Economist Valentines

Love can be expressed in multiple unusual and genius ways. One of these means is demonstrated in the page “14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You” (Fosslien). The images and their captions illustrate that pleasure experienced from Valentine’s Day and love can be viewed by economists as perfect economic situations. Thus, the main focus of this essay is going to be the first and the last image, with the former being a production possibility frontier and the latter – an opportunity set.

In the first image of production possibilities graph, the main purpose is to showcase how different combinations of resources and technology can influence the product production output. This graph is designed to depict the ideas of choice, scarcity, and tradeoffs (“The Production Possibilities Frontier (article)”). The points show output combinations that are productively efficient. Finally, the slope of this image defines the opportunity of producing one good in contrast with the other one. From the perspective of economists, in the first image, the point “you” is located outside of the slope, hinting at a desired goal (Fosslien, “Production Possibilities”). The caption above the image creates a more romantic depiction of what usually requires more thorough consideration.

The final image is represented by an opportunity set graph. Opportunity sets represent all probable combinations of consumption that one can afford, considering the prices of items and one’s income. It is often limited by the budget constraint, which is its boundary (“Decisions Within a Budget Constraint”). Marginal analysis is implemented as a process to compare the benefits and costs of choosing more or less of a specific item. In this image, from economists’ perspectives, the consumption with trade on both sides is located in the middle of the line between the parts representing happiness and fun (Fosslien, “Consuption Opportunities”). In combination with the caption, the image explains that in mutual romantic relationships, both sides will acquire more benefits from this situation.

In conclusion, love can be shown in multiple inventive ways. Liz Fosslien’s page consists of 14 various images that emulate the joy people experience from love by illustrating perfect economic situations. In the first image with production possibilities graph, the “you” point is located outside of the slope, presenting a more romantic depiction. Fosslien’s last image is an opportunity set graph, which makes exchanging ideas beneficial. That way, both sides will be happier and have more fun.

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