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In 250 words or more, answer the following.

As you proceed through your IT career, you will discover that it takes more than just technical skills to advance through the ranks and earn the right to lead teams, projects, and, ultimately, companies. These non-technical skills, also referred to as soft skills, are just as important as the technical expertise you will acquire. Communication is an obvious one, but there are  many others that are important. Engage in research on the Internet and describe one soft skill, other than communication, that you feel would be the most important to you and potential employers. Provide the details that show how this skill will translate into not just a “good job,” but a great career in technology.  Analyze the soft skill from your own perspective and from the perspective of potential employers.  How can the soft skill enhance your technical prowess?


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In 250 words or more, answer the following.

Your webtext says, “In the world of finance, there is one certainty: you must take more risk to earn a higher return.” It then identifies the following types of risk: inflation risk, business risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk.

Risk is a consideration in many of the decisions we make. Describe a risky financial decision made by you or someone else. What were the downsides of the decision? What were the upsides? How might your financial goals and personal financial plan impact the amount of risk you are willing to take on regarding a financial decision?

Example of a risky financial decision: Withdrawing money from your retirement savings to fund a business start-up.


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In 250 words or more, answer the following.

Suggest one of the problems that normalization seeks to solve within a database. Describe one example of your suggested problem and explain the overall benefit that normalization would provide. (Note: Your example can be hypothetical or use the university business function or operation).

Identify the key determinants that could affect the degree of normalization of a database. Justify your response. Next, identify the aspects of the database design that can be denormalized. Explain the key ways in which the business rules support the degree of normalization and the elements that can be denormalized.


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Q.1. Explain the differences among various concepts of yield such as yield to maturity, yield to call, and anticipated realized yield. ( 2 Marks)

Q.2. Explain the effect that duration has on bond price sensitivity to interest rate changes and relate zero-coupon bonds to the concept of duration. 

( 2 Marks )

Q.3. Discuss the basic concept of an option and define strike price, intrinsic value, and speculative premium. ( 1 Mark)


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Choose one of the options below to research and explore:

Option 1
It is estimated approximately 50% of individuals incarcerated and/or involved in the criminal justice system meet the criteria for a mental disorder, most often a Substance Use or Related Disorder. Many of the addicted individuals never receive any form of treatment and are often jailed as a result of personal possession or a crime related to accessing money to support an addiction. What research-based programs are being used to ensure that non-violent offenders are receiving treatment rather than jail time where a negative cycle of recidivism may develop? For example, ideas to explore include diversion programs and mental health/drug courts. Additionally, for individuals already incarcerated what successful substance use treatment resources are available to them? Are these programs effective based upon the research? Why or why not? Use academic journal research to support your perspectives and not the textbook or websites.

Option 2
Briefly summarize in one-two sentences the diagnostic criteria for Opioid Use Disorders. The Opioid/Heroin crisis impacts all demographic groups in the United States. It does not discriminate based upon gender, race, or socioeconomic status. Using full-text academic journal research to support your perspectives and not the textbook or websites explore the following questions: What are the varied etiologies and causes for Opioid Use Disorders? Why are these disorders so difficult to treat? What are effective research-based approaches for the disorders, both medicinal and psychological? What roles do the community, criminal justice system, medical professionals, and mental health clinicians play in both prevention and treatment?

Option 3
Briefly summarize in one-two sentences the diagnostic criteria for Cannabis-Related Disorders. Then, research the psychological and developmental impact of the legalization of marijuana. Has legalization led to increased addiction in the states and countries where it has occurred? Has legalization allowed individuals who were using opioids an alternative form of pain management (make sure to discern between the effects of CBD and THC on pain as they are different)? Does marijuana help manage PTSD, etc. or make the symptoms worse? What is the impact of marijuana use on brain development in those 25 years old and younger? Use academic journal research to support your perspectives and not the textbook or websites.

Option 4
Select one specific DSM-5 Childhood Disorder from a category listed in Figure 13.1 or Table 13.2 in Chapter 13 of the text (intellectual disability, specific communication disorder, autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, separation anxiety disorder, specific learning disorder, motor disorder, ODD, conduct disorder, and childhood depression and anxiety). Briefly summarize in one-two sentences the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for your chosen childhood disorder. Explore and present the causal factors (etiology) and risk factors for the disorder. Are there risks with diagnosing a child with a disorder? Why is differential diagnosis important with children and adolescents? Do you believe that the disorder you chose is over-diagnosed? Why or why not? Research and explain at least two current and effective treatment strategies for the disorder found in the research journals and not copied from the textbook.

