Good Leadership In Organizations

I believe a good leader can make me feel secure, even if I have to put my own needs to those of the company. Leaders should be more than simply authoritarian personalities who can rally their followers to work together (Sinek 2014). Leaders need to be selfless providers who prioritize the needs of their followers. I think it is essential for leaders to make their employees feel safe at work. Employees who consistently worry about their occupations’ security are less likely to be motivated. A great leader never sacrifices the people; they aim to protect their followers’ lives.

Working in an uncomfortable environment would adversely affect my work performance. Reduced productivity and frequent absenteeism from work would be my primary two indicators of a toxic work environment. The threat of harassment, discrimination, or defamation litigation is a possible outcome in such an environment. In such a state, I would stop believing in management and my colleagues, get involved in unnecessary fights, and ignore my duties. Since this is the case, the company will suffer a loss of income and maybe even some possibilities. Complaints from customers are also expected to rise from my work performance.

After watching the video, I will be a different leader who cares for the needs of the workers. In my experience, executives who put their workers’ needs above their own see a more devoted and productive team. Workers who feel appreciated and respected are more inclined to offer their utmost for the company. If I can motivate and encourage my team, they will do whatever is necessary to realize the company’s goal, which is a massive component of my leadership role.

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