Go Out Into The Real World And Be A Passive Observer. This Could Be At A Playground, At A Argumentative Essay Help

Go out into the real world and be a passive observer. This could be at a playground, at a dog training center, at a daycare, out in nature, anywhere you can observe one of the learning theories we’ve discussed so far in this course out in the real world. Accurately describe the learning theory in action, label the components, and tie it back in with research from cited journal articles. You’ll be writing this in APA format, and using an introduction and conclusion. If you observe multiple learning theories in one scenario, you are welcome to mention the others as well, as it pertains to the situation. Be sure to be thorough and accurate with your descriiptions and observations. 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, APA style.


Discussion wk2 computerized Medical Office Management best college essay help

DQ option 1 due by Thursday (150-word minimum):How might the medical office staff introduce the EHR system and point of care (POC) documentation to patients and ensure continued personal connection when transitioning to an EHR system?Use your own words when writing your post. The reference at the bottom of your post should appear as follows:ReferencePepper, J. (2020). The electronic health record for the physician’s office (3rd ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.


In this assignment, you will create either a podcast or vlog (video blog) on the topic of collective bargaining. college essay help near me: college essay help near me

In this assignment, you will create either a podcast or vlog (video blog) on the topic of collective bargaining. The goal of this project is for you to explore areas that interest you and for you to explain them in more depth to help others understand them. (If you are new to vlogging, see the Student Resource document linked below for helpful tips on creating a vlog).
In your project, you must highlight and explore five different areas of collective bargaining. One of the five areas you must cover is an overview of the types of collective bargaining subject matter (mandatory, permissive, and illegal). The remaining four areas are up to your choosing.
You should be creative in how you demonstrate your knowledge about the areas you choose. You can employ graphics or PowerPoint slides (if vlogging), case law, hypothetical scenarios, interviews, or any other method in which you can engage your audience and accomplish the requirements of the project.
The format is up to you. You can choose one area and highlight different processes in collective bargaining (i.e., duty to bargain, tasks involved, administration, enforcement) or each area can be an entirely different aspect of collective bargaining (i.e., picketing, strikers, unions, enforcement.).
The above are suggestions. This project is a chance for you to explore areas that interest you and to be creative in applying the concepts learned in this unit.
You must provide a written transcriipt whether you do a vlog or a podcast. You are required to use at least three academically reliable sources to support your project, and the transcriipt must contain the citations and references formatted in APA Style.
Your vlog or podcast must be a minimum of eight minutes but no more than 10 minutes. You will submit your project as follows:
If a vlog—submit a link to your vlog recording and the transcriipt in a single Word document in the assignment submission area of Blackboard.
If a podcast—insert the audio recording into a Word document, followed by the transcriipt of the podcast. Submit the single document in the assignment submission area of Blackboard.


Compare and contrast each of the learning theories covered in this course. Examine each theory for its strengths and essay help site:edu

Compare and contrast each of the learning theories covered in this course. Examine each theory for its strengths and weaknesses. Relate each theory to real life, and come up with a learning theory based on your own arguments about what the best learning theory is, including empirical evidence to back up your points. This could be a combination of one or more established learning theories and original ideas, based on scientific research cited via peer-reviewed journal articles. It could also be a fresh take on learning that doesn’t combine any of the theories you’ve learned, as long as it’s backed up by evidence that hasn’t been formed into a theory yet. Feel free to include diagrams, your own terms, various aspects of the theories, and other elements. Include an Abstract, Literature Review comparing the various theories, a discussion section where you propose your own learning theory with compelling arguments, and a conclusion. Place any diagrams in an appendix section. Include reputable sources from textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, or other reputable sources (no encyclopedias, Wikipedia, blogs, or digital magazine articles), and be sure to reference 15–20 sources. Format your paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, using APA style.


Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 4, 5 Lesson Minimum of 1 scholarly source college essay help online: college essay help online

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 4, 5
Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook)
Initial Post Instructions
During the 1930s, much of the world seemed to give up on their hope for a democratic solution to their problems and instead turned to totalitarianism, both in Europe and in Asia.

For the initial post, select and address one of the following:

Address the following questions for your selection:

What effects did the history, politics, and economies of those areas play in their decisions to turn to totalitarianism?
What role did the Great Depression in the United States play in their plight?
Follow-Up Post Instructions
Respond to at least one peer. At least one of your responses should be to a peer who chose an option different from yours. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.

Writing Requirements

Minimum of 2 posts (1 initial


Competency 1 Apply economic principles within the health care industry. Reflection The decade since the Patient Protection and Affordable custom essay help: custom essay help

Competency 1
Apply economic principles within the health care industry.

The decade since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2010 has seen fundamental shifts in the cost and practices in health care and insurance. Studying the data from this period of transformation in the United States can help us to understand the movement of health care costs in the years to come.

Review the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care 2018 Data Update.

Reflect on the following in a minimum of 500 words:
• Identify the results for your area of the United States (state or region).
• Analyze the results for your area and create a summary of why you think the trends in utilization and cost are either positive or negative.
• Examine and explain whether you think the utilization and costs information for your organization or geography can be used to build a stronger brand for health care.


Imagine you are the HR manager at a company, and a female employee came to you upset because she essay help online

Imagine you are the HR manager at a company, and a female employee came to you upset because she felt a male coworker was creating a hostile work environment by repeatedly asking her out on dates even after she said “no.” What would you do?

Write a plan for how you would approach your conversation with each employee, including the most essential topics to cover. As you write your plan, think about what your goals are for this situation and how each conversation will help you achieve those goals.

Write a 2–3 page paper in which you:

Write a plan for the conversation you would have with the employee, based on the concepts found in your textbook. What are the most important points you would need to cover in this conversation, and why?
Write a plan for the conversation you would have with the employee’s male co-worker, based on the concepts found in your textbook. What are the most important points you would need to cover in this conversation, and why?
Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.
Include at least one reference to support your paper.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

Create a plan for approaching tough conversations with employees, including a rationale for the most essential topics to cover.


Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 4, 5 Lesson Minimum of 2 scholarly sources writing essay help: writing essay help

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 4, 5
Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)
For this assignment, select one of the following options.

Option 1: Chronicle Adolf Hitler’s rise from failed art student to political speaker to eventually gain control over Germany.
Option 2: Describe Benito Mussolini’s revival of European Imperialism in North Africa and how he came to be Adolf Hitler’s ally.
Option 3: Chronicle the rise of extreme militarism in Japan and how it led them to conquer huge chunks of land in Asia and so many islands in the western Pacific basin, and how this led to their conflict with Great Britain and the United States
Option 4: Describe Joseph Stalin’s rise to total power in the USSR and how his paranoia and desire for total control led to the terrible purges of the 1930s.
Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page
This activity will be graded using the W3 Case Study Grading Rubric.

Course Outcomes (CO): 2, 3

Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday


Reflective Journal 2: Classroom Management and Environment In this entry, you will write a reflection/synthesis regarding your understanding of Essay best essay help

Reflective Journal 2: Classroom Management and Environment

In this entry, you will write a reflection/synthesis regarding your understanding of the factors that may influence behavior, including how these may be manifested in an educational environment. Include any personal experiences that support your focus on the role of the environment on behavior. Things to consider: What are some of the factors that influence children’s behavior covered in the video “Understanding Challenging Behavior in Young Children – YouTube” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acAJsiEKxzg
Are there others that weren’t covered? How do you tune in to each child to meet their individual needs? What has worked for you? Think about the last time a child’s behavior frustrated or concerned you. What factors may have influenced the behavior? What strategies did you try to address the behavior? If it were to happen today, what might you try? Are there children in your classroom who appear to need more support than what you can provide in your classroom? If so, who else might be part of the team?


Required Resources No specific resources are required for this activity. Conduct general research and/or skim the textbook to help online essay help

Required Resources
No specific resources are required for this activity. Conduct general research and/or skim the textbook to help you select a topic.

You will work on a research project for the duration of this course that you will deliver as a presentation in Week 8. For this project, select a person whom you believe had significant influence (positive or negative) on a movement for social, economic, and/or political change in the 20th and 21st centuries. Explore and address the following in your project:

Summarize the person’s ideas.
How did the ideas or changes affect the establishment and status quo?
What was the context in which this person proposed ideas/change?
How did the government or the people respond to the ideas/change?
What sort of following or support did he/she have?
How have the ideas/actions of the person influenced contemporary cultures and ideas?
For the final presentation, make sure to go beyond the surface information and go into depth about the person you are researching.

Here is a brief breakdown of the project so that you can plan your time in the course:

Week 3

Topic Selection

Week 5

Annotated Bibliography

Week 6


Week 8


For the assignment this week, address the following:

State the topic.
For the stated issue, identify at least three (3) aspects of the issue that you think you will likely develop in your presentation. Briefly state why you have chosen each aspect.
You are not confined to three aspects only, but you must develop at least three. As you develop your presentation, you may find other aspects that you deem more relevant, and you may add or substitute those.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 1-2 paragraphs
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page (as needed)
This activity will be graded using the W3 Course Project Grading Rubric.

Course Outcomes (CO): 2, 3, 5, 8

Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday


Review the information in “DBA-839 Integrated Case Study.” This includes narrative information as well as financial and supporting documentation. essay help online free: essay help online free

Review the information in “DBA-839 Integrated Case Study.” This includes narrative information as well as financial and supporting documentation.

Consider the question presented in the case study, and formulate decisions based on the information and documentation in the case study. Support your decisions with appropriate current (within the last three years) or foundational, peer reviewed, and professional research including the instructor feedback from your Topic 2 assignment.

Write a paper (2,000-2,500 words) that addresses the case opportunities, expresses your decisions regarding the case, and integrates instructor feedback from your Topic 2 assignment. Use the item names below to create a separate topic heading for your response to each of the following as this will help you draft a concise and targeted response. In your paper, include the following:

Case Summary: Summarize the current environment as presented in the case. (Note: Information from the case study does not require a reference note or in-text citation.)
Potential Strategic Actions: Describe at least two viable strategic actions that address data analytics opportunities inferred from the case and the supporting research and theories you presented in your Topic 2 assignment. Integrate specific feedback from the instructor regarding the proposed resolutions.
Modeling: Describe which method of data or analytic modeling is best suited to determine the viability of implementing each potential strategic action you identified. Justify your recommendations citing appropriate literature. (Benchmarks C5.3: Evaluate methods of data and analytic modeling.)
Software: Describe what software you are recommending and how you could use it to implement each of the models that you identified above. Justify your recommendations citing appropriate literature. (Benchmarks C5.2: Apply analytic techniques and software to interpret data.)
Ethics: Discuss the ethical implications of each potential strategic action. Provide appropriate support from relevant literature.
Recommendation: In review of the two potential actions you described above, provide your recommendation for which one to implement. Justify your recommendation citing appropriate literature and data analysis for the chosen recommendation. (Benchmarks C5.4: Apply analytics to support data-driven business decision making.)
Long-Term: Describe how the recommended solution influences the long-term organizational health of Purple Cloud. Include a projected profit/loss (P/L) statement for at least 3 years that supports your descriiption. (Benchmarks C5.5: Manage the business complexities of enterprise data analytics.)
Future Research: Discuss future research that you could conduct relative to the data analytics opportunities you described.
Conclusion: Provide a compelling conclusion that succinctly summarizes the paper.


Audience Analysis Assignment Find three online articles: -one that is written to a lay audience (general interest readers) -one to online essay help

Audience Analysis Assignment Find three online articles: -one that is written to a lay audience (general interest readers) -one to a technical audience -and to an executive audience In a one page, discuss each article – provide the URL, and indicate which audience you feel it is geared toward. Explain what it is about the article (content, language, design) that makes you believe it was written for a particular audience. One paragraph per article should be sufficient. Please keep the entire assignment to ONE PAGE. NEED IT COMPLETED BY 01/20/2022 BY 3:00 PM EST


one-way analysis essay help: essay help

For this assignment, use data from W1 Assignment.ATTACHED

Using Microsoft Excel and following instructions from your lectures, compute a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine whether there are significant age differences across years in college (freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors). Report your results in APA format and write a short interpretation.

Move your output into a 1-page Microsoft Word document and write a short, APA-formatted interpretation of the results, modeled on the example given in lecture.


Textbook: Douglas, John and Mark Olshaker. 2017. Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Gallery Books. ISBN-13 : 978-1501191961 Scholarly Book Review college essay help: college essay help

Complete a scholarly book review essay where they must cite a minimum of five outside peer-reviewed journals. The purpose of this assignment is to teach students how to read a relevant academic work and provide a thoughtful and detailed scholarly analysis. As part of this assignment, students will learn to identify and retrieve timely peer-reviewed journal articles and cite these sources throughout their review essay.


7 pages a level english language essay help


Conduct an audit of the following safety management system elements at your organization or an organization with which you are familiar and have access to the required information:

(see attached picture with table)

Documents: Organizational safety manuals and instructions, safe operating procedures, and job hazard analyses

Records: E-mails or letters from management to employees, safety meeting minutes, mishap logs, audit reports, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations, inspection reports, risk assessments, and training records

Interviews: Management personnel, supervisors, and employees

Observation: Walk through some workplaces to observe conditions for yourself.

For each management system element, discuss the objective evidence you found or were unable to find. Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s implementation of each element against available reference sources and best practice information. Use the following four-tier evaluation scheme to rate each element:

World Class: OHS performance

Strong: Conforming/complete, may have minor gaps with action plans

Moderate: Scattered non-conformances need to be addressed, positive trends/major elements in place

Limited: Multiple or significant systemic non-conformances exist.

Appropriate references include the course textbook; textbooks from other college-level courses; ANSI/AIHA Z10-2019; other published consensus standards like ANSI, ASSE, AIHA, ISO, and NFPA; OSHA standards and voluntary guidelines; and articles published in professional journals. Blogs, Wikipedia, About.com, Ask.com, and other unmonitored Internet resources are not considered scholarly references and should not be used. Please contact your professor if you have any questions about the appropriateness of a source.

If an element is found to be less than World Class, provide recommendations for improvement. Be sure to use appropriate scholarly sources to support your recommendations.

Provide a summary of the overall status of the organization’s safety management system, and comment on the degree of alignment between the safety management system and other management system efforts utilized at the facility.

The Unit VIII Course Project must be at least seven pages and a maximum of 10 pages in length, not counting the title and references pages. In addition to your textbook, please provide at least five professional sources. 


Week1 (BUS2123 Principles of Accounting II) essay help online: essay help online

1. Identify characteristics of corporations and their organization

2. Explain characteristics of, and distribute dividens between common and preferred stock.

3. Explain the items reported in retained earnings.

       1. The organization takes care of all the corporations problems. The corporation is the who company.

       2. The common stock is when a corporation only have one class of stock.  The preferred stock gives the corporation control over the common stock.

