I Have A Series Circuit With 12V DC Supply Voltage. It Travels Through A Resistor Of Unknown Value And Then Through A Lamp With A Voltage Drop Of 6.3V DC Before Going To The Ground. My Teacher Wants U College Admissions Essay Help

It travels through a resistor of unknown value and then through a lamp with a voltage drop of 6.3V DC before going to the ground. My teacher wants us to find the unknown resistor value using ohm’s law, but how would that be possible with only knowing the voltage?


Marketing Manager Research Paper best college essay help: best college essay help

Introduction Marketing refers to the “management process through which goods and services are developed and sold to customers”. Marketing activities include product development, setting prices, identification of distribution channels, and implementing promotional strategies. These activities are often executed by marketing managers in most companies.

This paper will highlight the marketing principles that can be used to market Ford F-150 SVT in the United States and China. Ford F-150 SVT is a truck model manufactured by Ford Motor Company in the United States. Ford F-150 SVT can gain market share in China because it provides the four utilities of customer value and the demand for trucks in China is high.

Description of Ford F-150 SVT The four utilities of customer value include “functionality, time, place, and ease of possession”. Functionality refers to the tangible attributes of a product such as its durability, color, and safety.

Ford F-150 SVT has several in-built safety mechanisms such as front and rear cameras to ease navigation and hill descent control to prevent accidents when driving on steep terrain (Ford Motor Company, 2013). The truck is also available in several colors to satisfy the tastes and preferences of different customers. Similarly, the truck has manual and automatic gearbox options to ease its use.

Time utility refers to customers’ ability to access a product whenever they need it. Ford Motor Company has established a global distribution network to ensure that Ford F-150 SVT gets to the market at the right time.

The company also focuses on mass production of trucks to avoid delays in fulfilling orders (Ford Motor Company, 2013). Ford Motor Company has also partnered with independent distributors in countries where it does not operate to sell Ford F-150 SVT.

Place utility “includes where and how the product or service is delivered”. Ford F-150 SVT is sold through the company’s website and show rooms. Once the truck is purchased, the company arranges for shipment to the customer.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The ease of possession utility refers to the procedures that lead to acquisition of a product. In order to ease possession, Ford Motor Company allows its customers to acquire the truck in several ways. These include leasing, cash purchase, and hire purchase. Moreover, the truck has a warranty to encourage customers to purchase it.

Ford F-150 SVT’s Target Market In the United States, the target market for the truck includes construction companies, security companies, and individuals. Construction and security companies use the truck to transport equipment and materials to various sites (Ford Motor Company, 2013).

The truck’s off-road capabilities enhance travelling to construction sites in remote areas that have poor road network. Since Ford F-150 SVT is a low cost model, its target market among individuals includes middle-income earners who are interested in both comfort and extra space to carry their luggage when travelling.

The truck is also popular among individuals with large families, as well as, people who prefer to travel to remote areas such as wild parks and forests during their holidays.

In China, Ford F-150 SVT’s target market includes companies in the construction and manufacturing industries. Moreover, the truck can be used by farmers and medium-sized businesses that are not able to purchase large trucks. Farmers are likely to prefer the truck because of its ability to travel in the country’s rough terrain (Ford Motor Company, 2013).

Competition in Ford F-150 SVT Truck Category Ford F-150 SVT competes with several truck models in the United States and China. In the United States, the truck’s main competitors include Toyota Hilux, Isuzu Dmax, and Nissan Navara. Toyota Hilux and Isuzu Dmax are competing based on price. Their manufacturers are low cost producers who are able to charge competitive prices.

Besides, Toyota Hilux has a strong brand image that is known for durability and reliability. Isuzu Dmax is known for both comfort and low prices in the United States. Nissan Navara competes with other models based on quality and price. In this regard, Ford F-150 SVT faces high competition in the United States since most producers of medium-sized trucks are focusing on product differentiation.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Marketing Manager specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The competition faced by Ford F-150 SVT in China is very high. The Chinese car market has several medium-sized truck models whose prices are very low. This reduces customers’ switching costs since they can easily shift from one model to another.

The Chinese market is also characterized with price sensitive customers. This makes local models more competitive than Ford F-150 SVT. In this regard, Ford F-150 SVT competes based on its qualities that are superior to those of the Chinese truck models.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Segmentation is the process of using shared attributes to classify or categorize customers in a given market. Demographic and psychographic segmentation are relevant to the Chinese market since the customers’ purchasing behavior is mainly influenced by their income levels and perception of products.

