Greeting, Apply Demand, Supply Elasticity And Consumer Elasticity Consumer Theory And Preference To The Company Bolt (Ride-share) In Saudi College Application Essay Help

apply demand, supply elasticity and consumer Elasticity Consumer theory and preference to the company Bolt (Ride-share) in Saudi Arabia
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4 pages are needed to be done for research paper and 2 pages for survey

conduct a simple Survey and I need another copy of it so I can distribute it


unit will culminate in a case study assignment that requires engagement with interpersonal communication theory to answer questions about a hypothetical interpersonal communication problem. These case study assignments are written assignments (2-3 pages, double spaced) that will build on the various contexts, concepts, and theories discussed over the course of the unit. For each case study assignment, you will choose from 1 or 2 case studies provided on Canvas and answer the associated essay questions and submit a typed response in APA style. Further information and the grading rubric for this assignment are available. YOU HAVE TO GET THE INFO FROM essay help online free

This unit is all about reimagining relationships and the ways that we build and maintain interpersonal relationships. At the end of this unit, we will have covered three main critical theories of interpersonal communication: muted group theory, narrative theory, and resilience theory. For this case study, you are going to have even more flexibility than you have with the previous two case studies. For this case study assignment, your task is to find a post from /r/relationships (Links to an external site.) and apply one of the critical theories listed above to that post in order to accomplish four things: (1) provide an interpretation of the issue or incident described in the post; (2) relate the issue to your theory; (3) analyze how power dynamics in the interpersonal relationships emerged; and (4) provide ideas, recommendations, or responses to these power dynamics. You will have a lot of freedom in this case study to do fun and interesting things, but I want to caution you against finding the first post on Reddit and going with it. Try finding popular posts (it really does not matter how old they are, if they are insightful) and reading through a few before you settle on a case. I’d also recommend keeping an open mind regarding which theory you end up using in your final case study (choose only one). You might start by thinking that one theory really fits the case and then realize another theory works better. Just keep an open mind as you are analyzing the post. As always, reach out when you have questions!


enhance ERM Program (Create a project plan on how you will remediate the consent order; project Team Structure (representatives from different groups) and Governance; performance measures for ERM plan) college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Details Below:

Imagine you have a consent order form the regulators to enhance/ transform the capabilities of your Risk management Governance/ Framework and Risk capabilities (Risk Appetite with KRIs, Lines of Defense, Maturity of Principal risk types).

(10 points) Create a project plan on how you will remediate the consent order. Specify Executive Sponsor(s) – resource


***DO NOT USE CHEGG*** ***must show full work (include units and use dimensional analysis) for your problems. All work a level english language essay help


***must show full work (include units and use dimensional analysis) for your problems. All work must be hand-written***

(4 points) 1. Draw the best Lewis structures for NOF and BrF5 and include formal charges on atoms with non-zero values. Concisely identify at least four steps of the procedure for drawing the Lewis structures.

Note: In the formula of the first molecule, atoms are in the order of their atomic numbers; the given formula does not necessarily reflect the actual arrangement of atoms in the structure.
Question 1 options:

Question 2 (3 points)
(1.5 points) 2. (a) Draw at least three plausible resonance contributors for the sulfite ion (SO32-).

(0.5 points) 2. (b) Assign formal charges to each atom in the resonance structures of the sulfite ion (SO32-).

(1 points) 2. (c) How many double bonds are present in the experimental (true) structure of the sulfite ion (SO32-)? Write one sentence to justify your answer.
Question 2 options:

Question 3 (5 points)
3. T2O3(s) is the ionic compound formed from oxygen and a metal with the form T(s) at 1.00 bar and 298 K.

(0.5 points) (a) Draw the Lewis structure for T2O3. Assume that all the valence electrons from T are required.

(4.5 points) (b) Use the following information to determine the enthalpy of formation for T2O3(s). Express your answer in kJ/(mol T2O3(s)).

