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Bachelor Students are to write an individual essay of a minimum of 2200 words and a maximum of 3000 words (excluding title page, table of contents, and reference list).
Using the below material and any other material you can access both online and offline write a report on the below case company in relations to the following questions.
1. Assess and describe the environmental factors impacting ASML and how these have informed their decision to internationalize.
2. Analyse and explain using the most applicable Internationalization theory and taking into consideration their value chain, why ASML has chosen the mode of Internationalization they have adopted.
3. ASML being the producer of a very specialized product/service operates in specific global markets, discuss in view of the material provided above and other materials you have accessed on your own, their market entry strategy.
4. ASML are currently in a good position to take advantage of the growth in demand in the semi-conductor industry, however there are other companies that are focused on matching ASML and competing for their markets. What advice would you give ASML with regards to developing an effective global marketing strategy going forward.

ASML Holding N.V. – History and Background
ASML Holding N.V. strives to be the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor equipment in an industry that has seen many ups and downs. A global leader in advanced lithography (or imaging) systems, and one of the top five manufacturers of sophisticated technology systems for the semiconductor industry, ASML (originally called ASM Lithography Holding) offers an integrated portfolio of lithography, track and thermal systems, primarily for developing complex integrated circuits. Competing head-to-head with Canon Inc. and Nikon Corporation for domination in the semiconductor lithography equipment arena, ASML has placed fifth two years running on VLSI Research’s top-ten list of semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Nikon finished third place in 2001, while Canon ranked sixth.
ASML grabbed market share not by thinking big, but rather by thinking small. The company is built on the concept of creating smaller and faster microchips for use in nearly all electronic goods. The stepper is the crucial and costly piece of equipment used in creating microchips by photographically imprinting circuit patterns on large silicon wafers that are later cut into dozens or hundreds of chips. Analysts maintain that ASML’s steppers are of higher quality than competitors’ products because they use a modular architecture rather than the more costly and problematic build-disassemble-ship-reassemble production process of other semiconductor manufacturers.
The Foundation of ASML
Established in The Netherlands in 1984, ASML was originally a shared venture between Dutch companies Royal Philips Electronics and Advanced Semiconductor Materials (now ASM International). The original target customer base was European and American companies. ASM International had already begun selling its wafer stepper when the joint venture was declared. Initially focused on front-end thermal-chemical tools, ASM International was founded in 1968. The company began by manufacturing semiconductor process equipment, grew exponentially in both front- and back-end product lines, and opened a back-end operation in Hong Kong in 1975, where it still has an engineering and manufacturing site. An initial public offering (IPO) was made in 1981, and stock continues to trade on NASDAQ and the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam.
Financial pressures created by a mid-1980s chip industry downturn led ASM to sell its 50 percent ownership of ASML to Philips in 1988, the same year ASML entered the Asian market. This opened the door to competition between the two companies. Since, ASML has consistently ranked significantly higher than ASM International in VLSI Research studies of semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Royal Philips Electronics has a long, illustrious history. The groundwork was built in The Netherlands in 1891 for what would become one of the world’s largest electronics companies. Philips originally made its name developing carbon-filament lamps at the dawn of the 20th century, then created a research laboratory in 1914 to study physical and chemical occurrences to further encourage product advancements. The company introduced the medical X-ray tube, electric shavers, and the television camera tube. Philips is now a global leader in digital technologies for televisions and displays, wireless communication, speech recognition, video compression, storage and optical products, and the underlying semiconductor technology making future technological breakthroughs possible. Its partnership with ASM International in 1984 to create ASML helped push Philips into the semiconductor industry.
Divesting to Invest in the Future
Philips divested ASML in 1993 as part of a general plan for Philips to focus more on its core electronic activities. By then, ASML was primed to grow and expand on its own. It became a publicly traded company in February 1995 in a US$170 million transaction. Two years later, high demand for new stock pushed Philips to complete a US$266 million secondary offering of ASML shares. This brought the company down to its declared target of 25 percent ownership. In June 2000, Philips further reduced its interest in ASML to 6.7 percent. The number of ASML employees had grown from 84 in 1984 to 4,377 in 2000. After the successful 2001 merger with Silicon Valley Group (SVG), company size nearly doubled. Global headquarters remained in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, while manufacturing sites and research and development facilities were located in Connecticut and California in the United States, and the Netherlands. Training facilities and development centers existed in Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Taiwan, and the United States. The company had over 50 sales and service organizations throughout 16 countries.
Overview of ASML Technology
Semiconductors–the integrated-circuit chips that control everything from cellular phones and computers to aircraft navigational systems and elevators–are increasingly appearing in every conceivable electronic consumer goods, from appliances to greeting cards. This escalating need for integrated-circuit chips does not, however, guarantee smooth economic waters for the semiconductor industry. Partly because semiconductor manufacture is extremely capital- intensive–stepper machines cost as much as US$8 million each–the industry regularly faces temporary softening and shakeouts. ASML has four distinct product divisions and one subsidiary: their Lithography division is based in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, and Wilton, Connecticut; the Track division works out of San Jose, California; the Thermal division is based in Scotts Valley, California; Special Applications Division is also located in Veldhoven; and MaskTools, the subsidiary, is in Santa Clara, California.
The company’s Lithography division designs, develops, and manufactures equipment used to transfer circuit patterns onto wafers. The focus of the division has been to continually shrink the size of the integrated chip through smaller line widths, reducing resolution or feature size. This focus has greatly enhanced performance by allowing electricity to move more quickly across the chip. A smaller feature size also boosts the number of chips that can be imprinted on the wafer. ASML’s Lithography division products include the TWINSCAN and Micrascan advanced lithography systems. The Track division presents wafer track systems that complete the repetitive procedures of the wafer before and after lithographic exposure. These systems coat, develop, and bake light-sensitive material (or photoresist) on the wafer’s surface. ASML has created an integrated-photoresist system, offering both service and support. Combined solutions such as this are increasingly important for each new generation of integrated chips. Product lines include the ProCell 90-SE and 88-Series photoresist processing systems.
ASML’s Thermal Division builds large-batch and single-wafer thermal processing furnaces, as well as atmospheric pressure chemical-vapor deposition systems. This division creates proven thermal technology and expands new technologies to meet the growing need for highly productive, cost-effective, integrated-thermal systems. Thermal products include the APNext Vertical Cluster system, Xcelerate single-wafer furnace-RTP system, vertical processors, and thermal reactors. The Special Applications division of ASML works on solutions for application markets by incorporating products and services from all company divisions for customers with unique requirements. It also offers a variety of system upgrade programs for clients using older technology. This division was formed in March 1998 to pursue lithography market opportunities for custom imaging solutions outside the area of the company’s mainstream markets. Special Applications products include the PAS 5500, PAS 5000, and Micralign lithography systems.
ASML MaskTools is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASML. Its focus has been to advance improvements to the photomask, essential for printing integrated-circuit patterns when the line width of the integrated circuit is shorter than the wavelength of light used to print the circuit. ASML MaskTools has worked to expand the limits of lithography by creating design simulation software that acts as a conduit between semiconductor design and development.
Semiconductor Industry Ups and Downs in the 1990s
The semiconductor industry has historically seen demand booms and busts. During the rapid growth of the personal computer market in the early- to mid-1990s, chip manufacturers invested heavily in plant facilities, which led to oversupply in many key chip markets. The industry was then hit hard by a slowdown in demand for personal computers. The industry saw a decline after 1995. Global chip sales were at US$50 billion in 1990; by 1995 that figure had grown to US$144 billion, but dropped to US$132 billion in 1996. That same year, ASML introduced its step-and- scan system, which outpaced competitors by making 100 wafers per hour as opposed to the standard 60.
A minor surge in 1997 brought sales up to US$137 billion, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association. A slowdown occurred in 1998, but the industry rebounded and growth continued through 1999. The year-end results were a sign of both the recovery and ASML’s strong standing in leading-edge products. The industry experienced another successful year in 2000, as revenues soared to nearly US$204 billion, a 37 percent increase over 1999 sales of US$149 billion. In the first half of 2000, orders were placed for 217 systems, compared to 133 orders in the first half of 1999.
Further Inroads in the Late 1990s
In February 1999, ASML joined with Applied Materials to develop the SCALPEL electron-beam projection lithography (EPL) technology. According to Bill Brinkman, Bell Labs’ physical sciences research vice-president, this would be “a tremendous breakthrough for semiconductor manufacturers building the next generations of powerful chips.” Partnering with rival company Applied Materials gave an important boost to ASML’s future advanced technology plans and spoke to ASML’s practice of competing, yet cooperating when necessary to assist its customer base. The following month, the U.S. Department of Energy and ASML came to an agreement that allowed ASML to participate in the Extreme Ultraviolet LLC program, developing extreme- ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology. Under agreement conditions, ASML promised to construct a plant in the United States. equivalent to its facility in Veldhoven, using primarily American-made parts. ASML was concurrently involved in a European plan to develop EUV lithography, called the Euclides program. Two years later, as key ASML customers declared a preference for the EUV solution, ASML withdrew from the SCALPEL EPL venture.
In June 1999, ASML acquired MaskTools, a business unit of MicroUnity Systems Engineering Inc. of Sunnyvale, California. Declaring the need “to bring more than hardware to the customer,” ASML Vice-Ppresident of U.S. Technology Development Doug Marsh said the capabilities of MaskTool’s MaskRigger to ASML equipment was one of the values the company was looking to add to its product line. ASML CEO of ten years Willem D. Maris, retired in January 2000 and was replaced by former Philips executive Doug Dunn. Maris had built ASML into the number two supplier in the world, for a time surpassing Canon and second only to Nikon. Severe softening of the industry in 2001 would scramble the top ten rankings of chip manufacturers, but ASML would remain steady during tumultuous times at number five. Dunn had been with Philips since 1993, as the head of Philips Semiconductors, and became the CEO of their Consumer Electronics division.
In July 2000, the chip business made an important move to larger wafers. A watershed event for the industry, makers stepped up from the standard 8-inch wafer to a much more cost-efficient 12- inch wafer (which the industry calls 300-millimeter wafers). ASML offered its own 300-millimeter product, TWINSCAN, a harbinger of a new chapter in the expansion of the company, incorporating new concepts and features. This seismic change allowed chipmakers to put twice as many chips on a single wafer, saving up to 30 percent in total costs. ASML, now the world’s second largest maker of scanners and steppers, reported higher than expected first-half profits and expected gains in the second half of the year. ASML broke into the Japanese semiconductor market in December 2000, marking a considerable coup for the company whose chief competitors had always been Japan’s Nikon and Canon. But tough times were just ahead, and all of the rival semiconductor creators were going to feel the sting.
2001: Worst Slump in Industry History
The year 2000 started out strong for ASML and its competitors. ASML shipped a record 368 systems. But historically, slowdowns follow every boom in the chip industry. Market analysts had been predicting strong chip sales through 2001 and into 2002, but high-tech profits plunged in 2001, bringing with it the worst deceleration in semiconductor industry history. In March 2001, ASML announced that it expected its financial results to be impacted by continued softening in the demand for lithography tools. While the company had previously predicted that it would ship a number of systems equal to production, it had become evident that 2001 sales would not equal those of 2000. A hiring freeze was put in place.
At the same time, ASML moved to acquire Silicon Valley Group (SVG), the only U.S. player in the lithography arena, and a company with an attractive business history with Intel. The road to acquisition was littered with potholes–most notably an argument by members of the House Armed Services Committee, who charged that the deal’s implication for U.S. national security necessitated further study because SVG’s technology was used in spy satellites. Powerful lobbying by U.S. lawmakers and the semiconductor industry persuaded the Bush administration to take a softer line, and in May 2001, the US$1.6 billion transaction was complete. But there were strings attached to the deal. ASML and SVG were given six months to sell SVG’s Tinsley division, makers of optical equipment for military and aerospace applications. Tinsley was sold by year’s end to SSG Precision Optronics. The acquisition put ASML in a position to claim the top spot of lithographic equipment manufacturers. Rival Nikon shipped 270 lithography systems in 1999, while ASML/SVG combined sold 245 units.
After a stellar year came a profit warning in July 2001, as ASML reported a loss of US$422.4 million. Hit hard by the industry downturn, ASML actually had slightly better than expected results, according to industry analysts. In response to the slowdown, ASML closed factories, discontinued product lines, and cut its workforce by 13 percent. A month later, ASML was hit hard with the cancellation of a US$100 million order by Intel, which pulled out after ASML failed to deliver equipment due to technical issues. ASML would announce net sales of EUR $1.84 billion for the year ending December 31, 2001, compared to net sales of EUR $3.1 billion for the previous year.
Despite the steep fall in revenue, results exceeded expectations of analysts and raised some hopes that the chip industry was beginning to emerge from its worst slowdown. Profits industry- wide were much lower than the previous year, but they represented a rise compared to the preceding three months. ASML remained pessimistic that the semiconductor market would bounce back before the end of the year. Unlike some of its competitors, it dismissed hopes of a recovery in late 2001, instead cautiously predicted a turnaround in the second half of 2002. As a result of the continuing downturn in the semiconductor industry, ASML announced in October 2001 that it would further cut its global workforce by nearly 1,400 positions in an effort to speed up the assimilation of Silicon Valley Group. The move brought total job losses to 2,000–23 percent of ASML’s workforce.
2002 Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Adding further frustration was a lawsuit brought on by Nikon in January 2002. The suit sought to halt all ASML sales in the United States. Specifically, Nikon asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to prevent sales of ASML’s leading-edge lithography tools, claiming that ASML was infringing on seven of its patents. ASML responded publicly the following month, asserting that all seven Nikon patents were invalid; the official response was to be filed in Federal District Court in San Jose, California, in March.
The Future of ASML
If past performance is any indication, ASML will likely work through any tough times ahead. The semiconductor industry has a governing law, predicted by Intel cofounder Gordon Moore, that the power of microprocessors doubles every 18 months. Historically, this has largely held true. By virtue of this regular increase in the need for ever-efficient semiconductors, the industry has bounced back from intermittent slumps and ultimately thrived. (Reference for Business, 2021)
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1. HEALTHCARE PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: discussion of morbidity, mortality, epidemiology and pathophysiology related to ASTHMA
2. PRACTICE GUIDELINE: Describe the clinical practice guideline used for this problem. Does the clinical practice guideline adequately address the health problem? Describe.
Is this practice guideline based on current evidence (within 5 years)? What is the strength of this evidence?
Does this clinical practice guideline adequately direct the healthcare provider in the management of a patient with this problem?
How effective is this clinical guideline in the management of patients with this healthcare problem?
3. ANALYSIS: Think about future healthcare needs of patients with this problem, changing demographics, and changes in healthcare policies. Address these questions.

