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Evaluation Management Plan Friday

Conducting a program evaluation is complex and multifaceted. Consequently, an evaluation management plan is vital to its successful implementation.

Develop an evaluation management plan that includes:

Projected Timeline. Use the Gantt Chart Template to create a proposed implementation timetable. Your proposed implementation timeline should clearly outline the tasks to be performed and the timelines for each task. You should also include the personnel and other needed resources to complete each task. Note: See the Completed Gantt Chart Example for an example of what your timetable might look like.

Projected Evaluation Budget. Create a 1-page budget for your plan. Your budget should support the strategies and activities necessary to carry out your program plan. This includes items like personnel and other resources needed. You should also include a budget justification summary to provide a rationale for the funds needed to implement the program plan.


Select an existing organization Walmart. Identify the main services that the organization provides. Analyze these to identify security vulnerabilities college essay help near me

Select an existing organization Walmart.
Identify the main services that the organization provides.
Analyze these to identify security vulnerabilities (available sources may include OWASP, Bugtraq, CWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)) and threats to the organization’s computing resources that may be mitigated through a defense-in-depth strategy.
Provide a clear, concise statement of a single problem you will address that impacts the state of cybersecurity in the Walmart.


The answers to the questions and statements are in the first fourteen chapters of your textbook, Forensic Social Work, college essay help: college essay help

The answers to the questions and statements are in the first fourteen chapters of your textbook, Forensic Social Work, Second Edition and authored by T. Maschi and G. Leibowitz. Respond to the following questions or statements with the ACCURATE, CORRECT and FACTUAL answers. Your answers should be double spaced in 12-point font, Times New Roman, with a cover page. Please write the question and then provide the answer with a detailed descriiption and explanation in a minimum of 150 words for each question.


Can an Organization Have Too Much ‘Rebel Talent’? First, they create rebel organizations, where employees and leaders alike understand that influence is much more important than power, as determined essay help site:edu

Rebel organizations are places where leaders focus on making others better as they drive positive change. To maintain your credentials as a rebel leader, she recommends: (1) “seek out the new,” both for yourself and your employees, (2) encourage constructive dissent, (3) open conversations, don’t close them, (4) reveal yourself—and reflect, (5) learn everything—then forget everything, (6) find freedom in constraints, (7) lead from the trenches, and (8) foster happy accidents [through, for example, ways of bringing diverse employees together on a daily basis]. One might conclude that an organization staffed with rebel talent and a passable strategy should win over an organization relying heavily on rules, procedures, and coloring inside the lines. However, other research emphasizes the importance of engagement based on trust resulting from leaders and employees who are predictable, who do what they say they will do, and who try to be as transparent as possible in their dealings with others. It’s important to note that these findings complement, not necessarily contradict, those of Gino’s. Organizations exhibiting so-called rebel qualities have been found to incur higher organizational and agency costs as the price for agility and innovative outcomes. Take diversity, for example. As Gino herself points out, research has found that “greater diversity produces better outcomes exactly because it is harder to work among a mix of perspectives,” and “diversity often fails to take hold for the simple reason that homogeneous teams can feel more effective.” Challenges to rebel leadership One of the challenges of employing rebel talent is that the process of developing a cadre of rebels quite likely has to begin at the top if the philosophy is to be inculcated in an organization. To do it from the bottom could lead to the frustration caused by managers and leaders reluctant to change.   
· Using principles to what has been discussed in class how can leadership use rebel talent and what it can achieve for the organization?


small responses please!! 2 to three paragraphs tops for each discussion. To successfully complete this week’s discussion, you will need to refer to Chapter 10 in your textbook. In last week’s di best college essay help: best college essay help

