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Please provide a in depth critical thinking discussion response to the two members attached 150 words each, examine how your suggested applications are similar to or different from theirs. (my discussion post attached )Also, consider how the different experiments help us to get a full picture of how human memory works.


1. Please delete the “National Parks and Recreation Structure” part (slide 4,5) under the “TYPICAL ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE”. Instead, create Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

1. Please delete the “National Parks and Recreation Structure” part (slide 4,5) under the “TYPICAL ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE”. Instead, create 2 new slides and focus more on the local government’s parks and recreation department’s typical organization structure.
2. Additionally, revise the comparison part (slide 9, 10) because now it’s comparing the structure on the national level between China and the U.S. I want the comparison under the local government level.
3. Based on the new slides you created and revised, create a corresponding presentation scriipt


AS IT RELATES TO GENDER, ETHNICITY OR CULTURE Annotated Bibliography Assignment college application essay help

Locate and read 4 peer reviewed/scholarly articles that relate to one or more of the areas of Addiction Prevalence As It Relates To Gender, Ethnicity or Culture – Choose either one of these areas or an area within – for example, pick a gender, select a cultural group, etc. and find four articles. Write an annotated bibliography in APA format with these 4 articles. Each annotation should be at least 3-5 sentences per article minimum. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to scholarly books, articles, and documents researched based on the assignment. Each source listed is followed by a brief descriptive paragraph. Visit the following sites for more information on what a peer reviewed article is and how to create an annotated bibliography. What does peer reviewed mean? http://library.sdsu.edu/reference/research/peer-reviewed-articles or https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/712/1 APA formatted annotated bibliography: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/ Assignment Details: Your annotated bibliography must contain the following: The topic of your search (must be related to one of the content areas of the ADDICTION PREVALENCE AS IT RELATES TO GENDER, ETHNICITY AND CULTURE. Make this the heading for your annotated bibliography.(Example: “Annotated Bibliography: Dual Relationships in Counseling”). Four high-quality web-based articles/sources about the topic, with correct citation and web addresses for each article and a 3- to 5-sentence summary of the contents of each article. For this assignment, you only need to summarize the contents of each article; you do not need to evaluate or provide a critique of the contents. Articles may be from professional journals, magazines, professional organization web sites, federal web sites such as SAMHSA, or mainstream news sources such as the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. A minimum of two articles must come from sources that you located through the : University of Central Arkansas online library. EBSCO host is a good source of scholarly journals and can be accessed through the : University of Central Arkansas Library web site. You may not include sources such as personal blogs, Wikipedia, or other online dictionaries or encyclopedias. Be sure that your sources are credible, include well-documented information, and are not primarily the opinions of a single person without professional credentials. The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in searching the internet to locate professional information about regarding this topic. The ability to locate and evaluate professional information is a critical academic and professional skill. Book if needed: Textbook: Goldberg, R.


C.Z. is a 20-year-old Caucasian male who is in his second year of college. He is seeking treatment due custom essay help: custom essay help

C.Z. is a 20-year-old Caucasian male who is in his second year of college. He is seeking treatment due to persistent fears that campus security and the local police are tracking and surveilling him. He cites occasional lags in his internet speed as evidence that surveillance devices are interfering with his electronics. His intense anxiety about this has begun getting in the way of his ability to complete schoolwork, and his friends are concerned – he says they have told him, “you’re not making sense.”

C.Z. occasionally laughs abruptly and inappropriately and sometimes stops speaking mid-sentence, looking off in the distance as though he sees or hears something. He expresses concern about electronics in the room (phone, computer) potentially being monitored and asks repeatedly about patient confidentiality, stating that he wants to be sure the police won’t be informed about his treatment. His beliefs are fixed, and if they are challenged, his tone becomes hostile.

Discuss the etiology, course, and the structural/functional abnormalities of schizophrenia.
How would you address this psychopathology when assessing or treating a patient diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia?


Prompt: At the end of this course, you will submit an Analysis Paper. You will use a logical analysis of your choice. The argument you select can come from any source (a movie, book, religious teachin online essay help

You will use a logical analysis of your choice. The argument you select can come from any source (a movie, book, religious teaching, politician’s soundbite, song, poem, supreme court judgment, etc.) and can be analyzed using any of the methods practiced during this course (fallacies, famous forms, natural deduction, quantifiers, probability, and induction). In order to get started on this paper, you will submit your thesis statement this week. If you are unsure of how to write a thesis statement, review this website: Creating a Thesis Statement
Purpose: This assignment allows you to take the skills developed through the course and apply them in a more naturalistic mode. Since humans do not communicate through highly rigorous symbolic notation but rather through prose, this assignment brings logic closer to regular life. This exercise gives you a jump start on your paper.
Parameters: You will submit your working thesis statement using the attached template. Be sure to answer each question carefully.
This week, you will complete the form below.
The most important aspect of this assignment is writing a working thesis statement. A solid working thesis will provide two things: (a) identification of the topic and (b) an explanation of what your paper will prove about that topic. A working thesis statement help you to focus your search for information. It’s important to note that while you will start your analysis paper with this thesis statement, it is very likely that you will continue to refining your thesis until the very end of your project.
1.      What topic did you choose?                                                                                                  
2.      What stance are you taking on your topic?
3.      List at least three (3) reasons to support your stand.
MY WORKING THESIS STATEMENT: