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Table of Contents Introduction

Merits of Early Exposure to Foreign Languages

Benefits of Bilingual Kindergartens

Success of Bilingual Kindergartens

Problems and Solutions



Introduction While possessing proficiency in one language is enough for communication purposes, having multiple language abilities has more advantages. In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to effectively communicate in at least two languages is very beneficial. Educators and policy makers have acknowledged that a country can attain many benefits when students are bilingual.

This has led to the prevalence in the number of schools offering foreign language studies to students. While it is understood that students benefit greatly when they are bilingual, there is lack of consensus on the best time to introduce them to new languages. This paper will argue that the establishment of bilingualism in kindergartens is imperative in setting the foundation for bilingualism in Australia.

Merits of Early Exposure to Foreign Languages Early exposure to a foreign language takes advantage of the fact that children have a higher aptitude for language acquisition than adults. During the formative years, a child is more receptive to information on languages. He/she is able to easily develop relationships between sounds, spelling, accents, grammar and vocabulary.

Gillam (2010) agrees that young children present a special case since they are still learning their native language, which means that they have not yet formed rigid rules concerning the syntax of a particular language. Teaching two languages at the kindergarten level effectively exploits the natural abilities of the children (Dixon 2012). The children are able to master the languages with ease and continue to use them during their adult years, therefore greatly benefiting the nation.

Learning two languages at an early age promotes brain development. This higher development is caused by the greater utilisation of the brain’s frontal lobe as the child learns two languages possessing different syntaxes and grammar rules. According to Pena and Gillam (2011), the switching between two languages confers developmental advantages related to advanced inhibitory control skills. In addition to this, children acquire higher cognitive and problem solving abilities due to bilingualism.

Carlson and Meltzoff (2008) declare that multilingual children demonstrate “superior performance on spatial problems and in non-linguistic tests of creativity and geometric design” (p.282). They demonstrate increased mental flexibility and creativity due to exposure to two languages at an early age.

Early Learning Adult


Electricity as the Best Invention Research Paper college essay help

The contemporary world and its society are known for the highly developed technologies that make people’s lives easier and simpler. The number of useful and sophisticated inventions grows nearly every day. The scientists work on new ways of studying the world we live in, exploring its resources and using them to improve our quality of life.

This process began centuries ago, yet its most active stage was launched in the middle of the nineteenth century, and one of the major moving forces of the rapid technological development was the reception and application of electricity.

The period of time when the scientists of Europe first started using electricity to create powerful engines and high functioning mechanisms gave a push to such processes as industrialization, urbanization, and globalization; it made a massive impact on the world’s society, its way of living, and habits, it produced massive cultural, political and economic changes.

There is a common misconception that electricity actually may be an invention, but it is one of the natural forms of energy, it has always existed on our planet so it could not possibly be “invented”. The most influential and powerful invention was the discovery of electricity and of ways of using it for various technologies.

Historically, some of the first encounters humans made with electricity date back to Ancient Greece, when people first discovered the rubbing fur and amber together created the attraction between the two surfaces and also lighter objects, which occurred due to static electricity (Atkinson, 2014). This cannot be called a discovery because the reasons or practical use of this phenomenon were not understood.

The more recent interest towards electricity started to form in the 1600s when William Gilbert, inspired by the writings of ancient Greeks created his own work about magnetism, he also was the one who introduced the term “electrical” (Bellis, 2014). After that, such scientists as Descartes, Fermat, Grimaldi, Hooke, Von Guericke and Gray developed the knowledge about electricity.

In 1747 came Franklin’s theory of positive and negative electric charges (History of Electricity from its Beginning, 2012). This theory was followed by Faraday’s discovery of electric induction and the work of electric currents. Finally, the geniuses of Edison and Tesla brought light to all the average households and made the first hydroelectric engines and plants possible (The History of Electricity, 2014).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ever since electricity and its qualities and possibilities were discovered the speed of technological progress in our world has been growing. The discovery of electricity became the necessary basis for the occurrence of multiple other sciences and inventions that are constantly used and are of crucial meaning in the contemporary world.

The modern society, its life and well being depends on electricity wholly. We cannot imagine our lives without cell phones, computers, the internet, coffee makers, toasters, washing machines, and microwave ovens, and all of these devices work due to electricity, but we often forget that more crucial needs of ours are fulfilled with the help of this discovery (Electricity, women and the home, n. d.).

For example, light in our cities, streets, and homes is electricity, water in our taps is running because of electrical pumps. The impact of electricity on the society of the world and its lifestyle is hard to overestimate. Today it is responsible for our survival.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century at least eighty percent of the population of our planet lived in rural areas and worked in agriculture, the appearance of electric engines created many workplaces in the cities and enforced the process of urbanization. In the modern world, the majority of people live in or close to urban areas.

This is how electricity changed our social geography. Besides, electricity has made an impact on the taste of our food, our education, our medicine and communication (Valdes, 2012). Electricity in hospitals helps to save millions of lives every day. The internet and cell phones have speeded up the world’s communication massively, changed the way people interact with each other. Electricity gave us new modes of transportation too – trams, trains, and trolleybuses function due to electric power.

Basically, the major electric generators are responsible for human life support. Besides, such huge inventions as nuclear power and space exploration are possible because of the discovery of electric power. Electricity and the knowledge of its current, its qualities and effects, its structure and capacities are the discoveries that influenced our world, changed it, shaped it into what we know today. Every human-made object we can touch or see today was made with the help of electricity one way or another.

Our culture and art also depend on electricity a lot, for example, some of the most ancient paintings and manuscripts are preserved with the help of refrigerators working from electricity. The modern mass media such as radio and television exist because of electricity. The music is written, played and delivered to the audiences today with the help of electricity.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Electricity as the Best Invention specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Finally, neurosurgery works through the understanding of electric impulses human brain sends to the body making it function. Electricity constantly penetrates humans, this world, and every aspect of life; this is why its discovery can be considered the most influential and important invention.

Reference List Atkinson, N. (2014). Who Discovered Electricity? Web.

Bellis, M. (2014). History of Electricity. Web.

Electricity, women and the home. (n. d.). Science Museum. Web.

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The Cattle Drivers’ Music Report scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

At a pancake breakfast hosted by the Columbia Land Conservancy in Hudson, New York, on March 22, 2013, music was provided by a soloist and helpers calling themselves The Cattle Drivers. Guitar and banjo accompanied solo or harmonized song with various helpers, some of whom were on the staff of the CLC.

