Identifying And Evaluating Communication In Organizations

Communication between the workers and the company’s management occurs indirectly, through intermediaries, in a business form. Employees of the organization received information through a memo that did not contain any explanation (Bierman, 2018). Communication between employees of the organization is direct and personal. Personal communication between employees gave rise to unreliable rumors, the cause of which can be attributed to the lack of information on the part of the company’s leaders. The form of communication chosen by management is not rich; it is not focused on a personal attitude towards employees and does not accompany them with complete information about the situation in the company.

The company uses the underlying communication path, as it generates gossip and discussions in small working groups, which is inherent in this team. This path is ineffective because the information on this channel is often distorted and unreliable. This way of communication is used in any organization, but in this case, it did not lead to the results the company needed. There were rumors and unrest among the employees; however, the truth was revealed thanks to them.

The content of the message passed between employees of the organization is unreliable, as it turned out that the real reason for the move was not the high rent of the building. The message transmitted by the company’s management through a memo can be considered partially reliable since the move was planned. However, behind this fact lay the concealment of information about the presence of a rare species of doves in the building.

The form of a transmission message directly affects its credibility. However, even though officially released information through a memo is a source that employees usually trust, the lack of explanation has led to rumors. This example happened because management intentionally withheld the facts from employees. If there had been a personal conversation or a mass appeal where employees could ask their questions, rumors would not have arisen.


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