       3.The retained earnings show the net income of the company that is not to be given to it’s stockholders


EDUCATIONAL AND DIGITAL EQUITY IN THE DIGITAL AGE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS The ISTE standards call on educational leaders to advocate for equitable access to educational technology, digital content, college essay help online

In this paper, you will research and explain educational and digital equity and how technology can best be leveraged to support teaching and learning in today’s digital world. The significant focus for this paper should be on equity and justice issues for underrepresented populations, socially and economically disadvantaged learners, or disparity issues regarding access to technologies and resources, both in and out of school. The body of your paper should be 8-10 pages, not including the title page and references. An abstract is not required.Research and discuss what is meant by the digital, pedagogical, and resource divide, why a divide exists, and how the divide might best be addressed. Identify data representing gaps that currently exist at either the national, state, or local level. Suggest and discuss several possible strategies for addressing the gaps you identify. News articles, including media, may be used for data sourcing.As you plan and organize your paper be sure to address the following question with a focus on the importance of advocacy: Is digital equity a social justice issue? Why/Why not?Use the reading and study materials provided in the course along with resources found in the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL) to help you identify information, especially as related to educational technology. A minimum of ten quality references is required for this paper with no fewer than five references from scholarly literature. All references must have been published within the last 5 years. Due to the timeliness of the topic, for at least two of the references from scholarly literature, limit your search in the JFL database to scholarly and peer-reviewed articles published within the last year. News articles or media used for data sourcing should be current within the last two years. Begin each section with a brief introduction on what will be covered under the heading. Formatting is to follow the guidelines of the current APA style. As a doctoral student, part of the requirements for this paper includes a careful review of and adherence to the most current APA formatting guidelines.


cash flow and revenue recognition college application essay help

Part 1:

Analysis of Cash Flow for a Small Business

Charles, a financial consultant, has been self-employed for two years. His list of clients has grown, and he is earning a reputation as a shrewd investor. Charles rents a small office, uses the pool secretarial services, and has purchased a car that he is depreciating over three years. The following income statements cover Charles’s first two years of business:

Charles believes that he should earn more than $11,500 for working very hard for two years. He is thinking about going to work for an investment firm where he can earn $40,000 per year. What would you advise Charles to do? Support your answer using the given data and what you learned from chapter 2 reading.

Part 2:

Revenue Recognition

You are controller for an architectural firm whose accounting year ends on December 31. As part of the management team, you receive a year-end bonus directly related to the firm’s earnings for the year. One of your duties is to review the transactions recorded by the bookkeepers. A new bookkeeper recorded the receipt of $10,000 in cash as an increase in cash and an increase in service revenue. The $10,000 is a deposit and the bookkeeper explains to you that the firm plans to provide the services to the client in March of the following year.


Did the bookkeeper correctly record the client’s deposit? Explain your answer.

What would you do as controller for the firm? Do you have a responsibility to do anything to correct the books? Explain your answer.

Initial post due by Thursday.  


Which is the true statement regarding the criteria for prioritizing the needs of a population? a) Small and large problems are of equal importance b) Stronger populations take priority c) Community’s online essay help: online essay help

Nurses can do which of the following to improve LGBTQ individuals experience?
a) Expand personal knowledge of sexual orientation or attraction and gender identity
b) Understand key LGBTQ definitions
c) Create a safe, accepted, and welcoming environment
d) All of the above
Question 31
The nurse who chooses the quantitative method for a research project understands which of the following is a characteristic for this method?
a) One-on-one interviews are typically used for data collection
b) Sample size is larger in order to generalize beyond the research
c) Data instrument is typically a structured measurement tool
Question 32
Healthy People 2020 has national objectives in an attempt to improve the health of Americans. The main overall goals of Health People 2020 are to accomplish all of the below EXCEPT
a) To encourage communities to collaborate for better health outcomes
b) Guide people towards making improved and informed health decisions
c) Used as a measurement tool to show the impact of prevention activities
d) Increase the ability of providers to diagnose chronic disease
Question 33
Which of the following is an example of social determinants of health?
a) Biology and genetic makeup
b) Access for disabilities at the work site
c) Exposure to emerging media technology
d) Building and home structure
Question 34
Who should be addressed first when a finding shows a need to advance knowledge of a unit’s personnel on Evidence-based practice?
a) Academic experts
b) Unit managers
c) Experienced staff
d) Medical librarians
Question 35
Shingles is a growing concern in the older adult population. Which vaccine is offered to adults to combat this illness?
a) RZV
b) HPV
c) PVC
d) VAR
Question 36
Which of the following integrates Parse’s Theory of Human Becoming in the workplace?
a) Changing soiled bed linens
b) Expecting nurses to develop skill and understanding of patient care over time through a combination of education and experience
c) Developing a relationship with a patient and awareness of the patient’s feelings in an effort to promote healing
d) Guiding the patient through their own perception of events
Question 37
Which of the following is an agreement that offers power in numbers?
a) Representation
b) Collegiality
c) Shared governance
d) Collective bargaining
Question 38
A nurse who uses focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews to collect data is utilizing which type of research?
a) Qualitative
b) Quantitative
c) Experimental
d) Quasi-Experimental
Question 39
Which of the following is the best explanation of what the institution Review Board (IRB) sets out to accomplish?
a) Is an overarching power for research studies
b) Protect the rights and welfare of human subjects
c) Mitigate modifications throughout the research process
d) Stop research at any time during the process
Question 40
A community assessment includes both data generation and data gathering.
Examples of data generation activities include
a) Windshield survey
b) Researching demographics
c) Contacting agencies for facts and data
d) Internet search
Question 41
Cultural competence in nursing is reported as all the below EXCEPT
a) Having an awareness of persons own existence and beliefs
b) Not allowing self-ideals impact connection with others of a different culture
c) Continuing status quo care regardless of patient’s culture
d) Accepting and searching out cultural differences
Question 42
With the increase in medical cannabis utilization, nurses should be aware that the major difference between cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is
a) Both offer benefits, but where THC gives a ‘stoned’ feeling, CBD does not
b) THC is the only property which offers benefits
c) CBD and THC have to be taken together for benefits
d) Both offer benefits, but where CBD gives a ‘stoned’ feeling, THC does not
Question 43
Which of the following is an example of King’s social system?
a) Having a positive nurse-patient dialogue
b) Growth and development in the individual
c) Being a member of a community organization
d) All of the above
Question 44
A nurse is aware of the most common reason for the use of cannabis and cannabinoids if they make the below statement:
a) “A patient could benefit from its complementary use to prevent disease and injury”
b) “The use could improve health when currently accepted first and second line therapies have been insufficient”
c) “Patients who express a desire regardless of diagnosis for its use, should be able to gain access”
d) Both A and B
Question 45
In order to prioritize, a public health nurse who completes a community education project must complete an analysis of the collected data to accomplish the following
a) Identify health themes or trends in the population
b) Identify existing interventions focused on the issue
c) Both A and B
Question 46
A PICOT format is the manner in which Evidence-based practice questions are developed. The ‘T’ in this format refers to which of the below?
a) Top interest
b) Time frame
c) Trending comparisons
d) Tier of evidence
Question 47
A patient who charges a nurse with professional negligence must prove certain elements which includes all the below EXCEPT?
a) The patient was injured
b) Proof through verbal accounts
c) A breach of duty occurred
d) A duty to the patient existed
Question 48
Which of the following is required by the RN and should not be delegated?
a) Hygiene
b) Feeding
c) Vital sings
d) Assessment
Question 49
Which of the following is a true statement between managers and leaders?
a) Both focus on short-term goals
b) Leaders are risk takers, managers minimize risks
c) Both are constantly curious and take risks
d) Managers focus on inspiring people, leaders focus on structure
Question 50
Which is the best resource to check for roles of the RN and delegation practices?
a) American Nurse Association
b) National League for Nurses
c) State Board of Nursing
d) Board of Nursing Registry
Question 51
Which is the ethical principle that guides healthcare practices on the importance of do no harm?
a) Autonomy
b) Nonmaleficence
c) Justice
d) Beneficence
Question 52
Medical cannabis has several common routes of administration which include the following EXCEPT
a) Inhalation
b) Oral
c) Topical
d) Injection
Question 53
Which of the following shows a person with Emotional Intelligence?
a) Stays calm and clear-headed during conflict
b) Acknowledges others perceptions
c) Welcomes constructive criticism
d) All of the above
Question 54
A nurse who uses Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory in the care of a patient to promote physical wellbeing before psychosocial wellbeing is utilizing which type of theory in the care?
a) Borrowed theories
b) Grand theories
c) Middle range theories
d) Practice theories
Question 55
Homecare is becoming increasingly common due to evolving technology and telehealth. The Homecare National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) to increase safety in the home environment includes all of the below EXCEPT
a) Correct test and lab results
b) Good handwashing
c) Preventing fall risks
d) Medication management
Question 56
A nurse who begins to experience emotional exhaustion, loss of identity, decreased personal accomplishment is suffering from
a) Dissatisfaction
b) Fatigue
c) Stress
d) Burnout
Question 57
As the nurse cares for the patient utilizing Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations, which of the following is a true statement related to the final phase of the theory?
a) The final phase is called the exploitation phase
b) The relationship continues to build past the final phase
c) The connection is severed as the patient drifts away
d) The final phase is the easiest phase for both patient and nurse
Question 58
Virginia Henderson developed the Nursing Need Theory which comprises of all of the below EXCEPT
a) Four major concepts: individual, environment, health, nursing
b) Represents the patient as the sum of the its parts with biophysical needs
c) There are 14 components
d) Focuses on self-care deficits
Question 59
Which is an example of the element of professional negligence concerning “The injury was directly caused by the breach of a standard of care”?
a) Nurse missed antibiotic dose and the patient fell getting out of bed
b) Nurse instructs patient to stay in bed, patient falls getting out of bed and breaks a leg
c) Nurse not following her state practice act
d) Nurse missed a dose of antibiotic and set back healing of patient’s infection
Question 60
Stress is a common daily occurrence for nurses and can contribute to a wide range of issues including?
a) Poor concentration
b) Migraines
c) Depression
d) All of the above


Using different sets of data than last week, create a new small database in Access similar to the one that I went over in the webinar. Your Access Database must meet the following requirements at a mi writing essay help

Your Access Database must meet the following requirements at a minimum:
You must create 3xseparate tables relating to a dataset of your choice.
For each table, you must include 6x different columns each with at least 4x different data types total.
Each of the 5x column headers must be properly labeled in CamelCase (Remember names should be formatted with ‘NoSpaces’, ‘No-Spaces’, or ‘No_Spaces’).
Each table must include at least 8x records of data relating to a dataset of your choice.
Submit the completed ‘.accdb’ file here so I may review your work.


Essay 1 – National Security (800 words) The essay should be single-spaced, except where spaces are used to separate paragraphs essay help: essay help

Essay 1 – National Security (800 words) The essay should be single-spaced, except where spaces are used to separate paragraphs Explain the significance of Amman Jordan, and Arabic to U.S. national security. Be specific with your definition of national security, make a specific, detailed, and focused argument. bottom line of the first essay is to argue why U.S. policymakers should be concerned with the national security implications of the specific issue like, economic development, democracy and governance, cybersecurity, etc.. The essay should be written for an educated, generalist audience, avoiding unnecessary subject-specific jargon. I encourage to employ persuasive facts and figures in their essay, but these should be easily verifiable. Essay 2- Motivation


Hcin 22 diff argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Please answer the following questions:

1. What are the 3 usual response strategies to difficult people?

2. What are the components of active listening?

Please create this paper in APA formatting with 2-3 pages of detail information. These 2-3 pages do not include the title page and the reference page.


6210 Week 8 Discussion custom essay help

Discussion – Week 8

Top of Form

Discussion: Sociocultural Differences in Perspectives on Aging

Some cultures view death not as an endpoint but as a beginning, or not as a distinct separation but merely a thin veil or doorway through which a person passes. Other cultures esteem the older generations and honor them for their wisdom, whereas others regard elders as incapable of contributing to society. How might these distinct views on death and older people influence perspectives on the aging process? What other cultural differences might impact perceptions of aging?

This week, you explore different cultures’ views of aging and consider how these differences might influence social work. You also think cross-culturally about how you could integrate another culture’s perspective in your practice.

To Prepare:

Review the Learning      Resources on sociological aspects of later adulthood.

Using the Walden      Library, research two cultures different from your own and examine their      perspectives on aging.

An example search in      the library databases is social conditions or sociocultural AND aging.

By 01/19/2022

Post a comparison of your culture’s( I’m from Dominican republic/Hispanic ) perspective on aging to the perspectives of the two cultures you researched. Explain why you think these differences exist. Also, explain how different perspectives on aging might impact social work practice.

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Required Readings

Zastrow, C. H., Kirst-Ashman, K. K.,


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In this assignment, you will experience a simulated disaster, and provide a report on what each CIKR stakeholder will need to do in order to return to steady state. You will state what laws, regulations, and standards apply to that steady-state plan, and what actions, if any, they will take in the future to mitigate against an event like this. The disaster simulation is interactive, so your situation will be different than others, affecting the actions that your CIKR stakeholders will need to take.

Assume that the event has happened in your US state of choice, and that you are providing this report after the end of the scenario after the governor has arrived with aid and the FBI has completed their investigation.

The CIKR stakeholders that you must provide a report on are:

• Hospital CEO
• EMS Ambulance team
• Fire Department
• Police Department
• Funeral Directors
• University Police

Each CIKR must provide:

• Plan to return to steady state
• What laws, regulations, and standards on the local, State, and Federal levels apply to their situation
• What actions, if any, the CIKR will take to mitigate against this type of event in the future

Must be a minimum of 1500 words, should be properly formatted and contain a Title and Reference page/s, neither of which are counted in word-count totals. An Abstract is not required.  Should be double-spaced, in a legible font and pitch (Times New Roman or similar, 12 pt) and formatted per APA-style as set forth in the most recent edition of the APA manual.

Recall – First person writing “I” is not acceptable in formal writing.  


Identify and select a health system and then describe the health system, the history, and developmental phases of the organization. custom essay help

Identify and select a health system and then describe the health system, the history, and developmental phases of the organization. Include the number and types of people who work in this system, for example, the number of employees and the number of patients served. What are the mission, vision, and values of your system? How are these things demonstrated to their clients and the community?” How is the health system evaluated, and what standards are they measured against? 


Discussion – research and answer essay help

After completing the reading this week answer the following questions:

Chapter 2:

What is an attribute and note the importance?

What are the different types of attributes?

What is the difference between discrete and continuous data?

