Batalla’s “Mexico Profundo” Book Content Analysis

This article talks about the contents of the book Mexico Profundo. The central part of the content is how, during the time of civilization, Mexico made every effort not to change its culture and not become like European or American countries. Under the onslaught of the national system, the indigenous people continued to struggle to preserve their original image, culture, and customs.

Throughout civilization, the national system continued its unfair actions toward Mexicans. They staged an attack, wanting to change their culture and customs. In addition, Mexicans faced violence and poverty. The Mexican civilization is called Mexico Profundo, which still touched the Mexicans.

The meaning of the article is to reflect the influence of civilization and the invasion of Europeans. To show and describe how all this influenced the culture and history of people and what it led to (Batalla 4). In addition, most importantly, the article discusses and tries to come to some conclusion about whether Mexico Profundo has a good or bad influence on the entire people and land of Mexico. The exposed civilization in Mexico has affected their people in different ways. Some were able to preserve the original culture, and some succumbed to them and were distributed differently.

This article highlights various topics on which civilization has left its traces. These are the themes of the culture of Mexico, their original way of life, language, nature, and Indians. Even characters could not change the colonization. In addition, the Mexican language has been threatened with extinction with every generation (Batalla 7). However, everything that the Mexicans originally had, starting with their clothes and lifestyle, has been preserved by the Indians, who live separately from society. To the question of what this article is about, the answer is an attempt to keep the nation and the reaction of Mexicans to civilization. If you read and present this article, such a picture comes to mind.

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