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It is known that first Greeks appeared in Chicago more that 150 years ago (Chicago’s Greektown, 2010). It was far 1840s when Greeks were able to inhabit Chicago and promote the development of one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. A festival within the chosen community is a unique chance to demonstrate how unbiased people can be, how eager to destroy boundaries they are, and how interested in new traditions and cultures they may be.

Due to the fact that this district is one of those that make up the community area, the festival offered to its citizens has to be community based. A street festival in Greektown, Chicago is a captivating chance to introduce new tasty food, amazing music, crafts, and advertisements which may attract not only the attention of ordinary people but also the sponsors who may provide appropriate support.

A community festival is a possibility to provide local citizens with the necessary connection and entertain them as long as they can. There are several tasks to be set for this festival. Let us talk about all of them.

First, it is necessary to inform that it will be a volunteer festival to raise some money for local schools and student scholarship. Second, a committee, the members of which support the idea of festival, should be organized. 2 people are responsible for public relations; 2 people take care of an image of a festival; 2 people work with possible sponsors; and 3 people follow how the whole process is organized and inform the leader of the festival about the achievements.

The festival may be organized near the crossroads where Nine Muses are located. There is no need to choose some parks or squares. This community festival should not have any boundaries and limitations but the streets which are available for everyone.

It is necessary to set proper lighting along all streets. A number of street lamps should support an idea that Greek community is always provided by the United States of America with appropriate conditions, and in time light will show the right way to success. To improve the community festival, it is possible to underline that the theme of the party is all about human past and the first attempts of Greeks to conquer US and choose an appropriate place under the sun. Let it be the festival “Come Back to the 1840s”.

Old World traditions and the Greek language (Chicago’s Greektown, 2010) promote a kind of ethical pride among the members of the chosen community.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Pricing for such festival depends on food, drinks, and music background. It is necessary to take care of each detail and elaborate as many streets for the festival as possible. People should have some place to sit, drink, or even dance. Special place for competitions where people could donate money for education should be also defined.

Taking into consideration the theme and the purpose of the chosen festival, the audience will contain people with different occupations: the representatives from the educational sphere should participate to improve their working conditions and take care of their future; parents and grandparents will find the festival interesting to promote the sphere of education for their children and to plunge into the past and enjoy the styles preferred; and even young people will participate in the chosen venue to find out their roots, enjoy their present, and take care of their future.

In general, the community festival “Come Back to the 1840s” in Greektown, Chicago has to be supported by the vast majority of people because it is never too late to address personal roots, become closer to the chosen community, and take the steps which influence the development of the nearest future.

Reference List Greektown History. (2010) Chicago’s Greektown. Retrieved from https://greektownchicago.org/


Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance Research Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Abstract The historical perception of the distinction between Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance and others is traceable back to the great historical artists like Donatello and Michelangelo.

They are arguably big sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, who were both original and catalysts for revolution. Their works have realism through implementation of versatility, emotional and psychological effects. These aspects are evident among current sculptors.

Thesis/Problem Statement “Significance of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance” This is a research investigating and analyzing the different arguments on philosophical nature of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, from various art histories to the current state of affairs, with the aim of providing a personal point of view regarding the subject matter.

Purpose/Significance of the Study The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the consequences and key concepts involved in the development of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance and offer personal suggestions or opinions over the issue of relationship between various historical stages.

Objectives of the Study This research paper lays down the need for finding the background of the understanding of various Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance over the relationship as presented by diverse great artists. The study is equally an assessment of differences of sculpture work at different times.

Significance of the Study The key topics to be covered entail the focus over Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance. This is in the aim of finding the reasonable conclusion on this type of work.

The Procedure of the Study/Research Methodology

The paper highly utilizes the literature reviews to enable better understanding of the topic. Preparation of the research over the chosen topic will enhance and quantify the research as a study topic and prepare for respondents.

Information collected will equally tabulate and assist in ranking the findings from various eras, and help to narrow the scope to the objectives of the research. The analysis of findings will then draw conclusions from generally analyzed data in the literature review.

Literature Review Historical Overview

The Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance is arguably one of the most reflective and productive period regarding the history of art. Some of the outstanding fields of Italian art include architecture, sculpture and painting. The early nineteenth century marked the revolution of art history. Good example of the sculptural work was by Donatello (Meyer


Inspection of the Inn’s Building and Its Compound Essay a level english language essay help

123 Winner’s Road

New empire Town, PA 12345

John Shaky

1234, Inn Lane

Fun city, IN 12345

Dear Mr. Shaky:

As part of my responsibilities at the inn, I have taken time to inspect the inn’s building and its compound. The U.S. Department of labor (2009) states, “ managers must have a good knowledge of the hotel operations, including safety and security measures, repair and maintenance, and personell practice (p. 2009). I would like to bring to your attention a number of safety concerns based on my observations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The inn’s kitchen roof has an advanced degree of charring around the exhaust vent, with the tarpaper roof pulled up at a corner. Birds that have made nests on it, and there are branches resting on it. Trees have grown untended, to the extent that they may cause power lines to entangle.

Their roots have grown dangerously close to water pipes. Cracks have formed on the building’s foundation, which is aggravated by a puddle of water pushing against the wall. I have observed that the windows have gaps between them and the window frames. The dining hall manager confirmed that negligence has been part of the inn’s management philosophy.

The poor state of maintenance exposes the inn to several risks. Fire may occur if there is entanglement of power lines by tree branches during strong winds. In addition, the inn will incur high repair and reconnection fees. This is because the utility provider expects clients to trim vegetation near power supply lines within their premises. The local authority will be justified to condemn the building if the foundation deteriorates any further.

The authority may also take issue with the roofs, which can cave in at any moment. The entire framework of the roof continues to weaken due to exposure to the elements. The presence of birds on it risks attracting snakes and other predators, which may end up inside the inn.

The overgrown roots threaten to destroy water pipes while the puddle sitting against the foundation not only weakens the foundation further, but also provides a breeding ground for pests and parasites. The Inn is currently spending a lot of money on energy because our air conditioning works through out. This is as a result of the spaces between the windows and the walls.

This state of disrepair and poor maintenance exposes us to litigation by our clients should any accident occur at the inn. O’Fallon and Rutherford (2010) warned that, “The primary legal dangers in both housekeeping and maintenance are related to negligence and involve lack of inspection and repair” (p. 209).

Based on the above, I would like to propose, as an emergency measure, that we urgently cut down unnecessary trees and trim the rest. This will not cost much yet it will secure the inn’s power and water supply while mitigating the safety risks and high repair costs the inn would incur in case of an accident.

We will write a custom Essay on Inspection of the Inn’s Building and Its Compound specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Secondly, within the next one month, there is need to drain the puddle and repair the foundation to ensure that the structural integrity of the building remains sound. In addition, the inn needs to prepare plans to repair the windows and the roof of the building within the same period.

Finally, my office will develop a long-term Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) plan for implementation by the maintenance department of the inn so that all sections of the inn get attention when it is due. Lockyer (2007) states, “the process of maintenance management in a hotel is often a shared responsibility, although it may be allocated directly to the maintenance department” (p.144).

