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Summary of research obtained. These days, all existing companies design their documentation according to business documentation standards of document preparation and production. The quality of documentation is one of the most essential conditions of the successful functioning of the company.

Business documents are produced in order to “communicate with its customers, its employees, its suppliers, the government, and other businesses” (Microsoft Office 2003 2). The purpose and design of a business document depends on the type of the business operation. In this light, every type of the business document can be produced using different software and software applications.

There is a number of features in a specific software used to create business documents, such as style, templates and macros. These tools help design and produce documents so that they fit document standards.

As it has already been mentioned, every type of the business operation requires certain industry based design standards. One of the business operation types is Purchasing, “purchasing product need to be controlled to ensure purchased products/services conform to the organization’s requirements” (Arrowsmith, Linarelli, and Wallace 407). Thus, purchase documentation should contain information on products and processes of sales/purchasing.

Each company that deals with purchasing should design its documents according to standards depending on the document needs of the organization. In order to define the document requirements and establish standards, in is necessary to “identify the types of documents required, determine entry, storage and quality needs, determine information technology capability” (“Manage Business Document Design and Development” n. p.).

In addition, in order to produce definite types of purchase documents, it is necessary to remember that “the purchase documentation should contain information clearly describing the product/service ordered” (Oakland and Marosszeky 237). Each purchasing document is valid in definite operating location, “each operating location is responsible for the development and maintenance of records that document procurement and payment activity” (“Documentation Guidelines” n. p.).

The contend of the document and some elements of structure can vary depending on the type of the operation location and the company’s business activities, definite components of structure and design should be presented at the document and should be designed according to the standards of the business documentation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, one of the most important features of the purchasing document is the information about product/services ordered, such as “requirements for approval or qualification of product and /or service, procedures, processes, equipment and personnel and any management system requirements” (Oakland and Marosszeky 237).

The ISO 9001 Standard provide different aspects of the purchasing documentation, however, the main requirement is that the document reflected the process of purchasing which, in its turn, should be taken under definite process, “The organization is required to document the request for the product purchased. Within the documentation, naturally, you must include all the product’s characteristics” (“Documenting the Purchase according to the ISO 9001 Standard Requirements” n. p.).

In particular, each document should include the name of the product, diagrams and editions, the serial number of the product, packaging requirements, delivery requirements, quality management requirements, such as COC certificates or any test reports (COT) (“Documenting the Purchase according to the ISO 9001 Standard Requirements” n. p.).

Taking into consideration the information motioned earlier, we can provide a register of purchasing documents standards.

The Register The purchasing document should define the purchasing process.

The document should contain full information about the product purchased (the name of the product, diagrams and editions, the serial number of the product, packaging requirements, delivery requirements, quality management requirements, such as COC certificates or any test reports (COT)).

According to “Documentation Guidelines for Purchasing and Payment Activities”, purchasing documentation should also include: “approved requisition, sponsor approval of specific purchases, basis for vendor selection, competitive price solicitation or bidding, copies of vendor contracts and subcontracts, basis for award cost or price, cost or price analysis” (n. p.) and some other specific sections depending on the type of purchase contract and purchasing process.

The purchasing documentation should be comprehensive to many businesses. In this regard, purchasing documentation should avoid: confusing layout and packaging, “frequently, conditions of tender are mixed with conditions of contract and are interspersed with technical specifications” (“Construction Procurement” 13); to specific “legalese” which makes contractors spend too much time to familiarize with the document.

Purchasing documentation should be properly structured. Each document has two parts or “areas”: the header and several individual items included into the headers. Each header reflects the information that is relevant to the general topic of the document. The items serve as specifications for the purchasing process or products. For example, “information about the vendor and the document number is contained in the document header, and the material description and the order quantity are specified in each item” (Purchasing (MM-PUR) 24).

Purchasing document can contain additional data. Additional data needed to provide additional information about the items. It can be “account assignment data (such as cost center and G/L account) and the PO history for an item, which contains information on already recorded goods and invoice receipts relating to the item” (Purchasing (MM-PUR) 24).

Essay on How to Apply Business Documentation Standards to Purchasing. Purpose of the document and type of the business operation create document standard. A document standard is a set of forms and rules that should be taken into consideration when creating document of a particular types “It is important for all companies, both small and large, to have a set of guidelines and standards in place for document production and handling” (Microsoft Office 2003 14).

