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Introduction Advancement in technology has improved service delivery in hospitality industry. This has improved communication and business operations as well as company performance.

Over the decades, impacts of information system have drawn mixed reactions. However, it is important to note that its improvements in communication and industrial sectors have been commendable. For instance, people have become technology minded as they strive to reap its benefits. Interestingly, every investment sector has tapped into information system and technology.

The latest of which, is hotel and hospitality industry that has tapped into information system and technology to improve its service delivery. Recent calls for a shift towards green technology, in most companies including hotel industry, have spurred growth in information system and technology. This paper will explore importance of information system and technology in Shake Shack, a restaurant with presence in the world’s major towns (Mullen 1).

Summary of Shake Shack Shake Shack is an excellent restaurant with presence in some of the world’s major cities like New York, Dubai and Kuwait, among others. It deals in hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs, among other similar foods. Its inception was conceived by Danny Meyer’s group, which is known as Union Square Hospitality.

This enabled its first establishment in 2004 at Union Square. Reactions from customers were very positive; In fact, this led to its expansion, which traverses more than one continent. The company boasts of presence in Dubai, Kuwait and New York, among others.

Moreover, it has introduced several branches in the market aimed at galvanizing ever-increasing number of customers that buy their goods. For instance, New York alone has more than eleven branches. Its continued expansion has brought it success with New York magazine naming it the best burger in 2005. This was triggered by their service delivery, which involved use of information systems and technology (Mullen 1).

Shake Shack is a modern burger stand that serves delicious burgers. The company has a webcam, which shows real time queue of buyers and orders for their foods. This gives one an opportunity to arrange for his/her requirements. Moreover, it saves time. The institution has a comprehensive strategy, which is built on information system and technology. This strategy enables them to save time and attract more customers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They are also able to improve their performance, efficiency and ability to serve more customers. Shake Shack has enjoyed good tidings with tourists and people from various social circles, enabling it to move forward. Of great importance to Shake Shack has been information systems and technology. This has enabled them to venture in internet world as people brim with anticipation of experiencing their services (Mullen 1).

What they do Shake Shack deals in restaurant activities as well as fast foods. These include serving of burgers, wine, hot dogs, beer, and frozen custard, among others. Their offer of delicious foods has appealed to people from various cultures. In addition, numerous media have also highlighted these delicious foods. The foods that received greatest praise from surveys and news groups include frozen custard, Hot Dog and ShackBuger, among others. Shake Shack is managed by individuals and entities with vast knowledge in hotel and hospitality industry.

For instance, Danny Meyer-USHG (Union Square Hospitality Group) owns other famous restaurants in New York namely Untitled, the Modern, Blue Smoke and Maialino, among others. Their specialty is in Hot Dog, delicious burgers and frozen Custard. In essence, Shake Shack is involved in hospitality industry, in which it works to provide nutritious foods to its clients. Shake has variety of options for buyers, these include vegetarian options, among others (Mullen 1).

In detail, Shake Shack provides its customers with variety of services, this range from food to restaurant facilities. One such example of food provided by the company is ShackBurger. This is usually made from a mixture of the finest beef, fresh daily as well as hand-formed. This is then topped with Cheese (American cheese), ShackSauce, plum potato and green leaf. It then forms a perfect delicious Burger, which is usually demanded all over the world.

Another line of operation at Shack is in making Shack-cago Dog, which is usually made in the style of Chicago hot dog. Moreover, it provides mushroom cap, which is stuffed with other recipes like cheddar cheese and Muenster, among others. Other provisions include crunchy fries, which are commonly prepared from potatoes (Yokon Gold). Another product of Shake Shack is known as frozen custard. This is typically made using the custard machine that spins rigorously to produce soft, dense and nutritious custard.

The custard can be modified to make concrete, which is also delicious. The company also deals in wine and beers as well as beverages. These are necessary when taking shack foods. Shake Shack also engages in community development as well as investment in green technology. These are done through donations and spring conservation respectively. The company therefore works in the best interest of its customers as well as community at large (Mullen 1).

Type of information system used at Shake Shack Shake Shack has tried to advance its digital systems to improve service delivery. Among the systems that it has include point of sale, KDs monitors, webcam that is integrated online to provide real time information, internet marketing through live feeds, social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. The company has trained personnel with relevant skills to monitor activities in the system. Moreover, it has back up systems that enable continuity whenever the system goes offline.

We will write a custom Report on Importance of Information System and Technology in Companies specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The points of sale devices are important as they enable fast transfer of information during purchases. Moreover, it has POS peripherals, which are used to swipe credit cards to save time during sales. The company has installed display systems that ensure every activity is monitored for smooth running of the queue. In this regard, it has invested in KDS monitors, which provide them with up to date scan on movements within the restaurant (Mullen 1).

The restaurant has in place a webcam, which is also integrated in its online website. This shows live updates of queue for burgers and other foods. Integration of information systems and technology has improved service delivery at Shake Shack. For instance, customers are able to view the queue before they decide on when to place an order. The company is also working towards implementing digital queue; this system is expected to enable smooth running of queue and to minimize infiltration.

Shake Shack is also planning to introduce menus in tablets such as iPads; this will enable digital purchases or orders and hence improve efficiency. It is also important to note that the company has introduced advanced micro system registers that improve service delivery (Mullen 1).

Information system and its importance in daily operations The company employs information system and technology in virtually every activity. For instance, it monitors the queue, which provides potential and regular customers with real time information of activities in the restaurant. This is important in saving customers’ time as well as that of company in regulating the queue. Integration of POS that can be swiped with credit cards has also heightened the scale of service delivery.

This is mainly because the once isolated group of buyers opting to use credit cards is now able to buy foods and drinks at their convenience. In addition, modern registers utilized at the restaurant have improved efficiency, accuracy and information safety. This is important in auditing as well as storage of information for future reference (Mullen 1).

Due to integration of information systems and technology at Shake Shack, daily operations have become much easier to perform. Customers are rarely frustrated, as they know when to arrive or leave the restaurant for or with their goods respectively.

The company has also improved its PCI DSS compliance strategies. This has encouraged efficiency in management of the store. In addition, the company’s engagement in online marketing has had its benefits with more people streaming to buy their burgers. Information system has improved the company’s competitive edge.

This is mainly because customer satisfaction and reduced frustrations at the queue helps to cement company’s image among them. Information system has also improved profitability at the company as it saves time, speeds of communication and hence efficiency. This is important as it improves the company’s organizational structure and expansion (Mullen 1).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Importance of Information System and Technology in Companies by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Advantages of information system Information system has several advantages in a company. For instance, it facilitates planning. Planning is very essential for any given organization, this is mainly because it ensures the company achieves it goals through sound decision-making.

Complexities involved are easily managed by the information system, this helps in facilitating good planning. Information systems are important in minimizing overload of information; this is mainly because it summarizes data to minimize confusion. Another advantage of information system in a company is its ability to encourage decentralization.

When the system is utilized in measuring performance, this helps to decentralize authority as operations are monitored as required. Another quality that information system brings is coordination. Every organization depends on coordination for excellence in service delivery. Information system is very important in its way of integrating activities from every department (Mullen 1).

It is important to note that companies that utilize information systems are easier to run. This is mainly because control of activities is well organized and channeled through a common system. Moreover, work is made much easier and efficient. The system also serves as a link between planning and control. This improves management and evaluation of the system hence improved performance. Furthermore, use of computers and processors for storage and processing of data ensure accuracy as well as security of data.

Use of computers also helps to reduce overall cost of management, which in turn increase profitability. System information assembles information, processes and stores it for future use. Moreover, it evaluates as well as disseminates information. In essence, information system is very essential to a company as it improve its overall performance (Mullen 1).

Difficulties in implementing the system, if any Implementing information systems come with their impacts in a company. For instance, implementation of the system at Shake Shack meant that some employees had to be laid off. This is common in many organizations, which end up retrenching their staff due to overstaffing that result from information system implementation. This also meant that a complete overhaul had to be done on organizational structure as the company strategized for increased demand for their products.

Moreover, conducting of employee training was paramount as they strived to conform to new standards. This had to cost the company money, which was quite expensive. In essence, as much as this project was aimed at achieving company objectives, initial capital and implementation was quite expensive. Besides, this was a new system and had to be tested for viability (Mullen 1).

Generally, implementation of information system cost fortunes at the beginning. However, this reduces as its advantages show up. Paying up employees who are laid off as well as facing the possibility of legal implications is just a few of problems and difficulties companies face when they implement information system. In addition, the company must have adequate funds to employ fully skilled individuals in order to maintain new systems. Alternatively, they can train their staff on new technologies brought by the systems.

Furthermore, it is quite necessary that performance be monitored regularly, if this is not done, then quality of output and efficiency is affected. Implementation of information system requires proper knowledge of its possible outcomes. This can only be achieved through conducting pilot tests and analyzing results. The process may take a long time to come up with reliable results. Moreover, if it fails then this discourages management from exploring new options (Mullen 1).

How the system manages restaurant for profitability Implementation of information system and technology profits the company in many ways. For one, it improves processing of information, data storage and dissemination. This has the propensity to improve overall running of business and hence efficacy. New technologies like online marketing have enabled Shake Shack to attract many customers from all over the world.

Moreover, its presence in social network sites like Facebook and twitter has increased its funs and followers respectively. This is important in improving its profits through sales and image all over the globe. When image is improved, the company has opportunity to open branches worldwide, for instance Shake Shack has branches in major cities of the world. These include Dubai, Kuwait, New York and Manhattan, among others (Mullen 1).

Information system has had far-reaching effects on Shake Shack restaurant. For instance, it has improved service delivery, which in itself increase profitability by attracting more sales. It has also worked to save time used in processing and storage of information as well as its dissemination. This helps in saving unnecessary costs and hence improves service delivery, which in turn leads to more profit. Information system also increases profitability by minimizing the number of employees and direct costs.

This is mainly because information systems can be used for multipurpose activities. Information systems are more accurate and less prone to errors; this makes them important in auditing. Consequently, it helps in ensuring transparency within the system, which improves a company’s competitiveness. In essence, information system brings with it multiple advantages and helps increase profitability of a company (Mullen 1).

Importance if new technologies and information systems New technologies provide companies with new dimensions and strategies of improving profitability. This is mainly because they bring creative ideas of management and hence makes work easier for managers. New technologies like internet have brought about online marketing, sales and education, among other benefits.

This shows how important new technologies are to businesses. Information systems are also essential in businesses as they increase its work rate, efficiency, accuracy, safety and reliability of performance. It also saves time by processing data that would have otherwise caused confusion or wasted time.

New technologies bring new business management strategies and solve the complexities surrounding these businesses. It is also worth noting that information system improves performance by processing, storing and disseminating data. Moreover, it allows manipulation of data for modeling and research purposes. New technologies help attract customers through variety of means, which include online marketing, live feeds and social networking sites, among others (Mullen 1).

Conclusion Information system and technology is vital for any business in modern age. This is mainly because it helps relieve it of several unnecessary costs and tasks. For instance, information system process, store and disseminate data as required in the shortest of times. This cannot be managed by manual calculation or input.

Moreover, it improves service delivery and hence minimizes customer frustrations. Technology has revitalized Shake Shack restaurant by attracting more customers, expanding its boundaries as well as improving service delivery. In the process, their competitive image has improved and they have gained more fun base and presence throughout the world. In essence, information system and technology is vital to competitiveness of any company (Mullen 1).

Works Cited Mullen, Theresa. Shake Shack. Shack, 29 Nov. 2011. Web.


London during the Roman Age: A Critical Overview Essay cheap essay help

Every city in the world has its foundation stones, often enfolded in legend, conjecture, traditional beliefs and odd truths (Hollis 21). In an attempt to scrutinize these stones for evidence, this essay aims to outline how London looked like during the Roman age, particularly in terms of possible layout, mode of business, size, religious orientation and other variants.

Historians are of the opinion that London emerged out of a river crossing, when merchants following the Roman soldiers fighting under Emperor Claudius settled on the Thames northern bank in AD 43 (Hollis 21).

It is imperative to note that the Roman age covers the period AD 1-200. In attempting to digest how the city of London looked like during the Roman age, extant literature demonstrate that the “…trail trenches dug in 1985 revealed distinct evidence of timber-built workshops and houses built in the period AD 60-100” (Williams 3). Other accounts demonstrate that London was built as a planned Roman town, with major public buildings, including a substantially large basilica, temples, bath houses, and a large military fortress.

Indeed, it has been claimed that the Romans transformed the city from an open commercial meeting place into an administrative centre and a military stronghold (Nicholas 58). However, this description serves to demonstrate the layout of London during the Roman age.

As reported by Roman historian Cassius Dio, the section where the merchants settled during the AD 43 war had a bridge even before it had a name (Hollis 21). It was this settlement that later came to be called the town of Londinium, but the bridge that had been constructed prior to the town’s existence, specifically in AD 55, had been build using long poles (piles) made of wood.

These piles were hammered into the soft ground until they reached the hard surface underneath to achieve stability, after which more wood was used to strengthen and reinforce the bridge (Morris 45).

Historical and archeological accounts of discovered coins demonstrate that the Roman-era merchants conducted business using currency as is normally done in present-day London. However, other accounts demonstrate that barter trade was used during this era for trade and commerce (Morris 64; Hollis 22).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The popular view among historians is that the currency trade subsisted hand-in-hand with barter trade, where people of high social standing and soldiers normally traded in currency while people in the lower echelons of society exchanged goods.

The Londinium was home to one of the largest basilicas ever to be built by the Romans (Morris 27). The presence of the basilica, along with other buildings of worship such as temples and bath houses, serve as vivid pointers to the presence of religiosity among the inhabitants of the city of London during the Roman age (Hollis 22).

Archeologists have discovered tessellated pavements and roman tombs suggestive of the fact that concrete was used to pave the streets of London during the Roman age. The great London wall built by the Romans in the 2nd century is also suggestive that knowledge on the use of concrete to built critical infrastructure was present (Morris 65).

Lastly, in size, historical accounts demonstrate that London occupied a smaller but heavily fortified area, roughly equivalent to the size of present day Hyde Park, and with a population of an estimated 60,000 inhabitants in the 2nd century (Morris 42).

Works Cited Hollis, Leo. “Spanning Centuries.” History Today 59.7 (2009): 21-23. Print.

Morris, John. Londinium-London in the Roman Empire. London: Phoenix Giant, 2005. Print.

Nicholas, Dean. “Streetmuseum Londinium.” History Today 61.10 (2011): 58. Print.

We will write a custom Essay on London during the Roman Age: A Critical Overview specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Williams, Stephen. “New Light on Dark Age London.” History Today 36.2 (1986): 3. Print.


Business Plan – Visite Brazil Company Proposal a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Corporate Objective Visite Brazil Company has the objective to be a leading provider of best-of-breed adventure and tour services to world tourist market. The company believes in offering the best quality services unmatched by other tour agencies in the industry.

Divisional Objectives The company embodies a culture of inclusivity that promotes the unity of purpose and teamwork. The core facet of the company is to offer the best environment for staff, customers and suppliers. Through this critical factor, all units endeavor to provide the best service within the provisions of harmonious coexistence.

Marketing Objectives The company’s emphasis will be underpinned by the need to provide completely specialized services based on the market knowledge of the vacation destination and the services that shall meet the demands of the customers. Visite Brazil company shall rely on the market research undertaken to underscore its market obligations.

Market Forecasts

The company projects that its sales shall increase substantially following the detailed market analysis based on the segment needs. According to Euro Monitor International (2009), the historical estimates indicate that tour needs have been neglected by lack of provision of customer-led services.

Sales estimates anticipate gaining a larger market share compared to its competitors. Using historical figures, the company has projected sales of over $500, 000 for the coming activities in Brazil and its environs. Additionally, Visite Brazil believes that the number of unit services shall increase to about 5,000 single-person unit services and 1000 corporate-based unit services. Profitability of the company would increase to register profits of 65% as a percentage of the total unit sales.


The company assessment suggests that the industry shall remain competitive in the next four years and later. While these challenges offer pressure for better business approaches, the company believes that its recognition of value and quality through provision of unique services shall aid to push it to an advantaged level (Euro Monitor International, 2009).

Currently, the company’s valuation and strategic market analysis has shown that its ability to beat the market lies in the eventful provision of first-class tour and travel services. Additionally, the company underpins its performance on the nature and quality of its employees in delivering these services.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Rationale

VB believes in respecting the varied cultural needs of its customers. Similarly, the company shall ensure that its service provision conforms to the legal and political legislations. The good relationships shared between the company and the legal bodies will enable its proper functioning without bridge of the provisions of the law.

Program Objective Pricing

The concept of pricing is a critical component in the general progress of the company. To design the most sustainable pricing model, the company shall rely on the market surveys and research. The researches taken by its marketing team will be essential in modeling a price package that appeals to the economic needs of its customers as well as the cost aspects of the company. These sets of information have proven that pricing shall be undertaken in a differentiated manner (Jeanine, 2010). This is because of the heterogeneous nature of the clientele projected as the target market.

