For This Week’s Reflection Paper You Will Be Identifying Current Issues Within Facility Management. Find 2 Articles Discussing 2 Best College Essay Help

For this week’s reflection paper you will be identifying Current Issues within Facility Management.

Find 2 articles discussing 2 separate current issues that have occurred recently at a sporting venue (examples are, but not limited to: tailgating, crowd control, alcohol at sporting events, drones, spectator injury in or around the facility/stadium, participant injury due to physical environment, etc)
Once you locate the articles you will provide a 1 page synopsis of each containing the following information:
Paragraph 1. Summarize the issue providing all relevant details
Paragraph 2. Provide recommendations of policies that can be implemented to prevent a similar incident in the future


In short paragraphs and in your own words, answer each of the following questions. 1. Imagine yourself sitting in the front row at a performance of Fronteras Americanas. Choose a specific moment in t essay help free: essay help free

 1. Imagine yourself sitting in the front row at a performance of Fronteras Americanas.Choose a specific moment in the play during which you might be particularly aware ofthe “border” that conventionally divides audiences from performers. What might youthink or feel in this moment? What response(s) does this moment seem designed to invitein audience members?2. Compare and contrast Fronteras Americanas with any other play we have read this term.This may include comparing the subject matter of the two plays, the style in which thetwo plays are presented, the larger ideas presented, and/or focusing on particularmoments or scenes that lend themselves to comparison. Whatever you choose to focuson, ensure that your ideas are clearly explained and supported with specific evidence .PART 2:Record your own potential discussion question for Fronteras Americanas. 


Discussion Chapt 4: IFE Matrix for Retail Computer Store Dear Students, Please read the example IFE Matrix on p. college admission essay help

Discussion Chapt 4: IFE Matrix for Retail Computer Store

Dear Students,

Please read the example IFE Matrix on p. 116 of your textbook and then look at Table 4-11.

Choose two factors (either strengths or weaknesses) that you feel the company needs to pay more attention to in their strategic planning. Explain why?
(*Important: You should have your initial post for discussions by Friday. In this way all the students will have enough time (Saturday


Answer this question to complete the essay: You try to live strictly by the moral rules contained in your essay help online: essay help online

Answer this question to complete the essay: You try to live strictly by the moral rules contained in your religion’s moral code. The two most important rules are “Be merciful” (don’t give people what they deserve) and “Be just” (give people exactly what they deserve). Now suppose a man is arrested for stealing food from your house, and the police leave it up to you whether he should be prosecuted for his crime or set free. Should you be merciful and set him free, or be just and make sure he is appropriately punished? How do you resolve this conflict of rules? Can your moral code resolve it? To what moral principles or theories do you appeal?
Use this link to direct you to the textbook pdf:
Use chapters 1-3 to help you answer the question (between those 3 chapters use the ones that are most useful to answer the question) if you use any ideas, quotes from the textbook, remember to include it in the reference page and in text citation. NO PLAGIARISM.
Thank you and reach out to me if you have any questions.


1. )Explain why this topic is important to you. 2.)Provide a narrative summary of the information found in the Essay essay help online

1. )Explain why this topic is important to you.
2.)Provide a narrative summary of the information found in the Guide to Clinical Preventive Services (population, risk assessment, interventions, recommendations, etc.).
3.)Identify at least two members of the interprofessional team you would collaborate with for this topic.
4.)Provide rationale for why each interprofessional member was chosen.
Provide two peer reviewed scholarly nursing references to support your content. These references are in addition to your course textbook.


Directions: two separate outlines; first is chapter 2 of White, R. (2011). Transnational environmental crime: Toward an eco-global criminology. college essay help online

two separate outlines; first is chapter 2 of White, R. (2011). Transnational environmental crime: Toward an eco-global criminology. New York, NY: Routeledge. ISBN 978-1-84392-802-7

second is:

Just summarize/outline in own words, if quoting must explain it in own words. Then create 1 discussion question per reading totaling 2 questions.

submit a quick outline summary and reaction to your weekly reading and any in-class videos we view or additional videos I ask you to view outside of class time. You must also post 2 discussion questions per post.
This is NOT a formal paper. Your submission can be in outline or paragraph form. This is simply a way to show me that you have done and understand the readings/viewings and are prepared to discuss them in class.


