In A Word Document, Use Double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman Font, And One-inch Margins. This Report Should Be 2 Pages In Length And Include References Cited In APA Format. Prompt To Complete Thi College Essay Help Near Me

This report should be 2 pages in length and include references cited in APA format. 
To complete this assignment:
Identify three key topics from the course that you want to explore further. For example:How do various functional areas or departments individually and collectively contribute to the CSR outlook of a company?
How can analyzing financial statements of a company help reveal its commitment toward CSR?
How can a company become a frontrunner in making ethical choices while staying within legal restrictions?

Apply the chosen three topics to re-evaluate the company you chose in Module One- Walmart (module one document attached for reference).
Your re-evaluation should address one of the following considerations:
Related to the topic, what was your first impression of the company you chose? What is your current impression of the company? How has it changed? Explain your reasoning.
What drives the direction for the company in its sustainability efforts?
What are the key features of the CSR efforts of the company?
Do you believe the company has a sustainable approach to the triple bottom line?
What are the critical financial, social responsibility, or ethical challenges facing the company in today’s global environment?
4. Based on your evaluation, justify whether the company you chose in Module One deserves praise for its commitment to CSR.


argumentative paper on the issue of COVID and whether or not we should force people to take a vaccine. The tension here ethically stems from the opposition between utilitarianism, which is known for valuing the good of the majority at the expense of the individual and his or her rights, and autonomy, a value guaranteed to adults to make their own decisions within the confines of the law regardless of how it impacts others. For information on the relationship between utilitarianism and autonomy, see the pages and videos on autonomy in the HEDONISM module, and also the criticisms of utilitarianism on justice and autonomy in the UTILITARIANISM module. Do not take a middle position here: either we should force them or not. THIS PAPER SHOULD BE ON HOW PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO TAKE THE VACCINE. scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Here is a list of paper requirements:

Page 1: In about one page, provide FACTUAL and STATISTICAL information from at least THREE different sources about COVID, being as objective and impartial as you can. Information could be about the following: infection rates; death rates; ages; hospitalizations; mask, lock-down and social distancing effectiveness; how it compares to other illnesses like the flu; how the United States compares to other countries; etc. By objective and impartial I mean this: I should not know which side (force or not force) you will argue having read this information. So leave out opinion, judgement, bias, commentary, accusations, etc. Since you are providing factual information here, you should probably have more citations than normal for a philosophy paper.
Page 2: In about one page, argue one side of the debate concerning whether we should force individuals to take a vaccine or not, called mandated vaccines. Try to think of an ethical argument as analogous to arguing a court case: you present your best case, starting with your strongest evidence, to try to persuade someone who is neutral or who takes the opposite view to adopt your position. If you argue that we should force people to take a vaccine, make sure your ethical reasoning is along utilitarian lines, such as: the good of the many outweighs the good of the few (the principle of utility), concern for results only (consequentialism), the end justifies the means, etc. Make sure to cite any major ideas of the theory of utilitarianism here. If you argue that we should not force people to take a vaccine, make sure your ethical reasoning is along the lines of the value of autonomy. Autonomy is the value often cited regarding a woman’s right to have an abortion; it is also behind the idea in medical ethics of the right of patients to refuse treatment; it is also embedded in the principle of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Make sure to cite any major ideas concerning autonomy here.
Formatting, Citations and Bibliography: Follow all policies and standards for formatting, citing, and providing a bibliography found in the Formatting and Citing Assignment; for a reminder, please see the “Formatting, Citations and Bibliography” entry in the rubric below. NOTE: If you did not complete that assignment, you are still required to know what is required for papers for this course.


Project Overview: Writing Analytically Rhetorical situation is at once the most basic and sophisticated concept in communications. It is college application essay help

Project Overview: Writing Analytically

Rhetorical situation is at once the most basic and sophisticated concept in communications. It is basic because we understand intuitively that everything we say and write is influenced by audience, purpose, stance, context and medium. For example, we know that a communication to a supervisor requesting an extended leave must be different from a communication asking your BFF to spot you five bucks.

