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1.   Define strategy and business-level strategy. What is the difference between these two concepts?
    [10 points]
Case Scenario 2: Barracuda Inc.
Barracuda Inc. is a lamp fixture manufacturer that is considering an entry strategy into the U.S. home
furnishings manufacturing industry. The existing landscape consists of many players but none with a
controlling share. There are presently 2500 home furnishings firms, and only 600 of those have over 15
employees. Average net profit after tax is between 4 and 5%. While the industry is still primarily
comprised of single-business family-run firms that manufacture furniture domestically, imports are
increasing at a rapid rate. Some of the European imports are leaders in contemporary design. Relatively
large established firms are also diversifying into the home furnishings industry via acquisition. Supplier
firms to the home furnishings industry are in relatively concentrated industries (like lumber, steel, and
textiles). Retailers, the intermediate customer of the home furnishings industry, have been traditionally
very fragmented. Customers have many products to choose from, at many different price points, and few
home furnishing products have strong brands. Also, customers can switch easily among high and low-
priced furniture and other discretionary expenditures (spanning big screen TVs to the choice of
postponing any furniture purchase entirely).
2. (Refer to Case Scenario 2) Using the five-forces framework, summarize the opportunities and
    threats facing Barracuda as it considers entry into the home furnishings manufacturing
   industry. Which threats are greatest to current incumbents?  [10 points]
3. Describe a value chain analysis. How does a value chain analysis help a firm gain competitive
   advantage?  [10 points]
4. The text points out that from a resource-based view, you and your firm need to develop overwhelming                                    
capabilities to offset the liability of foreignness. However, how does a small firm do that?  [10 points]
5. The text points out that not all firms should go global. In view of vast opportunities, why should some
firms not pursue international business? [10 points]

I attached the required book for this international business course. Use it as your source 


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All people should have the right to own guns.The death penalty should be abolished.Human cloning should be legalized.All drugs should be legalized.Animal testing should be banned.Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults.Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today.Violent video games should be banned.The minimum wage should be $15 per hour.All people should have Universal Basic Income.Sex work should be legal.Countries should be isolationist.Abortion should be banned.Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service.Bottled water should be banned.Plastic bags should be banned.


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Option 1: X-rated videos and Upskirting! (This question has 2 parts.)     Part 1: X-rated videos are a multibillion-dollar business in the United States, which some argue contributes to increased violence against women and the desensitization of sexual assault crimes. Give your opinion on this issue, and discuss the extent to which you think social media helps to foster this belief. Justify your position.     Part 2: Given the proliferation of smartphones and advancements in smartphone technology, “upskirting” has become a crime in some states. Explain this crime, determine whether your state recognizes it as a crime, and explain how it is related to an invasion of privacy. Justify your position.


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Americans prefer to elect judges and sometimes do this on a party basis. Should a judge’s political party affiliation or his personal values affect the way he or she makes decisions on the bench? Describe the impact of making decisions with those biases. Is there an inherent inconsistency in these preferences? Explain.


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Hello, this is a Medsurge case. It must be in APA format. And answer each question separately.


Case Study 2

Atrioventricular Conduction Block

Charles Doucette, who is 68 years old, retired from a middle management position in the automotiveindustry following an acute myocardial infarction. He was recovering in a local hospital, where the physicians closely monitored his ECG .

Mr. Doucette’s PR intervals were normal and his QRS complexes had a normal configuration.

However, occasional P-waves occurred that were not followed by QRS complexes (nonconducted P-waves). He fainted twice in the hospital. The physicians believed that the myocardial infarction caused a block in his AV conduction system called a Mobitz type II AV block. Since Mr. Doucette’s conduction block could become more severe, his physicians planned to treat him by implanting a pacemaker.


1. Describe and explain the physiology of the waves and intervals of the normal ECG.

2. What does the PR interval on the ECG represent? What units are used to express the PR interval? What is the normal value?

3. What does the term “conduction velocity” mean, as applied to myocardial tissue? What is the normal conduction velocity through the AV node? How does conduction velocity in the AV node compare with conduction velocity in other portions of the heart?

4. How does AV nodal conduction velocity correlate with PR interval? Since Mr. Doucette’s physicians believe he has a block in his AV conduction system, why are his PR intervals normal (rather than increased)?

5. What does the QRS complex on the ECG represent? What is implied in the information that the QRS complexes on Mr. Doucette’s ECG had a normal configuration?

6. How is it possible to have a P-wave that is not followed by a QRS complex, as seen on Mr. Doucette’s ECG? Propose a mechanism to explain the P-wave that is not followed by a QRS complex.

7. Why did Mr. Doucette faint?


how the US emerged as a world power during and after various wars while still facing challenges within the nation college admissions essay help

how the US emerged as a world power during and after various wars while still facing challenges within the nation such as the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Movement, Labor Movement and Student Movement as well as any other movements you would like to discuss. You must refer to at least one online textbook or supplemental readings/videos to complete this assignment


Examine the importance of professional associations in nursing. Choose a professional nursing organization that relates to your specialty area, or essay help free: essay help free

Examine the importance of professional associations in nursing. Choose a professional nursing organization that relates to your specialty area, or a specialty area in which you are interested. In a 750‐1,000 word , provide a detailed overview the organization and its advantages for members. Include the following:

Describe the organization and its significance to nurses in the specialty area. Include its purpose, mission, and vision. Describe the overall benefits, or “perks,” of being a member.

Explain why it is important for a nurse in this specialty field to network. Discuss how this organization creates networking opportunities for nurses.

Discuss how the organization keeps its members informed of health care changes and changes to practice that affects the specialty area.

 Discuss opportunities for continuing education and professional development.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style 

This assignment. Please prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 


psychology (biology) college admissions essay help



Express your own ideas about death and dying

Explain the philosophy and practice of palliative care

Compare euthanasia, passive-euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide

Possible Points: 60


Respond to the following questions/prompts in a brief paragraph. Include one paragraph per question/prompt.

Describe palliative care and include the philosophy behind palliative care.

Describe euthanasia including physician assisted euthanasia and passive euthanasia

Describe your own ideas about death and dying

Include citations in the first two paragraphs. You do not need to cite the third prompt. Include references at the bottom of the assignment.



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Please do the research on the topic ( Advantech – WebAccess (SCADA) and complete the attached word file based on specific requirements.  It is one of the vendor for industrial cyber security. 

A key objective of any academic program is the refinement and reinforcement of strong communication skills. The same ability of a cyber security professional to compile information and present findings, observations, and recommendations in a clear, concise, and understandable manner is equally important. It is for these reasons that a requirement exists for the successful completion of this course to perform research and compile a technical paper centering on a specific automation vendor and their industrial solution offering.

The paper will focus on selecting a company and one of their industrial control system offerings. Solutions are often aligned to specific industry sectors and customer bases. These solutions should be understood to then look at vulnerabilities that have been disclosed targeting these systems. Equally important is the impact to the business operations of the end-user or asset owner should any of these vulnerabilities be exploiting – either intentionally or accidentally.

It is essential to evaluate the unmitigated risks associated with these vulnerabilities and develop a recommended list of actions that would help the asset owner in mitigating some of these risk in order to improve the operational integrity of their cyber-physical systems.


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Write a detailed three paragraph response (about 300-350 words) to the two articles under your chosen topic. Use specific details from these two assigned perspective articles when summarizing their main ideas. 

What is each author’s central opinion on the issue?

Identify at least three main supporting details each author uses to support their argument.

Whose position do you agree with more, and why? Be specific in your response.

Make sure all references and quotations are clearly cited, using the MLA parenthetical form of citations.

Include a Works Cited in MLA format. (For a database source, use the Cite or Page tools to get an MLA formatted citation.)

TOPIC ONE: Social Media and Freedom of Speech

“Primary Source Document: Anti-Defamation League Representative Testifies About Online Extremism”

“Primary Source Document: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Address on Free Speech” 

TOPIC TWO: The Threat of Artificial Intelligence

“AI’s are Really Dumb:They Don’t Even Have the Intelligence of a 6-Month Old” by Timothy Revell from New Scientist

“Beware an AI-Fuelled World” by Andrew Simms from New Scientist

TOPIC THREE: Voting Rights for Felons

“Zero Disenfranchisement: The Movement to Restore Voting Rights” by Common Cause

“Felons Lose Their Right to Vote When They Break the Law” by Roger Clegg from Voter Fraud


Week 3 Final Project Topic and Literature Review Related to Topic college essay help online

Select one of the below-listed topics to use for your final project. Submit topic choice and a minimum of three references related to your topic to your instructor for approval. References should be five years or less since publication and be listed in the current APA Style. No Blog sites, WIKI, or another school of nursing references, please.