The genre of music was not limited to bluegrass, despite the prominence of the banjo, and the spirited picking and strumming. The musicians performed some country and western songs without announcing their names. They also, to an enthusiastic response, performed some popular soft-rock ballads from the 1960s, including several now popular with small children, such as the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

They also offered several protest songs, including If I Had a Hammer, by the locally prominent environmental activist Pete Seeger, and Lee Hays. Another unnamed piece mourned the disappearance of family farms. They also invited requests.

The lead guitarist carefully avoided overwhelming the appreciative audience with volume. When one of the volunteer singers was unfamiliar with the song, they improvised, and did so very competently. The result was not perfect but unembarrassed and pleasant.

There was a mix of fast and slow songs, mostly in the common 4/4 rhythms of rock-and-roll. The bluegrass pieces were in either 2/8 or 6/8 and involved a lot of fast finger work. When the director of the CLC picked up the banjo, everyone paid attention to his picking.

The physical space was a very simply decorated high ceilinged room in the 9th-century brick building known as Hudson’s Mansion, formerly used by the Elks Club, and now much renovated. It is just off the main street of the town of Hudson which is the county seat and boasts several hundred antique dealers.

The outside of the structure is very handsome and striking, with towers and battlements of brick. The room was very hot, but the attendees seemed pleased to be out of the cold. The smell of pancakes, maple syrup, ham, and sausage filled the air. The Cattle Drivers played on a tiny, barely raised stage.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The crowd was made up of supporters of the organization, apparently both from the local small town rural agricultural community as well as from New York City. Some were very fashionable, and some were dressed as though they were going hunting. There were a great many small children there as well, some with parents and others clearly with grandparents.

There was a constant movement of people greeting each other table to table, which is one reason that some of the songs’ announcements went unheard.

This did not mean that no one was listening to the music, but rather that the Cattle Drivers were not yelling between songs when they shared the titles of the pieces (if they shared the titles at all). Rather, the audience was there for food and companionship. Volunteers shared stories of birds, beavers, and fish sighted. The music was an extra joy, but the main event was getting together.

This was explicitly a chance to get volunteers and donors and together and build cohesion around issues of open lands preservation. There were several announcements of honors received by the organization, and new pieces of land acquired for preservation from development. The staff mingled with the guests and explained their plans for new hiking trails and educational programs.

The concert was lively without intruding on the conversation, eating, and fund-raising. The mix of bluegrass, country, vintage pop, and protest offered something for every listener. The playing was workmanlike, and the volunteer helpers were cheerful about their errors. The audience was entirely supportive and forgiving of any mistakes. This was a colorful and warm experience in every sense of the word.

Instructions: Your task is to attend and observe a music event, and analyzes it as part of a music-culture; then to share your experience in a short talk, as well as create a brief ethnography (written documentation) of the musical expression.

Select a performance of live music this semester, at either an event sponsored by the university or off-campus. We will discuss your topic in class during February. You may attend any type of event in which music is performed, including but not limited to religious services on or off campus, cultural shows, sporting events, dances, weddings, karaoke, performances by the Music Department’s ensembles, street music, etc.

We will write a custom Report on The Cattle Drivers’ Music specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Decide soon what performance you will attend, including: the date and location, genre of music, names of performers (if known). Also, think of and write out (at least) six preliminary questions — about the performance, the music, and the community/culture — for which you hope to find answers in the course of attending the performance. You do not need to list these in your paper.

Attend this performance of music. Be sure to arrive early and stay until the end of the performance. NOTE: You must attend a live show after reading this assignment (that is, you cannot watch a video, and you cannot write about something you’ve already seen).

Observe various aspects of the performance, try to answer your Preliminary Questions, and include summaries of both of the following areas in your report:

Genre, Musicians, Music, Ensemble What is the genre of music?

What are the names of the composers of the music? When did they live?

Who are the musicians, and what is their group’s name?

What instruments are being played? In what textures?

Are there solos? Solos with ensembles? The only ensemble playing?

How long are the pieces of music? How many pieces?

Is there much repetition?

Do the musicians improvise or play composed music or both?

What rhythms can you count? What are the tempos? Is there variety?

Context, Audience, Interaction, Behavior What is the physical space where music happens? Describe it.

What is the setting and context of the performance?

Is there anything unusual about the performance?

How does the audience behave? Are they all doing similar things?

Describe the behavior of musicians and audience – imagine your reader has never been to any concerts and has no way of knowing how people act.

What do some of the musicians and audience members and/or event staff have today to you? Interview them if possible.

How do musicians and audience interact?

What is the purpose and meaning of the performance?

Is a community formed because of the show? Is it re-affirmed by the show?

UNH Mu 111 — Introduction to Music — Prof. Getter p.2 Paper and Presentation

Give a short (1 to 2 minutes) talk in class about your concert, in which you tell us about the musical and social aspects of your performance. Please do NOT plan to use any audio, visual, handouts or computer aids in your presentation.

Type a 2 to 3-page Report on the event, answering as many of the above questions as possible. Describe the concert for someone who has never heard this type of music; that is, assume that your reader does not know the performance genre or community.

Notes on writing style and format

You must use correct citations for quoted materials, interviews, recordings, books, articles, websites, and all sources consulted. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense.

You must type your report, and submit it on paper.

It should be about 2-3 page in length.

Use 1 1/2 or double line spacing (do not use single line spacing).

Use a standard 10-12 point plain font such as Verdana, Arial, or Times New Roman.

Use standard margins.

Proofread your work, and use a spell checker.

In your document, be sure to include your name, the date, the course and section numbers, and the name of this assignment.


Advertising Effectiveness in the Business Environment Report essay help

Introduction The business environment has become increasingly competitive as a result of the increased number of organizations venturing into business, as well as the advancement of technology that has been so rapid for the last couple of decades. As a result, organizations have been finding ways they can increase their performance. One such way would be increase the level of sales.

This would involve proper marketing of the goods and services of the organization. There are a number of ways that are adopted in marketing. They can be referred to as the strategies of marketing. One such strategy is advertising. It is one of the most famous ways of marketing and has been used by business organizations for a relatively long period compared to other strategies.

