E-Books Vs. Traditional Books And Influence On Public Library Systems Research Paper Best College Essay Help

Table of Contents Introduction

Research Design and Rationale


Development of the Research Tool

Summary of the Chapter

Reference List

Introduction The present research aims at defining major trends in the use of digital and print books as well as the impact of these trends on libraries and education. To reach the aim, quantitative as well as qualitative research methods will be used. Quantitative research methods will help to define the existing trends whereas qualitative research methods will help explain these trends and define their impact on libraries and education.

The research will involve quite a wide group of participants which will include college students, librarians, junior school teachers, parents of junior school students. Notably, the research will be implemented with the extensive use of the Internet which is quite logical in view of the research goals. However, a number of interviews will also be carried out, which will help explain certain trends and predict possible outcomes of the digital prevalence for libraries and education.

Research Design and Rationale It is necessary to note that modified research methods exploited by Schcolnik (2001) will be used. As has been mentioned above, quantitative research methods will be emplyed to define the major trends in prevalence of digital books over print books. Web survey will be implemented as a quantitative research method. The data obtained will confirm the prevalence and will explicitly show to what extent digital books prevail.

The data obtained will also reveal the history of the digital and print books sales as well as the history of the books transition within libraries. The use of this method will ensure validity of the research (Johnson, 2011). Admittedly, to ensure validity of the research only reliable sources will be used. The web survey will provide a comprehensive picture of major trends existing in the fields of education and libraries use.

As far as qualitative research methods are concerned, questionnaires will be employed. These questionnaires will help understand and explain existing trends. The questionnaires will be sent online which ensures considerable coverage. The Internet enables to reach a wide group of participants throughout the country. The questionnaires will not contain more than 20 questions. Thus, it will not take much time to complete the questionnaires.

This is very important as participants will be able to answer all questions thoughtfully. Therefore, the necessary number of ‘diligent’ participants will be able to participate in the research which ensures reliability of the results obtained. These questionnaires will help understand why people prefer using digital books and what people expect from using libraries.

The questionnaires will also help understand aspirations and inclinations of librarians, along with their ability to provide services associated with digital books use. This research method will help make certain predictions concerning the future use of digital and print books as well as the future of libraries.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apart from questionnaires, interviews will also be exploited. A number of librarians, college students, junior school teachers and parents of children aged 5-8 will be interviewed. These interviews will help obtain first-hand opinions on the matter. Admittedly, this method will enrich the research as particular experiences of stakeholders involved will be analyzed. Specific examples from participants’ lives will provide insights into the factors motivating people to prefer this or that type of books.

This research method will be beneficial for the present research as it will help back up data obtained from the questionnaires. The interviews will help understand whether predictions made on the basis of the questionnaires are plausible. Thus, the opinions provided by some participants will also help predict the future of digital books in education and their future use in libraries. Notably, the use of these two qualitative research methods also increases validity of the present research.

Participants The present research will involve a diverse group of people (both males and females) of different age and ethnicity. Notably, gender and ethnicity will not be taken into account as the present research focuses on the overall scope of people using books irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity. The age of participants will range from 18 to 50.

The overall number of participants will be about 800, i.e. around 800 people will complete questionnaires. College students, junior school teachers, librarians and parents of children aged 5-8 will be involved. These will be representatives of different colleges, schools and libraries. No less than ten colleges, ten schools and ten libraries will be involved in the present research as this kind of diversity can ensure validity of the research.

About 16 participants (4 college students, 4 junior school teachers, 4 librarians and 4 parents of children aged 5-8) will be interviewed. The participants will be invited after the questionnaires are analyzed. The half of the interviewees (2 college students, 2 junior school teachers, 2 librarians and 2 parents of children aged 5-8) will be those who prefer using digital books and the other half will be people who prefer print books (2 college students, 2 junior school teachers, 2 librarians and 2 parents of children aged 5-8).

Development of the Research Tool The web survey is the first stage of the research. Governmental websites providing statistics and digital archives from the libraries will be extracted and analyzed. These sources ensure validity of the data obtained (Johnson, 2011). As far as the governmental websites are concerned, these resources will help obtain data on the amount of produced and sold digital books as well as print books.

The number of libraries and the rates of the enrollment to these libraries can also be found at such websites. Data of some poles and surveys are also available at such websites. Libraries’ digital archives will provide more specific information on the amount of print and digital books in each library, transition of books within each library, the number of people enrolled and the list of services provided.

We will write a custom Research Paper on E-Books vs. Traditional Books and Influence on Public Library Systems specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As for the questionnaires, they will include personal data of participants (age, education, occupation) as well as questions concerning the use of digital and print books and attitude toward libraries. Each group of participants will get a particular questionnaire (i.e. there will be four types of questionnaires).

