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Your CEO wants to develop specific criteria to select vendors for office supplies, equipment, etc. and has asked you to investigate selection criteria. In a two page business memo:

Explain why a selection criteria is needed
Recommend specific criteria (no less than 5 elements)
Explain why each element in the list is needed
To strengthen your recommendation, include an example of a company (one that is operating now – not a future one) and its criteria.

Use the attached memo template.
Support your memo with 2 to 3 credible references beyond the course materials.


RESPONDING TO DISCUSSION 300 WORDS college essay help online: college essay help online

300 words response:

Over the course of this class, we’ve learned about different types of ways to analyze data presented to us. Each of the tools presented to us give us different perspectives about our data. 

One thing that is important to keep in mind with all of this is that choosing a technique for analyzing a given data set is often dependent on the question or questions being asked. In addition to examining the question and what we want to accomplish in getting an answer, it is important to consider the type of data we’re working with. This is more specifically referring to examining the variables that are in the problem, whether they are categorical, ordinal, or interval and then if the data set itself is normally distributed or not (UCLA, n.d.). Asking these sorts of questions and analyzing our initial data with this lens allows us to understand the general direction that needs to be pursued in order to decide on a statistical test. 

Having said that, statistical tests like the t-test, chi square test, etc. can specifically help predict patterns based on what kinds of comparisons between groups are trying to be made. These are more complex concepts of what we can accomplish, but even if we go back to the simplest forms of analyzing data, such as analyzing trends in central tendency, can also provide insight into changes occurring over time in a data set (Emerald Group Publishing, n.d.). 

Beyond making sure that we are using the best methods of analyzing the data through statistical testing or simply data observation, it is also important to question how effective certain methods are in accomplishing the goal of data analysis and if they are the easiest way to go about doing the same. This is where analysis of descriptive data also can be used to our advantage, with the eventual accompaniment of a statistical test such as an ANOVA or t-tests. This combination of observation and statistical analysis can then be used to test whether the differences are due to chance or not. 

From our discussion here, we can observe that the combination of data observation and statistical analysis go hand in hand and are the best means for transforming information into useful, understandable knowledge. Understanding data doesn’t have to mean using the most complicated testing, or the simplest for that matter but using a combination of the two can truly aid in making sense of data provided to us and making the values something to conceptualize, whether it be in the context of a real world problem or a word problem. 


Emerald Group Publishing. (n.d.). Choose the right statistical technique. Emerald Publishing. Retrieved March 10, 2022, from https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/how-to/research/data-analysis/choose-right-statistical-technique#basic-techniques

UCLA. (n.d.). What statistical analysis should I use? UCLA Advanced Research Computing. Retrieved March 10, 2022, from https://stats.oarc.ucla.edu/spss/whatstat/what-statistical-analysis-should-i-usestatistical-analyses-using-spss/


Comparing Health Outcome in Adjoining Counties Guidelines and Rubric Overview: In this journal, you will have the opportunity to scholarship essay help

Comparing Health Outcome in Adjoining Counties Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: In this journal, you will have the opportunity to consider the healthcare economics of two adjacent counties in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Read Case 2.1 in Chapter 2 of your textbook.
In your journal assignment, answer the following case study questions:
 What are the main inputs to health mentioned in this case? Are there important inputs to health that the case does not mention?
 What health behaviors should get priority?
 Does income play a role in improving health?
 How important is health insurance in improving health?
 Wyandotte County has relatively few primary care physicians. Should the number of primary care physician be a priority?
 What role, if any, should the federal government play in improving health?
 How do you think your answers would differ if you were a resident of Wyandotte County?
Support your responses with examples from the case or references to your textbook.
Use the journal as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the final project requirements and case study. Journal activities in this course are private between
you and your instructor. Only the instructor can view and comment on your assignments.


RESPONDING TO DISCUSSION 300 WORDS writing essay help: writing essay help

response in 300 words

In this week’s discussion post I will be presenting information to you as a marketing manager, working at a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal company.  Our company recently initiated a loyalty program for our consumers and created a robust purchaser database.  In this post I will be assessing how the appropriate use of hypothesis testing would validate cross-region purchases differences.  I will explain the goal of said hypothesis testing experiment.  I will describe the hypothesis testing process mechanics. And finally, I will explain why the organization would go through the hypothesis testing in this particular situation.

How does one assess how appropriate use of hypothesis testing would validate cross-region purchases differences?  According to Lisa Sullivan, PhD, a professor of bio-statistics at Boston University School of Public Health, there are five steps involved during a hypothesis testing. They are as follows; step one is set up and select a level of significance, step two is choosing the right test statistic, step three is creating the decision rule, step four is computing the test statistic, and step five is to find a conclusion (Lisa Sullivan, 2022). When attempting to test a theory as to cross check opposite regions within the country for purchase differences, the correct hypothesis is necessary for a cost-effective budget and financial accounting, in order to ensure continue increased profit margins.  This proposal needs to be airtight in its approach and following the above steps would ensure the most appropriate outcome.

Now to give an explanation of the goal of said hypothesis testing experiment. According to Roger B. Davis and Kenneth J. Mukamal of the Circulation Journal, the goal of a hypothesis testing experiment is to make a conclusion about a particular population based off the data gained from a sample of said population, in order to evaluate the strength of the evidence gathered, which provide a framework for making executive decisions related to that population (Davis


Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) – Objetives college application essay help

Please review the attached instructions. Use the Practicum Experience Plan (attached word document – Practicum_Experience_Plan)  to complete the assignment. 

Attached last week assignment to be use to establish the objectives. At least 3 objectives from the areas for which you would like to gain application-level experience and/or continued growth as an advanced practice nurse.   

Your objectives should address your self-assessment of the skills found in the “PMHNP Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form” you completed in Week 1. (see attached document – WK1Assgn2_Cordova Lopez_A) . 


Focusing on the seven styles within the Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s Leadership Continuum Model discussed in Exhibit 4.5, complete the essay help

Focusing on the seven styles within the Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s Leadership Continuum Model discussed in Exhibit 4.5, complete the following two-part question.

Write one paragraph (-3-5 Sentences minimum) for each of the seven styles stating an example/brief scenario of when you as a leader would use each style.
Include at least one specific variable that led to your decision to use a certain style in each example based on the discussions in the chapter regarding this continuum from autocratic to participative leadership style.

Please use the below outline format for your response:

State the decision that is not open to discussion

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style in that situation

Make the decision and convince employees that it is a good idea

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style in that situation

Present decision and asked if there are any questions

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style in that situation

Present a decision that is subject to change based on input

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style in that situation

State the situation, asked for recommended decision, then make the decision

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style in that situation

Let employees make a decision within set limits

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style in that situation

Let employees make ongoing decisions

-Specific variable or variables why you would use this style


A family has contacted you about the care of their grandfather, Juan, who has Alzheimer’s disease. The nursing home college application essay help: college application essay help

A family has contacted you about the care of their grandfather, Juan, who has Alzheimer’s disease. The nursing home staff report that Juan engages in frequent elopement from the nursing home facility when unattended, and verbal aggression that has caused disruptions to the other nursing home residents. A review of the files shows that the nursing home contracted with a BCaBA who did not conduct a functional behavior assessment but advised setting limits, being consistent with rules, and blocking Juan from engaging in problem behavior. The nursing home staff decided to incorporate these strategies by restricting Juan from accessing the courtyard or roaming the halls, leaving him to stay all day in his room with only accompanied walks to therapies and the dining hall. Juan’s behaviors escalated and they have stated they will be ordering the use of chemical restraints to block occurrences of the problem behavior.
For this assignment, complete the following:
Prepare a formal letter to the family with your recommendations.
Analyze, within the letter, at least five BACB ethical code elements that are relevant to your discussed behavior analytic procedure and this scenario.
Provide a recommendation to family members in letter format based on the given scenario.
Competency 3: Evaluate assessment and intervention methods using the BACB ethical code.
Analyze, within the letter, the use of a behavior analytic procedure using at least five relevant BACB ethics codes.


Biopsychosocialspiritual Assessment best college essay help

go to “Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide” and click Download Sample Pages. Download the sample pages and read the information about documentation.

repare a detailed biopsychosocialspiritual assessment report for a  mock client you worked with in one of your synchronous sessions. In your  report, include all information outlined in the Biopsychosocialspiritual Assessment document.

At the end of the documentation, sign the report as you, the learner social worker (including your credentials) and date it.

Report format: The report should be single-spaced  with a blank space between paragraphs and/or sections. Headings should  be used and bolded in order to make the sections in the report easy to  read and easy to find. Done well, the report is probably one of the more  difficult documents to write. What is important is that the assessment  provides sufficient information so that any other professional could  read the report and have a clear understanding of the major aspects,  problems, and strengths of the client.

Summarize a Related Scholarly Article
In addition to your assessment report, search the Capella library  databases for one scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal article related to  the client’s problem or the type of intervention one would consider  using with the client. It is important your documentation is in line  with the literature, and there is clear rationale as to why you are  doing what you are doing.

Using the critical thought process, write one paragraph about the  article and why it was chosen. Attach the article to the report.