Demographic segmentation involves categorizing customers according to attributes such as sex, age, income, and occupation. In this context, the Chinese market can be segmented according to customers’ income and their occupation in order to identify the group that is likely to purchase Ford F-150 SVT.

Psychographic segmentation involves categorizing customers according to their interests, activities, lifestyles, perceptions, and opinions. In this case, the Chinese market can be segmented based on customers’ lifestyles and perceptions.

Targeting refers to the process of selecting the right market segment. In demographic segmentation, the right group to target includes the high and middle-income earners in China. This choice is justified by the fact that high and middle-income earners are not likely to be sensitive to price changes. Consequently, they are likely to consider the non-price attributes of Ford F-150 SVT in their purchase decisions.

In addition, occupation is a relevant factor for choosing the right market segment. In this case, the segment that should be targeted includes owners of small and medium-sized businesses who are able to afford high quality trucks. In psychographic segmentation, the right group includes the customers who believe that American trucks such as Ford F-150 SVT are superior to local trucks.

Additionally, individuals who are interested in outdoor recreational activities such as visiting tourist attractions are likely to purchase Ford F-150 SVT because it offers comfort, style, durability, and off-road capabilities.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Marketing Manager by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Positioning refers to the process of “identifying the most appropriate marketing mix for a given target market”. Customers in the Chinese market are interested in product quality and price. Thus, the most appropriate elements of the marketing mix for the segments identified in the foregoing paragraph are product and price.

In this regard, Ford F-150 SVT will be positioned as a high quality, luxurious, versatile, and durable medium-sized truck. Given the high competition in the industry, it will be important to position Ford F-150 SVT as a truck that offers superior qualities at affordable prices.

Environmental Facts and Trends in the Chinese Market In the microenvironment, the factors that are likely to influence the sales of Ford F-150 SVT are high competitive rivalry and high bargaining power of the buyers (customers). The competition in the market is very high because there are very many sellers of medium sized trucks. The competition is also high because firms are focusing on product differentiation and cost leadership.

The high competition is likely to affect the sales of Ford F-150 SVT negatively. Customers have high bargaining power because their switching costs are low. Specifically, the customers can easily change from one truck model to another in order to enjoy benefits such as low prices and high quality. Thus, Ford F-150 SVT might not penetrate the market if its qualities fail to satisfy the needs of the market.

In the macro environment, the factors that are likely to affect the sales of Ford F-150 include social, political, and economic variables. China has experienced rapid economic growth in the last two decades.

This has resulted into an increase in business activities, emergence of a large middle-class, and improved purchasing power among citizens. This can be illustrated by the fact that China is the largest market for cars in the world. Thus, high economic growth in China is likely to boost the sales of Ford F-150 SVT.

High regulation is the most important political factor that is likely to affect the sales of Ford F-150 SVT in China. The government of China has imposed high import duties on imported vehicles in order to protect its automotive industry. In addition, foreign car manufacturers that intend to produce vehicles in China must partner with local producers in order to be licensed to operate.

Thus, exporting Ford F-150 to China will reduce its competitiveness due to the high import duties. Although collaborating with a local producer seems appropriate, the partnership can lead to a brand war that will ultimately reduce the competitiveness of Ford F-150 SVT.

The social factors that are likely to influence the sales of Ford F-150 SVT include customers’ perception of imported cars and customers’ lifestyles. The low-income earners believe that foreign trucks are more expensive than local brands.

This perception is likely to discourage the purchase of Ford F-150 among the low-income earners. By contrast, the middle and high-income earners believe that imported trucks have superior qualities.

Thus, they are likely to purchase foreign brands even if they are sold at a premium price. This will boost the sales of Ford F-150 SVT in China. The rising demand for tourism products such as park visits is also likely to boost the sales of Ford F-150.

Marketing Campaign for Ford F-150 in China Marketing promotion refers to the “coordinated series of steps that are taken to promote a product”. The four elements of marketing mix can be used to promote Ford F-150 SVT in China in the following ways. Ford F-150 SVT will be positioned as a high quality brand.

In order to keep this brand promise, the design and production team will take into account the needs of the Chinese market such as fuel efficiency. In addition, the sales team will organize free test drives to enable customers to verify the qualities of the truck.

Penetration pricing will be employed to enable the truck to gain market share in China. This will involve setting relatively low prices in order to attract customers. Discounts will be provided to encourage cash and bulk purchases. These strategies are important because customers in China are price sensitive. Thus, charging low prices will help in overcoming competition.