Does this clinical practice guideline need revision(s)? Please explain your answer in detail.
If you were going to revise this clinical practice guideline, what would you change? What evidence would you use to base your changes on?
How might changes in US demographics and healthcare reform affect this clinical practice guideline?
What strategies would you use to increase the likelihood that a new or modified clinical practice guideline would be adopted and used in clinical practice?
4. EVALUATION How would you determine its effectiveness of this revised clinical practice guideline in directing care for patients with the identified health problem? Outline the steps you might employ.

5. LEARNING POINTS (3-5 bullet points outlining key learning


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Identify an evidenced based practice project that you would be interested in implementing to
make a practice change. * The first step in undertaking a project includes a review of the current
research/evidence related to it. For this assignment, you will locate 10-15 scholarly, peer
reviewed research articles published within the last 5 years addressing your chosen
initiative/project. Chosen articles should involve some type of research. Examples of the type of
research preferred include single studies (can be descriptive research), meta-analysis, or
systematic reviews. Avoid opinion pieces or expert reviews. The type of research available on a
topic will vary but for an EBP project, there should be enough research evidence available to
implement a practice change. If there is little research evidence on the topic, you’ll need to
choose another topic more amendable to an EBP project.
Utilize the JFL or other academic libraries available to you to obtain high level research
evidence. You will review/analyze each article and place the information in the Literature Matrix
form. A literature matrix is a good way to organize your research on a topic. Use the form as
written as you will see it again as part of your DNP scholarly project.
*DNP students need to select research articles dealing with a clinical/patient outcome focused
topic as the scholarly project must be an EBP project within the clinical practice realm. Students
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education topic as their dissertation will fall within the nursing education realm. Regardless of a
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dissertation (PhD) is dictated by your degree program.
 Fill out all sections of the Literature Matrix Template. Include a title page but an
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and summarize information.
 Please use single spacing throughout for readability and ease of using the table to review
literature. Make sure the table is in landscape orientation. Use a 12 point, times roman
font in the table, left justified.
 Use APA format except single space the citation so it will fit in the table easily. If you
use other resources in providing rationale for analysis (such as whether you would use it
for a practice change), cite the source in the table and add a reference page with the full
reference(s). Please submit just one file.
 There are short examples provided in the table for type of information required but
further requirements and instructions are outlined below:
1. Article title, author, etc.
Provide full citation, single spacing to save space. Use current APA format.
2. Study purpose
Clearly state the purpose of the study.
3. Sample characteristics
Describe all important characteristics of the sample, outlining inclusion/exclusion
criteria if appropriate. Be sure to include if there is a control group.
4. Methods
NURS 700
Page 2 of 2
Describe the methods used in the study. This includes things like: if there was an
intervention, if there was a control group, if the research involved analyzing
literature, if surveys were utilized, if qualitative methods were used, etc. This will
help you determine the type of research and subsequently identify the correct level of
evidence. Most studies will be in the following categories: systematic review, meta-
analysis, descriptive research, quasi-experimental, randomized control
trial/experimental, qualitative research (not the same as descriptive), or mixed
methods. It is important to carefully read the research to determine the category.
Sometimes the title will tell you the type of research as well. For example, the title
may say the research is an integrative review.
5. Study Results
Summarize the most important, overall results. What is the bottom line? It’s
important to understand study results if you are applying the research in practice. If
applicable, include the level of significance.
6. Level of Evidence
Identify the level of evidence according to Melnyk’s classification. If you’ve
correctly identified the type of study, it should be easy to correctly identify the level.
Include not only the level in this section, but clearly name the type of study. Keep in
mind that for systematic and integrative reviews, the level will depend on the type of
research reviewed.
7. Study Limitations
List the study limitations, taking into account the type of study.
8. Would you use this for a practice change? (yes or no). Provide Rationale.
Clearly indicate if you would use this evidence for a practice change and provide


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Respond to these 2 separate responses with a minimum of 175 words to each response, agreeing and adding facts Essay a level english language essay help

Respond to these 2 separate responses with a minimum of 175 words to each response, agreeing and adding facts to both. 2 separate paragraphs:

First response from Marie Guitierez:
I have chosen J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. as my company of choice to review their cash flow statement because I simply know someone who is employed by them. I was curious to know whether or not they are financially stable due to demands of the supply chain industry. I used as the source to obtain the company’s quarterly financial information.

J.B. Hunt’s annual cash flow statement 2018, 2019, 2020 shows their operating cash flow, end cash position, and free cash flow increased each year. Its capital expenditure, although negative, has decreased each year. Furthermore, the decrease in debt issuance is due to repayment of debt which also provides a decrease each year. In looking at the company’s income statement, tells me that the company is performing financially well.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (JBHT) Income Statement – Yahoo Finance

Second response from Nicole Perez:
Cash Flow by definition shows the net flows of cash that are used to fund the company and its capital . The three types of cash flows are operating cash flows , cash flows from investments , and cash flows from financing . The company I chose to write about is one of my favorite stores to buy clothing, the name is Fashion Nova, corporation is Nova LifeStyle inc. Fahion Nova is one of the internets number one online clothing stores , with it’s concept being fast fashion for a fraction of the cost and often emulating and gathering inspiration from celebrities. I was able to locate the companies balance sheet from Yahoo search . It looks like the company made more money in 2019 than in 2020. In 2018 Fashion Nova increased their sales by 600% and has over 450 million net worth .With their estimated annual revenue being 293.4 million , it is hard to believe this company grew so rapidly within three years starting in 2018 and now makes roughly 10 million per month . I wonder where this company will be in another two years.