Advertising and Promotion

The promotional strategy depends mainly on making the right information available to the right target customer. The company shall make sure that those who have the budget and appreciate the product know that it exists, and know where to find it.

The marketing team has to convey the sense of quality in every picture, every promotion, and every publication. The company anticipates shaping itself to appear in second-rate catalogs with poor illustrations that make the product look less than it is. They also need to leverage their presence using high-quality catalogs and specialty distributors.

Sales and distribution

Therefore, the service provision of the company shall follow a segmented marketing strategy. This is because the customers that shall be served by our company have varied needs and demands. The marketing unit has prepared inclusive approaches to help in boosting the sales of the business. Individualized and generalized marketing and distribution shall be helpful in meeting the marketing and sales prospects.


The company has received an appointment as an agency for major suppliers of tour vacation packages throughout Brazil. The company is still negotiating for the lucrative alliance and partnership with the leading and major travel tour companies in the region. This plans aim at ensuring that the company affords a wide service portfolio in order to maximize its profits during the festive period of world cup.

Apart from provision of the ordinary services, our company anticipates to differentiate its service offering from the rest of the competitors by promising safety and enjoyable customer service with a lasting experience. Some of the services shall include insurance, service directory, and informational services from both pre and post vacation packages.

We will write a custom Proposal on Business Plan – Visite Brazil Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The company believes that selling tour related products would have far-reaching influence on the company’s overall profits. In conjunction with other service providers, Visite Brazil projects to offer inclusive services that would render it a one-stop tour agency.

Monitoring and Controls

Secondary Data

In ensuring that the business gets on the right footing, the company has made use of the available historical records and data concerning the tour business. Comparative analysis of the previous sales, costs, profitability, and number of visitors shall serve to benefit the firm in respect of its projections.

Sales reports To succeed in monitoring its sales and measuring them against the projected sales, our company shall utilize the periodic sales reports in evaluating its progressive movement. All the respective units of the company shall remain committed to market the company’s services and goods to meet the expected goals.

Information Sources Primary Data

The company has focused on gaining market knowledge in order to approach it from a market-led perspective. This aims at making Visite Brazil a tour agency firm of choice by all the prospective visitors visiting Brazil and other neighboring countries for both football festivities and other recreational activities (Euro Monitor International, 2009) and (Mancini, 2009).

The company shall undertake a market research and surveys in order to demonstrate the need for gaining first-hand information about the customers. The market surveys shall offer the company with requisite data, which shall be analyze. The analysis will aim at achieving themes necessary in explaining the market scenario. Although the secondary, records and data are relevant in informing the company, the survey data shall display the real demographics necessary in developing strategic decisions.

Sales Records Actual sales reports shall be essential in enabling the sales and marketing department to estimate continuous progress in the company’s profitability and market share. The company estimates that it will achieve an average market share of about 20% of the total tour and travel market.

Specialized Consulting firms The business of tour agency cannot be approached from a unidirectional perspective. Analysis of the industry reveals the industry needs in tour agency and progress shall rely on the strategic business alliances and partnerships. In order to strategically position the business

Consumer Panel Contingency Plans and Other Miscellaneous Documents Contingency Plans

Although Visite Brazil has enacted strategic business plans that will take it through its operations, it believes that the challenges of the contemporary tourism industry. In order to enable Visite to cope with these inherent challenges, the management believes that setting up strategic plans capable of sustaining future uncertainties remain relevant to Visite Company.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Business Plan – Visite Brazil Company by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Visite Brazil Company is unique in its discovery and utilization of the high quality, executive level tour and travel niche. Therefore, it is possible that with our success and superior services, other well-established tour firms will release a competitive service line.

However, VB focuses specifically on the high-end, technologically integrated aspect of tour services. With this exclusive concentration, VB can continue to focus its resources on producing the best executive level tour and travel services. Another possible challenge would be the emergence of a new company in our niche.

This however, would not constitute a great threat, as their initial market share would be minuscule, allowing us to strategize further for continued success. Finally, and tour and travel company may choose to begin marketing to our target market. This would not be overly threatening because VB products and services are inherently the best available due to the true artisanship and design involved coupled with its well-known excellent customer service (Singh, 2008).

Alternative Strategies

Strategic business positioning demands that affirm develops alternative business models that would help to leverage it in the future. Although there are many other players in the industry, VB believes in its reserved strategies and their ability to offer best alternatives in beating the market.

The primary strategies shall include strategic expansion and differentiation in reaching the target markets and favorably competing (Mancini, 2009). However, the company believes that the application of the price leadership strategy would offer the best fallback means for positioning the business on a more competitive edge. This strategy shall be achieved by customizing the services in order to appeal to the loyalty of the customers (Jeanine, 2010) and (Singh, 2008).

References Euro Monitor International. (2010). Travel and Tourism in Brazil. Retrieved from

Jeanine, P. (2010). Brazil Wants You Clients. Retrieved from

Mancini, M. (2009). Selling Destinations: Geography for the Travel Professional. New York, NY: Cengage Learning.

Singh, L.K. (2008). Marketing in service industry: airline, travel, tours and hotel. New York, NY: Gyan Publishing House.


Shakespeare’s Plays Research Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


Lady Macbeth


Titus Andronicus



Works Cited

Introduction Power in the hands of good people is useful because they use it to serve and improve the lives of others. On the contrary, bad people with power may abuse it to promote their own selfish interests. Furthermore, they abuse the power to oppress and cause violence and pain to their fellow human beings.

Many leaders abuse their power and oppress the people they rule. Many of Shakespeare’s plays portray how power corrupts people. The abuse of power is evident in some characters in Shakespeare’s plays namely, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, Titus Andronicus and Richard III. Some of the characters in the plays change once they receive power or get a promise of acquiring power; they allow greed and blind ambition to corrupt them until they meet their downfall.

Macbeth Macbeth is a good example of a person who becomes corrupt because he has been promised power. The play was written in England during the time when there was a threat to the king and his throne. The people loved the king and Shakespeare wrote the play in his honor just as other writers pen praise leaders they admire (Macbeth as Royal Play 1).

Macbeth first learns that he would become King in the future from the three witches. The once virtuous man starts to change and becomes a villain and wicked person full of evil, as the hunger for power begins to grow in him. The wife, Lady Macbeth, urges him to kill King Duncan and ascend to the throne and increases his ambition for power (Bloom 20).

Macbeth does not want to kill because he thinks sanely, and knows it is wrong to kill “Will great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood/clean from my hand?” (Shakespeare a 2. 2.58-59). He overcomes his doubts and decides to kill Kind Duncan because he thinks he is the obstacle to the throne.

He has become an evil man ready to betray even a friend like he did to King Duncan thought Macbeth is a genuine friend. Thus, blind ambition leads to cruelty like the one shown to King Duncan by his friend Macbeth and his wife. Power corrupts and makes people forget their morals and commit unspeakable deeds.

Greed is a vice that causes people to commit evil. The vice occurs to people who get into power through underhand dealings. They desire to consolidate their illegitimate power and in order to do so, they unleash violence on the people who are perceived to be threats to their power.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Macbeth ascends to the throne, he is determined to hold on to the throne, and so he must get rid of Banquo and his family because the witches had predicted that the throne would go to his sons. He kills Banquo and his son hence adding more blood on his hands. On the other hand, his ascension to the throne drives him and Lady Macbeth apart and she later commits suicide. Macbeth becomes more violent as he desperately tries to keep his power. He plans to kill Macduff as well.

He does not feel any remorse about his evil way as illustrated by his words “I am in blood/stepped in so far that, should I wade no more/returning were as tedious as go o’er” (Shakespeare a 3.4.153-137). He plans to kills Macduff and his family as well and yet he is not a threat to him “Seize upon Fife; give to the edge o’ the sword /His wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls/That trace him in his line (Shakespeare a 4.1.131-135).

His greed is so strong that he seeks an oracle from the three sisters and he is told that he is invincible and cannot be harmed by a mortal man. He believes the oracle, and goes to war but he is killed in the war. His greed for power drives him to his death the ultimate downfall.

Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth is a strong willed character. She desires to become powerful, and once she learns about the prophecy concerning her husband ascension to the throne her hunger for power heightens.

She wants King Duncan dead for her husband to become a king. She wishes to kill him herself but she cannot and tells her husband to do it instead. Macbeth is tempted by the power to execute the evil plan but backs out,”We will proceed no further in this business:” (Shakespeare a 1.6.33).

However, Lady Macbeth mocks him out of anger because she is ambitious, and wants to become the Queen. She attacks his manhood by telling him “And live a coward in thine own esteem, /Letting ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would,” (Shakespeare a 1.6.46-47).

She is very ambitious and greedy for power. Her ambition makes her cruel, and shows no regard for the sanctity of human life. Eventually, Lady Macbeth becomes the queen but she does not enjoy the power that she fought so hard to gain.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Shakespeare’s Plays specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More She starts to think about her actions, and guilt consumes her. She keeps seeing the scenes from the murder of King Duncan ““Yet here’s a spot…/ Out, damned spot! Out, I say! – One; two; why, / then ‘tis time to dot. –Hell is murky. – Fie, my/ lord, fie! A soldier and afeard? What need we/ fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account? / Yet who would have thought the old man/ to have had so much blood in him?” (Shakespeare a 5.1.31-36).

In addition, the innocent death of Banquo disturbs her until the weight of her sins drive her crazy to commits suicides. Thus, the greed for power leads Lady Macbeth to her downfall.

Richard The play Richard III was written during the Elizabethan era. During that time, Calvinism, the religion that believes God determines human actions, and rewards good human behavior with good and returns evil with evil was gaining root in England.

Thus, Richard got the reward he deserved of dying in the war for all the evil he had committed against innocent people. Shakespeare wrote the play and incorporated the people’s belief about God’s punishment in Richard III. Richard was an evil man who had risen to power illegitimately and killed many people during his brief reign, and he would be punished at the end for his behavior.

The playwright also incorporated the beliefs of the Protestant Reform believers who believed in common grace from God and justice. Richard is an evil man and Margaret calls him “”hell’s black intelligencer” (Shakespeare b 4.4.7) Therefore, the downfall of Richard in the pay was a punishment from God to England for the way he had treated Richard II and Richard would help to root out the evil in the society in readiness for a new King.

The new King who gave hope to England was Henry VII who signified a new beginning after the death of Richard III (Baldwin, P and Baldwin T 62). Richard III dies in the war “God and your arms be praised, victorious friends,/ The day is ours, the bloody dog is dead” (Shakespeare b 5.1.1-2). Richard dies as a dog and Richmond takes over the reign and ushers in a new dawn.

Richard is ambitious for power, and does everything in his power to become King. He is physically challenged as he says in the opening scene of the play “I, that am rudely stamp’d, and want love’s majesty/ To strut before a wanton ambling nymph; / I, that am curtail’d of this fair proportion,/ Cheated of feature by dissembling nature,/Deformed, unfinish’d, sent before my time” (Shakespeare b 1.1.16-20).

During the renaissance period, the deformity of the body was as a curse and people with the deformity did not stand a chance of succeeding. Richard knew his disadvantages but he was a shrew character or a very clever cunning man, and he used his deformity to ascend the throne (Schaap 26).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Shakespeare’s Plays by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More His stature is not attractive, and he says that even dogs bark at him but he is determined to attain power and he will ensure that his brothers Clarence and King Edward IV turn against each other by falsely accusing Clarence of planning to kill the King. He kills his brother Clarence who was in line to the throne. Thus, after the death of King Edward IV, he ascends to the throne.

However, before he climbs the throne he has to clear his way by removing any obstacle that might hinder his quest for power. He pretends he is a good man even though we know he is a villain or a wicked man because of his ambition for power.

He is acting in his evil ways “But then I sigh; and, with a piece of scripture,/Tell them that God bids us do good for evil:/And thus I clothe my naked villainy/With old odd ends stolen out of holy writ;/ And seem a saint, when most I play the devil” (Shakespeare b1.3.28). He plots against his brother Clarence to be killed because he is greedy for power, and the brother would be a hindrance. The ambition for power engulfs Richard and he kills all the people considered supporters of the princess. His greed has made him blind.

Once on the throne Richard kills innocent people. He orders the assassination of his nephews the young princes. Power can corrupt, and Richard was no exception he did not care even for people close to him such as his wife Ann whom he killed. Finally, he lost the support of people and even his mother cursed him. He died in the war because his greed for power blinded him, and brought his downfall on himself.

Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus a Roman general believes in Rome. He respects the Roman law, and follows it to the letter. He allows Sartininus to become King even though he had threatened him. Sartininus marries Queen of the Goth Tamora an enemy of Titus. Titus has power but he uses it wrongly first by killing Alarbus and his son Martius. The people in power kill his sons in jail and he swears to revenge their deaths.

Titus has suffered so much, he does not expect any justice for the wrongs committed against his loved ones, and he decides to take matters into his own hands. We see his gradual downfall from the war hero at the beginning of the play to a man who does not care much about his status when he puts on the uniform of a cook during the banquet (Escolà 72). Saturninus asks him why he is dressed as a cook and he says, “Because I would be sure to have all well / To entertain your highness and your Empress” (Shakespeare c 4.2.31-32).

However, his mission is not to serve but to seek revenge and he is able to disguise his intentions well. He later kills Tamora’s sons and bakes their remains in a pie that he serves Tamora and her husband. He decides to kill his daughter and put her out of her misery because she had become dependent on him for everything such as feeding her as he tells her during dinner “Come, let’s fall to, and, gentle girl, eat this (Shakespeare c 3.2.54).

Eventually he kills Tamora and Saturninus kills him. Lucius kills Saturninus to avenge his father’s death. Titus death is brought about by his abuse of power at the beginning of the play when he sacrifices Tamora’s son. The killing starts his downfall journey as revenge sets in and leaves many other people dead including him.

Oberon Furthermore, Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream uses power against people close to him. For instance, Oberon is jealous about his wife, and hence he becomes cruel to her. He reduces her sexuality to that of an animal when he uses magic to cause her cuckold an donkey, it means Oberon can use his power to get whatever he requires without regard for other people.

He does not care how his wife would feel about getting involved with a donkey. He is vengeful towards his wife, and uses his power to exercise power over his wife. It is important to note that during the Elizabethan era when the play was written the society was patriarchal. Men dominated over the women and marriage served as the ultimate way to tame women.

The women who got married would be under the authority of their husbands and before marriage, their fathers controlled them. A woman who got married was seen to have achieved in the society and thus marriages were very important to women in order to gain respect in the society (The Life and roles of Elizabethan Era Women 1).

Oberon, the king of the fairies is the husband of Queen Titania. His character changes from time to time. He can be compassionate especially when he sympathizes Helena because of her troubles with Demetrius. He uses his magic to help her get the love and attention of Demetrius. Furthermore, he ensures the Athenian lovers get suitable partners and blesses them to bear beautiful children.

On the contrary, he uses his power to get his way. His jealous and abuse of power is evident when his wife refuses to give her foster child to him whom he desires.

Puck tells us the reason for Oberon’s jealous towards the child “And jealous Oberon would have the child/ Knight of his train, to trace the forests wild; / But she perforce withholds the loved boy, / Crowns him with flowers and makes him all her joy (Shakespeare d 2.1.23-26). Oberon is power hungry and wants to take away the boy from Titania to make him his slave. He wants to show his wife how much power he wields over her.

Oberon is even abusive of his wife, and calls her “Tarry, rash wanton: am not I thy lord?” (Shakespeare d 2.1.63). The king of the fairies will use his power to control everyone he desires. Power has corrupted him, and he does not hesitate to abuse for his self-interests. He does not show his wife respect, and reminds her he is the lord hence she should obey his commands without questioning. Surely, power has made Oberon a ruthless man.

His ruthlessness is seen clearly, after he decides to make his wife fall in love with Bottom. He gives Bottom an ass head, and makes his wife fall for him using his magic. His greed for the Indian boy blinds him to an extent of not caring whether his wife falls for a beast. His ambition to get the boy for himself is very great and nothing will stand in his way.

Oberon uses magic juice upon his wife as he tells his servant Punk “I’ll watch Titania when she is asleep, /And drop the liquor of it in her eyes. /The next thing then she waking looks upon,/Be it on lion, bear, or wolf, or bull,/On meddling monkey, or on busy ape,/She shall pursue it with the soul of love:” (Shakespeare d 2.1.). He turns Bottom’s head into an donkey’s and Titania falls for him. Her attention shifts from the boy as she pursues her lover and Oberon gets the boy he desires. Therefore, power and greed makes Oberon ruthless.

Furthermore, Oberon uses his power to conquer women. He has a big love for other women apart from his wife. She accuses him of having affairs with women outside their marriage. For example, Titania accuses him about his affair with Hippolyta.

She also accuses of involvement with Philida “To amorous Philida. Why at thou here” (Shakespeare d 2.1.68). the affairs he has with a string of women show that Oberon uses his power to win over women and leaves one for another. He is not concerned about his wife’s feelings because he feels he is her lord. Thus, he can do anything he wants without fear or shame because he has power, which he can use to maneuver his wife.

