Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) In Reducing The Effects Of Climate Change Response Essay Scholarship Essay Help

Table of Contents Summary

Meaning of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis of the Strategy (NYT Article)

Its Imperativeness in Decision-Making


Summary Sunstein (2012) provides insightful information pertaining to the relevance of cost benefit analysis (CBA) in reducing the effects of climate change. The author who is a New York Times (NYT) news editor focused on the Reagan’s CBA techniques of mitigating the effects of climate change in US.

The environmentalist has been advocating for viable climatic mitigation measures. Particularly, he has been expressing concerns about the destruction of the Ozone layer and the frequency of Hurricane Sandy in US.

His views came to the limelight after the resent occurrence of Hurricane Sandy that caused immense loses. He affirmed that making stiff regulations to curb environmental degradation would not be a sustainable cost benefit strategy.

He prefers systematic eradication of environmental depleting activities by the locals due to its economic benefits nature. That is, the environment should be protected from depletion activities if severe events that cause immense destruction such as Hurricane are to be averted (Sunstein, 2012).

He cited reduction of green house gas emission that remains an environmental hazard as a strategy that presents immense economic benefit than cost implication. The strategy is to facilitate the environmental safety through reduction of air pollution emissions.

Reagan estimated that the recent Hurricane Sandy had a cost implication of over US$50 billion that doubles the cost of reduction of unwarranted environmental practices. This explains the imperativeness of his assertion about the adoption of the strategy.

Meaning of Cost-Benefit Analysis Cost benefit analysis is an effective project management system that enables administrators to calculate and compare key factors that contribute to projects viability.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It focuses on comparing cost implications and benefits of a project (Brent, 2008). It also gives managers a clear guideline on how to make choices and decisions pertaining to various project activities. This is to facilitate identification and adoption of activities with minimal cost implications.

Cost Benefit Analysis of the Strategy (NYT Article) Indeed, CBA present immense benefits to individuals especially in the current economic environment. Firstly, the concept provides a powerful tool that aids decision making on viable projects or activities.

That is, it enables project managers or authorities to make credible choices based on CBA results pertaining to various activities (Kosnik, 2012). In this regard, the concept seeks to aid the adoption of viable environmental management practices in US.

This is to, help in mitigating climatic complications that cause severe damage. Secondly, it facilitates effective utilization of resources since it promote the adoption of cost effective approaches of operation.

Thirdly, it presents immense economic impact since it encourages investment. The concept also enhances return on investment (ROI) in institutions by ensuring low cost obligation (Kosnik, 2012)

Further, it saves the public from paying more taxes since it provides basic incentives to enable authorities to strike a balance between benefits and cost implications of various activities especially in the environmental sector.

Contrastingly, the approach has some evident cost elements that authorities must consider especially in the environmental sector. Firstly, critics of the concept affirm that it deprives various individuals and institutions the right to utilize their resources optimally.

We will write a custom Essay on Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) in Reducing the Effects of Climate Change specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is because it favors reduction in the utilization of machines that are considered to be producing hazardous gases to the environment. The concept also faces opposition in most jurisdictions with fear that it may lead to reduction in the production of items in various institutions (Puttaswamaiah, 2000).

Critics of the concept also assert that, its viability in determining whether to execute an activity is not absolute

Its Imperativeness in Decision-Making Indeed, CBA is an excellent strategy that managers can use to aid their decision-making. The concept remains relevant since it provides fundamental incentives that enable managers to determine the feasibility nature of a project and its viability.

It also provides a credible basis for comparing total expected cost and benefits that an activity can deliver (Brent, 2008). This is instrumental since cost implications should not outweigh benefits as evident in US during the occurrence of Hurricane Sandy.

References Brent, R. J. (2008). Applied cost-benefit analysis. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Kosnik, H. (2012). Fundamentals of Cost-Benefit Analysis. Retrieved from CBA.pdf

Puttaswamaiah, K. (2000). Cost-benefit analysis: Environmental and ecological perspectives. New Brunswick [u.a.: Transaction Publ.

Sunstein, C. (2012). Climate Change: Lessons from Ronald Reagan. New York Times. Retrieved from

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Cognitive Dissonance Argumentative Essay scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Cognitive Dissonance


Arguments on the Impact of Cognitive Dissonance


Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance refers to the discomposure that is triggered when one is unable to choose from contradictory views. It occurs in many real life situations where an individual’s behavior conflicts with integral beliefs to his or her self-identity.

When a conflict arises between belief and behavior, something should change in order to reduce or eliminate the dissonance (McConnell


Ethical and Legal Implications of Insider Trading Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Ethics


Ethical and Legal Implication

Works Cited

Ethics Ethics can be applied in any profession. Basically, ethics denote set of laws or moral systems that provide a basis for discerning whether an action is correct or erroneous. Therefore, members of a profession can come up with ethical principles that guide them when carrying out their duties.

The five common ethical principles are “independence, integrity, responsibilities and practices, competence and technical standards, responsibilities to clients, responsibilities to colleagues, and other responsibilities and practices” (Anthony 10). This paper reviews the applicability of ethical and legal principles in the case of insider trading involving Stephen Cohen.

Case The founder of SAC Capital Advisor, Stephen Cohen and the portfolio manager, Mathew Martoma were involved in what is considered as the most profitable insider trading in the history of the United States of America.

Initially, “the court had charged Mr. Martoma with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and two counts of securities fraud” (The Wall Street Journal 2).

He obtained secret data for trading the company from a university. “The two bought shares for their funds in two drug companies involved in the clinical trial, and then bet on the companies’ shares to fall when Mr. Martoma learned of negative news in 2008” (The Wall Street Journal 1).

“Mr. Martoma, a portfolio manager at SAC’s CR Intrinsic Investors division, received secret data over an 18-month period from the professor about a trial for a drug being developed by Elan and Wyeth” (The Wall Street Journal 1).

The results of the trail of the drop were negative and the price of shares of the two companies flopped drastically. The two companies suffered serious losses. It is also reported that the profits generated by Mr. Martoma were paid to Mr. Cohen.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More “The Hedge fund gathered $276 million in profits and losses avoided based on the information obtained by Mr. Martoma “(The Wall Street Journal 1). From the case, it is evident that the two parties used information that was not known by the entire public to obtain undue benefits.

In their actions, there is an outright breach of the professional ethical code of conduct such as integrity, confidentiality, professional due care, and professional behavior. The act of the two individuals is regarded as white collar crime.

Ethical and Legal Implication The case displays a scenario of classical insider trading where the insider passes on the material information to another party who in turn trades with it. This type of insider trading is less common and often very difficult to identify. A legal trade is not necessarily ethical.

The transactions carried out by the two managers were legal but not ethical. This is as a result of the fact that the actions above were not conventional to “the principle tenet of trading at the security market, that is, no trader should have unjust gain when trading in the stock market” (Anthony 11).

This implies that when a trader has material information that is not known to the rest of the public and he carries out trade with it as was in the case, then the gains from the trade are unfair prima facie. However, there is no blanket court rule that declares trading with material insider information as illegal.

The court handles cases arising from unfair trade in isolation. In some cases, businesses advocate for insider trading since it promotes competition but with outlined policies to give directions. Therefore, it emerges that trading with material nonpublic information is unethical but may not be essentially against the law (Anthony 1).

Works Cited Anthony, Phillip 2010, Insider Trading in Financial Markets: Legality, Ethics, Efficiency. PDF file. Web.

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Becton Dickson Company’s SHRM Case Study online essay help

Introduction The success of a firm’s productivity depends on the organization of the human resource management. Reflectively, labour as a factor of production, determines the gross output, performance, and goal achievement at optimal resource use.

The Becton Dickson Company has been struggling with human resource management problems that range from competition, labour structure, and financial constraints. The current SHRM of the company shows limitation of available factors of production, especially on optimal labour use and employee motivation.

Thus, analytical paper attempts to explicitly review the current issues facing the SHRM of Becton Dickson Company and its relevance. In addition, the treatise explores the restructuring model of SHRM that would address these challenges.

Current Issues Facing Becton Dickson Company Current budget of the Becton Dickson firm may not allow it to utilize all factors of production in the economy. Becton Dickson Company faces several limitations in its operations after the sudden restructuring. First, the uncertain working conditions greatly impacted on employees’ confidence and performance patterns.