Advertising can be defined as a strategy of marketing communication whereby the marketers persuade and encourage people to buy the goods and services of an organization. The aim is to create an urge to buy, which did not exist initially. In other words, the marketer aims at manipulating the audience so that they can buy the goods and services or influence consumer behavior in regard to a commercial offering (Landa 23).

It should be noted that advertisement can be done for other reasons other than influencing people to buy. For instance, advertising could be done to influence people to take a particular action. It could be a political or an ideological form of advertisement.

An organization needs to ensure that it implements effective strategies to be adopted in the advertisement to make it effective. With the high level of competition in the business world, organizations need to perfect their advertisement. This essay focuses on ways through which advertising can be made effective.

Advertising effectiveness The advertisement industry is one that is faced with a lot of challenges. It is a very important industry in the business world. The advertisement needs to be well planned for it to be effective. As been mentioned earlier, advertisement has the ability to improve the performance of an organization.

However, for it to be effective, the marketing manager needs to identify what works and what does not work in the advertisement campaign. It should be noted that this is an industry that has a low-quality assurance due to its nature. In other words, it is not easy to measure the exact effectiveness of the advertisement campaign.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Purposes of advertising There are a number of reasons why an organization needs to do advertisement. Advertising is an activity that organizations need to take seriously because of its implications on business performance. The advertisement has a direct effect on the sales and profitability of the organization. The prime reason why business organizations are created is to make profits.

Therefore, anything that can increase the profitability will always be welcome to any business. It can be said that one of the reasons why advertising is done is to increase the level of sales in the organization by influencing more customers to buy. An increase in sales will then lead to an increase in profitability. The company will need to convince the customers that its products and services are the best in the market (Mohan 227).

The company should have facts about the product to easily convince the customer. However, it is imperative to note that an increase in sales will only have a positive effect on the profits if the cost of advertising is lower than the marginal increment in sales as a result of advertising. In other words, advertising will only be effective if it is done at an economical cost.

The other reason why advertising is done is to deliver the message regarding a product or a service to the customer. When a company starts producing goods or services, there are high chances that the potential customers may not know about them or the company, especially if it is a new company.

This awareness is created through advertising. This purpose is only effective if the company is new or when an existing company starts producing a new product or offering a new service.

Enhancing the image of the company could be another reason why a company should do advertising. The image of a company is considered as a very significant competitive tool as it gives the company a very strong competitive edge. Advertising helps in creating company royalty to the customers. Advertising should preach the good gospel about the company. It can tell the activities of the company, including the CSR activities.

This purpose of advertisement, if well executed, will make the activity effective to the company as it will create brand loyalty and a good company image, thereby giving the business a competitive advantage (Mohan 229). Demonstrating how the products are used is another reason why a company needs to do advertising.

We will write a custom Report on Advertising Effectiveness in the Business Environment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Customers are not likely to buy a product they are not able to use or one they do not know its use. It is, therefore, the duty of the company to show the customers how the product is used. This goes a long way in creating an urge to buy. In case it is a product that the customers do not know its use, the advert should create an urge to buy by explaining or demonstrating how the use of the product to the customers.

There should be a salespersons in every company. Their work is to market the product or services of the company. The salespeople need back up to make their messages stronger and more convincing.

This can be provided through advertising. When a company advertises a product, the customer probably sees the advert and gets an idea about the product before the salesperson reaches them. By the time the salesperson comes, it becomes easier for the customer to be convinced because the message by the salesperson is now made stronger by the advert.

Finally, advertising is done to attract new customers to the organization, as well as maintain the existing ones. A company will only be sure of increasing its sales if new customers buy its products, while the existing ones still remain (Alozie 24). Achieving this purpose requires the advertisement to be effective to the company.

Types of advertising An organization needs to choose well the type of advertisement to be used to ensure that the advertisement activity is effective. This will depend on the products or services it deals with and its major target customers. Once the target customers are identified, it becomes easier to choose the type of advertisement that should be used. Different target customers can be reached through different media.

However, it should be noted that any type of advertisement or any other medium can be used for advertisement. The difference will be the effectiveness of the advertisement for the specific businesses and products, as well as to specific customers. Basically, advertisement is supposed to create awareness about a certain product to the target customers.

This is why the two factors (product and target customers) need to be taken into consideration when selecting the type of advertisement to use. The following are some of the types of advertisement that an organization can choose from.

Television advertisement This is the kind of advertising whereby adverts are presented on national television. Television has been considered as one of the most effective types of advertisement for a long period of time because the advert can reach a wide range of audience. A lot of people in all age groups watch TV, thus any organization advertising via this media is able to reach a significant percentage of its target customers.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Advertising Effectiveness in the Business Environment by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Television adverts can be designed such that they are highly persuasive and are able to convince a high number of customers. This type of advertisement combines visual and audio messages, making it more appealing. However, television advertisement is expensive compared to other means (Batra, Myers, and Aaker 34). This is a limitation to this type of advertisement.

Although TV advertisement has the ability to reach many people, some organizations may not be able to use it due to its cost implications. Before a business organization chooses television as its means of advertising, it should carry out a cost-benefit analysis. The company should ensure that the marginal revenue generated after the advert is higher compared to the cost incurred in airing the advert.

Infomercials This is a type of advertising that is closely related to the television advertisement. It is where a commercial is presented in television or in any other video format such that it has information regarding the product and the presentation is prolonged for a couple of minutes. The aim is to create an immediate urge for buying that the customer had not planned for.

The customer will immediately buy through the website given or a toll- free phone number (Batra, Myers, and Aaker 34). The word infomercial is derived from the words information and commercial. This is a means of advertisement that has the ability to reach a large number of customers and its effectiveness can be realized immediately during or after the advert. Infomercials are expensive and not many organizations are able to use it.

Radio advertising This is the form of advertisement whereby the information regarding the goods or the services is relayed through the radio. The advertising company normally buys airtime from the radio station to air its adverts. Radio advertising is a type of advert that has the ability to reach a high number of people as radios are available in many households. It is relatively cheaper compared to TV and infomercials.

It is important to note that radio is not only accessible on air, but is also available online as a result of the advancing technology. Radio advertisement is the form of advertisement that can arguably reach the largest number of people at a time. Despite reaching many people and being relatively cheaper, radio adverts can only be available in sound as there are no visuals.