You are serving as an executive board member for government health programs. The board has received congressional approval to stand up a new nonprofit medical center in your community. The medical cen essay help online free: essay help online free

The board has received congressional approval to stand up a new nonprofit medical center in your community. The medical center will offer inpatient and outpatient services, such as emergency care, pediatric care, intensive critical care, and other similar services. Your boss sends you an email asking for publicly available information that is necessary for attaining and sustaining the new medical center. Your boss wants to know about accrediting agencies and licensures that exist for various types of public and private healthcare institutions (hospitals, managed care plans, long-term care facilities, etc.). Once the center is up and running, your boss believes it will be important to maintain quality standards for the organization and its providers. Therefore, be sure to include research regarding provider report cards in your email.
Reply to your boss with a two-page business email that gives an overview of the impact of accreditation and report cards on your healthcare organization. Describe the types of accrediting agencies and provider report cards that currently exist and applicable to the upcoming medical center. Research the various types of licenses required for future employees (physicians, nurses, medical techs, etc.). Be sure to include summaries/hot links of at least two accreditation agencies so that your boss can readily follow up on this information if she so chooses. In addition, include at least two provider report cards links with at least one local/regional report card.
This assignment should be no more than two pages, completed in a Microsoft Word document.
Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your submission should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
A separate page at the end of your submission should contain a list of references, in APA format. 
Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources. Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style.
APA title pageIntro*** The MeatConclusionAPA Reference page with 4 sources minimum 
-Must be in business email format-2 accreditation agencies minimum-2 report cards minimum *** At least one MUST be local/state/regional/etc (HINT…Use your doctor and your child’s pediatrician). *** Must have hyperlinks embedded in the business email so that your boss can easily access them.
website to find Dr. report cards


Capstone Project Change Proposal Plan online essay help

Topic 9 DQ 2

Lack of incentives to implement evidence based practice is another factor that would cause low motivation among the nurses to implement and realize the desired changes. “While system transformation may bring uncertainty, it will undoubtedly also provide opportunities for leadership, greater engagement and the potential for improved patient, provider and system outcomes” (Wheatley et al., 2017). In this case, I would encourage multidisciplinary collaboration among the medical professionals in the healthcare institution to reduce work load and also to facilitate knowledge transfer. Nursing workloads are high enough and to add another task to complete is not always possible to complete during work hours. Nurses are tired and ready to go home at the end of their shifts and completing assessments or education after a shift would not promote optimal retention of materials. Incentives should be given to come in on time off to complete tasks needed. 

The second barrier that could undermine attainment of the anticipated change in the healthcare organization is inappropriate institutional culture, which does not support the practice. Inappropriate institutional culture includes failure to demand the best practice from the nurses, failure to provide necessary resources and failure to provide professional and educational advancement opportunities for nurses so that that they can enhance their skills on evidence based practice. To solve this barrier, involving the organization’s management as a key stakeholder during implementation of evidence based practice is of critical importance. In addition, involving trained mentors who are familiar with the institutional culture would help in bringing the desired change to facilitate uptake of evidence based practice. This change proposal relies heavily on leadership and management. Both have the potential to positively impact the organizational culture to support the change. 

In the implementation process of my evidence based practice, the potential barriers that would hinder it from achieving the desired outcomes are lack of motivation among the nursing staff and institutional barriers. Lack of motivation among the nursing and other medical professionals is one of the major barriers. Some of the factors that could contribute to low motivation include lack of adequate nursing staff, thereby increasing the workload for the existing care teams (Pierson


Capstone Project Change Proposal Plan essay help free: essay help free

Topic 9 DQ 1

One of my strengths regarding professional presentations is organization and thourough research. One way that I can continue to build this strength is to prepare ahead of time and avoid procrastination. This will allow plenty of time to edit and re-edit in order to be even more organized. One of my weaknesses regarding professional presentations is being able to get my entire thought presented in a way that is not confusing. One way that I can work on this includes preparation and running through the presentation before hand and either recording it and watching it back or in front of colleagues to obtain construtive criticism that I can apply to the presentation to make changes that will enhance the delivery (Swathi, 2015). Being able to present professionally is essential for projects such as our capstone project for this class.

