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Choose one of the followings: 1. Poor infant mortality rates for African American babies in the United States are an example of a glaring health disparity. Where would you go to find information about this problem? How would you obtain information regarding infant mortality rates from your, state or regional community? Discuss the importance of the nurse practitioner being able to utilize appropriate resources to discover and understand outcome information, how does this benefit the patient and their practice? 2. When considering the discussion above, discuss in depth what interventions have been designed to reduce infant mortality rates, specifically the infant mortality rates of specific groups with the highest mortality rates?Discuss how the nurse practitioner could participate in local efforts to reduce infant mortality rates? Provide specific examples.


Major Problems in American Labor History Essay college essay help: college essay help

The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century brought extensive changes into the American labor forces. Nation’s evolution that changed an agrarian society into an industrial one played a significant role in the history of the American labor. Workers with lack of experience could not get high salary, and had to live in dismal conditions. With the development of factory industry, lots of women, children, and immigrants who had no money were employed to run the machines.

People truly believed that such work could bring them more money, unfortunately, this business was profitable only for the owners. Lots of immigrants were eager to enter the United States in order to create good future for their families, however, existed immigration control was too strict. Workers were still low-waged labors. One of the writers who traced the origins of American labors and tried to explain why illegal migration and industrialization became one of the central issues for consideration was Mae M. Ngai.

In the work Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America, she examined immigration conditions and the problems related to the issues of race, gender, class, and ethnicity. “This book addresses these and other issues by charting the historical origins of the “illegal alien” in America law and society and the emergence of illegal immigration as the central problem in U. S. immigration policy in the twentieth century.” (Ngai 3)

Major problems in American labor history were mostly caused by the diminishing worker’s rights: the Jonson Reed Act, Asian exclusion programs, the loyalty oath, and visa requirements for Mexican labor; and only the Immigration Act of 1965 provided workers with the opportunity to assert their rights in the last century.

America is the country that is full of immigrants. Nowadays, it seems that this country is open to everyone, and any one can find the necessary help, support, and job here. However, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the situation with immigrant workers was a bit different.

The vast majority of people lived in poor conditions and earned not too much. Immigrants needed to pass control and have necessary documents in order to get an opportunity to find job and earn for living legally. One of the documents that considerably diminished the rights of immigrants was the Immigration Act of 1924, also known as the Johnson-Reed Act.

This act had a pre-history that plays an important role and needs to be consider now. In 1917, one of the first immigration laws was taken. “The Immigration Act of 1917 doubled the head tax and imposed a literacy test, erecting the first barriers to entry, but unlawful entry was limited, as the Labor Department exempted Mexican from the requirements during the war.” (Ngai 64)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, the literacy test was not really enough to prevent entering of immigrants to the United States, this is why, at the beginning of 1920s, the members of Congress started developing a new program, based on the proposal of David Reed, the Republican, and John Trevor, the immigration-restriction’s head.

They offered the quota system, according to which only 2% of the total number of immigrants could go to the United States each year. Also, their suggestion was to exclude all Japanese immigrants, as they did not have the right for citizenship, and forbid immigration from the Western Hemisphere.

There were some other nationalities that did not also have any rights to citizenship in the United States; they were Mexicans, Chinese, and some other Asians. In 1924, the Immigration Act, known as The Johnson-Reed Immigration Act was adopted. Taking into consideration its elements, it was possible to say that the American nation was full of prejudice concerning race and nations’ inequality.

According to the Johnson-Reed Immigration Act, the whole world was simply divided into desirable nations and undesirable nations. “The 1924 act was the nation’s first comprehensive restriction law. It established for the first time numerical limits on immigration and a global racial and national hierarchy that favored some immigrants over others.” (Ngai 3) The Johnson-Reed Immigration Act was one of the first documents that diminished workers’ rights and worsened the relations between the Americans and other nations.

However, to create a kind of gates between American and other undesirable nations by means of quotas only was not enough. This is why it was necessary to create one more condition in order to allow or not allow entering immigrants. In several months, another, not less important system was developed – a system of visa controls.

With the help of visas, it became a bit easier to track immigrants with proper documents and punish those with not proper ones. Workers without proper visa created a separate class of people who sooner will be deported. Because of such importance of having proper visa, one more problem appeared in the West and Southwest. It was the Mexican race problem, specially, in Texas. The idea of visa requirements for Mexican workers was one more factor that also diminished the rights of immigrant workers in the United States.

Mexican workers were one of the cheapest labors in America. American government did not want to lose them, however, it was impossible to make Mexican immigration legal. “Mexican entered the United States through a variety of means that were illegal but compromised irregular, unstable categories of lawful admission, making it more difficult to distinguish between those who were lawfully in the country and those who were not.” (Ngai 70)

We will write a custom Essay on Major Problems in American Labor History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some Mexicans still could legally enter the United States; they were temporary visitors who came to the country for one agricultural season to earn some money, and returned to Mexico in six months or in a year. Under such conditions, the Immigration Service did not pay attention to the information in passport and visas of immigrants from Canada, Cuba, and Mexico, these immigrants should pay head tax, and leave the country in time.

In case the immigrant did not leave the country, this presence considered to be illegal. In comparison to Asian and European workers, Mexican ones were eligible to citizenship. “The relationship between American employers and Mexican workers has been much more symbiotic that most people generally have wished to acknowledge.” (Gutiérrez xii)

The rights of other immigrants, Asian workers in particular, were diminished a lot. According to the Immigration Act of 1924 consisting of the National Origins Act and the Asian Exclusion Act, immigration of Asians was excluded, and those who wanted to enter the United States had to take loyalty oaths. The Act was a bright example of race legislation in America. That Act restricted freedom of people according to their race and nation identity.

Despite of the restrictions pointed out in the Johnson-Reed Act, lots of Asians still continued to immigrate to the USA. Men had to leave their families in order to earn money and help their wives. Sometimes, immigrants got opportunities to stay in the United States to continue working.

Such immigration was illegal, however, the idea that the United States offered more opportunities to workers than their native country became a significant factor. Asians had to take the loyalty oaths in order to get a chance and leave their native country to work for Americans. For some Asians, it was too humiliating. This is why not every Asian was eager to take an oath in order just to get an opportunity to earn for living.

The result was “mass repatriation and for revoking the citizenship of all Japanese Americans who answered “no” to the loyalty oath.” (Ngai 187) Asian exclusion plays a significant role for further development of the events: general strikes, scuffles, and crowds of people made American security nervous and dissatisfied. It became more difficult to suppress discontents and control the situation. The loss of documents and mess with quotas oppress control.

Of course, such situation and diminishing of immigrants’ rights grounding on their race and nationality caused lots of misunderstandings, discontents, and civil rights movements. The main purpose of those movements was to rid the United States of racial and nationality discrimination. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed a new Immigration Act also known as the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that considerably improved the conditions for entering America.

It was one of the most significant steps taken in order to set the United States on a new course. That act considerably changed the requirements for entering the United States. Now, the doors were open to much more immigrants. The quotas for immigrants were rejected, and the number of people who wanted to go to America and work certainly increased.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Major Problems in American Labor History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Family members got the possibilities to enter the country without time limitations. “In 1965 immigrants from Europe outnumbered those from Asia by more than five to one. ”(Ngai 262) Today, more than 25% of Californians are not native born. The Immigration Act of 1965 tried to solve the problems related to the issues of diminishing workers’ rights, impossibility to enter the United States and the ability to earn money.

Was that attempt successful? Of course, it was. The results are noticed today: America is open to millions of people, and the gates were open for the first time without strict limitations in 1965, when President Johnson signed the Immigration Act of 1965. Immigrants from all countries granted residency in the United States. They had the right to be admitted to America by means of two basic reasons: one of them was based on working skills, and another was about the reunification with families.

Those people, who were unmarried but had parents with American roots, those, whose relatives were permanent residents of the US, and those, who had skills in certain spheres necessary for American labor were allowed to visit America and become its legal citizens. Even if the problems with discrimination did not come to its complete end, the Immigration Act of 1965 was one of those steps, which brought a considerable contribution in order to solve all possible problems in this sphere.

The beginning of 1900s was not successful for immigrants who were eager to enter the United States. Poor immigrants, not only men, but women and children as well, from China, Japan, Mexico, and other Asian and European countries needed to pass strict control with quotas and other documents.

In addition, those immigrants could be in the United States during a limited period of time. These and other restrictions were settled and described in the Immigration Act of 1924 (the Johnson-Reed Act). Asian exclusion programs, loyalty oaths, and visa requirements for Mexican workers – all this was characterized for the conditions of immigration to the United States. Such situation continued till the middle of 1965.

Such strict requirements caused numerous troubles both for immigrants and for Americans. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson approved the Immigration Act of 1965, where the conditions for the immigrants to the United States were a bit indulgent. The Act of 1965 changed the approaches by which poor immigrants from different countries were admitted to the United States. All countries, which were hindered from admitting America, including Japan and China, got the right to enter it any time without certain visiting restrictions.

The Immigration Act of 1965 and new requirements for immigration played an important role in American labor history. In spite of the strict requirements that had been settled before (the Immigration Act of 1924), the situation with immigration has been changed and provided all immigrants with equal rights. It was one of the most important steps in the history as for the United States as well as for all other countries.

Works Cited Gutiérrez, David G. Between Two Worlds: Mexican Immigrants in the United States. Maryland: Rowman


Pricing strategy varies significantly across different market structures. The pricing guidelines in a monopoly market are relatively straightforward. Since the essay help free

Pricing strategy varies significantly across different market structures. The pricing guidelines in a monopoly market are relatively straightforward. Since the company is the only producer offering the product, it can mark-up the price as far as the customer can bear. The pricing strategies for a producer operating in a perfect competition structure are also fairly intuitive. They are price takers, and hence price is set at the marginal cost of the product. This is due to the fact that there are many firms offering nearly identical products. However, there is optimal pricing for the market structures offering differentiated products with many competitors (oligopoly) or a few producers (monopolistic competition). These are much more complex and involved. It has been stated that differentiation in products that creates differences in customer valuation is the most prevalent type of competition. In such markets pricing strategies may include the three C’s of cost, competition, and customer. Develop a paper detailing an analysis of market structures and relating pricing strategies that are suitable for each of these structures. Furthermore, include a real world example of pricing strategy for a specific company by identifying its market structure. Your paper should be around 10 double spaced pages, in APA Format and structured as follows: Cover page with a running head Abstract 1. Perfect Competition 1.1. Description 1.2. Pricing Strategies 2. Monopolistic competition 2.1. Description 2.2. Pricing Strategies 3. Oligopoly 3.1. Description 3.2. Pricing Strategies 4. Monopoly 4.1. Description 4.2. Pricing Strategies 5. Case Study 6. Conclusion References Your paper needs to include at least three scholarly sources, i.e. peer reviewed articles. I strongly recommend the use of the APUS library for these sources, as most acceptable resources can only be found in protected databases.


Project 2: New ESG Index The goal of this project is to create a new ESG index. To keep Essay best essay help: best essay help

Project 2: New ESG Index
The goal of this project is to create a new ESG index. To keep the project manageable, you should start with the components of the Dow Jones index and use ESG-relevant information to create a “clean” Dow index. This portfolio will contain the “stars” of the Dow: a portfolio with the most impactful stocks in the Dow. To examine the performance of your new ESG index, compare the performance of your new index with the performance of the Dow “dogs” portfolio.
Impact Investing (FIN 654) Syllabus: Kumar: Fall 2021 8
“Dogs of the Dow” is an investing strategy that attempts to identify under-valued stocks within the 30 stocks that form the Dow Jones index. The belief is that stocks with the highest dividend yield are likely to be most under-valued. Consequently, a portfolio of these under-valued stocks would outperform the Dow Jones index.
You should also compare the performance of the new ESG and Dow Jones indices.

1. Compare the performance of the ESG index with (i) the “Dogs” portfolio and (ii) the overall Dow Jones Index.
2. Construct various Long-Short portfolios to exploit the observed performance differences. Re- port the risk and performance estimates of various Long-Short portfolios.

Report raw as well as risk-adjusted performance measures of all portfolios, along with their risk estimates. At least the following risk and performance measures must be included: (i) mean monthly returns, (ii)standard deviation of returns, (iii) beta relative to the market, (iv) idiosyncratic volatility using CAPM, (v) Sharpe ratio, (vi) Jensen’s alpha (same as CAPM alpha), (vii) betas relative to all factors in the four-factor model, and (viii) four-factor alpha.
Please submit a short report (approximately 2 pages, double-spaced) that contains all of your results and a brief discussion of interesting observations from your findings.
Data Source: library.html or You can also use data from Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS). You may be able to get a free account at WRDS.

All that’s taken care of. Now it’s just running CAPM and 3-factor regressions to get the performance.


Students will scrutinize the Defund letter and answer questions about the claims made for defunding the university police. Students essay help

Students will scrutinize the Defund letter and answer questions about the claims made for defunding the university police. Students must answer three questions from each case featured, and develop their set of three questions for the last claim of “over-policing” at SJSU.

This is Scrutinization Report on Letter to Defund University Police Dept.
1. Make sure you offer a paragraph on your bias about the letter. (How do you feel about the letter? What is your reaction to it?).
2. Answer three (blue) questions from each section: Johnson event, Guzman event, Chong event. Your answers must be in complete paragraphs related to your overall report. (The blue questions are listed in the PDF [lecture]. Make sure you cite your sources).
3. Indicate three questions you found that will show your ability to scrutinize the content you are reading (over-policing) in this paragraph. Tell me why you are asking these questions and where you might go looking for answers. (Come up with your own questions [scrutinize the information in the paragraph]. Make sure you cite your sources).
4. Rewrite the Defund Letter excerpt based on your scrutiny. Take out the incendiary, the outlandish, the hyperbole, the exaggerations, and make it better. (Now take into account your scrutiny and rewrite the portion of this letter in a manner that is more balanced and less biased towards eliminating UPD; in a way that may allow for reforming UPD, but in a collaborative fashion).

Letter defunding UPD:
…At San José State University, our University Police Department has a
demonstrated history of violence and failure to act in the best interest of
the community they are sworn to serve and protect. The California State
University Police Departments were established as a result of fear
associated with civil rights demonstrations and revolts in the late 1960s
and 1970s. Before the California State University Police Department came
about, night watchmen and security guards patrolled campuses. However,
since the mid-1970s, the University Police Department patrols the campus
using armed officers 24-hours per day. While this has had both positive
and negative impacts on the larger student community, we believe that
over-policing exists on our campus as evidenced by several events in
which the San José State University Police Department used excessive
force and failed to respond appropriately in encounters with historically
underrepresented members of the community. There are three specific
examples of this at San José State University over the past decade.

Johnson Event:
The death of Gregory Johnson Jr. in 2008 was a huge blow to the Black campus community. His death at the Sigma Chi Fraternity house was ruled a suicide by the University Police Department, but the majority of students, Mr. Johnson’s parents, and the campus community felt that the police response sign letter failed to achieve justice for Mr. Johnson’s death and to acknowledge the value of his life.

Johnson Blue Questions:
Is the UPD responsible for reporting on the value on
someone who died at SJSU?
Should the department have done a better job at communicating
with the family through the entire process?
Can we find any media content of the department’s failure to acknowledge
the death of Mr. Johnson?

Guzman Event: In 2014, Antonio Guzman Lopez Jr. was killed at the hands of the San José State University Police Department. The initial police report asserted that the use of deadly force was justified. However, body camera footage (that was only recently
released after nearly 6 years of organized effort by the victim’s family and community activists)
confirmed that police officers discharged their firearms at Guzman Lopez while merely
holding a knife and exhibiting no threatening advancement or aggression towards the officers.
One of the involved officers currently works as a District Attorney in Yolo County and the other
remains employed with the San José State University Police Department.

Guzman Blue Questions:
Why was Mr. Guzman merely holding a knife? What kind of knife?
Should the officers have been fired? For what?
Should Mr. Guzman have been taken into custody by other means?

Chong Event: And in 2016, Philip Chi Chong was beaten by a San José State University Police Department officer who responded to a call in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. The officer was eventually fired, but the stain of the incident remains.

Chong Blue Questions:
Should the department have done more in this case?
Does the author believe Mr. Chong should have been compensated and/or made whole
for his injuries?
Did the department not fire the officer soon enough?

Written in APA style


Masonry consists of building structures from single units that are laid and bound together with mortar. Brick, stone and college application essay help

Masonry consists of building structures from single units that are laid and bound together with mortar. Brick, stone and concrete blocks are the most common materials used in masonry construction. Masonry is a popular construction technique around the world, due to its many advantages.

-Introduction on masonry structures
– Introduction on the building
– construction technique
and more informations


Integrating STEAM into Infant/Toddler Curriculum The objective of this assignment is for the advanced preservice teacher to be able Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Integrating STEAM into Infant/Toddler Curriculum

The objective of this assignment is for the advanced preservice teacher to be able to design appropriate STEAM activities for infants and toddler. This assignment is divided into two parts: a) Design four STEAM lesson plans for infants/toddlers, b) create a mind map for one of the lesson/activity plans to share on Peergrade

Part One: Lesson Plans – 24 points

Write-up four lesson plans (use the infant/toddler lesson plan attached to this assignment) that are not explicitly found in your STEAM text using the following science disciplines:

● Biology

● Earth Science

● Physics

● Chemistry

There will be a total of 4 lesson plans/activities when Part One is completed. Submit the four lesson plans into Brightspace. Each lesson/activity plan is worth 8 points. You can submit all four merged into one document if preferred.

Part Two: Mind Map – 16 points

Select one of the four lesson plans and create a visual representation in a mind map.

The mind map visually displays the major concepts from the selected lesson plan. For many of you (if not all), mind mapping is new – but you know about curricular webbing – mind mapping is webbing using technology. The emphasis is on designing a creative, visual map of major connections found in the lesson plan.

In your Mind Map include the following:

● Name of activity and age span

● Infant/Toddler Standards

● Learning Goals (science and non science)

● Connections to STEAM

● Connections to Inquiry

● Documentation/Assessment

After creating the final version of the mind map web, save the mindmap as a pdf or png to submit into Brightspace. Each of you will share your mind map on Peergrade for peer comments on September 24. Peer comments must be posted by September 28. The entire assignment is due on October 3.

About Mind Maps

What are Mind Maps? For those of you who are familiar with curriculum webbing, the concept will be familiar. Think of mind maps as webbing for adults that uses visual content to explore concepts.

Here are two videos that will introduce you to the concept of mind mapping:

How to Mind Map with Tony Buzan

How to Create a Mind Map in 4 Steps

Coggle is a frequently used mind map software for beginners – students in previous

courses found Coggle to be user-friendly, but you can use any mindmap software. You can even use Jamboard to design a mind map.

Coggle Intro Video:




Labor History in the United States Of America Essay scholarship essay help

After the American Civil War that lasted from 1861 to 1865, American industrial workers wanted to enlarge their rights at workplaces and be able to create strong labor unions to improve the quality of the work.

At the beginning of 1990s, a considerable part of workers died each year because of poor working conditions: accidents at factories and mines, constant injuring, and inconveniencies with work. Industrial workers hoped that numerous labor unions would provide them with safety at working places and the families of killed people with the necessary financial support and other benefits.

The international influence of the United States started rising at the beginning of 1910s and lasts until now. Rising of American impact considerably influenced the vast majority of American industrial workers; the processes of mobilization, liberal consensus, and nationalism affected American labor unions in different ways: on the one hand, these changes advanced workers’ rights by providing the benefits, and on the other hand, they hurt workers’ interests and cause numerous misunderstandings.

The influence of America has been powerful for a long period of time. It is a nation full of immigrants and industrial workers from the whole world. The United States opens its gates to lots of people and provides them with an opportunity to earn for living.

However, at the beginning of 1900s, the situation was a bit different: people, who came to the United States faced lots of problems, Asian and Mexican workers had to pass a strong control to visit the country and start working. Some people just had no chance but accept all the conditions offered by the American government in order to find some job; usually it was work at factories and mines including running the machines.

Native American industrial workers faced certain problems with work as well. For the government, it was easier to hire people from other countries in order to pay less money and use the same labor force.

This is why rising of the international influence of the United States attracted too many people from different countries, and Native American industrial workers got less opportunities to get good jobs. “The use of undocumented workers as a highly exploited or reserve labor sources” (Ngai, 58) – this is what was inherent to those times and was the major obstacle for American workers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the most significant conflicts in the labor movement was a conflict between the representatives of craft unions and industrial unions.

Craft unions, also known as trade unions, restricted the membership in unions to specific traders: shoemakers, plumbers, etc. In their turn, industrial unions were such organizations, which were eager to accept the workers of any ranks: skilled and unskilled. The representatives of the Knights of Labor and the Industrial Workers of the World may serve as the best and well-known labor union organizations, which made a certain impact on the rising of industrial workers in the United States.

The conflict between those labor organizations was considerable, and in order to smooth it, John L. Lewis decided to organize the Committee for Industrial Organizations (C. I. O.) and tried to organize all unskilled workers into one group. Black workers were also eager to join this organization in order to have more or less stable position at the labor-markets. After all, the industrial workers won their independence by means of violent fights and mobilization of their memberships.

Mobilization is a process of gathering people into the certain groups with common interests and purposes. Lewis chose one of the most effective ways to achieve the desirable results and created a membership of works of different levels. Because of its simplicity and clear marking of the purpose, lots of workers started joining that union.

Nationalism is one more factor that influenced the development of American labor. Nationalism is defined as an ideology that focuses on the interests of the nations. It is probably one of the strongest phenomena inherent to each country. National flags, armies, and anthems – all this is a banal example of nationalism.

The idea of one race, ethnicity, and even one language was also crucially important to the American industrial workers. As for nationalism of American industrial workers, one the one hand, it advanced their interests and helped to achiever the set purposes and achieve the equality in the labor market. One the other hand, the idea of nationalism was not the only leading factor in the development of American labor.

In fact, the idea of mobilization was the initial one, and in order to win craft unions, industrial unions had to be united without taking into account the ethnicity factor. Due to this simple fact, Native American industrial workers should put aside their personal preferences and use as more people as possible to gain the desirable recognition.

We will write a custom Essay on Labor History in the United States Of America specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One of the most important ideologies, which played the final role in the development of the American industrial labor, is the idea of the liberal consensus. Cold War and liberalism that was one of this war’s main objectives turned out to be the dominant paradigm in the United States.

“At times, a confluence of economic, social, cultural, and political factors has impelled major shifts in society’s understanding (and construction) of race and its constitutive role in national identity formation. The Civil War was obviously one of those times; the present multicultural moment is another.” (Ngai 7)

In general, the rising of the international influence of the United States considerable affected the vast majority of the American industrial workers. The process of mobilization of both skilled and unskilled workers of different race and gender advanced the interests of American labor and encourage them to work and present more effective production.

The war between craft unions and industrial unions, described in the works by Mae Ngai and Eileen Boris, the liberal consensus, which put the final full stop in the labor conflict, and American workers’ nationalism – this is what was crucially important during the 1910s till the 1990s.

Between 1924 and 1965, the times analyzed by Ngai, the restriction policies did not concentrate on exclusion of the unskilled workers. Their major purpose was to determine geographical and racial gaps between the workers in order to abolish the rights of the illegal aliens and underline the importance of the national origins of the workers.

Civil War was rather predictable, taking into consideration the situation between the unions and inhabitants. “Cold War liberalism’s emphasis on America’s image abroad narrowed the concept of immigration reform to a question of formal equality.” (Ngai 245) The results of that war put the end of the war for independence, equality of rights, and freedom.

Works Cited Boris, E., Lichtenstein, N. Major Problems in the History of American Workers: Documents and Essays. D. C. Heath, 1991.

Ngai M.M. Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America. Princeton University Press, 2004

Not sure if you can write a paper on Labor History in the United States Of America by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More


Cultural Production, Diasporas, and Mobilization: the Use of Media Essay (Critical Writing) essay help: essay help

Nowadays, people get an opportunity to live in two different worlds simultaneously: reality and cyberspace. Cyberspace is a huge, global domain that has an access to any electronic technology and allows controlling all communication systems. It is not only about the Internet and about phone calls.

Cyberspace plays more important role that aims to control any infrastructure and help people exchange different sorts of information. It is necessary to admit that cyberspace, the Internet in particular, affects considerably the development of diasporas and other communities. In this work, two articles, which cover the idea of Diasporas, cyberspace, and their interconnection, will be analyzed.

Victoria Bernal, the author of Eritrea On-Line: Diaspora, Cyberspace, and the Public Sphere, concentrates on such processes as transnationalism and globalization, and new forms of mobility, which can change the conditions in public spheres, and takes as an example.

Mark P. Whitaker, the author of Some Reflections on Popular Anthropology, Nationalism, and the Internet, analyzes a new agency,, its objectives, and activities as one of the examples of anthropology on the Internet.

The authors of both articles speculate upon the issues about the role of the Internet communication in different communities, the content that such sites as and present, and the effect such information make on the reader. To my mind, rising of such questions as the importance and role of the Internet in our everyday life is a bit boring, however, their ideas and propositions seem rather convincing.

Bernal (2005) describes several links, which connect Diaspora and cyberspace. One of them is “displacement”; another is “community”, as a new form of social belonging. This author backs up the works of Lax and Castells in order to underline that Diasporas try to hide “the local and the global as they operate in and across social fields.” (Bernal 2005) Eritreans in Diaspora have an opportunity to share interesting information, advertize their community, attract the attention of other people, comment on world events and novelties, etc.

In his turn, Mark Whitaker presents interesting facts about the content and visitors of the site He concentrates on anthropology as a type of ethnography lots of American anthropologists prefer to write about. It is correctly admitted that numerous newspapers of Sri Lanka both in Tamil and in English always use the data presented on this site; this fact simply proves the success and reliability of the work of

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the common issues for both these article is the fact that cyberspace are helpful with solving different kinds of conflict without physical losses. Such approach is good indeed.

Violence on and helps to ensure nation’s survival indeed. The war between Ethiopia and Eritrea and the methods, which were used to solve this problem, may serve as a good example of peaceful purposes of cyberspace in Diasporas. In general, the objectives of such sites, even if they sound a bit ironically, are to support nationalists’ interests and prevent conflicts.

Cyberspace, the Internet in particular, helps small groups and Diasporas to talk about their interests and preferences to the whole world. This is why news agencies, official sites, and forums are created day by day. and are one of the brightest examples, which were described by two writers – Mark Whitaker and Victoria Bernal. All this information is perfectly grounded, and the actions of those Diasporas should serves as good examples for other communities.

Reference List Bernal, V. (2005). Eritrea On-Line: Diaspora, Cyberspace, and the Public Sphere. American Ethnologist, 32 (4), 660-675.

Whitaker, M. P. (2004). Some Reflections on Popular Anthropology, Nationalism, and the Internet. Courtesy. Anthropological Quarterly, 77 (3), 469-498.


