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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is most commonly known for treating the discomfort associated with menopause. However, more broadly, HRT is any form of hormone therapy that involves a patient receiving hormones to supplement or replace naturally occurring hormones in the body. For this discussion post, research different forms of HRT and choose one type to focus on.

Initial post: In your original post, describe a patient who may benefit from HRT. Explain the risks and benefits to using HRT in the scenario you chose. Be sure to include information on safety.

Include citation information


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aware of the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is a federal law protecting school records. Another well known federal privacy act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), protects your health information. It is obvious that a large number of individuals take for granted that their personal information will be safe and secure when doing business with small or large companies. However, over the past five years, security breaches have become a common occurrence.

There are rules and regulations that keep employee records, such as social security numbers, work evaluations and other pertinent information secure. All of these rules and regulations tend to benefit the employee or individual, but what about the company?

Let’s think for a moment about that. Should a company, regardless of size, be able to impose on its employees or customers policies regarding company privacy? Should a company have the right to regulate its employees’ activities on their off-the-clock time? Can an employee be held accountable for misrepresenting their employer on their personal social media accounts?

Your discussion post for this week is to provide your own opinion on the following questions.

In today’s technologically advanced society, is there really privacy? Based on your own personal experiences with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, or Snapchat), do you feel that individuals should be held accountable for their actions outside of the workplace?

Is it possible that, due to the technological advances in smart phones, tablets, and other communication devices, workplace and personal privacy have meshed together to a point that what was once personal space is now fair game in the hiring and firing practices?


Write an informative summary of three to four paragraphs (275) words) whose primary purpose is to deliver an informative college essay help online

Write an informative summary of three to four paragraphs (275) words) whose primary purpose is to deliver an informative overview of what an essay in the Common Book, “Braiding Sweetgrass” says. Assume your audience is other students who didn’t attend the presentation or haven’t read the essay. You need to choose only one of these options: either the presentation or the essay. Please use standard grammar, punctuation and spelling, and follow AP style.

Choose one of these essays from “Braiding Sweetgrass”:
“The Grammar of Animacy”
“Umbilicaria: The Belly-Button of the World”
You may access an ebook version of “Braiding Sweetgrass” free through KU Libraries

: https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/ku/detail.action?docID=1212658 (Links to an external site.).

Write a beginning that highlights an important or interesting piece of information, so your audience has an idea of what you are writing about and wants to know more.
Give details of the item you are writing about: where and when the presentation was, who did the presentation and where they’re from, or what book it’s from, who wrote the book and who she is, what the essay title is, etc. This is probably NOT what you want to start with, but include that information at an appropriate place.
Books don’t usually follow AP style but you should when you are writing about them. These AP Stylebook entries will be particularly useful: dates, days of the week, titles, months, numerals, times and years.
You should not use ALL of the information from the presentation or the essay – your summary needs to stay between 250 and 300 words – but you should include the most important information, plus a detail or two that may interest your audience. You can condense and paraphrase information or quote it, but make sure to say who said it or where it came from.


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To say that people have different interests and agendas is to state the obvious. The last section we have read of The Good Nurse has explained how Charles Cullen was identified as the perpetrator, how additional homicides were identified, and how Cullen was convinced to confess. All of this is set against a medical and criminal investigative backdrop. If you read the acknowledgments, you will see that Graeber was helped by many law enforcement and medical personnel in the interest of accuracy of the process. 

This week please respond to ONE of the following questions, being sure to let me know what number you’re responding to.

1. Despite knowing of Cullen’s homicides, Amy Loughren felt guilt at contributing to his capture. Cullen was supported by and exploited women throughout his career. What personality traits do you think allowed Cullen to exploit women or made women vulnerable to Cullen?

2. How would you compare Capote’s treatment of the Clutter murders with Graeber’s treatment of the Cullen murders? What do you see as the primary differences between literary journalism as exemplified by Graeber and True Crime fiction as exemplified by Capote? Try to include the horizontal/vertical balance discussed in the Capote resources.

3. How would you compare Capote’s style in In Cold Blood with Graber’s in The Good Nurse?


Suppose that currency in circulation is $800 billion, the amount of checkable deposits is $1200 billion, the required reserve essay help site:edu

Suppose that currency in circulation is $800 billion, the amount of checkable deposits is $1200 billion, the required reserve ratio is 10% and excess reserves are $12 billion.

a. Calculate the money supply, the currency-to-deposit ratio, the excess reserve ratio, and the money multiplier.

b. Suppose the central bank conducts an unusually large open market purchase of bonds held by banks of $2000 billion due to a sharp contraction in the economy. Assuming the ratios you calculated in part (a) remain the same, predict the effect on the money supply.

c. Suppose the central bank conducts the same open market purchase as in part (b), except that banks choose to hold all of these proceeds as excess reserves rather than loan them out, due to fear of a financial crisis and bank run. Assuming that currency and deposits remain the same, what happens to the amount of excess reserves, the excess reserve ratio, the money supply, and the money multiplier?

d. Go to the FRED web site and graph the Fed’s M1 multiplier from January 1995 to December 2016. How does the scenario in part c relate to the graph you created? Include your graph in your submission.


Please write 100 words response each to this 2 selected post of my peers. The original question from the college essay help online

Please write 100 words response each to this 2 selected post of my peers. The original question from the professor: “ In the situation where we have clear evidence-based practice guidelines, should a provider be able to order outside of the guidelines?”

1) The short answer is yes, but qualified. A doctor should always be able to practice medicine as they see fit which would mean they should be able to order something other than what the guidelines say. If the change cannot be shown to be harmful to the patient while also offering a potential benefit, the doctor should be allowed to enter the order.

However, the guidelines exist so that the best possible care is consistently provided to all patients. A well-written order set that is part of a systematic review process should seldom be ignored. I would want the doctor to be given the opportunity to justify the change and for the hospital to explain why they discourage making modifications to the orders in an approved care set. The creation and implementation of effective order sets can take months (Nolin


Annotated Bibliography (Need within a few Minutes custom essay help: custom essay help


1.  American Psychological Association (APA) Style.


b. For each entry (total of 10), include a 2-3 paragraph summary of the entry’s main points and/or your overall evaluation of the entry.  The summary should be in your own words and not simply copied from the entry or some other source; each citation summary should be written in complete sentences.

c. ALL bibliographic entries should be from scholarly journals or book chapters (either online or hard copy).  NO TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS AND NO WIKIPEDIA REFERENCES ALLOWED.  It is recommended that you consult electronic resources such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, and Google Books for the entries.  If an article is behind a pay site, you may still use it without reading the entire complete source.  Be sure to include the complete bibliographic citation and use the available abstract for your annotation.  DO NOT COPY THE ABSTRACT WORD-FOR-WORD: Paraphrase it and put it in your own words.  

d. It will be easiest for you to research and choose your entries via electronic searches, but you may also search hard copy sources in a library.  I do not need nor want hard copy articles of your sources, but you must supply complete bibliographic citations per a and b above.

d. The 10 entries should generally cover specific theories/types of deviance (i.e., the general subject area of the course). You should not turn in 10 citations on a single theory or type of deviance; with flexibility you can draw from a variety of behavior/theories. There may be some repetition of content in your choices of sources to annotate, but the purpose is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information in the process of answering the weekly discussion questions. It is recommended that you search for articles while reading each chapter week-by-week, and choose references that will add to your knowledge of the theories and aid in answering the discussion questions. 

e. The entries should be organized as a list alphabetized by author’s last name per APA Style.  The title should read ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORIES.  This annotated bibliography should be typed (double-spaced, one-inch margins all around) and submitted to me via Canvas no later than WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1 by 11:55 pm.

f. The Annotated Bibliography should be an original composition, not recycled from another class. Additionally, chapters from the textbook should NOT be used as references in the bibliography.


Each member of the group must create a short biographic sketch identifying their position in the organization. Why are online essay help

Each member of the group must create a short biographic sketch identifying their position in the organization. Why are you personally involved (again, think about the push/pull factors), what is your motivation (idealistic, political, financial, a combination)? – MY PART IS TO THE OPERATIONS BELOW IS THE REST OF THE PROJECT… Proposed activity: [Title] is a quasi-black market intelligence agency that seeks to formalize the acquisition and syndication of essential information between our clients and the data they need to carry out their own operations. Our organization deals primarily in black market information and intelligence obtained through cyberattacks against US-based companies and organizations. We then sell the stolen information or intelligence to other criminal syndicates and foreign governments. Through our cell-based network of highly trained professionals across five major cells, [title] works under the cover of the dark web and through our developed human networks to design and implement sophisticated cyberattacks. The main materials we need for success are skills and computer and IT infrastructure, but thanks to our recruitment and PR cell, there is a steady demand and campaign for recruitment of trained individuals in the sphere of hacking and cybercrime. [title] is a generally decentralized organization that communicates primarily through layered and encrypted dark web channels to avoid detection. These communication safeguards, along with the exploitation of lax laws in our host country of Venezuela and the expertise of our legal “cell,” it would be very difficult for law enforcement to tie every member of the organization together for prosecution. Reason for the country: Venezuela is a ripe location for crime to erupt. Not only are the social and economic conditions in the country ideal for criminal operations, but the country is also in a great location for the transportation of illegal goods or services. In our case, the location makes it easy for our leaders to travel back and forth to our target location. Furthermore, both the seaports and airports are abysmally controlled by law enforcement, which makes it easy for our organization to collude with others for travel arrangements. On the social and economic side, Venezuela is currently dealing with an economic recession, high corruption among authorities, high availability of weapons, and an overall lack of peace among citizens. Said conditions make information, such as personally identifiable information, very valuable in the country and create a marketplace for a criminal organization to fill in. Destination country: The United States presents many opportunities for illegal marketplaces because there is such a huge demand for illicit goods and services. Many multi-billion dollar companies based in the country receive and supply a wealth of information on their clients or consumers, which is just the information we look for. Mainly, we want to target healthcare providers, such as UPMC, because of their abundance of personal information access, such as credit card information and social security numbers. We also find that healthcare providers have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks because of their fragility due to the pandemic. Our success in retaining this information solely depends on our ability to hack and launder it, which is becoming increasingly difficult with greater cybersecurity measures being implemented. However, the vulnerability of databases among these large companies is not waning, and the demand for this information on the black market is always present. Additionally, the United States is full of people who lack general online safety awareness, which makes it easy for our organization to steal their information directly. The only limit on the supply of information is the ability for our organization to recruit skilled individuals and successfully design and implement hacking and cybersecurity operations, which has proven to be increasingly more challenging (but not wholly unprofitable) in recent years. Like the Chinese Triads, our organized crime group is not highly organized and is made of independent groups or cells that have similar structures. Members within the group hold different roles and are advanced in different aspects of criminal activity. In this organized crime group, there is no hierarchical structure, meaning nobody is vertically “above” one another. We chose this structure because we did not want one main leader and instead wanted everyone to use their strengths to lead their own “cell.” The decentralized, loose structure of the Triads was most appealing and relatable to our organization’s activities and goals, and advantageous in the case of avoiding detection and prosecution by law enforcement in either Venezuela or the United States. Some “cell” members may have slightly different motivations and skills, but all are committed to the aims and advantages of associational membership with our organization. Most people know me as Ayanna Freeman, but in the organization, I am known as “L.E.,” which is short for the “Law Evader.” I was once the top defense attorney in the United States, with numerous high-profile cases. The law firm I was associated with, Confident Lawyers Team, was lucky to have me because I was the sole lawyer bringing in the money to keep the firm running. However, my boss never recognized my hard work and dedication, often trying to lower my caseloads and even trying to dock my pay on several occasions. The last straw occurred when my boss took away my “employee of the month” designation, citing that I did not seem as dedicated as other lawyers in the firm. This subsequently meant that my plaque on the wall was taken down, and I no longer had the “employee of the month” front parking space. As one could imagine, I swiftly left the firm after this incident and was seriously considering starting my own firm when I was contacted by The Accountant, who offered me the deal of a lifetime. By accepting the offer, I would never be doubted again, I would be my own boss (in a way), and I would have more money, power, and influence than any other defense attorney in the world. Not to mention, I would not even need my own parking space because I would be able to have my own chauffeur. By acting as the Chief Legal Officer of … I would be in charge of getting any member who gets caught off the hook or significantly lighter sentences, which is what I am the best at. Additionally, I would be in charge of keeping up with the laws and regulations dealing with our organization, both in the United States and in Venezuela. Venezuela has very few laws combating cybercrime, which is why I think the organization made a smart move in the location of its base, and that was another reason why I accepted the offer. PR Leader: My name is Hannah Faulkner, but to our clients and the members of our organization I am simply known as H. I entered college with the plan of studying public relations and communications to eventually work in corporate or nonprofit communications. I was a good student and was incredibly well-connected in my local community throughout my university career. I never held a leadership role but I did always know all the secrets, privileged information, and it was always easy to talk my way out of any (alleged) trouble I got into. As I entered into the corporate and nonprofit worlds I continued to refine these soft skills but quickly grew disillusioned with the hollow nature of large-scale PR culture even as I quickly rose through the ranks. My network grew but my passion for the work I did so well waned. Until at a networking party I was approached by the hotshot L.E. who spoke of an opportunity to practice my craft without a muzzle, travel the world, and stoke a little anarchy on the side. Now I am the chief PR officer for (name) and every day is a well-compensated adventure. My primary tasks include identifying and interacting with clients, brokering deals between our organization and other criminal groups or national governments, and overseeing public relations campaigns to help get the word out about (name). My secret weapon is my charm and my ability to be a ghost among groups of heavy-hitters. I am primarily based at our US office to oversee recruitment and grease the wheels of any issues the organization might face with US law enforcement, but I spend a lot of time in South America, Eastern Europe, and the UAE to interact with clients, recruit independent contractors or new members, and oversee transactions and information exchanges. Accountant: My name is Danelle Deasy, and I am known as the accountant for ___. Through my anti-social antics, I had founded the group through a Dark Web forum, which was related to the passion of anarchy. I live a luxurious lifestyle with my family in the Bahamas, who have no clue of this side job.We live as an average family, meaning nobody would ever suspect me to be a part of an anarchist group who steals personal information. On the surface, I am an accountant at a local bank as only a front because I make 7 times more money through my crime organization. Outside of the group, I am Danelle, but within my Dark Web, I am only known as “The Accountant.” I help the group with financial situations and assist in turning our “dirty” money into “clean” money through money laundering. Using the Dark Web to sell information can be difficult to transfer money, but we often use cryptocurrency to complete transactions with foreign governments and other individuals interested in buying credit card information. With my double degree in Computer Science and Accounting from Harvard, I have mastered the art of learning how to money launder cryptocurrency. This location is not only perfect for the beaches and weather, but also the relaxed laws on cryptocurrency and banking in general. It is also the perfect place to hide money because, like Swiss banks, Bahamian banks are known for their secrecy, making it easy to hide suspicious money. Tech: My name is Brandon Graham, but lately I’ve been trying out some cool new nicknames and I think I’ve decided on “Masterkey”. I’ve always been good with computers, which is definitely the reason I graduated from MIT so fast. College is pretty easy when you can get any grade you want on a test…anywho, with a degree from the best programming school in the US, I took that degree and did what all successful people do; I followed the money. That landed me in Tokyo, where I was promptly hired on to be not only the tech consultant for 5 different companies, but let me build a reputation as the best in the business. With this reputation, I was able to start my own consulting company. I was my own boss, and it was cool and all, but I wanted more. That’s when I came back to the US and ended up in Silicon Valley. This is where the real money came in. All the hipsters that wanted to start apps or websites used mommy and daddy’s money to pay whatever I asked for in exchange for “help”. I helped them alright. On every app I developed, I built in my own “back door”. This allowed me to charge people for the most high-end security money could buy that looks super legit to everyone looking at it and runs smooth as butter. The only issue for them was I had the master key. Now this is when I started making money. I was the literal definition of passive income. Then it got a little sticky. To make a long story short, a very popular fruit-named company asked me to look into their network and security because they had had some leaks. I obviously obliged and obviously changed the locks on the back door. I now have access to everything that has to do with…fruit. I didn’t know there was an issue at all, until just a few months ago. Apparently some of my older projects from the past had gone under and people were starting to see some commonalities, mostly me. Then, fortune just happens to bump into me on the streets of the Valley. “The Frontman” (his choice not mine) introduces himself to me as “a big fan of my work”, and invites me to coffee. He tells me that he’s been following my investments since I left Tokyo and he knows I’m about to be in some trouble. He tells me that he has a very good friend that has her own law firm, and is one of the best attorneys in the world. He says that I can actually make money if I have her on my side just in case. Then he offers the real deal. He wants me to do the same thing I’ve been doing for years, but let him have access to the key to the backdoor. Then he leaves me his phone number and a napkin with my per job payment. I met him at the door before he even left the shop. I am now the newest member of ____. And the best part…I make more money than I know what to do with and I can do it all from the comfort of my slippers in my living room.