As employees’ incomes remain unstable, and relatively low, it was natural to witness an underperformance and low morale at work. The trading conditions continued to remain a challenge especially for this company.

These adversely influenced the ability of Becton Dickson to achieve the forecasted sales and consequently, the overall budget was affected. Increase in prices of factors of production directly affects budgeted cost of production, and thus low income earned by employees.

In addition, inability of the company to leverage its systems and processes hindered the growth of its business as it reduced ability of the company to attract the right labour skills and attitude. Finally, the company faces operational risks in areas such as supply chain management, communication systems, and human resource management.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Given that the company has to operate within a predetermined budget, changes in the individual component of the budget affect the operations of the entire business.

Becton Dickson is exposed to numerous threats. For instance, following the acquisition logistics and restructuring, the company has to remain afloat despite competition. Secondly, the human resource department is fairly responsive to sudden swings and also very sensitive to changes in income.

Since the restructuring, the company has suffered heavily, as communication system for implementing these changes seemed to have broken down. Due to redundancy, lack of performance evaluation processes, employee testing, and healthy work culture, the company is currently facing uncertainty.

These systems are critical in improving leadership skills, evaluation skills, promoting creativity, and rewarding outstanding achievement. The company is surrounded by several opportunities for growth of business. However, the human resource department is seriously underdeveloped despite the fact that labour determines total output, thus profitability.

Significance of SHRM Profiling as a Policy and Practice at Becton Dickson SHRM profiling in Becton Dickson consist of training and development programs that are both on-the-job and off-the job. These should be built around the core business values and is firmly aligned with the business strategy – developing skills that will support future growth of the business.

The results of the programme are meant for statistical t-testing of relevance of evaluation strategies adopted in reviewing employment terms and performance. Despite the fact that this company has a fresh initiative for correcting the previous mistakes, it has not fully adopted an inclusive career development plan.

Management ought to realize that there is no better way to achieve this rather than through the use of training and development. Further, Becton Dickson Company should evaluate effectiveness of training and development in realizing the goals and objectives of their set targets.

We will write a custom Case Study on Becton Dickson Company’s SHRM specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The management of the company should use outcomes of trainings and development in decision making relating promotions and transfers within the organization. Besides, the company should undertake several career development programmes, such would be necessary for attracting and retaining human resource base.

The company should consider providing a job compensation structure that supports the organizations as well as individuals’ growth and development perspectives that evaluate employees and produce succession pipe-lines for vital job positions in the organization.

Since these aspects are incorporated in the SHRM profiling, it remains very relevant and should be fully adopted as a policy and practice by the company.

SHRM profiling as a policy facilitates appraisals on performance of the human resource function of a company. Reflectively, such appraisals are important as they help employees to establish their performance in relation to the expectations from the business and expected outcomes as agreed during performance planning.

Further, the appraisals reveal gaps that may be inherent when executing duties. At the end of appraisal procedure the line manager and the staff member formulate a plan for further development for the next period.

In the personal development plan, the employees set objectives based on the feedback from their performance appraisal and it is mandatory for all staff members to have such a plan. The whole interactive appraisal process is beneficial as it aids employees in developing a focused vocation trail.

Further, the process is realistic. The gaps noted during the review process are bridged by training and development. These trainings that are part of the SHRM for Becton Dickson will help in preparing the staff members for future managerial duties.

The performance review process will help management of the company to have a well-organized, effectual and motivated human resource base.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Becton Dickson Company’s SHRM by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reconstructing the SHRM Profiling for Becton Dickson Company SHRM for Becton Dickson should be remodelled to be more inclusive in system evaluation and reporting of progress for each HR policy recommendation. The implementation should be done in three phases with the first phase actively involving an outsourced expert in the field of decision making.

After a fortnight, the management should then design in-house programs as a continuation of the first stage within the second stage.

In the last stage, the entire workforce is encouraged to internalize the concept initially introduced and deactivate fear and inferiority complex when addressing issues of interest to the organization and at personal level.

Though this process should be continuous, the active part should not run for more than four months from commencement at a budget less than four percent of the company’s net revenue.

Since magnitude of change is quantum as large changes involving culture, structure and strategy of the company is required. This form of change is necessary and very relevant in the case of Becton Dickson Company as the company attempts to restructure its human resource component.

Besides, when adopted, leadership responsibility, performance efficiency, and continuous motivational policies will facilitate responsive management. This modification of the SHRM would directly impact on the feedback channel as employees will have motivational power to proactively participate in decision making process.

As a result, the learning oriented process will facilitate optimal performance which is specific to the goals and desires of the company as the workforce would have the feeling of being appreciated and recognized for outstanding performance.

Training and development forms part of organizational strategy mostly because human resource department is characterized by constant dynamics in management since labour market is constantly affected by market swings.

Consequently, there is a need to merge organizational skills, knowledge and culture with the new challenges and demands. Therefore, there is constant need to use training and development largely because the department operates in a highly stratified environment.

The outcomes of performance appraisal are not only influenced by job performance of the employee, there are other several other factors that may influence performance appraisal rating of the employees.

For instance, performance initiative programmes, motivation programmes, and team building should be transformed into policies and integrated in the SHRM profiling practice for the company.

Another challenge to HRM department is properly undertaking several career development programs concurrently. If it were properly integrated, such would be necessary for attracting and retaining human resource base.

Therefore, the company’s SHRM should undergo modification to factor in the aspects of motivation, performance, and results review. Reflectively, through employee evaluation, the process will reorganise the company towards efficiency.

Fortunately, a comprehensive SHRM has room for modification to factor in this aspect and improve on reporting system as a policy profile for the Becton Dickson Company.

Conclusively, irrespective of the consequences of change element in the SHRM profiling for Becton Dickson Company, the dynamic essence of change proponent would not facilitate any state of quagmire or conflict as the unnecessary pressure associated with change would be integrated in a more consultative, proactive, and structure system for managing the human resource department of the expansive Becton Dickson Company.


Mafraq Hospital Report college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Introduction Mafraq hospital was open in 1983 and is located in united Arab. Mafraq hospital provides services like medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics, as well as surgical and critical services. In addition, Mafraq hospital also provides training of physicians and nurses.

Mafraq hospital has been awarded for its quality services provided to its customers thus is the best company to use in these research paper to determine the quality process used by the companies in order to be awarded (Oosten 2008).

History of the Organisation

Mafraq hospital is located 35km southeast of the UAEs capital. It is located in a unique area in the intersection of the road. Mafraq is Arabic name which mean where the road crosses.

According to Oosten (2008) the meeting of the road ‎symbolises the conjunction of many nationalities working together to treat patients of all sex, ages ‎and walks of life from across the world. ‎

Mafraq hospital was established with the aim of providing the customer with services like medicine, critical services as well as surgical ‎. In addition, Mafraq hospital operate Abu health centre that operate burn unit which is also perform best in thoracic surgery.

Mafraq hospital is known for proving world class services. It also provides training to the physicians and nurses.

Literature Review This research is based upon the review of a literature and information search that was carried out in the past. It mainly explores the company assessment that includes the achievements of the company, some certifications received and memberships.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Detailed analysis of the strengths of the company, detailed analysis of the areas for improvement of the company, detailed analysis of the site visit matters. In this research paper the case study will be Mafraq Hospital.

Achievements of the Mafraq hospital Mafraq hospital management and staffs are always committed to provide quality healthcare and as resulted it is one of the credited UEA hospital. Mafraq hospital has been honoured with several awards.

In 2011 Mafraq hospital was awarded with Diamond Sheikh Khalifa Excellent Award (SKEA) due to quality services it provided it was also being recognised by SEHA for its dedication in implementing the EFQH model which aims to provide institution culture.

Mafraq hospital has been able to open and corporate many clinic in the area. This has enabled it to compete with its competitors successful and thus increasing its market share.

Mafraq hospital has been able to introduce customer care unit which has enable it to provide quality services to its customer. Through the customer care unit Mafraq is able to know what the customer want and what they need to improve.

