Democrats And Republicans In The US Politics

A perfectly detailed perception of what political leaders think about the ordinary working citizens of any country is listed. The narrative that seemed to keep gaining traction amongst many of the voters, of whom the more considerable percentage falls on workers of all backgrounds who have no college degree, about America’s political system is that Democrats tend to be institutionalized mainly as the party of the economic elites. At the same time, Republicans represent working-class Americans (Hounshell, 2022). The new development contradicts what has historically been the Functionalism of both major parties in the States.

As a leader, despite the party one was voted on, it is their work and responsibility to give a fair representation to their citizens and help them acquire all the requirements, which, in the long run, boosts their citizens’ economic growth. Not just in America but globally, upon a politician getting elected, the party officials fall short on two other core tiers (Hounshell, 2022). They do not advocate for working-class people aggressively enough and tend to be lenient on giant, greedy businesses, hence an excellent way to represent Marxism.

Interactionism depicted where the Democratic Party was bashed and labeled as erroneously identifying the reasons for inflation and offering increased joblessness and lower earnings as a cure. Republican politicians are boasting about how they are willing to fight for the working people (Hounshell, 2022). The Democrats got bashed when whistleblowers identified that they had failed to use their legislative majority to enact more progressive policies over the past 18 months, letting its most conservative member virtually choose the boundaries of their leading initiative (Hounshell, 2022). Social action theory led to working-class voters opening their doors took place when the conversation about Trump providing special interests in terms of tax cuts for the wealthy.


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