Thus it may not be as effective as the use of TV (Batra, Myers, and Aaker 35). However, smaller companies can use the radio because the financial implications are not too severe on them. It can, therefore, be said that a radio advertisement is the best for smaller companies because they can reach many people and they do not incur a lot of expenses compared to the use of TV.

Online advertising This is the form of advertising that is done through the Internet. It is a modern way of advertising that has emerged with the emergence of technology and the growth of globalization and the international market. The reason for its increased popularity in the international scene is because the Internet can be accessed anywhere in the world, and multinational organizations can easily advertise their goods and services.

Online advertising is among the cheapest modes of advertisement and can reach many people at the same time. In recent years, many people have access to the Internet, and they can see the adverts online.

Online advertising may appear in the form of search engine result pages, social networking advertising, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo, among others, online classified advertising, e-mail marketing, rich media, and advertising networks, among others. Many organizations over recent years have turned to this form of advertising due to its effectiveness and economy (Landa 124).

It should be noted that most of the people who use the Internet are the middle-aged and the young. Thus an organization whose target customers is this group of individuals should use internet marketing. The online advertisement may include both visual and sound, as well as a description that can be read by the audience.

Press advertising This is the kind of advertisement that is done through a printed medium. It could be through the newspapers, magazines, business journals, and posters, among others. The one major limitation of this kind of advertisement is the fact that it is not able to reach as many people compared to the previously described means as not many people buy newspapers and magazines. Newspaper adverts do not have sound (Frith and Mueller 54).

However, they may have pictures and written descriptions. One of the most common forms of press advertising is classified adverts. This is where individuals and companies advertising their goods and services pay for a small section in the newspaper where they make their adverts.

The companies buy a small, narrowly targeted advert for a given amount of money and make their adverts. This form of advertisement could be used to target audience who are employed, high and middle-income earners, and the elite. These are mostly people who buy newspapers and magazines.

Street advertising This is the kind of advertising that is closely related to promotions. It is outdoor advertising whereby goods are displayed on the streets. In the case of services, advertisers will explain them to the audience on the streets. It is a cheap and highly effective means of advertisement.

The reason why street advertising is highly effective is the fact that the marketer is able to interact directly with the audience. The audiences can ask questions and the marketer, on the other hand, is able to convince the audience and get direct feedback at the same time.

Billboard advertising This is where adverts are displayed on large structures that are then erected in public areas so that people can see and read as they pass. Billboards are normally erected along main roads or areas that have a large population, like in major cities and towns.

They may also be located in stadiums, shopping malls, as well as office buildings (Mahon 67). This type of advert may not reach as many people like the radio, TV, and newspaper. Its effectiveness may also not be easy to measure or assess. However, the advert can reach any group of people because the billboard is in an open place where everyone can see.

Celebrity branding This is a form of advertisement whereby the organization uses the power that celebrities have in influencing people to buy their goods and services (Tuten 20). The fame and popularity by celebrities are used so that the organization can have its goods and services recognized. For instance, in case the company wants to advertise certain cloth wear, the celebrity will wear it and then be recognized by a large population.

The celebrity may also be involved in the advertisement campaigns on TV, on radio, on the Internet, or even on the streets. This kind of advertisement could be very effective, especially in situations where the target customers are young people. It is a form of advertising that has been very popular in recent years.

However, celebrity advertising is risky because if the celebrity makes a mistake, then it might have a detrimental effect on the company’s image and brand.

Other forms of advertisement include product adverting and institutional advertising. The former refers to the form of advertisement that is meant to stimulate an urge to buy the product. It could also fall in any of the above-described types of advertisement.

Institutional advertisement, on the other hand, is the kind of advertisement whereby the marketer aims at creating a good image of the company, organization, or the institution in question.

Approaches to advertisement For an advertisement to be effective, the company needs to take the best and the most potentially effective approach to the process. The company should, therefore, invest time in trying to figure out the best approach to be used. There are traditional approaches that have been used in advertising over the years and the modern approaches that are being used today. The traditional ways of advertisement are being overtaken by modern approaches at a high rate.

For instance, internet advertising is becoming more common and more effective compared to the traditional media of advertising, such as TV, radio, or newspaper. It is cheaper compared to any of the traditional approaches. At the same time, it is highly effective as it can reach many people. TV advertising is highly convincing because it has the ability to be accompanied by visual, sound, and writings (Hansen and Christensen 129).

Digital signage is also a modern approach that is able to reach a large audience and is relatively cheap. In fact, digital signage is able to reach the target customers only as the technological advancements can be designed such that the message controlled to only be delivered to a certain group of customers.

Among the approaches that the company may use to make its advertising more effective could include niche marketing. To niche is to divide the market into small segments based on the various needs of the customers. A niche market is a market that satisfies the specific needs of specific customers. If the company takes the niche marketing approach in its advertisement, then it has to choose means of advertisement that will reach the target customers.

Niche advertising is an approach to an advertisement that can be highly effective, especially where the company deals with highly differentiated goods. Although it might be challenging to choose a type of advertising that will only reach the target customers, the company can choose a type of advertising that is able to reach a majority of the customers.

Media approach is also an approach that can be highly effective in advertising. The company will need to identify its target customers and then select the media that is likely to reach most of the customers. The Internet has brought many advertising opportunities and has made the advertising industry become more effective because reduces the costs and is able to reach and influence many people to buy.

Advertising through the Internet can be done by e-mail, popup ads, banner, advergaming, flash, and banner, among others. Almost any product can be advertised on the Internet as many people today are able to access the internet through their PCs or mobile phones. The new technology may include other approaches other than the Internet (Tuten 12). For instance, there are means such as digital video recorders and TV apps, among others.

Global advertising is another approach that can be taken by an organization. This is an approach that is very effective for multinational organizations. It should be noted that the increase in globalization has led to increased international marketing and organizations are selling and marketing their products and services beyond their national boundaries. The reason for this is to increase their consumer base and make more profits (Joshi 14).

When a company chooses this approach, it should be able to balance between four competing business objectives, namely economies of scale, brand building, implementation speed, and maximization of local effectiveness. These are objectives that can lead to failure of the global advertising approach if not balanced.

A company needs to carry out good research before going for the global advertising approach. It should be noted that this approach is expensive as it targets a large geographical area and a large audience, but it can be highly effective if well implemented.

Conclusion Advertising is one of the most effective ways that an organization can adapt to increase its sales. However, advertising will only be effective if done in the correct way. In other words, the correct procedures should be followed in choosing a means of advertising. The organization should also select the correct media for various target customers.

