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Consumer protection has always been a special domain for numerous agencies and non-profit organisations. These organisations and agencies provide consumers with legal and information support, as they are building their relationships with sellers and suppliers. However, any violations of consumer laws and rights can easily result in criminal charges. This is why a police department can and should be actively involved in consumer protection.

The police department often receives consumer complaints, and many of these complaints are valid and demand thorough criminal investigation.

It would be fair to say that the police department is in a better position to investigate such cases than consumer protection agencies and non-profit organisations providing legal support. At times, the boundary between administrative and criminal law violations is extremely blurred, and only a law enforcement professional can help determine the scope of the issue, its gravity, consequences and potential solutions.

One of the most common consumer protection cases involving police is that of identity theft. At times, consumers make purchases from unreliable suppliers, who use their credit card information for fraudulent purposes. In this situation, filing a complaint to the local police department is the first step to resolving this criminal issue. The police will have to examine the customer’s credit card report and identify fraudulent inaccuracies and the criminal’s identity (herself).

Very often, consumers receive fraudulent messages about awards and lottery prizes, especially by phone. At the same time, they are asked to make a purchase or donation, in order to get their prize. This is a sophisticated scheme of fraud, which crosses the boundary of administrative and consumer protection law. Apparently, only the police department can help protect the rights of the consumers, who have been defrauded of their possessions in this way.

The police department may also get involved in cases, when trade solicitations become a huge pressure for the potential customer. A reputable business owner will never insist that the customer makes an instant purchase decision. In case of threats, the local police department will react immediately, because consumer rights are violated, and the consumer’s life and health may be put under risk. Certainly, if consumer rights violations lead to injuries or death, they become a matter of the local police’s concern.

For instance, some police departments assume a responsibility for checking and monitoring non-licensed chimney contractors. Overall, any consumer rights violations, trade violations and deceptive practices, false pricing and advertising, as well as consumer frauds that contain the signs of crime are to be investigated by the local police department. This is also the case of consumer extortion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consumer extortion has become quite common, and thousands of customers suffer from the loss of their property as a result of deceptive business practices.

More often than not, it is the local police department that receives extortion complaints from consumers. The local police department can get involved in an extortion case, when it has the features of a crime, including felony. Recently, many moving companies have fallen into an extortion disgrace, and some business owners were even arrested for extortion and unauthorised used of the movable.

Unfortunately, many cases of consumer rights violations end up as a civil matter; for this reason, business owners are not afraid of extorting their customers for a certain sum of money. Simultaneously, for an attorney and police professionals who know their job, detecting the signs of crime in consumer extortion is not difficult, and the police department can interpret such actions as felony.


The pros of mandatory service Research Paper scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Why the bill should become law


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Introduction Students appear to be overwhelmed by the myriad of activities that make up their school programs. Many would argue that this would be just another burden for them. However, choosing such a stance would obscure the long term merits of the program. Focusing on the short discomforts of mandatory voluntary service causes one to miss out on the great benefits that can emanate from the program. Not only would participants gain work-related skills like team-building and time management, they would also develop a deep community identity.

Why the bill should become law Mandatory community or military service would strengthen students’ association with their communities. As students volunteer in hospitals, fire departments, drug recovery centers and others, they will get to learn about unmet needs in their community (Worrall 15).

This could compel them to become passionate about filling those gaps and thus more active in their adult life. For instance, a training psychologist could learn about the lack of adequate follow-through in drug rehabilitation centers and this could propel him or her to become a better professional in the future.

Alternatively, if a person finds that things are working well in his or her community, the volunteer could develop a sense of pride. He or she will appreciate the valuable work that other people are putting into his or her area of residence. Therefore, the program will enhance community identity and ownership over initiatives. One may also argue that modern American youth are too consumer-oriented (Longo 93). Most of them tend to focus on their individual needs rather than that of their surroundings.

These young men and women only care about what they can get out of their parents or the government rather than what they can give back. National voluntary services would enable such persons to connect with forces beyond themselves and develop a moral outlook (Sauerwein 15).

Mandatory volunteer work will strengthen students’ prospects for employment. Individuals who work in community services must build rapport with others. They need to know teamwork as they must consult with paid professionals, fellow volunteers, or beneficiaries of the programs (Light 81). Additionally, these persons must plan their time adequately in order to fit it into their school routine. They will thus learn time management skills. Several students are already doing volunteer work and they do not even know it.

