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Table of Contents Introduction


Measuring the disease




Introduction The main aim of this article is to examine the relationship between socio-economic status and obesity. Extensive research work has been carried out to study the various socio-economic status (SES) indicators and their association with the disease.

From the research, the general pattern of association for both genders to the various socio-economic indicators displayed a high percentage for positive relations and a relatively low percentage for negative relationships as one moved from regions with established socio-economic status to areas with small socio-economic developments respectively.

The findings also documented that women from high social classes were associated with education, while positive association for women in medium and low socio-economic status was associated with income levels and material possessions. It is important to learn about these associations so as to know the differences in obesity using socio-economic status (SES).

Measurements There are several social determinants used to shade more light and insight on the differences that exist in the socio-economic front in as far as obesity is concerned. Some of the determinants included occupational class, social status, education, household income, economic difficulties and satisfaction.

The data for the research was obtained from a section of youthful men and women from the City of Helsinki and the survey process was conducted by Helsinki health study surveyors who collected the information from the year 2000 to 2001 and managed to interview 4, 975 women and 1, 252 men respondents. They then fixed a logistics model to extrapolate the documented data and calculate the values for the association between socio-economic status and obesity expressed as BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2.

Measuring the disease The data obtained was used to calculate the percentage rates of obesity and it was found that the set benchmark for the disease was exceeded with a margin of 14% for women and 15% for men. Various socio-economic indicators were used as determinants; for instance, educational level of the respondent was divided into three categories which included basic education, secondary education and tertiary education.

For occupational class, it was divided into sub-groups as professionals, semi-professionals, non-manual laborers and manual laborers. Other indicators as parental education, economic difficulties, household income, childhood difficulties and homeownership were also subdivided into their respective sub-groups where the respondents had to provide the required information in all the given fields.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From the tabulated data, appropriate correlations between the socio-economic indicators could now be statistically analyzed. The stratified analysis portrayed that all the socio-economic indicators were positively correlated and that there was a more consistent patterning of the disease among women than in men with a confidence interval of 95%.

From the statistics, obesity was more pronounced among individuals with economic difficulties but was not affected by economic satisfaction. In women, various indicators as material resources, age and economic satisfaction were associated with the disease.

Sample The samples that were used in this study were self-administered questionnaires sent to a section of middle-aged employees to act as a representative of the whole population. Two cross-sectional surveys were carried out, one conducted in the year 2000, while the following survey in 2001. The surveys were done on individuals between the ages of 40 to 60 years taking into consideration the aspect of gender.

The sample was somewhat biased because the number of women interviewed was about four times that of men and it was also unfair to leave out 16 women respondents on the grounds that they were pregnant. That was a violation of human rights and a show of gender biasness.

Findings After critically analyzing the socio-economic indicators, it was found that they were all related to obesity more so in women with an exception of material resources and fulfillment of their needs. These determinants were, however related to the disease after considering age factor in the whole equation. In the case for men, statistical regression analysis showed that they were in tandem with the statistics from the female gender only that they did not reach the significant threshold levels.

The findings from the research showed that those with low levels of education had high prevalence rate for obesity in both genders while the low occupational levels were mostly associated with the women. Even though obesity did not change with household income, statistics showed that renters were more obese than the flat occupiers.

When material resources were considered in determining the indicators for obesity, economic difficulties remained associated with the disease while economic satisfaction ceased being part of it. Effects of various indicators on obesity may be mediated by other factors as poor economy status leading to food insecurity in the country and hence promoting the disease.

We will write a custom Report on Childhood SES and Obesity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Limitations Using household income as a socio-economic indicator is not a very reliable determinant as income levels tend to change time and again hence not preferred for long term statistics. They also rely on self-reported data and questionnaires that might be easily tampered with or doctored.

Another problem is that some respondents may give inaccurate or false information hence curtailing the course of obtaining accurate statistics. Obtaining of cross-sectional information on socio-economic indicators simultaneously may also be a tall order due to the many variables involved.


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Introduction: Use of value chain analysis for cost-saving The firm separates fare costs from other cost. It uses fuel efficient aircrafts which are fewer in number (inbound logistics). It builds its own terminals to reduce gate collection fees or simply, passengers alight next to the main road (outbound logistics) (Grant


The target market of the store and its positioning Essay essay help online: essay help online

UK is a competitive economy with several players from different countries. Therefore, Anthony will be investing in a competitive market with a large population. The targeted region, Greater London within the M25, has a large population given that it is bordered by some of the largest districts in the UK such as Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

Technically, the new product will have an extensive ready market. It would be advisable for Anthony to target women of between 10 and 45 years of age. This is because the target group is growing at a fast rate, not to mention that it appreciates shopping. Anthony can supply the new clothing line which includes shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses for ladies in small, medium and large sizes.

Compared to men, women like shopping and appreciate shopping collective products under one roof. Therefore, as women go about their shopping, they will also be attracted to purchase products for their younger ones.

This will effectively increase the target market. While designing the market segment, target and position of the new product, Cant, Strydom, and Jooste (2006) advise that the adopted marketing mix adopted should be aligned with the formulated objectives.

The new products which are of different design will be adopted in order to strategically position the retail in the Greater London. According to Jackson (2006) the rationale behind positioning is with a view to creating an experience upon the purchase of a product.

Therefore, the target market which comprise of ladies of different ages, offers a unique market and a strategy that would position the company in the market. This is because shopping under one roof offers consumers an unforgettable experience.

Normally, product positioning is based on consumers’ beliefs about the benefits, features, and values of a product (Jackson 2006). With respect to this notion, the retail shop can benefit from the unoccupied niche in the mind of the consumers, thereby making a credible decision to shop under one roof.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Location of the store The location of a retail store plays an integral role in the success of the store. Additionally, it necessitates proper implementation of retail strategy since the location of a store plays a major part in as far as branding and image of the store is concerned.

Furthermore, location influences the adopted merchandising mix as well as the store’s layout. The anticipated retail shop should be located in such a way that it positively impacts consumers. The difference between a poorly located store and a well located store defines failure and success of a business.

The location of the retail store should be strategically located in an area which is accessible and easily noticeable. Based on the geographical representation of the Greater London region, M25 is served well by the transport system which means that consumers from outside the area but who borders M25 will be shopping at the specified store.

The store should be located in such a manner that it is differentiable from the rest of the clothing stores in the region. A retail store needs to be located in an area which is visible and with high consumers’ traffic.

In other words, Anthony should locate the retail store in a walk-in place that is also accessible to a large number of people. Furthermore, such an area should also be easily accessed by a reliable transport system.

The retail store should not be located in an isolated place, but in an area near competitors. Establishing a store in an area that has competitors offers consumers the opportunity to choose the best alternative based on factors like product quality or the price of the products (Jackson 2006).

In addition, the area should have complimentary outlets that have high consumer traffic. This offers the new entrant the opportunity to use marketing strategies to gain a share of the market.

We will write a custom Essay on The target market of the store and its positioning specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since Anthony will be dealing will imported products in a new market, the store should be located in an area that has adequate parking space. Parking space will make it possible for Anthony to load and download his merchandise.

The design and ambience he should create in the store Before locating the store, Anthony should understand the aspect of design and ambience. Ambience is the degree of lighting in a room or the mood and the atmosphere created in a room through design. In this context, it implies that ambience is usually artificial.

It is important for Anthony to design the interior and exterior parts of the store in such a way that it creates a positive ambience. Given that the retail store mainly targets women as its consumers, a cool and calm atmosphere should be created.

With regard to design, the clothes should be arranged in such a way as to consider the different consumers based on factors like age, taste, and preferences. For example, clothes meant for children, youths, and adults should be located separately in the same store. This will offer the consumers convenience as they can walk into the store knowing where to locate products meant for a certain age group or size.

The atmosphere of the store should be appealing to the consumer’s eyes and impact a memorable picture in the consumer’s mind (Putatunda 2012). That experience of appeal will not only attract a consumer but will retain the customer and influence other consumers through word of mouth or referrals.

This has been supported by Collins (2002) who adds that the initial thing that a store has to do is to pull customers and persuade them to buy the products being offered. In addition, the attraction creates an experience which is more important than the quality of the products being offered.

In Anthony’s case, the retail store should have display windows outside and throughout the store. It is advisable to undertake research and hire an interior designer to carry out the design and instil ambience in the retail store. Anthony should be willing to spend in designing the store as this will help to create an appeal and image thus selling the store to willing consumers. Image projection is vital in customer attraction.

Although majorly neglected and ignored, the first impression created in a store is considered as the last impression created after the consumer exits a store (Putatunda 2012). This implies that even the staff should create an atmosphere which attracts consumers into the store and hence increase their possibility of making a purchase.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The target market of the store and its positioning by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The staff should be dressed well, enthusiastic, clean, and customer-oriented, thus creating a happy and positive ambience (Putatunda 2012). An important part of management is to ensure that the products are well displayed. The implication made is that the clothes should be displaced in a manner in which is attractive, easy to find, and uncomplicated.

This not only saves time but encourages a consumer to buy more products. If there are clothes with premium prices or under discount, they have to be located in a separate section from the fixed price products. Similar items should be placed in the section same.

The products should be placed in such a manner that they attract the attention of the consumers. Hiding or over stacking the products will chase customers away instead of attracting them to the retail stores hence low market share. But avoid this, the products should be placed at eye level and in addition use signs and placards to attract the consumers eye.

Spangenberg, Sprott, Grohmann and Tracey (2004, p.2) acknowledge that ambient scent application in retail environment has the ability to influence consumer’s buying habits. In addition, ambient olfactory cues through the use of ambient scents have positive impact on the behaviour and the perception of the consumer.

Ambient scents in a clothes retail stores should not necessarily emanate from the products but from artificial scents. Women and attractive ambient scents are inseparable and should be considered.

Some of the effects of ambient scents on customers include influence on purchase intentions, altering consumer behaviour, influencing affective and evaluative responses, and elicit cognitive elaboration to the customer (Spangenberg et al. 2004, p.4).

Therefore, positive ambient scent creates different arousal in customers thus influencing their purchasing patterns. Anthony needs to consult a scent ambience specialist so as to be offered with the most appealing and affective scents for the store.

Reference List Cant, M C, Strydom, JW


Women, Alcohol, self-concept, and self-esteem: a qualitative study of the experience of person-centred counselling Essay college application essay help

Table of Contents Abstract


Discussion and Literature Review


A critique/ evaluation of the existing literature

Proposed steps for next research



Abstract This research work focuses on self-esteem as well as self-concept of those women who have alcohol problems. This critical analysis has been centred from a client view-point. The outcomes of the research are linked to relevant person-centred practices as well as theories.

Under this analysis, eight women who have been suffering from severe effects of alcohol are going to be interviewed on their self-concept and self-esteem. This can be done using appropriate interview techniques explored in the works of Hayes (Nicky 2000, p.114). These groups of women are perceived to have undergone the services of person-centred counselling.

The data gathered are going to be analysed using appropriate theory and research methodology. The data gathered from the interview would be utilized in showing relationships that exist among the concepts of self esteem, self concepts, and the women’s own life experiences about alcohol consumption. Analysis of the data was carried out using grounded theory methodology, explored in Noreen’s literature (Lillie 2002, p.99).

Introduction The paper I have chosen to critique is written by Noreen Lillie, who describes herself as a person-centred counsellor and carried out this research project during her work as a counsellor in a voluntary organisation “for women concerned about their own or someone else’s drinking…” (Lillie 2002, p.101).

This essay discusses the research setting and sample, the selection of the setting and the data collection procedure to be used during the project. After which, the sample characteristic, the research instruments and measures and data analysis method is to be discussed. This is then followed by the conclusion.

Discussion and Literature Review In her discussion of the topic, Lillie provides an overview of the subject and argues in her review of the literature there was an absence of research carried out regarding the difficulties associated with problem drinking, specifically related to women.

One of the assertions in the literature was that women drinkers have lower self-esteem than their male counterparts and are: “Likely to have an inadequate or distorted self-concept” (Lillie 2002, p.99; Beckman, 1978).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Researcher provides the underpinning of her work by utilising Carl Rogers’ person-centred theory on self-concept as a result of distorted conditions of worth:

“As self-esteem diminishes, the individual becomes acutely affected by the assimilated conditions of worth and divorced from his/her own organismic experience as a source of what is ‘real’. His/her self-concept is no longer congruent with that reality, but has become distorted”, (Lillie, 2002:99).

Mcleod ascertained that under self-concept, the analysis is centred on the four elements self-esteem, self-ideal, self-perception, and social identities, which are necessary in sustaining the behaviour of the alcoholic women (Mcleod, 2001:169). In addition, these elements on the self-concept are useful in directing and energising the behaviour of women who are alcohol addicts.

Therefore, it is prudent for alcoholic women to adopt and utilise these essential elements. For instance, the perceived self comprises of the most important values, traits, and competencies that the alcohol addicts must incorporate in their personal planning and development. When women plan well for the future, they attain growth, not just for themselves alone, but to the entire family or community.

However, alcohol abuse brought in a new concept in the social lives of many women. This made it necessary for the movement to incorporate certain children’s rights since many women experienced low self concept, and disregarded their self-esteem, which resulted into abandoning of family roles and responsibilities.

There was also increased consensual sex, and men and children begun to suffer and it is such a state of anxiety that caused the temperance movement to develop. Economically, the excess drinking by women hindered their performance both at home and places of work.

Indeed, this threatened to sabotage the economy, which was slowly shifting to urbanisation. As long as there was continued abuse of alcohol in the society, there was very high shortage of labor in places of work (Bond 2004, p.74).

We will write a custom Essay on Women, Alcohol, self-concept, and self-esteem: a qualitative study of the experience of person-centred counselling specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The literature review carried out by the researcher appears to be very much related to the problems of self-esteem and sense of self that women with alcohol abuse difficulties experience.

Several reference sources are quoted and it seems the researcher carried out an extensive and thorough review of the literature available on the subject and was able to identify sources where research work had been carried out into related issues.

The review seems to have been carried out with an open-minded approach and does not focus on a specific methodology and discusses the merits of quantitative as opposed to qualitative studies as in:

“Some quantitative studies offer insight into the relationship between alcohol and self-esteem for women. They are useful because they have studied large numbers of women using validated measures and controls”, (Lillie, 2002, p.100).

The Researcher found that there few studies that used qualitative methods, such as herself, to study women’s experience of alcohol dependency. One those cited is a study carried out by Long and Mullen in 1994:

“Who explored seven women’s perceptions of the major factors which led to their alcohol abuse. The self-perception and self-image of this study group was found to be ‘very negatively skewed’ and all seven reported maximum scoring on factors of low self-esteem”, (Lillie, 2002:100).

The arguments for qualitative and quantitative methods in research have been around since about the mid-19th century (Hammersley1992, p.39).

Hammersley argues that there is not a great deal of difference between these two methods and also suggests that instead of these two paradigms, consideration could be given to several approaches taking into account the: “the particular purpose of the research and practicality of various strategies given the circumstances in which the inquiry is to be carried out ….” (Hammersley 1992, p.40).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Women, Alcohol, self-concept, and self-esteem: a qualitative study of the experience of person-centred counselling by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More He further argues that main role of the qualitative researcher is to record and interpret the world-view of the client where the research is aiming to describe and explain perspectives and behavior to find meaning in what is being said; as opposed to quantitative research which may mainly examine attitudes and how these affect behaviour (Hammersley 1992, p.45).

The Researcher used grounded theory methodology as a means for analysing the data collected. The main aim of grounded theory is that interpretations of the data arises from the participants experiences. The researcher collates the data by searching for ways in which to categorise the information into themes or meaning units.

Theory comes from the research process and the data being collected (Moustakas 1994, p. 4). This is apparent in the work as Lillie describes her methodology in seeking to record and analyse the experience described to her by the eight participants in her study.

Her description of analysis of the data collated appears to have been stringent and meticulous where she refers to: “At all times an attempt was made to focus on material generated by the data rather than preconceived ideas” (Lillie 2002, p.102).

The Researcher stipulates using Person-Centred counselling modality with women experiencing alcohol abuse difficulties, may provide the ‘necessary and sufficient change’ as described by Rogers to take place. Her further arguments are that the client benefits from the empathy and acceptance of the counsellor, ‘in order for healing to take place.’ (Lillie 2002, p.101).

