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While delivering his ruling in the case of Regents v. University of California v. Bakke, Justice Harry Blackmum, a judge of the US Supreme Court, upheld the decision by institutions of higher learning to use race as one of the guiding factors in selecting qualified students to join college.

The court ruled out that the practice by the medical school at the University of California at Davis to preserve positions for less-privileged minority students in each entering class was unlawful. Justice Blackmum noted that “in order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race.

There is no other way” (Cornell University Law School, n. d.). I do not agree with this statement because it appears to suggest that one’s identity is judged by his/her race and that when judging someone’ potential or character, race should be a guiding factor.

If at all we intend to end racism, we must learn how to judge people based on their character, skills, and identity. We must also stop evaluating people based on their race. Racisms involve grouping people based on their ethnicity or color of their skin. It also involves taking action on racial grounds.

By definition, racism means taking account of race. Based on this definition, Justice Blackmum appears to suggest that we must be racists in order to end racism. This is not only immoral, but also illogical.

We should always endeavor to judge people by the content of their character, as opposed to the color of their skin. That this statement means is that we should not use skin color to evaluate the moral stature or competence of other men.

For example, we should not use skin color as a factor in admitting people to institutions of higher learning on in hiring them. Instead, we should admit students or hire people based on their competence, qualifications, and skills possessed. However, in our modern society, this appears to be far from the case.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Color preference seems to have replaced color blindness. Inasmuch as we may try to appear rational, there is no denying it that affirmative action entails a lot of racism (Bobo, 1998). Affirmative action promotes racism, in that it tries to please one group of people in the society at the expense of another group.

In case society decides to adopt a colorblind approach, we may end up losing more than we are likely to gain from this approach. For example, because the colorblind approach hinges on the premises that race should not and does not matter, we stand to lose all that we might have gained by identifying with a different culture.

In addition, we need to appreciate the fact that because all of us perceive the world differently, this is what adds spice to life.

By adopting a colorblind approach through affirmative action, we risk losing this valuable possession. Nobody benefits from or desires the “sameness” ideals promoted across cultures by our colorblind attitudes (Neville et al, 2000). For instance, if we embrace a blind society, we could end up losing our ethnic identity.

There is a clear distinction between color blindness and equality. Proponents of color blindness try to argue that all of us are equal by promoting affirmative action. Consequently, they attempt to mould individuals so that they can fit their description of equality.

In the process, they turn a blind eye to those values and capabilities that they would not wish to be associated with and embrace the qualities of an individual that they would want to be identified with. In contrast, equality refers to the ability to appreciate our various experiences, perspectives, abilities, and talents, in a diverse society.

Several authors have warned society against trying to adopt a color0blind attitude since different groups of people views different situations differently. Those who are keen on achieving a color blind society seems to ignore that fact that our society is deeply racialized.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Color Blindness and Equality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Bobo, L. (1998). Race, interests, and beliefs about affirmative action. American Behavioral Scientist, 41, 985-1003.

Cornell University Law School. (n. d.). Regents of the University of California v. Bakke. Retrieved from

Neville, H. Lilly, R., Duran, G.,


Reflective Entry: “Push” by Sapphire Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Precious’s Invisibility to the World

Precious’s Oppression


Discussion Question

Works Cited

Introduction Push is a novel by Sapphire, and it covers the socio-economic plight of the people. Precious, a school girl, is pregnant, and she has been chased away from her former school (because of her pregnancy).

Therefore, precious has to get a new life in the new school which does not have the facilities she enjoyed in her former school. Precious and her people are invisible in the society. Things that they do are not recognized, and Precious goes through a lot of suffering because of this.

Precious’s Invisibility to the World A person becomes invisible to the world when that person is not recognized. Therefore, Precious and her family are invisible since they are not recognized. The needs of Precious families go unnoticed, and this contributes to a lot of suffering (Sapphire 103).

Precious examines the situation of her family, and she says that her family is invisible to the world. This happens when Tesses paints a picture of a girl without a brain.