Oberon’s power not only affects people close to him, but every other person too. Titania tells him that their fights have been very violent and they have affected even the seasons “But with thy brawls thou hast disturb’d our sport. /Therefore the winds, piping to us in vain,” (Shakespeare d 2.1.87-88).

The interruptions of the seasons by their brawls make other people suffer such as farmers who plant in vain “The ploughman lost his sweat, and the green corn” (Shakespeare d 2.1.94). The people face danger of starvation because of crop failure “The fold stands empty in the drowned field,” (Shakespeare d 2.1.96). The power does not directly lead to Oberon’s downfall but the power he possesses causes disruptions in the universe

Conclusion Lastly, power corrupts and some people use it wrongly for their own selfish gains. Many people admire power, try all means possible to attain it, and may kill some people to clear the way.

After killing and manipulating their way to power, they have to come up with ways of keeping the power and thus they continue the streak of evil ways that they used to acquire the power. Innocent people who appear as legitimate threats to power are eliminated because the leaders fear of losing it and become paranoid. Once in power leaders become greedy.

They cannot think of someone else ruling, and the desire to hold on to power intensifies. The more they try to hold on the more they become corrupt villains who hurt instead of protecting their subjects. Using the Machiavellian thinking, they do everything to remain in power. However, the greed and blind ambition for power leads to destruction of self and even society. The people corrupted by power end up in a downfall because they do not know when to stop committing evil and eventually it comes back to them and destroy them.

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Europa Exploration: Exobiology Term Paper scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Exobiology is a multidisciplinary field of study which explores the origin of life on earth and other planets. The human race has been interested in the origin and possibility of life on the other planets and moons. Reflectively, myths and beliefs exist on views of the universe components.

The core belief of exobiologists is that all matter in the solar system has a common origin as a component of myriad changes in the form of primordial stellar matter. Thus, this reflective paper attempts to weigh the gains in knowledge about exobiology against the risks of contamination should technological advancement penetrate onto the surface Europa moon on the orbit of Jupiter planet.

A continuous excitement has been witnessed in the resent past following a revelation that there might be a large mass of water body on its surface. It is natural to wonder about the kind of life in this water body and possibilities of microbial activities or aquatic fauna. The Europa Ocean has an ecosystem which is not fully self-sustaining like that on planet Earth.

Presuming an existence of tons and tons of ocean vents such as those spread across the ocean floors on planet Earth, there is a strong possibility of bacterial activities. These bacteria survive mainly on gases containing sulfur. Besides, there would be alien worm-like tiny creatures alongside clams directly depending on the nutrients made available by bacterial activities just like fungi and mosses plants common beneath the sea bed across the major water bodies on planet Earth’s surface (Greenberg 27).

To complete the food chain, unusual fish like creatures might exist to feed on these plants and smaller creature. Being to far away from the life supporting planet Earth, Europa’s ocean might lack planktons. Just like on the oceans across our planet, there is a strong possibility of finding dominant specie of a sea animal on top of the food chain (Greenberg 53). This might be due to variance in size, aggression, and other natural selection orientations same as those practiced by the Orca, commonly referred to as the apex predator.

After the successful unmanned NASA voyage to planet Jupiter in 1979, a Galilean moon called Europa was discovered. The visit proposed an existence of a planet-wide water body beneath hundreds of miles sulfur cover. In the images captured, Europa has magnetic and tidal characteristics and an icy surface.

Despite being a hostile environment for survival, for instance, there is no visible sunlight penetration, the surviving creatures might have evolved to rely on smell, electric fields and touch to sense variance in surrounding. Photosynthetic plants are incapable of surviving in such conditions. Thus, to cover up, the primary ecosystem producers would be bacterial organisms feeding on chemical emissions from the bottom of the ocean (Greenberg 51).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More After the publishing of the futurist view of Europa Ocean, it is in order to ascertain existence of life in this water body. Penetrating the surface of Europa into this section would seriously contaminate the atmosphere and alter survival of the alien creatures. Reflectively, drilling into the ocean bottom would release the tens of miles sulfur gas layer on to the surface of Europa.

Consequently, this is likely to directly affect bacteria colony and catalyze viral organism mutations. In the end, destructive radiation levels would certainly increase beyond the current levels as the populations of bacteria expected to breakdown the sulfur gas would not cope up with the quantities of emitted gas.

Also, the balance between fluorine and silicon components of this ecosystem might experience un-proportional energy input. In the end, there may be in existence another form of slow life due to increased radioactive levels. As a matter of fact, the cycle of complete digestion and degeneration of one form of life supporting component might end up being the silicon fluoride (Greenberg 81).

Since there is not evidence of existence of energy beneath the sulfur cover, breaking of this crust might open up way for some complex chain of molecular reaction capable of multiplying when in contact with energy. As a result, a chain of untested reaction might abruptly occur with dire consequences on the stability of the ecosystem.

Though this reaction and reengineering may be different from that in RNA and DNA, it might be in the form of hydrocarbon pollution. Before breaking the crust, the layers of this frozen sulfur consists of floating molecules which can easily react with foreign energy producing material in the simplest form of chemical fusion. The result may be complex and probably self destructive (Jacques 19).

Considering the fact that scanty knowledge exist on this expedition, the mission would be operational on guess work. The mission would be ignorant on the unlimited possibilities of activating a fermented energy fostered by the hostile and unique environment. There could be giant alien creatures swimming in the dark enclosure of this ice covered ocean equivalent of dolphins, Wales, and plesiosaurs. There might be rival intellectual life covered in this darkness.

Human beings lack the tools to determine such possibilities. Thus, the mission might be very risky in an attempt to know the ecosystem beyond the dark and deep world surrounded by a continuous landmark of frozen sulfur. The pressure of rushing gases through the opening created by human drills would leave innumerable ridges of pressure lines accompanied by deadly radiations as the gases escape into the atmosphere.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Europa Exploration: Exobiology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Though this mission is essential in furthering knowledge into the surrounding world, it is important to appreciate the fact that mankind is intruding an environment which has not been interrupted since its formation. Since there are no known infrared reflectors on the predominantly organic grounds, scientific advancement might provide a solution for the same (Hornbeck 23).

Through the space technology, scientists, especially planetary scientists and exobiologists, are engaged in a search for earth-like planets that may have the capacity to support life.

It is through knowing how abundant such planets are that they are able to make informed decisions about where to search for extraterrestrial intelligence and what the basic chances are of finding intelligent life beyond humans’ own solar system.

Should it emerge that life is extremely rare in Europa, the future generation has a solemn responsibility of ensuring that the entire universe and its precious biological heritage is preserved.

On other hand, if life is found to be abundant throughout the galaxy then the future generations should strive to learn from its existence and ultimately become part of a galactic family of conscious and intelligent beings. And this exploration will finally answer scientifically the question: are we alone in this vast universe? However, the risks involved may be catastrophic as scientific studies on this moon are scanty and unreliable. Despite the risks of contamination, the benefits are long-term.

Works Cited Jacques, Arnold. Icarus’ Second Chance: The Basis and Perspectives of Space Ethics. New York: Springer, 2011. Print.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Europa Exploration: Exobiology by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More


Travel For Abuse: Mail Order Brides From Asia Research Paper college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Looking at the conceptual meaning of the word mail order brides, it will mostly revolve around marriages that find roots in ages that are partially, if not fully outdated. The marriages take place in distances that are extended. The device that orchestrated the pioneering of this idea was none other but the web which has grown to be a major boon in the vast world Diaspora.

The practice of organized marriages has been done all over the world and in the recent years, the aspect of the western world has on often terms executed away with it. Nevertheless, looking at the prevalent cultural practices of the Japanese people, one will notice that the areas have vogue organized marriages and will find a lot of Asian mail orders that have become forthcoming to the perception.

On the other hand, in other parts of the world like Japan, Thailand, China and India, there are large numbers of women who have warmed up and are open to this type of perception or notion. Moreover, in other parts of the world, men and also women have downed their opinions on the notion of mail order brides but the situation seems somehow different amongst the mail order brides of the Asian population (Alvarez 11).

The reason that falls behind this perception is basically due to the fact that the mail order brides of the Asian world are much more used to the idea of marriages that are arranged since they are all right with it.

The Asian mail order brides are also a better option compared to the rest of the brides since their prices are generally low. The reason behind the notion that the Asian international location are not in any way excessive in the alternative worth of the Forex world proves that the orders of the Asian brides are generally competitive.

Also, there is a disputed fact that the mail orders of the Asian brides are the lowest in terms of pricing. Another fact that makes them more preferable is the fact that they are not generally stunning and are considered by many as homely and this contributes much.

They also gain more in their preference due to their young age as compared to the other brides from other parts of the world and statistics have proven this fact. They are also known to marry at a very tender age as compared to the rest of the worlds’ population where by their late teenage years, or even their early twenties, they taken the big and bold step of tying the knot.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More So, basing on this point, it is evidently clear that they register for these websites at this very tender age (Trinh 102). Their indisputable fact in terms of their sensible and talented character is also a plus for them therefore, making large numbers of people from various parts of the globe to seek for these charming and complement the order mails from these Asian brides.

A mail-order bride is a term that is used to describe a woman who portrays or publishes her intent to marry another person from another country that is more endowed financially, with the main aim of seeking a better life.

Historically, these were the type of women who gave their lists in forms of catalogues and were later selected by men who wanted foreign women for marriage (Faller 39). Sometimes, the men and women who were involved came from different countries and on some other occasions, came from the same country. In this perspective, the situation involves different countries.

The situation currently revolves around women who originate from less developed countries migrating for marriage to more developed countries. Majority of these brides originate from countries of the south eastern Asia, the countries from the Former Soviet Union and the Latin America in the very least extent (So 113).

The nations that are the recipients of these mail order brides mainly are from the more developed nations in Northern America, Europe and Asia. Examples include South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. The notion of the mail-order brides was first experienced in the frontier of the American land around the mid 1800s and the first company that is known to have pioneered in the industry is the Brooker


Price ceiling on gasoline prices Research Paper essay help

Introduction A price ceiling or limit refers to a restriction on the quantity that can be demanded as payment, for a certain commodity or service. In most instances, a price limit is enforced by a nation’s administration in a bid to sort out one or a number of issues touching on the general financial system, and it may at the same time, be used to look after the interests of consumers in general.

On the other hand, it is not odd for a number of industries to enforce a price control as a way of propping up the more advancement of that trade (Melanie, 2008). The use of price control for the latter purpose in most times has a lot to do with the association linking the supply and demand for the commodity or service. In order that a price limit comes out as effective, it has to be different from the free market price.

Whenever a price limit is enforced by an administration with a certain objective, a commodity or service that is well thought-out to be important is normally involved. For instance, an administration may enforce a restriction on charges that power firms can demand from clients for every unit of energy consumed.

The initiative is to look after the interests of customers through ensuring that dealers do not charge rates that are expected to make it unattainable for customers to come up with the money for something considered necessary for the basic standard of living. In the US, it is not odd for government-level entities to keep an eye on, and enforce price limits on utility expenses.

The enforcement of a price limit can be of assistance in the evening out a given market, and have a favorable effect on the economy. The approach mostly inspires traders who were charging very high prices for their commodities and/or services to either trim down on production or probably ditch the market altogether. This ends up in suppliers who are at a position to put forward commodities and/or services of up to standard quality at a cost that a customer can actually afford.

Again, the capacity to buy commodities and/or services at sound prices motivates customers to do so. Such consumers, as well, are left with more resources to use up on other purchases, which subsequently raise demand in a number of markets and has the result of fueling the economy. Price ceilings are not beneficial as will be discussed in this article. They are beneficial just at the onset before negative effects set in.

At times, cases of a restriction on how low a price can be demanded for a commodity or service that is seen to be essential occur (Hugh, 2008). This is referred to as a low price limit or ceiling. Such restrictions are aimed at preventing the emergence of a control or within a given industry, an occurrence that would undercut the capacity of a number of firms to be viable.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Should a price ceiling be imposed on gasoline prices in the US market? Price ceilings should not be enforced on gasoline prices in the United States market. There are a good number of reasons for this, and they are going to be highlighted here. To begin with, gasoline firms sell their fuel at prices determined majorly by the global costs of the commodity. They are in business, and their major aim is to make profits just like any other business people.

These firms import the commodity and have to adjust their selling prices to make reasonable gains. When the prices at which they buy the gasoline go up, they as well have to raise the prices at which they sell to their consumers (Alston, Kearl


How To Prepare The Students To Travel To Foreign Country? Essay (Critical Writing) argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

While preparing the students to trip, the teacher must think over the steps to be made to convince the students of the advantages of travelling. Thus, the first and most important issue is related to the experience which students can get while communicating with native speakers.

In my opinion, the most important advantage for students is an opportunity to improve communication skills as well as to obtain some knowledge concerning culture peculiarities of other country. The teacher may point out that students who have an opportunity to visit foreign countries can get not only emotional experience, but also mental and social one. Social experience is related to customs and traditions which a person can become familiar with.

Mental experience, in its turn, concerns with numerous cognitive processes which impact on intellect development. One more issue I would like to touch on concerns with the so-called subjective experience, which means the perception of other reality. Thus, the teacher is to explain his/her students that subjective experience appears when students interact with foreign environment.

One should keep in mind that understanding other reality is also to be taken into consideration. Thus, the teacher is to explain the students that foreign reality means world views or beliefs which differ from the reality of their own nation. Another point I would like to draw your attention to is related to the notion of concept. Thus, the teacher is to explain that most concepts which students must take into account are related to the linguistic origin.

For instance, it is a well-known fact that learning foreign languages is not an easy task, and in most cases the native speakers of English will not understand those who speak Russian. Thus, the main problem is not only the lack of practice, but some aspects which touch upon various countries mentality. So, the thing which is considered to be of primary importance is the teacher’s concentrating on the advantages which students are able to receive.

The idea to show the students some documentary films seems to be rather attractive too. For instance, watching a film is considered to be a necessary step to provide students with some general/basic knowledge about the country they want/can visit. On the other hand, they can become familiar with the realities (traditions, customs) of other country.

Some economic issues are also to be taken into account. Thus, the teacher must touch on certain contradictions concerning economic questions. Next step which the teacher is to draw his/her attention to concerns with educational quality improvement. Of course, nobody will deny the fact that direct communication with native speakers as well as feeling the atmosphere of foreign life can not be replaced by foreign literature reading/studying.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In other words, the theory is considered to be a good thing, but practice is more important. Finally, there is a great opportunity to enlarge students’ knowledge about the history and geography of the country they are going to visit. Thus, the students are able to become familiar not only with the social history, but also with cultural and economic history. In some cases, military history as well as environmental one is also to be taken into account.

The disadvantages are also to be touched on. Thus, the teacher is to describe some unpleasant situations which may occur while travelling.


Customer Relation Management Case Study essay help

In modern competitive business environments, managers need to enact policies that address challenges facing their organizations. Effective business strategic should have the ability to take advantage of business opportunities and mitigate against business risks and threats in their industry.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a recent strategic management tool, strategy, and weapon that business leaders effect to build health customer portfolio; it is a comprehensive approach to creating, maintaining and expanding customer-business relationship; it has the main role of ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the products and services of a company.

Marketing is an integral part of business management; it involves policies and strategies implemented to facilitate selling of products and services manufactured in an organization (Kerin and Peterson, 45-90). This paper discusses strategic and competitive opportunities within customer relation management (CRM).

Customer relation management strategy Businesses can only prosper if the management has policies that ensure that the products and services produced address the need of their customers. To ensure that customer needs have been addressed, the management has the responsibility of undertaking wide and comprehensive research on the target market and making responsive business decisions. According to management gurus, customer is the most important segment of an organization; they need to be managed effectively and their loyalty developed.

Organizations that have enacted effective customer management approaches have remained competitive amidst challenging business environments they are engage in. For example Apple Inc. has become the world largest electronic industry in sale volumes and production due to its effective customer management procedures; the company adopts a customer relationship management (CRM) approach to attract and maintain customers.

In the definition of the company CRM is a management strategy where a company creates healthy relationship with the suppliers, customers and the public; at Apple Inc, customer is the most important stakeholder and all processes are aimed at increasing customers’ welfare.

The following are the main objectives that effective customer management programs endeavors to fulfill:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Determine, develop, nurture, and develop mutual satisfaction of the organization and customers, this notion means that the customers’ needs are aligned with business goals and objectives

Create, develop, and maintain good customer rapport, the customer rapport will be an effective tool that will create customer loyalty. When an organization has attained high customer loyalty , it is able to sell its products at relatively low cost of marketing, the company is self marketing

Customer relation management have the goals and objective of creating a positive feelings in the organization and the customers

The most important parameter that an organization should consider when enacting customer relation management policy within its frameworks is the target market who will be consuming the products and services of the company.

Strategic opportunities offered by customer relations management (CRM) programs In contemporary competitive business arena, companies need to management the relationship they have with their customers. When customers are well managed, an organization benefits from loyalty and self marketing notion of their organization; customers are the backbone of a company; they are the sources of finance and the reason why a certain business exist.