Here is the original question they’ve responded to;

As people often say, “Cash is king!” Cash flow is an important indicator of a company’s financial health and a value driver. Effective cash flow management enables companies to have the most important resource on hand to meet daily needs, while preventing financial stress and potential failure.

Locate financial statements for a company of your choice and review the cash flow statement. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What insights does the cash flow statement provide about the company’s performance in relation to other financial statements? Cite your data source.


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There are 3 different assignments listed below:

Assignment 1) What was your favorite single fragment or poem from Sappho? Why? Be specific. Then, select at least two separate, lines/phrases from any of Sappho’s poetry that you found interesting, provocative, memorable, etc. Briefly explain what it was about these lines that you appreciated. Identify and explain 3 specific literary elements found in any of these poems. You could find examples of symbolism, tone, alliteration, point-of-view, personification, hyperbole, ambiguity, etc. Must be 250 Words. Must be in MLA Format.

Assignment 2) In your own words, briefly describe the scenario Plato depicts in his allegory. Consider the following questions as you explain the allegory: for example, what happens to a person when first emerging from the cave? How do others respond to those who try to leave the cave? What does the light (and/or the darkness) symbolize? How can knowledge be painful, and ignorance comforting? Incorporate at least one direct quote from the literary text
correctly introduce the quote, and provide an in-text parenthetical citation afterwards
include a works cited entry for “The Allegory of the Cave” at the bottom of your response Must be 300 Words. Must be in MLA Format

THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE ( This reading goes with Assignment 2 )


Socrates: AND NOW, I SAID, let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened:–Behold! human beings living in an underground den, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the den; here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way; and you will see, if you look, a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets.

Glaucon: I see.

Soctates: And do you see, I said, men passing along the wall carrying all sorts of vessels, and statues and figures of animals made of wood and stone and various materials, which appear over the wall? Some of them are talking, others silent.

Glaucon: You have shown me a strange image, and they are strange prisoners.

Socrates: Like ourselves and they see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave?

Glaucon: True how could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?

Socrates: And of the objects which are being carried in like manner they would only see the shadows?

Glaucon: Yes.

Socrates: And if they were able to converse with one another, would they not suppose that they were naming what was actually before them?

Glaucon: Very true.

Socrates: And suppose further that the prison had an echo which came from the other side, would they not be sure to fancy when one of the passersby spoke that the voice which they heard came from the passing shadow?

Glaucon: No question.

Socrates: To them, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images.

Glaucon: That is certain.

Socrates: And now look again, and see what will naturally follow if the prisoners are released and disabused of their error. At first, when any of them is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand up and turn his neck round and walk and look towards the light, he will suffer sharp pains; the glare will distress him, and he will be unable to see the realities of which in his former state he had seen the shadows; and then conceive some one saying to him, that what he saw before was an illusion, but that now, when he is approaching nearer to being and his eye is turned towards more real existence, he has a clearer vision, what will be his reply?

And you may further imagine that his instructor is pointing to the objects as they pass and requiring him to name them, will he not be perplexed? Will he not fancy that the shadows which he formerly saw are truer than the objects which are now shown to him?

Glaucon: Far truer.

Socrates: And if he is compelled to look straight at the light, will he not have a pain in his eyes which will make him turn away to take and take in the objects of vision which he can see, and which he will conceive to be in reality clearer than the things which are now being shown to him?

Glaucon: True.

Socrates: And suppose once more, that he is reluctantly dragged up a steep and rugged ascent, and held fast until he’s forced into the presence of the sun himself, is he not likely to be pained and irritated? When he approaches the light his eyes will be dazzled, and he will not be able to see anything at all of what are now called realities.

Glaucon: Not all in a moment.

Socrates: He will require to grow accustomed to the sight of the upper world. And first he will see the shadows best, next the reflections of men and other objects in the water, and then the objects themselves; then he will gaze upon the light of the moon and the stars and the spangled heaven; and he will see the sky and the stars by night better than the sun or the light of the sun by day?

Glaucon: Certainly.

Socrates: Last of he will be able to see the sun, and not mere reflections of him in the water, but he will see him in his own proper place, and not in another; and he will contemplate him as he is.

Glaucon: Certainly.

Socrates: He will then proceed to argue that this is he who gives the season and the years, and is the guardian of all that is in the visible world, and in a certain way the cause of all things which he and his fellows have been accustomed to behold?

Glaucon: Clearly he would first see the sun and then reason about him.

Socrates: And when he remembered his old habitation, and the wisdom of the den and his fellow prisoners, do you not suppose that he would felicitate himself on the change, and pity them?

Glaucon: Certainly, he would.

Socrates: And if they were in the habit of conferring honors among themselves on those who were quickest to observe the passing shadows and to remark which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together; and who were therefore best able to draw conclusions as to the future, do you think that he would care for such honors and glories, or envy the possessors of them? Would he not say with Homer,

to be the poor servant of a poor master,

And to endure anything, rather than think as they do and live after their manner?

Glaucon: Yes, I think that he would rather suffer anything than entertain these false notions and live in this miserable manner.

Socrates: Imagine once more, such an one coming suddenly out of the sun to be replaced in his old situation; would he not be certain to have his eyes full of darkness?

Glaucon: To be sure.

Socrates: And if there were a contest, and he had to compete in measuring the shadows with the prisoners who had never moved out of the den, while his sight was still weak, and before his eyes had become steady (and the time which would be needed to acquire this new habit of sight might be very considerable) would he not be ridiculous? Men would say of him that up he went and down he came without his eyes; and that it was better not even to think of ascending; and if any one tried to loose another and lead him up to the light, let them only catch the offender, and they would put him to death.

Glaucon: No question.

Socrates: This entire allegory, you may now append, dear Glaucon, to the previous argument; the prison house is the world of sight, the light of the fire is the sun, and you will not misapprehend me if you interpret the journey upwards to be the ascent of the soul into the intellectual world according to my poor belief, which, at your desire, I have expressed whether rightly or wrongly God knows. But, whether true or false, my opinion is that in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all, and is seen only with an effort; and, when seen, is also inferred to be the universal author of all things beautiful and right, parent of light and of the lord of light in this visible world, and the immediate source of reason and truth in the intellectual; and that this is the power upon which he who would act rationally, either in public or private life must have his eye fixed.

Glaucon: I agree, as far as I am able to understand you.

Socrates: Moreover, you must not wonder that those who attain to this beatific vision are unwilling to descend to human affairs; for their souls are ever hastening into the upper world where they desire to dwell; which desire of theirs is very natural, if our allegory may be trusted.

Glaucon: Yes, very natural.

Socrates: And is there anything surprising in one who passes from divine contemplations to the evil state of man, misbehaving himself in a ridiculous manner; if, while his eyes are blinking and before he has become accustomed to the surrounding darkness, he is compelled to fight in courts of law, or in other places, about the images or the shadows of images of justice, and is endeavoring to meet the conceptions of those who have never yet seen absolute justice?

Glaucon: Anything but surprising, he replied.

Socrates: Anyone who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light, which is true of the mind’s eye, quite as much as of the bodily eye; and he who remembers this when he sees any one whose vision is perplexed and weak, will not be too ready to laugh; he will first ask whether that soul of man has come out of the brighter light, and is unable to see because unaccustomed to the dark, or having turned from darkness to the day is dazzled by excess of light. And he will count the one happy in his condition and state of being, and he will pity the other; or, if he have a mind to laugh at the soul which comes from below into the light, there will be more reason in this than in the laugh which greets him who returns from above out of the light into the den.

Glaucon: That, is a very just distinction.

Socrates: But then, if I am right, certain professors of education must be wrong when they say that they can put a knowledge into the soul which was not there before, like sight into blind eyes.

Glaucon: They undoubtedly say this.

Socrates: Whereas, our argument shows that the power and capacity of learning exists in the soul already; and that just as the eye was unable to turn from darkness to light without the whole body, so too the instrument of knowledge can only by the movement of the whole soul be turned from the world of becoming into that of being, and learn by degrees to endure the sight of being, and of the brightest and best of being, or in other words, of the good.

Glaucon: Very true.

Socrates: And must there not be some art which will effect conversion in the easiest and quickest manner; not implanting the faculty of sight, for that exists already, but has been turned in the wrong direction, and is looking away from the truth?

Glaucon: Yes, such an art may be presumed.

Socrates: And whereas the other socalled virtues of the soul seem to be akin to bodily qualities, for even when they are not originally innate they can be implanted later by habit and exercise, the virtue of wisdom more than anything else contains a divine element which always remains, and by this conversion is rendered useful and profitable; or, on the other hand, hurtful and useless. Did you never observe the narrow intelligence flashing from the keen eye of a clever rogue–how eager he is, how clearly his paltry soul sees the way to his end; he is the reverse of blind, but his keen eyesight is forced into the service of evil, and he is mischievous in proportion to his cleverness.

Glaucon: Very true.

Socrates: But what if there had been a circumcision of such natures in the days of their youth; and they had been severed from those sensual pleasures, such as eating and drinking, which, like leaden weights, were attached to them at their birth, and which drag them down and turn the vision of their souls upon the things that are below–if, I say, they had been released from these impediments and turned in the opposite direction, the very same faculty in them would have seen the truth as keenly as they see what their eyes are turned to now.

Glaucon: Very likely.

Socrates: Yes, and there is another thing which is likely. or rather a necessary inference from what has preceded, that neither the uneducated and uninformed of the truth, nor yet those who never make an end of their education, will be able ministers of State; not the former, because they have no single aim of duty which is the rule of all their actions, private as well as public; nor the latter, because they will not act at all except upon compulsion, fancying that they are already dwelling apart in the islands of the blest.

Glaucon: Very true.

Socrates: Then, the business of us who are the founders of the State will be to compel the best minds to attain that knowledge which we have already shown to be the greatest of allthey must continue to ascend until they arrive at the good; but when they have ascended and seen enough we must not allow them to do as they do now.