In the year 2011, Dr.Mondy Hammad of Mafraq hospital won prestigious Arab Health Award. He and his team we appointed from over 190 submissions from 16 countries. All this is justification of the achievement of the Mafraq hospital.

Establishment Mafraq hospital operates an Abu health services which is concerned with curative activities of the clinics and public hospital of the Emirate. It is identified that Mafraq will open another advanced hospital in 2014 which aimed to provide services to its customers.

We will write a custom Report on Mafraq Hospital specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These is meant to reach all the people as the new hospital will have more facilities and of new technology. The new hospital will serve as community hospital to provide quality services to the Abu Dhabi which is one of the fastest growing areas.

Services of the Mafraq Hospital Mafraq hospital has trained staffs that provide consultant’s services to its customers. From the research done shows that many patients have been coming to access consultant services in Mafraq hospital

Mafraq hospital also provides services like medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics, as well as surgical ‎and critical services. In addition, Mafraq hospital also provides training of physicians and nurses. This has helped the Mafraq hospital to improve the health of the community.

Mafraq hospital also operates the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Identification of Stakeholders Need The Mafraq hospital has established the channel through which the policies of the organisation are communicated to the stakeholder. These channels help the management to provide the quality services to the customers.

It also established the means of collecting the information to the customers. These help the management of the Mafraq hospital to focus on the overall goal of the organisation.

Mafraq hospital has established customer care unit and Mafraq ambassador. This has helped the management to determine the customer needs which help them to improve their services.

Customer care unit has also helped to predict the future demand of the services of the Mafraq hospital. These help them to determine when to open a new branch to bring services closer to the customers. The customer care unit has also helped the Mafraq hospital to increase the market share of the company.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Mafraq Hospital by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Mafraq hospital has also complied with all the state policy. This has enabled the customers and the employees to enjoy full protection by the state policy.

Capability of Mafraq dependent upon balancing and satisfying the needs of all relevant stakeholders, like employees, customers, suppliers, investors and society in general. Business excellence models have provided framework that enabled the Mafraq hospital to alter its process and operations in the most effective way.

Strength of Identification Stakeholders


# Strength RADAR Approach Deployment Assessment


Ashtead Quantitative Research Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Introduction Background Information

Ashtead group provides rental solutions in various situations such as facilities management, nonresidential construction markets, disaster relief, traffic management and major event management. It provides equipment such as lifts, powers, generates, moves, digs, pumps, and directs for rental purposes.

It was founded in 1947 as Ashtead Plant Hire Equipment Limited. The Group trades in the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AHT (Ashtead Group PLC. 2012a; Ashtead Group Plc. 2012c)

Markets Division

The company operates in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. In the US, it operates under the brand name Sunbelt Rentals and A-plant in the UK.

Sunbelt has over 372 outlets across various cities in the US while A-plant has over 110 outlets in the major cities of the UK. In the US, the Group has engaged about 6,822 employees while in the UK, it has employed about 1,916 employees.

The operating revenue for Sunbelt as at 31st October 2012 amounted to 1,041 million while for A-plant amounted 199 million. Based on the comparisons above, it is evident that the operations of Ashtead Group in the US are greater than the operations in the United Kingdom.

Market share of Ashtead Group is greater in the US than the UK. In the US, it is the second largest in the equipment rental business while in the UK it is the third largest (Ashtead Group Plc. 2012b; Ashtead Group Plc. 2012d, Ashtead Group Plc. 2012f).

Issues Facing the Management

The key issue facing management is how to manage the leverage level of the group so as to attract new investors (Smith


The Issue of Advance Medical Directives Essay essay help online

The use of advance medical directives in the Western countries is discussed as the possibility to resolve many ethical and legal questions in relation to incurable patients, and the practice is explained from the point of respect for the patients’ autonomy and their dignity.

However, this issue is impossible to be discussed only from one perspective. If the idea of advance medical directives is rather typical for the Western countries, the readiness of the Muslim countries to use the practice is rather questionable.

Hamdan Al-Jahdali and the group of researchers state that the concept of advance medical directives can be translated to the Muslim society, but it is impossible to agree with the statement completely because this perspective is controversial, and there are many cultural and religious barriers which are associated with the ethical aspects of the question.

It is necessary to respond to many traditional visions of the Muslim understanding of the death concept to use the Western concept of advance medical directives in these countries.

On the one hand, having the possibility to provide the advance directives, the incapacitated patients manipulate the right to have the definite autonomy and control their life. On the other hand, Muslims can act against the will of God in this situation. It is the traditional vision of the case which is the main barrier to admit the Westerners’ practice.

The situation is complicated with the fact that according to the religious beliefs, it is impossible to reject the necessary treatment and it is impossible to make the decisions about euthanasia or suicide. As a result, there are many controversies which are associated with the ethical aspect of using advance medical directives.

The issue of advance directives depends on many religious questions which can be discussed from different perspectives separately, but their combination in relation to the problem of advance directives provides the next barrier because of the challenges to find the single appropriate decision.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hamdan Al-Jahdali and the other researchers present their interpretation of different statements connected with the issue which are provided in the Quran. The problem is in the fact that many Muslims do not see the whole picture and cannot make the ethically and religiously right decision.

That is why, to overcome the first barrier, it is necessary to provide the explanation that the usage of advance directives is not connected with supporting possible suicides and medically approved murders.

As a result, the second barrier can be overcome accentuating the clear statements supported by the quotations from the Quran that the choice of treatment and the abstinence from seeking therapy adopted in the Muslim society have many common features in their nature with the concept of advance directives.


Toxicological Issues at a Hazardous Waste Site Research Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

An Overview of the Report This report is about an industrial site that has been used for discarding wastes by two companies. The companies have been operating for a period close to sixty years. The site is situated on the upper side of a residential area and separated by an approximate distance of one mile.

Running through the site is a stream that serves the community in some ways. First, the stream is an income-generating source as it is a prominent fishing ground.

There is an underground water withdrawal point at the site that is used to bring in water to the residents. The villagers pump water from the stream to their nearby farms for irrigation.

There are however, few environmental negative aspects noted at the waste site. Approaching the site, a strong pungent smell from chemicals released by the two companies hits the air. A critical evaluation of the site reveals that there one hundred drums that unfortunately are not marked.

The drums are rusting and most of them have cracked. Further evaluation leads to the finding of various hazardous wastes that include PCBs, Chromium wastes, Acrylamide and Toluene Diisocynate (DTI).

Thesis Statement This report was written after a visit to the site and it seeks to analyze the environmental conditions at the site, find the toxicants, their routes of exposure along with the mechanisms of toxicity.

The report makes recommendations on the actions that should be taken to avert an epidemic and other toxicological effects that could be caused by toxicants. This is after an analysis of the exposure limits of the toxicants and the assessment of the risks at the site.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Analysis of the Wastes

The hazardous wastes found at site are industrial products discarded by the companies and by-products of the manufacturing processes. The wastes are a mixture of solids, gases, sludge, and liquids. The wastes are dangerous and harmful to the environment and human health.


These are the Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) wastes. They are compounds of hydrocarbons and are mainly synthetic (Deng, 1990). Their level of toxicity varies and widely ranges depending on their color i.e. whether they are yellow, black, waxy solids or if they are light-colored liquids.

They are common in industries because they are the main components of insulators. Industrial products that contain PCBs include most electrical equipment such as capacitors, electromagnets, voltage regulators, transformers, and reclosers.

Cable insulators and other materials that make thermal insulators such as foam, fiberglass, and felt also have PCB.

The PCBs at the site are exposed to the environment during the manufacturing processes. This is in addition to the poor mechanisms of dumping wastes used by the companies. The maintenance of the site is poor. This increases the exposure levels making the wastes more hazardous.

Keen observation of the site also revealed that there were leaches streaming into the site. This could only mean that the companies have some of their waste storage tanks poorly maintained.

PCBs do not rot. They create a cycle around the soil, air, and water for many years. They are carried as loads and moved to far of distances if found in water Just like other toxicants, PCBs have bioaccumulative effects. This is mainly in animals and crops used for human consumption.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Toxicological Issues at a Hazardous Waste Site specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the site fish from the stream and the irrigated crops have huge amounts of the toxicant. The toxicological effects of PCBs are many and varied (Flora, 1987). A part from causing cancer, they impair the nervous system, endocrine system, and the reproductive system.