Using scholarly articles in our practice with clients is one way to link research to practic


Nurse role in promoting quality best essay help: best essay help

Post a description of the role of the staff nurse for promoting quality in a high-performing health care organization. Define the organizational culture of your health care organization, or one with which you are familiar, and identify the leadership style of the CEO and CNO in your organization. Explain how your senior leadership supports—or does not support—changes that require financing/budget to support patient safety. Describe the strategies you might be able to implement to move your health care organization to a high-performing organization


The diversity essay should be 500 words or less responding to the following statement: Describe your leadership, work experience, best essay help: best essay help

The diversity essay should be 500 words or less responding to the following statement:

Describe your leadership, work experience, service experience, or other significant involvement with racial, ethnic, socio-economic, or educational communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in higher education, and how these experiences would promote a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in the pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative excellence.


It is a questions that needs to be answered in 3-5 sentences. Here’s the questions below/instructions below. Please list essay help online

It is a questions that needs to be answered in 3-5 sentences. Here’s the questions below/instructions below.

Please list 3 things you learned from the video. In your answer, be sure to demonstrate your familiarity with the content of the documentary. I’ve attached the documentary below.


Find at least three article-length international news stories for “Ukraine” look for articles dealing with government or political issues. best essay help: best essay help

Find at least three article-length international news stories for “Ukraine” look for articles dealing with government or political issues. Compose a well-written paragraph summary of the ideas, events, or information in each article. MAKE SURE TO ADD THE LINK OF THE ARTICLE that you summarizes. THEN WRITE A WELL-WRITTEN ESSAY In the essay, answer the following questions:

What do the current events in this country tell you about the nature of its government? What type of government does it have?
Is the country undergoing democratization? How do you know? What indicators are you using to make your judgment? Why are they important?
How might the events in this country affect other countries, including the United States?


is a power point project the reference links the professor recommends are in this summary. https://owl.excelsior.edu/online-writing-and-presentations/presentations/ https://owl.purdue.edu/ essay help online free

Instructions Topic: Teaching Effective Presentation Skills Instructions: This project requires you to develop a PowerPoint slide presentation for use as a training tool with managers and supervisors on how to prepare an effective presentation. As you move up through the workforce you will at some point be required to give a briefing or presentation to others. Hopefully, one day you will also have to the opportunity to develop one of your worker’s speaking and presentation skills. There is great satisfaction in taking a nervous employee, helping them to develop their presentation, coaching them on delivery and then watching them knock it out of the park! With this in mind, your presentation should briefly outline (i.e., no more than 2-3 slides) how to start a presentation (that is attention-getting steps) an and overview for the audience. You should focus the majority of your presentation (i.e., 8-10 slides) on what makes an effective presentation. Factors to consider in all forms of communication–Who is your audience? What is your message? Are you trying to persuade? Inform? The Week 5, Lesson 1 has a lot of great information to get you started, as well as the Forum in Week 4 (the Guy Kawasaki TED Talk). Here are some guidelines to get you started: You are going to brief a small group of newly graduated APUS Business Students on how to present an effective presentation. Your audience ages are anywhere from 20-60 years of age, with various business backgrounds, military experience, and even some small business owners. There should be an introduction slide, a topic overview slide, 8-10 slides on presentation techniques, a conclusion slide and lastly a reference slide. Use the “notes” feature of PowerPoint to list your talking points on each slide for me to read what you would actually be saying. Submission Instructions: IMPORTANT! Save and submit your work as a PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes Link here on how to do this in PPT The body of your presentation should include at least 8-10 presentation slides, in addition to a title slide, introduction slide(s), and references at the end of your presentation for a total of no more than 15 slides. PowerPoint presentations longer than 15 slides will not be read after the 15th slide. As such, please ensure that all assignment questions are answered within the first 15 slides, as your grade will be based on the first 15 slides received. Your grade will be based upon your ability to follow assignment instructions, research conducted, the effectiveness of the training proposed, critical thinking and analysis, and APA 7th edition format. Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (do NOT use your textbook as one of the three required references, or encyclopedias, Wikipedia, unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as brief articles from websites), include a reference section (i.e., 1-2 slides), and cite all sources properly in the text of each slide, in accordance with the 7th edition of the APA manual. Helpful Tips I encourage you to go online to Purdue OWL, or Excelsior OWL, which have writing labs for students. Look up PowerPoint presentations in APA format in the search box. These websites will have helpful tips on best practices. TED talks are also another great source for good information. References: Excelsior OWL Purdue OWL Reminder: Please ensure that you review the grading rubric for this assignment carefully, to ensure that you receive the highest possible grade for your work!


For this assignment: 1.) Considering the work that is done in the Needs Assessment, how does this integrate into/support Essay essay help online

For this assignment:
1.) Considering the work that is done in the Needs Assessment, how does this integrate into/support the business case work? For this project, based on the needs assessment your team is creating, what work is remaining to do to complete the business case?
2.) Part of the business case is to identify benefits. How would you, as the business analyst, use the results of the needs assessment to develop the benefits list?
3.) Identify 2 benefits for this project – what guidelines can be put in place to know if the benefit has been achieved?


Provide a summary of the two speeches. Compare Dr. King’s leadership, charisma, power and passion to capture his audience best essay help: best essay help

Provide a summary of the two speeches.
Compare Dr. King’s leadership, charisma, power and passion to capture his audience to Alicia Garza’s speech. What are the similarities, if any? What are the differences, if any?
How does the location of the speeches support their messaging? Dr. King’s speech was held in a church and at the Lincoln Memorial, whereas today we have social networking and more avenues to relay messages. Does messaging make a difference?
Describe how the audience in Dr. King’s speeches relate to the Alicia Garza’s audience. Do you see a similarity or differences in the speeches and in the audience?


300 Word minimum – 3 Paragraphs
Paragraph 1
Describe a realization, discovery or new understanding about art that you have writing essay help

300 Word minimum – 3 Paragraphs

Paragraph 1

Describe a realization, discovery or new understanding about art that you have had during this class so far.

What was it about? An art form? A particular artwork or artist? An art concept?

Be very specific! Cite which presentation/chapter.

Paragraph 2

Research/explain further, provide details.

Refer ONLY to the class presentations and/or the ARTFORMS textbook chapter. DO NOT do additional online research 

Provide at least three corresponding facts about what you are describing (as in definitions, artist’s name, titles of works, mediums used, dates, explanation of concepts, etc).

You can paraphrase or quote from the PowerPoints or the ARTFORMS textbook, as long as you cite the source. If you use more than a few words from a sentence from either source, include an in-text citation when you or quote from another source as follows:

MLA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the page number from which the quotation is taken, for example: (Frank 163). If the source does not use page numbers, do not include a number in the parenthetical citation: (Tome).

For the PowerPoints use (Tome). For the textbook use (Frank pg #)

Paragraph 3

WHY was this an “Aha moment” for you? 

Describe your preconceptions/knowledge/thoughts BEFORE the moment of new understanding/learning.

Explain how your knowledge expanded or your mind changed with this new information.

Conclude with why this Aha moment will affect how you think about art from now on.


of Mental Health Professionals in the Initial Stages of Psychopharmacological Intervention a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

In the initial stages of psychopharmacological intervention, mental health professionals must be aware that complications or concerns can arise. Clients may experience negative side effects of the medication. They might forget or avoid taking the medication. The disorder may have been misdiagnosed and caused other issues. The client may have preexisting conditions that other medical professionals had not known when the diagnosis was made. The client could have had a comorbid condition that they did not disclose. In short, a number of very serious issues might manifest in the early stages of treatment requiring action on the part of the mental health professional.

For the paper Analyze the case of Paulette then determine the psychopathology presented and describe the appropriate treatment methods for the client.

Write a 1-page paper of:
1. an explanation of the major symptoms that indicate depression and the medications that might be prescribed to treat these symptoms for the case study.
2. Next, explain a mental health professional’s role in raising the client’s awareness of medication-related effects.
3 Then, explain two potential challenges that might impact the client in the initial stages of psychopharmacological intervention. 4. Finally, explain one strategy a mental health professional might use to address challenges that arise in the initial stages of treatment.

Paulette is a 50-year-old Caucasian woman, who has been married for 29 years. She has three adult daughters and one recently born grandson. Paulette feels “guilty” that she has not been able to “muster the energy” to visit her daughter and her new grandson—they live about 200 miles away. In fact, she has not spent much time outside of the house, other than to go to work and the grocery store. While she and her husband once enjoyed weekly weekend trips to the lake, she finds the outings more and more exhausting. It seems that every little thing is a chore. Paulette reports that her sleep is normal but that she has been putting on a good deal of weight. “I’m a stress eater,” she says. She occasionally drinks alcohol but “never to excess.” Many years ago Paulette experienced her first tonic-clonic seizure (she cannot recall how many years ago, but it has been more than a decade). Although she wants to talk about medication with a physician, Paulette is worried about the potential of some medications to lower the seizure threshold. This risk may be worth it, she acknowledges, given how important it is to her that her grandson knows and love her.