The focus of my change proposal focuses on improving nursing work satisfaction to improve patient outcomes. There is much to be said on this topic, however, a challenge will be elaborating on key points without losing focus. “Communication gaps and dissatisfaction often described in terms of contradictory instructions, lack of clarity on self-care expectations, uncertainty” (Wheatley et al., 2017) are one of the problems I need to avoid.

 Discuss one personal strength and one weakness you have regarding professional presentations. Name one method for improvement for each of these and discuss why it is important for you to work on these skills if you want to present your findings in a more formal setting. 


Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years. There should be a mix between research and your reflections. Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way.


When responding, reply to the message rather than starting new threads.
It is currently set that you must first post best college essay help: best college essay help

When responding, reply to the message rather than starting new threads.

It is currently set that you must first post your thread before you are allowed to see other posts. This should help generate more personalized responses for each of the given sources.

Keep this in mind when reading the two primary sources. The letters were addressed between the Ottoman and Safavid Empires in the early 16th century which were gauging for war with one another. The escalation in tension would eventually lead to the official declaration of war between both of these states culminating in the decisive (and arguably one the most important battles of modern Middle Eastern history) the Battle of Chaldiran. The battle was won because of the Ottoman Empire’s ability to utilize gunpowder weaponry en-masse resulting in a decisive victory. Due to the severe defeat on the side of the Safavids, they would soon adopt gunpowder as their main source of warfare, becoming the second of the three Gunpowder Empires (the third being the Mughal Empire in the Indian Subcontinent.)

Based on the Secondary Source and two Primary sources, address these questions:

Based on Kunt’s article, what was expected when one was part of the Ottoman Imperial Palace?

Based on Kunt’s article, what is the devshirme, and what is the importance of the system in Ottoman society?

Based on the two Primary sources (which are letters) what do the two letters convey? How do the two leaders depict themselves, display their authority, and/or show their legitimacy? 

Based on the two Primary sources, how do the two leaders justify going to war? Why do you think they need to put so much emphasis on justification?

Use quotes from the sources in your answers and feel free to ask questions to your peers about the reading.

Each question should be answered with a minimum of one paragraph (3 to 5 sentences per answer) but more are welcomed.


Response to “On Rainy River” best essay help

Respond in detail to each question listed below.

“On Rainy River”

First, how do your personal beliefs, background, politics, etc… play into how you might read and interpret this story? This is a potentially divisive story – we usually have strong feelings about war and those who fight them, and it is important to examine where any emotional reactions you have might be based.

Do you feel sympathy for O’Brien, or do you feel some sense of judgment for his initial reaction to the draft notice? (Be honest) When he goes off on his rant about how he is too good for this war, and the people who want the war should have to send their wives and children to the front lines, what reaction do you have to this? 

How does this story challenge what might be our stereotypical war story – or story about a soldier? How does it challenge a stereotypical view of what it means to be a ‘man’? What is the place of this story in a collection of war stories? Did you fully believe O’Brien when he says that the brave thing for him would have been to run away to Canada? How did the last line in the story “I was a coward. I went to war” strike you? 

Read the attached file -which gives one of Tim O’Brien’s lectures  Download one of Tim O’Brien’s lectures where he specifically talks about Rainy River and offers a surprising new perspective on the story. How did you feel when you realized, after reading O’Brien’s lecture, that the entire story was made-up? That nothing in it actually happened, and his real summer involved nothing so interesting? Did you feel cheated? How do you feel about what he says about the purpose of fiction – to get at the truth that was too deep for the “true story” to actually convey? 


Due in 6 hours essay help online free: essay help online free
Based on your viewing of this documentary on early life, (and perhaps knowledge you have gathered from other sources) what are your final thoughts regarding “how we know what we know” about early Life?Include the following:

1. What is the current accepted hypothesis on how early life began?2. Does this hypothesis conflict with other ways of assessing the “truth” about the natural world around us? Why or why not? (think faith, religion etc) 3. How have scientist’s tested this scientific hypothesis on our understanding of early life?4. Click on the link below to explore Cyanobacteria.What role did this organism play in early life? How would you describe it’s cellular structure? (why is it green?) Is it a prokaryote or a Eukaryote?

