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Addressing Adult Learning Styles Persons learn the material using different approaches or learning styles because of preferring various techniques to understand and remember the information. To satisfy the learning needs of all the students in the classroom, teachers should refer to different learning styles while developing their instructional strategies and techniques. Adult learners can be divided into three basic groups of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

The format of instructions provided in the classroom should respond to all the learning styles. Thus, visual learners rely on images, and they prefer to see pictures and diagrams while learning new materials. Auditory learners understand better heard instructions and information. Kinesthetic learners need to examine the objects and receive some experience.

As a result, Power Point Presentations and videos as the instructional and teaching strategies can satisfy the needs of visual and auditory learners (Svinicki


Weekly Journal: Public Administration Compare and Contrast Essay essay help free: essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

Major Theorists


Reference List

Introduction Public administration focuses on the functioning of public service and its relations with people. Numerous theorists analyzed different facets of public administration and contributed greatly to the development of the discipline. Thus, Wilson, Goodnow, Addams and Taylor are some of the most influential theorists who made a profound contribution to the development of the public administration.

Major Theorists Woodrow Wilson is one of the most influential theorists in public administration. He believed it was crucial to divide administration from politics (Shafritz


Talent Management Strategy: TriStar Logistics Evaluation Essay essay help

TriStar Logistics distinguishes the need to make appropriate plans in advance its staff and the collective expertise that is involved. The commitment of the company focuses on developing the full potential of individual employees so that they may attain their own career aspirations, while maximizing on the value that TriStar Logistics offers to its clientele.

Objectives of the ‘Talent Management Strategy’ We will see to it that only the very best personnel is employed and retained at Tri-Star Logistics. This will be of great benefit to the company. We also intend to have the guarantee that TriStar Logistics’ clients will receive the greatest benefit out of being served by the top quality skills and talent that can be found in the market.

We intend to enhance the commitment of our employees by availing to them numerous opportunities in order that their own career goals and aspirations can be fulfilled (Armstrong, 2008).

The significant positions and roles in the organization shall be staffed with the necessary staff, and TriStar Logistics shall continuously seek to achieve positive transformation by strictly adhering to the set out employment equity goals. The strategy shall target to offer a channel through which internal skills and talents can be developed such that the future human resource can be achieved by way of internal promotions.

The Key Components of the Talent Management Tri-Star seeks to achieve a strategic recognition as an “Employer of Choice”. The company will achieve this status by undertaking effective branding, remunerating its employees competitively, and achieving leadership in its operations. The company will physically demonstrate this commitment by targeting to list itself among the leading 15 Best Employer Companies competition.

Roles and positions at TriStar Logistics will strictly be filled in a fair and transparent manner, while adhering to the equitable processes of employment set out by the company. A clear success criterion will define the entire mission’s critical positions at the company, on the basis of which decisions on appointment will be made.

Assessing the suitability of people to determine their potential to work in specific roles and positions will rely on much information in order to highlight on our objective measures (Ensley et al, 2010).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People having unique and important skills will follow through a career path where technical specialty will be involved. However, decisions on this will be arrived at based on individual employer’s skills and intended aspirations.

Personal learning plans will be established for all the key staff, with the main objective being to facilitate their current performance and increase their ability to handle future obligations (Armstrong, 2008). A formal monitoring mechanism will be established as a way of ensuring full implementation of the decisions.

Key employees who possess critical leadership potential will be offered the opportunity to serve in different roles in order that they may build a broader experience. Consistency will be achieved in potential evaluation by establishing panels that will act as the formal structure (Silzer


Fire Safety in the Health Care System Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Abstract It is critical for all healthcare facilities to have in place an intact fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Healthcare facilities are at a greater risk of experiencing fire incidences because of the highly inflammable substances that are used in hospital laboratories. Automatic fire alarm systems have either smoke or heat detectors that sense the presence of the smoke and heat respectively and sound the alarm to alert occupants to evacuate.