Lichtblau, L. (2011). Psychopharmacology demystified. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning.
Chapter 2, “Pharmacotherapy of Depression” (pp. 21–34)

Preston, J. D., O’Neal, J. H., Talaga, M. C.,


Report Scenario: The company you work for recently acquired several international locations. You were informed that multiple positions will be moving overseas over the course of the next few years. Your manager has asked you to provide a comprehensive cultural information report to help employees make the transition to overseas employment. 5-7 page paper. Detailed instructions from professor outlined below in the instructions. examples included in the instructions a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Previously assigned but not completed by person assigned to Instruction Develop a 6–8 page cultural information report that will help an employee better understand how to make the transition overseas. Include the following: Write an Executive Summary that explains the organizational strategy for expanding company operations to this particular country. What is the company strategy for working in this country? What are the expectations of leadership (ROI)? (Dr. Vic: please concentrate on the “why” and rationale portion of these questions – focus on the company’s purpose for entering a foreign market. Use the company you currently work for or a previous employer – but make sure it is a real company, AND that they do not already operate in the country you have selected. When discussing strategy for expanding focus on the plan to expand – will it be a phased-in move, or will they use an acquisition method (take over an existing company’s presence) or other approach. Also, discuss the expected results [expectations] of leadership with regard to HRM process in the expansion). Prepare an overview of the critical information an American would need to know to live and work in the selected country. Language(s) spoken. Currency, economy, political climate. Housing, cost of living, transportation. Health care. Recreation. (Dr. Vic’s TIPS, there is a lot to discuss and research here. Language(s) spoken: Disclose the primary language spoken and any dialects your employees might also encounter. Currency, economy, political climate; Discuss what the monetary system is like including currency, discuss also anything pertinent about the economy your employees might need to know [for example are certain shops closed on certain days etc.], and discuss the national and even local political structure. transportation availability, cover available transportation options both locally and across the country. Trains, airports, local busses, taxi service and always provide an emergency transportation medium like a phone number employees can call to have a taxi or other transportation means come to them. housing costs, cover how housing will be taken care of, for example will there be corporate housing, or will the employee need to find suitable reimbursable housing on their own – sometimes this is a very cost-effective strategy for many smaller companies. union influence – if any; provide union contact info, if any, and also union expectations. work week; Here cover the day-to-day and week-to-week work flow for employees, include work day schedule if different than 8a-5p – for example in some countries the work day lasts past 5:00pm and in other countries it ends before 5:00pm. Cover when lunch is typically taken and also when breaks, if any, can be taken. Health Care: Provide information on how health care will be handed – will a different medical insurance plan be needed for these employees? If so, provide information on local health providers – in short make your employees both knowledgeable and comfortable with their health cover as they work abroad. Recreation activities


PLAGIARISM FREE “A” WORK cheap essay help

The final assignment of the course is a philosophy of Christian education (15 pages minimum, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font), which is a statement of your beliefs about the central issues in Christian education. This philosophy (and the ideas underpinning it) should guide you in the decisions that you make as a teacher. 

Your philosophy should express your biblical and theological perspective on the nature of reality (Metaphysics), the nature of knowledge (Epistemology) and the nature of value (Axiology) as applied to central issues in Christian Education (these terms are defined and discussed in Anthony/Benson, chapter 13) (ATTACHED). Also, remember that your philosophy must be executed in a particular context, so, include brief, but concrete examples or illustrations from your teaching context.

In order to help you formulate your philosophy, do some analytical and reflective thinking before you begin to write. The list below contains some questions to guide your thinking. Your philosophy of Christian education is not simply a list of answers to those questions, but they will be useful in getting the cognitive gears turning.

Use the information you have from your personal experience, what you’ve seen practiced in formal education settings, what you’ve learned from class readings and assignments, what you’ve discovered from researching your institutional report, and what you learned from your classmates/colleagues to consider how your philosophy would address some or all of these areas:

1) What is the goal of Christian education?

2) What methodologies are appropriate?

3) How have the philosophies we have studied this semester affected your view of Christian education?

4) Would evaluations and assessments be included in your philosophy? Why and what kind? If not, why not?

5) What role might discipline and grace play in your philosophy of education?

6) What would the curriculum look like? What topics would you include?

7) How do the theological truths about God impact the aspects of Christian education: teacher, student, methods, materials, etc.?

8) What is your view of Christian education in an online context?


Quantitative and Qualitative Research essay help online: essay help online

Reflect on one the health topic of HIV/AIDS, for this assignment.
1. First, describe a quantitative study to examine one aspect of that health topic that you would like to study and propose a research question and hypothesis.
2. Then, consider the same health topic and state a qualitative research question.
For example, I am interested in examining the relationship of the density of supermarkets and risk for obesity in a given region. I would choose the appropriate study design and then state my research question for a quantitative study: 2a. Is there a relationship between density of supermarkets and risk for obesity? My hypothesis for this quantitative study is: Larger number of supermarkets in a given community decreases the risk for obesity. My research question for a qualitative study is: What are some reasons why having more supermarkets can be beneficial in lowering risk for obesity?
3. Explain when you would want to conduct a quantitative versus a qualitative research study.

***PLEASE USE Center for Research Quality. (2015, August 13). Overview of qualitative research methods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsAUNs-IoSQ

Center for Research Quality. (2015, August 13). Overview of quantitative research methods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwU8as9ZNlA

PACE MySPH (2012, February 20). Quantitative vs. qualitative datahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcKrT_IegoU
as resources. Thank you ****


Keeping an organization’s information safe is the responsibility of every member of the organization. View the Inside the Mind Essay essay help

Keeping an organization’s information safe is the responsibility of every member of the organization. View the Inside the Mind of a Hacker (Links to an external site.) video from OSU’s 2020 Cybersecurity Days conference. Next, find an article (may not be one from your Prospectus) that relates to the topics discussed in the video for either A) your topic for your final paper or B) a field where you would like to work after graduation.

Briefly summarize the article. Discuss in 1-3 paragraphs what was surprising or interesting from the video and article. Are there some habits you may need to change before entering the workforce to keep you and your organization safe? Did this video prompt you to change any passwords or make any other immediate changes? (I did mid-video!)



Exploring Best Practices Essay college essay help online

You are a staff researcher employed at a military hospital. Your department is facing a budget cut in the upcoming fiscal year. Your supervisor has asked for your assistance in assessing the literature that discusses the effectiveness of different interventions to address smoking cessation among veterans. Your assessment can help inform her decision on the best practice to implement. Perform a literature review and identify at least two scholarly journal articles . Be sure to choose two different successful interventions/programs that looked at exposure since your department wants to replicate them due to their demonstrated effectiveness.

For each article:
1. Briefly describe the research study.
2. State the main research question(s) and hypothesis.
3. Describe the study approach (quantitative or qualitative), and explain how you determined the type of study approach to employ based on the data collected.
4. Identify the type of study design and discuss how this determination was made.
5. Discuss at least two strengths and two weaknesses of the study design.


I need this paper rewritten. I have uploaded the original paper as well as a template for what the college essay help: college essay help

I need this paper rewritten. I have uploaded the original paper as well as a template for what the paper should look like. Please follow the instructions to make the paper better. Previous writer did not follow the instructions resulting in failing grade.

The Evaluation portion should include the same sections covered in your summary. It should NOT recycle any text from your summary. However, it should incorporate any feedback provided on your summary. For example, if I noted that you incorrectly stated that the authors used a convenience sample in your summary, when they actually used a stratified random sample, your Evaluation of the sampling approach should be based on the stratified random sampling technique they actually used.

In evaluating the Introduction you should look for:
clarity and specificity of the research questions/hypotheses,
sufficient discussion of prior literature and theoretical background,
rationale for the necessity of a new study
In evaluating the Methods you should look for:
adequacy of the study design for answering the research questions or testing the hypotheses,
adequacy of the sampling approach,
quality of measurement and data collection
In evaluating the Results you should look for:
adequacy of data analysis techniques and completeness of the presentation
In evaluating EACH Conclusion you should look for:
threats to internal validity,
likely confounding variables,
plausible alternative explanations of the results
Since this is the most important part of your critique, you should devote more time and space to this section.
In evaluating the Implications you should look for:
threats to external validity,
over-generalizations or recommendations that are not warranted by the results, including in the article’s title and abstract
The final paragraph of the paper should be a section clearly titled “Recommendations to Improve Validity in Future Replications”. In this paragraph you should:

Detail at least two specific changes you would suggest for future replications of this study to improve the INTERNAL validity of the conclusions.
Detail at least one specific change you would suggest for future replications of this study to improve the EXTERNAL validity of the conclusions.
Make sure you are basing these suggestions on your previous Evaluation section within the critique! (e.g., If you identified a maturation effect as a likely threat to internal validity in your critique, explain how you would address it here.)
Do NOT repeat the limitations of the study or suggestions for future research, as listed by the authors. Instead, use your own evaluation of the study, over and above what they have listed as limitations.
Make sure your suggestions are ways to improve their study (i.e., to answer the same research question or test the same hypothesis).


NGR7894CBE Section 01CBE Population and Global Health (11 Weeks) – CBE – 2022 Winter Quarter Deliverable 01 – Population Essay college essay help online

NGR7894CBE Section 01CBE Population and Global Health (11 Weeks) – CBE – 2022 Winter Quarter
Deliverable 01 – Population Health Assessment
Deliverable 01 – Population Health Assessment
Assignment Content
Appraise population health in relation to policy ethics, advocacy, and political influence.