This provides every employee with the opportunity to become well aware of the documents types and peculiarities in a short period of time. When establishing standards for the documents, several aspects should be taken into consideration. The network of administration: the documents should be easily accessed by the relevant people.

Folder and file naming: “using proper guidelines ensures that important documents can be found easily in the future” (Microsoft Office 2003 14). This information can be included into the footers, headers, on the front or the last page of the document (Microsoft Office 2003 14).

We will write a custom Essay on Establishing Documentation Standards for an Organization: Purchasing Documentation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There should be standards for the organization’s logos, colors and different forms of branding; the guidelines should provide detailed information on sizing, placing and color of logos and other issues related to the identification of the brand. Definite style should also be used in documents of a particular type.

Thus, the company should define general standards for usage of “headings, table text, figure text, captions, and other text in the document” (Microsoft Office 2003 14).

Standards have a great meaning for the purchasing documentation. First of all, it provides the possibility to present the information about the products purchased in the organized order, find the document in the database quickly, provide the employees of the company learn about the documents quickly and communicate the information clearly.

Standards and policies about the standard of purchasing documents for an organization are: clearly define the information about the purchase, define roles and responsibilities of those who participate in the sale/purchase process, provide templates for style and production of the documents.

First of all, if a company wants to implement these standards, it should provide detailed templates which will be available for all employees. Furthermore, each employee should be properly trained and practiced in producing standard documents and must learn working with software applications, such as word.

However, several things should be considered about standards. The most considerable one is the period in which they should be changed, several unchangeable features, clearness of the information provided and understandability for other business.

Thus, document standards are important for every company. The company can have individual preferences concerning design of the documents. Key factors that influence standard design of the document are peculiarities of storage the documents, requirements of the organization of the information and available technology for the design of the documents.

Appendix 1: Procedure to prepare purchasing document using Microsoft Office Word 2007. Preparing a purchasing document, it is very important to “use design elements to provide emphasis without overwhelming the content” (Krieger n. p.). Microsoft Office Word 2007 provides opportunities to create documents quickly and follow the established standards.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Establishing Documentation Standards for an Organization: Purchasing Documentation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More First of all, it is important to create a proper look to a document. In other words, all documents should have the same style. Using “Themes” provided by the application, it becomes possible to coordinate font, colors and graphic effects and apply them to all the document of the same type. Moreover, the company can create its own set of style.

“These are texts pertaining to an individual item. Item text is printed after the item data (that is, the material number and short description, quantity, price, etc.)” (“Creating and Formatting Texts” n. p.). In order to separate different texts of the purchasing document, for example, the information about the product, the use of tables can be applied “you can use them to hold text, graphics, or other tables” (Krieger n. p.).

Word 2007 provides the opportunity to use graphics to illustrate the key points, for example, separate headers and briefly outline the key details of the sale purchasing contract:

“Create a SmartArt diagram as easily as typing a bulleted list, and convey more than boring old bullets ever could. You just type your text in the SmartArt text pane, and the diagram is automatically built for you” (Krieger n. p.)

Additional information for the document can be presented in footnotes. If there is some important information in the document that needs clarification, the footnotes can be very helpful. Microsoft Word 2007 provides the opportunity create footnotes automatically.

Structure of the document is also very important for outlining key elements and the most important point shat should be paid closer attention. In order to organize the document in the appropriate way, the usage of the heading style and table of contents can be very useful:

“Heading styles also provide other benefits: Insert cross-references to heading-styled text, easily add outline numbering, and create a table of contents in no time at all. Find these styles on the Home tab, in the Styles group” (Krieger n. p.).

Appendix 2. Standard documentation process design The standard documentation process is very important so that all member of the company’s team could have a clear understanding of the project (in our case purchasing project) and know their responsibilities.

In addition: “a document’s design needs to be appropriate for the tone and content of the content. Furthermore, it needs to look professional and serve as a positive representation of an agency’s work” (“The Documentation Process” 3).

In addition, the documentation process has several steps that include planning, writing, delivery and archiving “The phases of the technical writing process are not necessarily discrete” (“The Technical Writing Process” n. p.). However, all these steps should be taken for successful documentation process.

There are four basic design principles that should be used in order to create and, consequently, evaluate design. They are contrast, proximity, repetition, alignment.

Contrast. It is needed when there are two very important elements on the page that should be emphasized. For example headlines and subheadings in the purchasing document.

Proximity. The related items should be placed closer to each other that the ones that are not related. This facilitates the readability of the document.