To successfully complete this week’s discussion, you will need to refer to Chapter 10 in your textbook.
In last week’s discussion, we examined nine different corrections officers’ personalities. Inmates also assume various personalities or roles. Chapter 10 of your textbook identifies and describes 13 of these common inmate roles including:
The Real Man.
The Mean Dude.
The Bully.
The Agitator.
The Hedonist.
The Opportunist.
The Retreatist.
The Legalist.
The Radical.
The Colonist.
The Religious Inmate.
The Punk.
The Gang-Banger (Schmalleger, 2021).
For the purpose of this discussion, assume once again that you are a correctional officer.
Please respond to the following in a substantive post:
Select one of these inmate personalities with whom you believe you could be most effective? Why?
Describe one strategy you would employ with this personality type that would be effective.
Select one inmate personality type that you believe it would be difficult for you to be effective. Why?
Describe one strategy you could employ with this personality type that would be effective.
Be sure to provide full citations and source list entries, formatted according to Strayer Writing Standards.To successfully complete this week’s discussion, you will need to:
Refer to Chapter 9 in your textbook.
Use the Strayer University Library to conduct research on correctional officer personalities.The B.S. in Criminal Justice library guide is a good place to begin your research.

Chapter 9 of your textbook identifies eight correctional officer personalities. These include:
The dictator.
The friend.
The merchant.
The turnkey.
The climber.
The reformer.
The do-gooder.
The problem correctional officer (Schmalleger. 2021).
For the purpose of this discussion post, you are to imagine yourself as a correctional officer.
Please respond to the following in a substantive post:
Which of these correctional officer personalities do you think best describes the role you would assume on the job? How so?If none of these personalities applies to you, what personality would best describe you if you were serving as a correctional officer?

What strengths would your personality type bring to the job?Be sure to provide specifics.

How could your personality type hinder your effectiveness as a correctional officer?Be sure to provide specifics.

How could you counterbalance some of these hindrances?
Be sure to provide full citations and source list entries, formatted according to Strayer Writing Standards.
For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.


Very small responses for each please part one You are the Deputy Chief of Police for a 500 member department of a city that has a high crime rate in certain areas and an extremely low crime rat essay help: essay help

  There are racial tensions between the police department and members of the community.  The Chief has asked for your input to adopt a community policing.  In your response back to the Chief (your main post), address the following questions:
What are the first steps that the leadership of the Department should take to adopt community policing?
What are the three biggest obstacles the Chief will face when implementing community policing initiatives in the Department?
How can leadership overcome those obstacles?
What concerns with regards to the budget should the Chief focus on regarding adopting a community policing initiative?  
part two 
Our discussion this week will focus on the recruitment and hiring of law enforcement officers. Choose two of the areas below and provide your main post on the issues at hand. In your responses, try to select posts that have selected different issues than the ones you selected.Our discussion this week will focus on the recruitment and hiring of law enforcement officers.  Choose two of the areas below and provide your main post on the issues at hand. In your responses, try to select posts that have selected different issues than the ones you selected. 
What are some of the current challenges in recruiting candidates for a law enforcement career? 
What can agencies do to attract suitable candidates? 
How can law enforcement agencies recruit candidates in order to provide a diverse department that is more reflective of the community it serves? 
Provides some pros and cons of requiring law enforcement officers to have a college degree


I will provide photos and a file attached of the instructions for this paper in order for you to a level english language essay help

I will provide photos and a file attached of the instructions for this paper in order for you to complete it. The photos will provide the full instructions, you may choose either topic their is 2 options but only write the essay on one of the topics! The file attached will provide the instructions on how to cite the photographs that you use.Please follow the instructions, and ask me if you have any questions. DO NOT PLAIGARIZE.


selfassessment of of my own capablities to manage an agile organsation and propose areas for PDP college essay help: college essay help

Please use guide and list the references at the end.