Student Success Criteria
View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details


a specific questions related to human behavior in social psychology. college admission essay help: college admission essay help

The research paper must be formulated off a topic learned in my Social Psychology course this quarter. The topic cannot be too broad or too obvious. There must be 4 research articles related to the topic that contain actual research studies from the authors (academic journals). The paper must be done in APA format double spaced with each section underlined and have 4 sections: An intro (no abstract is needed) this should be where the question is introduced and why it matters, summary of research this is where each of the articles are discussed in relation to the topic, conclusion what should be understood from the research, references page (that includes the actual abstracts from each of the 4 articles). There is no specified word count but there should be at least 1 page worth of information from each of the 4 articles). The paper should be about 5 pages. (Each article must be published since 2010)


Professional and Business Ethics. Choose 5 DIFFERENT CASE STUDIES. You are to analyze ALL 5 of the case studies using ONLY ONE of the following ethical theories: Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism, Nozick’s theory, virtue ethics, Rawls’ theory, or Marxism. best essay help: best essay help

1. Choose 5 DIFFERENT CASE STUDIES (these can be those we discuss or those we don’t; as long as they are from the TEXT, any case study will work). 2. You are to analyze ALL 5 of the case studies using ONLY ONE of the following ethical theories: Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism, Nozick’s theory, virtue ethics, Rawls’ theory, or Marxism. 3. Make sure you provide a paragraph that accurately describes the theory you will be using. 4. Make sure you describe the case study before you apply the theory. 5. Provide a general assessment of the paper. 6. Avoid using phrases like: “In my opinion,” “I believe,” “Ethics is difficult and not certain, so it is hard to tell if this ethical theory is right or not.” This is an ETHICS course, so don’t do or say anything in your ETHICS PAPER that would undermine ethics as a discipline. Further, you are making an ARGUMENT in this paper, as such, there is no room for “personal opinions” or “feelings.” Just turn those opinions and feelings into statements of fact. 7. This paper should be no less than 8 full pages and no more than 10. This paper should be well written, typed, doubled spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman (Or equivalent font). No cover sheet is needed. Include proper citation.


R language essay help

There are various languages, some are better for data visualization than others.  Please review the basics of Python, SAS, R, and SQL.  What are the qualities of each language regarding data visualization (select at least two to compare and contrast)?  What are the pros and cons of each regarding data visualization (select at least two to compare and contrast)?

Reply post:

When replying to peers, note your opinion on their thoughts.  Add your thoughts and continue the conversation regarding the languages (Python, SAS, R, and SQL) and other visualization tools as well.


R Assignment a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Review The Power of Good Design and select three of the ten principles noted for good design. Next in R, utilize these three principles in a problem that you will solve. First note the problem to solve, the dataset (where the information was pulled from), and what methods you are going to take to solve the problem.  Ensure the problem is simple enough to complete within a two-page document. For example, I need to purchase a house and want to know what my options are given x amount of dollars and x location based on a sample of data from Zillow within each location. 
Ensure there is data visualization in the homework and note how it relates to the three principles selected.


and also 5-10 powerpoint slides to go along with it. this is due Sunday 3/13/22 at 6:00 pm college essay help online

Find a forensic crime scene of interest to you. It can either be from a high profile case or a lesser known case. You should prepare an original 1-2 page written overview of the case and a 5-10 slide Powerpoint presentation and highlight the following details: 1) Describe the circumstance/ incident 2) Date/Time 3) Describe the scene of the crime 4) Describe any victims/ suspected perpetrators 5) List forensic evidence at the scene and any available photos 6) Case outcomes- was someone found guilty/ innocent/ unsolved? Please provide a citation for your case and crime scene. Only cover a case where there are sufficient resources. I have included an example article (as an example only) to show you what type of case might be appropriate to use to assist you in creating your case study overview. You can choose to use the provided article or find your own.


The instructions are to write a 3 paged essay in which you discuss the similarities and differences between the college essay help

The instructions are to write a 3 paged essay in which you discuss the similarities and differences between the two essays, especially the speeches by Hannibal and Scipio.
Also, what do you notice about the tone and arguments of the speakers in the two passages? Use specific examples to back up your assertions. I will be attaching two files of the two essays that need to be compared.


Las Rimas de Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1816-1871) Spanish poet and narrator. The most popular lyrics poet whose fame rests on one small volume which bears the simple title, Rimas. Read and answer in com scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The most popular lyrics poet whose fame rests on one small volume which bears the simple title, Rimas.
Read and answer in complete sentences. (IN ENGLISH!!)
—¿Qué es poesía? —dices, mientras clavasen mi pupila tu pupila azul—;¿Qué es poesía…? ¿Y tú me lo preguntas?¡Poesía… eres tú!
Los suspiros son aire y van al aire.Las lágrimas son agua y van al mar.Dime, mujer: cuando el amor se olvida¿sabes tú dónde va?
1. According to Bécquer, what is poetry?
2. What is your perception about what poetry is?
3. In your opinion, what is the relationship between los suspiros (sighs), las lágrimas (tears) y el amor (love)?
4. In your opinion, do Rima XXI and XXXVIII seem too sentimental or unnatural for today’s life style?
5. In your opinion, what are both Rimas about?


Google launched a very amb itious IT project. best essay help


Answer every question with minimum of 250 words. Please, provide references after each response. 

In the very recent history,Google launched a very amb itious IT project. It’s called Project Loon, which is short for “balloon”. The idea is to launch balloons in the stratosphere, to provide free Wi-Fi signals to remote areas. It’s estimated that two thirds of the world’s population do not have Internet access, and so Project Loon is trying to mitigating this grave injustice. However, the project was terminated the project in early 2021.Please watch some of the short videos in the link below, and discuss from an IT management perspective if an Agile or Waterfall approach is better suited for such a project. There is no right or wrong answer here, just share your points and support them from your reading/research.



Please follow the instructions on the midterm assignment document. For page one, please make sure it’s a journal-style entry, argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Please follow the instructions on the midterm assignment document. For page one, please make sure it’s a journal-style entry, and make sure you put the rationale of why you choose the film ( please Do Not summarize the film). For page two please clearly write a therapeutic approach for one of the characters from the film you choose. Please choose from the list of films I provided, please watch one of the films, please let me know if you need help accessing the film. Please make sure both pages are clearly separated. Please read the article I provided and use it in page two. Thank you


Every company wants to expand its operations and increase its revenue. A business plan with a five-year strategy to essay help online free: essay help online free

Every company wants to expand its operations and increase its revenue. A business plan with a five-year strategy to increase revenues is essential for a company to grow. Business plans have many components, and for this assessment, you will develop a business plan focused specifically on accounting and financial practices for growth.
For this assignment, you will select a different company than in the prior assignments. You will develop a business plan for growth focused on accounting and financial practices to expand operations and increase revenue for your selected company. The plan will include a five-year strategy to increase revenues by 10%, and a recommendation for an organizational structure with mandates for effective corporate governance of internal controls, and practices for supporting an ethical environment. You will conduct research to identify industry best practices for strategies to increase financial performance and achieve the optimal position in the market while maintaining ethical financial practices. The plan will also integrate the relevant best practices as appropriate for the selected company.

Write an 8–10 page paper in which you:
Analyze a selected company, its operations, and its associated industry and evaluate these areas for development of a business plan for growth to increase revenues by 10% over the next five years with ethical financial practices.
Recommend three or more well-defined improvements to corporate governance over the internal controls supported with examples of how the recommendations would impact the company’s financial statements.
The recommendations could be for improvement of sales, justification of opening different markets, or enhancement of current operations.
Recommend two or more improvements in ethical standards from an accounting perspective that are supported with examples of how the recommendations would impact the company’s financial statements.
The recommendations could be for better financial control, reduction in the loss of product, or increase employee collaboration.
Evaluate at least two industry financial best practices to increase financial performance, optimize market position, and maintain ethical practices currently not applied at the selected company to propose a method for the company to integrate the best practices with the least cost possible.
Recommend at least two industry practices to apply within current operations of the selected company that will increase financial performance, optimize market position, and maintain ethical practices.
Provide at least four reliable, relevant, peer-reviewed references, published within the last five years that support the paper’s claims.
Write with accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling in accordance with Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) style.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assessment is:
Develop financial strategies for growth for a given company that integrate elements from current industry standards as appropriate to meet the company’s requirements.


write 7 more pages based on the original version: it’s order 362966309 a docx, write the total essay as college essay help

write 7 more pages based on the original version: it’s order 362966309 a docx, write the total essay as at least 15 pages, make the outline part( page 7-10) as the abstract part, simplify these pages to 1 to 1and a half pages. and put it in the beginning. you can use the resource on the ppt and you can search for additional internet and library research if needed and site it. Make the final version at least 15 pages. If you are confused with someplace you can contact me on the chat. There are two examples of the 15 pages paper. Just look at them.


The Effects of Personnel Selection essay help online free: essay help online free

an explanation of one implication of job analysis in personnel selection from a human resources perspective. Then, explain one implication of job analysis in personnel selection from a financial perspective. Finally, explain one implication of job analysis in personnel selection from a legal perspective. Be specific and use examples. 


