Best Financial Ratios This Week We Covered Chapter 14, Financial Statement. Financial Statement Is The Use Of Different Calculations College Essay Help

Best Financial Ratios

This week we covered Chapter 14, Financial Statement. Financial Statement is the use of different calculations and formulas to determine the financial health of an organization. Lean Manufacturing and Activity Analysis is about eliminating waste and focusing on the movement of goods and services in respect to customer demand. In regards to financial statements, please pick out four ratios discussed in the chapter that would best analyze the company you chose in Week 1’s threaded discussions. Discuss why these are the best calculations for the company you chose and in detail explain how they effectively analyze the financial health of that firm.

**Company: General Motors


Based on the questions below, you should organize and present your case in a written report. In order to essay help

Based on the questions below, you should organize and present your case in a written report. In order to successfully complete this assignment, your report should:

Succinctly define the situation (no more than 15-20% of the paper).
Enumerate the options to be considered.
Weigh each option’s positives and negatives.
Declare your decision.
Provide support for your decision.

Please read the attached case study and answer the following questions in written report format.

Case Questions:
-Who are the “ideal” target consumers?
-How should each participant in the decision making process be addressed?
-How could these participants best be reached?
-What is the appropriate message for each?
-What is the role of the “support program”?
-What is the ideal rollout schedule for key integrated marketing communications activities?


Conduct System Analysis college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

System analysis is a process of collecting, organizing, and evaluating data about the information systems and the environment in which the system operates. For this section, you need to answer the following questions:

What is the current system for your fictional healthcare organization?

What problems do you have with the current system? Where do its weaknesses lie?

What changes will the implementation of a new system yield, and how will they impact the working of the organization?

Would you like to extend the existing system or replace it?

What is your phase-out plan for the existing system?


Purpose: Asking good questions is one of the best ways to give you direction in the early stages of argumentative essay help


Asking good questions is one of the best ways to give you direction in the early stages of doing research, choosing sources, and taking notes for the CP paper in 39C. You can use this worksheet as a 30-minute exercise that helps you formulate analytical arguments about the sources you’re choosing as you begin your research. This worksheet will also help you get started assembling materials for the Reflective Introduction and your final ePortfolio that will be due at the end of the quarter.


As you work on the wide variety of assignments for 39C, it is a good idea to reflect periodically on your awareness and motivations regarding the function of your research methods, source selection, and note-taking in the context of the rhetorical triangle:




Each time you find a new source, jot down your reasons for using it, the particular features of it that you find useful or fascinating, the relationship between maker/text/audience in the source itself, and the effect you believe your interpretation of the source will have on your readers.


You could consider answering one or two of these questions:

Which databases are ending up to be the most productive, and why?

Which search terms are working, and which aren’t?

How can I refine the nature of my search for sources so I get sources my intended audience would find convincing?

Write your own research-related questions to be answered in your Reflective Intro:


Again, answering one or two of these questions can help you get a clearer picture of how you’re shaping your CP:

Why did I choose this source over other, similar sources?

Have I covered an array of points of view in my primary and scholarly sources?

What am I trying to establish in terms of my own credibility when I use this source?

What effect do I intend this source to have on my readers, and why?

How can vivid descriiption of this source help my argument?

Write your own source-related questions to be answered in your Reflective Intro:


As you prepare to write, think about the features of the material you are analyzing, a hypothesis or argument you could develop, and the audiences you are attempting to reach. Answering one or two of these questions may help you take more effective notes:

What aspect of this primary or secondary source is the most useful for my topic?

How and where is this source appealing to a particular audience?

What are a few possibilities for an argument I could construct using this evidence?

Who is my intended audience, and how could I use this document to reach them?

Write your own note-taking questions to be answered in your Reflective Intro:


Burp Suit (Cyber Security- Web Security penetration testing tool) a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Write about 650 – 700 words (excluding references) on Burp Suit, an automated Web Vulnerability scanner from PortSwigger. It should be in APA format. 

Include three resources and quote the citations in APA format. 

It should be in ess*y format containing paragraphs and not points or bullets. The overall ess*y should cover the following topics, but not limited to, 

What is BurpSuit, Its significance as web vulnerability scanner, its need, features of BurpSuit

How burp Suit can be used to identify the vulnerabilities like SQL Injections, XSS attacks, Idoor attacks.  Do not elaborate more on the attack description but focus more on how Burp Suit helps to identify and rectify those attacks. 


Required Word Count: between 550 words (min)-700 words (max) WHAT ARE YOU BEING ASKED TO DO: As we have college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Required Word Count: between 550 words (min)-700 words (max)


As we have discussed in class, narrative is a means through which we come to terms with fundamental elements of our human experience. For this assignment, you will draw on your personal histories and think about a defining moment—a moment where something changed occurred that changed you. This could be a major decision or event. It could be a small or seemingly insignificant or it can be major and seemingly significant. The choice is yours!