Nurse managers must work with staff to foster respect of different lifestyles. As a future manager, how can you provide culture-centered leadership to influence your team members and care for a culturally diverse patient population? Please incorporate concepts of cultural humility, sensitivity, or competence and one cultural theory into your response.  

Use Kouzes and Posner model to show how the nurse manager on a 30-bed rehabilitation unit would decide the best approach to finding out the cause of increasing urinary tract infections (UTIs) on her unit over the past 6 months. 

Quadruple Aim of Healthcare

What are the guidelines for the quadruple aim?

What is the importance of achieving the quadruple aim?

What outcomes may be seen from promoting the leader-follower relationship?

The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of an acute care hospital is interested in becoming a Magnet-designated hospital. The CNO would like to create a strategic plan for nursing excellence. If you were the CNO, what would the mission statement for nursing say? What would the vision statement for nursing say? What would be the core values of the nursing department? Create an Incivility Statement/Policy. 

You are assigned some risk management activities in the nursing facility where you work. In investigating incident reports filed by staff, you discover that this is the third incident this week in which a patient has fallen while attempting to get out of bed and sit in a chair. How would you begin to address this issue? Decide how you would start a more complete investigation of this issue. For example, is it a facility-wide issue or one that is confined to one unit? Does it affect all shifts or only one? What safety issues are you going to discuss with your staff, and how are you going to discuss these issues? Do these falls involve the same staff member? 

Analyze differences among research, evidence-based practice, practice-based evidence, comparative effectiveness research, outcomes research, and quality improvement. How do these practices affect nursing and patient outcomes? 

Review the educational program TeamSTEPPS. Identify two strategies you can incorporate into your practice. Present your rationale for selecting those and create an action plan to incorporate those strategies into your practice. 



Explain why training and education are vital in health care.
Explain the importance of measuring competencies. essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu


Explain why training and education are vital in health care.

Explain the importance of measuring competencies.

Describe the process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness.

Describe performance appraisal standards within the health care industry.

Identify guidelines for effective performance appraisals. Include possible barriers and their effect on the appraisal process.

Describe the due diligence of progressive discipline of employees within the health care field.


Collins, et al (2013) tells us: “Circular causality was .  . . criticized because it views people as being stuck in equal, college essay help

Collins, et al (2013) tells us: “Circular causality was .  . . criticized because it views people as being stuck in equal, never-ending patterns. (i.e. With family violence it is viewed as implying that the perpetrator and victim are equally involved with “the problem”). 

 Offer your thoughts regarding this statement, giving at least one example.


Classroom Management essay help site:edu

This module explores the basic principles of behavior and the importance of discovering the reasons that students engage in problem behavior. The steps to conducting a functional behavioral assessment and developing a behavior plan are also described.

IRIS Functional Behavioral Assessment (Links to an external site.)

After reading the information in the IRIS Module, answer the following questions:

Give a school-based example of each of the following:

positive reinforcement,

negative reinforcement,

punishment, and

extinction. (8 points)

Discuss at least two benefits of conducting an FBA to address problem behaviors. (4 points)

Complete the Consequence identification Activity at the bottom of page 2 in the module.  When you complete the activity, take a screen shot of your chart with responses to positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, and extinction.  (10 points)

Identify the four data collection methods discussed and the procedure. (10 points)


CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT college essay help online: college essay help online


Student: Theresa

Age: 10

Grade: 4th


Theresa rarely finishes her classwork. How could she? She’s up, she’s down, she’s wandering all around. Her

teacher, Ms. Lowe, seems always to be asking her to return to her desk and begin working. Theresa almost never

has her book or her pencil out, and during class transitions, she is the last to be ready. Ms. Lowe believes that

Theresa’s out-of-seat behavior and procrastination are contributing to her poor grades. She needs to assess the

situation and determine which of these behaviors is the most problematic.

Possible Strategies

Duration recording

Interval recording

Latency recording


Read the attached below Star Sheet Overview and the Star Sheets for the three strategies listed above. 