Rhetorical situation is sophisticated because effective communicators do not rely on intuition to create their messages. Instead, they analyze all aspects of the rhetorical situation and use this analysis to craft communication that influences an audience in a particular, often subtle, way. Advertising and marketing experts are especially savvy about rhetorical situation because their clients need to get the most for their advertising dollars. Analyzing advertisements, therefore, is an effective way to study rhetorical situation, specifically how audience affects the message.

Learning Goals
This project gives you the opportunity to:
Understand and practice the principles of analysis.
Understand and identify the components of rhetorical situation, specifically audience.
Practice a recursive and collaborative writing process.

Writing Assignment
Write a 1000- to 1200-word essay that analyzes how rhetorical situation affects a persuasive message. In particular, analyze an ad for similar products marketed to specific audiences. Include works cited entries (MLA style) and images/links to the advertisements.

Process Assignments
The project includes readings in Everyone’s An Author. Complete the following assignments:
Writing Analytically Homework #1.1: Summary
Writing Analytically Homework #1.2: Descriiption
Writing Analytically Homework #1.3: Rhetorical Situation

For this assignment, you will analyze a piece of advertising to explore how it targets particular audiences. You may choose a print ad, a “television” ad, or an ad that you find on youtube; you must, however, be able to make meaningful claims about the audience (who they are, what they seem to care about, what else they buy) for the ad; you may find an ad that you like from a Google “Images” search for example, but you also have to be able to make claims about when it was published, and in what publications; otherwise, conclusions about the ad’s intended audience are merely speculative.

Based on your analysis, develop a thesis that draws a conclusion about how the advertisers view their audiences and what they believe is important to their potential customers. (Your question: How do advertisers sell the same product to different people? What strategies do advertisers use to target different audiences?) As support, you will describe the ads, identify target audiences, and compare/contrast strategies used to appeal to these audiences and any logical fallacies used for humorous effect. You can evaluate the effectiveness of the ads, but be careful that your evaluation does not eclipse your analysis. Include the characteristic features of analysis as explained in Chapter 14.

You may also make use of multiple ads for the sake of comparison. For example, you could analyze advertisements for different cell phone companies. Or you can analyze two ads for different products aimed at the same segment of the Super Bowl audience, like two ads aimed at older viewers. If drawing in another artifact can help you introduce a meaningful comparison that supports relevant claims, then so much the better. Do it. That having been said, writing a unified and cohesive final essay is part of the writing task, so devote the bulk of your analysis to just one of the ads.

These required homework assignments will help you prepare to draft your essay: Writing Analytically Homeworks 1.2 and 1.3 Our writing process also includes peer review of a draft, required instructor review of a draft, and reflection writing after the final draft has been submitted.

Rhetorical situation
This refers to YOUR rhetorical situation for this assignment. Reference the designated pages in Everyone’s An Author.

Audience — Students and instructors at NMC, including people outside this class. This is an academic audience so use more formal language and proofread carefully .

Purpose and Stance — Rhetorical analysis of two related advertisements by an objective observer. You will make a claim about how audience/context influences the message, stance, and design of the two advertisements. First person (marked by the pronoun “I”) is generally not used in analytical writing to keep the focus on the subject. Include the characteristic features of analysis.

Context — Descriiptions of the ads and demographic information about the readers of magazines. Although you will include links to the ads, be sure to give thorough descriiptions in your essay, including the stories implied by the advertisements.

Media and Design — Digital and MLA. You will upload the final draft of your essay to Moodle. Follow MLA format, including works cited entries for the advertisements. Include links to the ads within the body of the essay, if possible. Put a word count at the end of the essay like this: WORD COUNT 854.

Additional Notes for Instructors: Project #1: Writing Analytically



a self-reflection on a clinical situation should be written, I wrote a draft that needs to be edited, re-written Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

a self-reflection on a clinical situation should be written, I wrote a draft that needs to be edited, re-written in a shorter paraphrased and better way to reach a total word count of 1100 words only when combining both parts.