Research by health practitioners confirms that PCBs have both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic effects. The most common PCB mixture associated with cancer is bioaccumulative in fish. Residents therefore, feed on fish that is exposed to PCB. They are at a greater risk than the workers in the two companies are.

Exposure to PCB cuts the power of the body to respond to environmental stimulants. It also decreases the power of the body to resist Epstein-Barr virus. PCB is likely to cut the size of thymus gland.

From the reproductive front, they cut the weight of the offspring at birth, men can also experience low sperm count and a shorter gestation age in women. The manufacture of PCBs was however, banned in 1979 and the government does not allow any exposure limits.

Chromium Waste

The second hazardous waste discovered at the site was chromium waste. Chromium is a steel metal that is hard and gray in color.

The industries using the site as a waste site have for more than sixty years used Chromium in the manufacture of Stainless steel and as a component of other alloys of metals because it does not rust even at high temperatures. The companies also use it in getting average paint pigments be it yellow, green, or even red (Gosselin, 1984).

It is also used in the treatment of wood along with making chrome plates. In small amounts, the companies use it in catalysts, water treatment, making magnetic tapes and photographic chemicals. Chromium is useful to the human body as it strengthens insulin and eases the metabolism of glucose and other sugars.

The companies release Hexavalent Chromium and other Chromium wastes to the site. The wastes have carcinogenic effects. The exposure of Chromium wastes to the environment usually contaminates the air. Combustion activities within the two companies led squarely to this.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Toxicological Issues at a Hazardous Waste Site by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Elements of Chromium wastes react with dust particles from the environment to form very toxic substances with the potential to damage the health of residents. The leaches from waste storage tanks that are poorly maintained by the company directly mixes with water in the stream.

The solids wastes are discarded improperly at the site and they contaminate stream water used for fishing and irrigation. The leaching waste contaminates drinking water in the area.

Further exposure of Chromium waste to people near the site comes from the waste slag. This is inhaled as it comes by wind erosion. They also consume fish that is exposed and through skin contact with soils as they use the steam water during irrigation.

The environment in this area and its vicinity provides the largest exposure source to Chromium wastes. This includes chemical effluents, airborne emissions, and asbestos linings.

In general, it could be said that Chromium gets into the human body through consumption of fish, inhalation of emissions from the companies and skin absorption during irrigation. The regulations guiding Chromium by the government are meant to protect the public from its unpleasant effects.

The government through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) restricts to a maximum of eight hours exposure limits to five micrograms of Chromium per cubic meter of air. This cuts down the industrial risk to health impairment.

The risks include developing asthma and damaging both the skin and nasal epithelia. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulated the amount of Chromium emissions into the air from 1990 to date.


Acrylamide has carcinogenic effects and is a reproductive toxin. Its components are found in liquid form at the site and in the stream. It is highly toxic in this form as it can be inhaled; absorbed through the skin as residents work on their farms using contaminated water and consumed when the residents feed on fish.

The companies use Acrylamide in the manufacture of plastic polymers in addition to synthesizing dyes and construction of tunnels that serve to dispose their by-products to the dumping site.

The exposure of Acrylamide is largely through wastes as the companies’ use it in sieving industrial wastes to remove solids (Manahan, 1990). In the end, they discard it with water. Acrylamide has a vapour density of 2.5 and very soluble in water.

It contaminates the stream interfering with the living environment for fish. This complements it’s almost colorless nature. Following the unprotected way it is disposed, its effects tend to be very adverse.

Toluene Diisocynate

From the analysis of the site, it is clear that the two companies emit TDI. Its toxicological effect is high, as it does not dissolve in water. The main route of exposure of Toluene is through inhalation.

Small amounts of TDI cause irritation to the lungs and the respiratory tract. OSHA allows its exposure levels to a maximum of 0.02 ppm yet people close to factories can inhale as much as 2.1 ppm. This is one hundred times more than the exposure limits.

Workers in the two companies are at the risk of contacting asphyxiation if their rooms are poorly ventilated. Children in the residential areas are at the receiving end of TDI too. The risks increase because of the economic activities in the area i.e. fishing and irrigation.

Contact with the skin causes irritation and may result in inflammation of the mucous membrane. NIOSH IDLH puts the exposure limits of TDI to a scale of 2.5 ppm as an immediate danger to health and life (Toxic, 2000).

Overall Risk Assessment

An analysis of the above conditions clearly explains that the environment and the residents near the site are at risk. The toxicological effects of the available toxicants are bioaccumulative.

The outbreak of other diseases is eminent and therefore the government ought to take the initiative to avert a looming health crisis. Men, women, and children may contact diseases some of which are contagious.

Recommendation Based on the research conducted at the site, it is highly recommended that the government health departments put protective measures in place because the residents are exposed to various risks that can cause diseases now and in future.

Other effects could mean that children exposed to the toxicants could develop complications in their late twenties. This report could as well form part of the preliminary research process by the department.

It should move fast and work in collaboration with the two companies and the residents in addressing the hazardous effects of the wastes at the site. This should include taking proper care of the site by first undertaking a thorough cleaning exercise.

This will make sure that fish from the stream is safe for human consumption. Water used for irrigation will also be safe for use, as the mixed chemicals will be removed.

Examining the numerical relationship between the exposure levels and effects of the toxicants it is possible that villagers are exposed to too much toxins.

The government should stop this, as the consequences could be unmanageable. A study should be conducted to show the extent to which the toxicants explained above have affected the environment with corrective measures put in place.

References Deng, J (1990). Veterinary and Human Toxicology. New York: Oxford Press.

Flora, D (1987). Circadian reduction of Chromium. New York: Oxford Press.

Gosselin, R (1984). Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products. New York: Williams


Federal Drug Laws VS. State Medical Marijuana Acts Essay essay help online free

Marijuana is one of the most used illegal drugs in the United States of America. It is now a major concern since there is a leeway to use the drug inform of medicinal claims. Through the state law right of patients have been addressed unlike in the federal laws (Eric et al par.10).

Sixteen states including Columbia have a legal provision that permits the cultivation and use of marijuana for medication. A senate bill for the case of Los angeles is on the process of considering the use of marijuana for medical purpose.

Owing to this, businesses have started promoting legal marijuana medication on patients affordable and within the safety framework. They have gone as far as prepared themselves by opting to forming co-operates that cultivate and distribute as well as consulting and assisting patient to avoid contamination with other illuminants.

The federal substance control Act (“CSA”) prohibits the use of marijuana for whatever reasons therefore contravening the legal rights of individuals to purposes or use marijuana. The legality of marijuana raises a controversy between federal and state laws.

Under the state laws, the commerce clause is supreme since it conspicuously gives the federal government jurisdiction to punish anyone involved with either cultivation or use of marijuana or both.

Through the raich court, subsequent developments are taking place to challenge the jurisdiction of federal laws not to target marijuana users. Bipartisan coalition sponsors alongside Sam Far of California Democrat have reintroduced a legislation to protect the cannabis patients from facing prosecution as provided by the federal law jurisdiction.

The sailing through of bill 3939 would see the state law take over in federal trials. According to state law, seriously sick patients can only qualify to use Marijuana for medicinal purpose. It further permits chronic patients under the provision for people with disability as provided in American people with disability Act of 1990.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For one to qualify as a marijuana patient one has to recommended by a licensed physician to confirm. It should be in writing and kept in its original form always when in possession of marijuana.

Selling of Marijuana for commercial purposes is prohibited by federal law. The major problem arising is the prevention of diverging the use of medicinal use to non-medical.

To prevent the practice of profit making business the overhead costs should be catered for to reduce its price thus discouraging people with minds of making it a profit-generating affair.

Transportation measures are in place to avoid illegal access to the drug. The amount of marijuana and distance are restricted within the jurisdiction of federal laws.

Transpotation beyond personal needs for a patient is only allowed with condition that one has to carry a written document to proof that the drug transported is done on behalf of patients and should comply with the state laws.

Law enforcement officers have undergone enough training to quantify the yield of marijuana to ensure that the patient only produces what is needed for medication without having excess yields that could lead to commercial use.