Yours sincerely,

General Manager, The Inn

References Lockyer, T. L. G. (2007). The international hotel industry: Sustainable management. New York: Routledge.

O’Fallon, M. J.


Informative Synthesis on Movie: The Crucible Analytical Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

The Crucible, representing the events that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, in the Seventeenth century, is a film that was released on 27 November 1996 and it is based on Arthur Miller’s 1953 play bearing the same name. Some of the high-profile actors in the film include Daniel Day-Lewis (John Proctor), Winnona Ryder (Abigail Williams), and Bruce Davison (Reverend Samuel Parris). The notable Paul Scofield (Judge Thomas Danforth) and Joan Allen (Elizabeth Proctor) also play significant supporting roles in the movie.

The writer of the play version of the film, Arthur Miller, takes charge of the screenplay while Nicholas Hytner is the director. To portray the historical context of the movie, most of its scenes were shot on Hog Island in Esssex, Massachusetts. The movie serves as a symbol for the happenings in our contemporary society.

The movie commences with an apparently harmless occurrence. A group of young Salem village girls attends a secret meeting in the woods where they chant and dance, wishing for men that they would like to fall in love with. Tituba (Charlayne Woodard), a black American slave takes charge of the event as they accuse some residents of the village of practicing witchcraft. However, the ritual ceremony is cut short by the arrival of the village preacher Reverend Parris (Bruce Davison).

Consequently, as the lustful teenage girls try to escape, two of them lose their consciousness. The trouble makes everyone to start thinking that the girls were practicing witchcraft and a specialist in such matters, Reverend Hale (Rob Campbell), is sought after to look into the delicate matter.

In those times, anyone who was found to be practicing witchcraft was to be sentenced to death by hanging, if he or she did not admit to the offense.

Therefore, to save themselves from this sad end, the subversive teenagers plead for their lives to be preserved. Nonetheless, besides admitting to practicing witchcraft, the cohorts name other villagers whom they accuse of holding black Sabbaths and consorting with the devil. In a little while, with the coming of Judge Danforth and the town’s authorities, the teenagers now behave as if they are “servants of God.”

This makes them to be considered as reliable witnesses for the prosecution that is about to be carried out. In a cruel irony of twist, the residents whom they accused are taken into custody and the innocent who refuse to admit to the offense are sentenced to death by hanging. The one who instigated this make-believe episode was Abigail Williams. Her main intention was to ensure that Elizabeth Proctor dies so that she can have a relationship with her husband, John Proctor (Shmoop University, 77).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, even though one time Abigail and John had been in a relationship, he refused to allow his former lover to take the position of his wife. John’s unwavering defense of his wife puts him in trouble and he is arrested as a witch. Consequently, he and others accused of the same offense are hanged.

The fictionalization of the events that took place in Salem in 1692 is a remarkable attempt by the filmmakers to show how these “witch hunts” can still exist in the contemporary world.

As much as they can take place currently in less severe forms, they can still be offensive. The Crucible, tackling various issues relating to finger pointing, demonstration of mass hysteria, and gossiping, uses the Salem Witch Trials so as to pass judgment on the society concerning these unfair practices.

The ease with which integrity can be stage-managed and distorted is represented by Abigail’s actions, as she not only plays God but also the residents of the village. However, as the movie is nearly ending, her eyes seems to depict her dreadfulness since her evil intentions are about to be made known.

The movie criticism of lack of reason when passing judgments and the desire to pass the blame on others is interpreted by many as a depiction of the House Committee on Un-American Activities investigations in which Miller himself was summoned to give his testimony before it in 1956. The investigation, which was led by Senator Joe McCarthy, was mandated to track down and expose individuals who were suspected of having communist compassions or associations (Zinn and Arnove, 378). Whereas those who were found guilty went scot free, several people endured severe damage to their reputation as they were falsely accused.

Besides the historical accuracy of the film, its rich themes, such as intolerance, thirst for recognition in the society, public and private moralities are universal in scope.

The allegorical depictions of the events in the film have continued to captivate viewers around the world. The Crucible speaks to everyone who resides in a society in which going contrary to the popular opinion makes one to suffer denunciation and unfair treatment.

We will write a custom Essay on Informative Synthesis on Movie: The Crucible specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is important to note that as much as the movie is full of relevant themes to our current society, it would be dry and unattractive if it lacked characters and scenes that cannot captivate the viewers.

In fact, the human interest in the movie makes it to stand out. The plot of the movie has both heroes and villain. However, Hytner and Miller placed nothing to be in black in white. Abigail is the antagonist who serves as the spark that rekindles the fire of the suspicion in everyone’s mind.

Conversely, she is not driven by wickedness, but by a sheer mislaid priority of wanting someone’s husband. John Proctor, one of the honest people in the movie, is the protagonist who engages in an adulterous behavior that earns him his death (Bloom, 17). However, his mistakes portray his human side that is easy to identify with. The input of these characters, and others, was invaluable to the authentic production of the movie.

The Crucible is tremendously moving and the visual representation of the happenings that occurred in Salem makes the story to be alive. This leaves a more lasting effect to the audience than reading the play version of the thrilling events. The movie has a running time of one hundred and twenty-four minutes and it is rated PG-13 due to the extreme depiction of the Salem Witch Trials.

The persuasive, pertinent depiction of human fear was due to the outstanding recreation of the play version of the story for the screen. Undeniably, anyone watching the movie will find the though-provoking production to be of top-quality.

The filmmakers endeavored to hold the action together by having a visual style that is perfect which creates the same atmosphere all through it. The crucible is regarded as one of the best films from 1996 and its classic reinterpretation is an assurance that it has a place in the history of movies.

Works Cited Bloom, Harold. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. New York: Bloom’s Literary Criticism, 2010. Print.

Shmoop University. The Crucible by Authur Miller. Sunnyvale, CA: Shmoop University, 2009. Print.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Informative Synthesis on Movie: The Crucible by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Zinn, Howard, and Arnove, Anthony. Voices of a people’s history of the United States. New York: Seven Stories Press, cop., 2004. Print.


Сommunication Strategy by Apple Company Report cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Current communication strategy by Apple



Introduction Apple, a world renowned maker of computers and information technology-related products launched its iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010. Soon after, users started complaining about diminishing signal strength ostensibly caused by faulty antennas on the iPhone.

When the complaints started streaming in, Apple responded by advising the iPhone 4 users to try holding the gadget in a specific way in order to ensure that the gadget has as much signal strength as possible. “Apple has stated that holding almost any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception.

The company has also claimed that the signal attenuation is a fact of life for all wireless phones” (Adhikari, 2010). To many analysts, this response by Apple was tantamount to failing to accept responsibility for a faulty device and instead issuing the consumer with directives which were not part of the initial instructions on how to use the iPhone.

As McEntergart (2010) notes, different solutions have been offered by apple as an elucidation to the antennae issue, but none seem to address the problem as 1.7 million people who had already purchased the communication gadget by July 2010 would have liked the issue to be handled.

