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In the past century, America has had great success in increasing life expectancy, since its achievement of the public health policies. Though there are over twenty public health achievements made over the century, the control of infectious diseases and tobacco use are the two critical achievements that seem to stand out. It is for these accomplishments that the health status of Americans has been improved, enhancing the quality of life.

A social habit that was once accepted in the United States is now the cause of millions of deaths, and has proved to be a long lasting problem. Smoking was accepted in the nineteenth century until in the twentieth century when lung cancer became an epidemic among cigarette smokers. Over the century, researchers have documented over 10000 articles that link smoking to cancer. After years of research, the Advisory Committee to the U.S. Surgeon General declared cigarette smoking as a cause of lung cancer in 1964.

It is only after the declaration of cigarette smoking as a health hazard in United States that efforts were made to control this habit. Passive smoking, which is usually as a result of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, was also declared to have adverse health effects to the public. Even though the number of deaths associated with cigarette smoking has reduced, the habit is still on-going; thus, posing risk to the next generation (Prohaska et al., 2012).

On the other hand, the declaration made on the control of infectious diseases saw a massive drop of infant, and child mortality. In 1900, the mortality rate for children under the age of 5 was 34%, but with the changes made in the health sector, the number had decreased to 1.4% in 1997.

Before the discovery of micro-organisms as the cause of infectious diseases, the leading causes of deaths were tuberculosis, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Decades later, the discovery of antibiotics, implementation of childhood immunization programs, and improvement of hygiene and sanitation has considerably decreased child mortality (Tulchinsky


Should the US declare China a currency manipulator? Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Supporting arguments

Counter argument


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Introduction There has been a raging debate as to whether the US should declare China a currency manipulator. The debate has resulted from Beijing’s behavior in international trade that seeks to dominate the international market. China intentionally maintains its exchange rate lower than that of the United States to make its products cheaper than products of the US (Brown par2). This gives them an unfair trade advantage.

The debate involves two sides: opponents and proponents. Opponents claim that declaring China a currency manipulator will harm relations between the two countries and create a trade war (Klein par3). On the other hand, proponents claim that China should be declared a currency manipulator because it gains trade advantage over other countries using dubious means (Brown par3). The US should declare China a currency manipulator because it uses illegal, unethical, and unfair means to gain trade advantage over other countries.

Supporting arguments First, China should be declared a currency manipulator because it uses unethical means to gain trade advantage (Lazear par4). Laws of the United States give power to the Treasury Department to identify countries that use dubious means to manipulate their currencies in order to gain trade advantage.

The Chinese currency is cheaper compared to the American currency. This gives China trade advantage over the US. It intentionally keeps its currency value lower than that of the US dollar (Klein par5). This is unethical because the value of a country’s currency should be dictated by trade activities on the international market (Lazear par4). A low exchange rate enables China to produce goods cheaply and sell them at a higher price against the American dollar that is more expensive.

American companies cannot compete with Chinese companies fairly because their exchange rates vary significantly (Lazear par5). As such, costs of production are higher in America. China has dominated American merchandise markets with cheap goods that make it difficult for American companies to sell their products. Entry into American markets has been described as a strategy to keep exchange rate low and block its currency from rising to a market-determined value (Lazear par7).

Secondly, China should be declared a currency manipulator because its low exchange rate has adverse effects on economy of the United States (Roach par3). Legislative action is necessary on China because America’s trade deficit is enlarging mainly due to economic pressure exerted on jobs and national income.

Currency manipulation has led to loss of market share by the United States (Lazear par5). This has affected companies, workers, and reduced availability of jobs. Research has shown that trade deficit has averaged at a value of 4.4 percent of the total GDP, a figure that has not changed for the last eight years (Roach par5). China is responsible for increase in trade deficit. It presents a serious economic threat to the US because it does not facilitate a level playing ground for trade on the international market.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thirdly, China manipulation of their exchange rate is a threat to the global economy (Roach par6). It is therefore in the interest of the world to adjust its rate to a fair market value. Global trade imbalance between countries is a threat to stability and sustenance of global economy. Many economists have argued that China’s saving glut is a major source of global economic instability.

Counter argument Opponents argue that China should not be declared currency manipulator because such a decision will cause trade wars and strain the relationship between the two countries. They argue that China’s actions are not to blame for US’s widening trade deficit (Wu par4). The main cause of the trade deficit is a shortfall of net national saving rate. The rate has deteriorated since 2008 and has not shown any signs of improvement.

They also refute claims that China manipulates their exchange rate because their currency has risen by 31.4 percent since 2005 (Lazear par8). This increase is more than is required by the Schumer-Graham bill. China is cautious because a sharp increase in the value of its currency might have adverse effects on its economy (Lazear par9). Furthermore, it has shown willingness to bring its currency to fair market values gradually.

Conclusion The debate on whether the US should declare China a currency manipulator has been ongoing for a long time. China has been accused of manipulating its exchange rate in order to gain trade advantage. Currency manipulation is a threat to the economy of the United States and the global economy because it leads to loss of jobs and poor performance of companies.

It has led to loss of a significant market share by the US. Opponents claim that China is not the cause of the widening trade deficit but a declining national saving culture. They also argue that China has shown willingness to adjust its currency value because its value has increased by 31.5 percent since 2005. Currency manipulation is a threat to global economy and the economy of the US. Therefore, China should be declared a currency manipulator by the United States.

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We will write a custom Essay on Should the US declare China a currency manipulator? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lazear, E. Chinese Currency Manipulation is Not the Problem. 2013. Web.

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The Thread of History Research Paper college essay help online

Any society can be compared to a living organism that gets born, grows and changes according to the time, environment and processes that go on internally. Any group of people has their own beliefs and regulations which are backed up by history, traditions and culture.

In any society there are people who get their opinion widely known and they are sometimes called visionaries. For the past twenty years, society has experienced many rapid changes, and thinkers and writers often offered their opinions, as to what is going on under the surface and where the present world is going to be in the future.

All societies have intricate traditions and structures with work and leisure time. One of the oldest activities that people are engaged in is sports or any kind of physical games. Steve Craig, in his book titled “Sports and Games of the Ancients” looks at how societies view games and how they are comprehended personally and socially.

One of the important points is that each society has a form of games that are played publicly, for people’s entertainment. Socially, it says several things, as the population is very multifaceted. Primarily, it is that people need a form of entertainment that can be watched live. People are interested in seeing other fellow human beings in action and the key feature of the sport which is its unpredictability makes the viewing even more exciting and desired.

The unique nature of games is very original because it cannot be fully predicted and people are drawn to that (Craig 1). Comparing to the television, where people are playing out formed scripts, games are much different. Even though previously, in the early days, there were games and the need for them, people’s interest and commercialization have grown immensely at the onset of television and other mass media.

This led to people wanting more and expecting sights that were non-existent before. It begs a question of why do people really need entertainment and what would happen without it. It is a part of human soul and emotional existence, as without it, people would have work and duties that are a part of the routine and not feelings. A close connection to the pleasures of life is explored by Deborah Blum in her book “Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection”.

Just as people need mass and public entertainment, they need affection and love. This is one of the starting points in life and it very much sets up the rest of a person’s development. It is interesting that the way a person will feel about themselves, others, their ability to be in public places, feel confidence and connection to people; all these things get influenced by how the infant and child are treated.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She mentions Harry Harlow who did experiments with monkeys and was rather successful. The experiments proved that baby monkey sometimes needed affection and “warmth” of their mother more than food. This and other experiments, as well as the views of Deborah Blum reiterate the fact that people need love and any society must have healthy and loving individuals for the whole nation or country to prosper (Blum 15).

In a work titled “The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink”, Mark Dery describes a new age of life and society. The twenty first century has brought many changes and the focus can be seen on the rapid development of entertainment but also, on the negatives and short backs of society.

The conspiracy theory is mentioned, and people start to realize that in the fast moving world there are things that could be unseen and under the surface. It is somewhat rebated by saying that in reality, there are no conspiracies and the politics are very much openly viewed but it does not seem convincing.

The entertainment and pleasures of people are going hand in hand with the horrors that human mind offers. With the increasing crime rates and technological advancement, people are receiving more information and problems to deal with. The heights of human brain power are allowing predicting that the future will bring even more challenges and people will face something that has never been seen before (Dery 30). It is very true that human mind is still a mystery and it is quite difficult to see what people are capable of.

Alfred Lubrano discuses another part of the changing world in a book titled “Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams”. He especially points to the division between people socially and personally. For as long as there has been humanity, people have had different duties according to own views but also to the world around them. The division between the working and the middle class is what Alfred Lubrano talks about.

He describes the qualities of people who are born to be a part of the middle class and that there is no way of becoming anything else. It touches upon the moral issue of a person desiring what they want to do in their life but at the same time, creating opportunities to achieve whatever it is they strive to reach. Education is mentioned as an important part of the process in becoming successful and this reflects in the scope of bigger things in society.

This is becoming very true in any part of the world, as the evolution of technologies and workforce is delving into a different sphere, uncommon to the previous century. The world is becoming business oriented and there are many individuals who consider it their life’s calling to become a part of it (Lubrano 10).

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Thread of History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Vivian Sobchack takes a look at the modern society and examines the future in the work titled “Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture”. The world is acquiring so many angles and perspectives that it is becoming harder to keep track of. She refers to “Hansel and Gretel” in relation to the fact that without the “breadcrumbs” people might become lost (Sobchack 13). This representation is meant to show that people need guidance.

The future world has many mysteries and people need organization and each other’s help to find the way. The world is becoming divided into spaces that are foreign and sometimes, unequal. Even though this is an age of knowledge and people’s rights, there is still much to learn, especially in the relationship between people and different groups. Vivian Sobchack qualifies people as being lost in the world, not knowing what to do and how to adjust to the fast moving pace.

There starts to evolve a sort of separation between the world and the masses, and an individual is not aware of what is expected of them regarding themselves and society. People start to create false realities and whatever they think is right, eventually becomes empty space and people are forced to re-think their goals and dreams. Another look at the modern world and the way it is being run is taken by Linda Seger in a book “Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Republicans Don’t Have the Corner on Christ”.

The author compares people’s religious beliefs to the political system and what is expects and required of people (Seger 7). Many are faced with sacrifices that have to be made for the system to prosper. But there is also a different side of the coin, where others get rich at the expense of people who are fulfilling their duty to be a good citizen. Linda Seger reinforces that in order for people to go into the future, they must be understanding and kind to each other.

The simplicity of their actions and straightforward manner will create best conditions of life for all human beings. The new age has given people power to vote for their leaders and enjoy the rights and freedoms that are naturally given but is unclear what these freedoms can sometimes bring.

All the writers and thinkers have a very common theme that centers on people which is their needs and the evolving society. People want to be happy and keep finding ways of how to enjoy the life. Even though the majority bases their existence on goodness, there are those who want to use the population and gain more than is needed. This leads to an important question of the changing world and the expectancies that people have towards it. It must be just and equal to all and this should be the motto of the future.

Works Cited Blum, Deborah. Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection. New York, United States: Basic Books, 2011. Print.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on The Thread of History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Dery, Mark. The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink. New York, United States: Grove Press, 2000. Print.

Lubrano, Alfred. Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams. Hoboken, United States: John Wiley


Ethical Debate on our Information Privacy Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

The concept of privacy

The internet and its impact on personal privacy of information

Privacy and Trust on internet communication


Introduction The internet is no doubt one of the most important members of the aspects considered as the “modern wonders of the world”. A highly sophisticated technology, the internet has reduced the distance between individuals, groups and communities by allowing an easy way of interaction and communication regardless of the physical distance between them. In fact, socialization has become more efficient and easy with the internet and allied technologies.

Business, government administration, knowledge sharing and research have greatly benefitted from the technology since information gathering, dissemination, storage and sharing are no longer difficult tasks to handle, thanks to the internet technology.

Globalization has become more evident since the internet became a form of communication, socialization and a channel for conducting business. All these tasks involve a focus on information as the most important and crucial asset. However, with the high reliance on the internet technology as the superior channel of communication, governance, business process and information storage, a number of questions have emerged regarding the safety of the internet as a means of communication.

For instance, how safe is the information relayed or stored in the internet communication tools? What is the degree of privacy and confidentiality of information on the internet? What is the future of the internet as a means of communication, socialization, public governance and business administration? All these questions point to one important aspect of a digital world- a debate on the ethical and safety of our information privacy stored or passed through the internet. The purpose of this discussion is to analyze the issue of privacy of information on the internet.

In reality, the internet and allied technology have caused an ethical debate on our information privacy. Arguably, privacy of information on the internet is an ethical issue because the safety of information entrusted on the internet is compromised, especially at a time when the technology is becoming the sole process through which confidential, business, personal and administrative information is communicated.

