Evaluating The Debate On School Uniforms

The debate surrounding school uniforms has been exhaustively long and lacking in conclusive ideas. While some arguments concerning the use of uniforms as a requirement have been quite substantial, the statements concerning the adverse effects are just as convincing. A recent article, “Should students have to wear school uniforms?” (2021), summarizes key statements on both sides, offering the basis for further discussion. Although the article provides a rather thorough examination of the essential points that each of the argument participants use, the lack of a definitive statement laves a rather dissatisfactory effect on the reader.

The experience of reading the article was quite mixed since the narrator kept oscillating between core points and never produced a conclusion addressing the issue. Furthermore, the lack of context in which the issue is examined contributed to the overall impression of dissatisfaction. Specifically, the economic concerns for families purchasing uniforms for children on an annual basis could be used as the daring reason behind abandoning uniform clothing as a common practice in schools. Alternatively, the author could have emphasized the role of uniforms in maintaining and enhancing the school spirit to support the idea of continuing wearing uniforms as a school policy. However, without a statement that would introduce homogeneity into the article, it feels empty.

Though “Should students have to wear school uniforms?” (2021) lists the main talking points, representing each side accurately, the overall impression that it leaves is that one of annoyance and frustration since the author never makes a definitive statement. Specifically, the arguments concerning the economic challenges for students and their parents could be used as the main factor in abandoning the tradition of wearing uniforms at some schools.


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