Why is data quality important?

What occurs in data preprocessing?

In section 2.4, review the measures of similarity and dissimilarity, select one topic and note the key factors.


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After completing the reading this week answer the following questions:

Chapter 2:

What is an attribute and note the importance?

What are the different types of attributes?

What is the difference between discrete and continuous data?

Why is data quality important?

What occurs in data preprocessing?

In section 2.4, review the measures of similarity and dissimilarity, select one topic and note the key factors.


Think about a recent situation in nursing that you recognized as needing to change in some way and share Essay college admissions essay help

Think about a recent situation in nursing that you recognized as needing to change in some way and share your reflection with others in the discussion board. Did you take action to change the situation? If not, why not?
If so consider the following:
1. Who did you connect with in some way to create change?
2. What were the barriers that you faced in making the change?
3. What facilitated getting something done?
4. Looking back, what would you do differently next time around?


1. Apa 7 edition 2. at least 10 references. 3. Regular format for chapter three methodology in Ph.D. dissertation. Essay essay help online: essay help online

1. Apa 7 edition
2. at least 10 references.
3. Regular format for chapter three methodology in Ph.D. dissertation.
4. Orginal work not a whole paraphrased chapter from another dissertaion.
5. Fully grammatically native speaker written format,
6. My school is in the USA and my supervisor is very strict and
8. Take a look at the attachment.


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Currently in the begin phase of a dissertation and need to develop a topic. It’s a DBA in healthcare management. The topic needs to address a research gap within the healthcare field.

The writer needs to provide a topic that address gap within the healthcare field and outline the foundational elements such as
problem statements
research questions
theoretical framework and methodology.



Your essay must be at least 1500 words (approximately 4-5 pages). Microsoft Word has a word count feature, and essay help

Your essay must be at least 1500 words (approximately 4-5 pages). Microsoft Word has a word count feature, and you can usually view the word count in the bar at the bottom of Word. If necessary, search Google for help on how to view the Word count in Microsoft Word. Please download the attached template, which contains additional instructions (and make sure you follow all instructions in the template!). The template document is also formatted correctly for your essay, so you are encouraged to write directly in the attached document (replacing the paragraphs of instruction with your paragraphs addressing each section). Also note that the template is organized into the specific sections you are required to write about in your essay. Please leave all centered sub-headings in the essay, and do not change the wording of them — they are important for organizing your essay and facilitating grading by the rubric.

Please write only in your own words. You are encouraged to read various sources to learn more about your information system, or about information systems in general, but due to the brief length of the essay, you are discouraged from directly quoting from your sources. Instead, explain what you learned from your research and what you know from your own experience with the system, in your own words. List the references you consulted in your research at the bottom of your essay in APA format (minimum of 3 references).

In Analysis Essay #1, you will address the following: 1) introduction to your information system, 2) characteristics of the users of the information system, 3) server-side and client-side hardware and software of the system, 4) descriiption of the features/functions of your information system, including the data inputs and information outputs associated with each feature and how each feature is used within your organization, and 5) conclusion. Specific details about what to include in each section can be found in the attached template.

Your essay will automatically be checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn. There must be no more than 15% similarity to sources to receive credit for this assignment.


focusing strictly on Academic Vocabulary, select One point from the article and I have uploaded the other point that college essay help near me: college essay help near me

focusing strictly on Academic Vocabulary, select One point from the article and I have uploaded the other point that you are going to use to write the paper. so you are using 2 points to write the paper. One must come from the article and the other must come from the notes I have uploaded.
Question to answer:

Why were these two points particularly meaningful? What do you think might be the pedagogical impact of these points?


Texas History Essay argumentative essay help

1. CREATE A MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Read part of Francisco Coronado’s diary detailing his exploration into Tejas. His expedition traveled across the Texas Panhandle, camping at Tule Creek (Tulia) and you can find Coronado’s Diary at: https://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/resources/archives/one/corona0.htm. If you wish to read about his Panhandle trek, start around Chapter XX. Using the dairy, your reading, and any other historical source, write a 300 to 350-word Texas Monthly magazine article describing the expedition, its goals, and daily life. What was Coronado’s goals and did he obtain his gold and glory? Why or why not? Most importantly, explain Coronado and other Spanish explorers impact (or not) on the settlement of Tejas. Was this a positive or negative? From who’s perspective? Be sure to include drawings, maps, etc. in your article and a front magazine cover (since your article is the lead story for that issue). Provide specific examples to support your article as well as all the relevant facts and citations for your answer — including for Coronado’s diary. You can use your software of choice to create your project but save your file as one .pdf file (this seems to be the best choice)..

Book is:
Gone to Texas Randolph B. Campbell


About this Assignment Building a portfolio by using a combination of instruments with maximum returns and just the right college essay help online

About this Assignment
Building a portfolio by using a combination of instruments with maximum returns and just the right amount of risk is key to successful investing. In this course, you have learned about types of financial markets and investments, short-term and long-term investment goals, and portfolio management.

For this assignment, you will select one prompt from the list below and write a 2,000-word analysis and investment strategy proposal. The paper must be double-spaced in APA format with Times New Roman size 12 font.

Select one of the following prompts for your assignment. Research the required topics and use what you have learned in the course to create your analysis and investment strategy proposal.

1. Alice is a retired 75-year-old who has $500,000 after selling her small business and paying taxes on the sale. She wants to invest this money. Alice would like the capital to rise faster than inflation to maintain the purchasing power of her wealth. However, she would also like to make low-risk investments and have easy access to at least $50,000 per year for the next five years.

2. Andy and Sam are both 45 years old. They have two main financial goals: saving for retirement and saving for their eight-year-old daughter’s college education. Sam recently inherited money from his aunt, and after taxes, has $400,000. Andy and Sam would like to aggressively invest this inheritance and an additional $1,000 each month from their combined incomes in hopes of achieving maximum return. Andy and Sam want to retire 20 years from now, and their daughter will need to begin drawing money from the college fund in 10 years.

3. Sasha is 32 years old. She just won the lottery and decided to take a lump sum payment. After paying taxes, she has $2.4 million left. Sasha wants to immediately spend $500,000 and invest the rest. She doesn’t want to aggressively risk her money, but she does want to maximize her return so that she can quit her job now and live the most lavish lifestyle that she can afford for the rest of her life.
No matter which prompt you select, your analysis and investment strategy proposal should:

Explain in general how stocks, bonds, funds, futures, debts, and other investment instruments are traded in financial markets.
Analyze investment opportunities that align with the financial goals of the scenario.
Recommend specific investments to create a portfolio from the available capital.
Evaluate the risks of the recommended investments and the impact that diversification, taxes, inflation, and currency fluctuation could have on the proposed portfolio.
Calculate projected rates of return on each item in the proposed investment portfolio
Recommend strategies for long-term and short-term investment; include justifications for the recommendations you make.

Using Sources
You may refer to the course material for supporting evidence, but you must also use 3 sources and cite them using APA format. Please include a mix of both primary and secondary sources, with at least one source from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal.

Primary sources are first-hand accounts such as interviews, advertisements, speeches, company documents, statements, and press releases published by the company in question.
Secondary sources come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals, such as the Journal of Finance. You may use sources like JSTOR, Google Scholar, and OMICS International to find articles from these journals. Secondary sources may also come from reputable websites with .gov, .edu, or .org in the domain. (Wikipedia is not a reputable source, though the sources listed in Wikipedia articles may be acceptable.)


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Marzano 9 Strategy
Name of Strategy:
Source of Strategy:
Pod where the strategy will be used:
Assignment in the pod where the strategy will be used:
Complete description of the strategy, including any handouts or worksheets you will be
providing your students:

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Case Study #1 Instructions: Case Study#1_Article: Carr, N. G. (2003). IT doesn’t matter. Harvard Business Review Instructor’s notes: Though scholarship essay help

Case Study #1
Case Study#1_Article: Carr, N. G. (2003). IT doesn’t matter. Harvard Business Review
Instructor’s notes: Though this is an old article, it is a classic one starting to think about the
relationship between IT and business strategy. There are many good views in the article, which
can be further assessed in today’s business environment with the fact pace of changes in the field
of IT. I believe this article can help you further understand the course materials covered so far. It
can also provide some new insights into IT strategy. I hope you could enjoy reading this article,
reflect what you have learned, and bring your thoughts.


CASE DISCUSSION REQUIREMENT: Glazed Donut Shop (GDS) wants to go international i.e. enter other markets overseas. It is now based in Kuala Lumpur. As a consultant advice GDS on the best way to go inte a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

e. enter other markets overseas. It is now based in Kuala Lumpur. As a consultant advice GDS on the best way to go international taking into consideration the nature of its business. Explain your decision and evaluate the likely outcomes for GDS.
A) Knowledge and Understanding – wide range of ideas
B) Analysis and Evaluation – analyse, evaluate, compare and construct values.
C) Critical Thinking – logical and creative, with insightful outcomes
D) Research and Enquiry – Rigorous and sustained enquiry with excellent outcomes.
D) Communication – communicate ideas clearly and appropriately.
E) Presentation and Referencing – Technically excellent accurate referencing and presentation.
1) Word count –Not more than 800 words. Not including references.
2) You must provide references. References should use the American Psychological Association (APA) format. 
3) References should include the latest journal/book publication (year 2000 and onwards).


Language and Yourself Essay essay help: essay help

Please use personal experience to answer the following the question: Do you feel more comfortable speaking in one language than another? Can you express yourself better in one language than another? Or do you feel more comfortable when you talk to someone with whom you can code-switch (e.g. mix Spanish and English)? Do you feel that you can be more cool, casual, smart or respectful in certain languages than others? Requirement: please use personal experiences and feelings. Outside research is not required nor allowed.


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Wilson is a 36-year-old migrant worker. He was admitted to the Hospital with a cough, unintended weight loss, and night sweats. He is staying with 6 friends in a one bedroom apartment near the strawberry field where he works. The ED physician suspects Tuberculosis (TB).

What diagnostic testing will the Provider order to confirm a diagnosis of TB?

What Isolation precautions do you expect to be put in place and why?

Describe the recommended treatment regimen for TB, including the rationale for combination drug therapy.

Identify the reason compliance to medication therapy is often a concern in the patient with TB.

What should be done for Wilson’s 6 roommates?

Please include at least 1 reference and provide appropriate citation of your reference(s).


Complete the Comparison of Respiratory Disorders table, please type the Comparison Table, do not handwrite it
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Complete the Comparison of Respiratory Disorders table, please type the Comparison Table, do not handwrite it

On the comparison table, leave the “Interventions” section blank as you will use the PNII Handwritten requirements document for the Interventsion

Using the “PNII Handwritten requirements”, follow the instructions listed above under “must be handwritten”. Complete (1) PNII handwritten requirements template for each disorder listed, please write at the top of each page what disorder each template is for.

Provide at least 1 reference and citation from the years 2019-2021, provide a citation for each column in the Comparison Table and a citation for each section of the PNII Handwritten Requirements document. 


Case Study: A 25-year-old presented to the labor and delivery unit with complaints of uterine cramping and lower back pain. best college essay help

Case Study: A 25-year-old presented to the labor and delivery unit with complaints of uterine cramping and lower back pain. The client denied any vaginal bleeding and had a history of preterm birth at 32 weeks (about 7 and a half months) gestation with her last pregnancy. The baby from that pregnancy is three years old has no developmental issues. The client’s gestational age is 30 weeks (about 7 months). She is O , and all other lab values are normal. No evidence of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

(Group Beta Strep is missing from the labs and most often is obtained at 35 – 37 weeks (about 8 and a half months) gestation. Without this information, it is often determined to treat the patient anyway, to protect a premature baby from the risk.)

What additional information should the nurse obtain from the client?

What nursing intervention is most appropriate in this situation?

What screening tests should be obtained to determine the risk for preterm labor?

If the client is in preterm labor, what medications would the nurse expect to be ordered, and what are the priorities for the nurse to assess post-administration? (Include dose, side effects and expected outcomes of the medication).


Answer the following case study questions: Given the complex nature of the airline industry, describe the key traits that essay help free

Answer the following case study questions:
Given the complex nature of the airline industry, describe the key traits that have enabled Southwest’s success throughout the years. Southwest Airlines’ Nonstop Culture: Flying High with Transparency and Empowerment ^ W94C04

1. Explain the importance of a successful power transition for a company that has such a strong and identifiable culture.
2. Articulate Southwest’s employee hiring and promoting methodology.
3. How does this differ from the traditional models of talent acquisition and internal growth?
4. Support why Southwest’s customers and role in society aid in its classification as an organizationally excellent company.
5. Develop a crises management strategy that Southwest would implement to combat politically and or economically challenging situations such as post-September 11, 2002 or the global recession of 2008.



Start by reading and following these instructions: Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any addit essay help online: essay help online

Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.
Consider the course discussions so far and any insights gained from them.
Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources if needed, use APA style as required, and check your spelling.
Global Health, Policy, and the Future
This assignment will be a 5 to 7-minute video or audio embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.
In the Learning Materials under Additional Resources Review:
1. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2017). Global health and the future role of the United States. -> Review TABLE S-1 Committee Recommendations and Corresponding Actions on page 3 (these come from the global health report and are global recommendations) and the four Priority Areas for Action starting on page 4 that further explain the 14 Recommendations in TABLE S-1.
2. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
*Select and review ONE of the 14 Recommendations OR an SDG that align with your interests or one you feel passionate about that could significantly improve global health.
Consider what steps healthcare professionals can take to advocate for vulnerable people at a global level.  
This assignment will require you to create a 5 to 7-minute video or audio recording in a PowerPoint presentation.
Reflect on global issues in healthcare and address the following in your presentation:
Briefly describe the selected global recommendation or SDG and the identified vulnerable population
Analyze current healthcare policies that impact your selected global recommendation or SDG
Explain the reason you selected the global recommendation or SDG and why it is relevant to the vulnerable population.
Discuss why the global recommendation you selected should be implemented or the SDG you selected should be achieved, including why there should be funding to implement the global recommendation or SDG.
Assignment Expectations
Length: 5 to 7 minute video presentation (mp4 format) with slide presentation
Structure: Include a title, objectives, and reference slides in APA format. Your presentation must include an introduction and a conclusion.
References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of three (3) scholarly sources are required for this assignment.
Format: Save your assignment as an mp4 file.
Filename: Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and the module number (for example, “RHall Module 1.mp4”)
Submission: Submit to the D2L dropbox for grading


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Please write an appeal form for me, I was not able to successfully finish my academic progress.Perhaps I needed help with time management and study skills. Admit the problem and Show that I have corrected the SAP problem. (I was not able to pass my class and now I need a appeal form. let me know if you have any questions.