Repetition. One of the most important features of the purchasing document is logically presented information about the product and steps of the purchasing process. Thus, the elements that are repeated through the document should appear in the same way.

Alignment. When there are many different elements on a page, they should be visually connected or separate so that create unity.

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Definition of Advertising and Its Elements Report (Assessment) best essay help: best essay help

Algos (2010) defines advertising as an art of bringing goods to the attention of a customer. A good advertising incorporates elements of typography inspired by ideas, recognises the importance and value of message. Media requirements reveal significance of an advertisement to the reader and sluices information effortlessly and memorically into the reader’s mind.

Heavily weighted in product and customer characteristics as well as target market size, advertising reveals the significant of a product to a potential client, selling the idea visibly, by image manipulation which induces the reader to take some action.

Media requirements as dictated by advertising briefs also include factors such as time factors, creative dimension and aspects of the message, merchandise objective as well as legal and ethical considerations that relates to products such as alcohol.

The medium used in this research will be advertisements using internet protocol due to the large number of households that have access to the internet, availability of products to choose from and how the availed products are used. The study linked the increased numbers of Internet shoppers over the years to be related to the increased access to internet use by many households and increased use of household products.

The studies also recognized the increased numbers of household online buyers in the past few years to be linked to diversification of products and increased access. It was however concluded that online advertisers have provide a wide array of good and services for consumers to choose from as earlier experienced and has the ability to reach wider audiences including teenagers, stay at home parents and urban men.

Conclusively, growth of e-consumers has been attributed to increased numbers of internet services and existing internet users. Despite increased usage and range of products for which internet purchases are required to chose from, growth in access is likely to slow if consumer buying behaviour is not carefully assessed (Lowe 2002, p.7).

Radio advertising may not be a suitable advertising media since most advertisements last up to 30-60 seconds which may make it impossible to cover all the key points including product use and target audiences (AllBusiness 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Primary advertising are outdoor campaigns such as billboards and door to door sales. Primary advertising has the characteristics of displaying visual material to the potential buyer (Primary Media Outdoor Advertising 2008). Secondary advertising on the other hand includes aspects such as radios, internet, newspapers and television.

The internet

Slowly moving from door to door sales, marketing, promotion, notice, message and testimonials, internet advertising is recommended to be the best and fast media gaining recognition in advertising industry.

Lycourgos and Christou (2006) analysis argue that “online retailing has provided a successful medium for consumer spending, and therefore the technology used should be able to match the utility provided by the retailing formats” (p.2). Utilities mentioned to facilitate online business include facilities such as immediate delivery, choice of payment methods, personal assistant in selecting goods, credit facilities and return policies.

The mentioned utilities are particularly significant in building consumer satisfaction and trust in an online environment. To do this, Lycourgos and Christou (2006) advices advertisers to implement strategies that will sufficiently motivate online consumers to place orders.

E-consumers driven by internet communication have revolutionized the way people use, access and share information.

Internet services has been credited for facilitating the economy and transforming organisation by eliminating paper based functions and integrate global operations. Benefits attributed from e-commerce are listed to include; online advertisers and consumers have access and low-cost, consumers can access information through diverse forms of technology including mobile phones.

Advertisers also don’t spend so much time doing marketing campaigns and suffer no geographical constraints. Organisations get the opportunity for rationalizing operations and downsizing and can easily adapt to new payment schemes. Online business had eliminated middlemen, minimized stockholdings and reduced transaction costs.

We will write a custom Assessment on Definition of Advertising and Its Elements specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More E-commerce introduces a consumer to interaction rules, procedures, and safe mechanisms and provides consumer with recovery methods such as money back guarantees when trust breaks down. Trust has been viewed as the cornerstone to of any successful online trading because without it, no one will be able to trade (Sweeney 2008, p.3).


Newspaper advertising is the use of print to entice readers into purchasing a product. Its advantages include;

wide audiences in a given geographical area

Readers can cut out the advertisement for future references

The advertisement image can be large to communicate the required information to the reader

Radio Advertising

Radio advertisements are always creative and listeners can call in and get instant answers on how the product is used

A vast array of listeners can be reached worldwide including web portals (Pleshette 2003).

According to Ruane (2008), internet advertising should adhere to privacy laws and provide truth, clear and fair information to its users.

Pirelli Tyres Company, Pepsi and Coca cola companies have used online advertising, more specifically to the internet and applied the true and clear information to its potential customers.