Dispensaries have to comply with the law in terms of safety and accountability not to land the drugs in wrong hands. Dispensaries must run as non profit making corporate. Record keeping and documentation should be done confidentially and accurately nevertheless records must be well kept (Worthington par.2).

We will write a custom Essay on Federal Drug Laws VS. State Medical Marijuana Acts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Marijuana medical identifications are necessary for confidentiality.Safey on handling marijuana is a major concern both to the state and to the individuals. Those with families are endangered since the mishandling of marijuana can contaminate other foods thus incriminating the family for illegally accessing the drug.

However the main obstacle here also is the denial of testing and possession of marijuana to non qualified patients. In Los Angeles zoning is cumbersome since the law definition differs on the Interpretation of “collective”.

On one hand it implies where the crop is cultivated under one management while on the other it implies individuals in a given zone cultivating the crop. However the law is reluctant since it allows cultivation in a given zone and distributed in the city (Molina par.1).

Medicinal use of marijuana at the work place is a big challenge. Some companies are firing employees who test positive on using marijuana. It challenges the law whether to protect the employers just in case a marijuana patient causes damage property or injure someone at the workplace.

On my personal opinion, I agree that there is a policy that governs the medicinal use of marijuana in Los Angeles. The only issue is that the policy is not robust enough to filter illegal use of the drug. Part of the law should be amended in particular for the definition of “Collective “to give a clear guideline on what it is supposed to be.

The controversial clauses of the federal law should be realigned with the state law so as to avoid contradictions. The policy should elaborate and restrict on the handling of marijuana although there are several challenges.

As much as there are efforts being put in place to curb the menace it is very clear that this problem of illegal drug used cannot be completely solved. The U.S President Mr. Barrack Obama is for an official policy from Los Angeles advocates (Elias par.1).

Works Cited Elias, Paul. n.d. Huffingtonpost.n.d. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Federal Drug Laws VS. State Medical Marijuana Acts by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Eric D. Shevin


Panera Bread Company Case Study argumentative essay help

Panera Bread’s Strategy Panera Bread Company has expanded its business rapidly considering the demand of the US market; in addition, it focused on distinctive menu, prompt services, and signature café design to achieve long-term objectives and to become the dominant restaurant operator (Thompson 615).

However, this company has already launched a catering service in order to expand its market, for instance, people need such service to arrange parties or other gatherings; as a result, this company should carry out this type of effective services while it had earned more than $80 million in the fiscal year 2004/05 from this service.

Most closely fit strategy from the five generic competitive strategies:

Figure 1: The best strategy of Panera Bread

Broad differentiation strategy would fit with this company because Thompson (615) stated that the prime objective of Panera Bread is to attract local customers with quality food menu at reasonable price (typical meal costs $7 – $12) and achieve loyal customer base; however, type of competitive advantages are – it offers quality food items, atmosphere and rapid services to attract target consumers.

SWOT Analysis of Panera Bread Company Figure 2: SWOT Analysis of Panera Bread Company

Source: self-generated

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strengths

Main strongest points are –

High customer satisfaction rate in accordance with the survey report of Power and Associates’ and Sandleman


The Problem of Pesticide Contamination in US Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

How the Event Happened

The Impact of the Event

Relations with Toxicology and How to Prevent the Event


Introduction Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill wrote the article about the new evidence on Tics and Toxins. It was written in July 2012. In the month of September 2011, schoolchildren at Leroy Junior-Senior high school were affected by tic disorder.

Eighteen students were affected and after tests, the State Health Department reported that they had symptoms of dust called Tundra. Although its effect is mild and is considered safer by the US than the original DDT, its use is not allowed in Europe because of its environmental effect.

How the Event Happened The pesticide that was sprayed in a cornfield caused the outbreak of the tic disorder. This was in Western New York, Genesee County. Harris Farms managed the Cornfield whose owner was Donald Pangrazio.

The Cornfields in that region are sprayed twice a year and the effect of the pesticide was evident when the State Health Department confirmed the case in two students from two adjacent schools. In the process of spraying, the molecules of DDT and DDE spread cross to the softball fields.

The aim of spraying the cornfield was to kill earthworms. The pesticide kills the earthworms by destroying the nervous system. The investigation did not expose any environmental contamination yet a neurologist from a clinic within the vicinity diagonized the students with a conversion disorder.

This psychiatric condition causes emotional disturbance. Initially the political leadership of New York State backed this statement,

The Impact of the Event The effect of what happened caused an immediate reaction from the government as the New York State banned the use of pesticides on all fields near school playgrounds. Parents of the children who were diagonized with illness resisted the diagnosis claiming that their children were not emotionally affected.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This however, did not stop the political leadership in New York State from taking action. According to Olmsted and Blaxill, the investigating agencies of the government did not do a good job.

The evidence they collected from the responsible authorities did not show any prove of testing the bifenthrin that is the modern pesticide. The focus was instead on the types of DDT that were banned long ago.

Much of the information relied upon by both the testing agencies and Olmsted and Blaxill, was given by Don Dessert a resident of Leroy township. At first, both the school and the government department of Environmental Conservation dismissed pesticides as the likely cause of the tic outbreak.

The reasons given for this overlooked the idea that the spraying of the fields took place at a time the region was receiving the highest amount of rainfall.

The decision by the government was because no pesticides had been sprayed on the ground since the use of DDT was banned. That was just an example of how the impact of toxicology can be quite challenging.

The despite the fact that a pool of water next to the playground was ignored during investigation was a sign that the investigation was not comprehensive. Furthermore, the results did not include testing of the current pesticides that are used.

All this important elements were overlooked when the Leader of Professionals Services announced the lack of evidence that linked the soil, water, and air around the school to the contaminated molecules. Mark you, the report was said be extensive.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Problem of Pesticide Contamination in US specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The parents, professional bodies, and the government agencies received enough media coverage to dispel the fact that toxicology was having an impact on earth. This was partly contributed by the nature of conversion disorder.

Some of the symptoms shown by the girls at LeRoy were similar to those shown by animals such as rats when exposed to bifenthrin at high doses.

Documented research from California on pyrethrins a chemical that is in the same class a bifenthrin could cause autism in pregnant mothers if they exposed to it.

Relations with Toxicology and How to Prevent the Event I have never been in such a situation. However, the best way to prevent such an occurrence is to have the laws regulating the use of pesticides very precise. Genesee County for instance does not have such laws in place. Another way of preventing this effect is to use the information availed by scientists very well.

In a separate article, the Leader of Professionals Services documented that elements of DDT were found in two soccer fields (Winas, 2011).

The body however, quickly issued a statement to add that DDT was already banned in the US. Such contradictions are a cause for confusion as Toxicology takes effect. This might be realized when it is too late and therefore little would be done.

An independent medical diagnosis of the girls from LeRoy was accompanied by the report from the doctor cautioning that co-factors should not be ignored in such a case. The regulations should be enforced to make sure that those with agricultural farms put in mind the lives of other people.

The topic is directly linked to toxicology. The effect of Toxicology is cumulative. It has not been established how bifenthrin that affected the girls will influence them in future. Chances are not zero that since the girls are teenagers another effect is suppressed and it will surface later in life.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Problem of Pesticide Contamination in US by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Winas, B. (2011). Environmental toxicants and the developing immune system. New York: Repro Toxicol abstract.


The Electronics Industry Analytical Essay essay help

Introduction Communication remains one of the most important tools in the current market. The market has become increasingly competitive. As Chaston (2009, p. 78) states, the market is getting very competitive as the world embraces globalization.

The world has been turned into a global village. An American company can now make its productions in China and sell its products in India. The geographical barrier that existed before has completely been eliminated. Transport and communication has enhanced business processes.

Firms can now go beyond their borders. This is considered as one of the biggest achievements in commerce. The market has been expanded for large firms that can manage to operate globally.

However, this also comes at a cost. While an American firm will have an advantage in the fact that the scope of the market is expanded, there will be a price to pay for this. It will also be ready to receive competitors in the local market.

The electronics industry is currently considered one of the largest and the fastest developing industries in the world. This industry has had a huge impact in the world in various fronts. This industry has played the leading role in transforming the world into a global village.