Sunset Blvd: Women Sexuality in the Dark Side of the Reality and Films Noir Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Film noir is one of the most spread tendencies in Hollywood cinema, popular during the World War II. This movie genre was usually used in Hollywood crime dramas and detective stories in order to underline human ambiguity and female sexuality.

With the help of films noir, directors tried to find the connection between the problems of society and film making during the postwar period and emphasize the dark side of the reality in the whole world and cinema. There are lots of splendid masterpieces created in the style of film noir, and one of the most interesting ones is the work by Billy Wilder, Sunset Blvd, presented in 1950. “Sunset Boulevard was all about has-beens. And about all has-beens.” (Staggs, 4)

Sunset Blvd is based on real facts from the life of Norma Desmond, a silent movie actress; this work, as any film noir, concentrates on sexual motivation and moral ambiguity; it underlines the hard reality that was so inherent to the cinema of the postwar period and the role of women in the society, their social status, and sexuality that allowed to be superior over men and even control them, their lives, and careers.

Hollywood cinema is considered to be one of the most exquisite forms of art in the world. By means of movies, directors have a wonderful chance to use all their imagination and present their stories from their own perspectives, and viewers have a great opportunity to enjoy these stories, beautiful actors, various plots, and ideas, and even learn a bit in order to improve their own lives and their future.

Sunset Blvd remains one of the most captivating and intriguing movies in the history of Hollywood cinema because of several reasons: (1) it is based on real facts from actress’s life, (2) people get a chance to analyze how own dreams and desires can transform the life into a terrible nightmare, and (3) this movie perfectly describes how Hollywood can use people and then, forget them with time, when these people get old and useless.

Billy Wilder makes a wonderful attempt to expose the raising of a new corruptive Hollywood and the decline of an old Hollywood and tries to unite facts, reality, fiction, and dreams in order to underline the bitter truth of cinema during the postwar period.

Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond is really perfect and one of the most memorable characters, which have ever appeared on a big screen. Her desire not to be forgotten by the society she lives in, her passion to fame, and, at the same time, her madness – all this makes her really interesting and unforgettable to lots of viewers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is necessary to admit that the name of the major character, Norma Desmond, is a combination of early known Hollywood figures’ names: William Desmond, a silent-movie director, and his lover, a comedy actress, Mabel Normand. Desmond was shot, and his murder still does not solved. It is quite possible that the chosen name of the main female character in the movie is already an attempt to underline the tragic end, mystery, and numerous misunderstandings concerned with love affairs.

Also, it is quite possible that Mae West was another prototype of Norma Desmond. They both prefer to have monkeys as their pets; they both consider gigolos as very nice boys, who need a bit of care and support. So, the life of imaginary Norma was so similar to the life of real Mae that audience could hardly recognize where image making takes place, and where life making is.

Reality is a kind of disillusion, the way of how our life is actually made. People can do nothing with the reality, and this is why they just have to accept it as it is. With the help of movies, people have a wonderful possibility to make create their lives taking into account personal desires and preferences.

A film is an illusion that is created with the help of numerous images and different situations. In Sunset Blvd, Wilder takes into consideration the whole situation of Hollywood cinematography, analyzes the lives of famous and forgotten actors and actresses, stresses on the role of a woman in the society, and adds interesting realistic facts from life to make his work interesting and even educative.

A film noir can easily underline the hard and even dark reality of film industry. With the help of this very genre, directors concentrate on human bodies and their souls. Modern movies are full of different colors that can easily hide the true nature of a person. Film noir is something that provides the viewer with an opportunity to see the things as they are: there is always something good (white) and something bad (dark).

There is nothing more, and this is what captivates and amazes. “The noir film is black for us, that is, specifically for the Western and American moviegoers of the 1950s. It exists in response to a certain mood at large in this particular time and place.” (Silver and Ursini, 19) Someone may think that dark colors deprive people from the opportunity to enjoy this life and be happy. However, the peculiar feature of all films noir is an unbelievable possibility to express the ideas using only certain colors.

White bodies are in dark clothes – can it be something more than just a general image of a character? Of course, it can! Just imagine that all this cloth is the everyday masks that all people have to wear on in order to survive in this cruel world. Norma Desmond tries to underline her beautiful body and soul through the obligatory things she has to wear, however, lots of people cannot understand her choice and desire to help, and her behavior is near to be called mad.

We will write a custom Essay on Sunset Blvd: Women Sexuality in the Dark Side of the Reality and Films Noir specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The typical femme fatale of film noir usually uses her sexuality and even cruelty in order to manipulate men and gain the desirable power, money, and independence. In noir movies, women have a chance to prove that they do not want to be house wives anymore.

They have enough skills and imagination to make their own dreams come true. Women in film noir reject the idea of being devoted wives and mothers and the norms prescribed by the society.

Femme fatale can easily break all social norms in order to achieve the desirable goal, she can easily step over many people, and forget about relatives. Unfortunately, at the end, such women are usually punished: they do not have families because they have already sacrificed so many things before, men are afraid of these women and do not want to serve them anymore, and the society just forgets them in order to provide other people with such opportunities to conquer the world.

An independent woman can easily have the whole world in her hands, and, with the same ease, can lose everything in several seconds. Women sexuality is not constant. With time, women get older, and their bodies are not so attractive. In films noir, women gain recognition only by means of their beauty and charm. With time, their charms cannot work any more, and these women are forgotten.

Norma Desmond’s social status and sexuality serves as good means to gain the desirable fame. She was a famous actress; lots of people recognized her, and this was what made her happy. As it was mentioned above, time may play with successful women. When Desmond gets old, all her admires forgot about her. Several devoted people, such as Max von Mayerling, support Norma.

The other, weak people, such as Joe Gillis, are eager to use her in order to use her money and past fame. “Often a seductive femme fatale lured the protagonist into a dangerous mission for hidden purpose of her own.” (Bordwell and Thomson, 428) Of course, Norma has her own purposes as for Joe Gillis, however, his betrayal is terrible, and he has to be punished. Even if the woman is not too young, she has enough powers to take revenge when her dignity is hurt.

On the one hand, Gillis’s murder cannot be justified: Norma commits a crime and has to be punished. On the other hand, her reasons and her situation can be understood, specially, in noir movies. Sunset Boulevard changes people, and these changes are not predictable. This is why each situation, each crime, and each life should be analyzed from a separate perspective in order to find the necessary truth.

With the help of Sunset Blvd, it is comprehensible that film noir is all about sexual motivation and moral ambiguity. This black-and-white visual style attracts lots of people and extols Hollywood cinema. Among different genres of films, the noir movie is really unique due to its camera works, dialogues, and characterization. In such works, each detail should be under a strict attention.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Sunset Blvd: Women Sexuality in the Dark Side of the Reality and Films Noir by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The point is that the plot of the story may be not perfect and even senseless, but each character and object should be just perfect. There is no place for some additional or extra details. In these movies, it is easier to underline and analyze moral ambiguity. People words and thoughts are not similar. The thoughts, people have, and the actions, people take, are quite different, and films noirs help to comprehend the essence of why people do this or that. Sexual motivation is another peculiar feature of film noir.

Beautiful body and pleasant smile can make mountains move. It is unnecessary to underline that women’s beauty can make men do absolutely different things and not think about the consequences. Sexuality allows women to become independent and powerful. In real world, women did not have a chance to use their charm in order to conquer the world.

Their major role was keeping the house and bringing up children. The noir movie provided women with a chance to feel freedom and ability to follow own dreams. Sunset Blvd may be called father of numerous socially oriented movies. It contains the ideas of both sexual motivation and moral ambiguity. A woman can step over lots of things and people, however, the time, when all those people step over that woman, will also come, and it is necessary to be ready for this.

The works of Billy Wilder, Sunset Blvd in particular, deserve people’s attention and analysis. It is a film about films, film making, and actors, who have to work and then be forgotten by the others. The world of cinematography is rather cruel, and Wilder did not afraid to show its true nature.

The sadness of actors’ lives is real and is perfectly described in the movie. Sunset Blvd may be also considered as a tragedy that is so inherent to Hollywood actors and their passing fame. It is a story about uncertainties in cinematography, and black-and-white colors underline these uncertainties properly as they are.

Norma Desmond is a wonderful and powerful woman. She does not want to accept the truth that her time has already passed; she tries to find another way to become necessary for the society. She understands that Joe Gillis is her only chance to come back. She uses him and faces disappointments only. Her sexuality cannot help her anymore, and she has nothing to do but leave this world in a perfect and unforgettable way in order to prove that she is independent and powerful, and can still control someone’s lives and destinies.

Sexual motivation and moral ambiguity are two important peculiarities of all noir movies, and are the basic themes of Sunset Blvd; Billy Wilder made a wonderful attempt to describe women’s role in society, their powers, and desires to be independent, and Norma Desmond serves as the brightest example of such image.

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Business Press Coverage of Politics and Policy Essay essay help

Business, politics, and media are three the most important spheres of our every day life. Business deals with provision various goods or service to customers, politics helps to make the necessary decisions in order to present safe life for people, and media is a collections of different tools, which aims at delivering information.

Journalists complete one of the most significant and useful works for people: they provide people with chances to be aware and analyze any business or political issue in our world. Business study helps to analyze the actions of other organizations, but also pay attention to the used techniques in order to improve personal position. (Surowiecki 2009)

The triangulation of media, politics, and business explains any possible interactions between business and political bodies, their impact on the other spheres of life, and the consequences of such cooperation. With the help of several articles, we are going to illustrate the impact of lobbyist, business organizations and their development, and public events and their corporate support.

Our present is closely connected to our past. Without any doubts, the things, which happen nowadays, may easily find some similarities with those, which used to happen. For example, in his article, Morgan Meis presents one rather intriguing figure in both public and private scenes, Joseph Schumpeter.

He lost his family in a short period of time, and devoted the rest of his life to economy and business. Meis does not afraid to admit that “the 21 st century is Schumpeterian – volatile, wild, careening toward the abyss. The crazy old bastard would be enjoying the ride.” (Meis, 2009)

Schumpeter believed that capitalism might simultaneously create a new crisis and profit for the country. If we try to analyze the past of journalism, we should pay enough attention to another interesting figure, an award-wining writer and journalist, Walter Lippmann.

He tried to resolve somehow the tension between the ideas of liberty and democracy in this complex world. In order to achieve the desirable effectiveness of cooperation between journalism, politics, and business, it is better to reconstruct journalism itself for a new age “as urgently as in Lippmann’s time.” (Blumenthal 2007) Freedom in journalism plays the same role as the importance of academic freedoms. Education is the step, taking of which influences our future understanding of the world and its components. (Fish 1)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Noah Feldman underlines that “every generation gets the Constitution that it deserves.” (Feldman, 1) Is it true that politics is fair to every person as a member of the same society? Media demonstrates how past considerably influence present and even future.

Obama’s policy may serve as a good example of how raising carbon prices influence the actions of the lobbyists and other members of Congress. The latter want not to change the old prices in order to support their personal interests. (Leonhardt, 4) It is necessary to mention that lots of lobbyists and government officials make their living from the existed system.

Special interests start playing rather an important role in every day life and politics. Laws are considered to be one of the most significant sources of power. Such laws touch upon the sphere of business, as they create certain measures to follow, the sphere of media, as media is always eager to speculate upon some innovations, which influence this life, and the sphere of politics, as this sphere is responsible for these laws’ passing or rejecting. (DeLong 2009)

This is why, nowadays, lots of lobbying firms are hired by other organizations in order to keep the same standards and do not lose their leading positions. (Krauss, Creswell, and Savage 2009)

Political news makes a considerable impact on business of many countries. In such way, after the Chinese government implements anti-monopoly law, “greater market concentration in several areas” and consolidation are encouraged. (The Economist) However, any measures taken in China promote its growth on the political and economical scene.

Without any doubts, the crisis creates more and more problems for the world and for such spheres as business and politics in particular. Even Einstein made several attempts to predict possible threats for the society. (Albert and Galchen 2009) These threats cause numerous structural problems in both America and Europe.

Of course, media introduces new ideas on how to solve these problems and improve living, and, as China “remains every bit the codependent partner of the United States”, these two countries are under hot consideration everywhere: online, in newspapers, on TV, etc. (Stross, 2009)

We will write a custom Essay on Business Press Coverage of Politics and Policy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More “The global economic crisis will result in growing confrontations between China and the West.” (The Economist) This is why it is very difficult for China does not use its abilities in order to take the leading positions and not to hurt the other countries and their business. (Osnos 2009)

Another public event that certainly influence the relations between China and the world is prices’ raising on different goods. “The energy secretary, Steven Chu, said he favored tariffs on Chinese goods if China did not sign on to mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – underscoring how the “green economy” could be the next trade battleground.” Landler 2009)

The last issues under our consideration will be the importance of business organizations and the problems, any organization may face with nowadays. Chaos that is inherent to this world disturbs lots of companies and influence the activities of their members. Without any doubts, “chaos is always frightening.” (Harvard Business Publishing)

This is why many business organizations have to choose a certain type of edge and follow it. These new edges help business organization find out new ideas and the power to escape old problems and move on. Media techniques help the vast majority of politicians and businessmen be aware about the events, which may help or hinder the further development. (DePalma 2009)

One of such people, who is always ready to fight against the difficulties and invent new ways out is Shai Agassi. (Roth, 2008) His ideas to start putting electric cars on the roads deserve attention and deep analysis. The business plan offered by the Russian Irina Lunina is also worth attention. Her ideas and desire to unite business with media turned out to be rather effective. (Lunina 2009)

“Journalists see their job as reflecting the world as their reporting tells them it is, but many readers want reporters to look harder for good news to balance the bad.” (Hoyt 2009) Unfortunately, nowadays, our world faces a great number of bad news, so that it turns out to be rather difficult to find out the necessary balance and improve this life. Politics cannot but influence business development.

Business makes considerable impact on every day actions. And media, Google in particular, has nothing to do but describe the events and try to be honest to the readers. (Pollack 2009)

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Business Press Coverage of Politics and Policy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More “China Indicates the Real Targets of Its Anti-Monopoly Law: Outsiders.” The Economist. 2009. Web.

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The Development of Women’s Rights Essay college essay help: college essay help

Women’s rights are probably one of the most frequently discussed issues all over the world. Presence or absence of women’s rights is appeared to be a strong indicator that helps to comprehend global well-being and humans’ prosperity. Lots of people think that women’s rights are a burning problem in countries, where religion has certain power.

If fact, many Muslim countries, where religion turns out to be law, women face lots of problems and misunderstandings. Rola Dashti is one of the authors, who concentrate on the problems, women of Kuwait face day by day. She underlines that gender inequality and women’s inability to vote should be analyzed, and certain changes should be made.

However, she is not the only author, who tries to pay the reader’s attention to problems any woman may face one day. Betty Friedan created a really magnificent work at the beginning of 1960s. It was The Feminine Mystique, the sparkle of national debates concerning women’s roles in society. If we talk about the rights of women in the modern world, the works of these very authors should be taken into consideration at first.

Rola Dashti clearly explains that in Kuwait, “the perfect role for women is to stay at home, raise children, take care of the house, and be subservient to their husbands – under the false pretence that this is dictated by religious requirements.” (Dashti, 2005) Those women, who do not want to accept these rules, have to be terrorized both socially and psychologically.

However, she cannot agree to such distribution of the roles, and she calls upon all people to look again at the situation, connected to women’s rights, and provide all women with a chance to participate in the political, economical, and other spheres of life for better and safer future.

Betty Friedan points out that this very problem “has no name stirring in the minds of so many American women today.” (Friedan and Quindlen, 2001, p. 32) Without any doubts, women are victims of not fair system we live in. The point is that women have the only right to realize themselves through their own husbands, children, and homes.

With the help of Friedan’s work, we get to know more about the situations, our mothers and grandmothers could face, when they were young, and compare them to those life, modern women live. Of course, differences are noticeable: the women of 1960s got married at the young age and dropped their education in order to make the lives of their husband happier.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The life of women in Kuwait, described by Dashti, is almost the same even nowadays. More than 40 years ago, women started their movements in order to prove their rights to participate in the political life of their country, and only in 2005, women in Kuwait got the right to vote.

With time, women realize that their lives are incomplete, because they should think about their husbands and children only. Such lives seem to be a bit boring and incorrect. This is why women’s rights problems are such types of problems, women have to solve independently.

Of course, the works by Friedan and Dashti may help a bit to realize the core of the problem and choose the best way to achieve success. If women have enough words to say in order to prove their rights, if they are ready to demonstrate their powers and abilities, they can easily achieve the desirable goals and become free. It is quite possible that free women will get more chances, opportunities, and desire to make the lives of their children, husbands, and their own lives better and happier.

Works Cited Dashti, Rola. “Can There Be Democracy with Marginalization?” Bitterlemons-International, 28 Jul. 2005. Web.

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The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot: The Meaning and the Meanings Essay essay help free

The Waste Land is one of the most known works written by T. S. Eliot at the beginning of the 1900s. This revolutionary modernist poem made T. S. Eliot a recognizable poet and writer. Modernism was considered to be one of the rejections against the already existed traditional literature norms of the 19th century.

Writers did not find enough powers to create something new and not ordinary to the settled norms. Eliot made a wonderful attempt to amaze the reader, and he did it really great. This modernist poem consists of 5 parts, each of them introduces a captivating story and concentrates on the things, which play a crucial role in the life of each person. The Burial of the Dead, A Game of Chess, The Fire Sermon, Death by Water, and What the Thunder Said are the five sections of this 434-line poem.

The meaning of the title and of the poem itself is one of the most captivating issues, which have to be analyzed in this work: Eliot tries to unite past, present, and future into one whole, represent his vision of the current things from women’s perspective, and introduce his consciousness in the form of the journey that aims to underline how barren the modern world is.

Modernism is one of the peculiar features of the 19th century: some writers preferred to abandon current traditions and styles of writing in order to represent the society by means of new progressive forms and underline the world’s cynicism and desire to achieve more by means of the others. The Waste Land demonstrates the variety of contradictory points of view and examples of allusions, which were the major characteristics of breaking down the norms of Victorian and Romantic literature.

Eliot’s first publishing caused numerous misunderstandings, critique, and admiration: people could not comprehend how the author may present such a great number of nontraditional techniques within one poem. The Waste Land seemed to present a little bit of everything: the beginning that symbolizes the death, life that may be compared to the game of chess, burning desire that makes our life fulfill, and other important for this life issues.

It was crucially important to pick out the most considerable points from the modern world and introduce them in the poem. “London Bridge is falling down falling down falling down” (Eliot, 1922) is the 426th line of The Waste Land and serves a good example of the author’s intention to represent the modern world in literature with the help of innovative techniques, which have not been used before.

With the help of a thorough work of critics, it turns out to be a bit easier to determine the very meaning of the whole work. Let us analyze this poem as one of the reflections that demonstrates Elliot’s disappointment of the situation that was inherent to post-World War I Europe. The author uses the Holy Grail legend in order to underline how despairing and lost the modern world was. People wanted to find something new and used any possible way to achieve their purposes. Holy Grail is a myth that symbolized a cup with miraculous powers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The use of this symbol underlines that people were eager to find more powers to continue living and a miracle was the only thing that could help. The author wants to underline the inability of the modern nation to believe in the things, which provide people with meaning of this life and the energy to develop and create.

People are bored with the events, which happen to them, they do not want to search for any meaning in their lives – these very issues oppress the writer, and he wants to help them comprehend this truth and find the necessary way out of such decay. “The modern wastelander is spiritually barren to such an extent that even if he gets the chance of spiritual rebirth he is unable to avail it.” (Iftikhar, 2003)

Of course, it is necessary to admit that The Waste Land is the story about women, the women, who symbolize nature and all the memories, inherent to people.

There are several images of women, who are connected by one and the same thing – sadness. Marie is the first woman, whose depression is caused by cruel April. She misses all the warmth of winter: “Winter kept us warm, covering/ Earth in forgetful snow, feeding/ A little life with dried tubers.” (Eliot, 1922) Lil, the second woman, hears some noises and feels nervous because of them. She is unhappy with such a possibility to concentrate on different noises, they make her a bit angry, confused, and sad. “What is that noise? / The wind under the door./ What is that noise now? What is the wind doing? / Nothing, again nothing.” (Eliot, 1922)

As far as I am concerned, this woman is going to die soon: she does not want to take care of herself, her appearance means nothing to her, and she wants to stay alone for some period of time. One more woman, who attracts my attention, does not have a name. She is not satisfied with her life either, however, she continues living and listening to all the order of a man.

“She turns and looks a moment in the glass,

Hardly aware of her departed lover;

We will write a custom Essay on The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot: The Meaning and the Meanings specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Her brain allows one half-formed thought to pass:

‘Well now that’s done: and I’m glad it’s over.’

When lovely woman stoops to folly and

Paces about her room again, alone,

She smoothes her hair with automatic hand,

And puts a record on the gramophone” (Eliot, 1922)

If we compared the image of this woman to those of our times, it is quite possible to find out a certain number of similarities. Lots of women prefer to live according to some order: they keep house, please their men, bring up children, work. Everything is performed ‘with automatic hand’.

Of course, our modern world has been changed, but still, certain features remain the same, and this work helps to analyze the points, people have to concentrate once again. This is why the meaning of this poem lies in the fact that people have to notice their mistakes and the mistakes of other people not only to underline own weakness, but in order to find more strengths, improve this life, and create safer future.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot: The Meaning and the Meanings by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Each of these women has her own problems and discontents. They miss the things, which they cannot get back, and stay indifferent to the things around them. There are lots of different things, which make all these women sad, and it could be that these very women could have nothing in common. However, their sadness and passivity unite them, and this unity does not seem like good one.

Everything in the poem turns out to be sad or dead. People, women in particular, do not want to take any measures in order to change their lives for better. Why did the author choose women as the main characters of his poem? Women are those, who give birth to new lives in this world.

Women are those, who bring up children and learn them how to live in this world. Women are those, who keep houses and make the lives of their men complete. The role of women is crucial indeed, this is probably why Eliot concentrates on them more and introduces his thoughts through the women’s points of view.

Each chapter in this poem is one more journey, which Eliot invites the reader to visit. He is a sophisticated guide, who knows where to stop and explain the details. “The Waste Land is Eliot’s greatest dramatic work. Its voices make a relished cacophony – completing, dominating, jostling, assertive, irrefutable, gone.” (Raine, 2006)

All these adjectives describe Eliot’s poem as it is. His vision of the modern world, his courage to describe the situation as it is, without any decorations, and his powerful words – all this make The Waste Land one of the most readable and influential works of the 19th century.

People should have a chance to look at their mistakes in order to comprehend them and change their lives. People cannot always live properly: something they have to learn, sometime they have to mistaken, someone should disappoint them. This world is not perfect, and the meaning of this work is to demonstrate what makes our world worse and help the readers to find the necessary way for self-improvement.

Reference List Eliot, T. S. (1922).The Waste Land. Retrieved from

Iftikhar, N. (2003). A Journey through ‘The Wasteland’: A Masterpiece of T.S Eliot. Journal of Research (Faculty of Languages


The Bill of Rights and the Anti-Federalist Concerns Research Paper college admissions essay help

Introduction The Bill of Rights is the name of the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution, introduced by James Madison on 1789. It was a series of the articles, which establish certain rules, prohibit Congress to make any law and the federal government to deprive any person of his/her life, property, and, of course, liberty.

It was James Madison, who offered the Bill of Rights in order to overcome the conflict between Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Anti-Federalists were all those people, who opposed the Constitution’s ratification and claimed that the central governing authority of the American nation had to be equal and not more powerful than any sub-national state.

The Bill of Rights may be considered as a document that partially satisfied the Anti-Federalist concerns: it did curb governmental power a bit, as the government could not deprive people of their freedom and lives independently; however, such points as taxes and war powers remained to be the same, and people had nothing to do but follow the established rules and be guided by their governmental authorities.

Discussion Anti-Federalists and Their Purposes

The representatives of Anti-Federalism were certainly against a centralized government, and hoped that the Bill of Rights would help to protect people against the powers of the elected officials.

“Anti-Federalists clearly believed that defeating the Constitution required a multipronged attack and that communication with other opponents around the country was essential. They wanted both to influence those in other states and to learn what objections to the Constitution were raised at other ratifying conventions.” (Labunski 2006, 56)

They were not satisfied because the Constitution really gave too many powers to the national government, and such government could easily maintain an army during peaceful period of time. Of course, the lack of the bill of rights played rather considerable role. (Levy 2001, 30) Anti-Federalists admitted that American people had already fought a lot in order to prove their rights and be free, and now, their own government just wanted to deprive them of all those rights and make them slavers again, under their own rules.

Patrick Henry was one of the most known Anti-Federalists during the American Revolution. “If the American nation would ever find itself in danger, Patrick Henry said, he ‘would recur to the American spirit to defend us: – that spirit which has enabled us to surmount the greatest difficulties’.” (Edling 2008, 125)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Henry was ready to some spontaneous actions in order to save his nation and help his people to be free and live in accordance with their own interests and preferences. With the help of other Anti-Federalists like Samuel Adams and George Mason, Henry did everything possible to prevent the adoption of the Constitution that might influence the life of any American.

The Bill of Rights and Anti-Federalists

The Bill of Rights was finally the document lots of Anti-Federalists expected for. The government does not have the right to conduct searches of apartments without a proper permission; it cannot arrest people without proper grounds; it cannot take people’s properties without public procedures; and, finally, the government cannot kill people on their own.

In order to deprive a person of his/her life, numerous procedures should take place, everything has to be proved, and finally, lots of people, taking certain positions, should present a permission.

Lots of historians admit that the actions of Federalist concerning the adaptation of the Constitution were more organized. They had clear enough purposes and were ready to prove any of them.

The desire to separate powers according to different spheres of life in order to protect people and show the necessary way to develop and growth was much more powerful than the only desire to make all people free and independent within one nation. Such independence could lead to chaos in one country. America passed such a long way in order to take the leading position among the other countries all over the world that the government just could allow to destroy everything.

The Effects of the Bill of Rights

Due to these facts and the essence of the Bill of Rights, it can be said that the efforts of the Anti-Federalists were not in vain. Of course, Anti-Federalists were not completely satisfied with the Bill of Rights, but still, some of their demands were met.

After the events at the end of the 1700s, Anti-Federalists were recognized as rather influential group of people, who did care about human rights and always had something to tell in order to prove their positions. Of course, their actions did not lead to prevention of the Constitution’s adoption, but still, certain amendments have been taken into consideration, and nowadays, people have enough rights to live as they want and as they can.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Bill of Rights and the Anti-Federalist Concerns specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The Bill of Rights played a very significant role in the life of Anti-Federalists and for America in general. People wanted to be free and could not allow the government to control their lives. With the help of the amendments, the government was deprived of certain powers, and people got more opportunities to live according their own desires. Without any doubts, Anti-Federalists could not be satisfied completely with the Bill of Rights, however, their attempts were not in vain, and people got their freedom from their government.

