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Review the following items in preparation for the discussion prompt below:

The Impact of Social Determinants on Cardiovascular Disease (Open in a new window)
Confronting the Social Determinants of Health — Obesity, Neglect, and Inequity (Open in a new window)
Explain why heart disease and obesity have complex causes that include social factors.
What are these factors and are they important?
Focus on the quality of content in your post and adequately respond to each of the questions.
Responses should be at least 200 words in length




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1. What are your initial thoughts on the research question: “Should what people say on social media be grounds for getting fired?” Before conducting any research, what do you know about the topic, and what do you think the answer to the research question is? Be detailed and specific.
2. What do you need/want to know from research to further inform your understanding of and thoughts on this topic (the research question)?
3. Review (at least skim) the research offered in the Synthesis Essay Research Packet and select one text that you think you might use in your Synthesis Essay. You could use it to support your understanding/explanation of the issue, you could use it to support your position on the issue, and/or you could use it to provide a counterargument to your position (meaning you disagree with the source and plan to explain why in your Synthesis Essay). Explain why you selected the text and how you think you might use it in your Synthesis Essay.

** Here’s the link to a selected text you will need to answer question 3 —> https://www.macleans.ca/work/jobs/hes-fired-whos-next/


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Health is more than a medical issue. It is influenced by economic and social conditions surrounding the individual or groups. The social determinant of health are these conditions that impact the health status of a population.
In this assignment, you will analyze five social determinants of health in terms of their features and potential health impact.

Assignment Instructions
Download the 5 Social Determinants of Health Analysis Template (opens in new window).
After completing your reading for the week Analyze the five social determinants of health and fill in the table by describing the features of each determinant, their potential health impact, and listing some examples of each.
Upload your completed template for final grading.
Submission Instructions
During the dates of availability for this assignment, a button will display below which will allow you to submit your assignment for grading.
Before submitting an assignment for grading, always check your written work for spelling and grammar errors. Click the spell-check links in the Assignment Helps for step-by-step instructions.
Always refer to your course syllabus for the university’s late work policy.


Discussion 1 | Exercise and Stress Relief essay help free

Review the assigned reading to prepare for this discussion.

Stress Symptoms: Effects on Your Body and Behavior (opens in a new window)
Exercising to Relax (opens in a new window)
We deal with stress in many areas of our daily lives and for most of us, stress is unavoidable. In understanding the causes and effects of stress, and methods for treating stress, we can better understand how to manage, relieve, and mitigate stress in our own lives and also in the lives of others.

Scenario: On your latest visit to your primary care physician, your doctor expressed concerns about your level of stress. He has asked you to develop a plan for yourself to reduce your stress and stay physically active.

What are some types of stress that affect both the physical and mental functions of the body and recommended treatments?
How are genetics linked to stress development?
Based on your research on physical and mental functions of the body as they relate to stress, how will you personally address the doctor’s concerns?

Initial posts: 150-250 words
Use APA formatting to cite all sources




Health Issue Research Paper | Part 1: Selection of Topic [Originality Check] writing essay help: writing essay help

Review the full Health Issue Research Paper [DOWNLOAD] assignment details.
Submit Part 1 of your assignment by following the instructions below before the deadline.
Assignment Resources
Health Topic List [DOWNLOAD]
Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism. Always review the University’s Academic Integrity Policy statement regarding plagiarism.

Check your document for spelling and grammatical errors.
Refer to your course syllabus (opens in new window) for details on grading criteria and the university’s late work policy.
How You Can Avoid Plagiarism
How To Read Your Similarity Report
Access your Similarity Report by selecting the percentage which appears next to your submission after 5-10 minutes.

https://course.lapu.edu/pluginfile.php/1356336/mod_resource/content/7/Health Issue Research Paper Instructions.pdf

https://course.lapu.edu/pluginfile.php/1356337/mod_resource/content/1/Health Topic List.pdf


an essay on the movie ” The Jazz singer” if you need me to find it somewhere, I can college essay help online: college essay help online

an essay on the movie ” The Jazz singer” if you need me to find it somewhere, I can try. the prompt below is an outline to follow when writing the review for the film.

Prompts for the Movie Review

Paragraph 1:
[Movie Title] was made in [____] and directed by [name]. It stars [names] and focuses on [describe issue or topic]. I [liked/disliked] the movie because [give reasons and explain].

Paragraph 2:
The strengths of the movie were [outline and discuss]….

Paragraph 3:
The movie’s area[s] of weakness was/were [outline and discuss].

Paragraph 4:
For me, the most memorable moment in the movie was when [describe and explain why memorable or meaningful].

Paragraph 5/conclusion:
Overall, the movie seemed to speak to viewers today because…
Overall, the movie seemed to be from a different time and place, and the issues faced at that time were very different from those we deal with today. I believe this because…


Diversity of student college application essay help

The diversity of both students and faculty poses important considerations for teaching and learning. Reflect on the characteristic differences in gender, race, and culture, as well as the differences among the diverse generations in today’s nursing education classroom. When considering your personal philosophy of teaching, discuss how you might use these characteristic differences and diverse backgrounds and experiences of today’s nursing students as a teaching tool to connect students to nursing content and increase their understanding. In other words, how might you incorporate the background and experiences of your students into your teaching methods to enhance the ability of all students in your classroom to think critically and problem solve patient-care issues?


The thesis question/statement is ” What are the psychological factors that affect an adolescent’s ability to concentrate upon the college admission essay help: college admission essay help

The thesis question/statement is ” What are the psychological factors that affect an adolescent’s ability to concentrate upon the instruction of a teacher in a classroom setting.

Write an introduction to your topic that incites interest and depicts the need for the study. Why should the reader be interested in this topic? What should the reader hope to gain from this project? Find a quotation, anecdote, news item, or some other element on the topic that can incite such interest as you open your paper.

Then, briefly describe the reasons for this choice of the topic and study, along with the other elements required as indicated below. Keep in mind, academic writing is supposed to be as objective and dispassionate as possible, which means you should avoid a conversational tone, all slang, and writing in the first or second person. Try wherever possible to write in the third person throughout academic writing. Even if there is some personal aspect that is to be addressed, there are ways to format such writing that do not involve using the first person.

This written assignment must include the following:

Introduce the topic.
Discuss your topic selection.
Explain its background and your rationale for choosing it.
Describe your personal interest in it.
Explore its relevance to professional life and of such a research project.
List the key words used to refine your topic or problem statement.
Provide the purpose of the paper (explain, analyze, or argue).
Identify intended audience (general or specialized).
Indicate your voice as the writer (informer or advocate).
Identify key points or main question to be studied.
Draft a preliminary problem statement, thesis statement, or opening hypothesis that includes mention of the context of your topic.
Provide a summary.


Recall that costs for direct labor and direct materials are easily traced to products. When Sporthotel provides meals to custom essay help

Recall that costs for direct labor and direct materials are easily traced to products. When Sporthotel provides meals to its clientele, there are direct labor and materials included in that cost. However, there are also indirect costs associated with providing meals to guests. What types of items would be attributed as both direct and indirect costs for this business?

Keep in mind that accounting for indirect manufacturing costs typically requires allocating overhead using predetermined overhead rates. Why do managers insist on allocating overhead costs? Do you believe that Chef Stefan Egger is employing the best method for predicting the quantities of products he needs to purchase to have enough food on hand to prepare meals for his guests? Why or why not?