Good Learner Performance And Recreational Activities


In this study, we investigate whether there is a direct relationship between learning and other extracurricular activities. After the research involving ten people, five boys and five girls, out of 25 students, it is possible to draw fairly straightforward conclusions about the proposed topic. That analyzed the materials obtained after the interview with the students based on several methods that allowed for the best possible analysis and systematization of information.

First of all, the interview that took place is part of the psychological analysis and allows you to learn better information about the understanding of a person (Archard, 2020). The interview serves as the primary method for obtaining news and its further analysis, and it is an empirical method for obtaining information. This method of gathering information, such as interviews, helps to assemble a specific focus group for research, which is beneficial (Archard, 2020). Thus, an inquiry is a necessary topic of how that can combine learning and extracurricular activities. That also used the method of content analysis for this study. Content analysis is a method for studying individual documents, which, due to its use, will most often give objective conclusions and a broad result. In this case, content analysis was used to qualitatively analyze what the children said and understand the information received.

There is no connection between sports and academic success

The conducted research revealed the information that most of the respondents do not have a connection between academic success and activities. Eight out of ten people answered positively to questions about whether they do some sport or just outdoor activities. All interviewees spent a lot of time on the phone and social boundaries, which can say that this is the only thing that can affect their learning; in addition, they actively engaged some students in homework, which also involved the education result.

Social networks have the most significant impact on learning

Based on the data obtained from the interview, which can say that physical activity does not affect academic success. Regarding the available information, all those who play sports also have positive grades in school. Only two of the girls interviewed, out of all the people interviewed, did not do sports or other things; instead, they were actively working at home and doing household chores. However, during the survey, the reason for not completing homework is that students spend time on social networks has a negative effect. Thus, physical activity is not as harmful as it was initially thought. In this context, it is not necessary to single out a separate gender regarding the use of social networks since all boys and girls answered the same. In such a system, it is also vital not only what the child does but also whether he has a particular environment for communication or whether this child is heard. Therefore, it is crucial that teachers pay attention to students’ ideas and use them to develop children and show that they are essential.

The uses of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model have positive effects on children

Urie Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model of human development can be applied to the interviewed students. Such a model makes it possible to understand how much children’s personality is included in the things they like to do and do (Xia & Tudge, 2020). Such a model makes it possible to understand whether what children do is what they want and dream. Applying mesosystem influences, it is worth saying that such a trend is not observed among the respondents. Most students did not complain about the curriculum or the school in general. Even the approaches used by teachers to provide information were not criticized. However, it was possible to observe that the children were most influenced by their parents and instructions.

Essential advice for parents

That is why it is worth giving more advice to parents that would help develop and improve the child’s condition. First, parents should give more space to children and allow them to express themselves more in school and outside of it. It is also essential that children are not forced to do a lot of housework, as it distracts two out of ten children from their own lives. Thus, that should give such work to children, but in moderation, so that they have their own free time not only for studying but also for activities outside of it. Parents need to pay attention to how often the child uses the phone and for what, since all students answered that using social networks affects their homework and productivity.


In summarizing, it is worth concluding that students are not affected by physical activities but are most affected by the use of their smartphones. This study shows that every child uses a smartphone and often forgets or avoids homework, which reduces learning effectiveness. In such a case, parents should be more interested in their children’s lives and actively help them when such situations arise.

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