Financial Implications Of Single Parenting


Being a single parent is challenging work since a parent has to care not only for oneself but for another little person. Therefore, single parenting is a great responsibility as an adult has to raise and teach a child while also providing one with necessities. Overall, a person must simultaneously work to earn money and be a parent to one’s kid; it is often tough to maintain a balance between the two, which leads to financial problems.

Financial Implications of Being a Single Parent

To begin with, a parent can’t leave for work, considering that one has to feed, entertain, and care for a child. Still, the option of sparing parenthood responsibilities to relatives is not for everyone, so parents stay at home without any steady income (Stack & Meredith, 2017; Murray, 2022; Casey, 2022; Kent, 2022). Additionally, sending a kid to childcare can often be unreasonably expensive, and not every adult can afford such expenditures even by working long hours (Measom, 2022; Longero, 2022; Cohen, 2022; Zoepf, 2019; Maggio, 2017). For instance, in New Zealand, a couple has to spend 37.3% of their income to cover childcare, which means it accumulates 74.6% for a single parent (World Economic Forum, 2022; Kahler, 2022). Naturally, financial problems may occur when providing a child with necessities, such as diapers, clothes, food, and toys.


To sum up, in the modern world, when everything is getting more expensive each day, it is genuinely challenging to manage to be a single parent. The number of financial issues that single parents nowadays face is disturbing, which is understandable as raising and providing for a kid and oneself can be overwhelming. Therefore, single parents may struggle with maintaining the balance between work and parenthood or face financial issues of giving a child necessities.


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