Writer’s Choice Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Task: Follow the instructions below.
Purpose: This assignment should help you learn and assess your ability to:
Use both instance members and static members, as appropriate, in class design.
Design, implement, test, and debug intermediate-level Java programs that use each of the following fundamental programming constructs: string processing, numeric computation, simple I/O, arrays and the Java API.
Assignment 2 – Adding a Deck
This is a team assignment (work with your A2 Canvas Group). Files submitted to Canvas will be submitted for the entire team (which Canvas calls a group). Only one person needs to submit to the Java Code Critic for the team. I will later mark that person as the Canvas group “leader” so you’ll know who to get your code feedback from.

Work on this assignment together via a plugin and/or screen sharing(see the next paragraph below). Don’t split up the work and don’t cut and paste sections shared by email, or something else. You will get more confused and you will learn less. Each student must know what the others team members know so take the time to explain and help each other. Usually you will discover some problems in your thinking while you are explaining, and thus your work will be better!

Remember, copying and slightly modifying another person’s work, is plagiarism and is not acceptable. You can get ideas from students in other teams, but your team must:

Type Your Own Code!
You are required to use the Pair Programming agile practice for all your work on this project: Since we are using pair-programming in our teams, you should use a pair-programming plugin instead, or in addition to, Zoom or some other screen sharing program. Below are a few options (but there are others).

For Eclipse


What do you need to know about dry herb vaporizers? essay help: essay help

Vaporizers have been around for a long time, but in recent years they have come into the spotlight as people are searching for cleaner ways to get high. There has been a ton of research going on to better understand how vaporizers work, and in this article, we will go over some of the key things that you need to know about dry herb vaporizers.

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that heats herbs to the point that the essential oils and active compounds are released, thus creating a vapor that can be inhaled. The difference between dry herb vaporizers and other types of vaporizers is that it does not use the liquid. Instead, it uses a heating element to cook your marijuana, tobacco, or other herbs without burning them.

Different Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

There are many options available to choose from. You can choose between desktop, portable, or pen-style vaporizers. They all have different sizes and strengths of vapor. Desktop vaporizers have a larger heating chamber and produce thicker vapor with a nice flavor. But they also take longer to use so it’s best for people who have more time on their hands. Portable pens are one of the most popular choices because they’re easy to carry around and use. Pen-style vaporizers have a smaller heating chamber that produces less vapor which is ideal for those with busy schedules.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dry Herb Vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that converts loose plant material into hot, inhalable vapor. It’s a favorite for medical marijuana patients and people who want to quit smoking. One of the biggest advantages is that it doesn’t need propane or butane gas as a regular weed pipe does. You can also use it in public without looking like an idiot sitting on the sidewalk with a bag of pot. The downside is that you get less flavor because it’s just heated air going into your lungs instead of smoke from burning leaves.

How to Pick the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you’re an avid smoker looking for an alternative to cigarettes, then you may want to invest in these vaporizers. The best way to find the right one is to take your time researching the different kinds of devices available on the market. A handheld vaporizer is usually preferred because it’s more discreet and there are fewer cords to worry about. Be sure to consider how much power the device needs or else you’ll end up with a dead battery within minutes.

Conduction vs Convection: Which One’s Right for Me?

Conduction is typically considered to be one of the most popular methods of vaporizing because it heats up the herb (or other material) instantly and consistently. On the other hand, convection has a slower heat-up time but heats up the herb more evenly. Visit this website to know more- online vaporizer store


Write a 3 page paper in APA format about healthcare fraud and abuse. 4 references are required from journals Essay writing essay help

Write a 3 page paper in APA format about healthcare fraud and abuse. 4 references are required from journals less than 5 years old from United States peer reviewed. In the introduction define the issue. Next explain how is it related to the ethical principles autonomy, justice, and Veracity. Relate them to the ethical issue in the paper. Provide a detailed definition of the ethical principles identified and how it applies to this situation. Explain the significance to nursing patient care. Use appropriate headings for various sections of your paper. Create your own title.


Write a 3,500-word paper that critically discusses (with appropriate reference to literature) ‘Contemporary Management Today’. Please address the following writing essay help: writing essay help

Write a 3,500-word paper that critically discusses (with appropriate reference to literature) ‘Contemporary Management Today’. Please address the following areas:

a) Management Strategy in Context: Drawing on your own professional experience and reading, critically analyses macro factors redefining contemporary management today. Identify key challenges and opportunities for management within your sector or region, discussing possible implications for management strategy. (750 words)

Referring to communication/ Government Communication, find articles from the United Arab Emirates that highlights the management style/ strategy and the role of communication in addressing/ promoting these strategies.
Will upload samples of communication strategies from different bodies to have a better understanding.

b) Management Skills: Critically review new ideas about management practice today that highlight managerial skill sets. Discuss the emerging importance of managerial mindset alongside new developments in AI. (750 words)

Will upload a communication strategy prepared for AI university and other previously prepared papers in the same field.

c) Management Systems: Critically review current theory


Childhood Trauma, Effects of the Trauma, and Evidence-based Treatment Options a level english language essay help

***DONOT TOUCH THE PAPER SUBMITTED THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN GRADED**** Follow the instructions information from articles already included please see instructions below

Add to the Themes
• More literature from the articles needs to be
• discussed/documented
• you need to identify more evidence-based interventions for Theme 3 – in this section that can support topic, etc.
More empirical research articles are required for all themes identified – these articles report research based on actual observation or experiment (needed for all for themes and literature review).

– APA style writing (double-spacing is required throughout the paper, Reference page, etc.).



a literLiterature Analysis Reflection Paragraph #2 Due Jan 16 by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload Writing a Literary Analysis/Reflection Paragraph Step 1: Choose and read a text. Step 2: Actively read your selection looking for our 5 lit terms. Step 3: Choose a lit term that enhances the text and decide which evidence best exemplifies your main idea. Step 4: Write your topic sentence/thesis –Title –Author –point you’re going to make ( “__Lit term__ is shown through ­­­­­­­­X,Y,Z”). Step 5: State your first textual evidence –Direct quote or paraphrase –This is NOT your idea or opinion Step 6: Explain your analysis –This is your opinion/idea. Make sure it is based on the evidence. Step 7: Tell why this analysis supports your main idea. –This is your reasoning. –Why is this important? What does it mean for the text as a whole? Repeat Steps 4-7 for all the evidence you’re presenting and use transitions to show relationships between ideas. Final Step: End with a concluding statement that summarizes and reiterates your point. DO THIS FOR THREE LIT TERMS AND THREE TEXTS (ONE LIT TERM/TEXT). This should be at least 750 words and address the Lit Terms you did not address in #1. The texts should also not be repeated. Make sure you’re putting direct quotes from your text in quotes and providing me with the link you’re using to access the text. All texts are linked on the Reading List. scholarship essay help

A Jury Of Her Peers
[Copyright, 1917, by The Crowell Publishing Company.
Copyright, 1918, by Susan Glaspell Cook.]
From Every Week
When Martha Hale opened the storm-door and got a cut of
the north wind, she ran back for her big woolen scarf. As
she hurriedly wound that round her head her eye made a
scandalized sweep of her kitchen. It was no ordinary thing
that called her away–it was probably farther from ordinary
than anything that had ever happened in Dickson County.
But what her eye took in was that her kitchen was in no
shape for leaving: her bread all ready for mixing, half the
flour sifted and half unsifted.
She hated to see things half done; but she had been at that
when the team from town stopped to get Mr. Hale, and
then the sheriff came running in to say his wife wished
Mrs. Hale would come too–adding, with a grin, that he
guessed she was getting scarey and wanted another woman
along. So she had dropped everything right where it was.
“Martha!” now came her husband’s impatient voice. “Don’t
keep folks waiting out here in the cold.”
She again opened the storm-door, and this time joined the
three men and the one woman waiting for her in the big
two-seated buggy.
After she had the robes tucked around her she took another
look at the woman who sat beside her on the back seat. She
had met Mrs. Peters the year before at the county fair, and
the thing she remembered about her was that she didn’t
seem like a sheriff’s wife. She was small and thin and
didn’t have a strong voice. Mrs. Gorman, sheriff’s wife
before Gorman went out and Peters came in, had a voice
that somehow seemed to be backing up the law with every
word. But if Mrs. Peters didn’t look like a sheriff’s wife,
Peters made it up in looking like a sheriff. He was to a dot
the kind of man who could get himself elected sheriff–a
heavy man with a big voice, who was particularly genial
with the law-abiding, as if to make it plain that he knew
the difference between criminals and non-criminals. And
right there it came into Mrs. Hale’s mind, with a stab, that
this man who was so pleasant and lively with all of them
was going to the Wrights’ now as a sheriff.
“The country’s not very pleasant this time of year,” Mrs.
Peters at last ventured, as if she felt they ought to be
talking as well as the men.
Mrs. Hale scarcely finished her reply, for they had gone up
a little hill and could see the Wright place now, and seeing
it did not make her feel like talking. It looked very
lonesome this cold March morning. It had always been a
lonesome-looking place. It was down in a hollow, and the
poplar trees around it were lonesome-looking trees. The
men were looking at it and talking about what had
happened. The county attorney was bending to one side of
the buggy, and kept looking steadily at the place as they
drew up to it.
“I’m glad you came with me,” Mrs. Peters said nervously,
as the two women were about to follow the men in through
the kitchen door.
Even after she had her foot on the door-step, her hand on
the knob, Martha Hale had a moment of feeling she could
not cross that threshold. And the reason it seemed she
couldn’t cross it now was simply because she hadn’t
crossed it before. Time and time again it had been in her
mind, “I ought to go over and see Minnie Foster”–she still
thought of her as Minnie Foster, though for twenty years
she had been Mrs. Wright. And then there was always
something to do and Minnie Foster would go from her
mind. But now she could come.
* * *
The men went over to the stove. The women stood close
together by the door. Young Henderson, the county
attorney, turned around and said, “Come up to the fire,
Mrs. Peters took a step forward, then stopped. “I’m not–
cold,” she said.
And so the two women stood by the door, at first not even
so much as looking around the kitchen.
The men talked for a minute about what a good thing it
was the sheriff had sent his deputy out that morning to
make a fire for them, and then Sheriff Peters stepped back
from the stove, unbuttoned his outer coat, and leaned his
hands on the kitchen table in a way that seemed to mark
the beginning of official business. “Now, Mr. Hale,” he
said in a sort of semi-official voice, “before we move
things about, you tell Mr. Henderson just what it was you
saw when you came here yesterday morning.”
The county attorney was looking around the kitchen.
“By the way,” he said, “has anything been moved?” He
turned to the sheriff. “Are things just as you left them
Peters looked from cupboard to sink; from that to a small
worn rocker a little to one side of the kitchen table.
“It’s just the same.”
“Somebody should have been left here yesterday,” said the
county attorney.
“Oh–yesterday,” returned the sheriff, with a little gesture
as of yesterday having been more than he could bear to
think of. “When I had to send Frank to Morris Center for
that man who went crazy–let me tell you, I had my hands
full yesterday. I knew you could get back from Omaha by
to-day, George, and as long as I went over everything here
“Well, Mr. Hale,” said the county attorney, in a way of
letting what was past and gone go, “tell just what happened
when you came here yesterday morning.”
Mrs. Hale, still leaning against the door, had that sinking
feeling of the mother whose child is about to speak a piece.
Lewis often wandered along and got things mixed up in a
story. She hoped he would tell this straight and plain, and
not say unnecessary things that would just make things
harder for Minnie Foster. He didn’t begin at once, and she
noticed that he looked queer–as if standing in that kitchen
and having to tell what he had seen there yesterday
morning made him almost sick.
“Yes, Mr. Hale?” the county attorney reminded.
“Harry and I had started to town with a load of potatoes,”
Mrs. Hale’s husband began.
Harry was Mrs. Hale’s oldest boy. He wasn’t with them
now, for the very good reason that those potatoes never got
to town yesterday and he was taking them this morning, so
he hadn’t been home when the sheriff stopped to say he
wanted Mr. Hale to come over to the Wright place and tell
the county attorney his story there, where he could point it
all out. With all Mrs. Hale’s other emotions came the fear
now that maybe Harry wasn’t dressed warm enough–they
hadn’t any of them realized how that north wind did bite.
“We come along this road,” Hale was going on, with a
motion of his hand to the road over which they had just
come, “and as we got in sight of the house I says to Harry,
‘I’m goin’ to see if I can’t get John Wright to take a
telephone.’ You see,” he explained to Henderson, “unless I
can get somebody to go in with me they won’t come out
this branch road except for a price I can’t pay. I’d spoke to
Wright about it once before; but he put me off, saying
folks talked too much anyway, and all he asked was peace
and quiet–guess you know about how much he talked
himself. But I thought maybe if I went to the house and
talked about it before his wife, and said all the womenfolks liked the telephones, and that in this lonesome stretch
of road it would be a good thing–well, I said to Harry that
that was what I was going to say–though I said at the same
time that I didn’t know as what his wife wanted made
much difference to John–”
Now, there he was!–saying things he didn’t need to say.
Mrs. Hale tried to catch her husband’s eye, but fortunately
the county attorney interrupted with:
“Let’s talk about that a little later, Mr. Hale. I do want to
talk about that, but I’m anxious now to get along to just
what happened when you got here.”
When he began this time, it was very deliberately and
“I didn’t see or hear anything. I knocked at the door. And
still it was all quiet inside. I knew they must be up–it was
past eight o’clock. So I knocked again, louder, and I
thought I heard somebody say, ‘Come in.’ I wasn’t sure–
I’m not sure yet. But I opened the door–this door,” jerking
a hand toward the door by which the two women stood,
“and there, in that rocker”–pointing to it–“sat Mrs.
Every one in the kitchen looked at the rocker. It came into
Mrs. Hale’s mind that that rocker didn’t look in the least
like Minnie Foster–the Minnie Foster of twenty years
before. It was a dingy red, with wooden rungs up the back,
and the middle rung was gone, and the chair sagged to one
“How did she–look?” the county attorney was inquiring.
“Well,” said Hale, “she looked–queer.”
“How do you mean–queer?”
As he asked it he took out a note-book and pencil. Mrs.
Hale did not like the sight of that pencil. She kept her eye
fixed on her husband, as if to keep him from saying
unnecessary things that would go into that note-book and
make trouble.
Hale did speak guardedly, as if the pencil had affected him
“Well, as if she didn’t know what she was going to do next.
And kind of–done up.”
“How did she seem to feel about your coming?”
“Why, I don’t think she minded–one way or other. She
didn’t pay much attention. I said, ‘Ho’ do, Mrs. Wright? It’s
cold, ain’t it?’ And she said, ‘Is it?’–and went on pleatin’ at
her apron.
“Well, I was surprised. She didn’t ask me to come up to the
stove, or to sit down, but just set there, not even lookin’ at
me. And so I said: ‘I want to see John.’
“And then she–laughed. I guess you would call it a laugh.
“I thought of Harry and the team outside, so I said, a little
sharp, ‘Can I see John?’ ‘No,’ says she–kind of dull like.
‘Ain’t he home?’ says I. Then she looked at me. ‘Yes,’ says
she, ‘he’s home.’ ‘Then why can’t I see him?’ I asked her,
out of patience with her now. ”Cause he’s dead,’ says she,
just as quiet and dull–and fell to pleatin’ her apron. ‘Dead?’
says I, like you do when you can’t take in what you’ve
“She just nodded her head, not getting a bit excited, but
rockin’ back and forth.
“‘Why–where is he?’ says I, not knowing what to say.
“She just pointed upstairs–like this”–pointing to the room
“I got up, with the idea of going up there myself. By this
time I–didn’t know what to do. I walked from there to
here; then I says: ‘Why, what did he die of?’
“‘He died of a rope round his neck,’ says she; and just went
on pleatin’ at her apron.”
* * *
Hale stopped speaking, and stood staring at the rocker, as
if he were still seeing the woman who had sat there the
morning before. Nobody spoke; it was as if every one were
seeing the woman who had sat there the morning before.
“And what did you do then?” the county attorney at last
broke the silence.
“I went out and called Harry. I thought I might–need help.
I got Harry in, and we went upstairs.” His voice fell almost
to a whisper. “There he was–lying over the–”
“I think I’d rather have you go into that upstairs,” the
county attorney interrupted, “where you can point it all
out. Just go on now with the rest of the story.”
“Well, my first thought was to get that rope off. It looked–