Bibliography Edling, Max, M. A Revolution in Favor of Government: Origins of the U. S. Constitution and the Making of the American State. Oxford University Press, 2008.

Labunski, Richard, E. James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights. Oxford University Press, 2006.

Levy, Leonard W. Origins of the Bill of Rights. Yale University Press, 2001.


“Arabic Islamic Culture” and Terrorism: Inherent Concepts or Not? Essay essay help free: essay help free

Terrorism is considered to be a phenomenon that can easily affect lots of people and describe the true essence of terrorism that is inherent to our modern world. The 21st century is the time, when terrorism comes of its age: numerous bombs, which take lives of innocent people, and hijacks, which may also cause lots of deaths. (Davies, 2003) The vast majority of observers like politicians or journalists prefer to think that Arab Islamic culture is actually responsible for creating terrorists’ groups.

Of course, it turns out to be rather easy to find out some reason and admit that someone is guilty, and someone is not guilty. However, to clear up what or who may cause terroristic attacks, it is better to analyze everything more thoroughly and weigh all pros and cons. I cannot agree to the idea that Arab Islamic culture and terrorists are really connected to each other; it is falsely to think that any representative of Arab Islamic culture has to be a terrorist and may be punished because of some cultural issues.

Without any doubts, terrorism is all about influence, power, and desire to prove something. After the September 11 attacks, lots of people start thinking that only the representatives of Islamic culture, who suffer from American influence and its unbelievable power, could take such terrible steps in order to revenge, protest, and demonstrate their abilities to rebellion.

However, what about all those countries, which suffer not from Islamic terrorism but some other type of terrorism? For example, in 2006, more than 200 attacks took place in the EU because of separatists. (TE-SAT, 2007) Do all those separatists have Islamic origins? Hardly! People should not be Moslems in order to be able to accomplish some terroristic attacks.

It may happen that some people are not satisfied with political regime they live in or just cannot comprehend why this or that country has some influence on their lives. Such cases are so inherent for our modern world; however, if all people try to solve their problems by means of violence, the results may be rather disappointing.

To my mind, it is mistakenly to think that culture is something that may influence terrorism and create more terroristic groups. It does not matter what cultural aspects a person prefers, he/she has all chances to join some terroristic campaign.

In general, such a use of force, power, and violence that we call terrorism is aimed to intimidate or even coerce the government or some individuals to take some actions or chance decisions. The United States of America is one of the counties, which suffer considerably from terrorism. Lots of innocent deaths are caused by bombings, hijackings, or just shootings. I truly believe that terroristic acts and Arab Islamic culture should be inherently connected to each other.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Of course, the events of 2001, when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York were destroyed, demonstrated that Moslems could easily forget about conscience, compassion, and care about children and other innocent people. They had a purpose and wanted to achieve it by any means. Their protest was very significant in the history, but it should not provoke people of other nations believe that only Moslems could be terrorists. It can be anyone, who wants to prove something or just wants to be heard.

Works Cited Davies, Barry. Terrorism: Inside a World Phenomenon. Virgin Books, 2003.

Europol. TE-SAT 2007: EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2007. June 10, 2009.


Reflection: The Concept of the “Islamic State” Essay best essay help

Mohammed Ayoob is a professor of International Relations from Michigan State University and the author of one of the most interesting and worthwhile book about the Islamic world The Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim World. The author touches upon such important issues like politics, changes within life principles, and relations between Islamic and Christian worlds.

The first chapter of the book is all about defining numerous concepts, which exist in Islamic culture, and analyses of the myths in order to discover the true nature of Islamic people. Many writers underline one simple fact that Islamic culture is all about values and ideological concepts, but not science or technology (Kirabaev


Dealing with the Problem of Nuclear Waste in the US: Alternatives and Risks Essay essay help online: essay help online

The fact that that nuclear power offers many advantages over its conventional competitors such as oil and coal is undeniable. A single Kilogram of readily available uranium can effectively produce more power than 200 barrels of oil (Mazher 339). Scientists the world over are in agreement that nuclear power is one of the most viable options that can be used to combat global warming, a phenomenon that has increasingly become the subject of discussion in major world forums, including the G8.

Indeed, any plausible policy aimed at addressing climate change must make reference to carbon-free technologies such as solar and nuclear energy. However, the fundamental problem of nuclear energy is occasioned by how to deal with enormous quantities of deadly radioactive waste produced. This study evaluates various alternatives that can be used to deal with this problem, and comes up with waste reprocessing technique as the most viable option.

It is clear that nuclear power is destined to play a much more enhanced role if the dream of using clean and secure energy is to be achieved in the U.S. The country is one of the largest consumers of nuclear energy in the world. Presently, the sector serves over 20% of the country’s electricity needs (Mazher 340; Lagus 2).

However, the benefits of nuclear energy are often overshadowed by genuine concerns over the radioactive waste produced. Although this problem have persisted for almost 50 years, the government is yet to come up with measures aimed at effectively and efficiently disposing spent nuclear fuel and high-risk radioactive waste churned out by 104 commercial reactors at 65 nuclear power utilities across the country (EIA, para. 4)

Presently, commercial utilities are holding over 70,000 metric tons of commercial radioactive waste. The quantity keep rising each day as more nuclear materials continue to be used to supplement other sources of energy. According to available data, 2000 additional tons of nuclear waste is produced in the U.S. each year (NRC 23).

This radioactive waste continues to present grave hazards to present and future generations. As such, it is only imperative that the problem of nuclear waste disposal is comprehensively dealt with to reduce the immense dangers associated with the waste as well as stimulate the growth of carbon-free energy sources.

Stakeholders and decision makers have suggested various policy prescriptions that can be used to alleviate the problem of nuclear waste in the country. A good policy must be able to isolate the nuclear material from the environment for thousands, perhaps millions of years to come. One of the most touted approaches is the construction of geological waste repository.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In 2002, the Energy Department recommended Nevada’s Yucca Mountain as an ideal repository location for commercial nuclear waste after years of extensive geological studies on the location’s capability to handle such waste. Although former president George W. Bush assented to the concept and okayed federal funding for the project, the current Obama administration have developed cold feet over the whole project (Rogers, para 3).

Another approach involves reprocessing the nuclear waste. Stakeholders are indeed urging the country’s leadership to borrow a leaf from countries such as France and Japan and invest in reprocessing the radioactive waste into reusable energy. In this perspective, the government must undertake intensive research in nuclear reprocessing techniques that would efficiently and safely allow reusing of spent nuclear fuel to produce significantly less hazardous radioactive waste (NRC 116).

Another school of thought, led by the current Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, has proposed a new alternative towards dealing with the problem. They suggest that more funding should be channeled towards the development of new models of reactors that would be capable of completely burning the nuclear waste (Garber, para. 10). This recent approach seems to be gaining steam, though its practicability is still a matter of discussion.

Transmutation has also been considered as a possible alternative. In this process, the radioactive material found in the waste is altered into more stable forms. Properly used, the concept can be of great assistance in the management of nuclear waste in the U.S. as it has the potential to lessen the quantity of long-lived isotopes contained in the waste to safe levels (NRC 116). However, this new approach in nuclear waste management needs further exploration

The above are some of most mentioned alternatives that can be used to solve the nuclear waste problem in the U.S. However, each alternative has its own benefits and shortcomings based on the method used to evaluate them. There are many criteria used to evaluate the viability of one particular method over the other.

Cost considerations, risk assessments, environmental concerns, and social considerations can be used to evaluate the viability of the above named nuclear waste management methods (CIRA


Summary of Workplace Analysis Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The situations in the workplace may be of different types, caused by different reasons, and lead to absolutely unpredictable consequences. There are lots of theories, which may help to solve the problems, which take place because of workers’ inability to cooperate and find out certain alternatives.

The use of personality theories, the humanistic theory in particular, in order to resolve situations at workplace and improve the relations between workers has certain benefits as well as drawbacks, and the situation, described earlier, concerning the conflict between two employees with their own ideas, may serve as a good example to analyze the effectiveness of these theories.

The humanistic theory is all about a personality and his/her personal perception of own existence in a certain environment. This is why it is useless to say that some outside factors may influence personal attitude to the situation, because, nowadays, people have enough opportunities to live in accordance of their principles and interests.

So, when we evaluate a conflict, it is better to focus on personal traits in order to find the best decision of the problem. The author of the previous analysis grounds on the words of Wood and admits that the reason of the conflict under analysis is employees’ aggressiveness, neglect of some rules, and lack of understanding of other people (Wood, 2009).

Very often, rather educated people cannot find enough grounds to find the necessary agreement, this is why conflicts with the elements of violence may take place. Such issues as self-esteem, self-fulfillment, and attention to the ideas of other people turn out to be the major ones in the humanistic theory; the same issues are considered to be the major ones in order to resolve problems between the employees, learn them to listen to each other, and find out common decision to improve the situation and achieve success.

The author of other workplace analysis mentions that the ability of self-actualization is another significant factor, which helps to eliminate the conflicts. Eternal verities are the necessary factors, which motivate self-actualizing people (Feist


PR Campaign of GP Races on the Gold Coast in Australia Essay best essay help

The PR campaign which is going to be analyzed in this essay is the campaign for GP races on the Gold Coast in Australia.

The public relations campaign is organized by V8 Supercars and A1GP World Cup of Motorsport. The event is also sponsored by Nikon company.

Therefore, the campaign is generally aimed at the public which might be interested in motorsport. Since the event has a rather entertaining character, the contingent interested in it would most possibly consist of young people, who like street racing. This includes teenagers, students and also young men and women of 20-30 years. In addition, the Ferrari sport cars represent the traditional motorsport, which suggests that the men aged 40-50 might also be interested in the event.

In order to access the main features of the campaign and its effectiveness, the SWOT method of analysis will be applied. As it is known, this algorithm for analysis includes the campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Hill, 47).

Strengths. The major strength of the particular public relations campaign is its design, which is presented in modern urban style. It is perfectly suitable for this kind of material and public. Numerous illustrations, images, photos and animations make people interested in the event and also give its visual description.

Among the other campaign’s strengths is its informative character, which suggests that those who visit the site can find all the information they need about the event. The site is well-organized; the visitors can find information about ticketing, news, sponsors, race program, entertainment etc. In general, the campaign presents the event fully and interestingly. Apparently, in his book, (Hall, 17) was absolutely right claiming the virtual and experimental marketing to be the most effective messengers.

Another strong point is the accent on the minimal ticket price, which is accessible for everyone. In addition, some couples might want to visit the event with their children and the campaign points to the fact that tickets for children are free, which is a successful advertisement for the event.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is also worth mentioning that the events presented in the campaign are of different character, which gets people of different age and status interested. Thus, the racers and participants can find the information about the racing time and conditions and the supercar challenges; the donators can read about charity organizations; those who look for entertainment can read about the on-track and off-track activities, etc. All the events are of equal importance on the site and are accessible for all the visitors.

Weaknesses. The campaign, however, also has some weaknesses, which may prove an impediment to achieving the main purpose, which is a successful public relation. For example, every information chapter contains nearly ten subchapters. The use of hypertext in such site may be useful; however, it may also be time-consuming for the visitors to slide from one part to another.

In addition, such feature can also be confusing as far as the members of public can barely return to the starting point when they get to some piece of information which is contained in a subchapter of a subchapter of one of a dozen of chapters.

The other weak point of the event presentation is the fast switching of animations. When a client sees some interesting picture and a “click here” button, they actually have no time to click, as the pictures switch very quickly.

Opportunities. The campaign opportunities are very wide, as far as the event is based on cooperation of the world famous motoracing groups which are very popular and need no additional advertising. The World Cup of Motorsport, for example, is a very respected and important event in the world of motoracing, and its authority is hard to overestimate.

Thus, it increases the opportunities of the campaign, suggesting that many people would rely on the reputation of the World Cup of Motorsport. As it was mentioned by (Philip, 2), the PR campaign should be relevant to modern business organizations, and the analyzed campaign meets this requirement.

The other opportunities include the further development of the event, as the involvement of different companies and businessmen can predict promotion of such kinds of show and possible investments in their development. The revolution of Internet for the purpose of public relations practicing, described by (Philip, 42) enables this campaign to be available for anyone.

We will write a custom Essay on PR Campaign of GP Races on the Gold Coast in Australia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Threats. The threats of the particular public relations campaign include the external factors which might prove to be harmful for achieving the objective. Such factors include bad weather which may occur in Australia. In addition, not all the members of the target public have access to the internet resources; moreover, the address of the site is not being advertised much.

This fact can decrease the potential quantity of its visitors and cause a failure in the campaign’s full effectiveness. As it was said in (Burke, 8), it is extremely important for the successive company work to consider the strategic evaluation of communications in day-to-day activity and in the long-term vision of the corporation.

Another challenge which may be faced by the campaign is building successful public relationships with increasingly diverse publics. This problem was discussed by (Seib, 22).

The main messages of the campaign which are to be delivered to public are:

– the event is very interesting, full of different activities and thus is worth visiting;

– the event is well-organized and there is still place for volunteers and investors who will to develop it;

– the conditions for tourists are perfect, the people are very hospitable and thus everyone is welcome to visit the event;

– the platinum club guarantees great conditions and opportunities and its membership is worth it.

Not sure if you can write a paper on PR Campaign of GP Races on the Gold Coast in Australia by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The campaign was presented using the publics targeting tactics, which means forming every message in a way which is appealing to every member of the public. This can be proved by such sentence as:

“…. Is a powerful opportunity to grow business relationships, get to know new clients and reward stuff”.

In addition, there were a lot of phrases used like “we advise you to obtain…”, “don’t forget to check the…”, and also mottos like “Jumpstart your heart!”, “get pumped!”, “Join the team!” etc. These phrases indisputably influence the public’s consciousness and subjects people to participate and get involved.

The campaign uses the Internet as a major media. This makes it accessible for millions of Internet users from all around the world. In addition, the public has an opportunity to stay online as long as they need and keep reading the information, unlike the TV advertisement and other types of media. In fact, the Internet site is the most informative and comfortable media for a public relations campaign.

In my opinion, the analyzed campaign is rather effective. The author (Nelson, 32) claims the public relations to manipulate media and public, which I find true. Being not interested in events of such sort, I found this site and its information appealing. In addition, its design is very attractive.

As stated by (Leeper, 13), the modern business puts an emphasis on quality and social responsibility, and these two points were presented in the campaign. However, I think that in case of advertising the racing, cars and everything connected to speed it is worth involving some video.

A thirty-second film with bright Ferrari and international flags on TV might be much more effective. The target of such type of campaign is to raise interest in people and make them want to participate, while this site appeared to have a rather informative character. It is worth mentioning, though, that the sentences are built in a way which is appealing to those who read it. It means that besides information the text also expresses a subconscious positive view of the event.

Works Cited Burke, Edmund M. Corporate Community Relations: The Principle of the Neighbor of Choice. Westport, Conn. Quorum Books, 1999.

Hall, Phil. The New PR. Mount Kisco, N.Y.: Larstan Publishing, 2007

Hill, T., Westbrook, R. “SWOT Analysis: It’s Time for a Product Recall”. Long Range Planning 30 (1): 46–52, 1997.

Leeper, K. Public relations ethics and communitarianism : A preliminary investigation. Elsevier Science Inc., 1996.

Nelson, J. Sultans of Sleaze: Public Relations and the Media. Toronto: Between The Lines, 1989.

Philip, K. Introduction and overview of public relations. International Thompson Business Press, 1997.

Phillips, D. Online Public Relations. London: Kogan Page, 2001.

Seib, P. and Fitzpatrick, K. Public Relations Ethics. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace and Company, 1995. Web.


Jeff and Julia Woods: Passion to Making Photos Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The world of photographing is unique indeed: it is quite possible to read the whole story with the help of one or several photos, fell in love, be disappointed, or just be happy. For someone, it is very easy to take a camera and start making photos, and present really wonderful pictures.

However, it is not enough to be born to be a photographer; it is very significant to develop photographing skills, get certain knowledge, and improve awareness day by day. Such great photographers like Jeffery and Julia Woods have already amazed lots of people by their unbelievable works and talent.

Their abilities to find something unusual in rather simple things cannot leave indifferent viewers: a smile of a girl, a wave of an old man, or a young man’s wink. Their story of love, their passion to photography, and their abilities to make happy moment happier and leave them for a long period of time – all this proves once again that these two people are to weddings, like love is to any marriage.

In this paper, the works, skills, and achievements of Jeffrey and Julia Woods will be analyzed; their awards and contribution to the world of photography is really magnificent, because they do not want to create some kind of fantasy, but prefer to concentrate on the images, which play important role to their clients.

Lots of people still believe that family business may easily destroy good and loving marriages: financial difficulties, unpredictable costs, desire to get higher position, etc. Of course, all these points may be crucial for some people and for some families, however, the Woods, Jeff and Julia, and their works prove that there are always some exceptions. These two great photographers create own business and develop it to such extent that there is not married couple, who, at least, has not heard about Jeff and Julia Woods.

They have a really glamorous studio, they like to travel in order to satisfy their clients and present the best photos of their weddings, they enjoy sponsorship of lots of people, and they are respected by many people from different spheres of life. “Jeffrey and Julia Woods operate a successful wedding and portrait studio that specializes in highly personalized images that reflect the tastes and experiences that make each client unique” (Perkins, 56).

This is why their photos always interesting, beautiful, and full of real emotions. This famous studio can be found in Washington Illinois. However, their first works appeared at more modest place: they start this business as many other couples at their own home. With time, they earned enough money to change the location of their studio, buy all the necessary and modern technologies, and start promoting their services to a wide range of people.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Their marriage lasts for about 18 years, this is why they know much about relations in families, understand the importance of properly planned weddings, attention to each detail on ceremonies, which open doors to absolutely new life, and have enough words to tell in order to encourage other people to take this serious step. Such a slight overview of Jeff and Julia’ personal life provides us with an opportunity to get a clear understanding why their works are in such great demand ring the bells with couples.

Now, let us talk more deeply about the works, which Jeff and Julia offer to their clients. “Photographing your wedding is allowing us to be a part of the most intimate day of your lives. We are committed to pouring our hearts and souls into your love story” (Jeffrey


The effect of the global financial crisis on political and financial risks Essay essay help online free

Introduction The current global financial crisis is one of the worst financial crises in history. It has affected many businesses and individuals all over the world. Businesses have closed down and many people have lost their jobs. Uncertainty, political risk and financial risk have also increased (Global Economics Crisis Resource Center, 2009). The negative effects of the global financial crisis have been felt in most parts of the world i.e. in the advanced countries, the emerging markets and in the developing world (Yadav 2008).

The global financial crisis According to Allen and Synder (2009), the global financial crisis is a disturbance in the economic environment which brings about a drastic drop in the value of assets, failure of financial institutions and a disruption of the stock exchange (p.36). Business organizations begin to cut costs so as to avoid liquidation therefore the unemployment rate escalates.

he purchasing power of many companies and households is reduced as prices of commodities soar. Interest rates, real estate, international investments and international business are also affected. The high cost of doing business in such an economic environment drives many companies to restructuring or closing down the company (p.37).

Toporowski (2009) asserts that International business operations have particularly been affected by the global financial crisis because most target markets have cut expenses due to the crisis (p. 162). Therefore the political and financial risk associated with international business has increased.

Multinational companies are unable to avoid the effects of the financial crisis and will have to succumb to the constraints in the markets that they operate in. However, different firms are affected to a varying extent depending on the markets that are targeted and where the finances are focused (Toporowski 2009)).

The effect of the global financial crisis on the tourism industry in Australia As with most other industries, the tourism industry has been affected by the ongoing global financial crisis. The services sold can only be used on site therefore stable conditions are necessary. The tourism industry in Australia is at an all time low and this has increased the political and financial risks associated with the industry (Elks


Health Outcome of Tobacco Use: Lung Cancer Essay best college essay help

Nowadays, lots of people put their health under a terrible threat because of taking various harmful produces, and smoking is one of such terrible activities. In fact, tobacco use has already caused so many deaths, but people still cannot stop smoking and still try to make one of the most important decisions in their life – to smoke or not to smoke. To my mind, this life is too short to spend it on deciding weather smoking is good or bad.

Tobacco smoking takes so many lives each day, and the most terrible point with regard to this situation is that people are aware of that horrible statistics, but still, continue smoking; lung cancer, caused by smoking, is one of the leading diseases in the list of diseases, which may cause human death and the number of these deaths increased considerably day by day.

Just let us take into consideration one more significant point that tobacco use may cause lots of terrible diseases, which can be rather dangerous for human life: cancer of lungs, bladder, or mouth, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis (AMA, Promoting Healthy Lifestyle). Of course, this list is far from being full, this is why it should make people think once again whether smoking is worthy of doing this or not.

The popularity of tobacco use between pregnant women is also considered to be a burning problem that should bother society. In fact, smoking will hardly promote something really useful for human life, this is why people should be rather careful with smoking. Why are people so careless to own health? Why do they continue promote smoking and do not want just stop its production? Why do people still continue digging graves for themselves? Do they not know that lung cancer is a really terrible disease that can easily shorten their life?

In the United States, tobacco use has already taken more than 430,000 human lives (Sharma, 2007), and more than 80% of deaths are caused by lung cancer.

This disease is inherent to both men and women at any age, and even more, even if a person is not a smoker, he/she can get this disease and die as well, because such person will be considered as a passive smoker. Many statistics prove that both adults and young people smoke too much; however, the main difference between smoking at young age and at old age is that adults comprehend how dangerous the outcomes may be and what a bad example they demonstrate, and young people find smoking fun, stylish, and helpful.

For example, some part of young ladies still believe that if they start smoking, they can attract the attention of some boys and be a bit closer to them. Lots of boys follow the examples of their favorite actors or musicians, who can promote smoking from the screens and stages. For example, Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp and John Travolta demonstrate their passion to smoking in the movies and young boys and girls are eager to follow their example.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I am deeply concerned that such promotion of tobacco use appears as a risk factor, because people, not intentionally, offer other people to take the step that may lead to their death. These young people start smoking without even understanding that smoking is one of the major reasons of lung cancer and poor mental health (Hodge, 2007).

Another point about the statistics concerning the matter of smoking is that there are so many smokers in this world as many other people, who do not smoke. And the major part of smokers forgets to respect the privacy of non-smokers, so that the latter can easily die because of lung cancer as well.

Contribution of tobacco takes place everywhere: at colleges, campuses, and other public places, where both young and adult people spend much of their time. This is why, with the help of statistical data that can be found online any time, people get a chance to evaluate their possibility to get lung cancer and die. They should be attentive with such kind of information, because everything is in their hands and only common people’s desire and abilities may prevent smoking and increasing the cases of lung cancer.

However, it is not always enough to comprehend that the number of smokers and deaths, caused by lung cancer, increases considerably. This is why in order to develop the idea of lung cancer and smoking, it is also possible to concentrate on the essence of lung cancer, its influence to organism, and the difficulties with its treatment.

“The clinical behavior of lung cancer is largely associated with its stage” (Sasaki et al., 2002, 412), this is why it is crucially important to comprehend what type and stage of lung cancer you have in order to choose proper treatment, pass it, and continue living. There are two major types of lung cancer: non-small cell lung carcinoma and small cell lung carcinoma.

More than 80% of people are under a threat to get the former, and only about 15% may die because of the latter. The non-small cell lung carcinoma also has own hierarchy that is closely connected to smoking and non-smoking people. Adenocarcinoma is one the types of lung cancer that does not depend on whether a person is smoker or non smoker. This disease creates a kind of tissue on lungs and makes it difficult to breathe without coughing. Squamous is one more lung cancer’s type that usually confused with ordinary bronchitis.

However, while patient’s examination, it is possible to find out a kind of cavity in the tumor, and this cavity promotes slow grow of lung cancer and make it invisible for some period of time. To my mind, at this level, tobacco use is considered to be a risk factor, because the impossibility to find out the disease and not in time treatment may lead to rather terrible results.

We will write a custom Essay on Health Outcome of Tobacco Use: Lung Cancer specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Smokers get more chances to get this disease than non smokers, this is why it is better to consult a doctor in one month or so in order to be sure that lung cancer does not threaten. Small cell lung carcinoma is such lung cancer that is certainly associated with smoking and can be rather dangers for smokers only. In this case, tobacco use is considered to a crucial etiological factor of the disease.

In general, tobacco use causes numerous diseases, and lots of them cause human deaths. This is why people should be rather careful when taking a cigarette to their hands. Tobacco use may be dangerous for adults and young people. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of people are aware about the danger of smoking, they continue smoking and worsen won health.

Lung cancer is one of the most spread diseases, which are caused by smoking, and it is necessary to find out what stage and type of lung cancer you get in order to choose proper treatment and get an opportunity to be saved. Very often, it is very difficult to find out lung cancer on its first stages, this is why such health outcome of tobacco use as lung cancer has to be analyzed and discussed in literature as frequent as possible to provide people with a chance to know what may kill them.

Reference List AMA (2009). Smoking and Tobacco Control. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles. Retrieved from

Hodge, D.R., Andereck, K.,


Classical and Behavioural Approaches Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Outline This is an essay which compares the classical approach to the management and behavioral approach to the management. The paper is designed in such a way that first, there is an introduction followed by the body of the paper. The body of the paper discusses the two approaches in brief along with stating their criticism. Then a conclusion is made from the said discussion.

Introduction The concept of management of people as an organized group must have existed ever since human beings started living in organized societies. History shows us that there have been many great empires and civilizations that have developed, grown, and decayed over a period of time.

For an organized activity to be successful there should exist, elements of leadership and management. It can be said that some form of management might have existed over the years. But it is only during the later half of the nineteenth century that established principles and theories of management began to emerge. The early theories of management, often referred to as scientific were based on increasing productivity in a competitive economy fuelled by the industrial revolution.

This approach in most cases treated people as machines without consideration of their feelings or not taking into account the fact that humans are complex beings. But ever since the shortcomings of a scientific approach became apparent a more human centric outlook developed. This viewpoint is referred to as the behavioral approaches, began to take into account that employees are motivated by factors other than money.

Due to the importance of management with regard to an organization’s growth and success, it is important to understand the history of management theories. Growing levels of communication, travel, globalization, and free trade have made the market highly competitive and mangers should be aware of the complexities of management.

They should be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches mentioned above. This paper is an attempt at explaining the two approaches followed by a comparative analysis of the same. The first section will discuss scientific management theories followed by behavioral approaches. A comparative analysis will be done next before concluding the paper.

Classical approach to management

Management principles as they exist today have been evolved over a period of time. Its emergence is not a phenomenon of the twentieth century only. Management, in one form, or other existed in the other social, political and economic life of mankind throughout the ages. It has grown along with other social, political and economic institutions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In olden days it existed in the form of personal leadership. When trade developed, with increasing out put of artisans, management of some type developed. However, the problems of management in those days were simple and capable of easy solution. Henry Fayol, F.W. Taylor and Max Weber contributed much classical approach of management.

