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Introduction The study of ethics focuses on human relationships and what is considered morally correct in human behaviors. Following ethical dilemmas and ethical lapses in business practices that became eminent in the 1970s, the concept of business ethics emerged to expound business ethical principles (Arnold et al., 2010).

As the need for mutual understanding between workers and companies intensifies, organizational discourse is currently revolving around ethical business principles that are paramount for organizational success in the modern day businesses.

Cases of ethical lapses are still on the rise, and thus developing an understanding of the issues in the context of decent business practices is becoming essential. The notion of ethical business practices has led to the formation of theories including the utilitarian theory, rights theory, justice theory, caring theory, and virtues theory, which have since been integral in the understanding of business ethics. This study analyzes these theories in the context of the case of deaths at the Massey Energy Company.

Case of death at the Massey Energy Company The Massey Energy Company owned numerous mining companies across the United States. The death incidence occurred at the Upper branch of the coalmine around Mont coal in the West Virginia district. The morning shift miners were in the process of exchanging shifts with the afternoon shift miners at around 3.00 pm on the Monday of April 2010. The mining company used certain cars to ferry miners in and out of the mine entrance during the shift reshuffling.

On this day, nine of the shift miners had just managed to come out of the cars and while walking towards the exit end of the mine, they heard a loud blast of air blow past them. Seven of their fellow miners died instantly and two of them managed to come out alive, but badly injured. A deadening explosion had cleaved through the underground coalmine and unfortunately trapped an unidentified number of shift miners inside the mine.

Reports later concluded that during the massive explosion, approximately 61 miners of the Massey Energy Company working underground had perished inside the mine.

The strong hurricane could barely allow the fellow shift miners to rescue others at the juncture of the incidence, and this aspect probably might have required rescue experts. Recue teams appeared at around 6.00 pm, after some miners managed to come on top alive. Although little equipped with oxygen tanks and masks, the tanks possessed little oxygen that limited the required air supply.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The rescue teams did little to contain the situation as it forced them to enter the mine in turns. The tangled debris made it even worse for the rescue teams’ progress as it had littered the entire excavation floor. Explosive gas methane and carbon monoxide elongated the rescue time. Government reports indicated that Massey Energy Company had received several warnings, almost 50 times in the prior month alone, over violation of employee workplace safety.

Utilitarian theory and business ethics Human approach towards anticipation for maximizing of pleasure and elimination of suffering and pain brings about the fundamentals established in the realm of moral philosophies that date back to a distant past (Robertson


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Table of Contents Introduction

Impact on professional experiences and involvements

Impact of readings on understanding of obligations as a citizen

Enhancement of skills in the course


Introduction Different scholars apply varying definitions to the term “public administration” depending on their use for the same. In essence, the term often describes the various aspects involved in the development and implementation of government policies.

As an academic discipline, public administration refers to the study of the development and implementation of such policies with the aim of enabling scholars to understand and apply such knowledge to their daily undertakings in both their personal and professional undertakings as citizens or public servants.

This paper explores the effect of public administration as an academic discipline from my scholarly experience. It contains a concise description of ways in which readings assist me to understand my professional experiences and involvements, my obligations as a citizen in a free state, and ways in which the course enhances skills such as writing, critical thinking, decision-making, and ethical awareness.

Impact on professional experiences and involvements Readings on public administration, as an academic discipline, have enabled me to understand my professional experiences and professional undertakings and continue to do so in various ways.

Firstly, they have enabled me to understand the processes involved in the creation of policies that affect public administrators and other professionals with links to their offices in different capacities, which is an essential element when applying an analytical outlook to administrative duties (Fredrickson, 2005). It is usually easy for individuals with no knowledge of the creation and implementation processes that public administrators should apply in the fulfillment of their duties to complain and blame the wrong people for failures and delays in certain areas.

Often, such ignorance and misinformation results in delays when procuring assistance on specific issues related to various administrative offices. Information on the duties that each person within the administrative chain performs enables me to obtain help from the right individuals, thus saving me precious time in the resolution of problems linked to the same.

Secondly, readings in the course have so far enabled me to analyze various duties that players in the public administration sector play, which is an essential process when singling out career options.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Every year, hoards of scholars study hard with the aim of joining the public administration sector, but they lack concise targets as to which offices they would prefer to join and duties of each office. The readings in this course have enabled me to conduct an analysis on the duties that office holders in the sector perform and single out those that match my preferred skill set.

Such analysis ensures that I do not work too hard to attain skills that I might not need in the performance of a dream career while being careful not to overlook skills that I might need in case the prospects of my dream career do not pan out (Rhodes, 2002). In essence, the readings in this course have broadened my perspective on my career of choice and armed me with skills that I need to make my dream come true.

The third benefit that the readings have for me in terms of understanding my professional experiences is that they enable me to set realistic expectations regarding my career as a public administrator. It is a common occurrence for individuals to experience disappointment and frustration when performing their duties because things sometimes do not turn out as expected.

Through the utilization of the wide variety of reading material that the course offers, I now understand that various bodies in the public administration sector operate as independent entities working towards a common goal for the government and thus they formulate different policies depending on their goal at the time.

I have thus been in a position to adjust my expectations on consistency of operations and standard policy requirements for staff in organizations and keep an open mind on the same. This aspect ensures that I am ready for any eventuality in scenarios where bodies I choose to work for opt for changes in policies (Rhodes, 2002).

Another benefit that the readings afford me, as a scholar with a potential future in the public administration sector, is that they expand my understanding of the impact that policy changes have on public administrators in the performance of their duties. The importance of such knowledge lies mainly in the ability to adapt, whether in a professional capacity as a public administrator or as a professional in another sector of the economy applying such policy changes.

For most businesses, including the government in its financial operations, the ability to adapt to changes in policies ensures that the level of loss remains at its minimum and that the management of such institutions formulates contingency plans to mitigate the effects of such changes just in time (Kozol, 1996).

We will write a custom Report on Seminar scholarly reflective report specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lastly, pubic administration is a multifaceted discipline that comprises various other disciplines including human resource management, organizational theory, statistical studies, policy analysis, budgeting, and ethics (Fredrickson, 2005). The breath of the spectrum of information available on the various disciplines enables me to understand circumstances surrounding situations with a view of the bigger picture.

For instance, when analyzing the budgetary requirements of an organization in the public sector, it is easy for an accountant to overlook possible policy changes that may require the provision of a contingency fund. Application of linkages between different sectors in public administration enables such an accountant to foresee possible social changes such as increase in population, which may render the applicability of such a budget impracticable with time.