Information can flow very freely from one part of the world to another, thanks to the electronics industry (Viardot 2004, p. 37). Various firms can operate in the world market with much ease because of the improved communication.

The social media has had a massive impact on the lives of people, both economically and socially. Firms are currently relying on Facebook, Tweeter and YouTube to communicate to the populace because of the improved communication strategies. Electronics have become basics in the society.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Analysis of the Industry by Porters Five Forces

According to Handlechner (2008, p. 25), the market for electronics, and specifically personal computers have been on a constant rise in the last two decades. Emerging technologies are changing the social structure of societies around the world.

Communication has become very important in the lives of different individuals in the world. In the office, a personal computer is needed to store data and easily retrieve them. It is also useful in preparing various documents within the office. A manager will need a personal computer to track various records relevant to the organization.

Back at home, computers are very useful for entertainment, especially as a form of social networking. To a student, personal computers will be useful in performing various tasks that are related to their studies, including research. Every organization in the current world cannot operate normally without a personal computer.

With this massive growth of the market for this product, various firms have come out with various brands of computers to tap on the growing opportunity for this product. Apple has been one of the leading firms that have been considered as the leading manufacturers of personal computers.

Dell is facing a serious market competition from Dell in the manufacture and sale of personal computers in the United States and other overseas countries. Apple has proven to be the main threat of Dell in this industry for a number of reasons. The United States still remains that most attractive market for personal computers.

The market is large enough, and the purchasing power is strong enough to support the industry (McLaughlin


Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real? Research Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Introduction Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral and psychiatric disorder that affects at least one in every 20 children in the western world (Pineda, Ardila, RosselliMet al, 1999).

It is characterized by hyperactivity or impulsiveness, and in most cases, difficulties in paying attention. Since 1970s, there has been a debate over the existence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

In fact, the existence of the condition, its treatment and diagnosis, have been considered controversial topics since the condition was first suggested in the medical, psychology and education.

The controversial aspect of ADHD has attracted researchers from a number of fields, with an aim of determining whether the condition is real or whether it is a myth (Brown, Freeman, Perrin, et al, 2001).

Yes, ADHAD exists and Is a Brain Condition That Affects Children and Adults The American psychiatric Association (2004) asserts that ADHD actually exists and in the United States alone, it affects at least one in every 20 children. Studies have shown that sufferers of ADHD have relatively similar symptoms.

These symptoms includes inattention (the patients are easily disrupted), impulsivity as well as hyperactivity. In addition, APA (2004) asserts that ADHD victims may have a number of their aspects of behavior and performance adversely affected both at home and school.

Studies reveal that the condition may persist throughout adolescent, and in some cases, it may progress towards adulthood.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Over the last three decades, biomedical studies have confirmed the existence of the condition. For instance, the study by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2008) found that the condition has a strong genetic linkage, with a high rate of hereditary and running in certain family lines.

In fact, this study confirmed that about 75% of all the cases are hereditary (Swanson, Sergeant, Taylor, et al, 1998). Recently, studies by Arcos-Bugos and colleagues (2010) have identified a number of candidate genes that are closely associated with the condition, including DAT1, DRD5, DRD4, HTR1B, 5HTT and SNAP25.

In fact, most of these genes are associated with and may affect dopamine transporters, further provides a strong indication of the presence of ADHD as a hereditary factor.

In addition, studies by Geizer, Ficks and Waldama (2009) have shown that a gene variant LPHN3 accounts for more than 9% of all the ADHD cases. These studies provide a strong evidence of the existence of ADHD.

No, ADHD Does Not Exist According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (1999), opinions regarding the existence of ADHD include a belief that the condition does not exist at all. Other opinions attempt to make the people belief that the condition is a purely hereditary factor running in families.

In addition, according to NIHCE (2004), ADHD diagnosis lacks any biological basis, indicating that the condition could only be an exaggeration of one of the known psychiatric conditions rather than a disease by its own.

According to Ramsey (2007), ADHD is a controversy that only results from a misunderstanding and misconception of diagnosis criteria and how medical practitioners use these criteria.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Personal Opinion on ADHD and Application in the Classroom ADHD is a psychiatric condition that should not be ignored in education. The fact that students with ADHD normally tend to be disrupted from concentrating in the class is a factor that requires adequate measures to ensure that student’s conditions are addressed (Biederman, Wilens, Mick et al, 1998).

Screening and testing is necessary to determine the children who require special attention.

Considering ADHD in the classroom, a teacher would observe the affected child getting frequent cases of inattention, which in turn disorients the child. Special education may be required in cases where the child’s condition is advanced.

References American Psychiatric Association. (2004). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Washington: American Psychiatric Association

Arcos-Burgos, M., Jain, M., Acosta, M. T., Shively, S., et al. (2010). A common variant of the latrophilin 3 gene, LPHN3, confers susceptibility to ADHD and predicts effectiveness of stimulant medication. Mol Psychiatry 15(11), 1053-66

Biederman, J., Wilens, T., Mick, E., et al. (1998). Is ADHD a risk factor for psychoactive substance use disorders? Findings from a four-year prospective follow-up study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 36, 21–29

Brown, R. T., Freeman, W. S., Perrin, J. M., et al. (2001). Prevalence and assessment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in primary care settings. Pediatrics, 2(4), 107-114

Gizer, I R., Ficks, C., Waldman, I. D. (2009). Candidate gene studies of ADHD: a meta-analytic review. Hum Genet 126(1), 51-90

Not sure if you can write a paper on Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. (2008). CG72 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). London: NIHCE

Pineda, D., Ardila, A., Rosselli, M, et al. (1999). Prevalence of attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder symptoms in 4- to 17-year-old children in the general population. J Abnorm Child Psychol, 27, 455–462.

Ramsay, J. R. (2007). Cognitive behavioral therapy for adult ADHD. New York: Routledge

Swanson, J. M., Sergeant, J. A., Taylor, E., et al. (1998). Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and hyperkinetic disorder. Lancet, 351, 429–433

US department of health and human services. (1999). Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Washington, DC: department of health and human services.


The Societal View of Medicine and Treatment Expository Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Inquiry into the interaction between culture and medical practice has gained more ground with the passing years. The advancement in certain studies, such as sociology and psychology, has provided impetus for better understanding of the relationships between these fields.

The western medicine has been based on scientific inquiry. It relies on research and advancement of scientific methods. Treatment is often based on prove of evidence and diagnosis is purely based on findings considered scientifically sound.

Even then, a flash back into the field of medicine shows a very intricate relationship between culture and treatment. Culture has several bearings on a number of issues, which are absolutely important for the choice of medication. In the first place, culture defines what would be considered a disease in some context.

Furthermore, it determines whether such a disease warrantees the ill person to seek health intervention or not (Setha, 1988).

Culture defines the kind of medication or intervention a person chooses. It also determines the kind of treatment and the interaction between the healer and the sick person.

Evidently, the medical community has come to the appreciation of this vital interaction. It is such understanding, which forms the basis for the development of studies, such as medical ethnography. This deliberate and focused inquiry into culture and treatment is bound to reveal the interconnectivity between these issues.

This liberates both the practitioners and the sick to realize what is at odds in a medical treatment intervention. This way, more holistic approach to the healing process is likely to be practiced. The final result will be achievement of more effective treatments (Ren, Amick,


Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process Expository Essay essay help online

Poetry plays an important role in a learning process, specifically when poems are applied to teaching various disciplines. Although children sometimes prefer narrative verses to the lyrics ones, they can contribute greatly to improving pronunciation and spelling, as well memorizing various terms.

It is very important for teachers to introduce poetry in an oral form for children to develop their reading and speaking skills. Rhythm and rhyme, therefore, are crucial for attracting children attention and engaging them into accomplishing various assignments.

Using rhythmic patterns allows children to develop a new understanding of various issues in reading, as well as invent new means of comprehension. Poetry, as an emotionally colored means of written text, comprises imagery and sound that contribute to advancement of children’s intellectual and response mechanisms.

Therefore, due to such important attributes of poetry, as rhythm, repetition patterns, and rhyme, children can significantly promote their understanding of complicated terms. More importantly, it also contributes to their memorizing skills.

