How Did Religion Affect The Pattern Of Colonization In America And Life In Those Colonies? Cause And Effect Essay Custom Essay Help

When the Europeans begun their exploration and subsequent colonization in North America, their religious beliefs and practices were a significant tool in how they conquered and approached the local natives, although majority of them already had their own religious practices. These religious influence dictated how they interacted with the natives, got rights to land and subsequently got control of the land from the natives (Wright et al. 156).

It is no doubt that the quest for religious influence and autonomy was one of the aiding factors in the colonization of America by the Europeans. The Europeans felt that the local native religions were very naïve and barbaric and hence sought to change their beliefs.

On the other hand, there were a lot of religious conflicts and discriminations that were taking place in Europe which resulted in bloodshed and loss of livelihood. Hence, most of the immigrants who were migrating into North America were doing so in the search for a land where they would practice their own religious practices without any discrimination from rival denominations which was happening at the time.

Therefore, many different religions came to North America and settled in different geographical regions which formed a base on how religion influenced the colonization of these states. Consequently, the different states adopted different types of denominations across North America, thus each denomination exercised its religious influence through colonization of its given geographical area resulting in different pattern’s of religious denominations settlements across North America.

The immigrants, who were Europeans, felt that they were superior to the natives who were mostly Red Indians and it was their responsibility to convert these locals to their respective denominations that they had observed in Europe. Despite the fact that the Europeans professed to be religious and act in accordance to Christianity and respective religious denominations, they were always in conflict with their religious ideologies.

For instance, they saw themselves as more superior to other people, natives, and considered them less of humans as compared to them. This was contrary to their religious beliefs which observed that all humans were equal before God. In addition, they used religion as a basis to propagate colonization of North America instead of using it to promote peace and understanding between the immigrants and the natives.

Also, the Europeans did not respect the rights and practices of the natives. The natives considered the environment sacred and so did the Christian religious views. But the Europeans who confessed to Christianity did not observe this as they fell down trees and hunted animals for the fun of it which was not only offensive to the Red Indians but was in conflict with the Christian ideologies on tolerance, respect and the environment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition the locals were treated in a very inhumane manner, whereby the Europeans liked them to animals. In some states the natives were persecuted when they objected to be convert to Christianity which they, Europeans, termed as a salvation process.

Additionally, the Europeans engaged in massive looting and plundering of natural resources that initially belonged to the natives, for instance they looted the Indians gold mines on the pretext of converting lost souls to Christianity, which was in total conflict with the Christian teachings (Tindall


Chrysler Group LLC Report a level english language essay help

Executive Summary The competitiveness of a business in the changing business environment is dependent on the quality of decisions that its managers make. When making business decisions, there is need to use past and the present to make futurist decisions.

This calls for a pool of information to be available for interpolation and analysis. Use of information technology can keep such important information; Business intelligence tools are the tools that a business can use to keep such information to be used in decision making. It is thus important for the company to adopt business intelligence tools.

Introduction Chrysler Group LLC is an automobile company that was incorporated in 1925. It has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan in United States of America. It is ranked the thirteenth successful motor company in the world. Seven years in the last ten, the company’s sales have been decreasing (see appendix 1). The trend of sales is a reflection of how competitive the motor industry has become (Chrysler official website, 2010).

The competitiveness of a business is vested on the quality of its management decisions. A number of systems that aim at meeting a certain objective in the business arena have been developed. They are either home-made or all user systems (commercial systems). Business intelligence is the name used to refer to the total collection of such system; it was first coined in September 1996, in Gartner Group report.

To make informed decision there is need to have reliable information (Olszak


A Clean, well lighted Place Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

The short story “A Clean, well lighted Place” has been written by the author named Ernest Hemingway in the year of 1962. The story is basically a narration of different stages of life where the interest and thought process of people changes with time. Age is the biggest focus line of this story as people’s thought process changes with the growth in age.