Some of the solutions suggested by the Apple Company include purchasing specific cases for the iPhone 4 (the cases costs an extra $30), using duct tape on the iPhone or purchasing a software patch, which has the ability to alter the gadget’s signal thus reflecting the actual signal strength that the iPhone has at different points.

According to McEntegart (2010), most of the suggested solutions are half-baked and do not befit the 300 dollars purchase price that people paid to get the gadget in the first place. As such, the author notes an iPhone 4 recall is inevitable in the future.

Adhikari (2007) observes that Consumer Reports- a consumer watchdog organization in the United States has refused to give the iPhone 4 a stamp of recommendation insisting that Apple needs to fix the antennae issues on the device “at its own expense” before the organization can consider recommending it for purchase to the general public. Notably, Consumer Reports argues that by advising users to purchase a case for the iPhone 4, Apple is skirting its obligation to give the consumer market a consistent and reliable product and instead putting the onus on its customers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To this end, Consumer Reports suggests that though a product recall would “put a black-eye on Apple”, it is the best approach to addressing the iPhone 4 antennae issue, since failing to attend to the issue comprehensively would only dent the company’s image further.

Notably, Apple is not yet ready for a product recall just as yet. This conclusion is attained by analyzing the company’s response to the antennae problem. From such responses, one can deduce that Apple will only recall the iPhone 4 as a last resort. But why is the company shilly-shallying on a recall while so many analysts have suggested this it is the best way to handle the situation? Well, Keller (2003) argues that a product recall usually decreases a product’s brand equity.

However, a company like Apple can still be shielded from the negative effects on its brand image; previous research has shown that it is unlikely that the brand equity will lessen if consumers have positive prior expectations of the product.

According to Didio (2010), Apple is among the contemporary IT-gadgets related company that enjoys wide consumer support. For example, it is notable that despite the antennae issue with the iPhone 4, consumers are still ordering the communication device. Commenting about the overall support that Apple products receive from the consumer market irrespective of their well-known shortcomings, Didio (2010, p.1) notes that “Neither antenna problems, dropped calls, nor irreplaceable batteries, nor lack of a USB port or flash support, nor premium pricing not lack of a definitive jailbreak date for the iPhone can keep users from pre-ordering and purchasing apple devices in record breaking numbers”.

As opposed to Keller’s (2003) argument that a delay in executing a product recall may damage brand equity through bad publicity generated through consumer’s sharing the experiences, Apple seems to be an exception to this argument since people still purchase the iPhone and other devices manufactured by the company.

Current communication strategy by Apple Through out the years, Apple has been known to hit the news media by well-organized press conference to launch its products or address any problems that may have arisen from its products. In a similar manner, Apple CEO’s Steve Jobs initial reaction to the iPhone 4’s reception shortcomings was to tell the consumers that they are holding the device in a wrong manner.

As Didio (2010) notes, those who expected that Apple would be apologetic about the shortcomings in its product were deeply disappointed. It was only later that Steve Jobs appeared in a press meeting to address concerns directly. Even then, the CEO who has been portrayed as arrogant did not let his guard down.

We will write a custom Report on Сommunication Strategy by Apple Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to Didio (2010), Jobs started by stating that Apple, just like other companies in the innovations industry was not faultless. The CEO further admitted that in addition to the reception problems, 0.55 percent of iPhone users had complained about dropped calls.

Apple’s quick fix solution to affected users was a free case, and other in-store fixes. The CEO further said that anyone who was not content with the device’s performance was free to return it to the company for a full refund within a month of purchase.

Prior to the press conference, the company had communicated the release of the iOS 4.0.1 software, which was meant for installation in the iPhone 4. The software was ostensibly meant to improve the calculation used to determine signal strength by the device hence displaying the correct bars on the screen (Kolakowski, 2010).

Having established that Apple appears insensitive to the needs raised by the consumer’s about the iPhone 4, this suggested communication strategy seeks to provide a solution to perceived arrogance that the company has towards its target market. The communication strategy will not only target current iPhone 4 users, but the general public who might be considering purchasing Apple’s products in future.

The media hype surrounding Apple’s operations suggest that the company’s present communication strategy revolves around secrecy, whereby its communication with the media, the public and shareholders is limited to occasions when the company has no choice but to speak (Stone


Legal Aspects in Professional Psychology Essay essay help free

Table of Contents Legal issues

Importance of confidentiality

Impact of legislation

Role of competence



Psychology is a developed field of study which can be applied in broad fields which include educational, clinical, sports, business, and health areas.

Psychologists, just like other professionals, undergo intensive education and training before they are allowed to practice (Nancy, 2007). Professional psychologists are equipped with scientific foundations that prepare them to offer high quality services and use their practical skills effectively.

The skills include, but not limited to, psychological examination, clinical supervision, consultation, as well as psychotherapy. Owing to the broadness of this field, there are a number of legal aspects which should be considered in the practice of professional psychology.

The code of ethics clearly provide for the general principles expected in the practice of virtually all professional fields such as medicine, law, and dentistry. The essay elaborates the legal issues related to knowledgeable approval and refusal of medical care as well as evaluating the legal issues associated evaluation and diagnosis in the field of professional psychology.

It also offers the explanation of the need to enhance confidentiality in the therapeutic relationship between the patient and the psychologist. Moreover, the essay offers an evaluation of the impact of government legislation and the role of competence in professional psychology.

Legal issues The legal aspects in the field of professional psychology apply to all instances where psychological ethics are to be exercised. Professional psychologists are expected to understand the legal issues and concerns that may be raised especially by their clients. Apart from the practical concerns, the legal aspects of psychology cover broad areas such as understanding the role of government laws and the regulations associated with human behavior as well as the various mental processes (Nancy, 2007).

The practice of professional psychology should not violate any of the legal provisions stipulated in the professional code of conduct and ethics.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The codes of ethics are generally uniform in all the states although licensing may be done by individual states. The handling of clients by psychologists is one of the most sensitive areas which should abide by the legal requirements. Professional psychologists are expected to ensure that they get informed consent from their clients.

This implies that the client has to agree with terms and conditions of medical treatment or any assessment/testing (Nancy, 2007). Such consent must be well informed, competent and voluntary in nature. In case the client is not in a position to give consent, then a recognized health attorney or next of kin may be allowed to stand in for the patient.

The doctor must inform the client of the possible risks as well as benefits associated with the intended treatment process (Berger, 2002). Additionally, the client should be given the alternative ways of treatment in order to make appropriate personal choices. Another legal doctrine under informed consent is self-determination.

It refers to the right of an adult client who is of sound mind to decide what can be done on their body in the course of treatment (Nancy, 2007). The psychologist is expected to communicate sufficient information to the client in order to facilitate the consent process. At the end of the consent process, the client should sign appropriate documents before the commencement of any medical care.

The right to informed refusal is another legal requirement in the practice of professional psychology. This provision empowers the client to refuse any given medical care regardless of how crucially important it is meant to save his or her life (Berger, 2002). For example, a patient suffering from kidney failure may decline a transplant despite knowing that refusal may result in death.