Glaucon: What do you mean?

Socrates: I mean that they remain in the upper world: but this must not be allowed; they must be made to descend again among the prisoners in the den, and partake of their labours and honors, whether they are worth having or not.

Glaucon: But is not this unjust? Ought we to give them a worse life, when they might have a better?

Socrates: You have again forgotten, my friend, the intention of the legislator, who did not aim at making any one class in the State happy above the rest; the happiness was to be in the whole State, and he held the citizens together by persuasion and necessity, making them benefactors of the State, and therefore benefactors of one another; to this end he created them, not to please themselves, but to be his instruments in binding up the State.

Citation and Use
The text was taken from the following work.

Plato, “Republic, Book 7,” in PLATO IN TWELVE VOLUMES, trans. Paul Shorey, vol. 5 and 6, 12 vols. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1969),

The use of this translation is governed by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Assignment 3) Must be in APA Format
1. List the individual ingredients by category (carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and additives).
2. Using the information from your textbook, explain the function and relative safety of the identified ingredients.
3. Find a similar organic food item and contrast the ingredients including the food additives to the original product.
4. What did you find in your comparison?
5. What is the relative safety of the organic variation?


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I want a capstone project related to nursing in Saudi Arabia either a research study or project improvements I prefer a research study I need to contact the writer to choose the topic
I will send all instructions by ppt and reference books
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Laboratory and Pathology Tests and Procedures/(Metabolic panel (glucose, potassium, Sodium) Laboratory and diagnostic tests are an integral component o argumentative essay help

Laboratory and Pathology Tests and Procedures/(Metabolic panel (glucose, potassium, Sodium)

Laboratory and diagnostic tests are an integral component o to diagnose conditions and diseases.

1. Research and evaluate the laboratory or pathology test(s) or procedure(s) assigned to you by your instructor WHICH IS:


2. Your initial discussion post should thoroughly cover the laboratory or pathology test or procedure that you have been assigned: METABOLIC PANEL (GLUCOSE, POTASSIUM, SODIUM) and include the following information:

3. Test name
Specimen needed for the test (blood, urine, etc.)
Normal range by patient age
Panic level
Factors that affect results
Typical conditions or monitoring for which the diagnostic test
is ordered.

4. A minimum of four (4) conditions or diseases that utilize the test for diagnostic purposes.

5. All references used must be cited in correct APA style as outlined.

6. Your post must contain a minimum of 200-250 words.



TOPIC SELECTION: SOFTWARE ATTACKS * this will be a wiki page Introduction Every day we learn about cyber attacks Essay online essay help: online essay help

TOPIC SELECTION: SOFTWARE ATTACKS * this will be a wiki page

Every day we learn about cyber attacks disturbing businesses and organizations worldwide. Learning about different types of threats and associated attacks is the first step to defend against them.

Activity Instructions
Step 1 – Search Recent Attacks
Search the Web for recent attacks related to the threat category you selected, and which happened in the last 12 months.
Write a summary of the recent attack between one-half to one-page in length. In the summary, provide the details of the case, e.g., why you consider this attack falls into chosen category, what type of information, data, or system was impacted and in which manner, how the attack was performed exploiting which vulnerability, etc. Present available information on the mitigation actions taken after the security incident as well.
Each student should write on a different type of attack based on the selection made in Activity 2.1a.
Step 2 – Create Wiki Page
Scroll down and click on the Edit tab.
Enter your page title (the title of the article you selected for this assignment).
Use double brackets on each side of the page title.
Example: [[Equifax Breach]]
Click Save.
Click on your new page title.
Click Create page.
Step 3 – Include on Your Page
Your name
The URL(s) of the web pages or article(s) you used as reference
Your summary (approximately 300 to 400 words)
A link back to the Wiki Home page, i.e., [[Homepage]]
Tips for Success
Be authentic and avoid plagiarism. Check for previous threat category selection and posts by your peers. Do not post on the same category. Do not post on the same category.

For guidance on how to use a Moodle wiki, review this guide: Moodle: Using Wiki.


Opportunity In A New Industry essay help: essay help

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Utilize information from industry and scholarly sources to inform problem solving and decision making
You are the sales department manager for a U.S.-based company that builds engines for the automotive manufacturing industry. Your company is considering diversifying into other business opportunities where your motors can be sold in order to bolster the company’s portfolio and increase revenue. Based on your knowledge of the national sales landscape, your manager would like you to conduct preliminary research and prepare a presentation with your recommendation for opportunity in a new industry that will allow for this diversification through a new sales division and increased sales. You have been asked to make your presentation at the next stakeholder meeting, where you will address internal stakeholders from across the company as well as external stakeholders such as customers, investors, and suppliers.

As a preliminary step in developing this presentation, your manager would like to see an executive summary of your research findings and evaluate your decision modeling.

Complete the Project One Worksheet in your Soomo webtext and submit it for instructor feedback.

Part 1: Define
You will first conduct research on the U.S.-based automotive manufacturing industry using the Shapiro Library database links provided in the supporting materials section below. Then, prepare an analysis report that addresses the following:

Define the problem.
Explain the type of qualitative and quantitative data you will be targeting in your research.
Provide a broad description of the U.S. automotive manufacturing industry and its value. Include:
Total value of the industry
Sales by region
Sales by fuel type: electric, hybrid, and gas
Describe the current trends in the automotive market.
The trend toward different types of motors for the vehicles being made and sold, such as electric and hybrid
Trends in customer demands such as vehicle color, extra features, and styles
Trends in the body types of vehicles sold (SUVs, trucks, sedans)
Part 2: Research
In Module One, you chose an industry that you think would provide opportunity for your company. Now, using industry-specific and scholarly resources to inform your decision, prepare an industry analysis report that includes the following:

Provide a broad description of the new industry.
Describe the overall attractiveness of the industry.
Is this a growing industry?
Is this an industry that has a lot of growth potential?
What outside factors are affecting its growth?
Identify the factors that have allowed competitors to be successful in this industry thus far.
Summarize the overall value of the industry.
How is the industry currently trending?
Summarize the sales. Speculate if sales vary based on the region of the country. (For example, there would be very few snow plow sales in the southern United States, if any at all.)
Define expected growth areas.
Describe the current market trends for the new industry.
What products or services are trending?
What are some current customer demands?
Perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis to determine the potential success of moving into this new industry.
Explain your rationale.
Part 3: Compare
Compare the two industries and summarize your findings.

Perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis to compare the two industries.
Summarize how your findings address the problem.
What to Submit
To complete this project, submit an executive summary report of 3 to 4 pages using the provided templates, or the document you downloaded from Soomo. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Supporting Materials
The following resources support your work on the project:


TOPIC SELECTION: CISO- * this is used to create a wiki page, follow instructions because the CISO is the essay help

TOPIC SELECTION: CISO- * this is used to create a wiki page, follow instructions because the CISO is the topic selection.

There are many criteria on which selecting information security personnel is based, including the principles of supply and demand. Note that many future INFOSEC professionals seek to enter the security market by gaining the skills, experience, and credentials they need to qualify as a new supply.

Step 1 – Search Job Postings Step 2 – Create Wiki Page Step 3 – Include on Your Page
Search the Web for at least five (5) job postings for the security position you selected.
Scroll down and click on the Edit tab.
Enter your page title (the job title you selected for this assignment).
Use double brackets on each side of the page title.
Example: [[Chief Security Officer]]
Click Save.
Click on your new page title.
Click Create page.
Your name
A link back to the Wiki Home page, i.e., [[Home]]
List the qualifications common to each of the job postings you reviewed for this position.


Hi, This assignment has 2 parts: PART 1: ( PLEASE USE REFERENCES AND USING COURSE MATERIALS), – Identify two Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

This assignment has 2 parts:

– Identify two change management strategies Kaplan used to increase the probability that the Lean transformation at VMMC would be a success. Name one feature of healthcare in Canada (or in your country) that may make it challenging to implement Kaplan’s approach.

I`ll ask you to write a comments or feedbacks to support other student (please provide references)


Introduction One of the three layers information security is designed and implemented is “people”. It involves education, training and college essay help online

One of the three layers information security is designed and implemented is “people”. It involves education, training and awareness programs to reduce intentional or unintentional threatening actions by the user community.

Activity Instructions
You are assisting the information security team in their activities related to raising security awareness among employees throughout the organization.

Using a graphics program of your choice, design a security awareness poster. Select from the following themes:

Updating antivirus signatures
Protecting sensitive information
Watching out for e-mail viruses
Prohibiting the personal use of company equipment
Changing and protecting passwords
Avoiding social engineering
Protecting software copyrights
What other security awareness themes can you imagine? You can submit on other security related themes also.
The main goal is the clear expression of your message using graphics tools.

Writing and Submission Requirements
File types permitted: JPG, PDF, PPT
File size is limited to a maximum of 100 MB
For standard requirements, review the Discussion and Written Assignment Expectations.
Tips for Success
Be authentic and avoid plagiarism.


Trends and Issues Facing Today’s College Student college essay help near me

This is an “informal” paper, meaning that you can offer your opinion, thoughts and ideas, rather than a more formal research paper in which you must use published journal articles as the basis for your paper.

Topic: With this in mind, the goal of this paper is to compare and contrast the differing issues between today’s college students versus college student populations of a generation ago. Please address these questions:

What are the similarities or differences that you can identify between students on campus today versus 10-15 years ago? Reflect on what historical events and societal trends have influenced students over the past couple of decades.

Based on your observations or experiences with today’s college students, what do you believe are the three greatest challenges for today’s students?

Your response should be based on personal observations as a college student, employee at a college or university, or gleanings from literature or other media.

If you feel you need additional information or help gaining a perspective on this issue, you may want to conduct an internet or journal article search for “today’s college students” and/or “college student issues of the _______year ” (for example). You don’t need to have lived or been involved in higher education a generation ago to gain an understanding of the issues of college students of that time…some research will help you gain a perspective of these issues. If you choose to discuss other sources in your paper such as research literature or from the internet, please properly cite the information using APA format.