The author had illustrated different stages of human life with the help of illustrating characters of old waiter, young waiter and an old man at the café. This paper evaluates the similarities and differences in the traits of all three characters.

The author had illustrated the younger age of human’s life to be full of excitement. The author has portrayed the character of the younger aged waiter as a young human who has his short terms goals. The author claims that the young waiter did not really felt considerate of the older persons around him.

To the young waiter, older people are filthy and clumsy who have nothing better to do in life (Hemingway). In the story, the author had described the traits of younger waiter’s personality as impulsive, inconsiderate of older people, focused to a conservative vision of sleeping with his wife and one who had no idea how death could come to his life in his later years of older age.

“I have a wife waiting in bed for me (Hemingway 28).”

The second stage of human life has been projected with the help of character of an old man who stays in the café till late night to drink. He does not spill a single drop of liquor on the counter and when he leaves the bar, he walks with dignity instead of unsteady walk. The older age of the man had been regarded to a stage where there are no hopes left but the fear of darkness at home (Hemingway). The darkness had been used as a symbol of death. Staying at the café for longer hours helped the older man to escape from the fear of darkness. The café was well-lighted that had been used as an escape from the darkness.

The light is very good and also, now, there are shadows of the leaves (Hemingway 62)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The third character which is quite similar to the character of old man is the waiter at the café who is also old. The young waiter asked him about the old man who stays for loner hours at the café late night.

“I wish he would go home. I never get to bed before three o’clock. What kind of hour is that to go to bed? (Hemingway 8)“

In reply to the question of the young waiter, the older waiter answers from his experience stating that older stage of life is full of fear of darkness (death). The older waiter states that the older man was in a progression towards old weary days that ends with death (Hemingway).

Through the above analysis of the traits of the three characters of the story A Clean, well lighted Place, it comes to our understanding that the old man was in a progression of an older age and had similar personality traits as the older waiter had. The younger waiter had been projected as a different human who is in his younger age and does not understand the fear of death and the need of light as an escapee in the older age.

Works Cited Hemingway, E. A Clean Well-lighted Place. New York: Creative Education, 1990.


The Role of Marketing in Business Essay cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The role of marketing

Marketing strategies


Introduction Marketing refers to the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service. It is basically the mechanism through which producers of commodities and service providers build up consumer interest in their goods and/or services.

Marketing comes up with an elaborate and systematic course of action that forms the base for sales methods, business communication and enterprise growth. It is an incorporated practice by way of which firms establish and develop solid client affiliations and build value for their commodity and service consumers and for themselves.

Marketing application was perceived as a creative trade in years gone by and it involved promotions, circulation and general trading. However, with the advancement of intellectual study in marketing, there is a wide scale use of other sciences like psychology, economics, mathematics, among others, which end up making marketing a science in itself.

Nevertheless, marketing is also interconnected to many of the imaginative arts. Marketing literature is normally proficient at recreating itself and its lexicon in relation to the prevailing times and the culture.

The whole process commences with marketing exploration and passes through market partitioning, commerce arrangement and implementation, finishing up with pre and after-sales promotional undertakings.

The role of marketing The main purpose of marketing is to identify the consumer of a product or service, to retain the client, and to gratify him or her. With the customer as the spotlight of any business, it is therefore appropriate to conclude that marketing is a key element of the running of such establishments. Over time, marketing developed to meet up the stasis in growing new marketplaces brought about by already developed client bases and overproduction of commodities and services.

Marketing strategies Taking up and practicing of marketing schemes and strategies calls for business establishments to alter their emphasis from just production to the observed needs and wants of the commodity and/or service end users as the way of staying gainful.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Attaining organizational aspirations is usually dependent on establishing the needs and wants of the target clientele and working toward achieving them. Any business organization needs to satisfy the needs of its customers in a much better way than its competitors in the marketplace. This is what gives a distinction between good and bad marketing approaches.

