Being Young: Advantages And Disadvantages

People are prone to aging, and gradually, starting from infancy, a person turns into the elderly. All people go through the stage of youth, when they are no longer children but not yet adults. Everyone evaluates their young years in their way, that is, someone enjoys being young, and someone wants to grow up as soon as possible. Although youth has its advantages, there are still disadvantages, because of which some people may not like being young.

The main advantage of youth is that often young people do not have health related issues like the elderly. Pain forces a person to suffer, sometimes it more difficult for them to move, and almost nothing can please them anymore. Young people may also have some pain or get sick, but their body tends to regenerate more actively and efficiently, which helps them to recover faster (Webdale et al., 2018). Health is an essential and integral part of people’s lives, and any health problems lead to a deterioration in the quality of life of a person.

The main disadvantage of young people is that young people are in the care of their parents financially, since studying does not allow them to get a job and earn their own money. Youth often has many ideas, but they do not have the money to implement them. When a person grows up, earns their own money, and fulfills their dream, it no longer seems as fascinating as it would have appeared in their youth. The lack of financial independence, as well as the late realization of dreams and ideas, can be one of the disadvantages of youth.

In conclusion, there are various advantages and disadvantages of youth. The absence of health problems is a significant advantage, there are still many others. The drawback that young people do not have financial independence is not the only one. Still, being young is good since health and strength allow to choose what to do in the future.


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