Undertake a self-assessment of your own capabilities to manage an agile organisation and propose areas for professional personal development to improve your capabilities.
Points to note:
• Command word is undertake – prepare, create, do
• Topic – assessing your managing and leadership capabilities to manage an agile organisation, personal development plans
• Word count – 1000 words
• Read the entire of Chapter 4.
Paragraph 1 – (2 citations, 140 words)
• Introduce the skills of an agile manager capable of leading an organization towards flexibility and responsiveness to the macro environment – often characterized by VUCA. Some of these skills include (From Chapter 3):
 Transformational leadership skills
 change management skills,
 business process re-engineering skills, team working skills,
 innovative skills, emotional intelligence,
 Conflict resolution and negotiation skills amongst others
 Project management skills
 Communication skills eg. verbal, report writing, interpersonal, emotional intelligence.
• Discuss the importance of Continuous Professional Development in achieving these mentioned skills – use a citation.“Any professional development activities engaged in which enhance knowledge and skills and enable the participant to consider their attitudes and approaches with a view to improve the quality of their work.” – Bolam 1993
• Introduce the stages of the CPD cycle to professionals to assessing their development needs and planning to meet these agile skills.
I. Assess your skills
II. Plan to improve
III. Undertake training and review
IV. Evaluate – did you improve?
• Make a judgement on the benefits of you conducting a self-assessment of your capabilities to manage an agile organization. Provide a clear justification. Helps you to identify your strengths, shortcomings and areas for improvement.
• Outline the techniques you will use to conduct this assessment – See Chapter 4:
o Self-reflection using Kolb’s experiential learning cycle – Chap 3.
o Personal SWOT Analysis
• Outline the purpose of this report which is conduct a self-assessment of your own capabilities to manage and lead an agile organization as well as outline areas for professional personal development.

Paragraph 2 – (2 citations, 225 words, Using kolb’s experiential learning cycle)
• Introduce that Kolb’s experiential cycle can be used as a self-assessment tool to determine your capabilities to lead an agile organization.
• Explain the four stages of Kolb’s cycle: 1) Experience 2) Reflection 3) Conceptualisation and 4) Planning
• Apply each stage to yourself. For example:
o Experience: Introduce your current job role. Discuss your experiences in this job role. Outline what skills you have acquired in this role: Leading others, managerial and planning skills, communication skills, motivation skills, team working skills, report writing skills, effective public speaking skills, creative skills to solve problems, negotiation skills to disarm conflicts. Outline scenarios where you believe you did not the have skills required for the situation – hosting a department meeting, presenting your departmental’s achievement to your seniors, reacting to change in job duties, a project you knew nothing about etc.
o Reflection: Based on job experiences (normal work practice and new situations you were exposed to in your job) discuss what worked well? What didn’t go so well? What strong skills you possess? What skills you do not have? What skills do you think require improvement possibly through training? Why do you think these skills are important in leading an agile organization – agile businesses are complex, human driven and must constantly adapt to change in order to be competitive). Also reflect on your learning style – which style works for you?

Paragraph 3 – (2 citations, 225 words, Personal SWOT analysis)
• Introduce that a Personal SWOT analysis can be used as a self-assessment tool to determine your capabilities to lead an agile organization – use a citation
• Explain the four areas of a SWOT: 1) Personal Strengths 2) Personal Weaknesses 3) Threats 4) Opportunities
• Apply each area of the SWOT analysis to you. For example:
o Personal Strengths: Good at time management, record keeping and punctuality and subordination to superiors.
o Personal Weaknesses: Not so good at public speaking for departmental meetings, writing professional reports and incident reports, statistical data analysis. Weak interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills which may make it difficult for your team working experiences or to receive feedback. You might resistance to change and/or cannot operate in fast paced environment such as your employer’s.
Also, you may lack project management skills to manage projects toward their project outcomes.
Also, you may prefer to be coached by a trainer rather than pursue individual research and self-directed learning in solving problems.
o Some threats: Changing technology trends makes it difficult to keep up; new staff having more contemporary skills; employer considering restructuring which would mean possible job loss if skills and work ethic are not of a high standard to guarantee your job security.
o Opportunities: Your employer may require particular skills in a department which you make have eg. Social media skills, marketing skills etc. A new branch may be opening up or there is potential for you to be selected into a management development training programme inside your company.

Paragraph 4 (2 citations, 250 words, areas for professional personal development)
• Informed by your discussion of Kolb’s experiential cycle as it relates to your skills and the completion of your personal SWOT analysis, identify 5 areas where you require professional development.
• Some of these areas you may require improvement on include:
o Report writing skills
o Verbal communication skills and public speaking
o Team working skills – interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills when working with others
o Conflict resolutions skills in dealing with others, managing teams, solving problems etc.
o Project Management skills – required to deliver personal and departmental projects.
o Change management skills
o Environmental scanning skills
o Organisational restricting skills
• Indicate that you will use a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to document skills required and the method of acquisition in order to boost your professional and personal performance.
• Create the table on page 110 in Chap 4 as it applies to your areas for improvement. As you populate the table, ensure:
o Development objectives are SMART expressed – see page 109
o Clearly outline the approach or method used to achieve the development objective. See page 111. For example:
 More experiential learning on the job – welcome opportunities to try new activities
 Employer sponsored workshops, training
 Online training programmes by industry institutes or EDx, Courseera, Udemy etc.
 Mentoring and coaching by senior staff
 Longer term courses eg, BSc, MBAs – sponsored by you or your employer
 Your self-directed learning efforts
 Training put on by internal training depts. or corporate universities eg. Banks etc.
 Employee secondments – employees transferred to another company or unit for some time.
 Project based assignments eg. improving a business process, new product development etc.