5. How is algae coming into the picture as an important player regarding energy? How is ASU assisting the department of Energy? (3 points)• Click on the following links to find out:••


North Waters essay help free

In Chapter 13 of the Daft textbook, you will find many relevant ideas, concepts, initiatives, and programs that will add value to your paper. For this assignment,  “North Waters Appliance” is attached. This case describe real-world situations in dealing with diversity. You should find at least two other peer-reviewed academic journal articles from the Library to support your discussion in the paper.

Introduction: What is the objective or purpose of the paper?

Analysis: On the basis of your reading “North Waters Appliance” review and evaluate the real-world situation addressing human diversity.

Integration: Describe specific organizational initiatives, or plan, that could be implemented to understand competitiveness and collaboration in a global economy. Identify elements of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes that need to be addressed. Apply your knowledge to create best practices to develop a training program designed to appreciate diversity and leverage human potential. Apply specific lessons from the text readings and other journal articles.

Conclusion: Summarize key learning lessons that you will take from this assignment.

Review the components below and the grading rubric for this assignment before you begin writing your paper. Construct and write your paper with subheadings that connect to the key components below. This is a sound structural strategy to guide performance of your critical thinking.


For this assignment you will select a specific group from the following list: Veterans Minorities Individuals with disabilities College students essay help

For this assignment you will select a specific group from the following list: Veterans Minorities Individuals with disabilities College students Individuals from welfare to work Single parents Displaced workers Late-life career loss Individuals with minimal work experience or large gaps in employment Individual changing careers Write a paper of 1,750 to 2,100 words that can be used as a resource when working with an individual from the selected group. Use scholarly resources to support your use of a specific career theory as well as interventions with this population. The paper should include the following: An explanation of who the population is and why it is important for this group to receive career counseling (CACREP 2.F.4.e) Statistics on the group (e.g., how large, how many have employment problems, how many utilize career counseling) (CACREP 2.F.4.c) Discussion of career counseling theory to be used with the group (e.g., Minnesota theory of work adjustment). Include evidence supporting the use of this theory in the general population as well as within the group. Please note: If none is available, it is important to indicate that as well. (CACREP 2.F.4.a) Basic plan for counseling utilizing chosen theory (e.g., interview, use of assessment tools, explanation of theory) (CACREP 2.F.4.a, CACREP 2.F.4.i) Environmental/personal barriers that may prevent the client from finding work (e.g., disability, substance use history, felony, transportation, limited computer access) and specific intervention plans to address barriers (CACREP 2.F.4.b, CACREP 2.F.4.g, CACRE 2.F.4.j) Relevant and local resources available to help the client obtain work (e.g., job center, training programs, support groups) and a description of activities and supplemental materials that can be used by the individual (CACREP 2.F.4.h) Based on the information listed above, provide some recommendations with regard to your plan to include your opinion on whether this plan is tenable and if you think if it can work. (CACREP 2.F.4.f) A discussion of how spirituality can be incorporated into career counseling. As examples, when counseling a Jewish client that observes the Sabbath, the counselor would want to talk to them about considering the work schedule when looking for employment or the counselor could ask questions about purpose and value as it relates to finding employment. Please refer to the Vocation and Lifelong Spiritual Formation: A Christian Integrative Perspective on Calling in Mid-Career article for your response. A minimum of eight scholarly references. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


REVIEW QUESTIONS. I dropped the chapter to read and answer the questions. college essay help near me: college essay help near me

1. What are the main similarities and differences among the GRADE Working Group, Joanna Briggs Institute, and the 6S approaches to ranking evidence? 2. What is a meta-analysis? Is it considered a type of systematic review? 3. Why do most hierarchies rank systematic reviews and meta-analyses as the most ideal evidence? 4. How do cohort control, case-control, and observational study designs compare? Provide an example of each. How do they compare in their ability to control the research conditions? 5. Consider this chapter’s clinical story. Do you think that it was right for Jacob to stop the procedure? How would you approach a similar situation?