This is a systematic review research paper titled “Encapsulated placentophagy presents significant Iron and Vitamin supplementation for the post-partum Essay college essay help

This is a systematic review research paper titled “Encapsulated placentophagy presents significant Iron and Vitamin supplementation for the post-partum woman, A Systematic Review”. I have attached the syllabus stating what is required in the paper, including the evidence table that I have already completed. In the evidence table are the articles cited that I have found relevant for the paper thus far which I have also attached. I have also attached a very rough draft of the “pre-liminary draft” that I started on the paper in hopes it helps. I have also attached a word document which shows examples of how each required section should look and flow. The methods section will need a PRISMA flow diagram


Final Presentation – Connection to Teacher Standards The final presentation will consist of a review of the course content online essay help

Final Presentation – Connection to Teacher Standards The final presentation will consist of a review of the course content and analysis on the areas/experiences that were most beneficial to you as a developing leader.
The written paper will be an opportunity to explain the thinking behind your awareness of leadership styles and strengths (written in the reflection paper) and explanation of your professional goals for the upcoming school year. This will be a 4-6 page paper and submitted at the end of the class.

The oral presentation will be a recording of your reflections summarized with an overview of your professional growth plan. 35% – 20 written and 15 oral presentation

I also need 1 page of speaking notes for the oral part of the presentation.


You are working on the launch of a new airline to be based at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and essay help online free: essay help online free

You are working on the launch of a new airline to be based at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and
operating A320CEO aircraft with 180 seats. The airline has received traffic rights from MavCom to fly
the following frequencies.
• KUL-SIN 3 x daily (av fare $ 70 one way)
• KUL-CGK 2 x daily (av fare $120 one way)
• KUL-DPS 2 x daily (av fare $ 100 one way)
• KUL-BKI-HKG 2 x daily (av fare KUL-BKI $70, BKI-HKG $70, HKG-KUL $140)
• KUL-BKK 2 x daily (av fare $ 90 one way)
• KUL-HKT 1 x daily (av fare $ 60 one way)
Assessable components –
1. Draw up a spreadsheet showing a possible 1 week pattern for the A320 fleet. You must
comply with any curfews.
2. Calculate the utilisation (hours/day) for the A320 fleet – you need to determine how many
aircraft are needed and justify your reasons why.
3. Calculate the WEEKLY RPKs, ASKs, Revenue, and R/ASK if the forecast network seat factor is
4. Using the following block hour costs, what routes are profitable?
A320 (based on typical industry block hour values)
Crew $428
Fuel $2,378
Aircraft $530 (lease or ownership cost)
Distribution $433 (sales/marketing/commissions etc)
Insurance $33
Other $45
TOTAL/HR $3,847
The Report must be done individually and requires:
• the preparation of an excel spreadsheet showing the proposed 1 week flying pattern, and
• a brief analytical report of 500 words to support the remainder of the assessment
requirements( /- 10%).
The report must be DEVELOPED FROM YOUR OWN ANALYSIS. Evidence of critical thinking and
analysis is the key driver of good marks for this assignment.
A generic paper on airline schedule planning will NOT be adequate. You must apply your knowledge
to the specific schedule question. Papers that do not integrate theory and analysis will score poor
In order to complete this assignment, it is important to make use of the GREAT CIRCLE MAPPER
resource online (www.gcmap.com) . This will allow you to calculate distances between city pairs
(remember to use km’s NOT miles), as well as block times.


Assignment 1: Geriatric Case Study Instructions In this assignment, you will review the Geriatric Case Study (see attachments) and essay help site:edu

Assignment 1: Geriatric Case Study
In this assignment, you will review the Geriatric Case Study (see attachments) and analyze the data to determine the health status of the patient. You will need a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.
Use the NU665C Geriatric Case Study Questions (Word) (see attachments) document to complete the case study assignment.
Follow the requirements posted in the rubric.
Interactive case studies should be five to seven pages depending on the complexity of the case. This is excluding title and references pages.
All papers must conform to the most recent APA standards.
Case Questions:
What important information is missing from the case study?
Discuss normal developmental achievements and potential vulnerabilities.
What precipitating factors could be contributing to the current symptoms?
What is the differential diagnosis?
Describe the etiology of the primary diagnosis.
How should physiologic complications be monitored and assessed?
What are the usual nonpharmacologic therapies that would help?
What medications could help and why?
Identify safety risks and how they should be dealt with in the treatment plan.
Site Information from this week’s reading material
Boland, R., Verduin, M., Ruiz, P. (2021). Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of psychiatry (12th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.(see epud attachment)
Chapter 3: Neurocognitive disorders
Chapter 25.2: Geriatric Psychiatry

Clinical Case Study Rubric
Note: Scholarly resources are defined as evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed journals; textbook (do not rely solely on your textbook as a reference); and National Standard Guidelines. Review assignment instructions, as this will provide any additional requirements that are not specifically listed on the rubric.

The writer demonstrates a well-articulated understanding of the case study subject matter in a clear, complex, and informative manner. The case study content and theories are well developed and linked to the course content, assignment requirements, and practical experience. The case study includes relevant material that fulfills all objectives of the assignment.

Cites three or more references, using at least one new scholarly resource that was not provided in the course materials.

all instruction requirements noted

30 points

Through critical analysis, the submitted case study provides an accurate, clear, concise, and complete summary of the scenario.

Information from scholarly resources is synthesized, providing new information or insight related to the context of the assignment by providing both supportive and alternative information or viewpoints

Includes all major and minor relevant risk factors based on standard preventative guidelines for age and gender and treatment/follow-up plans.

all instruction requirements noted.

30 points

The summary of the case study provides validated information via scholarly resources that offer a multidisciplinary approach to the scenario provided.

The student’s application in practice is accurate and plausible, and additional scholarly resources supporting the application are provided.

all questions posed within the assignment are answered correctly in a well-developed manner, applying knowledge with citations for validation.

Includes all relevant subjective and objective data; diagnostic testing; routine care to be provided; patient education; anticipatory guidance; review of previous diagnostics; and follow-up of acute concern and chronic health issues, etc.—based on assignment instructions.

all instruction requirements noted.

30 points

Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument. Writing is concise, with a logical flow of ideas.

5 points

Correct APA formatting with no errors.

The writer correctly identifies reading audience, as demonstrated by appropriate language (avoids jargon and simplifies complex concepts appropriately).

Writing is concise, in active voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions.

There are no spelling, punctuation, or word-usage errors.

5 points


Provide brief history of what Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin has done. Include interesting content that may lend to a better essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Provide brief history of what Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin has done.
Include interesting content that may lend to a better understanding of the person.
Will other people (in some way) benefit from their achievement? Make sure the reader (of your paper) can appreciate the significance of the event or accomplishment. Most of these people are very hard working and industrious; it didn’t come easy.
Use multiple resources to add depth (or breadth) to the persons accomplishments.
Submit a 2 page paper (this includes references).
1) follow the assignment instructions,
2) find quality resources, 3) include relevant content.
This is an objective paper written in third person; avoid the use of “I and we”.
Include paragraphs with subject headings (several descriiptive words identifying what is in the paragraph); coherent organization, review your English and spelling,
Good content; provide substance; no infomercial websites; you are not trying to fill space.
Use good judgment. If your subject is a world leader or a Nobel Laureate, does anyone really care where she went to Kindergarten?
Provide reference list for your sources of information (also single spaced).


What the following film (approx. 28 mins). http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/stickup-kid/. Discuss the following in 150 words or more. 1. Provide a brief overview of the film. 2. Which Socia online essay help: online essay help

28 mins). http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/stickup-kid/. Discuss the following in 150 words or more.
1. Provide a brief overview of the film.
2. Which Social Process theory relates to this video? Be sure to cite the theorist.
3. Apply the theory to the film providing examples for support.
4. Be sure to cite using APA.
In 100 words or more discuss which Social Process theory you agree with the most and why. Be sure to cite the theory and provides examples and references for support.


Medicare Payment System ProvisionsProspective payment system rates are based on national “average” cost figures. Taking the national average cost into consideration, CMS sets base rates for each payme essay help free

Taking the national average cost into consideration, CMS sets base rates for each payment system. The payment systems then add provisions or adjustments to the system to account for situations where the cost of an individual encounter or service may be higher or lower than the national average.
Pick three provisions from the Medicare Hospital Outpatient Payment System discussed in chapter 7. Discuss why each provision is needed. What would happen if the provision were discontinued? How would this impact facilities or providers? How would this impact the Medicare beneficiary?
Answer the above questions in no more that a page.  Use APA formatting and cite your sources.