One indication of this trend is participation in internship programs. Internship often gives students an added advantage in job recruitments (Shivaun 43). Consequently, the same may be said of the proposed mandatory community program. Opportunities and skills obtained from the plan would be priceless. For instance, individuals would build networks in their desired career line, and this could enhance their prospects for finding employment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion Students require opportunities to make them more marketable to employers, and voluntary service is one such avenue. The consumerist attitude that pervades western societies has caused American youth to become self-centered. This policy could foster a greater moral attitude among the country’s citizenry.

In essence, such a policy would make participants better professionals because they would learn about inadequacies in current arrangements. This could cause them to foster change in their professions. Some short term sacrifices always have to be made in order to realize a greater good. Students, parents, employers and other stakeholders will appreciate the proposed law once they see the gains of the policy.

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Social Sites Are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Introduction





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Introduction The article under discussion dwells upon popularity of social networking. The author claims that social networking is decreasing as people are losing their interest in online communities. Lee uses a term for the decreased popularity. She notes that many people are experiencing “social networking fatigue” (Lee 152). It is necessary to note that the author’s argument is plausible and well-grounded as Lee uses all three means of persuasion, i.e. ethos, pathos, logos.

Logos Lee resorts to a variety of logos in her article. The author provides extensive data to support her argument. For instance, the author provides specific data which show the ongoing decrease, “MySpace’s audience dropped from 49.2 million to 47.2 million; Facebook from 8.9 million to 7.8 million” (Lee 152).

Lee also suggests a number of reasons for the drop. She states that increasing amount of advertisement in social networks discourages people from joining online communities or spending much time in social networks. Lee provides certain data which show that big companies invest money in this type of advertisement and acquire social networks making them highly commercial, “MySpace . was acquired by News Corp. last year for $580 million, and Facebook, born out of a Harvard dorm room, followed” (153).

Noteworthy, the author provides certain factual support to an opposing opinion stating that there is “enormous expansion” at the rate of 320 thousand newly added profiles each day (Lee 155). However, this does not undermine plausibility of the author’s argument, but shows that the author has implemented an insightful research. Thus, it is possible to note that Lee makes use of logos, which enhances credibility of her argument.

Ethos Apart from logos, the article contains ethos. Lee refers to different experts’ opinions. When considering popularity of social networks, Lee refers to Nielsen/NetRatings (152).

The author also provides opinions of Fred Stutzman who is a student of the University of North Carolina and viewpoints of Nicole Ellison, who is a professor at the Michigan State University, or Val Landi, who is a co-founder of WiredBerries, which is a newly launched website for females (Lee 153). Admittedly, the use of such experts’ viewpoints makes the article more credible. The author proves that this is not her own opinion, but there are professionals who can make conclusions due to their vast experience in the given field.

Pathos Finally, the author also exploits pathos in her article. This means of persuasion makes the writing more appealing. For instance, Lee provides a quote which is very appealing, “It makes no sense to have a million of those pages” (152). Exaggeration ‘a million’ makes the sentence more emphatic and more emotional.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another sentence, which appeals to the readers’ emotions, is as follows: “So where to next?” (Lee 155). This rhetoric question makes the reader think and try to find own answers. Therefore, the article reaches its major aim, i.e. it makes people aware of the issue and makes people think about it.

Conclusion On balance, it is possible to note that the article in question contains ethos, pathos and logos. The author’s argument is well-grounded and she concisely provides evidence to support her claim. The use of these means of persuasion makes the article effective as it informs the reader about the issue, appeals to the readers’ emotions and makes the reader consider the problem and come to some conclusions.

Works Cited Lee, Ellen. “Social Sites Are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing.” The McGraw Hill Reader: Issues across the Disciplines. Ed. Gilbert H. Muller. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2010. 152-155. Print.


Plate tectonics, volcanism, earthquakes and rings of fire Report college essay help online

Plate tectonics refers to the scientific theory stating that the lithosphere is always on a constant motion. This movement occurs in a large mass and is based on the plate tectonic theory which was put forward by scientists in the early twentieth century (Diller 2001).