Mention is made of current practice for the treatment of women with alcohol abuse issues, which is reference to the medical model of abstinence and relapse prevention. Studies have shown and anecdotal evidence suggests that individuals may find any modality of counselling therapy helpful with many personal issues including alcoholism.

Indeed, there are a range of treatments available for individuals with alcohol issues apart from counselling, including Alcoholics Anonymous, group therapy, treatment in clinics and so on. With reference to counselling, the crucial aspect for the individual is that there should be an effective working alliance between themselves and the therapist.

Discussion It is worth noting that the theories have some common understanding or interrelated stand when it comes to critical factors of human nature, such as the problem of alcohol abuse among women. From these, we can deduce and come up with a precise and thorough understanding of the basic view of human nature, self-concept, self-esteem, changes of behavior, and therapy (Roth


Azza Fahmy Jewellery Case Study a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Vision, mission, objectives and strategies Azza Fahmy Jewellery, based on its inception, has a well crafted vision, enriched with its call into service, and the desire for the future prospects.

The vision of the company is to become a leading designer who offers the world an invaluable luxury of experienced artwork made possible through the use of handcraft whose main guide is the brand’s soul (Azza Fahmy, 2012).

The company, therefore, has a vision that clearly depicts its origin and its aim to steer ahead along its chosen line. The company highly regards its vision and makes sure it acts in a manner to achieve the vision.

The mission of Azza Fahmy Jewelleries is to deliver its promise of profitability to its partners and to its clients; it endeavors to deliver unique products of handcrafted art.

It aims to achieve this through creativity and innovations. The mission takes care of the interests of the different parties involved in the company. It ensures that the company’s clients remain its chief focus and their interests are vested at the company’s heart.

The objectives of the company are: acquiring a large market share for the company’s unique handcrafted products, venturing into prospective markets, achieving efficiency in management and expanding its online marketing services as well as achieving efficiency in management.

The current strategies that the company is employing in order to achieve its objectives include: change of management style, targeting of the West by focusing on the events occurring in the East and passing of the craftsmanship to the younger generation through apprenticeship.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These strategies aim at achieving efficiency in the running of the company, increasing the company’s market share as well facilitating the company’s future labor force.

External assessment of Azza Fahmy Jewellery Azza Fahmy Jewellery, having grown bigger from a small business, was founded through Azza Fahmy’s desire for design and eventually transformed it to jewelry collections; the company commands a large market share in Egypt.

The company has gone beyond Egypt and has outlets in the East as well as in the UK where it has business partners. These expansions imply that the business has its fair share of the merits and challenges that come with this expansion as analyzed here.

General Environment

The general environment is majorly composed of those external forces that the company experiences from its external environment. They include; economic forces, social and demographic forces, political, legal and government forces among others. These forces are adequately discussed (Hill


Gender and Women by Leila Ahmed Essay (Book Review) college application essay help: college application essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Synopsis of Her Ideas

Thesis Statement

Analysis of Ahmed’s Views



Introduction In her book ‘Gender and Women in Islam, Leila Ahmed, is apprehensive about the position of women in Islam and aspires for the complete egalitarianism among Muslims, despite of sex, in civic and personal life.

Even though gender inequality is ingrained in Islam, the scholar makes use of worldly and Western feminist discourse and second International Congress on Islamic Feminism to bring out the argument about the role and position of women in Islam.

Campaigners of gender inequality such as Leila Ahmed try to underscore the extremely deep-seated experience of impartiality in the Quran and query the patriarchal explanation of Islamic philosophy through the Quran, hadith (maxim of Muhammad), and sharia (rule) towards the formation of a new, identical and fair society.

In her analysis, lots of ayaat (stanzas) of the Qur’an appear to pronounce gentleman/womanly sameness (Plante, 2010). According to her, Al- Hujurat is one of the verses, which states that “Oh humankind. We have created you from a single pair of a male and a female and made you into tribes and nations that you may know each other not that you may despise one another.

The most honored of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you, the one practicing the most taqwa (Ahmed, 1993). Fundamentally, human beings are identical. They are merely differentiated among themselves on the origin of their legal observations or execution of the essential Qur’anic standard of integrity.

Based on Ahmed Leila’s view therefore, there is no disagreement between feminism and being religious. On one occasion, she identifies feminism as consciousness of limits erected in front of women since sex, dismissal of restrictions erected on women, and attempts to create and employ unbiased gender structure are all patriarchal efforts meant to derail women’s efforts in the society.

Synopsis of Her Ideas According to the Ahmed, feminist movements in the Middle East employ three approaches, including reinterpreting the ayaat of the Qur’an to rectify bogus information in frequent circulation. For instance, the history of creation and proceedings in the backyard of Eden that alleges male dominance is highly disputed by women in Islamic cultures.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More By quoting ayaat that indisputably pronounce the egalitarianism of women and men, and delinking the section of ayaat that supports male and female variation that have been frequently construed in ways that rationalize male supremacy, Ahmed argues that women are just the same as men in society.

In general, her research on the roots of sexual brutality has paid attention on two forms of premises. One of them is the entrenched in individuality of the delinquent, and the other one spots distinctiveness of culture in which she existed.

According to her, none of the theories fully elucidated the occurrence of sexually brutal activities in Islam civilization. Modern research in the discipline of sexual hostility points out that an incorporated theory would possibly have the superlative ability of amplifying what causes sexual cruelty in Islamic culture.

Through the works of Ahmed, it is eminent that the role and status of women in the twentieth century society among Islamic empires was horrifying. Even though historians had been reporting this, they were always cautious due to the complexity of the matter. In many states, patriarchy played an important role in subjugating women to men.

The social structure was characterized by role differentiation based on gender. She reports that women were isolated and relegated to the harems. In other words, they were not supposed to participate in socio-political life. Women could not participate in economic activities such as seeking formal employment.

The labor market was predominantly a men’s affair. In the legal front, women could not defend their rights since they were always supposed to serve men. In case of conflicts, women could not be represented in court. From this book, it is established that women were denied their rights that were provided by the traditional Islamic laws. Initial laws gave women equal rights.

In the Ottoman Empire for instance, men were allowed to marry many wives but women were never allowed to participate in extra-marital relationships. This act was punishable by death. With the strengthening of Islam in the Islamic Empires, women were allowed to inherit property and men could only own four women. However, this was never implemented since only men were invited to implement the policy.

We will write a custom Book Review on Gender and Women by Leila Ahmed specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thesis Statement Gender as a topic has become very popular over the recent past. The global society has witnessed many changes in social construction of gender. According to World Health Organization, gender is a socially constructed trait, conduct, position, and action that a given society considers suitable for men and women.

Lockheed (2010) defines gender as a given range of characteristics that distinguishes a male from a female. Gender refers to those attributes that would make an individual be identified as either male or female. As can be seen from the above definitions, gender is more of a social than a physical attribute. We look at gender from a societal point of view.

Lepowsky (1993) defines social construction as an institutionalized characteristic that is largely acceptable in a given society because of the social system. Social construction, in a narrower term, refers to the general behavioral patterns of a certain society shaped by beliefs and values. A socially constructed characteristic therefore varies from one culture to another (Barnett, 1997).

Different societies have different beliefs and cultural practices that help define them. Therefore, a social construction of one society would be different from another society. In this paper, gender role and the position of women in the Islamic culture is discussed.

Analysis of Ahmed’s Views In her postulations, Leila Ahmed is non-historical because she does not consider the past as regards to the positions and roles of women in the Middle East. The tribulations of women in society can only be understood after reviewing the origin of gender inequality. In the Middle East, various empires existed, each with different views regarding the existence of women in society.

In the Safavid Empire for instance, women had a different role as compared to that of the Ottoman. Women were given the responsibility of furthering the works of art. In fact, historians observe that the entire region of Safavid, Mashad, was a flouring centre of arts in the 16th century, a fact that Ahmed does not capture in her analysis.

The Empire of Safavid emphasized on intellectual values and women were supposed to provide them in society. Confidential data from Safavid prove that literacy was a policy among the privileged women at the majestic court.

From available data, historians observe that literacy and access to excellent education, as well as physical exercise appears to have been imperative issues that advanced the societal positions and tasks of Safavid women. With time, Irano-Timurid mores allowed women to take part in academic and inventive life.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Gender and Women by Leila Ahmed by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The intellectual surroundings of the Safivids and Qizilbash semi-nomadic Turkmen armed groups allowed significant contribution of women in political and occasionally armed quarters (Veit, 2007).

This was changed along the line mainly because of male domination and introduction of Islam, a fact that is not clearly brought out in Ahmed’s review. The Old Turkic legacy of prairieland itinerant culture may have been the basis of the certain social positions of women under the Safavids, permitting unique societal human rights of the majestic women.

Still on historical positions of women in the Middle East, women had a higher standing as opposed to men since they could inherit rulers in case of mischief such as death in the Timurid Empire. In the Timurid Empire, the nomadic leaders had no Chinggisid men to take over the affairs of the empire after the death of the ruler.

This is because men were always angry for power. It was dangerous to trust any man with power hence the society was comfortable with the custodianship of a female member. Societal peace and coexistence was achieved through marriage.

Therefore, women were important figures in matters related to state security (Hambly, 1999). During succession, children from different mothers would fight for power, which was also viewed as a negative role of women. Women were consequently mistrusted since they perceived to contribute to disunity.

In the modern society in the Islamic world, women are not supposed to occupy positions of influence in society. They are to abide by the rules and regulations set by men. Their rights and freedoms are usually hampered by factors such as religion, male patriarchy, social structure and culture.

Through analysis, it is established that feminist organizations started in the beginning of 19th century in Middle East, with the major focus being universal female suffrage. In mid 19th century, female activists in Middle East focused on revising social structure. At this time, various feminine groups emerged, with each advocating for diverse rights.

The modern day activism is realistic in that it focuses on achieving equality but not domination. The feminist groups have achieved many objectives and goals such as abolition of sexist language, revising the social structure and participating in political processes (Flowers, 1994). This aspect is well captured by the works of Ahmed.

Conclusion Ahmed underscores the fact that, although women have managed to do away with problems affecting them, there are still some issues to deal with. The first one is related to labor market, which favors men in many ways. The Middle East governments should come up with policies that aim at empowering women economically.

Since the Second World War, women are still incorporated in the financial system as underdogs in the Middle East. Wealth lies in the hands of men implying that women are likened to the proletariat who produces goods that he or she does not consume. In most families, male partners are known to control political and economic affairs, which are more important in an individual’s life.

At work places, women are forced to work and produce goods and services just like men. Women are further required to take care of homes. This is unfair because both partners must share domestic roles in case they both work.

The Middle East governments should therefore look for ways to eliminate this problem because it affects the productivity of women in society. The works of Ahmed can be used for policy formulation since they bring out clearly the suffering of women, although they do not explain the historical basis of gender inequality.

References Ahmed, L. (1993). Women and Gender in Islam. Yale: Yale University Press.

Barnett, H. (1997). Source book on Feminist Jurisprudence. London: Cavendish Publishing.

Flowers, R. (1994). The victimization and exploitation of women and children. North Carolina: McFarland


Necklace of Five Gold Pendants and Twenty One Stone Beads Essay essay help

This necklace has a central pendant, which is long, oval and shaped in a cylinder like golden holder. The necklace is suspended in a cylindrical ring, which is decorated with triangles that are made of granules. The necklace is a true classic feature of the Phoenician arts and crafts whose influence borrows heavily from the lifestyles of the people of that time who lived in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The necklace has other four pendants that are shaped with wire borders and surrounded by several granules, which are all linked to the pendants through the wire suspension.

The necklace has a pendant, which draws attention because of its flattened granule, which has a collar that attaches it to the suspension ring (Gowing 37). The length of the pendants is 1.5 centimetres while the width is 1.3 centimetres, with the total circa of the necklace being 20 centimeters.

The necklace has pendants that consist of two golden sheets with a suspension, which is incised. There are fifteen cornelian beads that are connected together within the necklace, which have diverse shapes and different positions from each other.

Some of the beads are spherical, others are cylindrical and others have the shape of a double cone (Gowing 41). All these shapes are joined together to create an art piece, which is not only authentic but it also communicates deep cultural aspects of the Phoenicians and the practices they carried out in the ancient times.

It is thought that the time period when the necklace was made must have been from the 7th C BC to 6th C BC. This is because of the dominant aspect of the gold and amber minerals, which are used in the design of the necklace.

The Phoenicians were prominent in their trade and through these interactions; they borrowed aspects and cultural influences of other cultures they met and adopted them as their own (Pater 88).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This infusion made the Phoenicians to be well known for crafts that were done in ivory, glass, wood and precious stones, which were mainly produced out of the various items of trade that the Phoenicians exchanged with the people they traded with.

The art pieces had a significant place within the culture and practices of Phoenicians as the artisans were concerned about the level of visual appeal an item of art was able to sustain.

These art pieces served religious, trade, funeral or other symbolic festivals, which had a lot of meaning in the cultural significance of the Phoenicians during that era. These art pieces were meant to communicate various messages either to the departed or to the supreme spiritual figures regarding the nature of the ceremonies that were conducted at that time (Pater 89).

The known forms of art that tell a story about the Phoenicians are mainly those related to funeral and burial rites. The jewelry, amulets, scarabs, amulets, ivory boxes, terra cotta and cosmetic items, were all objects, which signified a higher rank and status within the society. All these were accompaniments during funeral ceremonies and they must have had a higher level of significance within the Phoenician society.

Some of these forms of art have been found in ancient temples and tombs and most of the art found was mainly in form of small items. Phoenicians must have had a habit of adorning such items whenever they could be going for social or private functions (Pater 90).

Phoenicians interacted a lot with the Greeks, Egyptians, Iberians and Assyrians in the past and as such, the art and crafts that they came up with must have been influenced by these interactions.

These interactions were mainly in form of trade from which the Phoenicians borrowed some trends in art and crafts from their counterparts who hailed from other lands. The art had a distinct feature of being conservative given that the motifs and decorations were reproduced in a similar pattern for a period of several centuries.

We will write a custom Essay on Necklace of Five Gold Pendants and Twenty One Stone Beads specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Phoenician art borrowed heavily from Egyptian, Assyrian and Greek designs, which were similar in color, tone and appearance. There was imitation in some of the works where the artists reproduced the art forms that they had seen in the other societies that interacted with them.

The artists focused on the appearance of object and visual appeal was the main motivation for each artist in the area (Pater 94). The decorative forms were in the form of an ibis or a swan, which made objects have a high-quality design.

The jewelry and scarabs at the time were mainly decorated through floral art and at times with the use of representational art. The representational art was mainly in form of plants, ants, animals, people or even divinities.

Some of the crafts were mainly inspired by Greek icons of religion and other religious symbols, which were reproduced by artists of that time, especially in the 5th century BC.

The artistic symbols were mainly used and reproduced after interactions of trade, war and travel. The necklace of five gold pendants and twenty one stone beads captures the essence of the Phoenician spirit and cultural attitudes in its overall design.

Works Cited Gowing, Lawrence. A History of Art. London: Borders Press, 2002. Print.

Pater, Walter Horatio. Greek Studies: A Series of Essays. Middlesex: Echo Library, 2006. Print.


Howard Schultz and Starbucks Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Starbucks Corporation is a Washington Seattle based coffee house, chain store and a company. This company has attained global recognition due to it consistent success in the coffee industry. Research has revealed that Starbucks is currently the biggest coffee company in the world (Glickman, 2010). It has more than fifteen thousand coffee stores in fifty five nations.

Their stores are located in various countries such as South Korea, China, Great Britain, Japan Canada and the United States of America (Jon, 2005). The history of the organization records that the initial Starbuck firm was started on the 30th of March 1971 in Seattle Washington (Glickman, 2010).

Since the first ever management by pioneer entrepreneurs such as Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl and Jerry Baldwin, it is vital to mention that the company has had several management turnovers.

The situation described in this essay is about Howard Schultz who is currently the new Chief Executive Officer at Starbucks. As a coffee company, Starbucks has indeed suffered tremendously hard economic time that has seen its stock decline since 2001 under the new management of Ted Waitt (Jones


Usage of Water Report college application essay help

Introduction The results of the investigative study into the daily water usage within households in Abu Dhabi show a mean average of 135 gallons/per day for the 15 households that were involved in this project.

