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This is a scientific discipline concerned with the study of impacts that human beings have on the environment around them, and how the environment affects them. The role human beings play in conserving and sustaining the environment has been identified using relevant psychological theories. This has been eased by research findings that exist in this field (Clayton


Kiera Brinkley: A Person Who Has Influenced My Life in Positive Way Essay college admissions essay help

Leading normal lives we do not understand how lucky we are to have legs and hands, we do not respect the opportunities we are offered and we do not know how to use the basic issues we have, the opportunity to walk and to use hands, while those who live with limited opportunities lead fuller lives than others do. Kiera Brinkley is the example of how we are to live.

Kiera Brinkley is a sixteen year old girl who lost her legs and hands when she was 2 years old because of the meningococcal disease. During her life, her mother supported and inspired her telling that she is not different from others, but that she is unique and she should be proud of it. This point of view helped Kiera Brinkley grow up a positive person with many desires.

Looking at Kiera Brinkley I understand how strong this person must be to be able to dance without legs. She inspired me for actions. Watching the video on YouTube with Kiera Brinkley I was inspired by her mode of life, her strong character and desire to live.

Kiera Brinkley lives fuller life that people with ordinary options and she may be used as the role model for others. Being limited in movement, she managed not only to walk and study at college, she also realized her dream to dance and this is a great achievement.

I was inspired by this persona and I am sure that everyone who watches how this person uses her body having limited opportunities is inspired as well. She motivated me for living better life than I have, to act rather than stay and watch how others do.


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The concept that needs to be defined is that of piety/ holiness. Euthyphro is in the verge of prosecuting his father because of the crime he committed. Socrates is surprised by the action of Euthyphro. However, Euthyphro argues that his action is pious.

This action makes Socrates to wonder whether impiety and piety knowledge that Euthyphro posses are adequate enough to allow him prosecute his father by not behaving impiously. As a result, they search for piety definition as understood by Euthyphro. The dialogue between the two terminates without getting a clear definition of what piety means (Cohen, N.D).

Definition of piety by Euthyphro The definition of piety is offered by Euthyphro in four different perspectives. From the initial dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro, Euthyphro is in the verge of prosecuting his own father. This is because he murdered a murderer. The underlying philosophy behind the actions of Euthyphro is not understood by Socrates.

However, he is keen to learn with an aim of understanding Euthyphro and how he ended holding such a super power in the whole state. Socrates was preparing himself to face trial. As such, he wanted to attain the same respect that had already been achieved by Euthyphro. In their dialogue, Euthyphro understands the various definition of piety.

On the contrary, throughout their dialogue, Euthyphro gives out four different piety definitions some of which contradict each other (Brickhouse


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Socializing Agents Video 1: Group Communication Video Cases

The group comprised of three different professionals; a school nurse, a psychiatrist, and a social worker. This diversity in group makeup affected their opinion on resolving the issue. The treatment approach favored by the three professionals varied with a particular approach being seen as more important and useful by each respective professional.

The diversity of the group affected the group members’ communication style since they exhibited varying levels of assertiveness with the psychiatrist being the most assertive of the group. In this case, diversity was a hindrance to communication since group members were keen to defend their position.

The psychiatrist supported medication while the social worker advocated for a more holistic approach. Evidently, the communication was not effective since each member was only interested in advancing their preferred approach without giving due consideration to the suggestions made by the others. Written communication method would have been more effective in this case.

This is because each member would have been forced to go through the ideas proposed by the other members to completion before reacting to him or her (Adair, 2009). Use of presentations would also have helped since each member would have been allocated time to give their opinions without interruption from other members.

Video 2: Planning a Playground

In the planning a playground video, verbal and nonverbal interactions occur among the members. The nonverbal cues were communicating a lack of conviction in some of the proposals being advanced by the members. However, the speaker did not respond to these nonverbal communications.

The verbal communications are very well put and all members were able to properly articulate their issues and offer solutions. The non-verbal communications also demonstrated attention to what was being said by the speaker. Constant nodding and eye contact facilitated the communication process among the members. Use of hand signals such as raising one’s hand when one had a point helped in the organization of the group.

Non-verbal communications were also used to show disagreement with what the speaker was saying. While this communication was not helpful, it was backed up by verbal communication which helped to achieve effective communication. Presentation aids would have helped to better quantify the issue being discussed and help the members to understand the rationale behind the proposals on the playground money made. Keeping of written records of the meeting would also have been helpful for future reference (Hargie, 2006).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Video 3: Virtual Miscommunication

Listening involves receiving the sound waves and understanding what is being communicated by the speaker. Good listening skills are necessary for effective communication to take place. It also prevents misunderstandings and frustrations when the speaker perceives that they are not being listened to.

Listening techniques were not properly utilized in the virtual miscommunication scenario. The listeners did not make use of any verbal affirmations to confirm that they were fully engaged with the communication process. In addition to this, the listeners were not paying proper attention to what the speaker was saying due to distractions.

Another poor listening habit demonstrated in this video was interrupting a speaker while he is making a point. Techniques which could have facilitated the group process include active listening which is characterized by giving verbal affirmations to demonstrate that you understand what is being said would have helped confirm that the listeners were attentive and encourage the speaker to move on.

The group members would also have made use of paraphrasing which involves repeating what the speaker has said in your own words (Cleary, 2004). Such a technique would ensure that there were no misunderstandings and in case they occurred, the speaker would have a chance to correct them.

Personal Reflection Individual Strengths and Problem-Solving Techniques Paper

Individual Strengths and the Group Process

I was recently a part of a group whose task was to prepare for a wedding party for my friend. The group consisted of eight members including myself. The members of the group were of varying age groups, came from different backgrounds and possessed varying professional skills. Most of the group members did now know each other or have a relationship with each other outside of the group.

A strength that I brought to the group setting was my enthusiasm for the project. Because of this enthusiasm, I was committed to the group and attended all meetings without fail.

I also ensured that the group efficiency was increased by proposing that we appoint a chairperson and each member be given a role. I also took it upon myself to ensure that the group did not deviate into topics that were not relevant to the task at hand. I fostered effective communication among the members by making sure that the appropriate channels were used at all times.

We will write a custom Report on Group Communication specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Because of these, instances of miscommunication were not there and no the group productivity was increased. I also ensured that each task was delegated to the most skilled person in that area. This meant that the tasks at hand were effectively completed due to the skills of the person in charge.

There were some drawbacks which came about because of my strengths and skills. My insistence on sticking to the agenda had a negative impact on group cohesion.

As I have noted, the group members were not familiar with each other. When someone tried to hold general conversations that were aimed at building a relationship among the members, I focused the group back to the issue at hand. Huszczo (2004) asserts that a good relationship among group members yields good performance by the team. My focus on the agenda therefore prevented members from building a relationship that would have raised commitment to the group tasks and brought about great results.

My focus on the most skilled persons in the group also led to some members failing to participate in the group due to lack of confidence. Webne-Behrman (2008) observes that when this happens, the group suffers since it is denied a chance to benefit from the viewpoint of the members who refused to speak out.

One skill that I could work on in order to foster a more effective group environment is to involve all the members of the group. By making all members feel like important members of the team, the group will benefit from the insights of all the members. I can foster this skill by avoiding the temptation to focus only on the vocal members of the group and seeking ways to involve the members who appear to lack confidence.

The group process was also affected by the strengths and skills of other members. On a positive side, the commitment exuded by the members. This commitment led to a deep determination to accomplish the goals and objectives that the group had set out to achieve. On the negative side, some members dominated the meetings and ended up making their issues the center of the discussion. Dominance derails the group from dealing with all the issues that need to be addressed (Kolin, 2009).

Problem Solving Techniques and Group Decision Making

Problem solving is one of the key activities carried out of the group and this solutions sometimes aid in the decision making process. Having good problem solving skills is therefore imperative for the success of the group. There are a number of problem solving techniques that I frequently make use of. One technique that I make use of in problem solving is brainstorming in order to come up with a large number of ideas and then choose the best ones.

Adair (2010) asserts that brainstorming is a very effective technique since it frees the participant from functional fixedness and gives a chance for new ideas to emerge. I also make use of abstraction to solve problem. This technique involves solving the problem at an abstractly in order to see how the solution will turn out. After that, I then apply the tested solution to the real problem.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Group Communication by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More An advantage of abstraction is that it anticipates any adverse impacts of the solution proposed before they are implemented and changes can therefore be made. The last technique that I utilize is the trial and error means which involves applying each potential solution in sequence. This method is useful when a set of potential solutions have been decided but it is not yet clear which one works best.

My techniques influence group decisions in a number of profound ways. Through brainstorming, the group is able to encompass numerous solutions and the best one is chosen for the given occasion. Through brainstorming, the members of the group can be involved and this will lead to greater acceptability of the proposed solution.

Abstraction also helps the group to simulate the impacts of the solution and therefore avoid the solutions that might lead to greater problems. Trial and error is very useful when the group members are fighting over which is the right approach to the problem. Straus (2002) elaborates that it is more productive to select one solution and see if it works. If it does not work, then another solution can be tried out until the right one is reached.

There are other problem solving techniques that I could employ when making group decisions. I could also make of extensive research to solve problems. This method will look at similar problems and their solutions and then adapt this to the particular problem that our group is facing.

By doing this, we will be able to build on what is already known to work and therefore get the best outcomes. I could also make use of the divide and conquer technique which involves breaking down a large problem into small solvable parts. This technique will help in solving problems which seem too complex to deal with. Splitting the problems into manageable chunks will ensure that the group is not overwhelmed as we try to solve the problem.

Developing and improving my problem solving techniques will make me an even greater asset for my group. Straus (2002) stresses that problem solving skills can be learned through practice and exposure. I can increase my problem solving proficiency by reading case studies on problems and how to solve them.

By doing this, I will be exposed to new and effective manners of solving problems and learn from experts. I will also be able to use the case study findings in my own problems. Playing puzzles and other mentally challenging games will also increase my analytical skills and therefore make me more proficient and solving problems. Keeping an open mind and being willing to try out other problem solving techniques proposed by other people will also help me to develop and further improve my skills.

Group Motivation Inventory Paper Lessons learnt from the exercise

Completing the Group Motivation Inventory exercise made me learn a number of things about myself. To begin with, I learnt that while I work very hard in my group, this dedication is mostly driven by the effort shown by the other group members. I also discovered that I do not spend too much time on group projects and mostly do only what we had agreed on with the other members.

The exercise also revealed to me that I prefer working on my way since I would rather divide the tasks with the group members and then focus on my part individually. Even so, I observed that I appreciate the efforts made by other members of the group and easily commended them for their contributions to the group effort.

Another lesson I learnt was that I prefer to avoid contentions and seek to preserve a cordial mood in the group setting. I therefore avoid issues that might result in strive with other members of the group. I also learnt that I am greatly concerned about the perception that other people have about my contributions.

For example the appreciation I got from my group members inspired me to work even harder. It is likely that I would not have been as inspired had they not shown any appreciation for my efforts. Furthermore, I also noticed that I like taking initiative to ensure that the group objectives are met within the set deadlines.

How the Knowledge affects my interaction with groups

This knowledge affects the manner in which I interact in groups in significant ways. Groups are an invaluable tool for achieving significant results in many settings. The knowledge I gained made me realize that greater outcomes can be obtained from working together as a group.

This is because each member of the group brings with him/her skills and expertise that can contribute to the generation of great ideas (Brown, 2000). I also need to develop intrinsic motivation and avoid letting my desire to work for the group be determined by the efforts shown by other members.

The exercise also brought it to my attention that in many cases, I fall prey to groupthink and go along with the options forwarded by other members of the group even if I disagree. Groups achieve their purpose if they are able to come up with the best solution to handle a common problem.

Guffey, Rogin


Personality and Motivation Report essay help: essay help

The concept of motivation emerged after a thorough scholarly investigation about the forces that drove people to perform particular actions. Intrinsic motivation is the implementation of an assignment because of inbuilt contentment from the action rather than some other results.

Ryan and Deci (2000, p.56) show how intrinsic motivation correlates to the natural inclination of individuals towards knowledge and adaptation. They also show how people express it only under specifiable conditions. Extrinsic motivation is whenever an activity is performed to achieve some separable outcomes (Ryan,


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Marketing plays a pivotal role in sale and profit maximization. However, the marketing strategy should resonate with the audience if success is to be achieved. The Avengers set a new box office record by earning over $700 million in sales during its opening weekend.

Critics and marketing specialists attribute this success to strategic marketing, effective branding, aggressive advertisement and promotional techniques. This paper will review the marketing trends used by Marvel to ensure the success of The Avengers.

According to Jones, The Avengers movie tickets sold through Fandango broke previous records with more than 68,000 tickets sold in the fastest-selling hour (1). Similarly, the author states that the movie also set a new record for mobile sale (Jones 1). On Sunday, mobile sales amounted to 42% of the overall ticket sales. Jones attributes this success to the use of mobile and internet marketing trends, which are the primary choices used to buy tickets by most weekend moviegoers (1).

Similarly, Faw states that the success of the movie sales was based on the five-year promotional plan that started in 2008 (1). According to the author, Marvel has actively promoted the movie through comic books, character merchandise (toys and action figures), TV and print advertisements, and strategic partnerships with shops such as Wal-Mart, Aeropostale, and toys R Us among others (Faw 1).

These marketing trends helped Marvel to promote the movie and raise the targeted audience’s anticipation leading to the record breaking ticket sales during its opening weekend (Faw 1).

On the same note, Woodrooffe suggests that the five-year plan, millions of dollars in global marketing and carefully selected celebrities led to the success of The Avengers movie (1). The author states that the combination of actors made the movie appealing to many different people (Woodrooffe 1).

In her article, Woodrooffe states that each actor in the movie has numerous fans, therefore creating a marketing mix fits for multiple demographics (1). She also discusses the gaming and mobile applications that have been used to spread the word across millions of internet gamers and mobile application users (Woodrooffe 1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In regard to reviews, Maltin asserts that the movie is among the greatest blockbusters yet. He attributes this to the fact that it is witty, distinctive and enthusiastic (1). The movie critic further states that the movie is a combination of intelligently orchestrated scripting, imagination and spectacular special effects.

Comments posted on Maltin’s blog page agree on the fact that the movie is a great showcase of what being a superhero is all about. People who have watched the movie state that it is humorous, action-packed and simply awesome. This movie makes people feel connected to a cause and value the strength of teamwork.

Conclusively, this paper set out to analyze the marketing trends used by Marvel to promote their blockbuster movie The Avengers. To this end, various blogs have been discussed in regard to the authors’ views on the marketing strategy used to promote the movie.

Strategic alliances, internet and mobile marketing have emerged as the core marketing trends used to promote this movie. Considering that effective marketing strategies determine the success rate of any product, using the aforementioned marketing trends will ensure that marketers get the best result from their marketing efforts. This is especially so in today’s marketing environment, which is highly technological and competitive.

Works Cited Faw, Larissa. “Marvel’s Five-Year Plan for The Avengers To Rescue The Movies.” Forbeswoman. Forbes Mag., 30 Apr. 2012. Web.

Jones, Jennifer. “The Avengers Sets Fandango Record.” The social marketing blog. Studiopress, 9 May 2012. Web.

Maltin, Leonard. “The Avengers—movie review.” Indiewire. n.p., 4 May 2012. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on The Role of Marketing Trends in Business specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Woodroffe, Sophie. “Marketing Lessons from Marvel’s The Avengers.” cmo. n.p., 5 May 2012. Web.


Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism: Examples and Facts Essay writing essay help

Libertarianism and utilitarianism are contrary to each other. In utilitarianism, people believe that an action that produces happiness is what one should go. Utilitarian’s do not care whether what they are doing distracts another person’s rights. Conversely, in libertarianism, a person’s action for happiness should not violate another person’s rights. Libertarians values actions that promote fairness and justice in the society unlike, the utilitarian actions that in some cases violates fairness and justice.

Libertarianism and the Government In libertarianism, the libertarians’ perceives the government as the one that threatens peoples’ rights. They rank the government as the greatest threat to human rights. Also, the libertarians do not agree with the idea of governments to pass moral laws.

It is not suitable for the government to dictate the life of an individual. They also disagree with the governments’ tax process meant for re-distributing purposes. According to the libertarians, taxing an individual to help another person is a way of forcing a person to work for another person.

Libertarians advocate for individuals to stand alone in society. However, they require the government to develop rules that protect individual property, protect an individual from theft, fraud, coercion, and breaching of contracts. A person who breaks societal rules is against his or her right to standing alone and is subject to face charges.

In implementing these rules, the government would be playing an essential role in protecting the rights of a peaceful person from criminals, and foreign aggression. When the government violates these rights, it is playing a criminal role, and therefore, there is no need for a government.

The libertarians advocate for the society to be at liberty in which individuals do not operate under rules that force them to do specific actions. In conclusion, libertarians advocate for a society that the government has limited control or a society where the government does not exist.

Workers Participation Libertarianism promotes workers participation in various activities that are of their concern at workplaces. Workers can enhance their engagement when they have freedom in the workplace. Freedom allows the managers and workers to make decisions at the workplace together. It is also by allowing freedom at the workplace that the employers can provide safe working environments.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Socialism and capitalism Employers promote socialism by involving workers in the decision-making process. In libertarian socialism, the factors of production gain control of the public, but respects private property. It also advocates for social organizations not to use coercive forms while handling workers, thus promoting workers relation. Socialism also extends to the market by promoting the owning of economic systems by the public in a market. When the public owns the economic systems, society can control unfair competitions amongst the producers.

Libertarianism is against state capitalism since in state capitalism the government has control over different states economic activities. They view it as a way that the state uses to get profit from citizens. State capitalism is a monopoly in nature denying citizens a free market.

A free market allows people to practice their freedom of consulting prices where supply and demand determine the price. Conversely, state capitalism does not give suppliers and buyers the freedom to choose the price. Free market reduces coercion forms in the market. In conclusion, unlike utilitarianism, libertarianism ensures that there is respect for individuals’ rights and the promotion of freedom of choice.


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Business outlets are inculcating technological changes into their systems to reach their partners and consumers. Wal-Mart, a cargo and food handling company, after getting difficulties in handling large volumes of data adopted the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID). This device is more sensitive than the bar-code systems, as it can sense hidden items.

However, implementing RFID has some challenges, which organizations are facing. In this discussion, I will compare and contrast the issues that faced Wal-Mart to those which Harley-Davidson, a motorcycle manufacturing company, may face when implementing RFID.

The first comparable challenge is the high installation cost. When Wal-Mart tried to install the RFID, the suppliers opposed the move citing the high cost of obtaining tag readers and other machineries like computer systems to run the program effectively. Similarly, Harley-Davidson Company had problems with its suppliers who dealt in variety of products and with many companies.

To elaborate further, fixing of RFID tag on all products of low prices is expensive in the end. Consequently, the prices of these products like motor vehicle spare parts will increase, thus, lowering sales. Therefore, the technology is beneficial when used on products of high prices.

The next issue is the lack of global data standardization. Unlike bar-codes, the general operation of RFID is at high frequencies, which varies worldwide. Most of these companies opt for RFID of low frequency to minimize on expenses. Each frequency has its own standards of operation, and within the standards, there are numerous versions and different options per version.

This feature will prompt these companies to implement several RFID standards. The lack of a universal standard may make Harley-Davidson experience customers’ rebellion, as there will be lack of trust in their service provision.

On the contrary, as Harley-Davidson standardized all its purchasing procedures to minimize the cost of operations on its suppliers, Wal-Mart did not streamline their purchasing procedures.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Notably, Harley-Davidson will not face the issue of data management since it had adjusted its communication systems; for example, the launches of websites to ensure suppliers get changes in product information at anytime. Further, the portals aided real time communication between the company and the suppliers. RFID requires well-developed information management tools to ensure proper data capture.

The issue of civil liberty and privacy is a barrier to the implementation of this new tracking technology. Since this device can track a product from a given distance, a buyer’s privacy is at risk. Some customers may be unaware of the attachment of RFID on their goods. This act can result to a legal issue in a court of law.

In the case of Harley-Davidson using the product, scenarios of motorcycle theft instances will also be under control. This will also apply to Wal-Mart. In addition, employees’ acceptance at the motorcycle company will also be a thorny issue that may need due attention. The employees could also rebel to the new technology owing to the loss of jobs.

These companies should outline the range of RFID operation so that all their stakeholders are contented with the technological changes. For instance, the devices embedded on cloths should not be used for tracking purposes. The companies should also allow their suppliers to create their own internal RFID that can directly link them to the management of the companies. It is evident that the RFID technology is revolutionizing the world, with its application in the military, healthcare, and other scientific fields.


The impact of media on adolescents, and the roles played by school and parents Essay argumentative essay help

The media has a detrimental impact on adolescents. However, not all media content has detrimental effects on adolescents as some have positive effects on the psychosocial development of adolescents. Nonetheless, there has been a growing concern about the impact of media content exposure on adolescents.

This is because a lot of sexually explicit content, violence, and drug- related information are available on the electronic media, new media, and traditional media. The growing concern on the impact of media on adolescent focuses on behaviours, beliefs and sexual attitudes of adolescents (Gruber


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The cyberspace has witnessed a criminal insurrection in the past few years. Nowadays, cyber criminals use elementary concepts to conduct deceptive online transactions.

What’s more, organizations face an extremely complicated task of developing a safe network system. One of the most notable dissimilarities from conventional engineering speciality is the prevalence of creative and expert hackers who attack such systems. There are numerous factors that enhance the vulnerability of a secured network system. For example, the escalating computer and software connectivity is one such factor.

The pressure to distribute systems via internet presents additional threats since cyber criminals can instigate online attacks easily. In addition, although the prevalence of program extensibility provides flexible software for novel business requirements, it also creates avenues for superfluous malevolent extensions (Netland, 2008, p. 3).

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Vulnerability refers to a system bug or a design error whereas a threat refers to a skilled antagonist who aspires to take advantage of vulnerability within a network system (Netland, 2008, p. 16). The following sections discuss various threats and vulnerabilities prevalent within network systems.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

This is a form of communication attack where the hacker relays bogus messages to the operator. Usually, the hacker sends messages to the system operator signifying a system change. When the system operator tries to rectify the problem by following the laid-out procedures, the hacker seizes this opportunity and attacks the system.

The man-in-the-middle attack is also known as integrity attack since the actions of the system operators are based on the integrity of the data. However, man-in-the-middle attack is a complex cyber crime since the attacker must possess exceptional skills and collect a lot of information passing through the network to be able to launch an attack (Yu-Lun et al, 2009, p. 69).

Terminal-to-Terminal Attacks

When students access university website via mobile terminals, hackers can launch their attacks using a direct wireless connection through a wireless access point. In addition, hackers can use the wired infrastructure to launch attacks on an open wireless network. For instance, hackers can install a rogue access point that operates malevolent software.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, mobile terminals are extremely susceptible to this attack if they lack updated antivirus software as well as firewalls. It is worthy to note that malicious access points can result in grave security breach since they bestow hackers with authenticated access to information asset of the university (Netland, 2008, p. 16). Thus, it is important that malicious access points are identified and eliminated.

Threats on Local Networks

Cyber criminals usually employ spoofing attacks to gain access to information on the wired infrastructure. This happens when the network perimeter authentication is removed from the local network systems. In many cases, an attacker unlawfully poses as another person to access confidential data on the network. For example, when nonessential data are accessible without authentication, hackers are able to launch bogus services (i.e. fake research papers or phony lecture notes).

Nonetheless, this vulnerability can be alleviated by mounting firewalls and antivirus software on the university servers. In addition, the IT staff should run auditing programs to monitor activities of online users. Audit logs should also be reassessed on a regular basis in order to identify unlawful activities as well as detect attackers (Netland, 2008, p. 17).

In addition universities require strong authentication to ensure that confidential data is only accessed by authorized users. Password-based authentication require end-to-end encryption between the server and mobile end-users since hackers can easily sniff usernames and passwords on encrypted wireless connections. What’s more, students must be compelled to access sensitive information via SSL, Secure Shell (SSH) or encrypted virtual private networks to alleviate spoof-attack threats.

It deserves merit to mention that procedures for alleviating threats on non-sensitive information also mitigate those associated with sensitive data. As such, confidential data (i.e. medical information) should not be uploaded on any online-linked network (Netland, 2008, p. 17). In conclusion, university networks must have a strong design that utilizes robust encryption as well as robust authentication in order to safeguard confidential data.

Security Measures Service-Level Authentication

Given that end-users are required to authenticate themselves prior to accessing confidential data on the network; the IT staff must modify the strength of the authentication in order to accommodate security requirements of a particular service. A strong authentication (i.e. public-key infrastructure or hardware token) should be used to access confidential data while access to non-sensitive information can be done using password-based authentication.

In addition, the network perimeter must have security mechanisms (i.e. intrusion detection systems and firewalls) whereas the internal defence system should incorporate security systems (on the serve and user) where the data is stored. In addition, monitoring systems must be deployed by the IT staff to make sure that all users conform to the prescribed security protocols (Hole et al., 2008, p. 15).

We will write a custom Assessment on Organizational Vulnerability specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Network Boundary Authentication

Figure 1 (see appendix) illustrates an information system model whereby wireless access points communicate with remote terminals to access servers. Users are authenticated by the system (at the network perimeter) before they can access any information. The authentication boundary is indicated by the black line.

Information contained within the boundary can only be accessed by users with valid authentication. The red line show data flow between the end-users and the server. Since the network boundary authentication is only relevant to wireless end-users, access to confidential information is limited to those users with an extra service-level authentication (Hole et al., 2008, p. 15).

Security Policies that Address Threats and Vulnerabilities The public sector and the private sector are currently engaged in a series of policy discussions to develop strategies to protect control systems from cyber attacks. For instance, a number of documents have been developed by the American Gas Association. These documents propose best practises to safeguard network systems communications from cyber attacks.

The proposed practises lend credence on the privacy of network system communications. In addition, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has developed some guidelines to improve control system security and integrity in the oil and gas sector (Yu-Lun et al, 2009, p. 70).

The public sector has also developed a number of security policies to mitigate cyber crimes. For instance, the Department of Energy has developed a 10-year security plan for mitigating cyber attacks in the energy sector. The plan focuses on four key areas:

Evaluating the present security status;

Crafting and assimilating defensive measures;

Identifying intrusion and adopting response plans;

Preserving security enhancements.

Many organizations are currently using wireless sensor network in their systems to transmit and receive crucial information. Consequently, several organizations have collaborated to introduce sensor networks their process control systems as well as synchronize their communications.

Their wireless communication suggestions allow an organization to configure integrity mechanism with end-to-end and hop-by-hop mechanism. In addition, the proposal offers vital protocols for key management and access control (Yu-Lun et al, 2009, p. 73; Netland, 2008, p. 39).).

Risk Assessment Strategy Man-in-the-Middle attack is undoubtedly the most severe form of cyber attacks. The following sections discuss phases of risk assessment strategy for Man-in-the-Middle attack (Netland, 2008, p. 38).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Organizational Vulnerability by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More System Description

This phase entails identifying system assets and information such as system users, network topology, software, and hardware (Netland, 2008, p. 38).

Threat Identification

The purpose of this phase is to identify individuals (or groups) who may deliberately take advantage of vulnerability within the system to an attack. These entities consist of insiders, script kiddies and organized crime (Netland, 2008, p. 39).

Vulnerability Identification

This phase entails identifying all potential flaws within the system that could permit attackers to compromise the system’s security (Netland, 2008, p. 38).

Risk Assessment

A risk level is allocated to each threat/vulnerability pair on the basis of the probability of happening and the resultant impact (Netland, 2008, p. 39).

Risk Treatment

This phase deals with finding the best strategy to mitigate the potential threat/vulnerability pair identified. Usually, a risk acceptance threshold indicates the risk level that can be tolerated by the organization. If the identified threat/vulnerability pair transcends this threshold, it can be mitigated in three ways:

Adopting corrective strategies to diminish the risk to acceptable level;

Employing workarounds to evade the threat;

Relocating the threat to other parties, such as insurance providers (Netland, 2008, p. 39).

References Hole, J., Netland, L., Helleseth, H.,


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Marketing has evolved with the evolving technologies in the world. The emerging technologies have completely changed the marketing processes in the current world. Freeman (2010) observes that for a long time, marketing was considered an operational activity and it was a unit under the production department. This was the time when most firms employed the production strategy. There was a general belief that once a product is availed in the market, consumers would have no otherwise but to buy it.

This notion was held for a long time. Because there was minimal competition in the market, these firms managed to operate with this policy for long. However, the emerging technologies have created a global village where an individual could move from one end of the earth to the other within a very short time. Improved means of communication is another aspect that has changed marketing practices.

The invention of telephones was a major milestone in making the world a global village. A person in New York would easily communicate with another in Riyadh or Melbourne in real time. As communication was enhanced, people became more knowledgeable and therefore more demanding.

Current Marketing Situation It is always very important that before introducing a product to the market, care be taken to ensure that there is a deep understanding of the market situation. Market situation refers to the forces that dictate the condition of the market. They are the forces that would determine if a given product would be acceptable in the market.

Of concern would be the acceptability of the product in the market, the size of the market and its sustainability. In order to elaborate on these factors, a number of analyses would be used in this research. In this case, we would discuss the introduction of a new brand of water, hereinafter referred to as Clearwaters.

Market Description Bottled water is one of the new products in the Saudi markets. This product was considered a free product and many people relied on tap water as the preferred clean water for drinking. However, this changed with time. Bottled water has come out strongly as one of the beverages that are considered important goods. Because of the ease to carry it and the fact that it is believed to have nutrients, there has been a consistent increase in the size of the market for this product.

The bottled water market has consistently been eating up the market share of other carbonated drinks such as the cola products. Health experts have been raising concerns over the ingredients of the cola products and the possible effect they might have on consumers. As such, those individuals who are health conscious have considered taking bottled water instead of the carbonated drinks.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This market is relatively young, especially in the Saudi market. However, it has experienced a massive growth over the past few years. Some of the market leaders in the beverage market such as the Coca Cola Company have come up with their own brand of water to help cushion them against the effect of the mass movement of customers from carbonated drinks to bottled water.

This brand is relatively strong in the market and its growth has been consistent. Other firms, some of which are locally owned, have come up with their own brands of water as well. They are keen to take their own share of the market. Clearwaters, being a new product in this market, would find an established market with a strong competition that must be countered if the product were to survive a possible elimination.

Product Review Clearwaters is new in this industry. It is made of pure drinking water, just like other bottled water brands in this industry. This product is meant for human consumption and is sold in bottles of varying sizes, ranging from 300 milliliters to twenty liters. Five, ten and twenty liter-bottles are meant for home use while the three milliliter to one liter bottles target individuals who need water while on a journey or while on such practices as gym and roadwork.

The product is new but in a considerably old market. Its brand is barely known and the marketers of this product have a huge responsibility of ensuring that this product penetrates the market. Although the products target the public, five, ten and twenty liters are targeted at middle-class families, who want clean bottled water for home use. The three hundred milliliters, five hundred milliliters, and one-liter bottles have youths as their targets.

Competitive Review The market competition is undoubtedly immense. As stated above, there are giant international firms that have established their position in the market. These firms, as Majer (2011) notes, have strong brands that have gained acceptance in the local market.

The biggest challenge is the fact that these firms have developed pools of loyal customers who may not easily be withdrawn by such new brands as Clearwaters. There is a free market entry to firms trading in this product and this would mean that Clearwaters should be ready for new competition from other foreign firms that may want to enter the market.

Although the competitors in this particular market have not considered using pricing as a strategy of competition, there are signs indicating that this is a possibility, especially if large firms in this industry consider small industry players as a threat. Thos would mean that elimination of small firms is the only option for survival. Clearwaters must therefore develop clear marketing strategies that would make it unique in the market.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Clearwaters Company Objectives and Issues specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Channels and Logistics Review Channels of distribution are some of the most important factors that the management team must consider. Given that this is a new firm and that the market is highly competitive, logistics are some of the factors that can help this firm to be seen as unique in this market.

Clearwaters’ products would be delivered to various retail outlets in Riyadh city by use of two tracks. The management would ensure that this product is ever available in all the major stores within this city. The channel would simply be from the manufacturer to the retailers who would finally sell the products to the customers.

SWOT Analysis The strength of this project depends on various factors. One of the major strengths of this project is its brand name (Charantimath. (2006). As Stated above, the brand, Clearwaters, is relatively new in the market. However, the name is expected to attract the Muslim faithful, who make the majority of the market share. This project also has considerable financial strength. As such, this project is in a position to implement its strategies, including those of research and extension. The project is also expected to operate in various cities outside Riyadh. As such, it would be able to balance its production. When one section of its market would be experiencing economic growth, the other section would be facing recession.

Despite the above strengths, the project it has some weaknesses, a fact that might see some of its competitors such as Dasani eat up a section of its market share. Freeman (2010) says that one of the weaknesses that many environmentalists have repeatedly talked about regarding all the firms selling water in plastic bottles, is environmental degradation.

The plastic bottles that this firm uses in packing its drinks are causing havoc to the environment. It is apparent that this firm is yet to develop a solution to this problem because according to the program, it is yet to replace the plastic bottles with better alternatives.

Within the area of operation, some opportunities that can make the firm experience massive growth in its market share exist. Dasani has exploited a vacuum that existed in many countries in the world, especially in the developing countries. Majer (2011) says that there was no competition for this firm in the overseas markets and this company was able to make the most out of its sales. However, with the introduction of new brands such as Clearwaters, Dasani would be under threat.

Clearwaters would find it easy to change with the changing technologies because of its small size than would Dasani. Technological advancements will also enable the firm to conduct trade much easily due to improved means of communication and transport means. The economic boom that Saudi Arabia experienced following the improved oil prices in the world market is another opportunity that can help this firm to expand its market.

The threats that this product has had to deal with include competition. The market has gotten increasingly competitive. Freeman (2010) notes that many firms like Coca Cola have come up with products, which are close substitutes of the product. They have taken large market share in the country.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Clearwaters Company Objectives and Issues by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Security concerns in some parts of the city are another threat that this firm has had to deal with. When there is an internal strife, like the one experienced in Egypt and Libya in the recent past, this firm would lose millions of dollars due to the destruction of its assert. During such periods, the firm would also lose the profits they get from the region, while yet they will have to pay the employees. This would hurt the firm financially.

Objectives and issues This is a new product. The issue here is to ensure that this product is successfully introduced into the existing market, and that it gets acceptance from the customers in this region. The objective of this move is to ensure that the firm manages to capture substantial market share that would make it sustainable in an increasingly competitive market.

Clearwaters should come out as a strong brand in the bottled water industry. The brand should not only attract positive sales in the market, but also a strong base of loyal customers who would help in ensuring that this firm is sustainable.


Product positioning is always very important. In various occasions, firms would try to position their products in the market as the best. In this case, Clearwaters would be positioned as ‘the end of thirst’. In this context, thirsty customers should consider going for Clearwaters, because in its presence, thirst would end. With proposition is expected to attract travelers who pass by the retail outlets to look for beverages that would help quench their thirst.

Product Strategy

This product is perfectly similar to other products sold by other market competitors. However much the advertisement may be devised to make it appear different, the fact remains that the product is similar to those of other competitors. Therefore, a strategy that would help make it unique must exist. In this regard, the packaging of this product would be made a little unique from others in the market. The packages of this product targeting the youths would have graphics that would be attractive to them. The aim of this is to ensure the product speaks out to the customers the moment customers’ glance at them.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the most challenging tasks when introducing a new product in the market. When the price is set higher than the average market, customers would most likely ignore the product and go for their traditional products. When the product is priced lower than the market price, customers may dismiss it as a product of poor quality and therefore it may be ignored. Therefore, most firms would prefer setting the price of the product to be at par with the market price of other products.

The rationale is that in the process of choosing for the best brand, given that the prices are the same, customers may consider taking the new brand to test its viability. This firm would employ this strategy. It would avoid setting the price below the market average for this may provoke price wars (Freeman, 2010). Because it is a new firm, it may not be in a position to withstand such a competition.

Distribution Strategy

This product is intended to be distributed in all the major stores in Riyadh. The product will have to capture this market before moving to other cities in this country. The choice of Riyadh was because it has the biggest market for this product and therefore more promising than other markets.

Moreover, with the fact that there is huge competition in this city, a success in this market would mean that it would be easy to reach out to other markets. As stated above, the track would move this product to all the mail retail outlets in the country. The strategy that would be used would be very simply: the product should never run out of stock in all the selected stores

Marketing Communication Strategy

Manufacturing and availing products to the market is not enough if there is a considerable level of competition in the market. There would be need to ensure that the market understands that the product is available and that it offers superior value.

Clearwaters would therefore be advertised in the main channels of communication within the target market. The marketing department would have to use the mass media like the dailies, the radio and television stations to inform the market that this product is available. This department would also need to ensure that the youths who frequent the social media are also reached.

This should be done using such social media as Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube. The communication that goes to the public should be reviewed carefully. It would be important to ensure that there is no miscommunication, or irrelevant information reaching out to the public. This may damage the reputation of the firm and hinder its move to capture more customers in this market.

Marketing Research According to Majer (2011), there has been a massive change in marketing over the recent past. Currently, businesses have been forced to take an inward-out approach to marketing. This would mean that a firm would start by understanding what the market expects of them.

After developing this understanding, the firm would then need to ensure that it develops products that will meet the demands of the market. In order to ensure that this is possible, there would be need for research into the market. Market research is always very important because creates understanding of the market.

Clearwaters will have to be developed as a strong brand in this market. In this regard, it would be important that the management conduct the research among the target market to get to understand their expectation of the bottled water that is sold in the retail outlets.

The data from this research should be analyzed, and compounded with the secondary sources of information like the business journals, an informed decision should be made of the approach that this firm should take in bringing this new product to the market. This way, it will gain a competitive edge over the existing firms because it shall have implemented the recommendations from the research.

Implementations Charantimath (2006) says that ideas will always remain ideas unless they are implemented. Good ideas can be turned into wonderful projects if the concerned parties make concerted effort to ensure that it is implemented. The plans for the introduction of this product will have to be implemented by all the concerned members of the project. After the idea has undergone all the stages until there is an inception of a product, a marketer would be expected to take over.

In this case, the first step would be market testing. A sample of the product would be taken to the market to determine its viability. If the product is confirmed to be viable in the market, the production department would then be instructed to produce the product in mass and then there will be commercialization of the product. In this case, Clearwaters will be taken to various retail outlets in the city.