Furthermore, a client suffering from serious heart attack may opt to depart the hospital even though they are likely to die (Nancy, 2007). A client may refuse treatment due to several reasons such as depression, lack of trust, fear, and misunderstanding. A psychologist may make further attempts to convince the client if he or she thinks the decision to refuse treatment is incompetent.

Importance of confidentiality The legal provisions are also geared towards ensuring confidentiality between clients and their psychologists. The professional code of conduct and ethics protects clients from any form of abuse especially emotional and or physical.

We will write a custom Essay on Legal Aspects in Professional Psychology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Recommended practices by professional psychologists are guaranteed. They include the maintenance of medical files, and appropriate ways for terminating a given therapy process. A psychologist is not expected to share any of the client’s crucial medical information in public (Berger, 2002).

This goes a long way in enhancing the trust between the client and the doctor. If the patient develops confidence towards the therapist, then the treatment process is bound to be successful.

In a situation where confidentiality is breached, the client may initiate legal action against the therapy provider (Berger, 2002). In general, confidentiality in the practice of professional psychology ensures that clients receive professional as well as humane handling that protects them from any form of abuse.

Impact of legislation The government in the United States plays a central role when it comes to the practice of professional psychology. Some legislations passed from time to time by the federal government influence this filed directly (Nancy, 2007).

Decisions which affect the financing and practice in the healthcare profession, particularly psychological services are made regularly. The state of healthcare policy in the United States has a lot of impacts on the training of psychologists.

All professional psychologists in America are regulated by the American Psychological Association (APA) (Berger, 2002). The legislations provide the required academic achievements in order to be recognized as a professional psychologist. Clinical and counseling psychologists are the most common and are responsible for providing psychotherapeutic services and other psychological examinations.

Government legislations, however, may vary from state to state but they are all designed to safeguard the clients and the credibility of the profession (Berger, 2002). The legislations in some states have allowed psychologists with appropriate additional qualifications to provide psychiatric medicine. Efforts by other states to pass the same legislation have been unsuccessful.

APA has been very influential in pushing for appropriate legislations by the government. Emerging issues in the field of professional psychology have resulted in key legislations that are aimed at enhancing the quality of services offered to the clients as well as improving the welfare of the psychologists (Berger, 2002).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Legal Aspects in Professional Psychology by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Role of competence All professional psychologists are legally expected to provide excellent services for their respective clients. Professional psychologists should therefore demonstrate outstanding competence in their responsibilities. Competence can be defined as the ability to effectively perform specific tasks within a given field. Psychologists are trained to perform specialized tasks using the acquired skills (Berger, 2002).

Psychologists are ethically expected to provide services that are within their areas of competence. They should take clients who have problems which they can competently offer solutions. Competence, therefore, ensures that psychologists utilize their acquired knowledge, skills, and appropriate behavior in handling their clients.

Conclusion The essay has discussed the various concerns related to knowledgeable approval and the right to denial of treatment and concerns touching on evaluation and determination in the field of professional psychological. It has also given the details of upholding confidentiality in the therapeutic relationships between the client and the doctor.

Furthermore, the essay has offered an evaluation of the impact of government legislations as well as the role of competence in professional psychology. The various legal aspects in professional psychology, therefore, play a major role in regulating the general provision of services by psychologists.

References Berger, L. S. (2002). Understanding professional psychology: government regulation and competence. Trafford Plc.

Nancy, M. (2007). Professional psychology: a psychologist’s comprehensive guide (2nd ed.). McGraw Hill Plc.


Symbolism in Death of a Salesman Essay essay help: essay help

“Death of a Salesman” is a play written in 1949 by an American playwright, Arthur Miller. The play is based on both Miller’s personal experiences and the theatrical traditions in which he was instructed in. “Death of a salesman” revolves around the Loman family with Willy Loman, the father, who also works as a salesman as the main character.

Willy Loman has indulged himself in a myth of being well-liked and being attractive to succeed in the business world. He believes that personal talent is not as important and actually uses this myth against his neighbors and friends, Charley and Bernard, who he does not consider to be physically attractive.

Due to this belief implanted in them, the Lomans lead an unpleasant and unfulfilled life while their neighbors enjoyed success. Willy is also in a delusional mental state and is caught in between the past and the present in which he keeps having hallucinations and reveries.

He lives in a flimsy fantasy world which is full of excuses and daydreams as he desperately attempts to make sense of himself, his hopes and the world that once held so much promise.

In the play, Miller uses different styles and devices to bring out Willy’s situation, and what it is all about and symbolism is one of these styles. Here is an analysis of symbolism in the play: Willy Loman’s character, including his salesman career, symbolizes an ordinary man in American society.

He acts as a representation of the ordinary man leading a fruitless life in a flourishing nation. Somehow, Willy reflects the dilemma of the common man fighting for his survival and trying to pay his bills yet live like everyone else. This is mainly observed when he is caught in a dilemma on how to pay his last mortgage payment.

Besides, Charley, his neighbor constantly gives him money to take home to his wife as if it was his salary as his salesman job is fluttering around him and he does not earn enough from it.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In one of their conversations, he even tells Charley that a gentleman is valuable more when he is departed than when he is living. It’s ironical that in the end, he commits suicide so that his family can get his life insurance money to pay for the mortgage.

Contrary, Charley’s character symbolizes the voice of reason in Willy’s deluded world. Charley who is Willy’s neighbor and only friend is a successful man with his own sales business. He tries to offer Willy a job several times and even after Willy is fired, but Willy turns down the offers as he regards it as an insult to his image. However, Charley is only trying to help him out, but Willey couldn’t appreciate that.

In one of the scenes, Charley is present during one of Willy’s daydream and as he tries to talk to him convincingly, but instead Willy yells back at him. This confuses Charley, and he decides to leave him alone as he does not understand what is going on. Apart from his family, only Charley and Bernard, his son, attend Willy’s funeral.

In the play, leaves are often seen to appear around the present setting during Willy’s reveries. These leaves are a representation of the leaves from the two elm trees which were situated next to the house in the early days. This was before Willy cut them down to build a hammock for him to relax with his family.

The trees were also cut down to pave the way for the development of the apartment blocks around their neighborhood. When Willy first moved into the neighborhood, the air was clean and fresh and the atmosphere, serene and quiet. However, in the present day, development and construction of new apartments have taken over, and the atmosphere is no longer the same, it been over-exploited and polluted.

In parts of the flashbacks, Biff and Happy are dressed in high school football sweaters. This is a symbol of the hope they had and the success that seemed so close during that time. Biff was the star of his high school football team and was even invited to attend three universities during his senior year.

Bernard even begs Biff if he could carry his helmet as he goes for the Ebbets Field game in his senior year. (Miller 165) notes that “In the scene at Frank Chop’s house, Happy goes on to brag to the woman he’s flirting with that Biff is a quarterback with the New York Giants, which is a lie.”