The concept of privacy The concept of privacy is yet to find a specific definition. While some authors perceive privacy as an actual form of moral or legal right for individuals, others have argued that it is generally wrong to think privacy as a concept of morals or rights. As early as the 1970s, the debate on privacy of electronic information was common among authors.

For instance, Posner (2002) suggested that the concept of privacy is better understood when viewed as a form of economic interest. He further argues that information on individuals should be taken as a form of private property, which has commercial value.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More More recently, Clarke (1999) suggested that the concept of privacy is better understood when taken as an interest that individuals or groups have when striving to maintain personal space and freedom from interference by other individuals or organizations. In the modern context, most nations in the western worlds have resolved to view the concept of privacy as protection of data for individuals, groups or institutions.

In fact, most nations have resolved to treat this data as a fork of private assets that should be protected for the interest of individual rights. In the US, for instance, a debate on the concept of privacy of information as a legal right revolves around the philosophical and legal aspects of the tort law and the constitution. Moreover, the modern view of privacy of information is rooted in the extensive need for protection of personal property as a right for every individual.

With the concept of privacy of information revolving around the right for individuals to have their data or information respected as a personal asset, the internet seems to complicate how such information should be treated and protected. This is more evident when one considers the fact that information systems are normally shared, with some parties such as IT companies, internet providers, website owners, the government and other institutions having some good access to private and confidential information on the internet.

Thus, the concept of privacy and confidentiality of information on the internet has actually become a topic of debate on the ethics of the internet technology.

The internet and its impact on personal privacy of information When the internet was booming during the 1990s, most authors attempted to describe the impact of the new form of communication on privacy and confidentiality of the information entrusted on the technology. For example, Wright and Kakalik (2007) observed that over 70% of internet users were concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of the information they shared on the internet. In yet another study, Benassi (1999) found that privacy was quickly becoming the major consumer issue in the booming internet business.

More recently, it has been found that privacy and security of information are the leading source of worry for internet users, especially in the modern context where the internet has become a major method for conducting business, socialization, research, public administration and storage of confidential data. So, why has the internet caused an ethical debate on the privacy of our information?

To answer this question, it is worth noting that there were concerns about the security and confidentiality of personal information even before the internet was invented. Thus, there is nothing new with respect to the concerns on the privacy of information associated with digital communication.

We will write a custom Essay on Ethical Debate on our Information Privacy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the internet has increased concern about the privacy of information largely because it applies technology to gather, disseminate, communicate and store information about individuals and institutions (Clarke, 2008). The most important aspect to note is that the internet has escalated these concerns because it has come with a large number of applications that were not possible with the previous mediums of communication.

For instance, it has allowed communities to share crucial information, institutions to relate with their members, governments to deal with massive and crucial information on various public issues and individuals to communicate with ease regardless of the distance between them. Therefore, the internet has increased the magnitude of a number of privacy concerns due to its wide applicability.

The rise of the internet and the allied technologies has triggered the rise of an ethical debate over the safety and privacy of information. For instance, it has made it possible for the pre-existing concerns on information privacy to increase in magnitude and scale in a manner that could not be possible with the previous mediums of communication.

Although these concerns on the security and privacy of information existed prior to the invention of the internet technology, they have been enhanced by technology to an extent that the previous mediums of communication seems to be more secure than communication on the internet.

Secondly, a number of tools and techniques are unique to the internet. Such tools and techniques have come with additional threats to the security and privacy of information, which were not associated with the previous communication media. So, what threats to information security and privacy are enhanced by the internet?

Answering this question is essential in investigating whether the internet technology has caused an ethical debate on the privacy of communication and information. Arguably, a number of threats have arisen due to the intensive application of the internet and allied tools in communication.

Although some of these concerns were also associated with the previous communication methods, the internet seems to have caused their complexities to an extent that they can be considered as new forms of threats to modern communication. However, studies have shown that threats to the privacy of information on the internet can be classified into two broad categories- (a) “dataveillance” and gathering and (b) data mining and data exchange.

“Dataveillance” is a relatively new terminology in information technology that generally refers to the use of the internet technology as a tool of surveillance. It is the systematic application of internet tools and systems to monitor the actions and communications by people and organizations. In the modern context, the internet has increasingly become an important tool in data-monitoring and recording mechanism, without which it is difficult for individuals and organizations to deal with information.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Ethical Debate on our Information Privacy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In this case, the internet assumes an almost absolute power as the too for carrying out these tasks. However, due to this aspect of the internet, a threat to privacy and security of information on the internet is eminent. In this case, the threats posed to information privacy by the internet communication are actually unique to this communication media.

Websites, one of the main applications associated with the internet technology, have become a major source of information, communication and platforms for socialization, data sharing and conducting of organizational and personal business. They present a good and easy way of storing data, from where information can be obtained directly or indirectly from the activities of website users. Websites allow users to enter their information on WebForms.

These are actually some forms of online data gathering mechanisms that allow for an easy interaction between the user and the remote parties. Some websites such as email platforms are entirely meant for communication between their users, while others are search engines, business or corporate profiles, business platforms, or for other purposes. Despite their increasing use in various fields, websites have become a critical topic of ethical debate on the security and privacy of modern information.

Privacy and Trust on internet communication Privacy of information on the internet is a crucial aspect of all organizations and individuals who use the internet for communication. It is the aim of every individual or organization to achieve the highest degree of privacy for the information communicated through the medium.

However, concerns over the trustworthiness of the internet and its allied tools such as websites and email corporations are an actual topic of ethical debate. In fact, most authors have shown that internet users continues to worry about the type of information they post on websites or communicate through such applications as emails on the internet.

Although corporations that conduct online business such as email service, search engines and e-commerce tend to assure their clients of the highest level of privacy, it is hard to trust organizations with information of high value, confidentiality and privacy. Users express their concern on the possibility of eavesdropping, hacking or use of malicious applications such as viruses to get an access to their information.

In fact, frequent cases of hacking, virus attacks and eavesdropping have increased over the last one decade, with even the most sophisticated information systems such as those used by organizations such as American security department being hacked and an easy access of information obtained. Financial organizations have also experienced such events, with some losing large amounts of resources to hackers.

Moreover, eavesdropping has become a common strategy through which illegal access of private and confidential information is obtained, where the perpetrators tend to subdue internet users to give their crucial information.

It is also worth noting that the internet has become an important tool through which cybercrime such as cyberstalking, bullying and other online crimes are taking place. With this in mind, it is worth noting that it is difficult to entrust the internet with crucial information due to the loopholes it has created. Cybercriminals such as hackers, eavesdroppers and other criminals have decreased the trust that users previously had on the internet as a way of storing, sharing and obtaining crucial and confidential information.

For instance, studies have shown that individuals and corporations have been reluctant to make online purchases for some crucial items, such as using their credit cards online due to fear of losing out to cybercriminals. On the other hand, corporations still rely on the old method of communication to send some confidential information such as credit card passwords in fear of a possible loss to cybercriminals.

In this way, the internet has lost substantial degree of trust due to its vulnerability to information loss and interference. In fact, it appears that the old models of communication such as surface mailing, faxing and telephone calls are more secure than the internet. This is because the internet platform is accessible for everyone and from anywhere.

In addition, internet technology is highly dynamic, with new applications and tools being developed every day to enhance communication. Similarly, new applications and tools are being developed every day to enhance cybercrime and escape the sophisticated measures put in place to secure information on the internet. In fact, it is worth noting that the dynamism in the internet technology increases with time, allowing both genuine and criminal users to execute their activities.

From this analysis, it is clear that the internet technology is a highly reliable method of communication, conducting business, administration and socialization. However, it has caused an ethical debate on the privacy and security of information because it is prone to interference and loss of information.

Despite its increasing importance in all sectors, internet communication raises an ethical issue because the safety of information entrusted on the internet is compromised, especially at a time when the technology is becoming the sole process through which confidential, business, personal and administrative information is communicated.

To solve the problems of privacy, most nations have decided to treat this data as a fork of private assets that should be protected for the interest of individual rights. In the US, for instance, a debate on the concept of privacy of information as a legal right revolves around the philosophical and legal aspects of the tort law and the constitution.

References Benassi, P. (1999). TRUSTe: An Online Privacy Seal Program. Communications of the ACM, 42(2), 56-59

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Healthcare Innovation: Ground Source Heating college essay help

Today, owing to advances in information technology, the healthcare sector has experienced an explosion of innovations aimed at not only improving life expectancy and quality of life of patients, but also diagnostic and treatment options, disease control, as well as the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the healthcare delivery system (Omachonu


Descartes and Our Existence Essay a level english language essay help

Rene Descartes was driven in the adventure of philosophy meditation and other philosophy related works such as the popularly known literary scriptures in the bible. The holy bible equipped his mind with several facts that would soon lead him to propose the first postulates pertaining to meditation of the first philosophy. He was encouraged to possess a thought that all that is visible or audible are perceptible in any other manner that is brought into existence through us (Descartes, 1996).

The third chapter of the Wisdom of Solomon and the first chapter of the book of Romans were Descartes specific sources of inspiration. Romans one says, “that which may be known of God manifests is manifest in them.”

It is also claimed that “where it is said how they are not to be excused for if their understanding was so great that they could discern the world and the creatures, why did they not find the Lord thereof?” These two scriptures led Rene Descartes into proposing the very first arguments of meditation in philosophy (Descartes, 1996).

In his first meditation method, named meditation one, Rene Descartes tries to disapprove his earlier thoughts pertaining the human being and nature at large. He claims that, there is no clear standard and unanimously agreed distinction between right and wrong, good and bad, true and false and so on.

The state of something being either originates from within us. Rene further argues that we are able to argue in favor or against a logical state depending on whether or not we can see concrete reason in favor or otherwise. This means that, logic is not as fixed as we thought and whatever we see, hear or feel is brought into existence by our own thought. We can decide to make ourselves naked, dressed, poor or rich by simply bringing them into existence.

Meditation two tries to outline the effects of meditation one. It claims that after having learnt of our earliest perceptions as false and that we have the power to manipulate logic by making the truth or false out of anything the way we want. There is a tendency of us trying to play wise that we can not be cheated and in the process disqualifying everything and negating the existence of everything else as well (Descartes, 1996).

Does anything exist at all then? We then find ourselves in the middle of not knowing anything about the universe and curiously asking ourselves if at all there is a supernatural being that can help us understand whatever exists. This is another problem, since we have to create the supernatural being that we are so much in need of creating.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More What then are we? This is one question that meditation two tries to answer. It is certainly a big challenge to meditation one, since if anything in existence is purely our imagination then this could mean that we bring each other into existence and hence we do not exist in reality.

The mind is therefore described as the most real part of us and could be the part of us that is in actual existence. Thus, thought becomes the act of bringing things and activities into physical existence as defined by Rene Descartes’s arguments in the meditation of first philosophy (Descartes, 1996).

Work Cited Descartes, Rene. Meditations on First Philosophy: With Selections from the Objections and Replies. Ed. Cottingham, John. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996.


Abortion Principles – Case of George and Linda Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Comparison



Works Cited

Comparison According to Linda, the decision of having the abortion was extremely lonely regardless of the fact that the husband supported her. The abortion came as an option since the birth of a new child was unexpected and would come with additional burdens. The husband would also be barred from changing his fourteen years job.

The woman was also visualizing the difficulties regarding baby care and how much work she could be able to do. The youngest child was finally ready for school and it would be difficult to raise another one. The men at the Women’s Services were uncomfortable and embarrassed.

According to George, there was no emotional distress after the first abortion. In Linda’s case, there was no emotional distress at the beginning since the couple had come to the conclusion that abortion was the best option considering the circumstances they were in. However, Linda was bothered when her name was called and the doctor was injecting her (Francke 34). Similarly, George kept thinking about women’s rights and the ethical guidelines of what he was doing.

The women at the waiting room were silent since they were ashamed that they were going to kill innocent souls. After the abortion, Linda and her husband did not talk but held hands. They were guilty as they tried to hide everything from their children by pretending that life was normal. The woman was concerned about her modernity and the fact that she was about to kill regardless of the great care she had given to her other children.

Just as Linda was guilty after the abortion and felt that there was a space for another child, George felt sympathy for young college ladies and anger for married couples. It reached a point where George was gravely bothered and he started questioning his sensitivity. At home, he was embraced by his children while he engaged in abortions at his workplace. George was horrified for playing with a child he wanted to abort seven years earlier.