The marketing department will also develop an awareness campaign of the product within this particular city. Most importantly during the implementation process, the team would ensure that all the planned activities are carried out as per the plan with no deviations. The allocation of funds would be based on various factors, such as the importance of the project, its profitability and impact it would have on the firm.

Budget The budget for this project would be based on the area of coverage. For a start, this project is expected to cover Riyadh city. However, it would be rolled out to other cities later if it proves successful in this region. The budget for this project would be categorized into various sections, which include research, manufacturing, logistics, advertising, and others. Based on the percentage, the above categories should be allocated funds as follows.

Research- 8%


Logistics- 11%

Advertising- 12%

Others- 9

The above budgetary allocations may be altered as per the need of the organization, but they should not be drastically shifted from the estimates provided.

Control It is important that the management ensure that the program would flow smoothly as planned. The control of the entire process would be in the hands of the top management of the project. They have the responsibility to ensure that there is a proper budgetary allocation and that every task is done by the intended persons and within the scheduled time.

The top management should be responsible for assigning each member of the team specific roles that would help in ensuring that the overall objective of the firm is achieved. Monitoring is also part of control and must be undertaken by the management unit.

References Charantimath. (2006).Total Quality Management. New Delhi: Pearson Education.

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Majer, C. (2011). The silent killers of productivity and profit. T D, 65(2), 62


Pros and Cons of Immigration for the Immigrants Essay essay help online free

Thousands of immigrants from developing nations migrate to the United States hoping to secure jobs and lead better lives. Immigrants in the United States enjoy numerous economic benefits; nevertheless, they also suffer from a number of socioeconomic challenges. This paper will focus on the pros and cons of immigration to the United States.

Most of the immigrants take the jobs that the Americans dismiss as poorly paid. Despite the nature of the jobs, immigrants get income from the jobs thus raising their living standards.

One of the factors that makes people migrate is the desire for a better life. Hence, immigrants enjoy better living standards in the United States relative to their home countries. Most of the immigrants work in the middle and semi-skilled sectors. Consequently, they are assured of getting jobs easily since a number of new jobs keep on emerging in these sectors.

The United States has a welfare system that caters for all people regardless of their background. Hence, all the immigrants enjoy health and education services at subsidized rates. This aspect in return cuts down on the cost of living. Apart from employment, numerous immigrants have started their own businesses in the country.

Currently, Asians and Hispanics have established businesses across the United States. Some of these businesses even do better when compared to those owned by the Americans. The opportunity to invest in business helps the immigrants enhance their living standards.

In spite of the economic benefits enjoyed by the immigrants in the United States, the immigrants face a stiff discrimination from the Americans. The Americans blame the immigrants for the seemingly soaring unemployment rates experienced in the country. In addition, increase in the number of immigrants entering the country leads to cheap labor.

Most of the immigrants are willing to work for whichever amount of money as long as they get jobs in America; hence, they are willing to take the first job that comes their way. Consequently, some American employers take this opportunity to exploit the immigrants. For instance, such employers hire immigrants at lower wages instead of Americans who ask for higher wages.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Immigrants in the United States face economic insecurity. In spite of the fact that most immigrants work in middle and semi-skilled jobs, the rate of job loss is higher amongst the immigrants than among the Americans. During the economic recess, many immigrants in the United States lost their jobs as companies embarked on cost cutting strategies.

Job insecurity among the immigrants is high. In addition, most of the immigrants do not understand the employment policies of the United States. Hence, they do not realize when their employers violate their employment rights. Therefore, as aforementioned, some employers take this advantage to exploit immigrants and dismiss them whenever they do not require their services.

Language barrier and literacy level inhibit the long-term socioeconomic mobility of the immigrants. Most of the immigrants do not understand English; hence, it is hard for them to interact and work freely with the Americans. Besides, as most of the immigrants are semi-illiterate, it is hard for them to secure jobs in the formal sector.

Even though the immigrants enjoy some economic benefits in the United States, they are yet to overcome the numerous negative socioeconomic challenges that affect them. Discrimination and job insecurity are still high in the country; hence, it is hard for immigrants to acquire and retain stable jobs.


When the World Is Falling Apart: Blazing the Trail into a Brand New World Essay best essay help: best essay help

In the early years of the XX century, when the world was pretty fed up with paying the homage to the Victorian era and was yet not quite sure what exactly can replace the sweet and innocent years of the Charles Dickens epoch and his oeuvre, the advent of Modernism literally changed everything.

The entire world seemed to be seized by the gold rush – or, to be more precise, the rush for new and unique means of self-expression in art and literature. A truly Golden Age of British poetry and its complete rebirth, the Modernist movement in the British poetry offered a number of provocative questions to solve.

However, it would be a mistake to think that the entire nature of the Modern poetry was aimed solely at destruction of the existing principles and mocking the downtrodden morals.

Though the intent was rather aggressive and had a lot to deal with the World War I, which made the entire world shudder and, therefore, set the whole generation into a very specific mood for the rest of their lives, making them feel the world around them collapsing, the Movement had quite noble aims: “Collectively, they were said to represent English poetry and even the contemporary English soul” (Perkins, 1987, 419).

When speaking of Modern Movement, one will necessarily recall the Post-Modern one as well. However, there is a considerable gap between the two.

Indeed, if considering the two a bit closer, one can see distinctly that, while Post-Modern poets were trying to find new means of expressing their feelings about the changes in the society, the Modern poets, especially Dadaists, considered the existing reality the lowest common denominator of life and, therefore, deliberately chose the most grotesque and unappealing means to depict the despised and nonsensical universe (Cook, 2008).

There can be no possible doubt that the World War I had huge impact on people’s perception of the world and, therefore, on the development of Modernism. One of the cruelest experiences in the history of the humankind, the bloodbath of the WWI added to the misanthropic vision of the Modernist world. Seeing their own inability to act as basic human beings, people were completely desperate and disgusted, which Modernist poetry reflected.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, the world of Modernists did not collapse at once – on the contrary, the process of rotting was quite time-taking, which allowed to feel the essence of human vulgarity. Thus, the loss of hope was the first stage of the Modernist Movement.

Then came the loss of faith. Observing incredible cruelty, people were unable to understand how God can allow such awful things to happen, which finally led to the conclusion that there was no God. Forced to be Atheists, Modernist poets had literally nothing to lose.

Nevertheless, it was not only the World War that had a great impact on the Modern poetry. Along with the rest of the factors, the rapid development of science also played its part in the way people of the early XX century saw the world. With all the innovations and breakthroughs, especially in the military sphere, science took care of people’s nightmares for the rest of the century.

In addition, the development of the economical state of the world’s major countries also contributed to shaping Modernist perception of reality. With the United States facing the threat of the Great Depression, and the rest of the countries being devastated by the results of the World War I, the state of affairs left much to be desired, and poverty was as common as catching a cold. Naturally, these factors shaped Modernist movement a lot.

All in all, the world at the threshold of a new century was completely devastated and ruined to the core, which the Modernist poetry reflected quite well. It is quite peculiar that the Modern poetry captures the very idea of the loneliness which people felt during the bloodbath of the WWI, as well as the pessimism about the future and the notorious question on whether there actually is such thing as future of the people who have seen the horrors for the World War.

Thus, it is obvious that the Modern British poetry did offer a lot of food for thoughts and was literally a major breakthrough, not only for Britain, but also for the entire world. Allowing poets to create a new universe where the reality seemed even more grotesque and all the vices of the humankind could be crucified.

Therefore, Modern British poetry was basically a perfect coping mechanism for the people of the early XX century to put up with the reality. Reading Modern poems, one did not forget about the reality, but was able to laugh it off and shake it off for a little while. A shelter for the ones who tried to escape the brutal reality, Modern British poetry was a short yet great relief – and, though time flies, it still remains one of the most outstanding features of the epoch.

We will write a custom Essay on When the World Is Falling Apart: Blazing the Trail into a Brand New World specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Cook A. S. (2008). Forces in Modern and Postmodern poetry. Bern: Peter Lang.

Perkins, D. (1987). A history of Modern poetry: Modernism and after. Cambridge,

MA: Harvard University Press.


Political Economy and Culture in Japan Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Economic and political factors are closely related and today, they are inextricable. Though both play a fundamental role in social development, it may go unnoticed that both economics and politics are influenced by culture. Japanese culture plays a fundamental role in shaping the social structure in Japan. However, it cannot be termed as the role influence. Thus, political culture and economy are “factors of the same whole, interpenetrating at all levels.

The interlinking of these two facets is exhibited in several arenas. First, politics are controlled by bureaucrats rather than elected politicians. Again, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, which controls the economy interlinks state bureaucracy with commerce. A strong work ethic and management culture in the commerce and manufacturing industry has ensured the prosperity of the Japanese economy.

The hyper-consumption in Japanese cities can be attributed to policy shifts in economics. This hyper-consumption has caused the realignment of political parties and public clamor for political reforms. It is noteworthy that while law reforms have ensured that both men and women get equal employment opportunities, the Japanese culture and social structure influences progress up the career especially for women.

Consumption is the point at which economic activities and cultural practices combine. The Japanese have a liking for well finished products i.e. the aesthetics of a product must be high on average. The aesthetics must also come in technologically advanced forms.

An inspection of modern Japanese culture will reveal popularity of erotic, violent and hedonistic media. Thus, the Japanese consumer is highly likely to consume goods and services that have these themes. However, although through consumption the different classes in a society can be pointed out, the Japanese have dampened the visibility of class distinctions.

It is important to recognize that the consumers are the producers i.e. the Japanese workforce consumes what it produces. Consequently, by virtue of the argument that consumption of the average Japanese is influenced by his culture, then it follows that the cultural sphere interlinks the mode of production and consumption.

The interactions of everyday consumption and cultural norms provide an essential dynamic in understanding the dynamics of culture. A good example of the interaction of political economics and culture is the case of money in Japan. Though highly technologically advanced, the Japanese like transacting in cash. The most probable explanation for this phenomenon is culture. Exchange and transfer of cash involve interpersonal interactions during which more than just money is exchanged.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consumption and work culture in Japan has changed from building the nation to developing the self. This is a culture shift that copies the development of the self (body project) in other developed societies. Again, politics has changed to a question of life politics rather than nationalistic politics or building the state.

In this scenario, consumption is targeted at building the individual brand rather than the national image. In general, the relationship between goods and experiences is complex; a change in experiences will lead to a different political perspective and consequently a different economic scenario. The popular culture in today’s mass media emboldens personal glorification, a shift from the content a few decades ago thus the shift from developing the nation to developing the self.

Shopping culture and political economics Shopping is a means of acquisition of items through which consumers exert an identity. It is important to mention from the outset that Japanese’ consideration of ‘taste’ are entrenched into their production and consumption culture. Shopping in Japan is not just a simple acquisition but also symbolizes class, gender and other social aspects. Traditionally, married Japanese women are housewives while their husbands tend to be away at work.

Consequently, shopping is regarded as a feminine duty. The women form social groupings in neighborhoods and shop together. It is in these social groupings that concerns of quality, price and safety in shopped items are discussed. This concern is driven by the culture of the Japanese – the self and any acquisitions made must be perfect.

Culture has quite a substantial influence on their shopping habits. The objective for a Japanese shopper is to make a clear statement of gender, occupation and status while maintaining cleanliness and neatness and conformity to members of the same social status. Consequently, there are few variations of dress code i.e. the market is relatively homogenous.

Reading books on the train is a popular thing and Japanese towns have many bookstores most of which remain open throughout the night. Comic books are available for persons of all age groups. Once read, these books and magazines are discarded as the Japanese have distaste for used things.

Wrapping is an essential part of Japanese culture as there is a lot of literature on the same issue. Shop attendants are given lessons on how to wrap goods. This extra attention paid to wrapping is attributed to the fact that the Japanese are conscious about the wrapping of their goods.

We will write a custom Essay on Political Economy and Culture in Japan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Every purchase made is carefully wrapped especially if the customer indicates that it is a gift. This obsession with meticulous wrapping can be attributed to the Japanese culture – gift giving and receiving is a common activity. This act of gift giving requires consideration of how much to spend as well as what to give as a gift.

Young single persons and newlyweds are the most common gift givers. These persons use their monies that could otherwise have been savings to buy gifts. This clique of professionals considers itself sophisticated and their shopping choices are informed by the media as well as leading consumer magazines.

In conclusion, Japan has been able to create a brand of capitalism that is based on cultural and sociological influences that are distinct from the trend in the West. Post modernity – success in material acquisitions for oneself as well as national economic prosperity is exhibited in all facets of Japanese life. These facets are influenced by both cultural and political economics thereby making it difficult to separate the two from each other.


The Context of Desire: Political Economy of Consumption Essay cheap essay help

Trends of consumption in Japan largely depend on consumer behavior in particular and socio-economic factors in general. Economic and political factors influence consumer behavior because they facilitate various social processes, including supply rates, savings, and foreign good import.

All these aspects are also tangible in much larger context that in its turn affects the overall political and economic situation. Interaction between political and economic domains can be regarded as a trigger of social change in industrialized society. What is more important is that both spheres are primarily established in a cultural context.

In relation to Japan, much controversy arises concerning the influence of culture on macro-social shifts because there is a strong assumption about impossibility of direct interaction between culture and politics. At the same time, Japan cannot be considered separately from culture because the country is involved in cultural issues in every aspect of social life. Such an argument is enhanced by the richness of Japanese traditions and their influence on behavioral patterns in society.

In The Context of Desire, Clammer explores new definitions of culture in the context of political economy of consumption to justify the evident connection between culture and politics. In particular, the research argues that culture and economics are integral parts of the whole, complementing each other.

At the international level, Japan is assumed to have weak political influence on other economies. At the same time, it plays an aggressive role in financial and industrial matters.

In total, the country can be regarded as an economic superpower with a bored population, but with a rich nation. Such a situation fosters the discussion about the existence of alternative political structures taking control of politics in the country. Focus on politics, therefore, is replaced by economic goals and, as a result, Japan belongs to highly conservative economies.

The origins of institutions controlling economic and political situations can serve as an explanation for apolitical views in the country. These institutions are primarily linked to bureaucracy interests in manufacture and commerce. Their strategies differ significantly from interests presented in other industrialized nations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The omnipotent influence of bureaucracy on economic patterns is predetermined by strong ethical frameworks established in these institutions, which influences significantly the quality standards. Focus on security, labor-relation style, and organizational culture constitutes the solid foundation for assigning unique vision of Japanese power.

Decline of political trends in Japan is historically predetermined. The point is that Japan has never been considered as a democratic economy.

The country’s economic and social vision on development differs significantly from Western patterns of development. Because most of traditions in Japan are deeply rooted in ancient times, there is also an assumption that hyper-consumption patterns are not predetermined by post-modern trends.

The tendency focuses on the slowly changing patterns of political development, as well as on ideological failure of socialists. More importantly, late introduction of political reforms is another factor contributing to the development of unique apolitical patterns of consumption in Japan.

In order to prove the connection between economics and culture, specific emphasis should be placed on social structure, particularly on private and public principles assigned to lifestyle. Establishment of symbolic patterns in consumption enhanced focus on cultural practices involved into economics. Therefore, consumption practices are redefined by symbolic boundaries through assertion of Japanese identity. In fact, ideology of consumption has deeply impregnated into economic strategies.

The social shifts influencing economic system were especially tangible with the introduction of female consumers promoting the idea of selling lifestyles. In other words, women as consumers at a local level have a potent impact on economic and political modes of development. Shifts in political and economic views and their direct relation to culture is explained by the shifts occurred to society.

In particular, Japanese are currently focused on building the identity through roles and responsibilities they take in employed environment rather than building the nation. Individualized approach to consumption, therefore, is the primary factor that contributes to the interaction between culture and economics.

We will write a custom Essay on The Context of Desire: Political Economy of Consumption specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The potential influence on apolitical situation in Japan is largely explained by replacement of political structure with alternative communicational channels. These new structures substituted the fixed systems of influence, such as old industrial capitalism.

Therefore, the current regulation system is predetermined by the needs expressed in such spheres as shopping organization, transportation media, and other apolitical institutions in Japan. All these social spheres of influence directly relate to the forms of popular culture that are gradually transformed in alternative ways of political governance.

In general, the above-presented discussion focuses on the definition of consumer society that plays the leading role in defining political and economic trends of development. Japan, a developed economy with rich history and traditions, deviates significantly from the stereotypical image about powerful industrialized nation.

In fact, its major focus is placed on the development of consumption patterns that would guide the production processes in the country. In addition, such concept as aesthetics of design is governed by new modes of consumption in Japan.


Mediation of Family Conflicts Analytical Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Arguments, disputes, and conflicts can be characteristic for any family in spite of the number of members and character of their relations. Family-related conflicts are often based on the problems in communication and inability to solve the issue in a way which is appropriate for both parties.

Thus, family-related conflicts are disagreements in interests, values, and opinions, and they can be caused by misperceptions, misunderstandings, different visions of the same problem, and poor communication. There are many cases when people are unable to solve the conflict without references to independent mediators or legal services. The situation can be discussed as complicated when children are also involved in a family conflict.

That is why, families often need the qualified help provided by mediators in order to solve the conflict, meeting the interests of both parties and proposing the most appropriate decision. To be effective, the process of mediating family conflicts as a kind of intervention in a dispute should depend on such principles as the voluntary nature of the parties’ cooperation with mediators and the readiness of the parties to solve the problem successfully.

Mediation is a type of the outside help to resolve the conflict when it is necessary to present the independent point of view on the issue and regulate the decision-making process because of the parties’ inability to control the situation and make reasonable decisions. Family-related conflicts have definite characteristics which help to distinguish them among the other types of conflicts.

Family conflicts are based on such notions as intimacy, compulsion, and smallness (Folberg, Milne,


Ethnicity Influence on the Individual’s Position in Society Essay college admissions essay help

People are different not only because of their appearances, habits, preferences, and behaviors but also because of their definite ethnic characteristics. It is important to note that the role of ethnicity as the significant factor of the individual’s development associated with the person’s identity can be discussed from several different perspectives which are the personal identity, the fact of belonging to a definite community, and the position in the society.

From this point, the question of ethnicity is closely connected with the concepts of identity and race. Ethnicity can be discussed with references to the national identity, and this aspect can influence the individual’s position within the certain society positively, negatively or it can have no obvious effects.

Although the fact of belonging to a definite ethnic group can influence the individual’s position in the society in a different way, it is necessary to state that ethnicity should be discussed as the influential factor only with references to its role in the personal and social interactions.

Race is the general notion in relation to which the world population is differentiated according to some biological characteristics. However, race as well as ethnicity can be discussed as predominantly social notions. According to Cornell and Hartmann, “races … are not established by some set of natural forces but are products of human perception and classification.

They are social constructs” (Cornell and Hartmann 23). In this case, ethnicity which is based on the definite culture, history, language, religion, customs, and traditions helps determine the social identities and divide people in ‘we’ and ‘others’ (Cornell and Hartmann).

Many people agree that sometimes this kind of differentiation can lead to conflicts between the representatives of various ethnic groups which are caused by stereotypes and prejudice and by the inability to accept the differences. Many modern societies are multiethnic that is why it is important to concentrate on the role of ethnicity in their development.

Ethnicity can be discussed as an individual and collective notion. Today, people are involved in a lot of social circles which can include the representatives of different ethnic groups.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The studies support the fact that members of a family often belong to one ethnic group, but when spouses are the representatives of different ethnic group the role of their ethnicity become significant for the spouses’ personal development and as the aspect of children’s upbringing.

Thus, ethnicity as the concept of an individual’s identity which develops in family does not provoke conflicts because it is taken-for-granted. The different situation can be observed while discussing ethnicity as the collective notion.

Ethnicity explicitly defines the interpersonal relations when it is associated with a kind of racial discrimination. Thus, many young African-Americans state that their race and ethnicity influence their social position. This position is often based not on their personal characteristics, but on the other people’s perceptions of them.

In this case, it is possible to speak about the invidious status of definite races and groups in the society. However, the question of race and ethnicity is not always prominent because it depends on the combination of such factors as ethnicity, gender, class, age, and religion.

If African-American respondents concentrate on the aspects of discrimination, the representatives of Latino ethnicity are inclined to agree that their ethnicity provides some social boundaries in their interactions with the other ethnic groups. However, in most cases, ethnicity is significant for them as the source of their cultural difference and identity.

Moreover, ethnicity influences their self-actualization more than their social status, and the representatives of the other ethnic groups support the viewpoint that the factor of ethnicity is influential for the individual’s finding his personal and social identity in being the part of a community and sharing the meanings.

The progress of globalization processes and the development of modern multiethnic societies result in persons’ paying less attention to ethnic differences in comparison with the situation which was typical for the parents and grandparents’ generation. The conflict of ethnicities at social settings is not as developed today as it was earlier.

We will write a custom Essay on Ethnicity Influence on the Individual’s Position in Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Expanding their social circles, people usually do not focus on ethnic attributes and differences as the causes for conflicting or discriminating. Furthermore, today the notion of ethnicity is more significant for stating the personal identity with which social, cultural, and national identities are associated.

It is possible to conclude that today the role of ethnicity for developing social relations and taking the definite social position is rather exaggerated, and the ethnic factor is not as important as it was decades ago. However, there are examples of conflicts based on racial and ethnic misunderstandings and misconceptions which can lead to the development of prejudice in the society directed toward this or that group.

Nevertheless, ethnicity is important as well as the national identity because it is the base for the person’s cultural development, for forming his notions about freedom and boundaries. Providing the fundament for the collective identification within the community, ethnicity is also the source of the person’s self-actualization.

Work Cited Cornell, Stephen and Douglas Hartmann. Ethnicity and Race: Making Identities in a Changing World. USA: Sage Publications, 1998. Print.


Ethical Aspects of the Financial Crisis Analytical Essay college essay help

The documentary film Inside Job directed by Charles Ferguson examines the origins of the financial crisis that broke out in 2007.

Certainly, this movie cannot be regarded as a scientific study of the recession, but it does raise several important questions about the behavior of financial institutions or political leaders. This paper will look at the ethical aspects of the meltdown from the perspective of utilitarianism developed by John Stuart Mill. Moreover, it is vital to examine this issue from the standpoint of social contract theory.

In particular, it is necessary to speak about the ideas of John Rawls. On the whole, it is possible to say that different philosophers may disagree on various principles of ethics. Yet, they would agree that to some degree, the origins of the financial crisis can be traced to the immoral behavior of some individuals who attempted to maximize their own benefits of at the expense of others. Moreover, one can argue that the policies existing at that time failed to protect the interests of the majority.

It should be noted that in the movie Inside Job stresses the idea that the employees of leading financial institutions were engaged in illegal activities such as fraud, inside trading, or money laundering (Inside Job). Special attention is paid to the behavior of corporate executives such as CEOs whose compensation and bonuses are described as excessive and unjustified (Inside Job).

The film-makers emphasize several important points; one of them is lack of accountability, especially if one is speaking about corporate executives whose risky strategies deprived many people of their savings (Inside Job). Secondly, the authors of the movie stress the point that the laws failed to protect people who put their trust into banks or rating agencies.

They did contribute to the growth of some financial institutions, but they did not ensure the transparency of their work (Inside Job). There are some of the most important issues raised in the film. Thus, the main message of the film is that the meltdown can be the result of social injustice.

One can look at the situation from different philosophical and ethical perspectives. For example, this meltdown can examined from the standpoint of social contract theory which was advocated by John Rawls. In his belief, the political and social systems should be designed in such as way that they create equal opportunities for every person irrespective of arbitrary factors such as the income level of ones parents (Rawls 448).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, in his opinion, the laws can be viewed as just provided that they benefit or protect “the least disadvantaged members of the society” (Rawls 258). These are the main principles of social contract that he advocates. Provided that this approach is adopted, one can argue that this meltdown originated from the policies that benefited the most advantaged members of the community, rather than the least disadvantaged ones.

The film Inside Job stresses the idea that financial institutions have sufficient resources can influences the policies of the state, especially through lobbing activities (Inside Job). However, one cannot say the same thing about middle-class people. John Rawls might have regarded this discrepancy as a violation of social justice principles.

In my view, this argument is quite justified because the government did not defend the right of people who relied on the integrity of financial institutions and the prudence of their policies. These members of society can be regarded as less advantaged in comparison with corporate executives, because they may not have the expertise to protect themselves against possible fraud.

Secondly, this situation can be examined by applying the principles of utilitarian ethics elaborated by John Stuart Mill. In particular, one can speak about the Greatest-Happiness Principles that this philosopher proposes (Mill 16). According to this postulate, ethical behavior is supposed to maximize happiness of individuals and minimize their pain (Mill 16). It should be noted that Mill’s utilitarianism should not be confused with hedonism that places emphasis on physical pleasure.

More likely, Mill believes that an action can be viewed as moral if it maximizes the benefits of other people, and not only the agent of the action (Mill 16). The examples provided in the film Inside Job indicate that policies and decisions of corporate executives were aimed at maximizing their own benefits, rather than public welfare (Inside Job).

Overall, the legislation improved the welfare of a very select group of people, such as high-ranking employees of banks or hedge funds. Yet, the needs of many other people were disregarded. Thus, the Greatest-Happiness Principles was violated.

Certainly, the social contract theory of John Rawls and the utilitarianism of John Mills cannot be views as similar ethical philosophers. Yet, they can both suggest that to a great extent the financial meltdown was a result of policies that failed to safeguard the welfare of many people who relied on the efficiency and integrity of the financial services industry. In terms of social contract theory and utilitarianism, such actions can be seen as immoral.

We will write a custom Essay on Ethical Aspects of the Financial Crisis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Inside Job. Ex. Prod. Audrey Marrs and Charles Ferguson. New York: Sony Pictures Classics, 2010. DVD.

Mill, John. Utilitarianism, London: Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1871. Print.

Rawls, John. A Theory of Justice, Revised Edition, Boston: Harvard University Press, 1999. Print.


The Wax Argument and Its Purpose Explicatory Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Rene Descartes is a famous French philosopher whose ideas and considerations are prominent, and they are studied up to now. Some of the ideas are controversial. There are a lot of different theories considered by Rene Descartes. However, the wax argument is one of the most contentious and discussed issues.

It is essential to consider the way of thinking Descartes applies to when trying to understand the nature of the wax argument and its importance. Using wax as the object for reflection and consideration, Descartes has concluded that to judge an issue one is to reject thinking about its properties at the moment and to rely only on his/her deduction and mind.

Feelings and perception of the aspects prevent a person from an objective consideration of the issue. Emotions are also extra in this case. Thus, to create an unbiased opinion about a problem all the perceptions and feelings are to be removed.

Trying to follow the way of thinking Descartes applied to, the following process may be considered. Descartes has taken a piece of wax, and he has listed its main characteristics. Having considered the shape, texture, size, color, smell and other features of the wax, Descartes has created a particular point of view about the piece of wax, however, after he melted this piece another substance was seen.

It is essential to understand that this melted piece of wax was the same piece. However, its shape, texture, size, color, and smell changed. This is the main idea of the wax argument Rene Descartes has presented. To measure an object (wax in this case), Descartes recommends not to shift to the perceptions, feelings, and emotions; deductive method is to be used to consider the issue.

Following the way of thinking Descartes applied to while concluding the deduction use only while making decisions about the object qualities, the following data is to be considered. Having melted the piece of wax, it has lost all its initial conditions. However, it remains the same wax. Therefore, thinking about wax, people are not to refer to their sensory abilities. Descartes refers to wax as to something more extended, such as space.

Moreover, a piece of wax may come through many changes a person may not be aware. However, it remains that piece of wax. Therefore, the wax is perceived through personal understanding. Finally, when people say that they “see” the wax, they usually judge through understanding what they see (Lacewing 235).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, the main conclusion Descartes comes to is that “when we perceive an object like the piece of wax, there is an act of judgment involved in our perception. I do not see the piece of wax – I infer that it is there from appearances provided by my sense” (in Morton 74). Thus, such consideration is referred to as a wax argument. When people are to consider an object, they are to frustrate from the perception of this object, think objectively and discuss the fundamental characteristics of it.

There are three primary purposes of the wax argument presented by Descartes. The wax argument “serves as an argument for rationalism and, by implication, nativism”, “it serves as the first sketch of Descartes’ reasoning and theory regarding the nature of corporeal and non-corporeal substance”, and “it serves as an argument that, contrary to common sense, the mind is known better than the body” (Graziano 1).

These purposes help us consider the main metaphysical categories wax argument is applied to, modal properties, numerical identity, and substance-things. It should be concluded that each object has at least one feature when considering the properties of an object.

People are unable to know about each property an object may have under various conditions. However, the basic knowledge about an object helps him/her identify it under the diverse influence. The numerical identity of objects refers to the different ways of identification, numerical and qualitative. Finally, substance-things category relates to the properties of an object which may be a collection of coexisting properties and the predicted ones (Graziano 3).

Descartes uses the wax argumentation in consideration of God as an existing creation. A philosopher applies this theory trying to explain that it does not matter that we are unable to see God; we understand that God exists. The perception is reduced to a minimum, and only the deduction is to be applied while considering this issue. This trust in the things which are not absolutely certain is the central theme of Descartes and his philosophy.

When applying to the wax issue, in this case, the philosopher tries to prove that it is possible to trust in God without having any visual support as trying to visualize God we apply to our perception which is not necessary in case of wax argumentation. This is one of the main characteristic features of the wax argument. It teaches people not to see the object but to consider it the way one understands.

Returning to the discussion of wax as a piece, the following data should be mentioned. A philosopher tries to show us that a personal vision of wax is what important in comparison with wax as an object which is seen. Personal consideration is the primary purpose of wax argument.

We will write a custom Essay on The Wax Argument and Its Purpose specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More People should be able to get the main idea of an issue no matter what conditions the problem is at the moment. Each person applies to experience he/she has in the question of personal understanding of the objects and their qualities. It is essential to see the piece of wax even when it is melted and to be aware of its initial qualities.

Therefore, considering the main idea of the Descartes’ wax argument and its implementation into practice, the following statement should be referred to, “I now know that even bodies are not strictly perceived by the senses or the faculty of imagination but by the intellect alone and that this perception derives not from their being touched or seen but from their being understood” (Descartes 22).

The human mind works so actively that when we see an object, we can consider its main properties no matter under which conditions an object has appeared. The human brain is unique.

People can perceive objects as they are and to consider them in their initial appearance. People are able to consider the main properties essential for a particular object when treating various objects. The main idea of the wax argument is that people usually use their mind to treat an object and to define its characteristics and only when they refer to perception trying to identify the conditions which have affected it.

Works Cited Descartes, René. Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy: With Selections from the Objections and Replies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. Print.

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Lacewing, Michael. Revise Philosophy for AS Level. New York: Taylor


Should Patients with High Blood Pressure Take Drugs? Research Paper best college essay help

Table of Contents Treating Different Levels of High Blood Pressure

Advantages of Drug Use

Risks of Taking Drugs

Alternative Treatments


Works Cited

According to Dishman (201), high blood pressure (or hypertension) is increasingly becoming a major health problem. According to recent estimates, one in every three Americans suffer from high blood pressure (Dishman (201). Compared to teenagers and children, the incidence of high blood pressure among adults is relatively high.

Globally, estimates show that more than 25% of the world population suffers from hypertension. This percentage amounts to about one billion people living with hypertension around the world. Cumulatively, more than 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure (Dishman 202).

Many people perceive high blood pressure to be a “silent killer” because it is often undetected. However, the main challenge for managing the disease lies in its treatment.

For example, many medical experts are undecided regarding the use of drug treatment for high blood pressure. Rhoden (185) warns patients suffering from mild high blood pressure against the risk of developing severe hypertension when they take over the counter (OTC) drugs.

However, some medical experts approve the use of drugs for the management of the disease because drugs offer immense opportunities for decreasing blood pressure. Indeed, proponents of drug treatment cite the importance of drugs in managing blood pressure as a management tool for the disease (Lenzer 7).

Their contribution considers situations when a lifestyle change is impossible to achieve. This paper investigates the truth behind both arguments (for and against drug use) and ends by stating if patients suffering from high blood pressure should take drugs or not. However, first, an explanation for the treatment options for mild and severe high blood pressure provides the framework the understanding of this paper’s findings.

Treating Different Levels of High Blood Pressure The dilemma witnessed in medicating high blood pressure patients has been mirrored in research studies done by the widely respected, Cochrane Collaboration (Lenzer 3). However, these studies hinge their outcomes on understanding the distinction between “mild” high blood pressure and “high” high blood pressure.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lanier explains this distinction by stating that “A reading below 120/80 is considered normal, below 95/60 is considered low blood pressure and higher than 140/90 is considered high blood pressure, or hypertension” (Lanier 4).

Lenzer (7) explains that there is a wide discrepancy between the effectiveness of drugs used to treat “mild” forms of hypertension and severe forms of hypertension. His findings revealed a high unresponsiveness to drugs for patients suffering from mild forms of hypertension.

In fact, the studies show a poor response to drug treatment for patients suffering from “mild” high blood pressure because their risk of stroke, heart disease, and death (which are often associated with severe forms of high blood pressure) are constant, despite the treatment (Lenzer 7).

The above research has faulted previous studies, which have promoted the use of drugs for patients with hypertension by citing their weakness in bundling all forms of hypertension into one group. In other words, Lenzer (8) proposes a difference in the effect of drug treatment for patients suffering from mild and extreme forms of hypertension (older research studies proposed a general positive effect for drug treatment on patients with hypertension, without considering the distinction between mild and severe forms of hypertension).

Lenzer (10) also warns against the possibility of a “disease creep” if patients suffering from mild forms of high blood pressure subject themselves to drug treatments (a “disease creep” occurs when patients suffering from a mild disease subject themselves to a treatment plan designed to treat an extreme form of the disease). Nonetheless, drug treatments for patients with severe high blood pressure are successful and efficient.

However, this outcome is best realized when multiple drugs are used (but even in such circumstances, more harm than good occurs because of the side effects of using multiple drugs). Overall, drug treatments for patients suffering from mild hypertension only poses a strong profit potential for drug companies (by increasing the number of patients depending on the drugs) but it does little to improve the overall well-being of the patients.

Advantages of Drug Use This paper already highlights the negative side effects of drug use for patients with high blood pressure. However, according to Rhoden (177), drug use helps to reduce high blood pressure.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Should Patients with High Blood Pressure Take Drugs? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He highlights the reduction in blood pressure (by opening and widening the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow) as one benefit of drugs in reducing blood pressure (Rhoden 178). Indeed, part of the reason for increased high blood pressure is the narrowing of blood vessels, which occurs from several factors (including too much fat deposits in the blood).

Another way drugs reduce blood pressure is by preventing the blood vessels from narrowing so that they remain wide enough to allow for sufficient blood flow (Rhoden 178). Rhoden (178) does not elaborate how drugs achieve such an outcome, but he couples this advantage with the ability of drugs to reduce the heart’s workload. This effect is normally more efficient for patients who develop high blood pressure from obesity and related complications.

Rhoden (179) explains that regular drug use solves this problem because it reduces the heart workload. Finally, Rhoden (271) explains that drugs help reduce blood pressure by reducing the volume of fluids in the blood. Through a reduction in fluid volume, the blood pressure reduces.

Risks of Taking Drugs Drug treatment methods for high blood pressure group under different levels of medications. However, the most commonly known type of drug medication for hypertension is diuretic drugs (American Heart Association 1). One disadvantage of using this type of drug is the reduction in potassium levels.

However, the American Heart Association (1) proposes supplementary potassium intake as a remedy for potassium loss. Nonetheless, many patients fail to realize that their drug intake reduces their potassium levels and therefore, they fail to supplement their potassium levels (American Heart Association 1).

Albeit uncommon, reports of patients suffering from gout after they have experienced prolonged exposure to diuretic drugs exist. This side effect exposes the danger of drug use for patients with high blood pressure but it barely highlights the risk patients suffering from both high blood pressure and diabetes experience when they use diuretic drugs.

The American Heart Association (1) explains that diabetic patients who use diuretic drugs suffer increased sugar levels when they use the drugs for a long time. However, to remedy increased blood sugar levels, the American Heart Association proposes, “a change in medication, diet, insulin or oral anti-diabetic dosage” (1).

Another side effect for hypertension patients who use diuretic drugs (to treat the condition) lie in the increased chances of impotency that diuretic drugs pose. This side effect rarely occurs but it still adds to the dangers hypertension patients risk when they take drugs.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Should Patients with High Blood Pressure Take Drugs? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In an unrelated context, Griffin (1) reports that some types of OTC drugs (such as nosteroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs) may have a severe impact on the wellbeing of patients suffering from high blood pressure. This risk is especially profound when the drugs contain ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and ketoprofen compounds (because these compounds have serious side effects on the patients) (Griffin 1).

However, certain painkillers are considered to have fewer side effects and therefore, they are not considered to be highly dangerous for patients suffering from high blood pressure.

For example, acetaminophen (an active ingredient in painkilling drugs) has few side effects for patients with high blood pressure (Griffin 1). In other words, this compound does not raise the blood pressure. Nonetheless, regardless of the absence of significant side effects for a specific group of drugs, they still have their own side effects (which do not directly relate to the management of high blood pressure).

Therefore, from this understanding, Griffin (1) cautions patients with high blood pressure from taking prescription drugs for more than ten days.

The potential danger of drugs to inhibit blood flow to the kidney is one effect that manifests as a major concern for patients with high blood pressure (the inhibited blood flow to the kidney slows the functions of the kidneys) (Griffin 1).

Therefore, instead of the kidneys filtering blood more efficiently, it is slow to achieve this purpose (consequently, many fluids increase in the blood and the blood pressure increases) (American Heart Association 1). The increased high blood pressure is especially worse for patients who suffer from some form of heart complication.

Research has proved that when prescription drug use is common, there may be a potential complete damage to the kidneys (Griffin 1). This risk begs the question regarding what patients with high blood pressure should do when they have another discomfort (like a headache or a cold). To answer this question, Griffin (1) suggests that safe drugs (like asprin) are safe to medicate such patients.

Alternative Treatments Since many drug treatment methods have side effects, doctors who have warned against the effects of drug treatment, propose the adoption of alternative treatment methods. This section of the paper concentrates on explaining five alternative treatment methods, proposed by Mayo Clinic (1) to be extremely effective in reducing high blood pressure. One alternative treatment is reducing the body weight and watching the waistline.

The effectiveness of reducing body weight traces its roots from the relation between body weight and blood pressure. Mayo Clinic (1) confirms that there is a positive relation between high blood pressure and excessive body weight. From this relationship, Mayo Clinic (1) proves that reducing even ten pounds of body weight is likely to have a positive impact on blood pressure reduction. Finally, Mayo Clinic (1) explains that body weight reduction also improves the efficiency of drug treatment.