CRM’s main objective is satisfying customers and developing close relationship that facilitates customer loyalty; to attract customers and persuade them buy ones products takes a combination of business processes; effective marketing and sales strategies have a direct effect on customer’s attainment and development of customer loyalty.

In customer acquisition and creation of loyalty, there are two main theories that a company needs to understand and decide the best approach to use; the theories are customer retention and customer acquisition.

Customer relation management policies link a company to its target customers; if this link is not effective, there will be a breakdown of communication between these two parties. Information is power; marketing offers much needed information for strategic decisions. When producing goods, there is a target market that company aims.

Human beings are not static; their needs change with time and space. Understanding of customers’ trend is important for an effective business. When a company produces goods and services, it does so with the aim of selling. Creating awareness and persuading the customers to buy a company’s goods is the role of the marketing department. It thus ensures that the main objective of a business that is profit making is attained.

Customer relation management assist, a company to compete effectively and probably win the competition. How well a company persuades its customers goes a long way in determining whether customers favor it or not. To satisfy customers, marketers provide much needed information on which products are on demand, to assist the company make products that meet customer-changing needs.

We will write a custom Case Study on Customer Relation Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For example, it advises a company when designing distribution channels, supply chain, and retiling systems. When determining the integrated marketing communications combinations to use then information from the marketing department is crucial.

An effective customer management procedure affects the overall operation of an organization; it aims at analyzing internal and external environment that a business operates in, to device mechanisms for effective product communication to the target customers.

When the internal and external environments have been noted, the process assists in analyzing consumer behavior both in domestic and global markets to ensure that it advises its company effectively on the best practices to adopt to remain competitive. Consumer behavior has an effect on decisions that consumers make pertaining buying a particular company’s products or consuming their services.

Customers are well managed using and effective marketing research, the responsible department is expected to advise other sections on product developments and the best approaches they should take to attain effective product differentiation. Through survey of the prevailing market conditions and analyzing competitors, marketing assists a company in setting prices.

It aims at advising a company in product development and differentiation; an effective marketing strategy fulfils all the above-mentioned objectives not in isolation but all at a go. When all the objectives are met, a company gains a competitive advantage, as it is able to relate with its customers well (Kerin and Peterson 45-90).

Competitive opportunities in customer relation management Customer relation management emphasizes on three main areas which are marketing management, product differentiation, and service differentiation.

Marketing management

After development of products, whether service or goods, a company needs to create awareness and sell the products to the target customers. Marketing in an integral part of a business, it starts way before a product has been developed; and continues through the life cycle of product.

The main objective of marketing is to create awareness and develop a repo between customers and a business. For this noble task, there is need to have an effective marketing strategy; no single strategy can effectively operate in all industries; however, there are some shared elements of an effective marketing strategy

Not sure if you can write a paper on Customer Relation Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More When developing a marketing strategy, the first thing that marketer should do is to perform a marketing research; marketing research starts before a company has created the products required in the market and continues through the product cycle. It aims at recognizing a deficit that the current products in the market are not meeting, and developing product that can fill the gap.

When developing a marketing strategy, a company should aims developing a strategy that will give maximum results at the minimum cost possible; thus for an effective marketing strategy, timely, organized and relevant information is required. To get this information, a company needs to undertake market research and analyze the data for decision-making; information collected should be easily manipulated to reflect the changes in ad hoc requirements of information by management.

Market research has the role of collecting, interpolating, analyzing and storing internal and external data; the data collected should be presented in a form that enables informed decision-making.

Market research starts with a desk research where marketers use the available secondary materials to understand the situation and basic operations in the market; the information can be gotten from published and unpublished materials.

When developing a marketing strategy it is important to understand internal and external factors likely to affect the strategy; internally the company aims at understanding its strength and weaknesses, whereas an external analysis assist a company understand the position that it holds in the market as well as the effects of competitors.

If it is the case of new company, it is able to understand the market dynamics operating in certain industry for future marketing related decisions like marketing entry mechanism. External environment trend is likely to affect the behavior of consumers so when well understood better strategies will be made effectively.

When undertaking marketing research, the main aim is to understand Psycho-dynamics of the market and the underlying factors that can be used for the advantage of the company and developing mitigation measures against those factors that are likely to affect the business negatively.

Product/service differentiation and Brand Loyalty

The success of the company is dependent on the quality and reliability of the products; when products are of the right quality and meet the standards of the people, they are likely to be competitive amidst competitor products. When a company is developing a product, there should be the need that the product is supposed to fulfill.

For example fast food joints are places where consumers should get a quick service; this implies that they should have an effective queue flow to ensure that they have ready products adequate for the consumers at a particular point in time and still the products have not stayed in the restaurant for many hours. An organization in the hospitality/fast food industry has differentiated products if it is respected for its products quality, freshness, and production of tasty foods.

The trend that the customers follow at one given point is a change to the product that gives them a higher utility. When the product is developed, the team should always invest in offering something extra to the consumer. Products come with the idea of packaging, and how the product is presented to the final consumer, there is need to have a pleasant look as the way as the way the product is handled has an effect on its successes (Kotler and Kevin 6-67).

To attain brand loyalty, a company must ensure its products are differentiable in the market; this call for high quality good and making brand salience, the brand should be on top of a consumers mind so that they are willing to decide without much of consideration on the brand. It involves having a psychological attachment where a mention of certain industry products creates a stimulus in a consumers mind.

For example, by the mention of soft beverages, Coca-Cola Company has ensured that customers will think of the company first, in a rather unconscious way. The mention of a soda is sometimes associated with Coke- the most sold brand by Coca-Cola Company. It has created the need for emotional attachment with the brand.

Consumer attitude goes a long way in influencing the choice of brand; attitudes are created by experiences with the brand, information from other people who have had an experience and it is subject to marketing and advertising tools implemented by a company.

Consumer behavior keeps changing, they are persuadable though a company with a strong marketing team can correctly predict consumer behavior and implemented appropriate strategies. Having a strong brand awareness campaigns that ensures customers can recall involves creating mental attachments like brand names, logos and symbols. When this has been affected, then customers will be willing to buy a company’s products without much consideration.

Mercedes Benz manufacturing company has invested in creating mental pictures about the brand; it is believed that the model is classic, expensive and has status. It is seen to have a “niche” products kind of approach because of its uniqueness and division of the market between those people who want their social status respected in the society.

Customers who have purchased the brand in the past are operant conditioned to believe they have made it to a higher class than their counterparts who have other models like Toyota. For such a customer to buy another model, his mental picture as molded by the company will show him or her that he is losing status, something that consumers will always fight against, the end result is brand loyalty and attachment.

The longevity that Coca-Cola Company product has had in the market has favored the company in creating positive attitude towards its products. For a larger population in modern world, they are younger than the brand.

Since childhood, the brand name has been triggering in the mind of a person. He grows believing that a soft drink in a soda from the company. The positive attitude created by the company has made it easy to have effective brand extension with the latest as Coke Light a brand extension of Coke brand. Believes of the people which run down generations is that the company has unique products and is superior.

The company has invested in understanding consumer behavior; consumers keep changing with economic, social and age changes, the company keeps evolving with the needs of the customer. For example, with modern busy world where people are busy hopping from one place to another, it is rather difficult for someone to sit back and enjoy a bottle of a soft drink, realizing this, the company came up with disposable bottles soft drinks, the response has been positive (Joby 20).

Conclusion Customer relation management is strategic management tool that seeks to create, improve, and maintain healthy relationship between an organization and its customers. The management approach addresses internal and external operational factors to develop policies and strategic to create loyal customers; organizations that have adopted customer relation management strategic attain competitiveness over products made by their competitors.

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The Artistic Life of Xu Beihong and His Influence to Modern Art in China Term Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction Xu Beihong was born in Yixing, China in the province of Jiangsu. He was born into a poor background and all the skills that he acquired at an early age including seal engraving, Chinese classics, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting were from his father who in turn had acquired them through self-teaching.

He was born on the 19th of July, 1895. He began commercially selling his work in 1915 when he relocated from his home town to Shanghai. He mainly sold paintings and other illustrations that were used in different publications. A government scholarship saw him enroll into the Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in France in 1919.

This is where he acquired the skills of oil painting and sketching as he travelled widely through Western Europe. He observed the works of western artists in different countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. He returned to China in 1927 and began teaching at what is presently Nanjing University and formerly the National Central University. Here, he taught in the department of fine arts and eventually headed it.

Xu Beihong is so influential in Chinese art that you cannot talk of the 20th century in terms of art without the mention of his name. He has over a thousand works done in ink, oil and also as sketches. The vastness of his works makes him a legend in themselves. The number of his works is however dwarfed by the amount of literature that has been written analyzing his work which has been both positive and negative.

He is regarded by many as the vanguard of 20th century Chinese art and has a whole museum dedicated to him. The major reason he is so highly regarded is the incorporation of western realism in his Chinese works. His style that is regarded as social realism has dominated the art scene in China up until the 1970’s.

Among the works that have become icons of Chinese art are: The Astute Judge of Horse, The Foolish Old Man Removing The Mountain, Tian Heng and His Five Hundred Followers and Awaiting For Deliverer. The art of this great artist is seen more as the perfect blend of traditional Chinese art with that of the West. They are lauded for depicting virtuosity and patriotic ideals.

While Mao Zedong was so moved by The Foolish Old Man Removing the Mountain that he incorporated it in his political rhetoric, critics like Michael Sullivan claim that the painting is “one of the most unpleasant works to ever come out of China” (50) and that the works of Xu Beihong are “seldom more than merely competent.” (Sullivan 72)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The thought processes that make people take such extreme positions when discussing Beihong’s work are influenced by preconceptions of what modern Chinese art should be, political preferences and personal tastes.

Pheng Cheah concedes that these criticisms can be as a result of “dogmatic application of untested universalism” by the Western nations and “a dubious cultural relativism” by other nations in the East (54). This means that the work of an artist is viewed from a single dimension which may not produce the best results. There should be an appreciation of the arts present by the analyses of these works through a multidimensional scope (Eco 108).

This paper seeks to examine the work of Xu Beihong in a wide perspective and not just against the narrow scopes including modernism versus realism, western oil paintings versus Chinese traditional ink paintings or left versus right. Here, we are going to examine the influence that this artist had on Chinese art as a whole.

Discussion Xu Beihong was not the first Chinese artist to attempt modernizing Chinese art. He was however the most successful since he used the method of realism that was common in the 19th century and had long been proven in history as very effective. His works were successful partly because they depicted the problems that dogged the people of the time with relative accuracy. His however was a personal statement given his background.

Before he was born, the Chinese had lost in the First Sino-Japanese War (1884-5). The political upheavals that followed including reform and revolution undoubtedly affected the perspective of this artist (Shen 172). The background of Xu Beihong helps us to discern the thought that he was “modern” due to his role in modernizing Chinese art.

The experience that Xu Beihong had in the French school where he was enrolled made him view the world in a different perspective. First, it removed the pressures that are accompanied by being in familiar surroundings and helped him to be more objective even with himself. While studying the western way of art, he thought of the situation in his home country as he viewed himself an alien in another land.

Western art drew its inspiration from mythology and antiquity and thus was able to tell a story by looking at it. This was the inspiration that led Xu Beihong to produce paintings that were capable of telling stories. His major context was on historic Chinese texts while incorporating the western style of painting. T

We will write a custom Term Paper on The Artistic Life of Xu Beihong and His Influence to Modern Art in China specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More hree of his most iconic works namely Awaiting for Deliverer, The Astute Judge of the Horse Jiu Fanggao and Tian Heng and His Five Thousand Followers were all produced immediately on his return from France in 1927. Tian Heng and His Five Thousand Followers told the story of Tian Heng who was a legendary figure and the ruler of the Qi dynasty. However towards the end of his reign (221-201 BCE), he chose to protect his integrity by committing suicide rather than be captured by Liu Bang who was the leader of the Han dynasty.

The Astute Judge of the Horse was painted in 1931 and incorporated the traditional Chinese methods of painting that only used paper, ink and brush. The story is of the protagonist Jiu Fanggao who was said to be an excellent judge of young men who were to serve the nation as scholars and were metaphorically referred to as horses. The last piece, Awaiting for Deliverer, was a very large oil painting.

The painting was depicting a suffering people in the era of the Xia dynasty (2000-1600 BCE) as they waited for a savior to deliver them from the oppressive regime. The concept was borrowed from the Book of Documents. The shift from contemporary styles to realism based on classical academics was a very effective tool for educating people and also for artistic convictions. This made the work of Xu Beihong distinguishable from that of other artists of his time including Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) and Liu Haisu (1896-1994).

The fame of Xu Beihong took him to many countries where he exhibited his work. In addition to his exhibitions in Europe and China, he went as far as South and Southeast Asia. It was in India in 1940 that he did his other very influential piece known as The Foolish Old Man Removing the Mountain. This was in the period of the Japanese Resistance War (1937-1945).

The painting was based on an ancient parable in the Leizi text that told the story of an old man who saw it prudent to remove a mountain that was in front of his house (Hsia 533). Even if it was a tall order for him, he was convinced that his children would continue in this endeavor long after he was gone. The sentiments that were being depicted in this painting were of a nationalistic nature and that is why Mao Zedong saw it prudent to incorporate the painting in his politics.

The role that Xu Beihong played in modernizing Chinese art culminated in him being named the president of the fine arts department in the Central University in 1950. This was immediately after the war and after the formation of the People’s Republic of China. The communist regime continued the work of this legendary artist after he passed away in 1953.

China was a country that was ruled by dynasties up until the 1900s. The speedy development of Japan and other European countries meant that China only had a single option in order to survive; westernization. The establishment of the May Fourth Movement was the first step towards the “westernization” of China (Spence 223). This meant that for China to succeed, she had to embrace the western ideals so that she could become a superpower like Japan.

This was achieved by emulating western ideals of romanticism, symbolism and realism that was possible under the banner of democracy and science and was the focal point of the May Fourth Movement. This was the genesis of the art reform that led to artists like Xu Beihong going into foreign countries in order to learn their art.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Artistic Life of Xu Beihong and His Influence to Modern Art in China by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Kang Youwei and Cai Yuanpei, who were the mentors of Xu Beihong and were responsible for him securing a scholarship in France, were supporters of the May Fourth Movement. Xu Beihong was a major player in the revolutionalization of Chinese art. As a whole, Chinese art was progressing steadily until it was disrupted by the Japanese Resistance War.

The other artists who assisted in the revolution were Japanese educated Chen Baoyi (1893-1945), Guan Zilan (1903-1986) and Guan Liang (1900-1986) together with French trained Pan Yuliang (1902-1977) and Pang Xunqin (1906-1985). They all were instrumental in creating the necessary hype for Chinese art that was always in sync with that of other cities like Tokyo and Paris.

Chinese peace was an uneasy affair as there was always tension between warlords, a threat from the rapidly developing Japan and the rift between the Communist Party and the National government. Xu Beihong found himself very patriotic in this times and was always eager to make history by fostering peace through his artworks. The emphasis was thus on the importation of western ideas that would assist in determining the national fate of the Chinese people.

This was the backdrop in which Chinese modern art was determined. Many artists held the ideal that the best way to change Chinese art was along the traditional lines and contemporary styles whereas a few advocated for an amalgam of traditional styles and those of the West. The western style had the advantage of being more socially involved than did the literati art that had ceased to be as popular in the late 18th century.

It was held that the best way forward was integrating the western style of art into the traditional Chinese art. It was thus up to Xu Beihong and other western educated artists to come up with the best way forward. The array of western educated artists did not have a common idea and a quandary of ideas was brought forth. There was a tug of war between realists and modernists.

Those that advocated for the latter were Liu Hansi and Lin Feingman who believed in everything that was after Post-Impression (Andrews 29). They considered the works of Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) and Henri Matisse as the most fitting to decide the way forward for Chinese art (1869-1954) (Wong 91). The dissenting voice was however that of Xu Beihong who was convinced that the answer to Chinese art was in the 19th century classism and realism in Europe.

Xu Beihong did not however give in to the whole concept of modernization. He was not interested in the whole context of modernity that was occurring in the West (Clark 4). In fact, he was only focused on the depiction of realism in the Chinese context. He claimed that the definition of realism that the western critics and his Chinese counterparts held was not his understanding. His main aim was in depicting reality in his artwork.

Additionally, although he was a strong believer in academic realism, his works were broader than what was entailed in realism and contained other concepts including naturalism, romanticism and realism in the broader western sense. Xu Beihong groups all arts as either being based on realism or conceptualism. The latter he associates with traditional Chinese aesthetics.

Conclusion The Chinese culture is no different from any other in the world. The culture looks to the social function that art plays in politics and in the definition of culture itself. Xu Beihong depiction of moralistic overtones that were largely sourced from historical sources means that the artist was free of self inclination a far cry of other modernists.

It is remarkable that after eight years in France in the midst of fauvism and post-impressionism, Xu Beihong still had a fondness for 19th century classism. In a world where people are constantly changing with the times, remaining true to a single conviction can be a tall order.