Measuring Behavior (PDF)Actions

Define each strategy.  (6 points)

Describe why each strategy IS or IS NOT appropriate to measure Theresa’s out of seat behavior.  (12 points) 

Describe why each strategy IS or IS NOT appropriate to measure Theresa’s procrastinating behavior.  (12 points) 


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The creation of a corporation is usually more formal and technical than the creation of other forms of business organizations, and the operation of a corporation is usually more complex and regulated than other forms of business organizations. Are all of the formalities, technicalities, and regulations worth the benefits that a corporation can provide? Does it depend on the circumstances or the kind of business involved? If the usefulness of a corporation depends on circumstances or the kind of business involved, what circumstances would justify using a corporation to operate a business? What kind of business would justify a corporation?


Unit VIII Final Project college essay help online: college essay help online

InstructionsStudents will create a national-level, single-issue interest group that is focused on one specific area of either domestic or foreign policy.The project will be presented in PowerPoint, and the presentation should include the information below.Discuss the issue, and outline goals of the group.Provide a clear statement of the group’s foreign policy or domestic policy issue.Include a detailed description of the group’s goal(s). You must include at least one goal but no more than three.Discuss the organization of the group.Your group must be structured as a single-issue group (i.e., a group that focuses on one primary issue).Provide a brief description of the group’s major leadership positions and their functions.Include a description of the group’s general membership, including an approximate size and general demographic of membership (e.g., high income/lower income; urban/rural).Outline the group’s strategies and tactics for success.Describe one to three strategies that your group will use. A strategy is a general plan that will move your group toward success, such as using direct lobbying of policy makers or using the court system.Describe two to three tactics that your group will use. A tactic is a specific action that works to make a strategy successful. See the table below to better understand how strategies and tactics relate.StrategyTactics (associated with specific strategy)Direct lobbying of policy makersOne-on-one meetings with policy makersTestifying before Congressional CommitteeJudicial systemUsing the federal court system to advance group objectives (e.g., filing court cases, filing amicus curiae briefs, petitioning the courts for injunctions)MediaPublishing information about your issue in media outletsEncouraging the media to conduct and publicize poll results about your group’s issueGrassroots lobbyingHosting mass protests in public spaces, such as the Mall in Washington, D.C., to call attention to your issueConducting an email and text campaign in which your group’s members email and text policy makers about your issueInclude a title slide, which should contain the following elements:your name,title of the project,course name and number,your instructor’s name, andthe submission date.Make certain that your content slides meet the requirements listed below.You should have a minimum of 10 slides, not counting the title slide, the references slide, or any slide only consisting of one or more photographs with no substantive text.Include at least five photos in the presentation, but the photo(s) cannot be the only item(s) on a slide.Include at least two charts or graphics.Graphics and photos must be clear and cited.Make certain to follow the recommendations for designing your presentation.It is strongly recommended that the presentation be separated into clear sections.Select a simple, uncluttered PowerPoint design theme.Your work should be the focus of the presentation—not the slide theme.Use contrasting background and text for ease of reading (i.e., if using a dark background, use a light color text and vice versa).Minimize the use of slide and transition animation as these can become distracting.You must reference at least three scholarly sources, one of which can be your textbook. All in-text citations and references must be formatted in APA Style. All sources included in the presentation must be cited, including photos, graphics (e.g., tables, charts), video clips, and audio clips. Submit your PowerPoint in Blackboard.


Appendix B
Ticket to Class
Due on:
• Place in Bright Space prior to the start of class
• No single word responses writing essay help: writing essay help

Appendix B
Ticket to Class
Due on:

• Place in Bright Space prior to the start of class
• No single word responses (At least 100 words in your response. Repeating the question in the answer does not count towards the 100 words)
• Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely
• Give examples if you have them
• Cite resources
• Worth 20 points / 5%

•With the realization that pain is highly prevalent among older adults, please answer the following questions.