Linda felt that there was a space for another child, which implies that she was unlikely to engage in any more abortions (Flesh par 4).Furthermore, she would return to the clinic to have an IUD inserted. Similarly, George eventually became too bothered about his Christian values. He felt that his spiritual aspirations and intellectual integrity were at stake. This made him stop doing any more abortions.

Contrast George was extremely tortured after doing 2nd trimester abortions. Consequently, he stopped doing these. On the other hand, the experts in Linda’s case do not portray any emotional distress. On the contrary, they were busy advising women on family planning so as to stop further abortions. They also seem to be encouraging the women by assuring them that the pain would not last for long.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More George cares more about the young women abandoned by their boyfriends. The gratitude the women have gives George great satisfaction after carrying out the minor operations. On the contrary, he was distressed after extracting parts of foetus one by one during second trimester abortion.

Recommendations In both cases, it is important for George and Linda to have realised from the beginning that abortion is a grave sin. One is bothered for the rest of his life since the memory of the abortion is never erased. In my opinion, every person should value life and keep away from abortion, which deals with destroying innocent and vital lives. The religion should offer stringent guidelines regarding abortion.

Works Cited Flesh, George. “Why I Stopped Doing Abortions.” 1991. Web.

Francke, L. Bird. The ambivalence of abortion. London: Random House, 1978. Print.


Unilever ice cream European market Case Study best college essay help

What is the source of Unilever’s advantages over its competitors?

Unilever has a broad channel of distribution compared to its market rivals. It especially makes use of small scale retail outlets. Even though such outlets do not use several freezer cabinets when selling ice cream from Unilever, they have a significant multiplication effect towards the distribution of ice cream from Unilever.

The company has also been retailing its other products using the aforementioned outlets thereby boosting its overall power of distribution. In addition, the company enjoys economies of scale that have been largely generated by a strong brand name in the market. In other words, Unilever is capable of producing in large scale without the fear of inadequate marketing opportunities.

As a result, it readily enjoys the benefits associated with large scale production. Some of these benefits include high volume of sales, improved profitability and large trade discounts from other trading affiliates. Moreover, the strong brand image associated with Unilever has made it possible for the company to implement its strategies both at the national and pan-European levels.

What are Unilever’s main strengths? Where so its weaknesses lie? What, if any, would you do about its weaknesses?

Unilever has several strengths in the European market in spite of the stiff prevailing competition. Firstly, it has a along reputable history in the production of consumer goods. In other words, it is a well known global brand. This makes it easy for the company to market its products. Besides, it has a ready access to manufacturing resources across the globe. Moreover, the company is strong in terms of its ability to harness synergy of resources.

Unilever works closely with its distribution partners such as small scale retailers. Hence, it has developed a cordial relationship with its various chains of distribution and therefore capable of reaching out the widest market. The company has a strong base and appreciation for intensive research and development. This has led to variety of products in the market that meet the various tastes and preferences of consumers.

On the other hand, the greatest weakness of Unilever especially in its European market is lack of participation in the confectionary market unlike its competitors. Other weaknesses include fall in revenues, reduced expenditure in research and development as well as poor management of brands. These weaknesses can be minimized by revamping brand management skills, boosting research and innovativeness, exploring untapped markets and also developing a confectionary division for it ice cream brand.

Should Unilever go further in launching truly Pan-European products, like those associated with Mars Ice cream and Nestle Kit Kat ice cream? How important, if at all, are such products to the overall Unilever strategy?

The company should indeed go ahead and launch truly Pan-European products in the market bearing in mind that its competitors have already rolled out such products. The prevailing market competition is quite stiff and therefore the company should fully entrench itself in the European market.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A product such as ice cream is important to Unilever because it cultivates early consumption habit among young consumers ( who are mainly minors). By targeting consumers who are still in their tender ages, the company will not merely be promoting future markets; it will also be improving its brand loyalty. Therefore, it will act as a potential marketing strategy for both the current and future marketing needs of the company.


A Comparative Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Stratification in the US and Canada Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Future of Racial Discrimination


Works Cited

Introduction United States (US) and Canada share many political, economic, and social ties. Both countries have also experienced similar changes in their immigration policies as they have welcomed immigrants as permanent residents in their countries. Starting from the early sixties, and gradually through the century, both the US and Canada have changed their immigration policies to allow all racial groups as immigrants into their countries.

Previously, both countries only allowed Europeans and Whites as the only acceptable immigrant groups (Abada 2). The consequence of the adoption of this immigrant policy is the increased immigration of “people of color” into both countries. Conversely, many Canadian and US cities have a mixture of different racial groups.

Underlying this racial diversity is a soft underbelly of racial stratification that exists in both countries. This stratification emerges in different forms, including the unequal distribution of resources, unequal employment opportunities, and unequal education opportunities. This paper explores these issues by comparing the racial stratifications in the US and Canada by focusing on how racial stratification occurs in the educational and workplace contexts.

Comprehensively, this paper argues that Canada and the US share similar racial stratifications in their workplace contexts, as white employers in both countries negatively stereotype racial minorities. Consequently, this situation forces many workers from racial minorities to work in low status and low-paying jobs.

Unlike the employment sector, there is a difference between America and Canada’s racial stratification profiles in the education sector. From this understanding, there is less racial stratification in Canada than the US (in the education sector). Considering the existence of inequalities in the access to economic opportunities and wealth, racial stratifications in Canada and the US will continue for long time.

Employment Albeit there has been increased awareness about racial stratification in the workplace, racial minorities still experience several discriminating practices in the workplace. In the US, Chima (1) believes that the unique discriminating practices that affect African American workers are not the same as the challenges affecting Caucasians.

Cultural insensitivity, oppressive attitudes, and oppressive policies in the workplace inform these discriminating practices. Based on the findings that appear in this section, evidently, people of African descent living in America and Canada experience the same racial stratification in the workplace, which forces them to work for low-level and low-paying jobs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nonetheless, racial stratification in the American workplace often appears to be accidental, but it is not. Human resource managers who have a negative stereotype about some racial minorities (like African Americans) always contribute to the high number of racial minorities who work in low status or low-paying jobs. For example, Chima says,

“In the total American population, three out of seven employees hold white-collar positions, whereas the ratio is only one of seven for African Americans. They occupy over 50 percent of the nation’s jobs as garbage collectors and maids, but only 4% of the nation’s managerial positions” (3).

The above statement characterizes the norm that influences the working experiences of many workers who hail from racial minority groups. Certainly, racial prejudices undermine the potential experience and qualifications for better-paying jobs for some of these workers. These prejudices keep some of these workers in low-paying and low-status jobs. Another factor that contributes to this phenomenon is the impact of word-to-mouth communications in excluding racial minorities in the workplace.

Since many of the employers are white people, they only tend to tell their white friends about potential job opportunities, thereby limiting the awareness of racial minorities regarding the existing job opportunities (Borowczyk-Martins 1). Nonetheless, for the few racial minorities that secure employment, their wages and salaries do not compare to the earnings of the majority race (whites).

Statistically, O’Neill (2) says that racial minorities in America earn up to 25% less than what their white counterparts earn. This earning differential exists, although both racial groups may have similar qualifications.

Relative to this statistic, O’Neill adds, “After controlling for human capital characteristics, South Asian men earned about 2% less than White men, but for Blacks, this gap was around 21%” (2). This earning differential is even greater for women in the workplace. This wage differential stems from the economic discrimination that happens in the workplace.

Comprehensively, employer prejudice in the US is therefore significantly strong because Banerjee (6) estimates that about 78% of white employers in America are prejudicial against black workers, for example. This situation prevails even after the US enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which criminalizes the discrimination of workers because of their race, gender, or religion (O’Neill 2).

We will write a custom Essay on A Comparative Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Stratification in the US and Canada specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Canadian situation is similar to the American situation because Banerjee (6) says there are many racial inequalities in the Canadian workplace. This view stems from previous studies that established a greater sense of racial discrimination in the workplace among “visible minorities” in Canada (as the US). A few researchers conducted some studies in Toronto and said that Canadian employers treated the qualifications of potential employees from different racial groups very differently (Banerjee 6).

One finding that emerged from this study is the fact that potential white employees received more job offers than potential employees who may have African roots. Further studies showed that many employers eliminated the candidacy of potential Asian and African employees whenever they received a call from the candidates regarding potential job offers (Banerjee 6).

The same studies showed that there was a strong sense of racial stereotyping among Africans working in Canada (Banerjee 6). The above claims stemmed from earlier studies that reported extensive racial discrimination in about half of the working African population in Canada.

Most racial minorities in Canada also work in low-paying jobs (like the American situation). The evidence for this claim stems from an assertion by Banerjee (6) about how most racial minorities in Canada have low earnings, compared to white employees. Moreover, Banerjee (6) asserts that racial minorities in Canada hold very few managerial and professional positions in employment. The few racial minorities who hold managerial positions are mainly self-employed (Banerjee 6).

The social cognitive theory, which posits that many employees normally categorize their colleagues as either in-groups or out-groups, may explain the racial stratification in Canada and America (Banerjee 5).

The social cognitive theory posits that from the establishment of the racial categorizations, people have a strong tendency to exaggerate the differences that exist between them and the majority group (while minimizing the differences that exist among them as the majority group). These categorizations further increase the stereotypes and biases towards certain racial groups (Banerjee 5).

Education Ogbu (264) says there is notable racial discrimination that goes on in America, despite the existence of laws that prevent such incidences. Ogbu (264) says this racial stratification in education occurs because the comprehensive removal of educational barriers has not happened. In other words, the government has removed the barriers to providing educational opportunities, but other barriers that affect educational achievement exist.

Nonetheless, Ogbu (264) says three ways define the way racial stratification affects educational opportunities in America. One way is through discriminatory societal practices that limit the opportunities for racial minorities to gain access to quality education within the country.

Not sure if you can write a paper on A Comparative Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Stratification in the US and Canada by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A second way that racial stratification affects the educational experiences of racial minorities stem from its influence in the treatment of racial minorities in schools. The last way racial stratification affects the quality of education for racial minorities stem from the perception that the racial minorities hold towards their educational experiences (Ogbu 264).

Comparatively, the Canadian educational system has a less intense racial stratification than the American educational system. For example, Abada and Hou (1) say most racial minorities have achieved an upward mobility in education, regardless of their family background and social or ethnic capital.

However, some racial minority groups have exhibited better educational progress than other racial minority groups. For example, African immigrants have a slower upward mobility when compared with Asians (Abada and Hou 1). The same is true for Filipino students in Canada because Abada and Hou (1) say Filipinos also have a lower upward mobility in education when compared to other racial minorities like the Chinese and Koreans.

Nonetheless, there seems to be an insignificant racial stratification in the Canadian educational system because there is little difference between the performance of white students and the performance of “other” students from racial minority groups (Abada and Hou 1).

Future of Racial Discrimination Some observers see Canada as a relatively less racially stratified society. This observation does not, however, imply that there are no racial stratification attributes about the Canadian society. However, compared to America, Canada is less racially stratified and more tolerant towards minority races.

For example, Brym and Lie (162) say, about 77% of the white majority population in Canada hold a favorable view about immigrants, while only about 44% of the white majority population in America holds the same view about immigrants in America. The rate of racial and ethnic stratification also appears to be declining more in Canada than the US.

Even though racial minorities have made tremendous progress in improving their welfare (both in America and Canada), the racial stratifications that exist in most aspects of the Canadian and American Societies (such as education and employment), make it difficult to ignore the possibility that racial stratification may continue to exist for a long time. Brym and Lie support this claim, in the Canadian context, by saying “if the current trends continue, Canada’s mosaic may continue to be stratified mainly along racial lines” (162).

Brym and Lie further say, “Unless something drastic happens, some groups may continue to enjoy more wealth, income, education, good housing, healthcare and other social rewards than other races do” (162). Since America appears to have a poorer racial stratification record than Canada, it is correct to infer the above statement to the American context as well.

Conclusion After weighing the findings of this study, it is possible to see how racial stratification affects the most important aspects of the Canadian and American societies – education and employment. Albeit in different proportions, Canada and America still practice racial stratification in these sectors.

Both countries especially have very similar racial stratifications against racial minorities in the employment sector. Certainly, many racial minorities in both countries earn relatively low wages compared to their white counterparts, regardless of the qualifications and experiences that they have. Similarly, racial minorities in both countries tend to work in low-paying and low-status jobs. Therefore, very few racial minority workers hold managerial and professional positions in both countries.

The same situation replicates in the education sector because racial stratification has affected the performance of racial minorities in education. Canada, however, seems to fare better than the US in this regard because there is a relatively lower performance differential between racial minorities and other races in Canada. In fact, this paper highlights the evidence regarding how some racial minority students perform better than white students do.