2-5 page essay, describing whatever you learned in this course, what it means to you, and what action can be taken in response to Human Trafficking issues. ◦ What major concepts/problems/issues from the readings and lectures did you learn from the most? ◦ In what sense? 1 Reflection ◦ What is your personal reflection/response to the course material? ◦ Describe the impact this course’s material has had on you. ◦ Do you plan to make any changes in your life due to what you learned in this class? 2 Solutions ◦ How can these human trafficking-related problems or issues be addressed in terms of action or commitment, either personal or (non)governmental? ◦ What recommendations or suggestions do you have? essay help: essay help

IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH HUMAN TRAFFICKING THIS ASSIGNMENT IS NOT FOR YOU. NO PLAGIARISM 1 No title page or heading (it’s redundant when submitting things on Canvas). 2 Margins: 1″ all around 3 Font: Times New Roman, 12 point 4 Paragraph format ◦ Double-space lines ◦ No extra spacing between paragraphs ◦ Indent the first line of each paragraph .5” onl


Unit 7 Assignment; Understanding Package Policies – The Business Owners Policy (FIN401 Insurance college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Unit 7 Assignment; Understanding Package Policies – The Business Owners Policy

Attached Files:

 FIN401 Unit 7 Assignment.pdf FIN401 Unit 7 Assignment.pdf – Alternative Formats (84.32 KB)

Students will answer questions in a clear and concise manner about Package policies. Remember to include the use of examples to support your response.  


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Answer and Respond


1) what cultures would be the most likely to perceive differences between managerial and leadership duties? What cultures would view them as the same? Use evidence to support your answer.

8) What is authentic leadership? What is ethically responsible leadership?


1) A new-York based MNC is in the process of staffing a subsidiary in New Delhi, India. Why would it consider using expatriate managers in the unit? Local managers? Third-country managers?

3) what are the major common elements in an expat’s compensation package? Besides base pay, which would be most important to you? Why?


Michael Whitman

Chapter 13

3. Is there any relationship between company size and European managers’ attitude toward participative leadership styles? 

                It does seem as if there is a relationship between company size and managers’ attitude toward leadership styles. When it comes to smaller companies there was more support among managers. When it came to the belief that individuals have a capacity for leadership and initiative. When it comes to larger firms, they were more supportive of sharing information and objectives, with the use of internal control.

8. What is authentic leadership? What is ethically responsible leadership? 

                Authentic leaders are defined as by an all-encompassing package of personality traits, styles, behaviors, and credits. Shamir and Eilam suggests have four distinct characteristics for an authentic leader. 1. They do not fake their actions. 2. Driven from internal forces, 3. Are unique and guide based on personal beliefs, and 4. Act based on individual passion and values. Ethically responsible leadership is with ethical principles to provide the philosophical basis for responsible business practices. And the Leadership is the mechanism through which these principles become actionable.

Chapter 14 

3. What are the major common elements in an expat’s compensation package? Besides base pay, which would be most important to you?

                There are five common items that are found in a compensation package. Base salary, benefits, allowances, incentives, and taxes. Besides base pay I think allowances would be the most important to me. Ensure that my family and I can maintain the same living standard would be very important to me and allowances allow that to happen.

5. why do expatriates return early? What can MNCs do to prevent this from happening? 

                There are a few reasons that expatriates return early one and the most common reason is family concerns. Which covers a spouse who has a hard time adapting to the new culture, or the wanting for children to be educated in their “home-country”. Another reason company restructuring. With how fast businesses adapt to an ever-changing market the job they were sent over for may not be needed anymore.

                A few ways to tackle the problem with the most common reason of family concerns would be during the selection process providing access to classes and other resources for the family to go ahead and start attempting to adapt to the new culture so it is not so much as a shock. Another way is to prepare packets of the local school systems both public and private. This would allow the employee to make a  more informed decision on what is being taught in school and if they would like their children to attend these schools.

Mauricio Guerrero

Chapter 13

3. Is there any relationship between company size and European managers’ attitude toward participative leadership styles?

The leader’s behavior is critical in influencing the harmony and results of an organization. However, the leader’s effect on subordinates is affected by a variety of elements. The nationality and age of the leader, as well as the size of the business, may all have an impact on a leader’s leadership style.

8. What is authentic leadership? What is ethically responsible leadership?

Authentic leadership refers to a leadership style in which the leader concentrates on developing genuine relationships with his or her followers by being open and honest with them. In this case, the leader instills principles and ethics in his or her followers by becoming a follower of the same. People that are true leaders are upbeat, sincere, and encourage transparency.

Ethically responsible leadership is defined as leadership in which the leader does all acts in accordance with ethics and avoids taking actions or making decisions that are unethical or improper in any way.

Chapter 14

3. What are the major common elements in an expat’s compensation package? Besides base pay, which would be most important to you?

The base wage is a key component of the compensation package. Aside from the base income, the most essential aspect in the compensation package varies according to individual desire. However, allowances are the most significant since they allow expats to save the most money. A cost-of-living allowance, housing allowances, and relocation allowances assist expats in reducing their costs for these necessities. Married expats who migrated with their families might save money on their children’s education.

5. why do expatriates return early? What can MNCs do to prevent this from happening?

The most typical reason for returning is to complete a previously agreed-upon tour of service. Other possible causes for returning include: expatriates dissatisfied with abroad assignment, expatriates want their children to attend school in their native nation, the spouse and children of expatriates do not wish to remain in the country, expatriates underperform in their abroad assignments.


The Lake Placid Town Council has decided to build a new community center to be used for conventions, concerts, and other public events, but considerable controversy surrounds the appropriate size. Man essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Many influential citizens want a large center that would be a showcase for the area, but the mayor feels that if demand does not support such a center, the community will lose a large amount of money. To provide structure for the decision process, the council narrowed the building alternatives to three sizes: small, medium, and large. Everybody agreed that the critical factor in choosing the best size is the number of people who will want to use the new facility. A regional planning consultant provided demand estimates under three scenarios: worst case, base case, and best case. The worst-case scenario corresponds to a situation in which tourism drops significantly; the base-case scenario corresponds to a situation in which Lake Placid continues to attract visitors at current levels; and the best-case scenario corresponds to a significant increase in tourism. The consultant has provided probability assessments of .10, .60, and .30 for the worst-case, base-case, and best-case scenarios, respectively.
The town council suggested using net cash flow over a five-year planning horizon as the criterion for deciding on the best size. A consultant developed the following projections of net cash flow (in thousands of dollars) for a five-year planning horizon. All costs, including the consultant’s fee, are included.
Demand ScenarioCenter SizeWorst CaseBase CaseBest CaseSmall400500660Medium-250650800Large-400580990
A. Show the expected net cash flow (in thousands of dollars) for each decision alternative (to the nearest whole number).
Small CenterMedium CenterLarge Center
What is your recommended decision?  (enter 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
Small center
Medium center
Larger center
Either the small or medium center
Either the medium or larger center
B. What is the expected value of perfect information (in thousands of dollars)? 
Do you think it would be worth trying to obtain additional information concerning which scenario is likely to occur?  (enter 1 or 2)
Yes, the value of perfect information suggests a market research study could be beneficial
No, the value of perfect information shows little to be gained by further study
C. Suppose the probability of the worst-case scenario increases to 0.20, the probability of the base-case scenario decreases to 0.50, and the probability of the best-case scenario remains the same. Show the expected net cash flow (in thousands of dollars) for each decision alternative (to the nearest whole number).
Small CenterMedium CenterLarge Center
What is your recommended decision?  (enter 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
Small center
Medium center
Larger center
Either the small or medium center
Either the medium or larger center
D. The consultant suggested that an expenditure of $150 thousand on a promotional campaign will effectively reduce the probability of the worst-case scenario to zero and increase the probability of the best-case scenario to 0.40. The probability of the base-case scenario will be 0.60. Include the cost of the promotional campaign and show the revised projections of the net cash flow (in thousands of dollars).
Base CaseBest CaseSmall CenterMedium CenterLarge Center
Using this payoff table, show the expected net cash flow (in thousands of dollars) for each decision alternative (to the nearest whole number).
Small CenterMedium CenterLarge Center
What is your recommended decision?  (enter 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
Small center
Medium center
Larger center
Either the small or medium center
Either the medium or larger center


minimum research paper about : How does Easy A, Olive Pender serve as an example of the sexual double standards women face and how does this movie relate to The Scarlet Letter? custom essay help

Final Research Paper Movie: Easy A Book: The Scarlet Letter Research Question: How does Easy A, Olive Pender serve as an example of the sexual double standards women face and how does this movie relate to The Scarlet Letter? Essay Structure: Evaluation – Overall, how is this movie valuable in today’s society? What are the ethics and values we can learn in our current political environment, specifically, from Olive Pender’s character. Instructions: MLA Format 6-8 Page Essay (works cited page not included in total) Minimum 4 Sources (One source from movie) (One source from book) Works Cited Page NO PLAGIARISM (WILL BE TURNED IN TO TURNITIN) Example of Outline: I. Introduction II. Background/Context III. Point 1 (Defense of position) Supporting Detail Supporting Detail IV. Point 2 (Defense of position) Supporting Detail Supporting Detail V. Point 3 (Defense of position) Supporting Detail Supporting Detail VI. Counterargument/Rebuttal Counterargument (Opposing View) Rebuttal VII. Conclusion


Unemployment, Alcoholism, and the Swedish Black Market
Imagine retiring at a young age as essay help online free


Unemployment, Alcoholism, and the Swedish Black Market

Imagine retiring at a young age as a “registered disabled” person. The reason? Alcoholism. The Swedish solution is for the state to pay you money to stay home and remain drunk. Treatment is optional. Interpretation of alcoholism is subjective and often left to the one claiming it as a disability. Doctors’ visits are often symbolic. People can and do remain on “disability” for their illness. It is common knowledge that alcohol consumption is very high among the Northern top of Europe (Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the UK, and Ireland), which is sometimes called the “Liquor Belt.” The Russians, Swedes, and Finns are particularly known for their ability to consume large quantities of vodka. The Norwegians and Danes prefer more beer, as are the Brits and the Irish.