An example of the table include:
Development aim Specific action to be taken Resources and support needed Outcomes or success criteria Target dates Contribution to career goals
1. To improve policy writing and report writing skills To earn formal skills in policy development and report writing by pursuing 2 related courses within the next 6 months
Use SMART • Training funds
• Time away from work to attend courses
• Reliable computer
• Study leave for exams To write professional department policies and reports for subordinates and senior management
to boost self confidence in policy and report writing To complete course 1: May 2nd
To complete course 2: June 2nd

To experience self confidence in writing: June 10th Helps in writing policies to navigate people and resources in rapidly changing environments eg. remote working policy brought on by the pandemic
Label your table
Discuss at least 8 development aims related to the skills of an Agile Manager at the workplace.
Leave the table in the report rather than the Appendix.

• Ensure the table is labelled and referenced in your discussion.

Paragraph 5 (1 citation, 200 words, discussion of your table)
• Reflect on the PDP created for your yourself using Gibbs (1988) Reflective cycle – See Chapter 4.
• Discuss the value of PDP in meeting your career goals, preparing you for uncertainty in the workplace, shaping your skills set as an agile manager ready to embrace changes in the workplace etc.
• Discuss the value of the self-assessment and planning stages of the CPD cycle to you as an aspiring agile manager in the modern workplace (50 words here). For example, it prepares you for change and uncertainty in your job, at the business level, helps you adopt a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset etc.
• Discuss some of the barriers to your CPD such as time availability, high costs of training and lack of employer commitment or even lack of opportunities – Friedman and Phillips (2001) (Page 118).
• Recommend strategies to overcome barriers to your CPD – use a citation. Eg. Self manage your own CPD.

Paragraph 6 (60 words)
• Summarise the benefits of using your created PDP to aid your transition to become an agile manager.

• Steps in creating a Personal Development Plan- https://cpdonline.co.uk/knowledge-base/business/what-are-personal-development-plans/
• Creating a PDP: https://youtu.be/195nPfQPaoQ


Remember, morbidity, mortality, incidence and prevalence may not be kept on all hazards. You may have to expand your writing essay help

Remember, morbidity, mortality, incidence and prevalence may not be kept on all hazards. You may have to expand your idea of statistics/data to include other aspects, such as, estimated number of power plants in the county or state; estimated households or businesses with access to the chemical; or work settings where people are exposed, etc…

The estimations and other data must be from a credible source!

NOTE: Before starting this assignment, it is recommended that you review all of the following:

Read the entire assignment instructions.
Review the Environmental Hazard Paper Grading Rubric
In order to promote scholarly writing, review the Academic Writing Grading Rubric
APA 7th Edition is required.
Identify your hazard per site faculty instructions. Perform Internet searches about that specific hazard to identify credible references. Search the library for health care literature. This report is to address a specific health hazard, a specific agent or other assigned hazard. Show critical thinking

Include references for all data given in your report. Cite a minimum of 2 references (professional/governmental—not Wikipedia, etc.) to support your discussion. Use correct APA format to reference your discussion and include sources on a reference list at the end of your assignment.

Post your paper on the Environmental Health Forum and submit to the labeled dropbox for grading. (Post directly on the forum, and not as an attachment).

