Please note the following website as it is useful and provides a simple explanation of each of the three domains: Make sure you read to the bottom of the website to “Next Steps” as it links to the affective and psychomotor domains.
Consider the levels of learning for each domain (Remembering, Understanding, Applying etc.) with appropriate verbs and activities for learning for each level of learning.
Once you have written the learning objective in a SMART format, a discussion of the level learning must be completed to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical knowledge for domains of learning.
This must relate to the objective’s measurable outcome.
Provide the learning theory of influence (review the WHO (2012) document and which teaching model best relates to the objective and why. )
Provide evidence of application of course concepts and references of external sources as needed to support each learner centered objective (4 marks)
Consider for each objective (domains): your personal learning and teaching philosophy, patient learning style(s), resources that will be used, teaching location, motivation of learner, how can/does learning become included in patient care?
Accurate APA format including:
Accurate scholarly format including:
See this example assignment and follow the format
use the references that I provided above, you can add some more when needed


report on financial, market, and operational performance during the first six quarters college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Review and report on the financial performance, market performance and operational performance of Adventure Cycles during the first six quarters.

We concentrated on covering our costs and making a profit and providing shareholders with dividends.
Overall Pro Forma Units Sold:
Overall Actual Units Sold:
Overall Pro Forma Retail Sales:
Overall Actual Retail Sales
Overall Pro Forma Profit:
Overall Actual Profit:


Dorotea Orem’s Theory college essay help online: college essay help online

·Read chapter 14 about Dorotea Orem’s Theory: “Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing” and look for at least one article online about her theory. Give your own Opinion about her theory, provide your own definitions for: Self-Care, Dependent-Care, Self-care deficit and Dependent-Care deficit. Use APA7 format in your Word document. Provide at least two references, one of them must be your textbook. Minimum 300 words, no maximum 


security requirements for design and implementation of applications essay help free

What are baseline security requirements that should be applied to the design and implementation of applications, databases, systems, network infrastructure, and information processing when considering cloud computing within an enterprise risk management framework?Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.

Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.

Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.


Dorotea Orem’s Theory college essay help online: college essay help online

·Read chapter 14 about Dorotea Orem’s Theory: “Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing” and look for at least one article online about her theory. Give your own Opinion about her theory, provide your own definitions for: Self-Care, Dependent-Care, Self-care deficit and Dependent-Care deficit. Use APA7 format in your Word document. Provide at least two references, one of them must be your textbook. Minimum 300 words, no maximum. 


Unit 7 Discussions college admissions essay help

Unit 7 Discussions (8)

Unit 7 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

What insight does ROI give into investment performance? Is it acceptable to lose profit on one product, if that product is vital to the sale of an extremely profitable product?  Why?

As you think about these questions, also consider what other measures beside ROI might be help in analyzing solutions to business problems – or opportunities.

Unit 7 DB: Multifaceted Performers (MUS121 Rhythm, Blues,


1.Non-statistical sampling is commonly used in audit practice. Describe each of the four items required in a non-statistical audit argumentative essay help

1.Non-statistical sampling is commonly used in audit practice. Describe each of the four items required in a non-statistical audit test. Discuss the reasons why you would use, or not use, this type of testing for account transactions whose values range from very material to immaterial amounts. Describe why you believe non-statistical sampling is best for material vs immaterial amount testing, or vice versa.
2.A standard cost system is used to measure performance and value inventory. Variance reports are created using the standard cost system. Discuss why the details of material, labor and overhead are important factors used in this standard cost measurement process. This accounting process requires accuracy; discuss the impact to the company if the standard cost system does not generate accurate measurements. Provide examples to support your discussion.
3.Prepaid expenses are normally created as a part of the purchasing process. Prepaid energy bills, insurance premiums, rent, and maintenance contracts are some of the transactions that result in prepaid expense account entries. Thinking about insurance, discuss the control activities, processes, and documentation that you would examine to determine the accuracy of the remaining prepaid account balance. Discuss at least two examples of those activities, processes, and documents and identify the one which you believe is the most reliable evidence to support the prepaid transactions. Provide an explanation of your choices.


you will write a critical analyses paper demonstrating understanding and application of key concepts learned on chapters 1-13. Your essay help online: essay help online

you will write a critical analyses paper demonstrating understanding and application of key concepts learned on chapters 1-13. Your paper must be 3-4 pages in length excluding references pages, 12p font, and double spaced. Adherence to APA, 7th Edition guidelines must be demonstrated where appropriate. Your paper will include a critical analyses of the concepts below. A critical analyses entails a comprehensive examination of key concepts and/or theories. The grading rubric is attached. Please critically analyze the following:

1. Components that have contributed to the development and need for long-term care
2. Provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that directly impacts long-term care providers
3. Address components of accessibility to long-term care services
4. Trends likely to affect assisted living in the future
5. Benefits of integration for long-term care consumers
6. Meaning of long-term care being reimbursement driven


post two responses to the ideas contained in two of your classmate’s posts of at least 150 words each. essay help free

post two responses to the ideas contained in two of your classmate’s posts of at least 150 words each. They should be insightful and substantial and not judge or evaluate your classmate’s post. For example: “Good job,” or “Great post” is not appropriate here. ((((pls write separate responds for each one))) , each should be 150 worlds at least . thank u first post: The Egoist is the little magazine that caught my eye. I tend to like poetry and this magazine caters to all with its 20 to 30 pages of poetry, short stories, continuous novels, critiques of theater, and book reviews. It held work from famous writers like Novels from James Joyce and Wyndham Lewis and Critiques from Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. The pages are laid out into two columns and divided by the name of the work of literature and the name of the author. Besides that, of the written kind you rarely get to see a lot of art in the Egoist, but you do get two or three pictures in all of its work.

The Egoist was a continuation from “The New Freewoman” which was originally a continuation from “The Freewoman” and was founded by Dora Marsden who was also the editor alongside Harriet Shaw Weaver. Some of its well-known work was “Ulysses” and “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” by James Joyce that was published in parts keeping the readers coming back month after month. The one thing that seems to be constant is change and the Egoist showed us this when it started out publishing biweekly, then changing to monthly, then changing to bimonthly, then randomly publishing work until its end in December of 1919. Some of the work published seemed to be in response to other work so you get to see a response and sometimes a critique from one writer to another.

In comparison to its predecessors, The Egoist seemed to leave behind its concentration on feminist problems and cater to other problems like problems within tradition and society in its writing. We get a couple of glimpses of this along with why this magazine was seen as a great example of modernist writing when reading Ulysses when he wrote “History, Stephen said, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake” (Joyce 14) giving us a reader a good way of seeing what the “Make it new movement” was about. This magazine had a couple of other modernist writers that focused their work on letting us see what was wrong during this time and encouraged the movement towards change such as Remy DE Gourmont in “Tradition and other things” when writing “Though it is not very wrong to give way to this tendency, it is better to attempt a new path” (Gourmont 261) letting us the readers get a good understanding of why change is not only good but necessary to move forward in life and sometimes that means not only change but also leaving “traditions” behind.

The Egoist was also seen as important to imagist poets making way to a new kind of poetry very important in the modernist era. A piece of work that spoke to me was “The bullet speaks to the Poet” By Helen Hoyt, giving life to something that is an object but in the hand of a person becomes alive and has the power to take life while causing a great amount of damage. This poem was a great example of imagery and helped the reader visualize exactly what the writer was trying to convey in her work with simple words like in its ending when she wrote “Look at me. Hear me. I am a bullet” (Hoyt 96). Overall the purpose and the mission of this magazine seemed to be to point out flaws in our systems whether it was in society, culture, and religion encouraging the change needed to be made to make things better all while giving us an escape with its poetry that gave us beautiful imagery through the words of its poets.

Work cited

Gourmont, Remy DE. “Tradition and Other Things.” The Egoist, 15 July 1914, pp. 261,

Hoyt, Helen. “The Bullet Speaks to the Poet.” The Egoist, 1 June 1915, pp. 96,

Joyce, James. “Ulysses” The Egoist, January-February 1919, pp. 14,

second post: The Saturday Evening Post is one of America’s oldest little magazines published. The Saturday Evening Post was originally founded in 1728 by Benjamin Franklin under the name of The Pennsylvania Gazette, and around 1820 started to publish under the new name. It is claimed to be one of the most widely circulated magazines in the United States during the 20th century. In the specific volume 183, issue 29, given by, the magazine is a precursor to modern print media found in the later 20th century. This volume includes a selection of short stories such as “The Million Dollar Twins” by Henry Rowland or “Hepzibah” by Otheman Stevens. An interesting note about how this publication is unique is that every issue there is a mix of entertainment in the short stories shared along with news articles, such as an exclusive interview about gold production and profit with Thomas A. Edison, or the history of railroad operations in the United States with a simplified income statement included along in the article, to a biography of the new chief justice at the time, Mr. White. Even the articles have an opinion, such as the railroad article author questioning fairer wages for workers, as evidenced by the railroads increasing profit margins. The magazine has many pictures and illustrations. Throughout the magazine, the audience can also find various print advertisements for brands that are still around today – Campbell’s, Heinz, Gillette; and advertisements about chocolates, electric cars (why America popularized gas powered cars instead are for a discussion for a different time), clothes for men, women, and children; and others that one would typically see in print media today. Although there is not a mission statement, the overall idea of this publication is to inform – through the use of articles; and entertain – through the short stories. Though the mix of the two forms, the Saturday Evening Post allows the audience to become more immersed in the subjective experiences that the short stories provide.