Selecting the most appropriate distribution channel (place) will be integral in the process of marketing Ford F-150 SVT in China. In this regard, the truck will be distributed through Ford Motor Company’s retail outlets and independent distributors. The rationale of this strategy is that China has a vast geographical area.

Thus, partnering with local distributors will help in reducing distribution costs. Moreover, local distributors have a good knowledge of the market, which will enable them to sell the truck easily. Ford Motor Company’s retail outlets will also be used to train local distributors on the truck’s qualities and capabilities. Undoubtedly, having adequate product knowledge will improve local distributors’ ability to sell the truck.

Promotional activities will also help in marketing Ford F-150 SVT. The promotional activities that will be used include advertising, public relations, and providing free after-sales services such as repairs for a limited period. The objective of the promotions will be to increase product awareness and sales.

The effectiveness of the marketing campaign will be measured by predefined sales metrics. These include the generated sales leads, sales volume, and market share.

Ethical Marketing Considerations The ethical concerns that will be addressed in the marketing plan for Ford F-150 SVT will help in promoting fair competition and protecting the truck’s brand image. Unethical marketing activities such as price fixing, price collusion, and predatory pricing will be avoided since they are illegal and discourage competition.

Moreover, marketing promotion will focus on the use of adverts with appropriate content. Thus, inappropriate content such as sex messages will be avoided in the truck’s adverts.

Conclusion Ford F-150 SVT can gain market share in China since it provides the utilities of customer value. In addition, robust economic growth will boost its sales in China. However, an effective marketing plan must be developed in order to take advantage of the opportunities in the Chinese market.

In this regard, Ford F-150 SVT should be positioned as a truck that provides superior qualities at low costs. This will help in overcoming competition, thereby enabling the truck to gain market share. Moreover, the marketing campaign should focus on creating brand awareness in order to increase sales in China.

References Cant, M., Strydom, J.,


The Taxi Driver and the Dance with Wolves films Essay argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The themes

The Plots


Introduction A movie is a visual medium and normally attempts to portray certain parts of written piece of thoughts of characters not explicitly expressed. The film Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese displays the frustrations of an ex-marine officer in New York City who becomes a taxi driver to contain his chronic insomnia condition. The customs in the city are too much for this driver who served in the just concluded Second World War.

Produced in 1976, this movie was met with criticism and support in equal measure. On the other hand, the film Dances with Wolves by Kevin Costner is often described as a classical masterpiece of the early 1990s due to its unique theme.

The unique cinematography and performances have perfectly fused to express the main theme especially when the characters interact showing emotions and mood in every scene. This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly compare and contrast the cinematic themes creates by the two directors.

The themes Recognizing the themes of loyalty and moral crisis, Scorsese brings this movie to life. He creates a very human action thriller that combines stories of both self-discovery and love for the taxi driver called Travis. Scorsese convincingly mingles the ‘futuristic’ and the ‘realistic’ imaginations to create a world of exotic reality in the busy city life.

There is a lot of violence and prostitution in the New York City. Travis has to adopt very radical actions to try and restore order. He shots the little Irish ‘pimp’ and his friends for encouraging the young lady into prostitution.

On the other hand, Costner in the film Dance with Wolves revises roles as defined by traditions of the Indians and Cowboys. As depicted in the film, tradition and religion control the lives of characters. Specifically, the Sioux tribe is depicted as a unique and traditional society. The American soldiers are portrayed as imperfect, genuine, viciously brutal, and semi thoughtless.

Traditions control the mourning of Elgin who is a lieutenant and Stone. Despite attempting to quantify historical events into context, the film has little on reversal aspect. The movie commences with a civil war featuring antagonists and protagonists of tradition as both teams attempt to create a diversion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, the Native Americans are painted as traditionally united group who appreciate peace, with strong family bonds and are desperate for opportunity of survival in the strife.

Unlike the film Taxi Driver, the film Dance with Wolves misses the truly poetic orchestrations of actions and heroic displays of bravado. The film Taxi Driver has an intriguing premise: heroism after dejection.

In the film Dance with Wolves, the director seems to be unable to convey the poetry and philosophical inclinations of the colonial masters and the natives of India. At the end, the underlying fear and destabilizations of the imaginative explorations mere summarized the plot rather giving it a poetic identity.

The Plots The film Taxi Driver has the urban plot and the story revolves around a single actor. The actions of the taxi driver affect other actors directly in this action packed piece. Reflectively, this creates a feeling of imaginative casting. Scorsese even goes ahead to include slow motion pictures, yet the film is a high speed genre.