Gang of Four best essay help

Select 3-5 of the Gang of Four (GoF) patterns and at least one anti-pattern.

Conclude the a section explaining how each pattern contributes to the software design and how new patterns can be made based on foundation patterns.

Be sure to include both in-text citations and references for all sources. For more information on APA style formatting, go to Academic Writer, formerly APA Style Central, under the Academic Tools area of this course.


12. I dropped the chapter to read to answer the questions. essay help online: essay help online

1. Why do you think Pat in the clinical story felt concerned about her patient’s decision? 2. What steps would you take if this happened to you? 3. How much weight do you feel should be given to patient preferences? 4. What role does meaning have when considering patient preferences? 5. What are the most important elements to consider in SDM?


Extra -6 essay help online: essay help online


Bringing IoT Into Your Organization—Change Management

IoT has emerged as both an agent of dramatic change and the result of global forces that drive change. 

TripleX Inc. has posted its request for proposals to implement Internet of Things solutions to their organization. Your company Solutions Inc. has won the bid, and now you are in charge of executing this contract. Explain your approach to implementing this contract and where do you start. Feel free to use real-life examples scenarios or use cases in supporting your responses.


Module 5 Discussion: Positive Business Messages essay help

Locate an online example of a news release in which a company announces good news, such as a new product, a notable executive hire, an expansion, strong financial results, or an industry award. Post a brief analysis of the release, including the following:

(a) Ways in which the writer excelled

(b) Aspects of the release that could be improved

(c) Social media-friendly content and features included in the release

(d) Citations of specific elements from the release that support your analysis

Include a link to the document at the bottom of your post.


Unit 5 Discussion: Sampling Distributions writing essay help: writing essay help

Why are sampling distributions important to the study of inferential statistics?  In your answer, demonstrate your understanding by providing an example of a sampling distribution from an area such as business, sports, medicine, social science, or another area with which you are familiar. Remember to cite your resources and use your own words in your explanation. 

1 page apa format with sources 


A. What type of genre is The Illiad?
B. Explain the theories of ‘unitarianism’ and ‘expansion’ as these relate to custom essay help

A. What type of genre is The Illiad?

B. Explain the theories of ‘unitarianism’ and ‘expansion’ as these relate to the authorship of The Illiad.

Part B – Books 1-10

Directions: Answer each of the following questions.

(1) Why are the Greeks and Trojans fighting?

(2) How does Paris (Alexandros) behave in the following situations:
____a. When the Greeks and Trojans meet in battle?
____b. When Menelaus accepts his offer?
____c. When he sees Helen?
____d. When Hector shames him?

(3) What kind of person is Paris?

(4) Which gods fight for the Greeks? Which fight for Troy? Why?

(5) Briefly describe Hector’s visit with his wife and child. Why is it hard for him to return to battle? Why does he go?

(6) How do the Greeks try to protect their ships? What is their fear?

(7) Why do the three envoys visit Achilles? What arguments do they present? How does Achilles respond to them?

Part C – Books 11-24

Directions: Answer each of the following questions.

(1) Briefly describe how Agamemnon, Diomedes, and Odysseus become wounded. Who is winning at the end of this day’s battle?

(2) Why does Patroclus want to enter the war? What is Achilles’ reaction?

(3) What is Achilles’ reaction after Patroclus’ death?

(4) Why is it important for Achilles and Agamemnon to reconcile publicly?

(5) What hardships have resulted from Achilles’ anger?

(6) How does the tide of war change after Achilles enters the war?

(7) How does Achilles honor Patroclus and dishonor Hector?

(8) Why do the gods interfere with Achilles’ plans for Hector’s body?

(9) What are the results of Priam’s meeting with Achilles? Why?

(10) The Iliad ends without a total victory for the Greeks. Why?

(11) Contrast Hector and Achilles. Which do you like better? Why?

(12) In your opinion, is Achilles any different at the end of the story than he was at the beginning? Explain.

Part D – Greek Gods

Directions: Follow each step below to complete the assignment.

Step 1. Choose the name of a Greek god who appears in the Iliad.

Step 2. Find out as much about the god or goddess as you can.

Step 3. Write a short exposition about the god’s exploits.