Chapter 4 Of “Christianity As A World Religion” By Kim & Kim

In chapter 4 of Christianity as a World Religion, the author writes about the history of the development of Christianity in Europe. At the beginning of the chapter, the author references history, talking about Christianity’s birth and the Roman Empire’s period. In the chapter, the author also describes the history of Christianity in individual churches in Europe. Among them are such as the Orthodox Church, the Russian Church (first in the Russian Empire and then in communism), and Roman Christianity.

The author describes the essential aspects of the development of Christianity in Europe, saying the crucial role of monasteries in the development of Christianity and the whole society. According to Kim and Kim (2016) “The monasteries were centers of education and learning; they introduced new technological developments, especially in agriculture they provided healthcare, gave alms and other help to poor and offered hospitality to pilgrims and other travelers” (p. 128). By this, the author emphasizes the critical role of Christianity in the formation of Europe in the form we can see now. The author writes about the expansion of Christianity from Europe to Latin America and Asia. In addition to the dissolution of empires and the emergence of Christianity on different continents, the author discusses the importance of particular events, such as the Reformation of Martin Luther King. Here he talks about the basis for the Lutheran churches of Germany and Scandinavia. The end of the chapter emphasizes the role of France, Britain, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries in the development of Christianity not only in Europe but also beyond it.

In conclusion, it will be important to emphasize the author’s complex approach to the topic. A detailed description of historical events gives the reader a better understanding of the history of Europe and Christianity in particular. Chapter 4 of Christianity as a World Religion is worth reading not only by those who study the development of Christianity but also by those who study history.


Kim, S. & Kim, K. (2016). Christianity as a world religion. Bloomsbury Publishing.