When comparing this average with that of the U.S. which is estimated at 145 gallons per person it can actually be seen that households in Abu Dhabi actually consumes less water than their counterparts in the U.S., however, when compared to the global average of 31.41 gallons/per person per day it can clearly be seen that water consumption within Abu Dhabi is four times that of most other countries.

What must first be understood is that population density as well as the degree of modern day infrastructure within a country directly affects the consumption of water within a given area. The greater the population density within a country the higher the likelihood is of larger industrial complexes existing in a certain area which directly contributes to the rising rate in water consumption.

While this may be true, this particular study involved individual households and as such does not factor in the consumption of water through industrial processes.

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi, unlike other regions in the world, has a low population density and as such has fewer people per household as compared to areas such as China and India where communal living with several families living under one roof is quite common, however, their average per person water consumption, estimated at 19.5 and 39.6 gallons respectfully, is far lower than the average rate seen in most households within Abu Dhabi.

As such, the researchers for this project developed the notion that while the number of people within a household does increase the amount of water utilized, (as seen in the case of the survey where the greater the number of people within a household the higher the water usage became) this does not mean that such usage immediately translates into a greater than average per person daily use when comparing their consumption of water (water per gallon per household) with the global average.

Such a case can clearly be seen in the case of China and India wherein despite their higher population the amount of water consumed per person is still far lower than that of either Abu Dhabi or the U.S.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Explaining the Results

Further examination of the study results reveal that the lowest per person daily consumption within the survey is placed at 96 gallons per person/day for a 10 member household while the highest is 184 per person/day for a 3 member household.

Even though such numbers may seem low, they are still considerably higher when compared to the global average per person per day consumption of 31.41 gallons.

One of the reasons behind this disparity, as assumed by the researcher, is connected to the degree of infrastructure development and access to clean water that is prevalent throughout Abu Dhabi as compared to the case of other countries around the world whose citizens do not have the same degree of access.

As such, it was assumed at the onset of this project by the researchers that easy access to water translates into a higher predilection towards usage as compared to instances where access to clean water is not as prevalent.

Thus, it was not surprising to see higher degrees of water consumption as compared to the global average. Evidence of this can also be seen in the case of households within the U.S. who also have a similar level of access to drinkable water sources.

Household size does not limit consumption

One of the more interesting discoveries by the survey was the fact that household size did not necessarily limit the total amount of water used. In fact, it was seen that the per person consumption of water was greater in small households as compared to individuals from larger households.

While the researchers for this particular project have no concrete answer as to why this occurred, it is assumed that there is a certain “communal” attitude within larger households which actually creates a certain self-imposed limit on the amount of resources consumed. This may be attributed to the “sharing mechanism” often seen in communal settings.

We will write a custom Report on Usage of Water specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, individuals who live in smaller households are often not subject to such attitudes, as such, their consumption of resources (such as water) is often uninhibited. Evidence of this can be seen in the case of the U.S. whose per person water consumption exceeds that of Abu Dhabi where households are often limited to 2 – 4 individuals.

Does the Environment Play a Factor in Household Water Consumption in Abu Dhabi?

When the researchers originally examined the results of the surveys it was thought that the environment played a factor in the amount of water consumed per household within Abu Dhabi. Such an assumption was connected to the normal state of affairs within the region which consists of temperate environment of 40 degrees or more.

Various studies have in fact emphasized the fact that high temperatures often does cause people to drink more in order to replenish the fluids within their body. Yet, the researchers were not fully convinced of this claim in the case of Abu Dhabi due to several factors:

Most, if not all homes, are air conditioned with enough insulation in place to keep the heat out.

People rarely stay out in the heat and prefer to be in doors most of the time.

When examining our own water usage most of it was not due to drinking water or by taking several showers in a day.

Taking such aspects into consideration, it cannot be stated that the reason why the water consumed per household in Abu Dhabi is so high is due to the heat.

Conclusion As the demand for water grows so too will necessity of increasingly larger means of water extraction and delivery be needed. The inherent problem with this is that the price of finite resources continues to increase over time as demand grows.

There will eventually come a time where the world will have to deal with the dwindling supply of water and the aftereffects it will cause on the environment.

There are already squabbles breaking out between India, China and Egypt regarding sharing the water resources that feed into their respective territories with no end in sight in finding an effective solution.

It is based on this that the researchers for this project advocate better methods of water conservation as well as a certain degree of self-imposed limitations on population growth so as to ensure that water resources are not completely depleted within the coming years.

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Monitor Marketing Strategies and Tactics: BBQfun Report essay help

Strategies and tactics used to monitor and implement the promotional activities

BBQfun is a leading chain store organization in Brisbane. Due to the level of market saturation, and hence competition, it aims to expand its operations and market share alike, through a marketing strategy that has been formulated by its management (Kotler, Adams, Brown


Backwell IXL Company Analysis Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Overview

Organisational Structure

Company Strategy

Product Development

Quality Management at IXL

Overview Backwell is a family group company established in the year 2007 by the charismatic owner Ken Backwell. Ken Backwell started the company as an assembly unit for phones. It has been successful as an assembly unit with an ever widening market over the years.

Backwell IXL worked with big phone manufacturing companies in the past, including Nokia and Samsung. The company is now able to manufacture phone parts like earphones and charger for the above mentioned phone companies.

This is a task that has placed the company in a very critical position in this industry of phone manufacturing. Therefore, Backwell IXL is trying to position itself to be a future phone manufacture of its own.

Organisational Structure Backwell is organised in a manner that allows reducing employee load on the company’s revenue. It comprises of a President of the company which since it is a family company is a position occupied by Ken Backwell himself. He is assisted by departmental managers who ensure the goals of the company are reached and the policies of the company are implemented.

The departmental managers are only two: manufacturing manager and marketing manager. The manufacturing department of the company is responsible for the production of the phone parts while the marketing department is responsible for marketing the company’s products.

Below these managers are the staff members who are responsible for implementing departmental policies. This kind of an organisational structure has enabled the company to promote competition between the two departments since there are only two of them. Each of the departments hires, fires and promotes their own staff members to ensure a stiff competition between the departments.

Company Strategy The company has a strategy of becoming a complete phone manufacturing company by the end of 2016. The strategy employed by the company includes ensuring a consistency in the manufacture of the phone parts and producing their own brand by the year 2014.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Producing their own brand of phone parts will put them at a critical point when achieving their goal. It is also important to note that Backwell IXL currently partners with big and successful phone manufacturing companies.

Nokia and Samsung are known as the two best manufacturing companies and as such they are likely to play a big role in shaping Backwell to be a phone manufacturer on their own. This strategy may succeed if it is followed up properly, as well as focused solely on the manufacturing of phone parts.

Product Development Development of the products by Backwell is often a closely followed process bearing that the company is producing phone parts for phones, that is not a manufacturing process. This means that design of the products is dictated by the phone manufacturers, in this case, Samsung and Nokia.

It is critical to consult with the phone manufacturers on the production level on a regular basis to ensure that the final product mimics the standards set by the phone manufacturers, as well as population. Design is mostly dictated by the phone manufacturer but the quality is determined by the demand of clients.

Quality Management at IXL The quality of the products manufactured by the company is to be of the highest quality which is guaranteed by the inspection of the final products. The products go through two sets of inspection with the first one being done by the company itself, by the manufacturing department, while the second inspection is done by phone manufacturer that ordered phone parts, that is Nokia or Samsung.


BBQfun Company Performance Report argumentative essay help

Strategies and tactics are formulated in order to help a company to achieve its goals and objectives. A goal is regarded as a specific result that a company aspires to receive in order to sustain itself as well as extend its operations. A goal is measured financially and is used to illustrate what a firm regards as success. On the other hand, strategies are statements about how a company should realise its objectives.

Strategies are considered as long term and high level ideas. They help in direct an organisation on how to operate in order to realise its objectives. Strategies help to link a firm’s goals and delivering of value to customers. In order to create a market value, or value proposition for target markets, marketers should be in a position to establish the values of targeted markets.

A value proposition is regarded as a strong emotional evoking statement that validates a customer’s unfulfilled need and instills assurance that the unfulfilled need will be satisfied. Tactics are considered as those actions that are taken in order to execute a strategy. Some examples of tactics include; TV advertisements, website page, newspaper advertising as well as retailer promotions (Kotler, Adam, Brown


A Comprehensive View of Business Process Management Essay (Article) a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Advantages and Disadvantages of BPM and BPR

Critical Success Factors of BPM and BPR

Challenges to Successful Implementation of BPM

The Role of HR in BPM

Process Automation and Innovation

Change Management


List of References

Introduction Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) are both strategies used by businesses to meet their demands and goals to survive. BPM is a methodical approach of creating the processes of the organization more efficient, successful, and able to adjust to a diverse and active environment.

Usually, Business Process management serves as a connection inside the business between the Information Technology (IT) unit and line-of-business (LOB) (Maull


The Reasons for Amazon’s Evolution of Supply Chain and Distribution Systems in the United States Case Study custom essay help: custom essay help was established in the year 1995 with the objective of facilitating convenient shopping experiences on books and media products. specializes in the selling of books, CDs, DVD’s and online magazines. The company began with the selling of online books and later expanded to selling of music as well as movies. Amazon’s media segment accounts for the largest percentage of revenues within United States market.

The company usually competes in the market based on product focused retailers, online marketplaces as well as merchandise retailers in the media segment. There are several competitors within the market which includes eBay and However, Amazon enjoys superiority since it has capabilities of offering more innovative features, services and execution of logistics.

Additionally, differentiates itself from these companies based on selection, convenience as well as online content. There are wider portfolio products offered by compared to online stores such as Wal-Mart, within its services there are product reviews as well as personalized stores for loyal customers. Their elaborate supply chain assists in effective delivery of numerous stock keeping units (SKUs) at affordable costs. was unveiled to cater for increasing demand for online media shopping services. The company does not only deal with management and shipping of its own inventory but also offers its services to other retailers hence granting economies of scale.

Due to wide consumer base, sells its products through virtual stores hence not incurring extra cost on operational activities based on opening physical retail stores. The nature of their supply chain is attributed to company’s capability of carrying wider selection of inventory, hence still able to maintain competitive advantage over other retailers.

Supply Chain has continued to expand over the last decade leading to creation of a number of distribution centres. Some distribution centres were eliminated in the year 1999 due to various complications. However, challenge still remains in the growth of internal distribution centres based on required capacity.

At the same time decisions concerning choice of items to store and warehouse designs has proved a great challenge. Application of ‘per order’ basis presents a challenge especially when it comes to deciding on whoever is responsible in signing an order. Customers make online purchases of which they require real-time delivery as per scheduled dates.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Such method makes it cumbersome when it comes to operational costs incurred in delivery processes especially when items are stored in different facilities. Despite such challenges, there’s improvement in the fulfilment of costs incurred on all processes within the supply chain.

Fig 1: Supply chain

Inventory Management inventory is managed through partnerships with distributors, publishers as well as manufacturers. The company has continued to realize growth in the number of third-party sellers who makes it possible provision of unlimited product selection hence avoiding purchase of inventory.

Such kind of multi-tier supply possess lots of challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to making decisions based on inventory storages within facilities and upstream tiers within the expansive supply chain. They offer free shipping as well as options enabling them maintain longer service windows towards customers.

Amazon supports it multi-million products sale through multi-tier kind of inventory network formation. The tiers are contained within their website www. Amazon. Com which is shared by all customers. Within the supply chain channel, the first tier represents central distribution centre.

This is where inventories are accumulated leading to less work on overall inventory as compared to retail stores operating physical stores. Accumulation of inventory within central distribution centres enables quicker responses towards fluctuations in geographic demand. uses periodic system where inventory are managed physically and resulting figure ultimately used in adjustment of balance sheet inventory asset account.

The second tier comprises of wholesalers and constituent distribution centres which includes; Ingram Book Distributors, Baker and Taylor as well as other media and book distributors.’s IT system has got the capability of dealing with out-of-stock items which are not directly sold through inventory. Third-tier comprises of those dealing with publishing, manufacturing and third-party sellers. These channels ensures that does not incur extra costs hence improve on profit margins.

We will write a custom Case Study on The Reasons for Amazon’s Evolution of Supply Chain and Distribution Systems in the United States specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other inventory management system include; moving from Purchase orders (POs) to Min/Max Replenishment and Pull-based Replenishment with Suppliers. Pull-Based system enables suppliers to build product’s forecast capable of pushing it to suitable locations. In this case product ownership belongs to supplier until buyer takes the product. While in ‘moving from POs to Min/Max Replenishment’, the company sets necessary minimum and maximum target levels for products.

Supply chain management issues experiences a number of management issues within supply chain since its pioneering into retailing through the internet. Several challenges exists in the nature of design of the supply chain, nature of segmentation done on inventory, transportation, fulfilment processes as well as processes undertaken by customers to order for products online.

European markets grew so fast making it difficult for the company to decide on a number of distribution centres for the purposes of supporting seasonal increase in demand for online books. At the same time is faced with the challenge of making solid decisions concerning inventory storage.

The same difficulty is encountered during assortment of products in the event of identifying those to be supplied by third-party affiliates. Also potential challenge emerged in transport and delivery processes whereby identifying lowest cost solution for serving customers with real time services became an issue.

Dealing with transportation and delivery issues seem cumbersome owing to the nature of customer base supplied by the small orders. Cutting on transportation costs would call for leveraging of scale and service windows. Amazon utilized the use of injection points in Europe as done in the United States, where supply points are created within areas with high number of customers.

At the same time the company applies sales and operations concept for the purposes of planning. This ensures proper forecast on each product within distribution stores. All the tracking processes are kept in real-time depending on the nature of delivery process used.

Use of PRM and CRM Partner relationship management (PRM) and customer relationship management (CRM) represents concepts used within the supply chain management. Both are systems designed for the purposes of meeting lead distribution and management within organizations. CRM is used in the process of managing direct sales between seller and client enabling extensive sharing of data.

Within, customers are provided with personal online accounts which enable easy access company’s services. The use of the website reinforces ownership relationship with customers.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Reasons for Amazon’s Evolution of Supply Chain and Distribution Systems in the United States by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More On the other hand PRM is designed for the purposes of managing complicated environment comprising of related organizations. In this case uses variety of suppliers such as Ingram Book, Baker and Taylor book distributors to replenish their inventory distribution centres. This also includes publishers, CD as well as DVD manufacturers. is known to be utilizing the use of modern technologies such as EDI (electronic data information) for the purposes of differentiating itself within the online market. EDI supports back-end supply chain activities since it operates on highly customized software applications compatible with company’s supply chain business model.

The technology enables easier tracking of products from within storefront to different supply chain partners and ultimately delivery to consumers. There is provision of efficient collaboration between suppliers and the point where orders are sourced. At the same time there exists numerous internal distribution centre processes connected through appropriate technological interfaces.’s warehouse management system (WMS) are interconnected and marked with different lines of code matching their websites. Efficiency within the internal distribution centres are enabled by use of WMS. In addition, proprietary information technology enables concrete support of’s business model. RFID assists in providing value at crucial points such as inventory analysis and accuracy in real-time information.

Push and Pull strategies Push and pull strategies are usually used in the event of ensuring constant supply and mobilization of resources within the supply chain. Such concepts are adopted with the aim of improving business operations within Push strategy is utilized for the purposes of positioning resources within suitable positions capable of satisfying consumer needs and expectations. Push model ensures that’s supply chain contains enough facilities capable of operating based on standardized processes.

Such model assists in scheduling activities along the supply chain hence ensuring that resources are utilized towards meeting global demand for online library services. uses push model within their CBUs, this is since Push model operates from central perspective where all decisions concerning products are done within the central distribution centres.

On the other hand pull strategies involves more of human capital especially in development of foundational principles capable of assisting those actively involved along the supply chain based on appropriate mobilization of right resources. Pull models assist in dealing with uncertainty within multinational companies such as

The model assists in the event of improving working efficiencies of various sections within the supply chain hence enabling immediate satisfaction of intended needs. There are usually rich ideas within company set-ups which require utilization. Such ideas are consolidated and analysed through pull model for the purposes of attending to rising demand on online books as well as media products.

Pull model identifies appropriate domains required for the purposes of applying efficient solutions towards intended tasks such as hauling products from manufacturers to retail stores. Consumers are important entities when within the context of pull models based on their creative contributions.