Xu Beihong produced numerous works during his lifetime. However, his most profound works that gained international acclaim are five in number. The common feature of these pieces is that their concepts were borrowed from Chinese history that was a parallel to the success of European pieces based on mythology and antiquity. The pieces were also developed in the years after Xu Beihong returned from France.

The turbulent history of China and especially its war with Japan had a great influence on the way that Xu Beihong crafted his pieces. This was the reason that his works were used in political rhetoric. He is considered the father of modern Chinese art that borders on realism, rightly so as he undoubtedly shaped the way that art in China was viewed and presented a platform onto which modern Chinese art has blossomed.

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Historical Context of “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller: Analysis Essay essay help: essay help

Introduction This essay analyzes the historical context of “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller. The play appeared between 1940 and 1950, in an eventful decade for America and the rest of the world. America was recovering from the effects of the Great Depression that took place in the 1930s. The Second World War marked the first half of the 1940s, while the second half was characterized by the early stages of the Cold War.

The Second World War had significant effects on many countries around the world, including those in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. It influenced the formation of political alliances where countries came together against a common enemy in the war. The effects of this war persisted to the second half of the 1940-1950 decade, merging with the beginning of the Cold War (U.S. Timeline 8).

Apart from the war, there were other events taking place in America during this time. Those included changes in the lifestyle of the American people, among other things. After the prosperity associated with the war tapered off, the American economy experienced high rates of inflation. More than 25 per cent of the population had been living below the poverty line by the end of this decade (U. S. Timeline 9).

The family became a cherished social unit during this time. There were strong ties between family members as the population of the country and the size of the family increased. The average size of the family during this time was about 2.5 children. It was during this time that the country went through the infamous baby boom (Anonymous 5).

The effects of this boom persist to date, given the fact that those born during this time are in control of the country today. Discrimination against African Americans and other minorities, such as the Mexicans, also took place during this time period. Perhaps it happened as a result of the suspicion that the American people had towards outsiders as a result of the war (Anonymous 9).

The social and political situation of any country is reflected in the art taking place at that time. Art, to a large extent, mirrors the social and political situation of the society at that particular time. A historical analysis of art in a given time period will indicate the events that were taking place in that society at that time. The form of art, in this case, includes paintings, songs, poems, plays and sculptures, among others.

The events that took place in this society during that time can be discerned from various forms of art in that decade. It includes the plays staged in the country, the books written among other forms of art.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The play “All My Sons” by the famous American artist A.Miller was written in the year 1947, It opened on Broadway on January, 1947, closed on November, 1949, and ran for more than 300 performances. The play’s setting is America.

This paper is going to study the historical background that “All My Sons” was written and acted within. The author will go further to analyze if Arthur Miller addressed the identified social and political topics in his text. The problems addressed in the play will be separated from those not addressed.

“All My Sons”: Historical Context


Forgiveness in Martin Luther’s Movement for Rights Blacks Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction




Introduction The best way that blacks can learn to forgive is through seeking God. Martin Luther led the movement that blacks had fighting for their rights in America in the 60s. The bible teachings tell us that God exists in the holy trinity and the only way to forgive others is for us to be able to forgive our own transgressions.

God’s grace is the only way that we can achieve forgiveness. Worthington states that forgiveness is achieved when, “we yield ourselves to God and [are] guided by God’s Spirit.” (2009, p. 14) Once we have acquired the skills to be able to forgive ourselves, then, we can learn to forgive others as well. Although Everett Worthington Jr. cautions that forgiving oneself is particularly hard, the driving factor should be the end result.

No hurt or transgression is too big to bear once a person has learnt the art of forgiving him/herself. The best way of working through a hurtful thing like the way that African Americans were during their fight for their rights is to be in a group scenario. The forgiveness of transgressions against other people is very hard to fathom in many. There are transgressions or hurts that people consider too painful to easily forgive.

Martin Luther had a particularly tasking job in attempting to instill forgiveness in the hearts of the African Americans who had been hurt. He insisted repeatedly that the only way that their rights were going to be recognized was through peaceful means. However, a tall order this was, he had to convince his followers that the best option for them was to forgive those people that had hurt them.

Discussion There are steps that Everett has developed that are aimed at helping people to become more forgiving in their encounters. The foundation block for this program is that one has to dedicate oneself to discerning God’s heart. As such, one has to be a dedicated Christian for the steps advocated by this writer to work. The major idea here is that god is the most important agent in order to achieve forgiveness. Therefore, one has to allow God to use one’s actions as the vehicle through which he works.

Achieving forgiveness is equated to acquiring any other skill in the course of performing ones duties. Therefore, it is not expected that a person can be forgiving instantaneously. This means that people have to work on their forgiveness skills in order to achieve the forgiveness level that the gospel teaches. Martin Luther had to focus on the religion in order for people to translate the teaching of the bible and apply them in their every day lives so that they are capable of forgiveness.

Conclusion Forgiveness entails that a person does not seek revenge for a particular hurt that is done to them. This means that although African Americans felt that their rights were not being recognized by the regime in America, they should have desisted from taking any actions to avenge this wrongdoing. The only way that a person can achieve forgiveness is if the action warranting the forgiveness no longer hurts them. Events that are far in the past can be easily forgiven since the hurt occasioned by such wrongs is no longer potent.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, African Americans should have first work on the hurt that they felt in order for them to be able to forgive the transgressors. Martin Luther was charged with the responsibility of ensuring that any ill feelings that the African Americans may have harbored were not eliciting hurtful sentiments from his followers. If this was achieved, then the process of forgiveness should not have been difficult.

Reference Worthington, E.L. Jr. (2009). A Just Forgiveness: Responsible Healing Without Excusing Injustice. Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press.


Learning English as a Second Language for Chinese Students Essay (Article) essay help online free: essay help online free

Learning English as a second language, students should pay much attention to the relationship between environment and language as these factors are very important. Students should learn not only the language itself, but pay much attention to the history of the country, its customs and values.

This paper is aimed at Chinese students who have just got down to learning English as a second language. These students should know the pitfalls and the difficulties they are going to face. Those who have never learnt another language are not really aware of the situation they are going to face with. Another language is not just a collection of the symbols which should be arranged in an appropriate order, it is another culture which may be understood only when collaboration is observed.

Only working together, only trying to understand the main idea of the American and British nature Chinese students will get the main idea of the language, will be able to learn it. Communication and cooperation with native speakers is exactly what is meant. Students should understand that they have great opportunity to cooperate with native speakers either in the centers or in other particular places, such as social networks, etc.

Therefore, it may be concluded that cooperation and the opportunity to speak with the native speakers are really important factors for becoming a good learner. This essay is created for those who have just begun to study English as a second language as they are to know the peculiarities of the learning process and the difficulties they are to overcome in the future to succeed.

Works Cited Facebook. 2011. Web.

Love, Tim. What is culture? 2008. Yomiury: Media Kit. Web.


Social Studies Instruction and Diverse Students Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Education is a critical requirement for any society seeking prosperity within the global circles. Globalization is a new hurdle that educators now need to deal with as various cultures meet and interact within the school set up and if unregulated, this situation usually erupts in chaos and disruption of learning.

However, a greater loss is the stunted development of the minority cultures, which occurs because of the structures of the prevailing educational systems put in place with the majority cultures in mind. Consequently, there is need for a paradigm shift if the educational system is to provide equitable service to the entire population.

Multicultural social studies teaching is a merger between social studies as a discipline and multicultural education as a concept. The goal of social studies is to promote civil competence while that of multicultural education is to provide equal education opportunities to the entire population with the intent of producing “first class” citizens who are sensitive to “democratic ideals such as human dignity, equality, and freedom.” (Banks, 1999, p. 65)

Due to their complimentary nature, it is prudent to integrate these two concepts to achieve the intended purpose of each. This kind of teaching involves a shift from the conventional teacher-oriented classroom sessions to student-oriented discussions. It is flexible and allows students to select their own referencing material. It gives parents and the rest of the community a chance to participate in the students’ learning and encourages cooperation between students from diverse backgrounds.

It highlights the advantages of this diversity and reveals the possibility of better learning if the students take advantage of their differences to gain better understanding of various concepts. Finally, it discourages single-minded formulation of stereotypes by teachers, parents, the community and students while inhibiting self-destructive behavior in students from minority cultures acting out the frustration with a mono-cultural system of education. This type of teaching satisfies everybody’s needs.

The advantages of this type of teaching include harmony in the classroom as teachers strive to encourage cooperative learning. As they encourage their students to share cultural experiences, question, and challenge their dogmatic beliefs, students set aside their superficial differences and share in an enriching earning experiences where they use their different cultures as sources of information.

The different perspectives brought in by different students offer a variety of learning options that apply to each student in a classroom set up. The involvement of parents in their children’s learning also greases the educational processes as they know how best their children learn and they can divulge this information to teachers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Multicultural social study teaching uses culture as the foundation upon which school-based knowledge builds. Consequently, students have a better grasp of a lesson’s content because they can relate to it on a cultural level. This way, learning becomes a natural activity and is not as taxing as the current system portrays it. This teaching involves every student in the classroom because each student has something he / she can allude to (Sleeter,


Boutique Hotels: Starting and Running Term Paper college admissions essay help

Introduction In the 21st century, the hospitality industry has thrived. Traditionally, there has been saturation of big monopolies of hotel brands, with their primary objective being provision of lodging accommodation for travelers.

A boutique hotel is a luxurious, personalized version of the traditional hotels whose focus is on the provision of a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting. According to Dubois (2010), the personalized service and design reflects the characteristics of the target market and is the distinguishing feature that categorizes a hotel as a boutique hotel.

Boutique hotels were started in the early eighties, with two of the world’s first boutique hotels opening in 1981 – these two hotels are The Blakes Hotel in South Keningston, London designed by Anouska Hempel, and The Bedford in Union Square San Fransisco, now a series of 35 such hotels of the Kimpton Group (Dubois, 2010).

Starting Up Location and Destination The most significant factor to consider when starting a hotel is the destination and location, although product quality, market demand, a well-defined marketing approach, and effective reservation coverage play a major role that contributes to the success of the business (Yanos, 2008). For a city destination, the location should be in a trendy neighborhood, central to other things that are going to complement the business. Indeed, good locations lead to guests’ loyalty and interest (Nickisch, 2011).

A city destination attracts a diverse market from leisure, business, events, and conventions all week long. Ideal city locations are fashion centers, media capitals, cities with vibrant economies, and trendy residential areas. For a resort destination, the more the indigenous a location, the better, as this gives guests a chance to explore the local feel without sacrificing luxury.

The hotel should be tucked well behind mountains, in valleys, deep in the jungle, near a lake or watering points in wildlife reserves or in deserted corners of islands. Indeed, the more difficult it is to reach the destination by conventional means, the more fashionable the location is considered (Yanos, 2008).

The location is dictated by the destination; this defines the style, décor, and architectural design of the hotel and hotel rooms. It is generally a good idea to avoid areas that are too saturated with boutique hotels.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Financing Boutique hotels are a big investment, as their start up costs are quite high and the marketing is costly, as it needs to be continuous (Enz, 2009). The cost varies depending on the location, number of rooms, and the additional amenities in the premises.

Buying an already existing property and renovating it to fit the desired design and needs is generally more cost effective than developing a new project from scratch. With limited finances, one should consider remote, scenic locations, suburban locations, or renovating an old city hotel in a transitional neighborhood, where property values are rising; this is not only cheaper, but it also has favorable future prospects (Yanos, 2008).

It is not easy to find funding for boutique hotels, as non-branded lifestyle hotels are seen as a risky investment (Dubois, 2010). One can also consider partnership with an investment group that will help with the financing of the project be it building, or acquiring reposition, to the desired standard under agreed terms.

This is particularly important because with the financial pressure reduced, one can concentrate on the quality of the project. Commercial loans, which are tailor-made to suit boutique hotel financing, are also a viable option although at a higher cost. Partnerships also play an important role in the financing of the business and the partners can vary from affluent hoteliers interested in new ventures to other businessmen.

Architecture and Design The focus should be in style, distinction, warmth, and intimacy. There are no standards, but each design should fulfill individual needs. The right design, destination, and location determine the success of the hotel (Yanos, 2008). The location determines style and materials used, be it stone, timber or even logs.

The hotel should be designed to reflect or blend with the area, taking advantage of what the area has to offer. For instance, beach resorts may take advantage of the oceanfronts and water for swimming or creating swimming pools using salty water, or log cabin rooms in the wild to blend in with nature. Successful resort boutique hotels unite traditional architecture with the comfort of luxury and modernization without losing the personality of the local community.

The design should have a theme, and the selected theme should attract all senses (Dubois, 2010). Different themes can be incorporated in different rooms to create a personal touch that appeals to individuals.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Boutique Hotels: Starting and Running specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The target market, which is usually between early 20’s to mid 50’s mid- to upper-income groups, should be represented and the style and design should describe their characteristics. Skilled operators in the boutique segment increasingly use psychographics to understand and define their customers.

Psychographic is a marketing classification used to define customers by attributes such as lifestyle, aspirations, interests, attitudes, and beliefs. For example, Joie de Vivre hotels- create each of its hotels around a reader-base of a popular but specialist magazine such as Rolling Stone. This is the theme behind their first hotel, The Phoenix, which opened in San Fransisco in 1987 (Dubois, 2010).

Themes could be romance, music, wildlife, historic details, or fashion. The lighting, colors, music, or art can be used selectively to appeal to all senses and create a feeling of intimacy (Yanos, 2008). The idea of a boutique hotel is entertainment in its own nature; hence, the exceptional themes and visually spectacular decorations are a necessity.

Amenities In the hospitality industry, the primary goal should be getting people to become regulars, hence the emphasis should be more on service than on the amenities; however, luxury is necessary (Stellin, 2007). Plan the amenities to meet the needs of the target clientele while at the same time defining the hotels’ niche. In addition, it is important to invest in fine furnishings, comfortable beds, quality artworks, fine linens, good quality toiletries, extra pillows, and comfortable chairs (Atkinson, 2007).

Small things matter to clients and hence there is need to pay attention to the fine details that make the whole difference in a room. Regardless of the comfort, luxury, and style, one should compete at a practical level, hence the need to have current trend amenities such as

Wi-Fi internet

Flat screen plasma televisions

Cable television networks

Air conditioning, traditional spa services

Rose petal baths

Fitness facilities

Bar and grill

Excellent food

These should be available to provide a competitive edge (Stellin, 2007). Moreover, the investor should always aim and be willing to go an extra mile in order to attract and retain clients with complementary packages such as honeymoon packages, wine and champagne art and painting sessions, guests’ favorite CD collection, and buffet breakfast.

Service The common feature that all boutique hotels have is the emphasis on quality service that is personalized in a professional manner. The approach and attitude, but not the size, defines a boutique hotel (Dubois, 2010). The stay-to-guest ratio should be high in order to cater for every possible need that a client may be having.

This may means a high payroll, but it pays off in customer loyalty and the clients do not mind paying extra for the comfort. Lastly, it is important to allow the staff to memorize guest names and encourage friendly interaction to make the guests’ stay memorable. The staff of a boutique hotel should predict or know in advance, the needs and requirements of the guests and deliver to their guests’ expectation (Griffin and Moorhead, 2009).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Boutique Hotels: Starting and Running by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Marketing Develop a high-quality product to appeal to an understanding clientele (Tisch, 2007). Simply, it is the experience and image that are sold, rather than the product itself. Marketing an independent boutique hotel has financial and other resources restrictions because marketing needs to be continuous (Dunne, Lusch,


Information Systems Role in Contemporary Businesses Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Benefits of information Systems to a business



Introduction An information system comprises of all constituents that collect, proliferate and disseminate data. In most cases, these comprise the hardware, people, software, communication systems and the information itself. Information systems conduct various activities that include processing data in to information, input of data, data storage and the production of outputs (Moin, 2006). For these reasons, most contemporary businesses have integrated systems of information technology in their management.

Benefits of information Systems to a business Correct utilization of information systems by the management of a business can offer a great deal of operational effectiveness and accurateness. In contemporary business world, this is similar to the competitive advantage of the business (Sharrieff, 2011). Moin (2006) affirms that in most cases, information systems sustain and sometimes comprise the competitive advantage of a business. In this case, information systems sustain all the sustainable competitive advantages of a business.

Incorporation of information systems helps employees to give greater level of services to their consumers, especially the employees who are in contact with customers. This means that information systems are at most times fundamental in running business activities in the modern world since the employees offer better services to the consumers.

Businesses achieve more productive business decisions that have positive influence on the company’s bottom line due to suitable utilization of the information systems offered by the company (Sharrieff, 2011).

Information systems can decrease the number of administrative employees as well as the number of hours an employee will work in comparison with the manual performance of a similar process. This occurs since the duty that an employee was supposed to perform happen to be performed by the machine.

This effectiveness permits the organization to gather benefits in other areas. For instance, a company can offer a lower bid for a certain contract than its rival company due to the reduced costs linked with the execution of effective information systems (Webster, 2011).