Approaches used in the past are generally considered to be below par as compared to their contemporary counterparts. These approaches have had to change with time in line with consumer tastes. The earlier strategies were namely; the production approach, the commodity/service approach and the selling approach. In the production orientation, the profit driver(s) lay in the production processes.

An establishment laying emphasis on this orientation specialize focuses on generating as much as possible of a given commodity or a service(s). The company in question basically takes advantage of the economies of scale, ensuring that the least effective scale is hit. This approach is effective when a high demand for a commodity or service is in the offing and there is a certainty that customer likes do not swiftly alter.

The mainstay of the product approach is the commodity or service quality. An establishment using this approach assumes that so long as its commodity(s) and/or services are of acceptable quality then customers will always buy them.

Selling methods are the profit drivers in the selling approach. A firm employing this lays emphasis on the selling or promotion of a given commodity or service, minus establishing new customer wants or needs. As a result, this involves selling an already present commodity/service by use promotion skills. This orientation is not the best as it relies on likelihood that changes in customer likes and wants leading to a reduction in demand will not arise.

Good marketing has various approaches which include; relationship marketing which lays the spotlight on the consumer, business marketing which lays emphasis on an establishment or a firm and the social marketing approach that has its emphasis on the society. The mainstay of the relationship marketing orientation is establishing and maintaining good customer relations.

The entire association between suppliers and consumers is normally under focus here, with the intention being to provide the best possible consideration, consumer services and thus ensure client devotion.

We will write a custom Essay on The Role of Marketing in Business specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the business marketing orientation, establishment and maintenance of relationships between firms or companies is the main profit driver. In such a set up, marketing occurs between organizations. The commodity or service focus is on industrial goods or services rather than end user products.

The profit driver for social marketing is normally the gain for the society at large. The approach has the same attributes as the marketing approach but has an additional provision that there will be no detrimental activities to society in the commodity itself and all other processes involved in getting the product to the end user.

Conclusion Good marketing needs to focus on the customer or the end user of a commodity or service. With this, a lasting relation between the producer/marketer and the client will be created. With the advancement of technology, marketing needs to be taken to an even higher level by use of the worldwide web through internet marketing, commonly referred to as e-marketing. More precise target on an audience is easy to achieve in such cases.


The Concept of Reconstruction Analytical Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Reconstruction is regarded as the phase of struggle for United States after the defeat of confederacy in the civil war in the year of 1877. The phase of Reconstruction experienced a number of resolutions as proposed by Republicans and federal government to make positive effort. In the same era, Abraham Lincoln observed the plans of effort laid by Republicans.

Lincoln stood forward and critiqued the plans along with the proposal of better options to practice during the era of reconstruction. Another major contribution was by Congressional Republicans in the era of reconstruction. In this paper, we shall compare and contrast the concept of Lincoln and republicans with respect to reconstruction.

The Reconstruction idea that appeared the most valid was Lincoln’s idea on Reconstruction. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln planned to reconstruct the south back in to the Union which was the most reasonable plan in contrast with the Republicans. The Republicans were surprised to know that how the Southern states were allowed to be back in the Union.

Later on, the Republicans produced the same idea that had put Lincoln in the direct confrontation and after a little while it was cleared that the idea of Lincoln is more reasonable. Republican plan for reconstruction was to give the control to the American Army and take away the controls from the southerners.

The plan by Congressional Republicans is named as Radical Republican Reconstruction. The plan by Republicans was greatly debated as it was being regarded that Republicans were basically implementing their interest of staying in power through the plan of Reconstruction (Belz, 1998).

On the other hand, the plan by Abraham Lincoln plan was being accepted by masses rapidly and trouble-free. He gave reason that as South did not succeed their economic and political leaders instigated the secession and the war (Belz, 1998). Lincoln sought to harmlessly re- integrate the South back into the Union.