Such concepts assist in empowering organizations towards greater achievements based on their relationship with consumers. uses pull model within their transport and picking system where products are picked from shelves depending on item and volume requested.

Fig 2: Push and Pull Model

Delivery lead time Order lead time Application of cross-docking technique can utilizes its rich transportation network within various regions to create injection points. Such transportation hubs are used as cross-docking facilities used in transporting products from low long-haul transporters to immediate and last delivery parties along the supply chain just for the purposes of reducing overall operating costs.

The whole process starts from distribution canters where various orders are sorted out based on how faster customers can be found. All orders are therefore accumulated and distributed in form of batches for the purposes of creating some level of organization and effectiveness within internal outbound distribution centre processes. Long-haul vehicles can be contracted to assist in transportation of products between distribution centre and main transportation hub within customer concentrated regions.

After which small batches are delivered through parcel carriers’ up to customer doorsteps. In the process begins at consolidation of orders within distribution centres, then contracting less than truckload shippers (LTL) for transportation from Distribution Centres to transportation hubs where packages are sorted into smaller parcels before reaching customers. routes order request to distributors such as Ingram Book Distributors who picks the order and packs it within box and ultimately shipping to customer.

Application of zone skipping enables segmentation of operation regions into appropriate delivery zones. Long-haul transportation is used to supply various inject zones for the purposes of avoiding accumulated charges within regions of operation.

However, there is need for strong customer base served by appropriate service window method capable of enabling accumulation of orders. Various shipping prices provided enables customers to enjoy free shipping on orders above twenty five United States dollars. This makes it possible the adjustments on the service window.


Organizational Change Essay essay help free

This paper must be a minimum of two pages in length and address the following points:
What skills and knowledge do you have that can help you lead others through change?
What was the most important thing you learned about organizational change? (Effective communication).
What do you need to learn more about organizational change?
What is the organizational culture’s critical role in change management?
What are ways you can motivate employees through an organizational change?
How would you apply what you learned in this course about organizational change to your future career? (Business Owner).
If you have experience with organizational change, please share it as part of your reflection. If you do not have experience with change, explain what you think you would do if given the opportunity.
Attached is a copy of this unit’s lesson to help assist with this assignment.
Thank you!


Role of Customer Service in Technology Industry Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

Role of Customer Service within Organisation Selling Software

Importance of Customer Service in Organisation Selling Software




Introduction An organisation that is planning to build good relationships with customers cannot evade investing in customer service. With regard to Turban et al. (2002), “customer service encompasses a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation” (p.23).

Arguably, customer service entails giving services to customers of an organisation before and after making purchases. Across all industries, customer service plays an amicable role in fostering the success of a business. In most organisations, customer service is an integral part of marketing since its focus is on helping consumers to make purchases.

However, it is significant to note that the preciseness of the value of customer service in an organisation varies in relation to the industry, the service offered and or the product being offered for sale.

From the perspective of being the customer insight manager in an organisation dealing with software applications, this paper highlights the role of customer service within the software applications company. It also investigates the role of customer service within the organisation and its contribution towards achieving an ongoing competitive advantage.

Role of Customer Service within Organisation Selling Software Conducting any business in a technology industry prompts the owners of such organisations to put incredible measures to ensure that consumers receive guidelines on the appropriate software that meets their demand coupled with how to use it. Consequently, a software sales company cannot strategise to reduce the wage bill and hence the cost of operating business by simply forgoing the customer service personnel.

The exposition holds because building and maintaining cute management of customer relationships is highly required in the technology industry. In particular, “customer relationship management reveals any flaws in the systems of a business. Besides, it provides valuable customer feedback” (Selden 2008, p.61).

Therefore, it is arguable that customer service in software sales company has a noble role of ensuring that there is a two-way communication between the organisation and the customers. This case creates a feedback loop, which aids in making organisations garner information on the perception of the customers concerning the organisational image coupled with the impression of the services offered.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Such information is critical for enabling an organisation to correct possible areas that may send customers away thus making them not to consider making a repeated purchase of software in the future. In technological industry, products and services keep on evolving. Consequently, in theoretical terms, customers would prefer being loyal to organisations that provide amicable information on the usage of the new products offered.

This means that an organisation that does not offer detailed and comprehensive services before and after selling of the software may be out powered by an organisation, which heavily invests in such services through customer service. This argument implies that an organisation engaging in sales of software has high probabilities of losing competitive advantage in case it ignores the contribution of customer service in retaining customer loyalty to the software products being sold by the organisation.

Similar to an organisation dealing with edible products, an organisation in the technology industry cannot survive in the industry without a magnificent operational arm of customer service. The relevance of this point of view is crucial upon considering Mbiito and Osarenkhoe’s argument, “the adage ‘the customer is always right’ has been the foundation of many organisations” (2012, p.179).

Hence, the central principle of gaining competitive advantage while operating in a technology industry is endeavouring to make customers happy and satisfied always. In fact, the chief reason why many organisations manage to manoeuvre an intensively competitive market to gain profitability rests on the platforms of according customers a service that is personalised.

Dall and Bailine (2004) also share a similar perception of the role of customer service by further asserting that customer service “is the human touch that warms and enlivens an organisation in the customer’s mind going towards building a relationship” (p.57). Arguably, this relationship is the one that culminates into the success of any organisation.

Now, it is crucial to note that it is vital to maintain regular and sustained customer interactions in the technology industry with the chief objective of inducing consumers to be attached to the organisation. For instance, in the case of a software organisation, it is essential that the organisational personnel identify the operating computer platforms of the most regular customers whether corporate or medium-established organisations.

Based on this knowledge, the personnel can chat about the compatibility issues of various software with the computer operating systems and platforms of the customers. This helps to make them belief and have the confidence that the products they are acquiring from the organisation are just the appropriate ones.

We will write a custom Essay on Role of Customer Service in Technology Industry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This step helps to create good organisational experience among the customers. Hence, in case of any arising issues after the sale of products, the consumers would feel free to seek further clarifications and solutions to the problems. This goes far in enhancing customer satisfaction and hence increasing the probability of making repeated purchases.

Apparently, the more the units sold by an organisation, the higher the profitability of the organisation. Additionally, organisations that are more profitable are also likely to have higher competitive advantage than those with low sale margins. Since customer service aids in increasing the sale volumes, it is also arguable that it plays pivotal roles in enhancing the competitive advantage of an organisation in the technology industry.

Customer service acts as the only way through which clients can contact organisations. From the paradigms of the roles of customer service to an industry operating in the technological sector, Suttle (2011) asserts, “companies that produce highly technical products such as software or satellite television often have a technical support staffs to resolve problems” (Para. 2).

Therefore, it would be incredibly difficult for an organisation dealing with sales of software to survive in a business in the absence of people to handle prospective interrogatives emanating from the customers relating to the software products via emails, person-to-person communication, and or through cell phones.

Depending on the manner in which an organisation handles customers’ complaints, it becomes possible for the software organisation to cutely differentiate itself from all other competitors dealing with similar products. In many nations, software companies are located within one industrial estate.

Surprisingly, some of these organisations may be selling similar software. Therefore, it becomes incredibly difficult for customers to cite the differences between two organisations selling similar software.

In such a scenario, investing immensely in customer service may substantially aid in giving one organisation a competitive advantage in comparison to the other organisations. This argument implies that customer service has a central role to attract new and maintain the clientele of an organisation dealing in a technology products such as software applications.

Importance of Customer Service in Organisation Selling Software In the technology industry, customers often have immense issues with usability coupled with trouble shooting of software applications. In the resolution of these problems, customer service is noteworthy since it helps in building subtle experience of organisations’ products. Such experience is notable since it “can change the entire perception a customer has on an organisation” (Mbiito


Significance and Role of Yugen in Waka and Renga Poetry Term Paper argumentative essay help

A Japanese poetry has always been famous for the mystery and depth of imagery, symbols, and themes introduced in their poems. Therefore, yugen is chosen for comparing two genres of Japanese poetic works. The most noticeable poems of the period have introduced a series of anthologies unveiling various techniques, and approaches to rendering their thoughts and ideas.

Though waka and renga genres have similar roots, the latter is a much more sophisticated outgrowth of waka poetry in terms of the length and narration techniques.

Among the most accomplished waka poets, one can highlight Shunzei and Emperor Go-Toba for whom the concept of yugen was decisive in delivering the natural imagery and symbolism represented in their poems. The poets of renga period, particularly Sogi, also aspired to the vivid expression of depth and imagery through the concept of yugen.

While analyzing the role of yugen in presenting waka and renga forms of poetry, specific attention should be given to the analysis of latent devices that poets made use of while presenting the significances and consciousness of a specific poem.

In this respect, specific attention is given to the poem 273 where the natural imagery is used to render the depth of grief and sorrow experienced by the residents of Fukakusa Village: “Daylight fades away and the autumn wind on the fields pierces to the soul…” (Poem 273 150).

By using the description of nature, Shunzei manages to render the atmosphere that differs from the configuration of words. In such a manner, his poems create an effect of mystery, depth, and charm. Similar approaches are heavily used by Emperor Go-Toba who manages to presents poems connected by themes, motives and images.

To compare the way the poet applies to yugen, a poem about autumn is presented: “Autumn progresses. / So cry out then, you cricket on this frosty night! / It shines a little colder now – the moon in that mugwork patch” (Poem 363, 185). At a glance, the poem describes the main characteristics of autumn as a season.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, a deeper consideration of the poem allows the audience to conclude that it reveals the state of soul of a person who feels frustrated.

Sogi, a famous master of renga poetry applies to yugen to provide the mystery and depth of the poetry and make the reader read between lines. Sogi, therefore, presents dokugin where specific emphasis is made on metaphorical presentation of people’s sufferings through their comparison with the natural processes: “Even the withering is distinct in the crumpted shapes of plants, why is it.

Autumn, that though insects cry they love you hurry to your end” (Sogi, poem 9, 237). The presented stanza resembles a beginning of another hokku because it reveals the topics of preceding stanza and provides a foreword for creating the next stanza.

Yugen can be regarded as an ideal poetic device that was applied to discuss the aesthetic of a specific object. Because the main essence of this poetic style is to render motifs and themes in a more obscure way, the device was actively employed in various senses.

The concept was used to render a hidden idea through a word configuration, emphasize the technical complexity and subtleness while revealing the poem conception, and render the connotative meaning of richness as far as poetic diction is concerned.

In this respect, Shunzei was among the most skillful and refined master who applied to all three senses described above. In a series of his stanzas, one can face all features of this poetic style: “…I gazed out upon the sky above where you dwell and saw the haze parted there by a show of spring rain” (Love 153).

While analyzing the connotative meanings presented in the stanzas, the ambiguity of natural imagery can be replaced by the theme of frustrated love that is addressed to a woman.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Significance and Role of Yugen in Waka and Renga Poetry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Go-Toba also applies to the comparisons with nature and seasons of the year to render the greater depth of the idea: “…spring has come at last to the sky above: in haze trailing on the slope of Kagu’s Heavenly Hill” (Poem 359 184).

As a master of renga poetry, Sogi also resorts to similar concepts in his stanzas: “Did I pledge myself…to these lovely flowers though I have renounced the world spring appeals with transient things” (Sogi, poem 16, 241). The renga poets are much more sophisticated in using the concept of yugen because of the complex synergy of natural description of the world and life philosophy.

As a proof, another stanza provides a continuation with a focus on the constant transition and changes in the world: “…spring appeals with transient things to put the world behind the growing haze acts…” (Sogi, poem 17, 241).

In conclusion, it should be stressed that both renga and waka poets attached similar important to the concept of yugen because it contributes to the mystery and depth of depicting such important themes as love, frustration, and loneliness. Despite that, the poetic style was more typical of renga poetry because it used provoking themes and poem structures.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Significance and Role of Yugen in Waka and Renga Poetry by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sogi, A Hundred Stanzas Related to “Person” by Sogi Alone. 234-247. Print.


International Management Essay custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

How International Travel Breaks Down Cultural Barriers


List of References

Introduction Globalisation, transnational business advancements, and worldwide technological developments have critical significances in the global domain. These factors have led to a spectacular transformation in the frequency, circumstance, and means through which individuals from varied cultures interact.

Analytically, international travels have declined barriers to international understandings in various contexts (Guedes


Key Objectives V/line Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Introduction V/line is Australia’s largest regional public transport operator that serves a large number of people in both trains and coaches. It serves many town and cities in Australia and offers train services between Melbourne city and other town and cities such as Geelong, Sunbury, Seymour and Tarragon among others.

The company’s vision is to connect the communities and industry as part of an integrated transport system and the mission is to provide value for their customers and community by delivering safe, reliable and sustainable transport services (V/Line).

In order to attain its vision and mission, the company has come up with some of the objectives that it intends to pursue by initiating some project such as installing Wi-Fi services in its trains. Therefore, this paper will look at some of the objectives that V/line intends to achieve by installing Wi-Fi services. The key objectives of this project are discussed below.

Key Objectives Community Support

One of the key objectives that V/line intends to achieve by installing a Wi-Fi is to support the community through partnerships with other organizations like Ronald MacDonald House. Through partnership with Ronald MacDonald House, the company will be able to channel the proceeds that will come from higher sales that are expected with the installation of Wi-Fi.

Through partnership with other groups and organizations, the company will be in a position to sponsor several Victorian communities. Some of the sponsorships that the company can engage in include the Victorian Country Football League, Netball Victoria, Castlemaine State Festival Fun4Kids Festival, Travelers Aid and Doxa Youth Foundation (V/Line).

The company also supports community organizations through its sale of travelling tickets and vouchers. Through these sponsorships, the company intends to increase its participation in the community support services or corporate social responsibility; the funds that are generated by installation of Wi-Fi are very critical in these sponsorship programs (Maufer 2004).

Increasing Market Share

The company by installing the Wi-Fi expects to increase the number of its customers by 7.5 percent every in the future. The installation of Wi-Fi services in the organization provides operational benefits and the customers are expected to increase as it offers solution to them (V/Line).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Wi-Fi services provide increased mobility in the transport industry for the customers as the workers are able to share various resources without necessarily using a cable to access such information. The services offered also cover a wide area, and will ensure that the company is able to run its scheduled services in time and reliably (Davidson 2004).

The company has also put in place the measures that will ensure that the services are rendered on time as per schedule to attract and retain the customers. The customers require punctuality in the rendering of services and this can be achieved by installing the wireless network such as Wi-Fi.

Expanding the Usage of Wireless Network

The company intends to expand the usage of the wireless services in the organization. This will be achieved by installing the wireless network such as Wi-Fi services. This will be achieved by installing the network in phases. For example, the company will start by installing the Wi-Fi services in four of its trains and then install the network in 25 percent of its trains with Wi-Fi.

The company intends to complete the installation of the wireless network by the month of December 2018. The company expects to increase its network coverage when the installation this connection is complete (Maufer 2004). The company also expects to scale down the costs that are incurred on the overheads.

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

The company by installing the Wi-Fi will be in a position to increase the level of customer satisfaction. V-line intends to increase its satisfaction index to above 80.

The customers tend to be comfortable this technology and from the past experiences, the customers have often preferred the companies that offer free access to the wireless network services to their customers; the Wi-Fi services enhance the provision of customer service (Davidson 2004).

For example, other retail businesses that have been using the Wi-Fi technology, such as the Apple store, have provided excellent customer services by enabling its clients to access some information that concerns the services offered without necessarily going to make queues at the stores (Kaufman 2003).

We will write a custom Essay on Key Objectives V/line specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The installation of the services in the company trains will enable the customers access some of the most important information such as the train schedules.

By providing excellent services, the company intends to increase brand loyalty among its customers as it will be in a position to reduce the prepaid fees. The customers who are satisfied by the company products will often become repeat buyers.

Easy Access to the Services

By installing the Wi-Fi services, the company will be in a position to set up online payment services that will enable the customers to purchase their tickets through their credit cards (Kaufman 2003). This will also reduce the cost of operation as the company will only require a few numbers of people to handle ticketing.

Conclusion By installing the Wi-Fi services, the company will be capable of increasing its participation in community projects and sponsorships. The company will also increase its market share and retain more customers. The Wi-Fi services increase the accessibility of information services to the customers.

References Davidson, B. 2004, Breakthrough: how great companies set outrageous objectives and archive them, John Wiley


Cloud Computing Research Paper essay help online free

According to Sugang (302), cloud computing is a detailed technology that involves the use of mid-remote server and Internet to uphold data and other applications. This technology allows businesses and other users to make use of this application without installing it.