Precious believes that the sketch is that of her and her family, and she is much troubled. This is because the situation of life that Precious’s family lead is a reflection of poverty and social and economic abuse. Therefore, Precious feels that the image is directed at her.

Precious also gets pregnant, and she is kicked from her school. She has to change school so that she does not disgrace her former school; she is not given a fair hearing. The authorities are just following rules, and they can not let a pregnant girl stay in school (Sapphire 117).

In addition, Precious has to keep the fact that she has another kid secret. This is because she can not get employment when the authorities know of this fact. However, Precious reveals this during her second birth, and this has dire consequences; her mother loses her social security, and consequently, her mother sends her away from home.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Precious’s Oppression Precious invisibility to the world leads to a lot of oppression on her part. This is because the authorities do not care much about lowly people. In fact, poor people are oppressed by authorities, and they oppress each other. For instance, the school sends Precious to anther school simply because precious is pregnant. This shows that the authorities are oppressing poor girls who are unlucky to get pregnant (Sapphire 126).

Precious is also faced with traumatic experiences since she has been abused sexually by her father. In fact, the pregnancy is as a result of sexual abuse by the father.

This is a great oppression since it is a crime for a father to sleep with his daughter; this is sexual abuse and harassment. However, nothing has been done, this is a traumatic experience, and the school authority should have counseled precious instead of chasing her.

When the authorities realize that Precious has another child, they stop the social security funds for Precious family. The authorities discontinue this funding, but in the real sense, they should have increased funding as a result of the added child. This shows that Precious’s family is invincible to the world (Sapphire 135).

Precious’s oppression also leads to a traumatic experience; she has been infected with HIV from her father. This shows that things should not be allowed to move out of hand; the authorities should act to end this oppression.

Conclusion The novel seems to tell people that they can make new beginnings despite the situations. Precious, though HIV positive, leads a normal life helping other people; she does not despair.

Discussion Question What effects does the cutting of social security have on Precious? Is it justified?

We will write a custom Essay on Reflective Entry: “Push” by Sapphire specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Sapphire, S. Push: A Novel. New York: Vintage Contemporaries, 2009. Print.


Job Analysis of Public Information Officer Term Paper writing essay help

Introduction The position of a public information officer working for a police precinct entails a combination of journalism, communication and police work in order to properly disseminate information to the general public which can consist of a variety of important announcements that may impact their safety in the near future.

It is based on this that this paper will examine what is necessary to hold such a position, what its necessary methods of evaluation and what can be done in order to encourage employee performance.

While proper training can create an adequate employee, however, it is methods of organization development that will create a satisfied employee that will do their job spectacularly.

Job Description The general duty of a public information officer is to communicate information deemed relevant by the department to the general public especially in cases involving special incidents (i.e. natural disasters, terrorism, or a serial killer on the loose).

The following are a list of the general duties associated with this particular type of job:

Conducts publicity and informational activities (Clapper, 2010)

Assists with community training and education activities (Clapper, 2010)

Assists with the coordination of the district’s use of community service volunteers (Intercity, 3)

Regularly reports to the district manager and fire chief (Clapper, 2010)

Follows district ordinances and policies

As for the number of hours required for this particular position it must be noted that events never truly stop and that they can happen at any time (Education Portal, N.A.).

Due to this, a public information officer has to be ready to immediately work 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand the job does entail normal working hours (9 to 5) and as such can be considered average in terms of the degree of time pressure levied on people within this particular job type.

History of the career In terms of the relative “age” of this particular career choice it must be noted that it was only created within the past few decades as a response towards the necessity of interacting with the general public and the media regarding various cases and aspects of police work.

As such, this particular career type is specialized to the extent that its capacity is one where accuracy of the information given must be taken into consideration on a daily basis while at the same time applying sufficient prudence in terms of giving only what’s appropriate (i.e. not starting a panic within the general population).

Recruiting Plan On average there is approximately 1 public relations officer for each precinct and as such the number of people currently employed in this particular career field can be approximated by the number of police precincts currently in operation within the U.S.