Plate tectonics has led to the separation of the sea floor over the years and the earth is composed of seven tectonic plates according to the available geological information. The boundaries of the moving plates are always characterised by earthquakes, mountain formation or volcanic activities depending on whether the relative movement between them is convergent, divergent or transformational (Condie 2007).

Volcanism is the process by which molten rock material also known as magma moves out of the Earth’s interior due to high pressure and stress to the surface through fissures. Magma can either be viscous or less viscous and this dictates its effect when it reaches the Earth’s surface. Highly viscous magma leads to the formation of steep volcanoes that are characterised by explosive eruptions while less viscous magma spreads on the surface leading to the formation of gently sloping features known as the plateaus and plains (Barber 2005).

Earthquakes are sudden movements of the earth’s crust due to pressure from the Earth‘s interior. The region where the earthquake originates from before it reaches the Earth’s surface is known as the epicentre.

Another common term is seismicity which refers to how frequently a place experiences an earthquake and the magnitude with which such an earthquake occurs. The magnitude of an earthquake is measured on the richer scale, where a magnitude of 3 and below is considered weak, while that of 7 and above is stronger and more destructive (Asantville 2009).

Ring of fire is a place that is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activities. The Pacific ring of fire is a region shaped like a horseshoe which is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is characterised by ocean trenches and is home to the world’s most deadly and active volcanoes (Nemeth 2012).

Works Cited Asantville, Adam. Geology. New York: Gareth Stevens Pub, 2009. Print.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Barber, Adams. Sumatra: Geology, Resources and Tectonic Evolution. London: The Geological Society, 2005. Print.

Condie, Kent. Plate Tectonics and Crustal Evolution. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann, 2007. Print.

Diller, James. A Late Volcanic Eruption in Northern California and Its Peculiar Lava. Washington: Govt. Print, 2001. Print.

Nemeth, Jason. Plate Tectonics. New York: Power Kids Press, 2012. Print.


The importance of maintaining confidentiality Essay essay help: essay help

Information obtained from individuals who are undergoing marriage/family counseling should always be treated with privacy. This practice is known as confidentiality. Professionals who offer counseling services to clients are the only one expected to have access to the confidential data. In all counseling sessions, clients should be made to feel secure and comfortable even before they begin sharing their experiences with the counselor. If clients feel intimidated or insecure in any way, the counseling process cannot get along as expected.

Worse still, the client cannot receive any workable emotional or psychological assistance if the privacy of information shared cannot be guaranteed. The ability to maintain confidentiality of information obtained from clients is a critical ethical component since it is illegal to share private data without consent from the affected party, the client being counseled can hardly share personal information if it will not be kept confidential, and it also leads to gross counseling failure since the patient cannot receive the required help.

Although some counselors argue that verbal information can be shared out especially if it does not infringe the rights of clients, it is completely unethical to do so. Both verbal and written information obtained from clients undergoing marriage counseling should be treated with high level of confidentiality (Melton, 1997). In any case, all forms of information obtained from counseling sessions are usually very sensitive and can lead to gross mistrust as well as poor relationship development among the parties involved.

It is perhaps necessary to begin by exploring what can be considered to be confidential or private in a marriage/counseling process. Some of the examples of sensitive information that can be shared out include infidelity problems between partners or spouses, emotional trauma arising from deep family wrangles, serious medical problems that impede procreation, infertility and stigma arising from an embarrassing infection (Mulligan, 1996).

We cannot imagine such type of information being shared out to third parties without the consent of the client being counseled. It can be disastrous to both the counselor and recipient of the services if delicate data of such magnitude is accessed by the public and other uninterested parties.

There are ethical standards that ought to be followed keenly when applying the concept of confidentiality on the records of clients undergoing counseling sessions (Melton, 1997).

Although breach of confidentiality is a common experience in most counseling institutions, it is prudent to mention that the privacy of patients can only be tampered with when the mental health condition of the affected person is at high risk. Needless to say, exposing confidential data should only take place when there is looming danger. Professional marriage counselors may plunge themselves into costly law suits if they breach the privacy of their clients.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are several factors that have hindered full application of ethical standards. For instance, lack of clear guidelines or legislations in some jurisdictions and counseling facilities is a major setback. Even in the absence of strict legislations in place, breach of privacy can be minimized with the assistance of staff members who have undergone thorough capacity building and training on ethical standards (Melton, 1997).