1. What are some ways you as the nurse can utilize to determine pain in the older adult?
2. What are some of the potential barriers related to self-reporting of pain in the older adult?
3. What is the prevalence of pain in the older adult?
4. Describe and compare your findings for each of the following:
a. Numeric rating scale
b. Visual analog scale
c. McGill pain questionnaire
d. Pain in dementia patients



Research Paper writing essay help


You should consider organizing the research paper as follows: 

• Introduction 

• Relevance of the topic (for managing organizational change) 

• Main Objective/ Key Question Addressed 

• Discussion 

• Conclusions  

 By researching the relevant literature, academic and non-academic resources, this study aims to address the following questions: 

1. Analyze and compare the Kotter’s 8 steps and the Sequential change management models. Here are few research points for guidance. You can add to the list if you want. 

a. Through academic comparison, find and explain similarities and differences among these two change management models. 

b. Through academic comparison, find and explain similarities and differences regarding the role of leaders in managing the 2 change management models effectively. 

c. Through academic comparison, find and explain similarities and differences regarding what these 2 change management models emphasize. 

d. Through academic comparison, find and explain similarities and differences regarding their best application circumstances 


Manager Versus Leader college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

 What are some of the biggest differences between a manager and a leader? 


Which trait do you think is the most important for an effective manager or leader? Why?


Health Care Collaboration cheap essay help

What is the connection between effective teamwork and communication?
What could you do an as employee to create a more collaborative workplace?
What could you do as a manager to foster a more collaborative workplace? 
What examples of effective collaboration have you experienced or read about? Why do you think those situations worked so well? 


See the below reading materials list and the attached Bergerac Systems: The challenge of Backward Integration case and answer the questions. Kaku, B., and Kamrad, B. (2011). A Framework for Managing S essay help free

Kaku, B., and Kamrad, B. (2011). A Framework for Managing Supply Chain Risks. Supply Chain Management Review. July/August.
As stated in the article, “Cisco’s pursuit of a comprehensive, proactive risk management program that embraces all of its worldwide supply chain partners” could possibly rank as one of the gold medal types approaches for you to explore.
Harrington, K., and O’Connor, J. (2009). How Cisco Succeeds at Global Risk Management CISCO. Supply Chain Management Review. July/August.
This article helps assess how the JIT approach can strain your risk management approach. JIT has advantages and disadvantages and requires careful evaluation.
Kubota, Y. (2016). Japan Earthquakes Rattle Toyota’s Vulnerable Supply Chain. Wall Street Journal. (Library Reserve)


General Assessment Criteria The criteria below detail the areas, which will be taken into account when the assignment is marked. To address the subject satisfactorily, a typed format is mandatory. Pas writing essay help: writing essay help

To address the subject satisfactorily, a typed format is mandatory. Pass assignments are expected to be legible, tidy, well organized and written in clear understandable English.
High grades [70%, 75%, 80%] need to demonstrate sustained coherent analytical ability. A systematic approach to analysis and evaluation is required for grades 60% to 85% – for grades at the higher end of the scale, integration and synthesis is a requirement. The quality of the arguments used to develop and support prescriptions/recommendations are, in our view, the essential test of integration.
The assignment is to be submitted as a single written report of 2000 words.
Proper referencing and citation should be observed. APA Referencing should be followed.
Running a business requires a great deal of capital. Capital can take different forms, from human and labor capital to economic capital. But when most of us hear the term financial capital, the first thing that comes to mind is usually money. Large corporations could not have grown to their present size without being able to find innovative ways to raise capital to finance expansion.
Identify the different sources of funds available to the corporation to finance their short and long-term projects. (50 marks)
Analyse the advantages and disadvantages as well as risk associated with different sources of funds. (50 marks)
(Grand Total: 100 marks)


Drop Box: 24 Hours Diet Recall and Nutritional Analysis (Total Points Possible = 50 points) Begin by writing down college essay help near me

Drop Box: 24 Hours Diet Recall and Nutritional Analysis

(Total Points Possible = 50 points)

Begin by writing down EVERYTHING you EAT and DRINK (anything you put in your mouth) for a 24-hour period. It doesn’t matter if you start in the middle of the day…. just make sure you cover 24 hours. It would be helpful to write down the time of day that you are eating or drinking. Try to pick a time span that is your most ‘normal’ eating/drinking pattern (weekends may look different that the weekdays).

REMEMBER to include the quantity and amounts (both liquid and dry measurements). Example – 1 pretzel (stick), size; ounces. Portion sizes and amounts are important for this exercise. You will need to look up SERVING SIZE or each food/liquid of your intake to determine the number of servings you have taken in; to determine a nutritional analysis. You can find the information of serving size on the packaging OR…. look up what would constitute a serving size of that food. Do not forget to record liquid intake (water, coffee, etc) for the day in ounces.