The classical period

1890- 1930 is considered as the classical period. This period is called as scientific management period because only during this period the contributions of F.W. Taylor and Henry Fayol furthered the causes of scientific management. Till then management was concerned only in terms of privileges, authority and obligations of ownership. However this period witnessed a great advance in the management practice and also the introduction of better and faster methods of production.

The salient features of this period can be outlined as follows.

Various methods were devised for utilizing human effort intelligently with a view to maximize the output with minimum waste.

Work was planned and controlled.

The organizational structure was thoroughly overhauled.

Wage payment systems were made incentive-oriented so as to provide maximum motivation to workers.

Contribution by different theorists

The classical approach of management is enriched with the contribution by different theorists on different aspects of classical approach. They are explained below.

F.W. Taylor, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

F.W. Taylor was considered as one of the greatest classical theorists of management and he is the father of scientific management movement. Taylor was one of the first theorists to introduce scientific management principles in management. According to Taylor, scientific management is the discovery of best method of performing a particular work under the existing conditions of knowledge and organizing ability.

He also tried to develop the best and fruitful method of productivity in a given situation. The implementation of scientific management can increase the productivity as it uses the standardized tools and methods. The scientific management approaches focuses on the group efforts rather than individual efforts.

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth also contributed much scientific management approach of classical theories of management. They helped Taylor in the development of scientific management principles. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth contributed much in designing the principles related to time study and motion study (Historical perspective on productivity improvement, 2008).

We will write a custom Essay on Classical and Behavioural Approaches specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Henri Fayol and Mary Parker Follet

Henry Fayol developed certain principles which could be used in all management situations. The main contribution by Fayol includes he introduced the concept of division of industrial activities. He also contributed some essential qualities of an effective manager. He is the management expert who classified the management process in to different functions like planning, organizing…etc. He was the developer of 14 principles of managenet (What are the 14 Principles of Management, 2009).

Mary Parker Follet attempted to interpret classical management principles in terms of human factors. She gave solution for managing the conflicts in the organizations. She also suggested that the managers should be ready to recognize the importance of group work and the manager should be a good co-coordinator.

Max Weber – Bureaucracy

Max Weber is another expert in classical approach of management. Weber was of the opinion that well established principles and practices were the best option for growth and productivity. Once the best practices are indentified they should be implemented and practiced without fail. He was also in favor of a high hierarchical structure with clear cut directions which should be followed to the letter.


However in the development of management, scientific management stressed the application of methodology of science rather than individual wisdom and ability in the running of an industry.

Critics of scientific management state that those who follow the scientific management viewed the business organization from extremely mechanical view and treated the worker as a rational profit maximizing element of the system. Thus scientific management, which is considered as the greatest among the classical approach is suffering from this kinds of criticism.

Behavioral approach to management

The industrial revolution and the growth of job opportunities resulted in a mass migration of rural population to the cities. The appalling working conditions brought about by scientific management and the general changes and liberalization in societies resulted in an approach that is more attuned toward the needs of workers other than their salaries and wages. “Several prominent theorists began to direct their attention to the human element in the workplace.

Elton Mayo, Mary Parker Follett, Douglas McGregor, Chris Argyris, and Abraham Maslow were writers who addressed this issue by contending that increased worker satisfaction would lead to better performance” (Behavioral management theory, n.d.). The above list is not comprehensive and only illustrative of the change in approach. This section will focus on theories that had a strong impact in shift of approaches from a scientific one to a more humanistic approach.

Studies by Roethlisberger


The Iroquois Theater Report college application essay help

December 30, 1903 was an ordinary day, when lots of women and man took their children and decided to spend some time at the theater and watch a musical Mr. Bluebeard, Jr. starring Eddie Foy. The Iroquois Theater was a new place for people to relax and enjoy the plays of actors: people came, amazed, and came back to their homes.

However, on December 30, 1903, lots of visitors of the Iroquois Theater did not come back home, as they were burnt alive: more than 550 lives were taken in 20 minutes. Some people got a chance to be saved from that fire, however, the vast majority of those people died at hospitals, on streets, and even in cars.

The Iroquois Theater Fire was a real tragedy for the citizens of Chicago, Illinois and now, is considered to be one of the deadliest fires, which happen in single buildings; in total, more than 600 people lost their lives; the city lost its property, and the society learned several rather serious lessons and realized that careless activities of some people may take lives of the others, and the guilt for the deaths cannot leave a person forever.

One of the most terrible shocks for the Americans during the investigation was the fact that the Iroquois Theater Fire took more lives than the Great Chicago Fire, however, the damage of the building was minor (Ramroth, 60). Because of fire-resistant walls and roof structure, repair of the theater did not take too much time, and in 1925, this building presented the same theater but only with another name, than, it was the Colonial Theater.

The number of lives, which were lost during the fire, is terrible: “575 or 30 percent were killed, 212 of them children, and 76 of whom were age 10 or under. Another 25 died later from burns and injuries” (Norbury, 12).

Also, it is necessary to mention that only one member of cast, Nellie Reed, was trapped by the fire and died. Looking at such numbers and imagining that these losses happened within 20 minutes in one building, it is impossible to believe that such things happened in real and no one could be blamed for this. Alive children were killed by the fire, their mothers watched how fire took them away, and lots of families were destroyed by ignorant attitude of the theater’s workers.

It turns out to be very difficult to comprehend what lesson society learnt from the Iroquois Theater Fire: several witnesses and workers of the theater were accused by the grand jury, however, none of them was convicted, and only 39 claimants got some financial support (Norbury, 13).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This lesson should be significant for the members of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). This organization is aimed at reducing fires and possible losses, cost by fires. In 1903, they made one terrible mistakes and did not find time to check the condition of the building and possible available exits, as a results, more than 500 people were in trap and did not have a chance to continue their lives after the performance.

Another lesson that had to be learnt from that fire was the necessity to strengthen all the regulations and check the availability of all possible exits. On the one hand, the Americans tried to learn on this mistake and cared about the exits in all American theaters. On the other hand, such care for exits was inherent to theaters only.

The managers did not find it important to take the same measures at nightclubs and some other public places. This is why the fires in other places for entertainments took place as well, it was the same hard to find out who is a guilty one and punish him/her according to law.

To my mind, if some people, who were responsible for the Iroquois Theater Fire, were punished harder but not just paid some money, the attention to fire protection in buildings and availability of exits could considerably increase. This is why lots of people learnt one more lesson from that fire – even human lives could be bought, and money could prevent possible punishment.

By means of the analysis why the theater was opened without proper check and protections, it is obvious that holidays and desire to buy more tickets and earn money served as the main factors to open this public place earlier than it should actually be.

Such selfish ends lead to one tragic and became a significant lesson for the United States of America. In Chicago, all theaters were closed and required all the necessary inspections in order to present safe performances. With time, other public places in America were closed or undertook serious repairs.

A number of laws, important regulations, and important codes, which had to regard fire safety, were taken; this very way, many Americans demonstrated that they can learn from their mistakes. However, I still wonder whether people really need some tragedies or catastrophes in order to start appreciating own life. So, any way, people should care about own future and the future of their own children and be able to create safe conditions anywhere.

We will write a custom Report on The Iroquois Theater specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Norbury, Frank. A Matinee to Remember. 2009. Web.

Ramroth, William, G. Planning for Disaster: How Natural and Manmade Disasters Shape the Built Environment. New York: Kaplan Publishing, 2007.


Evaluating the Internal Environment of Woolworths Australia Essay essay help free: essay help free

The internal environment of an organization consists of its available resources, inherent capabilities and competencies, and the structure of its inner systems and processes (The Internal Environment 2006, p. 126). It is absolutely necessary for business managers to commence organizational internal analysis as it assists them to understand the firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

This in turn helps the company to devise suitable strategies aimed at leveraging its strength to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the area of investment (Stahl


Changes Brought by Millennium and the Workers of All Ages Essay essay help online: essay help online

Why and how does the world change? What causes all these changes and how they affect our future and present? These and many other similar questions bother so many people day by day, and it turns out to be not very easy to find the proper answers all the time. Changes take place in each sphere of life: politics, science, education, business, religion, etc.

The world of business is one of those spheres, which undergo certain changes at first, and when people entered the new millennium not long time ago, they faced certain challenges like fear of something new and unknown, generation gap between the employees, necessity of communication between employees and their managers, this is why people have to be ready to catch every detail at their working places, process it, and use in accordance with the requirements.

It is impossible to avoid or neglect changes, which are inherent to the sphere of business, this is why it is crucially important for both employers and employees to comprehend why this or that change takes place and what should be done to correspond to new demands. “Change can be friendly for people who embrace it. But in this environment, you’ll have to be alert and move fast to capture the opportunities that change creates” (Bossidy and Charan, 57).

Without any doubts, changes make people worry, be anxious, and even start panicking, so, to cope with any challenge, people should be able to evaluate the situation, even try to help each other, and comprehend that only two things matter for out society – capital and knowledge. Nowadays, capital means a lot for managers, and they try to enlarge it as quickly as possible and have enough reasons to improve it day by day.

Together with the new millennium, new generation of workers comes as well, and managers should find ideas to unite the already working employees with those, who just come. If the managers fail to do so, numerous misunderstandings and miscommunications can happen and spoil the results of the whole work. In fact, “the meaning of work has changed over the centuries” (Smola and Sutton, 363), and any worker should be able to define work values in accordance with current changes and demands.

To my mind, maturity is one of the issues, which are always overestimated. Elder people truly believe that their experience always plays a significant role at work, and new comers with their fresh ideas should disturb them with possible innovations and changes. It is better to provide new generation with a chance to improve work and conditions to evaluate the results and come to conclusion that certain innovations may be rather beneficial and helpful.

Another change that was brought by Millennium is communication that happens between workers and their managers. Lots of sources and investigations prove that employees prefer to communicate with managers by means of their iPods several times per day.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Such frequent communication allows employees to listen to critique, evaluate personal achievements, and get more inspiration for work. This is why managers should be able to help employees by means of “singling out strong performance, steering them toward improvement opportunities and offering plenty of support along the way” (Downs, 29).

In general, the changes in the new millennium should not frighten employees and managers, but encourage them to improve personal skills and work. By means of innovative technologies, abilities to exchange information quicker and safer, people can save their time and spend it on self-improvement and mutual assistance. Only in this case, our society will be ready to any challenge and be able to present successful outcomes of their work in the new millennium.

Works Cited Bossidy, Larry and Charan, Ram. “What the World Is Changing.” In Confronting Reality: Doing What Matters to Get Things Right. Crown Business, 2004: 29-58.

Downs, Kathleen. “Managing Gen Y in Recessionary Times.” Business Credit (Apr. 2009): 28-29.

Smola, Karen, W. and Sutton, Charlotte, D. “Generational Differences: Revisiting Generational Work Values for the New Millennium.” Journal of Organizational Behavior 23 (2002): 363-382.


If Machiavelli were alive today, what kinds of recommendations would he make to someone who wanted to gain and retain political office? Essay best college essay help

The author of the quotation “the end justifies the means” (Weeraratne 68), the father of the political theory, the teacher, and the best example for so many current leaders, Niccolò Machiavelli lived at the end of the 15th century and at the beginning of the 16th century and could not even guess how powerful his ideas would be during the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Italian philosopher and writer created his works in order to help men comprehend what they should do, how they should do, and what they should not do anytime. The readers usually appreciate reliable pieces of advice, this is why Machiavelli’s works are still in such unbelievable demand.

The time changes the world, however, some words, which were told in the past, may be rather relevant to the situations, which happen nowadays. Machiavelli’s works have a considerable impact on our modern politicians, taking into consideration the fact that he worked during the far 16th century; and now, let’s only imagine how powerful and helpful his ideas for those, who want to gain a political office, could be, if Niccolò Machiavelli was alive today.

In 1513, Niccolò Machiavelli wrote his Prince, the political treatise, where he gave certain pieces of advice for the prince to enlarge his power at the expense of his principality. This philosopher truly believed that the main purpose of any prince is to create a stable state and did not care about the actions and their consequences, even if there are cruel. It does not matter that someone could hate or even despise the prince, the only thing that mattered was power, obedience, and victory.

To my mind, some of his ideas are used or at least taken into consideration by the members of political offices. A modern political office is “the office of Member of Parliament, Member of the European Parliament, or a member of a local authority or any position within a political party” (Sargeant and Lewis 369).

If Niccolò Machiavelli was alive today, his recommendations to people, who wanted to retain a political office, could be rather various. First of all, he would recommend the representatives of the parliament to forget about people’ demands and care about personal prosperity. If people do not have too much, they do not have many reasons to lose something or care about something, this is why these people are easy to control, and the representatives of the political office can gain any sphere of life within a short period of time.

A person wants to gain a political office, but there is a few number of places to take. This is why it is necessary to make the representatives of the parliament drop their business or at least prove the others own abilities to become a worthwhile part of the political office. Nowadays, people already have so many things, much money, real estate, and own business, this is why another brilliant idea of Machiavelli may be closely connected to the strategy that could lead to loss of all those things and poverty.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More By means of taxes and price rising, it is possible to make those, who have too much, pay more. One day, it would be impossible to solve all those financial problems, and people would be eager to change the parliament. And here you are: ready to help, provide financial support, save the country, and make this country respect and be afraid of your power.

Of course, all these ideas are not fair enough; however, as Machiavelli said “the end justifies the means” (Weeraratne 68).

Works Cited Sargeant, Malcolm and Lewis, David. Employment Law. England: Pearson Education Limited, 2008.

Weeraratne, Andrew. Uncommon Commonsense Steps to Super Wealth – Your (Hero’s) Journey. Florida: Passerelle Corp, 2007.


Mock Interview using Face-to-Face Interview Technique Qualitative Research Essay essay help free: essay help free

The data collection techniques used by a researcher are important in any research process since they primarily determine the validity and reliability of the study findings. There exists a wide range of data collection techniques that can be used by social scientists to collect primary data in key research areas (Wilson


Karl Marx’s argument Essay online essay help

Karl Marx with his expertise in politics was able to determine certain differences between capitalism and communism that later on defined boundaries between major super powers of the world. Capitalism, according to Karl Marx (1996) is the weakened method of analyzing democracy as it never pertains to the provisioning of democracy, no matter how much the capitalist describe their actions to be more of a democratic.

Most of the western countries are capitalist, i.e. the system of privatization. According to Karl (1996) this system is unjustified because it doesn’t provide the equality and same civil rights for all the citizens. The reason he stated for this argument was his approach towards the agents that bring the money to the society. He looked towards the low level labor force that most of times is relieved from their rights. The wages are too low and as the owner has been given the right to control, he just dictates his terms on this labor.

Thus when a person is involved in laboring, he usually is subjected to only his wage which is pretty low. The class system develops as a result and certainly the equality of the capital remains unequal with the owner getting all the benefits and laboring force getting nothing from it (Dahl, 2000). On the other hand, he believed that communism offers much more democratic rights to the people. Karl stated that capitalist countries often make certain claims that people can do whatever they want to do (Karl, 1996).

Also they can be sure of their requirements as well but Karl objected this notion in practical analysis. He stated that it is not what capitalism offers. Capitalism on paper makes everything to work according to plan but it doesn’t offer anything. Take example of United States, where the class system obliges various constraints on the people living. The social discrimination is high above the sky.

People work fulltime, part time but they are unable to bear their expenses, the health care is provided to those who are rich and have enough money to pay for the insurance. Large entities can determine their own policies and impact the government policy as well. What kind of democracy is this? Karl justified his argument by describing the practical approach rather than emphasizing on the voting system and allowing voters to vote for whomever they want (Wolff, 2003).

Capitalism has been there for many years now right from early to Middle Ages. The history analysis will prove that nothing was special about it as the same principle of democracy was only effective until the selection process (Dahl, 1991). After that process, the government or governing body was unaware of the lives the people are living.

Communism on the other hand has been a relatively new concept. The uniformity of power is the main essence of communism. Karl in his definition of communism, forced to view the role of the agent, i.e. the persons who work for an organization (Wolff, 2003). According to the communism theory, the workers are the owners (Wolff, 2003). They will get what they need and they will give what others need.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is the social system which is based on no discrimination and with full civil rights. The people can do fishing in the morning and boating in the evening without ever being fisherman and boatman at all. They know that they will get what they need in the time of distress and they know what other people need and they give them that as well. This is the basic classification of communism and very effective mode of democracy which is absent in the capitalism concepts.

The exploitation of workers by capitalism is removed in the communism, as stated by Karl (1996). The socialist state can only remain dream if not worked out entirely. The formation of new man and woman is very important indeed in order to stay put. Communism doesn’t have anything of democracy in it but rather communism is the base of democracy. Communist states follow strict rules for justice but capitalist who follow the democratic rules are not effective at all.

According to Karl (1996) the human freedom is basic realization of the social state. Social class system is the alienation of the human beings from each other.

Marx also stated that human freedom is not about absence of restraints but actions with content (1996). People should not be dictated to what to do and what not do as the capitalist do, but they have the right to analyze their own ideas and generate the right path for them as they like. He argued that the important discrepancy in the capitalism is that they have made the main agent, worker, to become a victim of social class system.

The fair share of profit for the worker is out of question which leads to the economic downfalls. Marxism says that the conflicts arise because of the discrimination and the whole thing will move a capitalist society towards the communist society. Though there are various steps involved in the process. According to Karl (1996) the conversion is not that simple and is continuous with time and events.

When the conflicts arise, the productive property becomes common rather having a sole owner but still some class difference will continue to take place. This phase will make the capitalist society a social society. As the time will pass, this society will become a fully functional communist society. Therefore it is quite easy to state that the communism is naturally the best way of operating the society.

Soviet Union is the biggest state formed on the theology of communism. Various forms of communisms have been implemented at various stages though Marxism is the basic theory. After the success in World War II, Soviet Union emerged as a successful state by forming industries.

We will write a custom Essay on Karl Marx’s argument specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The main point, however, was the collectivization where Karl always emphasized (McLellan, 1971). At that period more than one third of the countries followed communism as the mode of government rather of it being a theory. Even after the fall of Soviet Empire, the countries that were present in Soviet Bloc still practice communism because they are well known with the benefits of being a part of a society that is fully functional and responsible for its dwellers.

The democratic states of the world, however, cannot agree with Karl Marx and his theory. Even if the things are seen practically, their point of reference will remain the same which is that they allow the people to choose whoever they want. This is the complete definition of the democracy regardless of what happens afterwards. If we critically analyze the situation around the world, the communist states are being tagged as fallen under the dictators.

The closer look will help us find the truth that the people are relevantly living a pleasant life, pleasant in the sense that every one of those comes under the same class system and has the same benefits and needs (Held, 2006). This is where the socially responsible society comes to surface. The true democracy can only be held when the communism is followed. Karl Marx has justified the approval of communism by some very important functional points which stand in front of all the democratic countries (Maguire, 1978).

Capitalism is only the searching and acquiring of the capital and its sources and it cannot be prevailed to be working as the sole mode of government in any country as it doesn’t offer the same kind of social and justice system in any kind. The capitalist governments only invest where they can have profits but not where the people need it. The largest entities nowadays belong to USA which can clearly describe the inequality in the uniformity of the capital.

A large population still is living a low standard life including the discrimination and racism between different races. How can this be called a democratic society where people are staggeringly behind their neighbors? Karl Marx was true in his believing because he was looking towards a system which is flawless and offers much more flexibility to its population (Maguire, 1978). The arguments of Karl greatly describe communism as the best way for democracy which capitalist states cannot offer.

List of References Dahl, Robert A., 2000. On Democracy. New York: Yale University Press.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Karl Marx’s argument by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Maguire, John., 1978. Marx’s Theory of Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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North Korea Nuclear Issue Research Paper a level english language essay help

In June 2009, the regime in North Korea declared that it would transform its plutonium stockpiles into nuclear weapons in response to the latest round of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council to punish Pyongyang for going ahead with its nuclear testing programmes (MacAskill para. 1). Although analysts perceive the nuclear issue as an artificial crisis developed by North Korea for the objective of blackmailing the West, all indicators point to the fact that Pyongyang’s nuclear threat is real.

The regime is believed to be in possession of sufficient plutonium for at least six deadly nuclear bombs. Also, the regime is believed to be in possession of an estimated 8,000 spent fuel rods that could facilitate the harvesting of 6-8kgs of plutonium if they are reprocessed (MacAskill para. 10).

According to nuclear analysts, this quantity is enough to manufacture one nuclear bomb. This paper purposes to discuss the threats posed by North Korea’s nuclear material, the basis of a rational settlement between the US and the regime, and the role of Japan and China in the whole process.

A possible Nuclearization of North Korea will have a negative consequence on the whole of Asia. The prospects of nuclear armed North Korea will definitely pose a major hazard to South Korea, in addition to offering the regime a chance to enhance its policy of communizing the south (Evans para. 31).

Allowing North Korea to arm itself with nuclear weapons may indeed occasion a nuclear domino outcome in the whole of Northeast Asia as other countries within the region may also want to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to counter or neutralize Pyongyang’s nuclear capacity. Such an arrangement will inarguably threaten world peace, in addition to putting the entire Asian region in the whirlpool of a nuclear arms race.

This would definitely lead to a nuclear proliferation cascade in the region due to the fact that countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will be offered the incentives to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Given the nature and temperament of leaders in the regime, a nuclear armed North Korea will definitely occasion aggressive activities, further destabilizing the Northeast region in particular and the whole world in general (Barry 41).

Finally, if the regime in North Korea disintegrates or is toppled when in possession of nuclear arsenal, the world peace will be undeniably threatened by the loose nuclear weapons which may find their way into renowned terrorist networks such as the Taliban and alQaeda.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Many Analysts believe that a suitable settlement between the US and North Korea on the nuclear issue cannot be achieved by taking hard-line stances or branding the regime in North Korea ‘an axis of evil’ as former US president George Bush once said during his State of The Union address (Evans para. 42).

Also, a peaceful solution to the issue cannot be realized by criminalizing North Korea’s nuclear activities, and thereby seeking for blanket punishment. One of the most viable options in the quest of finding a long-lasting solution to the nuclear issue is the use of dialogue and diplomacy. Bilateral consultations between the US and the defiant North Korea as well as multilateral consultations between the US and North Korea’s neighbours in Northeast Asia will definitely bring results (Sang-Jin 12).

Some critics may want to point out that such talks have been tried before and failed. Comprehensive research reveals that these bilateral and multilateral talks fail since stakeholders, especially the US, goes into the talks with a predetermined course of action (Barry 41). This should be discouraged since the talks must be flexible and appealing to both sides.

To secure the world peace, the nuclear issue pitying the US and North Korea should be solved through a give-and-take framework (Barry 41). Incentives and disincentives should be used rather than threats of military intervention to ensure the North Korean regime stops its nuclear ambitions.

The role of China and Japan in the peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue is both critical and urgent. China, for instance, has more communication conduits with the North Korean regime than any other country as it supplies it with food and fuel (Evans para. 50).

As such, China can be influential in convincing the regime to surrender its nuclear ambitions in exchange of incentives such as financial and technological aid. Beijing’s proactive diplomacy can be constructively used to resolve the impending destructive crisis (NTI para. 4). This is because China has played the role of an arbiter to the crisis, and is averagely respected by the generals in Pyongyang.

During times when the nuclear issue seems to get out of control, China has always found a way of appealing to both the US and Pyongyang to exercise restraint and flexibility, not mentioning the fact that it has been at the forefront in arranging tripartite meetings between the US, North Korea and Beijing to discuss the issue.

We will write a custom Research Paper on North Korea Nuclear Issue specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Japan’s role in the whole process cannot be underestimated. Although Japan has a direct interest in the whole issue due to its captured people during the cold war (Parry para. 3), it has continued to normalize its relationship in ways that would contribute to the wellbeing, peace and stability of the region. Japan has indeed hosted several bilateral and multilateral meetings while pursuing active diplomacy instead of blatant threats to ensure that an amicable solution is found.

Works Cited Barry, M.P. North Korea Requires Long-Term Strategic Relationship with the US. International Journal on World Peace, 24:37-41.

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Martin Luther’s Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation as a Historical Document Essay essay help: essay help

Martin Luther was one of the most famous and influential theology professors of the 16th century, who supported the Protestant Reformation and truly believed that God’s punishment could not be abolished by means of money. His Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation was the call for all German nobles in order to reform the church and prove that the Bible was the only reliable source about Christ, his ideas, and suggestions of how to obtain forgiveness.

This document should be regarded as a political, religious, and historical one, because Martin Luther made a wonderful attempt to identify the audience of his speech and provided several reasons of why this document could become influential from several perspectives. He also explained why the church had to be changed, why it was so important to hurry, and what outcomes had to be expected.

The temporal German nobles had the same authority as any clergymen in the Roman church, this is why they had opportunities to change the situation and made it better. Martin Luther cried aloud for help and asked God to save them in the name of people, and saw nobles as the leaders, who could provide people with fresh hope and break down the walls, which divide people into poor and rich against God.

According to its meaning, a historical document is considered to be any paper that was written in the past and aimed at helping people to comprehend own history, events, and society. Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation is an excellent example of a historical document because it provides us with a chance to learn more about the events, which happened in the past, and how the Roman church could control people, their emotions, thoughts, and actions.

“This it is no compels me to cry out and call upon God to send down his Spirit upon some one who shall reach out a hand to this wretched people” (Luther 1520). Luther (1520) admitted that “a certain man” and his cunning was the source of the evil. Of course, because of his angry and hostility to the Pope, the reader comprehends who is represented under the image of a “certain man” and why his actions are so wrong according to Martin Luther.

One of the most powerful means that Martin Luther used in his letter is the idea to stir up national feelings and provoke each citizen to rebel against the temporal author. It was not surprising that Luther paid much attention to the challenges and troubles, ordinary people could face with.

The more offended people could hear his words, the more people would support him and his ideas to reform. Another strong point of this letter is a proper structure and clear appeal. He defined the public, he underlined the problems, and he offered an appropriate step-by-step strategy to fight against the Pope.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, along with numerous advantages of the letter, Martin Luther did not take into consideration one little detail. It could happen that some rich people were dissatisfied with Pope’s authority as well and cast away possible support of wealthy people. The weakness of the letter is Luther’s one-sided discontent. He was so angry with the idea that only poor people faced challenges with sins’ remission, so that he did not have time or even desire to analyze the challenges of people from other classes.

Address to the Christian Nobility is Luther’s suggestion to break down three walls: “the Romanists have, with great adroitness, draw three walls round themselves, with which they have hitherto protected themselves, so that no one could reform them, whereby all Christendom has suffered terribly” (Luther 1520).

He underlined that spiritual power had to be higher them temporal power, and the nobles’ authority was considerable enough to change the reforms, offered by the Romanists, this was why those people, as no one else, should be respected and asked to help other people to protect themselves.