He stopped, his face twitching.
“But Harry, he went up to him, and he said, ‘No, he’s dead
all right, and we’d better not touch anything.’ So we went
“She was still sitting that same way. ‘Has anybody been
notified?’ I asked. ‘No,’ says she, unconcerned.
“‘Who did this, Mrs. Wright?’ said Harry. He said it
businesslike, and she stopped pleatin’ at her apron. ‘I don’t
know,’ she says. ‘You don’t know?’ says Harry. ‘Weren’t
you sleepin’ in the bed with him?’ ‘Yes,’ says she, ‘but I was
on the inside.’ ‘Somebody slipped a rope round his neck
and strangled him, and you didn’t wake up?’ says Harry. ‘I
didn’t wake up,’ she said after him.
“We may have looked as if we didn’t see how that could
be, for after a minute she said, ‘I sleep sound.’
“Harry was going to ask her more questions, but I said
maybe that weren’t our business; maybe we ought to let her
tell her story first to the coroner or the sheriff. So Harry
went fast as he could over to High Road–the Rivers’ place,
where there’s a telephone.”
“And what did she do when she knew you had gone for the
coroner?” The attorney got his pencil in his hand all ready
for writing.
“She moved from that chair to this one over here”–Hale
pointed to a small chair in the corner–“and just sat there
with her hands held together and looking down. I got a
feeling that I ought to make some conversation, so I said I
had come in to see if John wanted to put in a telephone;
and at that she started to laugh, and then she stopped and
looked at me–scared.”
At sound of a moving pencil the man who was telling the
story looked up.
“I dunno–maybe it wasn’t scared,” he hastened; “I
wouldn’t like to say it was. Soon Harry got back, and then
Dr. Lloyd came, and you, Mr. Peters, and so I guess that’s
all I know that you don’t.”
* * *
He said that last with relief, and moved a little, as if
relaxing. Every one moved a little. The county attorney
walked toward the stair door.
“I guess we’ll go upstairs first–then out to the barn and
around there.”
He paused and looked around the kitchen.
“You’re convinced there was nothing important here?” he
asked the sheriff. “Nothing that would–point to any
The sheriff too looked all around, as if to re-convince
“Nothing here but kitchen things,” he said, with a little
laugh for the insignificance of kitchen things.
The county attorney was looking at the cupboard–a
peculiar, ungainly structure, half closet and half cupboard,
the upper part of it being built in the wall, and the lower
part just the old-fashioned kitchen cupboard. As if its
queerness attracted him, he got a chair and opened the
upper part and looked in. After a moment he drew his hand
away sticky.
“Here’s a nice mess,” he said resentfully.
The two women had drawn nearer, and now the sheriff’s
wife spoke.
“Oh–her fruit,” she said, looking to Mrs. Hale for
sympathetic understanding. She turned back to the county
attorney and explained: “She worried about that when it
turned so cold last night. She said the fire would go out
and her jars might burst.”
Mrs. Peters’ husband broke into a laugh.
“Well, can you beat the women! Held for murder and
worrying about her preserves!”
The young attorney set his lips.
“I guess before we’re through with her she may have
something more serious than preserves to worry about.”
“Oh, well,” said Mrs. Hale’s husband, with good-natured
superiority, “women are used to worrying over trifles.”
The two women moved a little closer together. Neither of
them spoke. The county attorney seemed suddenly to
remember his manners–and think of his future.
“And yet,” said he, with the gallantry of a young politician,
“for all their worries, what would we do without the
The women did not speak, did not unbend. He went to the
sink and began washing his hands. He turned to wipe them
on the roller towel–whirled it for a cleaner place.
“Dirty towels! Not much of a housekeeper, would you say,
He kicked his foot against some dirty pans under the sink.
“There’s a great deal of work to be done on a farm,” said
Mrs. Hale stiffly.
“To be sure. And yet”–with a little bow to her–“I know
there are some Dickson County farm-houses that do not
have such roller towels.” He gave it a pull to expose its full
length again.
“Those towels get dirty awful quick. Men’s hands aren’t
always as clean as they might be.”
“Ah, loyal to your sex, I see,” he laughed. He stopped and
gave her a keen look. “But you and Mrs. Wright were
neighbors. I suppose you were friends, too.”
Martha Hale shook her head.
“I’ve seen little enough of her of late years. I’ve not been in
this house–it’s more than a year.”
“And why was that? You didn’t like her?”
“I liked her well enough,” she replied with spirit. “Farmers’
wives have their hands full, Mr. Henderson. And then–”
She looked around the kitchen.
“Yes?” he encouraged.
“It never seemed a very cheerful place,” said she, more to
herself than to him.
“No,” he agreed; “I don’t think any one would call it
cheerful. I shouldn’t say she had the home-making
“Well, I don’t know as Wright had, either,” she muttered.
“You mean they didn’t get on very well?” he was quick to
“No; I don’t mean anything,” she answered, with decision.
As she turned a little away from him, she added: “But I
don’t think a place would be any the cheerfuler for John
Wright’s bein’ in it.”
“I’d like to talk to you about that a little later, Mrs. Hale,”
he said. “I’m anxious to get the lay of things upstairs now.”
He moved toward the stair door, followed by the two men.
“I suppose anything Mrs. Peters does’ll be all right?” the
sheriff inquired. “She was to take in some clothes for her,
you know–and a few little things. We left in such a hurry
The county attorney looked at the two women whom they
were leaving alone there among the kitchen things.
“Yes–Mrs. Peters,” he said, his glance resting on the
woman who was not Mrs. Peters, the big farmer woman
who stood behind the sheriff’s wife. “Of course Mrs. Peters
is one of us,” he said, in a manner of entrusting
responsibility. “And keep your eye out Mrs. Peters, for
anything that might be of use. No telling; you women
might come upon a clue to the motive–and that’s the thing
we need.”
Mr. Hale rubbed his face after the fashion of a show man
getting ready for a pleasantry.
“But would the women know a clue if they did come upon
it?” he said; and, having delivered himself of this, he
followed the others through the stair door.
* * *
The women stood motionless and silent, listening to the
footsteps, first upon the stairs, then in the room above
Then, as if releasing herself from something strange, Mrs.
Hale began to arrange the dirty pans under the sink, which
the county attorney’s disdainful push of the foot had
“I’d hate to have men comin’ into my kitchen,” she said
testily–“snoopin’ round and criticizin’.”
“Of course it’s no more than their duty,” said the sheriff’s
wife, in her manner of timid acquiescence.
“Duty’s all right,” replied Mrs. Hale bluffly; “but I guess
that deputy sheriff that come out to make the fire might
have got a little of this on.” She gave the roller towel a
pull. “Wish I’d thought of that sooner! Seems mean to talk
about her for not having things slicked up, when she had to
come away in such a hurry.”
She looked around the kitchen. Certainly it was not
“slicked up.” Her eye was held by a bucket of sugar on a
low shelf. The cover was off the wooden bucket, and
beside it was a paper bag–half full.
Mrs. Hale moved toward it.
“She was putting this in there,” she said to herself–slowly.
She thought of the flour in her kitchen at home–half sifted,
half not sifted. She had been interrupted, and had left
things half done. What had interrupted Minnie Foster?
Why had that work been left half done? She made a move
as if to finish it,–unfinished things always bothered her,–
and then she glanced around and saw that Mrs. Peters was
watching her–and she didn’t want Mrs. Peters to get that
feeling she had got of work begun and then–for some
reason–not finished.
“It’s a shame about her fruit,” she said, and walked toward
the cupboard that the county attorney had opened, and got
on the chair, murmuring: “I wonder if it’s all gone.”
It was a sorry enough looking sight, but “Here’s one that’s
all right,” she said at last. She held it toward the light.
“This is cherries, too.” She looked again. “I declare I
believe that’s the only one.”
With a sigh, she got down from the chair, went to the sink,
and wiped off the bottle.
“She’ll feel awful bad, after all her hard work in the hot
weather. I remember the afternoon I put up my cherries
last summer.”
She set the bottle on the table, and, with another sigh,
started to sit down in the rocker. But she did not sit down.
Something kept her from sitting down in that chair. She
straightened–stepped back, and, half turned away, stood
looking at it, seeing the woman who had sat there “pleatin’
at her apron.”
The thin voice of the sheriff’s wife broke in upon her: “I
must be getting those things from the front room closet.”
She opened the door into the other room, started in,
stepped back. “You coming with me, Mrs. Hale?” she
asked nervously. “You–you could help me get them.”
They were soon back–the stark coldness of that shut-up
room was not a thing to linger in.
“My!” said Mrs. Peters, dropping the things on the table
and hurrying to the stove.
Mrs. Hale stood examining the clothes the woman who
was being detained in town had said she wanted.
“Wright was close!” she exclaimed, holding up a shabby
black skirt that bore the marks of much making over. “I
think maybe that’s why she kept so much to herself. I
s’pose she felt she couldn’t do her part; and then, you don’t
enjoy things when you feel shabby. She used to wear
pretty clothes and be lively–when she was Minnie Foster,
one of the town girls, singing in the choir. But that–oh,
that was twenty years ago.”
With a carefulness in which there was something tender,
she folded the shabby clothes and piled them at one corner
of the table. She looked up at Mrs. Peters and there was
something in the other woman’s look that irritated her.
“She don’t care,” she said to herself. “Much difference it
makes to her whether Minnie Foster had pretty clothes
when she was a girl.”
Then she looked again, and she wasn’t so sure; in fact, she
hadn’t at any time been perfectly sure about Mrs. Peters.
She had that shrinking manner, and yet her eyes looked as
if they could see a long way into things.
“This all you was to take in?” asked Mrs. Hale.
“No,” said the sheriff’s wife; “she said she wanted an
apron. Funny thing to want,” she ventured in her nervous
little way, “for there’s not much to get you dirty in jail,
goodness knows. But I suppose just to make her feel more
natural. If you’re used to wearing an apron–. She said they
were in the bottom drawer of this cupboard. Yes–here they
are. And then her little shawl that always hung on the stair
She took the small gray shawl from behind the door
leading upstairs, and stood a minute looking at it.
Suddenly Mrs. Hale took a quick step toward the other
“Mrs. Peters!”
“Yes, Mrs. Hale?”
“Do you think she–did it?”
A frightened look blurred the other thing in Mrs. Peters’
“Oh, I don’t know,” she said, in a voice that seemed to
shrink away from the subject.
“Well, I don’t think she did,” affirmed Mrs. Hale stoutly.
“Asking for an apron, and her little shawl. Worryin’ about
her fruit.”
“Mr. Peters says–.” Footsteps were heard in the room
above; she stopped, looked up, then went on in a lowered
voice: “Mr. Peters says–it looks bad for her. Mr.
Henderson is awful sarcastic in a speech, and he’s going to
make fun of her saying she didn’t–wake up.”
For a moment Mrs. Hale had no answer. Then, “Well, I
guess John Wright didn’t wake up–when they was slippin’
that rope under his neck,” she muttered.
“No, it’s strange,” breathed Mrs. Peters. “They think it was
such a–funny way to kill a man.”
She began to laugh; at sound of the laugh, abruptly
“That’s just what Mr. Hale said,” said Mrs. Hale, in a
resolutely natural voice. “There was a gun in the house. He
says that’s what he can’t understand.”
“Mr. Henderson said, coming out, that what was needed
for the case was a motive. Something to show anger–or
sudden feeling.”
“Well, I don’t see any signs of anger around here,” said
Mrs. Hale. “I don’t–”
She stopped. It was as if her mind tripped on something.
Her eye was caught by a dish-towel in the middle of the
kitchen table. Slowly she moved toward the table. One half
of it was wiped clean, the other half messy. Her eyes made
a slow, almost unwilling turn to the bucket of sugar and
the half empty bag beside it. Things begun–and not
After a moment she stepped back, and said, in that manner
of releasing herself:
“Wonder how they’re finding things upstairs? I hope she
had it a little more red up up there. You know,”–she
paused, and feeling gathered,–“it seems kind of sneaking:
locking her up in town and coming out here to get her own
house to turn against her!”
“But, Mrs. Hale,” said the sheriff’s wife, “the law is the
“I s’pose ’tis,” answered Mrs. Hale shortly.
She turned to the stove, saying something about that fire
not being much to brag of. She worked with it a minute,
and when she straightened up she said aggressively:
“The law is the law–and a bad stove is a bad stove. How’d
you like to cook on this?”–pointing with the poker to the
broken lining. She opened the oven door and started to
express her opinion of the oven; but she was swept into her
own thoughts, thinking of what it would mean, year after
year, to have that stove to wrestle with. The thought of
Minnie Foster trying to bake in that oven–and the thought
of her never going over to see Minnie Foster–.
She was startled by hearing Mrs. Peters say: “A person
gets discouraged–and loses heart.”
The sheriff’s wife had looked from the stove to the sink–to
the pail of water which had been carried in from outside.
The two women stood there silent, above them the
footsteps of the men who were looking for evidence
against the woman who had worked in that kitchen. That
look of seeing into things, of seeing through a thing to
something else, was in the eyes of the sheriff’s wife now.
When Mrs. Hale next spoke to her, it was gently:
“Better loosen up your things, Mrs. Peters. We’ll not feel
them when we go out.”
Mrs. Peters went to the back of the room to hang up the fur
tippet she was wearing. A moment later she exclaimed,
“Why, she was piecing a quilt,” and held up a large sewing
basket piled high with quilt pieces.
Mrs. Hale spread some of the blocks out on the table.
“It’s log-cabin pattern,” she said, putting several of them
together. “Pretty, isn’t it?”
They were so engaged with the quilt that they did not hear
the footsteps on the stairs. Just as the stair door opened
Mrs. Hale was saying:
“Do you suppose she was going to quilt it or just knot it?”
The sheriff threw up his hands.
“They wonder whether she was going to quilt it or just
knot it!”
There was a laugh for the ways of women, a warming of
hands over the stove, and then the county attorney said
“Well, let’s go right out to the barn and get that cleared
“I don’t see as there’s anything so strange,” Mrs. Hale said
resentfully, after the outside door had closed on the three
men–“our taking up our time with little things while we’re
waiting for them to get the evidence. I don’t see as it’s
anything to laugh about.”
“Of course they’ve got awful important things on their
minds,” said the sheriff’s wife apologetically.
They returned to an inspection of the block for the quilt.
Mrs. Hale was looking at the fine, even sewing, and
preoccupied with thoughts of the woman who had done
that sewing, when she heard the sheriff’s wife say, in a
queer tone:
“Why, look at this one.”
She turned to take the block held out to her.
“The sewing,” said Mrs. Peters, in a troubled way. “All the
rest of them have been so nice and even–but–this one.
Why, it looks as if she didn’t know what she was about!”
Their eyes met–something flashed to life, passed between
them; then, as if with an effort, they seemed to pull away
from each other. A moment Mrs. Hale sat her hands folded
over that sewing which was so unlike all the rest of the
sewing. Then she had pulled a knot and drawn the threads.
“Oh, what are you doing, Mrs. Hale?” asked the sheriff’s
wife, startled.
“Just pulling out a stitch or two that’s not sewed very
good,” said Mrs. Hale mildly.
“I don’t think we ought to touch things,” Mrs. Peters said, a