Sweden’s alcohol disability program, on the surface, is intended to allow registered alcoholics enough government money to pay for all their basic necessities, including alcohol. The program has several aspects. First, the official number of alcoholics is clouded by the fact that people can be “retired early” for alcoholism, but registered as an early retiree instead of an alcoholic. This method works well for those above 50 years-old. For younger people, they are registered as “generally disabled.” Though Swedish employment laws make it difficult for employers to fire employees, it is much easier to place them on “disability” if their performance falls below expectations.

The state-sponsored alcoholic welfare program is rooted in the good intentions of the Swedish Riksdag (Sweden’s legislative body). Many members have enormous compassion for people with the “sickness” and believe that people should take their time in finding a cure for the disease. This is the reason for optional treatment and not very rigorous medical examinations. Allowing people to easily be placed on “disability” also lowers the unemployment level. This is perhaps a more important political benefit of being compassionate. Instead of having employers lay off people (and creating more strife with Sweden’s strong unions), these “disabled” people are placed outside of the workforce statistics.

Sweden’s alcohol policies have been unique. In the 19th century, the country experienced chronic levels of alcoholism, which resulted in a nationwide prohibition campaign. The legacy of prohibition still hangs over Sweden. In fact, disproportionate numbers of members of the Riksdag consumer very little or no alcohol, unlike their constituents. Sweden operated a modified national prohibition system from about 1910 until 1956.

During this time, some Lans (counties) were completely alcohol-free. Others required that all alcohol purchases be recorded by the state in official books to track and limit consumption in some areas. People were given quantitative restrictions on how much they could purchase on these records. When prohibition was finally lifted in the 1950’s, it was done primarily to increase tax revenue for the state. In fact, the major reason why prohibition never completely took hold in the country, unlike in the United States, was because of the need for tax revenue.

The Swedish government’s love-hate relationship with alcohol continues today. Hard liquor must be purchased from State stores (bars and nightclubs buy directly from State stores). The alcohol tax remains very high. Roughly 75% of the cost of spirits at the retail level is tax. Popular Swedish brands such as Absolut are owned by the Swedish government.

The “registered alcoholics” who use their welfare funds to purchase alcohol are, in effect, largely reimbursing the government with their purchases. The system feeds itself. Some Riksdag members with a teetotaler mentality still believe that the high tax discourages even more consumption. This is the classic perception of a “sin tax”.

Recent developments with Sweden’s neighbors have complicated its well-intentioned, somewhat hypocritical alcohol program. Both Denmark and Finland dramatically reduced their alcohol taxes in March 2004. The result is that a 500-ml bottle of Absolut, Sweden’s national brand of vodka, in Malmo, Sweden, costs 310kr ($40.80) at a State Store. If you drive across the bridge into Copenhagen, that same bottle can be purchased for 100kr ($13.16).

With Finland, the price differences are not quite as extreme but are still easily worth a two-hour boat ride to Aland (a group of islands in the Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland, near Stockholm). The Danish and the Finns are responding to pressure with their own alcohol smuggling problems. The tax rates in Germany, Denmark’s southern neighbor, are much lower, forcing Copenhagen to reduce its taxes. For Finland, alcohol taxes and prices in general are rock bottom in nearby Estonia and neighboring Russia. Sweden’s neighbors are responding from European Union pressure and global competition.

In March 2004, while visiting numerous offices within Sweden’s Riksdag, the debate of what to do with the alcohol crisis raged. Everyone in the building knows of people who have circumvented the alcohol tax system by making a quick trip to Denmark or Finland. Many of them have made those kinds of purchases themselves. Still, frustration brews. Sweden’s parliament building sits in a fitting geographic position. Situated on an island in the middle of Stockholm.

The Riksdag faces a freshwater lake to its west side and the Baltic Sea on its east. The situation is somewhat symbolic of where the parliament stands with responding to outside pressures. The alcohol crisis is one of many to come for a country that is imbued with a socialist ideology. Its agreements with the European Union have forced it to reform. The reluctance is intense.

Sweden’s governing Social Democratic Party is privately split over the alcohol tax crisis. Decisions to lay off State Liquor workers in Scandia (the far south of Sweden) have been made, but that is a temporary measure. As more Swedes make shopping trips outside of Sweden, less VAT[1] is received by the government. The problem is compounded.

With less tax money, pressure will be applied to try to make it more difficult to receive an alcohol pension. However, requiring more medical treatment will also cost enormous amounts of money. In some cases, it is simply cheaper to keep someone continually on alcohol rather than pay for an expensive treatment session numerous times.

The Riksdag physical fitness expert, Yngve Borgstrom, stated that, “Many alcoholics go through programs many times without any long-term result.” Borgstrom, who is originally from Malmo, also added that sometimes when he visits family in southern Sweden it is nice to make a shopping trip to Denmark. Borgstrom, as a very disciplined retired Major in the Swedish army, does not condone purchasing large stocks of alcohol to bring back to Sweden, but he certainly understands the logic.

Black markets, or informal markets, exist whenever government restrictions prevent people from obtaining their needs. Most people think of contraband such as narcotics or weapons, but the clear majority of world’s black-market goods are non-illicit.[2] Bringing alcohol into the country is not illegal according to the European Union’s laws. However, it is an act of substitution, where instead of buying within one high-tax zone people buy in another.

At a local level, American counties would dare not increase its sales tax to 15%. In recent years, the malls have been clogged for the tax-free sales weeks. A 15% sales tax would make a county’s shopping malls vacant, and precipitate a flurry of sales in nearby counties. That is what is happening to Sweden on a large scale. Even registered alcoholics can buy in bulk and pay less than their neighborhood State Store.

When asking students at Sweden’s premier university in the ancient capital of Uppsala, their general response was that alcohol prices have no impact on deciding whether they drink or not. For some Uppsala students. Higher prices affect their ability to buy as much alcohol, but many of their friends will bring back large amounts of alcohol, stock it away, and consume it over the semester. Swedish students are known around the world for their love of travel. A southward excursion into Denmark or a jump across the Baltic Sea to Finland is as simple as Florida’s students making a weekend trip to the beach.

A small concession in recent years, according to the Social Democrat Member Per Erik Grantor of Lapland, was a beer tax reduction. A typical beer at a Seven-Eleven in Sweden runs 14SEK for 500 ml. Beer in Sweden falls into three categories: 2.5%, 5%, and above 7%. Since prices in Denmark and Finland, remain about 30% to 40% lower, some black-market activity for beer continues in Sweden.

Norwegians, who pay even higher taxes on beer, will often drive into Sweden and purchase truckloads of beer. Of course, the growing popularity of home brewing kits in Norway has reduced that. As a more isolated country than Sweden, the Norwegians are discovering it is more convenient to make their own, than smuggle some across their very porous eastern border with Sweden.

Nonetheless, in Sweden it remains entirely possible for someone under 30 to become a registered alcoholic for many years, if not life. That person can conveniently be seen as disabled and is no longer of concern for employers, labor economists, or the unions. In the short term, everyone is happy, especially the alcoholic, who effectively receives free booze money. Sweden will ultimately succumb to market pressures and reduce taxes. But what will happen to those who have been promised a secure life of registered “disability” if that umbilical cord is ever cut?

As a witness to the dramatic changes in Eastern Europe, where millions of people essentially one day woke up and realized that they had to write a resume to find work; Sweden’s economic atmosphere seems to smell of a lighter version of the Soviet collapse.

Questions to Consider:

1.) What makes Sweden’s welfare system different from the U.S. system?

2.) Describe the unique problem of Sweden’s alcohol tax. Do we have this

problem in the United States? Why or why not?

3.) What is the governing party of Sweden? What future political challenges

does the Swedish leadership face in this article?

4.) What is the VAT? How much is it in Sweden? How does this compare with

U.S. tax rates?

5.) What kind of alcohol policies does the Swedish government have? How are

these different from the United States? Are there similarities?



Europe’s Population Implosion Breeds Financial Hardship: The Swedish Case

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, economists and demographers were obsessed with overpopulation as a primary problem for the world. Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb” did a terrific job into scaring millions into believing in impending global doom and destruction due to a lack of sustainable resources.

What these alarmists ignored was that at that time the fertility rates in Europe were already creating a long-term financial problem – one that ultimately may be the death knell for Europe’s classic cradle-to-grave social system. Current financial ills are based on a payment system that requires enormous amounts of revenue from the working segment of the population to sustain the non-working population. The cultural implications of using mainly African and Middle Eastern immigration as a solution are not so easy to digest. Cultural clashes have erupted in Madrid, London, Paris, and in major metropolitan areas throughout Europe.

Yet, European governments thirst for adequate funding. In Sweden’s case, its financial planning problems emerged when its experts assumed that that the economic conditions of the 1950’s would remain fixed for many decades. Political pressure, particularly from large unions within the long-ruling Social Democratic Party, favored politicians who ignored disturbing trends.

By placating their constituents’ short-term needs, politicians focused mainly on efforts to perpetuate their positions of power. Not until 1999-2000 did Sweden substantially change its national pension system. Political participation, though declining, is still far above American rates.[3] In Europe, changes to programs carry unpleasant political consequences. In 2012, for example, French President Nicholas Sarkozy lost his re-election effort partly due to increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62 years.

Polls often indicate that people are willing to accept program cuts so long as they do not directly impact the benefits they personally receive. Swedes receiving pensions complain about young people working “black jobs” (unreported jobs) which results in them contributing less money to the government.

Some young people complain that high taxes force them into finding alternate sources of income. Meanwhile, many unionists want more jobs in their industries but are unwilling to accept lower wages or fewer benefits. Also, corporate managers are upset at their high-income taxes, and are concerned that higher taxes discourage talented workers from seeking opportunities with their companies.

Sweden’s socialist system was based on the concept on the “Folkhemmet”, or the “The People’s Home.” All people living in the country were supposed to receive maximum economic security for their entire life; this would give them a lifestyle removed from the ups and down in an uncaring capitalist system. Unemployment would no longer cast a foreboding shadow over the masses. Everyone would receive education, healthcare, and affordable housing – the entire socialist system could function and was viewed as affordable so long as key contributing financial factors prevailed. The very basis of those contributing factors was a more youthful, working population base. But while the system was expanding in the 1960’s, other factors emerged that would present long-term problems.

The system worked when there were enough workers to continue to pull the cart. But with an aging population, the load grows heavier, with fewer able bodies to push it along. Like the United States, Sweden’s economy benefited tremendously from the Second World War. They made a fortune selling top-quality raw materials, at massively inflated prices, to a desperate German war machine regime to the south.

After an initial post-war boom, Sweden’s birth rates declined precipitously, and by the 1970’s it went to below zero population (below replacement level). In 2004, with Sweden’s fertility rate (number of births per woman) still below that of replacement level, the Riksdag (parliament) predicted that by 2020 Sweden will have more pensioners than workers in its population.

Imagine if in America more people received social security than paid into it. The financial crisis is obvious. Though Sweden did experience a sudden upward shift which lifted its fertility rate above replacement levels (starting in 2005-2006), it arrived too late and was not substantial (just slightly above replacement levels). The other alternative, immigration, has now flooded the country with flurries of people who are unfamiliar with Sweden’s culture, language, and climate.

Sweden’s current migration system, like most of Europe, does not adequately or efficiently make use of immigrants. In a country that historically has had little to no immigration, Swedish society struggles with accepting newcomers. Today, some portions of greater Stockholm consist of immigrant zones which resemble ghettos, something unimaginable in the 1980s. These represent the failures of an immigration system that has not integrated a significant portion of the population with the rest of the country.

The Economist has repeatedly admitted that immigration is largely a short-term solution. Though immigration adds people, often shortly after relocating the newcomers’ reproduction rates rapidly drop. To their credit, the Swedish government attempted numerous policies to encourage fertility. Since 1949, Stockholm has directly subsidized mothers by providing direct monthly child support. Child support paid by the state directly to women shows a small, long-term increase in fertility.