Comparatively, racial minorities in America still have a long way to catch up with the exemplary performance that is characteristic of many white students in America. The influence of race and class stratification outlines part of the reason for the significant differences in the performance of white students and “other” students in the American education sector. When these stratifications intertwine, they have a strong impact on the quality of education offered to students in the US.

Therefore, albeit Canada and the US share some similarities in racial stratification, the intensity of these stratifications may differ in other sectors that affect the economic and social well-being of their societies (like health).

Therefore, while both countries seem to exhibit serious concerns regarding racial stratifications, the degree and intensity of these stratifications may differ across different social and economic sectors. Nonetheless, so long as Canadians and Americans hold on to traditional racial stereotypes, racial stratification may continue to exist for a long time.

Works Cited Abada, Teresa and Feng Hou. “Ethnic Differences in Educational Attainment among the Children of Canadian Immigrants.” Canadian Journal of Sociology 34.1 (2009): 1-24. Print.

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Chima, Felix 2013, African Americans and the Workplace: Overview Of Persistent Discrimination. 2013. Web.

Ogbu, John. “Racial Stratification and Education in the United States.” Teachers College Record 96.2 (1994): 264-98. Print.

O’Neill, June. What Do Wage Differentials Tell Us About Labor Market Discrimination, Cambridge: National Bureau of Economic Research. Print.


World Politics Issues Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

World politics refers to a globally prominent academic journal that specializes in political science. World politics was initiated in 1948. Scholars are usually encouraged to make as many contributions as possible. The key role of world politics is printing research articles, which contributes empirically and theoretically to researches, review articles, and materials concerned with politics and global relations.

The journal is extremely important in the field of global relations. This paper aims at discussing why the issues of governance, performance, and international organization behavior are relevant in world politics.

In 1944, the Rwandese Hutu government collaborated with the extremist allies and almost brought the Tutsi minority to an end. Approximately eight hundred thousand Tutsi were murdered. Some years later, Philip Gourevitch recounted the genocide story in The New Yorker.

In the story, Philip claimed that the world governance had the ability to stop the genocide but nothing had been done. Consequently, this story aroused great interest in President Clinton. In response, he sent copies to Sandy Berger where he authorized more investigations. Clinton was amazed at how such a critical genocide could have happened. However, President Clinton showed his outrage and urgency at the wrong time since he had taken no action at the appropriate time to stop the genocide (Barnett and Martha 125).

On the same note, President Clinton’s administration had taken no interest to arouse his attention. There were concerns regarding whether President Clinton did not possess information about the genocide as the marginalia pointed out (Kuperman 100).

The United States is still engaging in the search for a detailed policy aimed at solving the grave communal conflicts. The comprehensive researches concern the mass killings that occurred in Rwanda, Somalia, and Bosnia. Moreover, they are being carried out years after the killings took place. The key concern is that the nations participating in the researches may have been dormant during the occurrences.

Why then are the nations showing concern when it is too late? There are two principles that apply for the Washington’s policymakers. First, the United States ground troops are never allowed to participate in humanitarian involvements when civil wars are taking place. Second, there are exclusions particularly where involvements can be implemented at low costs. It is worth noting that nations voice their intentions to fight against genocide in the political spectrums (Power para 4).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The majority of the nations consent that the United States should play a more participative role in case of another genocide. However, there is no consent yet about what the interventions of the US would entail. In the case of the Rwandese genocide in 1994, deploying approximately five thousand troops from the US could have prevented the mass killings. This was a claim made by the commanding general from the United Nations in Rwanda. Amazingly, the claim was supported by a wide array of global bodies.

The violence and mass killings in Rwanda played a great role in contributing to insecurity in places such as Kigali (Power para 2). During instances of genocides, the governance, performance, and international organization behaviors are usually under test. It is during such a time that the leadership in countries is portrayed by how immediately countries respond to the genocide. Global media reports focus on the country facing the genocide.

Works Cited Barnett, Michael and Martha Finnemore. Rules for the World. London: Cornell University Press, 2004. Print.

Kuperman, Alan. “Rwanda in Retrospect.” Foreign Affairs (2000): 94-118. Print.

Power, Samantha. “Bystanders to Genocide,” Atlantic Monthly, 2001. Web.


Necessary Evil: Synthesis and Analysis Essay (Critical Writing) essay help online

Synthesis There are various versions that society has of morality. Moral nihilism is a doctrine that suggests that human beings are not inherently moral. It infers that any moral values that people contrive are abstract in nature and not necessary, just like rules and laws. As a result, nihilism begets the assumption that life has no purpose or intrinsic value.

The abstractness of any moral aspect developed by society means that no action can earns the description of morally right or wrong, creating a sense of subjectivity. The classification of an action as moral or immoral depends on the circumstances and the viewpoint of the person making the classification.

As such, this theory provides room to accommodate the concept of necessary evil, as opposed to theories such as absolute morality that suggests that actions are either absolutely moral or immoral, with no station between the two. There are situations and actions that cannot fit into the morality envelope perfectly and therefore society has to accept them as they are. This paper looks at situations in which some level of evil is necessary, if only to prevent greater evil.

Authors Ursula K. Le Guin and Mike Davis both display the concept of necessary evil in their literature. Ursula is the author of a short story with the title The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.

It is a story with many twists, contributing to its aspect of mystery. The author gives a story about a city called Omelas, located near a harbor and surrounded by mountains. Omelas is a perfect city with located in a perfect place where the wind is just right. The people in the city are perfect by description. They are always happy, ever singing and in a celebratory mood (Guin 566).

There is not an ounce of guilt in anyone in that city as the people that live in it do not do anything wrong and the society is not judgmental therefore negating the need for laws. There is also the notable absence of clergy and law enforcement officials such as soldiers (Guin 568). She suggests to the reader to imagine all the elements that make a society perfect, including temples with priestesses who are willing to satisfy anyone’s sexual desires.

Omelas is therefore a creation of the mind that takes any form according to the reader’s imagination. She however mentions a dark side to the society, which is the imprisonment and abuse of a child, locked in a dark room with no clothes and no one to free it (Guin 570). She goes further to state that the seemingly perfect society does so in order to maintain the status quo.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The act Mike Davis, the author of The Great Wall of Capital embraces the same concept of necessary evil in his discussion about the various barriers that society erects and provides ironic justifications for them. The author mentions historical barriers such as the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the great effort it took for people to tear it down together as well as abolish other barriers such as frontiers with explosives, walls built around cities and electric fences that he refers to as the ‘death fences’ (Davis 88).

He gives the impression that these acts culminated in freedom and provided mobility in terms of free trade and movement of people. In contrast, Davis also gives examples of modern day barriers erected by various nations for different reasons that they deem necessary for the prevention of some form of evil.

Saudi Arabia, for instance, has put up a barrier against Yemen by the termination of an international agreement, in effect closing its borders with Yemen (Davis 89). The justification for this aspect is the prevention of ‘terrorism’ and illegal immigrants within its borders. He also gives the example of India’s efforts to build a wall surrounding its entire territory. Davis goes further to mention the wall put up by the American government on the Mexican border for the alleged purpose of keeping out illegal immigrants (Davis 90).

The author however suggests that the walls a symbol power and intimidation, and a way to make a political statement. The government relaxes regulations on the crossing of the border when in need of cheap labor to develop its economy, tightening the same when there is an economic crisis and a lack of jobs. He states, “…the modern US-Mexico border has always functioned, like any good dam, to regulate but not prevent the flow of surplus labor northward” (Davis 91)


Apart from support of the aspect of necessary evil that is evident in both works, there is a notable presence of irony in both of them. In Ursula’s narrative, the irony is that the seemingly perfect society is the same society that treats the child with disdain and does so to keep the comforts that result from the cruelty.

The author gives an illustration where parents explain to their children the reason for such treatment and how the children hurt at the sight of the child (Guin 570). The irony in Davis’ story is the fact that people work so hard to break down barriers in the past, only to build them up again with the same determination.


There is also the presence of hypocrisy in both instances. In Davis’ story, the government pretentiously uses the border to serve its political agendas without caring about the effects that this aspect has on the Mexican people (Davis 91). In Ursula’s version, the people act righteously and happily yet they knowingly treat the child with contempt and without mercy.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Necessary Evil: Synthesis and Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The main difference here though is that in Omelas, the people do not pretend not to know about the existence of the child and the evil acts they do (Guin 570). In contrast, the American government in Davis’ story hides behind the veil of border protection from immigration.


In the determination of happiness, the people in Omela, according to Ursula, prefer its achievement through pain as think of it as intellectual. In David’s version, the source of happiness is power and manipulation through legislation in order to obtain cheap labor.

Analysis In the example given by Davis of the American government and its creation of a wall between itself and the Mexican border, it is the governments view that the wall is unavoidable for the prevention of the greater evil that is illegal immigrants and for the development of its economy. In Ursula’s story, the necessary evil displayed is the brutality against the child. The image that both instances project is that, the reason behind the creation of the necessary evil is usually selfish.

The main difference between the two instances is that in the case of the people in Omela, there is no other option portrayed by the author. In the case of the American government however, the motivation for the evil act is plain greed. This conclusion generates the question of the necessity of a minor evil to prevent a greater one. As the two examples indicate, the reason for the creation of the lesser evil is usually selfishness.

Works Cited Davis, Mike. The Great Wall of Capital: Israel’s Barrier to Peace. New York: The New Press, 2005. Print.

Guin, Ursula. “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omela.” The Norton Book of American Short Stories. Ed. Peter Prescott. New York: W.W Norton


Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD Research Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Causes of ADHD

Controversies in ADHD Diagnosis

Treatment of ADHD

Controversies in treatment of ADHD


Works Cited

Introduction The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has increased over the recent years. It is one of the most common diseases in children and young adults.

The diagnosis of ADHD has drawn a lot of attention from scientific and academic circles as some scholars argue that there are high levels of over diagnosis of the disorder. Gifted children and ADHD children display similar characteristics. It is also quite difficult to diagnose the disorder in adults. The difficulty in diagnosis is also compounded by the fact that some children have ADHD with other disorders.

There are also concerns on the high prescription of stimulant drugs given to children who are very young. This is an area where a lot of research has been conducted to find out the causes, prevalence and effective treatment methods. There is however need for further research to address the controversies in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD since it affects children. The long term effects of stimulant medication could have serious repercussions in adult life.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that is common in children and young adults. The symptoms of ADHD include patterns of inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. The ADHD prevalence is high between 5 and 15% in children who go to school. The DSM-IV diagnostic tool is used to evaluate whether an individual has ADHD.

A person must display at least six of the nine inattentive and hyperactivity behaviours for a period of more than six months. The behaviour must be more severe or common comparable to people of the same stage in development. Behaviours that display inattention include difficulty in organizing tasks, forgetfulness, losing school items, failing to finish given tasks and avoiding mental tasks.

The individual may also be easily distracted or has difficulty in sustaining attention. The behaviours that display impulsiveness and hyperactivity include restlessness, impatience in waiting for their turn to speak and fidgeting. The behaviours should be noticed in the child before he is seven years old. It should also be demonstrated that the behaviours are interfering with the social, occupational and academic functioning of the child.

It is important that the disorder be diagnosed correctly. Lack of diagnosis presents various problems to the child. In adult life the individual will also have challenges. In academics, the child experiences learning disabilities in reading, spelling and performing math calculations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It has been noted that children with ADHD are more likely to repeat a class, drop out or be suspended or expelled in school. Research studies have also indicated that these children have a high likelihood of being in automobile accidents or getting hurt physically while playing.

Analyses of diagnosis both in the USA and UK have shown that the disorder is more prevalent in boys than girls. Once the individual is an adult and the disease has not been treated, the person will have high levels of difficulty in employment, relationship challenges due to display of anti-social behaviour, driving offences and increased incidences of crime or substance abuse (Kuo and Faber, 1580). It is not a newly diagnosed disease as it has been treated for the last 100 years.

Under diagnosis of the disorder may be caused by various factors. There may be lack of awareness by the parents and teachers on what could possibly be the problem with the “difficult” child. There is also social stigma associated with mental conditions. The parent may fear taking the child for diagnosis as he does not want to be labelled “a bad parent.” Finally, the parent may not want to expose the child to consistent medication at such a young age.

Causes of ADHD There are several factors linked to the development of ADHD in children. The main cause of the disease however is unknown. First of all, the disorder may be genetic. Research studies conducted on twins, families and adopted children have shown that the disorder is highly inheritable.

There are specific gene variants that have been identified that are involved in dopamine neurotransmission. There has also been evidence of brain dysfunction in individuals with ADHD. The researchers have used several cerebral imaging studies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging and single photon computed emission tomography. Many of the results have indicated that the prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia are affected (Kuo and Faber, 582).

