FEMA Assistance To Man-Made And Natural Disasters


The Federal Emergency Management Agency can provide financial assistance and, if necessary, direct services to eligible individuals and families who, as a result of a large-scale natural disaster, have incurred expenses. FEMA’s programs are focused on meeting the immediate needs of victims and their families and helping them take the first steps toward a return to normal life. FEMA programs are not designed to restore all homes and property to the state they were in before the disaster.

Types of FEMA Assistance

According to the Individuals and Households Program, FEMA provides a list of types of assistance for natural and man-made disasters:

  • Temporary housing.
  • Provides cash assistance for the rental of temporary housing or, in the absence of such, the government allocates housing units.
  • Homeowners are provided with cash for property repairs affected by a natural disaster if such repairs are not covered by insurance (2022).

Assistance or funds for the construction of a house is a type of assistance that is only available in isolated or remote areas specifically designated as such by FEMA, where no other housing assistance is available. There is also the possibility of funding to cover necessary expenses and serious needs caused by a natural disaster.

The Current Water Crisis in Mississippi

Mississippi declared a state of emergency in connection with the failure of the water treatment plant. This is to help officials deal with the ongoing water emergency. Damage to the water treatment plant forced the city to use backup pumps, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said at a news conference (Mississippi Today, 2022).

The Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Dina Criswell Travels to Jackson. FEMA is currently focused on meeting the immediate needs that have emerged in Jackson, Mississippi. Temporary repair crews are involved to make repairs and ensure water pressure in the city. FEMA will focus on the long and medium-term issues in the city once the immediate needs of the city’s residents are met. On September 1, 2022, significant progress was reported on repairs to the city’s water treatment plant. However, the risk is still possible, although the pressure gradually returns to normal.

Lack of Drinking Water. Impossibility to Bathe or Wash Hair or Clothes

All people in Jackson will be without drinking water indefinitely. As a result, residents of the state capital can neither cook nor bathe and stand in line for hours for bottled water. Schools and businesses are closing in Jackson. The heaviest blow fell on the owners of restaurants and hotels. The governor of Mississippi admitted that in such an environment, it is almost impossible to put out fires.

Floods in Eastern Kentucky

At least 30 people have died in Kentucky, and hundreds are missing in the worst flooding in decades. The flood caused by heavy rains began in the middle of last week. In some areas of eastern Kentucky, more than 8 inches of rain fell in a day. The water level in the Kentucky River rose to a catastrophic six meters. “Just one inch of flood water can cause up to $25,000 in damage”, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Buying flood insurance, 2022). The Federal Emergency Management Agency allocated funds to Kentucky for flood relief efforts.

Families are Homeless

Many families were left homeless and forced to live in temporary shelters. According to the news, “More than 31,000 residents in eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia were left without power due to flooding and landslides in mountainous areas” (Schreiner, Reynolds, and Easley, 2022). A huge number of people had to leave their homes, and hundreds of properties were destroyed. About 30 people were evacuated by air to safe places. Three parks, a courthouse, and schools in the region have been opened as shelters for evacuees and displaced people.


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