Of particular interest is the fact that various reports examining job growth for this particular type of career path have emphasized that the number of public information officers is expected to grow by at least 24% within the upcoming years and as such is indicative of the relative importance of the position.

When it comes to the qualifications of workers for this particular job it must be noted that there is no precise sex, age, or physical requirement rather individuals who pursue this particular career path merely have to have a bachelors degree in an appropriate field such public relations, journalism or marketing (Frederick, 1).

Thus a recruiting plan for this particular strategy would consist of an initial internal evaluation of officers within a particular precinct in order to determine whether any had previous media related experience or had taken up a journalism/communications/media related course while in college.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Job Analysis of Public Information Officer specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More If I find that the local precinct lacks candidates an external search of other precincts will be accomplished to see whether they may possess the type of candidate I am look for.

In the instance that such a search yields no viable candidates, it is only then that an external method of recruitment will be implemented wherein the usual ads placed in classifieds or online job listings will be utilized.

In order to get the right kind of candidate for the job the classified ads will specify that only candidates who prior experience in media/public relations will be accepted in conjunction with an education profile that suits the needs of the job.

Furthermore, the job description will indicate the rigors that the candidates will encounter on the job which should help to discourage all but the most adamant workers for the position.

Selection Strategy The selection strategy will consist of examining which of the applications received show candidates with the right amount of experience and education for this particular type of position.

Ideally the candidate should have 3 years prior experience in public relations/communications or a media related position where they have to process and disseminate important information on a daily basis.

Furthermore the candidate must have a college degree that emphasizes some level of public communication, this can be waived though if the candidate shows that they have accumulated enough relevant experience in public communications to be able to the job as needed.

Once a select group of candidates has been determined from the number of the applications they will all be invited for preliminary interviews in order to determine their overall level of compatibility for the job.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Job Analysis of Public Information Officer by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More During the interview what will be examined is their communication skills, their ability to properly create detailed explanations with limited data as well as their interpersonal relation skills.

This is to weed out individuals that may have the necessary knowledge and experience to the job but lack the necessary skills to be able to carry it out to the degree that is necessary.

After the preliminary interview has been concluded, the candidates that have passed the first stage will be asked to come in for a test to confirm the skills noted in their resume.

This will consist of a series of written and case based examinations meant to determine how they work under pressure and the methods they would utilize in order to do the job properly.

It is expected that after going through the various interview and testing procedures a viable candidate should emerge that will be able to do the job adequately.

Job Performance Evaluation One of the bet methods of evaluating an individual’s performance is to utilize solid data and metrics to determine whether they are accomplishing the job in the way that they are meant to.

While a public information specialist position may appear to have relatively few instances where metrics can be applied this is not necessarily so. The first metric to be applied in this particular type of position would be the rate of information dissemination.

This takes the form of how long it takes for information sent to the employee to be edited, reviewed and then sent to the necessary parties in order for the information to be properly communicated.

What you have to understand is that the information that normally passes through this position normally consists of emergency broadcasts, crucial updates, announcements regarding criminals within the vicinity as well as a plethora of other types of information deemed important to the public at large.

The longer the information is retained the more likely that the lives of local residents will be adversely impacted and as such it is important to process and distribute the information as fast as possible. The second metric that will be necessary for this particular position is the overall level of responsiveness of the employee.

This takes the form of his/her ability to be on call during the weekends, being able to get to work on time and ensuring that all work backlogs are completed as necessary.

Without this level of responsiveness to the job it is possible that information backlogs may occur, if this does happen information that is vital towards public safety my not be transmitted at all resulting in possible civilian deaths.

The last metric for this job involves compliance to district ordinances and policies regarding methods of information dissemination.

This is both the easiest yet the most important of the metrics since compliance to the various rules and regulations is an absolute necessity for this particular type of position.

It must be noted though that given the right amount of training this particular type of metric can easily be met.