Impact of readings on understanding of obligations as a citizen Another important advantage of readings in the course relates to my understanding of my obligations as a citizen in a free state. Currently, numerous individuals lack knowledge on aspects that constitute their rights, freedoms, and those that constitute their obligations to their country as citizens.

Ignorance is one of the main reasons why most people find themselves on the wrong side of the law, especially when it comes to the interpretation of public policy regulations.

Often, most people think about what government bodies need to do for them as per the law and ignore the requirements that the same policies have for them in their capacity as citizens. The readings have enlightened me on the existence of such obligations from laws in my capacity as a citizen and an individual living in a free society under the protection of the government.

A good example that helps to explain the effects of ignorance of the obligations of citizens and the remedy that readings in public administration, as an academic discipline, provides concerns protection of property. Most people expect law enforcement agencies to protect their property through whichever means necessary, but they overlook their obligation to report crimes regarding violations concerning the property of other people, as is the case with community policing.

Another scenario similar to the one above is one whereby citizens expect the government to prosecute offenders, but fail to give the same importance to their obligation to testify at trial and bring perpetrators of the said violations to justice. Apart from ignoring obligations such as testifying in court and working with law enforcement bodies to protect property, some individuals misuse their rights under the constitution, thus violating their obligation to obey laws set by the state for their own protection (Jordan, 2012).

For instance, the American constitution, under the fourth amendment, provides for freedom of the press. However, individuals such as the paparazzi often use such freedom to violate the privacy of other citizens for financial gain (Jordan, 2012). Readings on public administration in relation to obligations of citizens have enabled me to relate to such issues and assess situations while taking responsibility for my obligations to the government as part of the same team.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Seminar scholarly reflective report by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Enhancement of skills in the course One of the skills that studying public administration enhances is writing. The course has enabled me to filter information when writing and apply language that is easy to understand, which allows the reader to relate to the material without straining.

With regard to critical thinking, studying material in the course relating to various disciplines has enabled me to develop a mode of thinking that incorporates various aspects linked to the subject matter and come up with solutions that are improvements from the obvious. Thirdly, the course has enabled me to concentrate on problems and keep an open mind when formulating decisions on various issues.

Through skills such as policy analysis and solution assessment, I am in a position to make decisions that incorporate more considerations and work out better in the long-term. Lastly, through studying the materials and awareness of my obligations as a citizen, my level of ethical awareness when dealing with matters of ethical awareness is higher as compared to when I first started the course. I am now in a position to perceive situations for what they are without excluding my own actions from the equation.

References Fredrickson, G. (2005). Public Administration with an Attitude. Washington, D.C: American Society for Public Administration.

Jordan, T. (2012). The U.S Constitution and Fascinating Facts About it. Naperville, IL: Oak Hill Publishing Co.

Kozol, J. (1996). Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation. New York, NY: Harper Perennial Publisher.

Rhodes, L. (2002). The Public Manager Case Book: Making Decisions in a Complex World. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishing.


How could King be more upset with moderate whites than violent extremists like clansmen? Essay college admissions essay help

According to Martin Luther King Jr., the white moderates are highly irresponsible. Thus, extremists like the KKK are far much better as they take reasonability for their actions and completely express their hatred and racial sentiments for black people. The “white moderates “are impartial, yet claim to be aligned to the woes of the black people in their quest for freedom.

The essay examines the various reasons why King was upset with the white moderates. Considering the events taking place in the United States at the time, as well as how the black people were being treated, Kin could not have phrased his disappointment nay better.

In his letter, King is trying to persuade and win the authority of the white man who in the real sense had acted as a hindrance to the attainment of the various goals of the black people. His greatest displeasure with the white men that he refers to as “white moderates” in the letter is their limited involvement which he terms as lukewarm.

According to King, the greatest stumbling block that black men had towards their quest for justice and freedom was the white men or the white moderates, who were more inclined to ensuring that the country remained orderly, as opposed to ensuring equitable justice. It should, however, be noted that while the KKK were more open with their ethnic preferences and racial segregation in practice, the white moderates were lukewarm, meaning that they did not take a definite stand in the issues that affected the black people.

Based on their conduct, Martin Luther King is forced to state that, “Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection” (Hornsby 39). King further states that white moderates “prefer a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action” (Hornsby 40). It is this type of reasoning that in every sense overshadows the line of thought of Martin Luther King.

They were additionally marred by the concept of time as they would constantly advice black people to sit and wait for the opportune time to advocate for their rights. While it is easy to understand that the KKK people hated and acted against black people through their racial lines, it is not easy to understand why the white moderates would claim to support black people and still oppose the ways that they approached their quest for freedom.

According to King, “shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will” (Hornsby 41). This means that it is better to outright state opposition for something or someone than to pretend to be with them yet you are far away from them.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While the statement made by Luther king comes across as radical and ethnic in nature, the main aim was to ensure that freedom to the people was accelerated. It is not that Martin Luther king was not aware of the evil deeds of the clansmen and was talking in oblivion of them, but this was actually a statement that sought to state that the white men could have done better if they so desired to see the black people free.

The phrase as used by Martin Luther king can be termed as an awakening to the white people to do more and act fast. It was not meant to discredit them as a people on tribal lines, but to provoke them to see the need for accelerated freedom for the black people.

Works Cited Hornsby, Alton. “Martin Luther King Jr. ‘Letter from a Birmingham jail.” The Journal of Negro History 71.4(1986): 38-44. Print.


Movie “The Graduate” Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Introduction It is necessary for filmmakers to use the best tools and ideas in order to make their works spectacular. A good work of art such as a film should have a proper theme, clear message, and at the same time entertain the audience. The film “The Graduate” by Mike Nichols narrates the story of a young man who has just completed college.

At the age of 20, the protagonist realizes that everything is complex and hard than he had thought earlier. This essay therefore explains how the film “The Graduate” utilizes the best aspects of art and design to present useful insights that can help young individuals have a better life. The film achieves this using the best editing, “mise-en-scene”, photography, shots, and storyline.

Analysis of the Film “The Graduate” Summary of the Movie

Mike Nichols is the director of the film “The Graduate”. The 1967 film is based on a novel written by Charles Webb in 1963. The name of the novel is also “The Graduate”.

The actor in the film is Benjamin Braddock, a recent graduate who lacks a clear understanding of life. As a graduate without any aim in life, Braddock decides to befriend an older woman by the name Mrs. Robinson. It is also notable from the film that Mrs. Robinson is married and has a daughter be the name Elaine. Benjamin Braddock eventually falls in love with Elaine, Robinson’s daughter.

From an historical perspective, it is agreeable that the film plays a significant role towards boosting the position of folk-rock in the American society. Produced in the 1960s, the film explores most of the issues that affected the society during the time. Historians and researchers have argued that the film presents a major cultural and historical value to the American people. It adds a sense of beauty to American art and film culture.

The use of various technical aspects of film production has made it a spectacular piece of art. For instance, the producers used the best mise-en-scene, close-shots, long shots, sound track, and editing to present quality scenes to the audience. This has made it easier to deliver the targeted message to the audience.

Lawrence Turman and Joseph Levine produced the film in 1967. The producers managed to present various themes that can educate different members in the society. The first theme in the film is the idea of “coming of age”. In the film, Benjamin and Elaine are two youngsters who are unable to make the best decisions in order to address the issues affecting them. This explains why Benjamin encounters various challenges and obstacles because he is “indecisive” and incapable of coming up with the best solutions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The theme of “rebellion” is also evident in this film by Mike Nichols. The film presents a “radical mood” whereby Benjamin rebels against many things and ideas in the society.

For instance, he appears to ridicule the existing social norms. This occurs when he befriends Mrs. Robinson after finishing school. He also rebels against the social ideas in the society. As well, the movie demonstrates a strong sense of opposition. This is the case because Benjamin rebels against the ideas of the older generation, social conventions, and the upper class in the society.

The theme of “infidelity” is also evident in the film. This occurs when Mrs. Robinson decides to befriend Benjamin while knowing she was already married to Mr. Robinson. Benjamin goes further to date Elaine without considering the issues and consequences that might arise from the decision.

Although the audience is aware of Benjamin’s thoughts and ideas, it becomes evident that he continues to befriend Elaine in an attempt to achieve his dreams. Benjamin also realizes how the relationship might be horrible. This explains why such kind of indulgence by Benjamin is the most scandalous event in ‘The Graduate”.

Personal Views

The film by Mike Nichols is definitely one of the best works of art ever produced. The film presents a wide range of ideas and concepts that can help individuals live a better life. There are certain factors that make the movie admirable. To begin with, the producers have used the best strategies in order to make the film appealing to the audience.

The film embraces the idea of cast combination in order to make it entertaining. The timing of the film is “perfect” because it explores the issues that affected the American society in the 1960s. This explains why the film captures the “true spirit” of its era.

The other reason why this film is admirable is that it relates closely with its time of production. This explains why many people would consider the film as culturally and aesthetically momentous. As well, the film goes further to present some critical themes and lessons that can help the viewers address most of their problems.

We will write a custom Essay on Movie “The Graduate” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The film explains how young individuals can address most of their issues arising from indecisiveness. The film is also a classical work of art. It is admirable because it employs all aspects of film production such as “editing, mise-en-scene, and close-shots”.

I would also say that most of the parts in the film are attractive. For example, the film begins with Benjamin who has graduated from college. His parents and friends are interested in Benjamin’s plans for either a career or joining school for further studies. The unfolding story reveals most of the challenges facing many people at this age. The director has made the best decisions to make the film successful and entertaining to the targeted audience.

The film conforms to the “Classical Hollywood Narrative” style for film production. Movies that use the style tell a story in a “chronological order”. The style follows a “cause-and-effect” approach. By so doing, the producers have used a principle known as “continuity editing”.

The approach requires that the editing and sounds are “invisible” to the audience. That being the case, the producers gave the “desired attention” to the storyline and not to specific elements such as photography, editing, and sounds. The approach helps the producers and the editor present the best film to the targeted viewers.

Conclusion The movie “The Graduate” is definitely one of the best works of art produced in the 20th century. The film narrates a story that is culturally and historically significance. The producers have used the best tools and approaches in order to come up with a classic piece of art.

The film educates people to make appropriate choices in life as they work hard to pursue their dreams. It is agreeable that the film by Mike Nichols presents new ideas, themes, and lessons that can be applied in our lives. Personally, I have found the film meaningful because it combines different aspects of design and production. It also encourages people to make the best decisions and eventually overcome the challenges affecting them.


Personal Information in Social Media Platforms Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Implications

Individual dependency


Works Cited

In a modern day world, technology has undeniably become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day operations of the human beings. However, this digital age has come along with its perils that confront millions of people around the globe. One of the threats is privacy.

The internet seems to record everything and forget nothing thus posing a threat to one’s privacy and reputation. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace collect and share inappropriate and embarrassing personal information to other users, which comes to haunt people thereafter. Online photos, status updates, blogs have completely lost the power of reflecting an individual’s freedom of expression.

Living in an era, in which whatever you say or whatever others say about you is stored in permanent and public digital files, is threatening. The storage of this information does not give one an option to reinvent him or herself to a new beginning and overcome the checkered pasts.

In traditional societies, human beings were given the capacity to learn from the past experiences and adjust their behavior. However, in the modern society missteps are always recorded making them impossible to be forgotten thus offering no room for second chances.

Implications Using social media platforms has both personal and professional implications. There is an emerging trend of the social media platforms shifting from privacy to transparency in what they term as recognition of the social norms (Rosen 4).

The user profiles (user’s friends, relationship status, and family relations) that had previously been private would become public and accessible to other users. Facebook has already ascribed to this recent development. This would inevitably affect marriages, relationships, and family ties. Professionally, the internet have far reaching implications.

For, example majority of the recruiters and human resource professionals do conduct an online search of the candidates by not only scrutinizing the social-networking profiles of the applicants, but also using the search engines, photo- and video-sharing sites, personal web sites, and blogs. Some observers and scholars have argued that it is illegal for employers to fire or refuse hire anyone on the basis of legal off-duty conduct revealed in Facebook postings or Google profiles.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, Professor Paul Ohm observes that “It is not fair for employers to know what you have put in your Facebook status updates”. Ohm suggests that there should be laws that prohibit employers from refusing to hire people based on Facebook pictures, status updates, and other legal but embarrassing personal information.