Sweden’s population crisis is not unique. It reflects a broader European problem. Some countries, particularly in the East, already experience net losses each year due to low fertility. A handful of countries, like Ireland, remain above replacement level – but not much, and certainly they cannot provide substantial replenishments to their European neighbors. Virtually, all Swedes are aware of the low birth rate problem. Many women cite common problems to bearing children – subtle employment discrimination against women with children and the lack of available housing in large cities.

Population Stages, Economic Conditions, Consequences


Stage 1


Both birth rates and death rates   fluctuate at a high level giving a small population growth.


Stage 2

Transitional (Early)/Growth

Birth rates are high but death rates   decrease rapidly causing rapid population growth.


Stage 3

Industrial/Late transition/Low Growth

Birth rates fall rapidly whilst death   rates fall slightly causing a slowly increasing population.


Stage 4

Postindustrial/Post-transition/Zero or Negative Growth 

Both birth rates and death rates are   low, fluctuating slightly, creating a steady population.

For government planners and businesses, a declining population means a shrinking market. Inward shifts of aggregate demand, or total demand, for all products, includes real estate in many local markets,[4] which will force gross sales down, and ultimately prices. This will be expressed as a generalized deflation with GDP recessionary gaps. Labor shortages in key areas will also hinder prosperity.

Since the EU allows the free movement of labor between its member states, Sweden directly competes with all other EU labor markets. This is causing a substantial brain drain; a chronic loss of a country’s best and brightest to other markets. Part of America’s historic success has been based on its ability to attract the world’s best and brightest. The United States is like the New York Yankees in baseball, except the top players pay us – we don’t pay for them.

In 2005, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan expressed concerns to the Senate over America’s social security system. The United States fortunately had a modestly higher fertility rate than its European counterparts, and also attracted immigrants who typically contributed more to its economy. Consequently, European states face a problem of greater severity that will hit them faster and harder.

The United States continues to largely ignore its looming social security crisis. Ongoing denial has prevented us from taking meaningful pre-emptive measures that address our emerging demographic realities. Fortunately, Europe faces these adjustments before we will because their population is aging faster and sooner.

In the long run, while individuals may not financially benefit from having children, economic systems are dependent upon a stable population base. Social programs require working, healthy participants to fund them. The antiquated structure of American and European pension systems will continue to haunt policymakers, who too often examine their short-term gains or benefits without realizing the tremendous long-term costs.

Europe will soon buckle under enormous financial pressure, and the post-World War Two social system will be riddled with leaks. Privatization and dramatic losses will result. The question is whether Sweden’s government and those of other EU nations can make those crucial adjustments soon enough to avoid substantial long-term financial destruction. Election years often prevent or delay necessary fiscal reforms because the will of the masses may not reflect or comprehend pragmatic measures.

Questions to Consider:

1.) What is population implosion? What are some key problems with it?

2.) What is the ‘Folkhemmet’? How does population implosion threaten it?

3.) How does Sweden’s population implosion reflect future problems for the

United States? How can the United States make changes to avoid

Sweden’s crisis?

1.) What advantages did Sweden have in the past to allow it to build the


2.) What other pressures exists beside population implosion for Sweden to

reform its economic policies?


Field Notes from Sweden, Part III:

The High Cost of Employment and the Zero Employee Firms of Sweden

In the United States, the majority of new jobs, even in “jobless recovery” times, are generated by small and medium-sized businesses. The American dream of owning your business and expanding it is still alive and well. The U.S. economy is dependent on these small businesses to create private-sector jobs that contribute money to the government through taxes, rather than take money from the government as public-sector jobs do. During a recent visit to Sweden, one striking difference observed by those in the Riksdag (parliament) was the lack of jobs created by small businesses.

The clear majority of small businesses in Sweden have no employees, with the owner being the only one who works there. These owners and government officials know the main basic reason: the heavy cost of taking on the responsibility of employing another person. Aside from the typical payroll taxes, insurance requirements, and wage expenses, potential Swedish employers are faced with those (which are almost all higher than what their American counterparts experience) and several other key long-term liabilities.

These problems include an employment system that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to terminate employees or. Often the labor unions (which over 80 percent of the Swedish workforce belongs to) will delay and ensure that employment is secured regardless of job performance. In addition, the employer must obtain the permission, in almost all cases, of the Swedish government to fire a worker. This permission is granted through paperwork which can take months, even a few years, to complete – and all the while the employee still, by law, remains employed and collects paychecks.

Swedish employers, if successful in terminating their employee after such delays, are then faced with paying the terminated employee’s salary for a good number of years (sometimes five or more). Recent large-scale layoffs such as the one that Ericsson orchestrated ignored these rules. The Swedish system has long favored large corporations and enterprises over small firms. These large firms have the influence to negotiate or obtain concessions. Everyone else is stuck with the full package of employer restraints. Swedish employees can arrive at work each morning with little or no concern of ever obtaining a pink slip.

As a workforce, Sweden’s population is dubbed the world’s “sickest.” This is measured by the annual number of sick days that Swedes claim. Every workday, depending upon how statistics are viewed, one out of four or five Swedes calls in sick. The employee that calls in ill is not required to prove that they are ill for the first week they are out. Regardless of whether they are ill or not, it is illegal for an employer to take any recourse for their employees’ “illness.” Sick days are expensive because the employer must pay for the full salary without any work being performed. They must also pay essentially double by hiring a temporary substitute worker (and paying the same costs due to employment fairness regulations) during this illness.

Sweden’s generous family leave policy is also a huge concern. Swedish parents can stay home at any time to be with their ill children (whether the children are ill or not). Many Swedish families will take a collective “sick day” and will spent that day together watching videos inside the house (particularly in winter), or will perhaps go on a vacation.

The sick pay cycle worsens for the Swedish government because often these “ill” Swedes will work a black job, or unreported job, while receiving sick pay. Fraudulent Swedes can essentially more than double their personal income, especially since “black” jobs completely evade Sweden’s high personal and payroll taxes. Young Swedes are particularly involved in such work.

While visiting Uppsala University, Sweden’s top college, I found few Swedish students who did not privately admit to have worked a “black” job. Riksdag members are well aware of this – all of whom I spoke with, knew people who engaged in black market work. Many of them alluded to paying for unreported work – particularly work done in their households such as plumbing, carpentry, and renovation.

It is so widespread that when called, these repairmen often will quote, “with tax” or without “tax.” The message is clear. Taxes discourage work and the reporting of work. People will not hire people to do work if the cost of employing them is beyond reasonable. Many Swedish people have quit trying to follow the system, and essentially rationalizing that they are entitled to personally benefit by not being honest with the taxman or their employer.

The result is that the demand for taxes increases as people take advantage of the system. The supply of tax revenue is also decreased as people find creative ways to avoid their tax liabilities. Employers became weary of making employees official. Employees also become weary of becoming official. Everyone can hide from each other in this bizarre hide-and-seek game of financial responsibility. Such is life in high taxed Sweden.

Business is hampered at official levels, but continues to thrive, and perhaps even sustains what would likely be a free falling economy through its unofficial activities. Much similar to the old Soviet phrase of, “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” In Sweden, perhaps it should be said, “We pretend to hire workers, and they pretend to be sick.”

Questions to Consider:

1.) What are “black jobs” in Sweden? Does the U.S. have them?

2.) How did Swedish workers become so sick? How can this problem be


3.) Why are employees so expensive in Sweden? What kinds of negative

impacts do these high costs have on the Swedish economy?

4.) What kind of economic system does Sweden have? What are some of

the positive components to it? Why would some people like it?

3.) How is the U.S. job market different from Sweden’s? 


[1] Value-added tax; a hidden sales tax.

[2] This is especially true for Sweden.

[3] For all demographic groups, Swedish political participation is proportionally much higher than in the United States.

[4] Because real estate is often locally-based, many countries with overall declining populations will still have increases in property values for a specific area.


Guidelines (These are requirements and not suggestions.) 1. The paper is to be word processed, proofread, and spell checked. Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Guidelines (These are requirements and not suggestions.)
1. The paper is to be word processed, proofread, and spell checked. Writing Counts!
4. Use double spacing
5. Pages are to be numbered
6. You must cite material that you take from your sources even if it is paraphrased. Use of uncited material from your sources is plagiarism. You may use text notes, footnotes or endnotes
7. When you use a direct quote from your sources, the material must be in quotes and the page number noted in your endnote, text note or footnotes (Price, 1999, page 32)
8. Quotes longer than 50 words lines are to be indented and single- spaced.
9. You will need to provide a bibliography with proper citations. Please use APA citation formats)

Each student will select an issue or problem in Hate Crime. Your topic could relate to a domestic problem in the United States or an international problem in another/other country(s). The number of potential domestic topics is limited as you will probably choose hate crimes directed at specific groups such as African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, and Gays. Your paper could also deal with combatting specific Hate Groups such as the KKK, Church of the Creativity, or the Aryan Brotherhood. Examples of global topics would be crimes against Roma (Gypsies) in Europe, migrant workers in a number of countries, Arabs in Israel. Your paper must deal with a contemporary and ongoing problem and should be organized as follows:
Your paper will begin with an introduction where you will introduce the problem that you will be writing about and what you will be doing in the rest of your paper
Part I of the paper will describe the problem or issue. You will provide a brief historical background going back approximately 10 years. Then you will discuss the current nature and state of the problem and how it is being addressed (current policies being used to address the problem).
Part II of the paper will be your solution to the problem. Here, you will be called upon to use your own creative, analytical, and problem solving skills. At the same time, I will be very impressed if you tie your solution to criminological, psychological, economic, or other theory; laws; or policy areas discussed in class. Your solution may be multifaceted. For example your solution might include laws, law enforcement, education, and social policy.
The important thing to do in Part II is to discuss why and how the solution that you are proposing will address the policy problem that you area writing about. Again, relating your solutions to theories/research discussed in class will help
Write this paper as a policy proposal. Imagine that you have been appointed by the President, governor, mayor or some other official to write a policy proposal on your crime or hate group. Divide your paper into the two distinct parts mentioned above. Pay close attention to sentence construction and use full paragraphs.


Any sources you choose to use must be properly cited both in-text and in the reference section at the online essay help

Any sources you choose to use
must be properly cited both in-text and in the reference section at the end of the paper. This
assignment should be double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, have 1-inch margins,
and follow APA formatting. The reaction paper should be 2-3 full pages (excluding the
reference section, if you have one), and address: (1) What is colonization?; (2) What effect
does colonization have on the people who have been colonized?; and (3) What does
colonization have to do with the criminal justice system we have in the U.S. today?

I got some bones to this paper but I believe I overdone the history of colonialization and did to little to relate it back to the CJUS primarily the prison industrial complex and the evolution of police. Chunks of this paper could probably be snipped to condense the history and give more room for explaining it’s consequences. It also needs APA formatting.


Executive Summary college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Write an executive summary describing the newly discovered concerns and your analysis of the situation at Company B.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Summarize the safety issues and their direct impact on the company over the past month.

Describe how this news affects factors other than revenue, which will then affect the company’s value.

How does this affect your initial performance evaluation and analysis of the company?

Do you see any additional risks? Explain.

Will it impact your recommendation about acquisition? Why or why not?

What additional information about this situation will you need to make your final decision?


This assignment is an analysis of the neuropsychological disorder Schizophrenia. Create an outline of the main points to support the Week 4 Assignment. The Week 4 Assignment outline will be organized scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Create an outline of the main points to support the Week 4 Assignment. The Week 4 Assignment outline will be organized into three sections, each main section having required components. This outline is both an analysis of schizophrenia, as well as a tool to ensure the organization and main points are supported throughout the Week 4 Assignment. The more information you provide, the more feedback you will receive from your instructor, which will be helpful as you write the Week 4 Assignment.
For this assignment you must:
Use the references you found for the Week 1 assignment and the Week 2 annotated bibliography assignment. You may also use additional references as necessary.
Please note: This assignment should incorporate information from the Week 1 and Week 2 assignment (see attached), but it must expand on that information and use the template provided, which is in the format of an annotated outline. 
Look up Schizophrenia in the DSM-5 (this is the same as the disorder from the attached files Week 1 and Week 2 assignments) to determine the diagnostic criteria, as well as other current information and terminology, and use this resource as one of your references (be sure to use in-text citations for the information used).
This Annotated Outline:
Must include a minimum of three to four double-spaced pages, in addition to a separate title page and reference page. 
Must use the provided template, and for all sections include at least a two- to three- sentence description (use complete sentences). Do not simply write the heading and a few words of description.
Must include in-text citations for all statements of facts obtained through your research.
Must utilize academic voice.
Must use at least six to eight scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published with the last five years, including a minimum of four peer-reviewed original research studies. 
Please referenced attached Week 1 and Week 2 assignment for reference on topic main points and references. 