They are connected to the fire department, where the alarm signal is simultaneously sent for immediate response. Fire detectors must be located in all the areas of the hospital to enhance their effectiveness. Sirens, bells, or horns can relay the alarm signal, and need to be strategically located in the hospital where the signals can be heard or seen with ease. The sprinkler system should also be automatic in its response to fire outbreaks. The automation is effected by the valve ends at each pipe opening.

The valves are made of heat-sensitive materials. In the presence of heat, the valves expand and the water contained in the pipes is released immediately. Sprinkler systems should at all times have water within the pipe networks. The system is highly effective as only valves near the heat will open up to release water, while the others will remain intact.

The fire safety system should be constantly checked to repair damages and failures. Workers in the healthcare facility must also have appropriate training on how to react in the event of a fire outbreak. Trainings should also involve informing workers on ways of reducing fire accidents within the facility.

Introduction Health care facilities, just like any other institutions and facilities require proper arrangements and systems in place to help cushion them from the threat of fire outbreaks. Healthcare institutions often include laboratory tasks, which involve working with flammable liquids as well as other hazardous substances.

These conditions and substances of operations increase fire threats faced by the institutions. This paper seeks to discuss fire safety within the healthcare system, with particular focus on alarms and sprinkler systems that are used to enhance safety.

Discussion of Subject Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system installed within a healthcare facility must be able to accomplish the four most important functions or reactions. Firstly, it should be able to detect fire presence. Once the detection is done, it should accomplish the rest of the obligations, which include notifying the occupants, notifying the fire department, as well as be able to perform other safety functions such as releasing the magnetically held smoke doors (Gagnon, 2007).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The fire detection mechanism of the alarm system mainly uses special smoke or heat detectors. The specially designed heat detector will sense the development almost immediately when the heat within the vicinity of a healthcare facility increases as a result of fire outbreak.

The smoke detectors also operate in the same fashion, whereby they sense when smoke fills the area. Smoke detectors must be placed on some raised location, possibly on the ceiling, to be able to speedily detect smoke in the event of a fire incident.

Fire alarm systems can either be designed using ionization smoke detectors or photoelectric smoke detectors. Healthcare facilities should consider using alarm systems made of both types of detectors because they assure greater safety for the patients (Solomon, 2013). This suggestion is based on the fact that ion detectors have a faster sensing ability of a flaming fire, while photoelectric detectors are highly efficient in detecting smoldering fire.

It is important that both types of detectors are installed to ensure maximum security and safety because a healthcare facility is at risk of facing any of the two fire types (Solomon, 2013). The location of the fire detectors on the healthcare facility should be done such that a greater area is covered in order to increase their efficiency in operations.

Notifying Occupants

Once the effective heat and smoke detectors sense the presence of a fire, the fire alarm system should produce enough sound as a means of attracting the attention of occupants. This signals the fact that an evacuation mission is necessary. Several apparatus can be used to relay the alarm situation, either simultaneously or separately.

These apparatus include sirens, horns, bells, as well as stroboscopic lights together with speakers. The sound and visual alert appliances are equally of great importance as the fire detectors. In essence, their location should also be as strategic as possible in order for everyone within the facility, and in some instances even those in the vicinity, to be alerted of the impending danger.

The system also automatically notifies the fire department. This should be done as speedily as possible in order to minimize any damages or losses that may result from the fire (Mills


Sport Governance Issue Report (Assessment) cheap essay help

Professional sports and the use of performance enhancing substances has been a matter of the more recent times. A larger number of major events have special committees that check for any illegal drugs taken by athletes, but sometimes, there are controversies that require a much closer look.

Even though it might seem that it is players or athlete’s personal decision to intake any illegal substance, the case of Essendon illustrates that players are not always directly involved or motivated to break regulations.

Essendon and its players are one example of a case where many factors have played a role in the matter. The ASADA has started an investigation of an intake of illegal substance by the coach and the football team. The primary issue pertains to the laws and regulations in accordance with other teams and organizations (Glory