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Step-by-Step Assignment Instructions
Conduct a literature search for 5 peer-reviewed, research articles published within the last 5 years that evaluate your selected nursing intervention.
Complete all columns and rows of your Summary of Selected Literature with Level of Evidence Rating table for your 5 selected articles.
Find an example of the Summary of Selected Literature with Level of Evidence Rating table within the Synthesis of the Evidence Draft Example Paper (002) 01_28_22-5.docx
Write a one-page summary of the process of the selection of your five articles:
Describe your method of literature review (~ one paragraph):
Take 2 to 3 sentences to describe what search engines and what keys words you used.
Also briefly note how you narrowed down your selected research study articles.
Provide a summary of the identified level of evidence for each of your 5 selected articles (~ one paragraph):
i.e.: The level of evidence of each article was analyzed. Using the Rating System for Level of Evidence provided by the JHNEBP Evidence Level Guide (n.d.), xx article was a Level I, xx were Level II, and xx was Level IV.
Provide a reference to your evaluation table, such as: Table 1 reports the summary of the selected literature.
Write a two-page article critique of your five selected articles:
Critique the body of research on the topic as a whole (~ 1 and 1/2 pages):
Describe the methodological strengths and limitations of the current research.
Do you see any problems or shortcomings in the methods?
Do you see any strengths of the articles?
Are the results able to be generalized to other (clinical) settings?
Do their results have clinical (EBP) implications?
Be sure to include specific examples from all five articles with in-text citations in this section
Provide the conclusion statement indicating the overall evaluation of the work (~one paragraph):
Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the articles.
In some circumstances, recommendations for improvement on the work may be appropriate.
Attach your Summary of Selected Literature with Level of Evidence Rating table as an appendix.
Finalize your draft in APA format with a title page and a reference list in APA style with corresponding in-text citations.
Submit your work below.


Getting to Know YouYour professor and fellow students would like to know something about you. Please read your professor’s biography and post your personal biography information by answering three or cheap essay help

Please read your professor’s biography and post your personal biography information by answering three or more of the following questions:
What is your favorite passage of Scripture?
Which passage of Scripture do you find most difficult to understand? Why?
How do you think a stronger understanding of the biblical text will impact your own life?
Are there specific passages of Scripture that you think an understanding of would benefit your witness?  Why?
Which passage of Scripture do you think is most difficult for most Christians to interpret? Why?
What is the most significant fact that you learned from reading Chapter 1 “Bible Translations” in Duvall and Hays?
This is just a basic answer it doesn’t have to be very long just answer queztion


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U need read the Pillsbury case and the PPt carefully and than answer the question that i upload, the PPT contains the concept of the questions. 

For the Question 3, here is the concept of “SMART”


–Include communication task and target


–Identifies a starting point

–Identifies the desired outcome

–Method for assessment

•Agreed upon




Order of The Day cheap essay help

Time Limit: 2:00 – 3:00 minutes

For this assignment, you will deliver part or all of a speech delivered by a current or historical American figure, world leader or movie character. Given the time limit of the speech, you will probably not have time to deliver the speech in its entirety (that will depend on the length of the speech you choose). (Order of The Day by Dwight D Eisenhower) Here are the parameters for the assignment:

1. First, you will introduce the “context” of the speech—tell who gave the speech, provide some information about that person (especially if he/she is not someone with whom the audience is familiar), and explain the reasons why the speech was given. Tell us about the speech as well. What is the speech about? Who was its audience? When and where was it originally delivered? You should spend about 1 minute on this part of the speech. This will serve as the speech’s “introduction.”

2. After carefully selecting the speech you will use for this assignment, you will then decide what part of the speech you will present. Of course, you can choose a speech that is short enough to deliver within the time limit; however if the speech you choose is longer than the time limit, you will have to select a portion of the speech to fit the time limit. Make sure that the passage you deliver to the class has continuity—that it makes sense. Some speeches may be too short to fit the requirements of this assignment and are not appropriate choices.

3. Finally, in the conclusion, tell us why you chose the speech. What did you like about it? What do you think we can learn from its words? What is its relevance?


What is meant by the term mandated benefit? Describe government-mandated benefits. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? cheap essay help: cheap essay help

What is meant by the term mandated benefit? Describe government-mandated benefits. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

The employee benefits program’s fundamental goal is to safeguard employees and their relatives from genuine difficulties caused on account of inability, unemployment, sickness, or loss of an individual’s life. Mandated benefits are the advantages that are legally necessary. These involve state or focal supported projects which expect to furnish the employees and their families with fundamental requirements. The mandated program can’t be changed, and bosses must choose between limited options on the mandated benefits. To change the current regulations, then, at that point, they ought to include the political interaction.

The three mandated benefits are federal retirement aid, unemployment protection, and laborers’ pay. The unemployment protection will give assistance to the employees who have lost their business. The laborer’s pay advantage will give monetary insurance to the employees who have become crippled by word-related mishaps or injuries. The federal retirement aid advantages will help the matured or incapacitated individuals by giving private annuity and low maintenance work. These projects will assist them with dealing with the costs which can deplete their ventures.