Guidelines: This paper requires you to discuss in depth the topic above in a traditional, essay style paper format. The paper format requires: Times New Roman, 12 point font. All work should include APA, 7th edition formatting including the title page, page numbers, headings, etc. Although this paper is more informal in nature, students are expected to use proper grammar that is reflective of graduate-level work. Points will be deducted for every grammatical and APA error so please double check for these!


Think of this discussion post as a prewriting activity for the essay you will draft in this module. In college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Think of this discussion post as a prewriting activity for the essay you will draft in this module.

In this discussion post, address some of these questions:

What is the main point you hope to present in your essay?
What are the main items of support?
What are some of the best quotations you’ve found from the primary source(s) to illustrate your points? Choose at least three.
Are you using any support from the supplemental readings or other secondary sources that you’ve found? If so, what, and how does this tie into your main point?
What ideas do you want to bounce off others before you begin drafting?
What questions do you have that you’d like other students’ or your instructor’s feedback on?
Be sure to mention the title and author’s name of the primary source you’ll be writing about in your paper.


through reflection upon own personal core values, key skills, attitudes and assumptions college admission essay help

❖ This assignment is designed to demonstrate that you have met Learning Outcome
❖ LO – Demonstrate self-awareness through reflection upon own personal core values, key skills, attitudes and assumptions
❖ Title: “Individual Essay for Personalising Nursing Care”
❖ This includes your own contribution to seminars and the poster development
❖ Word Count – 1000 words ( /- 10%), Academic Level 4 Writing

❖ Within the introduction, please introduce the reader to the four areas that you will be covering within the main body of the assignment
❖ For example – self-awareness and three personal attributes
❖ Tell the reader, what Self Awareness is and how it impacts Nursing.
❖ Nothing more – do not start discussing your research and or evidence within the introduction
❖ This is often written last to ensure that everything that you have discussed within the main body of work is mentioned here
❖ 100 words approximately.

Main Body:
❖ Within this part of the assignment, please reflect upon your self-awareness and the three personal attributes that you have chosen to discuss
❖ Discuss self-awareness before the 3 attributes (200 words approximately), then each attribute separately.
❖ Examples of personal attributes may include: ambitious, committed, courageous, disciplined, experienced, imaginative, keen, methodical, persuasive, productive, reliable, reserved, sensitive, strong, tactful, talkative, open to new ideas, understanding, well-organised, systematic etc
Please reflect upon each attribute separately (200 words each)

You may find it focuses your thinking and therefore your writing if you follow the following template:
❖ Use a sub-heading for each separate attribute: Committed
❖ What was this attribute like before you started the Personalizing Nursing Care module?
❖ Discuss how these have changed/developed during the module. Has it changed? If so how and why? If not discuss why?
❖ How will you continue to develop/maintain this attribute in the future.
❖ Approximately 200 words for each attribute.
❖ Therefore self-awareness and your three attributes should total approximately 800 words
❖ Key points that you have reflected upon must be supported by citations


“Battle Royal” – Ralph Ellison 1. Comment on the significance of the circus imagery as used in the story. best college essay help: best college essay help

“Battle Royal” – Ralph Ellison
1. Comment on the significance of the circus imagery as used in the story. Give examples.
2. In “Battle Royal”, animal imagery is used very often. Identify the references to animals in the story (for example, “lion”, “baboon”, “bird”, “panda”, “cottonmouth”, “wolf”, “crab”, “rat”…) and discuss how they contribute to the story.
3. Why do you think there is always an emphasis on “blindness” in the story? Provide examples.
4. What could be the significance of the smoky atmosphere in the hall where the battle royal takes place?
5. How does Ellison’s story challenge the respectability of the white Southern male?
6. At the end of the story, the narrator dreams that he is at a circus with his grandfather: Why does the grandfather refuse to laugh at the clowns?
7. Comment on the following quote from the story: “To Whom It May Concern… Keep This Nigger-Boy Running”.
8. What is the significance of the grandfather’s dying speech? Why does he call himself a traitor and a spy in the enemy’s country?
9. What is Ellison’s reason for creating a dreamlike, surreal atmosphere in the protagonist’s mind?.
10. What is the significance of Booker T. Washington in the story?
11. What is the symbolic value of the battle royal?
no question 12
13. How does the story define the concept of “success”?
14. How does the story develop the theme of racial hatred
15. In what ways is the narrator naïve and trusting?
16. Why does the narrator really receive the scholarship?
17. Why do the white men display the naked blonde to the African American boys?
18. Characterize the narrator’s grandfather. What is his role in the narrative?
19. The story is told from the first person point of view. With forceful detail and lyrical immediacy, he narrator conveys numerous details that render the inhuman and psychologically violent treatment that he and other boys are receiving at the hands of the “benefactors.” But the narrator does not become angry. Why?
20. How does the fight operate as a central symbol? What does it symbolize?

Once Upon a Time” : Nadine Gortimer – South Africa
1. Describe the suburb where this family lives
2. Characterize the husband
3. Characterize the wife
4. The family members would not perceive themselves as being overtly racist. Find evidence to the contrary.
5. What symbols do you find and how do they work?
6. How and why does the family become increasingly isolated from the outside world
7. What is Gortimer’s theme here? That is, what is the central idea she is developing or the point she is making in this story.
7. Apply the story’s content and theme to Apartheid.
8. What is the ultimate effect of racism in this story?
9. Apply the story’s theme to other international problems- particularly the use of fences with razor blades.


Submit a single Word document containing both the annotated bibliography and outline of your paper in APA format. Be essay help: essay help

Submit a single Word document containing both the annotated bibliography and outline of your paper in APA format. Be sure that you collect a minimum of 13 articles for the annotated bibliography and create an outline of the paper with the annotated bibliography to be sure you have enough to move forward.

My current thesis statement is: Treating incarcerated US criminals with mental health issues and providing them with the necessary treatments will help to decrease the prisons population and the occurrence of crime being committed by these individuals after their release.

From the thesis statement select a Criminal Justice Topic and collect 13 articles to support the thesis.

Use the Library website as a resource to search for articles. Login details will be available to the assigned writer


so many Americans hold negative views toward the ways that Muslim women dress? essay help

Evaluation Criteria:

Clear thesis statement and coherent argument.
Support any arguments you make.
Demonstrate your command of the English language; proofread your work, and pay attention to detail.
Make at least 5 specific references to at least 3 different sources from assigned readings/films (citations/footnotes are not necessary but are acceptable).
DO NOT reference material from outside the course.
DO NOT include factually inaccurate information.
Length: 600-900 words–no more, no less.

Please only use the files I uploaded as sources.


Please do not take this project on unless all sets are done correctly. Please write the main Discussion Board college essay help: college essay help

Please do not take this project on unless all sets are done correctly. Please write the main Discussion Board in about 400 words. I will attach the instructions for this called “Main DB instructions.” This is due no later than Wednesday the 19th. Once I submit the main DB, I will upload two students’ posts to which you will need to reply with two sentences, asking at least one question. I will attach the instructions on how to respond to the students called “Response to classmates.” My teacher might reply and ask another question after I post mine, so I will need you to respond to him with the answer to whatever question he asks, he will not ask questions if the assignment is done correctly. The replies to the classmates are due by Friday the 21st and the reply to the teacher is due by Sunday the 23rd. This should total 550 words. Please do not write over 400 words on the main DB because I will not pay extra for another page to be done. I have been having multiple problems with writers not understanding the replying to the other students. If you read the attached instruction, it will tell you how to reply. Please include one resource from the book and one from another source. Both Chapters 3 and 4 are attached along with other reading materials. If you have any questions, please let me know. Here are some links for this assignment you might need for reading material.


Review the document The Law, Compliance Tools, and Managerial Actions posted in the Compliance Library. Use only classroom materials Essay college application essay help

Review the document The Law, Compliance Tools, and Managerial Actions posted in the Compliance Library.

Use only classroom materials to complete the discussion. This would include the textbooks, weblinks, and the Classroom law library.

Part 1: Critical Analysis of the Law

Identify, cite the code, and give a short descriiption of one health law found in the common health care statutes document. For the health law selected, evaluate the following.
Evaluate whether the law is a federal or state law, civil or criminal, public or private. How do you know?
Why is it important to know when a statute has been modified by administrative regulation, court decision, or new statute? How can you find about these changes?
What are the penalties associated with non-compliance with your law? Why would it be important to you and your organization to avoid these penalties? How could you comply with the law you described?
If a lawsuit is filed related to your law, what are some of the pros and cons of an organization settling a case before trial vs. going to trial on an issue? Which would you choose? Why?
Evaluate the role of the health care administrator or health information technology administrator in legal compliance.
Why is your role important in preventing litigation and supporting legal compliance?
What tools are available for legal compliance? Name one compliance tool from the Week 12 Managerial Compliance Tools list and evaluate the tool.
How can you take action to reduce legal risk? (Describe at least one managerial action you could take and how you would use the tool you just described to limit legal liability.)
Part 2: Strategic Compliance with the Law

You are an administrator for Big City Hospital Inc., a large medical center. Your medical center has just received a Summons indicating that a Complaint has been filed in the state district court in your city claiming that Dr. Quick, Nurse Sleep, and your medical center were negligent during a recent surgery.

The claim is that the doctor left before the surgical count, the nurse didn’t notice a missing sponge during the count, and the patient now has an x-ray showing that there is a sponge in the abdomen. The medical records do not reflect that a sponge count was even completed. Your state of Maryland has an arbitration process that has been completed and the lawsuit has started.

As part of the lawsuit, you receive a litigation hold letter requesting that all documents related to the lawsuit be preserved including electronically stored information (ESI).
Why is it important to preserve documents for litigation?
How would you do this? Describe three actions you would take to preserve documents (prevent destruction) for this lawsuit.
What key documents would need to preserve because they relate to what happened?
When a case goes to court, good medical record documentation can make the difference in winning or losing a lawsuit.
How can medical record documentation limit or increase legal liability?
As a result of this lawsuit, what three actions would you take to improve medical record surgical care documentation including adequate documentation of the sponge count?