Part 1: Describe the critical event – what happened?
I need the descriiption I wrote to be paraphrased and re-written in a better summarized way (not more than 500 words for the descriiption, the less the better as also the self-reflection will be around 600 words or more so that the combined word count is 1100 words only)

Part 2: Self-reflection that includes answer to the following questions: (600 words or more if descriiption above is less than 500).
– Re-write what is written in a better way and if you find some points are good keep them as written) but try to re-write it again from the beginning as I wrote it the draft very quickly and it it messy with messy thoughts.
These are the questions that needs to be answered In the self-reflection (part 2):
– What you have learned from this experience?

– What would you do differently next time?

– Have this experience highlighted any of your weaknesses or any deficiencies in your training as a medical student and if so, how are you addressing them?

– What is your future plan of action?

You can find attached the rubric if this will help you.


Conduct a brief literature review using library references and Google Scholar. Identify 10-15 additional articles(apart from the ones listed college essay help online

Conduct a brief literature review using library references and Google Scholar. Identify 10-15 additional articles(apart from the ones listed below) about your topic i.e. theoretical tradition and issue area. Write a short annotated bibliography (1-3 sentences per article) noting the key aspects of each piece.

Social Construction of Technology, Actor Network Theory


IMAGES, SALES, BRANDS: HOW RED BULL USES VARIOUS DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA TECHNIQUES TO ACHIEVE ALL ITS OBJECTIVES Name Recognition: It isn’t as if the digital social media strategy adopted by Red Bul custom essay help

