Differencies Between Feeling And Perception

The difference between sensation and perception is that with sensation, a person receives information about the world around him through the senses. In contrast, with perception, the information is interpreted in the brain. When one looks at something on the phone, the information reaches the brain through the eyes, and perception helps one understand what is shown. If one experiences feelings while feeling, perception helps to create an image. Also, feelings are most often aroused automatically and require no effort, while perception requires some activity of the individual to explore the object. For perception, sensation, and other functions to work perfectly, it is necessary to train the brain constantly.

In my daily life, I encounter many examples that I can perceive as sensation and perception. Often, such feelings work together when I make a holistic perception out of feeling. For example, recently, I was on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean. First, I smelled unpleasant seaweed; then, I felt the splash of the wave on my skin. However, this did not cancel out the fact that I could see the ocean, which was so blue and big. After the trip, I stopped at a coffee shop and ordered my favorite orange raff, which I alternately felt was hot, light, and had a bright orange smell and taste. Nevertheless, it’s still the same raff I always order and take it as a solid product.

The more I recite these processes in my head, the better I can experience and identify them in my consciousness. Using the various senses, I model an image of an object, phenomenon, or person. It is important not to lose this skill and to strive to look at the details, even if they seem insignificant at first glance and will not affect our overall perception in any way.