This paper is needing a total of 800 words. I will attach the instructions for this called “instructions.” Please college admission essay help

This paper is needing a total of 800 words. I will attach the instructions for this called “instructions.” Please include one resource from the book and one from another source. I have attached chapters 3 and 4. If you have any questions, please let me know. Here are some links for this assignment you might need for reading material.


I am completing my DNP clinical scholarly project. I need help with chapter II which is literature review. Below Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

I am completing my DNP clinical scholarly project. I need help with chapter II which is literature review. Below is my school requirements:

Chapter II. Literature Review

Introduction of PICOt Question
This introduction to the literature review chapter describes what a PICOt question is,
what the elements mean (i.e., P = population, I = intervention, etc.) and how it informed
the key words that guided the literature search for a solution to the identified problem.

The first paragraph should conclude with the actual PICOt question that guided the
literature review. The next paragraph should describe the data bases used (i.e., PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, etc.) and what was found using the keywords identified from the PICOt question. Include the number of articles found and the specific themes. Next, talk about how they keywords may have been refined to identify and locate research
specifically relevant to the proposed solution to the problem. Finally, discuss the number
of articles chosen that support the argument for change.

Synthesis of the Literature. Subheadings can be used to identify each of the
themes or categories. Subheadings also organize the material into shorter, more easily
comprehensible blocks of information for the reader. Transitions from one theme or
category to another should be smooth and appropriate. In the review of the literature, the main theories, explanations, and findings that are generally accepted and represented inthe literature should be presented along with contradictory evidence and points of view that may have caused intellectual tension in the field.

Comparisons and contrasts among cited works are important. Unless an article presents a landmark study, the research should have been conducted and/or published within the past 5 years.

At the conclusion of Chapter II, a final section should be included that summarizes the
literature a coherent manner. Contradictions should also be highlighted. The significance of the proposed argument, in light of the reviewed research, should be emphasized. The readers should feel that the review of the literature has yielded new insights and suggested a direction for change in the chosen issue.

Theoretical Framework

For this section, use the nursing theory you identified in NURU 600 or one that you are
familiar with and whose concept and/or framework supports and/or informs your CSP or white paper. Remember that your choice of theory should be a best fit of nursing practice with the outcome of your CSP or white paper argument. As you learned in class a nursing or other complementary discipline’s theory may be used. In the first paragraph, give a summary of your theory. You may even wish to include a figure to visually explain the concept or frame work.

The next paragraph should explain how it informs your CSP or white paper. It should
include your purpose for using this specific theory (i.e., is it for quality patient care, to
improve a system or process, to frame a CSP study or white paper, to educate patients,
providers, interprofessional group, to inform administrators or politicians, to justify a
change, etc.).

A final paragraph should summarize your salient points and the section should be limited to 2 pages maximum.

Here is my PICOt: In nursing staff (P) will the use of educational intervention tool (I) compared to current practice (C) increase hypoglycemia and physician notification documentation (O) over the course of two months (t)?


The project is progressing well, and you have now been asked if there is enough time and budget to best essay help

The project is progressing well, and you have now been asked if there is enough time and budget to create and distribute a new marketing mailing. This mailing will be focused on a new international marketplace, so the existing materials cannot be used as is. The materials will need to be translated (external resource), have different graphics applied, and use different colors. The cost for mailing internationally is twice the cost of domestic mailing, and the volume is 200,000 addresses. A mailing list will be purchased for this mailing because it is a new market for the company.

Write a 5-page plan on the new marketing mailing project cost template provided.

Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, that you will need the following:

Title page: Remember the running head. The title should be in all capitals.
Length: 5 pages minimum
Abstract: This is a summary of your paper, not an introduction. Begin writing in third person.
Body: This begins on the page following the title page and abstract page and must be double-spaced (be careful not to triple- or quadruple-space between paragraphs). The typeface should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics, except as required for APA-level headings and references. The deliverable length of the body of your paper for this assignment is 5 pages. In-body academic citations to support your decisions and analysis are required. A variety of academic sources is encouraged.
Reference page: References that align with your in-body academic sources are listed on the final page of your paper. The references must be in APA format using appropriate spacing, hanging indent, italics, and uppercase and lowercase usage as appropriate for the type of resource used. Remember, the Reference page is not a bibliography but a further listing of the abbreviated in-body citations used in the paper. Every referenced item must have a corresponding in-body citation.


Operations and supply management essay help free: essay help free

1.  What would be the consequences of implementing Lean Management in Santa Catarina? 

Please justify your answer considering advantages and disadvantages.

2.  Could Santa Catarina produce or supply to Lidl using a JIT approach? 

Please state your answer clearly (yes or no) and justify, providing arguments to support your position. 

3.  Aligned with your previous analysis, what recommendations would you give them to improve their operations


Knowing what you believe and why you believe is essential to life. When you know what and why you a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Knowing what you believe and why you believe is essential to life. When you know what and why you believe something, you will be more confident in sharing it with others and you will be less likely to change your beliefs when confronted by conflicting ideas. After reading this module/week’s assigned readings and watching the two video presentations, answer the following questions. These questions must be answered in separate paragraphs.

Why is it important to know what you believe and why you believe it?
Identify what you believe about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ and why do you believe these things?
Please review the Discussion Assignment Instructions Download Discussion Assignment Instructionsprior to posting. You may also click the three dots in the upper corner to Show Rubric.

Post-First: This course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussions. This means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates’ threads after you have submitted your thread in response to the provided prompt.

Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module 1: Week 1.


Discussions in this course are set up as Literature Review. You are supposed to compare and contrast the opinions Essay a level english language essay help

Discussions in this course are set up as Literature Review. You are supposed to compare and contrast the opinions of the authors of the articles provided in the discussion and in weekly Learning materials, present the important information, data (if applicable), statistics (if applicable) to support your conclusions. It is important that the Literature review is written in your own words with small quotes from the articles. All quotes must have references in accordance with the 7th Edition APA Style.

For this week discussion please read Corporate Strategy and Financial Management Policies – For a review of the role of finance in the strategic planning and decision-making process refer to the article (Kono, P.M. and Barnes, B. The Role of Finance in the Strategic Planning and Decision Making Process. Graziado Business Review, v. 13, Issue 1.) that can be retrieved from:

The Role of Finance in the Strategic-Planning and Decision-Making Process

(The file is posted as #6 in Content – Week 1 – Content -Assigned Reading Materials )

Please also review other learning materials provided in the Content of week 1.

1. Examine and discuss the evolving role of the CFO. What significant changes have occurred in recent years? What changes do you see evolving in the next 10 years? Support each of your observations with credible references.

2. Prepare analysis of the selected company’s competitive strategy using Porter’s 5 factor model. What are the competitive strengths of the company? What are the competitive weaknesses? It is recommended that you acquire the SWOT report for the company (from the UMGC online Library).

3. What are the most important things that you learned from the study of this week’s readings and assignments? Remember to always include appropriate references.


This essay can be in your own words but should have in-text citations for your research which is listed essay help free: essay help free

This essay can be in your own words but should have in-text citations for your research which is listed on your Works Cited page and have corresponding citations in the body of your paper.

This paper should be 1,000 words in length, this is “about” 4 pages double spaced. You can include why you chose this artist, their bio, where they were born, their personal information. You can discuss any art or sculptures that might be appropriate. You could also include if the artist was influenced by any other artists at that time.


Intro to Criminal Justice (CRIJ-1301) Lesson 5 Essay Assignment essay help

The students will be required to submit on-line assignment reflecting the assigned reading and the materials from the text book. Here are detailed guidelines you need to comply with: (1) You’re expected to address all FOUR questions in essay format. (2) Respond in complete sentences with complete answers. (3) You’re expected to meet your highest standards. Rather than simply addressing each of the questions, I strongly encourage you to respond using reason and logic as well as factual material/empirical evidence contained in the reading and/or other reliable sources. (4) Although a particular question may ask your opinion, you need to provide your “informed” opinion. (5) Do not answer solely on the basis of emotion. Procedures for On-line Assignment: Write only your CID (Don’t write your name, course name, and date) • Write only question number (Don’t copy and paste questions) • The total length of each assignment paper should be at least TWO-PAGE long (at least a halfpage long answer per question). • MUST use Times New Roman, 12 font, 1″ margins on all sides, and double space – no exceptions——-
(1) Describe the police culture and explain the six core values associated with it.
(2) Compare and contrast the four major styles of police work; explain how these styles influence
police discretion.
(3) Explain the seven different factors that commonly influence an officer’s use of discretion.
(4) Compare and contrast the “fleeing felon” and “Garner” rules as they relate to police use of
deadly force.


a large U.S. corporation that manufactures rubber tires, and you want to begin manufacturing and distribution in another country. Choose a country that you think you would want to start a manufacturing plant in. Answer the following questions about your company and its chosen new market. Organize your paper into four sets of concerns: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Select 2-3 bullet points from each perspective listed below and respond with cited research. college application essay help

Chairman: Discuss the macro environment of the country. What is the company strategy there? How will you be socially and economically responsible? What would be the role of management? What is the mode of entry you are going to use, and why? What do you think would motivate the workers to bring about collaboration? How would you design the right culturally appropriate program? What kind of leadership would work in this country? Vice-chairman: What are the political, cultural, environmental, and economic risks of doing business there? If you do decide to do business there, how would you staff the operation? What type of concerns would you have? What do you need to consider when you recruit, evaluate, train, and deal with labor relations issues? How would you select the manager? What if it does not work out? Secretary: What are some of the legal issues you would have to deal with as a company if you decide to expand there? What are some of the opportunities and strengths of doing business there? What are some of the cross-cultural issues you are going to have to deal with particular to engaging a team? What are some of the protocols and etiquette issues you must incorporate into your business behavior? How are you going to deal with management issues such as assertiveness, conflict resolution, and team building? Treasurer: What are some of the foreign trade issues you will have to deal with? What are the determinants to foreign entry there, and how would you enter there? What are the 5 stages of negotiation, and how are you going to prepare for them at this international level? What would be some of the political, legal, economic, and ideological issues that may come up? How would you manage conflict if it should come up in the negotiations?