The interaction between children and poetry is characterized by strong materials (Glazer and Williams 271). These comprise good plots, rich settings, well-developed characters, vital and educative themes, and artistic styles that employ bold and creative language (Glazer and Williams 279).

This element of novelty is developed by the author, who first understands and comprehends the nature of the audience, or the child age bracket (Glazer and Williams 282). The authors then proceed to prepare the content. It is a common argument among children poets that they create good pieces, irrespective of whether the children like them or not.

According to Glazer and Williams (284), authors argue that their compositions are built of strong materials, and the likes and silikes of children cannot be used as a basis for determingn the quality of the literatur. They further claim that poetry should be judged as literature on its own merit, and children should them be given the most appropriate literature (Glazer and Williams 298).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lukens defines poetry as a concise, intense, and flamboyant type of literary work that employs the elements of sound and language to develop emotion and targeted notions. Poetry is aimed at developing emotional intensity through the use of rhythmic or figurative language.

All forms of poetry, including children poetry use various styles to bring out the intended emotion. These styles include: “alliteration, metaphors, similes, symbolism, personification, assonance, consonance, allusion, onomatopoeia, internal rhyme, and rhyme scheme” (Likens 8).

There are various forms of poetry including narrative poems, free verse, ballads, diamante, and cinquam.

While considering poetry language and its value for developing children’s comprehension and memory, specific emphasis should be placed on literary and figurative devices.

In particular, literary images include tactile, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory ones where figurative tools are composed of such stylistic devices as metaphor, personification, and simile (Russell 50). These qualities can help children broaden imagination and acquire new experience in operation various notions.

Poetry language, therefore, is a powerful skill in exploring new dimensions of learning approaches. Visual tools represented in poem can help children to see the objects and describe them in the most effective way whereas tactile devices appeal to children’s sense of touch (Russell 50).

Auditory skills can also be developed by reading and listening to poems. For instance, the poetic texts can allow children to distinguish a variety of animal sounds. Finally, there are poems performing kinesthetic functions that refer mostly to motions and actions.

We will write a custom Essay on Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Such poetic works are helpful in case they are combined with the actions mentioned in the poem. The introduction of rhythmic patterns is helpful because they promote children memorizing skills. In this respect, poetry language can be indispensible to learning new figures in mathematics, natural phenomena, or the names of animals.

Using metaphors, simile, and personification complements the meaning of the poetic works, as well as provide children with greater understanding of how various phenomena could be explained.

Children are not attracted to reading as easily as grownups; therefore, their reading materials should not include difficult terms or abstract concepts. According to Hillman (34), poems and other literary works that are targeted at children display five key features.

First, their characters are either children or portray childlike characteristics. Second, their context is based on typical childhood experiences that are expressed from a child’s perspective. Third, they use straightforward and direct plots that focus on the action or intended emotion.

Fourth, they send out an image of innocence and optimism, such that they leave the audience emotional and happy. Fifth, they are based on both real and fictional events in order to enhance the sense of imagination.

These characteristics are common among children authors since they portray the way that adults converse with children, using short and simple texts.

Over the past few decades, there has been increased interest in the features of children poetry, which has led to a lot of research in that field (Russell 34). One of the areas under study involves the typical methods used to express children’s poetry.

These include vivid illustrations, humorous narrative, and simple and memorable lines. According to Russell (50), most of children’s poetry uses simple words and lines that children can comprehend and use in their activities.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Complex terms and nonfigurative notions in poetry tend to discourage children from advancing their interest and comprehension of the concepts of poetry. Since children have low education level and minimal life experience, any poetry directed at them should have straightforward wording and language that the children can grasp with ease.

Children still have a lot to learn, and their comprehension for poetry is still undeveloped. Children are more attracted to poetry that is written in their language compared to poetry that uses profound language that is beyond their age.

Hence, children can only be interested in literary work that uses simple language to explain the idea, image, and action in poetry.

Russell (58) also notes that children link poetry to fun, hence, children should find poetry amusing for them to be interested in it. Humor is a vital component that authors use to seize the attention of children and cause them to read.

Children’s poetry is most successful in getting through to the readers if its combines simple words to describe situations that are familiar to the children with humorous narrative. Russell (62) states “children love silly nonsense that tickles their funny bones” to emphasize the vital role of humor in children poetry.

For children authors to appeal to children with their poems, they need to consider the element of entertainment in the form of humor, since children are open and willing to try out fun things.

Another area that has attracted a lot of research is the literary devices employed in children’s poetry. Such elements include lively imagery, rhythm and rhyme, personification and word-play.

While rhythm and rhyme make the poems melodious, fun and easy to remember, lively imagery stimulates the various senses when children are reading poems (Lukens 76). Studies claim that imagery is one of the most valuable devices in children’s poetry (Lukens 76).

In addition, research shows that children pay a lot of attention to imagery in poetry. Lukens (75) states that imagery is the most recurrently employed literary device, and most essential in the development of the setting and mood of the poem.

Imagery also aids in enhancing the understanding of a concept and stretches the insight of the children when reading the poem (Lukens 86).

Russell suggests that personification is a vital element in children’s poetry, especially for the very young. Personification involves the issuing of human qualities to inanimate objects, which makes poetry lively and attractive to children readers.

Instances of personification such as a dancing cat or a talking car appeal to the animalistic view of children since it allows them to relate to poems that have both human and inanimate characters (Russell 91).

Word play is also a vital component of children’s poetry that allows children to make up words as part of their learning process. Word-play employs the manipulation of words that make up the poem in a playful manner in order to appeal to the children.

Children poems should aim at encouraging children to play with words, which add both humor and delight to the reading process. Word-play is most useful when reading the poems aloud, which enhances the pleasure of listening and uttering the words.

Such sound patterns as rhythm and rhyme are inherent components that allow children to work out strategies for memorizing notion, definitions, and word combinations.

Use of alliteration, consonance, assonance, and repetition provides more perspective for reading comprehension, as well as allows children to define which syllables are stressed and which ones are not.

Other literary elements that are used in children’s narratives include plot, characterization, style, setting, theme, and point of view. Poems do not employ all these elements, though the ones used like theme and plot help to develop a memorable reading experience.

Plots are vital in constructing the conflict, which builds the narrative to a happy ending in order for it to e appealing to the children. According to Lukens (99), plots involve a struggle that is overcome. These struggles can be in the form of person verses person, nature, society, or self (Likens 102).

Based on the entities involved in the struggle, authors can employ the element of personification to portray diverse views of the scenario. Themes are vital elements that determine whether the children find it easy to understand the flow of the poem.

Most of the themes considered in children’s poetry involve simple life experiences that they are familiar with. This allows them to relate to true experiences or familiar thoughts as the authors encourage them to use the element of imagery.

The content of a poem can be based upon an experience like playing with friends, playing a video game, or facing punishment from parents. Such themes that provide content which is familiar to the children are useful in making successful children poetry.

The development of children is based on the ideas of freedom and emotion that are expressed in their learning material (Glazer and Williams 301). As a result, authors should focus on delivering literature that is valuable in enhancing the productivity of the children.

The focus of researchers on children literature is due to the challenges faced by authors who prepare their reading material. The content for children literature does not employ intricate concepts and vocabulary like that used for adult reading material.

Hence, studies revolving around the appeal of children literature, and especially poetry, have revealed interesting concepts. The studies analyzed in this paper focus on the characteristics of children’s poetry based on the analysis of techniques used to obtain the appropriate content.

The deduction obtained emphasize on the use of familiar situations to develop themes and content for the poems, in order for the children to identify with them. In addition, there are specific expression techniques that appeal to children such as simple and memorable lines, humorous narrative, personification, and imagery.

Lastly, authors also consider the plot and theme of the poems, since this provides the environment where the various styles like rhyme and word-play can be employed appropriately.

Verses do not necessarily focus on explaining certain meanings and definitions. Rather, there are poems that seek to deliver comic themes that do not have sense, but which should be read by children to explain what rhyme, rhythm, and meter mean (Russell 52).

The children poetry, therefore, can be used in form of a play to amuse children and attract their attention. With regard to the above-presented characteristics, poems can represent various themes and topics, including the once originating from real life and the ones coming from history (Russell 52).

