Film Summary: “The Patriot” Directed By Dean Semler

Nationalism is one factor that enables the citizens to protect the sovereignty of a given nation. The movie The Patriot has proven to be one of America’s most beloved films by loyal American citizens. The movie aims at bringing a sense of hope and a deeper understanding to the people of America by portraying different factors that contribute to effective nationalism and how nationalism is an important aspect of the success of a nation. The film was first released in the year 2000 and was written and directed by Roland Emmerich. The movie is about individuals who are fighting for the liberty of their nation.

The movie’s main plot is in South Carolina in the United States of America in 1776. The main character is an individual who is reluctant to participate in the fight against the British soldiers. However, he is considered a war hero who assisted the United States of America in different periods of war. His two sons have decided that they will help their nation fight the British soldiers. The movie majorly aims at portraying different forms of bravery in fighting for the liberty of your nation. This is evident when one of the main character’s sons, Gabriel, signs up to be part of the troop without his father’s permission.

The main character of the film Benjamin Martin inevitably finds himself back into his past life by joining the American troop as he attempts to save his son Gabriel. His other son Thomas joins him in a mission to save his brother. The film’s main objective is to portray how different American soldiers and citizens were motivated to fight against oppression from external forces. This is evident when Mel Gibson, the lead character of the film, encouraged men to stand up and fight for their country even in his time of suffering and death.

One of the major themes in the movies is the theme of war, where the United States engaged in a battle with the British soldiers. One of the main reasons the citizens and soldiers of the United States of America were to end the social and economic oppression they were subjected to. They fought to protect their resources, which the British individuals aimed to exploit, leaving the Americans without any gain from their resources. This portrays how without sacrifices by the nation’s citizens, achieving most set goals and objectives will be derailed by different factors.

Another major theme that is evident in the movie is the theme of leadership and oppression. The film portrays how the United States of America is made up of systems that govern their lifeways. The system is comprised of different types of leaders who possess powers that have a great impact on the well-being of the citizens. The American leadership system contains of other individuals who are corrupt and selfish and who majorly undertake different initiatives for their own benefit. The film shows how most patriotic citizens fought towards ensuring that the corrupt and selfish leaders are fought demoted from their offices o enhance good leadership for the benefit of the American citizens.

The main characters of the film majorly aim to portray a good patriot’s qualities. They portray a good patriot as an individual who is up against all forms of corruption, unfairness, and biasness and eradicate violence to enhance human rights. The film is appropriate for class discussions because it provides elaborate knowledge on the topic of nationalism, making it easier for the students to understand the concept.