We will write a custom Essay on Symbolism in Death of a Salesman specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The jungle, which is constantly mentioned in connection to Ben, is symbolic of life. Willy even says “The woods are burning! I can’t drive a car!” (as cited in Miller, 22) when he has a foreboding sense of his life crashing around him. Ben is Willy’s dead brother who had gone to Africa, discovered a diamond mine in the jungle and became very successful.

Ben says in the play “When I was seventeen, I walked into the jungle. And by twenty-one, I walked out. And by God, I was rich!” (as cited in Miller, 49). He asked Willy to go with him at the time but he refused, and that became the cause for deep regret for the rest of his life.

In the same context, there is an appearance of diamonds which symbolize success. Willy idolizes Ben as he seems to be living the American dream while he is stuck in a rut he can’t pull himself out of. As the play comes to an end, Uncle Ben refers to the jungle by saying that “You must go into the jungle and fetch a diamond out” (Miller 65). Willy keeps wishing that he had followed Ben to Alaska and then Africa, then he might have been just as rich.

Stockings are another form of symbolism depicted in the play. They symbolize Willy’s infidelity and his uncaring attitude towards his wife.

Willy gives the stockings that his wife mends, to his mistress as gifts. During one of his flashbacks, Willy hears “The Woman’s” laughter and becomes agitated. He immediately gets angry and starts shouting at his wife, Linda, and Bernard. He even orders Linda to throw out the stockings and reprimands her for mending them.

His infidelity also costs him his relationship with his son when Biff accidentally found Willy with his mistress. Biff is dejected, and he loses all respect for his father. Consequently, the guilt Willy feels is the cause of his tense relations with Biff and his disconcerted behavior around his wife.

The recorder is another form of symbolism that is used in the play. When Willy goes to his boss, Howard Wagner, to try and get him to relocate him to the New York office, Wagner does not give him time to talk. (Miller 45) Says that “Instead, he interrupts him and makes him listen to his wife and kids on the wire recorder. This recorder and the voices in it symbolize the success that Willy has always dreamed of and wished he had.” In all his endeavors, this success seems to elude him even though he never gives up hope.

Willy goes on and tells Wagner that he would get a recorder as well, which is a symbol of his pride since there is no way he could afford to buy one. Eventually, his boss does not listen to him, turns down his plea and ends up firing him.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Symbolism in Death of a Salesman by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the play, tennis rackets have also been used as a form of symbolism. They are a figure of Ironic metaphor of Bernard’s success. Bernard is seen going to take part in tennis with an associate of his, who owns a tennis court. This symbolism is seen as ironic because a glimpse from the past projected that the Loman brothers would be the ones to be successful in the sports department.

From the first act, Bernard would continuously be seen trying to intervene in Biffs academic life, which he did not seem bothered with as he was busy concentrating on his football vocation. In the end, due to neglecting his grades, Biff ends up losing football as well, whereas Bernard, who focused more on his books, becomes successful even in sports.

The flutes and flute music have been used to symbolize the far gone and good times when Willy was a stable person. They bring nostalgia and memories of the old times when he was younger and with great hope for immense success in the business world, comes the future. For instance, in one of the scenes where Willy goes into a reverie, he is talking with his brother Ben about his father, who used to manufacture and sell flutes.

Ben brags about how their father was a great man and inventor, and it is obvious from this talk that Willy’s father was just as successful as his brother is. Willy is therefore left wondering why the same fate did not befall him as he believes that his family is of a thriving heritage.

In the last Act, as the play is about to come to an end, Willy is seen planting seedlings in the garden. (Miller 47) notes that “The seeds symbolize a natural process of growth that prevails in nature and the garden is symbolic of Willy wanting to leave something as a commemoration of him.” He hopes to leave something that people will look at and be reminded of him as a great man.

He plants the seeds in the hope that the garden will one day grow into something substantial enough in contrast to his life which he considers a failure.

As he plants the seeds, he has a conversation with Ben about a $20,000 deal that would give Biff a good startup boost in his life and his business. In the end, this deal he is talking about ends up being his life insurance.

In conclusion, Miller uses symbolism in the play to bring out the hopelessness in the Loman’s family. Through this, the audience can empathize with them and their situation. It becomes evident how the ‘American dream’ myth can adversely affect a person as they try to pursue it.

Work Cited Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. Oxford, UK: Penguin Classic, 1998. Print.


Multicultural Education Benefits Essay essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Student’s side

Teacher’s side


Introduction Multicultural education aims to avail equal education opportunities for scholars from diverse ethnic, cultural and social classes. Students are thus required to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively in a pluralistic and egalitarian society. The interaction of students with diverse groups thus creates the necessary harmony to improve the society.

It strives to promote equity in education in learning institutions.

This approach to teaching and learning recognizes, accepts and affirms human differences and similarities. Multicultural knowledge is applied in the educational environment through course books and instructional materials, verbal interactions, focusing on real-world tasks or using cooperative learning. These applications and techniques appeal differently to both students and teachers.

Student’s side A student must develop a multicultural viewpoint in order to amplify a decent self-concept and self-understanding. As a student, facilitating divergent thinking is one of the appealing styles in multicultural education. Independent scholar thinking and personal achievement through competitions assists a student in brainstorming both passively and actively. The psychosomatic foundations of this education thus create a better understanding of self.

Small-group discussions and collaborative learning are another effective way for culturally diverse students to learn. Students of different cultures and ages tutoring themselves help provide the experiential information which would allow me easily grasp cultural perceptions.

Description of events and achievement in one’s culture brings out a sense of pride and identity. Critical thinking about my position in the society helps in the comprehension of what purposes I serve in the society, and promotion of my culture, thus enabling recognition of talents and participation in class discussions.

Teacher’s side As a teacher, the most suitable approach is the application of vitality in the classroom. The way a guider behaves in the classroom helps students from all languages, ages and gender to respond to their potential. Teachers must be able to avoid both intentional and unconscious biases when dealing with students from different cultures.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is implemented through creating enthusiasms in the learning process in order to instill basic content in the students. Educators need not only to consider what they teach, but also how they teach. Students develop a better understanding depending on how they are taught rather than what they are taught.

It would thus be necessary for a teacher to use a variety of instruction perspectives, for example, using harmonic responding and tonal variations. The teacher is thus able to enhance socialization and transmission of culture while providing academic skills in a relaxed environment.

The teacher can focus on real-world tasks, which relate students to their homes, communities and experiences. Content and language are best administered to students who can apply and recount what they are being taught in class.

The teachers so awakens social consciousness in students who will effectively take part in diversifying their culture and understand the behavior of other ethnic groups. Everybody in the school community must integrate collaborative efforts in order to enhance the effectiveness of multicultural schooling.

Conclusion A higher institution of learning provides a platform for students to learn to live in the global society. Multicultural education hence provides several benefits, which apply to both an individual and society at large. Globalization and technological advancements are swift in the present world hence the importance of acquiring skills which are necessary for effective functioning.