Option 5
Select one specific eating disorder presented in Chapter 11 of the text and/or from the Feeding and Eating Disorders Section of the DSM-5. Briefly summarize in one-two sentences the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for your chosen eating disorder. Explore and present the causal factors and risk factors for the disorder from the academic journals and not the textbook or websites. Research and explain at least two current and effective researched-based treatment strategies for the disorder found in the research journals and not copied from the textbook or websites.

Checklist for Maximum Points:

Initial post is a minimum of 600 words (not including references) and demonstrates complete comprehension and clear evaluation of the material referenced in the question

Initial post is made by due date posted in the schedule

Initial post references and cites three scholarly sources such as those accessed through EBSCO, PubMed or Google Scholar, one of which must come from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal article, using correct APA


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Should you allow the client or patient (depending on who is working with the individual at the moment) to refuse the recommended treatment, would you be acting in the individual’s best interests?  How do you balance the patient’s needs against the patient’s desires?  This is an ongoing dilemma for treatment professionals. 


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In what ways did George W. Bush’s foreign policies and view of the role the United States should play in the world affect the nation’s involvement in the Middle East following the 9-11 attacks? When should the United States get involved with another country’s problems? Explain in 200-300 words with one reference. 


Globalism and Terrorism Worksheet essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Complete the “Globalism and Terrorism” Worksheet.

Use only sources found at the GCU Library, those provided in Topic/Course Materials, or those recommended by your instructor. Cite three to five relevant, scholarly sources in support of the content.

This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


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Your Invention

You have informed Sally that you will be performing research on the laws that regulate direct payment systems this week. It is a hot topic related to the invention that she has been developing. Here is the paper that deals with this: E-Commerce Payment Mechanisms (DOCX) (located in the attachments section) this week on a hot topic related to your invention that you have been developing. You have created a device that will be placed on restaurant tables, replacing paper menus and waiters.

The device includes streaming channels highlighting the daily Menu. The Menu displays daily choices and projects visual representations of how the selections are prepared and cooked. The device is voice interactive, and you can order your meals and suggest options or additions to the items. The display covers a 360-degree view of your table and has recording and upload and download capabilities that record your table party activity for customers’ future pleasure and enjoyment. You can upload the interactive video to your mobile device or the Cloud. You can upload the event to the Restaurant’s “MealTime” website and shared it with friends and family subscribers. The device also contains a payment system that allows customers to order and pay at the table with a customer’s mobile device.

The device will also enable customers at home or in transit to order and pay for takeout or schedule a delivery or pickup. Your invention also contains an algorithm design that integrates HR background searches and personality traits of prospective employee hires. The algorithm measures the compatibility of potential future hires against critical Human Resource initiatives and measurements. The algorithm has a high rate of eliminating applicants that potentially do not fit into your organization. Sally asks that you let her know if your research finds any laws that control the use of the device’s payment system, wanting to make sure the application is legal.

Read the following: Pros and Cons of Touch Screen Ordering (Buzztime).  

Your Assignment

This assignment has 2 parts. Please put both steps on the same document.

Part 1

Using a Pros and Cons Chart, list the various E-Commerce Payment regulations that apply to the Devices payment system using information directed at the utilization of the invention in the Restaurant operations. In your review, determine what laws apply to all aspects of the potential use of the Device and the impact it may have on the business. You will upload this chart.

Part 2

1. Complete the following:

Go to: US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  website.

Click on the “PATENTS” pull-down menu,

Click on “Patent Process Overview”

2. From the information gathered in Step 1 complete the following:

· Define what a Patent is,

· List the types of Patents available and choose the category your invention falls in.

3. Go to the Patent FAQ page (USPTO) (  find the answers to the following questions. 

· Who can apply for a patent?

· What can and cannot be patented?

· How do I know if my invention is patentable?

· How long does patent protection last?

· How much does it cost to get a patent?

4. Add these questions and your document.


Reflection of Instructor Comments and Peer Review college admissions essay help

After reading, the instructor comments and the peer review of your research paper answer the following questions with at least six to seven sentences for each of the prompts below.

What changes would you make to improve your paper? Be specific and give some examples.

How, did the instructor’s and peer reviewer’s comments help you to see where you could improve your research paper? How you will put these comments to use for your future papers?

How did reviewing another student’s paper give you some ideas about how to improve your own writing and research skills? Why or why not? What did you take away from reviewing a peer’s work?