Over the past two weeks, our readings and discussions have been focused on establishing a baseline for understanding technology. college essay help online: college essay help online

Over the past two weeks, our readings and discussions have been focused on establishing a baseline for understanding technology. This week, we begin our tour through the four lenses, beginning with history. As we dive into the four lenses, keep in mind that each lens is framed as a way of seeing the issue, not necessarily tied to the associated discipline. So looking through the historical lens isn’t just about History Channel documentaries, but about how you use this lens to understand the past and present. As you write your initial post, answer the following questions:

In what ways does looking through the history lens enhance your understanding of the role of technology in society?
Consider a current event regarding technology in the news that has a historical counterpart. How does looking through the history lens influence how you perceive both the current and historical events? Please share a news link to your events.
How does analyzing the relationship between history, culture, and technology have an influence on your discipline of study or chosen profession? Chosen profession is FBI Special agent.


GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT essay help online free

Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following:

What is the function of meiotic division?

How does meiosis differ from mitosis?

What is the technical name for the fertilized ovum?

What is a morula? What is a blastocyst?

What placental hormone maintains the corpus luteum during the early weeks of pregnancy?

What is a trimester?

What is the difference between embryo and fetus?

Name the three primary germ layers.

What is histogenesis?

Briefly describe the three stages of labor.

How does identical twinning differ from fraternal twinning?

Name the four major phases of the postnatal period.

What signs characterize the adolescence period of human development?

List some age -related changes in the cardiovascular system.

What are some of the leading causes of death in the United States?


Intro to Criminal Justice (CRIJ-1301) Lesson 7 Essay Assignment best essay help: best essay help

Paper details

The students will be required to submit on-line assignment reflecting the assigned reading and the materials from the text book. Here are detailed guidelines you need to comply with: (1) You’re expected to address all THREE questions in essay format. (2) Respond in complete sentences with complete answers. (3) You’re expected to meet your highest standards. Rather than simply addressing each of the questions, I strongly encourage you to respond using reason and logic as well as factual material/empirical evidence contained in the reading and/or other reliable sources. (4) Although a particular question may ask your opinion, you need to provide your “informed” opinion. (5) Do not answer solely on the basis of emotion. Procedures for On-line Assignment: Write only your CID (Don’t write your name, course name, and date) • Write only question number (Don’t copy and paste questions) • The total length of each assignment paper should be at least TWO-PAGE long (at least a halfpage long answer per question). • MUST use Times New Roman, 12 font, 1″ margins on all sides, and double space – no exceptions——
(1) List the basic steps of the criminal trial with a jury.
(2) Discuss the use of peremptory challenges and the role that race, gender, and ethnicity play in
these actions.
(3) Discuss the major functions that probation officers perform.


When most people say, “I’ve done the research”, they usually mean they have spent too much time on the internet, googling topic of interest. As budding scientist, we know that this is not at all an ex a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

As budding scientist, we know that this is not at all an example of “doing the research.” 
So, how exactly does one “do the research”? 
Well, it starts with a thorough literature review on the topic to understand what is known and the gaps in knowledge. That way, we can understand, using peer reviewed evidence, what are the facts and what is opinion. Then, we can apply critical thinking skills to determine if the information or next steps we are presented with are logical. 
Any literature review worth a grain of salt starts with reading peer reviewed research articles. For most people, the first attempts at reading a scholarly research article are best described as “intimidating”, “boring”, and “confusing”. This is usually because they haven’t had any guidance in how to read a scientific article. So, the goal of this assignment is to give you to the tools necessary to navigate, read, and understand a peer-reviewed research article with confidence and clarity. 
download, complete, and submit the Scientific Research Article Anatomy Worksheet


Writer’s Choice Essay college admissions essay help

Take a moment to review the details of this assignment below and gather any necessary files. Once you’re ready to submit your assignment, move on to Step 2.
Assessment Description
In the early 1990s, the Smithsonian Institution created two controversial exhibits:

Slavery in New York: A Landmark Exhibition (
The Crossroads: The End of World War II, the Atomic Bomb and the Cold War ( at the National Air and Space Museum
Choose one of the two exhibits and address the following in a 1,200-1,750 word paper:

Briefly explain the exhibit from conception to final product.
What were the controversies surrounding this exhibit and who were the people involved?
Why did history and memory clash in this exhibit? Consider the subject matter, period, type of institution, presentation style, exhibit creators/consultants, etc.
One of the jobs of a public historian is to bridge the gap between academic work and public audiences. How would you be able to present this perspective in a way that would make the exhibit less controversial?
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the Turabian Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Develop a flow chart or step-by-step list of the key steps employees must take to form unions. Explain how a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Develop a flow chart or step-by-step list of the key steps employees must take to form unions. Explain how the union-organizing process works differently in the public sector compared to the private sector. Describe the roles of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) compared to the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA).

Summarize who can join a union and who is excluded; how unions are formed (referencing your flow chart/step-by-step guide above); and why they are formed (citing three or more statistical reasons).

Module Overview:
Employees who wish to be represented by a union must follow a prescriptive process outlined in regulations and governed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for private-sector employees and the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) for public-sector employees.

The NLRB has developed a process for employees in a workplace to form unions as well as to dissolve existing unions. From the NLRB (n.d.), examples of employee rights include:

Forming, or attempting to form, a union in your workplace
Joining a union whether the union is recognized by your employer or not
Assisting a union in organizing your fellow employees
Refusing to do any or all of these things
To be fairly represented by a union
The resources in this module provide clear details on the entire process required to form a union. In summary, the NLRB (for the private sector) oversees an election process (as required) whereby all eligible employees cast a secret ballot to determine if a particular union will represent them. If the union gains a majority vote and the process is acceptable by the NLRB (pending any non-conclusive issues), the union is certified as a representative of the employees and management is now required to enter into a collective bargaining process with the union representative with the goal of completing a collective bargaining agreement (or contract). From the SHRM website (2009), Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) grants employees:

the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.

For the union, the objective of an organizing campaign is to gain enough support within a bargaining unit to be certified as employees’ sole representative for purposes of collective bargaining.

At least 30 percent of eligible employees must sign authorization cards indicating they want union representation before the NLRB will order a secret ballot election.
Unions often attempt to persuade employers to remain neutral with respect to unionization and to recognize the union of the basis of a card check.
An employer may refuse to recognize a union based on signed authorization cards alone and may insist on an NLRB-supervised election.
Once a union has been certified as the exclusive bargaining representative, the employer is obligated to bargain in good faith with the union concerning wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment. The union’s objective in negotiations is to secure a collective bargaining agreement or “contract” with the employer. (“Preparing for the Possibility,” 2009)

Obviously, an important part of this process is for a particular union to gain the support of at least 30% of eligible members. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process to garner this level of support, depending on the employees’ workplace concerns. The SHRM website (2013) states in a slightly different way than above:

After it [the union] receives signed authorization cards from 30 percent of employees in a proposed bargaining unit, a union can file a petition for a representation election with the appropriate regional director of the NLRB. Filing the petition for an election marks the official beginning of the union’s organizing campaign. At this point the union, and most likely the employer, will educate employees about union representation.

The petition triggers an investigation by NLRB agents to make sure the board has jurisdiction, the union is qualified and there are no existing labor contracts that would bar an election. The agents will then seek an election agreement between the employer and the union. When an agreement is in place, the parties authorize the NLRB regional director to conduct the election. Elections are typically held within 30 days of a regional director’s order or authorization.

The NLRB determines the appropriate bargaining unit based on whether the employees share a “community of interest” based on similarity of wages and hours, common supervision, and job function. (“Managing,” 2013)

In Module One, we learned that in the private sector, the percentage of the workforce that is unionized has been steadily declining. However, it would be a mistake to conclude that the age of private-sector unionism is over. There is substantial evidence that people in the United States believe unions help workers and are supportive of them (Panagopoulos


As mentioned in the last assignment, any literature review worth a grain of salt starts with reading peer reviewed research articles. This can be difficult with so many sources available online. Not e college essay help near me