Granted, the private company has a policy that discourages employees from giving interviews. But its overall strategy is clear from its actions and their outcomes. The success it has accrued from this strategy therefore isn’t a matter of doing things differently from anyone else. It’s a function of doing them better. To begin, Red Bull distinguishes its goals for leveraging contacts. Is it hoping for more brand exposure, or is it pursuing sales increases? Depending on its focus, it adopts distinct, appealing methods that are specific and unique to each digital and social media platform. Then it implements these tactics consistently and comprehensively to increase the chances that they will be widely shared and recognized. Page 108 Name Recognition Perhaps one of the most famous Red Bull events was when Felix Baumgartner (purposefully) fell to Earth from 127,852 feet up, and broke all sorts of records. His jump was from the highest height ever achieved by a human. During the 4-minute, 20-second freefall, he also reached greater speeds—up to Mach 1.25, faster than the speed of sound—than anyone else ever has. The event was a breakthrough on various levels. Baumgartner’s pressure suit was the first version to be able to protect the human body in space but still enable maneuverability. To address the threat of ebullism (i.e., when liquid in the body evaporates due to high altitudes, causing a person’s blood to literally boil), Baumgartner and his team derived new medical techniques with widespread applications. His parachute also adopted a new “reefed” design to reduce drifting, with clear implications for airdrops of materials and supplies.68 In reporting on all these remarkable feats, Baumgartner’s name was mentioned frequently—though not as frequently as the project that sponsored his jump and all the technology that went into supporting it: the Red Bull Stratos project. Every official mention of the event included the full name, such that Red Bull Stratos often appeared as a single term. It was not just the Stratos project. It was the Red Bull Stratos project. And what a project it was, leading to the creation of not just scientific advances but also a remarkable video. That video, taken from the camera mounted on Baumgartner’s helmet, features vast, picturesque views of Earth and the sense of plummeting. Red Bull immediately made it available for people to check out at their leisure. But the real targets—the people whom Red Bull hoped would be most engaged by the video and the stunt in general—were extreme sports fanatics. These folks willingly put their bodies at risk on a regular basis to perform some cool stunt to cause their friends to marvel. For them, there may be no better stunt than having some guy fall from space.  In full awareness of this appeal, Red Bull made sure that the video was prominent on its website and YouTube channel. On the day of the jump itself, approximately 8 million viewers streamed the video live and in real time. Also on that day, the number of subscribers to Red Bull’s YouTube channel increased by a remarkable 87,801. Sponsored by Red Bull, Felix Baumgartner’s jump reached speeds of Mach 1.25. ️Jay Nemeth/Zumapress/Newscom On Twitter, recognizing that 140 characters was not nearly enough to communicate the awesomeness of the stunt, it simply used hashtags and links to connect followers to the video, whether through YouTube or on a Red Bull site. Although Red Bull’s main Twitter feed did not exhibit any notable differences, the dedicated Red Bull Stratos Twitter feed prompted more than 20,000 mentions in tweets by others on that day. The Red Bull Stratos Facebook page featured several photos during and after the jump. Just one shot of a landed Baumgartner, still in his space suit and on his knees beside his reefed parachute, prompted more than 20,000 comments, more than 50,000 shares, and nearly half a million likes. The example of the Red Bull Stratos project and its attendant coverage through digital and social media suggests several things Red Bull did well. It knew its audience and its own goals, and it understood how different channels could help it attain those goals. To ensure that it appealed to the target audience, it engaged them in an exciting, never-before-tried daredevil experience. Moreover, it shared the scientific lessons learned through the project to give those who wanted it an education. But it also spent a lot of money to get Baumgartner to space and back down again. And that meant it needed to translate some of the brand awareness it developed into sales. Luckily for Red Bull, its social media strategy also has room for that effort.
Red Bull does not just send athletes to space. It also sponsors them on the pitch, in the form of the New York Red Bull MLS team, which plays in Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. In one recent game, the team’s star forward Thierry Henry scored yet another goal. Page 109Afterward, he leaned, with his right arm up against the goal post and left hand on his hip. The pose, caught on camera, almost immediately became a Twitter meme as amateur photo editors placed him against a variety of backgrounds. The team was quick to move on this social media coup. It rapidly posted the photo to its website and encouraged fans to vote for it as their favorite shot of the season. Immediately above and below the encouragement to engage with the brand also appeared links that would allow fans to purchase tickets for a full season, half season, or individual games. Beyond these fun, consumer-oriented efforts, Red Bull makes sure that it has advanced capabilities for supporting the retail vendors that sell its products. For example, all its mobile sales representatives are equipped with their own tablet computers, loaded with proprietary mobile software. Thus, on visits to retail sites and vendors, the salespeople can provide the latest inventory information. They also present detailed analytics to show vendors how best to position their coolers of Red Bull products and how to line up the cans in the display case to encourage sales.
Combining the Uses of Digital and Social Media
When you are as good at engaging and exciting people as Red Bull is, the next step might be to make digital social media your main focus. In a sense, it has transformed itself into a media company that just happens to sell energy drinks. Red Bull continues to sponsor extreme sporting events and stunts; it also has its own record label, which finds, pursues, and produces artists who make high-energy music. On the dedicated Red Bull Records YouTube channel, it highlights these artists, then pairs their output with some of its sponsored events. For example, it creates playlists for skydiving events and X-fighters, featuring not just its own artists but also other popular musicians. Furthermore, Red Bull offers a slew of applications for smartphones and tablets, including the app, which presents content similar to that on Facebook and Instagram, along with a customizable feed. In addition, Red Bull offers several gaming apps featuring snowboarding, biking, and car and airplane racing games, along with a “Mind Gamers” puzzle. At the same time, it provides a radio app and Red Bull TV; the Red Bull TV app can be downloaded on mobile devices or streamed directly to consumers’ televisions through Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, or PlayStation. The various channels available through this app include not just the expected coverage of all types of extreme sports but also channels dedicated to music, festivals, and original films—one of which documents the Red Bull Stratos mission, of course.This move toward a greater focus on different media channels is well in line with Red Bull’s long-standing social media strategy. For example, it maintains a plethora of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for various events and locations, yet virtually none of them ever feature pictures of its drinks. Instead, they offer exciting in-sport shots or humorous images. Fans can—and do—comment, but Red Bull rarely responds. Its primary goal appears to be establishing an edgy, entertaining, exciting image as a lifestyle brand, which it feels confident will translate ultimately into product sales.
1. What social and mobile media tools is Red Bull using?
2. Evaluate Red Bull’s social media marketing strategy using the 4E framework.
3. How should Red Bull assess the effectiveness of these campaigns?
4. Describe how it should respond to insights gained by this assessment.