State which environmental hazard you have been assigned. It must be a specific agent (i.e. it can not be something quite general such as air or water pollution, landfills, pesticides, medical waste, secondhand smoke, etc. Describe the chemical/pollutant–where it is found and how humans can be exposed to it.
Describe how the environmental hazard adversely influences the health of people.
Discuss the Healthy People 2020/2030 Objectives relating to the hazard.
Discuss how serious of a threat the hazard is to the health of the people in each of these geographic areas. Be specific and use statistics to support your conclusions.
In your community (state which county you are addressing)
In the state of Oklahoma
In the United States
Identify any control or preventative measures which are helpful to do or being done to decrease the health risks from the hazard selected. Include both regulatory and personal prevention measures, when applicable.
Discuss the role nurses and the profession of nursing can have in impacting the detrimental effects of the hazard.
Find an Internet site (not listed above, not CDC) related to the hazard.
Site it as an annotated bibliography (For example: Site the source—website with address, and briefly summarize what is available at that website
Write at least a paragraph. Show critical thinking in your response.

I have added my paper thus far. I am having trouble with the section regarding finding county, state, U.S., and international statistics. I then have the section left about the role of nurses.


Quantitative and qualitative research college application essay help

Discuss the value and use of quantitative and qualitative research and data in business. Articulate the difference between the two types of research and provide specific examples of when each would be valuable in addressing problems within a business setting. In response to peers, discuss whether you agree with the distinction and type of quantitative and qualitative research examples provided. 


Week 8 Assignment – Planning for ConflictScenarioYour department has been involved in several high-profile use of force incidents that have resulted in community unrest. You have been tasked with impr essay help free: essay help free

You have been tasked with improving your department’s use of force policy.
The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) has researched and recommended 30 Guiding Principles for use of force policies. From this list, identify the five principles that you believe are most vital to restore the community’s faith in its police department. Review Chapters 10 and 14 from your Community Policing Today: Issues, Controversies, and Innovations text for additional information.
Complete a 5–7 page report in which you:
Identify five guiding principles that will most effectively update your use of force policy.
Detail the steps necessary to incorporate each selected principle into current organizational operations.Include details of what would be needed for each principle, such as training, equipment, or policy oversight.

Explain how you will communicate these changes to the community.Suggest 2–3 specific methods to communicate results of these changes to the community.

Use five credible, relevant, and appropriate sources to support your writing. Cite each source listed on your source page at least once within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.You may use 30 Guiding Principles and your Community Policing Today text for two of your sources, but you must provide at least three additional sources to support your selected initiatives.

Review strategies to address contemporary challenges in police operations.
By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.


Your exam will be run through the system www.turnitin.com to identify any plagiarism. Part I: Choose THREE (3) of custom essay help

Your exam will be run through the system www.turnitin.com to identify any plagiarism.

Part I:

Choose THREE (3) of the following pairs and define their meaning, explain their significance, and what connects them together. Be sure to provide dates where necessary. You can receive partial credit on these. (3 x 10 points = 30 points)

Law of Maternal Descent and Elizabeth Key

Gullah Culture and task system

Three-Fifths Compromise and Fugitive Slave Clause

Frederick Douglass and American Colonization Society

fictive kin and “Second Middle Passage”

Part II:

Choose one of the following essays. Please make sure you take the time to read the following questions carefully. In other words think before you write. A good answer will reference specific people, places, events, and ideas as well as explain change over time and why it happened. Your response should be 550 words. (40 points)

1. The institution of racial slavery developed in the North American colonies at different times and in different contexts in the 17 th and very early 18 th centuries. Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the evolution of racial slavery in TWO of the following locations. 1) Virginia/Chesapeake 2) South Carolina 3) the urban North. You should at the very least consider the following themes: important legislative and legal changes, the labor system and the type of crop grown if applicable, social relations between black and white, and the flexibility or lack of flexibility within the system given to enslaved people.