This can be difficult with so many sources available online. Not every result that pops up on PsycINFO, Pubmed, or Google Scholar describes empirical, experimental research. Often you will also find commentaries, meta-analyses, dissertations, and conference abstracts mixed in with the results.
So, any budding researcher must be able to figure out a source’s type to know which to include in a literature review.
Looking at a source’s visual cues and descriptions from a library catalogue or database can help you figure this out. Therefore, the goal of this assignment is to equip you to spot the differences between scholarly sources and identify the correct ones to include in your research.
First, read the following descriptions of scholarly publications:
Perspective and Opinion articles
Perspective articles are scholarly reviews of fundamental concepts or prevalent ideas in a field. These are usually essays that present a personal point of view critiquing widespread notions pertaining to a field.
where an expert in the field provides an opinion or perspective on some aspect of the research. Rather than offering a comprehensive review of research, in these articles the author offers their perspective on a concept, or multiple concepts, from the research. Opinion articles present the author’s viewpoint on the interpretation, analysis, or methods used in a particular study. It allows the author to comment on the strength and weakness of a theory or hypothesis. Opinion articles are usually based on constructive criticism and should be backed by evidence.1 Such articles promote discussion on current issues concerning science. Both opinion and perspective articles are written by more seasoned researchers and tend to be short, usually about 2,000 words. These are considered a secondary source because the author is discussing other researchers’ work.
Review articles
Research review articles provide a critical and comprehensive analysis of existing research on a specific topic. Examples are meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and literature reviews. Authors of these articles meticulously report on existing research through summarizing and analyzing, comparing, identifying common themes and gaps in the knowledge base, and providing directions for future research. These are considered a secondary source because the author is discussing other researchers’ work. Meta-analyses are quantitative, formal, epidemiological study design used to systematically assess the results of previous research to derive conclusions about that body of research. Typically, but not necessarily, a meta-analysis study is based on randomized, controlled clinical trials. Systematic reviews identify, appraises and synthesizes all the empirical evidence that meets pre-specified eligibility criteria to answer a specific research question. Researchers conducting systematic reviews use explicit, systematic methods that are selected with a view aimed at minimizing bias, to produce more reliable findings to inform decision making. These are articles identify common findings and gaps and can point the reader to a whole wealth of different articles on a topic of interest to them. Research review articles typically are long, ranging anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 words.
Original or Empirical articles
Original research papers, or empirical articles, report on original experimental research. They are usually detailed studies that report research you have conducted that is original. These are classified as a primary source. Generally, these academic articles will include a hypothesis, the context, methods, results and an interpretation or discussion of those results. They follow a typical structure, including: 
The title, which summarizes the main idea or ideas of your study. A good title contains the fewest possible words needed to adequately describe the content and/or purpose of your research paper.
An abstract, which should be a very short, clear and concise summary of the entire paper. It should reveal both the purpose and conclusions of the paper.
The main text includes an introduction, background, research questions and hypothesis, methods, results and discussion. This section guides the reader through the problem or research question, how the study was conducted, how the data was analyzed, what was found and what it means.
Supplementary materials
These publications are typically long, ranging anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 words and may extend to 12,000 words for some journals. 
Editorials and Commentaries.
Letters to editors, as well as ‘replies’ and ‘discussions’, are usually brief comments on topical issues of public and political interest (related to the research field of the journal), anecdotal material, or readers’ reactions to material published in the journal. Commentaries are similar, though they may be slightly more in-depth, responding to articles recently published in the journal. There may be a ‘target article’ which various commentators are invited to respond to. Commentaries are short, usually around 1000-1,500 words long.
Letters, short reports, brief communications, rapid communications
Letters or short reports (sometimes known as brief communications or rapid communications) are short reports of data from original research. Editors publish these reports where they believe the data will be interesting to many researchers and could stimulate further research in the field. There are even entire journals dedicated to publishing letters. As they’re relatively short, the format is useful for researchers with results that are time sensitive. This format often has strict length limits, so some experimental details may not be published until the authors write a full original research article.
Clinical case study
Clinical case studies present the details of real patient cases from medical or clinical practice. The cases presented are usually those that contribute significantly to the existing knowledge on the field. The study is expected to discuss the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of a disease.  These are considered primary literature and usually have a word count similar to that of an original article. Clinical case studies require a lot of practical experience and may not be a suitable publication format for early career researchers.
Theses and Dissertations
Theses and dissertations are the result of an individual student’s research while in a graduate program.  They are written under the guidance and review of an academic committee but are not considered “peer-reviewed” or “refereed” publications.  
Download, complete, and submit the Types of Scholarly Sources Worksheet


So this is a group presentation related to SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. We are doing a group project on NIKE and the topic of the project is LEAN SYSTEMS. Explain how NIKE is using LEAN PULL AND PUSH SYS argumentative essay help

We are doing a group project on NIKE and the topic of the project is LEAN SYSTEMS.
Explain how NIKE is using  LEAN PULL AND PUSH SYSTEMS in its business.
Explain how NIKE is using UNIFORM LOADING in its business.
You have to explain lean pull and push systems and uniform loading in regards to how NIKE is using it in its business.


Overview In this assignment, you will summarize a criminal case in which the broadcast media had an impact, and essay help online: essay help online

In this assignment, you will summarize a criminal case in which the broadcast media had an impact, and explain how the media may have influenced the public’s perception of the case.

In this module, you learned about ways in which perceived bias in media coverage of criminal cases and police activity may play a role in society’s perception of police. One of those ways is the role the media play in a criminal case. If the media are biased, it may impact how society interprets and reacts to a criminal case and the criminal justice professionals involved. The media’s involvement in a case can also affect criminal justice practices. For this assignment, you will choose a criminal case to focus on. This case will be the basis for both this assignment and Project Three, which is due in Module Seven. You will craft a summary of the case and explain how the media may have influenced the public’s perception of the case.

First, choose the case of one of the following criminals:

William R. Horton
Pamela Smart
Dominic Cinelli
George Zimmerman
As you begin to research the case, the Project Three Case Resources PDF document may be of assistance.

Then, address the following rubric criteria:

In 75 to 100 words, craft a brief summary of a criminal case in which the media had an impact.
Describe the pertinent facts and legal points of the case.
Describe who was involved and where the case took place.
In 100 to 150 words, explain how the media may have influenced the public’s perception.
Describe any actions by the public that may have been a result of the media’s influence.
Explain the role the media may have played in the public’s perception of the criminal justice professionals involved in the case and/or practices related to the case.
Guidelines for Submission
This assignment should be submitted using the Module Four Assignment Template Word Document. Any references must be cited in APA style. See the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


Please write 1-2 paragraphs on this “Can psychotherapy be value-free, or should it even try to be? What is college admissions essay help

Please write 1-2 paragraphs on this
“Can psychotherapy be value-free, or should it even try to be? What is the role of morality in psychotherapy? Where do issues such as justice, honesty, and responsibility to others fit in? How do we deal with moral issues in the lives of our clients without preaching to them, invading their autonomy, or pretending that moral concerns are merely psychological issues in disguise?”

The discussion post writing prompt and references do not count toward the total word count. Your responses need to be in your own words and not a copy and paste from someone else’s work or a source. If this is discovered, then you may receive a ZERO.

in a separate paragraph please answer this

What are some things you want to know in regards of ehtical engagement in professional counseling? Also a minimum of three questions related to the profession of counseling and ethical considerations connected to this field. Be specific.

Thank you! If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.

Please no plagiarism.Thank you!


strayer week 2 discussion argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

apa format

1-2 paragraphs


Watch the following two videos from the LinkedIn Learning course Relational Database Fundamentals with Adam Wilbert.

“Database Management Systems (DBMS)” (4m 36s).

“Relational Structures” (3m 57s).

Review Figure F2.1 Database, Database Management System, and Business Applications on page 28 of the textbook. Based on the videos and your readings this week, please do the following:

Choose a set of data from the database list (e.g., Performance data).

Next, select the appropriate application program that the data interfaces with via the database management system (i.e., Performance program).

Now, explain how information from the application and system are displayed on your computer screen as the user.

Explain how you use the program and what functions are available to you.

Provide recommendations you would make to improve the program’s functionality to make it easier for end users.


Your task is to complete 6 responses in well-developed paragraphs (100-200 words each) Divide the novel roughly into six Essay essay help: essay help

Your task is to complete 6 responses in well-developed paragraphs (100-200 words each) Divide the novel roughly into six sections. For each entry include the date and the pages read. Be sure not to simply summarize the novel as you can assume your reader is familiar with the literature. Topics for each paragraph: meaning of “Erebos” as well as “Hades,” “Eros”, “Galaris”, and other references to Greek and other mythical creatures in the book. Why did the author choose these names? What is the significance of them? What do they represent?
The author uses past tense for “reality” and then uses present tense for the parts of the novel that present scenes from the game. Why this switch in verb tense?
Consider the themes of peer pressure, addiction, cult mentality. What other themes are there in the book? What message does the author want to get across regarding these issues?
If you have a Facebook account, consider how Facebook “customizes” the ads that you see on the sidebar. How and why is this done? Does it concern you, or do you think it’s a good thing?
What, if anything, would you change or add to your response to Dave Gustafson’s “Cyberlife” after reading this book?
If you have read Shakespeare’s Macbeth, what parallels can you draw between the play Macbeth and this book?


Give us details of what happened. What was Pitchfork accused of? What happened in the investigation? Was there any college essay help near me

Give us details of what happened. What was Pitchfork accused of? What happened in the investigation? Was there any problems? If so, what were the problems? You must also relate the case to the chapter. For instance, the Pitchfork case has to do with the use of DNA so relate it to the chapter of that week.

If you have one of the Supreme Court cases then tell us what are the major issues of the case. What did the majority rule? If there is a dissent, what did the dissent say. Tell the class what do you think? Did the courts make the correct decision in your opinion. Will the decision have an effect on Canadian society? Will the decision have an effect on how the police conduct investigations?

[supanova_question] Please submit your annotated bibliography of five credible (5) sources that you will be using for your research Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Please submit your annotated bibliography of five credible (5) sources that you will be using for your research paper along with your research question and search terms. Depending on the purpose of your bibliography, some annotations may summarize the source, some may assess or evaluate a source, and some may reflect on the source’s possible uses for your research paper.

Finally, keep in mind our evaluation questions from English 121

Has the author provided sufficient evidence for this claim?
Has the author neglected to consider anything in this claim?
Are there any alternatives to this claim that might be preferable or worth considering?
Are there any specific words or phrases in this claim that imply something other than their explicit meaning?
Might there be any consequences to believing (or not believing) the claim? What might they be? How might they emerge?
Does the author’s claim go far enough? Can you take it further?
Could the author’s understanding be applied to any other situations, contexts, or subjects? How?


HA415 Health Care Policy and Economics argumentative essay help


Throughout this course you’ve had the opportunity to learn about economics and delve into Policy as it pertains to health care. Now it’s time for you to create an intervention! At this stage of the course your thoughts about health policy should have changed, evolved, and clarified. Now is your chance to put them on paper. Let’s do it!

You are responsible to choose ONE objective from the Exhibit 10.1 of Healthy People 2020 in Chapter 10 of your textbook. You will choose your financing options, consider the economics behind the objective, and develop an outline of the proposed intervention and pitch it your designated local, state, or federal representative.

Your paper should be, professional, well organized, and logical to support your viewpoints and purpose clearly. The paper should be written in APA format, include at least four references, and should be 3-4 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Please be sure to review the various Academic Tools to assist you with meeting APA and Standard English expectations for written Assignments. 


Choose ONE objective from the Exhibit 10.1 of Healthy people 2020 in Chapter 10 of your textbook.

Research and include current laws pertaining to your objective to assist in your proposed changes to address the health problem.

Determine whether your intervention will apply at the local, state, or federal level.

Outline your proposal with financing, economical, and policy information of the objective by pitching it to a chosen local, state, or federal governmental entity (Representative, etc.).

Include four (4) academic resources including the textbook.

Please be sure to review the various Academic Tools to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.

Submitting Your Work

Submit your work to the appropriate Dropbox. To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted project.