Here, the company can choose to use traditional media like TV and radio, modern media like the Internet, or a combination of traditional and contemporary media. Advertising should be done at the minimum possible costs. This will increase its effectiveness as the major aim is to increase profits. Finally, the organization should take time to select the best approach that can be effective.

Works Cited Alozie, Emmanuel C. Advertising in Developing and Emerging Countries: The Economic, Political and Social Context. Farnham: Gower, 2011. Print.

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Landa, Robin. Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas across Media. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley


Win-Win Negotiations: Tameer Micro-financial Bank and Telenor Pakistan Report essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Executive Summary People normally engage in some form of negotiation in their daily lives. Successful negotiations are characterized by a situation in which both parties agree on the best solution. Effective negotiations require a cea rtain set of skills from the involved parties. However, professional negotiators have the relevant skills for participating in negotiations. It is noteworthy that the best negotiation is win-win.

It is characterized by everyone involved in achieving satisfactory outcomes. People should prepare in order to have effective participation in win-win negotiations. This research focuses on win-win negotiation, which is the most beneficial type of conciliation. Collaboration is the best strategy for engaging in win-win negotiations. This is because it encourages problem-solving through the application of integrative processes.

There are diverse techniques and skills that simplify win-win negotiations and contribute to the achievements of desirable benefits. Furthermore, win-win negotiations present many advantages compared to the limitations.

Tameer Micro-financial Bank and Telenor Pakistan successfully employed win-win negotiation to realize massive benefits for each of them. Tameer is a micro-financial institution in Pakistan, which needed to augment their customer base through mobile banking services. On the other hand, Telenor Pakistan is the second largest telecommunications firm providing mobile services to over 30 million people.

The regulator provided a new direction that required all mobile network operators to partner with financial institutions in order to offer mobile banking services to the millions of people who were not accessing the services. This directive facilitated the initial negotiations between the two firms.

The win-win negotiations enabled the firms to benefit from the opportunities provided by each other as well as develop the capacity to provide mobile money banking to millions of Pakistani’s. This research has established that win-win negotiations are the best form of concession because of the benefits it provides to the participants.

This study recommends that parties engaging in win-win negotiations should employ a collaborative strategy as well as strategic planning during win-win negotiations. It recommends that negotiating parties should trade concessions to enable them to focus on core issues.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Summary of Findings and Recommendations The application of win-win negotiation was helpful in solving challenges facing micro – financial institutions in Pakistan. The banks lacked the capacity to deliver mobile banking services to their millions of potential clients. Tameer Microfinance Bank needed to identify ways of improving their service delivery structures in order to escalate the number of people with accounts in Pakistan.

Tameer was interested in putting in place a mobile banking platform to attract more clients and activate its growth. A directive by the regulator in Pakistan that mobile network operators (MNO) shall partner with financial institutions in order to provide mobile banking services became the breakthrough for Tameer.

Tameer entered into win-win negotiations with Telenor Pakistan, which is the second largest MNO in the country as a way of complying with the new regulations. Tameer initiated the negotiations with the aim of acquiring the over 30 million clients belonging to Telenor Pakistan and the company’s agent network approximating to 180,000 together with its national advertising and marketplace leadership.

The companies agreed during the negotiation process to partner and form Easypaisabrand to offer money transfer service. Telenor Pakistan eventually bought 51 percent of shares in Tameer.

The positive outcomes of the negotiation between Tameer and Telenor Pakistan are that Tameer easily accessed a large customer base and reduced cost of doing business because of taking advantage of the 180,000 Telenor agents.

Conversely, Telenor Pakistan escalated its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) as well as develop new revenue sources because of charges on the mobile money banking platform. The two institutions used a win-win negotiation approach to realize gains as well as enable millions of Pakistani’s to access banking services.

It is recommended that parties engaging in win-win negotiations should employ a collaborative strategy in order to settle the process when each side has won. The role of strategic planning in managing win-win negotiations is also recommended because it makes the process to run smoothly. It is also recommendable that negotiating parties should trade concessions in order to carry out the negotiation process by focusing on core issues.

We will write a custom Report on Win-Win Negotiations: Tameer Micro-financial Bank and Telenor Pakistan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is recommended that the parties engaging in win-win negotiation should have effective communication skills, particularly while working with people from varying cultural backgrounds. This is because cross-cultural negotiations are complex and require a new set of skills.

Conclusions Win-Win negotiation is helpful in enabling two opposing sides to reach an agreement in which everyone benefits. The process of conducting a win-win negotiation requires the participants to maintain focus. Professional negotiators are the most successful in the negotiation because they have the relevant skills and capacities. However, communication also plays a momentous role in negotiations.

This is particularly important in cases where negotiation involves participants from multicultural backgrounds. It is notable that win-win negotiation is the most beneficial strategy for solving outstanding problems. This paper has highlighted the win-win negotiation involving Tameer Microfinance Bank and Telenor Pakistan, which is a telecommunications firm.

The two companies entered into win-win negotiations after a directive that MNO’s should start offering mobile banking services. The negotiation was successful thus making the two firms to form a new platform for mobile money transfer. The greatest lesson learned between the two firms is that win-win negotiations ensure that everyone involved benefits.


Literature Studies: “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare Research Paper cheap essay help: cheap essay help

William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It can be regarded as a pastoral and romantic comedy that includes many twists of the plot depicting the relations between various characters. Nevertheless, there is a common theme that is of great importance to the playwright. In particular, this literary work throws light on the way in which love can transform the experiences of an individual (Inge).

Moreover, the author challenges the conventions for the description of lovers, their motives, and behavior. Overall, Shakespeare shows that love can take a great number of forms, and this sensation can make the life of a person more fulfilling and joyful; more importantly, it does not have to be associated only with emotional suffering; this is the idea that many poets and playwrights before Shakespeare focused on. This is the main message that the writer tries to convey to the audience.

One should keep in mind that the characters depicted by the author live in some French duchy, and one can see that these people can be affected by the courtly life and conflicts caused by power struggles. Nevertheless, this play is set in the fictional Forest of Arden. Overall, this forest is a place where characters can renew themselves. Moreover, they can discover their better qualities that do not initially attract the readers’ attention.

