Date Technology Solution Proposal: Trusty Carpets


Trusty Carpets company is an entity that sells and advertises carpets. Their business model has recently faced significant issues that must be resolved by introducing change. The primary purpose of this paper is to identify potential pathways to change and improvement. Considering the condition of Trusty Carpets company is fundamental for technological advancements that can effectively facilitate the necessary processes, hence, triggering profit maximization of the business. To develop an effective technology solution, it is essential first to define the business needs. The Trusty Carpets company case reveals that the industry needs clearly stated business goals, expansions, acquisitions, mergers, and other company-related activities. Primarily, the purpose of the business is to increase profits given specific settings. The settings are formulated by expanding the organization by acquiring a new building and furthering cooperation with new people. Thus, the Trusty Carpets company should adopt a technological solution that will consider the business’s principal goals: increasing profits and effective management after expansion.

After carefully scrutinising Trusty Carpets’ company challenges, it would be recommended that they adopt OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) by Scantranx. The solution is significant to Trusty Carpets since it is appropriate for small businesses, capable of working with various retail channels, and cost-effective. It is expected that the introduction of a technological solution will be capable of streamlining Trusty Carpets’ expansion, integrating Metro Carpets into their business operation, and maximising income.

Business Need and Proposed Solution

Trusty carpets company want to expand its retail capabilities and effectively adapt to the changes occurring in the local market. Trusty Carpet company anticipates extending its selection of carpets, obtaining a new store location and broader access to clients. In addition, the company seeks to merge with a carpet installation business. Overall, the company’s owner, Jerry Montgomery, is committed generate more revenue from the venture. To achieve these goals, Trusty Carpets company require business management improvements.

One guaranteed practical solution that will improve the management of the company’s operations to achieve its goal will be the installation of OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) by Scantranx. As mentioned previously, the OmniChannel-Retail solution is a technology solution that will induce considerable changes to how the company runs. In essence, for the company to gain the capacity to incorporate the new parts of the organization into its processes, the use of Scantranx’s ORS system is suggested (Scantranx, 2021). This multi-purpose tool is capable of supporting sales, inventory management, accounting, and many other concerns. Developed specifically for small businesses, it has the ability to be versatile and adaptable, reducing the need to learn many management systems, thus, making it the best technology solution choice for Trusty Carpets Company.

Solution Resources and Operational Components

Defining the resources and components and how they will interact is necessary for practical system implementation. The required resources include hardware, software, network, and communications. Moreover, it is necessary to analyze how these components will be combined to propose a solution.

Required Resources

Hardware. The hardware consists of system carriers such as computers, laptops, and tablets. For convenience, only a few computers are needed and should be installed where mobility is not required. That is, it can be an office of the authorities, an office in a store, in warehouses, and at home, in order to be able to monitor the situation at any time. For other employees, tablets are recommended so everyone has access to the necessary data.

Software. To execute the tasks to be carried out within the Trusty Carpet company, internet access and a purchased subscription to the program must be provided. With a cloud-based solution, it is possible to minimize the need to use software or download specific programs.

Network and communications. This includes a general chat where anyone can contact any employee on the list. It can be text, audio, or video communication, one-on-one conversation, or inviting several people to a conference.

How do the required resources collectively work? Fundamentally, the resources mentioned above work together to optimize and save time and the company’s resources. For instance, if a client wants to integrate the carpet installation business and engage the design community, it will be an effective solution to ease management and increase profits. Furthermore, these resources give the administration complete control over financial and logistical information, fast communication between all departments and employees, and practical financial reporting, which will help reduce time and costs. Analytic features, such as outlier highlighting, help one quickly find problem areas. All this makes business management using unique tools efficient and convenient.

How Will the Components Work

Presently, it is worth talking in more detail about the use of the system and how the components will work.

People. People who will use the program include all positions, from superiors to regular employees and clients. The employees will run their daily activities using the system, clients will use the system for ordering, and the managers will use the system to manage the business.

Data. The software will integrate with other corporate tools and solutions, allowing Trusty Carpets to work seamlessly with data, supplies, and customers. The data will reflect on the company’s website, transferred to the program database, and stored in the cloud storage to deliver the required information to the respective audience. For example, the availability of specific products and services, as it is displayed on the company’s website, will be based on existing stock numbers, which are imputed by the workers when new carpets arrive. The connection between product stock and purchasing availability makes managing the website less problematic and gives the customers an accurate presentation of what products they can get. When a purchase is made, the data gets immediately delivered to the employees, who can prepare the purchase. Accordingly, the stock and availability of carpets are also adjusted after each successful purchase. The program analyzes and supplements the indicators in real-time, according to the principle of Google documents that can be supplemented.