The Social Implications of Advertising Find advertising that satisfies the following criteria. Then write a two paragraph synopsis of each ad: 1. Provide two examples of puffery. Detail why the ad di college application essay help: college application essay help

Then write a two paragraph synopsis of each ad:
 1. Provide two examples of puffery. Detail why the ad displays the concept of puffery and is not deceptive. Be detailed in your response.
 2. Find examples of Ads that stereotypes a person or group. Find one ad that portrays a positive stereotype and an one ad that portrays a negative stereotype. Analyze the stereotype in detail.
3. Find two (2) ads that attempt to deceive, or in your opinion represent deceptive advertising. Explain the deception and how the consumer might her adversely affected.  
Remember to point out the stereotype, deception or puffery, then your reaction to each concept. Your reaction or analysis should be a minimum of two to three paragraphs per ad. Make sure you attach a copy of the ad that you are analyzing.


From your first assessment you have made an initial recommendation based on expert evidence on the preferred program for essay help

From your first assessment you have made an initial recommendation based on expert evidence on the preferred program for UQ Students. However to understand more about self-care programs that are appropriate for UQ students, you are required to conduct your own research into your chosen program to understand felt, expressed and comparative needs. Once you have constructed, administered and analysed the data you will combine this data into a Needs Assessment report with recommendations that will be presented to the management of UQ Mental Health Strategy Implementation Team and UQ Wellness.

Referencing style: Vancouver

Please find instructions, marking criteria and supporting document uploaded.

Please read all uploaded files and follow instructions and marking criteria.

Please let me know if more time needed so I can ask for extended on time.

Lectures slides could be provided.


150-200 words APA Citations for the post (2 references in post) 100 words for comment on the points a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

150-200 words APA Citations for the post (2 references in post) 100 words for comment on the points of the article. (1 reference in comment) Article Link:

*discuss one or several of the themes: group decision making, conflict, and negotiations, making rational decisions in negotiations.

Step 1: Familiarity with the selected by you article: -Main ideas (Managerial problems/causes and suggested solutions) -Recommendations -Conclusions Step 2: Criteria for the selection of the main topics of the initial posting: -Personal preferences (knowledge, ideas) -Ability to demonstrate how your posting is linked to a.important topics covered in the weekly modules and b.Important topic from this article -Additional research and selection of academic articles or business cases where similar topics/ideas have been discussed. Discuss one or several of the themes: -the nature of managerial decision making, -the steps in the managerial decision making -organizational learning and creativity, judgmental heuristics Closing paragraph: Include pragmatic conclusions


They Say: This section sets the background for your research question. It must remain unbiased! You will review the essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

They Say: This section sets the background for your research question. It must remain unbiased! You will review the current scientific literature related to your topic (what do we already know about the topic area). I would expect this section to be approximately 1-2 pages and will use the majority of your sources. Make sure to cite all sources properly within your text and list the complete citation within your reference section.

Please use the APA format for references, and do include the in-text citations and reference page.

The file is an example essay. You only need to write the “They Say” part


review and respond to: The Real World Already? I’m Just a Student! COLLAPSE I am having tremendous difficulty answering Essay argumentative essay help

review and respond to:

The Real World Already? I’m Just a Student!
I am having tremendous difficulty answering this discussion board prompt. I haven’t a clue how to navigate the questions in the prompt.

First, the exclusion question. In my imagination, I hope that all we need is a reminder to coworkers and team members that all people regardless of gender or sexual orientation are created in G-d’s image and even if there are disagreements one must always treat others with respect – period – end of discussion. I understand that it can’t be that simple, yet I’m flailing around trying to figure out how not to be the “ugly American” imposing my sensibilities on others.

As for the second question, about individual performance in a collectivist culture, the only solution I can come up with is “Don’t.” Don’t reward individuals in that culture. Figure out a way to reward the team instead. But is that “correct”? I dunno.

As to the hiring of a friend or relative, I’m not sure in my worldview that’s an automatically bad thing. In business, people get hired and fired for legitimate and also irrational reasons all the time. In my work community, we have husbands/wives, parents/children and cousins who all came to work in our location after seeing how well their relative is treated there. Some work out, some don’t. You go with the flow.

Finally, the question of influence peddling versus gifts/entertainment. I think again there isn’t anything inherently wrong with either unless it interrupts a positive outcome (going back to my other discussion board post for this week). If wooing a government official gets a necessary water treatment plant built, so be it. But if one uses their influence to build a poorly constructed bridge or badly managed utility company, then the outcome doesn’t merit the flexibility regarding the cultural expectations.