Recent research studies have also indicated that children with ADHD have smaller cerebrum, grey and white matter volumes compared to non-ADHD children. The fact that pharmacological treatments especially stimulants have proved to be the most effective or superior treatments for ADHD also points to biological causes of ADHD. The stimulants increase the levels of extracellular dopamine.

ADHD may also be caused by neuropsychological functioning. Various studies have shown that children with ADHD have specific and global deficits in comparison with non-ADHD children.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There have been arguments that there may be psychosocial and environmental factors that increase the prevalence of the disorder. This is due to the fact that the condition has been identified more in the Western than non-Western countries. This has been contested by the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that the disease has become more prevalent. It is only that there have been higher cases of diagnosis and not prevalence.

Controversies in ADHD Diagnosis The diagnosis of the disease is complicated by the presence of other co-morbid psychological disorders in addition to ADHD in an individual. These disorders have similar symptoms with ADHD such as social awkwardness, risk-taking characteristics and impulsive behaviours.

These disorders include diseases such as Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. There is also lack of formal diagnostic criteria for older children and adults. Diagnosis therefore presents a huge challenge to the primary care and family practice physicians (Kube, Petersen, and Palmer, 462).

There have also been concerns that there are high levels of over diagnosis of ADHD. There are several factors that could lead to over diagnosis of ADHD. First of all the physicians want to prevent the negative consequences associated with ADHD in the event of misdiagnosis.

The drugs for treating the disorder are also readily available in the market and thirdly there has been a lot of media coverage on ADHD and the pharmacotherapy treatment methods for the disorder. It has been argued that the stimulant drug companies have been using the teachers and physicians as their salespeople to aggressively sell the drug with their diagnosis.

The companies are interested in making a profit. It has been estimated that the money brought in by the sale of stimulants is $670 Million annually. The tactics used by the ADHD drug company are also very alluring. They love mentioning the fact that famous people such as Einstein, Picasso and Michelangelo also had the disorder so as not to alarm the parents.

There are also negligent parents who may not want to work hard and develop strategies to handle their children in these active ages. They want a way out even if it will involve the administration of drugs. These parents should be able to use alternative approaches to handle their children such as behavioural therapy approaches, counselling for the family and parental advice.

It has also been argued that the current educational system is facilitated by children sitting for long periods of time just listening to the teachers. The passivity and conformity levels expected of a child causes him to be restless and inattentive after some time. Interestingly some of the symptoms associated with ADHD are behaviours that are basically prevalent in children at a certain age. They are forgetful and fidget a lot.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Their attention spans are for a limited period of time. It is argued that a disease has been invented as an excuse for children failing to do their homework and chores at home. There could also be a challenge with the assessment procedures. When the physician is diagnosing a child, he is supposed to use multi-method approaches in order to ensure that the diagnosis is correct.

There should be interviews with the child, teacher and parent. There should also be a review of the child’s school records and physical observation of the child for a suitable period of time. Research studies have indicated that only 15% of the physicians use all the recommended approaches.

Many of them only rely on the clinical interviews while others do not use the standard instruments in assessment (Sciutto and Eisenberg, 108). There is therefore a danger in misdiagnosing a gifted child as one having ADHD. Gifted children have similar characteristics with ADHD symptoms.

They are usually intense when it comes to things such as relationships, sibling rivalry, responding to authority and mental tasks. They are also very hyper and restless. They tend to question the status quo a lot as they see numerous possibilities or alternatives. They are also very sensitive and easily moved to tears. It is a catastrophe when gifted and normal children are diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication.

The qualities of gifted children are appreciated in business settings especially on technical tasks. It is sad that when such qualities are displayed in children it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed. The gifted children could be restless as they wait for the other children to catch up. They should not be penalized.

Treatment of ADHD The disorder is mostly treated by the administration of stimulants such as Ritalin (methylphenidate) in recommended doses. It addresses the condition by activating the central nervous system which includes the brain. It has been noted to reduce hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It also helps the children sustain attention in their school while being taught and doing their assignments. Due to the side effects associated with stimulants, researchers have advocated for other treatment methods that are natural in nature.

A research study was conducted on children with ADHD across different ages, gender and income groups. There were two treatment strategies. Some of the children were engaged in green outdoor activities while the others were subjected to indoor and built outdoor activities. The results indicated that the green outdoor settings for after-school and weekend activities reduced the ADHD symptoms after considerable time regardless of the age, gender and socio-economic class of the children (Kuo and Faber, 582).

The researchers argue that the symptoms of attention fatigue and ADHD are similar. Interestingly, ADHD is regarded as a disorder while attention fatigue is a temporary condition where once the person rests he will be fine. They therefore advocate for after-school and weekend activities in a naturalized settings where the children can get rejuvenated.

Controversies in treatment of ADHD There have been controversies in the treatment of ADHD as several scholars are concerned with the high levels of stimulants being consumed by children. There is a perception that ADHD is being over diagnosed leading to high levels of stimulant consumption. Research conducted on Ritalin prescriptions in the 1990s showed that the prescriptions for the children aged between two and four years had tripled during this period (Zuvekas, Vitiello and Norquist, 580).

The use of the stimulant had increased by over 6% in America during the same period. It is an area of concern since 6% of the people diagnosed with ADHD are very young children. There have been arguments that the stimulants do not have significant side effects in the children which have been refuted.

There are research studies that have showed stimulants have side effects such as insomnia and anorexia. The stimulants are also being abused by teenagers. There are children and teenagers who are taking the drugs to enhance their cognitive performance yet they do not have ADHD (Mayes, Bagwell and Erkulwater, 155).

This is dangerous as the possible long term effects of the stimulant abuse have not been fully investigated. Researchers are concerned with long term side effects such as cardiovascular effects, reduced growth rates and carcinogenic effects. There have also been arguments against the effectiveness of the stimulant drugs in children by teachers.

There are teachers who feel that the drug makes the children have a zombie look in their eyes. It has also been noted that at times the drug causes the children to become withdrawn and isolated. They are over-interested in tasks that are boring and non-inspiring. It is argued that the drug suppresses the part of the child’s brain that assists with creativity, energy and freedom. Different scholars have suggested consideration of different treatment methods that do not require stimulants.

Conclusion The discussion shows that ADHD is a serious condition that affects the academic and social development of a child if not treated. The symptoms will cause more problems to the individual even later in life. Physicians should adequately diagnose otherwise there will be over diagnosis.

Young children will be exposed to consistent doses of stimulants at a young age. There needs to be more research carried out on the use of adequate instruments in the diagnosis of ADHD. What mechanisms should be employed to ensure that the physicians carry out the assessments properly to prevent misdiagnosis and over diagnosis?

There needs to be further research on alternative treatments of ADHD. Currently, stimulants have been found to be the most effective. More research also needs to be carried out on the diagnosis of ADHD in adults in order to address adults with social and employment challenges.

Works Cited Kube, David, Mario Peterson and Fredrick Palmer. “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Comorbidity and medication use”. Clinical Paediatrics, 41(2002): 461-469. Print.

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Crowdsourcing’s Pros and Cons Research Paper college admissions essay help

Abstract Crowdsourcing has become an established business concept among small and large businesses. While firms of all sizes have applied the concept and derived its values, crowdsourcing has been effective among small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. However, crowdsourcing is an emerging concept with the development in technologies. Businesses should plan adequately for risks and benefits associated with the concept.

Introduction Many forms of businesses have adopted the concept of crowdsourcing as a form of marketing strategy. Such businesses collect data and ideas in order to gain competitive advantages in their business processes. As a result, the idea has proved to be effective form of marketing, but only few firms have realized its potential. Crowdsourcing has demonstrated its effective in promoting business growth, but some critics believe that the strategy can fail due to inherent challenges.

They claim that the crowd may not possess the necessary knowledge and good advice, which businesses can rely on to restructure their strategies. Although some organizations had used crowdsourcing before, the concept gained popularity with the growth in the Internet technologies when businesses noted that they could crowdsource different tasks, which they could not complete indoors through their own employees. In this essay, the focus is on pros and cons of crowdsourcing as a business model.

What is crowdsourcing?

People have defined crowdsourcing as the process of giving work to online communities in order to collect information and complete tasks, i.e., it depends on the power of the crowd. Facebook has relied on the concept of crowdsourcing. Facebook has provided a community of workers who can accomplish tasks through fan pages and other platforms.

People participate in contests where they generate ideas, some are brilliant, and others are not. Wikipedia has also used a similar approach to develop data bank of information by using various people. This shows how firms have exploited crowds to generate new marketing concepts.

Jeff Howe introduced the term, crowdsourcing in 2006 (Howe, 2009). However, some firms had previously relied on the idea to generate new ideas and create new products. In 1936, Toyota used the concept in order to develop its logo. The idea has gained momentum due to increased online activities among people, and companies have taken advantages to recruit such people to generate new ideas. In the recent period, Procter


Walmart Company’s Problems Essay college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

Problems encountered by Walmart

Strategic and operational analysis

Ethics and sustainability issues



Works Cited

Introduction Walmart is an American retail corporation established in 1962 by Sam Walton. It operates large chains of department stores and warehouses where they sell products at discounted prices (Kneer 21). It is the third largest publicly owned corporation in the world. It operates in several countries including the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada. Walmart has been on the receiving end for a long time mainly because of its menial treatment of employees (Kneer 22).

Reasons such as low wages and low prices have been cited as reasons why Walmart has developed an allegedly negative reputation. However, analysts have argued that Walmart has an overall positive effect on the economy and lives of people despite criticisms (Kneer 53). It employs over 2 million workers and is the largest private employer in the world.

Problems encountered by Walmart Walmart encounters several problems that include stiff competition, negative reputation, constraints in business acquisitions and joint ventures, and stringent cultural values in foreign markets (Kneer 25). There is stiff competition from other retail stores that have adapted a low-price strategy.

For example, they are facing stiff competition in North America, Canada, and Mexico. Their competitors include ShopKo, Giant tiger, Soriana, Costco, Meijer, Kmart, and Comercial Mexicana among others (Kneer 27). Small grocery and retail stores have successfully competed with Walmart and established their niche in several regions. In addition, competition in foreign markets is stiff.

For example, it has only been able to dominate 2 % of the German food market owing to stiff competition from other established retailers and grocery stores (Roberts and Berg 29).Stiff competition was the reason that Walmart halted its operations in South Korea. After entering the South Korean market in 1998, Walmart was unable to dominate the market and as a result withdrew in 2006.

Walmart has to deal with negative reputation that stems from its low wages, low prices, and sexual exploitation. Several cases of employee exploitation have been reported. Sex discrimination is rampant in all its stores globally. The issue of sexual exploitation has made it difficult for Walmart to expand to certain countries that have strict cultural values and traditions (Roberts and Berg 33). This issue has caused them management problems that have stalled their expansion program.

Moreover, low wages have created a bad reputation for the retailer. Even though they offer employment to millions of people, their wages are so low that they can hardly sustain workers with big families. The corporation’s management has been reluctant to increase wages. Other problems include strict government regulations in foreign markets, strained relationships with suppliers, cultural differences, and difficulties in acquisition of other businesses (Kneer 31).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strategic and operational analysis Walmart adapts a low-cost and high volume strategy (Roberts and Berg 45). The basic principle of the strategy is to satisfy customers by offering low prices and exceptional customer service.

The retailer is able to offer low prices because its operating costs are lower than the standard industry costs. Its superior distribution channels give it an advantage over its competitors (Roberts and Berg 46). It is able to achieve exceptional customer service because of low prices, a motivated team of employees, and a highly developed data management system.

The management ensures that the corporation gains market advantage by offering a wide range of products to customers (Roberts and Berg 46). Therefore, Walmart gives an opportunity for customers to do their shopping under one roof. Their operational strategy includes offering their serves in different countries in the world. For example, it operates approximately 4,000 retail stores in the U.S alone.

It is changing its operations strategy by converting some of its retail stores into supermarkets in order to offer a wider range of products (Roberts and Berg 47). In addition, it is expanding its operations by opening small retail stores in urban areas. It has turned to social media and technology to reach out more customers and market its stores.

Ethics and sustainability issues Walmart faces several ethics and sustainability issues. There have been cases of sexual and gender discrimination in several stores across the world. In addition, it has been accused of suppressing employees’ efforts to form unions (Roberts and Berg 55). The management is afraid that if it allows formation of unions, employees will fight to have wages increased. It is unethical to pay low wages despite the high revenue that employees generate for the corporation. Walmart also faces several environmental sustainability issues.