Instructions Scenario: A company called Colony Nursery and Landscaping opened a new store located a few hundred miles away from its original location. The company wants to implement an award system th college essay help: college essay help

The company wants to implement an award system that awards their customers with points whenever the customer makes a purchase, but the two stores are not able to share information. Colony Nursery and Landscaping will need to implement an enterprise resources planning (ERP) system that will solve the information silo problem by collecting and making available this user data. Colony Nursery and Landscaping is hoping that by providing customers with this award system, they will be able to maintain competitive advantage. Colony Nursery and Landscaping cannot afford to purchase, develop, or maintain this system on-site, so they are investigating cloud solutions. In addition, for many organizations, Cloud Nursery and Landscaping included, information silos make it difficult to tap into needed information. Discuss whether or not the problem of information silos can be solved by using the cloud. Some organizations do not have the resources to construct or maintain their computer infrastructure, so they utilize cloud services instead to reduce costs and improve scalability. In this assignment, you will discuss whether or not the cloud offers solutions for Colony Nursery and Landscaping and identify an application the ERP system could provide. Compose an essay that includes the following elements:
Define what an information silo is.
Explain why information silos are a problem for organizations.
Discuss why organizations are moving to the cloud.
Determine whether or not using cloud services such as a cloud-based host for data storage would solve the ERP information silo problem at Colony Nursery and Landscaping.
Explain how using the ERP system and awards program would provide a competitive advantage for Colony Nursery and Landscaping.
Discuss why the implementation of an ERP system might require business process reengineering for Colony Nursery and Landscaping. Be sure to explain the business processes that will be affected such as the customer awards system as an example. Use diagrams or tables as needed, but this is not required.
Your essay must be a minimum of two pages long (not counting the title and references pages), and it must be formatted in APA style. You should include an introduction section that gives background and context to your reader. You must use at least two scholarly resources as references. Any information from these resources must be cited and referenced in APA format.


a Final Critical Review Paper for PSY 630 Psychopharmacology class. I have uploaded the first paper which is what the Final paper topic has to be on. These references and some of this topic has to be included in this final paper. This paper is a continued assignment from Week 1 of this class. This paper is due by 3/14/22 by 6pm. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me. scholarship essay help

The final assignment for this class will be a 10-page critical review of the drug treatment for a neuropsychological disorder. The review will use peer-reviewed and/or scholarly sources to provide an evidence base for the evaluation of current drug treatment modalities for the disorder. The disorder is the same disorder you selected in week 1 and for which you discussed its neurobiology in the Week 1 assignment (topic selection) and its drug management in the Week 2 assignment (drug treatment). Please remember – you will be analyzing the same disorder to complete the Week 6 assignment (comprehensive Critical Review of the same disorder and its management). Reminder – your completed Week 1 and Week 2 assignments will be used as a foundation to help you complete your Week 6 assignment (Critical Review) on the same disorder. Thus, your work in Week 1 and in Week 2 will be used to support your work in Week 6. Utilize the previous references you researched in Week 1 and Week 2, and add any additional peer-reviewed/scholarly references that would support your comprehensive review. These sources should provide evidence-based information to help support your comprehensive analysis, focusing on the aspects described below. Be sure to cite your sources in your paper and include them on your References page. You may utilize required or recommended course materials in your work, but these will not count towards the reference requirements; however, you may cite and reference the American Psychiatric Association’s (2013) DSM-5 as one of your sources used for the grading credit. The paper will be evaluated on the inclusion of the following information. Introduction: Evaluate the disorder in terms of symptomatic and behavioral presentation. Include the time, course, and progression of the disorder. Evaluate and explain special features of the disease epidemiology including risk factors for development of the disorder, lifespan and reproductive factors increasing risk of developing the disorder, and any genetic, environmental, or behavioral factors that increase risk. Theory: Evaluate the predominant theory or theories regarding the biological basis of the disorder. Explain the disorder in terms of pertinent neurotransmitter and receptor theories and use your references to provide an evidence base for these theories. Analyze neurotransmitter system(s) involved in the pathology of the disorder, including a description of: 1) the involved neurotransmitter(s) and receptor(s), 2) regions of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system) involved with any pathological anatomical changes, and 3) abnormalities of neural circuits and pathways. Include an explanation of how receptor agonists or antagonists would theoretically treat the disorder to reverse the pathology and restore normal function, or why they would be expected to improve symptoms. Treatment: Evaluate drug therapies for treating the disorder based on the current understanding of the biological basis of the disorder. Include a description of the behavioral symptoms and physical signs of the disorder, and identify the drug class(es) used in pharmacological therapy with a discussion of the mechanism of action of the drug class(es). Explain why the pharmacodynamics of the drug class(es) would affect the pathology of the disorder to restore function and/or improve symptoms. Include a discussion of the drug pharmacokinetics for each drug class. Provide examples of available marketed drugs within each class. Describe any drug side effects and/or adverse effects of the drug treatment and their biological basis, including issues related to contraindications, interactions, drug metabolism, and elimination. In addition, explain risks, benefits, and ethical implications for high-risk and exceptional treatment conditions. Conclusion: Summarize theories of neuropsychological disorders as they relate to principles of drug action for that selected disorder. Provide a synopsis of the evidence base that supports or disproves current theories regarding the pathology of the disorder, advantages and disadvantages of current drug treatment(s). Lastly, evaluate any controversies regarding ethical and/or risk-benefit perspectives associated with the current treatment(s). Describe possible areas for future research. The paper: Must be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center. (Links to an external site.) Must include a separate title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must use at least six peer-reviewed and/or scholarly sources to provide an evidence base for your analysis. It is expected that you will use the references researched in Week 1 and Week 2, as well as any additional references you need to provide additional support for your work. You may utilize required or recommended course materials in your work, but these will not count towards the reference requirements; however, you may cite and reference the American Psychiatric Association’s (2013) DSM-5 as one of your sources used for the grading credit. Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Writing Center. Must include a separate reference page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center.


Instructions Contract Scenario: Calvin had been an avid coin collector for many years, and the most valuable coin in his collection was an uncirculated, mint condition, 1943 Lincoln penny made of copp cheap essay help

That penny had a value of between $60,000 and $95,000.In August of 2017, Calvin had a serious stroke that left him unable to speak or walk, but his doctor assured his family that Calvin would recover over time with intensive therapy. Calvin was a widower and did not have any children, but he had several nephews who visited him from time to time as he recovered. None of the nephews had any real interest in Calvin’s coin collection. One of Calvin’s nephews, Billy, who visited Calvin more often than the other nephews, sometimes listened to Calvin talk (talking was a part of Calvin’s therapy) about his mounting medical bills and his coin collection, but Billy never showed much interest in the medical bills or the coin collection. In October, as Calvin’s recovery progressed slowly, Billy visited Calvin and told Calvin that he had been reading about coin collecting, and he realized that Calvin’s collection, especially the 1943 Lincoln copper penny, was valuable, and Billy suggested that Calvin should consider selling the 1943 Lincoln copper penny and use the proceeds to pay his medical bills. Calvin resisted the idea at first, but Billy continued to urge Calvin to sell the penny so that he would not have to worry about the medical bills. Finally, when Billy told Calvin that he would arrange the sale of the penny for a commission of just 5% of the sale price of the penny, Calvin began to think that selling the coin might be a good idea. He was still a little confused about how the sale would work and what Billy would do to make sure that the penny would be sold for the best price. Calvin told Billy that he thought that the penny was worth almost $100,000, but Billy assured Calvin that the market had changed recently, and that the penny was now worth $40,000 to $45,000. Eventually, Calvin allowed Billy to sell the penny for the best price he could get and to take a 5% commission for arranging the sale of the penny. Billy then sold the penny to a friend for $40,000, took his 5% commission, and paid the remainder of the sale price to Calvin. A few months later, as Calvin continued to recover, he read a story in a coin collecting magazine about how an uncirculated, mint condition, 1943 Lincoln penny made of copper had just sold at auction for more than $100,000, and Calvin began to wonder if Billy had taken advantage of him. Calvin consulted a lawyer and asked the two questions below.
Did he (Calvin) have the mental capacity to enter into the contract when he agreed to let Billy sell the penny? What would he (Calvin) have to prove to show a court that he did not have the necessary mental capacity when he authorized Billy to sell the penny? 
Did Billy exert undue influence over Calvin to cause Calvin to enter into the contract that allowed Billy to sell the penny?
What do you think? Does Calvin have a case to set aside the contract with Billy on either of these theories?Your case study should be at least two pages in length and include at least two outside sources. Be sure to use APA formatting for all citations and references.


Food Label college application essay help: college application essay help

Food Labels are designed to give you Nutritional Information as well as Facts about the products you are consuming.  For this assignment, you will be completing questions while looking at food labels that are provided in the worksheet. Each question is worth 1 point, for a total of 50 points possible. 

Assignment Expectations for Grading:  

1. Demonstration of critical thinking, scholarship, and ability to connect and apply the material 

2. Comprehensiveness and completeness of your responses 

3. Adherence to the written instructions 


Car Claim Insurance scholarship essay help

Consider that you are a Lead Data Analyst at an Insurance Claims company that has provided you with the Car Insurance Claims dataset. You have been given a task to explore the data, create different plots and interpret useful insights/findings. Your end goal here will be to create a storyboard that you have to present to the Senior Management and the story has to have an end objective and should follow a logical flow to display that you are heading towards achieving the end objective. This will help the Senior Management in taking some decisive actions on the current claims system in place. This storyboard will be an open-ended story for you to explore various different features in the data and try to showcase different plots. Make sure to have minimum clutter in the plots, follow a consistent color scheme across all the plots, and use proper colors to highlight a specific insight. Moreover, your plots on all the dashboards should be interactive and responsive. There should be 1 dashboard that should cover the summary of the story as well as your recommendations. 


post a screenshot of 6 students for the peer response after you send the initial discussion. And remember the responses have to be APA format and citated with references please. Follow the instructions for the initial post please. custom essay help: custom essay help

In no less than 250 words: Identify at least 6 examples of bullying in nursing (be as specific as possible), Discuss and reference each. The first post is due by 9 PM on Monday March 14, 2022. Six (6) responses are to be no less than 125 words each and are due no later than 9 PM on Friday March 18, 2022. References/citations required in APA format, five (5) points will be deducted if there are no citations/references).


on the paper. please write as qualitative research. no need hypothesis. all the qualitative parts need to be covered. 5 essay help online free: essay help online free

on the paper. please write as qualitative research. no need hypothesis. all the qualitative parts need to be covered. 5 pages only for research excluding abstract and references and appendix. but need to supply abstract, references, and appendix as well. then total 8 pages. yellw highlighted part is quantitative. no need to do it.