Overall, the Forest of Arden is one of the magical places in which people can obtain their independence (Shakespeare XXXVI). For instance, children are able to become more independent of their parents. In many cases, love can be regarded as one of the forces that enable people to transform themselves almost entirely. As a rule, it enables them to discover happiness. This is one of the issues that should be taken into account.

It should be noted that love can take different forms in this play. For instance, one can speak about Orlando and Rosalind who are the main characters of this play. Overall, their relations can be described as romantic love. The author tries to ridicule the assumption according to which love can be compared to slavery since it does not accurately reflect the behavior of an individual. It should be mentioned that Orlando cannot openly express his affection for Rosalind, but he wants to win Rosalind’s love.

Overall, Orlando can be viewed as the character who is supposed to ridicule a conventional description of the so-called courtly love which is sometimes compared to a dangerous disease that impairs the life of a person. In particular, he makes the following statement while talking to Rosalind, “I am he that that is so love-shaked. I pray you to tell me your remedy” (III. 2. 354-355). In this case, this character does not directly state he is deeply in love with Rosalind.

Furthermore, this character seems to be convinced that he will “not be cured” (III. 2. 409). In other words, this person believes that he will not gain Rosalind’s love. It seems that Rosalind fully understands his thoughts and feelings, but she wants Orlando to become more open. She says that Orlando requires close confinement, and in this way, she tries to draw parallels between love and a mental disorder (III. 2. 387).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, she wants him to abandon the artificiality of courtly manners. This character tries to emulate the behavior of various knights depicted by many poets and playwrights (Benson). To a great, Rosalind conversation with Orlando suggests that love should not be viewed as something inaccessible in the earthly life.

This is why she seems to be slightly ironic of Orlando and the artificial mannerism that only creates difficulties for him. These are some of the main aspects that can be distinguished because they are important for understanding the way in which Shakespeare tries to ridicule many of the artistic canons which existed in the late sixteenth century.

Moreover, it is possible to speak about the unrequited love that Silvius feels for Phoebe. It should be noted that Silvious is a shepherd, while Phoebe is a peasant girl who ignores him. This character knows it quite clear that Phone rejects affection. Nevertheless, he accepts the suffering caused by unrequited love.

More importantly, he is ready to humiliate himself in order to win Phoebe’s affection. To a great extent, this character can be compared to the Petrarchan lover or a person who understand that his/her affection may not be returned. This is one of the details that attract the attention of the readers. It is possible to examine the following quote illustrates the experiences of this character:

“So holy and so perfect is my love, And I in such a poverty of grace, That I shall think it a most plenteous crop To glean the broken ears after the man That the main harvest reaps. Loose now and then A scattered smile, and that I’ll live upon.” (III. 5. 99-101)

This quote is important because it shows that despite the unreturned attention, love makes Silvius’s life much more fulfilling. He understands that Phoebe may love another person, but this knowledge does not make this girl less attractive to him.

In this way, Shakespeare tries to challenge the literary and artistic canon according to which unreturned love only leads to emotional suffering. Furthermore, William Shakespeare is willing to show that this character is able to feel happiness even despite Phoebe’s indifference. Moreover, he eventually succeeds in winning her love. These are some of the main details that should be taken into account.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Literature Studies: “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Additionally, Shakespeare can demonstrate that love can arise when the characters do not initially feel sympathy toward one another. In this case, one can speak about the relations between Touchstone and Audrey. It should be noted that Audrey is a poorly-educated girl who does not seem attractive to other people.

Moreover, Touchstone just wants to make use of her. Thus, one cannot suppose that they can turn into a married couple. Nevertheless, this character eventually finds Audrey’s openness and honesty very appealing. To a great extent, this couple completely defies the standards of courtly love depicted by many writers and poets before Shakespeare.

It is possible to provide other examples indicating that love can be extremely unpredictable. This argument is particularly relevant if one speaks about the love between Oliver and Celia. One can argue that Oliver is the main antagonist of the play; he does not evoke the sympathy of the reader. In contrast, Celia can be viewed as the paragon of different moral values. These two individuals do not seem to be compatible with one another, and it is often argued that this development of the plot is unrealistic.

However, one should keep in mind that sometimes love can overcome such obstacles. This is one of the arguments that can be put forward. Moreover, it is possible to argue that love transforms Oliver and makes him re-evaluate the morality of his actions and decisions. Again, one should mention that this action takes place in the Forest of Arden which seems to transform the main characters.

One should bear in mind that Shakespeare often incorporates magic in his plays in order to change the values and behavior of the characters (Shakespeare XI). To a great extent, this strategy could appeal to many people who attended the performances of his plays. Oliver’s transformation in the Forest of Arden is one of such techniques which were often adopted by the author. This is one of the points that can be made.

On the whole, the author departs from the literary tradition which existed in the sixteenth century. In particular, many authors depicted love as one of the forces that brought emotional suffering to a person. In turn, William Shakespeare deviates from this tradition and even ridicules it.

The author lays stress on the idea that love can take many forms, and it is the main source of joy for an individual. More importantly, this feeling can be shared even by those people who do not seem to be attracted to one another. It is possible to say that Shakespeare can challenge many of the conventions that people can take for granted. He demonstrates that love can vary dramatically, but it can make the life of a person more fulfilling. These are the main points that should be considered.

Works Cited Benson, Larry. “Courtly Love and Chivalry in the Later Middle Ages”. Harvard.Edu. n.d. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Literature Studies: “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Inge, Dwight. “A Guide to Teaching the Interpretation of Shakespeare.” 2009. Web.

Shakespeare, William. As You Like It. New York: Penguin, 2000. Print.


Employees’ Compensation Research Paper essay help free

Table of Contents Problem statement

Theories of Compensation

Application of the Theory: Pay for Performance


Problem statement Currently, many companies and organizations fail to compensate their employees competitively as a way of enhancing job satisfaction. In fact, employees’ compensation stands out as an important component of every organization.

The reason is that it shapes other aspects of an organization including efficiency and strategy. Compensation’s main objective is to attract and enhance the company’s ability to retain employees.

A firm that retains employees through competitive compensation benefits from high productivity and increased job satisfaction. Salgado (1997) argues that competitive compensation is important for organizations and subsequently, it constitutes the largest cost for many companies in the world.

There are many ways of compensating employees in both the private and public organizations although there is none that is generally practiced across the business environment. How does pay for performance lead to job and employees satisfaction?

