Impact Of The Advanced Technology

Technological advancements have made life easy on earth through automation and digitization of human activities. The planet benefits from technological developments through reduced deforestation and pollution. The adoption of technologically enabled systems has helped human beings recycle products that are harmful to the planet. Meanwhile, technology helps people effectively manage intimate relationships. The development of social media and other communication channels allows people to manage conflicts and disseminate their grievances without prejudice. Furthermore, technological advancements have influenced cultural beliefs and social beliefs. The mainstream media has been on the frontline of promoting cultural beliefs in the public. Therefore, the recent advancements in technology have positively influenced life on earth through environmental conservation and enhanced human interactions.

Technology and Our Planet

The earth has features that support human life and other living organisms. The oxygen and water serve the crucial purpose of giving life to the organisms on earth. Moreover, the soil support plants that provide food for animals on earth. Destruction of soil, water, and air can lead to the death of the living organisms that survive on earth (Bilal et al. 4). Human activities such as deforestation, industrial activities, and the use of non-renewable energy sources are detrimental to the earth. Although human beings may exploit the earth’s resources for their benefit and survival, such activities risk the lives of other living organisms. Technological advancements such as electric cars inventions, renewable energy sources, and environmental control systems help protect the earth.

Transport and communication are one of the major human activities on earth. Transportation involves the use of motor vehicles that utilizes fuels such as diesel and petroleum. The combustion of the fuel leads to the release of gases such as Carbon dioxide that are detrimental to the air. Unlike diesel-powered vehicles, electric cars are fast and environmentally friendly (Čekerevac et al.). Moreover, electric cars make lesser noise than diesel-powered motor vehicles. Furthermore, the technology has eliminated unnecessary use of motor vehicles that is harmful to the environment. For instance, the banking industry benefits from electronic transfer of money (Baradaran 402). Consequently, it is easier to send money to any part of the world without the intervention of motor vehicles. The electric cars and electronic money transfer protect the environment from pollution.

Human beings use fuel to conduct various activities such as cooking, and running machines, among others. The use of non-renewable sources of energy such as diesel, kerosene, and petroleum, is detrimental to the environment and natural resources on earth. For instance, ozone gases are released through the burning of fuels, increasing the earth’s temperatures. Technological inventions in renewable sources of energy help protect the earth from the scorching effects of the ozone gases. The technology utilizes clean energy sources such as the sun, wind, and geothermal power. The solar panels are structured in such a manner that they can produce enough power as fuels. Additionally, the windmills utilize the moving air to produce energy. The clean energy produced from renewable sources does not affect the earth and living organisms.

Technology and Our Relationships

Technology plays a significant role in human routine activities such as work and business. A human relationship is a multifaceted concept that involves daily interactions at home, and the workplace, among others. Maintaining the relationship can be difficult, especially in presence of social barriers such as miscommunication and cultural intolerance. The communication systems allow human beings to effectively communicate, and solve any conflict that hinders their associations. Moreover, the use of technologically enabled banking systems such as electronic help people quickly share money with their loved ones when troubled (Baradaran 402). Technological developments help human beings build strong relationships through effective communications and financial support.

The developments of social media platforms help human beings to form social groups that reject various social injustices. Platforms such as Twitter allow the global community to campaign against racism and any other acts that endanger the association among people from various social groups. Consequently, the people see each other as friends, and not enemies. Moreover, the mainstream media such as Television stations and social media networks such as YouTube are used to run programs that encourage people to love each other. For instance, Netflix airs documentaries on the effect of the past world wars. People learn the importance of respecting each other from the negative effects of the wars. Technology has brought history into reality, allowing human beings to learn from their past mistakes.

Technological advancements have led to the formation of strong intimate relationships. The development of dating sites such as Tinder allows people with common hobbies to share their personal experiences, and dates. The sites have been advanced to mobile phone applications with messaging capabilities. Consequently, the potential lover birds get in touch with each other frequently, enhancing stronger intimate relationships. Moreover, the Tv programs integrate family shows that help the family members understand their roles. Furthermore, technology is crucial in bringing similar professionals together through social platforms such as LinkedIn. Therefore, the recent technological advancements have positively influenced human relationships through social communities that help people learn to form each other and learn from their past mistakes that encumbered peaceful living.

Technology and Our Beliefs

Social and cultural beliefs are significant for economic growth and development. Human society is diverse, consisting of people from different cultural backgrounds with unique ways of living. Technological developments have positively influenced cultural beliefs, traditions, and social values among people. Culture help reflect a certain group of people’s perceptions, values, and practices (Kendall 427). Technology help reflects a certain society’s beliefs on various social and economic aspects. For instance, the Christian community promotes their Biblical beliefs through the development of a website that teaches people about the life of Jesus Christ. Moreover, many countries have adopted the technology for uniform economic growth (Baradaran 403). Therefore, social and economic development are enhanced through technological advancements.

Cultural development is crucial for social harmony among various groups of people. Social media platforms play a significant role in allowing the diverse community to interact without prejudicing each other. For instance, various ethnic and racial groups are allowed to express themselves regardless of an audience with contradicting views and beliefs. People of different sexual orientations utilize social media platforms to influence positive attitudes among the community that rejects them. Multiculturalism, and gender equality, among other social values are enhanced through technology. Consequently, social movements such as “black lives matter” have gained wide public support. The positive cultural developments, as influenced by technology, have led to an equal society where leaders are chosen regardless of their ethnic or racial backgrounds. Therefore, the recent technological advancements promote social values and beliefs in the global community.

Technology and Our Socialization

Socialization involves the acquisition of values, habits, and attitudes from a given community. Technological advancements have played significant roles in enhancing human interactions. The development of the internet has led to the interaction of people from different parts of the world. For instance, interactive websites and platforms such as Facebook and MySpace allow the global community to share their personal experiences. Individuals are allowed to share their daily experiences by tagging their friends and family members on social media posts and stories. Consequently, human interaction is made a reality regardless of distance.

Social systems have been enhanced through technological developments that reflect different lifestyles. For instance, social media frame rich and famous people as living comfortable lives (Kendall 427). The people in the lower classes are encouraged to work harder, and live more comfortable lives like the rich and famous as portrayed on the platforms (Bregman 445). Meanwhile, people live comfortably with each other since technological developments have helped conceal wealth from the public (Baradaran 411). Financial technology helps people interact without fear of being stolen. For instance, the use of e-banking services such as credit cards allows the rich and poor to socialize without fear. The recent technological advancements have enhanced security which is crucial for socialization among human beings.


Technology has made life easier on earth through environmental conservation, positive socialization, enhanced multiculturalism, and enhanced socialization. The advent of electric cars and renewable sources of energy helps preserve the environment. The technologies enable human beings to conduct their routine activities without polluting the environment. Moreover, strong human relationships have been influenced by social platforms and Tv programs. The dating sites allow people to virtually meet, learn about each other’s hobbies, and build a strong intimate relationship. The technology reflects the cultural beliefs of various societies, enhancing multiculturalism and equality. Furthermore, various advents promote socialization among various social classes. Therefore, life on earth would be difficult without technological developments.

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