Also, they can access their documents using any computer with Internet access (Rodriguez 5). Information that can be offered by a digital system is provided inform of a service using the cloud computing technology. Consumers have the right to use this service without the knowledge on how to manage the resources that are involved.

Examples of cloud computing include, Rediffmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Ovimail, Hotmail among others. The consumer only requires Internet access and a computer to start receiving and sending mails.

Cloud computing consumers and businesses do not have the ownership of the physical infrastructure but they rent from the provider or a third party to avoid masses. They use resources and pay for what they have consumed (Parker 386).

There are several types of cloud computing. One of them is software, which is used as a service. Software as service is the most popular form of cloud computing among the users. It provides all the functions of a complicated traditional application to consumers and eliminates customer doubts about application of a server, storage and application development.

Examples are, Yahoo, Google Gmail and applications. The second type of cloud computing is Paas (Platform as a service). This type delivers virtualized server throughout all users and businesses. Also, it can develop new applications and run those existing without doubt on how to maintain the operating system or computing capacity (Sugang 309).

The known providers are Google maps, ADP payroll processing, and U.S. service offering. The third type is the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). It provides networks or grids and system software in a multitenant architecture. IaaS is designed to increase the uses of a complete data center.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It reduces costs of the period and expenses involved in capital, though, configuration costs and management tasks are performed concurrently. Vendors are IBM, and other IT suppliers.

Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Concepts According to Rodriguez (7), several organizations establish community cloud to have common requirements and need to share infrastructure to understand the benefits and aspires to assemble ideologies of a digital ecosystem with the use of a cloud computing. The few users share the cost and are therefore more expensive option as compared to public cloud.

Management and control of Public cloud unlike community clouds are at datacenters that belongs to the service provider where customers share the costs. This kind of model helps to reduce costs. There is low visibility and control in a public cloud than in a private cloud because the service provider owns the underlying infrastructure.

The resources are vigorously provisioned on a self service basis through the Internet or from a third party provider who does billing on a self service basis. Because of the high management the public clouds are cost-efficient because the consumer pays for the resources consumed (Sugang 309).

They also give programmatic approach to compute resources that helps to scale resources automatically without personal intervention and this assists in making business lively. Therefore, consumers and business can take improvement of public clouds services maximize their profits (Sugang 309).

Hybrid cloud combines two or more clouds either public and private or private and community or any other cloud that ruins distinctive entities but are hurdled together by advancement in technology that facilitates data storage and application.

Private cloud describes the concepts that deploy cloud computing on private networks. They provide the benefits of shared hardware costs, the capability to recover from failed data and the ability to scale upon the demand.

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Parker (397) identified that cloud computing can reduce the cost of acquiring, delivering, and maintaining high computing power. This is a major benefit during periods of financial uncertainty. It enables business and other user to purchase only the needed computing services. Instead of wasting money by investing in very expensive Infrastructures, users can use the extra cost to maintain, develop, and test new and existing systems.

Another benefit accruing from cloud computing is access to high computing and storing devices (Aljabre 235).Through such services, cloud computing plays a major role in facilitating timework initiatives and bolster an agency continuity of operation.

The other benefit is Scale and capacity whereby cloud computing helps users to scale the consumption to suite their desired needs. This means that information technology equipments can be expanded without any changes to capital investment.

Maximization of cloud computing resources can overcome the challenge of information technology resources most important for users who have the shortage of IT specialist. Other benefits are customization and collaboration.

What Cloud Computing Does

Rodriguez (5) confirms that the use of Cloud computing improves business value which is to maximize profits while reducing cost. Cloud computing has helped in various ways to achieve this objective. For instance, Amazon brings together different players in the market, customers, and vendors meet together to discuss ideas and trade in business without any delay.

Given that market players can have access to the cloud business activities can be conducted effectively. The use of cloud computing can give a business competitive advantage over its competitors therefore improving its value. The shared access by market players shortens the time to access the market.

Amazon does not require specific amount of capital to be invested and therefore proving very low services, it also allows the users to only pay for services they have consumed therefore facilitating convenient ways of payment (Parker 386).

How Can It Change The Way We Work Or Contact Our Business?

Cloud computing creates flexible and efficient online business for customers, vendors, and partners. Due to its functions and flexibility, a business venture can perform multiple functions, respond and adapt quickly to any changes in the business environment leading to benefits of faster growth in revenues, cost reduction, and efficient management of perils and reputational threats.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Cloud Computing by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The business venture is accessible worldwide by customers connected to the internet and it therefore reduces the time and cost involved in marketing. Cloud computing helps in improvement of internal operations of business to be most efficient and of high quality and externally helps to incorporate marketing channels.

Through cloud computing cost in business operations is reduced because no physical infrastructure or capital expenses will be involved. Therefore, it means that there will be no more high cost servers, storage equipments or hiring of expensive IT staff.

The company have to identify which business needs its services and products and if possible to offer services to the consumers through online cloud computing applications. Incase there are many employees, a business will just need an Internet connection and all employees will be able to share files, applications, and printers. It is also applicable where a business has multiple workstations and need interlinking together.

Employees can therefore share word document with other user creating a simple networking that saves time. A simple connection of computers to the Internet also reduces the costs of hiring more employees in a business and therefore marketing cost, space, and time is reduced. This contributes to business competitive advantage.

A good example is Amazon cloud computing, which is able to reduce cost in several ways, especially when a business begins to make losses during hard economic times, cloud computing not only serves as a tool to reduce costs but also increases profits, bring better relations with customers and remain inline with technological advancements.

Amazon EC2 can compute cloud web services that can reduce cooling cost and power, cost of server administration, and costs of management. Therefore, this reduction in costs in a business venture reduces the space and energy needed to run the same business (Aljabre 235).

Cloud computing helps employees in a business organization to collaborate consequently improving productivity. Collaboration is the cooperative arrangement between two or more parties to work jointly towards achievement of a common goal.

It helps to identify and react very fast to the new opportunities that add value to the organization. The cost of communication between employees reduces because employees are working together and creates a positive direct impact through direct travel cost.

Good environment is created and the business venture can retain customers for a very long-time because of the high collaborative approach between employees and customers, and this ensures customers fulfillment and loyalty (Parker 386).

Through employee collaboration, they can connect, manage, and access less expensive labor. Therefore, cloud computing increases a competitive advantage of business, and it retain its employees for a very long-time as well as customers.

Cloud computing increases convenience in billing because billing details are available to the service provider and also help in checking costs. Sharing of costs and infrastructure ensures low expenses and faster availability of services.

Also, it increases the speed and levels of scale whereby business venture no longer need to invest in purchasing and setting up the hardware and other resources needed for new application. Depending on market demand they can scale up and down according to the demands in the market.

During times of high activities like launching of sales campaigns cloud services are more reliable (Aljabre 235). Cloud computing can also help in attracting and retaining top talents, creating a culture of involvement, motivating, and increasing satisfaction.

Superficially it can attract and retain high quality suppliers,customers,investors, and business partners. This in turn increases external stakeholders’ satisfaction, their engagement, and their loyalty.

Where Can I Get From? Google

This cloud provider is among the top 10 service providers of cloud computing. Apart from cloud computing, it is associated with Internet analysis and advertising technology, web application, browser, and operating system development.

Two graduate students who met at Stanford University founded Google in 1995. In 1996 the two students Brin and Page collaborated to do a research project that finally came to be the Google search engine. It was called backrub because of the analysis of back links and encouraged many students to develop interest in the university research community.

Despite of many challenges, the founders gathered enough funds to get started. In September 1998, they began operations. Google’s mission was to systematize the globe’s information and succeed in making it collectively valuable and reachable. Google search engine received major competition from Yahoo, Excite, and Layos during its initial stages of operation. Its headquarters are in Mountain view, California.


This is a web service designed to make a web scale to compute fast for web developers. The design of Amazon resizes computable capacity in the cloud and allows configuration of capacity with very low friction.

It reduces the time required to wader and purchase new server instances to proceedings and provides the user with full control of computing resources, to scuttle on Amazon established computing environment.

It cuts down on economies of scale by letting end users to compensate for materials or resources utilized and offer platform to fabricate failed applications and segregates the consumer from regular breakdown scenarios. Compared to other providers, the users of Amazon can have complete control of all the occurrences. It is elastic and flexible (Sugang 309).


This cloud provider offers all new users an opportunity to host free clouds starter packages that include cloud storage and computing. The main reason of starter packages is to help the user to save time and money in deployment and development of applications and is successful way of becoming well-known with Nephoscale time reducing features and developing of infrastructure cloud services.

All new users are fit to deploy at least 256MB RAM free cloud server and get the first five million dollars for one year. The cloud storage and free cloud server can be used to examine or swarm web applications, evaluate interface, and steer the Nephoscale client portal. This is possible through the cloud script that used rapidly to manage cloud infrastructures (Rodriguez 5).


This service provider purposely focuses on technology from the ground to provide a great flexible, resilient, and high performance for customers and their applications that were important for customer to realize to realize great value in cloud-based computing.

The joyent technology are in eliminating complexity and make dynamic adjustments for its customers through; the smartplatform,smartdatacenter, and smartmachine.Joyent believes that a business should spend money on resources that help to differentiate and improve their businesses (Maheswaran 9).

The driving force to business improvement is software and therefore Joyent has developed Smart Technologies to overcome the challenges associated with management of software and hardware in cloud environments. Using smart technologies, Joyent provides a more responsible and dynamic environment that accommodates growth with minimal management requirement for the user.

With sizing and capacity reduced, business can focus on developing applications. Joyent flexibility is also manifested in several deployment options that are available for business and customers and can use installed, configured software packages from a third party.

Either a user can choose from existing software packages for Linux or UNIX operating systems or can either build originally using new applications languages, such as Java, Python, and Rails (Rodriguez 5).

Costs Associated With the Use of Cloud Computing Moving and Storing Data

According to Rodriguez, “businesses use thousands of dollars in moving and storing of large volumes of data to public clouds for long period of time” (5). An article by senior director of IT and operations at White pages Inc. stated that one time move of data can cost thousands of dollars. Most cloud providers charge uploading and downloading fees. There is also internal labor costs involved in the same even if data systems are offsite.

Most users are not aware of labor cost charged but as users of cloud computing scales up to handle a huge workload complexities emerge on how to manage the increasing number of cloud instances. “Another cost involved is one for storing long-term data in the cloud and considering the growing data rates over the next two years, the life cycle cost can be very high” (Rodriguez 5).

Other cost involved is that of testing the software before moving to the cloud that might result into unexpected cost for debugging and testing a vendor application and cost of integrating application from multiple vendors (Rodriguez 5).

Cloud computing is an expensive undertaking. It costs millions of dollars to business people, especially concerning different vendors. Nevertheless, the quality of services matches the value of money of customers. The costs are compelling but inexpensive when compared to the risk the transition costs to a compute cloud in the external to benefit the medium earning businesses.

Increase in competition in the market has reduced the prices for this service (Burford 5).The service providers are focusing on creating a substantial market share to increase sales. Amazon has already lowered its prices to meet the rising demand for cloud computing. The decrease was by 30%; that is 4.3 cents per hour for scratch storage and computing power. This is shown in the table below.

(Source: Pricing of Amazon EC2 Reserved, Hinchcliffe 1).

The costs of long-term use of the services require different methods of payment. The customers use different features, such as S3. The customer can pay according to hours, months, or annually. Large data storage can cost $5 per hour or $38000 annually (Rodriguez 6). The pricing by two companies is as shown bellow.

(Source: Pricing of Microsoft Azure, Hinchcliffe 1)

(Source: Pricing of Google Application Engine, Hinchcliffe 1)

From the above analysis, it can be concluded that Amazon is currently a cheaper cloud provider for applications that need over 6.5hrs of CPU per day (Rodriguez 9). Amazon is currently the most experienced, and this gives it a competitive advantage due to its low charges and maturity.

Windows charges 20% more than Amazon to use the cloud. However, Microsoft and Amazon offers similar prices while Google app engine does not compute windows to the cloud.GAE offers the most convenient cloud computing services because it requires the user only to pay for the services consumed (Aljabre 278).


Rodriguez (13) explains that in any business there must be threats and risks involved. In cloud computing business, competition in cloud hosting prices is the major threat that players in the market are facing.

Many companies in the market are providing cheap priced packages and many others are laying strategies to provide low priced packages. (Aljabre 282). This aggressiveness is bringing influence into the business world.

Competition in cloud hosting prices is reducing profit margins, returns on investment is taking long therefore creating pressure. The only way to overcome such kind of competition is acquiring a bigger market share.

Positive impact is improvements in better quality, efficient delivery of services and high attendance to customer needs. Maheswaran (11) adds that to maintain fair competition between the players in the market and ensure better service delivery, authorities have put in place standards that any new entrant should conform to.

This touches on the issues of security, transparency, and accountability together with conformance to service agreements of governance.

Works Cited Aljabre, Abdul-Aziz. Cloud computing for increased business value. International Journal of Business and Social Science 3.1 (2012): 234-239.

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Condominiums and Mortgage Organizations Essay essay help online: essay help online

It is surprising that people living in condominiums do not have full control of activities in their home. The board that is elected to oversee the administration of the condominium has almost absolute power over the occupants of the condominium.

This means that the board has the power to allocate anyone a unit whenever they find it appropriate. People living in condominiums are supposed to pay monthly fees despite being owners of the housing units. Failure to pay the fees can lead to allocation of a unit to another occupant.

The condominium board has the power to arrange for repairs or changes to the unit without the owner’s approval. Another odd characteristic of a condominium is that it is more expensive to establish oneself as a condominium owner than to purchase a family house (Kiplinger 68).

On the other hand, co-operative boards accept tenants who are shareholders in the board. It is also odd that condominium boards use unconventional methods to admit tenants. Some boards discriminate against prospective tenants due to their background.

The considerations made by the board could be gender, nationality, or ones descent. However, this kind of discrimination is illegal in some states. Mortgage organizations seem to dictate all terms of ownership, their obligations, and their duties (Kiplinger 72).

Ownership is a tricky business particularly when it comes to mortgages and leasing. Complex rules and legal arrangements make the homeowners vulnerable to machinations of the administrations of mortgage companies.

Often, a tenant or a homeowner finds himself or herself in a difficult situation when the regulations governing a certain arrangement with a mortgage company are not revealed to them. When companies are selling houses, they only disclose the positive aspects of the property.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is difficult to know the real situation and condition of the property until after the purchase (Kiplinger 115). Once the property is purchased, the new owner may be required to spend more money on installations in the house. It is thus necessary for the government to intervene in the cases of leasing or buying a house.

Except for a few loopholes, the current housing regulations are adequate. However, to establish accountability in the mortgage companies, the government should tighten its surveillance of the industry.

Current rules protect the interest of the customer and that of the company. This means that the law cannot be changed to favor any of the parties. However, some measures can ensure that both parties observe the housing regulations. In this essence, the establishment of a law enforcement agency dealing specifically with housing could solve the problem.

This law enforcement agency should be a kind of a police force with detectives and a prosecution system. In addition, the policing body should have the authority to investigate any transaction between a company or an agent, and a prospective mortgage company customer (Kiplinger 122).

The agency should go to an extent of placing detectives in the mortgage industry to apprehend unscrupulous agents and sales people. Harsher penalties should be formulated for the industry. This will reduce the number of incidents of a trapped customer.

There is also the need to revise some parts of the regulations governing mortgage transactions. This will make the regulations simple, clear, and easier to conform to for all parties. Moreover, stricter inspection procedures and regulations are necessary during approval of a housing unit for sale.

Works Cited Kiplinger, Kiplinger. Buying


Ready Case Business Concept in Apple Inc. Case Study a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Because the Ready Case is the latest version of iPhone products introduced by Apple Corporation, the main task of the management team is to ensure the implementation of the corresponding techniques, tools, and processes for coordinating the work on a new business idea (Bygrave and Zacharakis 26). Because the technological advances constantly invade the market, the task of the management team is to attract the customers within the shortest period of time. In particular, it is necessary to introduce core business objectives and strategies.

