Growth And Development Through Play Paper. Have To Select A Toy That Would Be Appropriate For The Age Group Argumentative Essay Help

Growth and development through play paper. Have to select a toy that would be appropriate for the age group and needs to discuss developmental expectations for the age group and how the toy will impact development. Have to have at least three developmental areas covered in the paper. The areas to choose from included psychosocial development (Erikson), cognitive development (Piaget), gross motor, fine motor, sensory, communication, and language. I have the rubric and paper details to take a look at. I would like to use the preschool age group (3-5) and use a kitchen play set. Children at this age are learning how to play together and I thought this toy would give them socialization skills, be able to use their imagination, and have independence.


3-5 page, (plus APA formatted reference page).Be sure to use a minimum of three (3) reliable resources. online essay help

Read this:

Respond to, at a minimum, the following questions:

What is the probability of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)? What methods are used in this research and what all was considered in choosing the methods in the study? What were the preliminary findings? Within the discussion, what are the major concerns? What are the implications (and limitations) of the available evidence? What are the recommendations made by these researchers for controlling the outbreak? When examining the model structure, what are the keywords found in the article that are also found in your course textbook? Evaluate the graphics used to display the probability distribution. How do the authors use probability distribution graphs to quantify the effectiveness of contact tracing? Summarize the results.


Title: (give it a creative title) Introduction: Whom did you serve? What did you do? With who did you essay help: essay help

Title: (give it a creative title)

Introduction: Whom did you serve? What did you do? With who did you do this? What were the highlights of the service experience? What moments are most memorable to you?

Body 1: how was god present in this service experience? What sense of god did you encounter either then or now as you look back? Were you aware that you were serving Christ in the persons you helped? If yes, how? Were you aware that Christ was working through you in your service to others? If yes, how?

Body2: was prayer involved? If so, how? Find a quote from the Bible. How does it apply to what you accomplished and how it relates to the service.

Conclusion: why is community service important? In your opinion, how can this service be improved? What would you have done differently to enhance the service event?

Notes: service activity was helping with kids at the church preschool. We had to help them learn how to read and write along with creative activities. I completed this activity by myself. You can make up random things that you think you would complete or accomplish while helping kids.


Assignment 1 – Position Paper Educational leaders face many critical issues that must be addressed. In order to be fully informed, you must consider multiple perspectives, analyze your own perspective essay help

In order to be fully informed, you must consider multiple perspectives, analyze your own perspectives, and be able to present a rationale for your beliefs and actions. 
For this assignment, you will choose and explore one of the following topics:
Is constructivism the best philosophy of education?
Is Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning relevant to the learning environment?
Do computers negatively affect student growth?
Should teachers consider Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development as they facilitate learning in their classrooms?
Should every teacher be culturally responsive? Does multicultural education align with being culturally responsive?
After choosing your topic, locate an article and a research study that investigates your selected topic. Write a five-page maximum paper in which you synthesize information on your chosen topic from the article and research study you have chosen. Include a description of both sides of the issue and choose the side you agree with. Explain your choice.
Please note: The cover page and references do not count towards the five-page maximum. Additionally, your paper should also include a brief abstract (125 word maximum).


Assignment 2 – Reflective Journal An effective educator reflects upon his/her teaching and identifies ways it can be improved. The purpose of this assignment is to improve your reflective practice. So cheap essay help: cheap essay help

The purpose of this assignment is to improve your reflective practice.
Social media is rapidly becoming a tool for personal and educational use. What do you anticipate the role of social media technology to be as tools for learning and motivation? Consider the following innovative techniques: Facebook, Twitter, mp3 players, podcasts, Jing videos, blogs, tablets, mobile devices, etc. How could you use such innovative tools in your own teaching? Provide at least one example.
For this assignment, you will:
Choose one social media tool and describe it. (1 paragraph)
Choose a way that the tool could be used in your own teaching. Provide a specific example. This strategy should be supported by a research or best practice reference. (1-2 paragraphs)
Reflect on potential challenges that may arise with the use of this tool. (1 paragraph)
Create your assignment in Microsoft Word and use APA style for formatting (including a cover page and running header), citations, and references.
Please note: This is a short, focused assignment that should contain a maximum of 4 paragraphs. It should be no longer than 1½ pages (double spaced), excluding cover page and references.