There are also narrative poems that cover story poems based on themes about various characters and plots and lyric poetry that is premised on ancient Greek poetry.

Due to the variety and great availability of poetry, teachers heavily employ it in a learning process. Reading poetry aloud is among the most efficient strategies because children’s oral language forms the basis for later development of literacy.

Reading activities should be based on understanding meaning, as well as all unknown words (Russell 52). Attention should also be given to punctuation, stress, and rhythmic patterns. It is also important to use poems for dramatic performance. Use of special effects, as well as decorations, can enhance children’s motivation to take part in the activity.

Choral poetry is another approach that can be applied by teacher to encourage children’s participation. Incorporating gestures, movements, and body language will help children understand how to work in teams. Choral pronunciation of poetry can also teach children to adjust to the rhythm.

In addition, there could be various options while reading poems in groups, including solo, unison, or three-to-five people groupings. During such activities, perfection of pronunciation and sense of rhythm should be the main purpose.

Once all the approaches and activities are properly managed, children may proceed with making up simple verses, which also contributes to the development of imagination.

In conclusion, such qualities of poetry as rhythm, rhyme, as well as use of imaginary and figurative devices, contribute to learning experience of children. Specifically, teachers can introduce various activities, including reading aloud, pronouncing words, and developing performances.

Integrating poetry into a learning process is indispensible to developing children’s memorizing skills and enhancing their understanding of various notions that relate to auditory and visual phenomena.

Applying poem to learning various disciplines, therefore, can contribute to broadening children’s imagination. Overall, poetic language is much simpler than prose narrative because it has repetitive patterns.

Works Cited Glazer, Joan I. and Gurney Williams. Introduction to Children’s Literature. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, 1979. Print.

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Strategic Planning in a Nursing Institution Compare and Contrast Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Strategic planning is a tool used by businesses and organizations, to guide their operations. It is a long term process of defining a company’s strategy, direction, and ways of distributing resources, so as to achieve objectives with maximum efficiency.

It presents a company’s mission, vision, core values, and to some extent, the strategy used by a company, to achieve its goals (Bryson, 2011). There are different models of strategic planning.

This paper looks at two models; issue-based and alignment models, in a bid to show their similarities and differences. Thereafter, it shows how the issue-based model can be used by a nursing institution.

People often say that failing to plan is planning to fail. This shows why strategic planning is vital for both public and non-profit organizations (Burkhart


The Grounds of popularity of Jepsen’s Song “Call Me, May Be?” Analytical Essay best essay help

Rapid development of the World Wide Web and telecommunications has introduced tangible shifts in communication. Nowadays people all over the world have much greater opportunities for exchanging information and sharing their opinions on political, cultural, and social situation.

Specific attention should be given to the transition from personal, face-to-face communication to interpersonal and open communication via online channels and by mobile communication systems.

With regard to the above discussion, the writers Balouris, Shriver, and Sisario dedicate their articles to discussing the impact of social media development on shaping new forms of communication.

Their claims are specifically premised on the currently released song Call Me, Maybe? by Carley Ray Jepsen. The song content relates to the changing patterns in social interaction.

Balouris (2012), representing the Leadership Academic Blog, focuses on the importance of interpersonal communication, as well as how it is impacted by the emergence of mobile communication and social media. In particular, the author refers to such issues as appearance of a new generation whose communication will be dominated by social media.

Although Balouris (2012) does not criticize social media development, the author still notes, “some many things – tone of voice, facial expression, body language – are lost when conversation happen through a computer screen or phone screen” (n. p.).

Despite the loss of traditional distribution channels of information, the innovative techniques integrated by social media still have a positive impact on communication. This is of particular concern to development of online networks connecting people all over the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To prove the evident benefits of social media, Balouris (2012) provides persuasive statistics on constantly increasing percentage of users on Facebook ad Twitter. The new communication channels, therefore, have “…incredible power to make and shape the news and public opinion” (Balouris, 2012).

Apart from social dimension, the newly emerged online channels contribute to the development of political thoughts that provide various political campaigns all over the world.

Similar to Balouris (2012), Shriver (2010) does not confine to the discussion of Jepsen’s popular song and refers to other interesting contexts associated with it. In particular, the writer connects the issue of telecommunication with successful techniques that can be used while speaking with clients by phone.

The major recommendations are associated with note taking, anticipating, and pleasing the client. Telephone communication, therefore, is a new branch of science introducing efficient techniques for obtaining, sharing, and exchanging information.

In this respect, note taking of telephone calls differs much from similar process applied during personal meetings. Communication by means of mobile phones is much more complicated because it is very hard to predict the recipient reaction. At the same time, the speaker can also be more prepared to the conversation due to the absence of face-to-face confrontation.

Shriver’s (2010) advice on better phone communication relates to a business sphere rather than to daily communication, which points’ to the rapid integration of new social media to all spheres of life. Pleasing the client, therefore, is another recommendation that should be applied to attract consumers’ attention.

Similar to traditional communication, telephone conversation should start with attention grabbing phrases that will compensate scarcity of non-verbal approaches. In particular, Shriver (2010) stresses, “conference calls are great in working with other businesses around the country and even across the globe however it is limiting” (n. p.).

We will write a custom Essay on The Grounds of popularity of Jepsen’s Song “Call Me, May Be?” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Despite the shifts in interaction, nothing can replace such modes of nonverbal communication as a friendly smile or a handshake. Cultural aspects of conducting business are crucial for meeting the need of globalized community. Shriver (2010) steps far away from the topic introduced in Jepsen’s popular composition, but the writer’s advice is quite helpful.

Social media influence is also recognized by Sisario, the New York Times journalist who also discusses the new hit by Jepsen, Call Me, May Be? in context of new communication patterns. The author also deliberates on the overall influence of social media on the music industry, as well as on other spheres.

In particular, there are bright examples of how such famous online media as YouTube is employed to advertize songs and influence public opinion. Tweeter is also used by popular signers, such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, to advertise their songs.

More importantly, Sisario (2012) stresses that the emergence of YouTube has made radio a less important social media device because “nearly two-thirds of teenagers listen to music on YouTube, more than other medium” (Sisario, 2012).

Such a tendency, therefore, has a potent impact on cultural perception, as well as on the necessity of music producers to change their advertising and commercial techniques. Within this context, the writer also analyzes Jepsen’s attitude to the internet, particular to its incredible impact on the spread of music.

Serving as a driving force, the search engines are powerful tools for promoting musical compositions. This domain of advertising could be regarded as a step forward in promoting commercial projects.

Although the World Wide Web takes advantage over the other media platforms, the radio has not lost its positions. In this respect, the author explains “There’s not a million-seller out there that doesn’t have radio play…but its first million generally doesn’t come from radio” (n. p).

The song presents a bright example of how social media can be employed for marketing purposes. However, the success of the venture has little support in terms of theoretical approaches worked out to use online media as a new means of promoting products.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Grounds of popularity of Jepsen’s Song “Call Me, May Be?” by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Internet does not allow the producers to predict consumer behaviors accurately. Nevertheless, conventional means of advertizing are not less efficient because the product success depends on many other aspects, such as economic, social, and cultural tendencies.

In fact, the use of YouTube videos has captured the attention of million users all over the worlds, which minimizes the use of such media platforms as radio and television.

Introduction of new communication devices, including social networks, mobile communication, and online media platforms, have contributed greatly to all spheres of life.

Nevertheless, all the articles discussed above do not exclude the value conventional personal communication in all aspects of life, should it music industry, business, or daily interaction. This is of particular concern to nonverbal devices of sharing, exchanging, and storing information.

Analyzing the grounds of popularity of Jepsen’s song Call Me, May Be?, the writers have managed to cover such important topics as the influence of media culture on communication, challenges of interacting by means of wireless devices, and the use of the Internet as a powerful marketing tool.

New generation of users, therefore, can adjust to a new social environment to achieve successful communication and develop new techniques compensating the scarcity of nonverbal devices that could be produced online.

References Balouris, M. C. (2012). Call Me, Maybe? Marielena’s Presidential Leadership Academy Blog. Web.

Shriver (2012). Call Me, Maybe? Intern. Web.

Sisario, B. (2012). The new rise of a summer hit: Tweet it maybe. The New York Times. Web.