Another alternative treatment for high blood pressure is regular exercising. Regular exercising has enormous benefits. In fact, Mayo Clinic (3) recommends patients to exercise for an hour (everyday) to reduce their blood pressure by about four to nine millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Observing regular exercise is also one way patients with mild high blood pressure can reduce their risk of developing severe high blood pressure (Divine 74).

Divine (74) however warn patients against doing strenuous exercises (say, twice a week) to compensate for other days of the week. Eating a healthy diet is also another medication-free treatment that has a positive effect on reducing blood pressure. Like exercising, eating a healthy diet not only has a positive effect on reducing blood pressure but also on improving the overall health of the patients.

However (concentrating on high blood pressure), it is important to highlight that eating a lot of grains, fruits, vegetables and low-cholesterol foods can reduce the blood pressure significantly (by about 14 mm Hg) (Mayo Clinic 3). This treatment plan defines the dietary approach to blood pressure reduction.

Reducing sodium in the diet is also another treatment plan that has a high efficacy when treating high blood pressure. Indeed, high sodium levels are associated with high blood pressure because even slight reductions of sodium in the diet have a two to eight mm Hg reduction in blood pressure (the recommended level of sodium consumption should be limited to 2,300 milligrams every day) (Mayo Clinic 3).

Lastly, Mayo Clinic (3) advises patients suffering from high blood pressure (and are alcohol consumers) to reduce their alcohol consumption as a strategy to reduce their blood pressure. However, alcohol consumption is a dicey issue for patients with high blood pressure because Mayo Clinic (3) posits that small amounts of alcohol consumption can lower the blood pressure by about two to four mm Hg (this benefit is lost during excessive consumption of alcohol).

Therefore, it is advisable to limit alcohol consumption to small volumes. Comprehensively, the above medication-free treatment methods help to treat high blood pressure without experiencing the negative effects of drugs.

Conclusion After weighing the benefits and side effects of drug use, there is a clear divide between the pros and cons of drug use for patients who have a high blood pressure. However, since not all drugs have a negative (or severe) impact on patients with high blood pressure, there is a need to distinguish “dangerous” and “safe” drugs. It is therefore improper to state broadly that high blood pressure patients should not take drugs.

Indeed this paper shows that some drugs can be beneficial to the patients and ongoing research shows the ability of drugs to lower blood pressure by widening blood veins, reducing fluid volume, and reducing heart workload (as some of the benefits for drug use among patients with hypertension). Nonetheless, these treatment methods are incomparable to the benefits enjoyed by medication-free treatment methods (alternative treatment methods).

These alternative treatment methods do not only have a positive impact on the reduction of blood pressure but they also have a broad and positive impact on the patients’ health. Furthermore, these treatment methods constitute precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure (and most importantly prevent the worsening of mild hypertension to severe hypertension).

Therefore, the adoption of alternative treatment provides a way for patients with “mild” high blood pressure can prevent the development of “high” high blood pressure. Comprehensively, drug treatment for patients suffering from high blood pressure is not entirely bad if safe drugs are used, but overall, it is advisable for patients to use alternative treatment options to avoid any possibility of suffering from the severe impacts of drug use.

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Olympics Games: Should It Not Be Olympics Festivals? Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

What we know about the ancient Greek history today “survived either by pure chance or for literally reasons unconnected with their historical significance” (Crawford and Whitehead ix). Among the interesting activities in the contemporary society that interest me is claim that Olympic Games have its origins in Greek ancient history.

But does it really? Well, olympiakoi agones is the exact world that supposedly translate to ‘Olympic Games’ (Young 4). However, on more investigation, I am led to believe that while Olympic is actually an exact translation from olympiakoi, the term ‘games’ is not an exact translation from the Greek word agones.

In fact, (Young 4) observes that agones is better translated as “struggles”, “pains” or “contests”. Following the revelations about the not-so-accurate translation of the term olympiakoi agones, it could then be that the claim that Olympic Games has its genesis in Southwest Greece more than 2,700 years ago, is more of an association of activities rather than a reality.

I say this because olympiakoi agon was a religious festival, which was to say the least, not associated with sports, or games for that matter. If anything, it appears that the festival was a struggle, or a contest that would involve play at some point in honor of Zeus (Young 4).

Olympic Games as we know them today, involves struggles, contents and even some pains, which are often seen as means to the Olympic medals. Digressing to the definition of the word ‘games’, it appears that activities that qualify as games are not strictly meant to be competitive, and neither are they even meant to be painful or involving struggle (Wittgenstein 33e). At the very basics, games are a way of passing time and enjoying one self, but them again, there is no an accepted definition of the world games and so I could be wrong.

Consider the philosophical thoughts of (Wittgenstein 33e) who argues that explaining what a game is to someone who has no idea is a hard task because “we do not know the boundaries because none has been drawn”. In other words, no boundaries of description has been drawn to the definition of the word games; as such, activities as diverse as playing cards, playing with words, or playing with balls can be described as card games, word games or ball games respectively.

Following this line of thinking, I therefore suppose that the fact that Olympic festivals involved different forms of play is what led historians to relate it with the games as we know them today, and even associate the games’ history to ancient Greece, and hence Olympics.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Considering the above arguments, I am convinced that the only thing that the Olympic festivals in ancient Greece and the contemporary Olympic games share in common is the frequency of being held every four years, and perhaps the name Olympic. I draw the notion that the frequency of the Olympic festivals and the Olympic Games is alike from the understanding that Greeks’ calculate time intervals inclusively.

Beyond that, neither the intent nor the activities in both set of Olympics are similar. Even the inclusion of athletics in olympiakoi agones is contested by (Young 8) who observes that Homer- one of the historians who has written about athletic scenes in the ancient Greece- cannot be taken as an authentic memory of the same, because “rather than preserving a memory of athletics centuries earlier, he represents athletics in his own time” (Young 8).

Yet, it is from Homer’s writing that the contests and games associated with the Olympics (both the festivals and the contemporary games) are drawn. For example, it is observed that Homer’s poems paint the aristocratic warriors as “channeling their aggression and mutual rivalry into games and contests” whenever “they were not on the battlefield” (Crawford and David 46).

This then means that if Homer cannot be taken as an authority in telling us about the Olympic athletics, even less should we believe any texts that generally take his writings as absolute truth.

I also agree with Glass (155-156 cited by Young 19) who argues that a significant number of texts are unreliable despite modern authors believing in them. The generalizations that link the contemporary Olympic Games to the ancient Olympic festivals seem to have been taken from such ancient texts. In my view, the generalizations are not only anachronistic, but also wrong. But again, I too could be wrong.

Overall, I hold the opinion that the olympiakoi agones (if it indeed happened) must have provided the participants and onlookers with a chance to compete and contest for whatever rewards there were (including olive tree crowns) as indicated by (Crawford and Whitehead 48).

However, the activities that people in ancient Greece participated in during the festivals may never be absolutely known by the contemporary scholars because there is a possibility that much of the knowledge passed down the generations has been people’s inventions rather than factual. As such, the claim that the Olympics Games tradition goes back to the ancient Greece history is in my opinion, overstretching the truth.

We will write a custom Essay on Olympics Games: Should It Not Be Olympics Festivals? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Crawford, David, and David Whitehead. Archaic and Classical Greece: A Selection of Ancient Sources in Translation. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1983. Print.

Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Philosophical Investigations. Trans. GEM Anscombe. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1958.

Young, David. A Brief History of the Olympic Games. London: John Wiley


“Gone Baby Gone” Movie: Urban Planning Issues Essay (Movie Review) essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Family Structure

Limited Mobility

Urban Crime


Social Networks


This paper outlines several aspects in the film ‘Gone Baby Gone’ that has been directed by Ben Affleck. It highlights various issues that relate to urban planning as captured by the film. It discusses the themes of family structure, limited mobility in urban areas, urban crime, morality and the social networks that exist in urban neighborhoods.

Family Structure The film’s setting in Boston brings out several issues that affect the residents of a big urban settlement. The kidnapping of Amanda, a four year old girl, from an apartment where she lives with her mother shows the struggles various parents have to go through to raise their children in an urban neighborhood.

The neighborhood which Amanda calls home is ridden with crime and its working class residents have to contend with its rough nature on a daily basis. Amanda’s abduction shows the insecurity that exists in most urban areas, which poses a great risk to the families that live in such places (Prince, 2008, pp.1-2).

The tough neighborhood in which the girl is kidnapped is portrayed as an area with many social vices that make life difficult for the residents. Beatrice McGready, Amanda’s aunt, seeks the help of two detectives who are familiar with the neighborhood to help uncover the mystery behind her niece’s kidnapping. Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro are a couple that works as private detectives in the neighborhood, specializing in cases of missing persons (Prince, 2008, pp.1-2).

Amanda’s aunt gets involved in the search for the kidnapped girl unlike her sister whose activities leave a lot of unanswered questions. Helene, Amanda’s mother, steals money from drug dealers and this is suspected to be the major reason behind the abduction of her daughter. Negligent parents in tough urban suburbs as shown in the film expose their children to the several hazards that exist in such environments.

Limited Mobility The nature of the urban settlement in which the film is set obstructs effective mobility for the residents. The residents have to contend with high crime rates that make it dangerous for them to move freely in the area (Robledo, 2008, pp.1-2).

The residents of the area are also suspicious that the police are not honest in their dealings and this makes it difficult for the two detectives to resolve Amanda’s abduction. This distrust motivates Beatrice to hire Patrick and Angie to investigate the crime. Their excellent knowledge of the area also gives her the hope of getting Amanda back.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dorchester in Boston as shown in the movie is a terrible neighborhood that has a lot of problems that the residents have to struggle with each day. The neighborhood has menacing streets full of dangerous individuals who can stop at nothing to cause harm to passersby.

At first, this makes the two detectives reluctant to pursue the case because they are aware of the hardships that they are likely to face as they try to bring Amanda and her family’s problems to an end. The vicious criminal acts that go on in the neighborhood discourage even the law enforcement officers from investigating criminal activities (Robledo, 2008, pp. 1-2).

Urban Crime The neighborhood is full of criminals of all kind who terrorize residents even in broad daylight. This is typified through the kidnappings, drug deals and murder incidents that occur in the area. Helene, Amanda’s mother, is not only a victim but also a participant in the ferocious criminal activities that the neighborhood is accustomed to.

Helene’s role in the theft of drug money endanger the life of her daughter who gets punished for her fault (Calamari, 2012, pp.1-2). The kidnappers use the girl as leverage to make her mother pay back the money she steals from them.

The kidnappers are part of a gang headed by a drug dealing lord who seeks to get back at Helene’s mother for stealing part of his money. The life of Amanda hangs in a balance and only the timely intervention of the chosen detectives can help in bringing her back home safely. Patrick and Angie with the help of two law enforcement officers, Nick and Remy, embark on a long investigation to resolve the kidnapping of Amanda.

Similar kidnappings take place in the course of their investigations and some of the victims, most of whom are children, die in the hands of the criminals. It later emerges that the police are also part of the web of criminal activities in the area (Calamari, 2012, pp.1-2). The kidnapping is found to have been stage-managed by Remy and Captain Doyle, who are police officers, for the purpose of getting money from Helene.

Morality As depicted in the film, morality is out of question in Dorchester. Helene does not take her parental responsibilities seriously because of her addiction to drugs. This makes her daughter a victim of drug related crime (Calamari, 2012, pp.1-2).

We will write a custom Essay on “Gone Baby Gone” Movie: Urban Planning Issues specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other evil activities such as child molestation are also prevalent in the area; as a result, the neighborhood is not only a dangerous place but also full of immorality. Immorality and crime in the area makes it difficult for the weak and vulnerable to survive. The activities that take place in Dorchester are a dark reminder of the poor morals that prevail in the neighborhood.

The people who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order collude with criminals to make life in Dorchester unbearable.

Remy and Captain Doyle stage a fake kidnapping for the purpose of making themselves rich from ill gotten money. This gets the society trapped in a vicious cycle of crime that thrives because of the weak law enforcement and the poor moral standards that exist in the area.

Ironically, Amanda’s uncle by the name Lionel also conspires with the police to stage a false kidnapping to enrich himself and free the girl from her negligent mother who is also a drug addict (Calamari, 2012, pp.1-2). These occurrences demonstrate that most Dorchester residents have hardly any moral standards.

Social Networks Beatrice realizes the importance of using Patrick and Angie in resolving the abduction of her niece Amanda. The two detectives have adequate knowledge of Dorchester and this makes Beatrice believe that the neighborhood residents would be more willing to share information with the two.

This shows the level of mistrust and apprehension that residents of such neighborhoods have toward the police. The police are portrayed as corrupt; they pretend to have a blind eye to criminal activities because they get a share from ill-gotten wealth.

Lionel represents the parents and guardians who are ready to endanger the lives of their children for personal gain. The social networks in the Dorchester neighborhood make criminal activities thrive in the area (Snyder, 2012, pp.1-2). The movie is a good manifestation of the social networks that exist in dysfunctional urban societies.

References Calamari, A. (2012). Gone baby gone. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on “Gone Baby Gone” Movie: Urban Planning Issues by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Prince, C. (2008). Review: ‘Gone baby gone’ revisits classic question of nature vs. nurture. Web.

Robledo, S.J. (2008). Gone baby gone. Web.

Snyder, M. (2012). Cinematronic. Web.


Being a college student Reflective Essay argumentative essay help

It is quite impossible to provide a universally accepted definition as to what does it mean being a college student. The reason for this is simple – there are as many points of view, in this respect, as there are students. Nevertheless, it is possible to reflect upon how I believe college students should be positioning themselves in life, which in turn would allow them to live up to the title. In this essay, I will aim to do just that.

First, I think that being a college student means being a responsible individual, who believes that the studying represents its foremost priority. Therefore, under no circumstances may college students neglect taking care of academic assignments, provided by their teachers.

Moreover, in order for just about any college student to be able to succeed academically, he or she must never cease striving to expand its intellectual horizons. Unfortunately, many students adopt a rather light approach towards pursuing a degree, which in turn undermines their chances of obtaining a diploma. In its turn, this also implies that, in order for college students to excel in their studies, they must be willing to act in a thoroughly self-disciplined manner.

Second, being a college student suggests one’s willingness to not only memorize the taught material but to reflect upon it critically. What it means is that, every time when teachers present students with their own views on the significance of what they teach, students should be able to challenge these views.

Being the representatives of younger generations, college students have all the right to have their opinions heard. After all, it will be up to them to define the ways of the future. Therefore, ever since their early years, young people who expect to become college students should strive to form their own opinions about the actual meaning of life.

Third, even though that, in order for people to qualify to become college students, they must be thoroughly comfortable with the notion of responsibility, this however does not imply that they should only be concerned with the studying. Quite on the contrary – trying to have fun, whenever is possible, is the important part of students’ life.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong about college students attending parties in their spare time, for example. By doing that, students are able to improve their communicational skills, which in turn should help them to grow into socially responsible individuals in the future.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Fourth, being a college student means being willing to lead a physically healthy lifestyle. After all, it would prove quite impossible to imagine a drug-addict, for example, being in a position to qualify to enroll in a particular college, in the first place. It is understood, of course, that many college students simply lack time to be actively engaging with sports.

This, however, should not prevent them from doing basic physical workouts on a daily basis. By leading healthy lifestyles, college students will not only able to benefit from it physically but also mentally. As the famous saying goes – healthy bodies contain healthy spirits.

Fifth, being a college student means being able to take an active stance in life. College students are expected to take part in social and political discussions, because by doing it they can well contribute to the well-being of a society in which they live.

Moreover, students’ willingness to do so is being consistent with the overall purpose of their studies, as such that are supposed to turn them into socially productive citizens. Therefore, it is crucially important for college students to never skip an opportunity to make their voice heard, when it comes to discussing particularly controversial issues.

Sixth, being a college student means being willing to work on projects, relevant to the chosen career. For example, students that specialize in engineering are being often required to come up with their own designs for bridges, whereas, students that specialize in architecture are being encouraged to work on inventing new architectural styles.

Apparently, it represents a matter of crucial importance for college students to not only strive to attain a professional excellence in the chosen professional field, but also to derive an emotional satisfaction out of pursuing a degree. And, one of the ways how students can go about deriving such a satisfaction, is applying their theoretical knowledge in practice.

Seventh, being a college student means being willing to assist its underachieving classmates in coping with academic assignments. As we are being well aware of, whereas, some students do not experience any problems with the studying, others do.

We will write a custom Essay on Being a college student specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Very often, it comes because of these students’ exposure to poverty in their private lives. Yet, for as long as underachieving students get to experience the sensation that, despite their inability to score high, while tested, they nevertheless continue being appreciated by their peers, they will be more inclined to apply an additional effort into trying to catch up.

Eighth, being a college student implies that the concerned individual should never cease referring to its teachers in a respectful way. Nowadays, it became a common practice among many students to blame teachers for receiving low grades. This situation, however, cannot be considered thoroughly normal.

This is because, even though many teachers do seem to act in a rather intolerant manner towards some students, they are far from trying to cause these students any intentional harm. Quite on the contrary – such teachers’ behavior simply reflects their willingness to help the concerned students with obtaining diplomas. After all, it is only those students that pass final exams, who are able to graduate.

However, sometimes is it particularly the lack of self-discipline, on the part of underachieving students, which hampers their chances to obtain a diploma. Therefore, before blaming teachers on the account of their assumed intolerance, responsible students should consider the possibility that their positioning, in this respect, may not be fully justified.

I believe that the provided earlier definition of what it means being a college student is thoroughly appropriate. Even though it is being concerned with reflecting my personal opinions, I consider them perfectly valid.


Foreign Equity Restriction Essay best essay help: best essay help

Foreign Equity Restriction are constrains on the degree of ownership and control, referred to as equity in company law and finance, which foreigners of a country are permitted to control (Emery et al, 2007).

Such restrictions are strictly adhered to and are imposed in two different ways. The first way is through legislation. Restrictions through legislation are initiated by the government and enacted by the law making arm of the government. Such restrictions are usually aimed at or founded on the principles and provisions of public interest.

Therefore, where the country’s government has enough reason to suspect that the unrestricted investment by foreigners is against national interest, it will institute the restrictions. The second way in which the restrictions can be put in place is by the decisions of the individual companies. This paper seeks to explain the concept of foreign equity restrictions and the reasons as to why countries and companies adopt such restrictions.

Body The rationale behind the existence of a firm is to maximize the wealth of its shareholders. This objective, which has since replaced the traditional goal of profit maximization, calls for a number of strategies with regard to the manner in which shares are sold. Domestic companies and organizations maximize net worth of the business through price discrimination when it comes to selling their shares to both foreigners and locals.

An increase in the net value of the business translates to an improvement in the wealth status of the owners. The discriminatory pricing practices are applicable where and when the demand variable for local shares varies between local and non-citizen investors (Emery et al, 2007). The company may opt to sell the shares at different prices so as to achieve stability in control.

One of the major reasons why this kind of discrimination may be practiced is the need to protect the autonomy of the local industries. Since the decisions in the limited companies are made by a majority of the shareholders, it is important that the local shareholders outnumber the foreign shareholders so that the organization can achieve the status of a self-determining entity (Eun


NOTE: You may not ethically conduct an interview until you have completed the appropriate ethics training. If you have not yet done so, please complete the training now. Failure to do so will result i essay help

If you have not yet done so, please complete the training now. Failure to do so will result in loss of credit. 
Think of the oldest person you know. Although the assignment asks for an adult over 65, aim to interview someone above age 75 if possible.
The purpose of this project is to examine life-span characteristics in the elderly. You will interview one adult aged 65 or older. Show or read to the person what the questions are and explain that identities will remain anonymous.  If your adult is willing to participate, have the adult read and sign the informed consent form. Download the informed consent form. Phone/ video interviews are acceptable, however, original (not electronic) signatures are required on the informed consent form. Remember the person has the right to not answer a question or terminate the interview.  You must find another adult if the interview is not fully completed. 
In the interview, establish first the person’s age, gender, occupation, living/ familial situation, and any other relevant information. You will then ask the questions here Download ask the questions here . Be sure to listen carefully and note the elaboration in responses. You may wish to record the interview (with the participant’s permission) and take notes from the recording after the interview has concluded, so you are not distracted by writing/ typing during the interview. Ask any follow-up questions you find to be important.  
First, submit the signed consent form here. Posts without completed consent form will automatically receive zero credit. 
Submit your discussion post below. The original post will contain the following information (20 points total)Describe the adult, including their relation to you, age, gender, occupation, familial situation, and any other relevant information. DO NOT use the person’s name. You may wish to use a pseudonym (fake name). (5 points)
Post the questionnaire with responses, and include the participant’s elaborating remarks. (10 points)
Reflect on the interview. What did you learn? What thoughts did you have while you conducted this interview? How was it exactly what you expected or different from what you expected? (5 points)

Reply to TWO classmates’ posts. Each reply should include the following: (5 points each, 10 points total)
Greet the student by name.
Make note of something you found interesting/ compelling/ intriguing from their post and why you found it to be so.
Compare/ contrast some aspect of their interviewee to your own interviewee. What is similar or different? Note: avoid simple comparisons, such as age, gender, etc. Dig deeper. 
Include anything else you find relevant. Sign your name. 
DO NOT e-mail any materials to your instructor, as they will not be accepted for credit. 
Remember that the ethics training must be completed before you may perform your interview. Failure to complete the ethics training will result in a zero for this assignment. Remember also that you must submit the completed consent form in order to receive credit.


Qatar National Sport Day Research Paper college admission essay help

Qatar is being promoted as a sporting capital of the Gulf region despite the fact that few students from various colleges in the country participated in the national sporting event held in February this year. The main reason why college students from North Atlantic did not participate in the event was its rather poor organization. As such, not everybody knew about it. The objective of this research paper is to examine ways of increasing the participation of students from the North Atlantic College in the National

Sport Day Programs Based on current statistics, only 89 out of 457 individuals recruited for a quick survey indicated that they participate in sports (QSD 2012).

This is an indication that even at the national level there is a little emphasis made on sporting activities. The survey also showed that men were more likely to participate in sports than women. With respect to college students, the level of participation during the February Qatar national sports day was low. This implies that students are not aware of the importance of sports.

To increase the number of student participants in the next QNSD, the department of sports at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNAQ) needs to create awareness of the importance of sports and the national sports day. For example, it should be emphasized that participating in sports reduces the risk of such killer diseases as cancer and diabetes (Canadian Heritage 4).

In addition, students should be informed about the importance and the theme of the Qatar National Sports Day which is “to encourage member of local community to adopt healthy lifestyle and develop physical and mental abilities of community members in light of the 2030 national vision” (QSD 2012).

Moreover, there is a need to create awareness in order to make an emphasis on the QNSD and its importance for individuals and the nation at large. Awareness would encourage more students to participate in the next national sports day.

CNAQ sports department in collaboration with other stakeholders should come up with a program which advocates for sports. This can be borrowed from the Schools Olympic Program (SOP) which advocates for sports as a way of life (SOP 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As a result, this would increase the level of sports participation by CNAQ students. Based on the problem statement, the low level of participation was a result of poor sports management since the college did not organize the event well. This could be resolved by putting in place a sports management team that focuses on Qatar national sports day.

However, emphasis without practical participation is not enough. Therefore, in line with the recommendation by the Canadian Heritage (7), the CNAQ sports management can set up sports policies and programs in the college and also increase the number of physical facilities.

Lessons in physical education should also be organized in such a way that every student may participate in sports (Canadian Heritage 7). Physical education and a supportive sporting environment as recommended by Qatar Olympic Committee (16) have the potential to encourage students to participate in sports.

This would create the desire to participate in sports during national sports days. The Qatar Olympic Committee (38) advocates for a sports culture in Qatar to increase the number of participants at national level. The College of North Atlantic of Qatar should borrow a leaf from the Qatar Olympic Committee to create a sporting culture. A sporting culture has the capacity to raise college interests towards sports.

Works Cited Canadian Heritage. Sport Participation Strategy 2008 – 2012. Web.

Qatar Olympic Committee. Sports Sector Strategy (2011-2016). Web.

QSD. 89% of participants in QOC survey practice sports. 2012. Web.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Qatar National Sport Day specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More SOP. School Olympic Program. 2011. Web.


The Great Depression in Latin America Analytical Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

In order to maintain a stable economy, it is critical for governments to adopt relevant policies that cushion crucial sectors from economic shocks. The failure in this regard is likely to result in a vulnerable economy that cannot guarantee the survival of vital industries in the aftermath of a global phenomenon such as the Great Depression.

Although some economic policies may vary from one region to another, others play a crucial role in the transition of any developing country into industrialization. The political environment in a region is essential concerning the adoption and proper implementation of various economic policies. Policymakers play a central role in reforms and thus possess significant effects on a country’s economic transformation.

The Great Depression mostly marked the onset of changes in the economic policies adopted by Latin-American countries. This period adversely affected a significant portion of the Latin America, which largely depended on the role of supplying raw materials to different parts of the world as a means of generating income.

Because of the weakening of the global economy, industries in the affect countries minimized the importation of raw materials. This severed the chief source of foreign currency for various Latin-American countries and led to a rising trend of poverty and social chaos.

Thus, there was the need for collaborative efforts by various stakeholders within Latin America to draft economic policies that would safeguard different aspects of the Latin-American economy. Leaders in Latin America acknowledged the need to change economic policies and promoted the discarding of the free-market model in favor of import substitution (Cárdenas et al., 2000).

The applicability of this model remained satisfactory for various Latin-American countries until the 1980s. The import-substitution model focused on the reduction of the dependence of the economy of a nation on foreign parties. To achieve this objective, countries in Latin America embarked on various aspects of local production.

The policies on import substitution ensured the state’s participation in aspects such as nationalization and subsidization of industrial and agricultural raw materials. Other measures included increased tax rates and the imposition of protectionist trade policies. The adoption of these measures focused on the protection of local industries and stabilization of economies in various Latin-American countries.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The import-substitution model attracted support among Latin-American countries due to the consideration that most of the industrialized countries employed various aspects of import substitution to attain states that are more self-sufficient.

Another factor that led to the adoption of import substitution in Latin America was the need to address the rising trend of unemployment and poverty, primarily attributed to the global economic crisis at the time. The Great Depression caused significant economic shocks throughout the world and declining domestic employment in Latin America.

However, from around the 1980s, import substitution policies began to lose favor among developing countries, including those in Latin America. Policies relating to import-substituting industrialization (ISI) led to losses and debts within Latin America due to the introduction of various programs by the World Bank and other bodies that brought about market liberalization.

Following the 1980s’ debts that caused crises in various Latin-American countries, concerned parties identified the need to privatize the management of previously nationalized entities and thus began adopting market-oriented economic policies (Solimano


Understanding the Importance of Medieval Science Report essay help online

Table of Contents Background

The Quartz Crystal Experiment

The Horoscope Experiment


Reference List

One of the main foundations in the study of science is the validation of theoretical propositions through experimental data. Theories can then be evaluated to be true or false depending on experimental results. The verification of theoretical prepositions can then help us to predict multiple outcomes in our world. In the direction of trying to understand the universe, man has developed an array of disciplines that do not necessarily follow the experimental approach which is used in contemporary science.

Medieval science is among the most important disciplines that have resulted from man’s effort to understand his universe (Fisher, 2011). Although some of the prepositions and beliefs in medieval science are contrary to common sense and contemporary science, medieval science is still finding a wider acceptance in the general populace.

The inclusion of astrology columns in all major newspaper editions tells a lot about our general beliefs. Perhaps, contemporary science is ignoring “undiscovered” forces that play a crucial role in influencing our lives; thus, forcing man to seek alternative means of understanding mysterious phenomenon (John, 2005).

Background Among the most common disciplines that have been in application over many years, despite their unscientific approach, include astrology and alchemy.

In a nutshell, astrology is a discipline which revolves on the concept that our behaviors, destinies, and our general life is pre-determined and influenced by forces from celestial bodies. Astrology is a broad discipline that is based on astronomical observations which have been noted over many years (Stefanos, 2011). Life in the ancient world, including medicine, politics and religion was centered on astrological beliefs.

Although astrology has a wide berth of acceptance and application in our modern world, scientists have argued against the use of astrological prepositions as facts. Phenomenons that can be “explained” by astrological prepositions should thus be considered random and accidental.

Like astrology, alchemy is a discipline that is based on prepositions that are contrary to intuition and scientific approaches. Alchemists believe that it is possible to transfer the form of an object to another object through the process of metaphysics.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Because of their existence, objects are considered to posses some form of metaphysical powers that can be moved from one object to another. Among the most important beliefs that are held by modern alchemists is the possession of healing powers by crystals. Some modern healers propose the combined use of crystals and meditation for healing certain ailments (Andrew, 2008).

The Quartz Crystal Experiment Methodology

In the direction of ascertaining the claimed healing power of crystals, I set out to perform an experiment to test the healing notion of crystals. Among the most common approaches that can be employed in the direction of verifying hypotheses is the use of chi-squared experiments.

First, a hypothesis is stated. For the stated hypothesis to be valid, the results of our experiment should conform to the stated hypothesis. Variations from the expected theory are then evaluated. Wide deviations of experimental results from the stated hypothesis indicate that the hypothesis is invalid.

My experiment focused on the theory that when combined with meditation, crystals have supernatural healing powers. The assumed supernatural healing power of crystals was then tested on flies. During the experiment, our laboratory assistant created eight samples of flies with a type of mutation referred to as vestigial.

Vestigial mutation prevents flies from developing wings on emergence from the pupa stage of growth. However, some flies may develop wings despite having the vestigial mutation as a result of naturally occurring processes in their genes. If quartz crystals have healing powers, samples that had been exposed to the crystals and meditation would be expected to contain a large number of flies with normal wings.

During my experiment, I received eight different samples of flies from my laboratory assistant. Four of these samples had been exposed to quartz crystals and meditation. The other four had not been exposed to crystals and meditation. During the experiment, I was not aware of the samples that had been exposed to crystals and meditation.

One vial of four samples was labeled “X” while the other was labeled “Y”. On receiving the samples from my laboratory assistant, I carefully removed flies from each sample while making a count of those that had developed wings. After recording my observations, I did a chi-squared analysis.

We will write a custom Report on Understanding the Importance of Medieval Science specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Results

I was able to observe a total of five flies that had vestigial wings in sample “X”. Here, a total of 58 flies from a total of 65 flies had normal wings. On the other hand, sample “Y” did not yield any flies with the vestigial condition. Here, a total of 99 flies from a total of 99 had normal wings. The results of the crystal experiment are illustrated below:

My calculated chi-squared value was 8.11. Since there are two observable conditions (normal or vestigial flies), my degree of freedom is one. Having obtained my chi-squared value and my degree of freedom, I referred to the chi-squared distribution table to obtain the probability figure for my experiment.

For this particular experiment, my acceptable range for deviation was 5%. For my calculated chi-squared value, I obtained a probability that lies between 1% and 0.1%. Thus, for this particular experiment that I performed, only 1% of the experimental observations were due to chance. Since my acceptable range of probability was 5%, the crystal hypothesis (that quartz crystals have curative powers when combined with meditation) was shown to be invalid.


The quartz experiment disapproved the hypothesis that quartz crystals have supernatural healing powers. If the hypothesis was true, we would have observed a substantial number of vestigial flies in either sample. According to the calculated chi-squared value, an accuracy of 0.1% was required to verify the quartz hypothesis. Even if we placed unclassified flies either way, the results of the experiment will not be altered.

The Horoscope Experiment Methodology

Besides the quartz experiment, I also conducted another experiment to test the hypothesis that astrology can predict future events in our lives. Here, eight short paragraphs that talked about the days of eight different people were written on cards. Each of the cards was assigned eight different letters. An effort was then made to match the predictions of eight different horoscopes with the card entries.


According to the observations that I was able to make during this particular experiment, there was no any match between the predicted horoscopes and actual events that had been entered on cards. Since there are twelve different horoscopes, the expectation is that at least one in twelve outcomes would be predicted.

The ratio of total responses to actual matches was ¾:0. Thus, this particular experiment has disapproved the hypothesis that horoscopes can be used to predict actual events in our lives. A chi-squared analysis for this particular experiment yielded zero. Thus, since I could not calculate an appropriate probability for a zero value. I was not able to proceed with the chi-squared analysis.


The above experiment has clearly shown that horoscopes cannot be used to predict actual events in our lives. After subjecting the horoscope hypothesis to a test experiment, it was clearly concluded that the horoscope hypothesis is invalid. Since eight different horoscopes from eight major astrologers were used in this particular experiment, the observed results had a degree of high accuracy. Interestingly, a considerable proportion of people believe in the prediction power of horoscopes.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Understanding the Importance of Medieval Science by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Since many people base the prediction power of horoscopes on future events, they tend to bias the predicted outcomes of the horoscopes to fit into their future expectations. So as to eliminate the tendency above, I pre-recorded data on events that had already occurred before trying to match those events with corresponding predictions from the horoscope. The horoscope experiment is thus reliable in disapproving the notion that horoscopes can predict future outcomes in our lives.

Conclusion Results from the quartz crystal experiment invalidated the hypothesis that, when combined with meditation, crystals have supernatural healing powers. Likewise, the horoscope experiment disapproved the notion that horoscopes can be used to predict future events in our lives.

In both of the two experiments, I tried to establish if observed outcomes agreed with stated hypotheses. Usually, many beliefs in medieval science are based on superstitions and prepositions that cannot be proven by experiments to be true. Still, many hypotheses in medieval science are still finding a large following in our modern world. Although scientific approaches have their own limitations, it is more practical and useful to rely on scientific methodologies on given issues in our lives.

Reference List Andrew, M. (2008) Science versus fiction. Web.

Fisher, F. (2011) Statistical tables for biological agricultural medical research. Web.

John, A. (2005) Are medieval beliefs true. Web.

Stefanos, A. (2011) Greek folk magic. Web.


Hinduism’s Main Principles Expository Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Hinduism is one of the oldest and widespread religions in the world; currently it is practiced by people who may live in very different countries. This paper is aimed at discussing the main principles of Hinduism, it cultural aspects and its impact on the society in the United States.

The knowledge of these issues is important for understanding the diversity of modern societies in which people may have different beliefs, values or even perceptions of God. Overall, one can identify the following characteristics of Hinduism, namely the acceptance of different religious views, the belief in reincarnation of soul, and the idea that God can take many different forms.

Furthermore, it should be noted this religion is now practiced in many Western countries, such as the United States and its presence increases the diversity of modern American society and makes people more aware about the variety of religious beliefs.

First of all, Hinduism is very difficult to define because this religion incorporates a variety of beliefs that recognize the moral authority of the Vedas which are religious texts originating from ancient India (Mittal and Thursby 3). Moreover, Hinduism includes several denominations or groups of people who may have different rituals. It should be noted that there are several distinct features of Hinduism.

Certainly, the supporters of this religion accept the existence of God as a higher power that created the universe. Moreover, God is present in every living being. Yet, Hindus think that an individual can worship God in different forms. The deity can have different identities such as Shiva, Vishnu, or Brahma (Neusner 186). It is difficult to determine whether Hinduism is monotheistic or polytheistic religion. The thing is that in some denomination of Hinduism, people can accept the existence of several deities (Neusner 186).

Thus, Hindus do not accept the idea that God can take only one form. This is one of the issues that people should remember. Moreover, people should take into account that Hinduism is not based on some specific canon or a set of written sources. The Vedas do play an important role in the lives of Hindus, but various religious leaders could provide their own interpretation of God and morality.

Secondly, it is worth noting that this religion does not set direct requirements for the worshipers who may follow different religious rituals. More importantly, Hinduism does not reject other forms of religious faith. It is not opposed to Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Hindus do not argue that their view on God and the universe is the only possible one. These are the main distinctions of the religion and people should remember about them when interacting with Hindus.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One should also discuss the culture of Hinduism. It should be taken into consideration that Hinduism evolved in the course of several millennia during which Indian subcontinent witnessed many political, social, and demographic changes. Furthermore, Hinduism can be practiced in different countries, for example, India, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh.

This is why one should not suppose that this religion is always associated with some distinct cultural values or practices. There are several rituals that play an important life in the cultural life of Hindus, for example one can mention, different forms of yoga, or festivals such Gudi Padwa and Bihu (Kaur 1968).

These festivals are held by Hindus who may live in different countries. Secondly, Hinduism accepts the idea of material possessions and even sensual pleasures provided that a person does not violate the ethical principles, especially if he/she does not limit the freedom of other people.

Additionally, it is possible to identify several cultural values that Hindus usually recognize, in particular, the respect for elders, modesty, and acceptance of ones limitations and weaknesses. So, this religion stresses the humility of an individual. These cultural values affect Hindus’ relations with other people.

Additionally, one should note that Hinduism can now be practiced in the United States for more than a century. Certainly, this religion is not followed by the majority of the popularity. Yet, nowadays, Hindu temples can be found in different parts of the country, for instance, one can mention such states as California, Illinois, New York, and so forth (Neusner 180).

Many Hindus live in such urban areas as Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, or New York (Neusner 180). This religion is followed by people who came to America from India or Sri Lanka. There are several ways in which this religion influences the society. First of all, one can mention that American people have become more aware about religious and cultural practices that may exist in non-Western countries.

The presence of Hinduism makes people more aware of the fact that there are various forms of religious faith, and they can differ from the Judeo-Christian tradition which is dominant in the United States. Some of these practices have become very popular, for instance, one can mention Yoga that is very popular among many people. Therefore, the influence of Hinduism can be considered positive because this religion emphasizes the necessity of tolerance and respect toward the views of others.

We will write a custom Essay on Hinduism’s Main Principles specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Overall, I have a positive attitude toward Hinduism, even though I did not have direct contacts with this religion. As it has been said before, it accepts different forms of worship and religious faith and it is not opposed to other religions.

This feature greatly appeals to me because the supporters of Hinduism do not think that their religious views are in any way superior to those of other people. Secondly, Hinduism does not impose certain restrictions on worshippers. They do not have to follow certain rules, when worshipping God.

In other words, these people have a relative degree of freedom. So, a person, who is not affiliated to any religion, may have a favorable attitude toward Hinduism. Certainly, my judgment may be very subjective, and more accurate assessment can be given if I learn more about the beliefs and ethical principles that Hindus recognize and various denominations of this religion.

On the whole, these examples suggest that contemporary Hinduism is a vibrant religion that can now be practiced in Western and non-Western countries. Its principles include the rejection of dogmatism and emphasis on the liberty of an individual.