For that period of time, it was too dangerous to say aloud what challenges the Church created to European people, this is why Luther’s approach to create three walls and promote their destruction is a brilliant idea that should be comprehended by those, who was interested in the reforms.

Luther was too angry with the Pope, who used money as the major means to pay off for the sins. Luther denied the idea of buying forgiveness, this was why he decided to create a kind of denial to the Pope’s ideas and reforms and offer people to destroy the wall of Pope’s authority.

“I believe in the holy Christian Church,’ the Pope cannot alone be right; else we must say, ‘I believe in the Pope of Rome’” (Luther 1520). Luther said that Pope’s authority could not be announced till other people accept his authority, and he believed that if nobles denied Pope’s authority, the opportunity to change the church would appear.

The influence of Luther’s address to the nobility is regarded as one of the most considerable steps in the history of the 16th century. His suggestions, his discontent with temporal Church, and his trust to German nobility have solid backgrounds.

We will write a custom Essay on Martin Luther’s Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation as a Historical Document specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He explicated that current world and the politics of the Church was “not only open robbery and deceit and the prevailing of the gates of hell, but it is a destroying the very life and soul of Christianity” (Luther 1520). It was obligatory to stop their actions and provide all people with a chance to communicate with God from the same line without attention to financial and social status.

In general, Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation is a reliable historical document that aims at providing people with the information about the state of affairs between the Church and society at the beginning of the 16th century. The strong point of this document is its attention to both poor and rich people, their demands, and possibilities to meet these demands.

The weakness of the document is that Martin Luther took one position only, contrary to the Pope, this is why the description of the affairs goes from one wretched side. And according to Martin Luther, nobility was the only level of the population, who could influence the Church reforms and take into consideration the demands of poor people in order to strengthen their own positions and use poor people’s support.

Reference List Luther, Martin. 1520. Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation. Web.


Human Nature: “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli Analytical Essay scholarship essay help

Introduction In the observation of human behaviours examined in Machiavelli book, “The Prince”, he offers advice to the leaders especially politicians regarding how to gain and remain in power. People regard a prince as someone destined to inherit controlled leadership. The prince as illustrated in this text was someone with no secure measures to gain and retain the power.

If carefully considerations are made, some of the earlier tactics implemented in the Prince case are applicable for today’s leadership as they were way before in the sixteenth century. In his illustrations, Machiavelli exemplifies ideas over leadership styles as harsh and brutal. These might be the presentation pointing to the science in the political world. This paper is forms an analytical perspective of the Machiavelli’s book with regards to Human Nature.

Relevant aspects of ‘The Prince’ Principalities

According to Machiavelli, presentation of the laws of rule occurred through “Republics or Principalities”. The basis of the rule of principality is hereditary or established through the family lines. How are the rules of principalities supposed to be preserved?

As opposed to the freelance style of leadership, one of the difficulties over the heredity or one family customized leadership style that reflects to a hierarchical prince is the ability to contravene the ancestral background to be in a position of prudently control the outcome of circumstances as they arise in the modern world. (16)

Accurate and clear presentation of relevant aspects of ‘The Prince’ Statesmanship

According to Machiavelli, good laws emerge from good governance probably by utilizing the military style; he wrote that the military forces are the indication for safe law enforcement. An illustrated war is as a necessity for leadership but not definitive element of development in various states. Logically all states may have been build through violence and ‘The Prince’ indicates the possibilities of conducting a good and productive war.

Much productiveness provided on this text shows efficiency in “diplomacy, domestic politics, tactical strategies, geographical mastery and historical analysis”. War entails more than just physical encounter by military forces. From ‘The Prince’ context, “all armed prophets have succeeded and all unarmed ones have failed; in addition to what has already been said, people are by nature changeable.” (Machiavelli, 27)


Love from followers is not a requirement for a prince to remain in power but it is crucial for him to avoid hate by all possible ways. Fear is much better as opposed to hatred since the latter can cause easy downfall from power. In his advocacy on utility of cruelty in leadership, Machiavelli did not compromise people’s special long-term goodwill. He illustrated goodwill as the best defensive mechanism over domestic rebellion and foreign hostility.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Freewill

According to Machiavelli (86), properly achieved power is through competence and affluence is termed as “Fortune”, which is just by chance while competence is, “Prowess” which is more connected to talent. Determined power is therefore by a person’s freewill and the nature of the environment.

People have the power of shaping the destiny through confidence but this confidence is never absolute, therefore people can be able to shield against “fortune’s vicissitudes” through foresight. According to Machiavelli, (86) earlier leadership style compared fortune to a woman who, in order to be mastered needed to be jogged and beaten.


As Machiavelli puts it, virtue is the quality of a leadership praised by others. These may include but not limited to “generosity, compassion, and piety”. A good leader tries to appear confident and virtuous but this is not always supportive of principality. There are aspects pursued for the advantage of the state and not personal benefit. For instance, a prince should not employ cruelty or dishonesty if it benefits the state. It is important to conceive such measures with the measure of its impact to the state and not “its intrinsic moral values”.

Machiavelli’s guidelines over human nature In line with Machiavelli’s writing, “Love endures by a bond which men, being scoundrels, may break whenever it serves as an advantage to do so; but fear is supported by the dread of pain, which is ever present.” (90)

This translates that human nature unsurprisingly builds some traits such as self-interest, and dynamic human affections. As long as someone is not subject to a bad act then happiness prevails. People feel obliged to response when they receive a favour or service. According to Machiavelli, achieving loyalty is possible but when friendliness is never complete, it is lost.

An average powered prince should well established along the authority commanded and should have little or no cause for offending. The relationship with people will be strong and such leaders experience love unless unexpected misdemeanours cause hatred. It also translates that the subjects of such a leader are “naturally disposed towards him”. One change creates memories or intentions marshalled towards such a leader’s style or connected to her/his style of leadership and it recurs with commencing problems for another idea.

The reasons to investigate human nature business wise or professionally Machiavelli does not portray how leadership would be like within a civil government setting. Winning and losing people’s affection is common and they remain happy if there is no suffering or oppression due to failure. During the dissimilar or stressful times the same characteristics of trustworthiness portrayed during prosperous times changes to selfishness, deceitfulness, and profit-driven traits.

We will write a custom Essay on Human Nature: “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Business wise people admire respect, liberality, courage and faithfulness but the virtue of trust among them is left bearing in mind their ambitious nature just as if leaders are over-ambitious.

With regard to the ways that a leader can come into power as indicated in “The Prince” (53), prowess means ability to have personal skills and aptitude. This is a much more demanding way of obtaining status than concentrating on mare good luck. Good luck means dependence on charity or goodwill from friends. Also referred to as fortune, luck is quite unpredictable and may lead to a deposition as it had brought the prosperity.

Compared to prowess it is advisable for one to use personal skills to maintain the rules. Use of crime is also common phenomenon in leadership but a good manager should maintain leadership rules. “Crimes, coup, conspiracy or assassination” poses a great risk to the leader, they may lead to cruelty over the main subject matter affecting the business due to hatred or bitterness among the general population in this case employees. (54).

A good leader does not work to gain power but respect, which is a combination of both power and glory. “The answer is, of course, that it would be best to be both loved and feared. But since the two rarely come together, anyone compelled to choose will find greater security in being feared than in being loved.” (Machiavelli, 60)

The mixed principalities over human nature Any new principal in leadership encounters natural difficulties. People change rulers willingly as they seek better results and this makes them to become incoherent and against the ruler. Naturally, considering this as a deception, such reactions normally lead from bad to worse scenarios. The burden befalls those who stand submitted and in solidarity of new acquisitions. Such a leader must therefore have goodwill for the people to prosper. According to Machiavelli (5), “the prince, with little reluctance, takes the opportunity of the rebellion to punish the delinquents, to clear out the suspects, and to

Success and failures of Machiavelli’s Theory of human nature Some of the evident successes of the theories include the in-depth analysis of human nature in order to formulate recommendations for rulers. Some of the evident points included the personality, which portrays leaders as interested in themselves. They continuously have the mindset of “What’s in it for me”.

During their tenure, the focus is on honour or property as opposed to people’s needs. Evidently, to date, financial greed motivates leaders but forces them to stay put satisfied with the general states of affairs. Nevertheless, they still aim at achieving more powers by aspiring diligently unless compromised to react otherwise by external forces.

Machiavelli noted, “When neither their property nor honour is touched, the majority of men live content lives”. In this scenario, it is evidently true that they react in a trustworthy manner in good times or when they have different motives that will enable them to achieve some personal gain and at time of distress, they react dishonestly.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Human Nature: “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Today there is continuous buying of leadership but the leaders forget that bought friends are not true and are prone to radical changes. If the lack of accrued friendship by magnitude or through dignity of mind occurs, then it is not secure or reliable because it is prone to radical change within no time.

On the perspective of the same theories, Machiavelli acknowledges other virtues such as skills, wisdom, strength, high-quality decision-making ability, cunning, freewill and prowess. There are also fortune aspects such as luck/chance, probabilities, variations and external forces, which are basis for a leader’s control.

In his argument, they play an important role in controlling human behaviour and proceedings and carry nearly similar significance and control as the outcomes. “Therefore a prince will not actually need to have all the qualities previously mentioned, but he must surely seem to have them. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that having them all and always conforming to them would be harmful, while appearing to have them would be useful.” (Machiavelli, 63)

The failure of these assumptions is time since freewill was not common then as it is today. Other writes based their theories and thought to be beyond human control. Today as opposed to earlier times, people do not base event procedures to religions and believes but reality and logic.

They believe exclusively on divine destiny. It is barely impossible to base leadership on imitation of others as suggested by Machiavelli. It is equally ridiculous to learn traits of leadership from observing animal’s behaviours as he relates some virtues of leaderships such as strength and ferocity to the loin and slyness, cunning, understanding, and ability to manoeuvre through enemies to the fox.

One major question is whether a leader should be loved, feared or hated. Most leaders would choose love and fear at the same time but they rarely rhyme. It is therefore safer fearing a leader than loving.

The aspect that men would love according to personal will and fear out of will my be a personal opinion based upon the theory that they react in a dishonest manner while this do not go well, while break even when it is advantageous to them. “I conclude that since men love as they themselves determine but fear as their ruler determines a wise prince must rely upon what he and not others can control.” (Machiavelli, 61) The anxiety for punishment preserves fear and this generally never fail.

Conclusion Writing of “The prince” does not advocate for cruelty or other vices for leadership, but vices are for the reason that they safeguard prosperity of the state. Since a virtue should not take precedence over the state’s affairs, although admirable, avoiding generosity during leadership tenure is important because it may be a detrimental factor over future prosperity of the state. According to the cases portrayed by Machiavelli (57), a leader acts generously to produce the best consequences and that is the nature for utilitarianism

The Virtue of human nature in relation to “The Prince” According to Machiavelli, the basis of the ruler who in the office has the capability vary the personal conduct from good to evil and vice versa as the fortune or circumstances dictates. (66) Incidentally, virtue has a close connection to Machiavelli notion regarding power. Through virtue, a ruler is bund to competence in situations concerning application of power in politics as a touchstone for political success.

Thru understanding of virtues such, as right or wrong both ancient and modern ideas propose a theory of human nature. From the classical sense of the term virtue, Machiavelli interpretation of human nature shows a completely different angle and assumption compared to the modern definition and classical interpretation of the same.

For instance, the modern definition of human nature indicates non-existence of a connection between politics and moral virtue. The classical view on the other hand indicates them as connected.

Kantian theory The Kantian account of human nature indicates the biological nature of human beings with the complexity of the human mental abilities. Description of various predispositions is in terms of the purposes served. They provide the grounds for casual regulations, which determine human cognition, desires and feelings in relation to the environment. The argument taken by this study indicates existence of good empirical anthropology as the basis for an argument about moral claims of human beings.

The argument placed by Machiavelli indicates that free republics are pacifistic and certainly, the best for royal expansion and a guarantee for state survival. This is a classical and not democratic style of leadership .Machiavelli thought was that it would degenerate to tyranny founded on the modern style of liberal overview of elementary human rights. According to him, the powerful people threatened tyranny because they wanted to dominate while the mass reaction was against such dominance.

He believes in liberal imperialism, whereby people love glorifications and seeks to rule or avoid oppression. This is an indication that people want more for their personal and state’s gain as opposed to just the material interests. The historical records on post war periods of United States support Machiavelli argument but modern records conflicts since over liberty indicate questionable insights over control thus outweighing aggressiveness.

The pragmatic theory of human nature The philosophical definition of truth is the opinion ultimately agreed upon by those concerns. It is an agreement with reality over decisions and it works towards the human satisfaction. The theory attempts to outlay the consequences of emotions in relation to nature of concept and methods involved in governance.

Machiavelli adopted the position of pragmatic and principals through the experience. His writing of “the prince” he references the greatly on France because of his vast experience as a diplomat and secretary in the government. His writing contains no overenthusiastic praise of the monarchy system of hereditary governance, which supposedly was to promote superiority of the republicans.

His aim was to praise the republican style of governance over the monarchy system. Even the most excellent monarchy system of governance lacks the salient quantities. His work however praise the France monarchy system because of their excellence in dedication to the law compared to other kingdoms. “The kingdom of France is moderated more by laws than any other kingdom of which at our time we have knowledge,” Machiavelli declares (314)

Works Cited Machiavelli, Niccolao, 1469-1527. “The prince”. New York, NY: Penguin Classics Press 2003


Cooperation versus Competition Approach in Learning and Evaluation of Student Achievement Research Paper college essay help online: college essay help online

Introduction Within the last few decades, the general nature of strategies used in learning and evaluation of students’ progress in American schools has dramatically changed to coincide with changing educational needs and rapid advances in technology.

Consecutive studies have revealed that performance of students in educational tasks is affected by a multiplicity of influences that includes the social economic status, language barriers, school experiences, ethnic orientation and learning styles.

To date, the established explanatory models of educational performance have remained centered on internal characteristics to explain academic achievement, including unconstructive self concept, unproductive cultural attitudes and values towards education, bilingualism, low intelligence capacity, and apathy (Madrid et al, 2007, p. 155).

However, many educators are of the opinion that these explanations are not supported by available literature. In this respective, a significant debate interested in looking at how students can be assisted to achieve more optimally in class has been in the offing. It is the purpose of this paper to detail and compare cooperation and competition approaches in relation to learning and evaluation of student achievement.

Competition, Cooperation and Human Nature Many of the challenges that plague education in the 21st century can be better comprehended when viewed within the context of competition-corporation framework. Before getting into educational matters, it is imperative to note how the two concepts influence human nature. It is indeed true that many of the greatest accomplishments made by Americans as a society can only be credited to their strong and passionate competitiveness.

This view can greatly be supported by the US enterprise system that instills competitive views into the human nature. According to Astin (2000), “individuals [should be] given the maximum opportunity to compete with each other for the largest possible share of resources and rewards in society” (p. 182). In cooperation, human progress is viewed as a manifestation of our capacity to cooperate with each other towards the realization of some common objectives.

This view holds that achievement in every faculty of life must never be perceived as a conquest in the struggle with other individuals or as a triumph of the environment (Astin, 2000, p. 183). Within cooperation activities, people work together to achieve shared outcomes that are beneficial to themselves as well as other group members (“Cooperative Learning,” n.d., para. 1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Brief Overview of Cooperation and Competition Learning Educators and policy makers have used the concepts of cooperation and competition to understand the learning process and evaluate students’ progress or achievement. Cooperative learning is the instructional utilization of group dynamics in the learning process, which enable the learners to work together in the effort of enhancing their own benefits as well as that of other students within the group (“Cooperative Learning,” n.d., para. 1).

In cooperative learning, students are organized into small groups after getting the learning materials and instructions from the teacher. Learners are then supposed to work on the given task until they comprehend it as a group, not as individuals. This concept reinforces the view that success in the learning process or achievement of students must never be perceived as a conquest in the struggle with other students.

Rather, students must work hard to achieve mutual benefit by helping each other in the group and learning from each other’s efforts. In other words, success must be seen to benefit all students within the group since they share a common objective, “knowing that one’s performance is mutually caused by oneself and one’s colleagues” (“Cooperative Learning,” n.d., para. 1).

Competition learning exists when one learner is able to achieve his or her own objective while all the other students fail in their attempts to realize that objective (Gurien, Henley


Modern Working Life Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Effects of Motivation Theories at the work place

Effects and outcomes of stress in the workplace on individuals

Conclusion over Job Satisfaction


People as well as organizations are motivated to move from one status to another. This urge for advancement is the internal constrain that catalyzes human behaviours and growth. Trigger on human behaviours depends on the workplace inspirations. There is various motivation theories concern with interpreting how human beings behave at the workplace. Arguably there is need to understand the constraints affecting modern work-life and stress at the workplace.

The motivational theories may not be universally acceptable but they are important in studies concerning individual and organizational behaviour in modern workplaces. This paper addresses the effects of modernization at the workplace and its outcomes on individuals and organizations. How can the motivation be important on implementation of organization’s goals and addressing individuals’ needs especially in the twenty first century?

Introduction Today’s business world requires employees who are ready to share knowledge. This has emerged as an urgent business need and a measure of maintaining high-level role of intelligence. The biggest challenge to the individual is the need brings about the individual obligation to be equipped with the latest technological sophistication.

Most work environments today are technologically oriented. There is however very little indication that majority of the companies or organizations are working to meet employee’s needs to motive them to achieve the organizations’ goals through assessing their behaviours. The firms expect employees to workout any newly implemented systems at their own peril and struggle.

Most managers are result oriented who lack consideration for their achievement. This leaves the employees with the task of figuring out how the new technology should workout.

Effects of Motivation Theories at the work place The personal view of the workplace determines individuals’ behaviours during the process of undertaking a task. According to McGregor, the human elevation of entrepreneurship indicates that, some people have an inherent dislike of specific jobs or tasks and they literally try to avoid various chores, which seem stressful to them. As a result, this is a major impact on the organization’s social, cultural and economical growth. Another major impact of this notion is the effect of the individuals’ need to overcome or control the situation at hand.

An average human being would prefer guidance to making individual decisions rather that being responsible over bad decisions at the work place. Responsibility comes with the need to be ambitious other than rely on job security. This is not only an effect on the individual who lacks career and economical growth but also the organization. The organization run by low-minded individuals lack chances for economical growth.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The assumptions or arguments based upon this theory indicate the need for a managerial choice between tough administration and control or softness in governance to enhance harmony at the work place.

Today the latter situation merely exists, In line with McGregor (1984); this presumption does not bestow employees with the required high working motivation in the aim of fulfilling goals more than the need to ensure they receive financial remunerations. The employees behave in an unanticipated manner thus depriving the organization its goals.

The organization is capable of maximizing the potential of the employees by first addressing certain workplace conditions especially during the complex modern business world. Today people are not in a position to seek and accept responsibility as a way of achieving job or career satisfaction.

This is due to the huge work requirements and in-turn low returns. The organization can only receive commitment and good results if the employees involved feel satisfied and motivated. These problems at the work place are solvable through creativity, imagination and ingenuity, which in consideration are the drives towards accepting liability for development.

Proper treatment of the employees makes them to act by directing themselves towards commitments of the organizational goals, vision and mission. According to MaGrgor (1984), views over employees’ management, any member of staff is not ready to accept punishment in terms of poor working conditions or forceful control over performance.

The humble treatment by the employer towards the employees would sound ambiguous and unachievable particularly in large organizations. As much as it is effective in administrating managers or professionals due to its nature of conductively supporting participative problem solving procedures, it can work for junior employees as well.

Modern work places are full of commanding managers who want to exercise their authoritative rights thus offending and depressing the junior workers most of whom would be humble in fear of accusations over insubordination. This major effect comes about because today’s employees lack of security in the work force. The job that one does is the only security thus the fear for losing it. The blame would be the low rates of returns. The income has various deductions to a point of denying the earner a chance for personal investment.

We will write a custom Essay on Modern Working Life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More People have endless need or urge to control others and this can lead to misery or failure in the workplace. It is very crucial to assign responsibilities in order to control tasks. One person is not supposed to control everything in the organization. The power distribution strategy promotes growth due to proper decision-making procedures.

In most work places today, the consultation of general employees over problem solving occur only when it is the last and only option especially when the required information is technical in nature. Employees feel emotionally important and positively motivated towards their jobs if consulted over issues affecting the organization especially when it concerns their lines of duty.

In the modern life, technology advancement, require quick upgrading of personal skills. This issue make most managers to feel threatened by other junior staff over their job titles. ( Reitman and Schneer, 2008) Research has indicated this as a major source of conflicts and disagreements over desirable results of a task.

This situation mostly affects the organization’s growth because of managers abandoning the most desirable results as irrelevant since they pose as challenges over their careers. According to McGregor (1984), proper management calls for requesting explanations over complex matters or issues at hand for full understanding of purpose of action. This procedure put forth the character-trends and empowerment for improved working methods. (McGregor, 1984)

Improved results in the workforce are achievable if employees are elevated to a view of being in charge and having a respectable and important position along the management hierarchy. His is termed as “participative management of problems solving” which is evidently better compared to the authoritarian system of leadership.

According to McGregor (1984), Staff members only contribute towards the organization’s growth if the managerial treatment indicates responsibility and value of the employees.

Effects and outcomes of stress in the workplace on individuals Today, people are fighting to achieve or seek excellence and appreciation over their offers to the organization. The overtime experiences are the determinant forces over human needs. By nature, majority of people are high achievers seeking excellence, frequent recognition and appreciation. Unlike the olden days, today’s employees are not ready to take the significant risks, which have high chances of career gain.

Secondly, human needs require them to search for affiliation to harmonize relationships with others and create compliance with instances that assist them to stand out from the crowd. Some people will shy away from seeking approval and recognition form fellow workmates but will rather try to find relationship that harmonize their association with others.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Modern Working Life by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Today’s work setting has created power seekers who aim at controlling others and seeking higher achievement in the administration ladder without considering professional achievements. The need to achieve higher power control or higher career goals calls for one to hunt for agreement and compliance among fellow employees or management. If people try to understand the need for professional experience, then they appreciate their social, educational and the category, which they belong to and this would enable them curb the excessive personal predispositions at the workplace. (Maslow, 1987)

Than logical facts, personal feeling affects thoughts of people at the work place. If initiated, the personal feelings tend to stick because they are independent of facts and evidences. They are emotional preferences, which tend to stay put even when the original thoughts are invalid of the situation at hand.

The managers ought to initiate some rational or logical sense into the employee to get them emotionally involved or engaged in a task. The establishment of emotions leads to removal or ignorance of the rational thoughts yet the rationality behind one’s feelings plays an important role in reasoning.

Research indicates that personal attitudes and behaviours at work are the root cause of uncharacteristic behaviours at the work place. It is rare to find someone who has positive attitude towards work. The attitude mainly lowers self-motivation and disfigures key organizational goals or mission.

If constrained to specific circumstances, attitudes deteriorate consistency, social desirability and personal experiences. It is important for managers to monitor such reactions or behaviours other than assuming that the attitude would workout to the desired performance. According to Maslow, (1987), the undesired attitude often causes confusion at the work place.

People at the work place will behave as though the challenges involved do not belong to them. Attributing the cause of events in the workplace creates a big sense of control. Today the workplace is full of the blame game because of the habit of attributing the problems to internal and external factors.

A person will blame the internal personality factors or the external factors when the errors seem to incline to their side. This is a personal trait, which if not curbed, can cause the organization to suffer from economically stunted growth. For instance if a team wins in a competition, the supporters will state, “we won” while when the team loose they say “they lost” and not “we lost” or they say “the other team won”. Naturally, no one wants to say we lost. Emotional and motivational factors drive the personal attributions.

People often face with the challenge of having internal over external attributes. Making internal attributions about others within the organization damages the trust among employees. The repetitive problem leads to cognitive dissonance of an organization sticks when the blame persists. People can only take care of these vice if they are in position to eliminate the incorrect attributions. (Maslow, 1987)

In the world of technology, the difference of opinion usually referred to as dissonance, is a powerful motivator which enables us to change conflicting believes or actions. Dissonance creates a feeling of painful tension due to conflicting thoughts.

It solely depends on the importance of the subject matter, amount of tension on the dissonant mind and the inability to rationally control and resolve the conflict. People will have a strong dissonance when the personal believe is strong and they act centrally to that believe. Cognitive dissonance is a strong central mechanism appearing in most situations and it increases with importance or impact of the decision, which in most cases is difficult to reverse.

The feeling of uneasiness in the workplace ought to send aside so that the affected can find persuasive ways to change believes personal values, attitudes and behaviours. (Maslow, 1987) When personal inner feelings are in alignment, then it is easy for one to achieve a comfortable condition. In order to control conflicts in an organization, one would deny, ignore and rationalize excuses over performance.

Other ways of controlling the conflicting situations may include separating entities, transcendence, changing the entities or persuading. There is need for managers to show how the conflict may affect other important social norms of the organization. The commonness of inconsistency today calls for deeper thoughts regarding other people’s potential ability in the workplace with relation to the undertaken task. (Romando, 2007)

The other burning issue in the work place involves setting goals. The employees find set goals they might not be able to achieve. They need to be involved so that they participate in laying down understandable, unambiguous but challenging, and achievable goals.

In relation to Romando (2007), organizational goals include directional objectives in which case motivation aims at arriving to particular conclusions. Organizational goals enable employees and employers to narrow down their differences to think over and support a conclusion. People become optimistic on the subject of achieving goals when deliberation is non-existent.

Such a setting creates motivation due to the anticipated ability to arrive to a possible conclusion that supports advancement especially when the cost of being inaccurate seems to be very high. Unpredictably, investors are willing to invest more if the efforts are inclining to high and accurate goals.

The organization’s chances of advancement depend upon influences over choices concerning beliefs and decision-making regulations. Accurateness of goals causes complex responses thus making people to think purposefully about their actions. According to Romando in 2007, personal preference entails the ultimate choice.

While probing Maslow’s work Romando (2007) explained that, Maslow’s research over human behaviours in the workplace explains the ERG management theory. It is a satisfactory theory that examines organizational leadership style from a humanistic philosophical perspective.

“Abraham Maslow, author of Motivation and Personality, views people from a holistic perspective and delineates a hierarchy of human needs as physiological, safety, esteem, self-actualization, belongingness and love. This he simplified into three sets of needs: Existence, Relatedness and Growth (hence ‘ERG’).”

People need to seek social growth at their work places because this is the basis for creativity and hence the organization is physical, social, cultural and economical growth. Social growth also enhances the sense of completeness and fulfilments. (Romando, 2007)

Conclusion over Job Satisfaction Current stress or stains at the workplace build up due to inefficient job satisfaction. The situation may be caused by the overall degradation of the economy thus the financial strains among organizations, low income, low resources, high rates of conflicts among workers, poor decision making procedures, fear for break-down and job dissatisfaction.

Reduction of stain entails achieving satisfaction or changing the approaches used towards work. “People either take work as a job mainly for financial rewards but not interest, as a career where interest is advancement on the career ladder or as a calling where the focus is on the work itself other than advancement or financial fulfilment.”