Advertising Media Plan Two basic tasks of media planning are message creation and message dissemination. This helps an advertiser to know which media to use-be it internet, television or the internet. It simply entails the selection of media time and space to display the advertising message to order to accomplish marketing objectives.

Advertising turns features of products into benefits, reasonable for someone to try the product, while typographers convert the story into strategy and execution by positioning the product against competitor products, and by giving an identifiable look

Many businesses depend on modern technology and its promised miracles as a way of expanding their business. Modern technology has opened up new generation of visual designers. The most recent innovative developments such as e-banking, social marketing and YouTube are extensively used to expand businesses across different spectrums.

Composed of text that is readable, coherent and visually satisfying many advertisers are forced to search for very professional corporate look and attract customers (Algos 2010). Evidently, websites offer plenty of information on the product intended to be sold and clarity and transparency of information presented should be of paramount importance.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Definition of Advertising and Its Elements by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Offline advertising such as radios and television, print mediums such as brochures, catalogs and post cards have been very effective when designed with good graphics and language approach in mind. Although immediate profits may not be realised, advertising both off and online should be regarded as long term investment (Algos 2010).

While many advertising options that are relevant to online advertising exist, individual aspects such as lifestyle and personal characteristics, psychological and trying to embrace, are all important in determining the type of advertising to be used.

A successive advertiser should carefully assess how the website is facilitating consumer information searches and examining how their organisation is offering consumer value (Lycourgos and Christou 2006, p.2; Sexton 2010; Lacan 1978).

Market Evidence for using internet advertisement Soft drink companies have long been dominated by two companies; Pepsi and Coca cola. Both companies have spent significant huge amounts of money on advertising and promotion and have been reported to create brand loyalty that has made it difficult for other competitors to enter the market.

Pepsi for instance devised a strategy of cutting down prices soon a new competitor tries to enter the market thus forcing them to curtail expansion plans. In brand recognition through billboards and newspaper advertising, Pepsi changed its brand to blue, consumers viewed it as modern and cool as it was exciting and dynamic and communicated refreshment.

Pepsi another advertising strategy included the introduction of variety soft drinks clients to choose from and also, reinforce the name as stated by Dehmardan 2008 as “Coca-cola Classic., a name that reflects image of value, reliability and old time values” ( p.22).

Pirelli Tires Company on the other has been a true multinational corporation that has maximised on internet advertising to reach worldwide audiences.

With a presence in 160 countries as leader in car production, internet advertisement strategies enabled the company reach greater efficiency and effectiveness, developed new networks sites directed at consumers while increasing its performance and technology.

For example, the new portal Oracle WebLogic Server is currently reported to have more than 34 million users in 40 countries. Its success is strongly linked to delivering extensive and timely company information. The quantity of pages visited during a session are all clear indication that its ability to attract interest of anyone who access the website.

The Java 2 environment typology and the introduction of dynamic website that enables easy development of core structure applications such as interactive calendar, dealer locator, product catalogue and fitment chart are all clear indications of Pirelli Tires market dominance through advertisements (Oracle 2009).

Media Primary Supplementary Time Cost Sydney Morning Herald * 8.00am $350 Highway Billboards * Throughout the month $440 NBC * 7.00pm $500 New York Times * Mondays and Fridays $320 It has been evidenced here that customers are more influenced by advertisements they see even if they only see a small portion of the video. E-consumer behaviour can also be analysed by using psychological measures which include examining consumer responses as a way of forecasting positive impacts (Bellinson 2006).

Tracking customers’ shopping behaviours during certain seasons helps an online advertiser study customer shopping trends, levels of interest and likings and plans when to avail certain products and certain periods. Sweeney (2008) states that “tracking product performance over time gives a advertiser guidance as to which products are effective and which ones are not” (p.1) It’s also important to note that e-consumer behaviour can also be linked to external environment that relate to cultures and subcultures.

Advertising can influence consumer buying behaviour by recognising the importance and value of message. Since culture is something learned rather than something being born with, an online advertiser should learn morals of his marketing demographics and try to accommodate various cultures when considering for international consumers.

This research argues here that advertisement should aim at achieving both legibility and readability. Since advertisement campaign vary in price and effectiveness, measure of its effectiveness should include aspects such as conducting a comprehensive customer service and support that will help establish consumer shopping behaviours (Naples 1979).

