Flow Zone Coffee: The Coffee Shop Concept

Brief Introduction of the Concept

The proposed coffee shop concept is centered around combining three services, which include a traditional coffee shop, bookstore, and library. Dubai Healthcare City is a high-tech center with an emphasis on education and teaching on healthcare, where the competitive edge is achieved through intensive learning and knowledge acquisition as a cornerstone of education and expertise. Since individuals operating, working, and conducting business in the given area are essentially intellectuals, the idea of providing the most outstanding customer experience tailored for highly comfortable learning can be what people need there.

Business Description

The business is named Flow Zone Coffee because it represents a unique environment perfectly adapted to enhance the learning and studying process. The business is based on a scientific concept of ‘flow,’ where it is stated:

The experience of flow is influential in the development of the individual and of society because it requires an ongoing balance of challenge and skill, immediate feedback, and clear and proximate goals, and serves the development of an increasingly complex self, which is capable of expressing the full range of human potentialities. (Csikszentmihalyi et al., 2018, p. 215)

In other words, there is solid evidence about how people can engage in a deep state of work and learning by entering so-called ‘flow.’ Since people tend to consume coffee to stay alert and focused as well as sharp, coffee shops have become hotspots where people conduct their work, team meetings, and individual efforts. However, coffee shops are mostly loud and limited in terms of engaging in the learning, studying, and working processes. Libraries and bookstores are the go-to places for many people who seek knowledge. Thus, combining coffee shops with libraries alongside bookstores can create the desired environment to induce the ‘flow’ state among the people of Dubai Healthcare City. The bookstore will contain books skewed toward healthcare-related topics, including the latest medical journals, textbooks, manuals, guidelines, protocols, and self-development books.

Location and Brief Description

The target location is Dubai Healthcare City because it is the most advanced and high-tech Dubai center, where the most innovative endeavors in the healthcare field are taking place. People working and living in the given region are not ordinary by any means. They have a unique set of needs for constant growth, both professionally and individually. Their competitiveness depends on their ability to learn and acquire knowledge in the most effective way possible. Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum established the center to develop world-class wellness and health destination around the globe.


The core mission of Flow Zone Coffee is to enhance learning and create the best customer experience for them to be able to easily enter the deep state of learning of the ‘flow.’ The strategy is centered around providing all the basic needs for individuals seeking an undistracted learning and working environment, where they can have access to high-quality coffee, healthcare-focused literature, and quiet as well as a comfortable library.

Economic Objective

The economic objective is to offer competitive prices in both coffee drinks, pastry, and books by having the option of adjusting the prices in all three sources of revenue. It is possible to implement a subscription-based system, where a customer is able to purchase a package of services for all offered items for a specific period of time. For example, a basic package can include access to literature, library books, top brand coffee, and free high-speed internet. Since the company operates in a niche environment, opening new spots or branches will not be a priority, but rather increasing prices for the services as demand increases.


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