EXAMPLES – Go to to assist with proper serving sizes of specific foods. Also note textbook, pages 283 to 287 or My Plate guidelines too included below. Ex -a serving size = 1 cup is the size of a baseball, ½ cup is the size of a lightbulb, 3 ounces (meat) is the size of a deck of car. ETC. There are good apps that can help you determine what a serving size, calories and to monitor for weight management such as: Lose it – Calorie Counter, Fitness Pal, Calorie Counter


Please tell me about the Wife of Bath. You can tell me what she looks like, tell me about essay help online free: essay help online free

Please tell me about the Wife of Bath. You can tell me what she looks like, tell me about the gap in her teeth and how that makes her more attractive for the time – but what I’m really looking for is for you to tell me who she IS. What formed her? Why does she think the way she does? Is she a bad person or a good person? Is she a gold digger, or is she doing the best she can with what she has? You can take any position you like – just make sure you support it with fact (ie, quotes). Supporting quotes will make a big difference in these assignments.

Review the differences between the main discussions and the II discussions. The main discussions have a single focus, are longer and well developed, and include quotes.


the idea is to create a virtual classroom and use the webcam sharing option tool for personal training and writing essay help: writing essay help

the idea is to create a virtual classroom and use the webcam sharing option tool for personal training and nutrition food preparing to help people doing sport and cook a healthy food at home.

the reason of this idea because of Covid-19 pandemic many people who can’t enter a gym because they unvaccinated or the people with asthmatic who can’t wear mask and more.

with this idea we can help them to do gym at home and cook their food with health live tutorial.

also we will provide a physical therapist with light exercises for who got injured .

On the business model canvas we have to find the following areas:
– key partners
– key activities
– key resource
– cost structure
– value proposition
– customer relationship
– channels
– customer segments
– revenue streams

we have to provide a local company names in (Qatar).

the files attached, this assignment will be mentioned as Assignment 1.

I will send you note from class “if get some” to update the paper based on our discussion.

our last class on Wednesday Nov 24th.


Hi. You wrote my final paper for this project, 3 milestone, you did a great job. I still haven’t Essay essay help

Hi. You wrote my final paper for this project, 3 milestone, you did a great job. I still haven’t submitted milestones 2 and 3. For this assigment, it is based on the capital bugdet that you created.. technically the professor still don’t know that I have already done the whole project because we submitted it by parts so this next step is sort of a brainstorm for the final project because you already did the project it should be easier for you to do .
Wanting to surface as many good ideas as possible, your organization has invited all employees to submit capital budget proposals that would help the organization respond to industry trends and achieve its mission and strategic goals. Employees who submit a proposal that is accepted for implementation will receive a $2,500 bonus.

Review the website and financial statements from your organization (the organization you have selected for your final project—Venice Family Clinic or Joslin Diabetes Center). Identify a capital budget item that you will use as the basis of your capital budget proposal. Keep in mind the premise of a capital budget item is one that costs over $5,000 and has an estimated useful life of five years.

For more information on this assignment, please see the 4-2 Capital Budget Item Guidelines and Rubric document.


Be creative! Create a “utopian” correctional facility design describing the design and reasons behind the design. AV materials are encouraged. essay help online: essay help online

Be creative! Create a “utopian” correctional facility design describing the design and reasons behind the design. AV materials are encouraged. Be advised I do have to present this presentation via zoom, I will be recording myself describing and explaining the design. I would need a paper explaining the design so I can present this presentation via zoom. Please use Prezi and not PowerPoint. The Correctional Facility Design Project instructions have been uploaded. ( need to be an Expert in Prezi )


Reflecting upon the learning activities you completed in this module you will complete a blog applying personality theories. Several college admission essay help

Reflecting upon the learning activities you completed in this module you will complete a blog applying personality theories.

Several theories of personality were presented in this chapter. Some of them may have seemed to make a lot of sense to you, while others may have seemed far off the mark. That is because we all tend to have our own ideas about why we think people are who they are, and do what they do (essentially, our own theories of personality!). For this assignment, you are to:

“Create” your own theory of personality by identifying and describing 2 – 3 key aspects of personality that most fits with your idea of why people are who they are and do what they do (i.e., their personality). You can combine essential elements from different theories that we previously discussed in class, or you can introduce and examine elements that you feel are crucial to an individual’s personality that haven’t been given the attention that they deserve.
Then, for each component, explain why you feel that this component is important. Be specific about why you included each of these particular components.
Your entry should be at least 250 words long.