Individual dependency In human history, all the activities and endeavors of people were fixed on rigid societal expectations. However, as time went by, people started drifting away from their social roles to become more individualistic. According to Rosen, “people perceived themselves increasingly as individuals, their status becomes a function not of inherited categories but of their own efforts and achievements” (Rosen). This individual dependency has been propagated by the narcissism that redefines the identity of the modern man.

Conclusion From the foregoing discussion, it is evidently clear that as people continue to experience the drawbacks of living in an internet-driven world, they should learn to hesitate before posting information, sharing photos, uploading pictures, joining online groups or blogging as that can drastically affect their personal and professional reputations. As we still wait for the technological, legal, judicial, and ethical solutions, one needs to be very careful to avoid the unforeseen negative impacts.

Works Cited Rosen, Jeffrey. “The Web Means the End of Forgetting.” The New York Times. The New York Times Mag., 21 July 2010. Web.


Diversity in Business Organizations Term Paper essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Literature review




Introduction If an organization adopts diversity management, the performance and output are bound to increase. Conversely, if an organization doesn’t pay much heed to managing people from diverse cultures and ethnicities, the results can be drastic and appalling. When it comes to relationships, they are mutual (equal response from both sides).

So if employees don’t get proper response and acknowledgement it is quite possible that they too will be indifferent towards their organizations. This particular situation is more relevant in organizations where employees are from different cultures and ethnicities. So if an organization wants to prosper, it should give due importance to the diversity management policies.

Literature review Having diversity in an organization is very beneficial. In today’s business environment, where companies are going global, diversity recruitment becomes all the more crucial. Managers have to tackle their diverse subordinates in a very delicate and professional manner. Companies have to do buying and selling throughout the world.

It is human tendency to favor people of the same ethnicity and culture. In such a scenario, if organizations have employees from various ethnicities and cultures, it will be easy for them to do their business. Suppose if a British Company has business interests in India and has Indian sales personnel, it will be easy to convince the Indian buyers.

Moreover, the Indian sales personnel will have an idea of the mentality of Indians and will have the tactics to convince them. This particular aspect will become all the more important in the ensuing years when companies, due to saturation at home markets, will expand their businesses to other countries.

People from different countries have different perspectives regarding the ethics of work. For instance, the Germans believe that truth is the key to success, according to the Chinese truth is not absolute, and the British don’t want unnecessary trouble (Shakhray, 2009). This aspect should also be considered while making policies pertaining to diversity management.

By creating a harmonious work atmosphere, where diversity is irrelevant, managers can augment their company’s reputation in the placement market. This will help the company in catching the attention of qualified and efficient workers. In the long run such diverse employees may prove to be beneficial for the company.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If the managers are efficient and if they follow the company’s diversity management policy, they can generate such a work atmosphere where all the employees would consider themselves to be important and appreciated. Rewarding the better performers, irrespective of their diversity, will further infuse motivation among the employees and as a result, they will work more enthusiastically and will involve themselves more.

Diverse workforce is an asset to any organization. In absence of workers from around the world, organizations may find it tough to penetrate foreign markets. One of the peculiar aspects of diversity management is that it should be “particular rather than universal” (Dass


The Marriage Traditions of Wolof Culture Research Paper cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Question for Investigation

Marriage Traditions of Wolof People


Works Cited

Introduction The population of the world is constituted by an array of cultural groupings and ethnicities. The cultures of the different ethnic groupings have been a subject of research for a long time. Scholars carry out these research studies in the quest to trace the historical development of the different cultures because it is believed that humankind descended from a single ancestry, and thus all people must have shared one culture at one time.

However, in the contemporary times, different parts of the world are littered with different cultural groupings. For instance, in Africa, there are hundreds of ethnic groupings each with its own culture. However, scholars and historians have increasingly raised concerns over the authenticity of today’s cultures, for as the world continues to open up due to phenomena such as globalization, many cultures have been waning and becoming a hybrid of several cultures.

Consequently, most cultures exhibit elements of different cultures from other parts of the world. Scholars have thus carried out studies to document the ways of almost all cultural groupings across the world for posterity. This paper seeks to explore the culture of the Wolof people with emphasis on their marriage traditions. The Wolof people are an ethnic grouping in North Eastern part of Senegal, parts of Mauritania, and Gambia.

Question for Investigation The Wolof culture is one of most affected cultures by Western influence in comparison to other cultures in the region (Diop 101). This aspect causes one to want to know the kind of social environment in which this culture is practiced and why it would be subject to more Western influence than other cultures in the region. The Wolof people are the largest ethnic grouping in Senegal as they form about 35% of the Senegalese populace and about 12% of the Gambian populace (Diop 112).

Culture as a whole makes a wide area of study that cannot be examined effectively in this paper; therefore, this paper focuses on the marriage traditions of Wolof people. In a bid to explore the topic exhaustively, the paper poses three fundamental questions that it seeks to address. These include the role that marriage plays in the family formation in the Wolof society, what the economic background of the plural marriages is, and which traditions describe the marriage ceremony of the Wolof culture.

Marriage Traditions of Wolof People The institution of marriage is an intrinsic part of the Wolof culture. This assertion implies that to the Wolof people, a family is an important unit, which forms a building block for other social units into which the Wolof society is organized. In order to form a strong and stable family among the Wolof, it was traditionally believed that cross-cousin marriage (young man marrying a maternal uncle’s daughter) was the best form of marriage (Gamble et al. 31).

This preference hinged on the idea that such arrangements provided the best and most stable marriages. Although it was traditionally permissible for a young man to marry a paternal aunt’s daughter, the importance attached to the stability and success of the family unit among the Wolof ensured that the first priority was given to marriage to a maternal uncle’s daughter.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Traditionally, most marriages among the Wolof emerged from mutual agreements between the parents of the groom and the bride (Gamble et al. 31). Although this scenario has slightly changed with time, this practice is still prevalent in rural areas albeit with some minor adjustments.

Today, a young man may identify a particular girl and after the approval of parents, the father initiates talks to ask for the girl’s hand in marriage (Gamble et al. 31). In some cases, the rigid traditional systems in which the parents make all the decisions concerning matters of marriage are still witnessed (Melching 68). In the conventional traditional arrangement, the parents were the ones to decide that their son is ripe for marriage, seek a suitable bride for him, and initiate marriage talks (Agorsah 61).

Under such marriage arrangements, the bride and the groom did not have much of an influence over what happens. This practice was founded on the idea that parents were more suited to choose what was best for their children due to the accumulated wisdom and experience (Mbaya 226). An intriguing aspect of these arrangements was that the intervention of diviners was sought to determine if the marriage was feasible before marriage actually took place (Gamble et al. 31).