He presented arguments that the government was indissoluble and was for sure politically unfeasible (Belz, 1998). In other words one of the Lincoln plans for the Reconstruction was earlier than a state could be readmitted in the Union 10 percent of the voters wanted to take oath to the U.S.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To stop this plan of Lincoln, the Republicans introduced Wade-Davis Bill of 1864. This design of Republicans gave rise to the voters and it increased 10percent to fifty percent of the number of voters. However, this bill did not get passed because Lincoln, the president refused to sign.

This decision had put Lincoln in a clash with the congress. The drastic Republicans only hunted to help white Northerners. In order to solve the situation of turmoil, Black Code was enacted by the southern governments because Black Code completely restricted the voting rights of black. Black Code was an opinion of northern or whites as they had a fear that if the blacks were to come to the North it would possibly mean smaller quantity of jobs for white Northerners, or even opposing for them.

For a political group to desire something so poorly that they would think about hurting people for their personal benefit seemed cruel. Lincoln’s Reconstruction design possibly did not go into complete effect but it was still extra logical than the Lincoln’s design (Belz, 1998). Republicans understood that the South should be penalized for beginning the war and they wished to guard the constitutional rights of Freedmen.

Moreover, Lincoln’s another plan took place in the period of 1865-1877. In the following duration his government exercised to readmit the confederate states back into the United States.

Republicans panned to divide the South in 5 different districts and then wanted to place them under the military rule. Thirdly, it should be noted that the plan of reconstruction by Abraham Lincoln supported the black and whites altogether that was purely an American vision that was required in the era of reconstruction.

The Republicans of Congress sought to enfranchise blacks and supply economic help in the South for two major reasons. The first reason was to maintain blacks in the South so it would not damage or race with whites in the North and secondly to generate a midpoint for the Southern Republican Party (Belz, 1998).

Through the above argumentative analysis it could be said that the concept of Reconstruction was perplexed by different people through their contributions but the accurate is Lincoln’s Reconstruction design which was reasonable due to facts that he had notion to put into the design or plan as he knew not extra that 10 percent of people would all have a allegiance oath, there was no exceptions in Lincoln’s plan, whatever was assumed was done, and he did generate laws for his own individual benefit.

We will write a custom Essay on The Concept of Reconstruction specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More While the other party Republican had an entirely different perspective of Reconstruction opposite to Lincoln’s Reconstruction plan of re- integrating the South back into the Union, and was for an enrichment of the U.S.

Reference List Belz, H. (1998). Abraham Lincoln, Constitutionalism and Equal rights in the Civil War Era. New York: Fordham Univ Press.


Women and Political Life Research Paper essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Introduction Historically, women have been on the wrong side with fewer political and legal rights as compared to men. Even in career opportunities, women have failed to secure high positions due to male dominance.

It is as if these women still live in the colonial world. However, as compared to the colonial woman, today’s woman has achieved significantly rights that they never had or participated. Traditionally, the society viewed women as people with low intellectual power and weak to perform muscular tasks. They therefore subjected them to motherhood and wifehood.

Nonetheless, the dawn of the 20th century saw women assume some roles that men described superior to women. In fact, during the colonial times, women could note even vote to elect a leader. Voting was a prerogative of men. Some nations prohibited women from schooling and instead, assigned them household cores.

Since the dawn of the 20th century, women in some nations gained their right to vote, started attending schools and colleges to get education and some even acquired big jobs including political seats. This did not happen just by chance. Women had to fight in order to gain such rights. It was not easy to change a society deeply rooted in traditionalism and traditions that segregated women to accept ‘feminization’.

In order to gain political and legal rights, women had to convince the society to reevaluate its traditional views on women. The current society not only views women as a creative foundation of human life, but also, equal with men. In the past, the society considered women intellectually inferior compared to male. In addition, the society that mainly constituted male dominance considered women as the spring of evil and enticement.

For instance, in the ancient Greek mythology, a female by the name Pandora, opened the forbidden box and from there came despondency and plagues that continues to invade human beings even up to today. On the other hand, in the Roman world, the society enacted laws that portrayed men as children, perpetually lesser to men. Surprisingly, even the then theological teachings condemned women as a spring of all evil and wickedness (DinKin, 1995, pp. 1-12).

