In This Brief (4-6 Page) Paper Hypothetically Describe And Explore The Punishment That You Received (the Hypothetical Situation Will Be Essay Help

In this brief (4-6 page) paper hypothetically describe and explore the punishment that you received (the hypothetical situation will be below this). What did you do to earn this punishment? What form did the punishment take? What were its effects? Given what you now know about punishment history and theory, how did that punishment fit into the larger scheme of things–what was the theoretical rationale for the punishment, if any? Hypothetically you are a junior in high school. You go to a Christian private school that is pretty strict. Despite being a Christian school, many of the students were wild (always drinking, doing drugs, having sex). In this particular situation, there was an infamously annoying kid in your school who always likes to play around and would constantly try to wrestle and horseplay with you. On this particular day, you had a very stressful exam that you spent a lot of time studying for and you think that you failed it. Being very upset and frustrated as soon as you leave the classroom this annoying kid comes from behind you and puts you in a headlock. Although he was just playing around, you got fed up and lashed out at him and tackled him into the lockers. It starts to get serious and as soon as you are about to throw the first punch the principles and teachers come and split you up. You get an in school suspension for the next week for fighting. They tell you that if you would’ve thrown a punch your penalty would’ve been much worse even potentially expulsion. They still suspended you even though you technically were defending yourself and they understood that, but needed to make you an example so that everyone else in the school knows fighting will not be tolerated.


3–4-page plan that states your recommended course of action and analysis for hiring internally or externally for the provided scenario. college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Assignment Instructions

Assignment Introduction

You are a newly hired HR professional in a small private sector company that provides a broad spectrum of products for the cruise ship industry. The company repackages standard personal grooming products, perfumes, and lotions into smaller gift packages appropriate for customer appreciation gifts. There are 300 employees in the firm and the organization has a history of a stable workforce with very limited turnover. Recently, the company gained over 200 employees and there are a number of supervisory and managerial positions that need to be filled. The CEO has asked you to work with him to fill positions based on an organizational structure he has just created. It is rumored that the CEO has spoken discreetly to two internal candidates about the position and feels no need to take any action to announce the position internally. It should be noted that the employee manual specifies that all vacant positions be announced both internally and externally. New supervisors and managers are needed in sales (one), marketing (one), operations (two), and security (one). Each of these areas has seasoned employees eager to compete for jobs though some may not be as qualified as external candidates.

Your Challenge
You are now in a situation with a tough call to make. As the responsible HR professional, you must consider and decide which course of action will provide the greatest benefit for the company and its employees, and how to make a persuasive argument for your recommendation. Your options are to support the CEO’s guidance, or to take a hiring position that protects the organization’s legal posture and maintains an ethical work environment.

Assignment Instructions
Prepare a 3–4-page plan that states your recommended course of action. Along with your recommendation, include the following:

Analyze how your proposed HR solution to an HR challenge contributes to organizational goals and strategies.

Should you just follow the guidance of the CEO, or discuss the consequences of placing unqualified people in managerial roles?
If you remain silent without any further discussion, what might the implications be to you and the organization?
What is the potential opportunity cost of ignoring outstanding external candidates?
Describe key legal factors you considered in the formulation of a proposed HR solution.
Explain the role of the HR practitioner in advancing a proposed HR solution.
Briefly explain the role you will take to influence the eventual outcome. Consider aspects of leadership, negotiation, and consultation.
What pros and cons are there for promoting internally versus externally? Consider the implications to the organization and its operations when selecting from both of these populations.
Discuss the application of any SHRM behavioral competency(ies) to the process of solving an HR challenge.
Which SHRM behavioral competencies are most directly applicable to a successful resolution of this challenge, and why?
Review the HR Challenge: Hire From Within or Outside? Scoring Guide to see the criteria by which your assignment will be evaluated.

Submission Requirements
The deliverable for this assessment applies professional skills in Your assessment should meet the following additional requirements:

Length: Your plan should be 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the cover and resources pages.
The first page should be a cover sheet with your name, the course number, assessment title, and date. No other information is required on this page.

The last page should be the reference list.
Organization: Make sure that your assessment writing is well-organized, using headings and subheadings to organize content for the reader.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Resources: Use 2–4 references from trade publications.
Evidence: Support your assertions with data and/or in-text citations.

APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
Written communication:

Support main points and recommendations with relevant and credible evidence.
Address the appropriate audience, using familiar, discipline-specific language and terminology.
Use spell-check and other tools to ensure correct spelling and grammar.


Ethical Decisions writing essay help

Complete attached form based on Scenario below… BCBA Ethical codes also attached

Your friend, an older BCBA, describes how they do not like ongoing learning. For their certification, they play webinars in the background while they work, occasionally responding to questions (guessing until they get the correct answer) in order to get credit for the CEUs. They think you are silly for joining your local ABA community and spending money to attend conferences. “I learned everything I needed to know in my degree program.”


According to the Daoist primary readings (the Daode Jing and the Zhuangzi), what are Dao, de, and wuwei and essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

According to the Daoist primary readings (the Daode Jing and the Zhuangzi), what are Dao, de, and wuwei and how do they operate? What sort of images, metaphors, similes, or ideas do each of these texts present to explain these major Daoist concepts? Ground your answer in the primary readings and include any personal reactions you had while completing these primary readings. If you use any other sources please cite them but you do not have to (only if it helps makes the paper stronger) please try and dig deep into the primary text i attached.

Please write it as a journal entry that is coming from me. Please also cite the source in the journal with just page number or what section it is from 🙂 I have attached the one primary reading below. Thank you so so much.


Full refer to the Word document
Need total 6 pages
Team Assignment
Susans Consulting Company (SCC) – Problem Overview  writing essay help

Full Question refer to the Word document

Need total 6 pages

Team Assignment
Susans Consulting Company (SCC) – Problem Overview 

Company Overview: 

Susans Consulting Company (SCC) has been in business for ten years and has experienced a significant turnover in the project management group, which has prompted senior leadership to investigate.  

A preliminary review by senior leadership has determined that Project Managers are frustrated with the amount of required project management documentation, which has impacted their ability to manage projects successfully.  

A recent review of the project management process has determined that SCC has spent between 30-40% of its total project budget on projects’ overhead costs to include project management costs. A review of industry standards is between 5-15% higher than most companies. In addition, senior leaders found that projects are being delivered between 25% and 50% over budget and late 95% of the time. 

Note: Project Management overhead includes the PM’s time managing the project, attending meetings, and developing the required documentation.    

Request: SCC has reached out to your team because you are experts in defining project management processes and delivering projects on time. The SCC request includes the following: 

The development of a new project management process which at a minimum should include the following: 

The ability to track issues, risks, and changes 

The ability to view project activities to include the ability to view what has been completed and what activities the team is currently working on and what will be done over the next reporting period 

The ability to view the project costs to include what has been spent to date, baseline budget, any changes to the budget, remaining budget, and cost of the project at completion 

In addition, to building a new project management process, SCC would like you and your team to manage a project using the new process.  


Step 1:  Identify a project manager – this individual is responsible for the team assignment ensuring that team members are completing their assigned work and will be responsible for turning in the assignment. 

General Note:  Your instructor will act as the sponsor both for the project and for the methodology build-out.  Any questions should be directed to me. 

Step 2:  Build a Methodology 

Identify and describe the methodology to be used by the company.   This should include both a narrative and pictorial representation of the methodology.  

Identify and describe the required deliverables for your process. 

Identify and describe the proposed review and update process for your methodology.  

Identify one or more prioritization techniques that will be used to prioritize work – examples can be PV, IRR, NPV, Pay Back Period, and/or dot voting 

Identify at least 3-5 risks a company should think about when identifying a new methodology.   

Identify and describe the optimum organizational structure for the methodology 

Step 3: The Project 

Using your new methodology, SCC would like you and you to complete the following project: 

Scope: The scope of the project consists of 9 applications 

Question 1 

Develop a team agreement   


Question 2 

Identify at least ten potential stakeholders for your project.   

Question 3 

Identify at least five risks to include both threats and opportunities associated with the project.  For each risk, please include the following information:  
Description of the risk  
Mitigation Strategy  


due today read the article and follow the instructions for # 4 essay help online free

3 points for the claim through at least two lenses 2 points each for the three required sources’ bibliographic entries (Choose to use either MLA or APA now and throughout this paper.) Remember we are looking for scholarly sources. You now have YOUR basic claim (the topic you want to address) clarified by the lens you are planning to focus with (the scholarly source you noted within the claim). Then you need to include the bibliographic information. Therefore as part of #5, I am asking you to begin building a Working Bibliography of these bits of information.