Developing Goals and Objectives and Creating an Outline Once you have outlined the problem, it is important to identify online essay help: online essay help

Developing Goals and Objectives and Creating an Outline

Once you have outlined the problem, it is important to identify the goals and objectives in designing a program or policy. The goal is what you hope to achieve by instituting this program or policy. Remember, you are trying to address an issue that you want to make better, so it is important that you clearly outline your objectives.

For example, for the last few weeks there have been numerous articles in the newspaper that have discussed the vandalism that is taking place in your community. Each morning, numerous store owners are waking up to find graffiti, broken windows, etc. in the downtown area. The article mentions that a number of teens have been arrested for the vandalism, but it is still continuing to happen each night. Your goal in this scenario is to design a program that will reduce the amount of time that juveniles are unmonitored. You may also have the goal to increase security and lighting in the areas that have been affected.

It is also important that your goals are realistic. For the scenario that is outlined above, instituting 24-hour police presence would probably not be an option. If you are uncertain about what would be realistic to address the problem, criminal justice literature is a useful source. There are a tremendous number of articles that highlight useful techniques to addressing crime, criminal behavior, delinquency, etc. Also, as previously discussed, there are many criminal justice theoretical frameworks that focus on criminal behavior and situational crime prevention. Before designing a program or policy, it is essential that you clearly identify your goals and objectives for implementing the program or policy.

Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully. You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.

Develop an outline of the goals and objectives of the program or policy. Next, be sure to include an outline of how the program or policy will be implemented. Be sure to address the following:

Identify the target population.
Outline the procedures to implement the program/policy.
Determine the tasks that must be accomplished.
Indicate the type of staff that must be hired.
Explain how the program/policy will be monitored.
Length: 4 pages (introduction, conclusion, reference page) ensure you label each paragragh for the section its discussing

References: Include five scholarly resources.


Please use the following rubric and the main/ most important citation for this paper will be from the 6 Essay scholarship essay help

Please use the following rubric and the main/ most important citation for this paper will be from the 6 Values of Social Work within the Code of Ethics. Here is a link:

1. Define your understanding of the 6 core Values of the social work profession (These six values may be found in the Code of Ethics)
2. Choose the value you think is MOST important to you. Explain why you chose it as most important.
3. Choose one value to eliminate from Social Work. Which one would you eliminate and why?
4. Where did your personal values originate?
5. Are your values currently reinforced? How so?
6. Choose your top TWO values from the 6 Values of Social Work and address the following –
A. If I were living this value(s) perfectly what would my actions and behaviors look like – with clients, agencies, communities?
B. Write Value(s) Clarifying Statements using “I” Statements (ex. Integrity – To live this value I will do what I say I am going to do. I will be at appointments on time… I will _____ Please write in the affirmative “I will…”
C. What would your actions and behaviors look like if you were NOT living this values(s)?
7. Write a summary paragraph about how your values are congruence or incongruence with the 6 Values of social work.


Bransberger and Micheleu (2017) in Knocking at the College Door note that “policymakers and stakeholders have some important policy Essay essay help

Bransberger and Micheleu (2017) in Knocking at the College Door note that “policymakers and stakeholders have some important policy decisions to make” (p. 47) regarding the changing demographics and enrollment trends in higher education. They suggest that “as education professionals, policy leaders, researchers, community leaders, or parents, we can choose to focus on the challenges or view this as an opportunity” (p. 47). Understanding the elements of a critical issue (e.g., stakeholders, forces, and need for a solution):

Answer the questions below:
Which of the stakeholders hold the perception of changing demographics and enrollment trends as an opportunity and what do they see are those opportunities?
Based on the literature as well as your own experience, where do you weigh in on the opportunities and the challenges of this critical issue?
Make sure each question is a different section.
use at least 3 sources. one needs to be an outside source.