People should gather some good behavioural patters such as having mechanisms for improving personal skills, coming up with personal projects and enhancing good rapport with co-workers to gain knowledge and encounter new challenges.

There is urgent need for people to learn the concepts of braking job monotony such as engaging in volunteer work to meet new challenges and make best out of the difficulties encountered as a way of managing stress. (MFMER, 2006)

Today’s challenges involve the turbulence on careers which often involve changes of employers, location, and occupation. In line with Reitman and Schneer (2008), emphasis for better stress free work environments depends on organizational governance or accountability.

The global economy remains competitive, the technology pervasively require advancement; knowledge-based firms continue to mutate thus the needs for dynamism in the workforce. “In order to support individual behaviours organizations should embrace the realities of 21st century careers and recognize the importance of programs and policies that enable the careers of their employees such as part-time options, job sharing, free-time, and telecommuting.” (Summers and Hyman, 2005)

References Mayo foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER). (2006). Web.

McGregor, D. (1984) the Human Side of Enterprise. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Web.

Maslow, A. (1987). Motivation and Personality (third edition). HarperCollins College Div.

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Summers, J and Hyman, J. (2005). Employee participation and company Performance: Joseph rowntree foundation. Web.


The Hewlett Packard Company Data Management Essay best college essay help

Problems described in the case study The Hewlett Packard Company (HP) faces the problem of data management especially in the Information technology departments. Data management has brought about the main problem of the company’s expenditure overall issue. Initially the control and processing of data occurred at various terminals where the system directs one’s request to particular points of concern. This is a major hit to management because of the encountered delays, loss of information as well as total inaccessibility or important data or information.

The issue of data warehousing entails the architectural, algorithmic and protocols used in managing data or information. In line with the HP case study, the expenditures were high due to unstructured information technology setting, exaggerated systems in terms of number of hubs involved, amount of servers as well as information infrastructure.

Factors facilitating the problem Evidently, from the case analysis, the processing and exchange of information at the HP Company occurred from various processing points as opposed to single repository and processing unit. The excess expenditures were because of multiple systems covering processes meant for one multitasking system.

The management failed to deliver due to lack of synthesized system where information is output within the least possible time for use in decision-making. If the managers make judgment from stale and unprocessed data, then the cost is eventually economical.

Hewlett Packard Company (HP) solutions to the problem HP came up with the central data depository system referred to as the “mega data warehouse”, which has now become prominent theory in the database world, where direct querying and analysis of information occurs in real time.

This has been a major boost on the decision-making procedures since the manager does not require waiting for data to make precise conclusions. Initially as indicated in the case study, the managers were not in a position of finding important information such as the total expenses or total sales for the Information technology department.

The system allows for advance extraction of information for translation and production of appropriate output. Comparison of information from other sources is easily for the enterprise when access is from a central point.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The logical centralized repository reduces the dormant terminals by converging processes, which can be multi-processed. One major advantage of the central warehousing of data includes evaluation of data. Posting of queries involve direct evaluation at the repository without a need for referencing other original or raw sources.

How HP database experience and technology will assist in developing an all-inclusive warehouse Many companies have tried to implement the centrally handled database system without much success. The success of HP enterprise-wide data warehouse brought many benefits to not only the business but also the clients and other companies. HP Company implemented the “Neoview management and monitoring tool” which was of great help to others like the Wal-Mart to manage information from there retail outlets and the Bon-Ton companies.

The single warehousing system is therefore appropriate for the clients who require specific or prediction of parts of accessible information and for those who require high query performance since it offers better high accessible speeds. The requirements for high-speed inquiry from multiple sources of the organization’s information requires a warehouse that offers multi-source queries executions since data resides and processing is at the same point.

How Neoview assists HP and other clients in creating enterprise-wide data warehouses The need for central data warehousing seem to originate from company’s need and desire to decompose all the data to a middle point for ease in management, processing and analysis. People wish to decouple their internal and private data from the internet sources such as the web.

With the current advancement of technology online data exchange, transfer and processing poses grate risk to important or confidential information. One of the primary uses of data warehousing is to allow complex analytical processes involving complex queries within a limited period.

The wide data warehouse implementation procedure To implement such a warehouse there is urgent need to connect all the existing terminals and collect data to the central repository. Any notable or client’s requested changes over data type need reporting to the integrator.

One of the common cause of failure on implementation of such system lies on the implementers/integrators. For any complex and technologically advanced system, the company ought to consider experts or professionals services. To avoid its collapse, the users also need training before they begin working on the system.

We will write a custom Essay on The Hewlett Packard Company Data Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The system integrators should consider the best style to use for instance having a prototype before the main system, or parallel implementation where the old system runs concurrently with the new system until the company achieves full integration as opposed to changing to the new system directly.


Data Warehouse: The Hewlett Packard Company Over Expenditure Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Table of Contents Problem identification and description

Contributory factors to the problem

Possible solutions and experiences implemented by HP

“Neoview” System

Steps to take in developing a wide data warehouse

Technological challenges

Problem identification and description The Hewlett Packard Company faces the problem of over expenditure and therefore it is trying to cut down on the yearly expenses especially in the information and Communication Technology department. The focus mainly is the experts IT expenditures, Information Systems Applications and the over exaggerated information computer hubs. The amount of server’s infrastructure also contributes hugely to the expenses and thus the need for reducing them. The issue of over expenditure focuses on the management of the databases.

Contributory factors to the problem There are numerous predicaments regarding collecting, analyzing and presenting data or information across various parts of the business. The crisis mainly come about as a result of differences in processing of data for instance tracking and processing of sales and marketing data occurs on different servers totally independent of the server whose tasks involve tracking sales information across geographical boundaries.

For instance, the most essential process is that of analyzing and processing common monetary information such as gross margins to assess the company’s profit status, whose solution entails different business operational units.

The company also experienced dragged sales due to data inconsistency. It takes a lot of time to compile information from various business sites thus affecting decision making procedures or forcing managers to make judgments based on stale information. With such inconsistency, it is difficult to make predicaments regarding the size of sales and services teams and analyzing their spending.

Possible solutions and experiences implemented by HP The companies’ turning point focuses upon the building of a mega data warehouse to server the whole enterprise. The aim is to get rid of unnecessary database technologies, which are in use and integrate some of the technologies to single units. Many companies have faced the complexity involved in the implementation of data warehouses and majority failed to achieve the goal. The mega warehouse ought to offer real time access to data or information regardless of geographical, structural or departmental boundaries.

With a data mart covering the entire enterprise, consistency of data would be achievable. Data is processed and monitored in real time meaning that it would never get stale or incomplete. Such a data warehouse enables access to financial records necessary for important economic decisions.

HP emphasizes on flexibility and time factors. The hardware implemented can server other correlated needs thus the ability to incorporate 100 percent analysis of the company’s data.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the HP’s strategies is to configure a system that cuts down on the implementation workload and reduce the complexity, which is achievable with the help of experts.

“Neoview” System The success of the HP data warehouse catalyzes its need among other companies and as a result, it forced the HP Company to come up with “Neoview”, which is a product for enhancing multi-tasking procedures involved in processing of data. Ability to perform real time analysis and management of data concurrently is a big stepping-stone for most enterprises.

The versatility of the Intel processors used in the Neoview systems promises almost a hundred percent availability of time. According to the users of the “Neoview” System such as “Bon-Ton” and “Wal-Mart”, it provides a data warehouse that exceeds most expectations.

Steps to take in developing a wide data warehouse An efficient warehouse ought to be different in cost, technology and integration. The focus should be amalgamating all data processing points to one area as opposed to integrating processing points.

A true warehouse includes all business entities such as employees’ details, marketing information, financial reports and customer’s data under one central system where analysis takes place. Integration of such a wide data warehouse ought to occur in phases as opposed to direct change over. Concurrent running of business systems enables the owners to note various weaknesses and improve the system accordingly. It must undergo intensive assessment and testing to ensure accuracy.

Technological challenges The system requires numerous works to organize and integrate all subsystems into one single unit. There is need for database knowledge and technology among implementers, designers and users of the system as well. The current corporate mergers are also a hindrance to immediate implementation of such database management systems because a merger can outdate an implementation within a short lifespan. Not all application suits the centralization of data processing procedures.

The organization policies, rules and culture determine the kind of system to use. It is important to consider the industrially manufactured hardware to cut on the implementation costs. It is equally crucial to consider expertise in installation as well as running the system. Industries should understand that running multiple warehouses might be more expensive that a single mega centrally managed warehouse.

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United States government should release more UFO information to the public Research Paper essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Position support



Works Cited

Introduction Nearly a decade ago, the collocation “X-files” became popular. Due to the plot of a famous film, X-files are now associated with the information about the UFO, which is accessible exclusively for a tight circle of professionals (Lazerri, 1). So is the information about UFOs still secret and who decides whether the public is allowed to know it? Nowadays these questions bother every American, as people are willing to know the truth.

Undoubtedly, United States government should release more UFO information to the public. In order to support our position, we analyzed the works of three experts in the field. For instance, Bruce Maccabee, the doctor of Philosophy, is a collector of secret files from the government; Chris Rutkovsky is a recognized astronomer who studies UFO; and Lawrence Fawcett used to work in the Government and had an access to its secrets.

Position support The need for the United States government to release more UFO information to the public is obvious. The mass manipulation of citizens lasts for centuries; the information undergoes a number of filters before being introduced to the public. In pursuit of truth, people want to know what is happening indeed and what the results of the numerous researches carried during the last years are.

Bruce Maccabee argues that the information about UFOs should not be secret. Firstly, the author investigates the issue of existence of the X-files, assuming that they may be just a part of a simulation operation. Next, he agrees on the fact that there are a lot of evidence about the UFO existence and its origins.

For instance, Maccabee describes the documents he had a chance to see in the governmental institutions, with precise descriptions of the UFO and their contacts with the Earth. Finally, the writer reveals some data about UFO and presents the studies that were carried more that half a century ago. The writer says that the studies about UFO started at 1973, and all the facts were hidden from publics (Maccabee, 131).

Similarly, the idea of the necessity of UFO data to be revealed is expressed by Rutkovski. However, the author studies the international environment rather than the American one. Rutkovski is rather skeptical about UFOs; his critical notes are sometimes striking; however, the author expresses an opinion that ignorant people are easier to manipulate.

Therefore, he insists that the liberty of people would not be limited by the misleading information (Rutkovski, 82). Rutkovski compares the myths about UFO that exist in different cultures and by these means shows how ignorant people are in this sphere.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another author, Lawrence Fawcett, is more radical in comparison with those mentioned above. He states that UFO can be dangerous for the security of the country, and as a result, of its citizens (Fawcett, 113). The author is deeply convinced that UFO tries to set a contact with Earth and people not only for communication, but because they want to exploit people and our planet.

According to the author, this is the reason why UFO is sometimes kidnapping people and studying human bodies. Due to this fact, the publics have a right to know the truth about UFOs in order to be aware of possible risks. The opinion of Fawcett fully represents our idea.

Discussion Despite the fact that all the three authors wish the UFO information to be revealed to the public, they all are aware of the possible consequences. There obviously have to be some reasons why the government keeps the data about unknown flying objects in secret; most possibly, these reasons are important.

For instance, the presentation of the UFO data to the public can cause panic. People would be afraid, feeling unsafe on their own planet. This can lead to serious problems, such as great depression, rebellions or even anarchy. Lawrence Fawcett expresses an idea that even though the information about UFOs is important, it can be as well dangerous (Fawcett, 81). The author also considers the fact that there are also people who are unwilling to know about UFOs; in this case, why should they get acquainted to this sort of information?

Rutkovski also thinks that there can occur some unpredicted reactions in the publics after the information about the UFOs id revealed (Rutkovski, 152). The writer explains that the government had to keep the information in secret earlier; however, he does not approve the fact that today, when everybody is aware of the existence of UFO, the data is still hidden.

In contrast, Maccabee thinks that the reveal of UFO data to general public can be solely positive. The author says that the government had been hiding the truth for too long; in addition, there are some operations that are claimed to be connected to UFO and therefore called secret, but in fact they just cover other dirty games of the American state (Maccabee, 74).

Therefore, Maccabee thinks that people have a right to know the real situation. The author is deeply convinced that the American society is conscious enough to accept the information about the UFOs and decide what to do with it.

We will write a custom Research Paper on United States government should release more UFO information to the public specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The idea that the United States government should release more UFO information to the public was expressed by a number of specialists. On one hand, the fact that the people are kept ignorant about the current situation in the sphere of UFO is unfair, as everyone has a right to be well-informed. On the other hand, this sort of information is very special and can be destructive for the society and its consciousness. All in all, the knowledge of an individual depends not only on sources, but also on their own wish to know the truth.

Works Cited Fawcett, L, Greenwood, B. UFO Cover-up: What the Government Won’t Say. Fireside, 1990.

Lazerri, A. “British X-files papers revealed” The Sun, 17 November 2009, from:

Maccabee, B, Maupin, M. UFO-FBI Connection. Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD, 2000.

Rutkovski, C, Dittman, G. The Canadian UFO Report: The Best Cases Revealed California: Dundurn Group, 2006.


Foreign Exchange Intervention Essay a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Public or private intervention

Coordinated and unilateral interventions

Effectiveness of intervention


Works Cited

Introduction Foreign exchange intervention refers to transactions or announcements by a government agent which is meant to change the value of the exchange rate or the nation’s foreign exchange reserves. A countries monetary authority or officials in the treasury departments or ministry of finance usually carry out these interventions.

For central banks, foreign exchange intervention often involves selling or buying foreign assets against certain state assets in the foreign exchange market. The purchases made are useful in reducing the countries home currency value while sales are intended to increase it. Foreign exchange interventions are carried out so as to correct disorderly conditions in the market (Dominguez


Canadian Economy: the Role of the Government and the Bank of Canada Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Introduction Canada is one of the countries that have the strongest economy and appropriate living standards. In spite of the fact that the population of this country continues to grow by means of immigrants’ arrival and natural increase (Banta 164), the Canadian economy is characterized by brilliant infrastructure, educated labour forces, and rich reputation.

The history of the Canadian economy is great indeed: the beginning of 1980s required changes because of the rapid growth of industrial cities and brought the crisis; the end of the 1980s was known as the greatest recovery of the country and readiness to new improvements and challenges. The world economic crisis, that takes place at the beginning of 2009, touches Canada considerably and makes the Canadian government and the Bank of Canada take the obligatory steps in order to overcome unemployment and fight against inflation.

It turns out to be obligatory for the country to cope with economic challenges and be able to provide its population with the necessary living conditions. Over the last two years, the situation with the Canadian economy has undergone considerable changes because of the world economic crisis: the Canadian government and the Bank of Canada have to shape macroeconomic policies in order to change unemployment rates, insure the low level of inflation, meet basic needs of population, and continue reducing poverty.

The role of Canadian government and the Bank of Canada in Canadian economy over the last two years Nowadays, the Canadian economy makes this country one of the wealthiest nations and provides it with a chance to dominate over the other countries in oil, automobile, and trade industries. Economy in Canada is regarded as mature and diverse at the same time: advanced services, free trade agreements, and availability of natural resources.

The Canadian government and the Bank of Canada present all the necessary financial services in order to call this country as one of those with economic freedoms. They involve “the maintenance of a legal system, protection of persons and property, a sound currency, essential transportation infrastructure, and basic education” (Harris 116).

The government of Canada, in the form of a constitutional monarchy, aims at providing the necessary spending and avoiding bankruptcy, improving GDP rates, and stabilizing monetary policy. Current indicators of the Canadian economy have not been changed considerably during the last two years. Of course, the influence of the world economic crisis is noticeable, but still, Canada takes such positions, which will hardly allow its economy to fall dawn.

For example, in 2007, GDP was about


Social capital and health inequality Expository Essay college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Social capital and health inequality


Works Cited

Introduction Good health does not just happen; it is a habit of smart choices and sound clinical care. Findings say that good nursing is vital for good health and essential for the development of body’s physic but the avalanche highly depends on resource accessibility. Major causes of illnesses in the United States relates to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of good nursing guide/care. People will stay for long without considering the health checks only to run for the treatment when it is already too late. They link their ignorance to the financial ability.

Social capital and health inequality Throughout medicine and society, there has been a major concern over whether or not a person’s health outcome is the result of individual influence or his or her social surroundings and network. In class, students gain knowledge of various properties of social relationships as distinctive structural factors, and assessment of how they intertwine with the production of health.

This paper will take in hand the issues of understanding and demonstrate how social relationships, specifically social capital, can become the defining factor for influencing individual health, as well as the health outcomes of an individual’s social network members.

In various ways, the people around us can affect our health outcomes. However, it is a common credence that this is highly dependent on an individual’s social capital, or the resources embedded in social relationships. According to Lin and Song (2009, 149), people will rarely assess the quality of nursing or health care they receive or seek but will rather analyze the costs involved; including the installments premiums and the direct costs.

They also concentrate their decision on the recommendations their families and friends offer, their personal plan over doctors’ checkup visits and how convenient the location might be.

Social capital directly affects both outcomes net of social support. Examples among well-ascertained diseases antecedents include the social relationship between capital and support. There is a wide need for further research in connection to the influences of social capital on health issues.

As applied by Lin and Song (2009, 150), the social capital theory applies to the inequalities of health. According to them, these capitals involve embedding resources into social structures, which are accessible or mobilized through rationale actions. This is an indication that resources are allocated depending on the need as per the outlaid allocation structure for instance educational wise or authoritatively.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The social capital differs from economical capital based on the personal view. Personal capital includes the human economic and cultural needs. They emerge through the individual perspectives, which control them.

The social network identifies strong allies who provide important suggestions over matters requiring key decision-making. The occupational and structural position a person holds within a network determines the decision one makes with regard to health matters. In accordance with Lin and Song (2009, 151) writings, the social capital theory determines the type of information one gets as well as reinforcement by the individual’s identity.

Although individuals possess power to influence administration of health, the link between an individual and the networked set determines the physical and mental well-being of an entity. The common characteristics interprets the social behaviors of every person within the link Lin and Song (2009, 152).

Conclusion The perspective of social networks brings about the causes and consequences of various network perspectives such as integration, support, cohesion and capital. Closely related networks members have diverse effect and pressure over one’s health issues or decisions pertaining health matters.

This is due to the degree of socially created connections, impartiality, reliance, reciprocity as well as short of conflicts. The resource dimension regarding the position an individual holds in the networked member group remains the main determinant of social capital.

Works Cited Lin, Nan and Song Lijun 2009. “Social Capital and Health Inequality: Evidence from Taiwan.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 50: 149-163


The Emirates Strategy: An American Shifting Maneuver in the Persian Gulf Term Paper best college essay help: best college essay help

Introduction The focus of the US in the Persian Gulf was predominantly on Saudi Arabia. Over time, smaller Emirate States have bolstered their strategic importance by taking measures that have attracted the interest of the US. Currently, the US has bilateral relationships with most of the Emirate States. The small Emirate States include Qatar, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates (Abdulla, 1999, 6).

These small Emirate States are characterized by low populations but are richly endowed with oil and natural gas resources. Security scare especially from terrorism and terrorist activities is a major problem facing these states. Due to their small populations, the states cannot provide sufficient internal security against infiltration of terrorists so they rely on external security systems. The US has been instrumental in provision of security to these small Emirate States (Marschall 2003, 154).

This paper analyses the diplomatic relationship between Saudi Arabia and the US. The focus of the analysis is on how the US is now shifting its tactics of maneuver of the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia to Qatar and the other GCC nations. It is the position of this paper that the shift is occasioned by changed US economic and security interests.

The changes having been occasioned by the wave of terrorism that culminated into September 11 attacks and the economic potential of the GCC nations. However, most crucially, the shift is occasioned by shifts in the foreign policy in the Emirate nations. Although the US interests in all the GCC nations, at the moment, Qatar seems the favorable point of control for the US from the infrastructural and policy changes it has implemented.

Diplomatic relationships between the US and Saudi Arabia begun immediately after the Second World War; concessions on the political, economic and military issues were established between the US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( Saikal 2003, 46 ).

The governments began relating significantly in 1933 after the award of the oil exploration concession to the California Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC) (Little 2003, 47). A more formal international relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia started in 1945 when President F. D. Roosevelt and King Abd Al Aziz met aboard the U.S.S Quincy (Little 2003, 73).

The interaction between the two leaders saw the US government sign a series of agreements with the government of Saudi Arabia for developmental cooperation. Schanzer, Jonathan and Ross (2005, 102) indicate that construction of the Dhahran military air base, provision of the military training assistance and development of a financial and infrastructure systems were some of the projects the US government implemented in Saudi Arabia as a result of the bilateral relation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The California Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC) succeeded in oil exploration and by 1938, the company had started mining oil. During the Second World War the US government endeavored to protect the oil wells against attacks. This support offered to Saudi Arabia by the US during the war played a major role in deepening the bilateral relations (Zahlan 1998, 93). The US gradually worked on replacing the United Kingdom as the major political controllers or influencers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The US has since then continued to pursue a bilateral relation with Saudi Arabia. Using the relationship with Saudi Arabia, it has gradually managed to perpetuate its influence in the entire Persian Gulf despite recurring problems arising from regional issues. The Arab-Israel war break outs in 1948, 1967 and 1973 and the difference in opinion on how to respond to the situation posed a severe test on bilateral relations between the US and Saudi Arabia (Little 2003, 67).

The 1973 war dealt the most severe blow to bilateral relations because of the support that the US offered to Israel during the war. Saudi Arabia joined other Persian Gulf nations to slap an oil embargo on the US causing severe shortage of the commodity in the US (Al-Rasheed 2002, 136). The Israel-Palestinian peace break down in September 2000 was another significant test on the bilateral relationship that had developed again after the 1973 oil embargo (Schanzer


Social capital and health inequality Expository Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Social capital and health inequality


Works Cited

Introduction Good health does not just happen; it is a habit of smart choices and sound clinical care. Findings say that good nursing is vital for good health and essential for the development of body’s physic but the avalanche highly depends on resource accessibility. Major causes of illnesses in the United States relates to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of good nursing guide/care. People will stay for long without considering the health checks only to run for the treatment when it is already too late. They link their ignorance to the financial ability.

Social capital and health inequality Throughout medicine and society, there has been a major concern over whether or not a person’s health outcome is the result of individual influence or his or her social surroundings and network. In class, students gain knowledge of various properties of social relationships as distinctive structural factors, and assessment of how they intertwine with the production of health.

This paper will take in hand the issues of understanding and demonstrate how social relationships, specifically social capital, can become the defining factor for influencing individual health, as well as the health outcomes of an individual’s social network members.

In various ways, the people around us can affect our health outcomes. However, it is a common credence that this is highly dependent on an individual’s social capital, or the resources embedded in social relationships. According to Lin and Song (2009, 149), people will rarely assess the quality of nursing or health care they receive or seek but will rather analyze the costs involved; including the installments premiums and the direct costs.

They also concentrate their decision on the recommendations their families and friends offer, their personal plan over doctors’ checkup visits and how convenient the location might be.

Social capital directly affects both outcomes net of social support. Examples among well-ascertained diseases antecedents include the social relationship between capital and support. There is a wide need for further research in connection to the influences of social capital on health issues.

As applied by Lin and Song (2009, 150), the social capital theory applies to the inequalities of health. According to them, these capitals involve embedding resources into social structures, which are accessible or mobilized through rationale actions. This is an indication that resources are allocated depending on the need as per the outlaid allocation structure for instance educational wise or authoritatively.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The social capital differs from economical capital based on the personal view. Personal capital includes the human economic and cultural needs. They emerge through the individual perspectives, which control them.

The social network identifies strong allies who provide important suggestions over matters requiring key decision-making. The occupational and structural position a person holds within a network determines the decision one makes with regard to health matters. In accordance with Lin and Song (2009, 151) writings, the social capital theory determines the type of information one gets as well as reinforcement by the individual’s identity.

Although individuals possess power to influence administration of health, the link between an individual and the networked set determines the physical and mental well-being of an entity. The common characteristics interprets the social behaviors of every person within the link Lin and Song (2009, 152).

Conclusion The perspective of social networks brings about the causes and consequences of various network perspectives such as integration, support, cohesion and capital. Closely related networks members have diverse effect and pressure over one’s health issues or decisions pertaining health matters.

This is due to the degree of socially created connections, impartiality, reliance, reciprocity as well as short of conflicts. The resource dimension regarding the position an individual holds in the networked member group remains the main determinant of social capital.

Works Cited Lin, Nan and Song Lijun 2009. “Social Capital and Health Inequality: Evidence from Taiwan.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 50: 149-163


The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe: The Role of the Narrator Essay best essay help

The role of the narrator is usually considerable and crucial for any literary work and reader’s perception of the content. With the help of the narrator, the reader gets a wonderful opportunity to become involved into the events, to evaluate the conditions from the narrator’s perspective, and to realize why the idea of the story is developed in this very way.

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe is one of the best and most captivating works, where much attention is paid to the role of the narrator and his participation in the events. In this short story, the narrator is an old friend of the main character, Roderick Usher, who decides to come to Usher’s house in order to support him and help to overcome his and his sister’s illness.

The role of the narrator of the story The Fall of the House of Usher is great indeed; his rationality and his ability to represent the events from the side of an immediate participant of the story and from the side of an observer, who notice changes in the house but still cannot comprehend the reasons of why these changes bother other characters.

As a participant. Without any doubts, Edgar Poe was one of those writers, who could create a story and make each reader being involved into its events. His narrators are unique and unpredictable, because they are able to notice each detail and pay special attention to each trifle.

From the very beginning, the narrator of The Fall of the House of Usher introduces the reader “soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens” (Poe 109), where such a dark description aims to warn the reader and hint that the events will hardly cause laugh or tears.

The narrator performs the role of the participant of the story and suggests the reader to follow him and be involved into each step, breath, and look. This Poe’s decision makes this short story interesting to deal with for any reader and really remarkable in the world literature.

As a survivor and rationalist. Another significant role of the narrator in this horrific story is connected to his survival and the ability to describe the events in the Usher’s house rationally. “From that chamber, and from that mansion, I fled aghast” (Poe 128), the narrator tells. Such a fast decision of his proves that these events touch not only the body or mind, not perception of this world and own position in it.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In spite of the fact, that from the very beginning, the narrator seems to be a pure rationalist, who tries to present only rational explanations and see only rational events, and a person, who will never believe or accept some irrational things, he considerable changes his mind and tries to escape from everything, he has already got involved. Some time passes, and the narrator loses own voice of reason and admits that his fears and superstitions increase considerable.

However, the fact that the narrator is the only survivor tells that his life is not ended on this note, and he has to face many other challenges in his life; or, vice versa, he becomes trapped into the mystery of this house and his life would never be similar to the one before the event with the Usher’s house. The end of the story proves that narrator’s rationality has been lost in the madness of that house, and now, he faces numerous irrational challenges, which may influence his life considerably.