Proposal for Qualified Graduating Seniors of the School Cheer Program argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

I have attached the assignment instructions (Unit3 Proposal)
I have also attached my current paper, but I want to change it, I want to change the organization (where the proposal is going) to HEB grocery store and I instead of City High School No 5 I want to change it to Steele High School (in Cibolo, TX). I want the proposal to be written coming from the Cheer Booster Club. I’m not sure if we should specify an amount or not. I would like to change the things the scholarship will cover. 1st it will go to cover tuition. If tuition is fully covered then the scholarship will be used toward room, board and/or books and computers.

Information about Steele High School can be found at


Review past research (you should have a good starting point from the Annotated Bib assignment for Module 2, and college admission essay help

Review past research (you should have a good starting point from the Annotated Bib assignment for Module 2, and continue the search for more/better articles) to build a solid foundation and support for your study. As in research articles you have read, you must, in due diligence, describe what is currently known about your topic. In particular, how do past research and existing theories inform and lead up to your particular RQ and Hypothesis? This literature review provides background and a supportive argument for your study’s RQ or Hypothesis.

As per APA style, you will label this section with the heading, Literature Review. Rely on the current edition of APA for formatting headings, supplemental chapters, and sample paper. Assuming you have laid a strong foundation in this section, you will have developed the framework of the paper.

The Lit Review is without question the most revealing section of your paper. You must describe, explain, and evaluate existing research that informs our understanding of your topic. This literature review helps justify your RQ and/or Hypothesis, which are listed at the end of this review section. Find a way to logically organize the past research chronologically, general to specific, contrast-comparison, trends, topical, problem-solution (much like you would a speech). Be careful not to quote too much – put information/research findings in your own words as much as possible.

You connect the research by linking back to the research idea you are studying.

You can present the RQ/Hypothesis in one of 2 ways: 1) display it as it emerges from the literature review, or 2) incorporate it as a total summary to the literature review. Remember that you type RQ1 and H1 (not the full words: Research Question or Hypothesis).

Citing from at least four to eight articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals, write a 2-3 page Literature Review on your chosen research problem/ topic. Be sure to utilize the Research Proposal Template as a guide.

This assignment must be structured to conform to APA format and style standards. Feel free to ask your instructor any questions you may have.


Use the attached worksheet and the 5 I’s in Chapter 5 to guide you in the writing of a college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Use the attached worksheet and the 5 I’s in Chapter 5 to guide you in the writing of a minimum 2-page paper. Please do your research from credible websites. Try to base your answers on facts and research rather than your own opinions. Choose one of the policies listed below and write about each section, based on the specifics of the chosen policy. We would normally be doing this type of analysis on proposed policies before they went into effect, however for this assignment, you will be evaluating current policies that already exist. Do the best you can to answer the question based on how the policy is running today. Your paper will include the following headings:






Here is the list of policies you can choose from:

Head Start
Net Neutrality
GI Bill
MS’s Third Grade Reading Gate
Affordable Health Care Act
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
Each of the 5 I sections will be worth 4 points, for a total of 20 points for this assignment. Please include a References page to show where you obtained your information from.

**For an extra 10 points, please continue reading**

An additional 10 points will be added if you choose to include the following two sections:

Lessons Learned
For the Interview section, please find one individual to interview who has been personally and directly impacted by the policy you select and research. Use the following questions to guide you in your interview, and record their responses exactly as they share them.

a. In what specific ways are you impacted by this policy?

b. Do you consider these impacts negative, positive, or both?

c. How long have you been impacted by this policy?

d. What are the short-term impacts of this policy on you?

e. What are the long-term impacts of this policy on you?

f. How do you see this policy impacting individuals, families, and communities?

g. What do you want others to know about this policy?

Lessons Learned

In this section, please reflect on your research and your interview. Based on these reflections, write your “take away message”/ lessons learned about public policy’s potential to impact individuals, families, and communities. End with your “take away message”/ lessons learned about your SPECIFIC policy researched.