Travis is a character in the movie and always is worried of what will happen next. His character is associated with the unfortunate events when he loses his ‘girlfriend’ after his strategy to take her to a sex movie fires back.

In comparison, the film Dance with Wolves revolves around ‘the kicking bird’ and ‘Wind in His Hair’ that come to the society of the Sioux. The new society’s of the Sioux philosophy is to “take without asking”. During the film, characters display a clear caricature hint which defies traditional stereotyping. At the climax, Dunbar defects from traditional culture to new culture.

To align to the traditional setting aspects on production design and the society, this film heightens hyper-real palate of emotional expression. Moreover, this choice of setting was essential in the need for a proper balance of production aural, sound accordion, and scenes characterized by traditional practices such as sharing of pipe. Subsequently, this balance has facilitated the addition of decadent love and hatred feelings in the film.

We will write a custom Essay on The Taxi Driver and the Dance with Wolves films specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The endings of the two genres are quite different. The taxi driver realizes that the item that he never valued turns about to be a necessity for his survival. After being arrested and interrogated by the police, he walks out a hero. On the other hand, the ending of the film Dance with Wolves paints the indigenous Sioux community as people united by shamanism religion and tradition.

The film ends with these people still in the bondage of neocolonialism. The two directors adopt totally different approaches and settings in the two films. Scorsese adopts the urban setting and modern way of life, while Costner adopts the traditional setting and the traditional way of life.


Marketing Plan; Southwest Airlines Report college essay help: college essay help

Executive summary Southwest Airlines was established in 1967 and incorporated in 1971 in Dallas, Texas as a low cost airline company. The firm has developed an optimal market position over the past decades. By the end of 2012, Southwest Airlines had a fleet of 576 aircrafts and operated in 89 destinations. The firm is committed in providing customers with unique experience.

One of the ways through which it achieves this is by nurturing a warm and friendly working environment. Furthermore, the firm ensures that its customers are provided with high quality services. This has played a critical role in developing a high level of customer loyalty.

In an effort to maximize its level of profitability, the firm intends to launch a new service which will entail establishing a new route. The new route will entail travelling between Atlanta, GA to New York LaGuardia.

The firm intends to dominate the new route by offering high quality services. The route will be characterized by short turnaround duration. This will ensure that consumers achieve a high level of flexibility with regard to air travel.

Southwest Airlines intend to achieve the following objectives by launching the new route.

To offer competitive low cost carrier services to consumers in the US airline industry.

To increase the firm’s sales revenue by 20% within one year after launching the new route.

To increase the firm’s market share by 15% within one year after launching the new route.

Situational analysis According to Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson (65), it is critical of firms to analyze the environment in which it operates by taking into account the internal, customer and the external environments. Therefore, firms should consider conducting a comprehensive environmental analysis by integrating the Porters five forces, PESTLE analysis and the SWOT models.

The Porters’ five forces


The US airline industry is experiencing an increment in the intensity of competition. This has made the industry very volatile. The firm faces intense competition from a number of low-cost carriers such as JetBlue, Easyjet, United Airlines and the American Airlines. These firms have adopted similar operational strategies to those of Southwest Airlines.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Threat of entry

The low- cost carrier airline market in the US is experiencing an increment in the number of new entrants as a result of its high profitability potential. New firms are venturing the industry in an effort to exploit the prevailing market potential.

Consequently, the degree of industry concentration is increasing at an alarming rate. Moreover, the Deregulation Act of 1978 has made it easier for foreign low-cost carriers to enter the industry.

The threat of new entrant has made it difficult for Southwest Airlines to successfully differentiate its services. This arises from the fact that most of the entrants are focusing on price as their market competitive variable. As a result of the high threat of new entrant, the industry is experiencing a decline in its profitability.

However, the threat of new entrant is likely to decline as a result of the high cost of operation and high start-up cost (Hawkins, Misra


Erik Erickson. Trust versus Mistrust Essay (Critical Writing) writing essay help

Table of Contents Biophysical Dimension

Psychological Dimension

Social Dimension


This paper explores the life of a 15 months old child using the biophysical, psychological and the social dimensions of child development. This is done using examples of scenarios where the child might experience Erik Erickson’s trust versus mistrust using these three dimensions.

According to Erik Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development, human beings undergo through eight key developmental stages in their life from infancy to old age. All these stages occur in a gradual process, meaning that one stage is succeeded by another (Ashford