The individual is thus able to reduce discrimination against other cultural groups. Students develop attitudes and skills essential to participate successfully in both their ethnicity and other cultures. Students are then able to understand themselves and be able to view themselves from the viewpoint of other cultures.


General Motors Corporation Pricing Strategies Analytical Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Introduction Based in Detroit, General Motors Corporation was founded in the early 90’s, with Durant W. C. being the company’s controller. Operating under automobile industry, General Motors produces several magnificent brands such as GMC, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, and many more others. Denoted as GM, the company suffered severely following the economic crunch that hit US and the world as a whole.

1. GM distributors transport body parts and automobiles from the company’s production division to several customers around the globe. It is also the duty of GM distributors notify the company about their encounters and observations.

2. Distribution strategy is the designing of channels that ensure the free flow of commodities from manufacturers to consumers (Gitman


I Need a Wife by Judy Brady Critical Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Over the years, the role assigned to women in marriage has always been limited to child bearing and upbringing, and performing ordinary domestic chores such as cooking, washing, general cleaning, etc.

Looking at it skeptically, this perception and attitude within the community, requiring women to be submissive to their husbands has denied most women the opportunity to advance their careers, education and/or lead happy lives. As difficult as it may sound, something has to be done by both men and women in order to invert such psychological sets.

This essay shall briefly discuss the varying roles of women, and what is expected of them by the community, especially husbands interested in attaining their selfish interests. In addition, complaints raised by women about the subject matter shall also be highlighted within the text of the essay.

The depiction of women by Judy Brady in the study book ‘‘I Want a Wife’’ illustrates several schools of thought on why most men find it necessary to have wives. Based on the arguments derived from the book’s contextual clues, it is quite clear that most men do not regard women as equal partners in marriage.

Most men enter into marriage unions for egotistical reasons and convenience, usually taking advantage of women and branding them as objects of abuse. This is clearly seen in the text when the author recalls a situation where one of her male friend, a divorcee and single father desperately looks for another wife to take care of his child (Brady 775).

To further illustrate men’s selfishness in such matrimonies, the author states that most men need wives for sexual gratification and do not always involve them in making important family decisions. This is seen when she says, ‘‘I want a wife who is sensitive to my sexual needs ……….. a wife who makes sure that am satisfied, ……who assumes the complete responsibility for birth control, because I do not want more children’’ (Brady 776).

In relationships, men also tend to justify their infidelity and completely disregard any acts of unfaithfulness on the part of the woman. This argument is supported by the quote ‘‘I want a wife who will remain sexually faithful to me………… a wife who understands that my sexual needs may entail more than strict adherence to monogamy’’ (Brady 776).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Men are said to benefit a lot from submissive marriages in that they have opportunity to expand their horizons career-wise, academically, economically, etc.

The only possible explanation for the gains enjoyed by men in marriage is based on the fact that wives spend most of their quality time with their families, leaving men/husbands with all the time to pursue other interests other than domestic chores and child upbringing.

It can therefore be argued that the nature of work done by housewives ranging from cleaning, cooking, child bearing, etc is not proportional to the feminine gender since it is traditionally regarded as the weaker gender.

Conclusion For any marriage to be considered successful, i.e. satisfying the needs of husbands, wives and their children, a compromise has to be established in defining the role to be played by the husband and the wife in raising the family. This may only be done through honest consultations that put into consideration various factors such as family income, individual careers, academic advancement, etc.

Services of domestic servants and nannies may also be hired to compliment the individual role(s) played by parents in the family.

In most cases, it is quite difficult for husbands and men as a whole to invert their mindsets on the way they perceive women and their wives. To effectively address the plight of women, services of church leaders, gender activists, marriage counselors, etc are necessary in forging an acceptable solution to the challenges faced by women in marriage.

Work Cited Brady, Judy. ‘‘I Need a Wife’’ Literature for Composition, 3rd edition. HarperCollins Customs Books, 1993. Web. http://www.columbia.edu/~sss31/rainbow/wife.html

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Conflict of Generations in Smoke Signals and “Two Kinds” Essay essay help

Conflict of generations is a phenomenon in human relations that has existed as long as people live on the earth. Misunderstanding between the young and the old result from a vast variety of reasons, and the search for the suitable resolution of generation conflicts has been one of the topics attracting not only practical psychologists but creative minds as well.

“How do we forgive our fathers?” is the question asked by one of the characters in Chris Eyre’s movie Smoke Signals, and in search of the answer to it one may also turn to the short story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan. The way the characters of both the movie and the short story forgive their parents for painful experiences of their childhood is through forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance of their parents the way they are.

The almost week-long journey of the main character in Smoke Signals, Victor, to collect the belongings of his deceased father, Arnold, may be seen as a symbolic depiction of the long spiritual way he covered to forgive Arnold for leaving his family. Obviously addressing the young generation with the message of understanding and reconciliation, the movie is set in a form of narration that highlights the key stages in the process of accepting the father’s mistakes.

One of the most efficient rhetoric strategies employed in Smoke Signals for showing the connections between the past and the present conflicts within Victor’s soul is the narrative technique of flashback. Reminiscences of the fire scene serve both to show Arnold’s mistake of striking the fatal fire and to demonstrate his dedication to correcting his mistakes and saving the baby from that fire. A symbolic parallel can be drawn between the fire scenes and the scenes where Arnold drinks heavily and mistreats his wife and son.

The destructive impulse of maltreatment scenes is compensated by the constructive idea of rescuing the baby from the fire. A parallel idea to the latter is Arnold’s eternal desire to come back to his family and save it from the destructive fire of disruption. Thus the key message of balance between the good and evil is delivered through the techniques of flashback, symbolism, and parallel ideas.

In order to realize the complex ways of the tensions between generations, it is demonstrative to turn to another example of generation conflict in “Two Kinds”, a short story by Amy Tan. The main character of the story, a Chinese immigrant girl called Jing-Mei, is pressured into becoming a prodigy by her mother who believes that anything is possible in America.

The spheres where Jing-Mei should excel are chosen by her mother quite haphazardly, on the basis of articles about prodigies she reads in popular magazines. Jing-Mei is hurt by the fact that her personal desires and interests are not reckoned with, and protests first latently by sabotaging piano lessons and then openly by confronting her mother and wishing she had never been born if she is not respected (Tan 186). Her mother never mentions playing the piano after that incident.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, she gives Jing-Mei a piano for her thirteenth birthday and still believes the girl could become a genius if she wanted. Jing-Mei had not played it until after her mother’s death, and it is only then that she understands how good her mother actually meant.

As it is obvious both from the film and from the short story, conflicts between generations emerge due to lack of insight into the true motifs that cause parents’ actions. The way Victor sees his father is quite limited: in his son’s perception Arnold is represented as a violent man mistreating his wife and son. This image of his father is revealed by Victor in a conversation with his friend Thomas: “Did you know that my father was the one that set your parent’s house on fire? Did you know that my father beat my mother? Did you know that my father beat me too?” (Smoke Signals). Victor’s aversion to the way his father gave up his family is seen in the way he is reluctant to go for Arnold’s ashes and belongings.