little helplessly.
“I’ll just finish up this end,” answered Mrs. Hale, still in
that mild, matter-of-fact fashion.
She threaded a needle and started to replace bad sewing
with good. For a little while she sewed in silence. Then, in
that thin, timid voice, she heard:
“Mrs. Hale!”
“Yes, Mrs. Peters?”
“What do you suppose she was so–nervous about?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” said Mrs. Hale, as if dismissing a thing
not important enough to spend much time on. “I don’t
know as she was–nervous. I sew awful queer sometimes
when I’m just tired.”
She cut a thread, and out of the corner of her eye looked up
at Mrs. Peters. The small, lean face of the sheriff’s wife
seemed to have tightened up. Her eyes had that look of
peering into something. But next moment she moved, and
said in her thin, indecisive way:
“Well, I must get those clothes wrapped. They may be
through sooner than we think. I wonder where I could find
a piece of paper–and string.”
“In that cupboard, maybe,” suggested Mrs. Hale, after a
glance around.
* * *
One piece of the crazy sewing remained unripped. Mrs.
Peters’ back turned, Martha Hale now scrutinized that
piece, compared it with the dainty, accurate sewing of the
other blocks. The difference was startling. Holding this
block made her feel queer, as if the distracted thoughts of
the woman who had perhaps turned to it to try and quiet
herself were communicating themselves to her.
Mrs. Peters’ voice roused her.
“Here’s a bird-cage,” she said. “Did she have a bird, Mrs.
“Why, I don’t know whether she did or not.” She turned to
look at the cage Mrs. Peter was holding up. “I’ve not been
here in so long.” She sighed. “There was a man round last
year selling canaries cheap–but I don’t know as she took
one. Maybe she did. She used to sing real pretty herself.”
Mrs. Peters looked around the kitchen.
“Seems kind of funny to think of a bird here.” She half
laughed–an attempt to put up a barrier. “But she must have
had one–or why would she have a cage? I wonder what
happened to it.”
“I suppose maybe the cat got it,” suggested Mrs. Hale,
resuming her sewing.
“No; she didn’t have a cat. She’s got that feeling some
people have about cats–being afraid of them. When they
brought her to our house yesterday, my cat got in the room,
and she was real upset and asked me to take it out.”
“My sister Bessie was like that,” laughed Mrs. Hale.
The sheriff’s wife did not reply. The silence made Mrs.
Hale turn round. Mrs. Peters was examining the bird-cage.
“Look at this door,” she said slowly. “It’s broke. One hinge
has been pulled apart.”
Mrs. Hale came nearer.
“Looks as if some one must have been–rough with it.”
Again their eyes met–startled, questioning, apprehensive.
For a moment neither spoke nor stirred. Then Mrs. Hale,
turning away, said brusquely:
“If they’re going to find any evidence, I wish they’d be
about it. I don’t like this place.”
“But I’m awful glad you came with me, Mrs. Hale,” Mrs.
Peters put the bird-cage on the table and sat down. “It
would be lonesome for me–sitting here alone.”
“Yes, it would, wouldn’t it?” agreed Mrs. Hale, a certain
determined naturalness in her voice. She had picked up the
sewing, but now it dropped in her lap, and she murmured
in a different voice: “But I tell you what I do wish, Mrs.
Peters. I wish I had come over sometimes when she was
here. I wish–I had.”
“But of course you were awful busy, Mrs. Hale. Your
house–and your children.”
“I could’ve come,” retorted Mrs. Hale shortly. “I stayed
away because it weren’t cheerful–and that’s why I ought to
have come. I”–she looked around–“I’ve never liked this
place. Maybe because it’s down in a hollow and you don’t
see the road. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a lonesome
place, and always was. I wish I had come over to see
Minnie Foster sometimes. I can see now–” She did not put
it into words.
“Well, you mustn’t reproach yourself,” counseled Mrs.
Peters. “Somehow, we just don’t see how it is with other
folks till–something comes up.”
“Not having children makes less work,” mused Mrs. Hale,
after a silence, “but it makes a quiet house–and Wright out
to work all day–and no company when he did come in.
Did you know John Wright, Mrs. Peters?”
“Not to know him. I’ve seen him in town. They say he was
a good man.”
“Yes–good,” conceded John Wright’s neighbor grimly.
“He didn’t drink, and kept his word as well as most, I
guess, and paid his debts. But he was a hard man, Mrs.
Peters. Just to pass the time of day with him–.” She
stopped, shivered a little. “Like a raw wind that gets to the
bone.” Her eye fell upon the cage on the table before her,
and she added, almost bitterly: “I should think she
would’ve wanted a bird!”
Suddenly she leaned forward, looking intently at the cage.
“But what do you s’pose went wrong with it?”
“I don’t know,” returned Mrs. Peters; “unless it got sick
and died.”
But after she said it she reached over and swung the
broken door. Both women watched it as if somehow held
by it.
“You didn’t know–her?” Mrs. Hale asked, a gentler note in
her voice.
“Not till they brought her yesterday,” said the sheriff’s
“She–come to think of it, she was kind of like a bird
herself. Real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and–
fluttery. How–she–did–change.”
That held her for a long time. Finally, as if struck with a
happy thought and relieved to get back to every-day
things, she exclaimed:
“Tell you what, Mrs. Peters, why don’t you take the quilt in
with you? It might take up her mind.”
“Why, I think that’s a real nice idea, Mrs. Hale,” agreed the
sheriff’s wife, as if she too were glad to come into the
atmosphere of a simple kindness. “There couldn’t possibly
be any objection to that, could there? Now, just what will I
take? I wonder if her patches are in here–and her things.”
They turned to the sewing basket.
“Here’s some red,” said Mrs. Hale, bringing out a roll of
cloth. Underneath that was a box. “Here, maybe her
scissors are in here–and her things.” She held it up. “What
a pretty box! I’ll warrant that was something she had a long
time ago–when she was a girl.”
She held it in her hand a moment; then, with a little sigh,
opened it.
Instantly her hand went to her nose.
Mrs. Peters drew nearer–then turned away.
“There’s something wrapped up in this piece of silk,”
faltered Mrs. Hale.
“This isn’t her scissors,” said Mrs. Peters, in a shrinking
Her hand not steady, Mrs. Hale raised the piece of silk.
“Oh, Mrs. Peters!” she cried. “It’s–”
Mrs. Peters bent closer.
“It’s the bird,” she whispered.
“But, Mrs. Peters!” cried Mrs. Hale. “Look at it! Its neck–
look at its neck! It’s all–other side to.”
She held the box away from her.
The sheriff’s wife again bent closer.
“Somebody wrung its neck,” said she, in a voice that was
slow and deep.
And then again the eyes of the two women met–this time
clung together in a look of dawning comprehension, of
growing horror. Mrs. Peters looked from the dead bird to
the broken door of the cage. Again their eyes met. And just
then there was a sound at the outside door.
Mrs. Hale slipped the box under the quilt pieces in the
basket, and sank into the chair before it. Mrs. Peters stood
holding to the table. The county attorney and the sheriff
came in from outside.
“Well, ladies,” said the county attorney, as one turning
from serious things to little pleasantries, “have you decided
whether she was going to quilt it or knot it?”
“We think,” began the sheriff’s wife in a flurried voice,
“that she was going to–knot it.”
He was too preoccupied to notice the change that came in
her voice on that last.
“Well, that’s very interesting, I’m sure,” he said tolerantly.
He caught sight of the bird-cage. “Has the bird flown?”
“We think the cat got it,” said Mrs. Hale in a voice
curiously even.
He was walking up and down, as if thinking something
“Is there a cat?” he asked absently.
Mrs. Hale shot a look up at the sheriff’s wife.
“Well, not now,” said Mrs. Peters. “They’re superstitious,
you know; they leave.”
She sank into her chair.
The county attorney did not heed her. “No sign at all of
any one having come in from the outside,” he said to
Peters, in the manner of continuing an interrupted
conversation. “Their own rope. Now let’s go upstairs again
and go over it, piece by piece. It would have to have been
some one who knew just the–”
The stair door closed behind them and their voices were
The two women sat motionless, not looking at each other,
but as if peering into something and at the same time
holding back. When they spoke now it was as if they were
afraid of what they were saying, but as if they could not
help saying it.
“She liked the bird,” said Martha Hale, low and slowly.
“She was going to bury it in that pretty box.”
“When I was a girl,” said Mrs. Peters, under her breath,
“my kitten–there was a boy took a hatchet, and before my
eyes–before I could get there–” She covered her face an
instant. “If they hadn’t held me back I would have”–she
caught herself, looked upstairs where footsteps were heard,
and finished weakly–“hurt him.”
Then they sat without speaking or moving.
“I wonder how it would seem,” Mrs. Hale at last began, as
if feeling her way over strange ground–“never to have had
any children around?” Her eyes made a slow sweep of the
kitchen, as if seeing what that kitchen had meant through
all the years. “No, Wright wouldn’t like the bird,” she said
after that–“a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed
that too.” Her voice tightened.
Mrs. Peters moved uneasily.
“Of course we don’t know who killed the bird.”
“I knew John Wright,” was Mrs. Hale’s answer.
“It was an awful thing was done in this house that night,
Mrs. Hale,” said the sheriff’s wife. “Killing a man while he
slept–slipping a thing round his neck that choked the life
out of him.”
Mrs. Hale’s hand went out to the bird-cage.
“His neck. Choked the life out of him.”
“We don’t know who killed him,” whispered Mrs. Peters
wildly. “We don’t know.”
Mrs. Hale had not moved. “If there had been years and
years of–nothing, then a bird to sing to you, it would be
awful–still–after the bird was still.”
It was as if something within her not herself had spoken,
and it found in Mrs. Peters something she did not know as
“I know what stillness is,” she said, in a queer,
monotonous voice. “When we homesteaded in Dakota, and
my first baby died–after he was two years old–and me
with no other then–”
Mrs. Hale stirred.
“How soon do you suppose they’ll be through looking for
the evidence?”
“I know what stillness is,” repeated Mrs. Peters, in just that
same way. Then she too pulled back. “The law has got to
punish crime, Mrs. Hale,” she said in her tight little way.
“I wish you’d seen Minnie Foster,” was the answer, “when
she wore a white dress with blue ribbons, and stood up
there in the choir and sang.”
The picture of that girl, the fact that she had lived neighbor
to that girl for twenty years, and had let her die for lack of
life, was suddenly more than she could bear.
“Oh, I wish I’d come over here once in a while!” she cried.
“That was a crime! That was a crime! Who’s going to
punish that?”
“We mustn’t take on,” said Mrs. Peters, with a frightened
look toward the stairs.
“I might ‘a’ known she needed help! I tell you, it’s queer,
Mrs. Peters. We live close together, and we live far apart.
We all go through the same things–it’s all just a different
kind of the same thing! If it weren’t–why do you and I
understand? Why do we know–what we know this
She dashed her hand across her eyes. Then, seeing the jar
of fruit on the table, she reached for it and choked out:
“If I was you I wouldn’t tell her her fruit was gone! Tell
her it ain’t. Tell her it’s all right–all of it. Here–take this in
to prove it to her! She–she may never know whether it was
broke or not.”
She turned away.
Mrs. Peters reached out for the bottle of fruit as if she were
glad to take it–as if touching a familiar thing, having
something to do, could keep her from something else. She
got up, looked about for something to wrap the fruit in,
took a petticoat from the pile of clothes she had brought
from the front room, and nervously started winding that
round the bottle.
“My!” she began, in a high, false voice, “it’s a good thing
the men couldn’t hear us! Getting all stirred up over a little
thing like a–dead canary.” She hurried over that. “As if
that could have anything to do with–with–My, wouldn’t
they laugh?”
Footsteps were heard on the stairs.
“Maybe they would,” muttered Mrs. Hale–“maybe they
“No, Peters,” said the county attorney incisively; “it’s all
perfectly clear, except the reason for doing it. But you
know juries when it comes to women. If there was some
definite thing–something to show. Something to make a
story about. A thing that would connect up with this
clumsy way of doing it.”
In a covert way Mrs. Hale looked at Mrs. Peters. Mrs.
Peters was looking at her. Quickly they looked away from
each other. The outer door opened and Mr. Hale came in.
“I’ve got the team round now,” he said. “Pretty cold out
“I’m going to stay here awhile by myself,” the county
attorney suddenly announced. “You can send Frank out for
me, can’t you?” he asked the sheriff. “I want to go over
everything. I’m not satisfied we can’t do better.”
Again, for one brief moment, the two women’s eyes found
one another.
The sheriff came up to the table.
“Did you want to see what Mrs. Peters was going to take
The county attorney picked up the apron. He laughed.
“Oh, I guess they’re not very dangerous things the ladies
have picked out.”
Mrs. Hale’s hand was on the sewing basket in which the
box was concealed. She felt that she ought to take her hand
off the basket. She did not seem able to. He picked up one
of the quilt blocks which she had piled on to cover the box.
Her eyes felt like fire. She had a feeling that if he took up
the basket she would snatch it from him.
But he did not take it up. With another little laugh, he
turned away, saying:
“No; Mrs. Peters doesn’t need supervising. For that matter,
a sheriff’s wife is married to the law. Ever think of it that
way, Mrs. Peters?”
Mrs. Peters was standing beside the table. Mrs. Hale shot a
look up at her; but she could not see her face. Mrs. Peters
had turned away. When she spoke, her voice was muffled.
“Not–just that way,” she said.
“Married to the law!” chuckled Mrs. Peters’ husband. He
moved toward the door into the front room, and said to the
county attorney:
“I just want you to come in here a minute, George. We
ought to take a look at these windows.”
“Oh–windows,” said the county attorney scoffingly.
“We’ll be right out, Mr. Hale,” said the sheriff to the
farmer, who was still waiting by the door.
Hale went to look after the horses. The sheriff followed the
county attorney into the other room. Again–for one final
moment–the two women were alone in that kitchen.
Martha Hale sprang up, her hands tight together, looking at
that other woman, with whom it rested. At first she could
not see her eyes, for the sheriff’s wife had not turned back
since she turned away at that suggestion of being married
to the law. But now Mrs. Hale made her turn back. Her
eyes made her turn back. Slowly, unwillingly, Mrs. Peters
turned her head until her eyes met the eyes of the other
woman. There was a moment when they held each other in
a steady, burning look in which there was no evasion nor
flinching. Then Martha Hale’s eyes pointed the way to the
basket in which was hidden the thing that would make
certain the conviction of the other woman–that woman
who was not there and yet who had been there with them
all through that hour.
For a moment Mrs. Peters did not move. And then she did
it. With a rush forward, she threw back the quilt pieces, got
the box, tried to put it in her handbag. It was too big.
Desperately she opened it, started to take the bird out. But
there she broke–she could not touch the bird. She stood
there helpless, foolish.
There was the sound of a knob turning in the inner door.
Martha Hale snatched the box from the sheriff’s wife, and
got it in the pocket of her big coat just as the sheriff and
the county attorney came back into the kitchen.
“Well, Henry,” said the county attorney facetiously, “at
least we found out that she was not going to quilt it. She
was going to–what is it you call it, ladies?”
Mrs. Hale’s hand was against the pocket of her coat.
“We call it–knot it, Mr. Henderson.”