1. Give an overview of the issue or topic selected. Topic: sociology of gender and sexuality 2.Identify some key Essay essay help: essay help

1. Give an overview of the issue or topic selected.
Topic: sociology of gender and sexuality

2.Identify some key facts, empirical evidence and information regarding the topic.
3. Identify a few organization(s) involved in the issue and discuss what they do.
4. What are the company(s) organizational values? For example: this school Values are ILEAD. Integrity, lifelong learning, academic excellence and diversity.
5. Bullet point at least two perspectives or outline the history or evolution of the issue.
6. Develop and identify three hypotheses regarding the topic, clearly identifying the independent and the dependent variable, as well as some intervening variables.

References: the article reviews, textbook and ancillary resources in APA referencing format.


The technology for this essay will be Crayola crayons Most of the technologies we use on a regular basis best college essay help

The technology for this essay will be Crayola crayons

Most of the technologies we use on a regular basis go unnoticed. This assignment will help students understand the complexity of everyday technologies. Students will analyze one specific piece of technology and relate it to each of Neil Postman’s five ideas (From Five Things We Need to Know about Technological Change).
Although this is not a traditional research paper, research will be required. I expect at least 6 reputable sources (the Postman article being one of them) to be used. You will probably need more than this number, but that is the minimum. (Note on sources: There is one type of source I will not allow for this assignment. Those are sources that, themselves, analyze Neil Postman’s five ideas. I do not want students to just regurgitate someone else’s ideas.)

How to carry out this assignment:

Establish an introduction that introduces the topic (your technology and Neil Postman’s speech) and provides a complete thesis statement. The thesis should clearly answers all of the guiding questions. I should know exactly what you are arguing from the introduction. Accomplish this task and do not be distracted by nonexistent rules stating a thesis statement must be one sentence. I am asking for several distinct assertions here.
The first paragraph of the body of the essay will provide an overview of the technology itself. This is where you can dive into the history of this technology and its intended purpose. Sources will be needed here.
The second paragraph of the body is more reflective in nature. This is where you will discuss your specific connection to this technology. For example, do you use it in the way that it was intended to be used?
Give each of the five ideas from Postman their own paragraph. In these paragraphs briefly explain the relevant “idea” and illustrate this idea with examples that go beyond the Postman article and your own specific technology. Finally, explain how your specific technology reflects the Postman ideas. (use sources to support your examples in this paragraph)
End the essay with a one paragraph conclusion (offering no new information) and a Works Cited.


Topic: Innovations and Constructivist Perspective Your school system received a large grant and your middle school is one of the chosen grant recipients. The grant requires the school to restructure i college essay help: college essay help

The grant requires the school to restructure its educational program, use technology, and meet the needs of all students. Your middle school population is quite diverse. Most students with disabilities are in regular education classes; you have one self-contained class for students who have emotional disabilities. You know that it will be necessary to differentiate instruction.
Your colleagues have discussed various philosophies of education, including behaviorist perspectives, cognitive perspectives, and constructivist perspectives. As a member of the planning team, discuss a rationale for using a constructivist perspective as you design your new curriculum. Will there be times when you might need to use other perspectives? In your post, include a reaction to the Meyer article. How does it relate to your position? In your posts, be sure to explain and defend your position.
Next, you will explore the instructional technology that will be needed to be integrated throughout the curriculum. Identify a rationale for using and integrating technology. What are some of the tools that you believe should be included? (Be specific.) Are there times when computers should not be used? Can technology use have a negative impact on student growth? Why, or why not?


Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks in mind, but feel free to use other sources as Essay college admissions essay help

Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks in mind, but feel free to use other sources as needed to add to the conversation. Title each question as follows: “Acts, Letters, and Revelation, Question 1/2”, and restate the question.

1. Give an explanation of the genre of the book of Acts as theological history. What are the implications for this particular genre on the interpretation of the book? How does the reader differentiate between the theology and the history in the book? What kinds of things should an interpreter look for in Acts so as to understand properly the message of the book? In your opinion, should Acts be read for doctrinal purposes? Why or why not? Please give examples from the book of Acts.
2. Look at the letters to the churches in Revelation 2–3 and make a chart of them showing the message of each letter in light of Jesus’ (1) commendation or praise of the church, (2) complaint or rebuke, (3) warning, and (4) promise. Focus on which of the seven churches are presented positively and which are presented negatively and why they are presented in this manner. Then do the same thing for the church which you currently attend. How do you think the things Jesus says to these seven historical churches apply to your church?