A case study of the United States reveals that strict legislations have been adopted by both the state and federal authorities when it comes to privacy of counseling information obtained from clients. Both the Patient Bill of Rights and HIPAA have been passed by the legislature in order to protect the confidentiality of recipients undergoing counseling. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Acts (HIPAA) are instrumental in enhancing the privacy of counseling recipients.

Even though confidentiality has been a critical issue in both of these pieces of legislations, the ability of a counseling institution to offer high quality care should be a vital part of the entire process. It is not possible for counseling experts to offer poor quality care while at the same time claim to be capable of protecting the privacy of clients (Melton, 1997). High quality counseling sessions should go a long way in addressing the innermost needs of clients especially in regards to confidentiality.

Conclusion To recap it all, the ability to maintain confidentiality of information gathered from individuals undergoing counseling is a critical ethical factor bearing in mind that it is against the law to share private information without permission from the concerned party. In addition, the individual being counseled cannot easily share personal information if it will not be kept confidential. On the same note, it may culminate into gross counseling failure because the patient cannot obtain the required counseling assistance as anticipated.

It is also vital to assert that marriage counselors should not harm clients in any way when obtaining, recording and distributing their data. This implies that a positive relationship should be developed between counselors and clients. In other words, both of them should have a common understanding on the type of information that can be shared with the third party without causing any gross risk to the patient.

References Melton J.L. (1997). Sounding Board: The Threat to Medical-Records Research. New England Journal of Medicine, 337 (20), 1466-1469.

Mulligan, D. (1996). Privacy and Health Information Systems: A Guide to Protecting Patient Confidentiality. Center for Democracy and Technology: Washington, D.C

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The Role of Workplace System in Business Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

In case of a company hiring a younger team force and cutting off the older employees, there are several possibilities that would be acceptable and fair to each group. Because the younger population has finished their studies and is in need of a job or career development, companies must do their best to hire them.

It is necessary for the new employees to get the experience and choice in what they want to pursue. Mistreating previous employees who have reached a certain age is, however, not acceptable. The fact that they have deep knowledge of the company and have input many years proves that they are loyal and have become a part of the organization.

The company is successful partly due to their efforts and skills, as they have contributed to the organization and have not left during many years of work. There must be a balance between the new incoming force and the one who has seniority. Not only does the company risk, entrusting its matters to inexperienced employees, thus hurting its profits and reputation, it might also create predisposition where people will analyze the company’s treatment of previous employees and would not want to stay for the long term.

In case more mature individuals are offered a 50 per cent cut in their salaries and they have nothing against such policies, it could be acceptable but there would have to be a unified agreement between all employees, as it would be unfair for some to get cut and others to have unchanged salaries. Another option is to decrease the number of hours for either group or offer a choice of different benefits, salaries, and hours.

When an employer looks to hire a person who is pregnant or has any other condition that can affect the work temporarily, it would be against policies and human rights to decline the application.

Since the law states that people with short-term disabilities must be hired or kept in the workplace, the same conditions apply to women who are pregnant (Bennet-Alexander


An Occurrence at Owl Creek Essay writing essay help

In the story, An Occurrence at the Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce, the author shows how an individual perceives time. The depiction of time in the story shows the fluid nature of time (Bierce, n.d). The author uniquely uses the nature of time to narrate a story from a present time to that of the past. In the real sense, the author imagines the present by using the past. Time is of the essence in the story as it reveals the various issues that affect the lives of other characters.

To some extent, the author perception on time is not same to that of other characters. It is interesting to observe how the author uses time to interrupt a continuous flow of events. The author uses time to depict events that exemplify reality. Perhaps the author deems that time favors the fate of each character in the story. The main character in the story perceives time not to favor him. For example, Farquhar thinks that time goes slow on his side compare to others.

In the story, Farquhar seems entangled in his own timeless realm. In this respect, the author tries to portray the feelings of the character in a metaphorical manner. For example, the author calls Farquhar “a vast pendulum” (Chapter III, p.3) to show how he is unconscious of the current happenings.

The author uses the metaphor of time to explain how one can drift into semi-consciousness. This time can either be exhibited in the symbol of sleeping or going into a dream. For example, “Farquhar closes his eyes to fix his thoughts” (Chapter II, p.2). At this point it is clear that the present events are not favorable to Farquhar. At this time, time depicts a transitional place that is between the present and the past.