2. Write an essay in which you explain the tradition of African American opposition to the system of slavery and white supremacy from the American Revolution through the 1850s. You should explore both the extraordinary forms of resistance (as embodied in a celebrity figures like Frederick Douglass) and the everyday kinds of resistance as seen in the lives of lesser known people. What did this resistance look like, both practically (concrete actions) and ideologically (specific philosophies and beliefs)? How did it vary depending on region or status (enslaved people or free black people). Be as specific as possible.
Part III:

This section of the exam involves analyzing a primary document and thinking like a historian. You will find attached to this exam a chapter from a fictional book written in the 1850s by an African American woman who escaped from slavery in North Carolina. Although the book is fictional, it is thought to reflect some of her own experiences as an enslaved person, her eventual self-liberation, and re-settlement in the North. Given what you have learned in this class about the Abolitionist Movement and the kinds of arguments that celebrity abolitionist figures such as Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth made, explain how the author tries to convince her readers of the evils of slavery. Some questions to consider include: what themes or topics does she address? What kind of rhetorical techniques (use of language) does she use to appeal to her readers? Who do you suppose her audience is? What does this document tell us about the anti-slavery movement in general? Your response should be 500 words. (30 points)


HW280 Mapping the Mind-Body Divide essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Growth of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Were you surprised to learn about how common CAM use is? What political, economic, and social factors do you think have led to the tremendous interest in complementary and alternative medicine that you see today? Why is it important for health practitioners to be aware of CAM practices?

Return to Unit 5 Discussion Instructions


Go to Heiman reading and evaluate the author’s argument. Heiman contends that civilization trumped nature while McGregor argues the best essay help: best essay help

Go to Heiman reading and evaluate the author’s argument. Heiman contends that civilization trumped nature while McGregor argues the opposite. Analyze their views and pick TWO documents from MP Chapter 6 to support your perspective.

The paper should be roughly 500 words in length. It should be typed using 12 point font and double-spaced. Be sure to have a thesis statement and follow general essay guidelines. Focus on providing evidence for your assertions and be sure to answer the entire question. Please use parenthetical citations when using a direct quotation, referring to another author’s argument, or when using any idea that is not wholly your own. Parenthetical citations are placed at the end of the sentence before the punctuation mark.

Please view the General Grading Rubric for grading information.


Select one of the options below to complete this assignment. Option 1: Compare Cipher Tools A variety of online college admissions essay help

Select one of the options below to complete this assignment.

Option 1: Compare Cipher Tools

A variety of online cipher tools demonstrate different cryptographic algorithms. Visit the website Cipher Tools (http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/) and explore the different tools. Select three tools, one of which is mentioned in this module (ROT13, one-time pad, etc.). Experiment with the three tools. Which is easy to use? Which is more difficult? Which tool would you justify as more secure than the others? Why? Write a one-page paper on your analysis of the tools.
Option 2: SHA-3

The hash algorithms SHA -1 and SHA-2 were not created by publicly sourced contests but instead were created by the National Security Agency (NSA) and then released as public-use patents. Although they are not identical, they share some of the same underlying mathematics, which has been proven to contain some cryptographic flaws. SHA-2 is a safer hash largely because of its increased digest length. SHA-3 is a completely different type of hash algorithm. Research SHA-3. What were its design goals? How is it different from SHA-1 and SHA-2? What are its advantages? How does its performance in hardware and software compare? When will it be widely implemented? Write a one-page paper on your research.
For each answer, please explain your reasoning.
Assignments must be in Microsoft Word
Remember to cite resources.


I am a registered Nurse that works in mental health. I am in a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner School. Please college essay help near me: college essay help near me

I am a registered Nurse that works in mental health. I am in a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner School. Please use original thought, as it will be checked for Plagiarism. Please use sources within 5 years. Thank You. For this assignment, please compare current president Biden and former President Trump on Opiate crisis.


Training Program on Conflict Resolution essay help site:edu

Training Program on Conflict Resolution


Due to a recent increase in the number of cases involving interpersonal and interdepartmental conflict in your organization, HR has made the decision to develop a training program on conflict resolution.


Prepare a 10–12 slides PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that includes each of the elements listed and supported credible sources of research:

Develop a professional slide presentation with speaker notes.

Include a cover slide and a slide with references.

Examine HR’s role in conflict management and resolution.

Identify the process that managers and employees should follow to contact HR for cases involving conflict.

Evaluate three strategies that HR will use to resolve issues involving conflict.

Determine the expected benefits or outcomes of having HR involved in resolving interpersonal and interdepartmental conflicts.

Go to the Strayer University Online Library and locate at least three quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

When complete, your training program should include:

10–12 slides, excluding the cover slide and references.

Speaker notes for each slide, explaining your strategy and choices.