Theories of Compensation Many social scientists have proposed theories that attempt to explain the psychological, behavioral and economic perspectives of compensation. Outstandingly, cognitive theories articulate that human beings are driven by the urge to get rewards.

Human beings tend to repeat actions that yield them the highest level of happiness. This crosscuts across all societies, organizations, and countries. In organizations, competitive compensation tends to reward hard work (Salgado, 1997).

Cognitive theorists argue that employees interpret hard work as an action. Repeating this action will increase their rewards and happiness.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consistency in actions and rewards leads to job satisfaction. This is according to the reward theory. In business contexts, a motivated team of staff is an asset for the company. It gives the organization a competitive edge over rivals and competitors.

When the employees are motivated to work owing to competitive compensation, the organization retains them with ease. Agency theory is central to any compensation method applicable to the modern business environment.

It proposes that compensation of employees is an organizational strategy (Chen, 2011). A firm uses a compensation method due to its costs and perceived benefits. Agency theorists argue that organizational costs come about due to the apparent differences in employees and firms.

One source of costs for an organization is when employees fail to put maximum effort in their productivity leading to reduced efficiency. The rationale is that an organization pays number of hours than when the employees put their maximum effort into the work.

Further, the theory says that firms seek to maximize their revenues and profit margins by motivating, recruiting, and acquiring high skilled and qualified employees. Nonetheless, employees are consumers. They, therefore, seek to maximize utility.

This is through increased income that affects the utility in a positive way. The theory, however, cautions that employees who seek to maximize their utility must strike a balance between disutility and utility (Riordan, Vandenberg


The Joseph Story Research Paper online essay help: online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Commentaries on Joseph’s Story

Personal Reflections


Works Cited

Introduction The Joseph story, like the Abraham and Jacob stories, contributes to the exposition of the theme of the Pentateuch by showing how the promises of Abraham were partially fulfilled (Dunn and John 64). Like the two preceding stories, it begins with a divine intimation of the central figure’s future destiny. In two separate dreams, Joseph sees the rest of his family bowing down before him.

His brothers’ sale of him into Egypt was designed to prevent such an outcome. However, despite his imprisonment on a false charge he rises to be an important leader over all Egypt. It is when his brothers came to Egypt that they unwittingly fulfill his early dreams.

Although some scholars have held that the Joseph story proper ends with his father’s move to Egypt, his brothers fell down before him one more time after Jacob’s death (Wiersbe 55). Even though his brothers intended to do harm to him, God intended it for good, in order to preserve numerous people. A unique setting of the Joseph story is its Egyptian setting, which has prompted much reflection by Egyptologists.

This paper is divided into two main parts. The first part lays out the major themes discussed by biblical commentaries while the second part focuses on my personal reflection.

Commentaries on Joseph’s Story Joseph’s tactlessness in telling tales on his brothers and then recounting his dreams made his brothers angry (Kessler and Karel 24). However, as already observed, the dreams are not Joseph’s own imaginings but announcements of God’s plans and the fact that they are paired is an assurance of their eventual fulfillment. In the short term, however, they act as a catalyst for family breakdown.

The tension in the story builds as Jacob sends his darling son some fifty miles away from home in Hebron to Shechem in the north into the arms of the brothers who hate him intensely. As they see him approach, some want to kill Joseph, whereas Reuben seeks to stall proceedings by having him dumped in a pit. However, while Reuben is a way, the other brothers change their plan and decide to make money by selling Joseph as a slave.

Although the last scene with Jacob mourning inconsolably for his dead son Joseph is touching, Dunn and Rogerson argues that the choice of words was meant to remind us of Jacob, years back, deceived his father using his brother’s clothes and a goat (78). In this way, the author hints at the inescapability of divine justice.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Jacob is treated by his own sons as he treated his father. Nevertheless, as the story shows, Joseph’s sale into Egypt was meant to save lives, heal the family rift, and forward the fulfillment of the promises.

In relating the dreams, Joseph was only telling the truth. Some commentators, however, suggest that he was unwise to mention the dreams and that he was motivated by pride (Lioy 81). There are few clues to support this view. While he could have remained silent about the dreams, he chose to tell them.

Of course, regardless of whether Joseph should have kept his mouth shut, his brothers were wrong to nurse feelings of jealousy and hatred against him. Sometime after Joseph’s dreams, most of Jacob’s sons took his flocks about 50 miles north to Shechem. A desire to get away from Joseph may have been one of the reasons why they traveled so far from their home in the Valley of Hebron.

This, however, did no good as Jacob sent after them to find out how they were doing. Neither the father nor his favored son could have known that more than tow decades would pass before they laid eyes on each other again.

For some time, feelings of ill will toward Joseph had been building in the hearts of his brothers. Thus, when the siblings spotted Joseph from a distant wearing his ornate robe, they hatched a scheme to murder him. The brothers literary referred to Joseph as the master of dreams. The sarcastic tone of their statement reflected the resentment they felt toward Joseph and the dreams God had given him.

Jacob’s sons agreed to lie about the demise of Joseph. When asked about him, they would claim that a vicious, wild animal had attacked and devoured him. Their uncontrolled jealousy and hatred had brought them to such an intention. They thought they could get away with their scheme because Joseph was away from their father’s protection, and there were no witnesses nearby to report their actions.

They assumed that by getting rid of their dreaded younger brother, the siblings could prevent his dreams from coming true. They did not realize that God would use their actions to make the dreams a reality.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Joseph Story specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some scholars think that the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah were the instigators of the murderous plot (Phillips 29). When Reuben heard the plan, he came to Joseph’s rescue by advising his brothers not to take the younger sibling’s life.

Rather than harm Joseph and thereby shed innocent blood, Reuben urged the rest to bind Joseph and place him in a cistern, presumably to die of thirst and hunger. Reuben even planned secretly to help Joseph escape and bring him back home but he did not succeed.

Personal Reflections The materials found in the commentaries have really changed my understanding of the passage talking about Joseph being sold to Egypt. In spite of having an idea that God was in the picture and was working to save the remnant of Israel, I am surprised by some of the discoveries.

The most interesting thing to me is how some of the authors have been able to link what Joseph’s brothers did to what Jacob did when he lied to his father about being his brother Esau. In both cases, there is a mention of blood and clothing.