In the modern world, computer networks permits the multinational companies to offer real time services at all times all over the world. Improved technology of the computers and the information systems helps in meeting consumers’ requests and their relocation across the nations and time zones even without the customers’ consent.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, the Sealand Services Inc. which is a global based shipping company in the United States executed a new proprietary shipping management system that mechanized customer transactions worldwide. These customer transactions included order taking and document management (Stephens, 2011).

Information systems play a major role in supporting business processes and operations. They achieve this through recording and storing sales information, acquisition data, savings data, payroll data, and other accounting information. Information systems also aid in storing and recording inventory data, equipment repair and maintenance data, work in process data, supply chain data and other production records.

The human brain is not capable of storing all the necessary data that a company requires and thus the use of information systems is relevant. Information systems are also helpful in recording and storing customer purchase histories, market data, customer profiles, marketing research data, advertising data and other marketing records (Moin, 2006).

In most companies, execution of information systems occurs in order to offer self-services to employees and the consumers. If companies and businesses grant permission to customers and employees to gain access and make changes to their own account data rather than presenting a paper request, the response time will radically decrease. Electronic communications such as email reach the receiver faster than communication sent through traditional paper modes (Webster, 2011).

For a company to ensure that their management information system is pertinent and offers the greatest level of profit, they must plan purposely for their business entity. Even though most software packages offer a level of usefulness to a business venture, it is essential that the system that a business executes addresses the informational necessities and utilization behavior of every person who will take part in the operational effort (Sharrieff, 2011).

Information technology mechanizes some of the information systems. For instance, Dell Computers has a system where there is no human interference in their various operations including taking orders from customers, delivery of constituents to the Dell factory for assemblage as well as shipment to the consumers. Through the company’s website, the company can acquire an order for a personal computer directly from a customer (Moin, 2006).

Information systems aid in reducing errors that are common when performing processes manually. The access to error-free reports guarantees that the organizational leaders have access to the required information needed to make well-informed decisions. Reduction of response time enables leaders to make better verdicts than they might have otherwise done. With the aid of effective information systems, leaders can make efficient decisions in an appropriate manner (Webster, 2011).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Information Systems Role in Contemporary Businesses specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion It is evident that information systems are vital components of a business. They increase the competitive advantage of a business in various ways. In addition, information systems accelerate the globalization of business and trade. This offers multinational companies a suitable ground to reach many customers. In contemporary business world, most businesses have integrated information systems in their business management to accelerate their business performance and eventually increase sales.

References Moin, U. (2006). Information Systems and Technology. Web.

Sharrieff, M. (2011). The Impact of a Management Information System. Web.

Stephens, D.O. (2011). The Globalization of Information Technology in Multinational Corporations. Web.

Webster, A. (2011). Tangible Benefits of Information Systems. Web.


Rise of England as a European Power Research Paper college admissions essay help

Table of Contents The War of the Roses (1455-1487)

Background information: War of the Roses

The Rebirth of Tudor and the Tudor Dynasty

Reference List

The rise of England as a European power involved various strategies including use of religion, marriages, and weapons in war. In other cases, kings emphasized on trade, learning, and explorations. This document details the emergence of several kings of England and the strategies they used to conquer other empires. Kings also had various means of retaining power to protect their territories. This in turn facilitated the rise of England as a European power as discussed below.

The War of the Roses (1455-1487) The War of the Roses as discussed in history books compounded continuous battles that supporters of the House of Lancaster (Lancastrians) and the House of York (Yorkists) engaged in (Markham, 1983). The representation of the Yorkists by a white rose and the Lancastrians by a red rose led to the emergence of the name “War of the Roses” (Markham, 1983).

The dominant noble families inclined to any of the houses and fought in various Civil Wars, which culminated to the victory of Lancastrians and crowning of Henry Tudor as King (Markham, 1983).

Background information: War of the Roses The reign of Edward III and power struggles between his sons after his death is considered the primary cause of Wars of the Roses (Markham, 1983). The four eldest sons of King Edward included the Black Prince (heir apparent), Lionel of Antwerp (Duke of Clarence), John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster) and Edmund of Langley (Duke of York) (Starkey, 2003).

After King Edward III’s death in 1377, his grandson Richard II became king arising from the fact that his eldest son had died from plague in1376. Richard II was hardly ten years old and therefore his uncle John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster) took over to rule the country (Markham, 1983). Richard grew older and became rebellious to his uncle’s rule.

The death of John of Gaunt in 1399 brought forth a new dimension into the country’s rule. This is because after his uncle’s death, Richard II forcefully took the land owned by his uncle. However, John of Gaunt’s son Henry prepared an army, which saw the surrender of Richard. Consequently, Henry crowned himself Henry IV and took over the throne.

This saw the establishment of the reign of the Lancastrian as Kings. Soon after, Richard was imprisoned in Pontefract castle where he met his mysterious death in February 1400 (Starkey, 2003).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Since Henry IV was not the rightful heir to the throne after the death of Richard II, he faced numerous setbacks. Arguably, Edmund Earl of March the great grandson of Lionel Duke of Clarence was the rightful heir to the throne (Starkey, 2003). Fortunately, Henry was able to consolidate his position on the throne. As such, when he died in 1413, his son Henry V succeeded him without setbacks (Starkey, 2003).

Henry V was a strong leader. He won the Battle of Agincourt in1415 among the numerous battles that he won (John, 2007). He also conquered Normandy and Rouen for England. He married the daughter of the King of France. Because of his premature death in 1422, his son Henry VI was crowned the king of England and France (John, 2007).

At his father’s death, Henry VI was hardly four months and therefore his uncle ruled the two countries on his behalf (John, 2007). The French monarchy was restored after Joan of Arc raised military in opposition to the English. Henry married Margaret of Anjou and as he became older, it was evident that he was going to be a weak (Markham, 1983).

Consequently, the Yorkists planned to take over the thrown from him. He condoned corruption and the country went broke despite of the high level of taxation. In his reign, trade declined while great Lords interfered with the judicial system and Parliamentary elections (Markham, 1983). Unrests were common and in 1450, there was a revolt in London headed by Jack Cade. Citizens laid their hopes on the duke of York to instigate change (Markham, 1983).

On 22 May 1455, the first battle of the Wars of the Roses occurred at St Albans (Markham, 1983). Richard, the Duke of York led the Yorkists to defeat the king’s army with ease. Subsequently, Henry VI was captured and imprisoned.

Richard of York was made protector of England after Henry suffered a bout of insanity from 1455 to February 1456 (Hawes, 2009). After his recovery, his wife Margret advised him to reverse many of the decisions made by the Yorkists. The decisions included the appointment of Warwick’s as the captain of Calais that was reverted back to Henry Beaufort the new III Duke of Somerset (Markham, 1983).

Lancastrians were ordered by Margaret to attack Salisbury at Blore Heath on September 1459. They lost to the Yorkists. Henry and Margaret later confronted York, Warwick and Salisbury with a force of 30,000 in the battle of Ludford Bridge on October 1459 (Markham, 1983). Calais men defected to the Henry’s side. The Yorkists dissolved and fled.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Rise of England as a European Power specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Warwick fled to the South East and ended up in Sandwich. Here, he raised an army of 25000 people (Markham, 1983). With this, he confronted Henry’s army at the battle of Northampton on July 1460. Yorkists won because the commander in charge of Henry’s front line betrayed him and joined the Yorkists.

In addition, Buckingham, John Talbot V Earl of Shrewsbury, Beaumont, and Egremont were killed (Horrox, 1989). However, York on return from Ireland claimed the throne. In1460, the parliament passed an Act of Accord that left Henry as King, but York’s heirs would be Henry’s successor (Horrox, 1989).

Margaret was infuriated by the decision to deny her son (Edward) the right to the throne. On this account, she decided to form another Lancastrian army. Jasper Tudor organized an army in Wales, Holland, and Somerset in the West Country while Percy, III Earl of Northumberland with John Clifford rose in the north (Markham, 1983).

The combined total of forces was 15000 men (Horrox, 1989). York heard about Margaret’s location in Pontefract and decided to go to his castle at Sandal south of Wakefield. York infuriated by breaking of Christmas peace, marched out of his castle but he was ambushed in the Battle of Wakefield. York and Salisbury’s son Thomas Neville were murdered (Horrox, 1989).

On the other hand, York’s son was in Pembroke and Wiltshire where he had been sent. He won the battle of Mortimer’s Cross on 2 February 1461. Margaret’s forces at the second battle of St. Albans intercepted Warwick on 17 February 1461, as he left London to meet with March (Horrox, 1989). The Lancastrians won prompting Warwick to flee with the remainder of his soldiers.

Norfolk Warwick and his uncle Lord Fauconberg formed forces in the south East, Midlands, and West Country. They combined forces with the rest of the Yorkists army led by Richard’s son Edward, the Earl of March. In the Battle of Ferrybridge, on 28 March 1461, Lord Fauconberg was killed (Horrox, 1989). The two armies met again in the battle of Towton the following day. Lancastrians lost and most of their noble men were killed (Markham, 1983).

Edward was crowned the king on 28 June1461 and Warwick was reinstated as the Captain of England (Hawes, 2009). Edward and Warwick fell out over issues relating to foreign policies. Edward lost in the battle of Edgecote Moor on 26 July 1469 and was imprisoned at Warwick castle. Later, Edward fled to the protection of his friend Duke of Burgundy. He later won in the Battle of ‘Lose-Coat’ Field on 12 March 1470 after gathering support from Charolais, Duke of Burgundy (Markham, 1983).

Warwick and Clarence sought refuge in France where they met Henry’s wife, Margaret. King Louis provided them with funds, forces and sixty ships for battle (Hawes, 2009). In exchange, Henry VI was reinstated as king. Henry VI regained the throne in 1470 and was crowned king on 13 October 1470 (Hawes, 2009).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Rise of England as a European Power by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Under Warwick’s rule, an alliance between England and France proposed an invasion of Burgundy. Charolais, Duke of Burgundy facilitated Edward with provision like ships, manpower, and funds to invade England. The sail was on 11 March 1471 (Hawes, 2009). Edward used his wit to gain public confidence and raised his forces even more.

Edward went to London where his supporters accepted him back. He defeated Henry in the Battle of Tewkesbury and was crowned king as Edward IV (Hawes, 2009). He set out for Warwick. In the Battle of Barnet on 14 April 1471, the Lancastrians were defeated and Warwick was killed (Hawes, 2009).

Through Edward’s order, Henry was killed in May 1471 (Hawes, 2009). Edward IV remained in power until 1483 when he died suddenly from chill and soon the country went back to mayhem again (Hawes, 2009). Queen Margaret of Anjou the wife of Henry VI sought refuge to Wales with her son. Jaspar Tudor who was Henry’s half brother accepted them (Hawes, 2009).

After the death of Edward IV, his two sons Edward and Richard were too young to rule (Hawes, 2009). Thus, their uncle Richard Duke of Gloucester took over the leadership of England. The two princes mysteriously disappeared in 1483 from the Tower of London where they had been taken (Horrox, 1989).

It is alleged that their uncle killed them. Richard was subsequently crowned Richard III on 6 July 1483 (Horrox, 1989). Richard III’s position in the throne faced numerous hitches especially from Henry Tudor. This was the grandson of Owen Tudor the second husband to Henry V’s wife Katherine of Valois (Williams, 1996).

Henry Tudor prepared an invasion with the support of Charles III the King of France. On 7 August 1485, a 3000 force landed in Wales and kept adding more on their walk (Hawes, 2009). A Lancastrian army that was raised by Henry Tudor in the battle of Bosworth Field on 22 August 1485 defeated the Yorkists (Hawes, 2009). Despite the fact that Henry had a less force of about 6000 men, he defeated Richard who had 10000 men and was a more experienced commander in the field (Gravett, 1999).

Richard III was killed in the battle and Henry found his crown on the battlefield (Gravett, 1999). Henry placed the crown on his head and he was crowned king on 30 October 1485 (Gravett, 1999). The following year, he married Elizabeth of York (the daughter of Edward IV) uniting the two houses of Lancaster and York (Gravett, 1999). This union put to an end to the War of Roses.

In summary, the War of Roses started with irreversible disagreements between the ruling Houses of Lancaster (Lancastrian) and York (Yorkists). It was referred to as the War of Roses because a red rose represented the Lancastrians while a white rose represented the Yorkists (Gravett, 1999).

Yorkists (Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III) reigned. However, Henry Tudor defeated Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth field and crowned himself Henry VII (Gravett, 1999). This marked the beginning of new royal dynasty. His marriage to a York’s daughter brought to an end the Wars of the Roses (Chrimes, 1972). He later gained the trust of his subjects when he overcame a claimant at the Battle of Stoke Field on 16 June 1487.

The Rebirth of Tudor and the Tudor Dynasty During this era, King Henry VII overcame adversaries to his new dynasty and promoted noble writs and commissions. The era was characterized by political and social strengthening. In this era, there was increase in births and businesses thrived (Gravett, 1999). Tudor cared for the people and their welfare was his main interest. He endeavored to stop wars and foreign conflicts (Chrimes, 1972). This marked the beginning of social change.

The royal couple had eight children though only four survived. They were two boys (Arthur and Henry) and two girls (Margaret and Mary) (Kilkenny, 2007). Margaret wedded King James IV of Scotland fostering a peaceful coalition (Gravett, 1999).

During the reign of Henry VII, John Cabot made a major discovery. He discovered the New World in 1494 (Busch, 1895). However, John Cabot discovered that he was likely to lose his right to the great discovery since Spanish examination tried to supersede him with Christopher Columbus. Thus, he sought to obtain Royal Charter for his discovery, which was granted by the king in 1496 (Kilkenny, 2007).

In order to promote the union between Spain and England, the oldest son of King Henry and Catherine of Aragon were affianced (Kilkenny, 2007). Catherine and Prince Arthur were married in November 1501 (Kilkenny, 2007). Prince Arthur died five months later of a mysterious disease while his mother Elizabeth died 10 months later in childbirth at 37 years of age (Kilkenny, 2007). Catherine should have returned to Spain but she did not. She was ordered to stay to be engaged to Henry, a younger brother of Arthur (John, 2007).

The marriage of Catherine to the king of England would promote obedience to the Papal Bull of Borgia that had been proclaimed in England in 1494 (John, 2007). She would also see to it that England would not conflict with Spain over the ownership of the New World (Mattingly, 1941).

King Henry and his son Henry were opposed to a re-marriage of Henry to Catherine. This is because the death of Arthur was seen as a bad omen (Mattingly, 1941). In addition, Isabella of Castile died in 1504 worsening the matters (Mattingly, 1941). Catherine started planning to go back to Spain.

However, the arrival of a Franciscan called Fry Diego Fernandez altered everything. He is believed to have poisoned the king in order to maintain the alliance of Spain and England through the marriage of Catherine to Henry (Mattingly, 1941). The king died at an early age of 52 in 1509 (Kilkenny, 2007). Soon after his death, Henry became king and revoked all the policies of his father. Indeed, he executed his father’s advisers at the Tower. He was crowned king on 24 June 1509 (Kilkenny, 2007).

During the reign of Henry VIII, Martin Luther posted 95 Theses meant to start blessed Reformation to the church door in 1517 (Kilkenny, 2007). Henry immediately opposed the Reformation. Unlike his father, Henry VIII cared little about the people who liked partying. He admired beautiful girls (Kilkenny, 2007).

Consequently, he had met Anne Boleyn and because Catherine could not produce a male heir, he wanted to divorce her and marry Anne. The divorce would break the alliance between England and Spain and had therefore to be stopped. The Pope postponed until the king became impatient with Rome and declared himself Supreme Head of the church (Kilkenny, 2007). Later, he proclaimed himself pope of England. Subsequently, Henry married Anne on 25 January 1533 (Starkey, 2003).

The break between England and Rome made reformation in England a reality. Queen Anne reigned for 1000 days between 1533 and 1536 (Starkey, 2003). She made strong enemies among the Roman Catholics since she favored reformation (Kilkenny, 2007). She had many miscarriages but nonetheless, she had one surviving daughter later to become Queen Elizabeth I. she ended up becoming England’s greatest queen.

Bloody Mary reigned only for 5 years (1553-1558) and these were the bloodiest years in the history of England (Kilkenny, 2007). Due to refusal to convert to catholic, over 500 people were burned and they included Archbishop Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Bishop Rochester among others (Warnicke, 1989). Bloody Mary married Philip II of Spain but died childless after failing to produce an heir (John, 2007).

Gloriana the virgin Queen Elizabeth became queen on 17 November 1558 and reigned for 45 years (Kilkenny, 2007). During this period, both Spain and England were engaged in great efforts for world domination. It is during her reign that pope Pius excommunicated her in 1570. During this period also, Sir France Drake discovered California and the Spanish Amanda was defeated (Kilkenny, 2007). Queen Elizabeth paid for the creation of the Gaelic tongue, in Ireland (Olden, 1892).

In conclusion, the Tudor dynasty ended with the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603 and James IV of Scotland became James I of England (Kilkenny, 2007). He witnessed completion of the translation of the bible in 1611and was referred to as the Authorized or the King James Version (Kilkenny, 2007).