As a person, who can make mistakes. I truly believe that one more significant role of the narrators is directed to each reader in order to explain that even pure rational and smart people can make mistakes or think wrong because of numerous external factors.

From the very beginning, the reader observes the narrator as a rational, smart, and organized person, who is ready to present logical explanations to each even in his life. However, he makes a terrible mistake, when he agrees to Roderick Usher about the death of his sister and the decision to bury her alive.

Within a short period of time, the destiny of these two characters knocks to their door; it was “the lofty and enshrouded figure of the lady Madeline of Usher” (Poe 128). Such development of the events can be easily foreseen by the reader, but the narrator tries to postpone this climax as far as possible because of own rationality, and he perfectly does his job. However, the narrator is crushed by the madness of his old friend and cannot cope with all around irrationality.

All people make mistakes and suffer because of the consequences they cannot avoid; many writers try to describe this theme in their works in order to teach the reader and help him/her to improve this life. Edgar Poe’s narrator in The Fall of the House of Usher is one few characters, who may perform several roles simultaneously and do it very well that allows readers to accept this story as a significant and educative piece of writing.

To become a participant of the terrible events, to evaluate how one action may destroy several lives and the whole house, and to comprehend that some kind of mystery is somewhere near – these are that major purposes, the narrator of the story wants to achieve. The narrator’s role is really significant in The Fall of the House of Usher, and the reader should not only to worry about the destiny of the major characters but also to learn, to think, and to believe in faith and our predestination.

We will write a custom Essay on The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe: The Role of the Narrator specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Poe, Edgar, A. The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Tales. New York: New American Library, Penguin Putman Inc., 1998.


Summary of the Article “Should We Fear Derivatives?” Report (Assessment) essay help online free: essay help online free

Should We Fear Derivatives: Help or Harm to the Economy “Should We Fear of Derivatives?” is the article by Rene M. Stulz for The Journal of Economic Perspective of 2004. The main subject of this work is the evaluation of the essence of derivatives, their types, prices, and effects in the sphere of economy and clearing up why so many people still keep using derivatives and cannot leave this affair.

The author divides this article into several logical parts in order to have time and space to explain each point about derivatives and demonstrate how he comes to these conclusions and why his conclusions have to be regarded as the correct ones. The economic essence of derivatives is hard to define. In fact, there is no concrete definition of derivatives in the economy, and this word is usually interpreted as the chemical concept of “a substance that can be made from another substance” (Stulz 173).

In finance, the essence of derivatives is almost the same. Any economic derivative is considered to be an instrument, where its payoffs are derived from some already existed values like asset or rate. Such a clear explanation of derivatives and the presentation of appropriate and interesting examples make this article really captivating from the very beginning and demonstrate how high the level of author’s knowledge is.

The clarification of the main idea is presented at the end of the introductory part. The author underlines that he intends to study derivatives as positive economic substances, represent its benefits, and mention that the risks are possible with derivatives, but still not considerable in comparison to all derivatives’ advantages.

This is why, from the very beginning of the article, it becomes clear that people should not fear derivatives in the economy because they are more helpful for this sphere of life; and in spite of possible risks and challenges, the benefits of financial derivatives are significant and important. It is necessary to become more attentive to the use of derivatives, to follow the development of derivatives, and to study the peculiarities of each derivative’s type in order to use them properly.

Derivatives may be of two types: exotic and plain vanilla. The latter is all those “contracts to buy or sell future delivery, called forwards and futures contracts” (Stulz 174). The former is everything else that may be connected and applied as the derivatives. Exotic derivatives differ from plain vanilla derivatives due to their inability to put together the contracts like forward and option.

The best example of an exotic derivative presented by Rene Stulz is any binary option, where money has to be paid in case a certain condition is met (Stulz 176). The pricing of exotic and plain vanilla derivatives remain to be a considerable topic as well, and the author pays much attention to it. A forward contract that is inherent to plain vanilla derivatives changes its values from time to time. These changes cause problems with a portfolio strategy and lead to some losses.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In order to solve the problems with pricing and get a chance to benefit from the chosen derivatives, it is possible to use the Black-Sholes formula and calculate the necessary number of shares, required time, and possible profits. The sphere of finance is always under certain development, and because of that pricing of derivatives cannot be always stable and usually depends on numerous outside factors.

Another significant part of the article is devoted to the development of derivative markets and the reasons of their growth. One of the first derivative markets have appeared several centuries ago in Holland. They were small markets for options under the influence of world economic changes like industries’ deregulations.

The demand for products was raised and used in order to prevent possible risks in the sphere of economy. The author’s attempt to describe the historical development of derivatives gives the reader a chance to comprehend why people started using derivatives and what could cause the troubles.

Derivative markets are considered to be helpful to the economy for many reasons, and Rene Stulz presents a separate part of this article in order to introduce how beneficial these markets can be. One of the most evident benefits of derivatives is their abilities to provide people and organizations to achieve payoffs, which are impossible to achieve or possible achieve but under very expensive conditions.

Derivatives are also helpful to the economy because they promote the development of underlying markets and promise their effectiveness. These benefits of derivative markets provoke numerous financial/nonfinancial firms and individuals use derivatives even if they know that they cannot hedge risks, which are associated with their capital’s values.

In this article, the risks caused by derivatives are studied as well. The financial system is one of those victims, who may lose certain profit because of the services of derivative markets. First of all, the firms, which decide to use derivatives, are not actually aware about derivatives’ worth.

Secondly, the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management’s attempts and the conditions of crisis cause considerable losses or changes of requirements frequently. But in spite of all those troubles and traps of derivative markets, people still want to address these services just in order to be sure about another opportunity to get necessary values when it becomes necessary.

We will write a custom Assessment on Summary of the Article “Should We Fear Derivatives?” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the concluding part of his article, Rene Stulz admits that only derivatives may allow firms both financial and nonfinancial and individuals to hedge financial risks. And if derivatives undergo some changes, which may lead to their collapse, the economy as a whole takes a considerable bath.

He also answers the most important question whether derivatives are harmful or helpful, and the answer becomes clear. We should not fear them but only respect due to such a great opportunity to get payoffs, when they are necessary. The vast majority of people use planes in order to get the necessary place within a short period of time.

And though these people are afraid of flying or airplanes’ crashes, they still use these services to save time and try to improve airplane industry. Almost the same happen to the derivative markets: people are aware about the fact that risks and challenges are inherent to this financial sphere, but cannot stop using these services, because they get so many benefits, which may improve their lives.

Losses are present everywhere; each sphere of life and business is under a threat of being spoiled or crashed due to risks and crises. This is why it is not obligatory to stop using this really helpful service but start developing programs, which may improve the derivative markets’ development and make these services more effective in this world.

Works Cited Stulz, Rene, M. “Should We Fear Derivatives?” The Journal of Economic Perspectives 18.3 (Summer 2004): 173-192.


The Influence of the Cultural Current “Modernism” on the Conception of Music in the 20th Century Essay argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The desire to present something new ruled composers

Popular opinion as a driving force of modernism in music

Recording technology open new opportunities in music

Musical performances as considerable events for society


Reference List


Introduction The conditions under which the world lived at the beginning of the 20th century had to be changed considerably to destroy the ruling Victorian principles and to start developing innovations, which could improve the life of current materialistic society.

People required for changes, and those changes had to touch upon each sphere of life. Music is regarded as that very sphere that has close connection to human emotions, productivity, and even interrelations; and the influence of such cultural movement like modernism should certainly change the conception of music for better.

Robin Walz admitted that modernism has to be comprehended as a cultural movement that aims at achieving a new consciousness concerning the matter of living experience and innovations’ influence against the already established rules.[1] This explanation turns out to be helpful in defying the major issues, according to which the modern changes should happen.

The influence of modernism on music in the 20th century may be observed from several perspectives: musicians wanted to present something new, interest to the popular opinion provoked the use of new modern idioms, the development of recording technology speeded up music production, and finally, musical performances were regarded as considerable events, which had to be noticed, criticized, and recognized.

The desire to present something new ruled composers Modernism was one of the most popular currents of the 20th century that brought numerous political, social, and cultural changes all over the world. It was mentioned from the very beginning that something happened to music at the turn of that century, and all those changes were absolutely new for the world.

A kind of excitement was in the air and spread with unbelievable speed: the vast majority of composers and singers made numerous significant attempts to change their looks on their work, to change the sound, and to improve the very concept of music, taking into account current demands and interests.

Avant-garde assaults on music were characterized by fast development of technologies and challenges of the 19th century. Progress in science, the ideas of anti-romanticism, and the necessity to use human experience and to consider public opinion – all this cried that novelty had to be offered.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ezra Pound was probably one of the brightest figures in modernism movement, who clearly identified the influence of this current on music: “Make it new.”[2] 20th century music demonstrated a kind of freedom and the desire to experiment as frequent as possible: musical styles, forms, and genres hade to be challenged in comparison to the rules that had been already set by the 19th century.

The 20th century was significant by the creation of electronic instruments that led to the fast spreading of popular music, representation of new music forms because faster music could be compared to quick movements and human noticeable development.

Modernism movement provoked composers changed their music from any possible perspective, and one of the most frequent was the change of music language and the necessity “to turn a composition into a ‘text’ constructed of musical ‘sentences’…to move beyond the comforts of melody and harmony and to provoke strong, conflicting, deep emotional responses in the listener.”[3]

Schoenberg’s passion to 12-tone method was one of the most famous ideas in music during the modern movement: his Six Songs, Op. 3 or Transfigured Night, Op. 4 demonstrated how words, tone, and music had to be united and properly presented to the listener. People should get a chance to realize what composer’s intentions are to a particular work, and these very works presented that very novelty that was so inherent to music of the 20th century, where the influence of modernism played one of the most important roles.

This new approach to music creation was one of the best ways out for those composers, who decided to follow Pound’s motto and add something new to the already existed rules and amaze people with new opportunities and new ideas within music. This is why the intention to present something new in music as a major influence of modernism as a cultural current should be regarded as the most successful one and the most important one, because it turned to be a basis for other changes and for further development.

Popular opinion as a driving force of modernism in music When we talk about the influence of modernism on composition of music in the 20th century, we have to mention the role of such a talented composer like Gustav Mahler. His style of writing and the attempt to develop the song cycle distinguish him from other composers of Europe and America. The role of popular opinion as a belief that is shared and supported by the vast majority of people is also considerable for the development of music during the 20th century.

This is why all those emotions, feelings, and attitudes to the current affairs have to be taken into consideration in order to reflect them in music during its composing. For example, Gustav Mahler’s personal life was marked by constant disappointment and unhappy love. These emotions are known to many people from personal experience, from literary works, or from other types of art.

We will write a custom Essay on The Influence of the Cultural Current “Modernism” on the Conception of Music in the 20th Century specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His Songs of a Wayfarer is a magnificent composition that depicts the life of a lover, who chooses to travel along and find out own happiness and love after a terrible rejection of a lover. His music is really captivating and full of sense, and his attention to public troubles and challenges, which have connection to popular opinion, underlines once again that the influence of modernism hits music from different sides, and each of those hits has its own price.

In spite of the fact that the 20th century brought numerous changes in the world of music, some of the changes had their roots at the end of the 19th century, and one of those grounds were the works by Anton Bruckner, an Australian composer, known for his four movements.[4]

He added some feelings and vision to his compositions; he made his works interesting not only to hear but also captivating to observe how the variety of instruments performs music: horns, trombones, trumpets, and some woodwinds cooperate in such ways that each listener cannot but get unbelievable pleasure from the chosen performance.

This popular opinion like the desire to comprehend the music, offered by Mr. Buckner, was reflected in music of the 20th century; and it raised music considerably, underlying how influential one cultural movement could be.

It is necessary to admit 20th century classical music was influenced by modernism most of all. The desire to become more progressive and reject past practices made classical composers pay more attention to what people want to hear and how these purposes could be achieved by means of technology. The influence of modernism was so considerable on classical music that even numerous past cultural currents were regarded just as one more reflection of modernism and the attempt to improve its features.

Recording technology open new opportunities in music The influence of modernism on music in the 20th century was also remarkable for the ways of how music is heard and comprehended by people. This is why such a peculiar feature of modernism cultural current like recording technology gained its recognition within the shortest period of time.

Sound technology has been perfected in the beginning of the 20th century[5] due to its significant helping side: recreation of sound waves in instrumental music introduces an absolutely new current and provides listeners with a new way to comprehend music and enjoy it in different ways. Sound recording may happen in two ways analog or digital recording.

A Mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow was one of the first known composers, who released own music. The beginning of the 20th century opened a new door in the technological world, where it became possible to use gramophone discs to record music.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Influence of the Cultural Current “Modernism” on the Conception of Music in the 20th Century by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These discs were used frequently because they did not cause any difficulties with own manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and storage. The events of World War I made a significant effect on Modernism and musical industry; however, in comparison to the effects on the cultural movement under consideration, the effects of the war on discs’ distribution and the promotion of instrumental music turned out to be more positive.

People wanted to have a chance to store their favorite music in easy-to-use format and to listen it any time, this is why the progressive intentions of modernism and the development of technologies promoted discs’ manufacturing and recording any type of music.

Rock and roll is a style of music that has been born in the middle of the 1900s. It was the peak of modern movement, when its representatives tried to combine the elements of jazz, blues, and boogie-woogie.

This musical style was developed in the technological era, and this very point played a very important role as rock and roll became the first musical form ever to be recorded before to be performed live. The attention to recording technologies increased considerably because composers as well as performers aimed at developing really successful music and save it for many years.

The above-mentioned Conlon Nancarrow and the representative of Australian music, György Ligeti introduced magnificent, extraordinary music by means of composing it due to keeping of time and their archiving. Such approach was not inherent to the representatives of the 19th century’s Romanticism, and the progress of the 20th century allowed to improve music of different styles by recording and storing.

Modernism as a movement brought another justified change, technological improvement; and even such a sensitive sphere of life as music underwent those changes and achieved unbelievable success. Even now this very effect of modernism of music is noticeable and continues its development, taking into account new standards and new demands.

Musical performances as considerable events for society Modernism as an important tendency at the beginning of the 20th century had its effects on music even in regard to the way of its performance. Not long time ago, people did not pay much attention on how to reproduce music and make it popular among people. The end of the 19th century was marked by the invention of the radio, a means that allowed fast spreading of music.

Of course, it was a real breakthrough of the world; and this breakthrough could not but reflected on music industry. At the beginning of the 20th century, music was translated on the radio in order to entertain and inform people, and describe human emotions. So, people got a wonderful chance to listen to the music any time and everywhere.

However, the major characteristic of modernism in music was the conception of performance and its change from a simple introduction of music to a great event. For example, the performance of classical music turned out to be a real presentation, where the size of decoration, the effectiveness of the sound, and even the organization of light played a very important role.

The beginning of the 20th century brought one more change in music: from that period of time, people became involved into proper presentation of music. Its performance became an integral part of its developing and its popularity among people. If the performance was a remarkable event, and people enjoyed it, this music became popular and interesting to people. If the event met numerous critics, and people demonstrated the disappointment about the event, the composition under performances was considered as a failure.

Modernists admitted that it was not obligatory to present some magnificent events in order to make music popular, however, it is necessary to make it memorable in order to involve people and attract their attention more and more each second. The point, that performance should be regarded as an event, also led to the attention to such trifles like clothes, color of skin and hair, and even walk. If people preferred dark clothes and colors, they should be interested in some kind of Goth music.

People, who prefer streets, free clothes, and ability not to follow orders, liked the sounds of rap, rock, or heavy metal. The performance of any of these forms of music required a separate event with a properly chosen style and light. This is why in order to make music popular, composers started to think not only about the necessary tone, melody, or meter, but they also tried to imagine how exactly this music could be introduced and performed to public.

Conclusion There are lots of discussions where the influence of modernism on 20th century music is concerned. The changes, which have been brought by this cultural current, found their reflection in many spheres of life, and music is not an exception. The desire to follow the progress, the idea to use technologies in order to present more interesting music, and the attention to general appearance – this is what actually characterized for music at the beginning of the 20th century and its composition.

If the period of Romanticism was all about the idea of how to perform captivating music and combine as many sounds and instruments as possible, the major idea of modernistic movement was to pay more attention to the context of music and its logical arrangement. People got a wonderful opportunity to concentrate more on music genres, tones, and structure, because new technologies were able to make composers’ ideas real and clear for the listener.

This is why the influence of modernism should be regarded as the most considerable for composing of music, and people should evaluate composers attempts to represent new, lively, interesting, and educative music by means of recording, thrilling performance, and attention to public opinion.

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How Ethics May Have Played a Role in Enron’s Way of Doing Business Report (Assessment) college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Impact on stakeholders

Outcome and Fairness of Punishment

Ethics in the way Enron conducted business



Introduction Out of a merger between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth, Enron was formed in 1985 based in the United States. As an energy trading and communications company, at the start, the company was involved in construction, development and operation of power plants, pipelines globally.

Further, it was participating in the transmission, distribution of electricity and gas throughout the state and. Afterwards, Enron enlarged their wealth through marketing and promotion of commodities which included; power and communications bandwidth and related risk management derivatives as tradable securities.

Enron energy trading and Communications Company that was based in Houston, TX was well re-known for its accounting strategies a factor that allowed it to be listed as the seventh largest company in America (Molly, 2001). The company had a work force of about 21,000 employees grouping them among the largest employers in the country. In the same year, it was ranked number seven by the fortune magazine among first five hundred companies in the United States.

The energy company had made inventions in communications, power and weather securities and due to this it was expected to dominate the trading in these areas. However, in the year 2000, the company had claimed a revenue base of about with $101 billion but due of their trade activities. Despite all that, the company still ended up the biggest failure in the corporate history (Molly, 2001)

Despite the fame and wealth Enron had accumulated, the company stood on the verge of bankruptcy by mid November 2001 (Bryce, 2002). This had arisen from numerous scandals and collective failure between the company and its auditing firm which brought about by accounting irregularities that surrounded fraud. Poor decisions, mismanagement and individualistic type of management by Enron’s top were also major contributors in the collapse of the corporation.

At the same time, the value of investors’ equity per share in 2001 fell from $85 to 30 cents a fact that plunged the company into a disastrous loss. Discovery of the company’s source of profit which happened to be from deals with limited partners which it controlled was one of the factors that resulted to the company’s loss of value.

This loss and other similar financial conflicts, was not reported in any of the company’s financial report (Niskanen, 2005). More to that, the company had also devised a method to elude taxes and maintain anonymity by opening offshore accounts that allowed them easy currency flow. By the end of the year 2001, the firm’s European operations filed for bankruptcy and sought protection in the US Southern District of New York under chapter 11 (Hodak, 2007).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the year 2000 during the companies’ financial peak point, public investors were encouraged to buy stocks in the company since the prices were at their highest with a promise of further appreciation in their value in the subsequent year.

However the executive in the company knew of the looming loss that was to be experienced in the near future and instead of advising the public, they were in a hurry to sell out all of their stocks (Hodak, 2007). To the demise of the investors, the stocks plummeted causing a great loss across the board of approximately $102.

Later in the subsequent years, Enron was forced to sell out its assets since it had incurred a large financial loss. The sale was to be done since the company had to liquidate its assets and raise funds to aid in settling the creditors and investors who had not anticipated the collapse. However, Enron reopened again under a new name Enron Creditors Corporation after settling with most of its creditors except Citigroup (Hodak, 2007).

Impact on stakeholders Enron Company was composed of share holders that included both the private and corporate class. Since the company had a good reputation of its wealth and a large revenue base, the rate at which people invested was overwhelming.

Reports by Chris Penttila, (2002), indicated that the Enron’s mission statement dictated the four key values that the company prided itself in. These key values were: excellence, communication, integrity and respect. The purpose of this was to instill in the public the confidence that everything that happened in the company was fair and open a notion that was welcomed by the managers working for the company.

However, collapse of the company was partly allowed by the stakeholders since they were afraid of questioning the companies’ business activities and conflicts that they were always involved in. for example many of the stakeholders knew of the financial conflict of interest that existed between Arthur Anderson, Vinson, Elkins and the Enron’s board of directors.

The collapse of the company was met with a lot of negative reactions. The public was hit with a rude shock and immediately people stated pointing fingers to the systems that allowed the disaster to happen. According to (Bryce, 2002) the collapse affected all stakeholders from the big investors to the least employee in the company.

We will write a custom Assessment on How Ethics May Have Played a Role in Enron’s Way of Doing Business specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some of the social impacts included loss of lively hoods by small employees who worked in the company to billions by the investors, deaths, life savings and even imprisonment. In a meeting with the Congress former Enron employees witnessed that they had not only lost their jobs but also their retirement savings. Moreover, the threat of loss of employment was not only felt by Enron employees but even those at Andersen’s U.S. operations (Dugan and Spurgeon, 2002; Bryan-Low, 2002)

Loss of business by the partners and affiliates of the company was another major impact of the collapse. An example of this was Andersen which after indictment started to experience a mass exodus of its clients. This had a great effect on the revenue of the company and the public confidence.

Andersen then went further to loose the favor on settlement with the judiciary a move that was seen as suicidal if adopted by the other states, since it might preempt them to revote the companies license. According to Wynn (2009), other trading partners that were affected by Enron’s losses were ING Barings, Deutsche bank, Duke Power and American power who also suffered immense losses.

Other social impacts that were felt by the stakeholders involved deaths that were not anticipated for. Such an example is; Kenneth Lay who was an Enron’s CEO but died of heart attack in July 2006. The causes of the Enron’s CEO death were attributed to stress brought about by public unrest and legal pressures in the cases filled against him in the state (Palepu


Capacity Management in Business Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Need for company change For a company to prosper in change, its capacity should be highly considered. It should admit the challenges encountered with ease because its capacity enhances the development of a corporation. Lack of capacity brings about failure. Change enables a company to move a step forward in is day-to-day routine hence flourishing at the end of it all.

In line with Slack and Lewis, (9) a company should centralize on change more than any other field by emphasizing and having a positive focus towards it. It should also have new methods of passing information to enhance the communication pathways and to help working in partnership.

A corporation should be able to receive and admit views from different perspectives, this enables intermingling hence change of ideas is experienced. There ought to exist more interactions because the more the company interacts the more it acknowledges itself from different points. Change in a company does not necessarily depend on how much the company holds but on outweigh of the ideas they have came up with midst a tight schedule on their market conditions. In a company, their partners should have a know how of the change.

There should be interaction among different parties within a company, the smaller the capacity of a company the greater the chances of admitting the change because their interaction is limited within a small geographical area. In addition, the direct-to-direct interaction or the face-to-face interaction within a company brings about a common understanding of an issue from the same perspective thus brings change within that company.

Companies need to ensure constant changes to engage its employees into spending more time in understanding customer’s needs. (Edwards and Day, 5) This is one way of enhancing proper transformation of data. It also helps to determine probability of achieving goals, strengthening the relationship between the management and employees, and reduce extra costs or time of reinventing.

According to Slack and Lewis (12) proper implementation involves “effective planning cycles that need fewer ad Hoc interactions regarding operational decisions.”

Advantages and constraints of making a number of small changes in capacity rather than fewer large ones The company operation goals fall short because of failure to complement the strategic plan of the organization. The organizational strategic plan ought to start from the individual level whereby one should realize that their unique ideas contribute to the overall performance of the organization.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is not easy for the company to have these ideas collected, but in most cases, it works out when they are motivated to work together towards common goals. The company fails to translate because they try to implement the strategies all in a go instead of the small phases change over strategy.

Survey conducted on various company indicate that majority of the companies have a proper strategies to steer off the change but they lack the plan to do so thus very few end up implementing the strategies successfully. This is a clear indication that for a company to achieve strategic success, it has to promote the plan by allowing those responsible for currying out the plan.

To accomplish some advantages over strategic planning, one ought to execute the change over in a premeditate manner. Some of the advantages include attaining motivated leadership styles.

This is the ability to achieve sustained performance through personal planning and development, which acquaints employees with dynamic ideas. These leadership styles assist in business growth besides the complete effectiveness. Every employee should be aware of the overall business strategic plan to pick up his or her roles in the implementation process.

The second advantage entails turning the strategy into action. The phased approach provides the opportunity to link the identified performance factors to the strategic initiatives and projects whereby there is easy in achieving full optimization of individual and departmental activities. Thirdly, the phased planning also helps to complement all the other departmental goals and objectives. Lastly, there are chances to link all the units to work as a unit for the overall success. (Slack and Lewis, 22)

Some of the shortcomings concerning the implementation may entail the inability to understand the overall strategic plan fully due to the involved breakdown. The people involved such as the employees may not be in a position of know exactly what is required in order to accomplish the company’s plan.

There are queries concerning what ought to be created, refined or accomplished for the final achievement of the company’s plan. Some of the queries will include questioning such as, when to consider the implementation as a success and how it is measured emerges.

We will write a custom Essay on Capacity Management in Business specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Single phased business plans and changes requires proper planning for instance, appointment of resources for the implementation process, assignment of responsibilities or any requirement process of renewal. Worst part of any job involves obstacles to change created by lack of constituency over processes, measurements and the general system. Implementing change ought to involve and convince individuals to modify their personal traits and check their compliance with the intended change.

Lastly, the major constraint involves the business complexity. Intricacy on an organization reduces chances for twist all the way through modification. “The complexity makes changes to be more tailored and focused therefore making it more difficult to redirect some of the interactions to the efforts required”. (Slack and Lewis, 22)

Sometimes change may call for the culling of some of the staff members from the system thus leading to early retrenchment. Effects on the traditional patterns of interacting during the change process may also be experienced.

Conclusion There is need to acquire more sophisticated tools and formally interactive systems, which are able to manage multiple aggressive situations as well as success factors. Today there is need for proper planning to avoid deadlock situations that minimizes space for growth.

These are because many companies are growing at an alarming rate and the merges are currently quite often. There is an obvious complexity regarding the mergers because of the various units, processes and measuring standards involved. The need for change or transformation potential is what leads to merging.

Works Cited Edwards, H. and Day, D. “Creating Passion Brands: How to Build Emotional Brand Connection with customers”. London: Kogan Page. 2007

Slack, N., and Lewis, M. “Operation Strategy”. London: Prentice Hall. 2008


A Case Resolved by the Britain Press Complaints Commission Essay a level english language essay help

This paper analyses a case resolved by the Britain Press Complaints Commission. The case analysis shows clearly that journalistic code of practice was not adhered to by the journal in question. Codes of practice or conduct are important self regulatory tools at the disposal of journalists. The complaints councils play an important role as arbitrator.

When a complaint is lodged with the press complaints commissions or councils, they endeavor to resolve it amicably. The alternative is to press libel charges, which are often expensive to prosecute and defend. This paper, therefore, clearly points to self regulation and passing of friendly media laws as the only sure way of guaranteeing journalistic freedom.