Lattice energy for T2O3(s) = -16439 kJ mol-1
ΔHsub for T(s) = 317 kJ mol-1
First ionization energy for T(g) = 610 kJ mol-1
Second ionization energy for T(g) = 1732 kJ mol-1
Third ionization energy for T(g) = 3638 kJ mol-1
Bond dissociation energy for O2(g) = 498 kJ mol-1
First electron affinity for O = -141 kJ mol-1
Second electron affinity for O = 744 kJ mol-1

As part of your problem work you must show the full equations with phases for all steps in the Born-Haber process and you must label each step. Note that you may need to use some of these labels more than once. The Born-Haber process is shown in section 9.5 in your textbook. The steps can be shown following the example on page 344; a diagram like that on page 345 is not required.

Your Answer:
Question 3 options:



Summary: Describe 3 funny episodes from the parts of Don Quixote we have read for the class. Put the funniest a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Summary: Describe 3 funny episodes from the parts of Don Quixote we have read for the class. Put the funniest episode last. You don’t need a conclusion paragraph. If you need to have one, keep it very short. Note: These episodes must be from the parts we have read for the class. Min. 400 words General guidelines: Don’t have too many quotes; They disrupt the flow of the paper and keep you from making your own points. Long quotes (from the text or from outside the text) don’t count toward your min. length. Have a very brief concluding paragraph (2 lines). This is a short paper. You don’t need to repeat every point that was mentioned in the paper in the conclusion again. Organize your paper around a specific thesis. Make sure the points in different paragraphs are clearly and logically organized. Address specific key points from the text. Cite page numbers for direct quotes according to MLA guidelines. Upload your word document here.


did participants in the Bretton Woods conference feel that it was important to create the IMF? 2. In the early 2000s, the IMF extended significant loans to the government of Argentina during that country’s financial and economic crisis. Give a brief description of Argentina’s crisis and the IMF’s response. 3. The IMF was heavily criticized for its policies during this period. Summarize the arguments made by the IMF’s critics. cheap essay help: cheap essay help

To complete this assignment, you will study and write about an important institution that was formed during the Bretton Woods conference in 1944. Answer each question with a paragraph of about 100 words. Please keep your answers to one sheet of paper, and please include a bibliography listing any sources that you use.


Use files provided as a source to complete those two. (DO NOT PLAGIARISM FROM OTHER PROJECTS) There is a scholarship essay help

Use files provided as a source to complete those two. (DO NOT PLAGIARISM FROM OTHER PROJECTS)

There is a total of 60 houses in the drawing and the chart is also given but incomplete.
Please use given files details to complete these below:

1. Approximate quantities per housing unit.

2. Chart for top 20 important materials needed on-site (must include earthwork, foundations, structure)
and approximate quantities needed for each.


I have inserted below under “READ” instructions and example of how to create an equity audit graph using excel. essay help online: essay help online

I have inserted below under “READ” instructions and example of how to create an equity audit graph using excel. SOME STUDENTS IN THE PAST HAVE DONE THE GRAPHS INCORRECTLY SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO THE GRAPHS. ALSO, SOME STUDENTS HAVE NOT SUFFICIENTLY DISCUSSED THE GRAPHS IN THEIR PAPER. FOR EACH GRAPH, BE SURE FIRST TO VERBALLY DESCRIBE WHAT THE GRAPH INDICATES AND THEN SECOND TO DISCUSS THE MEANING OF THE GRAPHS FOR THE SCHOOL. Also, immediately below are url’s that are “voice threads.” You click on these and then you will see a PowerPoint slide for each, and you will hear me talking you through it. This is another version of a “voice over” PowerPoint. These will help you understand and create your equity audit report graphs. There are four of these, which you should watch in order, starting immediately below at the top of the voice threads. Approximately 39 minutes of viewing: Reading materials: see the attachments please. Agin this is a VOICE OVER PROJECT/ MALE VOICE PLEASE.


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