The management team is composed of three departments – the marketing department, R


The state of religion in pre-Islamic Arabia Essay college essay help

The state of religion in pre-Islamic Arabia was rather complicated and diverse. There was no single political structure that impacted the spread of religions considerations and beliefs. Looking at the modern Arabic land, it is impossible to imagine there another religion except Islam, however, before the implementation of this religion people on this land worshiped to different Gods, idols, etc.

Idol-worshippers or polytheists, Atheists, Zindiqs, Sabines, Jews, Christians, and Monotheists were the most spread religious organizations which helped people in their religious beliefs. People on the territory of Arabia were organized in tribes and each tribe followed personal religious beliefs. Depending on the territory, people followed different religious considerations and their own cults.

Trying to consider the most spread religious concerns, it is important to state that most of the tribes followed their own cult, however, most of them had one God. Still, the peculiarity of the religion in pre-Islamic Arabia is that people did not believe in life after death, but the presence of the mysterious creatures was important for human imagination.

Therefore, they had such magic creatures as jinn, ghosts, etc. There were days when violence was forbidden as well as the places with the same restriction. Even though there is a belief that the period of antiquity is characterized by polytheism, the territory of Arabia was inherited with the tribes who pursued monotheistic views (Sowell 18).

Dwelling upon the religious consideration in the pre-Islamic Middle East, it is important to understand the geopolitical structure of the territory. The whole territory whether Islam was born was divided between two powers, the Byzantine (Graeco-Roman) and Sasanian (Iranian) empires. The territory of the Byzantine Empire was Christian.

This type of religion was growing fast on the territory of the Middle East. The Sasanian (Iranian) empire was Zoroastrins. These two religions were dominating in their regions, however, there were other religions such as Manichcism and Buddhism. Judaism was also popular in Iraq along with Christianity (Robinson 2).

This classification is too general and only the largest religious are taken into account. It could happen that each tribe had similar religious, but cults different slightly. The absence of centralized government which could gather the power in their hands was the reason of the absence of the one religion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People lived in their tribes, they followed the religion which existed in their community and they were satisfied with what they had. The presence of one and the same god was not in their interest due to the absence of the reasons for change. However, it did not last too long as the appearance of prophet changed everything having created the Islamic religion.

Therefore, it may be conclude that the pre-Islamic world was absolutely different in the religious relations. Judaism and Christianity were spread on the territory of the Middle East, while other religions also existed. The absence of the centralized government and the presence of too many tribes with personal considerations and beliefs have created the background for creating many religions.

The Middle East differed greatly during the time when Islam was no the only religion in the region. Having a single God many tribes required the presence of the mysterious characters, such as ghosts which were important for their beliefs. God in many cases was not vested with mystic features, such as life after death, etc.

Works Cited Robinson, Francis. Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Print.

Sowell, Kirk H. The Arab World, an Illustrated History. New York: Hippocrene Books, Inc., 2004. Print.


FedEx Company’s Marketing Recommendations Case Study writing essay help: writing essay help

Overview FedEx has enjoyed regional dominance in parcel and cargo deliver in Southern China for a couple of years. When it entered Chinese market in 1995, FedEx enjoyed a brief monopoly of international deliveries in Southern China. It also had a stake in Hong Kong and other Cities in mainland China.

With at least 11 weekly flights to and from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, FedEx had a considerable Market Share in U.S.-China delivery.

While entering Chinese market in 1995, FedEx opted for frontal-assault marketing strategy which was used in Europe in 1980s. The strategy was successful despite the Asian devaluation currency in 1997. However, the company recorded its first international quarterly loss in 2008.

The 2008 loss and poor deliveries to China ware expected to be compensated by increased Chinese export to western countries especially the United States. The company had nearly locked out competitors from southern China market of Guangzhou and Shenzhen which represented the largest manufacturing base in China. FedEx controlled over 13% of international deliveries in the region by 2001.

It faced stiff competition from UPS, DHL, TNT and China post EMS international delivery express. It is now necessary for it to protect its market from competitors and venture into new ones.

However, domestic express deliveries have been limited by bureaucracy and biased regulations from Chinese Communist Party government with the aim of shielding local investors and China Post from international competition. Competitors like DHL and UPS entered joint ventures with Chinese firms like Sinotrans and China Post.

China joined World Trade Organization and agreed to remove some regulations by 2005. This would allow fair competition between local and international delivery companies. Competitors have entered agreements and bought local Chinese firms with hope of capitalizing on the situation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Recommendation 1 FedEx should venture into un-tapped market in remote Parts of China though increased investment.


The Chinese economy accounts for slightly over 1% of world economy but its growth rate is one of the highest with an average of over 10% in the last few years. Several cities in China rely on local companies to deliver parcels and cargo to international destinations. However, the parcels and cargo take several days to reach their destinations.

Furthermore, Southen Chinese cities are increasing their manufacturing capacities which increase their exports too. Therefore, most business establishments require fast delivery services for mails and cargo. Although competitors like UPS and DHL have been expanding their markets recently, there are enough opportunities for expansion.

The investment should be based on the agreement between China and WTO to full deregulate domestic markets and lift foreign ownership restriction on local businesses by the year 2005. International companies can buy local firms or establish joint investments with Chinese citizens. FedEx can capitalize on this situation to expand its market to other Chinese cities which require international deliveries on daily basis.


Before the final day of full deregulation of domestic markets and lifting of ownership restriction on local businesses, FedEx should keenly follow Chinese government steps towards achieving the WTO target. During every deregulation step, FedEx should invest to ensure that it is ahead of its main competitors.

Meanwhile, it should continue offering quality services to its current customers and expand in its traditional market of southern China. Continued quality services will earn FedEx recommendation to new companies and those experiencing delayed or poor delivery services offered by other companies.

Recommendation 2 FedEx should enter into joint ventures with existing companies which have reliable networks within China.

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Transport and communication infrastructure is not fully developed in China. This means that there are several cities, towns and villages which are hard to gain access to yet they require delivery services. However, State owned China Post and some private companies have been operating in these areas for several years despite the poor accessibility.

FedEx can make use of these organisations to reach customers who have not gained access to reliable international delivery services. United Postal Services has gained access to the southern China through Yangtze River Express Airlines. DHL has acquired some percentage of Sinotrans to make it competitive in the region.

FedEx can counter ths competition by enhancing relationship with its existing partners and enter into agreements with new ones. Since TNT was expected to end its engagement with Sinotrans by 2003. FedEx can capitalize on that and enter into business agreements with Sinotrants to fill the gap left by TNT.

Although TNT is entering into joint venture with a subsidiary of China Post, customers who relied on its venture with Sinotrants will be left without reliable delivery service. This is a good opportunity for FedEx to explore.


FedEx must establish weather partners are reliable or not before it enter into joint ventures with them. This will ensure that their reliable and quality services are not jeopardized. Back ground check should be carried out before an agreement is reached to keep off companies with poor public approval in their areas of operation.

Alternately, FedEx can identify local courier and delivery companies which can be trusted by customers in their respective areas and then enter into joint ventures with them. Finally, when the company has established enough links with customers, it can improve its services while it introduces other competitive services to their new customers.


Ontological vision vs. teleological argument Term Paper essay help free

The introduction While discussing the teleological argument for God’s existence, some fundamentals of the philosophical issue must be considered. First of all, it is necessary to point out that there are a lot of contradictions concerning the existence of God. For instance, one is to keep in mind that the so-called ontological vision is recognized to be one of the most reliable arguments, which proves the existence of the Sole Supreme Being (Graham par. 1).

It is also necessary to state that there were many famous philosophers who believed in Supreme Power and denied the impact of evolution on the Universe creation. On the other hand, it should be noted that the supporters of the opposite opinion had their own arguments, which rejected the idea of God’s existence.

Thus, William Paley is considered to be a philosopher, who belongs to the first category. The Teleological Argument created by Paley gives us an opportunity to analyze the so-called pros of the philosophical issue; while the works written by other-minded philosophers provide us with important data, which influence our evaluation of Paley’s worldview.

The thesis statement The Teleological Argument is considered to be one of the most important philosophical works, which shows proofs of God’s existence. To analyze the details of Paley’s work and understand his reasoning, one is to be familiar with some opposite views.

The body The fundamentals of Paley’s worldview

Generally, it must be pointed out that Paley’s teleological argument is based on logical reasoning. For instance, one can notice that the author mostly relies on comparison in his judgment. Thus, he provides us with the simplest example, comparing the history of stone origin and making a watch. At first sight, it seems that the issues have nothing in common and cannot be compared at all.

However, philosophy represents the most unusual ways various things can be analyzed and contrasted. In other words, the explanation of the philosophical difference between the two objects is following: if one stumbles on a stone, he or she will not be able to say for sure, where a stone appeared from.

It is also absurd to suggest that a stone has always been there. So, the only possible answer is that it was created by a powerful maker. Correspondingly, when speaking about a watch, one can make a conclusion that a watch is made by somebody, it is made by human being.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, taking into account the above-mentioned suggestions, it becomes obvious that the Universe appeared, because it was also created by somebody. In other words, the complexity of the world implies the existence of God (or the Universe-maker) as well as the complexity of a certain mechanism also implies the existence of a mender, etc.

The major points of the philosopher’s argument

Of course, one is to keep in mind that Paley’s reasoning is considered to be full of meaning, as it is based on certain objections. In other words, one cannot deny the existence of God, because he or she has never seen the Universe-maker. Generally, it is not important whether you know the creator, or no. The most important thing, however, is that the creator exists regardless of our knowledge about him.

On the other hand, according to another objection, one can probably say that to create a watch, many people are to be involved into the process. Thus, the construction of a mechanism requires the skills of miners, distributers, etc. So, correspondently, it seems that there should be many Gods to create the Universe. In my opinion, the second objection is not easy to dispute.

However, the philosopher says that unfortunately, the mechanism various people created cannot work perfectly; so, one can state that the same can be said about the word we live in. Still, the following counter-objection is recognized to be one of the most serious problems philosophy faces.

While speaking about Paley’s existence of God, it becomes evident that the problem of evil prejudices the existence of the Universe-maker. Thus, the complexity of the mechanism is compared with extremely simple structure of a stone. But what thing can be compared with the complexity of our world? – The issue is still to be discussed.

Generally, the problem of evil was studied by many philosophers; however, I would like to highlight some important points David Hume presented. Thus, he recognized certain Circumstances Evil is created by. For instance, the author states that “Pains and Pleasures are employ’d to excite all Creatures to Action, and make them vigilant in the great Work of Self-preservation” (Hume 50). That is probably one of the key points of Hume’s work.

Other counter-arguments should be also discussed. One can state that the mechanism can require numerous functions, which were not originally designed. The same can be said about the Universe. However, the philosopher points out that it is not important whether one is familiar with the functions of a mechanism or no. The functions can exist, regardless of our knowledge about them.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Ontological vision vs. teleological argument specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The most important thing is the main purpose of the issue. However, “there are few Parts of the Universe, which seem not to serve some purpose, and whose Removal wou’d not produce a visible Defect and Disorder in the Whole” (Hume 52). For this reason, one can make a conclusion that the main purpose of a watch seems to be obvious, but the main purpose of our world is still unknown.

As far as a mechanism can be constructed in numerous ways, it can be regarded as the so-called chance event. The same can be said about the Universe. According to Paley, the design cannot be regarded as a chance event. The supposition seems to be absurd and has no sense.

On the other hand, one can say that Paley’s argument has no sense, as human mind functions in such a way that everything can be regarded differently, and a certain order can be imposed on things irrespective of such order’s presence.

Our world functions on the basis of certain principles and laws. Paley rejects the view and says that principles cannot influence the existence of the Universe. However, the philosopher seems to see no difference between descriptive law and prescriptive one.

“The mechanism of the watch was no proof of contrivance, only a motive to induce the mind to think so” (Paley 49). The basic idea of the response is considered to be the obviousness of the Universe for people who are not prejudiced towards or against certain views. However, the philosopher did not take into consideration the relations human mind establishes all over.

The existence of the world is considered to be an outcome of sets of rules of metallic nature. The philosopher still does not differentiate between descriptive laws and prescriptive ones.

Nobody realizes what matter is. Paley, however, states that the process of observing allows us to become familiar with the design. On the other hand, one is to keep in mind that the philosopher’s statement has no proof. For this reason, it is evident that the issue is still to be discussed.

The conclusion Paley’s Design Argument is based both on logical assumptions and empirical findings. However, certain counter-arguments cannot be neglected, as they are not disputed; thus, numerous issues are to be discussed. One is to keep in mind that it is still impossible to say for sure whether God exists or no.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Ontological vision vs. teleological argument by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Graham, Oppy. “Ontological Arguments.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (2011). Web. .

Hume, David. Why Does God Let People Suffer? Oxford, Clarendon Press: 1976. Print.

Paley, William. The Teleological Argument, New York, American Tract Society: 1852. Print.


Recruitment and selection practices at Sunshine Steel (China and Australia) Report online essay help

Selections and recruitments practices at Sunshine Steel are causes for concerns to Jessica Walker. The company separately utilises different recruitment and selection practices that result into high turnovers of employees.

In the Chinese company, the general operations manager, Chu Jian had different methods for different groups of employees. For the middle management, he embraced authoritarian and paternalistic approach. He recruited close relatives, friends, or associates. In this scenario, he treated them as replaceable resources insignificant to the organisation.

These two ways of recruitment and selection are part Chinese culture leadership and management style. For the team leaders and professionals, their recruitment and selection depended on the academic qualifications, personality, values and English proficiency. Each candidate had to undergo a personality test. This was to determine whether the recruits’ values marched those of the company’s culture.

Although a well designed and up-to-date job description for each position in the Chinese company, the general manager only considered the job description after the candidate started working.

In the Melbourne Company, Jonathan stable shouldered the responsibility of recruitment and selection processes. He perceived that utilising hard HRM practices would work in the selection and recruitment procedures.

Therefore, he took responsibility of applying it in the recruitment and selection to the line management. Majorities of the company’s positions had job description and person specifications, but contrary to those of China’s, they were unrevised and out-of-date.

In the event of hiring more staff for Sunshine steel in Australia, Jonathan shortlisted candidates using the outdated job description method. These candidates teamed up with their counterparts in China.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this situation, Jonathan Stable failed to consider factors of cross-cultural interaction and communication at the workplace. Similar to China’s case, many employees proved unfit for the job. Therefore, new employees left the organisation within the first six months of employment.

The leaders of the company lack competence and proper management skills. They have failed to embrace key approaches of recruitment and selection that results to high numbers of employees leaving the organisation (Lepak and Gowan, 2008).

Handling the notification of the acquisition and the consequent staff changes in the Chinese company

In the deal of purchasing the Chinese medium-size firm, Jason Blaker should have thought of many phases the acquisition ought to have taken. First, the whole recruitment and selection process is poor due to lack of planning. In addition, the process left most of the employees devastated.

Prior to informing employees of the sale plan, the companies ought to have known the exact positions that would remain vacant, and the interview process for hiring new staff. It also ought to have taken into consideration whether or not all the employees would retain their positions or only operation staff, or managers or supervisors would remain (Stahl and Mendenhall, 2005).

In the acquisition process, management would have notified employees of the changes that were likely to take place. This would have prevented situations of employees discovering for themselves about the acquisition and spreading rumours that would ruin the company’s reputation as initially feared (Schweiger, 2002).

Sunshine Steel and the Chinese medium-sized company would have taken an initiative to plan for a series of meetings with employees. They would also consider the likely question to rise in such meetings. Such issues need the management team to plan in advance and provide satisfactorily responses.

After the acquisition, most of the employee feared for their job security and were uncertain of what the future of the company holds for them. They were not sure of their new terms of services and employment, and the new company’s policies. Such issues lead employee to make comparisons with the previous management.

We will write a custom Report on Recruitment and selection practices at Sunshine Steel (China and Australia) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The human resource for the company ought to have familiarised itself with the employees audit in order to obtain information on promotion, pay rise, performance evaluation, stage of disciplinary action or even vacations. These would have provided guidelines on whether to continue with the promises or threats from the previous owner or start a new process.

Sunshine Steel did not factor in preparing the existing staff for the merger. This acquisition process also did not take into account diverse management styles in different cultures. Thus, the recruitment and selection processes insisted on English language proficiency for the potential recruits. Cultural differences play a significant role in cases of global acquisitions.

Therefore, it was necessary to arrange for smooth transition and embracing of the differences among the two cultures. These steps would have prompted the existing staff to embrace new ideas from Australia and merge with their own.