The advantages of unemployment protection are recorded as beneath:

The unemployment protection will safeguard the individual and their relative to acquire their fundamental necessities like lodging and food.
This advantage paid to the jobless individuals will assist with keeping the cash stream happen to the bank and nearby organizations. This cash is significant at the nearby and worldwide level.
The disadvantages of unemployment protection are recorded as underneath:

Jobless individuals will be deterred from work looking if the advantages are excessively broad.
The advantages of laborers pay are recorded as underneath:

By giving specialists remuneration, the businesses can stay away from the claims which can be recorded by the injured employee.
Every one of the costs of the employees will be taken into consideration by the business during the injury treatment period and in case of employee passing, the business will deal with the employee’s wards.
The disadvantages of laborers are recorded as underneath:

As the protection cost is expanding numerous businesses find it costly to buy laborers’ remuneration protection.
The advantages of federal retirement aid are recorded as underneath:

The beneficiary can pick when they might want to get the government-backed retirement and it permits the jobless qualified mate to get the advantage.
The disadvantages of government-backed retirement are recorded as underneath:

There is a limit in qualification and everybody won’t get the advantage and the asset allotted for it will get dwindled.

Law, Find. “Pro and Cons: Offering Employee Benefits.” Findlaw, 17 Jan. 2018, https://www.findlaw.com/smallbusiness/employment-law-and-human-resources/pro-and-cons-offering-employee-benefits.html.


wrote a research proposal but now need to do ethics form will provide my proposal with examples of ethic college application essay help: college application essay help

wrote a research proposal but now need to do ethics form
will provide my proposal with examples of ethic forms
Ethic form : 1,2,3 diff people, (not actual people but from the studies)
secondary research
Complete ethics form (must)
No participation needed, do most consent form


Write a research paper in APA format on a subject of your choosing that is related to Business Intelligence. Integrate what you have learned from the course resources (.e.g. Textbook Readings, Discuss custom essay help

Integrate what you have learned from the course resources (.e.g. Textbook Readings, Discussion Board Posts, Chapter Presentations) into your document.
As you consider the topic for your research paper, try and narrow the subject down to a manageable issue. Search for academic journal articles (i.e. peer-reviewed) and other sources related to your selected subject. Because this is a research paper, you must be sure to use proper APA format citations.  
Your paper must include an introduction stating what your paper is about and a logical conclusion.
This paper must contain a minimum of 1500 words of content and use at least 5 peer-reviewed sources.  Peer-reviewed sources include:  Academic Journal Articles, Textbooks, and Government Documents.  At least one of the textbooks for this course could be used as a source for this paper.
 Data science and AI roles continue the trend towards specialization.There is a practical split is between ‘engineering-heavy’ data science roles focused on large production systems and the infrastructure and platforms that underpin them (‘Data/ML/AI Engineers’), and ‘science-heavy’ data science roles that focus on investigative work and decision support (‘Data Scientists/Business Analytics Professionals/Analytics Consultants’). Your paper should contrast the skill sets, different mental models, and established department structures that make this a compelling pattern.


Session 1 Interpretive Exercise 1Please complete your assigned reading before working through the interpretive exercises. Interpretive Exercises:Assignment 1-2Assignment 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3Select and c college essay help: college essay help

Interpretive Exercises:Assignment 1-2
Assignment 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3
Select and complete one of the following: Assignment 3-1, 3-3, OR 3-5

Session 1 Ephesians Interpretive ObservationsMake a minimum of 15 interpretive observations about the Ephesians passage you have chosen for your Final Assignment. Submit your observations in a Word document.Click on the Session 1 Ephesians Interpretive Observations link to submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.


PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE SECTION: In The Apology, we only get to hear the speeches of Socrates. For this essay help free

In The Apology, we only get to hear the speeches of Socrates. For this paper I want you to imagine that you are one of Socrates’ accusers and write a paper explaining why Socrates is guilty of the charges against him — corrupting the youth and not believing in the gods of the city. TWO page essay explaining why socrates is guilty.

1) Papers should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced, size 12 font (times new Roman)or the equivalent.
2) Each paper must the address topic assigned and demonstrate an understanding of the texts and issues related to that topic. Papers that go off topic will be penalized.
3) Papers will be graded for grammar as well as content.

1) Clarity: The paper should have a clear thesis or position that is precisely stated, avoiding vague terms and over-generalizations. Bad grammar is inherently unclear! Even though our topics are somewhat ‘imaginative’ you should still have a thesis.

2) Evidence: The paper should provide evidence for the thesis. This evidence will bedrawn from the texts discussed, from philosophical arguments, or from things learned in other classes. The paper should show an understanding of both the text and the broader philosophical issues raised in the text. Misunderstanding the text, or misquoting it, means that one does not have evidence!

3) Organization: The argument of the paper will be well organized, moving in an orderly fashion from premises to conclusion without gaps or jumps. The paper will not wander away from its central thesis, nor will it get bogged down in secondary issues. If the reader cannot follow your argument, the paper is disorganized!

IF you need more information about socrates or anything please feel free to reach out and I will gladly provide it. Use the two sources below at first and then you may look for one or two more reliable sources to use for the essay.