In the course of its history, it underwent several significant changes, but it does remain appealing to many people in part because Hindus do not claim their perception of God is better or more accurate than the beliefs of other people. The presence of Hinduism in the United States can be seen as a positive force because American people can learn more about the ethical and cultural aspects of other religions.

Works Cited Kaur, Raminder. Performative Politics and the Cultures of Hinduism: Public uses of Religion in Western India, Delhi: Anthem Press, 2005. Print.

Mittal Sushil, and G. Thursby. Studying Hinduism: key concepts and methods, New York: Routledge, 2008. Print.

Neusner, Jacob. World Religions in America: An Introduction, Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2009. Print.

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Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity Essay best essay help: best essay help

Through anime productions, Japan has today become a significant player in the global cultural development and economy. Many people across the world label anime as Japan’s major cultural export. The products and ideas have extended across the world. While it is hard to give a proper definition for anime, many people have defined cartoons and images presenting fantasy and imagination as part of anime. This makes the animated works a major aspect of the Japanese culture.

Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity In Japan, animated caricatures and films have become important than elsewhere in the world. Unlike the presentation of cartoons in the Western countries, Japan’s anime is definitely a mainstream phenomenon that continues to define pop culture.

The young generation and other members of the Japanese society have accepted the idea thereby making it a classical portrayal of the Japanese staple culture (Drazen, 2003). There is the continued production of animated characters for movies, books and other related medium. For example, Spirited Away is a Japanese animated movie telling the story of Chihiro who enters a world inhabited by monsters and spirits.

Yoruba who is a witch transforms her parents into pigs. The witch forces Chihiro to work in her bathhouse where she plans to free her parents and escape from the mystery. Similar films are common in Japan. Such films have played a huge role to promote the issues of the Japanese cultural identity.

This has made the country outstanding compared with other cultures. The anime is today fitting accurately into the contemporary visual culture in Japan. In the country, these animations and similar portrayals help a lot in educational purposes and even commercial enterprise (Poitras, 2001). At times, the idea of animations has become part of policy implementations and political resistance. The use of anime has helped the Japanese for years to express unique powers and fantasies that form the imaginary world of the people.

As observed in the film Spirited Away, the industry and literary works have always used animations as a way of promoting the Japanese culture, beliefs and traditions. For anyone interested in the culture of the Japanese, it would be fascinating to use animations to present their ideas, powers and concepts (Drazen, 2003).

This is a rich and fascinating approach to present the aesthetic and visual aspects of the culture. As well, this becomes an innovative approach aimed at promoting media and art in the country. Different analysts have indicated that anime with its breadth and analysis of subject matter remains a resourceful mirror on the Japanese society. This makes it possible to understand some of the issues, dreams, fantasies and nightmares that define the modern society.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The other way the anime productions deal with the issues of the Japanese and their cultural identity is by presenting the aspects and ideas that define the people of Japan. Japan is today a major cultural and commercial force in the global society (Poitras, 2001). With the presentations of these animations, the culture has influenced the western world.

This is the same role played by its ideas and technological developments. The production of animated films such as Spirited Away presents this aspect and identity of the Japanese people.

An Anime production offers an opportunity to explore the cultural force that is fascinating. The world absorbs the productions thereby presenting the relationship between local cultures and the global culture. At the time when the Americans have dominated global culture, the influence of these animations is something unique because they offer the identity of the Japanese and eventually becoming as a unique cultural resistance (Drazen, 2003).

The anime productions have become a form of culture and popular tradition that shows the true picture of the Japanese roots. This has helped the people to exert a wider influence and promote Japanese ideas.

In Japan, the supernatural and imaginary world is common both for cultural and religious practices. Anime productions have offered the people an opportunity to produce these ideas and narratives to define their traditions and cultural foundations (Poitras, 2001).

The narrative styles, imagery, humor and psychological aspects running through these animations have helped establish the Japanese culture across the world. As more people watch these films and anime productions, it has become easier to promote the Japanese culture and identity than ever before.

Conclusion The important thing is that the anime productions are in the form of narratives not visual styles. The Japanese consider animated films as a medium in which there is the combination of the visual aspects and elements. The approach makes generic and philosophical structures that help to produce a unique world.

We will write a custom Essay on Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The reason why the Japanese use animations to present these ideas is that their world and culture is tragic, sexualized and provocative. The complexity of the stories makes the anime productions effective and analytical of the Japanese cultural aspects. The use of anime productions in Japan is a practice that has helped position the cultural identity of the people. The influence has been enormous to the western world thereby making the culture unique and spectacular.

References Drazen, P. (2003). Anime Explosion: The What? Why and Wow of Japanese Animation. Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press.

Poitras, G. (2001). Anime Essentials: Everything a Fans Needs to Know. Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press.


Drug Test for Teachers and Athletes in Schools Report essay help online

Table of Contents My position on Drug test for teachers and student athletes

Legal perspective on Drug Test

Contentious issues on Drug Test

Drug Test on Teachers

Arguments Regarding Drug test on Student athletes



Drug testing is a heated topic for both athletes and job candidates. Presently, the media and regulatory authorities focus on mandatory testing for students who love to participate in co-curricular actions. It is essential to review the drug testing policies in schools though the contemporary society focuses on the right to confidentiality.

This sensitive issue needs careful examination. Additionally, drug use among student athletes and teachers remains a grave problem in schools. However, the issue of teacher testing has become normal in court cases because the majority of the educators are of the opinion that the cost and time used to exercise random tests should be utilized efficiently in class.

However, some educators argue that teachers who behave poorly in class need to be tested for drugs in case their supervisors suspect any instance of substance use. Additionally, the institution has the right to conduct drug tests if the school administrator has a feeling that their subordinates abuse drugs.

This is not considering the fact that the exercise may be demeaning. This investigation highlights issues concerning drug test in learning institutions and provides adequate information regarding my position towards the issue. Additionally, it explains vital aspects concerning drug test within learning institutions.

My position on Drug test for teachers and student athletes I support the drug test on both teachers and student athletes in institutions because it will prevent athletes from experimenting with drugs. Additionally, it will identify individuals who use drugs to advance their performance in co curricular activities.

Students engaging in athletics and music were subjected to unsystematic testing after former president bush’s government promoted a program that focused on eliminating drug use (Darling, 2005). However, some parents and teachers are labeling the exercise as an ineffective measure of discouraging drug use. This is because they believe that the exercise undermines trust and interferes with students’ privacy (DuPont


Recommendation Memorandum Research Paper college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

In this paper, I would like to make a recommendation to the administrators of Midwood High School regarding their intention to purchase notebooks for their students. In particular, I can suggest that they should acquire laptops of MacBook Pro series manufactured by Apple since 2006.

This memorandum contains a careful evaluation of two products, namely MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Special attention is paid to their advantages and disadvantages, namely such aspects as price, performance, and functionality of these devices. It is possible to say that MacBook Pro can offer more opportunities to learners. Moreover, this laptop has a better price-quality ratio. In the following sections of the memorandum, this argument will be explained in more detail.

Background: The Choice of Technologies for Schools The administrators of many schools want to adopt the most cutting-edge technologies in effort to facilitate students’ academic performance and improve their experiences. However, the problem is that it is often difficult to choose the product that will correspond to such criteria as good price-quality ratio, excellent functionality, design, and reliability.

Furthermore, one should distinguish between commercial information provided by manufacturers and accurate assessment of technological devices. So, very often schools fail to purchase laptops that really meet the educational needs of students. Thus, the problem has several dimensions. On the one hand, school administrators have to keep within budgetary constrains that are often very tight.

Yet, they also have to make sure that learners can acquire knowledge and skills. This is the issue that the administrators of Midwood High School should address. MacBook Pro seems to be the most optimal choice for this educational institution because this laptop is well-suited for various learning activities.

In particular, one can speak about tasks as searching information on the Internet, text editing, team communication in group projects, programming, and so forth (Kay and Sharon 362). Furthermore, when choosing a laptop, people should pay attention to such criteria as ease of use, speed, reliability, functionality, and certainly price.

Evaluation of two products: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Technical specifications

In order to compare these laptops, one should focus on such technical specifications which are probably the most important evaluation criteria. There are several indicators that are closely related to performance. In particular, it is necessary to speak about the storage capacity of the hard-disk drive, memory, processor, and the dimensions of the display. These are the most important benchmarks. The following table presents the compararison of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Product MacBook Pro MacBook Air Display 15,4 inches in diagonal 13, 3 inches in diagonal Processor 2.3. GHz quad core processor (Apple Inc. unpaged) 1.8GHz dual-core processor (Apple Inc. unpaged). Memory 8 gigabytes of 1600 MHz DDR3 Memory. 4 gigabytes of 1600 DDR3 memory (Apple Inc. unpaged) Storage 770 gigabytes From 129 to 256 gigabytes USB Two USB ports Two USB ports This comparison is important because it can highlight the most important differences between the two laptops; these differences should be considered by buyers who are interested in the ease of use, speed, or ability to store information. Overall, it is possible to argue that MacBook Pro has better functional characteristics. For instance, one can mention that the users usually find easier to work with a laptop that has a larger display. This is why they may prefer MacBook Pro that has a display with a 15,4 inch diagonal.

Secondly, memory and processor largely determines the speed of the laptop. This issue is important for a person who wants to work on different tasks that may require a high-tech laptop. As it has been shown in the table, MacBook Pro has a better processor and memory in comparison with its counterpart. Furthermore, school administrators should take into account that students can store their various types of data on their laptops. It is quite possible that they will a hard-disk drive that has a better storage capacity.

Moreover, there are several drawbacks that the users of MacBook Air have identified, namely the overheating of the central processing unit and the absence of CD or DVD-ROM (DeWitt, unpaged).

The administrators of Midwood High School should know about these limitations (DeWitt unpaged). This drawback can give rise to significant problems such as lock-ups (DeWitt, unpaged). Thus, a person may find it difficult to use this laptop, especially if he/she is concerned with time-efficiency.

It has to be admitted that MacBook Air has long-been considered one of the thinnest laptop ever produced (DeWitt, unpaged). This ultra-light design has been appealing to many people. This is one of the advantages that this product has over MacBook Pro.

Yet, one should remember this thinness led to the diminished functionality of this laptop (DeWitt, unpaged). Additionally, it should be taken into account that the design of MacBook Air increases the fragility of this notebook. This means that Midwood High School may incur the increased costs of repair.


Finally, when comparing these laptops, the buyers should also think about such a criterion as price. It has to be admitted that currently the most recent computers of the MacBook Pro series cost more that Mac Book Air. In particular, one can purchase them at the price of $1799 while MacBook Air costs $ 1199 (Apple Inc. unpaged). However, this difference in prices is quite justified because the laptop that I recommend has much better functional characteristics.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Recommendation Memorandum specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Additionally, one should note that technologies develop at a very rapid pace, and computers quickly become out-of-date. The computers that were considered the most cutting-edge products several years ago may now become obsolete. They may not have the resources to run new types of software.

Provided that the administrators of Midwood High School choose to purchase MacBook Pro they will make sure that the students will be able to use the most advanced technologies. Overall, it is possible to create two charts that compare these two laptops according to such parameters as price and performance.

In this case, the horizontal axis refers to the price of the product, while the vertical axis denotes performance of the laptop. Although, MacBook Pro has a higher price, its performance is also increased. Thus, it can offer a better utility to the users. This is the main issue that buyers should consider.

Conclusion Thus, after comparing the two products, I would suggest that the administrators Midwood High School should consider purchasing MacBook Pro because this product can better fit the needs of students who expect speed, reliability, and convenience from laptops. Moreover, they will ensure that the school does not have to reinvest into newer technologies in the near future because MacBook Pro will continue to be an advanced product for a long time.

Appendixes Picture 1. The thinness of MacBook Air

Source: (Apple Inc. unpaged)

Works Cited Apple Corporation. MacBook Air (Mid 2012) – Technical Specifications. 4 Jun. 2012. Web.

Apple Corporation. MacBook Pro. 5 Aug. 2012. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Recommendation Memorandum by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More DeWitt, Phillip. Apple’s MacBook (hot) Air problem. 13 Mar. 2008. Web.

Kay, Robin and Lauricella Sharon. “Gender Differences In The Use Of Laptops In Higher Education: A Formative Analysis.” Journal Of Educational Computing Research 44.3 (2011): 361-380. Print.


Recommendation for a web server software package Case Study essay help online

Web pages have transformed from the traditional collection of products and services on a site, to a more specific content for the clients. Random Walk Shoes targets a big audience of customers. Therefore, it requires web server software that enables it to serve the big audience of clients. Such software provides dynamic pages which allow the clients to search for the information they require by simply typing hints or a clicking the mouse. In this case, the web site is customized to provide web page files effectively.

Client Script Writing Software This software is controlled by the actions of the client. The change in the information displayed on the web page is solely determined by the client’s commands. It is convenient for clients because, it gives them the opportunity to access the information they want at their own convenience.

However, the clients may not learn of other pages available and explore the diverse products and services available. They may end up accessing only what they are interested in. On such occasions, the company misses the opportunity to introduce other products and services to the clients.

Server Side Script Writing Software Server side script writing software runs in response to the specific information relayed by a web client. When clients search for a particular piece of information, they get a wide range of information that allows them to choose what best suits them. It means that the client is likely to learn of other products and services which may not have been pre-conceived. Such website software acts as a selling tool for the organization, informing the targeted audience of the value that comes with the purchase of such products.

However, this form of software greatly controls the kind of content that clients can access. This may discourage clients who are specific and want to learn of a particular product only. When the software offers a wide range of product designs for the clients, they may feel that they are delayed from accessing the services. This is not convenient to clients who are particular in the choice of the information that they want.

Recommendation Random Walk Shoes expects 3,000 clients to open at least 23 pages in a given session. This indicates that the clients will share the servers IP address. For this to work effectively, virtual server will be used to facilitate the use of multiple domain names while referring to one single web server. Server side scripting software is the most convenient for Random Walk Shoes.

It will represent the company to the clients. When clients have adequate product knowledge, they have the confidence to purchase such products. Given that the organization’s products will be new in the market, clients may not be specific of what they want. They are likely to visit the website to get information at random. Server side scripting will provide more information and this will interest the clients to explore and learn more about the products.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Through this website, the organization will grant its clients flexible offers which will in turn translate into sales. Clients will feel secure when visiting the website; this promises a greater audience in the future. Unlike the client script writing software which offers just what the client wants; server side script software will serve Random Walk Shoes’ clients better.


Spirited Away: A Unique Embodiment of the Present-Day Japan Essay essay help

Admittedly, any form of art reflects major trends in the human society. Paintings, plays, films and cartoons contain most important values which are propagated. Anime is a very specific form of cinematographic art as it is closely connected with Japanese culture. Anime is based on the major “worldwide artistic traditions of twentieth century cinema and photography” as well as “such Japanese traditional arts as Kabuki and the woodblock print” (Napier, 2001, p. 5).

This form of art is very popular in Japan and it inevitably touches upon major issues existing in the contemporary Japanese society. Thus, Spirited Away is regarded as one of the best works by Hayao Miyazaki who managed to recreate the entire Japanese society with the help of his fantasy world. The film touches upon some of the most important issues existing in the contemporary Japanese society.

In the first place, it is important to note that anime is a mainstream phenomenon in the contemporary Japanese culture. Napier (2001, p. 7) claims that this type of cinematographic art “cuts across generational lines to be embraced by everyone from children to grandparents”.

Therefore, it is possible to state that anime (and, of course, Spirited Away) is for Japanese people and about Japanese people. Admittedly, Hayao Miyazaki understands the power of anime and makes his creation very didactic, i.e. he makes viewers think about really important things.

One of these things is maturation of the young Japanese. Napier (2006, p. 288) claims that the protagonist of the anime becomes a model for “today’s generation of apathetic Japanese youth.” Miyazaki’s call to act and be more sincere, more active and more helpful is certain kind of evidence that Japanese society (at least, young generations) lack of these traits. The dedicated protagonist of the movie is a very inspirational character that makes young people more active and responsive.

Apart from the didactic component of the anime, it is full of references to the contemporary issues that exist in the Japanese society. One of the major issues that are manifested in the anime is cultural identity of Japan. One of the most suggestive moments are moments when Chihiro and Haku talk about their names.

Haku repeats several times that people become slaves when they do not remember their names (Miyazaki, 2001). In other words, Miyazaki stresses that it is necessary to remember who people are and cherish their culture or else they will be destroyed as a society and as a nation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The anime shows that when people remember who they really are they become truly free and complete personalities. It is also obvious that Japanese society consists of people, who understand that and try to preserve their names/identities like Haku, and there are people who do not know about the importance of self-identity and who should be taught like Chihiro, and, of course, there are those who do not care and this is the vast majority of the world of spirits.

Notably, the tiny world of spirits is the island which is totally different from the rest of the world. The world of spirits can be regarded as Japan itself. Napier (2006) claims that Spirited Away can be regarded as a part of the ongoing debate concerning globalization. The very idea of a bathhouse is also very suggestive. Miyazaki shows that spirits have to be cleaned from influences of the outer world. The mysterious creature, No-Face, that penetrates into the bathhouse stands for influences of the Western world.

The influence of the new-comer is almost unperceivable at first, but then it grows stronger and makes people totally different. Thus, Miyazaki shows that Japanese people are becoming concerned with consumption rather than with spiritual development (Napier, 2006). The spirits of the bathhouse are driven away with the lust for gold.

Importantly, Miyazaki (2001) shows that gold is nothing when the mysterious guest’s gold turns into mud. It is also important that No-Face is taken from the bathhouse to the place where it has no power. Thus, Miyazaki believes that young people like Chihiro and Haku, who understand the importance of self-identity, will save the Japanese society from the negative influence of other nations.

Finally, Spirited Away also touches upon environmental issues. Thus, the first client of Chihiro is the spirit of water that suffers from the pollution (Miyazaki, 2001). The young protagonist manages to clean the spirit that gives her a precious gift that helps the girl save many lives. Thus, Miyazaki shows that being responsible and solving environmental issues will help the Japanese develop into a society of the future.

On balance, it is possible to note that Spirited Away is something bigger than just a good didactic anime. It is a detailed (though somewhat allegoric) description of the contemporary Japanese society that is only yet to re-learn to cherish their culture.

The world revealed in the anime is a tiny model of Japan that has a number of issues to address. Thus, people of Japan need to understand the importance of self-identity and should become more active and responsible. The anime also shows that the Japanese are capable of becoming the nation of really spiritual people.

We will write a custom Essay on Spirited Away: A Unique Embodiment of the Present-Day Japan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Miyazaki, H. (Director). (2001). Spirited Away. [Animated Fantasy Film]. Japan: Studio Ghibli.

Napier, S.J. (2006). Matter out of place: Carnival, containment, and cultural recovery in Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”. Journal of Japanese Studies, 32(2), 287-310.

Napier, S.J. (2001). Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing contemporary Japanese animation. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.


Legislative Bans Analytical Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents History of bans

Effectiveness of the bans

Gun control advocate Tom Mauser

John Lott, advocate against gun control

Gun control in America


History of bans Legislation is the process a bill goes through in the legislative house for it to be approved as law. Documents produced during the process serve as reference material for the judiciary to investigate whether a particular bill should be enacted into law.

There have been quite a number of legislative bans on products and services throughout the history of the United States. Most bans are implemented as a means to control what is considered harmful. In the United States, a good number bans have been imposed citing health and public safety risks as the main reason.

The bans are not always outright prohibition of consumption of products. They can also assume the form of content regulation. For instance, this is evident in the lead content regulation in children’s toys (Lead-Free Toys Act). One of the acts that stand out in recent history is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. This bill set the threshold for new testing and documentation of products. Consequently, this act increased safety certification requirements (Worrall, 2007).

It would take more than this report to give the history of individual products. However, a quick overview indicates that harmful narcotics with an outright negative effect on people and immense contribution to social decay were the first products to be banned. This can be traced to as far as 1860 when cannabis was banned from medical and recreational use.

Most recently, products that have been banned include foods such as authentic Italian meats, haggis which is a Scottish sheep meat delicacy, pigs blood cake, safaras oil etc. Other non-food products include fire arms, hunting trophies, fish and wildlife among others.

Of all the bans, the strictest and most rigid ones fall on guns and drugs. Guns fall under the fire arm law and the government restricts the sale, use and possession of fire arms. Concern for the safety of the America public mainly fuels these kinds of bans and regulations.

Each state has its own view on the form a ban or regulation should take. This has resulted in almost every state having its own law governing firearms though they all fall under the federal law (Worrall, 2007). For example, in the case of Oregon and Idaho, Oregon recognizes Idaho’s permits on fire arms. However, Idaho does not recognize Oregon’s permits on firearms.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The regulation recognition is thus made on state to state basis. It is, thus, advisable to know one’s state laws on firearms. In America federal laws are more restrictive than state laws; this however does not shield you from prosecution under federal law. With the recent trend of increased violence resulting from firearms, more laws and restriction are coming up to limit the availability and use of firearms.

The other sector marred by similar bans is the drug industry. Use of drugs such as cocaine, meth and other strong intoxicating drugs is completely prohibited. Some like marijuana are banned from recreational use but permitted for medicals use. Even in this situation, marijuana has to be bought only through a prescription from a doctor and form an approved seller. Other narcotics seldom enjoy leave ways in which they can be used on medical grounds (Worrall, 2007).

In other instances, drugs ban can extend to purely medical drugs. This include strong antidepressants that have similar effects to some narcotics, and which can still cause addictions and negative effects while overly consumed. Other light forms of drugs such as alcohol and tobacco products attract sin tax that makes them more expensive.

Effectiveness of the bans The effects of these bans are considered relative since some products still find their way back to the market as illegal commodities. Whether these bans are effective is a matter of consideration. To some extent, however, the bans have led to less accessible of firearms and drugs. Banning drugs such as narcotics has worked well since some people are deterred from using them due to the heavy penalty and jail terms that might result if one is apprehended.

Studies indicate that fear can deter a person better than legislation can. In the case of drugs, these bans have been effective and the public is now safer. The standard checks ensure the medical drugs in use are of superior quality and of higher benefit to the people.

On the other hand, ban on hard drugs has brought about more organized crimes and black markets. The role they play, however, does not warrant one to consider lifting these bans. These are just loophole and criminal minds that stay in the way of a drug free society. Besides, banning guns has not been implemented yet most people, over 60%, do not comply with gun regulation. Moreover, the American tradition supports gun possession.

Gun control advocate Tom Mauser Tom is gun control advocate in Denver. He took to lobby for gun control after his 15 year old son was killed in the massacre at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. This, without a doubt, brought so much distress to him that he decided to take on the challenge of confronting the thorny issue of gun control. Tom felt that the death of his son could have been prevented if only those involved in policy making could just devote a substantial effort towards restriction of gun control.

We will write a custom Essay on Legislative Bans specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His life was altered by this event and he has, since, devoted his time towards advocating for stiffer controls on guns so as to save more lives in future. Toms says his fears are confirmed as more and more devastating attacks are made to innocent citizens using guns in incidences similar to Colorado Theater shooting (Mauser, 2012).

Tom blames the high number of fatalities resulting from gun usage on the ease of access. He feels that more should be done and can be done to limit access of these weapons by unwanted hands. This can be done through a deeper back ground check on the individuals purchasing these weapons. In case of doubt, the person should be denied the chance to own a weapon.

According to Tom, the government is not doing much to stop the killings arising from the easy availability of guns in the society. Instead, it focuses on mainly restrictive measures under recent cases but makes little or no effort to prevent such from happening in the first place.

He suggests that some policies to cover this would be to find out the exact purpose for which a person is purchasing a gun. This will help issue a guide line on how many rounds he should get. He also feels the American public forgets too fast and this results in hundreds of lives being lost in gun related incidents. He urges the public to be more vocal and demand more from its leaders especially on policies that will guarantee their safety.

John Lott, advocate against gun control John Lott is a political and academic commentator. He is a well-spoken individual on academic and political matters. He is also a PhD holder in economics. Moreover, he also does research in public finance, public choice theory, economics, law and many other areas. He is however well known for his outspoken views against gun control in America.

John put forth an argument that the overall crime rate in America will decrease significantly if the adult population is allowed to carry concealed weapons. He went further to provide statistical evidence based on mathematical models to prove is theory. With the capacity to defend themselves against attacks, Americans will be much safer and gun control will withdraw this advantage from the public.

Lott’s work was contested by many scholars on it validity. However, after further analysis of his work, many agreed that legalizing of concealed weapons does not lead to increase in violence as many of his critics had insinuated. Lott argues that with the knowledge that one has a weapon and can defend himself from any attacks, there will be a decrease in crime. This is prompted by the fact that many will refrain from attacking a person who may be only too well prepared.

He, therefore, suggests the incapacity of the public to protect themselves against attacks, increases the rate of violent crimes. To substantiate his claims further, Lott factors in the effect of drugs in the holder of the weapon in his model, which shows it does not increase chances of committing a violent crime.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Legislative Bans by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Gun control in America Gun control is the legal limitation on the use and ownership of a gun. America has several gun control laws that limit the usage and acquiring of guns. Statistically, it has been proven that more guns in the general population lead to reduction in crime. However, gun control advocates refute these allegations vehemently arguing that more guns bring more crime.

There are three primary gun control legislations in America. National firearms act (1934), Gun control act (1968) and Brady bill (1993). More states have however made their own gun control laws. They seek to cover the loopholes left by the federal laws in gun control.

These laws govern guns within the boundaries of these states. The federal laws are however superior and an individual can still be liable under federal laws where states laws are lenient (Goss, 2010). According to research, one of the effects of gun control is that it leads to an increase in other non-gun related assaults. For instance, England’s mugging rate is six times higher than in America.

The second amendment is said to be the power source of gun rights to the citizens. Many people argue that it enlists the right of the people and not of the militia. This protects individuals who want to possess a gun for self-defense. Many policies and laws are continually coming up with some favoring the gun rights movement and others favoring the gun control movement. This implies the issues of gun control will remain as controversial as ever.

References Goss, K. (2010). Disarmed: The Missing Movement for Gun Control in America. New Jersey: Princeton University Press

Mauser, T. (2012).Walking In Daniel’s Shoes: The Ongoing Legacy of Columbine Victim Daniel Mauser. New York: Ocean Star Publishing LLC.

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Essential Communication in a Community Crisis Situation Analytical Essay essay help online free

Dissemination of information during crisis situation should undergo specific approaches and techniques that would allow to face the problems and address the contingency. The success of crisis communication lies in timely informing various stakeholders involved into the problem that would promote decision-making and create new perspectives for crisis management (Coombs


Perception and Individual Decision Making Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Perception and individual decision making are the notions which determine a human being and his/her mode of life. After watching the movie Blind Side, it is possible to analyze the behavior of Michael Oher who just wanted to live though in this case, the circumstances were rather specific.

Being left without parental assistance, Michael Oher had been searching for the main purpose in his life and found it in football. The chance changed the life of this person. Looking at his life, it is obvious that Michael Oher was sure that nothing was going to improve his situation. This was his perception of the situation as well as his individual decision. He used to run away from every family he was adopted by.

When Leigh Anne found him, she could not even imagine how possible it was to live in such a way. Still, her perception of the situation was different. Therefore, people are able to look at one and the same situation differently due to differences in perception of the facts.

For example, in case of Michael Oher, it is possible to conclude that he got used to this situation, and it seemed better to him to live in such a way than to be grateful to the foreign people who offered him support and home.

However, Leigh Anne was of another opinion though she could not understand Michael Oher’s decision as they had different perceptions of the situation (Blind Side). When people make decisions, they usually refer to personal experience, and it affects their perception of the surrounding world and some particular situation.

It is impossible to judge people taking into account your personal experience as, in this case, a person considers the situation only from his/her personal point of view without referring to another individual’s background.

The choice to begin a career of a sportsman was Michael’s decision which was based on personal features. Being a strong man of athletic constitution and possessing great powers of endurance, Michael was sure to achieve much success in football game though he also had to work hard. He understood that his low grades and other factors would not allow him to be a member of the school football team.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, his coach gave him a chance as he saw that this boy could achieve success. Therefore, after reconsidering his personal attitude to studying, Michael improved his grades and became a part of the football team. This decision was well-considered as he wanted to play football, and the only way to achieve that was to progress in his studying.

Robbins and Judge are sure that people consider situations from their personal perspectives, and decisions they make are also based on their vision of the situation developed from their past experiences. If one situation seems appropriate for one person, it does not mean that the same situation will be appropriate for all. It is possible to have two visions on one and the same situation as people usually refer to their experience, and on its basis, their decisions are made (Robbins and Judge 128).

Therefore, looking at the life of Michael Oher, some people may find his actions strange, for example, when he ran away from the families, while those, who have also experienced the same conditions, may understand him. Therefore, human actions and decisions are usually based on their personal experience and perception. In most cases, the decision making is made by an individual as a person must consider the situation from his/her personal side to make a proper decision on how to behave.

Works Cited Blind Side. Ex. Prod. Broderick Johnson. Burbank, California: Warner Bros., 2009. DVD.

Robbins, Stephen P. and Timothy A. Judge. Organizational Behavior. Oxford: Prentice Hall, 2008. Print.


Just in Time, Toyota Production Systems and Lean Operations Case Study essay help online free: essay help online free

The Just in Time (JIT), Toyota Productions System (TPS) and lean operations are some of the production systems used by different companies to improve operations and eliminate wastes.

Main Purpose of JIT, TPS and LEAN Operations Operations and production improvements are mainly carried out to eliminate wastes, remove variability and improve throughput.

Eliminate wastes: Most of the production systems focus on waste reduction. The main types of wastes that should be reduced include overproduction, transportation, Queues, inventory, movement of people, over processing and production of defective products.

Variability: variability refers to the deviation from the normal process. This results to production of products within the set limits. The main sources of variability include poor production process, inaccurate and incomplete drawings and not understanding the customers demand.

Throughput: this is the total time required to complete the production process. It is the time required to change raw materials to complete products.

Just in Time Method The just in time principle entails the continuous improvement of the production process. JIT focus on reducing inventory and throughput. It is widely used to improve operations. The materials arrive where they are needed and when they are needed. This drives out wastes and delays, reduces variability, improves throughput and reduces cost associated with excess inventory.

JIT aims at minimizing the distance between long production lines, improving employee communication, increasing flexibility and reducing space and inventory. JIT is also used to improve quality through the use of statistical process control, empowering employees, use of failsafe methods and providing immediate customer feedback.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Toyota Production System (TPS) This Toyota production system emphasizes on continuous improvement, respect for people and the use of standard work practices. Continuous improvement entails building an organizational culture and a value system that stresses the need for process improvement. Respect for people involves empowering employees and training them so as to make improvements. The use of standard work practices involves defining the works completely in terms of content, sequence, timing and outcome.

Lean Operations Lean production focuses on the customer. The customer’s wants are indentified and used to improve the production process. The main lean production techniques include;

The use of JIT to eliminate inventory

Employee training

Space reduction

Educating suppliers and forming partnership with them

Eliminating services that don’t add value

Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa The main attributes that the claims processing department will have include

There will be no unprocessed claims as claims arrive and they are immediately processed

Improved communication

Use of computers to process claims

Reduction of distance and processes that the claims have to go through

Reduction of unnecessary employees

Reduction of activities that don’t add value

The restructured cell layout for claim processing

Figure 1: claims processing department layout

Assumptions about personnel and equipment

The workers have been trained on new data entry techniques

There will be new computers and equipments to help process the claims fast

Benefits of JIT to IOWA Company

Reduce the time taken to process claims

Ensure customers are satisfied with the company

Reduce the number of legal suits the company faces

Reduce the number of redundant employees

Increase profits

Reduce cost associated with handling unprocessed claims


Car Accidents Prevention Research Paper online essay help

Car accidents happen daily and can significantly change the life of a person. Accidents occur without warnings and sometimes result in death. Everyday, unforeseen, innocent victims are killed in car accidents. It is important to note that anything can cause a car accident (Transport Canada par. 1).

The first cause of car accidents is impaired driving. Many drivers drive their cars while under the influence of drugs, making the road very dangerous for other innocent users. Drugs affect the decision making part of the brain, this includes the response time. Drugs include: cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, counter medication and other drugs.

The second cause of car accidents is the use of mobile phone while driving. When drivers are using cell phones, their attention is divided leading to lack of focus, causing sudden lane changing, severe increase or decrease of speed and likely fender splurge. It is critical to state that the use of mobile phones do not only endanger the lifes of drivers, but also other motorists and pedestrians (Robertson 40).

The third cause of car accidents can be attributed to aggressive drivers. Some drivers can actually drive stupidly or race, normally considered “sporty”.

Drivers moving at a high speed make them more vulnerable to crashing because high speed cars have high possibility to swerve harder within a short time leading to lose of control. Other general causes of car accidents include the presence of high numbers of vehicles and continuous expansion of road networks and increased number of emigrants from different parts of the world with different driving habits and cultures which are not similar to a given local driving requirements and conditions.

Effects Car accidents cause both tangible and intangible effects to the economy because it has medical, social and economic effects on a person. Some of the tangible costs consist of: insurance costs, damage to car which include the repair and replacement cost and medical treatment which includes the resources used at the scene and pre-hospital care because some of the victims need long-term care due to the residual disabilities and administration costs.

Intangible costs consist of suffering, grief, pain and the danger of being involved in a car accident. In economical terms the cost of car accidents to the economy is usually estimated to be 3% of the Gross Domestic Product of any country in the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The annual costs of car accidents to the economy are estimated to be billions of USD and it is more in countries that import medicines and vehicles. Car accidents have direct effects on the social and physical environment due to the medical burden or death. This makes family members to be financially vulnerable (Transport Canada par. 10).

Conclusion Car accidents are unavoidable; however, many causes of these disastrous occurrences can be preventable. There should be a compulsory use of safety belts for all the drivers and passengers. Also, a firm punishment should be imposed to those violating traffic rules such as ignoring crossing signals, excess overspeeding and unsafe overtaking. Therefore, it is clear that errors and negligence are the major causes of accidents.

In addition other factors like poor road construction, poor road users and corrupt law enforcers also cause road accidents. Finally, more information is needed on the various factors that lead to car accidents in order to develop effective measures that can alleviate more accidents.

Works Cited Robertson, McCormick, Injury Epidemiology. World Bank, New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Print

Transport Canada: About Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) 2007. Web.


What to do with people who break the law Essay (Critical Writing) online essay help: online essay help

People who break the law are considered to have deviated from the social norms. Law breakers are those people who have committed various crimes against an individual or the society as a whole.

To avoid repetition of crimes committed by the law breakers, these people should receive punishments which are related to the crimes they have committed and which bear the same weight as to the crime. More serious crimes should receive more severe punishments than those who commit crimes that create little impact to the offended. The punishments should be aimed at ensuring that people learn the lesson as well as change the offender into becoming a better person.

Should all the offenders get treated the same? Even though all the criminals are the same in that they are all human beings, they should not be treated in the same manner when dealing with different crimes. There should be different ways of dealing with the offenders who have committed different crimes.

For example, the drug offenders should be dealt with in such a way that they would be helped on how to do away with drug taking through a rehabilitation process. Most of the drug offenders are also drug addicts and therefore saving their lives from the addiction would be the best solution for them. The non-violent property offenders should be less fined.

They should also be punished through a short period of imprisonment in order to discourage them from repeating the same mistake and also to discourage others who would have thought of committing the same crime in future. The solution to the white collar offenders would be a short period imprisonment in order to discourage the same mistake from being repeated, and also through probation.

For those offenders who commit violent crimes like murder and sexual harassment, the best solution would be either to execute them or send them to long period imprisonment so that they are denied access to the society in which they are likely to cause more harm especially to those whom they suspect to have reported them to the authority. The society would also keep away from such crimes as they would have fear to go through the same. This would help to minimize the violent crimes in the society.

Punishment goals for different types of offenders The punishment goal should be different for various types of crimes and offenders. This is because the crimes committed were different both in condition and reason and therefore the punishment goals should also be different for those different types’ of offenders. For example, a punishment for the same crime must take consideration of the age of the offender and prevalence for crime.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A juvenile offender should be punished less severely and with the aim of correction rather than retribution or making them “pay” for their crimes. On the other hand, a mature person may be punished severely depending on the weight of the crime. A frequent offender may need to be jailed on incapacitated to avoid him repeating his actions.

Different punishments: A focus on crimes Retribution as a punishment goal should focus on those crimes which are intended to “make a criminal pay”. These kinds of crimes may include: murder and rape. A person who repeatedly commits crimes such as a serial killer or a chronic drug trafficker may need to be incapacitated.

This will restrict his freedom such that he cannot commit crime again. However, some critics of this punishment goal argue that it is unfair as this punishes people by inflicting longer jail terms with an aim of preventing future crimes. They argue that there is no justification for punishing a person for a crime they might do. For some lesser crimes such as over speeding, deterrence may be the best punishment.

A harsh, swift, and certain punishment will make other people avoid crimes because they want to avoid the punishment. However, for this punishment goal to work, the punishment must be swift, severe, and certain. People also need to be thinking rationally about the pros and cons of crime for deterrence to work. Unfortunately, most crimes are committed when people are least rational.


Educational socialization Essay college admission essay help

Socializing Agents Socialization is one of the most important factors in the life of an individual. Some of the socializing agents include the family, the school, religion, and the peer group. These socializing agents play a crucial role in shaping my life in college.

My family is relatively large considering that it is an extended family. My parents have always instructed me to be social to other relatives, friends, and neighbors. We frequently visit other relatives, including aunts and uncles. My uncles and aunts visit us regularly to discuss matters affecting the larger family.

My parents have always been nice to my friends since they have never questioned their credibility. When I bring them home, they always receive warm treatment from my parents. During holidays, I visit my cousins and spend some time with them talking about issues affecting the youths in the modern society. They would also come to visit me often, especially during the weekends.

My parents have always cherished holiday trips. They usually take the whole family to various places within the country during holidays. From my parents’ experience, I have come to appreciate the importance of unity and cooperation in the family.

I have learned that any close friends should be treated as members of the extended family. This has helped me to achieve my educational dreams. I find it easy to socialize with other members of society, given the fact that my family has a number of friends. The church has played an important role in ensuring that my family lives peacefully.

During the early years of education, I learnt through my teachers that teamwork plays a critical role in achieving various objectives. This has helped me in my group discussion. My age mates have influenced my life positively because I have learned acceptable lifestyles from them. I find life in college much easier because of the above socializing agents.