As you’ve read, most narratives progress through five stages: equilibrium, disruption, recognition, attempt at repairing, and a return to/a new equilibrium (see “What is Narrative?” PowerPoint PDF in Week 3 folder). Your paper will tell a narrative, personal story that includes all of these elements. So, once you have chosen the moment/experience you want to write about, take some time to reflect on that experience and consider how it connects to your present, your current, new equilibrium, and what message you want to communicate to your reader.


Your narrative essay should make your reader be able to envision the moment/s you are describing. Where were you? When was it? What was it like for you? For the people around you? What about life before this moment and after this moment does the reader need to know in order to understand your story? Who is involved? What are they like? What were their reactions compared to yours? What questions did you ask yourself in the moment?

What is like after this experience in the immediate moments that followed but also now? How often do you think of this moment? Have you not really thought about it at all but, provoked by this assignment, realized some important ways it connects to your everyday life? Do you consider this a liminal moment for you? Why?

Remember: It is important that you are showing your reader what happened; not simply telling them, so that they can read your story and visualize it. Use the examples we have read in class to help you model and craft this writing.



Watching the following two videos (linked below) to help fill out the template attached to the files. Be sure essay help

Watching the following two videos (linked below) to help fill out the template attached to the files. Be sure to be detailed as possible and use information about student learning and how the strategies the teacher uses to help the initial writing. Answer everything on the document and be specific and detailed throughout.

link 1:•-ecosystem-dynamics/?_sft_grades=high-school#1479375176405-c2ef87a8-7d1d

link 2:•-ecosystem-dynamics/?_sft_grades=high-school#1479375248884-1a48fa32-8fc7

Extra note: The two videos are the same lesson, just split into two parts. Also, I attached a document to reference how to observe lesson videos to help out with filling out the template. I expect that the assignment to longer than 4 pages because the charts and boxes in the document are taking a lot of room away from the document. Please do more than 4 pages or I will send it back as much as I have to, so that I get a good grade.


Response Posts: Respond to 2 of your groupmates’ submissions. Provide constructive feedback on some or all of the guidelines best essay help: best essay help

Response Posts:

Respond to 2 of your groupmates’ submissions. Provide constructive feedback on some or all of the guidelines for the problem statement (i.e. is the policy problem clearly and concisely articulated? Is the problem as framed one that can be addressed by public intervention [vs private]? Is the policy problem-specific enough?). For each response post, title your post as “Response to [student’s name].”

Please note that the policy at issue is the proposed BMI screening policy. While BMI screening might be an upstream approach to addressing obesity over the longer term, this assignment should not be interpreted to mean that the policy “problem” is obesity in general. This assignment is requesting that you consider issues, concerns, benefits, and risks with the proposed BMI policy itself from your particular professional perspective. When you are invited to speak at any of the public forms (local, state, federal) on this proposed policy, what is it that you might want the policymakers to know and consider in their decision? For instance, if you are a public health professional, you might be particularly concerned about how this screening policy impacts sub-populations such as low-income communities or racially and culturally diverse communities. If you are a social worker, you might focus on a contemporaneous risk assessment for peer experiences of bullying and victimization.


The marketing manager of Negi general insurance essay help free

The marketing manager of Negi general insurance Co# 6td# has attracted a few items from the trial balance of the company as at December 31- 1!!0 and has requested you as Chief Accountant to prepare revenue a7c and profit and loss account for the year 1!!0# $the items extracted are as follows 8 S$”. Directors fees.’-”’Dividends received.”‘-”’9roision for ta (1#1#!0)”‘-”’interest received !’-”’*ide Assets (1#1#!0)1”-”’5ncome tax paid during the year””-”’ %i Main “$”. “$”. Outstanding Claims (1#1#!0) 13′-”’ 3′-”’Claims paid ,”‘-”’.!’-”’:seers for unexpected rise% (1#1#!0) “”-”’3′-”’premiums received-33′-”’!’-”’Commission to agents 1″‘-”’1”-”’;lenses to management 1!’-”’ ‘-”’ :insurance premium (Dr#) 13′-”’ 3′-”’$the following points are also to be taken into account 8(a)Depreciation on fixed assets at 1′< be provided(b)5nterest accrued she# .'-'''(c)$he directors has decided that the provision for taxation should stand at she# ,''-''' on December 31-1!!0#(d)Claims outstanding as on December 31- 1!!0 8 *ire she# "'-'''= Carine she# 1'-'''#(e)9remiums outstanding as on December 31st 1!!0 8 *ire shs# 1.'-'''= Carine she# 2'-'''#(f):reserves for unexpired rises to be %apt *ire "'< of the premiums= are 1''< of the premiums#