The Pilgrim father formed the first colony in the new world in 1620 that later grew to be the United States of Cabotia (Kilkenny, 2007). The Stuart Dynasty ended in 1688 and thereafter in 1694, the Bank of England was fully fledged and this gave English government authority over bankers and moneychangers (Kilkenny, 2007).

Reference List Chrimes, S. B. (1972). Henry VII. California: University of California Press.

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California State Assembly district Essay (Critical Writing) college admissions essay help

Introduction Elections in the California State Assembly district are guided by the California law. According to this law, any candidate aspiring for any office in the California State Assembly district must gather a certain amount of signatures from the registered voters in the district in the case of a recall.

In most cases, the number of signatures required from the aspirant by the California law must equal 12 percent of the total number of votes cast during the previous election for the seat. It is worth noting that the signatures must be certified by the election panel before a person is declared a candidate for a particular seat (Baldassare, 2002).

After certification of the signatures, the candidates are free to launch their campaign for the specific office. The schedule for the election under the Californian law is supposed to be determined by the governor. However, there exist regular schedules for elections in the California State Assembly.

If a recall to the assembly falls in less than 180 days prior to the regular election schedules, the California law requires such a recall to be part of the regular election schedule. In case of a recall against a governor occurs, the responsibility of determining the special election is given to the lieutenant governor (Mona, 2011).

Research indicates that the California state assembly has had the highest number of recalls compared to other states in America. According to Field (201, p.20), a recall gives citizens an opportunity to replace a public official before the end of their term in office. This happens in the event that the citizens loose confidence in the leadership of a given leader. Traditionally, recalls have been common to leaders holding junior offices. The most recalled seats in the California State Assembly district according to Baldassare (2002) are include that of the city council and members to the boards of schools.

The passing of the Open Primary System on the 14th of June 2010 and the New Legislation Boundaries on 20th of November 2010 changed California’s Congressional and State Legislative delegations. These changes, which are to be effected during the 2012 general election, will make California the state the largest number of delegates and legislators in America.

For instance, these legislations will increase California’s congressional delegates to 53 and the state legislators to 120. The interpretation of these according to Mona (2011) is that new faces will see their way into the California’s congressional and legislative assembly. In addition, this is expected to bring significant changes to the public policy priorities in the state of California (Field 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Proposition 14 in the California state election legislations require only the top two vote-getters to proceed to the general election, irrespective of their political parties. The aim of this legislation according to Baldassare (2002) is to eliminate the traditional party nominations forces.

It also allows the congress and state legislature to contact comprehensive campaigns that would attract support from the whole district. Aspirants in thee California state assembly district should therefore be more ambitious in their campaigns by committing both their resources and time to the campaigns.

The results of this type of campaigns in California are that only the candidate who has a district appeal has the highest chance of being elected. It makes elections in the California state assembly district individual based by divorcing it from party politics. With these changes in place, the 2012 general election is expected to be characterized by more fiercely campaigns than ever before in the history of California state assembly district politics.

The state of California deserves a change in terms of the representatives. This is based on the fact that the above mentioned changes aim at bringing new faces in the state’s leadership. In this case, the newly elected members and the incumbents, in case of any former representatives will be elected, may be presenting totally different constituents.

The newly elected officeholders are expected to bring significant changes in the running of the political politics of California State. In addition to the above mentioned changes, the California for a fresh Start (CFS) initiative is expected to bring into the election laws further changes concerning elections in the state. For instance, this initiative aims at reducing the term of holding a public office from 14 years to 12 years (Baldassare 2002)

Conclusion Despite the argument by political analysts that the service of officeholders improves with their increasing time in office, I am of the opinion that the current State Assemblyman in California should be voted out. For me, new leaders should be elected into office because they bring with them new opinions and ideas.

Research has indicated that the more a leader remains in office, the more he or she becomes reluctant in his or her work. The much the current State Assemblyman in California would have done has already done and according to me, voting him back will deny the state new changes in terms of development and leadership strategies.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on California State Assembly district specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Baldassare, M. (2002). A Californian state of mind: The Conflicted Voter in a Changing World. New York: Oxford University press.

Field, G. P. (2011). Struggle for Democracy with California Government and Politics today. London: Pearson Education.

Mona, F. (2011). California Government and Politics Today: London: Longman Publishers.


A Doll’s House by Norway’s Henrik Ibsen Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction: Summary The main theme in a Doll’s House play is feminist of the time. Nora and Helmer is a model husband and wife, living in peace and harmony in their family until Mrs. Linde, an older friend to Nora made a visit in their home in search of a job. Nora manages to secure a job for Mrs. Linde, but unfortunately pushes Mr. Krogstad an accused forger out of his job. Generally, in this play Henrik Ibsen pointedly captures the inferior role of women in Victorian society through his doll motif.

The play ‘A Doll’s House’ is one of the controversial plays, where Nora’s decision actions to dump her kids is contradictory to her thoughts as she thinks that her kids need her more than she needs her own freedom. The author of the play believed that women were made to be mothers and wives.

Moreover, he brings some idea of having an eye for the injustice on the female characters. Although, feminists would later hold him, Ibsen was not an activist of women’s rights; he only handled the problem of women’s right as an aspect of realism within the play.

The key theme of this play is Nora’s insurgence against society and everything that was really expected of her (Ibsen 140). During her era, women were not expected to be self-reliant but were to remain supportive to their husbands, take care of the kids, cook, clean, and make everything perfect around the house.

When Nora took a loan to pay for her husband’s medical bill, this raised a lot of questions and problems in the minds of many individuals from the community, as it was taken as act against the community norms for women to take up a loan without their husbands’ knowledge.

She proved that she was not submissive and helpless as her husband Torvalds thought she was. Thus the author referred her as “poor helpless little creature.” A good example of Torvald thought control and Nora’s submissiveness was when she got him to remind her tarantella, she knew the dance style but she acted as if she needed him to re-teach her everything.

When he said to her “watching you swing and dance the tarantella makes my blood rush” (Ibsen 125), this clearly shows that he is more interested in her physically than emotionally. Then when asked him to stop he said to her, “am I not your husband?” once more this is another example of Torvald’s control over Nora, and how he thinks that Nora is there to fulfill his every desire on command.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Marriage

Marriage is another aspect that the play addresses; the main message seems to be that, a true working marriage is a joining of equals. In the beginning, Helmers looks happy but as the play progress, the imbalance between them becomes apparent. At the end, their marriage breaks because of lack of misunderstanding among them. They fail to realize themselves and to act as equals. (Johnston 671)

Women and Feminist

Throughout the play, Nora breaks away from the control of her arrogant husband, Torvald. The playwright, Ibsen denies that he wrote a feminist play. Still, throughout the play there is steady talk of women, their traditional roles, and price for them of defying with the traditions. (Johnston 570)

Men and masculinity

Men in this play are trapped by general traditional gender responsibilities. They are seen as the chief providers of the family and they should be in charge of supporting the entire household. Men must be the perfect kings of their respective palace. We see these traditional ideas put across at the end of the play.

Respect and Reputation

The men in this play are occupied with their reputation. Some men have the integrity in their society and do anything to protect it. Even if the play setup is in a living room, the public eye is portrayed through the curtains.


In within the play, ‘A Doll’s House’, the characters spend a lot of time discussing their wealth. Some characters are financially stable and promise for a free flowing money in the future while others struggle to make the end meet. (Ibsen 132)


Love has been given a priority in the play where good time has been used on the topic but in the end, Helmers realize that there was their no true love between them. Romantic love is seen for two of the other characters, but for the main character, true love is pathetic (Ibsen 200).

Dramatic irony

There are some examples in the play where this aspect is used, in Act 1 where Torvald condemns Krogstad for forgery and not coming forward. He also mentions that this action corrupts children’s mind. As a reader, you should know that this is very important to Nora because we know that she had committed forgery in the play and kept it a secret from Torvald. (Johnston 603)

We will write a custom Essay on A Doll’s House by Norway’s Henrik Ibsen specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It’s ironic when Torvald says that he pretends Nora is in some kind of trouble, and he waits the time he can rescue her. When the truth is known and Torvald has been given a chance to save Nora, he is all concerned with his reputation (Ibsen 128).

He abused her by calling her names such as featherbrain; he is not interested with rescuing Nora is interested on how he escapes out of this mess without affecting his reputation negatively. Then, when krogstad brings back the IOU document, Torvald shouts that he is rescued and he has forgiven Nora. Ironically, he did not even consider that she had borrowed the money earlier to save him.

Christmas and New Year

The play is set during the holiday period. Its Christmas period for the Helmers and New Year celebration is approaching. Both Christmas and New Year are associated with rebirth and renewal (Johnston 589).

Several characters in the play go through a rebirth process both Nora and Torvald go through a spiritual awakening, which can be taken as a rebirth. When things fail to happen, she realizes that it will not be possible for her to be a fully realized person until she divorces her husband. Finally, at the end of the play Helmer and Nora have been reborn.

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Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll’s House. London: Faber and Faber, 1997. Print.

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Garbage Pollution Research Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Land Pollution

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Solutions and Recommendations


Introduction Human activities are largely attributed to the loss of the planet’s biodiversity. The impact of man on the environment is so enormous since he has facilitated the rate of species extinction a thousand to ten thousand times the normal rate (Derraik, 2002). The extinction of marine life for instance, has been accelerated by waste debris and the global climatic variations.

The twenty first century has been marked by a dramatic technological advancement that has uplifted the standard of living. However, this has also come with a great cost since the materials produced are difficult to dispose without affecting the environment. Plastic bags, household garbage and electronic waste are such products, which have posed a great risk to the environment since the means of disposing them is difficult (Derraik, 2002).

Thesis: Garbage remains are a burning problem that we have to face today. It is close to everyone who lives in the world because we product trash every day. In most of the world, we do one of two things with our ordinary garbage: burn it or bury it. Neither one is good for us or for the environment. Burning garbage in incinerators releases dangerous gases and dust which contribute to global warming and pollute lakes, forests. How to reduce the garbage remains become a big issue for everyone.

Land Pollution Typical house hold waste contains papers, cardboards, chlorine-bleached plastics, foils, food scraps and batteries (EPA, 2011). Averagely, in the U.S, a single person can produce 3.72 pounds garbage daily, where 40% of 50 million people living in the non-metropolitan region of the nation are estimated to burn their waste (backyard burning), while 63% of the total daily garbage is incinerated in burn barrels. As a result, more than 1.8 billion pounds of garbage from household is incinerated in burn barrels annually (MDEQ, 2005).

According to Hill (2010 p.345), more than ‘500 billion one-time-use plastic bags’ are used annually in the world and end up being littered ubiquitously to comprise waste/misuse. At the same time, plastics are non-biodegradable and burying them only destroys the ecosystem, posing a hazard to marine ecosystems. Plastics are polymeric, highly non-biodegradable and persist for a long time in the natural environments (Hill, 2010).

Electronic wastes/e-waste comprises of discarded electronic appliances such as computers, phones, TV, and fringes. These are hazardous when improperly disposed in landfills or when incinerated. For instance, the Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) present in televisions contains phosphors and lead that contaminates the land and water if improperly disposed, or when there is transfer of the ash from the incinerators. Such landfills contaminate the surrounding soil which in turn contaminates the underground water (MDEQ, 2005).

Air Pollution Plastics are derivatives of fossils fuels with varied chemical properties hence, complicating the recycling process. Therefore, burning garbage particularly the ones containing plastics, pollute the atmosphere through emission of toxic gases. Many have volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as chlorine/bromine that are released on burning and destroy the ozone layer.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Carbon dioxide and monoxide released from burning organic matter also accumulates in the atmosphere. Ultimately, they deplete the ozone layer resulting to global warming, which is the chief facilitator of climate change (MDEQ, 2005).

PVC in particular, releases dioxin upon burning. Dioxin is an organic chemical, which has detrimental health effects when inhaled since they are carcinogenic and bio-accumulative. Incineration emits flue gas that contains hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, nitrogen oxides, benzene, styrene, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), furans as well as heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury, which significantly pollute the environment (MDEQ, 2005).

Burn barrels release smoke containing hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde, which irritates the respiratory system and eyes. Formaldehyde is present in pressed wood and paints. On the other hand, bleached papers and plastics contain chlorine, which releases dioxins when combusted with other garbage at minimal temperatures.

Dioxins cause cancer, immune system dysfunction and birth defects (EPA, 2011). On the same note, statistics from 2002 to 2004 indicates that backyard and barrel burning comprised 57% of the source of furans and dioxins (U.S. Department of Health, 2011; EPA, 2011).

More so, combusting garbage with synthetic materials emits heavy metals that are carcinogenic and implicated with some birth defects. Combusting polystyrene polymers present in foam cups and plastic packaging produce styrene gas that can pass through skin as well as lungs and mucous membranes to cause damage to the central nervous system (U.S. Department of Health, 2011).

Water Pollution Some plastics and electronic wastes go ahead to breakdown into simpler toxic products that pollute the underground as well as the running water when buried or left to litter in dumpsites. After incineration of electronic wastes and plastics, the ashes finally find their way in rivers and lakes thus posing a hazard to marine life.

Mercury, dioxins, Furans and PCBs bioaccumulate in the ecosystem and therefore, they are transferred through the food chain. When plastics pile together due to poor disposal, they clog drainages and sewers leading to floods, where mosquitoes and other pathogens breed causing poor sanitation with serious health implications (Derraik, 2002).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Garbage Pollution specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The ash from incinerators may contain hazardous products, which when buried or placed in the landfills, contaminate the soil. Mostly, they contain heavy metals most of which are carcinogenic e.g. cadmium, lead mercury from batteries as well as chromium and arsenic from treated wood. These accumulate in plants or contaminate ground and running water.

Garbage debris moves to the oceans, killing the marine life such as zooplankton and marine turtles. Garbage discarded in beaches and from ships into the waterways or through fishing nets could ultimately be eaten by marine life, obscuring their digestive systems. Some are strangled, entangled or trapped by the debris causing the organisms to drown/starve, become exposed to predators or unable to hunt their prey.

These are some of deleterious impacts of marine debris facilitated by garbage littering, which jeopardize the existence of these organisms (Derraik, 2002). The ingested plastics also contain polychlorinated biphenyls that are hazardous to invader species. Moreover, the marine ecosystems also face the danger of hypoxia/anoxia, due to garbage debris that imbalance its usual functioning (Derraik, 2002).

Solutions and Recommendations The economic implications of garbage cannot be ignored since enormous amount of money is spent in clearing and treating the litter, addressing public health concerns and recycling. International legislations and cooperation should be oriented towards conserving the environment through proper disposal of garbage, recycling of plastic and use of alternative packaging that are biodegradable or long lasting bags that can be reused severally.

Moreover, public awareness should be enhanced through education of the wider community through the school curriculum. International relations facilitated by the concept of ‘Thinking globally and acting locally’ significantly address the environmental threat posed by garbage disposal (Derraik, 2002).

Garbage pollution can be managed through recycling measures or banning of plastic bags used in packaging. Alternative ecofriendly means of packaging should be drafted while high taxes should be imposed on the manufacturer and consumers of these plastics. Electronic waste can also be recycled and refurbished. ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’ are the 3Rs that go a long way in handling the issue of garbage.

Pre-cycle entails selecting items that are less packaged or those that can be reused. Reuse of old papers, plastic bags and cans, offering old clothes for charity as well as using a coffee mug rather than disposable cups is crucial. Reduce, refers to minimizing the household garbage through purchasing economy packs and avoiding wastage of papers. Recycling of plastics and papers, cardboards and even e-waste should be upheld (U. S. Department of Health, 2011).

Biodegradable garbage should be left to decompose in a composite pit while the rest should be placed in licensed landfills. To sum it all, backyard burning should be regulated in all countries particularly in the rural regions since it does not only pollute the air but also comprises a significant emission of toxic residue that poses a high risk to the public health and more so, decrease the quality of life.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Garbage Pollution by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Burn barrels that facilitate incomplete combustion to emit very toxic compounds should be regulated. Therefore, licensed incinerators with filters and temperatures exceeding 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate complete combustion, should be embraced to minimize hazardous emissions.

References Derraik, J. G. (2002). The pollution of the marine environment by plastic debris: a review. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 44(9), 842-852.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (2011). Outdoor Air – Industry, Business, and Home: Backyard Trash Burning – Additional Information. Retrieved from


Musical Usage of Ethos, Pathos and Logos Essay college essay help: college essay help

Aristotelian appeals: Ethos, Pathos and Logos Musicians use persuasions from ethos in order to confirm the truth of something or their characters. In contemporary society, people have moved out their families, and some parents have joined retirement homes.

Consequently, the idea of ethos has shifted from family to individuals’ material possessions, academic achievements among others. However, Aristotle shows that ethos does not emanate from personal appeal, but rather from the use of language. For instance, Thievery Corporation establishes ethos through their song, The Richest Man in Babylon by use of artistic language.