The Lit Terms are: Imagery, Characteristic and Allusions


lease choose a topic from the key term list at the end of Chapter #2 and write a journal essay help online free: essay help online free

lease choose a topic from the key term list at the end of Chapter #2 and write a journal entry that is 1 page, single-spaced, in length. The journal should consist of a reflection upon your own experience with one of the key terms in this week’s readings. Write in standard English writing style, using complete sentences and paragraphs. Be sure to include your name Both in the File Name (e.g., Jane Doe Journal 2) and inside the document itself.


A. Create a computer-generated mind map that identifies a main idea that contributes to or impedes joy in work essay help site:edu

A. Create a computer-generated mind map that identifies a main idea that contributes to or impedes joy in work and includes the following factors:

• three individual factors

• three team or department factors

• three organizational factors

Note: This assessment requires you to submit an original computer-generated diagram. You may use the software program of your choice. Save and submit your mind map as a PDF or Word document (i.e., DOC or DOCX). Using another file type may cause the file to be too large to submit.

Note: A “main idea” could be a concept, a strategy, or an idea.

B. Using the attached “Force Field Analysis Template,” complete a force field analysis that includes the following components:

• one recommendation of a social communication strategy or technology strategy for implementing the “Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Framework for Improving Joy in Work” (see Supporting Documents) in the workplace

• five facilitating forces for implementing the recommendation

• five restraining forces against implementing the recommendation

• one score for each of the ten identified forces

• one “Facilitating Forces Total Score”

• one “Restraining Forces Total Score”

• one “Force Field Analysis Total Score”

Note: This assessment requires you to complete the force field analysis using the “Force Field Analysis Template” in the Supporting Documents section. Save and submit your force field analysis as a PDF or Word document (i.e., DOC or DOCX). Using another file type may cause the file to be too large to submit.

C. Write a reflection paper (suggested length of 4-6 pages) discussing how to use social and emotional intelligence power skills to handle difficult workplace situations and implement joy in the workplace by doing the following:

1. Describe, using scholarly sources, how advanced professional nurses can manage difficult workplace situations by using each of the following social and emotional intelligence power skills:

• self-awareness

• self-management

• interpersonal communication

• executive function

• social awareness

2. Describe how you, as an advanced professional nurse, would use two of the social and emotional intelligence power skills in the workplace to achieve each of the following results:

• a professional presence

• enhanced mindfulness in healthcare

• a positive social presence to promote a sense of caring and belonging

• a culture of joy to solve the problem of incivility in the workplace and initiate organizational change

3. Discuss how you, as an advanced professional nurse leader, would implement the four steps from the “IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work” (see Supporting Documents) in the workplace, including one strategy for each of the four steps.

4. Include three or more scholarly sources in your reflection paper.

D. Incorporate the following components of APA style and formatting:

• bias-free language

• APA-specific rules regarding verb tense, voice, and perspective

• a title page

• in-text citations and references

• APA-specific formatting rules for margins, spacing, numbering, and indentation for the title page and main body of your paper, including headers, bulleted and numbered lists, and tables and figures

E. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

File Restrictions
File name may contain only letters, numbers, spaces, and these symbols: ! – _ . * ‘ ( )
File size limit: 200 MB
File types allowed: doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, pdf, txt, qt, mov, mpg, avi, mp3, wav, mp4, wma, flv, asf, mpeg, wmv, m4v, svg, tif, tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, zip, rar, tar, 7z


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Attached are the instructions and resources for the assignment. If you need to assess the course content by any chance for more info here is my username: in the files section.

There is an online textbook, here is the link, if you need it: https://uta.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/openurl?institution=01UTAR_INST


issues and trends in nursing week 1 dis. college essay help near me: college essay help near me

As you prepare to transition from an academic student to a newly graduated nurse in clinical practice, consider the following:

What two provisions in the ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses may help you in this transition?

Expand on your chosen provisions and describe how adopting them into your clinical practice will help you to be successful.

In order to receive full credit, you will need to clearly respond to both parts of the question using subtitles or bullets AND cite at least one scholarly reference in your response. 


week 3 essay help online free

Part 2: Lesson Plan Template

Now that you understand the backward design process, you will develop a lesson plan template (using Backward Design) of your own to save and use for planning lessons using the backward design approach.

Review Ch. 11, “The Design Process,” of Understanding by Design in this week’s University Library Readings.

*Hint: You will find examples of the Backwards Design Lesson Plan template in this chapter (pages 262-266). You can also use the internet to find examples of Backward Design Lesson Plan templates (Backward planning or Backward mapping).

*Consider the integration of the following components as you develop your template:

Central focus

Learning goals and objectives

Content standards

Student’s background and cultural experiences

Student’s knowledge and skills



Create your own 1- to 1 ½-page lesson plan template that addresses the following stages of backward design:

Desired results

Questions to determine

Key elements to include

Assessment evidence

Questions to determine

Key elements to include

Learning plan

Questions to determine

Key elements to include

Personalize the template to your needs by adding descriptors or reminder phrases for guidance when using the template to design a lesson. Or you can also personalize the lesson plan with specific examples of desired results, assessments, and learning activities.


Week 3 Journal Entry: When selecting someone to join your team, what talents or qualities will you not live Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Week 3 Journal Entry: When selecting someone to join your team, what talents or qualities will you not live without? Analyze the main reasons why you believe the talents or qualities that you identified are important for team members to possess.

By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.


For this discussion, imagine that you are a Spanish missionary who willingly took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience college admissions essay help

For this discussion, imagine that you are a Spanish missionary who willingly took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to serve God and spread the Gospel. You left your home and country . . . and gave up the opportunity for riches, sex, a family, and even the freedom to make your own choices. You spent years studying Native American languages and teaching methods. Identify at least one major disappointment regarding your service and at least one joy. Minimum of 150 words


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Discussion reply for this  article

Monopolistic competition markets typically try to differentiate their products in order to achieve above market returns. These markets ensure that its products are imperfect substitutes for each other. As a result, a business that works on its branding can increase its prices without risking its consumer base. This helps these firm survive and make profits. In the long run, companies in monopolistic competition still produce at a level where marginal cost and marginal revenue are equal. However, this means the demand curve will have shifted to the left due to other companies entering the market. As for perfect competition markets, the availability of free and equal information ensures these markets can produce its good or services at exactly the same rate and with the same production techniques as another one in the market. In the long run, profits and losses are eliminated because an infinite number of firms are producing infinitely-divisible, homogeneous products. 

Boyle, M. J. (2021, December 12). What is monopolistic competition? Investopedia. Retrieved January 17, 2022, from https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/monopolisticmarket.asp#:~:text=Monopolistic competition characterizes an industry,affect those of its competitors (Links to an external site.).


DIRECTIONS: Answer the prompt(s) below utilizing the assigned reading(s) and substantively participate in at least one of your peers’ post. That means your replies to your colleagues’ posts must be e best college essay help: best college essay help

That means your replies to your colleagues’ posts must be either important to their making improvements or meaningful to their understanding. 
Read the posts and comments prior to yours so you can avoid repeating information others have written. If you want to discuss similar thoughts or observations, reference what others have said and perform one of the following operations:
add a new insight to the thought or observation
provide a different example and clarify what additional nuances it reveals
discuss the causes or implications of the thought or observation, or
compare, contrast, or otherwise relate the thought or observation to other thoughts or observations, and explain what nuances that process reveals.
1. Identify a research question in a journal article and discuss what approach would be best to study the question and why.
2. Take a topic that you would like to study, and using the four combinations of worldviews, designs, and research methods in Figure 1.1, discuss a project that brings together a worldview, designs, and methods. Identify whether this would be quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research. Use the typical scenarios that we have advanced in this chapter as a guide.
3. What distinguishes a quantitative study from a qualitative study? Mention three characteristics.


1)Tahani, aged 35, was admitted to hospital after taking an overdose of prescription drugs. The hospital wanted to pump Tahani’s stomach to save her life. However, when she was admitted, Tahani told essay help

The hospital wanted to pump Tahani’s stomach to save her life. However, when she was admitted, Tahani told the doctors that she had recently been diagnosed with a benign brain tumour and she was insistent that she just wanted to be made comfortable and that she did not want to live any longer. When Tahani was brought into hospital she was clutching a piece of paper which was dated two months prior to her hospital admission. The words on the paper read ‘I do not wish to be resuscitated under any circumstances. My life, my death, my choice.’ Tahani was in a weakened physical state, and despite her protests, doctors began to administer medications to start to reverse the effects of the overdose. Tahani then lost consciousness and the medical team proceeded with the stomach pump in order to save her life. Tahani, now physically recovered from the effects of the overdose, has sought advice on the legality of these treatments. She says that she was mentally competent at the time of her admission and that her oral and written refusals of treatment should have been respected.
2)In January and May 2021, Jason went to see his General Practitioner (GP), Dr Chidi, complaining of fatigue and severe back pain. Dr Chidi told Jason that he was probably just overweight, to stop fussing, exercise and eat more healthily. Jason booked another doctor’s appointment in June 2021 but this time saw a trainee GP. The trainee GP reviewed Jason and during the appointment went to discuss Jason’s symptoms with Dr Chidi. Dr Chidi said he was too busy to see Jason but advised the trainee GP to reiterate earlier advice about diet and exercise. The trainee GP followed Dr Chidi’s instructions and recommended that Jason should try light exercise, such as Tai Chi, and a vegan diet. It was on the fourth visit, in September 2021, when Jason collapsed in pain and with a fever in the GP’s surgery, that Dr Chidi referred him to hospital for further diagnostic tests. These tests revealed that Jason has lung cancer. Doctors at the hospital discovered that Jason had been a very heavy smoker until a few years ago and that both of his parents had died of lung cancer. Jason had not thought it worth mentioning these things to Dr Chidi. PTO Jason was advised to have part of the lung surgically removed. Jason agreed to the surgery, which has now been performed with reasonable care. However, the recovery process has caused him significant pain and discomfort and may require many months off work. Jason has been told by a private consultant, Mr Mendoza, that if the cancer had been discovered a year earlier, there would have been a 45 per cent chance of treatment being successful without the need for surgery. Jason has said he wishes to bring a negligence claim against his GP for the pain and suffering caused by what he regards as unnecessary surgery. Dr Chidi has sought legal advice on the matter.


Examine each of the articles listed below, and then respond to these questions: What does a review of the best college essay help: best college essay help

Examine each of the articles listed below, and then respond to these questions: What does a review of the literature do? What is its relationship to the predefined problems identified by the researcher?

Read the Greenwood et al. paper. Note how the review of the literature is broken down into two subthemes, “Generations Research” and “Values Research.” Note the first hypothesis that the authors pose (see the “Methodology” section): that there is a difference in terminal values among baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. How is this proposed hypothesis supported by the literature? Discuss other examples of hypotheses that are supported by the literature in the other two articles.

Which of these three articles do you think contains the most valid and reliable findings? Defend your choice using specific examples.

Your writing assignment in this module will conduct a similar review of the literature on your problem statement. Clearly state the problem you intend to research (writing assignment attached). Find one article that you think you can cite. Post a short summary of the article, and tell how it relates to your problem statement. List one step you will take to increase the validity and reliability of your eventual findings.