DO NOT recap a particular theory in its entirety. The purpose of this assignment is for you to integrate what you’ve learned from the chapter by combining parts of the theories of others in a way that represents your own personalized theory of personality.

Title your entry M11: Personality.

In addition to your own blog posts on the subject, I encourage you to read and perhaps even respond to a blog post from another student. While reading others and responding is not part of your grade, it will help you to better understand the material and aid with your learning.

Grades for the blog will be assigned using the PSYCH 201 Blog Rubric. I strongly encourage you to review this rubric before starting each blog assignment. This rubric is available in the right hand column of the Blog area, as well as in the course Grade Center. As well as providing well-thought-out responses to the prompts, you are expected to provide entries that demonstrate college-level writing skills; as noted in the blog rubric, grammar and spelling will count towards your grade.

Note: Each blog entry is worth 15 points, for a total of 225 points (15 points x 15 entries). There is one column in the Grade Center for your blog, so your point total will continue to grow throughout the course for this assignment. Don’t panic when, after this entry, the Grade Center might indicate that you received 165/225! It really would be 15/15 for the entry, since each entry is worth 15 points.

Review this video Creating and Editing a Blog Entry if you need assistance with this feature.

See Schedule for due date.

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unit will culminate in a case study assignment that requires engagement with interpersonal communication theory to answer questions about a hypothetical interpersonal communication problem. These case study assignments are written assignments (2-3 pages, double spaced) that will build on the various contexts, concepts, and theories discussed over the course of the unit. For each case study assignment, you will choose from 1 or 2 case studies provided on Canvas and answer the associated essay questions and submit a typed response in APA style. Further information and the grading rubric for this assignment are available. YOU HAVE TO GET THE INFO FROM essay help online free

This unit is all about reimagining relationships and the ways that we build and maintain interpersonal relationships. At the end of this unit, we will have covered three main critical theories of interpersonal communication: muted group theory, narrative theory, and resilience theory. For this case study, you are going to have even more flexibility than you have with the previous two case studies. For this case study assignment, your task is to find a post from /r/relationships (Links to an external site.) and apply one of the critical theories listed above to that post in order to accomplish four things: (1) provide an interpretation of the issue or incident described in the post; (2) relate the issue to your theory; (3) analyze how power dynamics in the interpersonal relationships emerged; and (4) provide ideas, recommendations, or responses to these power dynamics. You will have a lot of freedom in this case study to do fun and interesting things, but I want to caution you against finding the first post on Reddit and going with it. Try finding popular posts (it really does not matter how old they are, if they are insightful) and reading through a few before you settle on a case. I’d also recommend keeping an open mind regarding which theory you end up using in your final case study (choose only one). You might start by thinking that one theory really fits the case and then realize another theory works better. Just keep an open mind as you are analyzing the post. As always, reach out when you have questions!


enhance ERM Program (Create a project plan on how you will remediate the consent order; project Team Structure (representatives from different groups) and Governance; performance measures for ERM plan) college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Details Below:

Imagine you have a consent order form the regulators to enhance/ transform the capabilities of your Risk management Governance/ Framework and Risk capabilities (Risk Appetite with KRIs, Lines of Defense, Maturity of Principal risk types).

(10 points) Create a project plan on how you will remediate the consent order. Specify Executive Sponsor(s) – resource


***DO NOT USE CHEGG*** ***must show full work (include units and use dimensional analysis) for your problems. All work a level english language essay help


***must show full work (include units and use dimensional analysis) for your problems. All work must be hand-written***

(4 points) 1. Draw the best Lewis structures for NOF and BrF5 and include formal charges on atoms with non-zero values. Concisely identify at least four steps of the procedure for drawing the Lewis structures.

Note: In the formula of the first molecule, atoms are in the order of their atomic numbers; the given formula does not necessarily reflect the actual arrangement of atoms in the structure.
Question 1 options:

Question 2 (3 points)
(1.5 points) 2. (a) Draw at least three plausible resonance contributors for the sulfite ion (SO32-).

(0.5 points) 2. (b) Assign formal charges to each atom in the resonance structures of the sulfite ion (SO32-).