After the transition, the company would have come up with a plan of helping the staff that would have lost their jobs to have a smooth transition. This process requires adequate preparation. The process of acquisition affected most employees’ motivation.

Significant number lost their jobs as the new employees did not last for more than six months before finding themselves unable to cope in the new organisation (Galpin, Timothy and Herndon, Mark, 2007).

While merger and acquisitions are meant enhance growth and competitive advantages an organisation, poor planning and takeover can ruin a promising organisation particularly in a different culture.

Although the Chinese HR department has up-to-date and comprehensive job descriptions, they do not use them recruitment and selection process.

Reflections about keeping job descriptions confidential

Job descriptions enable applicants and potential recruits become acquainted with the job requirements. Thus, keeping job descriptions confidential is not among the best HR practices in recruitment and selection.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Recruitment and selection practices at Sunshine Steel (China and Australia) by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The need for potential employees to have clear job descriptions before a job search begins is a fundamental step towards selecting the right applicant for the vacant position. Job descriptions enable potential employees gauge their qualifications against those outlined in the vacant position. This eliminates cases of unqualified applicants.

The best HR practices in recruitment and selection processes demand that job descriptions should be current, comprehensive, and concise”. This is because the job description document is an essential requirement that is crucial at different stages during recruitment and selection of employees.

Employers should also review their job description documents to ensure that potential recruits have access to current contents that do not discriminate them, and are relevant to the positions. Potential employees have the right to know what task are in the position, minimum qualification, knowledge and skill, work experience required, and a given level of academic achievements.

However, the document should not contain how the potential employee will follow traditional practices in discharging their duties. Accessible job descriptions can protect the organisation from possible legal battles. At the same time, such job descriptions should be reviewed periodically to keep them up-to-date.

Ways in which job descriptions work to make the recruitment and selection functions more efficient

Stone notes that job descriptions define jobs in terms of “specific activities and responsibilities and identifies the abilities, skills and qualifications needed to perform it successfully” (Stone, 2010).

Job descriptions enable organisations to perform their selection and recruitment drives based on laid down qualifications and procedures. In this manner, the HR can use such descriptions to make relevant choices for the organisation (Heron, 2005).

Job descriptions are responsible for providing a base on which selection and recruitment teams can base their decisions.

In this manner, job descriptions influence most essential aspects of the organisation, such as recruitment and selection, hiring and placement, performance evaluation, training and development, compensation, job design, workforce projections, and workforce growth in terms of elimination and promotion” (Clifford, 1994).

Nelson further notes that job description can influence all the recruitment and selection processes as it attempts to offer interdependency, flexibility, and diversity that is necessary for the organisation and the nature of the job (Nelson, 1997). At the same time, job description ensures that recruitment and selection processes are efficient and valid.

Globalisation, merger and acquisition, and takeovers have changed the HR landscape and procedures and practices. This means that the HR must keep its recruitment and selection procedures and practices up-to-date. This calls for flexible and diversified descriptions of jobs.

If we take the changing environment of employment and different cultural aspects into practice, HR must align their job descriptions for such constant changes for subsequent recruitment and selection.

Some studies have proposed that the future job descriptions will mainly focus on technical issues. These will involve work and workers related issues (Nelson, 1997).

Work related issues highlight job description and its components. On the other hand, worker related issues look at areas of employees’ behaviours in a working environment. Thus, the current dynamic employment requires flexibility in defining job descriptions to cater for the need of a diverse workforce.

A study by Compton and associates posits that job descriptions are changing rapidly (Compton, Morrissey and Nankervis, 2006). Thus, the traditional approach may not work, particularly where there are mergers and acquisitions that involve different cultures.

In this case, the HR must incorporate job descriptions into “employee contract for agreement by both parties before the start of the job” (Compton, Morrissey and Nankervis, 2006). Thus, job description is a necessary tool for the HR in recruitment and selection processes.

Selection procedures recommended for job such as technical supervisors, senior supervisors and middle managers in two branches of the company

Selecting management teams needs different approaches and thorough analysis of the recruits than hiring some employees more so in organisations that operate in more than one culture. Thus, Sunshine Steel must take that into account before commencing its selection process.

This is because the success of any organisation depends on “the abilities, competence, and leadership styles of its management team” (Mathis and Jackson, 2011). Therefore, HR must improve selection procedures in order to ensure future growth and improved performance of the organisation. These procedures must result into the most effective leadership for the organisation.

Since both branches of the company are in different locations and cultures, selection procedures must reflect the real situation of the company in terms of work and culture of both countries.

This procedure involves thorough job descriptions. It process must account for diversities in both Chinese and Australian cultures. In this regard, the company must focus on cultural adjustment, personal characteristics of the management team, organisational requirement in terms of its operations, communication skills, and other issues related personal or family.

The company may apply the use of both internal and external recruitment sources so as to attract and retain the best talents in both countries. Sunshine Steel operates in a tough economic and dynamic environment. Thus, it should source its senior management from external sources and develop internal sources. It must take qualified staff from within and resort to external sources to fill gaps.

The company must also enhance its recruitment effectiveness through a number of ways. The HR should resort to résumé mining from large numbers of applicants instead of picking the first 50 applicants and throwing the rest. The company should apply tracking of its applicants through various stages of the job from listing, performance, and appraisal.

The company should also implement career website where interested candidates will sample available jobs and post their applications. It should also resort to internal sources whereby it tracks existing employees and their performance for future vacancies.

The company in China must enable potential employees preview job descriptions and get relevant details of the job and employer. On the other hand, the Australian branch must update its job description to fit the dynamic work environment, global contexts and different cultures.

There should also be responsive recruitment. Still, the company should base recruitment drives on suitable qualities for applicants and not on kinship and friendship, or business relations.

Sunshine Steel should target pool of applicants, broad labour markets, change its recruitment approaches, enhance internal recruitment processes, interviewing of managers and their subsequent training (Nelson, 1997). The HR must also enhance positive communication with potential applicants.

Effective selection of technical supervisors, senior supervisors and middle-level managers is a crucial success factor for Sunshine Steel in both Australia and China.

References Clifford, J. (1994). Job Analysis: Why Do It, and How Should It Be Done? Public Personnel Management, 23(2), 321-340.

Compton, R.L., Morrissey, B. and Nankervis, A.R. (2006). Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices (4th ed.). Australia: CCH.

Galpin, T. and Herndon, M. (2007). The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Process Tools to Support M


Media and Power Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

It has been acknowledged that media have significant power over many processes taking place in societies. Schroder and Phillips (2007) argue that it is still unclear whether media can be regarded as certain expression of public opinion or it is the way to shape it.

Researchers still have doubts on the matter. However, many agree that the correlation between media and public opinion is binary. Thus, some forces may try to influence public opinion controlling information which is communicated to the public.

However, now media try to meet the demand and highlight topics which are interesting to the public (De Bruin 2011). Numerous poles are held to extract people’s opinions, expectations, etc. Now media provide a variety of topics to discuss worldwide.

Of course, when it comes to politics there is a great temptation to influence public opinion. Some forces try to do this. Miller and Dinan (2010) claim that media is sometimes seen as a tool to influence public, though the abundance of information diminishes such a one-sided effect.

In other words, even if there is a force which uses media to highlight an issue from a particular perspective, there are always other forces that try to provide their own perspectives on the matter.

De Bruin (2011) states that media has contributed greatly to the creation of such notion as cultural citizenship. Nowadays people are exposed to great amount of information. People sort this information out to build some outlooks; as a result many citizens come to share specific outlooks.

De Bruin (2011, p. 86) argues that media as well as popular culture are “vital resources which people utilize to make sense of their lives and social positions”. Vega and Rodriguez (2009) use another term for the same concept.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The researchers claim that “citizen’s media” play important role in developing public opinion. At that, Bruin (2011) as well as Vega and Rodriguez (2009) stress that now there can be no citizenship confined to one nation as all issues are now viewed on the global scale. Thus, when an event takes place in some country, it often acquires global attention.

For instance, Urquhart (2012) reports on riots in Tel Aviv where people protest against the arrival of about 60,000 refugees from Africa. Urquhart (2012) notes that after heated debate and passionate speeches, demonstration turned into a riot with several victims and nine people arrested.

Israeli people argue that their economy cannot handle newcomers. For instance, Benjamin Netanyahu noted that “migrants threatened the Jewish character of Israel” (Urquhart 2012, n.p.).

It goes without saying that the article published in The Guardian confirms that a local event has already acquired international coverage. More so, it is necessary to note that the issue has been already highlighted earlier this year. Thus, Greenwood (2012) reports on the conditions African refugees live in Jerusalem.

The reporter also covers the Israeli officials’ attitude towards refugees. Thus, 170 people who claimed asylum have managed to obtain the status of refugee in Israel since 1949. Greenwood (2012) also provides figures concerning refugee status policy in such countries as the UK and Canada.

Therefore, it is possible to note that the issue of refugees in Israel has acquired attention on the global scale. This issue is potentially a topic of a heated debate as one of the aftermaths of the so-called Arab Spring.

Thus, revolutions in Arab countries were discussed worldwide. Social media has played quite a significant role in the spread of information on the matter (Beaumont 2011).

We will write a custom Essay on Media and Power specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Social media enabled people to unite and share ideas. People from different countries were able to see real picture of what was really happening in the Arab cities. However, it is still unclear whether the issue concerning refugees in Israel will be a matter of such a discourse.

In the first place, it is important to define possible audience which can be interested in this kind of discussion. Schroder and Phillips (2007) claim that different groups of people have different attitudes towards different issues. Thus, young people (18-25) tend to learn about some political events just to know what is happening around them without going into detail (Schroder


The Problems of Carbon Emissions in Australia and Saudi Arabia Report essay help online

Abstract The enlightenment that human activities contribute to climatic changes all over the world has made every country and organization look for ways in which they can conserve the environment for future generations. Activities that consume high levels of non-renewable energy have been identified as the greatest contributors of carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions are dangerous to the inhabitants of planet earth mainly because they deplete the ozone layer that acts as a buffer of high and dangerous rays from the sun (Wright 2011).

If the activities that contribute to the carbon emissions are not contained depletion of ozone layer will affect the climate negatively making the earth inhabitable. Efforts by the governments and other international organisations are involved in environmental conservation.

Introduction The essay compares the Saudi Arabia policies on carbon emissions and those of Australia. It looks into how both countries contribute to the increased carbon emissions and the strategies they are putting in place to reduce carbon emission.

The other aspect is that of contribution of oil and natural gas engineering in carbon emissions. The discussion unravels what the participants in the oil and gas mining are doing to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Contrasting the government of Australia initiatives with those of Saudi Arabia The Australian government has been involved in environmental conservation through the effort of carbon initiatives. The government of Australia has embarked on a number of projects towards reduction of carbon emissions in the country to facilitate environmental conservation.

The first initiative by the government of Australia in the reduction of carbon energy is through the clean energy legislation. This is a legislation that gives details of how companies and the government need to work together to reduce carbon emissions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unlike Australia, Saudi Arabia does not have a legal framework or legislation outlining the county’s strategies and efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Saudi Arabia on the other hand has engaged on educating the people to reduce fuel consumption. The country is currently looking for a better and efficient way of using the resources (Minx


“Talent management decision-making” by Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings Report argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Executive Summary

Assumptions and their influence on the article

Credibility of the authors

Literature review and its quality

Establishing the issue as important for IHRM

Useful of the article for IHRM policy or practice

Strengths and weaknesses of the article

Representation of ‘sound research’ of the article in IHRM


Executive Summary This is a critical report that offers an objective, yet crucial account of the IHRM matters and tendencies presented in the article, “Talent management decision-making” by Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings (2012).

The report focuses on assumptions of the article, and their influence on presentation of the article. In this context, the article shows that global talent management is an emerging field thus, lacks a precise definition. Consequently, it focuses on contemporary issues affecting decision-making in global talent management.

It also reviews credibility of the authors, literature review, and its quality. This report covers an up-to-date account of the research issues.

The report also shows how IHRM practitioners can use its findings to formulate policies and practices for global talent management. It also asserts contemporary issues, which influence decision-making in global talent management. Finally, the report presents strengths and weaknesses of the article. These include a thorough review of literature and its inability to offer precise solution to challenges facing IHRM. However, it calls for further studies to tackle such challenges.

Assumptions and their influence on the article Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings conducted a thorough literature review of talent management decision-making. They established that talent management of knowledge workers has become a strategic tool for organisations (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings 2012).

The authors argue that the field of talent management is emerging and lacks a concrete definition. Some scholars and professionals define talent management from human capital perspective. Conversely, others view talent management as a business strategy, corporate culture, and key to organisational success.

These researchers assumed that the challenge of exact definition of talent management has led to inadequate comprehension in the field of global talent management. However, they adopted a definition of global talent management by Scullion and Collings. It states that global talent management entails “every organisational action for attracting, selecting, developing, and retaining the best employees in the most strategic roles (those roles necessary to achieve organisational strategic priorities) on a global scale” (Scullion and Collings 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The global perspective on talent management enables these authors to look at talent management from a global perspective. As a result, they take into account various perspectives based on differences from various countries. They conclude that decision-making in talent management should take into consideration various contexts in which employee management take places. This implies that it should differ from one region to another including the US where the practice and theory emerged.

Credibility of the authors The article inspires credibility based on the number of sources these scholars used for the analysis talent management decision-making. Abilities to present issues systematically with logical conclusions and areas of limitations give the article credibility it deserves.

The authors carefully base their work on existing works of other researchers. This approach ensures that the article reflects previous works in the field of talent management. At the same time, they also remain objective by recognising that the field of global talent management is emerging, and practices may vary from country to country.

These authors have based their studies on perspectives of other authors in the same field. As a result, they establish credibility, identify gaps, and propose areas of study for future researchers.

Literature review and its quality The article is about literature review in the field of global talent management decision-making. The authors have used 100 sources in this article. These sources present both current and past developments in the global talent management.

Such extensive usages of sources enable these researchers to establish various views about the global talent management. For instance, the researchers have established that the field of talent management is emerging. As a result, there are considerable debates about its areas of focus, definition, and application.

According to literature review, the authors have established that the field of talent management shall remain a major problem to various economies across the world. In addition, they point out a recent research, which suggests that talent management shall be acute in emerging economies (Yeung, Warner and Rowley 2008).

We will write a custom Report on “Talent management decision-making” by Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The literature review allows the authors to create a connection between talent management and management decisions. From this perspective, they draw from the works of Boudreau and Ramstad, who claim that HR departments have to change themselves as “a function and shift the emphasis from the provision of services to supporting key decisions within the business, particularly in relation to talent” (Boudreau and Ramstad 2007).

The authors also note that putting talent decision in its right context and maximising the use of relevant information during decision-making processes have gained attention in the past years (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings 2012). In addition, decision-making about global talent management has been the main source of concern among international corporations. Consequently, they have identified several factors that have resulted into these challenges.

First, the article shows that a shortage of talent shall remain a main source of challenge among many organisations as they expand their activities globally (Cappelli 2008). Thus, management decision-making is vital for strategic positioning of multinational organisation.

Second, studies have also identified rapid changes in demographic characteristics as factors, which influence the supply of labour and availability of employees in the labour markets. Consequently, organisations operating in such regions must apply strategies when selecting, recruiting, and retaining employees (Tarique and Schuler 2010).

Third, some studies have indicated that organisations should regard “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an imperative part of their strategy to decision-making in talent management” (Summer 2005). According to these organizations, CSR has become a tool of attracting and retaining highly qualified employees. CSR is critical for developing organisational reputation for attracting and retaining top talents.

Fourth, diversity also has significant influence on the global talent management decision-making. Multinational organisations face challenges of managing workforce diversity. Therefore, as levels of organisational complexity increases, organisations find it difficult to manage global talents (Beechler and Woodward 2009).

Fifth, Tung and Lazarova note that increasing mobility of workers to various cultural and geographical locations also affects decision-making in the global talent management (Tung and Lazarova 2007).

Sixth, these authors also identify a permanent change to a knowledge-based economy as another factor influencing decision-making on the global talent management. According to International Labour Organisation (ILO), there is “a general change towards intangible and human assets” (International Labour Organization 2009). This trend emanates from the rapid growth of service sector where demands for highly qualified human resources are high.