These include offering customers products that support environmental sustainability and conservation, and promoting use of renewable energy (Roberts and Berg 57). It is necessary for the corporation’s management to address these issues in order to guarantee their sustainability in the international market. It has three goals to address its sustainability in the market. These include using renewable energy in its stores, to produce zero waste, and to sell products that do not pollute the environment (Roberts and Berg 58).

Recommendations Walmart should focus its efforts on improving its Human Resource in order to fight the negative image resulting from sexual discrimination. To improve its presence in foreign countries, it should improve its image. An improved image will enable it enter foreign markets easily.

We will write a custom Essay on Walmart Company’s Problems specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This will also involve addressing ethical issues that the corporation encounters. For example, it should consider increasing wages and facilitating formation of unions by employees. Another necessary change would be to focus more on sustainability. Many countries have strict environmental sustainability policies.

The corporation should make sustainability its priority in relation to its operations. Its operations and products should promote environmental conservation and sustainability. Finally, the corporation should consider expanding to smaller regions in order to reach more customers. This could include opening small retail stores in areas populated by low-income earners. This will grow its customer base, improve productivity, and increase revenue and market presence.

Conclusion Walmart is one of the largest retail corporations in the world that has been in existence since 1962. It has faced many challenges and overcome many problems to become the largest private employer in the world. Problems faced by the corporation include negative reputation, environmental sustainability issues, stiff competition, government regulation in foreign markets, and cultural differences. Its operational strategy has enabled it to dominate the retail market for a long time.

Walmart adapts a low-cost and high volume strategy. The basic principle of the strategy is to satisfy customers by offering low prices and exceptional customer service. The retailer offers low prices and quality customer service. Walmart should consider increasing wages, encouraging workers’ unions, and promoting environmental sustainability in its operations. This will effectively enhance its stature as a retail giant in the global market.

Works Cited Kneer, Christian. The Walmart Success Story. New York: GRIN Verlag, 2009. Print.

Roberts, Bryan, and Berg, Natalie. Wal-Mart: Key Insights and Practical Lessons form the World’s Largest Retailer. New York: Kogan Page Publishers, 2012. Print.


Obligation of Corporations in Environmental Conservation Essay essay help: essay help

In any way we may want to look at the subject of environmental conservation, the fact remains that our lives revolve around the environment in which we stay. Everything around us directly affects the quality of life we lead starting from water to the air we breathe.

However, due to endeavors for economic growth that are being carried out by individuals and companies alike, environmental degradation has become imminent. Natural resources are being exploited in a manner that destroys the environment. Moreover, functions of various corporations have proved to be harmful to the environment. They cause pollution and directly or indirectly cause harm to living things whose life depends on the environment.

The effects of environmental degradation are being felt in various parts of the world. Global warming, Ozone layer depletion and water scarcity are all due to environmental degradation. If care is not taken now, a time will come when it will be too late for any meaningful steps to be initiated as far as environmental conservation is concerned. In this regard, corporations as well as individuals have a role to play in ensuring that the environment in protected not only for the present generation, but also for the future ones.

It is important to note that environmental conservation is very crucial for sustenance of human beings. Natural resources are very crucial not only for economical growth, but also for social development of nations. It is important to note that a country with abundant natural resources has a high potential of developing quickly compared to a country that is not well endowed with natural resources. Unfortunately, natural resources will be exhausted one day if the environment is not conserved (Mullerat


The Religious and Political Views of the Epic Poem Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Religious Views of Paradise Lost and

Political Views of Paradise Lost


Works Cited

Introduction The poem Paradise Lost by Milton is a piece of art that has been coined wonderfully to pass both political and religious messages. The name Paradise Lost was carefully chosen as a summary of what Milton was talking about in the entire book. According to Sander (64), the way Milton has used diction in this poem, and the way themes come out shows a high level of expertise in this field. The book brings out the historic nature of the creation of mankind.

When man was created, he was supposed to live in heaven with God. He was supposed to enjoy a life free from any toil, pain, death or any other form of suffering. This was what God intended for man. This poem brings this message in a careful and very interesting manner. The poem brings out the cunning nature of Satan. Determined to compete with the power of God, Satan comes out to put a challenge to God. He uses a special creature of God, the mankind.

Paradise Lost skillfully knits religion and politics into one large garment. As Storr (84) observes, Milton has successfully brought together politics and religion into one plate. He has managed to demonstrate that the two are very closely connected. In this poem, it would be easy to see how religion and politics are closely related. From the perspective of Sander (86), some of the facts that are brought out in this poem can either be considered as political or religious.

Depending on the approach one takes in the analysis, major themes may be categorized into the two topics. As this scholar puts it, when the poem is given to a political scientist, he shall see politics on the other hand. On the other hand, when this work is given to a student of religion, he shall see a lot of religious facts. This poem is focused on analyzing the poem Paradise Lost from both the religious and political standpoints.

Religious Views of Paradise Lost and The poem ‘Paradise Lost’ strikes as a religious poem. John Milton brings out the kingdom of God before the fall of man, the process where man fell off with God, and how he was finally sent from Garden of Eden. As Milton says, man was a special creature of God. God considered man a special creature as compared to other creatures.

As such, he was given freedom to rule over other creatures of God. He was given power to eat of all the fruits that were in the Garden of Eden extract the fruit of knowledge. God provided man with everything in the garden. He offered man immortality and every other thing that he would need while in the palace. According to Milton (117), besides any other reason that may exist, one of the reasons why God gave Adam and Eve the instruction not to eat from the fruit was to ensure that mankind obeyed him.

He had created man and offered all that he might need in the Garden of Eden. However, after the rebellion of Satan and other angels who were loyal to him, God wanted to ensure that this special creature do not fall off his glory. He gave the instruction to man in order to ensure that he remained faithful to him. However, it unfortunately happened that Satan had plans against God, and against this special creature of God.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Satan was disguised as a snake, came to Eve and convinced her to eat of the fruit. Milton (78) says that Satan knew that it would be difficult to trick Adam directly. He therefore, chose to use someone who had the capacity to get through to the heart of Adam, and that was Eve. Sure enough, Eve easily fell to Satan’s trick and ate the forbidden fruit. Consequently, Adam was convinced to eat from the fruit of knowledge as demonstrated in the poem.

Milton says:

Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal tast Brought Death into the World, and all our woe with loss of Eden, till one greater Man (1.1.1-4)

Milton says that the decision of man to eat from the fruit of life was disobedience. God had given man all the freedom he would have needed in this kingdom. He only left him with one instruction. The instruction was that he was not to eat from the fruit of knowledge. When man committed this sin, God considered it disobedience. Just like Satan who was his servant but rebelled, God considered man as a special creature who had rebelled against Him. Given his nature, God does not tolerate disobedience.

He banished Satan and all other rebellious angels to hell. Man also had to receive a similar treatment. Milton says that this sin brought death and woe to the world. Besides this, man was sent out of the Garden of Eden. Man, unlike Satan, was never given a heavier punishment of being banished to hell (Fromm 28).

When Satan tricked man through Eve, he knew that God would banish man from paradise to hell. In hell, Satan knew that he would have control over the special creature of God. However, this was not to be. Unlike Satan who was keen to continue fighting God for the control of the heaven and earth, man realized that he had sinned. He humbled himself before God and told him that he appreciated the fact that his actions warranted punishment.

His reactions after sinning shows that man remained loyal to God. He was able to realize that Satan was evil minded and therefore, tricked them to eat from the forbidden fruit. His words and actions reaffirmed his trust and loyalty to God. Even after eating from the fruit of knowledge, man still realized that God was the creator, protector and provider. This was the reason why Satan was hiding from God. He had realized suddenly that they were naked.

We will write a custom Essay on The Religious and Political Views of the Epic Poem specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Milton says:

Say first, for Heav’n hides nothing from thy view Nor the deep Tract of Hell, say first what cause Mov’d our Grand Parents in that happy State, Favour’d of Heav’n so highly, to fall off From thir Creator, and transgress his Will For one restraint, Lords of the World besides? (2.1.27-32)

Upon realizing that they were naked, Adam and Eve tried to hide their nakedness from God. However, God told them that under the sun, man could not hide anything from him. He had knowledge of every single activity that was taking place in the garden and any other place in the world. God had to punish man although he had admitted his sin. However, the punishment given was not as great as that which was given to the Satan.

He was not sent to hell. He was only sent from paradise where everything was given by God, to the earth where he was expected to toil in order to earn a living. He was sent from heaven where there were no deaths, diseases, sufferings and all other evils witnessed on earth. The life that was offered in heaven would never be seen to man again in all his life on earth. He had rebelled against God. He had listened to the enemy of God, and ate from the forbidden fruit.

Sander (37) says, “Adam and Eve lived a life in paradise where they lacked nothing. They were under the care of God who provided for all their needs till they sinned.” This scholar says that the glory of paradise was taken from man because of the sin. He was sent to earth where he would face evil power determined to destroy him. The animals that he named after their creation, and controlled when in paradise would turn against him, just like he turned against God.

The serpent, which was a harmless creature in paradise, was given ability to bite and kill man given the opportunity. However, God realized that man could not survive if left alone on earth. He therefore maintained his presence through his trusted angels who watched over man.

Milton (56) says that although God sent man out of the garden, he kept a close eye on him to ensure that he was protected from any harm, especially from Satan and his forces. Milton says that following this sin, God considered man a rebellious creature. Because of this rebellion, the paradise was lost forever.

When God created the law to Adam, it was supposed to make him know how he would rule over other creatures that had been bestowed under his watch. Forsyth (29) says that God never gives laws that are oppressive. God loved His creatures Adam and Eve. For this reason, He could not hide from them anything which was good for them. They were God’s favorite creatures. God gave them the garden where they would find everything they needed without any struggle.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Religious and Political Views of the Epic Poem by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More God knew that eating from this fruit would harm them. This is proven when Adam and Eve struggled to hide their nakedness from God. All this time man and woman had been naked, but never realized. They never struggled to hide from God. However, this fruit brings shame, struggle and the need to run away from the presence of God. All these are sufferings that God wanted to save Adam from when he gave him the law.

Political Views of Paradise Lost According to Sander (93), poems are always based on issues about the society. This scholar says that although poems are always fiction as the actions would take place in the mind of the author who will then transfer it into a written art, the actions are always based on facts on the society. Poets would use their skills to bring out specific information about the society in a special way. In this poem, Milton brings out how politics manifests itself in the society.

This is brought from the leadership perspective. In this poem, Milton brings in a case that demonstrates revolution from the leadership. When God created man and woman and placed them in the garden, they were supposed to obey the command given by God. Political perspective comes in when Satan challenges power of God. He convinces man to disobey God and challenge His authority.

Milton says:

Who first seduc’d them to that foul revolt? Th’ infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile Stird up with Envy and Revenge, deceiv’d The Mother of Mankind, what time his Pride Had cast him out from Heav’n, with all his Host Of Rebel Angels, by whose aid aspiring To set himself in Glory above his Peers, He trusted to have equal’d the most High (2.1.33-40)

In this extract, two centers of power are shown to be fighting for control. As shown in this extract, Satan, through the serpent, was determined to win over Humankind because it was the most treasured creature of all. He seduced humankind to revolt against God. The extract shows that Satan had developed an empire by joining forces with other rebel angels.

According to Milton (114), Satan formed a very strong kingdom where he was the ruler. In his kingdom, this scholar says that Satan made a great effort to ensure that he fought against the powers of God. He wanted to reign over the world. These two forces have been in constant battle. They are struggling to rule Humanity.

From the extract, Satan was full of envy towards man, and the need to revenge. Man had been considered as the most precious creature that pleased God. By attacking him and making him part ways with God, Satan knew that he would be left to control mankind (Sander 86).

This scholar says that the mission of Satan was to separate man from God so that he would find his way between the two. By manipulating man to disobey God, Satan knew that mankind would be sent away from Heaven where God would offer full protection. However, by managing to separate them, he would have time to attack man with a lot of ease.

According to Sander (86), in a political environment, powers will always clash while trying to determine which power is stronger. Two empires staying side by side will never be at peace until one exerts its authority and proves that it is stronger. In this poem, we are introduced to two kingdoms.

The first Kingdom is headed by God, and has all the angels that remained loyal to God. The second kingdom is headed by Satan, and has various followers who fell from the first kingdom. Satan himself was an angel under the leadership of God (Milton 73). These two kingdoms are fighting to gain control of the kingdom.