This assignments use a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guides prior to beginning the assignments to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


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Cocaine inoculations: Imagine that a vaccine that would “teach” the body’s immune system to attack cocaine molecules once they were introduced into the body could be developed. The development of such a compound raises some interesting questions about client rights to refuse treatment.

Could the courts require that a cocaine-addicted person receive such an inoculation? If they did, and there was an adverse reaction, who would be responsible—the company that made the vaccine, or the court system?


Quality Management in Healthcare essay help site:edu

Prepare a 8-10 slide Power Point presentation that describes what constitutes a medical error and describe one approach used to prevent medical errors. The presentation should be professional and have a cover page and at least two references. Use the speaker notes area to provide a brief commentary of your slides. Where applicable use APA format. 

No wikipedia or blogs allowed 


Intro to Networking: Assignment 4 scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Must be one full page. At least (2) APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism. Attached are the previous assignment instruction leading to this assignment. Also, attached is the answer that will you for this work.

Assignment Instructions:

Uh-oh, the Legal department and the HR department are demanding their own network.

The departments feel that their data is sensitive enough that their data should be separated from the other departments.

In addition, the Outside Sales department has gotten brand new Apple iPads for all of their users. So there needs to be a Wireless network setup so they can go online.

So, you need to build out a change order for the network to account for these two curveball requests.

Your submission should be in a Word document and should cover the following (not a complete list)

How will you separate the networks, physically or virtually?

What type of WiFi network will you setup?

What hardware will you use?

What encryption method will you use?

Will you limit the WiFi signal via physical means?

What additional hardware is needed? Software? Etc?

Remember to justify your choices


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Again, keeper studies can be identified using handy Rapid Critical Appraisal checklists consisting of a set of simple but important questions. Below are sample questions developed for use with quantitative studies that are applicable to most appraisal situations (it’s important to note that qualitative evidence if it’s relevant to the clinical question, should not be dismissed):

Why was the study done? Make sure the study is directly relevant to the clinical question.

What is the sample size? Size can and should vary according to the nature of the study. Since determining valid minimum sample size in a single study can be difficult, taking into account multiple studies is beneficial. The answer to this question alone should not remove a study from the appraisal process.

Are instruments of the variables in the study clearly defined and reliable? Make sure the variables were consistently applied throughout the study and that they measured what the researchers said they were going to measure.

How was the data analyzed? Make sure that any statistics are relevant to the clinical question.

Were there any unusual events during the study? If the sample size changed, for example, determine whether that has ramifications if you wish to replicate the study.

How do the results fit in with previous research in this area? Make sure the study builds on other studies of a similar nature.

What are the implications of the research for clinical practice? Ask whether the study addresses a relevant and important clinical issue.


Unit 8 Written Assignment college essay help

Watch the required Kanopy video series “Living with PTSD.” 

Address the following questions related to the experiences, symptoms, and treatment of trauma.

Discuss the types of traumas that the people in the video experienced.

What are some of the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder that were talked about by the trauma victims?

What were the challenges for some of the people in the video for obtaining treatment for PTSD?

If you were a therapist in this case, what therapeutic modality would you use to treat PTSD (e.g., cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, family systems)?  Use 1-2 scholarly sources to support your answer. If you have not taken a theories course, choose one theory from the above list and summary the articles.

What are the benefits of having offenders discuss their offenses prior to discussing any of their trauma history when they are in therapy?


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To understand synthesis it is important that you read the lectures for this week.  Synthesis is a skill that takes practice and the lectures discuss this process.

On the discussion board, using a minimum of two articles that are supporting your PICOT question, submit one paragraph synthesizing the research into clear, concise statements without separately reviewing each of the studies in the paragraph—but by paraphrasing and synthesizing the work that was done.  


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Follow my example. Read everything below. I will take off points if your outline does not look like my example (NOT MY WORDING), but how I formatted this outline. Do not make this hard. Have fun with it!
*Note: My example answers are in the parentheses.
Submit a word or pdf document of your Commercial Outline with the items below:
Commercial Outline
1. Product/Service Name (get creative i.e. You Betta Not Talk Back Backpack, New Smell. Who Dis?, I’m About to Get Choose Pill)
2. Setting (what environment is your commercial taking place i.e school, toilet, party)
3. Target Audience (who do you want to buy your product/service i.e. children, grandmas, people who can’t dance)
4. Two Product Features (what does your product do i.e. it helps children not talk back to their parents, stops grandmas from smelling like grandmas, your DM’s are about to be lit)
5. Three Persuasive Techniques (apply ethos, pathos, logos-refer to previous activity for examples