A close reading of one of the plays assigned for the course ( Life is a dream, ). What Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

A close reading of one of the plays assigned for the course ( Life is a dream, ). What do these plays tell you about the nature of Spanish society, about its values, social mores, expectations, political culture? This assignment is not a summary of the play, but an attempt to use literature as a historical source. If you have questions about this assignment, please do come to see me and discuss it with me. THE PAPER SHOULD BE SIX PAGES OR LONGER.


Cloud Security Solutions essay help online

Research a cloud security service. Some examples include:


Sophos Central

Trend Micro Deep Security



Palo Alto



In a Word document, identify the following and write a brief summary of what you learned in your research:

The features and functionality of the cloud security service

Who provides the service and billing/pricing options


Main topic and what to discuss in paper: What is the Divine Command Theory? Illustrate its application to two college application essay help: college application essay help

Main topic and what to discuss in paper: What is the Divine Command Theory? Illustrate its application to two issues of contemporary concern (e.g., the death penalty, abortion). Present, fully explain, and evaluate Plato’s argument from the Euthyphro. What does it show about the Divine Command Theory? How might an advocate of the theory react?

General instructions:
All theories must be stated in full and explained.
All arguments are to be dealt with according to the “Extract/present, explain and
evaluate” procedure
Explain any argument in full.


Course Learning Objectives covered in this assignment: Target a results-oriented business audience Write and edit so that your messages a level english language essay help

Course Learning Objectives covered in this assignment:

Target a results-oriented business audience
Write and edit so that your messages are clear, concise and precise
Your task:

Using the job ad you used for your Value Proposition Paragraph, you now must write a formal and professional cover letter. This letter must:

Incorporate your revised Value Proposition Paragraph, based on my feedback
Add a second paragraph of similar structure but different content (i.e. a different skill that you have and that matches the job ad)
Other requirements:

One page, single spaced, with a double space between sections and no indentation
12-point, Times New Roman font
Margins no narrower than 1 inch at top and bottom, and 0.75 inch at left and right
Your cover letter must demonstrate why you would be a good fit for the position, not why the position would be a good fit for you
What you’ll turn in

Your one-page cover letter
A copy/paste of your entire job posting (with the two required skills you argue highlighted)


System Requirements scholarship essay help

Consider a system that could function as a Cloud solution. In order for that system to work as needed, several functional and non-functional requirements will be needed. 

Write a 1-page paper describing at least 3 functional requirements and 3 non-functional requirements needed for the cloud solution. Your paper should also:

Explain what they do and why they are essential to the system.

Make sure those requirements take into consideration resource requirements, network requirements, and security requirements (attacks, mitigations, vulnerabilities).

Remember to use proper APA formatting, including citations and references for all resources used.


Rubric for Each Video Summary: Watch the videos in the PPT and write an essay using the rubric below. college application essay help: college application essay help

Rubric for Each Video Summary: Watch the videos in the PPT and write an essay using the rubric below. • 1 point: At least two full page in length • 1 point: 1 inch margins with your name only on top. No other information. • 1 point: Single spaced only (no double or triple spacing), Times New Roman 12 point font • 10 points: Detailed summary of the content of the videos only. Please do not include personal stories. Make sure to focus on the video content whether it is the characteristics of the individuals profiled or the teaching strategy demonstrated. • 7 points: Citation to the chapter including page number. 20 Total Points

Cite the videos in MLA style.


Transfer pricing: Describe a transfer pricing system that you are familiar with – current employer, prior employer, or some scholarship essay help

Transfer pricing: Describe a transfer pricing system that you are familiar with – current employer, prior employer, or some other entity that you happen to know about. The report should briefly address the following issues: (i) the transfer pricing context, (ii) the method, (iii) why it works for the company, (iv) what are the likely intended and unintended consequences and (v) anything else you may want to add.
Use methods and theories from this book EBOOK_ Management Control Systems – Robert Anthony


Prompt: Choose a current social movement. You may choose your own or select one of the following: Occupy Wall best essay help: best essay help