Second Written Assignment Read chapter 3, watch Week 6 Lecture, and watch the films “Gone Baby Gone” and “Sleepers”. college application essay help

Second Written Assignment Read chapter 3, watch Week 6 Lecture, and watch the films “Gone Baby Gone” and “Sleepers”. You can rent these movies in YouTube for $2.99 Pick ONE movie and apply Kant’s moral philosophy to judge the MAIN FINAL action. For “Gone Baby Gone” judge Patrick’s final decision and for “Sleepers” judge the priest’s final decision. Judging any other action in the movie is an automatic zero. 500 words minimum in MLA/APA format. *You must apply Kant’s 3 premises (week 6 folder) for 50 points and Michael Sandel’s 3 contrasts (Week 6 Folder Lecture: Mind your Motive) for 50 points. Week 6 Lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rv-4aUbZxQ

CH 3: is the attachment


thinking about the under armor campaign “I will what I want” college essay help: college essay help

Prepare a written analysis on an advertising campaign conducted after 2015. You get to select an ad campaign first, do enough research, and write the campaign analysis. Based on your research, in the report you will describe the following related to the campaign:

· Briefly describe the campaign background.

· Objectives—What are the objectives of the campaign?

· Product—Briefly explain the product being advertised/promoted. What is the product? What does it do/provide for the person that purchases it?

· Target audience—Who does the advertiser try to reach with the campaign? Describe the target audience demographically (e.g., gender, age, income, etc.) and psychographically (needs and wants, beliefs and values, etc.)

· Key message—What does the advertiser try to communicate in the campaign?

· Media strategy—What types of media (e.g., print, billboard, TV, digital?) does the advertiser use to reach the target audience?

· Tone—What is the tone of this advertisement?

· Do you think this campaign accomplished its advertising goals? Why or why not?

· Recommendation—What would you do to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign?


· Cite at least 5 articles and provide a reference list in APA 7th edition style

· 800 to 1,000 words, inclusive of the reference list

· Double-spaced, in Times New Roman, 12-point font size, one-inch margins on all sides

· Submit a Word document

· Note: The assignment will be submitted to Copyleaks for a similarity check

Grading will be based on the quality of the research conducted, a thorough analysis of the campaign, the organization of the document, and the proper use of grammar and punctuation.

Make sure you do enough research before writing! The quality of your work is a direct function of how diligent and clever you are in assembling your research.


week 4 essay help

Preschool-aged children and adolescents can be quite different and, oddly enough, seem so alike at the same time. For the most part, children will transition through the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development stages toward adolescence at a typical rate, and with this transition will come maturity. As a teacher, it is important for you to know how these changes influence learning to ensure you are prepared for the challenges and rewards of teaching. 

This 2-part assignment gives you the opportunity to observe and compare 2 different age ranges of children in an educational setting and interview each teacher you’ve observed. 

Part 1: Observations Comparison 

Observe the following classroom settings for at least 1 hour each: 

Preschool or lower elementary (K–3) 

Upper elementary or middle school 

Interview each teacher you observed following the observation using the Sample Interview Questions as a reference. 

 525- to 700-words comparing the 2 classroom observations completed that addresses the following: 

Description of the setting: Include the type of school, time of day, what the students were participating in at the time of observation, and the level of student engagement 

Consider the physical development of students at each observation. How were they the same? How were they different? What influences on learning did the students’ physical development seem to have? 

Consider the cognitive development of students at each observation. How were they the same? How were they different? What influences on learning did the students’ cognitive development seem to have? 

Consider the emotional and social development of students at each setting. How were they the same? How were they different? What influences on learning did the students’ social and emotional development seem to have? 

Explain anything surprising you noticed in either of the observations. What insight did you gain from these observations? 

Part 2: Interview Summaries 

 275- to 350-word summary for each interview that includes the following information: 

Site information: teacher’s name, teacher’s background and experience, grade level of students, and type of classroom 

Brief summary of teacher’s responses to the interview questions 

Specific knowledge or skills you learned from this teacher that you may apply to your own teaching 


I have started this paper and im just having trouble finishing it all up making it make sense and essay help site:edu

I have started this paper and im just having trouble finishing it all up making it make sense and sounding good. I am going to attach the one i am working on now along with the template of what should be in each section. The on I am working on is title Late Term abortion. Can you also provide references as well


Cameras and Police Community Relations. The Buffalo Police Department is planning on implementing the use of body worn cameras by street level officers. The goal of body cameras is to improve transparency, reduce complaints, and reduce use -of-force incidents. The police department has asked you to study the effects of these tools. Your assignment for this term paper is to use an experimental design to evaluate one of the intended goals of such a court system. best college essay help: best college essay help

The aim of this assignment is to formulate a testable hypothesis and design an experimental study to test it. Survey and other designs are not acceptable.

The written report on your original design must include the following sections:

Introduction: A clear statement of your research problem (no more than 1 page) (10%)
Literature Review: Minimum five (5) APA (American Psychological Association) style in-text citations and references. List your references on a separate references page (10%)
Methods: Minimum two full pages. (50%)
Discussion (Minimum one full page) (25%)
(5) References (5%)

In the section of Methods, state your hypothesis clearly, and show how they relate to previous research in the area. A hypothesis is often expressed in the form of an “if-then” statement. The Methods Section includes the following requirements.

a. A hypothesis
b. Independent variable
c. Dependent variable
d. Operational definitions: How are the variables operationalized and measured?
e. Target population and subjects: What is your target population? Explain why they would aid your proposed study.
f. Sample and sample size: How many subjects do you plan to include in the sample? Anything special about the sample?
g. Sampling procedure: Random selection, matching, etc.? You must describe your sampling procedure.
h. The unit of analysis.
i. Treatment and control group: How do you create them? Are they equivalent?
j. Pre-test: How and what do you pre-test?
k. Treatment: How do you administer or manipulate your treatment?
l. duration of your study: The length of your study?
m. Post-test: How and what do you post-test?
n. Without data, discuss the three possible outcomes of your proposed study.
Which of these outcomes will support your hypothesis.

In Discussion, you should discuss threats to the validity (internal and external) of your design. You ought to ask yourself questions such as, “In what ways could the design be faulted?” and “What would I do to deal with this problem?”

Last but not least, you want to address the potential legal and ethical concerns your research design may bring about.

Have trouble formulating a hypothesis? If, after making a genuine try, you don’t succeed, make an appointment with the instructor. Since time is limited, please don’t come in with a complete blank.


Identify disparities and/or barriers. What disparities and/or barriers have you identified within the population/community? Develop specific recommendations to address Essay best essay help

Identify disparities and/or barriers. What disparities and/or barriers have you identified within the population/community? Develop specific recommendations to address these disparities and/or barriers.
Identify available resources. What resources are available that will assist the population/community in meeting these goals? What agencies or individuals are available in the nearby community that can serve as a referral/resource for the population? Examine what is available and accessible to the population as a resource to help address the identified problem. Please provide the agency/ individual, address, contact information, as well as a rationale supporting the use of this agency. How will the patient benefit from this community referral, specifically?
Develop interventions. With the goals in mind, develop population/community-specific interventions and rationale to assist with goal achievement. Plan interventions (include population/community resources) for each of your identified needs/problems. All references must be properly cited using APA formatting.
Develop an evaluation plan. Identify a method or mechanism for future evaluation of proposed interventions.


the determinate sentence in Texas and the articles about juvenile offenders. What are your thoughts about determinate sentencing in Texas? What (3) offenses would you remove or add from the determinate sentence list and why? How would you implement a different way of addressing serious juvenile offenders? Please explain your logic. the response should be at least 350 words. USE WORD..NO PLAGiarism DUE BY TONIGHT 8PM college admission essay help: college admission essay help

After reviewing the determinate sentence in Texas and the articles about juvenile offenders. What are your thoughts about determinate sentencing in Texas? What (3) offenses would you remove or add from the determinate sentence list and why? How would you implement a different way of addressing serious juvenile offenders? Please explain your logic. must be at least 350 words…NO PLAGIARISM


Choose one of two films, Stand and Deliver, or McFarland. Both of these films are dramatic enactments of actual cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Choose one of two films, Stand and Deliver, or McFarland. Both of these films are dramatic enactments of actual people whose choices and behaviors influenced the lives of others. The central figure in these movies is an ordinary person who chooses to defy conventional wisdom, while overcoming physical and other threats, to pursue a selfless goal which ultimately uplifted the human spirit of those around them. Compose an essay comparing and contrasting the behavior of the film’s central figure against our assigned readings this week regarding engaged citizenship. How do the choices and behaviors of the central figures in these films demonstrate engaged citizenship? Can you envision yourself in a similar role? Have you witnessed someone whose actions have been similarly inspirational?

1st article: https://www.oecd.org/insights/37966934.pdf

2nd article: https://www.learningtogive.org/resources/civic-virtue


Discuss the ways in which the education policy agenda overlaps with other governmental policy agendas (250 words). college essay help

Short essay: Discuss the ways in which the education policy agenda overlaps with other governmental policy agendas (250 words). Make sure to use APA 7th edition references. For this assignment these two references are required but not limited to: Anderson, J. E. (2014). Public policymaking (8th ed.). Cengage Learning. Fowler, F. C. (2013). Policy studies for educational leaders (4th ed.). Pearson Education (US).


List and discuss the three (3) most important/interesting/useful things you have learned through your own work and on-line research scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

List and discuss the three (3) most important/interesting/useful things you have learned through your own work and on-line research relating to Visual C#, .NET and/or Visual Studio (should not be any of: CLR, CLS, CTS, Class, Library, IDE, variable, type, procedure, method, event)

For EACH of these three (3) things you learned, please write up the following:

1. List the 3 best URIs you found that discuss and explain this topic.

2. Offer a précis of the topic. Summarize what was said in what you read.

3. Offer, in your own words, a summary explanation of what you found to be the one or two most important points were in what you read.

4. Instead of a question, state as clearly as you can why someone else would find this an
important/interesting/useful thing to know. Tell us why it was worth the effort to investigate and learn about.


Tropical Cyclone Lab Essay argumentative essay help

Tropical Cyclone Lab: The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season (100 points)


Atlantic hurricane season begins each year on June 1st. As we know from readings in the textbook, these storms form within one, humid air mass and can be devasting to areas where they make landfall. For this lab exercise, you will be reviewing data from the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, tracking some storms and answering questions.

To begin this exercise:

Download the Student Worksheet: Tropical Cyclone Lab and the NOAA Hurricane Tracking Chart

Watch the video “Overview of the National Hurricane Center.”

Answer questions 1-3 on your worksheet. (10 points each)

Hurricane Tracking: From the NHC website, plot the tracks of the Hurricanes on the list for the 2019 season on the NOAA Hurricane Tracking Chart. You can get the information needed on the website by clicking on the individual hurricanes. You should have a line with a daily plot point for each Hurricane from formation to dissipation. Your plot should include notations of date of formation, date of dissipation, indication of strength on the Saffir Simpson Scale for each plotted point. You should use a different color or symbol for each hurricane plotted and this information should be listed in a legend that you have created on the chart. (50 points)

Answer questions 4 and 5 on your worksheet (10 points each)

Upload the student worksheet and completed tracking chart to the drop box provided.