For the TQ Summer File – CCT – Declining Enrollments – p. 19 and Degrees of Relevance (community college baccalaureates) p. 20


When developing your answers, you must include (cited) facts to support the major points in your response. Your responses Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

When developing your answers, you must include (cited) facts to support the major points in your response. Your responses should not include continuous citations without your thoughts and analysis also. Rather, your responses must reflect a balance between facts and your perspective on the points you made.
Your responses to each of the examination questions should be a minimum of two pages and a maximum of three pages in length, double spaced, and written in 12-point Times New Roman.
Include a title/cover page.
Include some cited references and format them in the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style (7th edition).

Place a bullet/number in front of the beginning of each question response

Samaha, J. (2017). Criminal Procedure (10th Edition). Cengage Learning US.

1. Summarize the differences among the following doctrines: Fundamental Fairness, Total Incorporation, and Selective Incorporation doctrines as they influence state criminal procedures.
2. Discuss the main reasons false confessions occur and the key reforms aimed at reducing them.
3. Discuss the importance of live pre-lineup instructions in identification procedures for line-ups. Explain the differences and issues that exist between “show-up” identification procedures and live line-up procedures.
4. Briefly describe the major historical developments of “due process” from the passage of the U.S. Constitution to the present.


Criteria Needed to Accept a Substance as a Neurotransmitter argumentative essay help

We currently have over 80 substances that have been identified as either a neurotransmitter or a putative neurotransmitter. Discuss the criteria that a substance must meet to be included in this list. Pick one of the criteria and provide a detailed discussion of why the chosen is important. Suggest an experiment that you might design that supports your chosen criteria. Some this information is found on page 2 of the text.

The discussion should be at least 300 words and not more than 400 words.


In this unit you have learned about the many issues effecting the quality of healthcare in the U.S., including competition a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

In this unit you have learned about the many issues effecting the quality of healthcare in the U.S., including competition in the health care market segment. The number of mergers and acquisitions of health care entities are increasing. For this assignment, you will create a visual representation to illustrate the impact of this integration. Create a visual representation using either Word, PowerPoint, or similar software. Illustrate your choice of integration (vertical or horizontal). Using notations, define the flow of the integration process (how two entities become one). On a separate page, using a numbered list, concisely summarize the integration process. Include how patients and providers are impacted by the integration. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources on a separate reference page; APA format should be followed throughout.


of a research paper, I completed section 3. Need section 4 completed. Attached is section 3 so you can continue off of that and keep going. APA 7TH EDITION FORMAT IF YOU CAN’T DO APA 7TH EDITION THEN DON’T ACCEPT. essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

I have attached all of the info to the files. This is a Masters’s class and this paper needs to be damn near perfect. I attached section 3 of my paper so you can see what I’m writing about. Don’t follow that format as it is wrong. Follow APA 7th edition format. You don’t need to include my section of the paper in the paper you submit. Just include section 4. If you do well, I will assign the full paper to you and pay really well. If you have questions please ask.


to eat/ what is the biggest issue facing our food supply/ Ranchers suffer from price gouging during COVID. essay help free

Ranchers must pay to irrigate, medicate, feed, deal with equipment and weather while the meat packers are gouging prices. Ranchers suffer while packers set the price and consumers pay astronomical prices at the grocery store.

( this is a college summary in MLA format, 2 pages, double spaced, one citation from anything other than social media- preferably an agricultural site or book.)


This is a five to ten (5-10) page paper discussing an aspect of Criminology. Papers must have at least Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

This is a five to ten (5-10) page paper discussing an aspect of Criminology. Papers must
have at least three scholarly sources. Paper can be
submitted early, but not late without receiving the below mentioned late penalty. *Papers will receive ten (10) points off per week late. *Must use at least 3 to 5 scholarly sources, NOT including the class textbook
*Must be in APA format
*Must be grammatically correct and free from spelling errors
*Must have conclusion/discussion section in paper
*Research needs to be corroborated by sources
*Bibliography must reflect cites in the paper
*Paper must have coversheet


report on cultural and spiritual issues related to mental health care: (a) Describe the impact of culture and spirituality writing essay help

report on cultural and spiritual issues related to mental health care:
(a) Describe the impact of culture and spirituality on mental health care.
(b) Describe cultural beliefs and practices that may affect mental health care.
(c) Reflect on your own beliefs and perspective on mental illness and mental health care.

You can use any source and cite apa