For example, St. Jerome who served Christian Church as a Father in the fourth century wrote that women were like the gateway of the fiend, the conduit of impiety, serpent’s sting, and overall, a dangerous object. Other theologians also had their own way of describing women. Thomas Aquinas in one of his theological sermons said that God created women to act as assistants to men, and that their main role was to conceive.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He went further to say that if men needed assistance, only other men will assist them. In Asia and particularly in the Middle East, the society was fair towards women. In countries like India, women had the right to own property and exercise other freedoms. However, after 500 BC, Hinduism evolved and set out new dimensions regarding women. According to Hinduism, women had to respect men and always be obedient towards men. In addition, the religion prohibited women from walking in front of men.

Moreover, the religion disallowed women from owning property and prohibited widows from remarrying. In general, the society valued a male child more than a female child. The paper examines the roles of women during colonial times. Further, the paper will examine how the roles of a colonial woman have changed to fit the modern environment. In the past, women participated in roles different from the contemporary.

The paper will analyze the past and present roles of women and as to whether these roles befit women. Even with the changed roles, women still face enormous challenges. Yes, it is true there are opportunities for women all over the world, but the society continues to delegate minor responsibilities to women. History has shown that if societies grant women personal and intellectual freedoms, women can achieve great things.

For example, history portrays women as hardworking when it comes to political and legal matters aimed at changing the society that all of us live in. in the Middle Ages, women who participated in church activities as nuns, performed imperative roles that later shaped religion in Europe. The aristocratic women performed vital societal roles emanating from the reputation and authority they had.

From one era to another, women rulers influenced generations towards achieving success. For example, women rulers like Queen Elizabeth who ruled England in the 16th century remains an icon even up to today. On the other hand, the political lives of Catherine the Great of Russia and Victoria of England remain great inspiration to women around the world who aspire to be political leaders (Elaine, 2005, pp. 13-41).

Role of Colonial Women in Political Life During the colonial period, women had few roles to participate. This is because the society did not value women much and instead, it delegated household responsibilities to women. These and many other legal injunctions ensured women never participated politics and other public sphere cores. However, during American Revolution, perceptions about women started changing slowly. Women had to fight to have a say in political life and other freedoms.

In United States, men dominated the public space of both politics and occupation. Thus, women had to fight in order to join their male counterparts in political life. They instigated liberation fronts to demand the denied freedoms. Little they know that the struggle had to take more time than expected. Nevertheless, they never got discouraged easily but instead, increased their determination and strength to achieve the denied freedoms.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Women and Political Life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although they did not achieve all of their rights, women assumed new responsibility termed “Republican Motherhood” that improved their accessibility towards educational prospects and gave them a chance to take part in public roles. Ironically, women did not achieve full lawful egalitarianism and voting citizenship (Compton New Media Incorporation, 1995, p.1).

In America, there were three types of women with different roles. These included African, Native Indians and Europeans. These women had specific roles that they performed within their societies. In most cases, these roles were traditional in nature. For example, preparing meals was the role of women.

Women also wove clothes, took care of children and taught them how to be good citizens. When colonial masters entered America, they got appalled with the way women performed these household chores. They especially goy mesmerized with the manner in which women stayed around homesteads raising children, doing artistry works, cultivating farms. Men engaged themselves in hunting, building houses and doing fishing. Consequently, the colonies established commercial companies and employed men to work for them.

However, with time, the colonial masters wanted to instigate permanency in their mining and tobacco firms. Therefore, they decided to employ women. The roles of women did not change because they got involved in farming for the colonial masters. Life was not easy for them in colonial farms. In fact, some of them even died of diseases, while the few who survived got married to rich men (Brown, 1996, pp.70-82).