100 points total

Questions for Student Worksheet:

After viewing the video “Overview of the National Hurricane Center, summarize how the meteorologists at the NHC track hurricanes each season? This should be a detailed answer written in complete sentences (10 points)

How many named storms (hurricanes and tropical storms) all together were there in 2019? (10 points)

List the Hurricanes and the highest number (strongest) on the Saffir-Simpson Scale that each storm strengthened to before dissipating or making landfall. (10 points)

See bullet point #3!! (50 points)

On your completed tracking chart, are there any patterns that you can see with the hurricane tracks such as similar areas of formation, direction of movement, or similar land masses that are threatened? (10 points)

Did any of the hurricanes make landfall? If so, list those storms, the date of landfall and where they made landfall. Also, include any storm surge in feet, damages to coastal areas or loss of life. (10 points)

National Hurricane Center 2019 Season: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/data/tcr/index.php?season=2019


The Assignment: For this essay, you will be writing an essay that is analytical in nature and based on essay help online

The Assignment: For this essay, you will be writing an essay that is analytical in nature and based on the text and critical readings of The Turn of the Screw. You may choose to focus on any aspect or interpretation of the story you like! You may NOT just write a summary of the story. You must choose a analytical topic as your focus to on, such as how the story is representative of the era, how it fits the “mold” of a traditional Gothic tale, how it portrays the supernatural elements, how it portrays madness or insanity, why James chose the title, how the governess judges the other characters based on their attractiveness and the double-standards she employs, why the governess tries to make herself the “hero” of the story, how the lines of the social classes are “blurred” throughout the story and why, the representation of good versus evil in the story and how it changes, how James uses foreshadowing in the tale, the strangeness of the employer’s demand that he not be contacted and how it affects the governess’ actions, how the roles of Miles and Flora change (or don’t) throughout the story and why, just to name a few. The possibilities with this story are endless! You may use a few quotes from the story to reinforce some of the points you are trying to make, but you most definitely can NOT write whole paragraphs of just plot summary. There should be NO plot summary in this essay! Minimum Requirements for the Essay: • It must have a minimum of 5 full pages of text, but no more than 8 full pages of text. • It must have a twelve-point font (times new roman or calibri only), one-inch margins, and be double-spaced. • It must include four sources from the HFC Library Database that are reliable sources introduced into the paper. • It must support topic sentences with evidence and it must explain the significance of the evidence used. • It must include an additional “Works Cited” page using the 2016 version of MLA format. All electronic sources or web documents cited or consulted for the paper must be accompanied by access dates. NOTE: The Works Cited page does NOT count as one of your required essay pages. This is IN ADDITION to your 5-8 pages of full text. • Use MLA format for the paper setup and to cite sources if any are referred to in the paper


a 3-4 page paper for issues in sports with the following instructions essay help online: essay help online

take a position (yes or no) to one of the four questions listed below: Is Title IX unfair to men’s sports? Is African American athletic success harmful to African American youth? Do varsity sports programs contribute to the educational mission of colleges? Should public funds be used to build stadiums and arenas for professional sport teams? Final papers should be 3-4 pages long and include the following sections: Introduction, including your position statement Evidence supporting your position, with a statement evaluating the credibility of sources Evidence explaining why the counter argument is not satisfactory Summary/conclusion that proposes a solution/solutions for achieving your position in sport References cited at the end of the paper Before you turn in the Final Draft of your Position Paper, review the feedback from your Instructor and your peer, then check your own paper and answer the following questions: Do I provide a strong introduction that includes a clear position statement? Are each of the sections of my position paper connected to the main argument? Do I have evidence to support my case? Am I citing my sources correctly? Have I evaluated the sources within the paper? Have I integrated new sources of information, and have I determined the relevance of all sources? Have I ensured that none of the paragraphs or sentences in my paper are unclear, redundant, or not providing relevant information to support my position? Is my grammar and spelling correct? (Use the tools in Word to check these!) Is my paper correctly formatted using APA style? Including a “References” section at the end?


Objective: You will use trigonometric functions to solve for an unknown length of a side of a right triangle, Essay scholarship essay help

Objective: You will use trigonometric functions to solve for an unknown length of a side
of a right triangle, given an angle and a length of a side.
This project is designed to help you fully grasp the concept of using trigonometry to solve
problems. This includes finding the length of a missing side or a missing angle of a right triangle,
identifying these problems in everyday life, drawing them, calculating their values, and weaving it
all into an interesting, amusing, or creative story!

Your task is to develop a story involving the missing angle or missing side of a right triangle. To
support your story, you will need to use a recent picture of yourself. You will need to include all
formulas and all of the steps required to come up with your answer for your story.
For this project you MUST complete two drafts to get full credit:
• Concept idea (rough draft):
o Rough draft of story, picture, and calculations
o Can include color, but not required
o Concept idea will help to ensure appropriateness, accurateness, and clarity of
thought for the final draft
o This WILL NOT be collected, just signed or stamped for approval
o This draft is for your benefit to insure you have done the project correctly

• Final Draft must include:
o Imaginative
o Appropriate subject
o Must be a trigonometry problem (finding a missing side or angle)
o The story MUST be more than one sentence. It must be a STORY.
o An actual picture to illustrate your story
▪ The picture must be visible and clearly definable
▪ The picture must be appropriate to the story and to class rules and
expectations ☺
o A diagram of the right triangle to solve the problem
▪ Provides a clear representation of the problem
▪ Include realistic measurements
▪ Include units
▪ Neat (MUST use straight edge, or computer representation)
▪ It can be incorporated into the picture but it must be clear legible and visible
▪ It must be a right triangle, and labeled with a right angle mark
o Calculations
▪ Show formulas you used
▪ Show all steps
▪ Include units in your answer
o An appealing presentation
▪ Professional look
▪ Story should be typed or neatly printed
▪ Colorful
▪ Appropriate subject
▪ Title, size limit: 8½ x 11 inches


Lab Assignment #3 Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

For this Lab assignment, you are to:
• Create a scenario that describes a crime in which there is at least one of each type of trace evidence, impression evidence, and firearm or tool mark evidence to be collected.
• Assume that you are responsible for collecting this evidence from your scenario.
o Discuss the difficulties that you may encounter during the collection of the scenario evidence and ways in which following the scientific method helps to diminish these concerns.
o List and describe what documentation is necessary to present the scenario evidence with integrity in court, and why each document is important.


Animals as Diplomatic Gifts Between the Islamic World and Europe college essay help online: college essay help online

the essay question is: what does the story of Durer’s Rhinoceros print tell you about Europe’s self-image during the early 1500s, the growing quest for the accumulation and communication of knowledge and europe’s relationship with Asia and the islamic world? it should be an argumentative essay and include art historical terms and points. it should also include historical context about Albrech Durer and a visual analysis of his illustration of the rhinoceros from 1515


BUYER BEHAVIOR, MARKET ANALYSIS, AND PUBLIC RELATIONSAssignment Overview Marketing, Pricing, and Selling to Customers Companies large and small create marketing strategies and make pricing decisions t cheap essay help

Before a product is introduced, the business must research who is most likely to buy it, at what price, and how they can communicate with that group.
Case 1 Resources
The Marketing Concept (2021)
Creating a Marketing Strategy (2021)
What Is a Product? (2021)
Developing a Marketing Mix (2021)
Market Segmentation (2021)
Creating Products That Deliver Value (2021)
Pricing Strategies and Future Trends (2021)
Trends in Developing Products and Pricing (2021)
Case Assignment
After completing case readings, head to IBISWorld (Click Additional Library Resources on the Library Portal Page) and select an industry that interests you; one that an entrepreneur or small business can enter.
Industry Background
Write a background of the industry. Include key figures and information about the industry, its performance, and outlook. Report the most important information. Cite and reference IBISWorld. (1/2 page)
The Players
Next, write about the competitiveness of the industry and a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact. Complete this section with an overview of its two largest players: their target markets and how they differentiate themselves. Cite and reference IBISWorld. (1 page)
Marketing Assessment
Do an internet and social media search on the industry’s two largest competitors and provide an analysis of how they market their products, deliver value, and talk about price. It is important to provide citations for your research. (1 page)
Entrepreneurial Application
Based on the research above, provide advice for an entrepreneur who wants to enter the industry. How can the new business differentiate itself? What is its target market? How can it compete on price or value? (1/2 page)
No quotations are permitted in this paper. Each paragraph (except the introduction and conclusion) must contain at least one in-text citation.
Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” on the grading rubric.
This is a professional paper; not a personal one based on feelings. It must be written in the third person; this means words like “I”, “we”, and “you” are not appropriate.


and economic conditions inform the sport finance developments within the sport industry. The tumultuous economy of recent years demonstrated that the sport landscape was not immune to financial challenges facing other industries. For example, the long term fallout of the global financial crisis is now evident. Additionally, we can now determine the manner in which sport and sport organizations responded to the financial impacts of the crisis. argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Identify and discuss the financial trends affecting ONE of the following domains: v high school/interscholastic sports v college sports v professional sports v international sports Your presentation should identify the financial trends, their impact on sports domain, and a forecasting for future financial viability. •(Paper should be 7-10 pages in length) Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style.


Cobb (2007) stated, “reading specialists can facilitate training for paraprofessionals that supports classroom instruction” (p. 687). Based on this college admission essay help

Cobb (2007) stated, “reading specialists can facilitate training for paraprofessionals that supports classroom instruction” (p. 687). Based on this article and the readings in Book Buddies: A Tutoring Framework for Struggling Readers, describe the steps involved in training paraprofessionals and volunteers to work in your classroom. What are the key components that this training should include? Compare and contrast any differences in the trainings.

If you were to teach a unit about science to kindergarteners, what materials or adaptations would you want to include in order to help the ELL children be successful as well as any who are gifted learners (English speaking or ELL)? What modifications in instruction would you make to engage all students in the class in regards to literacy integration within the science unit?

Within your school there may be supporting staff such as reading specialists, special education teachers, and/or gifted and talented leads. When and how should you work with these specialists in order to create intervention or enrichment programs? What role should they play in your classroom?
Use your knowledge about choosing appropriate texts and how you would prompt parents to choose quality literature. Describe how you will analyze literary text structures and elements and provide your rationale for choosing these pieces of literature.
Describe how a gifted and talented teacher from kindergarten teachings differ from general education practices and how they design and implement appropriate enrichment programs.


List and discuss the three (3) most important/interesting/useful things you have learned through your own work and on-line research relating essay help free

List and discuss the three (3) most important/interesting/useful things you have learned through your own work and on-line research relating to Visual C#, .NET and/or Visual Studio (should not be any of: CLR, CLS, CTS, Class, Library, IDE, variable, type, procedure, method, event). For EACH of these three (3) things you learned, please write up the following: 1. List the 3 best URIs you found that discuss and explain this topic. 2. Offer a précis of the topic. Summarize what was said in what you read. 3. Offer, in your own words, a summary explanation of what you found to be the one or two most important points were in what you read. 4. Instead of a question, state as clearly as you can why someone else would find this an important/interesting/useful thing to know. Tell us why it was worth the effort to investigate and learn about. (Please follow the instruction to complete the assignment professionally and detailly)


Advanced Primary Care of Family Practicum scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Reflective Communication with Faculty: Reflective communication will depict the student’s experience in the clinical. Posts must be at least a minimum of 150 words. No scholarly references required.

In the reflective communication, consider the Florida National University NGR 6619L 15 objectives that you and your preceptor set up during the clinical placement plan. The student must answer the following questions in each reflective communication post.

Did you meet the clinical objectives?

Describe your accomplishments.

Analyze or critique your clinical experience.

What would you do differently? What did you learn?

Did any ethical issues/principles or legal issues surface during this clinical experience?

What did you notice regarding the use of evidence based practice?


Using APA in your Field of Study scholarship essay help

APA style and citations are a vital part of scholarly writing and essential to your success as a student in your doctoral program. As an emerging scholar-practitioner, you will be asked to synthesize information from numerous resources and apply them to your field of study.
For this Discussion, review your Learning Resources related to the social sciences and crediting sources. Then, research a topic of importance in your field of study.

Using the APA style of writing, post a summary on a topic of importance in your field of study and also explain how this topic is relevant to your field of study. Provide two resources in APA style and citation format to support your topic.


Geography project essay help: essay help

Select ​one​ activity option from each of the following categories.   
Read the related prompt ​before​ you start.
You can find more specific suggested activities on the last page if you’re having trouble with this

Select a Geography-related article that is interesting to you (it must be over a full page
when print previewed).
Comparing perspectives: find a Geography- related issue and find two different (cultural,
political or economic) perspectives on that issue.
Read the first chapter of a non-fiction, Geography-related book.
Watch a documentary related to physical or human geography.

Virtual Landscape Collage: pick a place you are unfamiliar with; find 6 online images,
carefully reference the source and write detailed captions.
Review an online exhibit related to physical or human geography.
Virtual Field Trip: find a virtual field trip for location(s) you’ve never been to before.
Cultural Products Collage: pick a country you are unfamiliar with; find examples of
cultural artifacts, traditional or modern, multimedia or photos (music, art, pottery, dance,
clothing, language, literature/poetry, food, customs, etc.)

Respond to all parts of prompt (numbers); each part in its own complete paragraph. You will
have three paragraphs for each activity response.

Get Critical Prompts:
1. Provide an in your own words summary of the important points.
2. What has to do with Geography? Include terms from class, with in your own words
3. For the last paragraph, choose from…
a. What were your reactions to what you’ve read/watched? Describe and detail at
least two reactions/thoughts.
b. What consequences can you identify or future predictions can you make?
Describe and detail at least two.

Get Virtual Prompts:
1. Briefly introduce the activity: what did you do? Where did it virtually take you? Why did
you select it?
2. What does it have to do with Geography? What could you connect to our class? What
spatial perspective questions did you have? Were you able to find answers?
3. Reflect on our early discussions of globalization and global communications technology.
What do you think of the experience of connecting to the world virtually? Beneficial or
not? What about the places you visited, are they accurately represented? Do they get
the same access to your world?


Digital and social media Strategies a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Many digital and social media sites are widely used in marketing strategies.

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker’s notes and visuals elements.

Complete the following in your presentation:

Identify a company that could benefit from better use of social media.

Analyze at least 10 digital and social media channels and describe the strengths and weaknesses of each of these as a marketing tool for this company.

Design an online strategy that maximizes the use of some or all of the digital and social media channels, as appropriate, based on your team’s analysis.

Determine key performance indicators to measure the success of the online strategy.