Training Necessity of Ethics Training

Aside from ordinary methods of training an employee, it must also be noted that ethics training is an important component in the training solutions implemented by any organization due to the proliferation of decidedly unethical actions within corporations and a variety of organizations.

The article “Ethics Training and Businesspersons’ Perceptions of Organizational Ethics” by Sean Valentine and Gary Fleischman is an investigation into the influences of corporate culture, ethical codes of conduct and ethics training into the level of job satisfaction, performance and ethical practices that employees bring to the workplace (Valentine


Universal Health Systems Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Executive summary During the year 2008, the government of Jamaica decided to remove the fees on the health sector for the users, which has increased the rate of demand on the healthcare services by the citizens.

The ministry of health in Jamaica is also trying to restructure the processes within the health sector to improve its services to the citizens, enhance service delivery and increase the accessibility as well as accountability in the management system of the health services.

The use of electronic medical record (EMR) also known as electronic healthcare record (EHR) is a data collection document that records the digital data of medical reports for the patients.

In addition, it shares the information with other healthcare doctors as well as providing personal health reports for patients to present to their doctors when required. This technology of recording the patient’s information is seen as a way of improving the services offered in healthcare facilities.

This has been adopted by countries like United States and others are on the process of implementing it. Jamaica is one of the countries, which has also planned to implement the technology to improve the health services.

Introduction Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Caribbean Island in its advanced stages to improve the health system, which is reflected by a decreased fertility and mortality rates in the country.

The maternal mortality rate in Jamaica has been high due to high rate of abortion done by girls and due to poor services in the maternal section but government has tried to improve its operations to curb the situation (Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2007).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The National Health Services Act in Jamaica divided the country into four health regions whereby each region is governed by the regional health authority. The regional authority has the mandate of ensuring that public health services are delivered to the citizens within the region.

The delivery of the health services is availed through the network of the secondary or tertiary care facilities and the primary care facilities, which are managed by the regional authorities in the country (Jamaica Ministry of Health, 2005).

The main aim of the research is to discuss the deficiencies in the health system of Jamaica and the benefits the country will achieve in adopting the EMR/EHR in operating its healthcare facilities.

The study tackles the challenges related to handling health information, medical products and technology, service delivery, health workforce, health financing and leadership and governance.

The research looks at the benefits that the country is likely to achieve in implementing the electronic medical record in the health system as well as some of the challenges the country might face in implementing the technology (Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2010).

Health information The health information system in Jamaica is fragmented that there is no policy on health information system to govern the communication processes within the health system.

The country has always lacked data to carry out the statistical analysis in the health sector that it has always used the 1993 data to estimate the vital statistics in the subsequent years in preparing the health reports (Ministry of health, 2008).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Universal Health Systems specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the year 2005 audit of the vital statistics, it was noted that in the health sector there was lack of communication and coordination between the government and the health agencies, which has made it hard for the government to plan accurately on how to improve the health system.

The government should therefore strengthen its national regulatory bodies governing the sharing of the health information between the public and the private sectors (World Health Organization, 2006).

Medical products and technology Drug production in Jamaica proves to be limited due to the limited raw material imported for the production of the drugs. The country therefore depends heavily on the imported drugs and this increases the prices especially to the end user.

The government has therefore experienced increased costs in the health sector especially in the pharmaceutical service, which is the most utilized section and regularly accessed by the public due to the removal of the user fee in the health system (Ministers of Health of the Americas, 2007).

Service delivery The authority in the four regions within the country monitors the delivery of services in Jamaica. The health services are therefore provided through a network between the primary care facilities and the secondary/tertiary care facilities within the region.

The distribution of services is high in urban areas as compared to rural areas where the healthcare facilities are few. The public sector in the country provides 95% of the services to the citizens.

The private sector provides the 5% and its services are rendered by the professionals in the public sector who own the private health facilities (Ross, 2009).