Customers feel secure for an organisation that provides online assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week. It’s also important to design software that would formulate answers to customers’ most critical issues like FAQ.

In some instances, a company should also engage in human talk to solve more complicated problems. Its evidenced that information-driven websites embedded in graphics tends to convert window shoppers to potential customers (Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs 2008).

Holly (2009) studies states that “consumers prefer to start their online shopping through search engines and social media sites rather than going directly to the site to establish an advertiser” (p.1).

Advertisers that consider these aspects in their marketing campaigns gain competitive advantage over others. For internet shopping, possible measures for its effectiveness could include social media services such as facebook and twitter networks.

Just like twitter, face book provides an attractive platform that studies consumer behaviour through online interactions. Advertisements may also be placed on individual profiles pages aimed at targeting certain demographic consumers.

Since registered face book users have no problem providing personal information such as date of birth, religion, sex, and e.t.c, online advertisers use this information to their advantage by advertising only on their target demographic (Holly 2009).

Therefore, Algos (2010) recommends that advertisers should always find an advertising program that fits his customers’ data base. In this regard, long term and short term perspectives such as simple solutions for advertising special offers and one-off events such as product promotions, banners, posters and flyers that put marketing into words should be considered.

A planned budget in deciding what advertising medium to be used should be considered. Measuring campaign’s success at the end of a campaigning period is important to determined continued relationship with new customers if any (Algos 2010).

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The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist Descriptive Essay essay help

Daniel Barenboim is one of the most re-known pianist and conductor in the world. He is an Ashkenazi Jew born in Argentina. His passion for piano started at a tender age of five with his mother teaching him some piano lessons.

He gave his first official concert at age seven and from then he never looked back. His postings on YouTube are very fascinating to watch. Some of the postings include the famous Beethoven Sonata and later some pieces by Wagner.

The clips are just amazing and incomparable in terms of quality and passion the Barenboim demonstrates. The G-major sonata truly rocks and has attracted a lot of admiration and respect for Barenboim. This paper will discuss Barenboim’s musical journey, life philosophies and political views.

A strong personality is what is needed for one to play the piano and conduct at the same time. Being a high profile international artist, having a warm personality is a basic ingredient.

Barenboim expressed this when performing Beethoven’s masterpieces. Daniel has always had a modest performance without any pretence. His musical personality has made his performances to be so compelling to the audience (Lewin 32). Barenboim is always regarded to as a spontaneous and impulsive performer. Some people see Daniel as being very impatient in the way he plays the piano at the podium.

This is debatable because Barenboim’s performances have always been unpredictable. Some people attribute this to his spontaneous personality. Generally, Barenboim is an accomplished performer with a musical personality that is warm and compelling. These qualities have made many people allover the world to like his performances.

Barenboim’s musical philosophy is a very pragmatic one. According to Daniel Barenboim, music is an art that has neither a beginning nor an end. He argues that sensuality and feeling can only find some form in music. According to Barenboim, true music is a combination of form and freedom and not emotionalism which he considers as lifeless. Barenboim has the ability to make music to appear as it was born at the time of performance.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Barenboim’s music always takes a rigorous form combined with deep strategy and endless knowledge (Lewin 56). Daniel believes that sound perfection should be done in the living moment because music sounds unique every time it is performed. Daniel argues that the only way music can thrive is by performing it repetitively. According to Daniel, people can learn a lot of things about life from music than the opposite.

Barenboim believes that music and politics can not be separated. He has been at the forefront in criticizing the Israeli foreign policy especially against Palestine.

Fearing for his life, Daniel Barenboim gave up his intention of performing Wagner in his native Israel. This did not stop him completely from continuing with his mission. He has gone ahead to collaborate with Palestinian musicians by developing the Barenboim –Said Initiative.

According to Daniel, the Israeli-Palestine conflict can only be resolved if the two sides take the initiative of trying to understand each other’s suffering. Despite being a Jew, Daniel accepted honorary Palestinian citizenship in 2008 after one of his concerts in Ramallah (Barenboim 45).

He made history by being the first Israeli to accept Palestinian citizenship. Daniel regarded this as a public gesture of promoting peace between the two nations. This action sparked a lot of criticism in Israel with some leaders calling for the stripping of Daniel’s Israeli citizenship (Barenboim 68).

From his performances, Daniel Barenboim portrays his authoritative nature. His high minded persona makes him to freely air his political views with any fear. Barenboim is very commanding and his level of confidence is just unbelievable. These qualities have made him to be very influential on stage and out of stage.