After identifying the right girl, the father of a young would man would enlist the help of a third party to serve as a go-between. The go-between’s main duty was to find out the position of the girl’s family concerning the interest in their daughter (Gamble et al. 32).

The go-between carried kola nuts from the groom’s father during this important errand. If the girl’s family accepted the kola nuts, that was an indicator that they granted the groom permission to court their daughter. At such a point, the boy was expected to furnish the girl and her mother with gifts to win their affection (Gamble et al. 31).

For the girl’s father, the young man was expected to assist in chores such as weeding and harvesting among other masculine endeavors. These acts gave the girl’s family room to assess the character of their prospective in-law. Once it was decided that his character was good, further gifts would be presented to the girl’s family to seal a covenant that left the young man as the sole suitor.

A brief marriage ceremony was then performed by an Imam (the Wolof people are largely Islamic) after the routine Friday prayers at the mosque (Gamble et al. 32). This ceremony demanded the presence of representatives from both families and witnesses.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Marriage Traditions of Wolof Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More During the ceremony, a small payment consisting of kola nuts and money was made to the bride’s family, thus making the marriage legally binding (Gamble et al. 32). Agreements would then be made on how much further payments (marriage money) needed to be made and when the time for its payment came, other gifts were also given to the bride’s mother, father and peers. Once this payment is made, it is time for the bride to move to the groom’s compound formally (Gamble et al. 32).

This would be accomplished after colorful traditional wedding rituals meant to free the marriage of evil and make it fruitful and successful. The bridal party would then make its way to the groom’s compound. Traditionally, on the morning following the bride’s first night, a blood stained cloth would be displayed to show that the bride was a virgin (Agorsah 80), which was a great source of pride that inspired praise-filled songs for the bride and her mother. Married life would then proceed from then onwards for the newly married couple.

The typical marriage age for the Wolof was the early twenties for boys and late teens for girls (Gamble et al. 32). This trend was the norm in the rural settings, but there have been adjustments where young people residing in towns marry at later ages.

Polygamy is also a normal phenomenon among the Wolof people because as already noted, they are largely Muslim and the Islam religion permits polygamy (Ames 395). In addition to religion as a causal factor for polygamy, the traditional Wolof culture considered many wives as a sign of wealth and consequently, a source of pride and prestige; consequently, about 45% of Wolof men are polygamous (Ames 396).

Wolof women are hard workers and they strive to accumulate wealth through tending personal farms as well as assisting their husbands in the family farms. This observation implies that in a home with many wives, the man takes the credit for the wealth that belongs to all his wives. As would be expected of any other woman anywhere in the world, Wolof women show jealousy towards their co-wives and rivalry among co-wives is a common sight.

Once a man and woman get married, it is the primary duty of the woman to make her husband happy. She may be forced to go to great depths to ensure that she ensures the happiness of the husband and consequently the stability of her marriage and family.

Married women exist in closely-knit friendship systems, which ensure that it is extremely difficult for a woman to engage in acts of infidelity (Gamble et al. 32). This system together with the teachings before and after the wedding ensures that women place their husbands first and obey them completely.

Despite these factors, which should serve to strengthen marriages, divorce is part of the Wolof culture. If a woman at some point feels that her marriage life is unbearable, she can go back to her kin and refuse to come back. Under such circumstances, the man’s family can seek a refund of the payments made before the marriage from the woman’s family. If the payment is made in full, the couple is considered legally divorced and may remarry without any problems (Gamble et al. 32).

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Marriage Traditions of Wolof Culture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Children remain with their mother until they are of age before they can go back to their father. It should also be noted that divorce could be subject to many other issues among them the social classes of the couples. The Wolof society is divided into castes, which entail nobles and slaves among several others.

Marriage between the two groups is generally not permissible. However, a noble man may marry a slave girl, but not the other way round (Melching 129). If a marriage takes place across this social system without the knowledge of those involved and the truth comes out later, a divorce is inevitable.

Conclusion Culture defines people’s lifestyles and it sets the platform upon which people can relate with other cultural groupings in a given place. The marriage traditions of the Wolof people show a clear picture of how the Wolof people regard family relationships and their expected contribution to the wellbeing of society.

It defines their perception of how the world should be inhabited. Clearly, the family unit is a fundamental unit of the Wolof culture, and apart from being a building block for society, it defines the economic status of a man. This aspect makes family a very important dimension in the economic wellbeing of the Wolof people.

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Ghost of Civil War Past 1850-1859 Analytical Essay cheap essay help

The United States has gone through several challenges to be what it is currently. The following story shows that the country has come from far as far as political development is concerned. Between 1850 and 1859, compromises were made to prevent secession and subsequent wars that would follow.

Within the period, five bills were enacted, particularly in 1950 leading to the diffusion of the war that had lasted for four years. The period is considered one of the chaotic in the American history since the slave states of the South engaged in confrontations with the Free States of the North. The two regions differed over the ownership of the new states acquired through the Mexican-American War of 1846.

The Whig senator Henry Clay of Kentucky introduced the compromise document while Clay acted as a mediator. The Democrat representative Stephen Douglas participated in drafting the document, which prevented secession and continued conflicts that threatened the peace of the country. The compromise document had several provisions, even though each party had issues with certain clauses. The 1850s compromise pushed the country towards war when Texas was convinced to drop its ambition of acquiring New Mexico.

The key events of 1850s, such as the drafting of the Compromise document and the Kansas-Nebraska Act complicated the security of the country because states were unwilling to drop their ambitions of controlling major resources in the neighboring regions. The Compromise document of 1850 suggested that southern states had to do away with slave trade, but they were allowed to hold slaves. The north was unhappy with the idea of helping the south control slaves.

The south saw it wise to fight for its rightful place instead of relying on the government, which was reluctant to offer any form of help to the region. The sudden death of Taylor complicated the situation further because he had been relied upon to prevent the interests of the south, but the incoming president was opposed to slavery.

The South ensured that the Wilmot Proviso was avoided implying that the New Mexico Territory and Utah had the powers to decide whether to be free states or slave states in the future. The Missouri Compromise Line had banned slavery in the northern territories several years ago implying that there was no way Utah could become a slave state. The land around Utah was unfertile and it could not accommodate any form of agriculture. Additionally, the inhabitants were not southerners hence they were never interested in slavery.