The quality assurance in Jamaica is under the various departments within the ministry of health and this result to a fragmented process. The country has therefore a goal for the year 2015 where it plans to achieve effective operations in the clinical processes within the four regions of operation.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Universal Health Systems by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The government needs to improve the delivery of services in the regions as well as develop a policy to guide its implementation (Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2007).

Health workforce The study shows that the human resource in the health sector is not sufficient to serve the public. It was therefore noted that the distribution of the workforce in the regions is not equal because some regions are poorly served.

The study indicates that the dentists, doctors, midwives and nurses in the public sector are very few that the ratio at which they serve the public is 12.1/10,000 populations approximately.

In additional to this kind of shortage there is also inadequate number of rehabilitation experts in the occupational therapy and in speech (Ministry of health, 2008).

Leadership and governance In the year 1997, the government channeled most of its energy in reforming the health sector by decentralizing the healthcare services to its four regions within the country and strengthening the ministry of health to be steering the four regions.

In the year 2003 evaluation, it was revealed that the government had not achieved its targets fully in health planning, transparency, service delivery, community involvement and accountability by the management (Ministers of Health of the Americas, 2007).

In the year 2009, the country had achieved some of its targets but still there are some weaknesses in areas of communication, service delivery and quality assurance.

The government is therefore trying to involve the society in the health planning as well as the delivery of services since there are greater opportunities the government is likely to gain.

The involvement of the church in educating the public about some of the diseases like HIV or any other chronic disease will help in improving the lifestyles of the citizens (World Health Organization, 2006).

Health financing Research shows that the human resource expenditure in the year 2004/2005 increased to 82.6% of the total expenditure of the regional health authorities as compared to the previous expenditure, which was 79.3%.

The health financing programs by the government of Jamaica has not been successful due to poor performance in the economic sector, which is greatly affected by the fiscal constraints ((World Health Organization, 2001).

As much as the government has tried to settle the public debts, it has still not managed to maintain or expand the resources allocated to the health sector. In the analysis the expenditure incurred by the government in the health sector in the years 1992 to 2006 fluctuated by $70 per capital, which is equal to 2.3% GDP.

Research shows that due to the abolition of the user fee in the healthcare system the government is likely to incur an increased expenditure, which is estimated as US$44 million though at a constant rate.

The government is therefore expected to meet 52% of the expenditures as the remaining amount is collected from the revenues from the granting of casino licenses.

The study shows that the government is still unable to meet the expenses in the health sector as planned in the year 2015 target (United Nations, 2006).

Electronic medical records The government of Jamaica is likely to implement the use of modern technology devices in its health system as planned in the year 2030 strategic plan. The electronic medical records have proved to be beneficial to the patients, healthcare providers as well as the government of the country that uses the EMR.

As compared to the paper records electronic medical records proves to be having many benefits such as security, privacy, easy accessibility of the files, financial benefits, accuracy in the clinical processes and administration as well as management benefits (Hayden, Maccurtain, Richards, Roche


Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization Essay a level english language essay help

Kudler Fine Foods is a retailer dealing with food products. The retailer deals with local products and foodstuffs from other countries. Kudler Fine Foods is located in San Diego, and owns three stores within the environs of the city.

The company has been doing well in the sale of food products in the geographical area it operates. In addition, Kudler Fine Foods has developed a new marketing plan in an effort establish innovative marketing.

For the marketing strategy to succeed, the company has been doing research on their customers in order to realize success of its marketing projects.

In the light of the success of the methodologies used by Kudler Fine Foods, research has proved to be an important tool in developing any sales promotion plan. In the following discussion, the importance of research in marketing strategies and tactics is highlighted with Kudler Fine Foods in focus.

In order for an organization to succeed in marketing its products, a significant change is needed in the methods or approaches used in marketing. In this essence, marketing strategies and tactics involve change of the current methods.

This change is accomplished by implementing the recommendations of a market research project. In market research, information about the customer is obtained and recorded.

In addition, the methods used by competitors in marketing and the nature of the market are examined, and the data obtained is analyzed to help the managers of a company decided on the counteractive measures to be implemented.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Research helps a business organization to identify and explore new markets by attracting new customers. The organization in question has to identify the customers and categorize them in order of their importance.