Women never participated in politics but helped men in making political rights. The fact that women never voted is a surety that women were mere creatures in political decision-making. In fact, the society required women to get married before they reach 25. Any woman who was not married above this age became a social misfit. Surprisingly, as soon as they got married, the laws considered them dead. It is this particular law that prohibited them from participating in politics and instead delegated them household chores.

Moreover, women had no control over family earnings, land or property acquisition and never appeared in legal courts to give evidence. These curtailments became obstacles for women to participate in politics. Thus, their political life was doomed and reduced to hearsay rather than actively participating in it (Kamensky, 1995, p. 41-43).

Changed Roles Women have fought tirelessly to gain political status. For example, since 1920, American women participate in election through voting. Nevertheless, they still have long way to go as their political roles are quite minimal.

For example, up to today, no woman has served United States presidency. In United States, women serve in senate and governor posts. Until recently, Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, served as the senator of New York.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Women and Political Life by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More She is currently the chief diplomat of United States serving as the Secretary of State in Obama Administration. In Africa, the president of Liberia is a woman while is Asia, the sitting president of Philippine is a woman. Today, most nations allow women to elect their leaders and women have the right to vie to vie for political seats. Thus, the contemporary woman has the role of electing leaders she wishes.

Major constitutional amendments all over the world have awarded women parliamentary seats and in some governments, women get automatic percentage of seats to serve either in the public service or in politics. Today, women have the right to own and inherit property (Eileen, 2009, pp. 8-43).

Historical versus Contemporary Roles of Women The historical women engaged themselves in household chores leaving prestigious roles to men. This is because the society considered women inferior to men in all spheres of life. For instance, in past, women could not participate in politics, practice medicine, preach or become lawyers leave alone appearing in court to give evidence.

However, with long struggles coupled with civilization, women now enjoy varied positions in politics, medicine, teaching, writing, teaching and many more. It is important to note that the political gear termed “feminization” contributed greatly during the women movement in America and Europe. They instigated reforms that saw men change their attitudes towards women.

In the colonial era, the societies disallowed women from schooling. As a result, many women did not know how to read and write. At a snail’s pace, major political reforms in many countries for example, United States saw acceptance of girl child education. In 18th century, women could acquire professional education but limited to medicine. The few medical schools present trained women on obstetrics only.

However, a century later, women started training in other medical field like nursing. Research done in 1890 showed that about five percent of doctors in United States were women ninety years later, the percentage increased to 17 percent. (Compton New Media Incorporation, 1995, p.1)

In the past, women could not even give evidence in court. However, this has changed where women can now take law as a profession, previously regarded as a man’s job. Statistics reveal that by 1989, there were as many as 22 percent women lawyers and judges. In addition, women serve in other professions like engineering previously dominated by men. However, there is still a challenge as women regard themselves inferior to men.

That has seen many women take simple careers like teaching art subjects leaving science and engineering fields to men. Research shows that there are many women working as elementary school teachers than other levels of learning like high schools, colleges and universities. The few who teach colleges and universities handle disciplines like home economics, sociology, art subjects and nursing.

In other positions of work, women serve as less involving positions like secretarial, bookkeeping, typing and other service jobs that do not require much energy. During the Second World War, women had the opportunity to serve in the Army just like their male counterparts but as secretaries, nurses and typists.

However, they contributed significantly in the war through resisting underground movements. In other countries like Israel, women are almost equal with men where both male and female recruited in the force participate in full combat training. Thus, it is clear women can perform chores initially preserved for men.

Unlike in the past where women only performed household chores and farming, the contemporary woman can do diverse jobs including working as a civil servant or serving people in politically. In United States alone, women constitute about 45 percent of working Americans. Unlike in the past, women are now assuming managerial positions ranging from managers to head of private and government institutions. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 saw women start earning the same salary like their male counterparts.

Thus, women are now in a position to own property. With money, women can engage in active politics and compete with their male counterparts for political seats. Despite these major changes, the contemporary woman still participates in historical roles performed previously by the colonial women. For example, the contemporary society still believes that women should perform household tasks like washing, cleaning and cooking.