(1 points) 2. (c) How many double bonds are present in the experimental (true) structure of the sulfite ion (SO32-)? Write one sentence to justify your answer.
Question 2 options:

Question 3 (5 points)
3. T2O3(s) is the ionic compound formed from oxygen and a metal with the form T(s) at 1.00 bar and 298 K.

(0.5 points) (a) Draw the Lewis structure for T2O3. Assume that all the valence electrons from T are required.

(4.5 points) (b) Use the following information to determine the enthalpy of formation for T2O3(s). Express your answer in kJ/(mol T2O3(s)).

Lattice energy for T2O3(s) = -16439 kJ mol-1
ΔHsub for T(s) = 317 kJ mol-1
First ionization energy for T(g) = 610 kJ mol-1
Second ionization energy for T(g) = 1732 kJ mol-1
Third ionization energy for T(g) = 3638 kJ mol-1
Bond dissociation energy for O2(g) = 498 kJ mol-1
First electron affinity for O = -141 kJ mol-1
Second electron affinity for O = 744 kJ mol-1

As part of your problem work you must show the full equations with phases for all steps in the Born-Haber process and you must label each step. Note that you may need to use some of these labels more than once. The Born-Haber process is shown in section 9.5 in your textbook. The steps can be shown following the example on page 344; a diagram like that on page 345 is not required.

Your Answer:
Question 3 options:



Summary: Describe 3 funny episodes from the parts of Don Quixote we have read for the class. Put the funniest a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Summary: Describe 3 funny episodes from the parts of Don Quixote we have read for the class. Put the funniest episode last. You don’t need a conclusion paragraph. If you need to have one, keep it very short. Note: These episodes must be from the parts we have read for the class. Min. 400 words General guidelines: Don’t have too many quotes; They disrupt the flow of the paper and keep you from making your own points. Long quotes (from the text or from outside the text) don’t count toward your min. length. Have a very brief concluding paragraph (2 lines). This is a short paper. You don’t need to repeat every point that was mentioned in the paper in the conclusion again. Organize your paper around a specific thesis. Make sure the points in different paragraphs are clearly and logically organized. Address specific key points from the text. Cite page numbers for direct quotes according to MLA guidelines. Upload your word document here.


did participants in the Bretton Woods conference feel that it was important to create the IMF? 2. In the early 2000s, the IMF extended significant loans to the government of Argentina during that country’s financial and economic crisis. Give a brief description of Argentina’s crisis and the IMF’s response. 3. The IMF was heavily criticized for its policies during this period. Summarize the arguments made by the IMF’s critics. cheap essay help: cheap essay help

To complete this assignment, you will study and write about an important institution that was formed during the Bretton Woods conference in 1944. Answer each question with a paragraph of about 100 words. Please keep your answers to one sheet of paper, and please include a bibliography listing any sources that you use.


Use files provided as a source to complete those two. (DO NOT PLAGIARISM FROM OTHER PROJECTS) There is a scholarship essay help

Use files provided as a source to complete those two. (DO NOT PLAGIARISM FROM OTHER PROJECTS)

There is a total of 60 houses in the drawing and the chart is also given but incomplete.
Please use given files details to complete these below:

1. Approximate quantities per housing unit.

2. Chart for top 20 important materials needed on-site (must include earthwork, foundations, structure)
and approximate quantities needed for each.


I have inserted below under “READ” instructions and example of how to create an equity audit graph using excel. essay help online: essay help online

I have inserted below under “READ” instructions and example of how to create an equity audit graph using excel. SOME STUDENTS IN THE PAST HAVE DONE THE GRAPHS INCORRECTLY SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO THE GRAPHS. ALSO, SOME STUDENTS HAVE NOT SUFFICIENTLY DISCUSSED THE GRAPHS IN THEIR PAPER. FOR EACH GRAPH, BE SURE FIRST TO VERBALLY DESCRIBE WHAT THE GRAPH INDICATES AND THEN SECOND TO DISCUSS THE MEANING OF THE GRAPHS FOR THE SCHOOL. Also, immediately below are url’s that are “voice threads.” You click on these and then you will see a PowerPoint slide for each, and you will hear me talking you through it. This is another version of a “voice over” PowerPoint. These will help you understand and create your equity audit report graphs. There are four of these, which you should watch in order, starting immediately below at the top of the voice threads. Approximately 39 minutes of viewing: Reading materials: see the attachments please. Agin this is a VOICE OVER PROJECT/ MALE VOICE PLEASE.


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