This way, the managers of the organization are able to focus marketing power on the most important customers.

Researchers at Kudler Fine Foods suggested that the company should adopt new methods to emerge as a powerful competitor in the market. Their recommendations were that since the company dealt with expensive food, it could hold demonstrations of how to prepare some of the products for a meal.

Apart from familiarizing the customer with their products, Kudler Fine Foods was able to acquaint potential customers to the stores. This strategy would help the company make the customers keep in mind the particular store when they go about shopping for food.

To develop interest in customers, Kudler Fine Foods demonstrated the culinary procedures of preparing foreign food products. Furthermore, acclaimed food experts were present and were used to demonstrate the procedures.

People attending the parties organized by the company were encouraged to bring others such as friends along for the experience.

Apart from the innovation of holding educative parties at Kudler Fine Foods, other methods were recommended after examinations of research findings.

We will write a custom Essay on Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Researchers found out that the operating hours of the stores in a day were best suited for the company staff rather than for the customer. A survey indicated that more people did not approve the set operating hours at Kudler Fine Foods.

Presentation of the food products at the food stores was also not attractive to the customers according to the survey. While the customers judged that the quality of the food products was fair, they disagreed on the presentation of the same products.

The research also revealed that some workers at the stores lacked courtesy while dealing with customers. An examination of the reports presented by the survey reveals that the customers were generally of the opinion that the services and commodities offered at Kudler Fine Foods were of good quality.

However, the customers expressed concern that the company was selling their products at exorbitant prices. Although the quality was good enough for the customers, there was a feeling among them that the prices were too high.

Another finding of the survey is that the company did not focus in individual groups of customers. Researchers found out that the company did little to offer specific products for different groups of customers. The company implemented corrective measures based on the results of research on general customer population.

For the company to outdo its competitors, its research and planned solutions to marketing problems must be kept as intelligence information. This will enable the retailer to enjoy the fruits of its innovation long before competitors become aware of the new tactics.

While Kudler Fine Foods has done extensive research and put itself on the course of reform, there is necessity to keep the reasons for its changes secret. Much of the information on the research the company conducted and the solutions that were formulated for the emerging issue has become available to the public, workers and competitors.

While it is important for the customers to know that the retailer is working to improve its services to the public, it is also important for Kudler Fine Foods to keep the details of its intentions from the competitors.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More If competitors get information regarding the strategies that Kudler fine foods is intending to implement, a war for customers and customer loyalty could ensue. Such a competition may divert the efforts of the company from keeping a balance between profit and customer loyalty to engaging in costly wars.

In this essence, the company and its competitors may enter into a price war and a costly sales promotion competition. Thus, competitive intelligence is important for the company to make use of its findings in research.

For some of the sales promotion plans such as the introduction of tickets to encourage customers to attend parties may not be suitable for classification as secret information.

However, internal changes to the type of stock on retail should not be announced before the actual changes take place. Customers can be informed of the new products after implementation of the changes. This will prevent competitors from stocking identical commodities.

There are other areas that the company could have investigated and streamlined as a part of the effort to increase its sales and expand customer base. An investigation of the various customer groups should have been conducted to establish the type of distribution channel suitable for the respective customer groups.

This means that the company would modify its food products to make them suitable according to the variation of customer groups. In addition, the culture of stereotyping the customers could be avoided.

This is evident from the fact that the company did not recognize the variation of customer preferences while it did its research. The researchers looked at the market as a homogenous entity instead of treating it as a composition of various groups.

The company has established a significant level of popularity for its commodities and services among customers. However, to implement changes to the methods of operation and tactics in marketing and distribution, the company must conduct an analysis of the market, and separate the customer population into distinct groups.

The company failed to implement this aspect of market research. In the analysis, customers can be separated into various groups or classes that can be dealt with separately.

This will enhance customer satisfaction in relation to products sold by Kudler Fine Foods and services offered at the stores.