The depiction of time as subjective by the author is intriguing. Perhaps this is the reason why Farquhar attempts to manipulate time. Farquhar sees this manipulation of time as a good way of escaping reality. However, the subjective nature ultimately allows important events like death to claim the character.

At this point, it is clear that Farquhar has used the time to create confusion between reality and illusion. The reader only realizes the gap bridged between reality and illusion by the author at the end of the story. Perhaps this confusion and interruption of real events depicts how people struggle to control time and events that affect them in the real life.

Through time, the author creates a fantasy world for Farquhar. The manner in which Farquhar imagines his death escape is as a result of a past reflection “as a federal scout” (Chapter 1, p.1) of the northern scout. During his imagination, Farquhar traverses time to perceive himself as a confederate soldier.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The author has used the driftwood as a symbol of time. Just like a clock, the driftwood helps Farquhar to travel through the waters. The driftwood is a distortion of time as he fantasizes being the driftwood. The speed in which the driftwood move through the waters leaves Farquhar wondering how slow and fast is time. In fact, the existence of the driftwood becomes a symbol of how Farquhar perceives time.

In conclusion, the author seems to use the story to question the reader’s perception on time. This becomes evident when the author uses foreshadowing in the story to show that indeed Farquhar’s story was fictional. In general, the author seeks to know whether the reader is conscious of the present and whether the present is a reality.

Reference Bierce, A. (n.d). An occurrence at owl Creek Bridge. Retrieved from


Advancement of the computer Report (Assessment) essay help: essay help

The first property that determines how materials are universally classified is the atoms that make up the material. These atoms are neutrons, protons, and electrons. Most materials in their elementary form are neutral since the number of protons is equal to the number of electrons. At the same time, those that are in a compound form are the ones that have a combination of two or more elements.

The second property is how different atoms making up the material are arranged in it; since various materials have a different arrangement of atoms. Thus, some are more compact than others. This is evident in the three states of matter that is: liquid, gas, and solid.

The third property is how atoms are bonded within the material itself. There are two types of bonding, in particular, covalent and ionic bonding. The first type involves sharing of the valence electrons in the material, while ionic bonding is the process where acceptance and donation of valence electrons between the atoms are present (Nils 2010).

A semiconductor is a material that is able to exhibit properties of both metals and non-metals such that they act as both insulators and, at the same time, have the ability to conduct electrons. The use of silicon based semiconductors revolutionized the field of computing due to their ability to change their level of conductivity by a process known as doping. It refers to the addition of impurities in the silicon semiconductor that alters its conductivity.

The application of semiconductors led to the invention of different miniature electrical components such as transistors and the integrated circuits. These devices possessed the ability to amplify signals, for example, the operational amplifier which is an integrated circuit. They also had the ability to switch and convert signals from one form to another.

These aforementioned properties of the silicon based semiconductor impacted on the advancement of the computer which became smaller, faster, and more efficient. Hence, the computers we use today are very different and far much better than the initial variants. The earlier computers used to consume a lot of heat. This feature has been rectified with the new generation of computers that consume less power have the ability to cool when heated. All these features are possible thanks to the invention of the silicon based semiconductor.

Nowadays, the field of computing is complex and more efficient. For example, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and notebooks were created due to the revolution experienced as a result of the silicon based semiconductor. The robot systems are being used today in almost all industries and have led to reduced workload as well as fast and efficient production of goods.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Microchips are miniature sets of electrical components that are usually etched on small semiconductor materials. The semiconductor materials preferred are germanium or silicon. It should be mentioned that a microchip forms a specific electrical circuit that achieves a specific purpose although the only difference with normal circuits is that they are very small in size. Microchips cannot be assembled by humans without the help of machines as they are so small and the soldering of the electrical components requires very specialized machinery (Turley 2002).

Microchips are related to integrated circuits in the way that they are just another form of integrated circuits. The components in the microchips are a combination of different integrated circuits that have been reduced in size. Among these components one could name transistors, operational amplifiers, power regulators, relays, and microcontrollers. These devices are combined on a single semiconductor to form a microchip. Thus, the basic relation between the microchip and integrated circuits is that the microchip itself contains integrated circuits as its integral components (Cardona 2004).