The authoritarian way Jing-Mei’s mother treats her in choosing the ways her daughter should shape her future is the cause of the girl’s rebellion. Having experienced a number of failures in becoming a prodigy, Jing-Mei does not receive any emotional support from her mother. Tired of cramming for unrealistic achievements, Jing-Mei realizes that her mother wants to see someone else in her, and not the simple girl she actually is.

This understanding of rejection of her true self by her own mother is the reason for Jing-Mei’s protest against such hurting of her self-esteem: “I won’t let her change me, I promised myself. I won’t be what I’m not” (Tan 182). In her resolute confrontation, Jing-Mei becomes withdrawn and does not see the true reasons for her mother’s attempts at making her successful.

The way to resolving the generation conflict is through gradual realization of the motifs behind the parents’ behavior. In case with Victor, this realization and ultimate forgiveness come through learning about the real life circumstances that provoked Arnold’s behavior. Victor’s friend Thomas attempts to reveal other, more positive and humane sides of Arnold to his son embittered by Arnold’s betrayal of his family.

Thomas turns out to have understood Arnold’s tragedy much deeper than Arnold’s own son: “All I know is that when your father left your mother, he lost you too” (Smoke Signals). Additionally, Victor gets the opportunity to learn about the way his father felt from Suzie, the girl who has witnessed Arnold’s final years.

Suzie tells of the real reasons why the fatal fire emerged on 4th July when Thomas’ parents perished. The burden of fault for their deaths had haunted Arnold his whole life and led to his alcoholism and family disruption. Gradual understanding of his father’s motives for drinking helps Victor accept the situation and forgive Arnold.

We will write a custom Essay on Conflict of Generations in Smoke Signals and “Two Kinds” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The situation of misunderstanding between Jing-Mei and her mother continues long after the open confrontation. The girl confesses she “failed her [mother] many times, each time asserting [her own] will, [her] right to fall short of expectations” (Tan 186). The moment of understanding comes unexpectedly, as Jing-Mei returns to her parents’ home in order to arrange things after her mother dies. The piano she received for her birthday stands as a reminder of her mother’s ambitions, and Jing-Mei had it tuned “for purely sentimental reasons” (Tan 187).

However, as she sits down to play a long-forgotten piece, she realizes that actually playing the piano was not that difficult and she could easily manage it, had she taken enough effort. Hampering her true talent, her mother’s authoritarian attitude was simply a wrong strategy to let the girl develop her natural talent, and the only reasons her mother appeared so misunderstanding and distant was the national tradition of parent diktat over their children.

As it becomes apparent from the movie and the short story, conflicts between generations result from misunderstanding of the true motifs inspiring parents’ action. The key to harmony among the generations lie therefore in attempting to realize the background of each other’s ideas.

Works Cited Smoke Signals. Dir. Chris Eyre. Perf. Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Gary Farmer, and Irene Bedard. ShadowCatcher Entertainment, 1998. Film.

Tan, Amy. “Two Kinds.” Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. Ed. Edgar V. Roberts. 4th compact ed. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2008. 180–187. Print.


Professional Workplace dilemma Analytical Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Description of my experience on ethical dilemma

Analyzing the ethical dilemma

Evaluating the outcome



Introduction One may encounter several professional dilemmas at workplaces. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to handle such dilemmas with caution since they can significantly advance or tarnish one’s career. In most cases, ethical dilemmas occur due to conflict of interests among employees (APPA, 2010). Such instances occur when one is in a dilemma of whether or not to report his or her colleague who is doing unethical acts (APPA, 2010). This often proves challenging especially when the parties involved have a close relationship.

Description of my experience on ethical dilemma As an employee in a company that produces containers, I encountered a certain ethical dilemma that posed a threat to employees’ health. The dilemma began by a contract that the company won, and it entailed production of three hundred containers within a one-year period. However, as par the company’s capacity, only two hundred containers could be produced within the contractual time.

According to the company, producing the containers was not the problem, but instead it was the paint that took a longer time before drying. After careful consultations, the best option was to use a different paint that could dry quicker.

Unfortunately, the paint to be employed had some toxic substance that could prove hazardous to employees. Therefore, they had to train employees on how to administer the paint safely. This proved challenging because training employees would take approximately six months thus they could be beyond schedule.

Following the challenge, the management team decided to hold a secret meeting consequently deciding to employ the paint without training the employees. Mr. Brian, the safety and health manager, was uninvited in the meeting and had no idea of what was going on. Fortunately, the information leaked consequently leaving Brian aware of the management’s unethical intensions. This was the point where I got the information i.e. via Brian given that I had a close working relationship with him.

As the safety and health manager, Brian had two options i.e. either confront the management of their unethical intensions or keep quiet and do nothing about the situation. Considering the consequences, Brian could lose his job if he confronts the management while, on the other hand, if he decides to do nothing employees’ health and safety would vastly be endangered.

Analyzing the ethical dilemma There existed a difference in power by the fact that the management team could make final decisions on the overall running of the company. On the other hand, Brian could only influence matters that affect the employees’ health. Considering this fact, Brian could end up losing his job if he confronted the management team. Normative ethics that include virtue theories, duty theories and consequentialist theories was put on hold by the management team if they were to employ the toxic paint (Fieser, 2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The management was subjected to violate the normative ethic in the context of virtue theory and duty theory i.e. by perilously exposing employees to toxic paints. Several personal values were at stake both to the management team and also to the Brian as the safety and health manger. Some of the values included honesty, dignity, teamwork, integrity, generosity and optimism only to mention a few.

From Brian’s point of view, there existed two possible outcomes i.e. either decides to do nothing about the issue or use the information at hand to confront the management team about unethical intensions. Talking about the consequences involved, if Brian decides to do nothing employees will perish while, on the other hand, he risks losing his job incase he confronts the management team.

As an employee in the company, my health would have been compromised if Brian did nothing about the situation whereas, on the contrary, if he confronts the management, it would mean working in a hazard-free environment.

Evaluating the outcome Fortunately, guided his instincts, Brian confronted the management team by reporting them to the board of directors. Brian’s decision was courageous since he never minded the consequences that was awaiting him incase the allegations were to be false. Following Brian’s decision, my colleagues and I were able to work in a danger free environment since the toxic paint was put on hold by the board.

The consequences were to our advantage on the argument that our health and life were not jeopardized. On the contrary, the management team was subjected to the disciplinary board thus facing the full consequences of their intensions. Subsequently, most of the management team members lost their jobs while others put on probation.

During my course of study, I’ve gained much on how to handle different dilemmas ethically. Based on what I have learned in combination to my working experience, my position on the dilemma would have been the same. This is because, according to normative ethics, an individual should do precisely what he or she expect others to do for them (Fieser, 2009).

Arguing from this point of view, I would also act in the same manner that Brian did by protecting employees from unethical intensions of the management team. Furthermore, it was Brian’s duty to ensure that employees work in a safe environment.