Mid-term Take-home Test – March 2022 General Instructions: 1) This Test is wo essay help free

2)  This Test is due back on Tuesday, 15 March 2022 by 9:00 pm. Please submit your answers in-person in-class – if we have an in-person class that day – or as an attachment to an e-mail. The Mid-term may only be submitted after the due date if you have experienced a debilitating medical situation during the period from the 11th of March 2022 until the 16th of March 2022. In such a case the maximum extension you can receive is until Friday the 18th of March at 9:00 pm, since this is a test. If you cannot make the 18th of March deadline for the Mid-term, then you can write a term paper instead. You must contact me to inform me if and why your Mid-term will be submitted by March 18th rather than March 16th. This must be done before the March 16th deadline.
3)  The Mid-term should be word-processed and double-spaced. Submit your answers in standard black tone. Do not change to a lighter grey tone for quotations or any other part of your answer as these print out very pale or not at all. Also, please submit your answers in Microsoft Word or as a PDF.
4)  Note that you have some choices as to which questions on the test you may choose to answer.   Read the choices carefully before deciding. Be sure to indicate clearly the Section and the question number(s) for each question you answer.
5)  I recommend that you spend no longer than six (6) hours working on the test. I am suggesting six hours since this is an open book test and you will likely be consulting your texts, notes, and critical articles.
Academic Integrity Contract
This is an open book test, so you are allowed to consult and cite your texts and your notes. It also means you are responsible for understanding and avoiding academic misconduct like plagiarism, cheating, inappropriate collaboration, duplicate submission, and personation [having someone else write the test for you]. Please consult the University of Manitoba’s webpage that describes academic misconduct and how to avoid it before submitting your responses. By submitting my responses to the test questions, I agree that I have completed the test on my own and that it represents my own work. I understand that “As members of the University Community, students have an obligation to act with academic integrity. Any student who engages in Academic Misconduct in relation to a University Matter will be subject to discipline” (2.4 Student Academic Misconduct Procedure).
Special Note: You must choose between Option A and Option B, explained below, and your choice will determine which Sections of the test you will answer. Be sure to indicate the number of each section and the number of each question that you answer.
Option A        Do all three sections of the test. In this case Section 1 is worth 10%, Section 2 is worth 12% and Section 3 is worth 13%. Note that if you choose this option you must define and discuss three (3) items in Section 2.
Option B        Skip Section 1 of the test. Do Sections 2 and 3 of the test. In this case Section 2 is worth 20% and Section 3 is worth 15%. Note that if you choose this option you must define and discuss five (5) items in Section 2, not just three (3).
Section 1         Remember, if you are doing Option A then this section is worth 10 marks. Your answer should be approximately 500-750 words. If you are doing Option B then you do not do this section.
Choose one (1) of the following questions and answer in a well-organized essay.
1.  Choose either Tragicomedy or Theatre of the Absurd. Discuss the distinctive characteristics of the form of comedy you have chosen, as discussed in class in the first few weeks of the term.
2.  Choose one of the articles from the list of “Required Reading” other than the article you have chosen for the “Analytical Review” assignment. Discuss the article, following the same outline that you are using for the “Analytical Review” assignment but omit section four, the section in which you discuss what you learned from the article.
Section 2         You must do this section!
Option A: The section is worth 12%. Define and discuss three (3) of the following. Provide a one or two paragraph answer of approximately 300-500 words for each answer.
Option B: The section is worth 20%. Define and discuss five (5) of the following. Provide a one or two paragraph answer of approximately 275-500 words for each answer.
Be sure to discuss the significance of the theory, concept or person in relation to stage comedy as applicable. Since this is a take-home test the identification component of the question is a very minor part of your answer. I will be especially concerned with the following: 1) If the item is a character you should identify the play in which the character appears, then discuss the key characteristics of that character and the ways in which that character is significant in the action of
the play and in the development of its themes. 2) If the item is a quotation from a play, first
identify the play in which the line(s) occur, the character who is speaking and those to whom the lines are spoken. Then – and this is what is especially important – discuss the thematic/dramatic significance of the lines and their importance to the action of the play. 3) If the item is a director, actor or scholar, be sure to identify the significance of that person as discussed in class lectures. 4) If the item is a term, define or explain the term and then discuss how the term applies to a specific work on the reading list for the course.  
1.  Cleante
2.  “Kill Claudio.”
3.  Comedy of Manners
4.  Decorum
5.  Satire
6.  Maggie Steed
7.  William Poel
8.  Georgian comedy
9.  John Gielgud 
Section 3         You must do this section!
                        If you are doing Option A, then this section is worth 13%. If you are doing                                  Option B then this section is worth 15%.  
Choose one (1) of the following questions and answer in a well-organized essay of approximately 900-1400 words.
Choose one of the plays studied thus far in the course. Give an account of two (2) different  directorial interpretations of this play or two different performance interpretations of a major role that have occurred in the history of its performance. Try to be as detailed as possible in your response. You should discuss the ways in which these interpretations differ from one another and, if applicable, any points on which there was a similarity of interpretation. At the beginning of your essay be as clear as possible in identifying the interpretations you will be discussing by indicating the approximate date of each production and the director or leading actor with which each interpretation is associated.  Be sure to quote the dramatic text of the play and link your discussion to specific moments in the text. If you prefer to discuss the interpretation of one key scene
in your chosen play you may do so, but you must be very specific regarding the
interpretation of individual lines.
2.  Choose one of the plays studied thus far in the course. Give a very detailed account of the performance of a major role within the play.  Then discuss whether you agree with this interpretation, disagree with it or agree with some aspects of the interpretation, but not all. Be sure to discuss why you agree or disagree with the interpretation. In providing your account of the interpretation you should go into greater detail than if you were answering Question 1, above. In discussing why you agree or disagree with the interpretation be sure to cite textual evidence from the play that you feel supports your position.
3.  Discuss the major characteristics of comedy, as discussed in the first few weeks of class OR discuss major techniques of comedy as discussed in the first few weeks of class.


Please write an essay addressing the following question (and submit in a Word or pdf file through turnitin): The standard essay help free: essay help free

Please write an essay addressing the following question (and submit in a Word or pdf file through turnitin): The standard measure of national production is gross domestic product (GDP), but this measure does not include all production of all goods and services that have a positive use value. For example, GDP does not include household production of goods and services because these were deemed to be too difficult to quantify by the early designers of the GDP. Please write a short essay (1-3 pages double spaced) explaining the value of household production. Also, specifically address the following question: How does the omission of household production bias GDP as a measure of real economic production? (Hint: You should largely rely on the material from Chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook, as well as the lectures and discussion sections)


Write Your paper is required to have an introduction paragraph that will include a thesis sentence and a conclusion paragraph that helps provide closure. Additionally, your body paragraphs will be exp best essay help

Additionally, your body paragraphs will be expected to address the following ideas:
Describe your personal ethos.Use your Week 2 Personal-Professional Narrative Essay as a guide.

Survey the development of your writing skills over the last five weeks.Refer to your discussion board work, as well as any assessments you made in your Week 3 paper.
Be sure to describe how your writing skills stand now, listing particular strengths as well as challenges you still face.

Investigate how the personal ethos you articulated in the Week 2 paper helped you develop in this class.Reference specific traits or qualities that fueled specific growth opportunities.

Discuss your plan for meeting the challenge of developing your writing skills to be better prepared for applications in your field.Reference your research from the Week 3 assignment paper about what types of writing you may be asked to do in the future.

Produce a clear vision of where you will be in five years and how your experience and skills have shaped that development.
Refer to your unique experiences and specific skills to help chart this path forward.
The Future Opportunities Essay,
Must be five to seven pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.)
Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paper in bold fontSpace should appear between the title and the rest of the information on the title page.

Student’s name
Name of institution (University of Arizona Global Campus)
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Due date

Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) resource for additional guidance.
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
Must use at least three credible sources in addition to the course text.
Must document any information used from sources in APA Style
Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA Style 


definition of what person-centered care means to you. Describe how you will apply principles of holistic nursing, cultural humility, and self-reflection in your future role as a nurse practitioner. cheap essay help

III. Integration of Evidence: The student post provides support from a minimum of one scholarly in-text citation with a matching reference AND assigned readings OR online lessons, per discussion topic per week. What is a scholarly resource? A scholarly resource is one that comes from a professional, peer-reviewed publication (e.g., journals and government reports such as those from the FDA or CDC). Contains references for sources cited Written by a professional or scholar in the field and indicates credentials of the author(s) Is no more than 5 years old for clinical or research article What is not considered a scholarly resource? Newspaper articles and layperson literature (e.g., Readers Digest, Healthy Life Magazine, Food, and Fitness) Information from Wikipedia or any wiki Textbooks Website homepages The weekly lesson Articles in healthcare and nursing-oriented trade magazines, such as Nursing Made Incredibly Easy and RNMagazine (Source: What is a scholarly article.docx; Created 06/09 CK/CL Revised: 02/17/11, 09/02/11 nlh/clm) Can the lesson for the week be used as a scholarly source? Information from the weekly lesson can be cited in a posting; however, it is not to be the sole source used in the post. Are resources provided from CU acceptable sources (e.g., the readings for the week)? Not as a sole source within the post. The textbook and/or assigned (required) articles for the week can be used, but another outside source must be cited for full credit. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources for the purpose of discussions. Are websites acceptable as scholarly resources for discussions? Yes, if they are documents or data cited from credible websites. Credible websites usually end in .gov or .edu; however, some .org sites that belong to professional associations (e.g., American Heart Association, National League for Nursing, American Diabetes Association) are also considered credible websites. Websites ending with .com are not to be used as scholarly resources IV. Professionalism in Communication: The post presents information in logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence, and is clearly relevant to the discussion topic. Grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation are accurate.