His authoritative conducting is just a beauty to watch. Daniel commands a lot of respect and trust wherever he goes and is always one of a kind. By being authoritative, Daniel has made a lot of friends and enemies alike. Barenboim has received a lot of praise and recognition because of the unique way he looks at issues (Lewin 116).

We will write a custom Essay on The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Daniel Barenboim views music from a very different angle. He reiterates that subjectivity is very necessary in music. According to Daniel, music making should be both objectives.

Daniel believes that the nature of music and the kind of associations generated by it need to be differentiated. Barenboim believes that transparency, power and strength as used in music would make the world look wonderful just like music does. According to Daniel, music is so powerful because it communicates to the entire body system.

Daniel argues that all issues whether personal, social or political are completely depended on each other just like the different voices and elements in music. He further clarifies that all the elements in music are dependent on each other and so is the case with life.

Daniel encourages us to understand this vital lesson from music that everything in this life is dependent on each other (Barenboim 20).

Daniel has greatly emphasized the concept of learning through music. This concept is widely used by early childhood educators to who use music to transfer knowledge to children.

According to Daniel, music is helps us to have a better understanding of the whole society in terms of political and social aspects. There needs to be integration in our education systems for a complete revolution to be witnessed in the education sector. Daniel is of the view that human activities are all associated with music in one way or the other (Lewin 123).

According to Daniel, there should be a change from the traditional way of knowledge delivery right away from the Kindergartens to universities. Daniel has continued to popularize the concept of education through music especially for children in early childhood centers. Kindergartens have started to use music in teaching because of the aggressive campaigns done by Barenboim. Daniel calls for the integration of musical abilities and skills in all kinds of training.

Daniel Barenboim and other musicians have continued to support these initiatives by offering to give free music lessons in the institutions that have implemented the concept of learning through music. The concept of education through music has become very popular around the world with many kindergartens imparting knowledge to their early childhood pupils through music (Lewin 142).

Not sure if you can write a paper on The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Daniel emphasizes the need for everyone to have a point of view about life and music. Daniel sees music as a powerful medium of bringing people together and making peace .This is clearly demonstrated by the number of numerous shows and performance he has had in Palestine whose main objective was to preach peace and understanding. Daniel sees music as a powerful universal language that is able to unite all the people in the world (Barenboim 36).

He is considered utopian when he refers to music as a great authority. Daniel sees himself as a musical prophet when he says that music is the most powerful tool that goes beyond the political and racial boundaries. Daniel’s utopian views are portrayed when he holds massive performances in Palestine in coordination with Said in attempt to bring peace in the Middle East. Daniel Barenboim has earned a lot of titles and praises from various important personalities.

His pragmatic political view together with a flamboyant musical career has made him to receive a lot of admiration and recognition (Barenboim 64). This recognition has come with a lot of titles for the musician. Daniel has enjoyed a lot of social capital over the years which have made him to be so authoritative.

Daniel’s performances have been regarded as among the finest in the world. His performances have been signaled out as an actual representation of the composer’s original thoughts. Many people refer to his performances as expressive and thoughtful at the same time. There are various social institutions around the world that totally support Daniel’s artistic persona.

The Barenboim-Said foundation plays a key role in promoting peace in the Middle East through music (Barenboim 76). The foundation plans and coordinates music education projects that are aimed at promoting peace and tolerance in the Middle East.

The Palestinian Medical Relief Society has taken music education to children in refugee camps. The education through music initiative is aimed at enabling emotional, social and cognitive balance by developing the children’s personality and creativity in their desperate social environment (Barenboim 151).

Civil society institutions in Europe pledged their support for Barenboim’s global initiatives through music. Ignor Markevich is a Ukrainian conductor and composer who speak highly of Barenboim. Having been his conducting teacher, Markevich probably knows Barenboim better (Barenboim 188). According to Markevich, Daniel Barenboim is not only a mere pianist but also a born conductor.

Markevich acknowledges Daniel’s noble efforts in promoting peace and togetherness in the Middle East through his music. According to Markevich, Daniel is a great leader whose leadership is always demonstrated in his performances. Markevich believes that a great conductor should offer something extra apart from just playing instruments.

This extra thing is what Daniel offers and that is why Markevich sees him as somebody very special. According to classical ideology thinkers, conductors have a great role to play apart from just playing instruments. Markevich sees three fundamental qualities in Daniel.