It is quite hard to find a man involving himself in any of these tasks. Research indicates that majority of women perform household cores in addition to raising children. Nevertheless, some men are now involving themselves in these activities especially in homes where both the husband and wife work as employees.

Challenges facing women Poverty

Poverty remains an issue affecting most households. In most cases, women from poor backgrounds lead a poor political life. Many of them do not participate in choosing their leaders. Poverty-stricken women are prone to human rights violation. Many of them do not have accessibility to basic needs and clean water.

These are many other inadequacies violate women’s human rights. In some countries, women fail to secure employment due to sex discrimination. They end up leading a poor life. In some situations, women receive less pay as compared to men. Traditional practices that prevent women from inheriting property and land remain a major challenge to women ailing from uncivilized communities. If the society denies women right to education, those women will remain ignorant and live a wretched life.

Institutions and Electoral Laws

In many countries, institutional and electoral laws prevent men from participating fully in the political arena. These laws contain some element of exclusion that locks out women from exploiting their political ambitions. For example, in Europe, the uninominal voting system has prevented women from acquiring political seats as many view it as an acme of individualizing the process of competition.

The system supports famous women who might be holding other constitutional offices hence making them double office holders. Such scenario becomes detrimental to the ordinary women, as it tends to maintain the political class through feminization. This feminization enters government level and showers it with oligarchic manners to continue developing self-replicating elites (Council of Europe, 2003, pp. 23-26).

Opportunities for women Gender Equality

Once imposed, gender equality will earmark a new era in the political lives of women, as they will favorably compete with their male counterparts minus favoritism. For a long period, politics has been the preserve of men. However, women can use their numbers and trespass this perception.

Gender equality break fundamentalism of any kind, discard male superiority and promote competition. In addition, countries that have successfully imposed gender equality have empowered women and instilled gender hierarchy in their system of governance.

Parity Democracy

This great opportunity will make women shine politically if fully adopted. Under parity democracy, both women and men represent a certain institution. Some researchers call it a mechanism of rethinking democracy even as people continue to deliberate on it. Parity democracy leads to social partnership between male and female hence forming a social contrast. Where there is democracy, women do not exist on paper, but they actively participate in politics to promote democratic edifice (Council of Europe, 2003, p. 23).

Reference List Brown, M. (1996). Good Wives, Nasty Wenches


Students Procrastination Problem Problem Solution Essay college application essay help

Procrastination is the habit of postponing doing things that needs to be done. It can also be defined as the act of avoiding doing certain things that ought to be done. This is a problem affecting most of my classmates especially when it comes to assignments.

I have observed that most students tend to avoid doing assignments until the last minute and some are not even able to meet the deadline. It is normal to procrastinate (and most people do it) but excessive procrastination often leads to problems. People are left with guilt feelings when they are not able to accomplish a task at the right time.

This is not a problem that is only affecting learning institutions; it also affects employees in the work place. It is like an addiction and once you develop it, it becomes very hard to leave. In this paper I will address the problem of excessive procrastination, look at the reasons why students procrastinate and give recommendations. In doing this, I will use books and the internet to gather information about the problem that will help me in making recommendations on solving the problem.

I have reviewed different perspectives from different scholars and found that, excessive procrastination causes anxiety because the tasks being avoided must be done. It also results in poor performance because the assignments are done in a hurry when the student does not have ample time to research on the topic. If this problem is not addressed, it can interfere with individual’s school performance as well as their personal success.



American Psychological Association Essay essay help online: essay help online

Introduction In future, I would like to join American Psychological Association. The reason for this decision is the benefits that I am going to get from the organization. This paper gives an analysis of the organization as well as expanding further on the reasons that makes me take the decision.

Background and History

APA (American Psychological Association) was founded by 31 members in 1892, as a professional body for psychologists from United States of America. Currently it has a membership of over 150, 000 in 54 branches. The association is the largest in United States and combines scholars in different areas of psychology. It has its headquarters in Washington DC.