Summary The focus will be on my family. My family has influenced my life in a number of ways. My family helped me in acquiring values that are respected by many members of the extended family. My family believes in socialization because it is always willing to learn new things in life. My parents have always insisted that one should always take care of other people who are not members of the family because they might be of help in the future.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More My mother has always insisted that I should know people and learn to respect them because they will be of help one day. I have learned through my family that I have a responsibility of ensuring that I create a conducive environment that would make everyone feel respected and loved.

My father advises me that I should be the caretaker of my friends, not because I expect the same from them, but because it is my responsibility to do so. My parents have always insisted that I have to pray regularly because it would help me to develop spiritually. These values have defined my personality even at the college level.

My family instilled the above norms directly and indirectly. My parents would teach me how to talk to adults, peers, and younger relatives and friends. They also taught me how to keep time by helping me in writing the timetable.

The way my parents related to other family members and friends taught me how I should behave. This means that children should watch their parents and try to emulate their behavior because this is how I gained the family culture. My family has always worked tirelessly to develop my character. My family has been the major source of inspiration in my entire life.

My parents are my role models, and I have tried to behave like them in my life. They are selfless and are always ready to help anyone in need. They have taught me to emulate perfect habits from them. Through their constant encouragement and teachings, I have acquired my current personality.

This shows that various socializing agents play different roles in character development. However, the family is the most important because it is the primary socializing agent. It influences the behavior of a child directly. Other agents influence the behavior of a child indirectly.


The Cuban Revolution: The Battle Worth Fighting for, the Results Worth Grieving about Cause and Effect Essay essay help site:edu

In 1953, Cuba resembled quite little of a proud and decent state; torn apart by the controversies and conflicts within, it was in desperate need for help. Both the economical and the political state were shocking to say the least; with a dictator at the helm and corruption within the state system, there was little left for people to hope for. As Strange, Oyster


Hip-hop in Japan Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Hip-hop music has become popular in Japan despite dismissal by the country’s major media companies. This revolution has provided Japanese youths with an opportunity to express their views as well as sharpen their skills in music. Most of the artists have developed through underground club scenes. They have gained support from the Japanese youth who love their music. The local name for the underground club scenes is Gemba (Condry, 2006).

There have been debates against development of hip-hop in Japan despite the efforts by fans and artists to grow this music. Critics against localization of this music argued that it would result in division. However, localization of culture has proved to be a path towards globalization. This paper will focus on the debates following the revolution of hip-hop music in Japan.

Debates Emerging from Hip-hop Popularization Major corporations in Japan dismissed hip-hop music as a transient fad which would come to an end. However, the Japanese youth pressed on with this culture, and have proved these corporations wrong by making hip-hop popular.

Today, hip-hop culture matches the Japanese powerful media companies in driving globalization. Since this culture was adopted from America, there was fear that it would result in conflict between the two nations. It was argued that adopting hip-hop and localizing it would hinder globalization, but it has amounted in interconnectedness and global sharing.

Borrowing culture and localizing it, is a form of interaction among the artists, the fans and the general audience. The revolution of this culture rescued youths from the economic uncertainty experienced in Japan in the early twenty first-century (Condry, 2006).

Hip-hop artists have challenged the world on crime issues, for example, the American government’s response to terrorism attacks. The artists seek to know what the government has planned in response to these attacks. This is a form of communication to the governments, and not offensive stereotype as initially assumed. While clubbing, the Japanese youths socialize, network and share business ideas.

This is a scene that offers more than just mere stage performance and entertainment. It provides a forum for the artists, fans, producers and even the organizers to network. The issue of commercialization of hip-hop music came about when a smaller fraction of the artists went for major record labels to promote their music.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This caused a stir, and it was assumed that the artists were driven by economic benefits. However, this was not the case, most of the artists focused on refining their music in the Japanese languages to give it a Japanese flavor. This was done in the gembas, fans segregated themselves according to artist preference (Condry, 2006).

Hip-hop culture has also encouraged the youths to be socially responsible. For instance, environmentalists would visit and teach the youth on proper waste disposal and recycling. They were also taught about the best beer products for their consumption. So, contrary to the assumption that these activities would ruin morals, they also served to educate the youths on social responsibility and united them.

Unity gave them one voice for them to address the authorities. An example of such representation is when one of the emcees Utamaru challenged the government on backroom dealings. The fans joined him with screams and cheers to show their support for this message.

The artist represents the rest of the group in disapproving corrupt activities that the government is involved in. The messages are not only limited to Japanese politics, but also on global ones. Through these expressions, the artist challenges the cultural hegemony in the west; he portrays hip-hop in Japan as a global style and not Americanization.

This shows that the hip-hop culture in Japan is not interested in competing with other nations, but rather promoting globalization through music localization. The artists have diversified their music to become very dynamic and competitive, a fact doubted by many hip-hop critics in the past (Condry, 2006).

Cultural globalization has always been symbolized by multinational organizations like Coca-cola. However, the Japanese hip-hop culture has changed this fact. Japan has attracted attention from the hip-hop culture which concentrates on the local languages and peer groups of different generations. The culture is distinct and stands out from the multinational corporations; it promotes global sharing and networking.

Cultural globalization is achieved by connecting hip-hop scenes world-wide to create diversity in styles. In contrast to the expectations that global culture would be homogeneous, localization of music works best. When nations with different cultural backgrounds borrow music ideas and localize them, this becomes a form of sharing.

We will write a custom Essay on Hip-hop in Japan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It brings nations together through music exploration to build cultural flows and interactions. Hip-hop revolution in Japan shows the importance of networking. Through the Japanese peers, hip-hop music has expanded to be recognized by major record labels that had rejected it at first (Condry, 2006).

Conclusion The revolution of hip-hop music in Japan was met with objection. It was assumed that the culture would die if not supported by the major music record labels, or the media.

However, this worked out to introduce the concept of cultural globalization in which nations are interconnected by sharing music. The artists are popularized by their own music and not through the media. Therefore, the belief that media is the only tool that drives globalization is misguided, culture can also be used to promote globalization.

Reference Condry, I. (2006). Hip-hop Japan: Rap and the paths of cultural globalization. Durham, NC. Duke Univ. Press.


Interpersonal Communication: COMM 1158 ​ Fall 2021 Communication Growth Journal Assignment. Effective communi college essay help near me

Effective communicators have a vast collection of skills and the ability to choose the right skills for what the situation demands.This assignment will support your ability to self-asses your communication skills through reflection and small online assessment tasks.  Once you have a clearer understanding of your strengths and challenge areas in communication, you can begin to use the topics in this course as a resource for change and improvement of your interpersonal skills.  You will reflect on communication topics that apply to your personal communication needs and use the knowledge to impact a positive change in your own communication growth
Things to note before proceeding:
You will have an opportunity to deliver your work to me in three segments, (note the optional due dates in the course outline and in the course schedule). This method is effective to manage your time and workload, but it is optional.  You might prefer to hand the complete assignment in on the final day.  
There will be multiple parts to this assignment.  This assignment consists of the following:  
1.) A self-assessment and reflection of one’s communication skills.
2.) A report discussing COMM topics. The report will highlight the student’s understanding of the material with attention to how they might apply the knowledge in their personal/ professional lives, Topics will be chosen by the student from a prescribed list. It is not necessary to complete the entire list, but rather students are encouraged to chose topics that would support their growth as communicators.  Presumably topics would connect to those areas that scored lower in the 
self-assessment and/or were identified by the student (in the reflection), as challenge areas.
3.) A concluding reflection that highlights what goals the student has developed for themselves regarding their communication skills and an action plan for how they might achieve those goals.  Attention to the original challenge areas (part 1), and content of the report (part 2) is important here.  This concluding reflection will tie everything together.
Step 1: Self-Assessment 


How Encryption Would Have Minimized Bibliofind’s Security Breach Case Study essay help: essay help

Bibliofind has experienced security breaches on its information systems. The firm lacked adequate security that could prevent unauthorized intrusion into its systems. The firm needed to encrypt its systems to prevent hackers getting access to privileged information. This paper discusses how encryption would have strengthened Bibliofind’s information security.

Encryption ensures information that is shared within a system is coded to prevent access by an unauthorized party. The mode in which the message is coded allows only the sender and the receiver to decipher it. The text sent in the message cannot make any meaning to a person it is not intended for.

Bibliofind needed to encrypt all the messages that were shared through its web servers to safeguard them. Passwords and other information about the company needed to be protected from any threat of intrusion. The company should have secured its databases, web servers and other data crucial for its existence.

The company should have used digital signatures when doing business transactions with its clients. This would have prevented unauthorized third party users from becoming aware of the contents of messages exchanged. This approach would have made the company not to fall victim to fraudsters’ schemes.

Bibliofind would have gained the trust of its users by making its business transactions and e-commerce processes foolproof. This would have made it difficult for unauthorized parties to decipher the nature of business transactions it had with its clients. The use of digital signatures and encrypted messages would have made the company’s web transactions more confidential.

Bibliofind needed to analyze the strength of its web servers. Weaknesses in these servers should have been tested to determine which areas needed to be secured the most. Directory listings containing sensitive file names needed to be protected from intrusion by third parties.

Files containing passwords, identities and privileged information of users on internal servers needed to be encrypted to avoid intrusion. The company’s problems stemmed from exposure of its user accounts and passwords to unauthorized users who used them to access more sensitive information it held.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The web servers should have been programmed to control access to web users by authenticating their user certificates. The intruders easily became aware of all operations that the firm carried out internally and externally. Usernames, passwords and personal information of users should have been kept in a different highly secured database.

The systems should have been equipped to be able to verify sources and identities of users seeking access. The systems needed keys for all users that had access to the server. The administrators of the servers should have sensitized users to use passwords which are difficult to decipher.

Hackers became aware of the private details of clients and other external users the firm had regular contact with. Bibliofind needed to have access controls to its databases to limit the threat of intrusion or online attacks. The company’s databases contained privileged information which was not supposed to be displayed to unauthorized users.

The encryption solutions used should have been applied to all other areas with potential vulnerability such as the web servers, passwords, emails and the database. The encryption programs chosen by the company should have been vetted to ensure their suitability for the firm’s operations.

In conclusion, Bibliofind experienced major losses because of failure to secure its information systems. The company should have encrypted its systems to avoid being compromised by unauthorized users.


Phishing threats and counter measures Case Study essay help: essay help

Phishing is a type of cyber crime that uses emails to obtain information such as username, passwords, credit card details and other vital information from an unsuspecting person. This crime is likely to affect online banking institutions such as the First Internet bank of Indiana as hackers try to lure customers into giving vital information which can be used to access to their accounts, transfer money or commit other heinous crimes such as identity theft.

Phishing threats There are a number of threats that the first IB bank is exposed to. These threats are potentially dangerous as they result to huge financial loses for both the bank and the customers. In addition, the bank may lose its reputation, customer base and its overall profitability may be affected in the long run. These threats include;


This is a fraudulent attempt to obtain customer’s personal information through emails. In this case, the attacker sends emails to the bank customers promoting them to change their account information such as the password and username. These emails contain a link which directs the customers to a fake website resembling the bank’s website.

When the unsuspecting customer enters his information, the perpetrators gain this information and use it to access their online bank accounts, transfer money, purchase items online or gain personal information. Through phishing, the bank and its customers may suffer huge financial loses.

Spear phishing

In this case, the phishing email are designed and directed to attack a given person. The emails are well crafted and contain the target institution jargons and acronyms so convince the victim to open the email and also click on the link. For example, the hacker may carefully design emails to lure the banks management team or a specific person into giving vital information which can result to drastic financial loses.

Identity theft

Identity theft is carried out in conjunction with phishing. In this crime, the hacker gains the victim personal information and uses it to run up charges on the accounts and then disappears. The main information targeted include social security number, drivers license, credit card, passwords, ATM numbers, birth date, telephone number, mortgage information among others.

Both the bank and its customers incur huge expenses especially in situations where the perpetrators gain the credit card details of individuals. Identity theft may result to huge debts for both the bank and its customers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Methods of preventing phishing There are several measures that the bank can take to prevent phishing. These are;

Educating web users

The bank can send emails at regular times to warn their users that they never ask for their customers account information. The customers can also be provided with this information as they open the bank’s website. This information should warn their customers that they will never be prompted to give their password to anyone including the bank employees.

Indentifying spam

The email companies can be prompted to improve their websites so that the email source can be identified. This makes it possible to indentify spams which are the major sources of phishing messages.

Contracting anti-phishing consultants

The bank can contract consultants dealing with anti-phishing work. These consultants monitor new websites so as to identify those that use the Bank’s name and logo. These websites are set up by hackers a few days before their email campaign. Once identified, the websites are closed down thus preventing phishing. Also, these hackers can be identified by watching offers of stolen cards as they are being exchanged from one phishing group to another.


Analysis of ancient sculptures Descriptive Essay essay help online

Table of Contents The large kneeling statue of Hatshepsut

Terracotta hydria (water jar)

The terracotta Kylix: siana cup (drinking cup)

The marble statue of a Kouros (youth)

The large kneeling statue of Hatshepsut The large kneeling statue of Hatshepsut is a Granite model of the goddess Hatshepsut. Hatsehpsut was the goddess of justice and order which is represented by the balancing weights on each of her hands. There is a kilt on her head which was mainly worn by male pharaohs. Hatshepsut was the first Egyptian female pharaoh, so in order to give it a solid presence the creators of the statue put a beard on it, just like the one that is on all statues of male pharaohs.

A critical look at the statue’s face reveals a lack of any emotions. The majestic design of the statue is typical of artworks of the time which depicted the subject candidates as powerful individuals. The statue by its sheer size allows one to appreciate the power and greatness that was associated with the pharaoh.

Finesse of the statue even in its current run-down state can still be appreciated by means of the committed craftsmanship that was applied into the piece. The piece matches my standards of beauty because it is a combination of both realistic and surrealistic ideas. Some elements, for instance, the beard, bear a hidden message making the statue both an aesthetically-appealing and educative piece.

Terracotta hydria (water jar) The Terracotta hydria is a black water jar embellished with an image of the prince Triptolemos as he delivers wheat to mankind on his winged chariot.

The prince had been reputed to have received agricultural secrets from the goddess and the piece is one of numerous that depicted the youth travelling around Greece spreading his knowledge. The container presents some form of artistic inspiration in its design.

However, the golden painting makes it even more interesting to look at the art. The artist who painted the image of the prince on the pot intended to present it vividly to the target audience and he clearly presented it in his work.

The winged chariot is a symbolic indicator of how effective the prince was in spreading his agricultural knowledge, while the huge ears of wheat on his hands represent the big harvests made. Like any great art piece, the painting leaves one with unanswered questions allowing him/her to expand his imagination.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, I cannot understand why the prince would dress so elegantly on the painting but would have no shoes on his feet. I also would like to know how he controlled the chariot because there are no apparent control levers.

The terracotta Kylix: siana cup (drinking cup) The Terracotta Kylix: siana cup is a drinking cup with an inscription of a mythological narrative depicting Achilles chasing a man riding a horse while pulling another (horse) on the side.

Running on the side of the horsemen is a hare and a bird, strategically put there to emphasize the speed at which Achilles was running. The artwork blends well with the sculptural techniques of the ancient Greece, which mainly dwelled on mythical heroes, who dedicated their time to protecting the kingdom. The cup would have been like any other ceramic cup had the painting not been impressed on it.

The paintwork makes it interesting to look at and also provides a chance for individuals to learn something from ancient Greece. Because of the seemingly long amount of time taken to emboss the image on the cup, it is almost obvious that very few of the kind were made. This is among the items that would only be affordable to a select class had it been created in modern days.

The marble statue of a Kouros (youth) The statue of a Kouros (male youth), depicts a naked boy striding forward with hands dropped on the sides. In ancient Greece, such sculptures were used to mark graves. The stride has been put there to give the sculpture balance, which would not have been the case had the character been presented standing straight. This fits well with the other sculptures of the time, which unlike those from Egypt, were completely life-like.

In all the pieces that have been analyzed in this exercise, the marble statue of a Kouros wins my vote for both perfection and creativity because the sculptor(s) who worked on the Kouros placed emphasis on finesse in order to end up with a piece that anyone could stop and take time to study. However, unlike pieces such as the kneeling statue of Hatshepsut, the Kouros does not appear to have any representational purpose and was most likely used for decorative purposes.

Having been carved from one block of granite, the compactness of the piece tells that the sculptors were very keen on accuracy. However, given a choice, I would not prefer to have this piece in my house since with time, nudity has come to be given some form of sanctity and I am sure my parents and other people of their generation would not appreciate it as art were they to find it in my house.

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Role of Advertising in Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly Advertising [Essay] argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Role of Advertising in Monopolistic Competition

Advertising in Oligopoly


Works Cited

Role of Advertising in Monopolistic Competition Monopolistic competition is characterized by multiple firms that sell differentiated products. Advertising is a technique used by firms in monopolistic competition to create product differentiation. The goal of product differentiation and advertising in monopolistic competition is to make sure the the market is under control, and as a result, charge a higher price. Excessive advertising will serve to inform consumers about the physical difference in the product, and the perceived difference will lead to increased product differentiation.

If advertising in the long run convinces customers that the product is superior to the competitor’s, then the firm would charge a higher price (Arnold 241).

What role does advertising play for monopolistically competitive firms? Advertising will increase demand and reduce demand elasticity. As seen from the short-run equilibrium graph, Q gives the current profit-maximizing output at a price P. Therefore, advertising will increase the quantities of the product the consumers are willing to purchase, leading to a shift or a move in the demand curve to a higher level. The new demand curve will correspond to higher levels of quantity demanded and the prices given by Q1 and P1 (Arnold 245). As such, the role of advertising in monopolistic competition is monumental.

In monopolistic competition, the firm faces a comparatively elastic demand, and this limits the prices that can be charged on the product. To reduce demand elasticity, the demand curve will be relatively steeper, implying that consumers are likely to change their quantity demanded as a result of a change in price. As illustrated in the diagram, the firm can now charge a slightly higher price P1 for the same quantity, and this means the firm can collect more revenues for the same quantity Q sold at a profit-maximizing level of output (McConnell and Brue 494).

However, a monopolistically competitive firm cannot maximize profit when faced with inelastic demand because the marginal revenue (MR) is negative, implying that the marginal cost (MC) would be negative. Such a situation is not possible, where marginal revenue (MR) and marginal cost (MC) are both negative (Arnold 246). Excessive advertising could lead to inelastic demand, and the firm will have to increase the price to make demand elastic because profit is not maximized when demand is inelastic. (McConnell and Brue 489).

Advertising is expensive, and the firm will keep on advertising as long as the revenues generated from advertising are more than the cost of advertising. Monopolistic competitors advertise because the demand may increase and become inelastic, and, on the other hand, the marginal cost (MC) and average cost (AC) are likely to rise at the same time.

Advertising in monopolistic competition is excessive, and as long as revenues per product are more in comparison to an increase in average cost per product, it may not result in loses. One of the characteristics of monopolistic competition is relatively easy entry. Firms in a monopolistic competition market will use advertising to maintain their profits because advertising affects the products of the firm by increasing its demand.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Advertising in Oligopoly The oligopolists can increase their market share through advertising, and they compete based on advertising rather than on pricing (McConnell and Brue 492). Excessive advertising by the Oligopolist is used as a barrier against the entry of other firms.

It is also used to inform consumers of new products in the market. Oligopoly advertising also leads to increased output pushing down the average total cost (ATC) curve towards the productive efficiency point, where the average total cost (ATC) is minimum. Advertising may also lead to manipulation as opposed to informing consumers.

Unique feature of oligopoly is mutual interdependence. To understand the interdependence behavior of oligopolistic firms, the technique of game theory is used as illustrated in the diagram, and it shows that the two firms are better off colluding than competing. At the top left shows that both firms A and B could earn 200 dollars profit each if they choose to advertise. At the right lower quadrant, the two firms can receive 250 dollars each if they both decide not to promote because there are no costs for advertising (McConnell and Brue 496).

At the lower-left quadrant, firm B decides to advertise while firm A does not advertise and, therefore, firm B will earn 350 dollars in profits, and firm A earns 100 dollars in profits. This is because advertisement attracts customers from firm A to firm B.

At the top right quadrant firm B does not advertise while firm A decides to advertise, therefore; firm A receives 350 dollars profits while firm B receives 100 dollars in profits because customers are attracted away from firm B. On the other hand, if the two firms chose to collude to advertise they would each receive 250 dollars profits.

In an oligopoly, there are few dominant players in the market, and each cannot fully influence the market independently unless they collude to influence and affect the price and demand. The use of advertising by oligopolists increases both market share and total demand.

In an attempt to gain a more significant market share, an Oligopolist will engage in fierce advertising competition trying to outdo each other. (McConnell and Brue 494). This scenario makes advertising in the oligopolistic markets to be extremely high. It is difficult to tell if advertising leads to improved consumer benefits and efficiency. However, if advertising results in more sales and increased output, this could lead to the efficiency of the firm.

We will write a custom Essay on Role of Advertising in Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly Advertising [Essay] specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion It is costly to advertise and may lead to improved efficiency if costs are less than the benefits from sales. Advertising in monopolistic competition and oligopoly may have no direct relationship with the benefits to the consumer. However, if increased sales arising from advertisement leads to reduced prices, then customers will enjoy some benefits (McConnell and Brue 487).

Works Cited Arnold, Roger A. Micro Economics. 10th ed. Washington, DC: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.

McConnell, Campbell R. and Stanley L. Brue. Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2005. Print.


The Principle of Sufficient Reason Expository Essay college essay help near me

The principle of sufficient reason explains the nature of all existence. It advocates the perspective that every aspect of life has a basis that justifies its existence. According to this philosophy, sufficient reason is inherent in all observable phenomena. The phenomena include all entities, events, and propositions whose presence in a specific form can be affirmed. For this principle to hold, the facts in question must occur, proposals must be correct, and all entities must exist.

According to this philosophy, the basis of the existence of everything is either a reason for the particular observation or a cause justifying its present reality. Leibniz did not give a precise description of the boundary between the reasons and the causes for everything (Longuenesse 67). Thus, the principle of sufficient reason has two possible interpretations. Something can exist due to the presence of one or several reasons before the current observation.

This is one possible interpretation of the theory. On the other hand, all things may be considered to have likely causes that require their presence at a specific time. The two interpretations may be regarded as complementary. Also, the reason for everything does not need to be purely logical according to Leibniz. Sometimes, humans may not understand the reason or cause concerning a particular thing (Leibniz et al. 27).

The principle of sufficient reason provides solutions to two theoretical issues that have no direct answer. Firstly, the policy of adequate reason explains the origin of the sequence of reasons that inadequately describes the process of formation of any phenomena or proposition.

Secondly, the principle of sufficient reason explains the apparent variations in all aspects of existence, which are otherwise considered imperfect. Leibniz also uses this philosophy to explain the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical world.

One of the problems that Leibniz’s philosophy tries to solve is the inherent problem of the ultimate reason. For everything that exists, there is an immediate reason justifying the present thing (Longuenesse 75). However, there is another justification behind the idea itself.

The reasons form an infinite sequence that does not give an ultimate solution at all. This necessitates invocation of the logic that there exists another reason independent from the series of reasons. The proper justification is what Leibniz refers to as God, who is not necessarily understood by human beings.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, the universe and all existence is a sequence of states that explain each other without concluding (Leibniz et al. 28). Therefore, an ultimate reason, separate from the series, is necessary to justify the philosophy of sufficient reason. It is observed that the ultimate purpose is not the conventional reason since it may not be understood by ordinary interpretation. The ultimate reason is metaphysically necessary and is responsible for all existence.

Although Leibniz tries to explain the essence of the ultimate reason for existence by the invocation of the presence of a metaphysical reason, he also continues to illustrate the mechanism that relates the metaphysical reason for life and the following reasons found in the physical world (Longuenesse 70).

In that case, truth is fundamental in the realization of the relationship between the following reasons and the metaphysically essential reason. To understand this connection, one must appreciate that there is a natural inclination towards existence. Thus, the ultimate reason for existence is inherently inclined towards unlimited existence. In turn, the sequences of reasons for existence are realized (Leibniz et al. 31).

The sequences are generated according to the degree of inclination of every reason towards existence. The more likely a reason is towards existence, the more the number of reasons are to be found in the resulting series. Thus, the degree of inclination is the intensity of the quest for perfect inclination towards existence.

Any reason with the essence of perfect inclination is the one that persists as a physical reality. Since the ultimate reason has no other reason for its existence, it is considered the truth. This eternal truth cannot be found in the physical world that is directly observed. God, the eternal truth, must have existed before the physical world that we see (Leibniz et al. 34).

Through God, an infinite range of possible situations is realized, and all things become a reality. The possibilities with the most significant inclination towards existence become observable reality. This explains the link between the ultimate truth and observable physical phenomena.

The idea of ultimate reason and physical reasons seem to bind the essence of free will that exists in the physical world. Humans, among other living creatures, can determine the course of their action. This seems to contradict the essence of the ultimate truth and the degree of inclination of possibilities. However, Leibniz explains that free will does not interfere with the dominance of the eternal truth.

We will write a custom Essay on The Principle of Sufficient Reason specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Leibniz says that free will is among the possibilities that are generated by the eternal truth. Whatever course human free will takes, events that occur have an opportunity with the most significant inclination towards existence. Leibniz also seeks to counter arguments that God’s will is not perfect since conflicts often arise in the physical world, and some physical aspects of life suffer damage.

These physical aspects of existence include humans and other living things. According to Leibniz, even those events and physical phenomena that people perceive to be negative happen to perfection. Those propositions that are negative and true also exist with perfection.

Even the worst events that have already occurred in the physical realm of existence are considered metaphysically perfect (Leibniz et al. 36). Humans determine the perfectness of what they observe based on the physical reasons to which they are familiar. Their judgment is flawed since their understanding of the ultimate reason is limited.

The principle of sufficient reason as presented by Leibniz seems to provide a solution to one of the problems faced by contemporary scholars of philosophy. It is undeniable that all aspects of existence have a sequence of reasons that justify their presence.

These reasons can be deduced from an analysis of direct observation. However, only a limited number of reasons can be inferred from the study of the present situation and view (Longuenesse 77). The series of reasons are infinite such that it is impossible to reach the ultimate reason using human reasoning. This fact validates the claim that humans have an impaired perspective of existence.

By accepting that things exist, one must also acknowledge that an ultimate reason for existence must exist (Leibniz et al. 37). If this reason were entirely physical, it would be possible for humans to deduce some aspects of it through human reasoning. The inability of humans to describe the ultimate reason proves that the particular reason is metaphysical.

Since humans only understand metaphysics partially, it is impossible to give a physical description of the ultimate reason (Leibniz et al. 43). We then describe the ultimate reason as a metaphysical existence known as God. This is the source of all life and the determinant of the course of all events in the universe.

Within the sequence of physical reasons that immediately justify any aspect of existence, personal reasons must be sufficient to justify the following observation. If any of the reasons were not enough, the succeeding observation or event would lack a basis on which to exist.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Principle of Sufficient Reason by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consequently, the principle of universal causality would be violated (Longuenesse 68). The succeeding observation would seem to have emanated fully or partially from nothing. To satisfy the laws that govern logic, all reasons within any sequence of physical reasons must be individually sufficient.

This means that a particular state must have the potential to generate the succeeding state for the sequence of reasons to progress in a specific direction. If an idea fails to be sufficient, there are only two possibilities. One possibility is that the specific reason is the end of the sequence and the final state.

However, the physical state may progress to another state for which it is sufficient as a reason. Thus, the sequence takes another direction. For every event, proposition, or physical entity, there must be a sufficient reason. This way, Leibniz provides an explanation for the existence of the world and the entire universe. The sequences of physical reasons are flawless.

Leibniz asserts that it is impossible for humans to understand everything since they only exist in physical form. Physical limitations obscure Their understanding of the metaphysical world.

This is why God, who is the ultimate source of all will for existence, cannot be completely understood. Leibniz’s deduction can be proven by the fact that there is no single phenomenon in the present world whose complete sequence of reasons can be described. At the end of each sequence, an enigmatic metaphysical reason is present.

Works Cited Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Roger Ariew, and Daniel Garber. Philosophical Essays. Indianapolis: Hackett Pub. Co., 1989. Print.

Longuenesse, Beatrice. “Deconstruction of the principle of sufficient reason.” Harvard Review of Philosophy 16.5 (2002): 67-98. Print.


Capitalism: Exploitation of the Poor and Resource Monopoly Essay college admission essay help

Exploitation of the Poor Most analysts on economic issues argue that capitalists extort the poor by exploiting them. These people argue that capitalism helps the rich men and women get more wealth at the expense of the poor, who gets poorer. This leadership style attributes to what most people would consider as classical economic prediction. In this theory most men and women with assets believe that income from land ownership and huge capital in big businesses would accrue; however other theorists believe that both land and capital fluctuates unpredictably.

Most defenders to capitalism would not agree to this objection because they believe capitalism presents equal opportunity to both the poor and the rich. Although land (renting rates) and capital in form of interest rates fluctuates, one observation is that they remain unchanged.

Defenders to capitalism would therefore attribute such fluctuations to uncontrollable forces within the marketplace, which are not easy to control under either capitalism or federal leadership style. Other defenders would use an example of power supply in a country.

In this example, if electric power becomes cheap and readily available to the entire population, capitalists argue that it is the poor that benefits the most as opposed to the rich community. This is because the rich would get pressure to pay flunkies for alternative services.

The above reply needs a critical evaluation to either agree or disagree to it. As much as one would agree that market fluctuations are beyond the control, it is still possible for a willing leadership to adopt effective measures that ensure a fair play in the market segment.

It is therefore not true that poor men or women would reap more benefits than the rich because most of the legislations in such environment favour the rich community. Therefore, this reply is not convincing because capitalism centres most of its legislations in favours of the rich, which exploits the poor.

Resource Monopoly Monopoly of resource is the second most serious objection on capitalism. This refers to an act in which a group of people within the top leadership holds and controls a large amount of resource. Although these resources are for the public use, those in leadership would keep the materials far from reaching out to the common citizens. The general public would not be in a position to have equal share of such resources because the few individuals on top leadership have the final decision on resource utilization.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Most defenders would convince those discrediting capitalism that effective strategy of replacing resource monopoly should not adopt another monopoly that is not responsive of market forces.

These people view capitalism as effective in responding to such forces, to them the leadership style experience constraints and challenges in which the only way of ensuring equitable utilization of resources is through implementation of capitalism. Other defenders believe capitalists have a major role of ensuring economy remains stable and steady over a given duration by checking economic forces. This is possible through controlled utilization of resources.

This defence is not as convincing as one would expect it to; resource monopolization puts the poorest people in a disadvantageous position because they do not have equal share in the national cake. As much as most businessmen would expect effective control of market forces for productive business environment, capitalism does not offer the best option because the negative effects outweighs the benefits.


Teamwork and as an Important Part of Effective Performance Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Review of the call center’s mission and goal objectives

Review of Human Resource Objectives and Strategies

Forecasting human resource needs

Strategic planning and implementation


There are many possible reasons for the notable increase in the number of calls at the call center. The first reason could be due to laxity in customer service. The health care providers could be offering unsatisfactory service to patients leading to an increase in clients’ complaints.

An increase in complaints can increase the number of calls to the call center. The call center attendants could also be giving unsatisfactory responses to clients’ calls thus leading to repeated calls. The number of calls to the call center is bound to increase if the same clients make repeated calls over unresolved or unsatisfactorily resolved issues. The second possible reason is the increase in the number of clients in the health care organization.

Poor customer service to patients such as slow movement of long service queues and unnecessary referrals can also increase the number of calls. In view of the above possible causes of the increase in the number of calls at the call center, the following management plan is proposed as a solution.

Review of the call center’s mission and goal objectives The doubling of the number of calls at the call center is indicative of deterioration of customer service due to the above reasons. Therefore, as the call center manager, the first thing I will do is review of the vision and mission of the organization. This entails a review of the organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (Jasper


Wheeler, Discovering the American Past and Equiano, Narrative Essay (Book Review) college admission essay help

Table of Contents Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 35-56

Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 57-81

Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 82-102

Equiano, Narrative, 15-247

Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 35-56 Wheeler observed that a number factors forced individuals to migrate from their countries to the US. For instance, the Puritans were escaping from the Church of England, which claimed that each person had to exercise religion supported by the state.

Any person found exercising a contrary religion was subjected to pain and suffering in the form of torture. Some followers of Puritanism found out that in the US, an individual would exercise religion of his or her choice without being persecuted by the state. In England, the state was inseparable from the church.

This meant that it was mandatory for each individual to follow state laws because they were consistent with the laws of the church. The church had no power to prosecute an individual for exercising a different religion, but instead it used the state to punish its enemies. As Puritans settled in the US, they adopted a different culture, which was closely related to that of Calvinism. Calvinism was a religion that exercised protestant ethics.

It claimed that Catholicism was wicked, and the church had no right to pray for an individual. In this regard, an individual had to take the responsibility of ensuring that a prayer is made each morning. Moreover, Puritans who migrated to the US adopted the ideas of Marx Weber on division of labor and specialization. They believed that specialization would increase resources in society. However, they believed that efficiency was a prerequisite of specialization.

The author showed how cultural aspects change with time. He also showed how Protestantism developed through complex stages. From the above summary, it can be noted that people migrate not only because of economic, political, and social reasons, but also due to cultural reasons. Furthermore, it is noted from the summary that the American society has always tolerated various groups in society, irrespective of gender, religion, and country of origin.

Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 57-81 The author observes that the US has always served as the land of opportunities to various settlers. In England, the author observes that parents sent their children to America to access opportunities that could not be accessed locally. The US served as the manufacturing zone for English factories and industries. All raw materials produced in the US were transported to England for processing.

The same products could be taken back to the US for marketing. In other words, the author notes that economic developments witnessed in England in the 17th century owed much to the American agricultural system. Settlers could produce raw materials in the US and take them home for processing.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This resulted to unfavorable balance of trade, which created tension between colonizers and natives. However, the colonial government in the US used the iron fist to maintain peace and stability in the country. The author notes that the British government came up with some economic policies aimed at increasing production of raw materials. For instance, the government noted that security was extremely valuable in any manufacturing process. It was therefore the role of each governor to ensure that peace prevailed in each state.

Form the above summary, colonialists used a number of ways to develop empires. The locals were subjected to unfair treatment only to benefit whites. Slavery was made legal in various parts of the country because slaves were expected to provide cheap labor. However, the author notes that Britons did not find it easy to settle in some parts of the country, such as Virginia due to environmental challenges.

Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 82-102 During colonialism, government security forces used excessive force to restore peace and order even in situations that demanded negotiations. Those affected in the encounter with the security forces never received justice because the government moved in to defend soldiers. A case is given where members of the public attacked the soldier due to his unruly behavior.

The soldier was overpowered to an extent of calling for reinforcement from the neighboring military barracks. On arrival, soldiers were also overwhelmed since members of the public were not in good terms with the government. Therefore, they were forced to use force as the only available option. A number of people died, and others were seriously injured. The soldier who caused the problem was to be charged in the court of law, but his case was delayed deliberately.

The author observes that the judge made a ruling in time, but the communication was delayed for several hours because the government was reluctant to act. It is always claimed that justice delayed is justice denied. Therefore, the people of Boston were denied their rights because the soldier could still walk free yet he had caused deaths.

From the above summary, it is noted that colonialists never cared about the plight of the natives. They could not put in place measures aimed at raising the standards of the poor. The people of Boston were angered by the government policy that allowed foreigners to own large tracts of land yet Bostonians were languishing in poverty. This was the main reason why people took the law into their hands.

The locals felt that the government served the interests of the colonialists. Therefore, they had to come up with their own administrative system, which employed mob justice as a form of punishment.

We will write a custom Book Review on Wheeler, Discovering the American Past and Equiano, Narrative specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Equiano, Narrative, 15-247 The author explains the lives of slaves in the US and England. He starts by noting that people were often kidnapped, tortured, and ferried to new places. They could work as slaves without being provided with medication and enough food. In the first chapter, he describes the cultures and norms of his society. His society was a simple society that relied on subsistence agriculture for survival. Traditional aspects such as male chauvinism and respect for family values characterized life.

Those found proposing divorce were subjected to unfair treatment. They would easily be banished from the community. However, everything changed when immigrants settled in various parts of the village. The situation was worsened by the arrival of colonialists because people exchanged human beings with other commodities, such as money and farm produce.

In the second chapter, the author explains how society was corrupted to an extent of kidnapping people during the day. He was kidnapped together with his sister during the day. They were then taken to England to serve as slaves. The author explains that life was never normal because he was subjected to inhuman conditions, including being ferried in a container meant for goods.

In chapter three, he describes the nature of life in his new environment. He notes that life was so difficulty for foreigners yet foreigners enjoyed themselves in the US. This was an irony to him because Americans tolerated the existence of other people in their society.

In chapter four, he talks about his social life, including marriage and family life. However, he observes that marriage between different races was highly discouraged. Moreover, marriage ceremonies were conducted based on class and culture. Those with different cultures were not allowed to form any relationship that would lead to marriage.

In fact, marriage between slaves and the masters was considered an abomination. In the fifth chapter, the author talks about some of the injustices meted out to slaves in England. Slaves were treated in the same way as animals because they were expected to work for longer hours in farms. Any slave that complained would be treated brutally. In England, trespass was a serious crime that was punishable by death. It was believed that any slave who trespassed was trying to escape. Slaves could work even when it was raining.

A slave was somebody without a single right. At lunchtime, slaves could be given minimal time to eat poorly cooked food. This means that the health of slaves was never a concern to the masters. In other words, the food provided to slaves was meant to keep them alive, but not to sustain them. In the subsequent chapters, the author notes that natural calamities changed the attitudes of many masters.

For instance, the earthquake that took place in England transformed society. It weakened the economic capability of many producers. In fact, some masters lost their properties, forcing them to allow slaves to look for alternative sources of livelihood. For instance, the author was allowed to engage in trade.

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Problems Facing Healthcare Management Expository Essay essay help online: essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Financial Challenges and Healthcare Reform

Patient Safety and Quality

Government Mandate



Introduction The health sector has experienced many challenges that threatened to cripple hospitals in the country. Some of the major problems identified by the American College of Healthcare Executives which include: financial challenges, healthcare reform implementation, government mandates, and patient safety and quality (American College of Healthcare Executives [ACHE], 2011).

Challenges facing the health sector seem to increase since the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. So far, implementation of the act poses serious challenges which threaten to cripple operations in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Financial Challenges and Healthcare Reform According to ACHE, “financial challenges again ranked No 1 on the list of hospital CEOs’ top concerns in 2011…” (ACHE, 2011). Increasing the number of insured adults is a good source of revenue for healthcare providers especially after “they backed the president’s sweeping law and agreed to accept $155bn in cuts in government reimbursements over 10 years to pay for it” (Kirchgaessner, 2012).