Inputs. System inputs include filling in the base values ​​for business activity indicators. It is quantitative information that sets the minimum for the program from which the system analyzes. Processing includes the analysis by the program of sales volumes, costs, revenues, and other values ​​that will be obtained from the company’s website. For example, one person ordered five carpets and paid for the order on the site. The program analyzes the actions on the site and updates the indicator of orders and profits. Consequently, in a certain period of time, which the owners can configure, the system analyzes whether there was a deviation from the expected norm. Moreover, the system immediately takes into account all expected expenses, salaries, and purchases of raw materials. In case of unforeseen expenses, it is enough to enter a value in a special field, and the program will make calculations considering it.

Processing. Using a smart system for retail work provides customers and the management with additional services and tools of convenience when processing data fed into the system. For instance, a smart calculator for estimating the final price of a product or a service (“10 benefits of having a website cost calculator,” 2022). Furthermore, said calculator can also provide a way for customers to see whether carpet installation costs are acceptable for them.

Output. The output of the system includes the analysis of key business values, comparing them with previously entered values or with average calculated indicators of the norm. After that, taking into account the additional costs, salaries, the purchase of raw materials, etc., the program calculates whether there was a deviation from the norm somewhere. As a result, the output of the system lies in the value obtained after comparing the data received from the site and the norm indicators. These indexes can be expressed both in numerical and percentage form, depending on the wishes of the owner. For example, this week, there were fewer orders for home calls of the master than should be according to the norm. Thus, one sees a deviation from the norm of income as the service is paid. The program immediately calculates it, underlines the lagging indicators in red in the interface, and shows how much the index is lower than it should be.

Storage. The flow of information begins with the site, where the indicators of orders, purchases, calls, and others are read. All of the information regarding stock, income or customer feedback is collected and processed by the individuals responsible. The information enters the database on the cloud service, where the system information is stored. The indicators are synchronized on the cloud, and then the updated information is sent to the devices with the software.

Security. All information stored in the cloud is securely protected using data encryption and differentiated access levels. This approach allows the company to interact with their customers in a complex manner while also upholding its privacy. By protecting the addresses and payment information of clients from potential danger, a business upholds its ethical standards and continuously demonstrates good business practices (CESSDA, n.d.). In addition, security solutions such as employing cyber security professionals, backing up data, and setting strong passwords keep the company’s data safe.

How Will the System Converge

As discussed previously, the OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) is made of various components that collectively work together to perform the anticipated tasks. The rapid growth in technology has helped people acquire knowledge paramount in ensuring that the OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) is applicable. The system is responsible for processing data into clear information and communicating it to the respective audience. OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) also encompasses safe storage of data and information, thus, guaranteeing the security of the company’s secrets contained within the system.

The application of OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) is appropriate for Trusty Carpets company since then it offers perfect solutions to issues impacting them negatively. The OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) will benefit both the company owner and the customers of the business. The implementation of the system will help the management to easily coordinate all the operations of the company. On the other hand, customers will have better services considering that the system grants them access to shop online and get a delivery. The technology solution will also lead to higher income generation. In essence, when the system is used, less cost will be incurred. Overall, the OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) will minimize the effort required during management and increase the profitability of Trusty Carpet company.

Undoubtedly, the business case provides deep insight into OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS). The essay outline detailed facts regarding the selection of the best solution to the problem facing Trusty Carpet company. The Chief Executive Officer should consider using the information provided as the blueprint and checklist for the requirements for implementing OmniChannel-Retail Solution (ORS) in the company.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

The system will work with the cloud-based solution, distributing and managing the required business information across company locations. The existence of the cloud as a primary method of management and connection eliminates the need for servers and decreases the cost of daily upkeep. Data is processed by an internet connection and protected by a firewall. Because Metro Carpets did not have an existing network infrastructure, it became necessary to adopt measures similar to Trusty Carpets inside the location. The consistency of approaches helps employees set up the equipment and be prepared for a quick transition into work. An internet router on each location allows the PCs and laptops to communicate with the cloud solution and operate as databases, calculators, communication interfaces and much more.


To estimate the cost incurred and the return on investment to be expected, we used the ROI calculator to provide a reflection of what should be expected if the project is launched by Trusty Carpet company. Data fed on the spreadsheet included the savings that would be influenced by project implementation and the cost of the project. After carefully working out the projected figures, the ROI calculator spreadsheet gave the cash flow to be expected over a period of five years. The calculation shows a positive ROI, meaning that the associated costs in this project are less than the total returns gained. Therefore, this signifies that the project is economically viable since the practice will undoubtedly yield positive outcomes. In addition, the ROI calculator spreadsheet was also used to determine the payback period for the amount invested in the project. The payback period for the project is three years and eleven months. Therefore, the mathematical evaluation of the ROI and payback period stress the need for Trusty Carpet to consider adopting the technology solution recommended in this business case.


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