These data will help understand the role digital and print books play in college and junior education. The data will also help understand the role these books play in the system of US libraries. Apart from this, the data obtained will help define aspirations of people involved which, in its turn, will help make predictions as for the future of digital and print books in libraries and in education.

College students will answer questions concerning their preferences in reading and using libraries, types of literature they read using print and digital books, types of services they receive and would like to receive in libraries. Junior school teachers will have questions concerning the use of digital and print books in their classrooms and their interactions with librarians.

Parents will answer questions concerning their children and their participation in their children’s literacy development. The parents will also answer whether they use digital or print books while encouraging their children to read. Finally, librarians will answer the questions concerning their work with digital and print books. Their preferences as well as their skills will be defined with the help of the questionnaires.

The interviews are aimed at obtaining more detailed information which is backed up by real life experiences. The interviews will have similar questions as the questionnaires (though, not the same) but they will contain open questions (Johnson, 2011). This will help deeper understand preferences, aspirations and inclinations of the stakeholders involved. Thus, real life stories and opinions will help predict the future of the books and libraries.

Summary of the Chapter The present chapter dwells upon the methodology used to carry out the present research. Combination of quantitative and qualitative research method ensures reliability and validity of the research. Web survey, questionnaires and interviews will be exploited. Validity of the web survey will ensure the sources used, i.e. governmental websites, libraries’ digital archives.

The research will involve about 800 participants (college students, junior school teachers, librarians and parents of children aged 5-8) who will be representatives of different colleges, junior schools and libraries. Questionnaires and interviews will contain questions concerning participants’ preferences, habits, skills and aspirations. It is possible to note that the number of participants and the variety of the research methods used will ensure informativity and validity of the present research.

Reference List Johnson, A.P. (2011). Short guide to action research. New York, NY: Addison Wesley.

Not sure if you can write a paper on E-Books vs. Traditional Books and Influence on Public Library Systems by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Schcolnik, M. (2001). A study of reading with dedicated e-readers. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Nova Southeastern University. Web.


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Anthias (2007) and Griffith (1998) argue that, post-industrialization marks the transition where service sector offers more revenue than the manufacturing sector in specific nations. In the 19th century during the industrial age, Britain was the leading nation in industrialization. Britain had founded its empire on the mercantilism era where it emphasized on in-side trading and suppressed any rival empires.

The mercantile economic theory was founded on the principle of ensuring collaboration between the merchants and the Britain in order to enhance private wealth and political power by segregation of other empires. In order to enforce the mercantile theory, the British government sheltered its merchants and segregated others through regulations, trade barriers, and subsidiaries of local industries. These measures favoured local industries and suppressed foreign industries.

However, as time elapsed there was a need to collaborate in trading. The emergence and propagation of globalization favoured other nations that were more recipient to the changing economic evolvement. Nations such as Germany, United States and Japan overtook Britain in the international trading.

This happened during the Fordism period where many industries evolved from large static organisations with stable markets to small dynamic firms with specialized markets. The shift-attracted mass production and economy of scale became the competing factor.

According to Held (1999) and Herman (1999), the continuous proliferations of globalization lead to an increased competition because of consumers’ access of many varieties of products/services. Of late, there has been a great evolvement of the trade policy pursued by the EU.

The EU has continuous loosened their tight regulations by tariffs and quotas to embrace non-tariffs barriers to trade, as well as single market. The EU trading policy are known for being committed towards specific policy issues that entail gender relations, social policy, labour protection and environmental sustainability that greatly curtail free trade international.

The demand for high quality, low costs and shorter period for production because of globalization and market liberalization has called for outsourcing of some services as well as high participation of women in the labour market.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Whereas Herman (1997) associate American firms in opting for outsourcing most of their services in response to the current stiff global competition, Hurrell (2000) argue that firms in Europe and particularly the UK respond by attracting young and educated personnel from foreign countries to come and boost their slow economy.

The Europe economy is slow because of low birth rate associated with high level of older working population, which is too slow to support the inactive group. Nonetheless, there has been great trade integration worldwide despite the EU reluctant participation (See appendix 15)

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Executive Summary This proposal outlines the secret of the Emirates Airlines’ success. The first part provides information on how the airline has managed to reach out to six continents using global integration and local responsiveness strategies. The paper also points out how the global strategy has poised the Dubai based airline for international success.

Finally, the proposal paints the success picture of Emirates Airlines with respect to several factors. These factors include profitability, environmental and social responsibility, and the “Hello Tomorrow” marketing initiative. The latter is considered to be one of the most creative promotion campaigns in the market.

Introduction Emirates Airlines is one of the fastest growing corporations in the world today (Roberts 2012). The airline is part of the larger Dubai based Emirates Group of companies. The group is composed of four companies which include Emirates SkyCargo and Emirates Airlines (Datamonitor 2012).