This left various health institutions with little finances to support their daily operations. As a result, hospitals are now forced to adjust their expenses and renegotiate new contracts with their suppliers.

So far, a number of Republican governors have refused to carry out the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in their states. Limited finances given to healthcare providers lock out uninsured people from accessing health services. This is “devastating for hospitals who are legally obliged to treat these patients” (Kirchgaessner, 2012).

Patient Safety and Quality Since the government enacted financial cuts in healthcare reimbursement, healthcare providers cannot guarantee patient safety and quality. The situation is becoming worse due to the rising cost of medical supplies. Healthcare providers frequently review contracts with their suppliers as well as cut the number of staff to fit their budgets.

Contract reviews affect the supply of medical products paralyze activities in the hospital. Reducing medical staff increases the pressure on staff to keep up the required patient safety and quality standards. All healthcare institutions aim at providing the highest quality services according to the hospital’s mission and vision. With reduced finances, these institutions are not able to meet their vision

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Government Mandate The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act gives everybody medical insurance as part of the broader Medicare coverage. This act aims at increasing the number of insured people in the country. This blanket insurance cover has led to a debate whether the federal government should enact it on all its citizens.

According to a report published by Health Care Management Review, research shows that “mandatory individual insurance coverage in Massachusetts was followed by a significant near-term drop in hospital productivity” (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2012).

The government believes that “individual insurance” is justified to compensate healthcare providers for the cuts in government reimbursements. According to the research, patient safety and quality will drop drastically if the number of insured people increases.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act law poses a major challenge to the government, healthcare institutions and the public due to the standoff in its implementation. A number of governors argue that, “those provisions of the law represented brazen intrusions into the sovereignty of the state” (Kirchgaessner, 2012). In the end, it’s the hospitals which suffer since they are not able to get the necessary finances to give quality services.

Conclusion Most of the problems facing healthcare institutions are as a result of political differences. If the health institutions are able to receive the required funds, they will give quality healthcare for all. For this to succeed, government and states should streamline their policies to enable healthcare providers give quality Medicare for all.

References American College of Healthcare Executives (2011). Top Issues Confronting Hospitals:2011. Web.

Kirchgaessner, S. (2012). US Hospitals Face Financial Problems. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Problems Facing Healthcare Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams


Mythology’s Role in the Ancient Greece – God Poseidon Creative Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

The main character in this discussion is Poseidon god. This god was referred to as god of seas and oceans in ancient Greek. He lived at the place called Aegae in the deep sea where he used to keep horses and chariots that he used for transport. His wife was called Amphitrite and had three children.

He also had other children that he bore with other mortal women and divinities. In ancient Greek people believed that storms and earthquakes happened under the influence of this god. However, just like human beings, these gods had flaws such as jealousy, anger and fear.

Therefore, these gods were immoral and committed mistakes. This paper explores on an ancient Greek myth, “the seas and oceans are controlled by gods that must be appeased to ensure that havoc such as earthquakes and storms do not occur”. It focuses on Poseidon god of the seas and oceans in Ancient Greek that was to be appeased through sacrifices to ensure that seas and oceans remained calm.

The major problem or issue that made Poseidon god to cause havoc in the sea was failure to be offered sacrifices by the people. The god caused mayhem in the seas through earthquakes, floods and storms. During such moments, the sailors and people who lived near the seas experienced problems as they lost their properties and even life. He caused this havoc because he wanted people to offer sacrifices to him. When such sacrifices were not offered, this angers the god and destruction happened to awaken the people of their duty.

Therefore, people accorded respect to the god because they were under his mercies and could not go against his interests. Therefore, people could not get peace without satisfying the god of the seas. They could not get islands to go and live if they failed to offer sacrifices to appease the good to create them. They drowned their horses to honor the god so as to please him to do according to their wish.

The problem that Poseidon caused was only solved when human being decided to offer sacrifices to him. He was a good full of anger and could cause havoc in the ship that would lead to shipwrecks, earthquakes, chaotic springs and drowning. He was believed to be the creator and the controller of the sea therefore, people gave him respect and they make him to become angry.

Therefore, Many scarifies were offered to this god and they included black and white bulls, wild boars and rams. They were thrown in wells in places such as Deine as a sign of sacrifice. Once these sacrifices were offered to him, he restored calm in the seas and oceans, and sailors regained their peace.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He also created horses and coached people skills of managing horses. This god is attributed to the protector and originator of the horses releases. Therefore, he formed positive relationship with people by coaching them to ride horses. Such periods were clear indication that peace was prevailing.

Therefore, because of close association with these horses, he was often depicted riding on the horseback or riding using his chariots, which were drawn by four or two horses. This close association made people regard him as the friend of chariots, as he sometimes metamorphosed or transformed into a horse to deceive his attackers or enemies.

He also solved problem because of his benevolence nature at some occasions especially when he was calm. For instance, when he was peaceful, he could raise the islands out of the seas on which people could come and live. Therefore, his personality differed with difference circumstances and situations.

Poseidon was also a greedy god because he was involved in a number of disputes with other gods, especially when he wanted to take over cities that were reined by other gods. For instance, he attempted to take over the city of Athens but could not succeed as Athena managed to retain it.

When islands sprout ad storms remained calm, people knew that the god was happy and therefore the problem was solved. The god could restore peace in the seas and oceans once sacrifices were made to him. He could also make new islands to sprout where people went to live. These were depictions that peace had regained and everything was in order. Poseidon was a god who reigned over the sea. He had many characteristics that were different from other gods.

He was the greatest Olympian god who reigned in the sea, floods and droughts, rivers, horses and earthquakes. The god was portrayed as a mature man, strong in physique. He kept a dark beard and held a trident in his hand. The god drove a chariot of hippocampus. The trident he always held in his hand was a sign of power and mighty. The spears were used to break rocks to calm the storms in the sea.

Once the problem or the conflict between human being and the god was over, the people continued to enjoy the resources that were in the sea. They could go to sail and fish without worry because the seas remained calm. They also went to the islands and lived there peacefully. The god had no problem or issue with the people and therefore, he allowed them to engage in their activities. People were also aware of their duties of giving their sacrifices to the gods.

We will write a custom Essay on Mythology’s Role in the Ancient Greece – God Poseidon specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some characters of this god became evident such as greediness when there was nothing disturbing him. He got involved in a number of disputes with other gods, especially when he wanted to take over cities that were reined by other gods. For instance, he attempted to take over the city of Athens but could not succeed as Athena managed to retain it. He wanted to take everything to his control as depicted from the greediness to acquire the territory of other gods.

Therefore, to sum up, it is evident that myths in the ancient Greek played a key role in the lives of many people. For instance, the myths related to ancient Greek god Poseidon illustrates the importance of obeying and doing according to the will of the gods. Poseidon was a god of the sea and therefore was to be respected.

Just like a human being, he had strengths in other areas as well as some flaws in others. His anger could cause havoc and damage properties and lives of people. Therefore, it is an interesting myth to read because it captures the instincts of a reader. Their problems with the sea were solved when they respected and gave their sacrifices to the god. It is a very interesting myth that many generation can learn be informed about the truth or the sincerity in such myths.


Fighting for the Right to Choose: Students Should Have the Freedom to Pick the Courses They Want Argumentative Essay college admissions essay help

Whoever studies at college quickly learns that, in addition to the main subjects, there are a lot of additional ones. The latter seem to have been invented only to make life harder. Most students tend to think that the additional subjects are unnecessary, since they have nothing to do with the chosen subject area. However, most teachers still consider that learning additional subjects is necessary. Thus, it can be suggested that students can choose the subjects to study on their own.

Before proceeding with the analysis of the opponents’ opinions, it is necessary to take a closer look at what defines the students’ choice. There are number of factors which impact peoples’ decision on what major or additional subject to choose, yet there are certain paradigms among the common choices. Learning more about these patterns, one can assess the students’ ability to choose their subjects more accurately. According to what Porter and Umbach claim, the students’ choice depends mostly on the following factors:

Social ones: “Social capital and cultural capital, largely represented by parental influence , have a significant impact on major choice” (Porter and Umbach 434);

The parents’ opinion: “Some research has linked the attention a mother pays to a student’s academic work to selection of a public service major” (Porter and Umbach 435);

Self-efficacy: “a large body of literature points to self- efficacy as an important factor of student major choice” (Porter and Umbach 439). Therefore, personal choice takes the third place, which means that students’ convictions about their future profession and what they are going to need to have it might not be formed yet as they enter college.

However, according to the USA higher education principles, students are already informed enough to choose the college courses which will help them progress in their major. Consequently, students should be allowed to pick the subjects which they are going to study together with the main one. As Goldrik-Rab and Roksa explain, “College students need study skills in order to learn course content, must choose courses wisely to develop college majors, and make consistent progress in earning college credits toward degrees” (10).

In addition, it is worth mentioning that students differ in their skills and knowledge base; hence, students need to pay different amount of attention to different subjects, while, with compulsory subjects, equal amount of time is offered for each student to handle the topic. The above-mentioned practice can lead to getting some of the skills trained worse than others. The given argument also speaks in favor of allowing students to choose courses on their own.

However, the arguments of the teachers, who suggest that there should be certain compulsory courses which students have to attend disregarding their preferences as well as their major, are solid as well. For instance, the Allen and Robins’ research shows that “For some major groups, the likelihood of persisting does not appear to be impacted much by students’ interests” (Allen and Robins 72-73).

Hence, in most cases, the grade on a certain subject does not depend on whether the given subject relates to the students’ major or even whether a student likes the subject or not. With that in mind, the students’ complaints concerning additional subjects as an obstacle to learning the major is inconsistent.

Nevertheless, the arguments which students offer regarding their right to choose not only their major, but also the rest of the subjects, are rather reasonable. To start with, the first and the foremost issue to discuss is the payment for the courses.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Indeed, the money issue is the trickiest aspect when it comes to choosing between various subjects. Hence, it is important for a student that his/her “investments” could pay off in the future. Consequently, it seems that it is a student’s responsibility to pick the material which (s)he considers the most essential for his/her further professional development.

As Callender and Jackson explain, the money issues are quite topical for the modern education system: “Students who are poor before going to university are more likely to be in debt and to leave university with the largest debts, while better-off students are less likely to have debts and leave with the lowest debts” (4). Hence, it is quite logical that students should decide themselves what they want to pay – or, for that matter, their parents should.

Indeed, the problem is by far more complicated than it seems to be. However, there are certain ways to figure out what kind of courses is the most appropriate to pick. One of the most obvious suggestions is to think of what skills each of the subjects in question helps train and assess every single skill.

Evaluating the significance of these skills for a student’s supposed future profession, one will be able to choose the proper courses. As the author of Standards and Students Coursetaking claims, “Once in place, such “real-world standards” would help students choose courses and guide them to expend sufficient effort in high school, reducing the need for remedial courses in college” (Standards and Students Coursetaking).

Hence, it can be concluded that there is still a considerable problem about letting students decide what subjects exactly they need to complete their education and become full-fledged professionals.

On the one hand, students have the right to decide what they are going to become and, therefore, which subjects to study. On the other hand, teachers are considerably more experienced and must know what skills one must have not only to become a professional, but also to obtain a certain job in the given field. Therefore, the importance of teachers’ decision is not to be underrated as well.

Nevertheless, the additional subjects for “broadening students’ horizon” can be too much time-consuming. This means that a student might not be able to qualify for his/her major. Thus, students should be allowed to choose the subjects they need in accordance with their abilities and skills.

We will write a custom Essay on Fighting for the Right to Choose: Students Should Have the Freedom to Pick the Courses They Want specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Allen, Jeff and Steven B. Robbins. “Prediction of College Major Persistence Based on Vocational Interests, Academic Preparation, and First Year Academic Performance.” Research in Higher Education. 49.1 (2008): 62-79. Web.

Callender, Claire, and Jonathan Jackson. “Does the Fear of Debt Deter Students from Higher Education?” Journal of Social Policy. 34.4 (2005): 509-540. Web.

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Porter, Stephen R. and Paul D. Umbach. “College Major Choice: An Analysis of Person-Environmental Fit.” Research in Higher Education. 47.4 (2006): 429-449. Web.

Standards and Students Coursetaking Web.


Was the response by Chinese government to Ningbo protest justified? Expository Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Since August 2012, Chinese citizens in the city of Ningbo started protesting over the plans by the Chinese government to expand a chemical plant near the city (Spegele, 2012). Since the beginning of the protests, the police and local government officials tried to quell the riots.

However, the riots continued, and there were still protests on the sixth day (Jacobs, 2012). The protests turned violent and the Chinese police tried to quell the riots aggressively. However, the protests continued with the protesters accusing the government of being insensitive. On the other hand, the government accuses protester of engaging in unconventional protests (Spegele, 2012). Are the protests justified, or are they an unlawful breach of civil order as the Chinese government claims?

Over the last one decade, china has become the biggest manufacturer in the world (Jacobs, 2012). Multinational companies, most of them from Europe, have relocated their operations to China due to availability of cheap labor and raw materials in the country. The Chinese government has been encouraging this kind of investment by reluctance to enforce laws to protect the environment (Jacobs, 2012).

Many factories have been set up in china without observation of international regulations regarding the environment and waste disposal, and the Chinese people seem to have a right to protest against such actions. If such mal-practices are allowed in such a country with numerous industrial establishments, an environmental disaster may occur. Such a disaster is likely to affect the whole world including China (Gayathri, 2012).

Secondly, since establishment of a communist government in china, authorities have always been hostile to any kind of concerns over governance of the country. It has become increasingly difficult to coerce the government to observe ethical practices through any formal means. This leaves protests as the only way the Chinese people can communicate with their government (Executive Commission of China, 2012).

The Chinese government has consistently silenced any protest in the quest to protect its socialist structure. During the Ningbo protests, police used excessive force against protesters.

The protests turned more violent when the protesters retaliated with stone throwing and hurling other projectiles towards the riot police officers (Jacobs, 2012). Censuring of media has also been a common practice in China for various political reasons. This is one of the major reasons why the public in china is eventually resulting to violent protests.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the reasons for the ferocity of the protests in Ningbo is that the factory to be expanded was expected to produce a petrochemical that is usually a pollutant its final products are not handled with care (Gayathri, 2012. Paraxylene is widely used in manufacture of plastic containers as an alternative to other plastics and glass.

The containers used are easy to recycle, but paraxylene itself is lethal if it somehow pollutes the environment. The area in which the factory is to be built is already polluted with many chemicals from the industrial section of the city (Spegele, 2012).

The government embarked on the factory expansion project without considering the importance of opinion of the people. This has been the trend for Chinese government for most of industrial projects within the city (Gayathri, 2012). Perhaps, this is a tactic used by the government to escape criticism.

This shows lack of openness in the government’s activities. Ideally, a government should be open in all its activities in order to serve the people properly (Executive Commission of China, 2012). The manner in which police handled protesters portrays an intolerant government, which uses excess force to silence the public into accepting its will.

Over years, the Chinese government has been engaged in an economic competition with western powers. The difference in ideologies is the cause of the antagonism between china and western countries. The competition requires quick industrial growth to keep up with the financial demands in the international market.

China has been encouraging industrial growth for political reasons rather than for civil prosperity (Spegele, 2012). This makes the citizens the victims of the struggle for ideological supremacy between China and the western countries. Thus, the protesters in Ningbo have a right to protest for consideration of the environment by the Chinese government.

In past protest against industrialization by the Chinese government, the plans to industrialize some parts of the country continued even after people complained the developers were failing to observe their responsibilities towards the environment. In many of the projects, the government stopped progress when considerable amount of public money had already been spent. This was done due to public pressure rather than on government’s own volition.

We will write a custom Essay on Was the response by Chinese government to Ningbo protest justified? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Public funds were always being wasted on such incomplete projects all over China (Gayathri, 2012). To avert the possibility of the government wasting more money on incomplete projects the protesters were justified to hold protest. Some of the protesters expressed their concern over the government’s unwillingness to respond to public queries in all campaigns against irresponsible industrialization. In many occasions, the public resorts to confrontation with the authorities.

The Chinese government has also been accused of starting industrialization projects without adequate investigations to establish the impact of the industrial activities on the environment. An investigation into the nature of the project and its effects on the local environment is usually assessed after public unrest (Tam, 2012). The protesters in Ningbo had a reason to stage a protest since the government started the project without giving a full public report of the safety of the environment and the people of Ningbo.

Another reason for the protests is the unconventional control of the mass media by the Chinese government. All news and content of material broadcast over Chinese mass media is carefully filtered to favor the opinion of the communist party (Tam, 2012). This suppression of the media has sealed an important channel through which public issues can be resolved.

Consequently, the Chinese public often results to protests as the only way to express its discontent with the manner in which projects of significant public interest are being handled.

On the other hand, some people argue that the Chinese government had a reason for the apparently violent repulsion of the protesters. In addition, some people are of the opinion that the Chinese government had the right to build the factory in Ningbo for various scientific and factual reasons.

Such claims seek to legitimize the response of Chinese government and its bid to expand the factory in Ningbo (Tam, 2012). Furthermore, these arguments legitimize many other actions by the Chinese government regarding its industrialization activities in other parts of the country.

China is the largest country in terms of population. For this reason, massive industrialization is necessary to support the large population. Industrialization provides jobs for China’s huge population, which already suffers a significant unemployment rate. If the government has to observe its responsibility towards the people, then it has to set up industries to create employment and generate income (Tam, 2012).

While the protesters may have a right to protect their environment, it is also rational that some industrialization projects must be allowed for development and political stability to prevail. The protest in Ningbo may have been due to a culture of protests rather than genuine concern for the environment.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Was the response by Chinese government to Ningbo protest justified? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One government official claimed that protesters were ignorant of the efforts by the Chinese government to create formal forums trough which public concerns can be attended to (Zuo, 2012). The Chinese government claims that it has changed its approach in dealing with matters of public concerns over time. However, the government claims that the protesters are unwilling to acknowledge this effort. It is for this reason that the Chinese government is hostile towards the protesters (Zuo, 2012).

There are also concerns that the protesters in Ningbo are also ill- informed on their subject of protest. Most of the protesters were not informed about the formal preparation that the Chinese government may have done prior to authorization of the expansion project. Most of the protests were mobilized through social media. This was evident by the number of protesters who displayed pages of social networking sites on their mobile devices. Such protests are obviously susceptible to manipulation particularly during such a time.

The Chinese government is going to undergo a political overhaul that rarely happens and is only done once a decade (Zuo, 2012). It is possible that some politicians intending to cause civil unrest are using the industrial project as an excuse. Thus, the police and the local authorities have a right to try to stop the protests.

Most of the protests in Ningbo were considered illegal by the authorities. The local authorities did not legally sanction the protests before they began. Such protests could pose danger to civil order and stability. Protesters often turned violent and hurled projectiles at police officers (LaFraniere, 2012).

It is only reasonable that the police should stop any violent protest in any society. The local authorities accuse protesters of hooliganism and unacceptable conduct during the protest. One official expressed concern over the tendency of crowds of protesters to barricade roads by erecting barriers and sitting in the middle of the roads (LaFraniere, 2012).

Chinese government officials also accused protesters of unwillingness to engage in dialogue. The officials cite the continued protests even as the government promised to investigate the Ningbo project and the danger that is posed to the local environment (LaFraniere, 2012). In addition, the government says that it had informed the public of the planned projects and even evacuated those people who were living in unacceptable proximity of the factory in Ningbo.

Consultation with investors are said to have taken place to discuss potential environmental hazards that the plant might cause (LaFraniere, 2012). The police defended their actions by saying that all the methods used to quell the riots were used with consideration of public safety. According to authorities, no action was taken without reasonable purpose.

Finally, the authorities in china claim that the protesters were overreacting to the manufacture of paraxylene. According to the local authorities, this chemical is one of the few organic materials that enable industries produce recyclable plastic containers (“Chinese factory plan”, 2012).

The danger posed to the public is relatively mild with exposure and insignificant when production process is precisely controlled. In fact, the authorities insist that the use of the chemical is necessary to reduce impact of plastic products on the environment.

The issue of Ningbo protest presents a dilemma due to the nature of arguments by the protesters and the authorities (“Chinese factory plan”, 2012). The protesters claim that their government has consistently failed to heed public concerns regarding industrialization projects that pose danger to the immediate environment. Such unwillingness to consider the opinion of the public necessitated mass action.

Considering the scale of industrialization that is taking place in China, it is obvious that location of many chemical industries near a highly populated urban settlement poses health risks to residents (LaFraniere, 2012). It is possible that the protesters had a reason to resist the attempt to expand the Ningbo factory. The city of Ningbo is already a major industrial center with many chemical plants.

These plants are said to cause pollution and extensive environmental damage to the city of Ningbo (“Chinese factory plan”, 2012). Ti is reasonable that the protesters tried to stop the expansion of the chemical factory. On the other hand, the authorities have a duty to maintain civil order.

Thus, it was necessary to respond to violent protesters in the appropriate way. Such response is inevitably bound to lead to arrests and forceful suppression of the protests. It is also important that protests are based on genuine concerns rather than biased claims in the social media. Protests based solely on reports in the social media are prone to manipulation by political entities especially during such a period with significant political activity.

However based on the nature of the government in china and the history of political and social suppression that the country is known for, it is reasonable to conclude that the protests in china were addressing genuine concerns. Thus, the response to protests by police was not justified under the prevailing circumstances.

References Chinese factory plan ditched after protests (2012). The Guardian. Web.

Executive Commission of China, E. C. (2012). Congressional Commision of China. U.S. Government Printing Office Home Page. Web.

Gayathri, A. (2012). Chinese Protests Over Chemical Factory Reflect Government Mistrust. International Business Times – International Business News, Financial News, Market News, Politics, Forex, Commodities. Web.

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Influence of Hello Kitty on Japanese women identity Analytical Essay custom essay help

Introduction For several decades now, art has influenced the social and economic life of people worldwide. Due to art, numerous animations have emerged, and thus aspect explains the origin and background of Hello Kitty, a Japanese animated cat stature that has received great public attention since its emergence back in the year 1974, in Japan. Hello Kitty has played a vital role in shaping the social and economic life of the Japanese people (McVeigh, 2000).

In economical view, the cartoon-looking cat has influenced the market strategies used by companies to promote their goods. For instance, the animated cat enhanced the marketing of debit cards invented by credit card companies by attracting customers that led to massive profits.

In shaping social life of the Japanese people, this bobtail cat has influence the living style of young women in Japan. However, it is not known to what extent the animated cat influences their identity. Hence, this essay seeks to establish how Hello Kitty Influences the structuring of Japanese women identity.

Origin of Hello Kitty in Japan Hello Kitty is a Japanese bobtail cat that originated from the arts of a Japanese woman, Yuko Shimizu. Later on, a Japanese stationery company, Sanrio, introduced Kitty into the market.

The doll initially targeted the adolescent females, but got public attention, and elder females and children familiarised with it. Hello Kitty has shaped the fashion culture in Japan with numerous women liking it from its logos on products to body tattoos (Kovarovic, 2011). Although men as well like the doll, it is a women subculture in Japan and the outskirts.

The doll has received fame to the extent that it appears on a variety of products ranging from consumer products including school supplies, wallpapers, stickers, teddy bears, and toys, greeting cards to electronics including phone accessories, computer products, and televisions to outfits including clothes, female handbags, and even jewelleries.

The doll has also proven significant in enhancing companies’ promotional strategies; for instance, commercial companies, especially banks used Hello Kitty emblems to produce cheques, visa debit cards, and master cards.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The spread of Hello Kitty Hello Kitty spread from local Japanese market to international boundaries, influencing the cultural and personal lifestyles of people across the globe. After its release into the Japanese market, the animated cat got public attention due to its appearance and penetrated across international boundaries into the United States in the year 1976.

As the cartooned cat become famous, its demand rose exponentially. It survived market competition and managed to conquer and replace some American popular cultures. It captured American women with its incredible colours and its entire appearance.

Kovarovic (2011) posits, “Consumerism in the US creates successful retail of Hello Kitty” (p.4). In fact, the youthfulness and cuteness of the cartoon attracted women of all ages, since old age in the US is associated with several negative aspects like becoming weak, unattractive, and lonely. The cat got a good reception in several other countries like Germany, Latin American, and Britain making changes in women of all ages.

The influence of Hello Kitty on Fashion and Design Women appearance is normally their biggest concern. How they appear in the public eye is always their main worry, but Hello Kitty has significantly reduced their fret. The rise and fame of Hello Kitty penetrated the fashion and design industry from Japan to the heights of international borders.

Since it targeted adolescent females, the designs were contrived to target the same population. This led to the adoption of art by designers and integrating it into different attires ranging from clothing, bracelets, handbags, and beautiful tattoos designed around their bodies. The animated cat came in lovely colours including the most attractive pink colour, which women love most (Wai-ming, 2002).

Since the doll appeared as feminine, women wanted to mimic this appearance with most of them appearing in dresses with colours resembling those of Hello Kitty coupled with bracelets and handbags tattooed with its logo (Yano, 2009). Hello Kitty led to an advanced change in the Japanese women’s lifestyle ranging from cultural and economical to comparative perspectives.

Since the innovation of the exquisite Hello Kitty animated cat, several intricate designs have emerged making it seem equally important in the dressing and life style of women.

We will write a custom Essay on Influence of Hello Kitty on Japanese women identity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More To begin with, Hello Kitty has appeared on several women likings including the dresses, shoes, handbags, jewellery, tops, and even body designs including tattooing (Rebecca, 2012). It appears in several dimensions and styles. The animated cat appears in the form of printed images, photos, dolls, or even logos. With the rising fame of Hello Kitty, the same way women want to get public attention.

The fashion and design companies ensured that the cat stature appeared in every new fashion and intricate designs. This triggered the appetite of women in dressing, forcing them to go round searching for popular branded Hello Kitty outfits. The animated cat significantly influenced the design companies outside Japan as it acquired extraordinary prominence in the United States, which is known for its influence in the international market.

Hello Kitty’s Influence in Women identity The emergence of Hello Kitty portrays one important aspect of under contentment mostly found in several women, which influence the aspect of consumerism in the market. Generally, Hello Kitty changed the consumption level and trends in Japanese women (Yano, 2009). Consumerism and consumptions are two terms used to describe the tendency in which individuals use a certain product.

Influence is simply the ability to cause a change either positive or negative. According to Rebecca (2012), since its appearance into the global market in early 1970s, the consumption trend of Hello Kitty products has been on a constant rise. Since women are trendy, Hello Kitty served their psychological needs.

Their stylish desires contributed to an increase in consumption of Kitty’s products that appeared in different designed cuties and exotic appeals to trigger women’s level of the product consumerism (Yano, 2009). This consumerism factor influences the Japanese women identity. However, Hello Kitty influences the structure of these women through its consumption in several ways. These include the following:

Hello Kitty’s exotic appeal Since its emergence in the Japanese as well as the global market, Hello Kitty comes in a variety of cuties and appeals. These cuties and appeals were very strong since 1970s to 1980s, when Hello Kitty was the most popular cartooned art in that era. Its beautiful appearance in attractive tints including the most preferred women colours like white and pink enhanced the use and consumption of Hello Kitty and its respective products.

Wai-ming (2002), observes that Japanese women, especially the young and adolescent ones, love exotic possessions especially those who have western qualities. Apart from the aspect of enthusing young females, the cartoon’s appearance takes the children and as well as the elderly in fantasies.

The children and the elderly like things that sooth their age as they hate being frustrated in their age. With the western identity, most female like associating themselves with Hello Kitty products. In short, the animated beautiful cat triggers women attention into emulating its qualities to bring out resemblance in appearance.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Influence of Hello Kitty on Japanese women identity by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Merchandisation of Hello Kitty Hello Kitty has survived market competition and antagonism for over thirty years. In fact, the animated cat has managed to manipulate the market and play in the monopolistic technique for several years.

This merchandisation enables Hello Kitty to dominate the local, regional, and global markets around the universe. Wai-ming (2002), posits, “The merchandisation of the Hello Kitty makes it a decorative, useful and collectable item” (p.16). Different items and products are decorated in Hello Kitty’s logos, photos, scanned images, and even simple drawings.

Products like school stationery including bags, books, pens, and pencils are decorated with Hello Kitty and other consumer goods like cutlery, handkerchiefs, women handbags, cosmetics, glasses, toasters, and electronics including mobile phone cases, CDs, DVD players, radio covers, computers accessories to even big commercial goods inclusive of bikes, cars, and aeroplanes.

The Kitty cartoon has also been significant in helping Japanese banks to promote their services by using Kitty logos and photos on the bank account books, credit cards, and even visa cards.

Global Reputation of Hello Kitty Hello Kitty and its products have constantly gained international demand. Through global industrialisation, Hello Kitty received substantial global popularisation making it the most renowned cartoon art all over the globe. To begin with, Hello Kitty has appeared in several meaningful occasions including those that are associated with prominent persons within the globe.

According to Kovarovic (2011), the cartoon was once the most famous cartoon art used in the US. The cartoon has linked with several prominent states and leaders including the U.S. senate Byron Dorgan, who publicly displayed a one meter pre-paid debit card poster on the floor of the U.S. senate during the 2007-2010 financial crisis moments.

The cartooned cat got popularisation to Thailand and its borders as the national police officers were punished for the contravention made by putting on Hello Kitty armbands as a form of punishment. This global fame makes Japanese women love to associate with the cartoon.

Nature and culture of Japanese women The Kitty mania got support from the nature and culture of the Japanese women who are generally trendy. In women, Hello Kitty manoeuvred through the potentiality of the Japanese women culture of falling in love with fancy materials. Popularly known as “Kawaii”, is the degree of cuteness describing the Japanese culture (Kelly, 1986).

This culture influences the shape in which manufactured materials like clothing, food, or even commercial goods appear. The culture greatly influences personal attributes and appearance. Wai-ming (2002) asserts that Japanese young women ranging from young teenage to adolescent and women in their late thirties are fond of liking fashion, and thus demonstrating their culture in products of every design.

The music and drama industries are characterised by the use of such cartoon to attract fans from several parts of Japan. According to the culture, this cuteness is equally expected in both males and females. Therefore, due to the existing culture, Hello Kitty penetrated through the Japanese culture making it acceptable to people of every gender and age.

Hello Kitty’s Literature The emergence of Hello Kitty led to great advancement in women identity and appearance with the literature of the cartoon, thus enhancing its consumption.

The cartooned cat had several literatures produced in different forms. According to Moeran (2004), writers in Japan developed reading materials like funny storybooks of Hello Kitty, photo galleries, newspapers, and magazines. Kitty’s literature was also established in love and romantic magazines, which most female and lovers became attracted to read. The literatures of Kitty products and goods diversified across e-resources like the Internet, which came in the form of kid games and relationship sites.

Moeran (2004) asserts, “Women’s fashion magazines have for many years depicted in their pages European and American fashion designers of which Hello Kitty was been on regularly appearance” (p.56) indicating how women can shape their fashion and designs. Games of Kitty image seem attractive with romantic decors that trigger women into expanding their consumption on Kitty’s products.

Sanrio’s Company Efforts Sanrio, the initiator and producing company of several Kitty products has adversely influenced how women and Hello Kitty relate. Sanrio ensured a positive relationship between the cartoon and customers, thus enhancing loyalty amongst consumers. Sun (2009) states, “This brand owns a group of loyal customers and so this Japanese company, Sanrio, receives wide support from those young women in Japan who prefer prettiness” (p.66).

The company ensured that it enhanced corroborative techniques to substantiate with other companies that were wiling to design and improve products produced by Sanrio, the main company. The extension of Hello Kitty’s market into the United States was successful through Sanrio’s efforts.

In fact, the company ensured that it produced goods that are friendly to most females to flavour the availability market influence of Hello Kitty. According to Sun (2009), the design around the image of Hello Kitty motivated the sense of concern and protection of these women.

Music and Decors Music is a favourite element of almost everyone across the globe, with the taste depending on individual interest. Hello Kitty managed to capture the interest of several musicians who used the cartoon in their videos and live performance. Prominent musicians including Japanese culture musicians like Palmer and Yarckin used the cartoon in creating their popular Japanese cultural music like J-pop music and others.

Since women love associating themselves with prominent people like music celebrities, this aspect played a significant role in influencing the consumption of Hello Kitty products. The Kitty products like band got prominence even in the late 1990s, as popular American artists like Marian Carey adopted Hello Kitty among their fashions.

According to Rebecca (2012), musicians used the arts of the cartoon on nail decorations, which led other Japanese women to adopt the art. Rebecca (2012) asserts, “Nail art lessons in magazines include “tribal” designs and often touch upon the ‘ethnic’ aesthetic” (p. 122). Women love music just as men do. Therefore, as their music icons used Kitty products so do they got attracted.

Television series and programs Since time immemorial, media has been very influential to Japanese women’s culture and personalities. Several media techniques are used to pass messages regarding new products and fashions that are currently dominating the market. Hello Kitty was popular in Japanese media, which also played a significant role in spreading the Japanese culture.

In this sense, TVs play an important role in spreading media information (Yano, 2009). Several television programs demonstrated Hello Kitty products that helped it obtain extensive fame. Wai-ming (2002) posits, “Compared with Japanese television dramas, fashions, movies, or J-pop, Japanese fancy merchandise like Hello Kitty is more subtle in conveying Japanese ideas and values” (p.16). Superstars acted programs that ran through the TVs and women want to associate with famous actors.

There were video games, karaoke, and music programs that demonstrated Hello Kitty products, which were on popular demand. This element influenced the structuring of women to greater heights. By 1970s and 1990s, several Japanese programs were thrilling and captured several viewers.

Conclusion Hello Kitty, the popular animated bobtail cat that dominated the Japanese social, economical, and even the psychological lives played a considerable role in structuring of Japanese women identify. McVeigh (2000) assert that Hello Kitty appeared in different ways enabling it to dominate the Japanese market.

Due its global fame, variance in product supplies, and its cuteness, Hello Kitty managed to lure women into acquiring its products of which were mostly attractive, enthusing, and available in cheap goods, which were quite affordable to women.

The company Sanrio, Japanese media, Japanese women culture, and global market trends enabled Hello Kitty products to penetrate easily into the market with women admiring the arts done by musicians, dramatists, and actors regarding Hello Kitty. Japanese women admired Hello Kitty in different ways including the appearance and colour.

References Kelly, W. (1986). Rationalisation and Nostalgia: Cultural Dynamics of New Middle-Class Japan. American Ethnologist, 13(4), 603-618.

Kovarovic, S. (2011). Hello Kitty: A Brand Made of Cuteness. Web.

McVeigh, B.J. (2000). How Hello Kitty Commodifies the Cute, Cool and Camp: ‘Consumutopia’ versus ‘Control’ in Japan. Journal of Material Culture, 5(2), 225-245.

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Yano, C.R. (2009). Wink on Pink: Interpreting Japanese Cute as it Grabs the Global Headlines. The Journal of Asian Studies, 68(3), 681-688.


Women and Consumption in Japan Research Paper college essay help near me

Introduction At the start of the 1990s when the economic bubble exploded, the earlier sense of individuality amongst the majority of Japanese consumers became clattered as the idea of permanent employment busted and numerous people were fired from their jobs. This uneasy era of economic decline together with the appearance of independent-minded women, added to a collapse of traditional societal systems and the formation of a Japanese customer with preferences that varied noticeably in comparison to the bubble era.

During the previous decade, there was suppressing of lux-aholic conduct with respect to the 1980s craving. Nevertheless today, as the Consumer Confidence Index remains less than 50, customer attitude is moderately positive as the nation and its populace gradually ascend out of a downturn stage.

Additionally, as opposed to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where fashions, cuteness, and brands are an appearance of social status, earnings coupled with refined preferences that permit consumers to differentiate themselves from the typical in Japanese fashion signify the typical Japanese (Japan Market Resource Network, 2007, pp. 2-3). The methodology used in this research project can be employed in studying the association involving women and consumption in the United Arab Emirates.

In a bid to shed light on major alterations in the connection involving women and consumption in Japan, this research paper discusses Japanese consumers, examines accessible secondary data, and discusses consumer groups. In addition, this research paper carries out an Internet study to elucidate Japanese views, mindsets, and aspirations toward fashions, cuteness, and brands. This paper reflects the varying positions and attitudes of Japanese women toward purchasing fashions, cuteness, and brands.

Moreover, this paper will disclose that concern in fashions, cuteness, and brands has decreased with time (Chadha,


Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Introduction The chronicle of the hip-hop music in Japan can be traced back to 1983 when following the arrival of Hiroshi Fujiwara in the country with hip-hop music versions.

This period saw the playing of hip-hops in the form of break dance in Tokyo, Japan. It was presented through live performances and films. At this time, people began to play hip-hops in discos though many of them could not understand it. They just liked its dancing moves. The Japanese learnt the art of hip-hop from a movie called Wild Style (Condry, 2007, p.61). When the movie became very popular, many artists who featured in it travelled to Japan where they performed as a way of promoting it.

From the African-American culture, the Japanese hip-hop music developed. The Japanese hip-Hop culture was greatly influenced by the African American style of soul dancing and break dancing. This made some Japanese fans of hip-hop darken their own skins by wearing afros and dreadlocks to look like the African-Americans (Wood, 1997, p.40).

Globalization, Political, and Cultural influence of Hip-hop Music in Japan The culture of the Japanese was greatly influenced by Hip-Hop music. The hip-hop music emerged because of the global cultural changes that happened through interaction of people. Although the hip-hop music was first ignored by the famous music production houses in Japan, it found its way to the masses. The African-American break dancing style championed the desire by individuals to learn Hip-hop music besides taking part in it.

The Japanese culture was later influenced towards dancing moves that were not common in their music. The moves were so captivating to many since they made it easy for one to understand the music visually hence breaking the barrier of language expression. According to Condry (2007, p.62), break dancing formed the basis of the extensive globalization and acceptance of Hip-Hop music.

The prevalence of soul dancing in Japan in the earlier years also formed the basis for the wide acceptance of the hip-hop culture into the Japanese culture because soul dancing was common in the streets since most of the first generation hip-hop music artists in Japan began by street dancing. For example, artists like crazy-A performed on the parks drawing many fans to the Hip-Hop music.

Another influence of hip-hop music on the Japanese culture was the development of DJs in the 1980s. The DJs formed the first club of hip-hop artists in 1986.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Such clubs were never common in the culture of Japanese. The culture of the Japanese was also greatly influenced when some hip-hop artists began rapping in the Japanese language. During the inception of the hip-hop culture, many Japanese thought that it would be impossible to rap in their language. This was proved wrong especially the DJs. The problem of rapping in Japanese language was because it lacks stress accent. However, several rappers emerged and succeeded, for example, Sieko, Tinnie, and Chikado.