Prompt: Choose a current social movement. You may choose your own or select one of the following: Occupy Wall Street movement, Black Lives Matter
movement, the environmental movement, or the gender equality movement.
While you might have not heard of the specific organizations involved in the movements, you have likely heard of issues raised by participants in these
movements. Answer the following questions about the movement you have selected in 1 to 2 sentences each.
1. Which social movement did you choose, and what interests you about the movement?
2. How have you learned about this social movement (news articles, social media, social commentary, conversation with others, television news)?
3. What is the “big question” or inquiry that the movement is trying to answer?
4. What do you think has caused the movement to gain or lose momentum? How does this movement either directly or indirectly impact your day-to-day
life? For example, if you are looking at the environmental movement, maybe you were directly impacted by a tax break for purchasing a new Prius or
putting new energy-efficient windows in your home


case study2 college admission essay help: college admission essay help


Case analysis 2 is continued from case analysis 1. In this assignment, you will complete your analysis of your assigned case and turn it in for evaluation by your professor, as well as post it in the appropriate case Discussion forum for the unit in which your case is due. Your analysis shall suggest strategic decisions for the company and make recommendations for the company moving forward. You will review your previous casework and improve it on the basis or instructor and peer feedback


Your analysis should include:

1. A proposal for a new vision and mission that you feel would better represent the company.

2. An IFE and EFE OR a SWOT Analysis

3. Recommendations on strategic directions for the company that are supported by 2 of the following:

             1.  SPACE Matrix

              2. BCG Matrix

              3. IE Matrix

             4.   QSPM


4. Rationalization as to why recommendations are being made.

Overall analysis should not exceed 8-10 pages. It must be clearly written with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It must be properly cited using APA style. Your grade for each component will be reflective of your ability to think critically and present sound arguments that are properly substantiated. Your book will serve as a resource, but research is required to support recommendations. Case Analysis must be submitted to the assignments page for grading and also posted as a document in the appropriate case Discussion forum.

Please review the rubric carefully before writing your case

Needs workDevelopingDevelopedExcellingMission/Vision

VI Evlaute of old mission and vision and a proposal for a new vision and mission that you feel would better represent the company. (15%)None of the essential materials are included. A new mission/vision is a duplication of current or old vision. Evaluation is superficial. Some of the essential materials are included. Current mission and vision evaluated but criteria not used. A new vision and mission have been proposed, however, is not robust /or does not follow theory.Most of the essential materials are included. Current mission and vision evaluated as per criteria. A new vision and mission have been proposed and are rooted in theory.Exceptional work with all of the key elements if the materials required for this section included. The sources of the analysis are dependable with a discussion on how the company presents itself and how others view it. Most of the analysis is based on third-party reliable sources. The new vision and mission proposed are relevant and based on the robust analysis. SWOT/IFE/EFE

VII Analysis of Organization (VII) – Current Strategies, Alignment with goals. Compares with the competition. Completes IFE, EFE, or SWOT analysis and Gap analysis for the organization. – (25%)Fails to complete the required analysis. Minimal factors considered. Factors are missing or obsolete. Sources of information are unreliable.Meets some basic criteria for this Outline Item. However, fails to demonstrate knowledge of some of the theories needed to address most of the requirements Meets the basic criteria for this Outline Item, demonstrate knowledge of tools , and applies the required tools in the analysis. Good references and most factors considered. The analysis is current and relevant. Demonstrates strong knowledge of and capability to apply, theories


Development of Behaviorism custom essay help

A number of contemporary thinkers in the field of behavior analysis contend that behavior analysis should be considered its own discipline, rather than a sub-discipline of psychology or an application in education. In the discussion, please explore the following questions:

a) What would be the advantages of the field regarding behavior analysis as its own discipline? What about the disadvantages?

b) In what way has history made a case for or against behavior analysis being regarded as its own discipline?

c) Choose two of the main behaviorists discussed in the book. Surmise what they might think about this issue?


be Phd writer and experienced in teaching math for university students essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Task(1) writing teaching philosophy (student center, evidence based, collaborative work, contextual learning, technology integrated) (for University Math teacher based on CV and lesson plan

Task (2) improve the lesson plan in a way that matches the philosophy (one word page)

some writing Guides Practice Resources/Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement.pdf


1. Create a Facebook or Instagram profile reflecting your future career/company 2. Upload/Submit the link to the public profile in best essay help

1. Create a Facebook or Instagram profile reflecting your future career/company 2. Upload/Submit the link to the public profile in the Dropbox by February 15th at 11:59PM Component Points Available Points Earned Introduction (What is the profession you’ve chosen, field of kinesiology/exercise science, and general scope of work) 2 Education 2 Contact Information and Membership options 2 Detailed description of services offered 2 Pictures Representing your Business 2 10