Through the compromise document, the southern states approved the Fugitive Slave Act, which permitted slavery in the region. However, slave trade was proscribed and it could not be one of the forms of business in the country. Based on this, slaves could simply be used in the production process, but not as goods of trade. Finally, the draft document banned slavery in the country’s capital Washington D.C. The implementation of the compromise document was faced with several challenges because the government was reluctant to support it.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The sudden death of President Zachary Taylor facilitated the application of the compromise document. The president was slave owner, but he never approved slave trade in the country. Henry Clay first tabled the compromise document in 1850, but both the pro-slavery legislators and southern democrats shut it down. The Illinois senator Stephen Douglas took it upon himself to break down the bill into several pieces, which were passed without much opposition

The congress resumed its sessions on 3 December 1849 and the Whig senator Henry Clay delivered a powerful speech urging the house members to compromise in order to prevent the breakage of the union.

The bill could not be adopted right away because of the nature of the document, something that forced the Illinois senator to break it into smaller pieces. Through this, the smaller bills were approved separately. Clay was overpowered and his influence could no longer be felt in the congress, something that forced him to invite the services of Douglas.

The Northern Whigs, including William Seward, had separate views as regards to the compromise document. Seward delivered a speech on the higher law that challenged the credibility of the compromise. His main concern was the fugitive law and the existence of the Wilmot proviso in the west. The president Zachary Taylor kept off from the issue during his 1848 presidential campaigns, but came in strongly to support the admission of California as the Free State.

The president surprised the southerners because they never expected him to support antislavery policies, having been the slave owner for several years. The discussion of the compromise document nearly turned violent in the house when Senator Benton took on the Vice president, accusing him of trying to force the passage of the bill. On his part, the floor leader of the bill Foote of Mississippi threatened to shoot Benton if he continued misbehaving in the house.

At least nine slave-holding states from the south sent a powerful delegation to the Nashville Convention to establish the next course of action in case the compromise document was to be implemented.

Most of these delegates preferred secession because abolition of slave holding was a threat to their survival, but a few of them suggested further compromises. One of the options was to extend the geographic dividing line that Missouri Compromise of 1820 designated. Clay combined several bills into a single omnibus bill, something that his fellow Whigs opposed.

We will write a custom Essay on Ghost of Civil War Past 1850-1859 specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He could not continue fronting the bill because of the deteriorating health. With the death of the president and the subsequent accession of Fillmore, the passage and implementation of the compromise bill was inevitable. The new government was in full support of the compromise. The advocates of the bill were able to marshal support by talking to the Northern Democrats and requesting the southern Whigs to vote for the compromise document as soon as it was table in the house.

In the history of the United States, secession has always been prevented by opting for other options. In this case, the Compromise solved many issues that could have to major divisions in the country. For instance, the problems related to boundaries were getting out of hand and the federal government was unable to tackle them effectively.

The compromise played a major role in ironing out some of the issues that could have brought serious conflicts leading to wars and claims of secession. Additionally, the compromise resolved the issue slavery because it allowed the southern states to use slaves in their plantations, but they could not sell them to other regions.

Ghost of Civil War Present (1860-1861) The actions of the southern states were unacceptable upon the election of Lincoln meaning that the 1960 presidential elections triggered the secession movements because several compromise documents never convened their major aims. The southern states ensured that they seceded before Lincoln was sworn in as President because he opposed slavery. One of the Compromise proposals presented after the election of Lincoln as President was the Corwin Amendment.

The amendment was expected to prevent the occurrence of any war and help states achieve their ambitions in order to drop their secession claims. The president was against slavery and he had indicated clearly in his campaign message that slavery was demeaning the status of the United States. Therefore, the southern plantation farmers were convinced that the president would ban slavery leading to its extinction.

To worsen the matter, the slave states had become the minority in the House of Representatives, something that convinced them to seek self-rule through secession. The north had become powerful in both houses. Because of this, seven states withdrew their support from the union and decided to join the Confederacy before the swearing in of Lincoln.

The first state to declare self-rule and secession was South Carolina. The state adopted the statement titled declaration of the immediate causes, which induce and justify the secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union. South Carolina advocated for the rights of the Southern states as regards to ownership of slaves.

Additionally, the secessionist states were against the Fugitive Slave Act, which prevented workers from seeking refuge in the northern states. Based on this, the northern states were accused of not fulfilling their constitutional mandates of helping the south return back fugitive workers. The seven states formed a southern government before Lincoln was sworn in, having seceded from the union to form the Confederate of America on 4 February 1861.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Ghost of Civil War Past 1850-1859 by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The outgoing president James Buchanan never prevented the secessionist states from taking over the ownership of federal resources in their respective regions. Buchanan was sympathetic to the southern states because he declared that they had no sufficient reason to seceded, but went on to claim that the congress had no power to prevent any state from withdrawing its support to the union.

For instance, the army commander in Texas was forced to hand over the entire garrison to the state government whereby the military leader was convinced to join the Confederacy. All southern legislators in the senate and the house resigned, which gave Republicans from the North an opportunity to pass bills that had been blocked for several years. For instance, changes were brought in to adjust the Morrill Tariff. Furthermore, the Homestead Act was passed and the transcontinental railroad was commissioned.

The southern states expected some form of assistance from Britain because slave owners were mainly from the United Kingdom, but the deal never materialized because the British government never wanted to destabilize the American government. The seven Deep South states that were popularly known for producing cotton seceded in February 1861, including South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.

The states formed the Confederate of America, with Jefferson Davis serving as the first head of state. The administrative structure was similar to the one contained in the US constitution. In the same year, Fort Sumter was attacked, something that forced President Lincoln to request the states to volunteer their armies. Towards the end of the year, four southern states seceded to join the Confederacy, including Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Unfortunately, Virginia encountered internal resistance leading to the formation of another state referred to as West Virginia, which decided to remain in the Union. On the other hand, at least twenty-three states decided to remain in the union, including California and Kentucky. Secession was affecting the fulfillment of the American dream because the south accused the north of trying to interfere with its interests while the north criticized the south for misusing human labor.

This could not be tolerated further because conflicts were witnessed on daily basis, with the president controlling only the states in the union. The Confederate states could engage in unlawful activities, yet the federal government could not intervene to bring sanity. While the union tried as much as possible to convince states to join the federal government, the Confederacy resisted such attempts through military intervention.