I’m going to try this again since the last assignment was a complete failure. Tutors please READ the instructions, and take a look at the SAMPLES provided for reference. I don’t know what else I need college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Tutors please READ the instructions, and take a look at the SAMPLES provided for reference. I don’t know what else I need to say to make people understand I don’t want a doubled-spaced essay with citations and references. Please no essays!
What I do need is a file containing 30-40 pre-maid treatment notes to mix and use when converting daily sessions. They need to be just a paragraph long (4-6 lines only). That’s it!
I’ve provided some of my own treatment notes as a guide, but please make it look better. Thank you!
Documents attached:
·      Guidelines (for treatment notes)
·      Target Goals (one of my client’s)
·      Sample notes of my own (ref)


writing word essay due by March 11,2022 11:59 Please see attached document respond to the following essay questions essay help site:edu

Program: Hr management Course: Industrial relations Pick from one of these 3 topics to write about: 1.Gender in the workplace (this can be approached in many different ways). 2.Work/life balance issues. For example, studies shows that many workers are more interested in having time away from work. How will this impact organizational effectiveness? How does it impact recruiting? 3.Youth employment issues (also linked to demographics). You will research and complete an essay on a topic that pertains to industrial relations. It should be approximately 1500 words in length, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. You must cite at least three scholarly research sources in your essay and use an acceptable citation method. Such sources include books, journal articles, government websites, and other resources that can be proven to have academic validity. You have access to the York University library system, which includes an enormous amount of good online content: https://www.library.yorku.ca/web (link will open in new window)


variables that you will explore in research questions such as “For Towson University students, what is the relationship between visiting ‘Towson Hot Bagels’ restaurant and their engagement with the restaurant’s instagram page?” and “For college aged students, what is the relationship between spending habits and purchasing from ‘Towson Hot Bagels’?” Each variable will be defined in a concrete manner as you measure it for the original research. Also explain the research questions. (150-200 words) essay help: essay help

Towson University is a university and THB bagels restaurant is a nearby restaurant for background. For this research case we have chosen to do a deep analysis of ‘Towson Hot Bagels’, a local bagelry and deli in Towson that hosts many students from the nearby colleges in Baltimore including Towson University. We know that this restaurant is popular amongst students and hospital employees based on our own personal experiences and have also determined it may be a bit overpriced for our liking. However, it is popular for a reason. The restaurant has six different locations and offers a blog on their website as well as an instagram page that has over 11,000 followers to keep their customers engaged and up to date. From secondary research we have noted a few issues that we’d like to tackle. These issues include competition, pricing, audience, and social media. We believe with our own research we will be able to determine ‘Towson Hot Bagels’ local competition, determine if their food is reasonably priced according to customers, who their main target audience is and if they are accurately reaching this group through social media platforms. With answers we will be able to implement change.


To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to: Refer to Chapter 9, “The Staff World: Managing the Prison Population,” in your Corrections in the 21st Century textbook.Use the Strayer Univ college essay help: college essay help

Use the Strayer University Library to conduct research on the role of corrections officers and the challenges they face.The B.S. in Criminal Justice library guide is a good place to start your research.

Explore the Department of Corrections website for your state.In your browser of choice, simply type the name of your state and department of corrections. For example: Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Corrections is one potential career option for people studying or working in the criminal justice field. According to the textbook authors, career opportunities exist as many states face a shortage of correctional officers. Likewise, staff turnover is high (Schmalleger, 2021).
Before making such an important decision to pursue this type of career, you’ll want to educate yourself on the major responsibilities required of this role and the challenges these officers face on a daily basis. This assignment will give you the opportunity to do just that by writing a 3–5 page research paper on the roles and challenges of correctional officers.
After reviewing this week’s textbook reading and conducting research on the roles and challenges of corrections officers, you are to write a 3–5 page research paper in which you:
Explain the correctional facility staff hierarchy and the four main goals of correctional staff members, including the importance of each goal.
Outline the effectiveness of the five types of power available to correctional staff to manage inmate behavior.
Describe the factors contributing to correctional officer corruption within correctional facilities.
Report on the symptoms of stress for correctional officers and the associated underlying factors.
Summarize the effectiveness of the methods correctional officers use to cope with stress.
Use three sources to support your writing.Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.
Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.
Access the Strayer University Library or review library guides for help with research, writing, and citation.


Sport Marketing Exam One APA Version 6 Citation is required after EVERY RESPONSE. 1) Sport marketing is defined in part as meeting the needs and wants of consumers. Find examples of how sport organi a level english language essay help

1) Sport marketing is defined in part as meeting the needs and wants of consumers. Find examples of how sport organizations have effectively met the needs and wants of their consumers as well as how some sport organizations have tried to market without meeting the needs and wants of consumers.
2) Select three non-sport products and three sport products and ask students to suggest how each might be marketed. Discuss differences with key product and marketing attributes of the two groups by asking questions such as the following: What happens to excess inventory? Which products have variability? How much do consumers believe that they know about the product? How do the various companies generate revenue? 
3) Define marketing myopia; have students give three examples in the sport industry.  
4) Define the five Ps of the sport marketing mix. From stories or ads in a newspaper’s sports section or in a sport magazine, find examples of those five Ps in action.
5) Select a sport organization and have student teams develop various marketing goals or objectives that an organization might have, such as sell more tickets, improve brand awareness, improve community relations, and so on. Develop strategies and tactics that would address those specific goals.
6) Examine various advertisements for sport-related products such as sporting goods, athletics apparel, sports drinks, and media technologies through print sources and television commercials. Analyze how, in their opinion, the ad is trying to influence consumer perceptions of the product.
7) Select a sport team organization. Develop a fan survey to be administered to spectators attending an event. Discuss elements of survey design including goals and objectives, phrasing, length, appearance, and generalizability of results.
8) Imagine that they are a marketer for a minor league baseball team. Develop as many ways as possible to segment the market. After they have compiled their list, discuss each of the segments in terms of identifiability, accessibility, and responsiveness.
9) Fans are a key part of the core sport product. Develop a set of policies and plans for ensuring that your organization’s fans or consumers will be a source of positive energy and not vulgar profanity or complaints. Explain how you will train and use stadium or arena staff, coaches, and players in this effort.
10) Visit the websites of three or four sport brands within the same industry sector (professional sport teams, sport apparel companies, college athletics departments, and so on). How does each organization use its website to create, reinforce, and nurture strong, favorable, and unique brand associations? What do certain brands do better than others?


You have been assigned to incorporate community policing and engagement initiatives, such as those found in Chapter 14 of Community Policing Today, into the current departmental structure. You must in essay help online: essay help online

You must include training in these new initiatives, as an ongoing function as well as for compliance and oversight.
The first part of the assignment requires you to identify three specific initiatives to add to the department and then identify where they will fit into the organizational structure. Refer to the Police Department Organizational Structure [PPTX]. You will need to explain what type of training and support will be necessary for these initiatives.
The second part of the assignment is to revamp the department’s recruitment and hiring process to attract and hire new officers who have the necessary traits to accomplish both the traditional policing function and the expanded community initiatives. Using the information from Chapter 12 of your Community Policing Today text, identify the important skills needed in these new officers and describe the process you will use to evaluate these skills.
Write a 5–7 page paper in which you:
Identify three specific community policing initiatives to add to the department.
Determine what type of training and support will be necessary for each of these initiatives.
Select where each initiative will fit into the organizational structure.
Justify why these three initiatives will enhance the department’s relationship with the community.
Identify the important skills needed in recruiting new officers who can perform both traditional policing and the new community policing initiatives.
Explain how you would evaluate and measure these traits and skills.
Use five credible, relevant, and appropriate sources to support your writing. Cite each source listed on your source page at least once within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.You may use Community Policing Today for one of your sources, but you must provide at least four additional sources to support your selected initiatives. Ppl


Our discussion questions this week will focus on our learning from Chapter 14 as well as draw from all the knowledge we have gained throughout the term. Please respond to any 3 of the following prom essay help

 Please respond to any 3 of the following prompts: 
What are the key differences between the job of a community policing officer and that of a traditional patrol officer? 
There are calls for the abolishment of police departments taking place in today’s society. Do you think that traditional police departments should be abolished?  Why or why not? What are your thoughts with regards to police budgets and calls for “defunding the police”?  
Are police departments doing enough to build relationships with different communities or should there be more focus in certain areas? 
Do programs such as the citizens police academy, youth explorer programs and neighborhood watch programs help police with relations in the community? Or does it create a culture of citizens who feel that they are acting in a law enforcement capacity and breakdown the trust between the community and the police?