Not sure if you can write a paper on “Talent management decision-making” by Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Lastly, emerging markets have also affected decision-making on the global talent management. This is because firms are looking for competent teams who can manage in geographically and culturally different locations all over the world. As a result, retention of such managers and talents has become a challenge among many multinational organisations (Bhatnagar 2007; Li and Scullion 2010).

Establishing the issue as important for IHRM Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings assert that decision-making in the global talent management affects strategic activities of the HRM and organisation. In this sense, they argue that IHRM practices and procedures must link talent management, strategy, and culture of an organisation. At the same time, this article suggests that organisations shall experience changes as practices evolve in the international labour market as globalisation matures.

These authors also tackle the latest trends witnessed in the international labour market as the main factors, which influence decision-making and the global talent management. This implies that IHRM practices must focus on these issues for successful decision-making in the global talent management.

Therefore, multinational organisations must coordinate and integrate international IHRM practices and policies relating to recruitment, selection, transfer, and retention of employees. However, this process may not be easy for such organisations. As a result, this article suggests further studies in order to identify factors, which may hinder global talent management decision-making. At the same time, such studies should review how HRM practices and policies have changed in response to the global talent management.

The article also shows that HRM practices should be different depending on the region. For instance, HRM needs to apply different procedures and practices when making decisions about international workforce. This implies that multinational organisations must change their HRM strategies depending on the region of operation.

Useful of the article for IHRM policy or practice This article demonstrates how multinational organisations should align their decision-making processes with the global talent management. It shows that IHRM policies and practices should be different based on the region of operation. This is because of different cultures and geographies of the world.

This article also highlights the importance of global talent management with reference to IHRM policies and practices. In this regard, the article highlights “aspect of strategic HR management in the international company and shows several imperative elements, which influence decision-making in global talent management” (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings 2012). At the same time, it also shows some of the rising tendencies, which shall affect decision-making in talent management in the coming years.

However, this article cannot give a definite conclusion on IHRM practices and decision-making in global talent management because the field is still emerging. Therefore, it calls for further research and empirical studies to provide ways of understanding the field of IHRM and global talent management in a given context of practice.

Strengths and weaknesses of the article This article has strengths on a thorough literature review. Consequently, it presents the subject from different perspectives of various scholars. At the same time, the article clearly identifies its areas of focus so that readers can easily understand the article. As a result, it systematically presents areas in which practices and policies of multinational organisations should focus on when formulating IHRM policies and practices.

On the other hand, the article lacks empirical data to support the theoretical perspectives it presents. It is only a review of past studies. Thus, it offers nothing new to the field of global talent management and decision-making. In fact, the article proposes a number of further studies to tackle issues it cannot find their solutions.

For instance, these authors also dismiss “the narrow best way to global talent management, which is still dominant in the global talent management literature” (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings 2012). However, they do not offer any alternative solution to the global talent management. Instead, they call for future studies to explore issues surrounding the implementation of talent management across various countries among multinational organisations.

In all, the article points out challenges IHRM policies may face in the future. In this sense, adequate empirical studies shall address issues relating to talent management decision-making in various contexts. At the same time, the article also posits that there is a need for further studies on new roles of HR departments as responses to emerging and complex issues of global talent management.

Further, the article proposes a further research to focus on the relationship between CSR and talent management, especially in emerging economies where CSR tends to control talent management decision-making among multinational organisations.

Representation of ‘sound research’ of the article in IHRM Vaiman, Scullion, and Collings present their study in a systematic way just like other authors of scholarly studies. They outline the purpose of the research as an attempt to understand key issues that influence global talent management decision-making. These authors also note that their study takes the approach or design of literature review.

From the literature review, the authors present their findings. They review debates on the subject, focus on factors affecting global talent management decision-making, and propose further studies to enlighten subsequent decision-making in talent management. The authors also provide practical implications of their study.

They note that article shall be useful for IHRM practitioners when formulating policies for global talent management. Finally, the authors claim that the article provides an up-to-date account of talent management decision-making.

References Beechler, Schon, and Ian Woodward. “The Global War for Talent.” Journal of International Management 15, no. 3 (2009): 273-85.

Bhatnagar, Jyotsna. “Talent management strategy of employee engagement in Indian ITES employees: key to retention.” Employee Relations 29, no. 6 (2007): 640-63.

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Italian Culture Research Paper essay help online: essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Customs and Traditions








Introduction Italy has been considered by many people as the epicenter of human civilization. Located at the southern part of Europe, Italy has a rich history since ancient times.

Most of the western culture be it religion, science, education, philosophy or even art are attributed to Italy. It should be noted that unlike the ancient times, nowadays Italy has a mixture of people who have emigrated from various parts of the world. Besides music, arts and religion, Italy also boosts of a well performing economy and political structures which have far reaching effects to the rest of the world.

Customs and Traditions Italians like associating themselves with one another especially those who are related to them. Family ties are highly regarded in the Italian community and both sides of the family are accorded equal treatment. Traditionally, marriage was an arranged affair in the Italian culture though nowadays it is a free exercise.

Until quite recently, divorce was forbidden because marriage was taken to be a life long engagement. It is important to note though most of the Italians marry, there is the custom of children remaining unmarried so that they can take care for the old members of the family (Nickles, 2001). As far as inheritance is concerned, both male and female members of the family are allowed to get equal inheritance.

Traditionally, society allocated roles according to gender though this has changed of late due to civilization. However, the family still remains the basic unit of society and in most cases husbands head their families. The physical appearance of a person including the dressing style highly matters (Parasecoli, 2004). Consequently, Italians are customarily fashion conscious and to them first impression is very important.

Arts Italians are known for their love in arts and their tradition has been rich in arts. The support that works of art has received from both public and private sectors have propelled the tradition to date. Italy’s arts include literature, music, fashion and design sculpture and theatre arts among others.

From the ancient times sculpture has dominated Italians’ work. The aspect was highly prevalent in the middle ages and most productions were religious in nature. It should be noted that artistic works of Italy have played a crucial role in influencing modern art (White, 2007). On the other hand Italy is also known for its influential literature both audio and written.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Written literature was done in Latin until the 13th century when first Italian work was produced. Currently, Italy has a lot of writers in poetry, fiction and many other forms of literature (Nickles, 2001). It is important to note that music writing began in Italy, prompting Italian language to be used to date in explain how music should be played.

Religion Italy is considered as the place where Roman Catholicism started as it spread all over the world. As a result, a majority of Italians are Roman Catholics. Therefore, the common religious beliefs in Italy are based on the teaching of Roman Catholic. As a matter of fact, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church are situated in Vatican City in Italy.

However, there are people who still maintain traditional beliefs in the evil eye, charms and messages through dreams (Parasecoli, 2004). The Roman Catholic has somehow separated its affairs from the state though it still has a vital role to play. Besides Roman Catholic, other religions like Islam and other Christian churches are also present (White, 2007). It is a general belief in Italy that after death there is life where the good people will be rewarded.

Language The language spoken by most natives of Italy is Italian and it is the official language of the country. Majority of the Italians are native speakers. However, there are dialects in few regions which are sometimes considered as different languages. The dialects include Friulian and Ladin in the north and Albanian and Croatian in the south. In addition, there are other parts where people speak different languages including German and Greek as their first languages (Killinger, 2005).

Politics The current constitution of Italy came into effect in 1st January 1948 after people voted to have a republic instead of a monarchy. As a result, Italy’s parliament consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The government has three branches; the executive, judiciary, and legislature.

The president is elected for a seven year term and must be less than 50 years old. The president then appoints a prime minister who should form a government (white, 2007). There is no post of the vice president in Italy and in the event that the president dies, elections will have to be held.

Italy has joined various organizations including North Atlantic Treaty Organization, European Union which it was the founder as well as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. It should be noted that the president is the commander of armed forces and has powers to dissolve parliament and call for new elections (Nickles, 2001).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Italian Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Food Differences exist regarding the food that people eat in various regions and the mode of cooking. However, Pasta, soup, bread, and meat either white or red are common in all areas.

Spaghetti and pizza which are nowadays known world wide are traditional Italian foods. People of southern Italy are known to like heavy cooking compared to the northerners. It should be noted however that unlike the common argument that Italian food is more or less homogenous, there exists diversity in the types of foods eaten in Italy (Parasecoli, 2004).

Economy Agriculture contributes a mere 4% to the gross national product. Agricultural products that are locally grown include wheat, vegetables, olives, grapes and fruits. However, the country imports dairy products as well as meat. Majorly, Italy is an industrial economy having shifted its focus from agriculture after the Second World War.

The main industries in the Italian economy include textile production, chemicals, cars, shipbuilding, iron and steel among others (White, 2007). Italians are known for their love of speed and they produce the world’s fastest cars though they have not ventured into mass production.

So far, Italy is among the richest economies in the world today both in terms of nominal gross domestic product and purchasing power parity. It is a member of the world’s eight most industrialized countries. It is also among the world’s largest importers and exporters either in goods or services.

It should also be noted that technologically Italy is advanced and invests a lot in science and technology as well as research and development (Killinger, 2005). Because of the high volumes of trade between Italy and the rest of the world, Italy is very influential in the global economy both as a producer and a consumer.

References Killinger, C. L. (2005). Culture and Customers of Italy. Westport: Greenwood Publishing group.

Nickles, G. (2001). Italy: The Culture. New York: Crabtree Publishing Company.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Italian Culture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Parasecoli, F (2004). Food Culture in Italy. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group.

White, J. C. (2007). Italian Culture Lineages. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.


Heat Related Injuries in Sports Essay scholarship essay help

Heat related injuries in sports occur as a result of doing excessive physical exercises in hot or humid conditions resulting in heat cramps, heat stroke or heat exhaustion. This paper is going to look at the symptoms, signs and ways of preventing heat related injuries in sports.

In human bodies, heat is regulated through sweating. The sweat is evaporated through the surface of skin to cool or rather bring the body temperatures to normalcy. However, the level of moisture in air is high when the wheatear condition is humid thus decreasing the evaporation rate since vapor and air are saturated (Anderson, Parr


Plants and Carbon Dioxide Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Physiologically, living things regulate the intake and removal of various metabolic precursors within their systems. In this context, it is true that plants will not increase their CO2 uptake in response to increased levels of the gas (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Additionally, plants will not increase their relative significance in the removal and sequestration of CO2 (a greenhouse gas) despite the characterizing expectations. It is important to agree that most terrestrial and aquatic plants only absorb considerable amount of CO2 during photosynthesis (Taub, 2010). This uptake stops at the optimal levels despite the concentration of the gas in the atmosphere.

The phenomenon is termed as ‘downregulation’ as indicated earlier. For example, experiments (using soya beans leaves) indicate that plants will only synthesis enough Rubisco (ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase) to operate in the Calvin Cycle depending on the energy demands of the concerned plants.

This is not dictated by the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Plants usually make and store ATP only to their respective optimal levels. Thus, they can minimally reduce the atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Obviously, the levels of CO2 intake might increase tremendously at the initial stages of the photosynthetic processes; nonetheless, this trend is bound to reduce upon saturation of plant cells with the gas (CO2). In the Calvin cycle, CO2 sequesters/combines with Rubisco to form 1, 3-Bisphosphoglycerate. The process requires a constant supply of Rubisco (Raghavendra, 2000).

Despite the abundance of CO2, the cycle cannot proceed minus Rubisco whose synthesis is not pegged to the CO2 abundance but to the physiological demands of the concerned plants. This is an important provision that indicates why plants should not be considered as the ultimate liberator from greenhouse gases.

When plants have synthesized and stored enough energy they require, they will obviously disable the Calvin Cycle during dark stage of photosynthesis. For example, plants will hardly synthesis metabolites more than they require for immediate use and storage. The metabolic cycles within terrestrial plants are under stringent regulations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is evident during photosynthesis where various processes are regulated accordingly. It is important to agree that various processes within the plant regulatory systems are responsive to environmental factors. Nonetheless, the alleged response can only occur to some levels despite the CO2 increment. This provision is relevant in this case.

Plants should not be expected to respond extraordinarily to the environmental factors (Shwartz, 2002). It is agreeable that plants need CO2 for photosynthetic processes and they can also increase their responses depending on the levels of such precursors; however, this is only relevant to some extent.

Although atmospheric scientists prospect to enhance the growth of plants in order to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere, this will not materialize as expected. There are numerous challenges that characterize this move. These consider physiological provisions of various plants with regard to photosynthesis.

The aspect of ‘downregulation’ mentioned earlier is relevant in this context. There are various physiological limitations that regulate plants’ metabolic, photosynthetic, and other physiological systems. Shwartz (2002) argues that higher CO2 concentrations might retard the growth of some plants contrary to the expected higher CO2 sequestration rates. This is an important provision when considered critically in this context.

For example, the tissues of most terrestrial plants might change their chemical compositions in response to higher CO2 levels thus causing their premature death. Consequently, plants must undergo ‘downregulation’ in order to restore the situation. This provision defies the claims that plants will help in reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

References Raghavendra, A. (2000). Photosynthesis: A comprehensive treatise. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Shwartz, M. (2002). Climate change surprise: High carbon dioxide levels can retard plant growth, study reveals. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Plants and Carbon Dioxide specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Taub, D. (2010). Effects of Rising Atmospheric Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide on Plants. Nature Education Knowledge. Web.


Analysis of BP (British Petroleum) Research Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Main consideration

Current situation of the company’s industry

Secondary data resources

Information gathering techniques

Works Cited

Introduction The company chosen for Analysis is BP (British Petroleum); a vertically integrated multinational firm, and one of the largest organizations in the globe. The company is in need of revamping the oil production process especially after the catastrophic 2010 oil spill and dwindling returns over the past five years.

Main consideration The organization is vertically-integrated because it handles almost all aspects of oil production such as exploration, refining, marketing, electricity generation, distribution, and the sale of petrochemicals. While the company might boast about its large size and its capacity to handle all these aspects, its returns indicate that the firm might need to reinvent itself.

The notion of integration might not be the best model for the company. This is evident through minimal shareholder pay backs over the past five years. In this period, the company has recorded shareholder depreciation in its annual returns.

Shareholder pay outs do not come from capital growth; they instead emanate from dividends. As if this is not enough, the firm has not witnessed any substantial production growth over the past nine years, yet it keeps investing in its business processes.

Current situation of the company’s industry Not all oil companies are doing as badly as BP. Firms that focus on one line of production, or those that are not as vertically integrated as BP, tend to perform well. An organization such as BG only dwells on upstream oil processes and leaves the marketing, distribution and trading to other partners.

This company has recorded high capital growth numbers. Conversely, large oil corporations that integrate production with sales are position 23 out of 24 among all other significant industries in the country.

This implies that profitability is quite low for integrated oil firms. Members of this industry must also contend with concerns about environmental protection. Many of them also have difficulties in acquisition of new resources.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this light, the company needs to consider separating its brands and businesses. In other words, it can sell away declining brands and stick with the ones that have a long life such as shale gas or liquefied natural gas. It could rebrand upstream and downstream portfolios and thus concentrate on the aspects of production that truly yield effective returns.

Secondary data resources An industry analysis will be necessary to start the research proposal. Cowan (2) wrote one such report concerning gasoline prices. This article highlights how refineries, marketers and distributors are performing. It will allow one to make an analysis regarding performance in the oil industry.

The second resource will be a Wall Street journal report by Power et al. (11) on the feasibility of drilling as part of the company portfolio. Lastly, the proposal will use a publication from BP concerning its performance in order to prove that it requires a restoration of the same (Tharoor 5).

Information gathering techniques The research will mainly dwell on secondary data, and it will only use the most relevant and credible resources. This will entail a selection of reports and articles that discuss oil industry performance over the past five decades. Such papers must specifically relate to profitability within vertically integrated oil firms.

Additionally, the paper will involve an analysis of the growth numbers within BP itself so as to justify the need for a brand revamp. Thereafter, the research will give some suggestions on how the brand reinventions can occur.

Works Cited Cowan, Trey. Crude Math: What is really impacting global gasoline demand 22 Feb. 2012. Web.

Power, Stephen, John Kelly and Stephen Hughes. “Lawmakers chastise oil firms over spill.” Wall Street Journal 16 June 2010: 11. Web..

We will write a custom Research Paper on Analysis of BP (British Petroleum) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Tharoor, Ishaan. “A brief history of BP.” Time Magazine 2 Jun. 2010: 5. Print.