While in Jacob’s case, he was dressed in a sheep’s wool to pretend to be his brother Esau, Joseph’s brothers carried with them Joseph’s clothing smeared in the blood to their father so as to present a lie that their brother Joseph was dead. Another interesting observation is how the authors have connected what happened to Joseph, with how God works. Although a man may do things with evil intentions, God can use such situations positively.

In the case of Joseph, his brothers though they were eliminating him forever. However, they had no clue that it was in God’s plan that Joseph goes through what he went through for his dreams to be fulfilled eventually. Also interesting to note is God’s choice to work with the younger sons. In this case, Joseph was chosen over his older brothers.

To some extent, I am surprised by what I have discovered in some of the commentaries. The issues raised by the commentaries are a clear indication of how the bible is very well connected.

The parallel drawn between the lie told by Jacob and that told by his sons is an example of how many things spoken about in the bible are symbolic of deeper things. It would take an ardent bible scholar to discover information in the bible that may not be quite obvious to a normal reader of the bible.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Joseph Story by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Although the commentaries seem to agree in some areas, they completely differ in others. There is, for example, a common understanding that what happened to Joseph was in God’s plans to save his people in the future. The link between Jacob’s lie and that of his sons is, however, not mentioned in all the commentaries.

Conclusion The Joseph story is a clear indication of how God chooses those to work with. It is an indication of God’s choice for the younger son in preference to the older. God chose to work with Jacob and not Esau and in Joseph’s case, Joseph was chosen over his older brothers. Many other scenarios that are similar can be found in the Bible such as David and his brothers as well as Manasseh and Ephraim.

As stated in many sections of the bible, God is always interested in the inside of a person and not the outward appearance. On many occasions, people have been surprised by God’s choice of people to work with. Men and women always get it all wrong when they focus more on the outside appearance and not on a person’s inner being.

Works Cited Dunn, James and John Rogerson. Eerdmans commentary on the Bible, Cambridge, UK: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2003. Print.

Kessler, Martin and Karel Deurloo. A Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Beginnings, Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2004. Print.

Lioy, Daniel. International Lesson Commentary: King James Version, with NRSV Comparison, The Standard in Biblical Exposition, Based on the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL), Colorado Springs, CO:David C Cook, 2007. Print.

Phillips, John. Exploring Psalms: An Expository Commentary, Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Academic, 2002. Print.

Wiersbe, Warren. The Wiersbe Bible Commentary: The Complete Old Testament, Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook, 2007. Print.


ALDAR Company Management Strategy Report essay help online

Executive Summary ALDAR Company is, a real estate company based in Emirates and operates in more than five countries. The company owns more than fifty million square meters of land in some of the strategic areas in Emirate. ALDAR’s strength is ventured in its strong brand name that is internationally recognized. There is wide recognition of its products in all parts of the world.

The strength of the company is undoubtedly engineered by its internal managerial mechanisms. To have a competitive edge in selling its developmental projects, it will be advisable for the company to take advantage of its ability to compete favorably with equal players in the market. A strategic marketing plan is the only way out. There is no one company that is perfect; there is always an area that offers a weak point.

One of the weak points that the company will have to go through is internal while others are from the external environment. Weaknesses refer to stumbling blocks that may deter the company from progressing towards a particular direction. With a strategic plan, it will be easy to decide the material flow, technology to use, process selection, inventory required, and the capital needed.

Operation management has the responsibility of setting the policies that define expected labor standards. Employees play the biggest role in production processes, their skills, knowledge, and abilities should be put into consideration. In the recent past demand drift have been strongly pulling the market. Few movements have emerged which are linked with most of the real estate’s companies with well-distinguished brand names and the wholesale operations.

There is, therefore, need for all companies in the sector to have strong access to the details of sales data. Having the necessary details will not only quicken the production planning but will also provide information about customers’ tastes and preference and will help in reducing the possibility of underproduction.

Mission ALDAR’s mission is to mobilize the available resources to drive strategies in the core areas of expertise through innovation to ensure that customers are provided with high-quality products that are readily available at low costs.

Some of ALDAR developments are given below:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Yas Island which occupies about 2,500 hectares of land

Al Raha Beach occupying an area of 5.2 million square meters

Luxuries apartments, restaurants, hotels, and office space in the city which occupies 5.0 hectares of land

Al Gurm Resort found in Abu Dhabi mangrove forests (ALDAR website 2).

Vision ALDAR aims at being the most realistic and dependable real estate company not only in Emirates but also in the rest of the world. It also aims at creating a steady and profitable investment platform for its shareholders and to provide development projects that are environment-friendly (ALDAR website 2).

External environment Political

The global financial crisis has compelled countries to relax their trade barriers. This is a good thing for the company since it can expand into other many countries. This will increase the market base.


In the past decade, the world’s economy has been at a low pace with many countries recording a negative rate. The world has recorded a positive rate since the great depression Era. Even if the rate today is not so good there is hope, and thus a risk taker can as well diversify his business (Yip 6).


Many people believe that ALDAR Company produces products that are of high quality and reliable. They are however willing to trade with current technologically improved products. There are no threats as far as the social environment is concerned if the correct technology is adopted.


Technology is not stagnant and more is expected in the future. The competitiveness of the company will be dependent on the efficiency of technology that it will implement. The world is experiencing rapid technological change; this is brought about by the use of computers in different sectors of business.

ALDAR has benefited from the changes; for example, the company has a website where a customer can log in and communicate directly to the company. These services are available for 24 hours in seven days (ALDAR website 4). In line with the same, the company has embraced computerized marketing and advertisement where it sells its products through the internet


The important thing is to comply with the particular country it invests in laws and regulations.

We will write a custom Report on ALDAR Company Management Strategy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Environmental The world values its environment. There are policies that are targeted to compel companies to respect nature. On the positive note, since the country policymakers realize that no production can be made without the production of waste, it has embarked on the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies.

Porters 5 Analysis Porter developed a structure for analyzing the nature and extent of competition within an industry. He argued that in every industry there are at least five competitive forces, which establish the nature of competition within that industry (Harvard Business School Press 22). It is necessary to conduct this analysis because ALDAR is in an industry that is highly competitive and there is a need to understand the forces behind this competition. These five forces are discussed below:


Supply of foreign distribution links

Inexpensive supply of sophisticated technology

Low Switchover costs – Firms within this industry are vertically integrated. Dependence on foreign/domestic supply is minimal

Risk of forwarding integration


High Buyer Concentration- leads to price wars