Journalists are supposed to do their work guided by ethics or general principles that defines good practice. Every practicing journalist is often affiliated to a journalistic body which is bound to a given code of conduct. Codes of conduct aim at ensuring journalists seek only to establish truth in a fair, accurate and objective manner.

The other aspect of journalism that is often misused or compromised is accountability to the public (Alia, 149). Journalism is not supposed to serve any vested interest. Rather, the aim of journalistic endeavors should be feeding the general public with accurate, objective information.

Information helps create a public sphere or interaction between members of a republic. In the recent past, capacity to share information world wide in a fast and easy way has created a sense of international citizenship (Alia, 147). This is positive and desirable, however, any distortion of truth or misinformation bring to a public a lot of harm. Sometimes harm does not come to the whole public but rather to individuals; they loose a livelihood or reputation.

Journalistic codes are tools for guiding journalists wade through situations that present conflicting interests (Alia, 63). The codes contribute to self regulation of individual journalists in the media industry. In case of a dilemma, most codes indicate clearly what the most ethical course of action would be. Information on minors, reports on security and people suspected of crime have to be properly censored (Alia, 52).

The challenge is to balance between the need to keep the public informed while protecting the subjects from any possibility of unjust or unfair harm as a result of the report. If reports on a crime are not handled sensitively, they easily damage individual’s reputations or cost institutions a lot of money.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To entrench self regulation, complaints councils have evolved or been established within journalistic circles. These councils are guided by given codes of conduct in resolving complaints lodged before them. One council I am familiar with is the British Press Complaints Council (PCC).

The PCC defines itself as “an independent body which deals with complaints from members of the public about the editorial content of newspapers and magazines” (Press Complaints Commission, 1). Since its inception to date, the council has dealt with many complaints. The PCC website states that they dealt with 4, 698 complaints in the year 2008 alone. One of the recent complaints or cases they handled was called “A man v Press


The automobile industry in Hong Kong Essay essay help online: essay help online

Reasons for the problems encountered in the markets for automobiles The automobile industry as witnessed by the Hong Kong enterprise presents a host of problems that affect all the players in the industry. Firstly, the increased demand for automobiles has elicited increased input demand for Automobile Parts and Components (APC).

Because Automobile parts and components are produced by over 50 different industries, the variation in the expertise will transmit the spill-over effects of the automobile production to APC suppliers. Because the major APC have been imported, the local products therefore fail to meet the needs of the market. In addition, most multinational automobile producers import key items for their own use.

Entry into the automobile supply chain has been made difficult for new comers to penetrate because the players operate like cartels. Thirdly, competition in the market has been intensified by the considerable relaxation of import tariffs on automobiles. In this context, due to the pressure to review own supply chains force the local and joint venture assemblers to improve product quality.

Alternatively, their desire to minimize costs can be achieved through sourcing from quality but competitive suppliers. To the surprise of the entire market, the pressure is being transmitted up the supply chain from assemblers to first, second and third-tier suppliers. Consequently, the supply chain is undergoing reshuffling, in turn creating breathing space for new but competent, competitive suppliers like Hong Kong enterprises.

Fourthly, the small local consumer market fails to support an automobile industry, impeding the development of the APC. Although most assemblers tend to work in collaboration with APC suppliers to develop new products, it is evident that assemblers will not source from suppliers who cannot meet internationally recognized technological levels. On the contrary, a number of Hong Kong manufacturers carry out R


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Holocaust in itself goes beyond describing extermination of Jews; it describes crime against humanity in general. The damage that the Holocaust caused in Europe has not been matched in history.

Nevertheless, the big question remains today; who was responsible for the extermination of Jews? Well, many people believed, and still believe that, Adolf Hitler was the man behind the whole issue. Not until you read Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning. In the wake of the strong-held belief that Jews were responsible for the fall of German Empire, there was massive deployment of police officers to clear Jews from ghettos and exterminate them.

However, Browning throws in another issue; that, ordinary men; reserve-untrained civilians; fathers; brothers got involved in this atrocious act. Browning asks, “If the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 could become killers under such circumstances, what group of men cannot?” (189).

The insinuation here is that, ordinary men got involved in the genocide. Browning traces how the Reserve Police Battalion 101 were sent to Poland; received their first command to kill at Jozefow and proceeded to exterminate thousands of innocent defenseless Jews in Erntefest.

Browning reveals how these ordinary men mostly from Hamburg in Germany, turned into cold-blooded slayers albeit being given the option of withdrawing from the exercise. “Each individual policeman once again had a considerable degree of choice” (Browning 27). Nevertheless, the big question remains: what made these ordinary men turn into killers?

These ordinary men did not kill because they wanted to kill. They killed because they came face to face with the victims. No wonder after they killed the first lot of Jews, “they were depressed, angered, embittered, and shaken” (Browning 69). There is the human instinct to dominate over other people when presented with the opportunity, and may be, these ordinary men opened fire impulsively to the Jews without such intentions.

However, the fact that these ordinary men had been given the opportunity to withdraw from the exercise, overrules this possibility. Nevertheless, it is important to note at this point that their commanders ridiculed those who tried to move out of the operation and this takes us to the next reason why members of Reserve Police Battalion 101 became executioners.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to Browning, the members of the Reserve Police Battalion 101 never knew that they would take part in killing innocent wretched Jews (56). Before commencing the operations, the commander in charge of the Battalion allowed those who could not handle the operation to step aside to take less demanding jobs.

At this point, Schmike withdrew from the group but commander Trapp lambasted him (Browning 57). For fear of being scolded, majority of the ordinary men stayed back save for twelve more men who joined Schmike. This fear might be a major contributory factor as to why many ordinary men agreed to take part in the extermination operation. To some extent, this was an act of free will as Browning posits, “Human responsibility is ultimately an individual matter” (188).

Human beings are logical beings, they can make legitimate decisions, and given the fact that, these men were given the opportunity to choose between joining the executions and quitting the same, it shows that they were willing to kill and this is the third reason why these people turned into ‘willing exterminators’.

Finally, among other duties, the Police Battalion 101 had to put Jews into trains and transport them to death camps. They could bundle tens of thousands of Jews into trains and inspect them on their way to concentration camps (Browning 59). Faced with this opportunity to rule over helpless individuals, the Police Battalion 101 became accustomed to exterminating Jews for they had the mandate.

These reserve civilians also had to hunt for Jews who were on the run and flush them out of forests. In this hunting operation, many Jews lost their lives in the hands of these ordinary men. At times, the Police Battalion 101 would joke about the ‘hunting expedition’ (Browning 65).

Moreover, this Police Reserve Battalion did not face any opposition from any other group and this fuelled the killing. Human power, especially when being applied by untrained people under no control, can run out of hand. This is exactly what happened in the case of the Reserve Police Battalion 101.

The participation in the executions was not something that could only have taken place at this historical time and place; it is an example of broader issues and concerns. These executions portray an opportunity that had matured. Browning states that,

We will write a custom Essay on Ordinary Men Book Review specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More “The fundamental problem is not to explain why ordinary Germans, as members of a people utterly different from us and shaped by a culture that permitted them to think and act in no other way than to want to be genocidal executioners, eagerly killed Jews when the opportunity offered.

The fundamental problem is to explain why ordinary men–shaped by a culture that had its own peculiarities but was nonetheless within the mainstream of western Christian, and Enlightenment traditions–under specific circumstances willingly carried out the most extreme genocide in human history” (222).

Browning has continually contended that the extermination, which many call the ‘final solution”, resulted from “cumulative radicalization.”

Works Cited Browning, Christopher. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland. New York: HarperCollins, 1992.


To what extent are liberal theories of humanitarian intervention complicit with imperialism? Essay a level english language essay help

This essay looks at the background to liberal theories, especially in relation to main theoretical rival, Realism, before examining in detail the doctrine of humanitarian interventionism, so often, associated with liberalist theories, and criticisms from, among others, Noam Chomsky, who see it as little more than the continuation of Western-style ‘imperialism’.

In recent years, in the field of International Relations studies, as well as in the broader study of the Social Sciences, a range of new theories have emerged to challenge the ‘foundationalist’ school of thought, in which traditional ideas, such as Realism and Liberalism, feature as main components’.

These new theories, which include, ‘Post-Modernism’ and ‘Social Constructivism’, however, are most often used as a means for criticizing ‘foundationalist’ or ‘traditionalist’ theories, rather than (as traditional theirs are said to do), form firm criteria for analysing ‘real world’ international relations, between nation-states.

In this, traditional theories such as Liberal Internationalism, which forms the basis of discussion in this essay, have also undergone a revival; particularly since the end of the Cold War, when with the failure of the leading traditional theory, that is, ‘Realism’ to predict the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, often seen as the symbolic event marking the Cold War’s end, led to a revival of its main rival, ‘Liberalism.’ Ironically, it was at the expense of Liberalism, that Realism arose earlier in the twentieth century, largely in the failure of the Liberalist project, after the First World War, and the inevitable onset of the Second World War.

In the study of International Relations theories, this fall of Liberalism and rise of Realism was most associated with the work of E.H. Carr’s 1939, classic text The Twenty Year Crisis (Cambridge, 2001).

This inter-war period, might also be seen as a time when ‘Imperialism’, reached its high point, that is, when the world’s major powers, mainly the United States and the UK, both, not coincidently, victors in the First World War, looked first, to further their own interests, over what was billed as the championing of self-determination and liberalism, over the old realist ideas of self-interest and what might be termed ‘might is right’.

While, the United States at this time, stood as the champion of anti-imperialism’, this stance, right throughout the United States’ existence, has served only to mask its own imperialistic ambitions, notably, as Alex Callinicos, in his Imperialism and Global Political Economy (Cambridge, 2009), states, in the early twentieth century and the neo-conservative policies under the presidency of George Bush Jnr.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Indeed, for many, the Liberalist project died with the failure of the League of nations, set up in 1919, and supposedly the international body, through which the much-trumpeted ‘new world order’ would come into being. The ideas behind the League however, did not die out entirely, and indeed, were in some ways revived and retried, in the early years marking the end of the Second World War in 1945, through the creation of the United Nations in 1949.

As mentioned however, Liberalism’s revival did not take place at the same time, but rather developed at a time, when in the West, at least, the collapse of Communism throughout Eastern Europe, was attributed to the triumph of Western values, and not, as argued since, largely, the result of the internal problems underpinning Socialism, as practiced in the former Soviet Union.

In the new wave of optimism this created among Western Powers, a new doctrine, to replace the old Cold War ideologies, arose, namely, championing the idea of ‘humanitarian intervention’, as part of creating a new ‘Liberalised’ way of solving international crises’ and dealing with the new style of intra-state’ conflicts that marked the end of the Cold War, was forwarded.

This, in essence, championed ‘human rights’ issues, over and above traditional boundaries where ‘sovereignty’ lay alone with a ‘nation state’, and its right to act as it so willed within its set borders.

In the eyes of those who oppose this idea however, one major point of argument raised, is that, whatever ideals are championed, that in practice the right to intervene in another state’s affairs, amounts to nothing more than the West’s renewed pursuit of ‘Imperialism’, especially, as practiced during its height, in the nineteenth century.

Here, often, the right to intervene and then govern foreign territories was based on arguments of ‘civilization’ and the duty of Western powers to bring good government to uncivilized countries. A major champion of this view is the scholar Noam Chomsky, who has attacked the policy of humanitarian intervention from the beginning of the early 1990s, and the first test case of its kind, in the breakdown of the former communist Yugoslavia, in the Balkans.

Chomsky, saw this interference, and the use of the West’s combined military might, supposedly to end the ‘genocide’ taking place there between the warring factions, as based on the false pretence of ‘humanitarianism’, its real agenda, to enforce Westernized’ values and extend the West’s powerbase in Central Europe. As it stands today, the debate concerning the West’s true intentions extends to the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the invasions of Iraq, in 1991 and 2005.

We will write a custom Essay on To what extent are liberal theories of humanitarian intervention complicit with imperialism? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Chomsky’s continued considerable influence, in asserting his position as exposing the hypocrisy at the heart of the humanitarian argument, shows how, outside those states which stand opposed to Western interference, the doctrine is a controversial one, even within, western circles.

This highlights then, how contrary to what supporters of ‘humanitarian interventionism’, such as United States President during the 1990s, Bill Clinton, and UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at the time of the Kosovo intervention in 1999, say, that the doctrine represents a ‘moral stand’ and a refusal on behalf of Western governments to stand aside while governments around the world abuse human rights, that for those who stand against this position, the arguments hinge not on issues of liberal morality, but old-fashioned means for establishing ‘imperialist’ designs on the non-westernized world.

This view, in particular, finds support among those who opposed the recent Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, and consequently, for those, holding this opinion, liberalist arguments, are more than complicit, but lead the way in how the West’s international relations policies of today, are no different from those practiced during the height of ‘imperialism’.

To conclude, therefore, as does, the scholar, Alex Callinicos, in his recent study, Imperialism and Global Political Economy (Cambridge, 2009), which especially focuses on the United States, as chief among these complicit Western Powers ‘imperialism is far from dead.’

That is to say, the ideas put forward by supporters of humanitarian interventionism, that the principle underlying it, that is, the sovereignty of human rights, as belonging to a new age, or new world order, one not beholden to respect nation-state borders, that until now, remained sovereign, remains hugely contested.

That whether these ideas are cloaked in liberalist rhetoric or not, and regardless of their legitimization through international bodies such as the United Nations, that the underlying principles remain profoundly Realist, and represent only what the Great Powers in the West, have always sought, their increased power throughout the sphere of international relations.

Works Cited Callinicos, A., Imperialism and Global Political Economy (Cambridge, 2009).

Carr, E.H., The Twenty Year Crisis: 1919-1939: An Introduction to the Study of International Relations (Palgrave Macmillan, 1939, 2001).

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Table of Contents Introduction

The Origins of Overweighs and Eating Disorders

Causes of Eating Disorders and Overweight

Preventing Eating Disorders and overweight



Introduction Eating disorders are superficial expressions of cavernous emotional or psychological confusion. Sufferers resort to eating as a means of conveying personal difficulties. The concern appears to be about food projected to a deeper level. The problem expresses an essential unhappiness originating from a number of dissimilar sources. Therefore, it is fundamentally not disorders of eating but indicates and expresses a troubled perception of personality.

Eating disorder is not a unique illness but an unfavourable habit among the close friends of the victim and to the person having the habit as well. It is a mock to the standards of beauty but ends up mocking the person with the habit more that the surroundings or situations at hand. It would be equitable to a protest against the normal cultural standards associable to beauty but eventually as portrayed, eating disorder flourishes from a disturbed mind. A person would wish to have some safety; stay alive and contained but when one ends up doing the opposite, then the problem arises creating conflict between the mind and body.

The Origins of Overweighs and Eating Disorders There is a close relation between diet and health to the psychological, emotional and physical well-being of a person. According to O’Brien, (2007) Psychological factors influence the eating habits and eventually the problem of overweight. Boredom, stress, strain, anger, depression and anxiety are some of the psychological factors that aggravate weight problems by triggering the impulses for one to engage in overeating.

If taken into deep considerations, this is a way of getting rid of the emotional distress. The comfortable foods preferred during the youth as the junk foods or those offered when one was ill are more preferable at such states. These foods are often associable to the soothing effects thus the close link between the moods, foods and eating habits.

The emotional arousal is another factor contributing to the unhealthy eating habits. It disrupts the ability to offer personal care such as having physical exercise program or sticking to particular diet. The depressed and anxious mind sabotages one’s efforts to loosing weight thus leading to the weird feeling of hopelessness and the good efforts or intentions capsizes leaving one to the option of the detrimental food choices, and inactivity that kills the need to ever try the activities again.

The problem of overweight or obesity has close link to many other factors besides the emotional disturbance. For instance, a person may be susceptible to some environmental factors that promote overeating, one may have some generic susceptibility or the psychological stress can also exacerbate an already existing problem. (O’Brien, 2007)

If the efforts to loose weight fail to work out, one may end up suffering from frustration, weakened feelings of competence or lowered self-esteem. Others suffer from weigh related discrimination or prejudice. Anxiety and depression are some of the problems that come about because of excessive and constant helpless mood, stress and incessant emotional agony.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The mental and physical disturbance often classifies to the emotional disturbance often leading to overweight and obesity that habitually contributes to stress and other psychological disorders. Medically it may be very difficult to determine whether overweight is a symptom associable to another disorder or just a causative factor.

Causes of Eating Disorders and Overweight Although the eating disorder presents the problem of compromised self-esteem or prejudice, in most cases the victims do not suffer from any psychological disorder. In line with O’Brien, (2007) those with a mild obese may try working out without much success and end up suffering from eating disorders, which brings about the depression and compromised self-esteem. These people loose their eating behaviours and end up consuming abnormally in terms of quantity over certain duration.

According to Alexander et al, (2009) the leading causes of the eating disorders are stress and depression. One can trace the problem to the impulsive responses of behaviors that are spontaneous to hatred or other related mental difficulties such as nervousness or lack of self-confidence, which make one to isolate themselves from others into an inactive lifestyle this enhancing bad feeding habits that lead to gaining of weight and eventually to obesity.

This is a good indication that the physical disorders coexists with some mental hysteria such as the need for substance abuse, anxiety, depression, loneliness, depression, lack of control and a wide range of other interpersonal and social problems.

Eating disorder is therefore a problem that is deeply rooted into the interpersonal issues as opposed to preoccupation on the food and psychological factors. Some of these issues entails family interrelation problems, expression related problems especially emotionally, sexual abuse, feeling of taunt, tease and ridicule over size, appearance, shape or weight.

Other factors entail the social dynamics for instance people would be having a specific body size and weight as their standard measuring unit such that, when one is not conforming to the specifications, then they lack the factors for a “perfect body”. They are mainly concern with the person’s physical appearance. The pressure from the public reinforces the problems by reactivating the psychological concern enhancing stress due to the negative feelings especially in females. (Alexander et al, 2009)

A more complicated origin points to temperaments and its interaction with the mental/psychological, social and interpersonal factors. The mental health professionals indicate the temperamental propensity as “perfectionism, compulsiveness, impulsiveness, behavioral, cognizance, and emotions linked to bad eating habits.

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The Problems in Executive’s Pay in the US Research Paper cheap essay help

Abstract The issue of the executive pay raises heated debate today considering the gap differences in the civil income. For instance, assuming example of the U.S. government, President Obama governance faces public fury over the huge pay packages accorded to the executives. (Andrews and Bajaj, 2009) The issue of prohibiting extra bonuses for the top executives beside their hefty basic pay and other stock dividends is therefore under high consideration beside the rules imposing reductions. If imposed, the rules will be the toughest ever forcing the executives to accept deep reductions.

Arguably, considering a $500,000 annual compensation would be draconian considering the lack of bonuses or annual dividends. The recruitment process would be very difficult due to competition especially from the private sector offering over $1 million.

The U.S president seem to advocate for the pay regulations considering that this is the time the government is struggling to bail out prominent collapsed financial institutions. According to Andrews and Bajaj of the Times Newspapers (2009), the National Economic Council is considering pay restrictions to all the companies under the Federal help of economic recovery.

The executive’s compensation ware not under particular specifications, the rule applied earlier on bailed out banks failed because of the government’s failure to impose a strict follow up mechanism thus living the executives to reward themselves with the heft bonuses without considering the deterioration of the economy. The question many people ask is whether the executives should make the much they do.

Introduction The high pay may appear to be very little in comparison to the huge company’s profits the top executives deliver at the end of the financial session. In line with Daft et al, (368) when the company’s profits measure up to the executive’s pays then it seems too low and therefore reasonable. Probably it would make sense to reward the executives who are directly involved with the capital of the company.

They are usually under a lot of pressure to deliver and although it may seem ironic, their pay is excessively little, compared to what they deliver. This might be the only logical way of rewarding these employees for their tremendous work. It motivates them to ensure success and future developments. Payment should always reflect performance and this is most certainly the reason why the American government advocates for pay regulation especially among the financially assisted companies.

Thesis Statement “Reasons behind the hefty pays of the Chief Executive Officers”

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Problem definition

This paper explores the issue of the compensation that the top executives receive the reasons behind the pay and it offers the suggestions for improving the system.

Do the top executives deserve their pay?

It is evident that top executive receive exorbitant remunerations and most people feel that majority do not deserve the compensation. Some of the executive end up performing a mediocre job and still manage to rip off the taxpayers because of their titles. Common feeling indicates that these individuals should receive their compensation depending on their performances.

Literature review While the arguments against the pay are viable to certain levels, the other side of the coin indicate that these executives earn and deserve every penny of their paychecks. (Mackenzie and Traynor, 132) They undergo enormous amount of pressure to ensure companies deliver profits. They have to make tough and important daily decisions, which are the key measures of whether the company prospers or fails.

The failure of the company compromises their jobs therefore their careers are at constant risky measures. Most of the CEO did not just become what they are but had to move up the ladder systematically to the top positions. They have total endurance and strong business backgrounds and knowledge to steer the company through maintenance of an effective workforce. (Daft et al, 342)

According to Daft et al, (556) there are very few people with enough knowledge and experience to guide or control the performance of big, especially financial companies to their performance value. This aspect makes the executives an important and valuable part of the company hence the reason why they deserve the high pays. The public seem to base their arguments over the executive pays on half the picture. The profits earned by the companies are excessively high in comparison to their remunerations.

A good example is the ATT Company chief executive officer who is arguably one of the top paid officials. (Mathias and Jackson, 137) People’s view over the executive’s move to layoff 40,000 employees and still enjoy his increased pay seems greedy and illogical. At a close range, his laying-off of excessive workers brought great benefit to the company as well as to the customers who benefited from better services at a proficient timeframe and lower cost by smaller but improved workforce.

Comparing the executive’s pay of 20 million dollars, which seem too huge to the company’s earning, it would equate approximately to 1/3,450th of the gross thus validating his pay against performance. If split among the workers, the executive’s pay would equate to $500 which is a pay equitable to a just a couple of days pay for a low-level employee.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Problems in Executive’s Pay in the US specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Executives need to be very keen in their decisions, less it bring down the whole company crumpling to losses. They ought to ensure transparency over all their moves or decisions since they affect a magnitude and the economy at large. (Daft et al, 557) The superfluous amount of tension and pressure evident today is due to these factors and thus the reason why not every CEO can be able to handle their tasks as per the requirements.

What guarantees good performance of the CEO? The huge amount of money involved in compensating the executives is a good indication that there is no good assurance for their performance. The pay acts as a great motivator to performance. Without a good pay, they would probably find better paying jobs or one without much strain but having an equally good pay package.

It would be a great risk for a company to engage an executive and pay them poorly because that person would not get involved as required and therefore the probability of a collapse is high. Other than collapse, the company can easily experience weak profit margin compared to other business rivals. (Mackenzie and Traynor, 102)

The executive’s thrive to venture deeply into the industry depends on the payment received. Good focus on goals elevates the business into great heights.

When a company makes good investments such as the hefty pays for the executives, then the company’s performance elevates to a good performance. The CEO is able to put much emphasis on the firm and tolerate smaller margins for errors thus ensuring great profits. They suffer negative affects or enjoy positive rewards depending on the performance of the business. (Mathis and Jackson, 35)

The plausible reason why the American executives receive more money than other countries is that they work out tasks at larger scales compared to others. From this perspective, the companies should therefore not be concern with the payment but focus on the delivery factors.

It is easy to find qualified people to work at the same capacity at lower wages but they are not able to cover the same magnitude of the job. This means that there is a need to analyse and reward the executives in relation to their inputs. The businesses ought to acknowledge that the executives deserve pay equivalent to their inputs.

Need for quality workers may make a company to find it reasonable to hire executives from other countries and therefore outsourcing does not mainly mean the company want to find someone for he top job with minimal and more reasonable wage rates as most people may think.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Problems in Executive’s Pay in the US by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The company is responsible for the high wages and not the worker. This negates the reasoning that finding such employees at a reasonable rate is not possible. The company decides on the payment rather than the employee demanding for the same. Pay should reflect performance and for this reason, the company or those in the industry have the right to decide on the amount of remuneration to offer. (Mathis and Jackson, 35) this is an indication that the executives deserve their pays.

Problems with systems that support the hefty Executive’s Pay Most of the executive wages are not reflective of the employee’s performance and hence the basis for this debate. The executives receive the same treatment regardless of their poor or very prolific performance. This means that the company may be losing huge amounts through such pays as the persona benefits, especially when their no good procedures for investigating performance and linking the compensation to the firm’s profit margins.

When an executive has room for enjoying power and good pay while reciprocating nothing on the other hand, then when taken to consideration, this is abuse of power and they will not attempt to do a good job. There is need to have a correlation between the qualities of the work and the hefty pay that the CEO receives.

Most collapsing businesses today lack proper monitoring systems over performance especially the government run firms. The top managers continue delivering bad jobs while they still enjoy good constant pays and probably have power to award themselves bonuses and rises. According to Daft et al, (342) It may cost a lot to get rid of bad employees particularly those at the top levels, but overtime, the losses incurred as the company hopes for recovery my eventually be the root cause of collapse.

Most of the CEO jobs are under contract basis, this means that if the period is cut-short, then the law protects the officials and the company must compensate them for their early removal. This is another reason why many companies fail to terminate the executives. The need to avoid court cases makes the company to hold the unwanted personnel until their terms expire.

There is urgent need to incorporate a link between the compensation package and the business performance record and probably include the same in the contract forms as an incentive to produce more. Executives can have an offer with the basic pay and allowances but the bonuses be rewarded in line with the performance or business profit margins. Amazing facts indicate that human performance has a main basis upon monetary rewards. (Daft et al, 372)

Conclusion Top executives make hefty pay packages but most deserve the remuneration they receive because of the business performance. They make key decisions every day, work under pressure to deliver and their jobs and titles are arguably the greatest all over the world thus they are internationally competitive. Assessment however indicates that only a fraction performs as per the requirement and thus the need to regulate the pays.

The issuing of a basic salary and adjustable pay rise depending on the company’s performance would work fine. This would be a way of having a distinction between the best performing executives from the rest.

The government should consider more legislature of the workers pay as per the performance levels as a measure of guaranteed routine by the top executives. Companies are in a position to give a breakdown of performance through the accountants as the foundation for remuneration just as the taxation processes. This would be an excellent measure to curb loopholes.

There ought to be an internationally standardized payment levels for the top executives to enhance balanced competition. The contraction procedures also need to integrate means of escaping the clauses that bring about allegations if the company breaks the contract before time especially when the employees perform below expectations.

These measures ensure only the best executives remain in business and thus making the companies to be more productive as well as successful. The aspect of highly paid executives would only be acceptable without disputes or controversies with the implementation of the important ideas discussed herein. Most importantly, the pay ought to reflect on business performance.

Companies are tying to embrace these aspects as evident with the Mercer Company whose recent advertisements for a top executive post specified ability to “generate revenue through development of new client relationships, cross-selling to current clients and extension of current client engagements”.

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