The eating culture and communication of the Japanese have also been influenced by the hip-hop music. According to (Schwartz, 1998, p.361), the Japanese hip-hop rappers majorly include topics on shopping, mobile phones, and even food. Since food has a cultural aspect, it is also affected by the culture. Mobile phones that feature so much in these songs are also important since they have influenced the culture of communication in Japan.

The cultural mode of dressing has been influenced by the hip-hop culture. For example, since the Japanese used to hear the hip-hop songs in clubs, which made them attracted to the western styles of music, they easily accepted the whole of the hip-hop culture. This included the mode of dressing that was adopted by the hip-hop artists. The mode of dressing included loose fitting type of clothes and even the use of graffiti to depict the culture on their clothes and even on the walls (Japanese, 2003, p.13).

The dressing culture also influenced the young fans to darken their skin in order to look like the African-American hip-hop artists. Others went ahead and wore dreadlocks and afros purposely to look like true African-Americans especially when dancing. Other Japanese referred to the people who decided to change from their original Japanese culture to the African-American culture as burapan. The inception of this kind of dressing also had a commercial effect on the economy of Japan.

Many young men and women who became fans of the hip-hop music bought the baggy Jeans, went for dreadlock treatments and maintenance in commercial centers, and even spent a lot of money in darkening their skin (Schwarz, 1999, p.361). There was also the development of a complete culture of hip-hop Japanese. This group wanted to change from their traditional culture completely to that of the African-Americans. They did not have any reservations.

They wanted to become complete burapans. The Japanese used to refer them as the blackfaces. Some of the black faces were the African-Americans that had long lived in Japan. Some of them thought that they would really change from the Japanese culture to adopt the African-American culture since it had already gained enough roots in Japan.

However, there were very few blacks in Japan, about 0.04% of the entire population. The advertising culture of the Japanese especially in the media was also influenced. Initially, the media houses in Japan resisted production and even popularization of the hip-hop music and culture. However, they came to accept and even adopt it in their programming especially when it became popular.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The hip-hop music artists were even used in advertisements. Other commercial companies used their photographs in advertising their wares. In fact, some commercial companies used the hip-hop artists’ voices on their commercial adverts on televisions and radios. This was a completely new phenomenon of the advertising industry in Japan. According to (Manabe, 2006, p. 2), the textual repetition of hip-hop especially its sound makes it appealing for advertising.

The political culture of Japan has also been influenced by the hip-hop culture. For example, a Japanese hip-hop artist commonly referred to as King Gaddra included reflections of the twin attacks of 11 September 2001 on the American world trade centre by terrorists. The step indicated the political relations between the Japanese and the Americans.

Famous Hip-hop Japanese artists and their perspectives on various issues Many individuals and groups do Hip-hop music in Japan. These individuals and groups have different perspectives in their music. For example, the major group of hip-hop music in Japan is the Rhymester, which takes various dimensions on its approach to issues. The group tackles global issues and also matters of philosophy and politics. The group has done many songs that act as inspirational songs to most of its fans.

For example, the song, “I improve myself only the wonderful” by this group motivates its fans and other listeners to believe in their abilities and even to keep improving on their lives until they become wonderful people. This has had a positive impact on the people of Japan especially those who love the hip-hop music since it teaches them to be self reliant, self-confident, and a high self-esteem. This group also takes a political dimension in its songs.

For example, it has sung some hip-hop songs that have lyrics that condemn the government of the United States for attacking Japanese cities during the Second World War. They blame this government for the massive loss of lives that happened and even the witnessed enormous destruction of property. According to these songs, the effects of this heinous act are still felt in Japan today.

Japanese artists have also involved the group in the fight for the quality of hip-hop music in Japan while at the same time working to forge collaborative performances with other groups in hip-hop music. For example, it worked with Funky Grammar Unit, a hip-hop music group in the 1980s. King Giddra is another major hip-hop music group in Japan. This group is also a pioneer of the hip-hop music in Japan having been in the hip-hop field since 1993.

Some of its members had a deeper drive into hip-hop having lived in the United States, for example Dube Shine and Zeebra. This group developed and made use of the hip-hop music in tackling social issues in the country. For example, the group attacked the government due to its failure to provide jobs to college and university graduates in the country.

It also took the social issues of negative advertising and the overly depiction of sex in advertising. This affected the children of the Japanese people negatively. The group also used the hip-hop music to condemn other social ills like the depiction of violence in mass media. The group’s songs blamed the much-publicized violent episodes in televisions in the media since violence could be cultivated through mass media.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This was a long milestone for the parents since their children had fallen victims of these negative uses of the tools of mass communication. According to (Manable, 2006, p.1), the first album by King Giddra improved the style of rapping that used the Japanese language. The songs also encouraged the youth to speak out about the problems that they faced in the country instead of keeping quiet and suffering in their homeland country.

This group was a great source of inspiration not only to the hip-hop fans but also to many young Japanese. There are also famous individual hip-hop artists in Japan. One of such artist is Dobo. He is among the first artists of hip-hop in Japan since he plunged into the hip-hop music in the 1990s. Dobo is said to imitate the African-American style of hip-hop.

The claim explains why other Japanese hip-hop artists dislike him. Dobo is disliked for his mimicking of the old African-American hip-hop. Hence, he does not promote the growth of the hip-hop music style and industry (Condry, 2007, p.23). Dobo stands for originality. He does not believe in the composition of other styles of music into the hip-hop style.

According to him, the hip-hop music style is rich and sufficient. It should not be disrupted. There is also another artist of the hip-hop music known as Toshinobu Kubota. This Hip-hop music artist is the one who began the soul music in this county. He uses pop and reggae in his hip-hop songs, which is his distinguishing characteristic. He became famous in 1986 when he released his winning album, “shake it paradise.”

He also uses the African-American style, which has made many upcoming hip-hop artists reference his work and attitude. He has made many artists of the hip-hop music to turn to the incorporation of the reggae, funk, rock and roll, and other styles that have deep expressions of African-American music styles.

Kubota has also changed and developed rap songs rhyming patterns, which has been seen as an enrichment of the common poetic culture of the Japanese people. In his hip-hop songs, Kubota has really fused both the African-American styles with the Japanese culture, which has made the hip-hop songs grow at a higher speed besides having it accepted by many people in Japan. The Japanese people have now been able to identify with the hip-hop culture since Kubota has incorporated their culture into it.

Their accent and poetic sounds are therefore featured in the hip-hop music. Kubota has revolutionalized the entire hip-hop music industry to meet the needs of the Japanese people especially the less privileged and the marginalized groups (Blow, 2003, p.19). For example, he has used his hip-hop songs to prevail upon the Koreans who live in Japan and the Burakumins to use the hip-hop music as a tool of voicing their problems and experiences to the government and the world at large.

Conclusion In conclusion, the hip-hop culture became popular in Japan in the 1980s. Since then, this style of music has experienced tremendous growth. It has been used by many Japanese to express social, political, and cultural messages. The hip-hop music has been seen as a globalization issue in Japan since it was able to overcome the resistance of language and acceptance.

There has been a significant development and growth of many hip-hop music artists in Japan. Others have become very wealthy through the sale of hip-hop music albums. The culture of the Japanese has been greatly affected by this music including the mode of dressing, eating, and even hair styles. Today, the hip-hop music has incorporated poetic and rhyming styles of the Japanese language. This has made it more acceptable in the country.

Reference List Blow, K. (2003). Blow Presents: The History of Rap (I). The Genesis. Web.

Japanese, Z. (2003). HippuHoppu. Web.

Manabe, N. (1958). Globalization and Japanese Creativity: Adaptations of the Japanese Language to Rap. Ethnomusicology, 1(50), 1–36.

Schwartz, M. (1999). Planet Rock: Hip Hop Supa National. In The Vibe History of Hip-Hop. New York: Three Rivers Press.

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The influence of Heavy Metal on Japanese culture Research Paper cheap essay help

Introduction Heavy metal music, frequently called metal, signifies a field of rock music. A heavy metal singer cannot make it all by himself or herself: s/he has to be a part of a group. The band (group) is a representation of both society and a useful requirement to create the heavy metal reverberation (Weinstein, 2000, pp. 43-45).

Teenage friends form numerous rock and heavy metal bands. As these members advance their abilities and hone their personal and shared talents, they might start attempting to spread out and turn into victorious professionals. In Japan, there are many heavy metal bands, which include X-Japan, Yellow Machinegun, and Visual Kei just to mention but a few (Global Metal Japanese Metal, 2010, Part 1).

Numerous kinds of music prevail internationally and remarkably, from the middle-19th century, several types of Western music from Europe and the US elicited spread of different music forms in Japan. As Japan went through a transformation course, the Japanese populace received, admitted, incorporated, changed, and reserved Western music.

In Japan, heavy metal music carries out a particularly significant function in both social and individual lives of adolescents and youths in general. Young people characteristically prefer popular music, and constitute the chief buyers of popular music in Japan. Nevertheless, a minimal number of teenagers love classical music. Heavy metal music plays a key role in influencing the culture of the Japanese.

In this research paper, the concentration will be on the influence of heavy metal on dichotomous thinking culture as a feature of personal dissimilarities.

Aspects of daily life, which are considered significant by dichotomous thinkers, comprise mobile phones, fashion, films, music, and music players. This assertion signifies that dichotomous thinkers have a greater concern in new merchandise that they deem stylish as compared to non-dichotomous thinkers. Heavy metal music can play a key role in reinforcing the character and self-view of a person.

Dichotomous thinking culture signifies the tendency to evaluate with respect to dual resistance, for instance, white or black, high quality or poor quality, and/or everything or nothing. Even though dichotomous thinking culture is valuable for quick conception and judgment making, it has been linked to negative emotional results like mediocre character disorder, self-love, and perfectionism (Global Metal Japanese Metal, 2010, Part 2).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The desire of dichotomous thinkers is more inclined to easy rather than difficult conditions, and this propensity might be reflected in their selection of music genres. Dichotomous thinking culture prefers simple and Pollyannaish beats in music (like rock, heavy metal), instead of more intricate beats (like classical music).

Literature Review Heavy metal music came up at around 1960s and 1970s, mainly from the UK and the US. With their origin in rock music, “heavy metal bands extended a thick and enormous sound typified by extremely amplified transmittance, lengthened solo guitars, vigorous beats, and general high volume. Heavy metal libretto and performance ways are usually linked to maleness and machismo” (Global Metal Japanese Metal, 2010, part 2).

Ever since its origin, critics have constantly disregarded heavy metal music and have brought it to a close that heavy metal music is a form that is thematically ruled by hostility and violent behavior, raping and killing. Heavy metal music has thus turned out to be a melodic form, which has long been identified as a basis of social dreads with its evident encouragement of aggression, social harm, killings, drug-use, and nihilistic delusions.

Moreover, heavy metal has constantly been interpreted as a stronghold of chauvinism and patriarchal domination with respect to expressive content, album pictures, and video presentation. Heavy metal music is a converse that openly reveals patriarchate standards.

With respect to heavy metal bands like Poison, WASP, Guns ‘N’ Roses, and Whitesnake, for a great deal of its account heavy metal has been welcomed and sustained mainly by young male fans and constantly articulates ‘exscription’ as the rebuff of every gender anxiety via the expression of wonderful worlds with no women (Global Metal Japanese Metal, 2010, part 1).

The male-centeredness attribute of heavy metal following and the subject of the eccentricity of women in its views, its supporters, or its actors have continued to be noteworthy and constant aspects. On the other hand, there is no illustrated appealing link involving heavy metal and the culture of pornography, which proves that both have a tendency of shunning depictions of sexual aggression owing to the requirements and forces of patriarchal domination.

Therefore, gender aggression in pornography (and heavy metal) music could function as a disorderly compulsion, destroying the patriarchal principles that send out the artlessness of sexual affairs and their establishments in affection. Research holds that, due to regulation of patriarchal models, pornography along with heavy metal rarely associate sex with aggression (Pamela, 2006, pp. 23-26). Nevertheless, with respect to intense heavy metal subgroups, this assertion does not apply.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The influence of Heavy Metal on Japanese culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sexual aggression prevails in death heavy metal, which is the defining attribute of porn grind; which is a heavy metal type that constantly associates sex with aggression.

Even if the persistent basis of images and expressive motivation in tremendous articulations of metal music have a tendency of getting stimulation from horror creation, and particularly the horror movie, porn grind receives its motivation from pornographic images and precisely the opinion of pornography that drives a feminist opposed to pornography situation (Mudrian, 2004, pp. 67-72).

Porn grind hinges on the declaration that every sort of pornographic image is identical to aggression, sexual coercion, feminine dehumanization, degradation, rape, and killing. In a study, the leading subject of pornography is based in maleness, since the sexuality of the male is naturally associated with a command, which involves turning women to objects and hostility.

Consequently, pornography depicts the degree to which the gratification of the male is inseparably associated with victimizing, harming, and using, which underscores the notion that sexual pleasure and sexual zeal in the confidentiality of the male vision are firmly associated with the violence of male account.

Therefore, male supremacy as represented in metal music is reliant on the ability of men to recognize women as merely sexual objects (Yano,


Soccer Business as a Possible Investment: When Everything Depends on the Movement of a Foot Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Soccer has become increasingly popular over the past few years, which obviously makes the given sport a good case of money investment; mainly because of its appeal and the tension which arises during the game, the given sports literally makes people roar with delight.

However, like any other business, the given one has its strong and weak aspects. Despite its obvious flaws and unpredictability, soccer makes a good case of investment due to its shocking popularity, the participation in the world contests and the revenues in the case of a victory.

The first and the foremost thing to say about soccer is the fact that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Leaving alone the people who prefer rather watching football than actually following the example of the sportsmen and actually engage in soccer, even in amateur teams, one must admit that the promotion of soccer leads to engaging more young people into all sorts of soccer teams. Therefore, more people start taking care of their health, becoming more slender and losing excess weight.

Another important thing about soccer is that it presupposes working in a team. Helping people to coordinate their own actions and at the same time adequately respond to the actions of their teammates, soccer makes people understand the importance of cooperation and trust. Once being able to play in an organized team, one will always remember the benefits of close cooperation.

Finally, it is important to remember that soccer helps to give up a number of bad habits. Starting with smoking and up to the tendency to be absent-minded, the negative habits will soon disappear as one starts learning the secrets of playing football. Hence, there are a number of ways to promote soccer and, thus, increase its popularity, which will make people join soccer clubs and contribute to the development of business based on the given kind of sports.

On the other hand, there are considerable disadvantages that can possibly hinder the development of business based on soccer. Taking a closer look at the arguments offered by Kuper


Cyber Security Report (Assessment) college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Introduction Société Générale Bank was established in 1864 in France by a caucus of moguls and investors with the aim of improving and bolstering their commercial ventures. Over the years, the bank has tremendously improved its financial outlay. This has enabled it to extend its presence in many nations. Today, the bank is among the successful financial institutions globally.

The bank offers retail banking, savings schemes and intercontinental banking services. Thus, the bank handles thousands of varied transactions daily. Despite its success in the corporate arena, it has experienced a myriad of fraudulent cases which have affected its corporate profile and are likely to retard its future growth. This paper identifies and discusses the policies, vulnerabilities, risks and internal controls of Société Générale.

Fraudsters have pervaded the financial sector with the banking subsector being the hardest hit. It has been quite challenging to track fraudsters because they apply sophisticated technologies which banks cannot keep pace with. In simple terms, bank fraud refers to the unlawful mechanisms of accessing or being in possession of money or other properties that belong to a financial company.

Bank fraud can also be practiced in form of receiving money from shareholders by purporting to be a genuine financial institution. Destabilization of the financial base of an organization is one the most devastating effects of fraud.

With reference to the banking sector, fraud can lead to a mass exodus of potential depositors who may no longer trust the bank with their savings. Second, fraud can cause serious liability to a bank; hence, culminating into a collapsed bank situation. Fraud in the bank can either be conducted by the staff or outsiders. In some cases, the two can conspire to siphon out assets and money from the bank.

“The most serious incidence of fraud that Société Générale has ever witnessed occurred on 24-1-2008, when Jérôme Kerviel (a single futures dealer) allegedly lost close to US$7.2 billion” (NBC News, 2008). This was the worst case of fraud the bank has suffered since its inception (CBS News, 2009). Kerviel is believed to have coordinated and executed a chain of fake transactions, which the bank could not trace.

The management of the bank revealed that Kerviel exploited every loophole to hack the computer operations at the bank. He mainly focused on tampering with security control systems to pave way for his illegal transactions. The changes Kerviel effected on the computer systems helped him to get rid of credit controls; hence, the risk personnel could not easily track his huge transactions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He was also reported to have stolen the secret codes of his workmates that served at the trading section and department of technology. Kerviel possessed vast technical control procedures that enabled him to manipulate the security installations.

Thus, he was able to access important information that was out of reach to many employees. Having served in the back office for roughly six years, Kerviel learnt how the control systems of the bank operated. Finally, he gained privileged access codes that he used to eliminate five control systems before executing his transactions.

An in-depth security analysis of the fraud incident revealed that lack of proper information control systems prompted the hacking of the privilege codeword. Privileged user accounts are one of the most secure IT venture settings, and are used to secure sensitive databases and servers.

The secret codes are “generic in character; they encompass, but are not restricted to generic accounts such as administrator on Wintel platforms, root on UNIX systems, and hard-coded passwords” (Bishop, 2009, p. 345). One disadvantage of this kind of data security system is that in case the secret code is revealed to many individuals, several operating systems can easily be hacked.

The bank was probably using a single security code to secure several systems. This kind of security system creates loopholes, which can easily be misused by fraudsters. System prowlers apply authentic codes to access systems just like privileged users. They like attacking systems because they are often secured using weak secret codes that can easily be conjectured or have remained unchanged for a long time. An application like Weblogic that is secured with embedded privileged secret codes has high chances of being hacked.

Reviewing Current Policies

The establishment of appropriate and reliable security policies at Société Générale needs a clear approach that will facilitate the identification of the current computer vulnerabilities. The status of the current security policies can be established by analyzing current documents and detecting parts of the system that lack appropriate policies.

“The critical areas of the system that need to be reviewed include: physical access controls, network security policies, data security policies and contingency and disaster recovery plans and tests” (Gollmann, 2011, p. 123).

We will write a custom Assessment on Cyber Security specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More “In addition, documents that have confidential data like computer BIOS secret codes, router configuration secret codes and access control documents should also be reviewed” (Gollmann, 2011, p. 125). Examining the security requirements of Société Générale should also involve finding out the extent of its exposure to known threats. This analysis encompasses identifying the nature of the bank’s assets because they determine the type of risks it should be protected from.

It is also important to list the potential risks because it enables the security personnel to determine techniques such as email hacking and viruses that can be applied in the attack. Therefore, the security personnel at Société Générale Bank should improve their skills of tackling such challenges.

Improving Security Strategies

A good security system is supposed to include both proactive and reactive approaches. A proactive strategy has a number of procedures that mitigate potential security risks and build up emergency plans. Determining the destruction that an onslaught will cause on a given data assists in creating a strategy that is proactive. On the other hand, a reactive plan assists in examining the extent of damage on a system after it has been hacked. This helps in making decisions such as repairing the corrupted system or implementing emergency plans.

The first step towards securing the system is developing effective mechanisms for identifying potential risks and developing mechanisms to resist the potential risks. Start by securing the system against common threats. It is easier to prevent threats than to reconstruct the system after an attack.

All potential threats that may destabilize the system should also be scrutinized by the security administrators. These potential threats include malevolent prowlers, non wicked threats, and natural calamities. Consider all of the possible threats that cause attacks on systems. Most of the attacks are caused by employees.

Reactive Strategy

A reactive strategy could offer the best solution to deal with the fraud case at Société Générale because the proactive strategy failed to secure the system.

The reactive plan identifies the procedures that should be followed during and after intrusion. “This strategy detects the extent of the destruction caused and the loopholes that were taken advantage of in the attack, it establishes why it occurred, refurbish the spoilt systems, and execute an eventuality plan if available” (Pfleeger, 2008, p. 657). Reactive and proactive strategy work hand in hand to buildup security controls to mitigate intrusion and the destruction caused during such incidences.

Assess the Damage

Identify the destruction that occurred during the intrusion. This process should be executed very quickly so that reconstruction of the system can commence as soon as possible.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Cyber Security by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Establish the Source of the Damage

This can be achieved by analyzing the system logs because they give clue about the origin of the attack. System and audit logs can also be examined because they are also instrumental in tracing the source of an attack.

Repair the Damage

Reconstruction of the system should be done immediately after detecting the source of the attack to facilitate the execution of usual operations and whatever information misplaced during the interruption.

Document and Learn

Where feasible, all attack situations must be analyzed and documented to identify the most appropriate security steps and controls that can secure the system. The security group should handle cases such as insider attacks and viruses. Such efforts generate skills that a company can apply and data to give out before and after incidents.

In addition, the security team is supposed to examine any unfamiliar occurrence which may involve system controls. Documentation must encompass all the facets of the attack which can possibly be identified. Documentation will assist in adjusting proactive strategies for curbing potential intrusion or reducing destructions.

Implement Contingency Plan

If there is a contingency arrangement, it can be put into operation to avoid time wastage and to maintain business operations. In a situation whereby there is no emergency plan, create a suitable plan based on the evidence from the previous step.

Review Outcome

“Examining the outcome is important and should involve: loss in efficiency, information or mislaid, and the used to reorganize the system” (Pfleeger, 2008, p. 678). If possible, list the type of attack, its source, the mechanisms that were used to execute it, and the loopholes that were exploited.

Review Policy Effectiveness

If there are policies to guard against an intrusion that has occurred, they must be examined, reviewed and tested out for their efficiency. New polices must be created if they have not been used before to reduce potential attacks.

Amend Policy Properly

If the policy is of poor quality, it must be upgraded properly. Updating of polices should only be undertaken by an authorized personnel that deals with system securities. Moreover, a security policy can be configured in a manner that it only allows the users to access the system during the normal working hours. This reduces hacking incidences.

Conclusion The security managers of Société Générale should determine the amount of time and resources that can enable them to create effective security controls. Apart from setting up an efficient security strategy, security auditors need to realize that security is a full time need in the organization. Hence, they should always update their security system regularly.


Introduction to Computers Malicious Software (Trojan horses) Term Paper custom essay help

Abstract The Trojan horse term emanates from some story in Homer’s Iliad, where the Greeks gave their foes a huge horse made of wood, apparently, as a symbol of offering. But, immediately after the Trojans draw the horse into the walls of the city, the solders in Greek creep out of the horse’s bellies which are seemingly hollow and unfasten the city gates, enabling their partners to sneak in and incarcerate Troy.

Therefore, Trojan horses are simply undesired material or operations that are sneaked into firmware, software, hardware or wetware leading to undesired and/or unsuitable performance (DuBois, 2001). Detection of Trojan horses seems an almost unsolvable problem despite the fact that some inadequate analysis by use of mathematics has been applied in this area to provide further clarity.

This paper therefore seeks to provide more information regarding Trojan horses it begins by giving the techniques used by Trojan horses, then some ways to prevent them; thirdly, it gives some few examples of recent Trojan horses attacks and finally giving a summary and conclusion.

Techniques used by Trojan horses Trojan horses depend mostly on users to set up them; alternatively, they can be set up by internal or external intruders who have gained illegal access by some way. Intruders that attempt to sabotage a system also depend on other users who run the Trojans to be triumphant. System users can also be fooled into setting up Trojan horses by simple means such as enticing of threats.

A simple example is a Trojan attached to email with a pop up informing one that he/she has won a lottery such that a user attempts to claim the lottery and in that event installing the Trojan into the system (Fontes, Fontes, Purcell, Schulz, and Virgil., 2007).

Some people might decide to use Software distribution websites to temper with real legitimate software versions with Trojans. In case the software distributers website is the main distribution point where other sites pick versions from, the Trojan horses would be spread so much fast thus affecting many systems within the internet community.

Another loophole is the DNS which provides inadequate security, hence, users might be cheated into connecting to undesired websites. Intruders would then exploit them by making them download Trojan horses (Forrest


Ethical Philosophy Compare and Contrast Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Utilitarian vs. Kant

Strengths and Weaknesses

Overall Evaluation

Works Cited

Introduction Morality is one component of philosophy that will at all times be researched, and most topics in ethics, will never be perceived the same by every person. There are many customs that have many diverse ideas concerning the way an individual’s life ought to be lived out. Factors such as religion, mental condition, and poverty influence people perspectives in ethics.

A number of people think that the mental condition people or the purpose for those people committing crimes should be considered when making a ruling. Others believe that regardless of the state, an offense is an offense, and no sympathy should be felt for the person.

Generally, these viewpoints are classified into two classes: utilitarian, which would grant freedom to the offender based on the conditions, and Kantian, where an offense is an offense, despite the intentions involved (Damon 67). This paper will compare the two ethical perspectives. It will as well identify the strengths and weaknesses of each theory and present general views of the theories.

Utilitarian vs. Kant The ethical approaches of the Utilitarian and the Kantian perspectives both examine ethics. The Kantian approach examines ethics based first on inspiration and second on deed, Utilitarian approaches examine ethics based on the deeds themselves. Kant does not concentrate on the repercussions of deeds as the measure of their ethics; instead, he focuses on the reason behind the deeds.

Utilitarian ethics, however, evaluates the effect of any deed on people and establishes that if actions, despite inspiration, harm others, then they are unethical.

It is upon such a key aspect that the disparity between the Utilitarian and Kantian ethical premises rest. According to Kant, a person, since he or she is able to make decisions, set goals, and guide his or her action by reason, and that because ethical laws are the laws of reason, and a rational being is the incarnation of those laws, then a person is inherently able to be an ethical agent.

Utilitarian view, however, perceives only the action and how the action affects other people. Therefore, to carry out crime, despite the intention, is a physical attack upon the pleasure of the casualty and therefore is ethically unjustifiable (DeVries 55).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strengths and Weaknesses Whereas Kantian and Utilitarian approaches failed to faultlessly define the boundaries of ethics, Kantianism theory was determined to be more acceptable because of its inflexible design and more obvious principle between true and false, and hence more competently prevents people rationalizing ethical standards as a way of attaining their leanings.

In view of Utilitarianism, the boundaries that describe true against false are determined through the impact of that deed. If the impact is optimistic, then that deed would be termed ethical. The approach of Utilitarianism argues that all deeds are carried out based on attaining happiness and exception from pain. However it must be understood that Utilitarian theory is not to attain the best happiness for individual actions, but rather have the best pleasure jointly (Damon 68).

Overall Evaluation Both theories recommend diverse analytical models for morality. Kant is specifically concerned with sorting out the required elements in morality from the rest, which results in his separation between pure morality and realistic philosophy. This concern is not on the Utilitarianism schedule, which implies that from Kantianism perspective, Utilitarian morality is an amazing mixture of ethical and practical issues.

Works Cited Damon, Anthony. The Moral Child, Nurturing Children’s Natural Moral Growth. New York, NY: Free Press, 2008. Print.

DeVries, Richard. Moral Classrooms, Moral Children, Creating a Constructionist Atmosphere in Early Education. New York, NY: Teachers College Press, 2007. Print.


Museum of the Original Art Show Essay college admission essay help

The Original Art Show enables viewers to look at the best illustrations of children’s book. This paper is aimed at discussing some of the works showcased at this exhibition. They illustrate a variety of techniques used by modern artists. Overall, this exhibition may be visited by people who take interest in art or design. Moreover, such cultural events can be considered by parents who want to give their children new books.

First of all, I would like to speak about the book If You Lived Here: Houses of the World, illustrated by Giles Laroche. This book helps children to look at houses that represent different countries such as Italy, China, Greece, England, Chile and so forth[1].

Giles Laroche uses bas-relief collages in order to help readers to visualize various types of buildings. The paper-cut illustrations created by the author can greatly appeal to readers who age ranges between 8 and 12. Overall, this book can inspire children learn more about other countries or cultures. This is why it can be considered by parents.

Furthermore, one can mention the book Now I Am Big! written by Stephen Krensky and illustrated by Sara Gillingham. It should be noted that Sara Gillingham uses almost pure geometric forms[2] and the authors encourage children to explore the world. The artistic simplicity of Sara Gillingham can certainly fascinate readers of pre-school age. On the whole, this book can be of some interest to parents with toddlers.

Another exhibit that greatly appeals to me is the book Otter and Odder: A Love Story by James Howe and Chris Raschka. This book tells the story of love between an otter and a fish. The authors let children understand what it means to love a person who may be different in some way. Moreover, Chris Raschka succeeds in creating penciled images that emulate children’s drawing techniques [3].

There is another work that can attract the attention of people who are interested in art or design. In particular, one can speak about the book The Christmas Quiet Book written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Renata Liwska. This book can be particularly suitable for pre-school children.

Renata Liwska creates soft-colored illustrations of bunnies, bears, deer, and other animals associated with Christmas[4]. It seems that this work can be distinguished among many other Christmas books. One of its most distinctive traits is a very rich palette.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Finally, I would like to speak about the debut book Red Knit Cap Girl written and illustrated by Naoko Stoop. It gives a visual story of a girl who lives with animals in some enchanted forest. It should be noted that Naoko Stoop uses a very unusual medium, in particular, pencil and acrylic paintings on plywood[5].

This work illustrates that an artist should combine powerful images with unusual media. One can argue that Naoko Stoop was able to cope with this task. It seems that this book can of great interest to children of pre-school age, especially girls.

On the whole, this exhibition has given me deep insights into the techniques used by illustrators of children’s book. These artists have to ensure the clarity of their pictures, but at the same time they have to strive for originality. The Original Art Show can be visited by parents, artists, or designers.

Bibliography Howe, James, and Chris Raschka. Otter and Odder: A Love Story. London: Candlewick, 2012.

Krensky, Stephen, and Sara Gillingham. Now I Am Big! Washington: Abrams Appleseed, 2012.

Laroche, Giles. If You Lived Here: Houses of the World. New York: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2011.

Stoop, Naoko. Red Knit Cap Girl. New York: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2012.

We will write a custom Essay on Museum of the Original Art Show specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Underwood, Debohar, and Renata Liwska. The Christmas Quiet Book. New York: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2012.

Footnotes Giles, Laroche,. If You Lived Here: Houses of the World. (New York: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2011), 4.

Stephen Krensky and Sara Gillingham. Now I Am Big! (Washington: Abrams Appleseed, 2012), 1

James Howe and Chris Raschka. Otter and Odder: A Love Story. (London: Candlewick, 2012), 2

Debohar Underwood and Renata Liwska. The Christmas Quiet Book. (New York: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2012), 1

Naoko, Stoop. Red Knit Cap Girl. (New York: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2012), 1.


Importance of Marketing and Advertising during Economic Recession Exploratory Essay essay help

During economic recession, the customer demand rates can decrease significantly. In order to avert the process, specific emphasis should be placed on raising marketing and advertising costs to maintain the popularity of a product or service. Businesses should be aware of the possible fluctuations in customer’s responses to economic downturn.

In particular, they can become critical and more responsible for their purchase decisions. Increased responsiveness to the market environment is explained by clients’ readiness to explore new, more beneficial opportunities. These strategies can be effectively used in carpet cleaning business, which is especially justified during economic recessions.

People who face financial problems are in the search for beneficial and rational solutions. This issue can be considered by carpet cleaning issues as a new basis for advertising campaign. For instance, consumers should not necessarily buy new carpet in case they have a possibility to restore the quality of their old carpets.

Such a service is economically beneficial, and the business will surely find the segment that can take advantage of the offer. The strategy is justified because “those businesses that make a decision to advertise in the face of adversity capture the hope of new customer” (Fritzenkotter, 2009, p. 4). Thus, it is not only a chance to retain the previous clientele, but also a great opportunity to explore new market segments.

There are many cost-effective means of promoting products during recessions. In particular, it is possible to refer to e-mail campaigns spreading evaluable and reliable data about marketing solutions and leading to measurable results. In addition, the option to print advertising brochures has become possible with the development of digital printing technology.

The company’s managers can introduce a range of their services and distribute the information among their customers. In such a manner, the carpet cleaning business can keep achieving the established goals without reducing the marketing budgets.

The art of persuasion during the economic crisis is essential for sustaining a competitive advantage. Therefore, the task of leaders is to convince their customers that their services are much more efficient than other services of the kind. The approach can allow the business to stay afloat and maintain its market share.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference Fritzenkotter, S. (2009). The Logic of Increasing Marketing in an Economic Downturn. Salesperson Monitor, 13(7), 4.


Algae Interaction Analytical Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction






Introduction Biological interactions can be defined as the effects an organism has on the others in a common ecosystem. Basically, no organism can survive as an ‘island’ lest it ceases to exist. Biological interactions are vital for the normal functioning of an ecosystem. As such, this leads us to identifying the kind of interactions that may exist.

These relations may happen within organisms of the same species (intra-specific) or otherwise (inter-specific). These interactions may happen at a specific stage of development or; during the entire life of an organism (e.g. endosymbiosis) and, may be detrimental (herbivory, predation, cannibalism) or beneficial (mutualism). Significantly, these relations may be direct or indirect.

The degree of interactions ranges “from mutual benefit through neutral to mutual harmful interactions” (Begon, Harper and Townsend, 1996). As such, the interactions can be categorized into six classes depending on gravity of harm or benefit to the interacting individuals in a niche.

As a result, individuals may be deemed to be in neutralism interaction where neither party benefits nor harms the other though difficult to ascertain or, may engage in amensalism where products of the other are toxic to the other. Also, individuals can also engage in commensalism where one individual benefits from the interaction without affecting the other.

Moreover, individuals may compete for a common resource as exhibited in parasitic relation that is fetal to the involving parties or otherwise, involve in mutualism as exhibited in some symbiotic relations where both parties benefit. Finally, the organism may interact antagonistically either by predation or parasitism owing to the fact that an individual profits at the expense of the counterpart.

In terms of graphical relationship between species density against time, a neutral interaction ought to exhibit an upward trend for both species. However, for competing individuals, the opposite should be true. Two individuals exhibiting amensalism interactions ought to display opposite trends; upward for one species and the opposite for the other. For mutualism just like neutralism, it results in a higher carrying capacity hence; an upward trend for both individuals is expected (Stachowicz, 2001).

As regards this experiment, showing the interaction between green algae (Chlorophyta) – Closterium and Micrasterias species, both species utilize sunlight with the help of chlorophyll for photosynthesis. As such, in a common ecosystem, we anticipate competition for the limiting resources e.g. water and mineral salts (Fedriani, Fuller, Sauvajot and York, 2000).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consequently, this leads us to our null hypothesis (Ho): there is no competition between Closterium and Micrasterias species. The alternative hypothesis (H1) contradicts HO by suggesting that there exists a competition between the species. This is tested using a two-sample t-test at 95% C.I to ascertain the findings.

Method In this experiment, colonies of Closterium species were cultured in four different regions in a Petri dish (using a tip of 100 microliters). The same was done for Micrasterias species but in a different Petri dish. In one dish a fifth colony but containing the two species were cultured.

The essence, was to determine the species densities (density = (average number per colony)/100) vital in obtaining the same number of individuals as a starting point in stock culture. For the stock culture, average densities different species plus that of the mixed culture were recorded once per week over a period of 4 weeks. The results were then recorded for analysis.

Results Table 1: of number of individuals per Ml of Samples (to the nearest 10).

Number of individuals per Ml of Samples (to the nearest 10) Day Closterium Alone Micrasterias Alone Closterium in Mix Micrasterias in Mix 0 10 10 10 10 1 3 6 1 1 2 11 0 1 0 3 10 1 5 0 4 9 2 10 1 Graph 1: of the density of Closterium species alone vs. time.

Graph 2: of the density of Micrasterias species alone vs. time.

Graph 3: of the density of Closterium and Micrasterias species in mix culture vs. time.

We will write a custom Essay on Algae Interaction specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hypothesis testing:

Is there a possibility that there exists a competition between Closterium species and Micrasterias species residing in a common niche?

Null hypothesis (Ho): µClosterium = µMicrasterias

Alternative hypothesis (H1): µClosterium ≠ µMicrasterias

At 95% confidence interval t0.05 = 1.96

Calculated value of t is 0.7638 i.e. t = (ẋ1-ẋ2)/s [(n1*n2)/ (n1 n2)] ^0.5

Where; s = 6.21, n1 = 5, n2 = 5, ẋ1= 5.4 and ẋ2 = 2.4

We therefore reject the null hypothesis since the two species are not equal thus; there exists a competition between the two species residing in a common niche.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Algae Interaction by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Discussion The objective of this experiment was to test the null hypothesis (Ho): there exists no competition between the algae species – Closterium and Micrasterias.

As per the data collected and the test analysis done, the null hypothesis (0.7638 ≤ 1.96) fell within the rejection region at 95% confidence interval hence we reject the null hypothesis and state that there exists a competition between the colonies in a niche. As exhibited by the graph 3 above, the trends underscore the fact that in deed there is competition.

On competing interactions, the aftermath is always detrimental to both species hence the downward trend of the curves. As such, the principle of competitive exclusion takes its effect hence the competing species will either adapt or die. This can be seen at the height of competition when some of the common but limited resources are exhausted.

As for the species above, Micrasterias species can not compete favorably hence they die after the second and third week. On the contrary, Closterium species adapt promptly (Stachowicz, 2001).

By the fourth week, both species density increase significantly courtesy of natural selection. This otherwise niche partitioning is important in eliminating the inter-specific competition that exists between the species within a limited niche. As a result, the species share resources and thrive once again portraying non-existence of competition before.

This blurs the line separating two competing and two non competing species thus one cannot easily prove or disapprove. Significantly, the population blossoms after the third week owing to the fact that intra-specific competition exceeds inter-specific completion hence favoring coexistence between the species.

For the individual species as portrayed by graphs 1 and 2 above, it can be seen that Closterium species adapts to the media promptly than Micrasteria species. But, before peaking in population density, both species lose count since they need time to adapt to the new ecosystem (Charles, Nunn, Ezenwa, and Walter, 2011).

Conclusion In a conclusion, the experimental results agreed with the theoretical background which supports the facts stated herein the experiment. As such, there exists a competition between Closterium and Micrasterias species in a common niche.

This topic can be better understood if you comprehend how relating organisms feed, the type of products they expel and how they affect the other organism. I would suggest that future experiments observe the species beyond the stated period to ascertain whether inter-competition will creep in leading to a decrease in population.