Mission Statement for the Association

Advancing the communication, creation, communication, and psychological (knowledge) application in a bid to improve individuals lives as well as the society at large.

Core Values

Continual Pursuit of Excellence

Knowledge and Application Based on Methods of Science

Outstanding Service to its Members and to Society

Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion

Ethical Action in All That We Do (APA Official website, 2010).

Reasons for Choosing the Organization The organization is composed of different professionals who have specialized in different areas of sociology, philosophy, and psychology. Annually the organization has meetings with its members where they share different observations in their area of specialization. Other than being a local organization, the company has international recognition.

It calls international meetings with other nations where they share experiences and knowledge. These interactions bring about net working environments and give a chance to enlarge ones knowledge in a certain area. When a member has attended a meeting, he is given a certificate which is recognized all over the world and given preference in America.

On a monthly basis there is a magazine and a journal produced for the members to read on various developments of the firm. The magazine is freely available to members who have paid annual subscription. In the magazine discussion focuses more on current trends in psychology and the way it affects the world.

To be a more productive member in the organization; I am planning to enroll in psychology classes. Other than understanding different trends in psychology, I will also understand different aspects in current changing world. Understanding the world will assist me in my main field which is economics; I will be able to understand the trends that are in business and the world economy at large and making decisions will be easier.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In America the organization members are highly respected due to the precedence of integrity set by other members. Being a member of the organization will not only boost my knowledge in the area of psychology but will assist me when making decision in future on my career. The core values set on the other hand place responsibility of care in me and thus I will become a respectable professional with integrity (Jo-Ida


The Concept of Metadata Essay college application essay help

The concept of metadata has gained popularity. Creation of videos and photography make use of metadata. It is also used in web pages and in a library to archive information. The metadata must always meet worldwide standards. Metadata is well structured using established schemes like models and standards of metadata. It has three categories.

They include descriptive, structural, and administrative type of metadata. Metadata mean different things. Some say it is a device that understands information while others use it as a record. Main uses include data recovery, framework of electronic resources and digital documents.

Metadata is also used in the extraction and maintenance of information. 99% of the information is digitally created while only 0.1% is written on the paper. About seventy percent of the created data is never printed and, only 20% may be printed. This has seen metadata gaining popularity.

The term metadata simply refers to any amount of information providing in depth information on one material or other multiple. It provides insight on the ways of creating data, the reasons for the data and the date of creation.

It also captures the data author, where on network the data is and standards which were used. The concept of metadata applies to electronically stored data and its use. It describes the structure, meaning and how the files are administered. Its main rationale is to make it effortless to repossess, handle or use as a resource. The web page usually displays metadata in Meta tags form (NICO, 2004).

Metadata can be related to some discussions I experienced. The discussion was about state of art in Sub-Saharan Africa. Internet acted as a major source of information to the discussion. The United Nations website and other principal sources provided detailed information on the topic. Several sites gave insight to every situation under discussion. There were linkages to other websites with detailed information, which made the discussion easier than books.

The sites spelled out clearly the dates of publications and places of publications. Some websites required authentication. An article was written after the discussion. It came out with information art in Sub-Saharan Africa to back up other previous findings. The report contained the list of participants. It spelled out the place of discussion and soft copies given to the relevant authorities. A copy will be posted on the Internet.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A good example of metadata is an image. It may comprise of metadata which specifies its size. The size may include side dimensions and units of measurements. The color aspect may also be depicted. This may entail contrast, colors used and the extent of the colors. Metadata specifies the resolution of the image.

The date of creation and who created the image are also shown in the metadata. Related information like the links to the image and where it is found in the metadata.

Electronic discovery is cheaper than the discovery of paper-based information. Large corporations and societies and states have an easy time going through the information.

This has increased overall production. The Collection, storage and evaluation of information act as evidence (Michele