Greenwood, R. A., Gibson, J. W.,


Assignment Description: Part 1: For this assignment, conduct a cultural self-assessment using the Staircase Self-Assessment Model and write a 1250–1500-word reflection essay. To understand culture and college application essay help: college application essay help

To understand culture and cultural diversity, you must understand your own culture and beliefs. Utilizing the Staircase Self-Assessment Model as a means of determining your level of cultural competency, write a 1250 to 1500-word essay outlining the six stages: cultural destructiveness, cultural incapacity, cultural blindness, pre-competency, basic cultural competency, and advance cultural competency. Determine your level on the staircase by answering the following questions. Please be mindful that your responses will not be judged; only your knowledge of the Staircase Self-Assessment Model will be evaluated:
Step 1:
• How much do I value becoming culturally competent?• What actions have I taken recently or in the past when caring for culturally diverse patients that demonstrate my motivation?
Step 2:
• How much do I know about my cultural heritage or racial identity and its relationship to my own healthcare beliefs and practices?• Have I discussed these issues with my parents, grandparents, or other relatives?
Step 3:
• How much do I know about cultural groups that differ from my own?
Step 4:
• How culturally diverse is my social network?• How many encounters with cultural group members outside my social network do I have? Are these relationships superficial, or do I have social contact beyond the workplace?
Step 5:
• Am I able to independently identify the potential or actual problems that originate from cultural conflicts, or am I surprised by them?• Do I serve as a culturally competent role model/mentor for others?
Step 6:
• Have I developed problem-solving strategies to manage cultural conflicts?• Am I able to manage or resolve cultural problems or issues that arise, and what resources do I use?
Once you have completed the self-assessment, address the following questions:
1. Why are self-knowledge and understanding a critical step in achieving cultural competence?
2. How has the “cultural self-assessment” exercise influenced your awareness of personal and professional values, attitudes, and practices, including prejudices and biases?
3. How will your interactions with patients and families change as a result of this self-reflection?Remember, you answer these questions from your perspective, so there is no right or wrong response. You must address each question. Although the information on your self-assessment paper is strictly confidential, if you do not wish to self-disclose a specific area from the Staircase, indicate that by explaining in detail why you do not want to disclose. You are not required to provide citations/references in this paper. Attention should be paid to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Capstone Change Project Implementation Plan II college application essay help

Topic 6 DQ 1

After consulting with my mentor regarding the implementation of the evidence-based practice solution, we agreed that critical aspects to be considered includes financial, clinical, and quality. The evidence-based practice solution to the problem of post-partum depression, PPD includes (1) Identification of mothers at risk. (2) Early detection and screening. (3) Prevention. (2) Treatment intervention.

An important financial aspect that needs consideration in developing evidence-based practice solution is to find out if the evidence-based solution proposed would help in reducing the cost of healthcare services for the targeted population. The delivery of high-quality healthcare services at low cost is one of the core objectives of nursing practice in the 21st century (Houser


Review “So You’re 18:  Answers to Your Questions About Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities” (Virginia State Bar, 2021) at:  https://www.vsb.org/docs/so_youre_18.pdf college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Review “So You’re 18:  Answers to Your Questions About Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities” (Virginia State Bar, 2021) at:  https://www.vsb.org/docs/so_youre_18.pdf

In particular, read the following articles/sections about “the Basics” (via the link in https://soyoure18.com/), or individually at:  

“What are some of the Rights I have at Age 18 that I didn’t have Before?”(https://soyoure18.com/what-are-some-of-the-rights-that-i-have-at-age-18-that-i-didnt-have-before/)

“What are some of the New Responsibilities I have when I Become 18?”(https://soyoure18.com/what-are-some-of-the-new-responsibilities-that-i-have-when-i-become-18/)

“What Doesn’t Change after I Turn 18?”(https://soyoure18.com/what-are-some-of-the-new-responsibilities-that-i-have-when-i-become-18/)

Why do you think we’re emphasizing the “magic age” of 18 in this (or any) law class?  Was anything you read surprising or new information to you?  If you were already familiar with most of the rights and responsibilities associated with becoming the age of majority in Virginia, from where did you learn this information (i.e., school, family, media, etc.)?  And, when did you learn most of this information (before 18, upon becoming 18, after 18)?  Regardless of your age, which of these rights and responsibilities have you already taken on (i.e., registering to vote, registering for selective service, jury duty, enlistment, marriage, etc.) and which not (and why)?  Are there additional rights and responsibilities 18-year old Virginians are not yet afforded (until they become 21 years old) that you believe ought to be extended to 18-year olds; and, if so, why?  If you have connections to another state, does that state issue a similar publication/website for its citizens new to the age of majority?  Cite each source referenced.

200 word 


Milestone One: Benefits and Compensation Analysis (Section I, Parts A–C) college essay help

or Milestone One, you will prepare a draft of Parts A–C of your total rewards analysis (Section I of the final project). Your submission will have the major heading “Total Rewards Analysis: Parts A–C.” Your instructor will grade your submission using the rubric below and will provide feedback you can apply to your final project.
Begin by analyzing qualitative and quantitative data for the current system (as identified in the case study) that will inform your future recommendations and revisions. Once your analysis has been completed, compare and contrast the provided quantitative data regarding the current benefits and compensation system with external benchmarking data from Medtronic, an organizations within the same industry. Then draft Parts A–C of your analysis. Thoroughly cover each of the critical elements, and include your answers to the guiding questions.
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Benefits and Compensation Analysis: For this part of the assessment, you will analyze given aspects of a benefits and compensation package from the provided case study. You will analyze qualitative and quantitative data regarding the current system and determine gaps in that system that will inform your future recommendations and revisions.
A. Analyze the issues or concerns of employees through a review of the qualitative data presented in the case study, for their validity and importance. Be sure to consider the needs of different demographics of employees within the organization.
B. Determine the key issues or concerns of employees that should be targeted and addressed, based on the provided qualitative data. Justify your response. What issues or concerns should be targeted and why? Why should other concerns be made less of a priority? You could consider the underlying reasons behind the issues voiced by employees.
C. Compare and contrast the provided quantitative data regarding the current benefits and compensation system with external benchmarking data from the provided Medtronic data to complete your response. What does the current system have that other organizations do not? What do other organizations offer that the current system does not? Be sure to justify your response.


1. Research the relationship between museums and non-Western collections and provide three examples in paragraph form (One paragraph per cheap essay help

1. Research the relationship between museums and non-Western collections and provide three examples in paragraph form (One paragraph per finding).

2. Focus on recent “attempts” to return artifacts to the people whose ancestors produced them. Provide three examples in one paragraph.

3. What commonalities are there among artifacts that museums have acquired? (Provide Three Examples.

4. From your research, provide examples of “successes” in the return of Non-Western art to its original owners.


Jackie is the database manager for a large retail company in North America. Recently there have been some error messages generated concerning errors and data inconsistency in the customer databases wh essay help online: essay help online

Recently there have been some error messages generated concerning errors and data inconsistency in the customer databases where the customer contact information and credit card information are kept. Jackie is leaving town for 2 weeks on a business trip. She is trying to decide whether to copy the databases to her laptop and troubleshoot the problems while away from the office
In a 400-word essay, address the following questions.
·         What are the risks of copying the database to the laptop and taking it home or on a trip?
·         What are the chances that this data will be at risk?
Given that this database contains customer contact information and credit cards, we cannot at any cost put this information in any kind of danger. On the other hand, if the database problems are not fixed, there may be more errors and data inconsistencies.
Include a title page, abstract, proper citations using APA style, and a bibliography.
Include an introduction based on a well-formed thesis statement. The logical order of the content will be derived from the thesis statement. In a quality paper, the conclusion will summarize the previously presented content and will complement the thesis statement from the introduction.
Free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct.
A quality paper will have significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. Strategic implications will be explained and supported. Relevant illustrations or examples are encouraged. A quality paper will employ use of sound reasoning and logic to reinforce conclusions.
A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements


Assignment Details Immunization Presentation Directions For this assignment, you are creating a PowerPoint® presentation. Your presentation audience is the Essay custom essay help

Assignment Details

Immunization Presentation


For this assignment, you are creating a PowerPoint® presentation. Your presentation audience is the community.

Master’s-prepared nurse educators, leaders, nurse practitioners, and all specialty nursing fields contribute to health promotion in populations across the life span. This assignment focuses on child and adolescent immunization, health information, epidemiology, and surrounding influences. This is not a singular immunization but pediatric immunization education for a community audience.

Presentation Content and Slides:

12–14 content slides are required.
Each slide’s speaker notes have 2 paragraphs of content.
Bulleted and relevant graphics are included.
Each slide should have substantive content on the slide and further information in the speaker notes.


Content on slides includes three components of information: immunity, herd immunity, and types of immunity related to vaccination.

Effects of Immunization

Content on slides includes three components of information on the effects of immunization: individual, community, and worldwide.


Content on slides includes pediatric vaccination trends, related disease trends, including statistics for conditions prevented with pediatric vaccinations.


Content on slides includes at least four documented myths about vaccinations with published information to debunk.

Pediatric Schedule

Content on slides includes the pediatric vaccination schedule of infants, children, and teens.

Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues

Content on slide includes three components on slides: legal, ethical, and cultural considerations of pediatric vaccinations.

Title slide, conclusion slide, and reference slide are included and do not count toward total content slide number.
At least four credible resources are used.
There is no audio or voice in this assignment.
The PowerPoint should be developed in a professional design and style; succinct, not overly wordy, with a tasteful amount of elegant text and visual appeal, as well as accurate and complete content.
This presentation should adhere to appropriate APA formatting and citation style.


Edison New Jersey -Junot Diaz college essay help: college essay help

Edison New Jersey Short Story Analysis -Please write a 1- page response that points to examples of this characters’ “stuckness” and his struggle with his predicament. If you can, please also include some observations about “voice” and “tone” and how its employed to express this character’s complex feelings. (Also, note what words are italicized in this story.)


A billion-dollar retailer with more than 4,000 stores finds that it cannot move fast enough to beat the competition. The organization’s senior management arrives at the conclusion that it would be eas scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The organization’s senior management arrives at the conclusion that it would be easier to achieve the strategic goals enumerated by the board of directors if the various organizational functions would share information. Shared information would enable them to develop and deploy new actions and tactics more quickly. The CEO and the president have therefore ordered the major functions to immediately update their information systems so that data sharing is possible. The SVPs of accounting and human resources immediately decide that the only solution is to decide jointly on an ERP product. ERP software applications are a set of integrated database applications, or modules, that carry out the most common business functions, including human resources, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order management, inventory control, and customer relationship management. To speed the installation along, they will install it using a rapid implementation methodology that a company down the street used. The goal is to have the new systems operational in nine months.
Shortly after this decision is made, the SVP of HR calls you into his office and tells you that you will be management sponsor for this project. You have to decide on everything. You sit back in your nice office and think:
“What’s the problem with this scenario? It shouldn’t be difficult to select a vendor and then borrow the methodology from down the street. It worked for them; it should work for us! We’ll call a few vendors in the morning and find out about cost, time frame, and implementation methods. In the meantime, I should find out a little more about how to do this and who will be using it. I remember from my information systems class in college that this is a reasonable first step when it comes to buying software.”
After some discussions with department heads from all the departments in the organization, you realize that there are a large number of people (stakeholders) who will be affected by the new systems. Furthermore, you come to realize how important HR data really are to these stakeholders. Based on this information, you think,
“Wow, there are far more people who could be potentially using this information system than I expected! The old textbook and the vendor information should provide a lot to think about.”
Over the next month, as you continue to obtain information about the design and implementation of the new system, you are still somewhat confused about what to do. Once again, we find you in your office thinking:
“There are so many potential decisions to make with regard to hardware! I wonder what we need to schedule, if we need to buy hardware, and how we should configure the servers to ensure maximum security. And this bring-your-own-device stuff is going to drive us nuts!” 
As part of your investigation, you have uncovered a system concept called “best of breed.” You are in your office again trying to decide what to do, and you think,
“Perhaps best of breed might be the easiest and best way to go.”
You have just sat down in your office feeling as if there is way too much to do! Your IS software professional has given you the information from one of the potential vendors about the various steps that need to be taken in implementation of the HRIS. Your immediate reaction is,
“Man, am I going to be at work late for the next many months!”
Based on the information in this chapter, answer the following questions:
Develop the first few steps of the project plan.
Discuss the potential political necessities outlined in this section as they relate to this type of implementation.
Think about and create a list of steps that make sense for your organization.
Is the nine-month rapid-implementation time frame feasible? Or will it just lead to failure?


Purpose: Explore conflict management principles and professional integrity through a review of healthcare personnel conflict management review. This conflict college essay help online


Explore conflict management principles and professional integrity through a review of healthcare personnel conflict management review.
This conflict management assignment allows you to review common conflict scenarios in clinical practice and reflect on appropriate resolution strategies. This gives you a review of an evidence-based approach to training conflict management in healthcare settings.
Critically access conflict management as it relates to team building in clinical practice.


You will reference the conflict case management study from the nursing literature. You will develop a summary and reflection consensus of strategies used to resolve the case review. Support your summary utilizing a minimum of three academically credible sources in addition to the source provided.

Please retrieve and read the following journal article from the Course Documents.

Sinskey, J. L., Chang, J. M., Shibata, G. S., Infosino, A. J.,


Goal Essay Essay best essay help: best essay help

In this exercise, make connections between short- and long-term goals.

For this step, identify one long-term goal you would like to have achieved by the time you complete your degree. For instance, you might want a particular job in your field or hope to graduate with honors.

Next, identify one semester goal that will help you fulfill the goal you set in step one. For instance, you may want to do well in a particular course or establish a connection with a professional in your field.

Write a short three or four paragraph, 300-325 word goals essay that has the following characteristics: must be dated, achievable, personal, positive, and specific. Please read the rubric before you write the essay, and turn it in on this site.

Please make sure that this essay is MLA formatted as far as the proper heading AND double-spaced text.


Week 3 Case Study essay help site:edu

Chapter 7

If the personal representative is named in the will, this person is called an ___________________.
If there is no will, the court appoints the personal representative who is called an ________________________.
_________________ is the formal instrument of authority and appointment given to an executor by the proper court, usually the probate court, to carry out the administration of the decedent’s estate according to the terms of the will.
___________________ is the formal instrument of authority and appointment given to an administrator of the estate by the proper court, usually the probate court, to carry out the administration of the decedent’s estate according to the proper state intestate succession statute.

What are three ethical problems an attorney and paralegal face when drafting a client’s will?
What are the general duties a paralegal may perform concerning wills, trusts, and estate administration?
Please note that your answers to the questions in Part B should not simply be comprised of one or two conclusory sentences. Your responses to each question must be substantive and critically analyze the factual and legal issues presented by the questions.

You may use your e-text and/or any other relevant source in preparation your work. Please be advised that your answers must be written solely in your own words. You are only permitted one (1) quotation from the e-text or any other source you use in connection with this assignment. Be sure to cite your sources. ANY SUBMISISON THAT DOES NOT CITE SOURCES WILL LOSE A SUBSTANTIAL NUMER OF POINTS. Further, please be sure to proofread your work before submission. In addition to substance and critical analysis, your assignment will be graded for writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. For full credit, it is imperative that you follow the Case Study Grading Rubric.