A human brain does not process information on a given time span since the speed of processing varies. At the same time, the central processing unit of a computer processes information depending on the computer’s clock speed. Hence, computers with a higher clock speed tend to process information faster while computers with a lower clock speed tend to take more time in the processing of data (Winston 2006).

One should note that artificial intelligence refers to the ability of computers and machines to reason and make decisions based on their preprogrammed logics. This includes robots working in industries or even intelligent cars that can navigate themselves on the road. These systems usually require minimal human aid as their level of success is very high and accurately efficient (Nils 2010).

Thus, the central processing units make decisions based on preprogrammed logic. This means that it cannot make decisions contrary to the programmed logic and hence it lacks the ability to reason rationally. On the other hand, human brain makes decisions based on logic as well as the rationale and experience. Therefore, it is common for humans to come to decisions that do not make sense and this is the main difference between the human brains and the central processing units of computers (Winston 2006).

Works Cited Cardona, Manuel. Fundamentals of Semiconductors : Physics and Materials Properties. London: Springer, 2004. Print.

Nils, Nilsson. The Quest for Artificial Intelligence: A History of Ideas and Achievements, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Print.

We will write a custom Assessment on Advancement of the computer specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Turley, Jim (2002). The Essential Guide to Semiconductors. New York: Prentice Hall, 2002. Print.

Winston, Patrick. Artificial Intelligence. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, 2006. Print.


Importance of People Management in Organizations Report college admissions essay help

Introduction People management in any business organization is a main factor in determining organization success. The smooth running of any business set up requires recruitment of a substantial number of employees. To ensure a constant flow of business, it is important to understand the workers and handle them properly.

Managers in any business organization have been given the responsibility to provide leadership, inspire, educate and give confidence to the employees (Bedeian 2003, p. 124). Other managerial responsibilities include employing, deploying, evaluating and giving instructions to the workers. However, such responsibilities are not easy to undertake.

Performance management Managers use performance management to measure employees output. An organization is always deemed to benefit from employees’ integrated efforts. Efficiency at the work place requires managers integrate all employee issues to establish a positive working environment with increased output.

To be able to establish a good working environment, a manager is required to establish good reward policies and motivation for the workers. Managers use performance management as a strategy to provide a foundation of reward policies. In this respect, employees that perform in consistency with pre-determined goals are subjected to certain reward policies.

The reward policy should focus on developing the attitudes of the employees (Baron 2003, p. 89). This will increase motivation for working among the employees. For example, the best performing workers ought to be rewarded at the end of a trading period. The workers’ welfare should motivate them into providing their best.

Recruitment and selection Recruitment and selection of workers is a vigorous activity undertaken by the managers that require professional expertise. Competent workers will provide high quality work at minimal supervision. The implementation of policies and strategies is easier where the workers are competent (Higgins 2004, p. 167).

During job interviews, identification of the best candidates is an acid test for the selection panel. The panel should prepare an interview sheet that will define the exact potential of the job seeker. Academic performance should not be perceived as a major element during the exercise. The job seekers general outlook and discipline is important. Therefore, the selection process and criteria should include the experience and the general knowledge of the job seeker in regard to the job position.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Training development Training development is an important element in ensuring that an organization’s culture of competent human resource is maintained. Training development acts as a foundation where personnel are aligned with an organizations job expectations and goals. In recent years, the concept of training development has been used to instill motivation among employees.

The concept has been instrumental in providing employees with significant skills and knowledge on issues related to their profession. Training development has been used as one of the basic requirement acknowledged by the management before an employee is promoted.

Difficulties and mistakes in reward policies and motivation strategies A good reward strategy should motivate the worker. The reward should be given after a good performance by the worker. The reward strategy should be done regularly to promote the commitment of the workers. There are managers have no procedure or policy on how rewards should be given to the performing employees.

Moreover, some managers do not deem it important to engage other staff members in a making critical decision during the employee reward process. A culture of competition for the reward among the workers will increase the output of the company. A psychological contract makes the workers feel they are part of the business. In some instances, managers make the mistake of not establishing a guiding and counseling unit to promote the employees’ psychological contract (Baron 2003, p. 89).

The frontline staff in a business organization is the employees who work directly with the customers (Graban