The other two companies are Dnata and Emirates Holiday (Datamonitor 2012). The Emirates Group was started in 1985 and has expanded over the years. It is noted that today, Emirates Airlines flies to over 120 destinations in six continents (Datamonitor 2012).

On May 2011, one of the largest airlines in the world (Air France- KLM) announced losses that have never been recorded in the aviation industry before. At the same time, Emirates Airlines had just placed an order for 32 Airbus 380 jumbo jets in addition to 2,000 new crew members to support the operations and growth of the company in the same year.

Between March 2010 and May 2011, Emirates had increased its total number of planes from 146 to 165. These are some of the indications of the successful performance of the company in a market that is very unpredictable. The company has some of the youngest planes operating in the industry today. It has received more than 310 awards for its exemplary performance in the industry.

This proposal aims at outlining the secrets of this success. In the proposed study, the researcher will analyse the factors behind the success of the company. This is especially so given the fact that the aviation industry is one of the most unpredictable and volatile industries in the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In spite of these challenges, the company has continued to record positive growth in profits. It is also one of the most competitive industries in the world. The proposed study will also try to analyse the factors that differentiates the company from the competitors in such a competitive environment.

Local Responsiveness and Global Integration Large companies like Emirates Airlines are charged with the responsibility of striking a balance between local responsiveness and global integration in order to attain the kind of success that has been witnessed in the company. Local responsiveness is the ability of a global corporation to efficiently respond to certain needs in host countries it is operating from.

At the same time, the corporation should have global subsidiaries that are differentiated to confront the different business practices, markets and cultures abroad. Globalization has created both opportunities and tensions for global corporations. Emirates Airlines has taken full advantage of the opportunities while managing the tensions effectively (Underhill


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Abstract It is axiomatic to argue that the future of Low Cost Carriers (LCC) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has been a concern to the business community in the recent past. The need to deregulate the air transport within the cooperation is one of the major steps towards improving the operations of LCCs.

Being one of the market leaders; GCC has in the past adopted all the possible mechanisms to liberate the market to enhance quality and affordable services. Through this research, some of the questions which come up when discussing low cost carriers are tackled and they include; the probability of deregulation of air industry coming to GCC and how long it will take.

The impact of integration and how it will change competition between airlines, Role of International community particularly AACO in deregulating the GCC, The development plans of airports in the region and how it supports the growth of LCC, competition strategy, product strategy, marketing and network amongst leading LCCs within GCC carriers, just to mention a few.

These areas of scrutiny lead to a number of findings which are discussed in the discussion area in relation to literature. The paper also presents a number of recommendations in relation to the findings of the research.

Introduction Low cost carriers are considered by many investors as a key variable in improving economic growth and subsequent development in the development. (Jan


Toby diagnosed: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Essay college essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Issues faced by the student

Strategies to be used to assist the child

Summary and conclusion


Introduction Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that occurs during the early development of children. It is whereby an individual has both attentional issues and experiences hyperactivity. Both of these behaviours occur separately and infrequently. They may start to occur earlier than seven years of age.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most studied psychiatric disorders in children. It is believed to affect approximately five percent of children around the world. This disorder may be chronic as it extends to the victim’s adulthood.

The symptoms of the disorder are usually similar to those of other disorder and this increases the risks of misdiagnosing it or missing it all together. The treatment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder requires proper training. Many clinicians have not received formal training for treating the adults suffering from the disorder and this is one of the drawbacks.

Adults and adolescents suffering from this disorder normally develop compensation mechanisms (accommodations) for their problems. A large number of populations around the world live successfully with the disorder. Some studies suggested that boys are more frequently diagnosed with the disorder than girls are.

However, it is disputable that this irregularity is caused by the subjective biasness of the teachers. ADHD may be managed using a combination of interventions. They range from medicine administration, lifestyle changes, counselling and behavioural modifications.

Toby has been diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behaviour disorder and lack of decoding skills. This has caused him to have disruptive behaviour in class. He also has problems learning and does not complete assignments. Some of the other social problems that Toby experiences include being teased for being a short boy and wearing large glasses.

He is also over active and this makes students laugh at him and tease him even more. It is important that he receives help from the teachers and parents so that some of his behaviours (disruptive and inappropriate behaviour) can be minimized. This would also be important in order to ensure that he is able to learn and complete the assigned class work.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Issues faced by the student Toby has been determined to have issues with decoding (lack of decoding skills). This is common in people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is because the disorder is associated with major deficits in executive functions. The student lacks the ability to perform cognitive functions that are necessary to perform problem solving.

Research suggests that children suffering from the disorder are slow and experience more varied response speeds when it comes to performing tasks that require reasoning (decoding skills) (Shanahan, Yerys,