He regards Daniel as an exceptional musician, conductor and leader all in one. Barenboim is an ideology thinker whose philosophies and views are pragmatic and unique (Lewin 72).

Daniel relates music with life in a special way. His musical philosophies have convinced many people that without music there is no life. Daniel’s performances are so compelling and authoritative at the same time. This makes his performances to be very unpredictable sometimes. Daniel’s courage and approach to music has made him to be labeled as a musician with a high-minded artistic persona.

This high-mindedness is what has given him the social capital to have his own independent political views. Daniel’s political views have made him to lose favor with Israel which is his native country (Lewin 118).

Barenboim‘s stage performances are always compelling and electrifying. Barenboim recorded the Beethoven Sonata during the early stages of his musical career. He is regarded as one of the world’s best interpreters of the Beethoven sonata. The Beethoven sonata consists of six master classes each running for fifty-five minutes.

In the Beethoven DVD, Daniel is seen coaching young pianists on a number of Beethoven movements. At an early age of seven, Daniel had already performed an official concert (Lewin 120). This would mark the beginning of his illustrious career on stage.

He first recorded the Beethoven sonata when he was1 just eighteen. The historical background of Daniel’s recordings and performances is quite amazing. Daniel made recording of gramophones in 1954. He later recorded piano sonatas of Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms and Bartok respectively. He then started serious stage performances when he joined the English Chamber Orchestra.

During his time with the English Chamber Orchestra, he performed in many international concerts as a pianist and conductor. His 1967 performance in London with the Philharmonic Orchestra increased his demand by many orchestras in Europe (Lewin 154).

Daniel made marked his first operatic debut by performing at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1973. During the concert, he performed the Mozart sonata. Daniel Barenboim has also done chamber music in collaboration with his late wife. In 1996, Daniel recorded Argentinian tangos by collaborating with Hector Console and Rudolf Maderos.

Barenboim met Said in early 1990s and formed a strong friendship based on both music and the Israeli and Palestine political conflict. Having a common mind of promoting peace, the two started to collaborate in musical concerts to demonstrate their common interest of finding peace in the Middle East (Barenboim 87).

They held a series of concerts in the West Bank and Ramallah with an objective of preaching peace through their music.

In 2006, Daniel Barenboim recorded the Beethoven sonata for a second time. The recording consists of six DVD sets. In this second recording, Daniel works with six young pianists at various stages of development. The Beethoven Sonata has been so dear to Daniel and that is why he decided to do a rendition of the sonata (Lewin 134).

The young pianists include Aboud Asshkar form Palestine, Jonathan Bliss from America, Shai Wosner from Israel, David Kadouch from France, Allesio Bax from Italy and finally Lang Lang from China. Daniel trains the young pianists in sonata movements and at the same time demonstrating to them the relationship that exist in piano playing elements (Lewin 126)

Daniel was greatly inspired by the overwhelming interest of young pianists who were ready to perfect their skills. Daniel had chosen the Beethoven sonata as his first album because it was very well received from the first time he recorded it. The Beethoven sonata had been so dear to him in his entire musical career and by no doubt his best sonata.

This was a perfect way of finishing his musical career in style. After the first recording of the Beethoven sonata, Daniel Barenboim recorded over fifteen other recordings before doing the Beethoven rendition in the twilight days of his successful musical career (Lewin 140).

The Beethoven sonata popularly known as the appassionato sonata was played at F minor which is also Daniel’s favorite key. Realizing that he was almost retiring from the entertainment scene, Daniel thought that it was not enough to just be a mentor to upcoming talent without offering them any meaningful help.

Lang Lang is one of Barenboim’s best students and beneficiaries of his lessons so far. Because of the good musical foundation given to him by his musical mentor and teacher, Lang Lang has become a household name. His first major solo performance was during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (Lewin 135).

With almost 40 million people viewing him, this was a perfect opportunity for Lang Lang to showcase himself at the international stage. Barenboim introduced Lang Lang to real performing in his second recording of the Beethoven sonata. Daniel offers him and the other five young pianists some valuable master pieces in piano playing and conducting.

During the lessons, Daniel taught the young pianists about the key musical elements of rhythm, tempo and harmony. The electrifying performance he gave in Beijing was an outcome of some splendid tutoring by Daniel Barenboim. This budding young musician demonstrated his love for piano at tender age of two.