Follow the format to the best of your ability by writing a 1000 word research project. in the following pdf Essay online essay help

Follow the format to the best of your ability by writing a 1000 word research project. in the following pdf attached are the instructions. You may choose any of the topic below and write based off of the topic you chose. Please write based off of a university level and APA style. • Factors Influencing Women Managers’ Success • Ethnic and Minority Enterprise • Aging and Work Motivation • Why Self-Set Goals May Sometimes Be Non-Motivating • Employee Wellness Programs • Human Resources Management in the 21st Century o Workplace Bullying o Sexual Harassment at Work


The U.S. Constitution affords citizens various rights and freedoms. These include freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizures, and the right to equal justice. As upholders of th college essay help: college essay help

S. Constitution affords citizens various rights and freedoms. These include freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizures, and the right to equal justice. As upholders of the Constitution, police officers swear an oath to uphold people’s Constitutional rights as they perform their duties to prevent, reduce, and address criminal activities.
Of the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, four amendments in particular pertain to the criminal justice process:
The Fourth Amendment prevents unreasonable searches and seizures.
The Fifth Amendment affords people various rights in criminal and civil proceedings. Examples include the right to a grand jury and due process. It also allows people to protect themselves from self-incrimination, and it prohibits double jeopardy
The Sixth Amendment guarantees various rights to criminal defendants, such as the right to a speedy trial, a lawyer, and an impartial jury. It also guarantees defendants the right to know who their accusers are and the nature of the charges and evidence against them.
The Eighth Amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments.
In this assignment, you will be asked to:
Explain the meaning and importance of these four amendments.
Illustrate with an example how the amendment applies to a player and a step in the criminal justice process.
Illustrate with an example, from case law or contemporary articles, of how the amendment applies to the particular player and step in the criminal justice process.
Use the Constitutional Amendments and Criminal Justice Process Template [DOCX] to: 
Provide the text of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments, along with your interpretation of them and their importance.Note: The Fourth Amendment is completed for you as an example to guide your work on the remaining three amendments. Likewise, be sure to refer to the work you did in this week’s discussion on the Fifth and Sixth Amendments as you complete this portion of your assignment.

Illustrate with an example how the amendment applies to a player and a step in the criminal justice process (for example, Fourth Amendment—law enforcement—arrest).
Refer to 3Ps of Criminal Justice document (left-hand menu) as you work on this portion of your assignment.
Illustrate with an example, from case law or contemporary articles, how the amendment applies to the particular player and step in the criminal justice process.You may find the CQ Supreme Court Collection database useful as you conduct your research.
This less than two-minute video, called Finding Supreme Court Cases Relating to Specific Amendments, shows you how to search for cases by amendment.

Use three sources to support your writing.
Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.
For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.
Consult the Constitutional Amendments Resources List [PDF]for links to help you get started on your research.
You may use your textbook as one of your resources.

Note: Be sure to use the Constitutional Amendments and Criminal Justice Process Template to complete your assignment.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Note the following:
The preferred method is for your Constitutional Amendments and Criminal Justice Process Template to be typed, single-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
Include a cover page containing the assignment title, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.
Include a source list page. Citations and references must follow SWS format. The source list page is not included in the required page length.
Learning Outcomes 
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Review the application of constitutional rights throughout criminal procedure.


1. Calculate the test statistic and p-value for each sample. Use Appendix C-2 to calculate the p-value. (Negative values should be indicated by a minus sign. Round your test statistic to 3 decimal pla essay help free

Calculate the test statistic and p-value for each sample. Use Appendix C-2 to calculate the p-value. (Negative values should be indicated by a minus sign. Round your test statistic to 3 decimal places and p-value to 4 decimal places.)
3. A certain company will purchase the house of any employee who is transferred out of state and will handle all details of reselling the house. The purchase price is based on two assessments, one assessor being chosen by the employee and one by the company. Based on the sample of eight assessments shown, do the two assessors agree? Use the .01 level of significance. 
                   Assessments of Eight Homes ($ thousands)Assessed byHome 1Home 2Home 3Home 4Home 5Home 6Home 7Home 8Company328350455278290285535745Employee318345470285310280525765
 Click here for the Excel Data File(a) Choose the appropriate hypotheses. Assume d = company assessed value − employee assessed value.multiple choice
H0: μd = 0 versus H1: μd ≠ 0. Correct
H0: μd ≠ 0 versus H1: μd = 0.
(b) State the decision rule for .01 level of significance. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.)
(c-1) Find the test statistic tcalc. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.) 
(c-2) What is your conclusion? 
6.  A cognitive retraining clinic assists outpatient victims of head injury, anoxia, or other conditions that result in cognitive impairment. Each incoming patient is evaluated to establish an appropriate treatment program and estimated length of stay. To see if the evaluation teams are consistent, 12 randomly chosen patients are separately evaluated by two expert teams (A and B) as shown. 
Estimated Length of Stay in Weeks PatientTeam123456789101112A181743311823391446491930B273133512048383129292535
 Click here for the Excel Data File(a) Choose the appropriate hypotheses. Assume μd is the difference in mean lengths of team A and team B.multiple choice
H0: μd ≥ 0 vs. H1: μd < 0
0″ name=”ans1″ type=”radio” value=”” class=”ember-view ember-text-field” style=”margin: 0px 5px 0px 0px; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent; outline: 0px; opacity: 1; float: left;”>H0: μd ≤ 0 vs. H1: μd > 0
H0: μd = 0 vs. H1: μd ≠ 0 Correct
(b) Specify the decision rule at the .10 level of significance. (Round your answers to 3 decimal places. A negative values should be indicated by a minus sign.)
(c) Find the test statistic tcalc. (Round your answer to 4 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.)(d) Find the p-value. (Round your answer to 4 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.) 
(e) Make a decision. 
(f) State your conclusion. 
rev: 07_02_2021_QC_CS-269096
7. A newly installed automatic gate system was being tested to see if the number of failures in 1,000 entry attempts was the same as the number of failures in 1,000 exit attempts. A random sample of eight delivery trucks was selected for data collection. Do these sample results show that there is a significant difference between entry and exit gate failures? Use α = 0.05. 
 Truck 1Truck 2Truck 3Truck 4Truck 5Truck 6Truck 7Truck 8Entry failures4444545663504845Exit failures4850565657495148
 Click here for the Excel Data File(a) Choose the appropriate hypotheses. Define the difference as Entry − Exit.multiple choice
H0: μd = 0 versus H1: μd ≠ 0 Correct
H0: μd ≥ 0 versus H1: μd < 0
0″ name=”ans” type=”radio” value=”” class=”ember-view ember-text-field” style=”margin: 0px 5px 0px 0px; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent; outline: 0px; opacity: 1; float: left;”>H0: μd ≤ 0 versus H1: μd > 0
(b) Find the test statistic tcalc. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.)
(c) Find the critical value tcrit for α = 0.05. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.) 
(d) Find the p-value. (Round your answer to 4 decimal places.) 
(e) State your conclusion.
8.  A ski company in Vail owns two ski shops, one on the west side and one on the east side of Vail. Ski hat sales data (in dollars) for a random sample of 5 Saturdays during the ski season showed the following results. Is there a significant difference in sales dollars of hats between the west side and east side stores at the 10 percent level of significance? 
Saturday Sales Data ($) for Ski HatsSaturdayEast Side ShopWest Side Shop15485232493721360969545675105432532
  Click here for the Excel Data File(a) Choose the appropriate hypotheses. Assume μd is the difference in average sales between the east side shop and west side shop.a. H0: μd = 0 versus H1: μd ≠ 0.b. H0: μd ≠ 0 versus H1: μd = 0.multiple choice
a Correct
(b) State the decision rule for 10 percent level of significance. (Round your answers to 3 decimal places.)
(c-1) Find the test statistic tcalc. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.) 
(c-2) What is your conclusion? 


Case Study 6.1 a level english language essay help

Read the article https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-04-08/trader-joe-s-employees-say-virus-response-was-haphazard-chaotic?srnd=premium and answer the following questions. Provide a short answer to each question.

  1. Who are the main competitors of Trader Joe’s?

 2. What strategy the company has utilized: Cost leadership, Differentiation or Blue Ocean? Explain in details.

3. Define the competitive advantage of TJ’s.

4. How you will explain the definition of the TJ’s  customer :” Our ideal customer is overeducated and underpaid”.

5. How the company responds to the current   pandemic (COVID)  situation?  

6. What recommendations would you give to the TJ’s CEO to compete better with the rivals?

Writing Requirements

2 – 3 pages in length  (excluding the cover page, abstract, and reference list)


Please watch the video of the lecture by Dr. Sonya Grypma on the Canadian Missionaries on Wartime China, and submit a review article to get extra points. The video can be found here. https://youtu.be essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Sonya Grypma on the Canadian Missionaries on Wartime China, and submit a review article to get extra points. 
The video can be found here.
This review article should
(1) summarize the main points of Dr. Grypma.
(2) indicate how you can connect her lecture to our course content.
The word limit is between 500-600.


Social media1 essay help online

Pick a company that uses social media as a marketing and branding tool. Review at least three social media accounts your company of choice uses and assess the following:

Based on their social media, how would you describe the company? How is the company trying to portray itself on social media?

Are users interacting with the company on social media? If so, how are they responding?

Do you think the company you are assessing has an effective strategy for using social media as a marketing tool?


a paper written about a film. 2.5 pages long, no copy writing, needs to have credible sources. MLA format college essay help online: college essay help online

The paper needs to me written about if Do the Right Thing (the film) is still a relevant film in todays society? If so, why? If not, why not? Do the Right Thing filmed in 1989 by Spike Lee. Needs to have the sources throughout the paper with in text citations that match the works citied page.


Film Analysi.. 3. Injustice at Home essay help: essay help

Watch: Injustice at Home  a documentary about Japanese Interment camps during WWI. Wri..e a one pag.. reflection on the documentary, explaining what you think drove America’s policymakers to place Japanese Immigrants in Internment (concentration) camps. You may consider writing about the merits of the policy, how it affected Japanese-Americans in generations to come, why we did not treat other immigrant groups in these conditions during the war, or anything else that calls your attention from the film.




Step 1: 
Read “Muslim Women After 9/11″ by Ashraf Zahedi”
Step 2:
Read these articles about gender and Covid-19:
1) Clare Cain argumentative essay help

Step 1: 
Read “Muslim Women After 9/11″ by Ashraf Zahedi”

Step 2:
Read these articles about gender and Covid-19:

1) Clare Cain Miller’s “Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling, 3 Percent of Women Agree,” in the New York Times. If you’re having issues accessing the article, you can also download it by clicking here: NY Times article; 2) “Women’s Labor Force Participation Set Back 3 Years Due to Covid-19” in The Hill.

Step 3:
Participate in the discussion forum about the reading by Thursday at 11:59 and post two replies by Sunday at 11:59 pm

Discussion questions:
Take notes in response to these discussion questions as you do the reading this week.

In ways has the “War on Terrorism” affected Muslim American women, and how do you think people should intervene when they see a Muslim woman being harassed?

How might anti-immigrant rhetoric in the last few years involve promoting stereotypes of immigrants that mask the real lives of actual immigrants, including immigrant women?

What’s your response to the articles about women and Covid-19? What do you think we should do as a society to ensure that women are not disproportionately harmed by the pandemic?

Bonus Material:
The main thing I wanted to recommend to you this week is an episode from story-telling podcast The Moth (click!) about trans-racial adoption. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard — interesting politically, but also very moving. It raises important questions about what it means for white people to adopt children of color.

I also recommend you watch Knock Down the House, a documentary on Netflix about four women who ran for political office in 2018. If you watch this, and write up two pages, double-spaced (mix of summary and analysis/commentary) you can get extra credit. 


Managing your Boss Discussion FINAL college essay help online: college essay help online

This week, I have posted additional material not in the text on “Managing Your Boss”. 

See Managing your Boss Article 1, Managing Your Boss Article 2and 4 Habits Guaranteed to Lose your Boss’s Trust

Read these carefully.  Some of you may first think that this material is about “brown-nosing” the boss…but it is not!!

Think beyond the surface on this and realize that the idea of managing the relationship between you and your boss is simply being pro-active and smart.  Offer for discussion two ways you will use this material to be more effective in working with your boss in the future.  If you have examples of how you have seen this “in action”, please share at least one with the class.


Please post a thread of 400-500 words with at least four citations in the current APA format due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) of the assigned Module: Week Scenario — Clara comes to an attorney’s office in need scholarship essay help

m. (ET) of the assigned Module: Week
Scenario — Clara comes to an attorney’s office in need of assistance with her husband’s estate. Her husband, Phil, a factory worker, had been a saver all his life and owned approximately $1,500,000 in stocks and bonds. Clara is relatively unsophisticated in financial matters, so the attorney agrees to handle the estate for 17 percent of the value of the estate. The normal charge for such work is 3 to 5 percent of the estate. The widow agrees to the 17 percent arrangement. The attorney then hires CPA Charles for $10,000 to compute Phil’s estate tax on Form 706 and to prepare other appropriate documents.
Under Circular 230, does Charles have any responsibility to inform the widow that she is being significantly overcharged by the attorney? Be sure to cite research that supports your position.
What potential ethics issues do you see in this situation?
Which AICPA Code(s) of Professional Conduct rules apply in this situation (explain how and why they apply)?
Cite the specific verse(s) for at least one biblical principle that you feel is relevant to the situation (explain how and why it applies).