Milton says:

That Glory never shall his wrath or might Extort from me. To bow and sue for grace With suppliant knee, and deifie his power, Who from the terrour of this Arm so late Doubted his Empire, that were low indeed, That were an ignominy and shame beneath This downfall; since by Fate the strength of Gods And this Empyreal substance cannot fail, (3.1.110-117)

From this extract, Milton appreciates the existence of the two kingdoms. He appreciates the fact that the two are very strong kingdoms, but with forces pulling in different directions. While God is determined to see a peaceful society, with humanity living within the freedom allowed, and obeying the rules given, Satan is determined to counter this. He challenges God and uses terror to counter the power of God. Milton finally appreciates the fact that God’s empire is actually beyond any failure.

According to Forsyth (116), the war between God and Satan can be viewed from the political perspective. The argument of this scholar is in support of Milton’s Paradise Lost. This scholar says that when Satan was in the same kingdom in heaven under the leadership of God, he believed that the power of God could be challenged. He envied the power of God. This was despite the fact that he was one of the most trusted angels of God.

However, he wanted to be like God. He wanted to experience how it would be as a leader of a given community. He wanted to create a territory where he would be the leader. For this reason, he rebelled from God. This rebellion did not come because God did something that Satan considered outrageous. It is only that Satan was yearning for power. He wanted to reign, just like God.

Storr (56), in his review of the poem ‘Paradise Lost’, says that Milton presents a struggle for power in those early days. This scholar says that the paradise which was lost was actually the ability to enjoy the benefits of being in a superior kingdom.

This scholar further says that during those early days, the rulers based their ruling strategy on rod and stick. Those who obeyed the stronger power would enjoy the benefits that come with it such as staying in paradise where man would not be subjected to any labor and pain. This story clearly demonstrates that disobedience comes with consequences.

Mankind lost the paradise because of the failure to obey God. As such, he was made to suffer. According to Forsyth (47), the poem Paradise Lost is a narration of the events that took place in the Garden of Eden just before man was sent to earth. This scholar says that religion is about obedience. From religious perspective, people have the responsibility to ensure that they follow the laws and all the regulations put in place by God.

When God made the first law and gave it to Adam, it was supposed to guide him within the Garden of Eden. These laws were not meant to oppress him. The law was not meant to make him foolish before other creatures in this Garden. Other than God and His angels, man was the most intelligent animal.

He was given power to control other creatures on the earth. Man lacked nothing within this garden, and was always under tight security. Just like in an earthly kingdom, this kingdom had laws. These laws always help in defining relationship between one man and another, and between man and nature. This is what this law given to Adam was meant for. The law was to help define the relationship that exists between man and nature, and with God.

God knew why the tree’s fruit was never to be eaten by man. Adam had all the reason to obey this law that was defining how he would relate to nature (Shaffer 57). This law was also a sign of how God wanted Adam to behave with Him. Disobeying this law was a disobedience to God who created the law. Just like in a kingdom, such a behavior could not go unpunished. Being banished from the Garden of Eden was the punishment given.

Conclusion The epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton presents a story of how man came to fall off from paradise. The poem skillfully knits together religion and politics into one garment. Satan is seen determined to challenge the power of God. He fights God directly, but realizes that that is dangerous. He then chooses to fight God through His special creature, man. Again he realizes that man is very loyal to God, and would not disobey Him if he was to approach him.

Canning as he was, Satan found his way into the Garden of Eden. He sneaks into this garden in the form of a snake. Using his oratory skills, Satan manages to convince Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit. Eve goes ahead to eat the fruit without realizing that this is an act of rebellion against God. She takes some to Adam who also eats this fruit of knowledge. They suddenly realize that they were naked, and hide their nakedness from God when they heard him enter the garden. As a result, man is sent to earth from the Garden of Eden.

He is relieved of all the privileges that he enjoyed while he was loyal to the kingdom of God. Now that he had listened to the Kingdom of Satan, he had to experience the suffering that comes with this kingdom. He was to toil in order to eat. He had to protect himself from wild animals in order to survive. He was assigned various tasks that were strenuous just because of this sin. Paradise was lost, and lost forever. He had to stay on earth with all its challenges. This is the message that this epic poem by John Milton brings out.

Works Cited Forsyth, Holly. Gardens of Eden: Among the World’s Most Beautiful Gardens. Carlton, Miegunyah Press, 2009. Print.

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Sander, Theresa. Approaching Eden: Adam and Eve in Popular Culture. Lanham: Rowman


Philosophy: David Hume Views on Cause and Effect Essay online essay help: online essay help

According to Hume, it is impossible to possess information about effect and cause. On the contrary, human beings can only possess knowledge regarding opinions. According to the Treatise of Human Nature, Hume asserts that each belief that is subject to justification should be either a matter of fact or relation of ideas. Relation of ideas involves a statement related to reason or mathematics.

Matter of fact can be ascertained through the experiences that human beings go through. According to Hume, all knowledge is as a result of the primary units related to sensory experiences.

Hume asserts that the basic impressions result to simple ideas. Therefore, complicated ideas are as a result of positioning simple ideas (Smith 82). Justifying that a belief is basically knowledge entails defining the impressions that form the foundation of the idea. A majority of the metaphysical ideas do not warrant justification using the strategies proposed by Hume. This implies that there is a close connection between matter of fact and relation of ideas.

According to Hume, human beings hold three beliefs that are unjustifiable. The first unjustifiable belief is concerned with causation ideas from where the global causation principle is derived. In this regard, there are several causes that lead to an event. Making predictions is possible as a result of the global causation principle.

It is imperative to assume an induction principle so as to be able to make a prediction (Smith 65). This involves the belief that the previous nature laws will prevail in the future. There is also an argument that there is an external material or physical world whose existence is independent of human being’s concepts and impressions.

Similar to Berkeley, Hume denies the intelligence associated with substance notions. However, Hume never develops a metaphysical arrangement. On the contrary, his stand is wholly skeptical. Hume asserts that reasoning has a solid foundation on causation.

Therefore, there is a principal concern to link distinct ideas so as to develop a single belief. It is impossible for causation to be as a result of matter of fact or relation of ideas. This is attributed to the fact that human beings elaborate events and experiences using the previous occurrences. In addition, they can use the experiences that other people went through.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is impossible to recognize specific effects and causes through the use of reason. On the contrary, experience is the only key thing. For instance, after seeing the sun rising from the East, human beings may assume that it will always rise from the East. However, in case a person has never seen the sun rising, it is impossible to know what to expect. Hence, it worth emphasizing that effect and cause are dependent on previous experiences (Smith 45).

It is impossible for the effect and cause idea to be equivalent to relation of ideas. This is attributed to the fact that reasoning alone is inadequate the reveal the effects and causes associated with a particular occurrence. It is impossible for the causation idea to be a matter of fact since it cannot be revealed through the use of perception.

Therefore, the effect and causation idea has to originate from previous experiences. In addition, it is imperative that two experiences are linked so as to have a solid connection. There exists no demonstrative reasoning that can assist in justifying future predictions.

Works Cited Smith, Norman. The Philosophy of David Hume. London: Macmillian, 1941. Print.


Business Environment in Germany Report best essay help: best essay help

Germany is a country in central Europe with a population of more than 82 million and is considered one of the largest countries of the region. It is a highly developed democratic society with the majority of population practicing Christian religion. It is divided into 16 administrative-territorial regions.

The economy is developing rapidly with an average salary per person being approximately 40000 US dollars. The majority of the population is German and the predominant views and culture are largely European. The capital is Berlin and the current president of the Federation is Angela Merkel. The people have the power to elect the government officials by voting. The political system of the country is divided into federal and regional.

The local governments make it easy to decide what specific laws must be changed or accepted. Germany is very much involved in the peacemaking initiatives all over the world and takes part in anti-terrorism efforts. The country is very much oriented on the service industry but is also well known for its production. It is considered a post industrial country focusing on shipbuilding, electro technical and chemical development (Taberner 57).

It does not have any many natural resources but is rich with coal. The infrastructure is modernized with railroad being one of the major transport systems. Even though it consumes a great part of European energy, the government is planning to move forward with natural energy sources, such as wind, sun, hydro and any other renewable sources. The official language is German but there are several variations in dialects depending on the region.

One of the strongest parts of German culture is the constitution and the acknowledgment of human rights. The Second World War has put a great dent in the nation, as well as the reputation throughout the world but currently, Germany is thought of as one of the advancing nations.

It is also paying off the debt to the countries that were involved in the war, which shows the high level or responsibility and development. The nation is very much oriented to unite all the citizens and industries. The economical spheres of finances, municipal services, logistics and sales were advanced to include common administration and goals.

The high level of life provides people with an advanced social protection through medical, accidents insurance and high pensions. The work environment is very effective for both managers and employees. Insurance funds are being constantly created which guarantees equal rights to all workers. This is very beneficial for all who want to do business, as all necessary conditions are provided.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More German culture is very diverse and no one is forced to participate in anything against their will. Every region and city has its unique set of traditions and differences are very much welcomed. Full freedom of the person is aligned with the political correctness of the nation and this enables people to feel the security and support of the government. Education is on a very high level with every region making its own adjustments (Schroll-Machl 102).

This gives power to the system to select what is best for the community adhering to the standards and unique nature of the population. Sciences are developing with an increased pace and the quest for knowledge is thought to be one of the major focuses of the nation. Overall, Germany has all the conditions for life and development of businesses.

Works Cited Schroll-Machl, Sylvia. Doing Business with Germans: Their Perception, Our Perception. Bristol, United States: Vandenhoeck


Masafi Water Company and Al Ain Water Company Report essay help

The researchers from Worldwatch institute have found out that the consumption of bottled water has gone up to approximately 40% (Wait, 2008).There have been various reasons for this consumption such as, climatic change, raised living standard and population growth etc. According to Saleem, particularly, in Middle East, the consumption of bottled water from 2003 to 2008 has become double (Wait, 2008).

Masafi Company: The establishment of Masafi Company happened in 1976 and now it is a leading company having a strong distribution network globally (Masafi, n.d.). The mineral water is natural which is collected from the mountains of Ras Al Khaima (Masafi Marketing Audit Presentation, 2012).

The rich underground springs of Masafi are the resources for this superior quality bottled water. The company’s use of Poly Ethylene Terephatalate (PET) for packaging can be observed as company’s commitment for the conservation of the environment. The PET bottling plant that has a capacity of producing 34,000 bottles in an hour is well equipped with the advance technology (Masafi: The Leading Producer of the Bottled Mineral Water in the Gulf, n. d.).

Al Ain Mineral Water Company: Masafi’s big competitor is Al Ain Mineral Water Company. In the local UAE market it is the great challenge for Masafi. Al Ain Mineral Water Company has met the standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration. It has been awarded HAACP certificate in 2002.

This company started in the year 1990. Its plant is located in Al Ain city where underground springs of natural, pure, mineral water are in abundance (Field, 2007).

Agthia, the owner of the brand Al Ain Mineral Water has expanded its distribution channels to enhance the growth of their bottled water business. The chief executive of the group, Ilias Assimakopoulos says, “We believe that the water business has quite a growth movement in the UAE, especially in the Northern Emirates, which is the key growth opportunity for us” (Duncan, 2012 Para 4).

The brand name ‘Al Ain’ is popular in the markets of UAE for the fine quality of its pure and natural water that is collected from the untouched Al Ain springs. Al Ain water is primarily sold in the UAE markets and only a small percentage is exported to the adjoining GCC markets (Field, 2007).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Al Ain Water laboratory use up-to-date equipment for testing water and packaging material to certify the good quality of the product (Al Ain, n.d.).

Comparison: The quality of water is analyzed on the basis of minerals present in it. Also, it is important to check the quality of the plastic of the bottles used for packaging and observe if no chemicals are used for the cleaning of the bottles when they go on the water dispenser (Drinking Water, 2013).

The following picture is the chemical analysis of bottled water brands in the UAE:

Source: FooDiva, 2011

As per the norms NHS has set some standards of using Sodium which should be less than 200 mg per liter and sulphate should not be present more than 250 mg per liter.

Al Ain water has 8mg per liter sodium and 5 mg sulphate present in the bottled water. Masafi has 10mg/liter sodium and 19mg/liter sulphate in its bottled water (Drinking Water, 2013).

Manufacturing of Masafi and Al Ain Water:

We will write a custom Report on Masafi Water Company and Al Ain Water Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The resource of Masafi water is the mountain and this is why the water is rich in minerals. The water is collected through many pipes and funnels which are connected to the bottling plant. This plant is generally situated in the nearby area. With the help of the pipes the water is collected and then it is pumped out for filtration.