Lang Lang used to use pillows to in order to reach the keys at that tender age. His musical journey is almost similar to that of his mentor and tutor Daniel (Barenboim 43). Despite coming from a humble background, Lang Lang’s sheer determination and passion has made him who he is today. His supportive and dedicated family had to sacrifice a lot for him to achieve the success he has today.

Lang Lang has participated in many musical competitions before he finally got his break. Daniel Barenboim has been very instrumental in nurturing the talent of this talented young man.

The success of a student always speaks volumes about the teacher. In Daniel Barenboim, Lang Lang found the best teacher in piano playing and conducting .His experience on stage combined with his musical philosophies are just inspiring (Lewin 162).

In conclusion, it is no doubt that Daniel Barenboim has left an indelible mark in the world of music. The caliber of his performances and recordings are just world-class and that makes him one of the biggest performing artists in the world.

His personal philosophies about life have influenced his music and political views a great deal. Daniel Barenboim commands a lot of respect and recognition around the world which has earned him a lot of titles such as humanitarian, finest pianist, authoritative conductor, great leader and utopian.

Works Cited Barenboim, Daniel. Music Quickens Time. New York: Verso, 2008.Print.

Lewin, Michael. A Life in Music, Daniel Barenboim. New York: Nicolson Limited, 1991. Print.


The Biomedical Model of Health in Medicine Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Health, illness and treatments have been looked in different ways based on the cultural beliefs and traditions where one belong. Cultures all over the world have created and practiced different kind of healing system and all of these have rational points on how human bodies function normally and abnormally.

Health professionals should integrate diverse cultural concept in dealing to various healing system and modify treatments that put emphasis in giving the best health care that one deserves to have. Multi-ethnic understanding should be taken into consideration because different cultures have their distinct ways in dealing with diseases.

The biomedical model of health focuses on the biological aspect of the individual and uses scientific methods to diagnose and cure an illness. The diagnostic methods and tools are used to restore the physical state of the human body. It sees good health as the absence of pain or freedom from disease and is based on a fact.

While this model focus on the individual, other healing system like the Hmong model, that has little information about the western medical practice, believes that the causes and the cure of illnesses are divided into two parts, the spiritual and non-spiritual aspect.

The story of “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall down” implies that the Hmong sees epilepsy as of divine nature where a spirit enters the body.

This contradicts to what the doctor views that it is merely an illness that needs treatment to stop the seizure. In Hmong model, if the cause of the illness is of spiritual aspect, ancestral worship and ritualistic ceremonies are done by the shaman. In cases where illness is caused by non-spiritual aspect, they seek for traditional cures, and this is where herbal medicine comes in.

This is not only practiced by the Hmong, but also practice by other Southeast Asian cultures. Like in India, they practice the Ayurvedic medical system. Dietary and herbal are part of the treatment scheme because of the belief that it is essential in restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit and this balance is vital in achieving a healthy life.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are two basic principles of illness causation that explain the rationale behind every healing system. The personalistic and naturalistic principles of illness causation discuss the mode of diagnosis, treatments and other elements that made up the health system.

Personalistic principle is derived from the idea that disease, magic and religion are inseparable. Misfortunes play a part why individual suffer from illness. Diseases occur because of the human and nonhuman intervention, the participation of the powerful being or deity and that illness is a result of the spiritual and moral aspects that are treated by those having magical and supernatural powers.

This is in contrast to the naturalistic principle that views illness in a systematic way. It states that the illness suffered by an individual is not because of misfortunes, magic or religion. The focus of this principle is therapeutic and conforms to the equilibrium model that health and illness is a product of balance and harmony of the human body and the environment.

When the state of balance between human beings and the environment are disrupted or when imbalance occurs, it will result to illness. The principle of equilibrium conforms to this model and is being practice by the Humoral model and the Ayurvedic health system.

The decision process in treating illness is complex because cultural beliefs and social factors are relevant in giving a quality multicultural care. How human beings respond to illness is essential and understanding the concepts of every healing system is vital in combating diseases.


Questionnaire Design for Business Essay essay help online free

Asses the range of data and sources you can use to research a subject area and assess the reliability and validity of this information

To research any subject area, it is important to collect data. This data should be valid and reliable in order to make the research results useful.

To consider the job satisfaction, the research team should pay attention to the following information, salary, promotion, supervision, benefits, contingent rewards, procedures, coworkers’ work, communication, etc (Wood