African slaves arrived in what would become the United States in 1619, and by the time of American independence from Britain, slavery was practiced throughout the country. By the early 1800s, however, slavery largely disappeared in the North, even as it became more prominent and more entrenched in the South. As the boom in textile manufacturing, both in the Northeast and in Britain, increased the demand for Southern grown cotton, the Southern economy’s dependence on slavery grew ever stronger. At the same time, Southern culture embedded the institution of slavery and a system of racial hierarchy all the more firmly. When Abraham Lincoln was elected president as a Republican, a party that clearly opposed the extension of slavery, many Southerners came to believe that the institution faced immediate existential threat. As a result of Lincoln’s election, South Carolina seceded from the country in December 1860. In the months that followed, growing regional hostility led ten other states to follow. The decision to secede from the union did not come lightly to the political leaders of the states that joined the Confederacy. They were aware that they would most likely be forced to defend their secession through military conflict with an industrially and numerically superior North. Consider the many obstacles that stood in the way of southern independence, and the conviction required to take that step. Think also about the role of slavery in southern life, on a material level as well as a cultural level. essay help

Write an essay (400 words minimum) that explains how Southern political leaders became convinced that the institution of slavery was under attack by the North, and especially by Lincoln and the Republican party. Your essay should explain how the debates over the future of slavery changed in the generation before the Civil War began in 1861. Why was slavery so important to Southern political leaders that they seceded?


RESPONDING TO DISCUSSION 300 WORDS EACH custom essay help: custom essay help

The measures of central tendency has three common components with include the mean, the median, and the mode. With using the three common measures of central tendency, a statistical measurement of a grouping or data set to obtain a value that represents the subject as a single value. The first component is the mean which can be considered the most powerful and commonly used measure of central tendency. With using the mean, a representative sample mean is identified by using the x bar symbol and a representative population sample is identified by mu (μ). A mean can be considered an average since the values presented are added up and divided by the number of input values. The second component withing the measures of central tendencies is the median. The median is center value when the values are placed in numerical order. The third component withing the measures of central tendencies is the mode. The mode is determined by selecting a representative sample and the value that most commonly appears is considered the mode (South University Online, 2019) (Zach, 2018).

            These measures differ on the ways or methods to which they are applied from the data being analyzed. With the use of the mean, the average of the data sample will be determined. The median will find the central value of the data set when the values are placed in numerical order but may not be the actual average value. With the median of an odd number sample size, the average of the two central values is the median value and with an even sample size, the median is the central value. Finally with the mode, this is looking for repetitive values which occur within the representative sample. It is possible that there may not be any repetitive values resulting in no mode (South University Online, 2019) (Zach, 2018). The three components are the same since they all need a representative sample value to determine the objective outcome.

            The measures of central tendency could be used by leaders, managers, or individuals to find the best approach to the outcome that desired. An example of this would be finding a faster way to navigate a process if using the mode method and a time period for delays reoccurs, an approach could be determined to circumvent that specific delay.

          The various measures of dispersion are the standard deviation, range, and interquartile range (Manikandan, 2011). Standard deviation is the measure of dispersion that is the most commonly used out of the three concepts. The limitations of the standard deviation are dependent on the size of the sample and sigma level (standard deviation ±) percentage from the mean along with the data needing to be skewed (symmetrical bell curve) for it to be used (Manikandan, 2011). A limitation of range would be that the outliers (abnormal value) from the data set are not used. A limitation of interquartile range is that with a vast sample size spacing, the calculations are not able to be conformed a projected use (Manikandan, 2011).

          These measures tell leaders, managers, or researchers’ various outcomes on sample or population data and could provide guidance to determining a method of approach in finding solutions to desired research, improvements to a process or the reasoning behind negative to marginal performance or even positive performance from the provided data set.       



  A measure of central tendency is a value that attempts to describe a set of data by identifying the central position with that set of data (n.d.). The most common measures of central tendency are Mean, Mode, and Median. The Mean is described as the average of the data. This is usually described with arithmetic. If you had a set of numbers and wanted to find the Mean, you would add all of the numbers and then divide the sum by the amount of numbers collected. The Median, of course, is the middle score of the data that is arranged in order of magnitude (from largest to smallest or vice-versa). If you have an odd number of numbers in your data, the Median would be the middle number. If you have an even number, the Median would be the middle exactly. The mode is the most frequent score in data set. So, if you have a number set like 3, 4, 6, 6, 5, 8, 3, 3, 9. The Mode is the number that show up the most often. In this case the Mode would be 3.

            These measures differ in the outcomes of the data set. They are the same in that they all use numbers and arithmetic to come to a conclusion.

            The information that these measures give us could be used in a sales plan. If you gather data to set up a sales plan for a company. Take for instance, setting up a sales plan for a daily sale at Arctic Circle (where I was once an Assistant Manager), you look back to last years sales for the same date. You have to figure in the day of the week difference. You figure in the amount of people you have working at each hour of the day you are open. Then you factor in the weather and any outside events that might happen in your area. Then you divide the total expected sales by the number of employees to see if you need to let some people go early or keep them later.

            In statistics, the measures of dispersion help to interpret the variability of data i.e. to know how much homogeneous of heterogeneous the data is (Admin, 2021). There are two main types of measures of dispersion. Absolute Measure of Dispersion and Relative Measure of Dispersion. With Absolute Measures of Dispersion, there are different types. There is Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Quartiles and Quartile Deviation, and Mean and Mean Deviation. Common relative dispersion methods include Co-efficient of Range, Co-efficient of variation, Co-efficient of Standard Deviation, Co-efficient of Quartile Deviation, and Co-efficient of Mean Deviation.

            The use of these measures is to find the Variance (difference) and likeness of the data collected and how it would help you find good information for your research. Some of the limitations of dispersion measures are that they may be misinterpreted. They may give inappropriate results. They may give a value of variation, which may not be practically found with the items of the series (2015).

            These measures can tell a manager or leader the amount of work that is necessary to meet the sales plan and not exceed the amount of payout for employee pay, overhead, and resources.



WORKPLACE MOTIVATIONAssignment Overview As in some of the other assignments in this course, you will draw upon your personal experience for this Module 2 Case Assignment about Workplace Motivation. Fo college admissions essay help

For the assignment, you will consider the topic of employee motivation for a diverse group of employees who represent different ethnicities, religions, ages, and genders. There are many ways to impact employee motivation, such as with job enrichment or rotation, work-life balance, flexible work hours, job sharing, telecommuting, employee recognition and empowerment, and financial incentives. When determining which of these to use to motivate a diverse group of employees, one must consider that every person is motivated in different ways and with different tools. For instance, your company may set up a comfortable place where employees of different faiths can do their daily ablutions or prayers.
You will prepare a presentation that proposes options for employees to vote on adopting at your own workplace, keeping in mind the demographics of the employee pool as different people require different motivators. You can use the list already provided, but if you do, please add more of your own ideas to the list. Talk with your own HR manager about what they feel is wanted by the employees where you work. (You will select 5 of these topics to put into this PowerPoint presentation.)
For an overview of some important current issues regarding workplace motivation, such as telecommuting and working remotely, and the different things employees consider to be valued motivators, read the following articles:
Aleksić-Glišović, M., Jerotijević, G.,


WORKPLACE MOTIVATIONSLP Assignment Overview A 2014 study by Judge and Papata found that all personality traits are more predictive of job performance when the work was performed in an unstructured env best essay help: best essay help

In addition, the study found that employees’ traits also indicated how they would act in a situation because of those same traits.
You took a test about your own personality traits for the Case Assignment in Module 1. Did you find that the results were what you expected? Most people find that they are generally correct but they all have a surprise or two. Did you know that if you were to wait an hour and retake the test that your results would be different? This is because, as you read your first test results, you rationalize why the findings were correct or incorrect and then you try to change up your answers in an attempt to change your results. If you were to take the test after a much longer period of time after taking it the first time, your results may also be different. This is because your frame of mind when taking a test also impacts the answers you select!
To combat people changing their answers to get a “better” result, test designers reframe questions in several ways, inserting multiple ways to ask the same question. Some test takers are bothered by the repetition of questions, most likely because they do not realize it is done intentionally. If they were to list all of the repeat questions, though, they would find that each is written differently from the others.
SLP Assignment
In Module 1, you learned about personality characteristics and how those characteristics affected your behaviors as am employee (and in life in general). In the Module 2 SLP assignment, you will take another test, but this one is about what motivates you. Please take the test at this site (or another site of your choice, or do both tests for comparison of results):
For this SLP assignment, after completing the test about what motivates you, address the following questions related to topics covered in this Module in a paper that is 2-3 pages, not counting the cover and reference list pages. Note that when the assignment calls for a submission of 2-3 pages, this means the professor is hoping for three pages but is willing to accept two as long as those are two full pages.
• What are your top three most important needs, according to the test?
• How do you satisfy these needs?
• Are your needs the same at home as they are at work?
• How do your needs affect your motivation to do well in life?
• What motivates you to get up every day and go to work?
Then, meet with your best friend, a trusted manager, or a coworker who know you well, and discuss the results of your motivation test. Write about the results of your personality test and your answers to the above five questions.
Having met with your selected trusted person, is how you see yourself the same as how they see you? In the final submission of this SLP assignment, include a paragraph of at least 150 words (or ½ page double-spaced) covering the highlights of your discussion with that person. (This is in addition to your responses to the five questions above.)
(If you are not currently working, you can select a family member, friend, neighbor, or someone else who knows you well to complete this part of the assignment.)
Upload your assignment to the SLP 2 Dropbox. Be sure to review your TurnItIn Originality report. If the score is over 15%, you may not be writing in your own words and you will need to contact your professor and arrange to revise and resubmit your assignment. Changes cannot be made to the submission, however, if it has already been graded by your professor. Since this paper is all about you, your Turnitin score should be extremely low.
Support your responses to the questions in this 2- to 3-page assignment with at least one high-quality reference from the Trident Online Library that is about the concept predominant in this Module, motivation theory. High-quality references come from peer-reviewed academic journals and text books. All references must be properly cited and included on the References page.
Remember to spell check your submission. In addition, check for the correct use of basic APA formatting of the document and references, such as the use of Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced paragraphs, paragraphs indented ½ inch, margins on all four sides of the paper set at 1 inch, and bold headings. You can use another formatting style, such as Chicago or MLA, as long as you use it consistently throughout your paper.
This paper is all about you, so it is perfectly fine to respond to any and all of the assignment questions in the first person.


Narrative Essay: IDENTITY Narratives are true stories, so you are writing about the topic identity, but this word can college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Narrative Essay:

Narratives are true stories, so you are writing about the topic identity, but this word can trigger many ideas:

Maybe you could write about your identity, but be sure to be descriiptive and substantive.
This means NO empty superlatives, generalizations, idioms or slang.
Maybe you could write about someone else’s identity that you perceive; no generalizations!.
Maybe this word evokes a different response such as what identity means to you, your experience with a misguided person’s perception of your identity, or another personal experience.
The assignment is to write an essay in MLA style MLA Page Layout of not less than 500 words.
You MUST give a word count for each at the end of the paper, or the Exercise will NOT be accepted.

Possible Direction:
“I have struggled with being shy/soft-spoken my whole life. Society tends to look down on shyness and due to that, I use to struggle with this part of me. As I have grown up and matured, I recognize there are benefits to being a quiet person.”



Name the four layers of the digestive tract wall.

Name of the three types of salivary glands.

What is the primary digestive function of the pharynx?

Describe the location of the esophagus.

What are the three main divisions of the stomach?

What are the three main divisions of the small intestine?

What are intestinal villi? What is their function?

What are the four main division of the colon?

What are haustra?

Where is the vermiform appendix located?

Where is the liver located?

Name three of the many functions of the liver?

Describe the route of bile from the gallbladder to the duodenum.


Discussion APA FORMAT a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

1. min 500 words:
The United States Supreme Court denied a petition for certiorari (refused to review the lower court’s ruling) in the case of Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., 804 F. 3d 202 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 2015. Please look this case up and read it.

Tell me what you would do if you were the Supreme Court.

That case let stand the ruling of the Court of Appeals which can be found at the following website:



Instructions As sales director, you want to expand sales further than the United States, Canada, and Mexico where E-MAGINE currently online essay help

Instructions As sales director, you want to expand sales further than the United States, Canada, and Mexico where E-MAGINE currently does business. In fact, the marketing department has done extensive research and has determined that E-MAGINE beds would sell vigorously in Japan. It is your job, as sales director, to set up a Japanese sales team, meaning you will need to take a trip to Japan to set up interviews and hire the team. Analyze your own cultural intelligence. How can you develop or improve this so that you are fair in your hiring approach on the trip? What stereotypes could you have that you would need to overcome to be successful in the Japanese hiring process?