We will write a custom Essay on Professional Workplace dilemma specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion It is crucial to understand and be educated about ethical standard since everybody is vulnerable to ethical dilemmas. Better understanding of ethical standards assists in making the right choices that are considered ethical in the society. Additionally, one should also comprehend the consequences that follow their decisions. Ethically, one should act empathetically by placing yourself on others’ shoes. This assists in determining whether or not an act is ethical.

References Fieser, J. (2009). Ethics. Internet encyclopedia of philosophy (IEP). Retrieved from: https://www.iep.utm.edu/ethics/

American philosophical practitioners association (APPA). (2010). Dilemma training. American philosophical practitioners association (APPA). Retrieved from: https://appa.edu/


Communication Skills and Technologies Analytical Essay college essay help near me

Table of Contents Job search

Communication skills and technologies used in the job

Importance of communication in the job

Online information sources

Social networking sites



Job search Journalism involves investigation, photographing and all-purpose information exposure in the media. The job is fascinating due to the power bequeathed to the journalist to notify the public on the latest happenings. It involves collecting first-hand information, and penning down the information in newspapers or magazines (Trotman, 2005).

Radio and TV are significantly exciting careers to devote my time. Journalism must unquestionably be the oldest vocation due to its many dimensions, including word of mouth. Its numerous dimensions can also include nonprofessionals.

Communication skills and technologies used in the job The job calls for objective and impartial means of passing across information. I would love to specialize in print media, a division which is the most common in media (Seema, 2005). Having proper communication skills improves the chances of a job-seeker to be recruited or be promoted. Media in the form of words, for example, newspapers and journals, is easier for the public to store, thus requires more specialized care.

Print media have several advantages over the other available media technologies. It coerces less production costs and is in general cheaper than broadcasts on radio and TV. They offer more elasticity and create room for changes (Seema, 2005). Advances in technology have significantly enhanced the swiftness and value of results. Modern technologies which are used in the job include telephones, radio and telex.

The telephone makes it easy to communicate with respondents who are miles away. The thousands of television channels in the globe always update us in the latest breaking news. TV creates a visual impression, necessary to create greater impact through more effective communication.

The computer is principally the supreme equipment essential in this field. Its purposes range from preparing slides for news broadcast to the basic input of information before printing. Photographs can be scanned, and significant headlines are selected to increase sales. Video, audio, and teleconferencing are necessary technologies for the job (Seema, 2005).

For storage of data, diskettes, audio and visual cassettes come in handy. This is particularly necessary to be used as future references and necessary evidence to document. The communication capacity of some equipment, for example the optical disc enables storage of large data quantities.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Importance of communication in the job Interpersonal skills involve transmission of information understood through common language and symbols. These skills are necessary in the job to ensure that the process is not just about transmitting a message across, but rather communicating with the recipients (Trotman, 2005). Efficiency of communication will determine success in the organization. The perception of quality that the customer gives will determine their devotion to the organization.

Small-group communications are necessary to reduce tensions in the job. Shifting discussions from the task at hand to personal relations balances the demands of completing the job and nurturing group unity (Gupta, 2003). This group usually has around three to ten members who collide to form some clusters representing common goals.

Computer-mediated technology is relevant in the job to aid in computer conferencing. This is done through the sender encoding text messages which are relayed in the computers of the receiver. This technology is used to break down communication barriers through providing means for storing, processing and transmitting information. It supports open discussion and exploration of information.

Proper public communication is crucial in the job. Accurate and timely delivery of information to clients is necessary to ensure that the targeted population supports the organization in achieving their goals. The functions of the organization in the community and government are handled by PR managers. Press releases are properly scrutinized, and the mangers must be ready to put in irregular hours to ensure efficiency (Trotman, 2005).

Intercultural and national communications are necessary, ensuring and fostering tolerance between the cultures. The values and norms of different generations need to be understood to avoid controversies and display of information which is not widely accepted.

E-mail, cell phones, instant messaging, and texts are used in the job to make communication faster, easier and cheaper. Reaching interviewees through messages and phone-calls and communicating with correspondents who are miles away. Communication between more than two people across shared software is achieved through instant messaging.

The use of these technologies involves considerations of care and costs. They cannot be blindly implemented in the organization without consideration of the institutions requirements. The technologies are used by qualified personnel for administration and management, while the other members off staff perform their other duties like reporting. Technologies are of immense use in marketing and monitoring occurrences in the society (Gupta, 2003).

We will write a custom Essay on Communication Skills and Technologies specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Online information sources The web deeply increases interaction in journalism, judging by the rapid growth of online journalism (Trotman, 2005). Wikis are especially common in the job but are only acceptable up to a certain extent. It involves participatory reporting and crowd-sourcing to facilitate collaboration between the users. The necessity of online data sources cannot be valued, as there are several sources which will post the most recent information validated by the media association.

Social networking sites The employees are encouraged to join social networking sites like twitter in order to be abreast with current information, and to monitor easily topics grabbing world discussions. The organization requires employees to keep personal information confidential. Having personal data online may damage the organization’s reputations incase of any scandals which involve the employees (Trotman, 2005).

In this age of digital technology, blogs, podcasts and vodcasts are essential. A blog may be part of a website, or a complete website, and it is used to provide comments, describe events or augment video connections of news stories. The CEO has a blog through which company information is communicated freely and conveniently to the workforce.

Podcasts (iPod and broadcasting) enable the workforce to listen to audio messages at their own convenience. Information is thus stored digitally on the Internet. Video podcasts incorporate visual quality to serve the same objective (Meng, 2005). They are easily accessible in the organization and are part of the training process that recruits go through.

Conclusion There are both oral and written media; hence the selection of appropriate technology for an assignment is necessary. Each technology has its own advantages and demerits thus considerable care must be given when choosing where to apply the available machinery.

Combination of technology is also helpful to increase accuracy of work, for example, a journalist may carry a multipurpose gadget which has a camera, TV, broadcasting and email functions (Gupta, 2003). Available technology must always be accompanied with staff that is well trained to handle them.

The communication medium must be reachable by both the dispatcher and the recipient. Effective communication is achieved when the skills and technologies put to use are accepted by the users. The attitude on the part of the sender and recipient must be favorable. The machinery used must be flexible and be able to save time. Distance and accuracy are also factored in the technology selection.

Secrecy is essential in the job (Trotman, 2005). There is several classified and official information which must not be communicated to the public. It is easier to maintain secrecy in written than oral communication. Modern electronic technology aids in secrecy, for example through coding written information.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Communication Skills and Technologies by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The job search was a terrific learning experience, and proved insightful in learning the importance of communication skills. Tapping into the right resources and networks is essential to ensure that a job-seeker saves time and money in searching and securing a job. The larger the network formed the faster and easier it would be to be successful.

References Gupta, V. (2003). Handbook of reporting and communication skills. New Delhi: concept Publishing company.

Meng, P. (2005). Podcasting and vodcasting: a white paper. University of Missouri. Web.

Seema, S. (2005). Journalism communication management. New Delhi: Anmol Publications limited.

Trotman publishing (2001). Journalism. London: Crimson publishing.