Ghost of Civil War-Yet to Come (1861-1865) The North and the South prepared amicably for the war with both the Confederacy and the Union preparing their soldiers and militias to engage in the battle. Governors were instructed to mobilize resources in the north while the south organized their militias. President Lincoln requested the well-wishers in the north to offer their services under the volunteer program.

Many Americans volunteered to offer their services to an extent that both the Confederate and the Union lacked the capacity to train and equip them. All young men and women aged between eighteen were recruited under the compulsory conscription program.

In 862, the Confederacy passed a law that made it compulsory for all men aged 18-35 years to train with the militias. The Civil War attracted foreigners, with over one-seventy thousand Germans and one-forty Irish citizens joining the war. In 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation act was enacted allowing the states to recruit slaves as soldiers. The locals were forced to fund the war through heavy taxation and direct deposits to government covers.

Secession led to Civil Conflicts that cost the lives of many people and loss of property. The government should never allow secession because it does not help any party. Whenever a state feels that its objectives are not being met, it is encouraged that dialogue is embraced because it facilitates compromises instead of rising up to fight one another.

By 1865, the United States was facing serious humanitarian crisis because many people were in need of assistance. The government failed to offer protection to the citizens because of the existence of militias controlled by the secessionist states.

The south lost the battle whereby it was forced to abandon Shiloh, New Orleans, Antietam, and Vicksburg. When it lost the major battlefields, the south had no option, but to stop for the day and surrender to the Union forces. President Lincoln seized the opportunity to draft some of the most important policies that would prevent the civil war in the future.

The president read a Gettysburg address whereby he affirmed that there is no superior race or individual in the country, but instead people had to embrace equality. In this regard, several constitutional amendments had to follow to ensure that slavery is never exercised in the country.

Additionally, strong laws had to be enacted to ensure that peace and security is preserved in the country. The emancipation proclamation freed all slaves in the country and it was declared illegal for any individual to hold another as slave. On 17 June 1865, the last Confederate hanged boots at Trans-Mississippi Theatre and the president appointed Starkey as the governor of Mississippi. In the same year, peace was restored in the state and fire-eater Edmund Ruffin died in his firm.


Physical Therapist Assistant (major) Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

My major is physical therapy. Physical therapist assistants perform their duties under the supervision of physical therapists. Core duties of physical therapist assistant include assisting patients to recover from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. These are procedures, which help patients to manage pain and regain balance during movement.

In addition, therapies are developed to enhance mobility, reduce permanent physical disability, and improve general conditions and fitness of patients (American Dental Education Association 1). Patients could be persons with short-term or long-term physical disabilities, heart conditions, head injuries, back pain, cerebral palsy, or arthritis.

A number of reasons have influenced me to major as a physical therapy assistant. Physical therapists have high–levels of education in the anatomy, locomotion, and operations of the body. Knowledge gained in physical therapy education helps the therapist to lessen aches, assist patients to move, avert permanent disabilities, and re-establish physical functions.

Hence, a physical therapist is an important part of patient care. Foundations of therapist’s work are practical training and therapeutic activities. Patients have different needs based on their conditions. However, physical therapists aim to initiate movement or operations by activating joints or working on muscles. In addition, physical therapists also apply other methods like ultrasound, hot packs, electrotherapy, and ice to treat their patients (Kilgore College 1).

Career as a physical therapist has great rewards. These specialists make a difference in individuals’ lives. Physical therapists work with patients closely and watch their progress through various stages of treatment. A physical therapist remains a rehabilitation specialist who promotes the patient’s maximal recovery and functions. The job also involves restoring mobility through fitness and wellness therapies, which improve the patient’s overall health and active life.

A career as a physical therapist offers a job security. The job is resilient to economic downturns and struggling job markets. Today, the large number of aging Americans has driven the demand for physical therapists. Specifically, American baby boomers have become prone to chronic conditions and common health problems, which require them to seek services of physical therapists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the demand for physical therapists would rise by 46 percent between the year 2010 and 2020 (Bureau of Labor Statistics 1). This rate of growth is faster than the average rate of growth in the job market because of health care needs of the aging population. This is good news for students of physical therapist assistant.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The job leads to a feeling of self-fulfillment among practitioners. Physical therapists help others to regain or attain their normal movement abilities and conduct their daily life activities. Surveys have shown that physical therapy job has an overall highest job satisfaction level (American Physical Therapy Association 1). More than a three-quarter of physical therapists who take part in surveys report that they are ‘very satisfied’. Certainly, this is the only best performing health care profession in terms of job satisfaction.

Physical therapists can perform their roles in any location with clients of different ages. As a result, they have a wide range of areas and settings for work, which may include outpatient clinics, private offices, hospitals, schools, sport facilities, health and fitness centers, and home health care facilities among others.

Finally, physical therapy education would elevate me to be my own boss. A large number of physical therapists work as private consultants or own their physical therapy facilities.

Education is necessary for physical therapy assistant. Students should get a CAPTE-accredited two-year associate degree program (American Physical Therapy Association 1). This allows graduates to sit for a national examination for the license and allows them to join the profession of physical therapy with the necessary skill, behaviors, and knowledge. Most states need the certificate or license in order to work as physical therapist assistant.

Education would ensure that a physical therapist assistant is competent, adaptable, knowledgeable, and self-assured to provide physical therapy services.

Physical therapy assistant education ensures that the graduate can perform the job, gather patient’s information, ensure safety, and respond to all instructions as provided by the physical therapist in a manner that that meets legal, ethical, effective, and safe practices of the profession.

Moreover, a physical therapist assistant requires education in order to learn how to communicate with other stakeholders, client’s family, and caregivers, as a team and cooperatively with others in the health care sector.

We will write a custom Essay on Physical Therapist Assistant (major) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The career of a physical therapist assistant is exciting, flexible, and highly rewarding, but students require necessary qualifications to join the profession.

Works Cited American Dental Education Association . Physical Therapist Assistant. 2012. Web.

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Student development and extra-curricular activities Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction The learning process does not end with the classroom experience. Rather, a complete learning process involves personal development and healthy participation. This analytical treatise attempts to examine the significance of student development and extra-curricular activities on a student’s academic achievements.

Extra-curricular activities and academic performance Extra-curricular activities are vital towards positive academic performance. According to Stephens and Schaben (2002), “a study by the United States Department of Education revealed that students who participate in co-curricular activities are three times more likely to have a grade point average of 3.0 or better” (Stephens


Micro financing your content strategy Essay (Article) essay help

Blogs are proliferating at the astounding rate of over 100,000 per day. They reflect both the both urge to communicate and the changing face of marketing. Funding a blog can be challenging, especially when you are starting out. However, micro-financing web content promotion is possible – so micro that it could be free!