The water resource and production manager, Pankag Naik describes the procedure that a firmly controlled filtering system carries water through the filters and 0.03-micro-filters in a cooled state. During this final inspection, if something goes wrong, the alarms go off and the procedure is stopped by shutting down the plant. For making the bottles, a small bottle is made first with a little white ball and then it is heated to make it 8cm long.

The next step is to fill the bottles, which is done by fixing the bottles on a conveyer belt with their necks dangling and passed to the the other room where the process of filling water in the bottles takes place. Water is filled into the bottles with high-pressure jet. A 500 ml bottle is filled within 3 seconds. The whole procedure takes place automatically. People are there only to supervise the work. The production is higher during the summer season because of the increased demand of water (Harnan, 2010).

Source: Masafi presentation for Central Europe, 2010, p.22

Source: Masafi presentation for Central Europe, 2010, p.22

The process of making mineral water is different for Al Ain Water Company. The stainless pipes are used for carrying water. Through these pipes the water is carried from the natural springs to the tanks. The tanks are totally made for water storage. Water is taken directly from the source and pumped to the bottling facility. It reduces the risks of contamination that is normally caused during handling and transportation procedure.

Here, bottles and cups are molded by heating PET and then transferred on conveyor belts to get rinsed and filled. Thereafter, these bottles are capped and labeled. The bottles and cups are packed in cartons and stored in the warehouse.

To promote bulk buying and provide convenient handling, Al Ain Water has recently started using plastic shrink-wrapping for sets of bottles (Emirates food stuff and mineral water company, n.d.)

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Production Line and designing of Masafi and Al Ain water: Masafi has earned its name as brand for packaged mineral water. FMCG industry Masafi has been working for 35 years and has volunteered into the field of flavoured water, chips, tissues and rice. Company’s focus on distinctiveness and superior business quality and the idea to deliver better quality products and meet the global quality standards has made it popular in the region (Masafi, n.d.).

The PET bottles are used for designing and packaging of Masafi mineral water. They are made of plastic but actually the plastic element is 23 percent less in making these bottles. This bottled water is safe and healthy (Masafi Marketing Audit Presentation, 2012).

A new technology has been introduced by the name of oxo-biodegradable technology. In this technology a little amount of metal salts are added to plastics to accelerate the degradation of the plastic in explicit environmental situations (Lukwaro, 2010).

Oxo-Biodegradable Shrink Wrap: this shrink wrap is environmental friendly and it is the first of its kind introduced by Masafi in this industry.

Source: Masafi presentation for Central Europe, 2010, (p.32)

When Al Ain Water started its commercial production with only one bottle line but at present it produces eight different sizes of bottled water products and water cups. The company is provided with ISO 9001 certification. It also produces PET bottle pre-forms for other bottling companies and ice blocks.

Source: Al Ain bottled water, n.d. Para 4

There are two types of formats of 330 ml glass bottle which is offered by Al Ain Water Company: still and sparkling. This exclusive bottle is available in eight designs. Al Ain Water Company has also introduced 5-gallon pack for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain region as per the demands of the local people.

Quality control of Masafi and Al Ain Company: Masafi is very keen in improving its quality control. For which it conducts its internal auditing. It also conducts customers’ survey program to get their feedback.

Al Ain Water Company is also adamant to follow the standards for quality control. The inspection of the water wells takes place periodically to check contamination. Besides the internal quality control procedure, Al Ain Water gets the quality check done by its guarantor, Vittel of France (Owned by Nestle Waters) once in a month.

Conclusion Though Masafi has secured the top most company place among the bottled mineral water companies all over the UAE, yet AL Ain Water Company seems to be a great challenge for Masafi by showing a speedy growth. It has become in a dominant position especially in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain regions.

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The Issue of Privacy Report college application essay help: college application essay help

Privacy is the concern of many Americans. In his article “Privacy Is Overrated”, David Plotz presents his vision of the issue of privacy in the American society. The author starts with listing the aspects about his private life which cannot be hidden and can be checked by any company or person. However, Plotz belongs to the minority of people who perceive this fact as normal and do not suffer from the ‘privacy paranoia’ (Plotz).

The author is not preoccupied with the aspect of privacy in contrast to many other people who care about the intrusion into privacy. Plotz focuses on several ways in relation to which authorities and companies can realize intrusion into privacy. The author pays attention to the Defense Department’s Office of Total Information Awareness which intends to record the confidential data to prevent terroristic acts. People are against the procedure.

However, Plotz states that this concern is based on hypocrisy paranoia when people protect their personal data, but they also want to know personal information about the others. Thus, the author lists several flaws of privacy focusing on benefits of lack of privacy. Companies really do not care about people’s personal life but they are ignorant. Moreover, crimes can be fought. Plotz concludes that lack of privacy leads to openness, but not to intrusion into privacy (Plotz).

It is possible to agree with the position of the author on the issue of privacy because the lack of confidentiality and privacy is the characteristic feature of the modern world and it is rather difficult to oppose to the well-developed system of recording the personal data at the governmental level with references to privacy protection movements. The next reason to support the idea presented by Plotz is the fact that a lot of recorded and stored data are used by many companies to make the everyday routine activities of the Americans easier and make the life more convenient. Furthermore, one more point is the fact that the lack of privacy in the form of using street cameras, computer search programs, and available credit histories is significant for the effective work of police or other law enforcement agencies.

People’s complaints about the lack of privacy became typical today. However, many persons begin to understand the advantages of the situation. That is why, it is rather irrational to oppose the tendency which became the modern reality, especially when the lack of privacy provides a lot of benefits for the development of the American society.

Moreover, referring to Plotz’s idea that many people want to check the personal data and story of their baby-sitters, it is possible to state that the Americans accepted the possibility to check the data related to the other people, and they are ready to use the advantages of this opportunity, but people are rather hypocritical in relation to their own private information.

Plotz also develops the idea of openness as the concept opposite to privacy (Plotz). From this perspective, openness cannot be threatening for people, but it can contribute to uniting the society.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Every day millions of Americans buy different goods and products using markets and online resources. It is rather easier when companies propose their customers goods according to their personal preferences and can save their time and money proposing appropriate variants. These services are possible if a lot of private information is gathered and analyzed in order to respond to the customers’ expectations. The lack of privacy is the necessary stage in the development of modern consumerist society.

From this point, people’s everyday routine activities become less time-consuming and more effective. In reality, companies are oriented to using the stored data for their business purposes (Goshgarian). Thus, companies do not develop strategies to intrude into the lives of clients to do harm. Moreover, such companies can prevent doing any harm to the persons’ finances when the unusual financial activities are observed.

The next advantage of availability of information which was discussed as confidential earlier is its role for police and other law enforcement agencies. To find a criminal, policemen investigate the volumes of personal information and identify personalities of criminals. Moreover, the systems which are used to gather and store personal information can also work to contribute to the legal procedures.

Thus, the new approach when personal data should be available to law enforcement agencies can be discussed as advantageous to fight terrorism and crime. In spite of the fact a lot of people state that the usage of the recorded private data can be discussed as intrusion into privacy and the violation of definite laws on confidentiality, these people are ready to agree with the actions of authorities when the access to private information is necessary for them to assist in overcoming definite problems.

Looking at the issue from the other perspective, it is possible to agree that authorities and law enforcement agencies gather the private data not to limit and control people, but to regulate the order and protect the society.

Works Cited Goshgarian, Gary. What Matters in America. New York: Longman, 2010. Print.

Plotz, David. “Privacy Is Overrated”. GQ: Gentlemen’s Quarterly 71.9 (2001): 224-225. Print.

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American Detective Novel Comparison Essay essay help site:edu

In life, we often find ourselves being confronted by our past events and choices. Circumstances may force us to tackle with issues that test our love and loyalty for both our family members and friends. This paper seeks to compare two American detective novels. The two novels are The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy and Mystic River by Dennis Lehane.

Through the comparison, the paper will illustrate the similarities between the two novels and highlight on how everything returned to where they started. The article will pinpoint that in The Black Dahlia even as time passes crime continues to be resolved where it began. In Mystic River, even after 25 years the story unravels right where it began.

A major similarity between the two novels is that everything returns to where they started. In The Black Dahlia, even as time passes crime continues to be resolved where it began. During the introductory part of this book, the author introduced two police officers trapped in the Zoot Suit Riots (Ellroy 12). Bleichert was on a mission to save Lee Blanchad.

Later, the two police officers managed to arrest a wanted criminal and sought asylum in an abandoned residence as the riots escalated. At the onset of the novel, the two officers were not working for the same department. As such, Blanchad was a sergeant while Bleichert was a road patrol officer. Some few years later, Bleichert was transferred to work together with Blanchad at the homicide warrant department. While working together, Bleichert met with Kay who leaved with his friend. Later, Kay and Bleichert were engaged.

In the year 1947, the two officers were appointed to investigate on a murder case of Elizabeth Short. During this investigation, Bleichert met with a young girl who looked alike with Elizabeth Short.

It was not long before the two had an affair. While Bleichert was having an affair with the mistress, his relationship with Lee and Kay deteriorated. It was not long before Lee began consuming Benzedrine, which made him to behave unpredictably. Later, Lee confronted with his bosses and disappeared. On the same period, Bleichert did not only break up with her mistress and Kay but also messed up with his assignment.

Because of this, he was demoted from the department. After being demoted, Bleichert embarked on a mission to trace Lee. When he later learned of Lee’s fate, he returned to the town to restore the deteriorating relationship with Kay. It was during this period that he was transferred to work as a lab technician. As a lab technician, he was able to unravel the mysteries of the death of Elizabeth Short and disappearance of Lee.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As the novel ends, the author notes that Bleichert had gotten back with Kay who was by then pregnant. Through the above illustrations, it is apparent that as time passed the crime was eventually resolved where it began. Equally, through the above illustrations we note that everything returned to its original state. As such, Bleichert broke up with his mistress and got back to her wife. In the same way, the murderer of Elizabeth Short was traced back to Los Angeles.

In the novel Mystic River, even after 25 years, the story unravels right where it began. At the onset of the book, the author introduces to the readers three little boys (Lehane 9).

The boys are later separated after Sean Divine was abducted and raped by pedophiles. Twenty-five years after the incident, Divine had become a homicide detective. On the other hand, Jimmy was an ex-convict who operated a store in the town. The third person by the name Dave was already married and exhibited physiological challenges. The three people were finally united after the murder of Jimmy’s daughter.

Following the death, Divine was appointed to investigate on the murder case. Later, Divine and Jimmy engaged in a disagreement because of the investigations. On the night of the murder, the author notes that Dave arrived home covered in human blood. Through the above illustrations, it is apparent how things returned to their original state. The three friends were united back in Boston through the date of Jimmy’s daughter.

Another similarity between the two books is that the two books focus on the lives of police detectives. As such, in the novels the main characters are police officers who are after resolving mysteries about some crimes in their towns. In the book The Black Dahlia, Ellroy narrates a thrilling story about a constable who has been assigned to investigate the murder of a young girl. With time, the constable becomes so eager to unravel the facts of the young girl’s short life and the causes of her murder.

Through this, the constable is forced to tackle with hard truths about the girl’s relationship. In the book Mystic River, Lehane narrates a fascinating story about a detective who has been assigned to investigate the murder of the death of Jimmy Marcus’ daughter. Just like the detective in the novel The Black Dahlia, Sean Devine investigations untie some facts that force the investigator to face up to his past.

Another similarity that exists between the two books is that they lead to frustrating conclusions. During the introductory parts of these books, the authors illustrate the main characters living together in harmony. Since the two books revolve around detectives, readers will expect the detectives in the two books to solve their cases successfully.

We will write a custom Essay on American Detective Novel Comparison specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Similarly, the readers expect that at the end of the novels the detectives will be satisfied with their investigations. In contracts, the two novels conclude while the detectives are yet to find themselves in agreement with their hardest realities. The Black Dahlia, concludes while Bleichert’s life was in a complete mess.

He had not only been obsessed with his investigations but also with the beauty of the murder victim. In the final chapter, the author notes that Bleichert kept wondering how Elizabeth murder had disrupted their lives. This implies that the novel ended on a sad note. In the novel Mystic River, Devine tries to enforce law and order in his town in vain.

Instead, his ambitions push him to unravel some mysteries from the past. Through these mysteries, Divine loyalty and trust for the family is tested. Just as in the other novel, readers would expect the novel to end on a happy note after the case has been solved and the suspects apprehended. However, the book ends on a sad note. In the last chapter, readers will note that each revelation in the case has been destructive. Notably, the book ended while Divine was more confused than at the beginning of the investigations.

Works Cited Ellroy, James. The black dahlia. New York: Mysterious Press, 1987. Print.

Lehane, Dennis. Mystic River. New York: William Morrow, 2001. Print.