Thievery Corporation show a character of an upright fellow who stands to condemn the indifference of the richest man in Babylon. The song by the Clash, Know your rights, tries to confirm to people about their rights. The musician assertively says that the song is a public announcement. John Lennon condemns the suffering people go through right from birth to adult working life. Every new stage evolves into a new form of suffering.

There is a problem in expression of modern ethos. The outward appearance has virtually consumed the intellect and moral of individuals. The Richest Man in Babylon demonstrates the modern notion of ethos whereby people put much emphasis on their personal wealth and self than character. The material possessions consume the moral and character of an individual.

Aristotle’s tells people elements, which speakers use to inspire confidence in a character. A person of ethos must observe good sense, moral character, and goodwill. People who utter misleading information and advices do not have elements of a good character. The Clash gives people good advice about their rights because he has the three elements of a character. By telling people to know their rights, he is exhibiting goodwill to every person who has experienced discrimination in any form. Further, use of “I” establishes The Clash credibility.

Pathos captures the emotions of the listeners. Musicians establish reception for their ideas into listeners’ minds through the use of artistic language. John Lennon creates a sense of pity for the Working Class Hero. At the same time, he also condemns wrongs the Working Class Hero undergoes.

Aristotle shows how to establish various emotional appeals among the audience. The musician can fluctuate from anger, pain, pleasure to sense of calm. This is what John Lennon does through asserting that “Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all” and “Till you’re so fucking crazy you can’t follow their rules”. The Richest Man in Babylon appeals to listeners’ emotions through sense of virtue and vice, rich and poor.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The song goes as “The wicked stench of exploitation” and “Beneath the praise and admiration” to highlight sense of vice behind wealth. He further appeals to listeners’ deepest emotions by the line “Your beggars sleep outside your doorway” and “Your servants have burned all their songs. Nobody here remembers freedom”. John Lennon balances between emotions as follows “But first you must learn how to smile as you kill”.

However, Aristotle warns musicians against playing with listeners’ emotions. This can ultimately corrupt the judgment of their listeners (Fabiola 20). Fabiola E. Saul is a Spanish writer who has authored books on pedagogical theory of education. This book provides a critical reflection of Aristotelian appeals of pathos, ethos and logos in studying human emotions, truth and credibility. This book is also available in Spanish language.

Musicians appeal to listeners through sense of logos. There is inductive logic, which involves a couple of examples and then generalization. Conversely, deductive logic is whereby the musicians give audience couple of general illustrations and then draw a specific conclusion. This is how musicians establish the new truth. The Clash urges people to know their rights by drawing a couple of example such as “You have the right not to be killed. You have the right to food money” and “You have the right to freeee speech”.

He then concludes that “Know your rights. These are your rights, all 3 of ’em”. Likewise, John Lennon gives a couple of frustrations the Working Class Hero undergoes, and he concludes that “Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all”. Thievery Corporations uses logos appeal to the Richest Man in Babylon through several examples then advices him as follows “Babylon this is your final day. Babylon this is your final call. Read the writing that’s on the wall”.

Musical composition: Lyrics, Tone, Rhythm, and Melody Musicians base songs on four most vital elements. These elements are crucial in establishing the essence of a musical composition. These four elements appeal to listeners in various ways and collectively make up a song.

In melody, musicians use successive lines of one tone to create unity in length and intensity. Melody contains a unit of meaning. For instance, John Lennon’s unit of meaning exists in “When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty odd years”.

Melody also exists in the final part of the song e.g. “If you want to be a hero well just follow me”. We can also find melody at the climax of the song. For instance, in Thievery Corporation we have melody at “Babylon this is your final day. Babylon this is your final call. Read the writing that’s on the wall”.

We will write a custom Essay on Musical Usage of Ethos, Pathos and Logos specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Rhythm is the flow in music. Rhythm entails timely flow in a song. For instance, in The Richest Man in Babylon we have rhythm at “There is no guidance in your kingdom” and “There is no wisdom to your freedom”. The Clash utilizes rhythm at “Investigation, humiliation, And if you cross your fingers rehabilitation”.

John Lennon uses it at “There’s room at the top they are telling you still. But first you must learn how to smile as you kill”. Lyrics go with the tone of the music. We know that not every song is slow nor is every song fast. The tones and lyrics of these songs are fast and cheerful to the listeners.

Works Cited Fabiola, Gavito. Pathos, Ethos and Logos: An Aristotelian Theory On Education. New York: John Wiley


California State Senate Essay (Critical Writing) a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

The California state senate is the higher house of the California State Legislature and it consists of 40 state senators who are restricted to serving two four- year terms. The state Legislature meeting takes place at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The Lieutenant Governor, who was the President of the Senate is currently authorized to influence on the tied vote. The Presidents, Secretary of the Senate, and Senate Sergeant-at Arms manage the Senate and are elected at the start of each legislative session.

My State senator in is District 8 Leland Yee. He is an official representative of the western part of San Francisco and the biggest part of San Mateo County. Before he has become a state senator, he was a California State Assemblyman and Supervisor of San Francisco’s Sunset district. He has also been a member and President of San Francisco School Board. Yee was elected to be the first Temporal Speaker for African Americans and this is why he is considered to be the second most active Democrat in the California State Assembly.

Leland Yee has done a lot for the people of California and as a result, has been named Legislator of the Year by numerous organizations. Yee should be elected back to the senate. Some of his most recognizable contributions to the State include tireless fights for children, women and the elderly, improvement of education and health services, advocacy for an open government, consumer protection, and environmental protection (Cantrell, 2011). He has repeatedly voted against budget cuts to education, social services, and health care.

On matters relating to public safety, Yee has committed himself to not only protecting California’s most vulnerable, such as victims of human trafficking and domestic violence from oppression and discrimination, but also in enhancing public safety locally in the entire San Francisco. He passed a bill, SB 1356 that has been chaptered into the law which protects domestic violence survivors from the threat of confinement, when they refuse to testify against their abuser in court.

This fight has led him into receiving the Modern Day Abolition Award by the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, the Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Neighborhoods by the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods and has been recognized as the Legislator of the Year by the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. He is currently working on other bills that will be of help to the State, if he is re-elected, he will continue fighting for public safety and protection of the citizens.

Leland Yee has fought to reform public schools and public institutions of higher learning (Aoki


Nanotechnology Risk in NanoBatteries Report (Assessment) college essay help online

Table of Contents Hazard and Exposure Identification

Consumer Risks

Environmental Hazards

Occupational Risks

Risk Management

Works Cited

Nanotechnology involves the manufacture and the use of biological, chemical and physical systems at scales ranging from individual molecules or atoms which are about a hundred nanometers (Bowman


Ethical Problems for New Graduates Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

New graduates face different ethical dilemmas every time they join a new organization. Markkula Center of Applied Ethics offers dynamic insights regarding how new graduates should tackle different ethical dilemmas. Most of the advice given in the short videos recommends a scientific approach to handling ethical dilemmas.

For instance, the videos recommend that new graduates should always understand the background of the ethical dilemma in the organization and review if appropriate actions are normally taken in such situations or not. This is a scientific approach to handling ethical dilemmas. For instance, regarding the accounting dilemma, Markkula Center of Applied Ethics recommends that new graduates should investigate if errors of omission are normally committed in the organization.

Moreover, the interviewee (Hanson) explains that, employees should investigate if action is ordinarily taken in such situations. If it is established that there is a serious ethical problem, Hanson recommends that the problem should be escalated to superior authorities.

Based on a friend’s experience, it is normally difficult to escalate an ethical dilemma to a superior authority if an employee is still new to an organization. Often, new graduates have just secured new positions in organizations and ordinarily, their first preoccupation would not be to ask many questions regarding the ethical or unethical conduct of the organization but to get everyone to like them.

In extreme situations, most new employees would focus on securing their jobs and refrain from drawing too much attention to themselves by blowing the whistle on a colleague. Such scenarios are common for new graduates and Hanson’s advice of escalating ethical dilemmas to higher authorities fail to represent the real situation facing most new graduates in the organization.

The above approach of handling the accounting dilemma is also stressed in the ethical dilemma of gender discrimination. Hanson’s advice to women who think they are being discriminated against is defined by a background analysis of the ethical dilemma. He proposes that this background study is crucial to establish if there is substantial ground to assume an employee is being discriminated against (or not).

He points out that there are unique situations where an organization may treat an employee differently (such as when an employee is being prepared for an international assignment) and it is therefore important to refrain from unleashing the “gender” or “race” card (if a background study of the problem is not done). Hanson’s assessment is an intelligent but cautionary approach to handling gender-based ethical dilemmas because a colleague’s real-life experience shows that this approach is always the best.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, there was a case where a female employee confronted her supervisor for giving her fewer duties at work because she believed she was given fewer tasks because she was a woman. It turned out that it was the company’s procedure to give fewer duties to new staff until they got acquainted with the organization’s tasks. The female employee had to withdraw her complaint because she did not give herself enough time to learn how the organization operates.

Based on the above example, Hanson’s advice to new graduates is well informed Comprehensively, Markkula Center of Applied Ethics provides the right framework for handling ethical dilemmas but Hanson’s advice regarding first time ethical dilemmas is a little shallow. More sensitivity should therefore be given towards the “real” organizational environment facing new graduates (or employees who have just secured employment).

For instance, more focus should be made on how new graduates can solve ethical dilemmas without running the risk of losing their jobs or getting their employers in trouble. Such is the recommendation that applies to the accounting dilemma.


The Vietnam War: A Clash of Viewpoints Research Paper argumentative essay help

Introduction: The Deadly Breath of the War Among all controversial issues that the humankind conceal sin the folds of time, the history of was must be the most biased one. Caused by certain political issues and demanding enormous blood-shedding to satisfy its thirst for cruelty, war is the most despicable and disgusting invention of the humankind.

Nevertheless, a part and parcel of evolution, wars do occur even in the most advanced countries on a variety of premises, not to mention the clash of cultures and the resulting conflict that occurs as two countries of different stages of development are at war.

Because of the complexity of the political, economical and personal issues that mixed in the course of the notorious Vietnam War, the latter can be posed not only as a conflict between the two states, but as a conflict between the two cultures, political forces and the visions of the reality, both political and civil one, which requires thorough considerations.

Providing sufficient food for thoughts, the events of the Vietnam War are quite hard to analyze from the bird’s-eye view of the present days, yet offer an enticing material for exploration that allows to learn more about the political affairs of the USA, the motivations of the 1967-68 Congress and the President and make certain conclusions about the policy of the United States.

Analyzing the viewpoints of an ordinary soldier and a civil citizen who witnessed the Vietnam War, one can demonstrate the differences in the visions of the two and offer reasonable explanations for the phenomenon.

The Matter of Honor and Courage: In the Eye of a Soldier There can be no possible doubt that, to realize what the war is, one has to see the horrors and the destruction of the armed conflict with his/her own eyes, which the author of the book, Frederick Downs[1], demonstrates quite well. With the help of the most realistic descriptions and the vivid pictures of woes that soldiers had to take in the course of the battles, the author makes the people sink into the mind of the man with the gun.

It is quite important that the author portrays both the elements of the relatively calm and peaceful environment – if anything in the front line can be calm and peaceful – and invites the reader into the mind of his own – the place where ideas and morals are set loose, and the only wish that is left is taking the revenge on those who destroyed his life – not the vengeance inspired by raging fury, but the revenge of a cool-blooded mind, the man who knows what he is doing and why.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Showing the readers that war literally kills the remnants of humanity left within, Frederick portrays himself as a man motivated by the wish to kill: “The American strategy was to draw them into a fight so we could use our superior firepower to destroy them. To win a battle, we had to kill them. For them to win, all they had to do was survive.[2]”

On the battlefield Whenever Downs refers to the descriptions of the battles, he emphasizes that the fights that take place here are far from what the civils imagine as they hear the word “battle.” Making it clear that there is no room for compassion when the war is going on, Downs draws the line between a soldier and the people left in the rear. Whenever the author mentions civils, there is a slight tint of scorn in his words:

‘Not everyone doing the fighting is in the newspapers. You’ll never ever see a reporter up there. It’s too rough for them.’ He looked at my youth. ‘You’ll get a belly full of fighting up there, son, if that’s what you want.[3]’

Thus, the author clearly showed that the Vietnamese war, like any other one in the history of the universe did, split the nation into two parts, the still living one and the ones who have their life on credit. In the vision of a soldier who is partaking in the Vietnamese War, there is no yesterday or tomorrow, there is only the current moment, the blissful “now,” which means that the death is not here yet: “Chu Lai was a free-fire zone.

I was instructed to shoot at everything not American, ROK, or ARVN. The brutal war of the highlands had come to the flat farm ground of the South China Sea coast.[4]” When the war has broken out, there can be no compassion, otherwise, the soldier will go mad.

The political controversy Of all the issues concerning the Vietnamese War and the decisions undertaken by the government, the issue concerning the way the war went and the way the government wanted to portray it to an average citizen were strikingly different, which Downs does not hesitate to expose. At this point, the interception of the soldier’s life and the life of a civil citizen can be traced to point at the obvious diversities in the perception of the two and point at the main difference between a soldier and a civil.

It was obvious that the Congress was trying to lift the spirits of the country and not let people become depressed about the tragic event once again, which resulted the striking contrast of the attitudes towards the war in the front and in the rear. While the latter were perfectly sure that the situation is fully under control and that the victory is just around the corner, the soldiers were supposed not merely to observe the opposite, but to fight it with their efforts doubled.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Vietnam War: A Clash of Viewpoints specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Perhaps, it is even not the cruelty of the tragedies that occurred in the course of the war, but the cool, emotionless reports of Downs that sends shivers down the reader’s spine: “Two women survived long enough to cross the bridge and enter one of the hootches. Three of my men crossed over the bridge and threw grenades in the hootches.[5]” It is worth mentioning, though, that the lead character is not portrayed as a machine for murdering enemies either.

Though the battles and the numerous deaths that he has seen made him coarse and emotionless, there is still the remaining of his old self, and he still feels pity when mentioning that the war is spreading like cancer all over the place: “Chu Lai was a free-fire zone. I was instructed to shoot at everything not American, ROK, or ARVN. The brutal war of the highlands had come to the flat farm ground of the South China Sea coast.[6]”

Serving on the home front: An average citizen’s position In contrast to the soldiers in the front, the people in the rear were under the delusion that the Vietnamese with their attempts at defeating the American troops are doomed to a failure. Considering the letters to the New York Times Editor, one can see the way the enemies were portrayed: “the intense and futile commitment in Vietnam is deepening the sense of resentment…[7]”

However, it must be taken into account that the New York Times editors were aiming rather at keeping people optimistic, forgetting what kind of road good intentions pave, depicting the Vietnamese patriotism as “not quite bright” instead of “rather dangerous.[8]”

Playing a game of chess However, it is essential to add that the vision of war that an average citizen had in the USA in 1967-68 was half-optimistic, half-frightened. Some journalists conveyed in their articles the ideas that there were instances of corruption and treachery in the USA Army[9], which dropped the rates of optimism among the citizen.

Still, compared to the miseries and injustice depicted by Downs, these were the minor issues that called to people’s patriotic feelings and the willingness to protect the country, while the soldiers were already deprived of any hope. Portraying Presidents “rejection of dissent on war,[10]” journalists made attempts to stir the public, yet they did not reveal what happened in the front.

Here is the newsflash Offering the citizens snatches of essential information, journalists contributed to the shaping of people’s idea of war. For most of the citizens, war was the gas used on crowd[11] and the short notes on the success of military actions. On the one hand, such inspiring ideas did contribute to the shaping of patriotic feeling.

On the other hand, people were unable to see that was going on in the front, which made people think of the war as of some faraway monster that will obviously be defeated. With his incredibly gloomy and truthful story, Downs bursts the bubbles of the public, yet he is unfortunately late.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Vietnam War: A Clash of Viewpoints by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion: Counting the Losses Hence, it can be concluded that Vietnam War was rather versatile issue in the distant 1967-68 for a civilian and a soldier, which can be explained by a number of reasons.

Due to the different settings and environment, the two could not envision the war any different way; serving on the home front and learning about the events on the battlefield from the newspaper articles and short reports that could not deliver the grief and pain, though journalists did attempt to[12], citizens could not conceive the terror and pain of being in the heat of the battle and, thus, considered the war as the event that will help to restore justice in the USA if only the army pulls itself together[13].

Meanwhile, soldiers were facing the terror and agony of pain, coming one step closer to peril every single say and narrowing the article of death with every step that they made.

Therefore, it can be claimed that Downs’s book served as an eye-opener for millions of people. Obviously, the two viewpoints considered above are diametrically opposite to each other, the vision of a civil citizen being mist optimistic, and the world of a soldier collapsing in front of him. However, comprising the two, one will be able to obtain the ultimate truth – the real story of what happened in the course of the Vietnam War, the painful experience that was inevitable yet almost unbearable for the two nations.

Reference List Carr, A. Z. (1967). Our Vietnam policy. New York Times, p. 46.

Downs, F. (2007). The killing zone: My life in Vietnam War. New York, NY: W. W. Norton