You may be blogging for the sheer joy of sharing your ideas, or to mobilize action on a favorite cause. Alternatively, you could be blogging for pay, promoting something you or someone else sells.

Commercial blog is a growing category. These days, almost any product, service, or cause should probably have an associated website and blog to let prospective customers or supporters know about it.

Such commercial blogging’s growth reflects drastic changes in marketing. Many traditional channels for promotion such as network (and even cable) television, print periodicals, and broadcast radio, are giving way to online alternatives. Even print Yellow Pages effectiveness has fallen prey to the switch away from landlines (up to 75% of some demographic groups).

These factors pose a challenge for you as a blogger. You face a challenge in alerting your target audience that your expertise exists. Your audience also needs to be able to find you from any and all devices.

This, then, is where promoting your website content (as differentiated from promoting your product, idea, service, or cause, which the blog itself accomplishes) becomes crucial. How can you promote your website content cheaply? Some tools cost quite a bit, but others, happily, require no expenditure except of your time, energy, good writing, and marketing acumen.

The most fashionable buzzword in web content promotion right now is ‘native advertising’. No less an eminence than the New York Times has announced native advertising for their online edition. A separate writing and production studio will ensure that only high quality “continuously scrolling multimedia storytelling pages“ will accompany hard news, and look like them too, while promoting the advertiser.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This disturbingly parallels science fiction’s dystopian vision of future ads irritatingly tailored to a reader’s idiosyncratic preferences. Native advertising, however, while definitely cutting edge, still seems a bit high end, and you probably don’t possess a fully equipped studio like the Grey Lady of journalism!

Now, can you accomplish something similar for little or no money? Yes, and here are several rules of thumb to keep your own website busily promoting itself.

You need to generate content that is worth reading:

If your blog promotes without cessation, it will be decidedly unappealing. The challenge is to find new ways – consistently – to discuss topics related to your website content in ways that are useful to your readers. Solve problems, illuminate unanswered questions, untangle unresolved mysteries, amuse, instruct, and point your reader in new and hopeful, helpful directions. A really useful web page, like Thomas the Tank’s ‘really useful engine’, will be a happy place to which a reader will wish to return frequently.

You need to learn what content your readers want so you can promote it better:

This involves using social media to the maximum to connect with your readers. You can talk about your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, and let your readers talk about it too. Just be careful not to impose on your contacts. This sort of interaction with your audience is termed SMO, or Social Media Optimization.

You need to make yourself findable via SEO The web’s spider bots need your help to find you. Use best SEO techniques to give them ample signals of your presence. Exploit all potential spots in your website to cleverly slide in keywords. Keyword choice is its own science, and it requires that you know what your readers are seeking (see above regarding reader interaction).

We will write a custom Article on Micro financing your content strategy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Opportunities to feature your keywords pop up in a variety of places. These could include:

Title tag

The META description tag – in the first 150 characters

META keywords tag

In headers and sub headers within the body of the text

Content itself, with a density of no more than 3-5% keywords, with a ratio of one page of content for one keyword.

Any text you have hyperlinked

The ‘breadcrumbs’ you included to remind readers how they got to this page, e.g., writing/editing-> resumes-> prices

Alt attributes – these describe embedded images for those readers who are using accessibility software

Title attributes – These clarify what an HTML element in your webpage does

File names, whether of images or other files embedded in your webpage.

In anything you do using SEO, you need to avoid imposing on your readers with too many keywords to allow for readability. The task of SEO-oriented copy-writing is not, by the way, a universal talent. There is no shame in not being able to create graceful text incorporating keywords attractively and unobtrusively. You can get help on this task from a global pool of talented writers, at shamefully low rates of pay.

The important function of promoting your web content can be micro-financed. If you can afford native advertising on other webpages – wonderful. However, cheaper options exist. You will need to invest some energy and creativity, and exploit all the available SEO and SMO tools, but the result – increasing traffic, should be worth the investment.


Negatives Effects of Social Network Sites Research Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Whenever social networks are mentioned most people think of social interaction and relationships. Indeed these sites have played a foreground role in facilitating social interaction and relationship between various people around the world.

The sites enabled people to communicate, share ideas, and provide opportunities for learning. Moreover, assessment of social network sites has mainly focused on the positive sides. However, the negative effects of social network sites have been ignored. This study will therefore look at the negative effects of social network sites.

The effects of social network sites have been discussed in various contexts. Moreover, the implications of the effects are also known by most people in the community. Social isolation is one of the serious effects of social networking sites.

Isolation has not only been associated with suicide, but also with other social problems such as mental illnesses, poor development of cognitive skills among the youths, and poor physical health. In this regard, the negative effects of social networking sites should not be trivialized since they can lead to loss of life (Masuda, Kurahashi and Onari 4).

Suicide especially among the youths in the contemporary society has become a serious issue due to the increasing rates of deaths. Individuals who are addicted to social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have a lower tendency of interacting and associating with others in the physical world.

Interaction with other people in the physical world such as peers and members of the family is important since individuals get the opportunity to share their problems. This also enables individuals to be identified with various social groupings in the society (Elphinston


Factors Influencing Perception on Same-sex marriage in the American Society Essay cheap essay help

Abstract The topic of the same-sex marriage has attracted heated debate over the years in the USA. The protagonists and antagonists of this marriage institution have always clashed over the tenet of the same-sex marriage against the moral standards of the society. This paper supports the argument that marriage of homosexual couples should be allowed holding this view as a dependent variable.

Through case study research, this paper explores the independent variables of gender, ethnicity and religious affiliation and their influence on homosexual marriage. The scope of the research is restricted to perceptions of the participants of the research case studies on homosexual marriage.

Introduction In defining homosexual marriage, anthropologists formulate valid cross-cultural variations of modern and traditional forms. Same-sex marriage, just like any other form of marriage, is a union of two adults, though of the same sex, in a domestic arrangement with each member having defined roles to play. Over the years, homosexual couples have raised debates in the conservative American society (Baker, 2010).

Specifically, religious and conservative groups have been the most active in opposing homosexual couples getting married (Hunter, 2012). Despite these divergent opinions, homosexual couples have spread across several states of the USA and is now legal in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts (Sherkat, Vries