In the short story “Eve’s Second Husband” by Corra Harris, the author shares a story of heartbreak where the narrator loses her husband to another woman. Modernism inspires this story when the narrator proclaims “I had lost that quality of personal feminine assurance which is called attractiveness in women, there is not in this world a more durable or homely person than a middle-aged woman who has given her whole mind to her household duties, she is good and dependable … but she is not adorable” (Harris 17). The author shares a new way of thinking and sharing problems that many can relate to. This shows also a rejection of tradition because she questions why a woman being more attractive has more value than a woman that is hardworking. It is interesting and inspiring to hear stories around these subjects that were published well over 100 years ago. The incarcerator then devises a scheme to “involve Adam [her ex-husband] so deeply financially that he would have something more pressing to think about than pleasure parties with a questionable companion” (Harris 18). The narrator shares an interesting insight of a woman seeking justice for heartbreak – a modernist tale that encapsules the slogan to “Make it New!”.

Overall, The Saturday Evening Post is a little magazine that shares modernist short stories combined with news articles to provide both entertainment and information to the audience. In my opinion, I think that this is a very progressive publication, as evidenced by the articles and short stories. After researching and reading this magazine – it is clear where modern print media draws inspiration.


Write an original academic assignment on ONE topic (with all its subtopics) from the list shown below (minimum best college essay help: best college essay help


Write an original academic assignment on ONE topic (with all its subtopics) from the list shown below (minimum 1000 words not counting reference list). Your assignment should be well written and well-organized. Ideas should flow clearly from one paragraph to the next. 

THIS IS AN ACADEMIC assignment NOT AN OPINION PIECE. Support your points with class readings and examples from case studies. Do not simply list everything there is on the readings, explain your reasoning and support it with course readings/video lectures. Use a Minimum 6 readings from class, there is no maximum amount. For your core 6 sources you can only include 1 multimedia source (videos or videolectures), the remaining 5 must be class provided articles or a combination with external sources ONLY if required in the prompt. You can use external sources to supplement the mandatory 6 class readings depending on the prompt you chose below. See instructions. 


All of the following are part of the assignment grade:

Create a doc or docx file. Times New RomanFont, Size 12, SINGLE SPACE. 1 Inch margins.

Identify the Topic you chose to answer, name, date and class in a separate title page. No abstract, index, pictures or graphs allowed. The ideas should flow from paragraph to paragraph in ONE assignment. Connect the subtopics with transitions, do not divide the assignment by subtopics. 

No lengthy introductions, you can start your assignment with a simple statement of about 50 words maximum and then go straight for the answers to the questions. 

THIS IS NOT AN OPINION assignment so use paraphrasing of class readings and support this paraphrasing with APA in text citations, check the APA guides provided on the folder in the course modules.

Example: Citing in text means to paraphrase and credit your sources (Brown, 2012). 

NO “direct quotes”, paraphrase and reference your source in APA in text citations. All your text must be ORIGINAL. 

If the prompt requires external sources, do not cite Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica (all definitions of terms for class are provided in the readings), Atlas Obscura, Culture trip or any blogs, non-academic or non-official publications. See our academic sources policy in your syllabus.

Include a Reference list at the end, in APA style and alphabetical order.

Spell-check and re-read your responses, grammar and composition will be graded.  


Topic #1: Disasters affect all countries in the world but the effects of these events are disproportionate. Answer both 1.1 and 1.2: MINIMUM 6 CLASS READINGS from any 3 Case studies studied so far (2 readings per case study week 2 to week 7).

Subtopic 1.1: Describe with examples TWO of each: political/social (2), economic (2) and physical (2) vulnerabilities that CAUSE extreme losses during disasters. Vulnerabilities present before the disaster and that later contributed to higher effects in people, property and environment. Make sure you discuss VULNERABILITIES NOT CONSEQUENCES. Use specific examples from the readings to discuss how these vulnerabilities lead to the disaster consequences we studied in class? USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM ANY DISASTERS STUDIED SO FAR (AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT). (700 words minimum)

Subtopic 1.2 Propose 1 solution for each type of VULNERABILITY discussed above (total 3 solutions). Base your proposed solutions on the readings from Week 2: Core Concepts of Emergency Management and other readings in class. (300 word minimum)

Topic #2: In class we have seen the situations before, during and shortly after the disaster events. But what happens many years after a major disaster event? After a disaster, emergency managers and public officials often see a “window of opportunity” for better practices. Building back better and long term policies. For this topic you will use 3 class readings 3 external articles (independent research) to answer all of the following (2.1 and 2.2):

Subtopic 2.1: Select any 3 case studies studied in class (Week 3-7) and describe their disaster case very briefly: Maximum 400 words total for all 3 cases. 