References Begon, M., Harper, J. L.,


The Role of Social Media in Modern Society Essay essay help

The recent developments in wireless technologies have introduced new means and directions of communication. Million of people all over the world are now engaged in political, economic, cultural, and educational discourses due to the vast expansion of the World Wide Web. Indeed, social media has transformed people’s lifestyles and has introduced a new pattern of social interaction.

Just several years ago, people many people did not even suspect of the possibilities that such popular social networks as Facebook and Twitter can provide in terms of communication.

Nowadays, Facebook has become one of the largest networks in the world by means of which people can share and exchange views, images, and photos. However, apart from changes to social structures, the social networking systems have managed to go beyond and influence business, education, and politics. With this in mind, social media has a multifaceted impact on the modern society because it affects all spheres of life, including business, culture, politics, education, and economics.

Today social media cannot be regarded as a means of spending spare time because it has introduced the biggest shift since the times of the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, the spread of online communication can also be considered a revolutionary shift. Indeed, social networks have altered the traditional image of social communication and have provided new incentives and tools of information exchange.

Facebook and Twitter have become essential tools for initiating environmental activities and spreading news and services that can reach thousands of potential activists (Kutsko). As statistics shows, Facebook dominates in Google in terms of weekly traffic in the United States, which proves the fast-growing tendencies in using the social network for other purpose than communication and social interaction (Kutsko).

Social media has quickly penetrated the educational field. It has also introduced online learning, which is becoming more popular among international students all over the world. Indeed, Facebook has managed to reach more than 200 million users in less than a year (Kutsko).

Therefore, more and more students share their opinions and create online communities to advance their learning and improve performance. The possibility to discuss educational challenges is a beneficial perspective for students. In addition, the research studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Education have discovered that online students outperformed those who are engaged in a traditional learning scheme.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Finally, social media has become an integral part of business and marketing activities. Because every credible business premises on ethical and moral values dictated by society, adoption of social networking sites is essential for promoting products and services. In fact, social media allows business to gain immediate feedback about their products. Moreover, it also creates opportunities for predicting the needs and demands of consumers.

In conclusion, social media has reached every facet of human activities. It has become an integral part of communication means. Online networks, such as Facebook and Twitten, have penetrated to social and cultural realms and have provided new patterns of acting in a real environment.

Virtual space, therefore, have become one more source by means of which people can introduce their educational and business activities. Finally, online networks become powerful tools for advertising products and services, as well as for attracting new marketing targets. Overall, social media can be considered as a foundational shift in daily activities and lifestyles. It is also a step up toward a new communication environment.

Works Cited Kutsko, Evan. “Social Media Revolution”. 2011. YouTube. Web.


Censorship for television and radio media Analytical Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Censorship is the suppression of any form of public communication which may be regarded as objectionable, harmful, or insensitive (Burress 13). This is as decided by the state, media companies or any other regulatory bodies. The constitutions of most countries provide protection from censorship but this security is in no way absolute.

In some circumstances, it is hard to tell apart what to censor from what not to. This paper seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of censorship with the aim of determining the extent to which content on broadcast (television and radio) media can be censored. To this end, a brief rationale for censorship shall be provided with exemplification from reported situations. Later, a conclusion will be drawn from the rationale assessment.

There are a number of reasons for censorship. These reasons are divided into five key categories: moral, military, political, religious and corporate (Hoffman 5). The five strata are explained in detail below:

Moral censorship. This is the limitation of the publishing or broadcasting of material that is obscene and goes against established conventions of morality. A good example of a situation in which moral censorship is prescribed is in the case of child pornography.

Any material that can be classified as child pornography is illegal in most jurisdictions in the world and, therefore, its publication and/or broadcast is usually subject to censorship rules and legislations. Usage of filthy words on air is also not allowed in most traditionalist societies (Wittern-Keller 23).

A good example of the implementation of moral censorship is in a 1978 case pitting comedian George Carlin and the Pacifica Foundation. Carlin had a radio show dubbed Filthy Words, which mainly discussed the dirty words which should not be aired (Jay 208).

A man was driving in his car when his son heard the radio discussion. The man went on to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC issued a sanction against the radio station for airing indecent material. Later, the Pacifica foundation filed a case with the supreme court to have the ruling upheld but the court decided instead to allow the FCC accord and remove sanctions depending on how it regarded aired material.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Military censorship. In most countries, information pertaining to military intelligence is usually considered top-secret. This is in an effort to prevent surprise attacks on its facilities. Because of this, access to such information is normally permitted to a handful of individuals (Wittern-Keller 23). Any unauthorized broadcast of such content, by persons not expressly permitted to do so is considered illegal and any media that broadcasts any such material is prone to censorship attempts by the state.

Political censorship. Every government usually has a set of information which it keeps away from the public for the sake of stability. This is especially in times of economic turmoil, where the release of such information could cause the situation to worsen (Wittern-Keller 78).

By holding back such information from citizens, the government ultimately prevents rebellion. With knowledge that the broadcast of such information might put the state in bad light with the citizens, regulatory measures are implemented in the form of censorship.

Religious censorship. Religion is one of the dominant forces that determine how individuals relate with each other. In every country in the world, there is a religious following that is considered superior to the others. In order to maintain its dominance, this group can choose to force limitations on the less influential ones (Hoffman 28).

In addition, one religious group may decide to go against another if they believe their teachings are not similar. Nowadays, there are television and radio stations dedicated to particular religions and any attempt to try and impose the teachings of another religion are not taken politely. For instance, it is highly unlikely that Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will broadcast a show focusing on Islamic values (Mathiesen 2008).

Corporate censorship. Most television and radio stations are owned by individuals who, in turn, have business partners. In this regard, whenever there is information that portrays the establishment or its owners in bad light, editors shun it or tweak it to suit their interests (Mathiessen 33).

For instance, the hip hop artiste Ice-T once released a song titled Cop Killer which spoke negatively of the police. The lyrics of the son were fiery and resulted in Time Warner, a company he was working with, to compel him to change the lyrics of the song after pressure from various religious and advocacy groups.

We will write a custom Essay on Censorship for television and radio media specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This essay has set out to provide an explanation of the various forms of censorship with focus being on broadcast (television and radio) media. A number of examples were used to offer further explanation on a number of listed categories. By the elastic nature of censorship, it can only be agreed that governments and other regulatory institutions apply it depending on already laid down regulation and structures.

However, there should be situations where censorship should be regarded as an absolute. For instance, in the case of child pornography, there should be no room for discussion and any media that distributes such content should face outright sanctions.

Works Cited Burress, Lee. Battle of the Books, Metuchen: The Scarecrow Press, 1989. Print.

Hoffman, Frank. Intellectual Freedom and Censorship, Metuchen: The Scarecrow Press, 1989. Print.

Jay, Timothy. Why We Curse: A Neuro-psycho-social Theory of Speech, USA: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2000. Print.

Mathiesen, Kay. Censorship and Access to Information, New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2008. Print.

Wittern-Keller, Laura. Freedom of the Screen: Legal Challenges to State Film Censorship, 1915-1981, Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky, 2008. Print.


Internet and Children under the Age of 11 Expository Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The peculiarities of children under the age of 11

Communication via the Internet

Internet as an agent of socialization

Exposure to controversial to images, videos, or texts

Online bullying


Works Cited

Introduction Internet can be a powerful tool for learning and sharing ideas and it can definitely contribute to the development of children and adolescents. Nevertheless, it can also expose them to violence, overt sexuality, or cruelty and its impact is not always beneficial. This paper is aimed at discussing the influence of Internet on children under the age of 11.

In particular, one should speak about the influence of online technologies in the way in which they communicate with one another. It is also important to examine the impact of Internet on their values and their understanding of behavioral norms. Overall, it is possible to argue that the abuse of Internet can impair their communicative skills and distort their views on social relations and values.

Moreover, this technology can expose users to various controversial images, videos or texts and a child, who has not reached the age of 11, may not be able to interpret them. Thus, parents and educators should carefully monitor children’s use of internet that must not become the main agent of socialization. This is the main argument that should be discussed.

The peculiarities of children under the age of 11 In order to understand the influence of Internet on children, one should first discuss the peculiarities of this age group. First of all, at this stage of their development they only try to understand the rules that govern social relations and the way in which a person should interact with others (Martin


Report on Sport National Day in CNA-Q Report college essay help online

Introduction This report presents research findings and results undertaken to find out reasons behind small turn out of students and teachers in the National Sports Day events at the college, CNA-Q. Since introduction of the sports and events in the school, very few people use the sporting facilities.

This report unveils the research strategies to be undertaken, the primary research method to be chosen, sample selection, data analysis to be performed, and a summary of the whole research in identifying the factors behind the problematic low turnout of students and in sports.

As such, the main idea of the report is to present the results containing reasons of the low turnout in sporting activities and events in CAN-Q College, and provide recommendation on how to fix this problem. This report sheds lights of the exploratory research that will be undertaken, as it is fundamental in understanding students and staff tastes and preferences for in sports day (National Sports Day (2012)

CNA-Q is one of the oldest colleges in Qatar providing higher education to the local residents since 2002. The college has over 650 staff as well as around 4600 students. The college also has excellent sports facilities ranging from fully equipped male and female gyms, to basketball, tennis and football courts.

There are also two male and female swimming pools located in each gym with around the clock life guards as well has shower and locker room facilities maintained in top condition. The students and staff are encouraged to use these facilities to balance work and exercise and stay fit and fresh to perform their roles even better (National Sports Day 2012). Nevertheless, students and staff do not use the sporting activities as expected and majority rarely attend the National Sports Day events at the college.

This came as a big problem to the researcher since the a good amount of promotion done through email, flyers and posters and even through word of mouth among the students at the college campus. In addition, the service is free of charge to all the students and staff as well as the alumni of CNA-Q. The management has many questions on the underutilization of sports facilities against their expectation to recap the investment.

Primary Research Method Chosen The research question seeks to find out the information about the opinions and perceptions of students with regard to low turnout of people in sporting events. By undertaking an exploratory research, it will provide sufficient information as per the knowledge of the researcher to enable one to comprehend this problem. As such, I settled to doing a mix of mix of primary and secondary research (Survey research n.d.).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The primary research will consist of information gathered from students directly by undertaken a survey and using a questionnaire (Kolb, 2009). Surveys are important, as I will be able to tabulate, categorize, and analyze content of the responses because the same questions will be answered by every respondent.

The staff members of the faculty at CNAQ will offer their opinions and events through conducting an interview with them. In order to gather relevant information I will categorize the primary information from students into demographic, psychographic, usage and miscellaneous as based in the questionnaire (Creative Research Systems, n.d.).

The questionnaire will be used as a fundamental tool to get information about the research problem. As an important quantitative survey research tool, questionnaires are significant to testing and guessing hypothesis about particular behaviors of students and teachers.

The questionnaire will therefore provide information based on age, gender, the willingness participation in the events and preferences of activities on the sports day. In addition, the questionnaire will investigate the willingness of students to join sporting events and any reasons to dissuade them from participating such as health.

The demographic information puts the students in groups based on their age, gender as well as the major of Study or Program (MaCorr Inc, 2009). This will enable the researcher to classify and identify the characteristics of these students. Subsequently, be able to deduce the relationship between their career path and age and gender. As such, this information will make it possible for me to have a general idea about the demographic profile of a group and their sporting activities eventually.

Information about the main customers of the service at CNAQ on National Sports Day, their structure and participation will be revealed in the demographic profile as provided through the questionnaires. This will help me, the researcher, suggest the best way to properly promote this event in the college and effectively implement it.

The research will be undertaken in a period of one month consisting of a mix of an extensive and intensive literature review of secondary information as well as survey to seek primary information through conducting interviews and giving questionnaires to teachers and students respectively. The Gantt chart will be an effective tool in undertaking all the activities of the exploratory research in an organized way.

We will write a custom Report on Report on Sport National Day in CNA-Q specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This will involve first going through the research problem again to discover the basic requirements and get an overview of how the task will be undertaken. Again, consultation with the lecturer and reviewing the lecture notes will offer input of for the task. Going through sample of work will enable me to get the best structure for brief notes and later references as well as the final report (Qatar Olympic Committee, 2011).

Gantt chart is a tool used in project planning and analysis. Its outlines the sequence of activities required to complete a project giving the required duration (MaCorr Inc, 2009). It shows which activities may be critical for the project to be accomplished. There are activities that have to be performed before others in the list can commence.

For instance, one cannot start writing this report without reading through the case study given. The resource allocation in term of time, people and materials are outlined. This helps in budgeting and planning of a project. This will also involve drawing a context diagram, data flow diagram, flow of processes and data structure of the chart.

Sample Selection CNA-Q is one of the oldest colleges in Qatar providing higher education to the local residents since 2002. The college has over 650 staff as well as around 4600 students. The college also has excellent sports facilities ranging from fully equipped male and female gyms, to basketball, tennis and football courts.

There are also two male and female swimming pools located in each gym with around the clock life guards as well has shower and locker room facilities maintained in top condition (Qatar Olympic Committee, 2011). The sample will consist of students categorized into male and female, the same will apply to teachers.

Finding out the sample size comes as the best representation of the population, and it is a key in an exploratory research. In about one month, I will choose a sample size of 600 students who I choose randomly. Bearing the fact that I have only one month to undertake the research and considering the study as part of the course unit, I it might be difficult to collect information from such a large sample size within a short time.

As such, I settled on a limit of the simple size of 50. I will distribute the questionnaires among the students in accordance to age, gender and program. This will facilitate collection information that is not skewed.

From a general point, this research takes allocation of units into probability sampling procedure that include stratified sampling, cluster sampling, systematic sampling as well as simple random sampling.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Report on Sport National Day in CNA-Q by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Probability sampling considers the population of students will be chosen equally and allow time to be allocated properly. The sampling method is convenient to many CAN-Q respondents. Confidence of information provided by respondents will be applied to the latter.

Data Analysis to be performed The collected information from the questionnaire will form quantitative research data. This information will be entered as numbers and be analyzed statistically. Since the questions in my questionnaire are open-ended, they will be coded in numbers in the forms. As such, the data will be analyzed using SPSS software.

I will measure the central tendencies in cross tabulation since the data will be used to determine the opinion of students and teachers. This will involve calculating the mode, median and mean as well as determining the standard deviation to get the accuracy of the data (Creative Research Systems, n. d.).

Mean. The mean is the average of responses to specific questions answered in the study questionnaire or interviews. It is computed by summing up the responses and diving by the total number of participants denoted as ‘n’. The age mean can be found by adding the participants for every measurement and diving by the n= 600 number of responses.

Median. Median represents the middle value of measurements for each response. This measurement is in ordinal data that is significant in indicating the degree of difference. For instance, when I want to determine the choice of students’ careers by seeking to know the program students have enrolled, the best method is to use the median in the data provided by the participants.

This will offer much information for a few responses. One limitation of the median is the difficulties to apply in the analysis of nominal data since there are two possibilities for response results, which provide two midpoints (Kolb, 2009).

Mode. The mode is the highest frequency of responses for all participants. The mode is applied when determining nominal data that may have two states of being. However, the two states do not have all the similar features. For instance, the gender information can best be described as in terms of the number of female and male.

As such, when the survey of 50 participants is undertaken and 10 are female while 40 are male, the mode is 40. This is because the nature of data would be meaningless when computed for median or mean. Rather, mode is used because it is the most common response.

Cross Tabulation. Cross Tabulation is all about finding relationships in data of the variables used in the study. In this data analysis, I will employ the use of SPSS software. As such, crossing one variable with another is enhanced by using SPSS application, which uses multiple variables simultaneously in cross tabulation.

I will be able to undertake statistical test to find out whether responses from the sample are relevant and application in deducing the conclusions of the inferential statistics. The results will provide the level of interconnection between variables and be useful in hypothesis to come up with reliable conclusions about the research. The pestle factors will be analyzed using SPSS. This will be used to emphasize or disapprove the results found from the sample data analyzed.

Standard Deviation. The standard deviation is significant in pointing out the variance (r2) of By definition, it is the square root of the variance. Once one finds the variance, the standard deviation (r) is found out by getting the square root of r2.

The variance is computed by computing the difference between each response of every participant. The results are squared and added to give an absolute sum. The standard deviation is significant in giving the range that most values of the variable fall.

The questionnaire will be used as a fundamental tool to get information about the research problem. As an important quantitative survey research tool, questionnaires are significant to testing and guessing hypothesis about particular behaviors of students and teachers.

The research will be undertaken in a period of one month consisting of a mix of an extensive and intensive literature review of secondary information as well as survey to seek primary information through conducting interviews and giving questionnaires to teachers and students respectively.

The Gantt chart will be an effective tool in undertaking all the activities of the exploratory research in an organized way. The resource allocation in term of time, people and materials are outlined. This helps in budgeting and planning of a project. This will also involve drawing a context diagram, data flow diagram, flow of processes and data structure of the chart. Gantt chart is a tool used in project planning and analysis.

Its outlines the sequence of activities required to complete a project giving the required duration. It shows which activities may be critical for the project to be accomplished. There are activities that have to be performed before others in the list can commence. For instance, one cannot start writing this report without reading through the case study given.

Conclusion This report presents research findings and results undertaken to find out reasons behind small turn out of students and teachers in the National Sports Day events at the college, CNA-Q. Since introduction of the sports and events in the school, very few people use the sporting facilities.

This report unveils the research strategies to be undertaken, the primary research method to be chosen, sample selection, data analysis to be performed, and a summary of the whole research in identifying the factors behind the problematic low turnout of students and in sports. The main idea of the report is to present the results containing reasons of the low turnout in sporting activities and events in CAN-Q College, and provide recommendation on how to fix this problem.

This report sheds lights on the exploratory research that will be undertaken, as it is fundamental in understanding students and staff taste and preferences for in sports day. CNA-Q is one of the oldest colleges in Qatar providing higher education to the local residents since 2002.

The college has over 650 staff as well as around 4600 students. The college also has excellent sports facilities ranging from fully equipped male and female gyms, to basketball, tennis and football courts. The management has many questions on the underutilization of sports facilities against their expectation to recap the investment.

The research question seeks to find out the information about the opinions and perceptions of students with regard to low turnout of people in sporting events. By undertaking an exploratory research, it will provide sufficient information as per the knowledge of the researcher to enable one in comprehending this problem.

As such, I settled to doing a mix of mix of primary and secondary research. The primary research will consist of information gathered from students directly by undertaken a survey and using a questionnaire. Surveys are important, as I will be able to tabulate, categorize, and analyze content of the responses because the same questions will be asked every respondent.

CNA-Q is one of the oldest colleges in Qatar providing higher education to the local residents since 2002. The college has over 650 staff as well as around 4600 students.

The sample will consist of students categorized into male and female, the same will apply to teachers. With the time of about one month, I will choose a sample size of 600 students who I choose randomly. Bearing the fact that I have only one month to undertake the research and considering the study as part of the course unit, I it might be difficult to collect information from such a large sample size within a short time.

As such, I settled on a limit of the simple size of 50. A quick survey of the students in most classes can determine that the majority are Qatari students. This information can allow the organizers to tailor the national sports day event to their market. Data will be analyzed using SPSS and excel considering the number of students. The pestle factors will be analyzed using SPSS. This will be used to emphasize or disapprove the results found from the sample data analyzed.

I have decided that the best approach for I have decided that the best approach for this problem is to conduct exploratory research in the start and then do some descriptive research, which will allow me to get a better understanding of why the students and staff did not attend the sports day in larger numbers.

My research will be a mix of primary and secondary research. For my primary research, I will contact the students directly, get their opinions through a survey, and conduct interviews with staff members of the faculty at CNAQ (MaCorr Inc, 2009).

Since the questions in my questionnaire are open-ended meaning, they will be coded in numbers in the forms. As such, the data will be analyzed using SPSS software. Since the data will involve the opinion of students and teachers, I will measure the central tendencies in cross tabulation. Other data analysis performed will be to determine the mean, median, mode and standard deviation.

References Creative Research Systems (2009). Survey Design. Web.

Kolb, B. (2009). Marketing Research: A Practical Approach. New York: SAGE.

MaCorr Inc (2009). Sample Size Calculator. Web.

National Sports Day (2012). Web.

Qatar Olympic Committee (2011). Web.

Appendices Appendix 1. Questionnaire The list below contains the questions that will be asked the students of CNA-Q in order to complete this report.


Indicate your gender

Male [ ]

Female [ ]

Indicate your age group among the following:

15 – 20

21 – 25 [ ]

26 – 30 [ ]

31 – 35 [ ]

36 – 40 [ ]

Over 40 [ ]

Major of Study/Program…………………………………………………..


Would you participate in the event?

What do you think college should do in sport day?

What is the most sport do you enjoy?


Would you join the sporting event?

What do you think the college should offer on sports day?


Do you have any health problems?

Do you prefer staying in bed or participating in the event?

Where do you think the sport event should be located?

Appendix 2. Gantt chart Activities in the Gantt chart that will aid complete the report are as follows:

Read through the assignment to establish what the assignment requires. This will give a general view and understanding of the work to be covered.

Read through the provided lecture notes to provide inputs for the assignment. The sample reading will also aid in the structure required for the report. Brief notes are made to provide for later reference.

Research on available texts on system analysis, project management and quality in processes.

Study the case to identify the key activities, data stores, processes, organizations and departments involved. This is drafted to give a summary of events and the data input and output.

Draw a context diagram. This diagram gives details on the relationship between the variables.

Draw a Level 1 Data flow diagram. This diagram gives an exploded version of the Level 0 DFD. Processes in Level 0 are broken down to more simplified activities.

Draw a structure chart, which shows a number of DFDs in one structure. A complex process may give winding data flow diagrams that may be hard to comprehend.

Document the data dictionary showing the data requirements for the study. This aids the study in the data update.

The time schedule for the report is one day. The activities are split in to 24 hours.

Appendix 3: Survey Questions Part I. In this part, students should define the role of sporting activities and events in their lives.

What is you attitude to sports? (use a five point scale to assess the degree of you involvement in sport where 1 equals to “Not at all important” and 5 means “Very Important”):

Athletics 1 2 3 4 5

Swimming 1 2 3 4 5

Tennis 1 2 3 4 5

Basketball 1 2 3 4 5

Football 1 2 3 4 5

Attending gyms 1 2 3 4 5

Sport as a hobby 1 2 3 4 5

Do you think sport activities constitute an inherent part of college life? (choose the right answer):

_____Sporting activities should be as important as a learning process;

_____Sport should not interfere with an academic process; it should be a part of spare time;

_____Students should not spend much time on sporting activities unless it is their professional calling.

What types of sports do you prefer? (Click the right answer)

_____Team playing sports;

_____Games, such as athletics, or swimming;

Do you think sporting activities are as much important as the learning process?

____Yes, it is very important;

____It is possible to balance sports and study;

____No, learning process is more important;

What do you know about the National Sporting Events?

How often do teachers tell you the information about the National Sporting Events? Have they persuaded you that sporting activities are vital?

____Yes, teachers inform us several weeks before the event for us to prepare;

_____ Teachers organize lectures on the importance of participation and how it can influence our college life;

_____No, teachers rarely talk about sports and its importance;

How much time do you spend on going in for sport?

____Once or twice a week, I go to the gym;

____ I attend the gym as soon as I have free time from a learning process;

Do you participate in sporting events?

How often do you visit competitions?

Are you aware of the available sports facilities in your college? Enumerate them.

Part II. In part II, it is necessary to clarify personal information about students to assess the frequency of attending sporting events by various demographic groups.

Name you gender:

Male ______

Female ______

Indicate you family size:

____Nuclear family;

____Extended family;

_____Incomplete family;

Your variant__

Name you hobby and evaluate its importance with regard to its type (indicate its importance where 1 equals to “Not at all important” and 5 means “Very Important”):

Related to sport (running, yoga, Pilates, etc.) 1 2 3 4 5;

Not related to sport (handmade, drawing etc.) 1 2 3 4 5;

Do you take part time job?



Do you like spending time with your friends?

Please, evaluate your attitude to participating in the sporting events (for those who attended the sporting events at least once) using a scale where 1 equals to “Strongly Agree” and 4 means “Strongly Disagree”:

Attending events is disturbing because of fans 1 2 3 4 (circle the appropriate one);

Attending events is exciting 1 2 3 4;

What is you major?______________

Identify your type of participating in various events:


____Passive Participant;

____Frequent Participant;

How much time do you spent on learning?

How do you assess the role of sport in general?

Part III. In part III, emphasis will be placed on the degree of information spread about sport events in college.

Do you follow sporting events on TV? ___ Yes ___ No

What kinds of sports do you follow?

Are there any other sporting events than National Sport Day that you attend? Provide reasons.

Using scale where 1 equals to “Not at all important” and 5 means “Very Important” to rate the following: what are the major factors influencing your attendance of the sporting events?

It give you pleasure 1 2 3 4 5

It is exciting and motivating 1 2 3 4 5

It helps to release from stress 1 2 3 4 5

It allows to meet with friends 1 2 3 4 5

Do you use Internet for making inquiring about sporting events?

___Yes, very often;

___ Sometimes, when my friends ask about it;

____No, never;

What are the most efficient means of information exchange?

____ e-mailing;



_____making announcement during the classes;

How do you assess your involvement in life of college?

____ very involved;


____not involved;

What are your future life goals?

Are there any reasons for non-attendance of the sporting events?

Could you provide your personal understanding of the National Sport Day?

Part 3: Information about the Resources

Kolb, B. (2009). Marketing Research: A Practical Approach. New York: SAGE.

The book provides a comprehensive approach to designing and understanding market research. The author skillfully combines theoretical frameworks and quantitative methodologies in exploring the practical realms. While reviewing the structure and content of the book, specific attention should be paid to the analysis of research process and research questions.

Therefore, the book has been a helpful tool in understanding the steps of accomplishing the research procedures. In particular, the source has been applied in the data collection process to define the sampling, as well as the necessary which needs to be included into the report. Practical dimension of the research is important because it verifies the relevance of the theoretical frameworks chosen for conducting the study.

Aside from theoretical implications, the book can be used as instructional guide for developing efficient critical thinking skills. For instance, the author teaches that a research cannot be started until the source of the problem is defined.

Scientific exploration, therefore, is an ongoing process, which requires close attention to details and aspects influencing the research outcomes. Apart from the procedures and steps introduced in the research, the book also expands on the importance of introducing secondary sources as evidence-based support for the given research.

Therefore, in case the purpose of the research relates to educational spheres, information obtained from governmental and higher education institutions is vital for the study. Finally, the book details important conditions of conducting primary research, including costs, resources, schedule, and budgeting. All these issues are indispensible for accomplishing a well-organized research.

MaCorr Inc (2009). Sample Size Calculator.

Sample size calculator is an important tool in quantitative research because it allows to define the accurate sample that needs to be examined. It is possible to learn more about the main functions of this device on the website. In particular, there is a control panel on the left which allows to choose the type of samples, the rating, scale, the heat map, the slider scale and the virtual shelf.

All these instruments are important for conducting survey or questionnaire. More importantly, the calculator software permits to systematize the data obtained from the empirical research. The research can also introduce his data and explain why a specific sample size has been chosen in case he/she relies on the sample size calculator.

At closer look at the functions of Sample Size Calculator, one can calculate the sample size by defining the confidence level, confidence interval and population.

In order to identify the confidence interval, the calculator proposes to type in the information about sample size, population and percentage. The variables involved into calculation are also explained on the website. The tool has many advantages as compared to the manual approach to calculating the results. First of all, the researchers can be sure that the calculated results are accurate.

Second, the time spent on the calculations is significantly less as compared to the time that could be spent while defining the results manually. Finally, sample size calculator can determine the number of people that should be interviewed. The size should be enough to obtain objective results and reflect the outcomes about target population. The precision of the results depends on the percentage admitted for the research.

Creative Research Systems (2009). Survey Design.

Survey design is an inherent component of the research because it introduces data needed for analysis. It also enhances the main arguments and specifies the overall analysis functions. The data framed within a survey design has an independent sample that is further divided into clusters.

In this respect, the source provides useful information about the main purpose of the survey, its types, and functions. In particular, the survey design seeks to define what people want and expect concerning a specific issue. Conducting surveys and polls can enhance the reliability and objectivity of the research.

Using this source allows to point out the subsequent step of accomplishing the survey. To begin with, a researcher should establish the main objectives of the research project and determine the sample. Second, it is necessary to choose the interviewing methods.

Third, a questionnaire should be created in accordance with the previously established goals. It should be tested before introduced to the chosen sample. Finally, as soon as the survey is conducted, it is necessary to produce the report based on the findings.

Each of the above-presented steps is described in detail for a research to employ those in a consistent way. Apart from the step-by-step instructions, the source explains possible challenges and biases that might arise while conducting a survey. This is of particular concern to irrelevance of the questions, or inadequate methods of interviewing the participants.

Finally, the source introduces different types of surveys, including telephone surveys, mail surveys, or computer surveys. Each type is discussed in terms of advantages and disadvantages. An in-depth evaluation of the survey systems has provided a wider picture of which methods are the most efficient ones for conducting the research under analysis.


Folklore: Contemporary Legends Response Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

The Hook This is a contemporary legend transmission because it lacks supernatural elements within its contents, and shows how various threats invade our space. Similarly, it shows how people are anxious about boundary issues. It qualifies as a contemporary legend because it has been in circulation in recent times and reflects the cultural reality of adolescents during that period.

Over the years, this story has been told and retold by different people. There are various versions of the story but the moral of the stories remain the same. In contemporary legends, women are often depicted as being vulnerable and weak, while the men are portrayed as the villains or heroes. These characteristics are present in this story and classify it as a contemporary legend.

Screaming Jenny As is with most contemporary legends, this story has anxiety as its backbone. It preys on the readers fear for the unexplained and warns of a danger that lurks even in places we think are safe. Similarly, the authenticity of the story is not determined and the story has been retold many times over the recent years.

The fact that the location of the incident exists in reality gives the reader the illusion that the story could be true. This is a characteristic of a contemporary legend. In addition, the woman (Jenny) is portrayed as a weak and vulnerable character who even after dying comes back as a ghost in pursuit of rescuing from men (the heroes/Villains).

Army of the Dead In this story, the laundress is portrayed as a victim of her own curiosity. Despite the stern warning from her husband, she simply can’t “leave well enough alone.” As a result she ends up suffering the consequence of her disobedience. This story falls under the contemporary legend category because it has a moral (messing with the unexplained can lead to dire consequences), the laundress is depicted as a vulnerable and weak individual and the soldiers (army of the dead) are portrayed as heroes going to help win the war.

These characteristics make for a contemporary legend. The story preys on the reader’s fears by implying that there are consequences when one interferes with the supernatural. In addition, the story has been retold numerous times and there is no clear indication on whether it is true or false.

The Driverless Car One for the main characteristics of a contemporary legend is that it lacks the origin/ source of the story. This can be evidenced from this particular story, which is narrated as a hear-say from a FOAF (friend of a friend). Secondly, it lacks supernatural elements and has eloquently shown how the events invade and threaten an individual’s space, safety and security.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, this story depicts how a culture (carjacking and ghost stories) can influence an individual’s perception in regard to what exists, and what he/she believe happens. Similarly, it has a twist in which the authenticity of the victim’s narration of the events are questioned after witnesses to the same occurrence walk into the cantina and dismiss the victim’s claims. These are among the characteristics that make the Driverless Car a contemporary legend.

The Clown Statue / The Clown Doll This story is narrated as a hear-say. The source is not identified and there are no specific details leading to the occurrence. It focusses on the fears of teenaged baby-sitters who are paranoid about the presence of uninvited predators lurking in the dark as they wait for the opportune time to attack.

Similar to most contemporary legends, this story portrays the baby-sitter as a weak and vulnerable woman whose space, safety and security are threatened. In addition, the man (in this case, the clown midget) is portrayed as the villain. On the same note, it lacks a supernatural element to it.

The story reflects on the culture that baby-sitters are often attacked especially in big houses by unknown assailants and that parents fail to believe their children even when they are in fact telling the truth. These are some of the characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend.

The Legend of the Pearl This story explains the origin of the pearl. It gives a detailed description of how pearls came to be. It qualifies as a contemporary legend because the source is not identified and there are no specific details about how the situation came to be. The butterfly and the shell are given human emotions to support the plausibility of the story.

On the same note, this story lacks supernatural elements and focuses on the culture of love. It shows that there is happiness and sadness where love can no longer be found. The story is a classic representation of the complexities of love. These are among the characteristics that make it a contemporary legend.

The pearl is a symbol of the virtuous nature of love that can be experienced in today’s society. The use of a butterfly and a shell symbolizes today’s love culture, which goes beyond racial, ethnic and tribal differences.

We will write a custom Essay on Folklore: Contemporary Legends specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Legend of the Fir-tree This is a contemporary legend because it explains the origin of the Fir-tree and why it is used during the Christmas festivities. Like in most contemporary legends, the woman is portrayed as vulnerable and weak individual while the man is depicted as the hero who sets out to save the damsel in distress during her time of need. On the same note, there is no indication on whether or not this story is true.

In addition, the source, location and details of the contents of the story are not given. The story focuses on the culture of togetherness during the festive season and shows that as long as we have the Fir-tree in our homes, we are not alone. These are some of the characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend.

The Body in the Bed This is a contemporary legend because it lacks main details about where the events of the occurrences happened and who witnessed it. In as much as the location is revealed, the story does not have enough evidence to ascertain whether it is true or false. On the same note, the woman (the body) is portrayed as the victim while the man is depicted as the hero.

Similarly the story lack a supernatural element and is based on a hear-say. The story reflects on contemporary culture in which people believe that Las Vegas is where people can easily be killed and hidden without other people noticing. In addition, the story reflects on the don’t-care attitude that people in today’s society have towards each other.

Black Aggie This story qualifies to be a contemporary legend because it seeks to discourage the youth against the dangers of hazing/pranking. This culture has been in existence for a very long time and though it is considered as a rite of passage it may have serious negative implications on an individual’s life.

As is with most contemporary legends, this story does not have a source of origin or evidence to substantiate its validity. Similarly, it shows how the unknown threatens an individual’s safety, space and security. The moral of the story is that individual’s may face serious consequences when they interfere with the unknown.

It seeks to discourage young people from playing dangerous games in sacred grounds. In addition, the story targets the reader’s fear of the dead especially so in cemeteries. The story’s ability to reflect on a popular culture and imply consequences from undesirable actions are among the characteristics that make it a contemporary legend.

Bear Lake Monster One of the factors that make this story a contemporary legend is that it has been retold several times in different variations. It has a supernatural element that seeks to elicit fear in the mind of the reader and audience in regard to the dangers that lurk around Bear Lake.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Folklore: Contemporary Legends by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The story seeks to warn people against swimming in Bear Lake alone. In addition, the story focuses on mystical beliefs held by people regarding supernatural creatures that prey on unknowing victims in places where they think they are safe. On the same note, the validity of the claims asserted by the story cannot be confirmed nor denied. These are among the various characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend.

I’m coming down now! This is a classic example of a contemporary legend. It focusses on the popular culture in which people believe in haunted houses all over the world. The content of the story seems believable but there are no facts to support the claims. Another factor that makes it a contemporary legend is that it is based on hear-say in which it is narrated from a FOAF (friend of a friend) perspective.

As such, the origin, location and details leading to the occurrence are not validated. Similarly, it shows how the unexplained threatens the space, security and safety of an individual. On the same note, it contains a supernatural element which is supposed to induce fear and anxiety in the minds if the readers. These are among the various characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend.

You can’t get out! This story is a mixture if dreadful perceptions and humor. The town drunk believes that he has met his doom and the devil has come to reclaim him for his wrong doings. This story reflects on the culture in which people believe that God will punish them for their wrong doings.

On the other hand, it is humorous in the sense that the town drunk misjudged the whole situation and panicked. The validity of the story is not ascertained. It has no supernatural elements and shows how an individual’s perception or misconception regarding a situation may threaten his/her safety, space and security. In addition, it is narrated as a hear-say meaning that it may or may not be true. These are among the various characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend.


Gods and Humans Response Essay cheap essay help

Myths and legends of ancient Rome and Greece are not just the pieces of folklore, they are the parts of the cultural destination of these countries.

The main themes in these myths coincide as well as the characters and their behaviors. Most of the myths were shared orally for the future generations, however, Homer and Ovid made a great contribution into the cultural treasury, they wrote the books where they gathered the myths of the ancient world. Dwelling upon Roman and Greek myths, the relations between Gods and people deserve special attention.

Remembering the main idea of the myths which is to portray the creation of the specific natural phenomena via the God’s actions, the relationships between people and Gods cannot be rejected in the book. Reading the fifth book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and particularly the myth devoted to Ceres, Pluto and Proserpine, the cooperation between gods and human beings is going to be considered.

Reading Ovid’s Metamorphoses, it is possible to see four major stages in the development of the mentioned above ties. At the first stage of the interaction between gods and people, gods understand that they are to act like people in order to understand their needs, e.g. the situation when gods fell in love. After this stage, gods understand their superiority and it helps them get what they want, e.g. the myth about Ceres, Pluto and Proserpine.

Some people become subjected to gods, therefore, they are given the right to govern other people that leads to the superiority of some human beings under people, e.g. the myth about the pathos of love. The final stage of human – god relationships is when people become gods, e.g. Trojan War. Focusing attention on one specific myth, it should be stated that the myth about Ceres, Pluto and Proserpine is a great example of the gods’ superiority under people (Ovid 1135).

Pluto was in love with Proserpine and he did all possible not to leave her “O virgin,.. Your guardian is a god– and I am not a common deity: for I am he who holds within his hands the heavens’ scepter: I am he who hurls the roaming thunderbolts. So do not flee!” (Ovid 1142).

However, Proserpine’s desire to remain free and independent makes Pluto capture her and get to the Underground where he makes her stay there forever. Being captured in the Underground, Proserpine’s mother is unable to find her daughter, therefore, she decides to punish people as she is unable to punish those who really deserve such attitude, “she exclaims against all countries, and calls them ungrateful, and not worthy of the gifts of corn” (Ovid and Riley 105).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As a result, feeling the power of gods, people were afraid of them and tried to satisfy them. On the contrary, feeling their power, many gods understood their superiority and use it when it was convenient for them. However, gods also understood the importance of people and when it was about the benefit of people, gods usually supported them. The crops were saved from death and the fruitfulness returned to the Earth. People were fed and happy.

This is just one example of the gods’ superiority over people. There are a lot of examples when people suffered from god’s terrors, however, there are also the situations when people were happy from Gods’ superiority as they remained under the powerful protection.

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