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Pick one of the two topics below for your Discussion Board posts this week:

Research and discuss the topics of data analysis and data visualization as it relates to the accounting profession. How do they impact and enhance financial statement analysis?

Research and discuss the topic of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. How can this reported information affect or enhance financial statement analysis. Should this type of reporting be required? Why or why not?

 Initial post due by Thursday.    You only need to post about one of the topics.  Info on these topics can be found in the Week #7 – Documents folder

Remember to include at least one scholarly source in your post or comments.


Retirement investment strategy (multi asset class portfolio) based on specific rules based investing to meet certain objectives. Data points scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Retirement investment strategy (multi asset class portfolio) based on specific rules based investing to meet certain objectives. Data points are provided and requires to run the calculations to build the strategy to meet the objectives and the write up to explain and justify the strategy choice, analysis with all risk metrics, and overall justification in meeting the objective. Methodology of the strategy and supporting calculations to be presentable and easily understood. More details on the specific objectives will be shared along with the data points. The referencing is in Harvard style.


Please choose one of the contracts below and write a two page paper on its purpose and impact. Use college application essay help

Please choose one of the contracts below and write a two page paper on its purpose and impact. Use the internet and other sources to do your own independent research.

Farm-out Agreement
Area of Mutual Interest (AMI)
Joint Operating Agreement
1/3 for 1/4 Promote
Support Agreements


what happened: I had someone do my outline which was the topic submission and approval for me on this website Homeworkforyou and my teacher wasn’t too happy with it. She left some feedback. So first what the assignment is for me to eventually have a sociology theory research paper due at the end of the semester. However, she has it very weird right now, where I got points on the outline, the introduction is due this friday 2/25/22 as a separate assignment, and then we have a an assignment as the theory/ concept and discussion section and then we have the final paper and then we have a power point presentation….So really maybe we can work with what the other person on homework4you started for me and then add onto it and fix it. I am willing to pay an additional $70 in a bonus in May after all of these assignments are done with the additional $15, and I WILL pay I NEVER lie on my promises. The reason is because I have a really bad grade in this class and if the work isnt right essay help online: essay help online

FOR RIGHT NOW ONLY DUE 2/25/22: The introduction should provide the background of your chosen topic using at least two (2) scholarly and/or creditable resources (not Wiki-pedia, no news websites, no random websites). Scholarly sources are peer reviewed. They typically come from an academic journal, book, government documents (like a report or statistics). In addition, the introduction can include statistics, historical background and why the issue is important. Most importantly your introduction should introduce the theory/theoretical perspective that you will be using to analyze the “why’ of your social phenomenon. In other words, what theory or theorist best explain why your social phenomenon exists. Once you decided on that just give a brief introduction (about 1 paragraph) on that theory. Things to consider when writing your theory section intro: Why did you choose this theory? Why does it best explain the social phenomenon your are researching? Who created this theory? What aspects of this theory will you be using in your paper? Use ASA citation style for in-text and reference citations. This assignment should be 1 to 2 pages, double spaced, not including the required title page and reference section. This is an example of what your introduction section should be: Sample Introduction – Term Paper .docx Download Sample Introduction – Term Paper .docx Include a title page with the following: Full Name of Student Course Title Title of Term Paper (be creative) Date Other notes: Feel free to use subheadings for your paper. Don’t forget your citations and reference page Do not list references that you aren’t using Refer to the comments on your previous assignment ( I do check to see that you made the changes and incorporate that into your grade) Submit your work to the Write Site for review to receive extra credit. Email me the confirm Remember you won’t ger paid $85 until May once I have all the assignments- it should be like 4 total If you do not agree to my terms, please don’t bid, please and thank you and much appreciated for whoever I assign Make sure to communicate with me thanks


History assignment a level english language essay help

Section I

The concept of laissez-faire was very important to American history from 1865 to 1900.  It had a key role in determining what happened during both Reconstruction and industrialization.”  Questions:  What was the concept of laissez-faire?  What five factors made it such a popular philosophy during these years?  How did laissez faire effect Reconstruction? How did laissez faire effect the Gilded Age?  Use specific information to support your answer.