Subtopic 2.2: Disaster events often repeat over time. Identify one recent disaster event in each country from 2.1 (same type of disaster) and compare response and recovery from that recent event compared to your discussion in 2.1 (only recent disasters in the years between 2000-2021). Have there been any improvements in Emergency Management practice for those events? (Minimum 600 words)

(Example: Comparing the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 with the tsunami in Indonesia in 2018) 

Your independent research should be based on news articles, academic articles and books. NO BLOGS, WIKIPEDIA, QUORA, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, ATLAS OSCURA ETC (See syllabus P.12 for academic sources policy). MINIMUM 3 CLASS READINGS 1 EXTERNAL SOURCE PER EACH DISASTER CASE (3), TOTAL 6 SOURCES. 

Identify 1 NEW articles/sources for EACH case study. I recommend:

Relief Web

Prevention Web

Google Scholar (very good to find scholarly articles)

FSU Libraries Online (online articles like google scholar)

Open access Journals

Open Knowledge Repository

Open Access BASE Research Site

United Nations Digital Library   



Retirement investment strategy (multi asset class portfolio) based on specific rules based investing to meet certain objectives. Data points scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Retirement investment strategy (multi asset class portfolio) based on specific rules based investing to meet certain objectives. Data points are provided and requires to run the calculations to build the strategy to meet the objectives and the write up to explain and justify the strategy choice, analysis with all risk metrics, and overall justification in meeting the objective. Methodology of the strategy and supporting calculations to be presentable and easily understood. More details on the specific objectives will be shared along with the data points. The referencing is in Harvard style.


Please choose one of the contracts below and write a two page paper on its purpose and impact. Use college application essay help

Please choose one of the contracts below and write a two page paper on its purpose and impact. Use the internet and other sources to do your own independent research.

Farm-out Agreement
Area of Mutual Interest (AMI)
Joint Operating Agreement
1/3 for 1/4 Promote
Support Agreements


what happened: I had someone do my outline which was the topic submission and approval for me on this website Homeworkforyou and my teacher wasn’t too happy with it. She left some feedback. So first what the assignment is for me to eventually have a sociology theory research paper due at the end of the semester. However, she has it very weird right now, where I got points on the outline, the introduction is due this friday 2/25/22 as a separate assignment, and then we have a an assignment as the theory/ concept and discussion section and then we have the final paper and then we have a power point presentation….So really maybe we can work with what the other person on homework4you started for me and then add onto it and fix it. I am willing to pay an additional $70 in a bonus in May after all of these assignments are done with the additional $15, and I WILL pay I NEVER lie on my promises. The reason is because I have a really bad grade in this class and if the work isnt right essay help online: essay help online

FOR RIGHT NOW ONLY DUE 2/25/22: The introduction should provide the background of your chosen topic using at least two (2) scholarly and/or creditable resources (not Wiki-pedia, no news websites, no random websites). Scholarly sources are peer reviewed. They typically come from an academic journal, book, government documents (like a report or statistics). In addition, the introduction can include statistics, historical background and why the issue is important. Most importantly your introduction should introduce the theory/theoretical perspective that you will be using to analyze the “why’ of your social phenomenon. In other words, what theory or theorist best explain why your social phenomenon exists. Once you decided on that just give a brief introduction (about 1 paragraph) on that theory. Things to consider when writing your theory section intro: Why did you choose this theory? Why does it best explain the social phenomenon your are researching? Who created this theory? What aspects of this theory will you be using in your paper? Use ASA citation style for in-text and reference citations. This assignment should be 1 to 2 pages, double spaced, not including the required title page and reference section. This is an example of what your introduction section should be: Sample Introduction – Term Paper .docx Download Sample Introduction – Term Paper .docx Include a title page with the following: Full Name of Student Course Title Title of Term Paper (be creative) Date Other notes: Feel free to use subheadings for your paper. Don’t forget your citations and reference page Do not list references that you aren’t using Refer to the comments on your previous assignment ( I do check to see that you made the changes and incorporate that into your grade) Submit your work to the Write Site for review to receive extra credit. Email me the confirm Remember you won’t ger paid $85 until May once I have all the assignments- it should be like 4 total If you do not agree to my terms, please don’t bid, please and thank you and much appreciated for whoever I assign Make sure to communicate with me thanks


History assignment a level english language essay help

Section I

The concept of laissez-faire was very important to American history from 1865 to 1900.  It had a key role in determining what happened during both Reconstruction and industrialization.”  Questions:  What was the concept of laissez-faire?  What five factors made it such a popular philosophy during these years?  How did laissez faire effect Reconstruction? How did laissez faire effect the Gilded Age?  Use specific information to support your answer.